Andrew J. P. Giddings [Giddins or Giddens] Papers

Collection (1863-1865) related to the American Civil War and Andrew Giddings of Company E, 3rd North Carolina infantry. Includes Oath of Allegiance to the United States signed by Andrew Giddings on November 6, 1865 [Following the American Civil War, Confederate officials, veterans and prisoners of war were obliged to sign an "oath of allegiance" to regain their civil rights under the U. S. Constitution.]. The collection also includes a note concerning the capture of Washington Rose, a member of Company C, 6th Louisiana Regiment at the Battle of the Wilderness. Most significantly, the collection contains Andrew Giddings' leather-bound diary and ledger of income and expenses, which includes eyewitness accounts of the engagements in which he participated, including Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Sharpsburg, Malvern Hill, 2nd Winchester, Chancellorsville, and Wilderness. It also includes descriptions of his capture and imprisonment in a Union prisoner of war camp. The collection also includes an envelope that held the diary with "Granddad Giddings Diary" written on it.