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Weather Data for 16 Jul 1901

Transcription Notes

Kitty Hawk Weather Station
Wind DirectionWind VelocityHigh TemperatureLow TemperaturePrecipitation
SNo Record8278No Record

Kitty Hawk Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionSWSWSWSW
Wind ForceFreshFreshFreshFresh
ThermometerNo RecordNo RecordNo RecordNo Record
Vessels SeenSchooners=2
General RemarksTelephone Test at 6 am; Keeper absent on 10 days leave; DM Tate Substitute
KeeperS.J. Payne Keeper

Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station
Wind DirectionNo RecordSWSWSW
Wind ForceNo RecordLightFreshFresh
SurfNo RecordLightLightLight
BarometerNo Record30.1230.130.05
ThermometerNo Record808584
Vessels SeenNo Record
General RemarksTest 6 am; according to instructions from Supt Morgan by Telephone I have tried the 6 Coston Signals Carried by the Patrol Lant Seamen and the Whole 6 failed to Burn
KeeperJ.E. Ward Keeper

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