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  • 1. Ice: From Luxury to Necessity by Kammerer, Roger
    Before the days of air conditioning and refrigerators, ice and ice cream were a luxury. Jonathan White, owner of Greenville Bakery and Candy Factory, stored ice in his basement in 1882. A.N. Ryan bought out Mr. White in June 1883 and established an Ice Cream Saloon in part of his store. John Flanagan built an ice warehouse in March 1884, and collaborated with Benjamin Streeter Sheppard to form the Greenville Ice Company in 1885. E.B. Moore reportedly built an ice house in February 1887 that received ice shipments from Maine. J. Cory, J.J. Jenkins, Benjamin E. Moye, Ben Savage, Bob Moye and Forbes Kennedy all sold ice in Greenville in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Robert Greene and Oscar Hooker built an ice making factory in September 1902. Edward H. Shelburn became part owner in 1906, and they sold the plant to Messers. Hill and Johnson in 1908. Stores that sold ice or ice cream in the first half of the twentieth century included the Burton Soda Water bottling Works and Ice Cream Company; Moye’s Pharmacy; Greenville Ice and Coal Company; Lautares Ice Cream Manufacturing Company; Greenville Ice Cream Company; Velvet Ice Cream Company; Citizens Ice Company; Clarks Ice, Coal and Wood Company; and Colonial Ice Company.
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