University Archives

We are the repository for East Carolina University records – including documents created by ECU’s schools and departments, student groups, faculty members, presidents and chancellors, and administrative offices. We serve the university community by acting as a final, central repository for ECU records that are deemed to be of long-term historical value. We also collect and preserve material related to student life, academics, ECU athletics, and other activities that are part of the University’s operations which are deemed to be of long-term historical value.

Collection Guides in University Archives

Resource ID Resource Title
UA25-15 Air Force ROTC Program, Records of the, (UA25-15)
UA25-21 Army ROTC Program, Records of the, (UA25-21)
UA60 Audio Recordings Collection, (UA60)
UA40-02 Basketball, Records of East Carolina, (UA40-02)
UA55-01 Black and White Images (UA55-01)
UA01 Board of Trustees, Records of the, (UA01)
UA55-05 Born-Digital Images, (UA55-05)
UA55-02 Color Images, (UA55-02)
UA50-06 Commencement Programs, East Carolina, (UA50-06)
UA28-04 Communication, School of, Records of the, (UA28-04)
UA21-01 Continuing Studies, the Office of, Records of, (UA21-01)
UA34-01 Creative Learning Center, Records of the, (UA34-01)
UA13-01 East Carolina Alumni Association, Records of, (UA13-01)
UA45-06 East Carolina Native American Organization, Records of the, (UA45-06)
UA45-04 Edgar Allan Poe Literary Society, Records of the, (UA45-04)
UA24-15 Educator Preparation Program, Records of the, (UA24-15)
UA06-02 Facilities Services, Records of, (UA06-02)
UA04-02 Faculty Senate, Records of, (UA04-02)
UA90-44 Faulkner, Janice Hardison, Papers (UA90-44)
UA90-20 Ferree, David and Balinda, Papers of (UA90-20)
UA45-05 First in the Family Oral History Collection, (UA45-05)
UA40-01 Football, East Carolina, Records of, (UA40-01)
UA25-04 Geography, Planning, and Environment, Department of, Records of the, (UA25-04)
UA90-64 Henry, Otto, Papers, (UA90-64)
UA95-19 HNRS 2011: COVID-19 and the History of Pandemics Oral History Interviews, UA95-19
UA90-06 Jenkins, Leo W., Papers, (UA90-06)
UA02-06 Jenkins, Leo Warren, Records of (UA02-06)
UA90-40 Joyner, Max Ray, Sr., Papers (UA90-40)
UA22-10 LGBTQ Center, Dr. Jesse R. Peel, Records of, (UA22-10)
UA70-13 Mathews, Edgar Herbert, Papers, (UA70-13)
UA28-03 Music, School of, Records of the, (UA28-03)
UA25-22 Neuroscience Program, Records of the, (UA25-22)
UA50-05 Newspapers, East Carolina University, (UA50-05)
UA95-18 Oral History Project, Rise of Alpha Dog, (UA95-18)
UA50-36 Orientation Programs, (UA50-36)
UA05-05 Parking and Transportation Office, Records of the, (UA05-05)
UA90-02 Ricks, Paul T., Papers, (UA90-02)
UA55-03 Slides, (UA55-03)
UA90-07 Stasavich, Clarence, Papers of (UA90-07)
UA45-03 Student Ephemera, (UA45-03)
UA22-01 Student Government Association, Records of the, (UA22-01)
UA29-02 Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, Center for, Records of the, (UA29-02)
UA28-01 Theatre and Dance, School of, Records of the, (UA28-01)
UA65 Video Recordings Collection (UA65)
UA90-39 White, James L. Papers of, (UA90-39)
UA02-01 Wright, Robert Herring, Records of (UA02-01)
UA45-01 Young Women's Christian Association, Records of the, (UA45-01)
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