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Shortly after the national commemoration of Fort Raleigh in 1926, W.O. Saunders urged former N.C. Congressman L.C. Warren to seek national appropriation for a monument dedicated to the Wright Brothers and the world’s first man carrying powered flight of December 17, 1903. By November of 1932, the Wright Memorial neared completion, but it had required national legislation, the Army Corp of Engineers, the building of bridges, and a host of other logistical feats to accomplish the large project. On 18 November 1932, Elizabeth City’s The Daily Advance edited by Herbert Peele printed the “Wright Memorial Special Edition.” In this edition, the Advance provides excellent historical accounts concerning the building of the monument, the events leading up to the dedication of the monument, and details about the aftermath of the actual dedication.

Wright Memorial Special Edition Items
Date     Title
Date     Title
1932 November 18  "Hunting, Fishing, Bathing" [at Kitty Hawk]
1932 November 18  "Welcome to Dare County"
1932 November 18  "Take Virginia Dare Trail to Opportunity"
1932 November 18  "Manteo Welcomes the Visitors to the Wright Memorial Dedication"
1932 November 18  [Ad for Owens Shoe Company]
1932 November 18  [Ad for Dr. H.A. Thorson, Chiropractor]
1932 November 18  [Ad for O.B. West Co.]
1932 November 18  [Ad for E.S. Chesson & Son]
1932 November 18  [Ad for P.W. Melick Co.]
1932 November 18  [Ad for Shell Products]
1932 November 18  [Ad for L.D. Tarkington]
1932 November 18  [Ad for the Steamer Trenton]
1932 November 18  [Ad for Elizabeth City Marble & Granite Works]
1932 November 18  [Ad for The Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Company]
1932 November 18  [Ad for Coca-Cola Bottling Works]
1932 November 18  [Ad for The Texas Company]

Date     Title
1932 November 18  "Wright Memorial Bridge"
1932 November 18  "Where North Carolina History Begins"
1932 November 18  "Captain Martin L. Johnson is Veteran Sailor of Dare Water Routes and Bypaths"
1932 November 18  "Seven Ton Rock Set Up to Mark Birth of Flight"
1932 November 18  "Preparation at Kill Devil Hill Causing Bustle"
1932 November 18  "Unquenchable Forever"
1932 November 18  "Citizens of Kitty Hawk Have Erected Their Own Personal Tribute to Brothers' Memory"
1932 November 18  "Memorial Body Always Behind Tower Plans"
1932 November 18  "Drinkwater Says Didn't Send First Telegram of the Flight Joe Dozier, Deceased, Did It"
1932 November 18  "Wright Memorial Bridge Forms Link Between Dare County and Mainland of Eastern Carolina"
1932 November 18  "Sportsmen Find Long Sought Ideal Spot in Dare County Paradise"
1932 November 18  "Surprised In a Way and In a Way I Wasn't," Says John T. Daniels Who Saw First Flight"
1932 November 18  "Ehtridge Was Thrilled When Man First Flew"
1932 November 18  "Sixty Foot Granite Memorial Now Towers High Above Sea Level On Scene of Man's Victory Over Air"
1932 November 18  "Coast Guard Is an Integral Part of Dare County: Many Members of the Service are From Dare"
1932 November 18  "Broadcast Through Columbia Network"
1932 November 18  "Ruth Nichols"
1932 November 18  "Proclamation of Mayor of Manteo Declares Holiday"
1932 November 19  "Orville Wright is at Dedication of Granite Pylon Commemorating Flight Made December 17, 1903"
1932 November 19  "Memorial Is Erected to Courage and Faith Says Congressman L.C. Warren"
1932 November 21  "Nature Loses Another Battle as Memorial Is Dedicated in Downpour"
1932 November 21  "Highlights"
1932 November 21  "Feeling of Resentment Seen in Dare County as Result of Wright Memorial Dedication"

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