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Joshua Judson Davis, [Diary Entry], October 1888

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Wanchese, Dare Co. N.C.

October 7, 1888.


This morning I went over to see Morgan again and he asked me to take his trunk up to Manteo so that he could take the boat for home tomorrow.

Of course I would and in a few moments we were on Capt. Sam's road cart jogging along toward Manteo chatting about old times so dear.

His trunk was on the westward side and we went over there for it. This was my first view of Croatan Sound.

After reaching Manteo we concluded to go to the old city of Raleigh and in a few moments our pony was taking us toward that historic old spot now owned by Capt. Walter Doe.

We found the Capt. at home and he showed us the site of the ancient city. It is marked by the outlines of what seems to be a star shaped fort and is now overgrown by oaks and pines.

We strolled over the ground, cut three canes and then cut the following inscription on some hollies. (J.J.D. Oct.88)(C.M.)

we bought a mess of grapes of Capt. Doe for 5 cts. and I don't think we lost any money.

Our next point of interest was the high sand hills on the eastward side of the island. Here we stopped as we returned and I climbed the highest tree on their summit, which gave me a fine view of the island. We each took a fine burr from here for a momento.

I left Morgan at Manteo and returned home about dark.

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[Wanchese, Dare Co. N.C., October 1888]

Monday 15.

The weather is beautiful. Capt. Sam. finished gathering his corn today.

At night Capt. and I went to the O.D. steamboat warf on the westward side of the island to see about some ice. The fishermen made a good catch today.

Tuesday 16.

The weather still fine with good fishing. The ice bearing vessel bound for Eliz. City was wrecked at Hatteras a few days ago. This is reported as a total loss. On that account ice is scarce here at this time as the fishermen have not had time to receive any from Norfolk Ice via the O.D.

Again Old Hatteras' treacherous sands,

Have proved the seaman's dred.

How oft along its foaming strands,

Have washed the sailor dead.

May Old Matt Ransom win the fight,

(His North Carolin's pride.)

A place on Diamond Shoal's light,

Our storm tossed ships to guide.


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