East Carolina Manuscript Collection

The East Carolina Manuscript Collection acquires historical manuscript materials related to North Carolina, the tobacco industry, worldwide missionary activities, and American military history, especially naval and maritime history. Currently the collection is considered one of the leading repositories in the nation for modern naval and maritime history. Letters, diaries, photographs, financial and legal records, genealogical notes, reports, speeches, oral histories and other unpublished materials covering the period from before 1800 to the present provide a wealth of primary source materials for a vast array of research topics.

Collection Guides in the East Carolina Manuscript Collection

Resource ID Resource Title
1343 1st Battalion, 1st NC Volunteer Infantry, in Cuba Collection
1281 44th Massachusetts Vol. Reg., Co. I, Private's Papers
MC0035 A New and Correct Map of the Province of N.C.
0098 Abernethy, Charles Laban, Jr., Papers
1324 African American Masonic Group Photograph
0250 Ainsworth, Walden Lee, Papers
1233 Albright, Alex, Collection
OH0036 Albright, R. Mayne, Oral History Interview
0471 Allen, Sarah, Papers
MC0023 Americae sive Indiae Occidentalis Tabula Generalis Map
0120 American Legion Pitt County Post #39 Papers
1158 Ames, Glenn C., Collection
0474 Amis-Clark-Puryear Papers
1096-001 Ammons, A. R., Papers
0913 Anastasion, Steven N., Collection
1115 Anderson, Mattie Archbell, Papers
1218 Andrews, Guilford, Ledger
OH0108 Armstrong, David M., Oral History Interview
0555 Armstrong, David M., Papers
0035 Armstrong, Frank A., Jr., Papers
0564-015 Arrington, A. Wayne, Papers
0849 Arrington, Asa Wayne, Papers
0235 Arthur Family Papers,
0052 Arthur, Sara Holt, Collection
0861 Arthur-Burgess Family Papers
OH0065 Ashby, Elma J., Oral History Interview
0369 Ashford, William Henry, Jr., Papers
0284 Association of Historians in Eastern North Carolina Records
0941 Atkins, John & M. J., Letter
1085 Atkinson - Pitts Collection
1353 Attic Nightclub Collection
0382 Austin Family Papers
0904 Avery, Albert M. Collection
OH0067 Avett, M. Louise, Oral History Interview
0422 Avett, M. Louise, Papers
0163 Bacon, Charles D., Papers
0598 Badham, William, Papers
0185 Bagby, Dicksy M., Papers
OH0252 Baiza, Alberto, Oral History Interview
0788 Baker, John W., Papers
1130 Baker, Simon, Papers
1140 Balcombe, David Papers
OH0139 Ball, George C., Jr., Oral History Interview
0678 Ball, George C., Jr., Papers
0690 Ballance Family Papers
0242 Ballard Family Papers
0527 Bank of Hobbsville Records
0758 Barbour Boat Works, Inc. Records
0922 Barclay, Morgan J., Collection
1220 Barkentine <emph render="italic">Olive Thurlow</emph> Purser's Log