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The Founding of an Eastern Normal
In 1901 the city of Wilson petitioned the North Carolina legislature asking that their city be the site for a state teacher training school for the eastern counties. Wilson was a likely site with its large tobacco market, thriving center of transportation, and its offer to transform the handsome buildings at Kinsey Seminary into the new normal school. In the several years that followed the rejection of this initial proposal for an eastern normal, 8 additional towns joined in the fray for the schools location. Major players involved local prominent citizens and city and state legislators to push their cause forward. In 1907, in a final round of voting to select the site for an eastern normal, the State Board of Education chose Greenville over Kinston. Greenville provided the largest bond support of all the towns bidding for the school. With a population of approximately 4,500 people, Greenville offered a stop on the railroad, steamboat traffic along the Tar River, and a Western Union office, as well as Home Telephone and Telegraph. Greenville was an up and coming community and the perfect location for the East Carolina Teachers Training School.

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Founding Items
Date     Title
1901 March 2 "For an Eastern Normal"
1901 March 7 "The Wilson Normal: Elder P.D. Gold of Wilson Adresses the Committee on Education"
1901 March 5 "The Wilson Normal: Delegation in Its Behalf Urge Its Establishment"
1905 February 8 "A Delegation from Elizabeth City Here in the Interest of a State Normal School in that City"
1907  "An Act to Stimulate High School Instruction in the Public Schools of the State and Teacher Training"
1907  "Reasons Why the Citizens of Pitt Should Vote in Favor of the School Bonds..."
1907 February 21 To My Dear Sir
1907 March 19 Dear Col [Col. W.B. Rodman]
1907 March 5 My Dear Sweetheart [Loula Fleming]
1907 April 1 "Notice to the Voters of Pitt County"
1907 April 1 My dear Sir [Mr. Jos. F. Ta[y]loe]
1907 April 27 "The Act Authorizing the Training School"
1907 May 8 "No Modifications"
1907 June 3 Dear Sir [Gov. R. B. Glenn]
1907 June 5 Greenville's Proposal for ECTTS
1907 July 11 "Greenville Gets the School, Will Be Located on the Harrington Property"
1907 July 11 "Greenville Gets Training School"
1907 July 12 "Greenville Winner of Training School"
1908 July 2 "Ground Broken for the School"
1909 August 6 "Rules of the Board of Trustees of the East Carolina Teachers' Training School"
1970 April 24 "Haywood Dails Ballot-Diet Is Part of the ECU Legend"

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