Weather Data for 19 Oct 1903

Transcription Notes

Kitty Hawk Weather Station
Wind DirectionWind VelocityHigh TemperatureLow TemperaturePrecipitation
SNo Record6751No Record

Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionNWNEESE
Wind ForceModerateFreshLightLight
Vessels SeenBrigs=1
General RemarksCH Toler on watch for the day; Telephone Test at 7 am; Crew Imployed in laying new floor in Cook House; Redo 500 ft No 1 flooring, 2 Doors Ht Cypress 2.8 x 68, 2 montis Door Locks with Knobs, 2 prs Gal Door Buts, 10 pounds 8d cut Gal nails
KeeperA.B.L. Tillett Keeper

Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionNWNENESE
Wind ForceLightLightLightLight
ThermometerNo RecordNo RecordNo RecordNo Record
Vessels SeenBrigs=1, Schooners=1
General RemarksR.L. Wescott on day Watch; Test 7 am; Received 10 Pounds Powder, 10 [illegible] 1 1/2 x 12 = 16 feet long, 2 Doors, 2 Locks Door
KeeperJ.E. Ward Keeper

Wright Diary Entry