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Weather Data for 26 Oct 1903

Transcription Notes

Kitty Hawk Weather Station
Wind DirectionWind VelocityHigh TemperatureLow TemperaturePrecipitation
NNo Record6046No Record

Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionWWWNE
Wind ForceLightLightLightFresh
Vessels SeenBrigs=3, Schooners=3
General RemarksTN Sandlin on watch for the day; Telephone Test at 7 am; This morning a Dead Body was found Near 3 Miles north of this Station by WR Hines a Fisherman He Reported the man at at Paul Gamiels Hill Station the Capt Called on the Telephone and 3 men from this Station went up and made an Examination of the Boddy He was so Badly Decomposed about the Head and Face that you could not tell anything about his apperance on His Right arm was Tatooed a Man & Woman imbracing Each other allso the Picture of a Schooner. And the Initeals D.M.C. Left Fore Finger gone to Middle Joint One Watch and chain with Picture of a little Baby in side front case & Pocket Book with $2 in money & 2 cent Stamp and one Receipted Bill for Groceries from Gutermuth & Greller No 2833 O Donnell Street Baltimore Md They made a Box and Buried Him and marked the Place Capt Harris and one man assisted and the man that found the Body was with them
KeeperA.B.L. Tillett Keeper

Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionWWWNE
Wind ForceLightLightLightFresh
ThermometerNo RecordNo RecordNo RecordNo Record
Vessels SeenBrigs=2, Schooners=2
General RemarksWT Beacham on day Watch; Test 7 am
KeeperJ.E. Ward Keeper

Wright Diary Entry

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