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The Whichard family founded the Eastern Reflector(Greenville), a weekly newspaper, in 1882. The Daily Reflector was published beginning in 1894. The editors of the Reflector, like their counterparts in other small-town newspapers of the day, actively promoted economic development. Beginning in the 1880s, they embraced tobacco as an important cash crop and later encouraged businessmen to build tobacco warehouses and processing facilities. Full-text articles, including those from the "Tobacco Department" begun in the 1890s, shed light on the origin and development of the tobacco industry in Pitt County. Advertisements graphically reveal the excitement that accompanied the growth of Greenville's tobacco market.

News Advertisements
Newspapers Items
Date     Title
Date     Title
1891 September 23 "Greenville Tobacco Warehouse . . . The Grand Opening"
1891 October 21 "Greenville Tobacco Warehouse . . . Has Four Breaks Each Week"

News Articles
Date     Title
1889 October 16 "Pitt County is Fast Gaining . . . "
1890 February 19 "Tobacco Culture"
1890 September 24 "About Curing Tobacco"
1890 October 1 "How Tobacco Was Introduced into Pitt"
1891 June 10 "Let 'Er Hum!"
1891 June 17 "Tobacco Warehouse"
1891 June 3 "Tobacco Warehouse"
1891 July 1 "The Warehouse"
1891 September 9 "Greenville Tobacco Warehouse"
1894 December 12 "The Tobacco Department: Greenville's Progressive Business Men"
1894 December 12 [Editor's Note about O. L. Joyner]
1895 November 13 "The Tobacco Department: The Growth and Development of the Greenville N.C. Tobacco Market"
1895 November 20 "The Tobacco Department: Our Buyers"
1895 November 27 "The Tobacco Department: Our Buyers"
1895 December 11 "The Tobacco Department: Our Buyers"
1895 December 4 "The Tobacco Department: Our Buyers"
1900 January 17 "Many Delegates Here"
1900 January 18 "Growers of Tobacco"

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