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Weather Data for 6 Aug 1901

Transcription Notes

Kitty Hawk Weather Station
Wind DirectionWind VelocityHigh TemperatureLow TemperaturePrecipitation
S & SW(1am)1480740.91

Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionSSSWSW
Wind ForceModerateModerateFreshFresh
ThermometerNo RecordNo RecordNo RecordNo Record
Vessels SeenBrigs=3, Schooners=3
General RemarksEM Gallop on watch for the day, Telepone Test at 6 am; Drilled in Surf Boat; Recd Storm warning at 2 Pm; Recd 2 Coston holders; CH Tate on day leave
KeeperS.J. Payne Keeper

Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionSWSS
Wind ForceCalmLightFreshStrong
Vessels SeenBrigs=3, Schooners=4
General RemarksBD Pugh on day Watch; Test 6 am; - as instructed by Supt Morgan the following Was Droped from the List and removed from the Station [illegible] as Worthless (10) Pairs of Blankets (3) Patrol Lanterns (10) Life Belts (1) Tea Pot (1) Coffee (15) Pounds Burnt ember (1) Jersey Surf Boat to be retained for Practice; Drilled with Self Bailing Surf Boat
KeeperJ.E. Ward Keeper

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