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[Advertisement for Sea Fowl Guano], Windsor Albemarle Times, 5 March 1875

Sea Fowl Guano was used by Windsor's farmers as fertilizer. Richard W. Askew took orders for the guano and the BERTIE brought the loads of guano up the Cashie River. Sea Fowl Guano came from seabird excrement mined on islands off the Pacific Coast of Chile and Argentina. During the nineteenth century, a large industry developed around the extraction and shipment of the nitrate-rich guano. Large three and four-masted sailing ships carried the guano around Cape Horn to the United States and Europe. The guano was also refined and used to make explosives and gunpowder.

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The Celebrated


Sea Fowl


Stands unrivalled [unrivaled] in price and quality.

Itís original standard is guaranteed and


It has proved to be THE FERTILIZER for Corn and Cotton and in comparison to price is undoubtedly the


Enquire of any one who has used it-you will get a satisfactory answer.

Testimonials furnished on application.

Then send orders and applications forth with to

R.W. ASKEW, Agent.

Windsor, N.C.

Febíy. 26-6w

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Citation: [Advertisement for Sea Fowl Guano], Windsor Albemarle Times (Windsor, NC), March 5, 1875.
Location: North Carolina Collection, Joyner Library, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC 27858 USA
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