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Edward Huffaker, [Diary Entry], July 1901

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[25 July 1901 - Edward C. Huffaker Diary, Kill Devil Hills, NC]

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Wings about half completed. Began putting frame together. Wrights at work on rudder. Mr. Spratt arrived about 3 p.m.

[26 July 1901 - Edward C. Huffaker Diary, Kill Devil Hills, NC]

Heavy rain-storm during the night. Suffered less from mosquitoes than usual. Went to Kitty Hawk to see about provisions. Returned at 1 p.m. bringing a letter for Mr. Wilbur Wright from O. Chanute, who expects to arrive Aug 1. Wrights still at work on rudder. Further work on wings and frame. Endless discussions on principles of flight and other topics. Mr. Spratt caught in storm.

[27 July 1901 - Edward C. Huffaker’s Diary, Kill Devil Hills, NC]

2:30 P.M. Wright’s machine complete and ready for trial, halfway up Kill Devil Hill, wind N.N.W. Velocity of wind 6 mtrs. enc. 13 ft. per second. (meters per sec, 13 mi. per hour) Inclination of hill, about 1 in 6. Weight of machine about 100 pds. Sur. 308 ft. double deck—each surface 22 x 14 (7). Rudder 18 sq. ft. sit. 4 ft in front of wings. Wind steady. e.g. appears to be too far back (forward). [Corrected or contradictory figures inserted by Huffaker in parentheses in original document.]

1st exp. Wilbur Wright in Machine lying down. Orville Wright and Spratt at corners. Flight __ ft. coming down easily.

2nd exp. Flight 50 ft. in air with Orville and Spratt running at front corners. Machines lands easily, and slides forward in the sand. Machine brought back some 30 ft.

3rd exp. Short flight of 20 ft.

4th exp. Flight of 20 ft. Machine brought back up hill.

[Page 159]

Superb hill for experiments. Sand soft and dry, slope uniform.

5th exp. Best flight so far, distance about 40 ft. Machine brought back up hill half way to summit. C. G. of machine too far back—with operator too far forward. Stopped to make alterations. Center of pressure located at 30% from front to rear with man on board. Too far forward. C.P. moved back to 30%.

6th exp. Flight of 50 ft. Lift sufficient with men running six miles an hour. Balancing not good. The first tendency is to rise, then to fall. No pitching or rearing. Machine brought back.

7th exp. Long flight, very good. Rudder acts quite effectively. Distance flown 300 ft. Landing easy.

8th exp. C.G. moved back 1 in. making it 29 in. from front. Distance 370 ft (?) time 20 sec. Rate 18.5 ft. per second or twelve miles an hour. Relative wind at bottom of hill about 20 mi. per hr., at beginning 25 mi. fall 1 in 5 ¾

9th exp. C.G. moved back. Time 18 sec. Dist. 300 ft. Free flight 182 ft. Angle of incidence for first half of flight from 5° to 15°. Latter part less, possibly negative. C.G. seems to be rather too far back. Free flight was very good—the machine tending to rise. Fell squarely at the close of the flight. Relative velocity about 20 mi. an hr. Toward the close, the machine rose so high that Orville, who was on the ground, called out to Wilbur to come down, which he did without much trouble but rather

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suddenly. Rate of descent about 1 in 5 (6). At foot of hill speed of wind was found to be about 6 mi. an hr.

10th exp. Came down easily into sand after 250 ft. Speed too low. Changed angle between wings and rudder from 5° to 2°. After repeated experiments, preference given to 3° instead of 2° as stated.

11th exp. Length of free flight 315 ft. Flights undulating, owing to irregular movement of the rudder. Rate of descent 1 in 6. Velocity relative to the wind about 25 mi. an hour. Velocity of wind from 6 to 12 mi. an hr. Control of machine by means of rudder good, though the Wrights claim it was not so good as last year.

13-14-15-16 exp. Unable to get a free flight.

17th exp. C.P apparently too far forward. Model turned up and fell back on its tail, doing no damage.

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Citation: Diary entry, July 1901. Diary of Edward Huffaker, Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright, Box 1. Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.
Location: Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

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