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Construction of the BERTIE
Four sons of Zephaniah Askew, a prominent Harrellsville, North Carolina farmer, saw an opportunity to bring regular steamboat service to Windsor, North Carolina. The brothers ordered an engine and boiler from Baltimore and constructed a steamboat hull along the banks of the Cashie River. Each of the brothers found their respective roles in this new venture during the 1870s.

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Construction Items
Date     Title
1871 March 10 To E. S. Askew & Brother
1871 March 10 [Envelope from E. H. Frazier & Co., East-Baltimore Iron and Brass Works]
1871 March 11 To E. S. Askew & Bro.
1871 March 14 [Contract between Frazier & Co. and Askew & Bro.]
1871 May 2 To E. S. Askew & Bro.
1872 July 8 To Father [Zephaniah Askew]
1872 November 11 To Father, Sir [Zephaniah Askew]
1872 November 28 To Father [Zephaniah Askew]
1873 January 12 To Father [Zephaniah Askew]
1873 February 17 Permanent Enrollment No. 6

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