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John Lawson Exhibit

John Lawson Exhibit
To Secretary, SPG [Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts]
To Chenin and Boyd
To Glover
To Lawson
Journal of the Proceedings of Philip Ludwell and Nathaniel Harrison
To Alexander Spotswood, Governor of Virginia
To the Honorable Robert Gibs and To the Honorable Council and General Assembly
"Relation of my American Project"
To Secretary, SPG [Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts]
"The Torch Leads On: 175 Years of New Bern School in Historic Review"
Biographical Sketch of John Lawson
Among the Tuscarora: The Strange and Mysterious Death of John Lawson, Gentleman, Explorer, and Writer
Paradise Regained Again: The Literary Context of John Lawson’s A New Voyage to Carolina

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HS158 p129
HS158 p151
HS158 p214
HS171 p65
HS242 p110
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HS242 p113
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HS242 p116
HS242 p117
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HS242 p127
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HS242 p128
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HS242 p135
HS242 p129b
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HS242 p133

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Robert Daniell v. John Lawson
Christoper Gale v. John Lawson
Abstract of John Lawson's Will
Thomas Peterson, attorney of Perry and Company v. John Lawson
To Edmund Jenings Esq.
Contests of John Lawson's Will
Christopher Gale v. Joseph Dereham

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