Harold Stacey Burdick Collection

This collection contains the life history of Lt. Commander Harold Stacey Burdick, who served in the Border War (1910s) and the Tampico Affair (1914), and World War I. It contains letters that he sent to his mother and father and a log journal detailing his accounts while on the USS <emph render="italic" xmlns="urn:isbn:1-931666-22-9">Jouett</emph>. There are also news clippings and pictures of/about Harold Burdick as well as Annapolis and Naval ships like the USS <emph render="italic" xmlns="urn:isbn:1-931666-22-9">Rhode Island</emph>. The collection also contains correspondence between his father, Daniel P. Burdick, and various associations and societies like Brown University, Columbia University and the U.S. Navy.