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For Further Reading - John Lawson</head> <td width="589" valign=top> <br><center><h3>For Further Reading - John Lawson</h3></center> <p class="maintext"> <b>Print Sources</b> <p class="maintext">Bolen, Eric G. “John Lawson’s Legendary Journey.” <i>Wildlife in North Carolina</i>. December 1998: 22-27. <br><br> <p class="maintext">Breytspraak, Charlotte, and Jack Breytspraak. “Historical Profile: John Lawson.” <i>Journal of the New Bern Historical Society</i> 1.1 (1992): 29-31. <br><br> <p class="maintext">Dandy, J.E., ed.<em> The Sloane Herbarium: An Annotated List of the Horti Sicci Comprising It, with Biographical Accounts of the Principal Contributors. </em>Intro. Spencer Savage. London:The British Museum, 1958.   <br><br> <p class="maintext">Dill, A. T. “Graffenried, Christoph, baron von (15 Nov 1661-November? 1743).” <i>Dictionary of North Carolina Biography</i>. Ed. William S. Powell. Vol. 2. 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Thomson, Jr. “Paradise Regained Again: The Literary Context of John Lawson’s <i>A New Voyage to Carolina</i>.” <i>North Carolina Literary Review</i> 1.1 (1992): 83-97. <br><br> <p class="maintext">Sir Hans Sloane, revised and edited by J.E. Dandy, <i>The Sloane Herbarium</i> (London: The Trustees of the British Museum, 1958).<br><br> <p class="maintext">Sloatman, Fred. “John Lawson—A Man of Influence.” <i>Journal of the New Bern Historical Society</i> 11.2 (1998): 21-26. <br><br> <p class="maintext"><b>Online Sources</b> <br><br> <p class="maintext">Tracing John Lawson’s Trek: <br> <ul> <li>Trading Path Preservation Association: <a href= target=_top></a></li> <li>John Lawson Trek: <a href= target=_top></a></li> <li>L. D. Russell, “One More River to Cross: Reliving an 18th-Century English Surveyor's Journey from Occaneechi Village to Adshusheer”: <a href= target=_top></a> from an archived edition of <i>The [Durham, NC] Independent Weekly Online: </i><a href= target=_top></span></a></li> </ul> <p class="maintext">Online Editions of Lawson’s <i>A New Voyage to Carolina</i>: <br> <ul> <li>John Lawson, <i>A New Voyage to Carolina</i>: <a href= target=_top></a> from the “Historical Accounts of North Carolina's Native Peoples” section (<a href= target=_top></span></a>)of the The Research Laboratories of Archaeology (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) site: <a href= target=_top></a></li> <li>John Lawson, <i>A New Voyage to Carolina</i> (Project Gutenberg): <a href= target=_top></a> or <a href= target=_top></a></li> <li>John Lawson, <i>A New Voyage to Carolina</i>: <a href= target=_top></a></li> <li>John Lawson, <i>A New Voyage to Carolina</i> (, “18<sup>th</sup> Century History”): <a href= target=_top></a></li> </ul> <p class="maintext">Miscellaneous Links: <br> <ul> <li>A Joint Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of John Lawson on the 300th Anniversary of His Fifty-Seven Day Five Hundred Fifty-Mile Trek Through the Backcountry of the Carolinas (General Assembly of North Carolina, House Joint Resolution 833, March 28, 2001): <a href= target=_top></a></li> <li>Historic Bath (North Carolina Historic Sites, North Carolina Division of Archives and History): <a href= target=_top></a></li> <li>“Southern Nature: Scientific Views of the Colonial American South”: <a href= target=_top></a> online exhibition of the American Philosophical Society (<a href= target=_top></a>)</li> <li>Online exhibition, including plants from eighteenth century America, <a href= target=_top></a> (Picture Library at The Natural History Museum in London, United Kingdom).</li> <li>North Carolina Natural Heritage Program: <a href= target=_top> </a> (information about endangered plants and animals in North Carolina, with maps and habitats). </li></ul> <br><br> </table> <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr bgcolor="#AFB7C0"> <td valign="top" class="navtext"><div class="navmargin"> <b>Exhibit Tools</b><br> - <a class=black href=search.html>Search</a><br> - <a class=black href=browse.html>Browse</a><br> - <a class=black href=../contact.html>Talk To Us</a><br><br> <b>About the Exhibit</b><br> - <a class=black href=../contributors.html>Contributors</a><br> - <a class=black href=../userinfo.html>User Information</a><br></p></td> <td valign="top" class="navtext"><div class="navmargin"> <a class=black href=index.html>John Lawson Digital Exhibit</a><br> - <a class=black href=Adventurer.html>Adventurer</a><br> - <a class=black href=Naturalist.html>Naturalist</a><br> - <a class=black href=Entrepreneur.html>Entreprenuer</a><br><br></td> </tr> </table> <br> <center><p class="copyrighttext"><a class=black href="">Center for Digital Projects</a> | <a class=black href="">University Archives</a> | <a class=black href="">Manuscripts and Rare Books</a> | <a class=black href="">North Carolina Collection</a><br><br> Page Updated 30 August 2004<br> © 2003-2004, J. 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