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Edmund Harding to Mrs. Inglis Fletcher, 31 January 1961

Edmund H. Harding continued to use the friendship he had forged with Inglis Fletcher during the Bath 250th celebrations—though they may have met earlier. In this letter, he asks her to write a twenty-minute historical play about Christmas in Edenton to go along with three other such plays, including one about Christmas in Bath. The society that these plays were to be presented to is not identified, and it does not appear that the plays were ever written.

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Mrs. Fred W. Morrison, V-Chm.
Mrs. Wilton Smith, Secretary
James A Stenhouse
Consulting Architect

Edmund H. Harding, Chm., Box 2, Washington, N. C.
Dan M. Paul, Finance Officer, Box 10065, Cameron Village, Raleigh, N. C.

Washington, N.C.
January 31, 1961

Mrs, John Fletcher,
Bandon Plantation Edenton, N.C,

Dear Inglis:

I'll let you off about that Christimas book but I want you to write me a twenty minute "program" that I can use at my meeting of the Society next December in Raleigh. While our meeting will come this time on the last day of November it is near enough to bring in Christmas.

Here's what I would like to do. Fix a small stage at each end of the ball room so that one skit could be getting ready while the other was changing.

Four skits or playlets written by four very famous people each to run about twenty minutes. I will look after the staging and the music and of course there should be right much music . Here's what I hope to have—

I. Christmas at Edenton by Inglis Fletcher
II. Christinas at Old Salem by Paul Green
III. Christmas at Old Brunswick by Kermit Hunter
IV. Christmas at Bath by Don Tracy (or maybe I'd have to do this one).

Let me know what you think of the scheme and please help me.


[Signature] Edmund
Edmund H. Harding

We are having a meeting In Elizabeth City at Lunch on Ash Wednesday to try to do something about the Old Gregory House [Probably the ca. 1902 Dr. Samuel W. Gregory House in Elizabeth City].

W. Harold Butt
Charleston, S. C.
Edmund H. Harding
Washington, N. C.
Grayson Harding
Edenton, N. C.
Mrs. Ernest S. Ives
Southern Pines, N. C.

Mrs. Edmund T. Knott
Washington, N. C.

Mrs. John W. Labouisse
Durham, N. C.

Mrs. Fred W. Morrison
Washington, D. C.

Rev. A. C. D. Noe
Bath, N. C.
Mrs. Oscar F. Smith
Norfolk, Virginia
Mrs. Wilton Smith
Bath, N. C.
Hon. B. A. Brooks
Mayor, Bath, N. C.

Dan M. Paul
Raleigh, N. C.

Mrs. Mary Fowle Sterns
Raleigh, N. C.

Mrs. Rachel Tankard
Bath, N. C.

Hon. Lindsay C. Warren
Washington, N. C.
Hon. Wayland J. Sermons
Washington, N. C.
Dr. Christopher Crittenden
Raleigh, N. C.
Hon. Sam Moore, Chm.
Beaufort County Com.

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Mrs. Charles A. Cannon Concord, N. C.
Mrs. Luther H. Hodges Raleigh, N. C.
Mr. Carl Goerch Raleigh, N. C.
Mr. E. K. Willis Concord, N. C.
Mrs. Harry McMullan Washington, N. C.
Mrs. F. S. Worthy Washington, N. C.
Hon. Herbert C. Bonner Washington, N. C.
Hon. Everett Jordan Saxapahaw, N. C.
Hon. D. L. Ward New Bern, N. C.
Mrs. Inglis Fletcher Edenton, N. C.
Mrs. Claud Venters Bath, N. C.
Mr. O. J. Gaylord Bath, N. C.
Mr. Donald Carrow Bath, N. C.
Rev. Stanleigh Jenkins Washington, N. C.
Mr. Jamie Archbell Bath, N. C.
Mr. John Whalen Bath, N. C.
Mrs. John A. Tankard Norfolk, Va.
Mr. William B. Midyette Bath, N. C.
Mr. J. A. Beasley Norfolk, Va.
Mr. Leslie Taylor West Palm Beach, Fla.
Dr. W. T. Ralph Belhaven, N. C.
Mrs. Scott Topping Pantego, N. C.
Mrs. W. C. Olsen Raleigh, N. C.
Mrs. Jack Price Raleigh, N. C.
Mrs. Sam Clark Tarboro, N. C.
Mrs. J. O. Talley Fayetteville, N. C.
Rear Admiral W. W. Studdert Midland, Texas
Mr. Sam Tarlton Raleigh, N. C.
Hon. William B. Rodman Raleigh, N. C.
Rt. Rev. Thomas H. Wright, D.D. Wilmington, N. C.
Mrs. J. L. McLaurin Bath, N. C.
Mr. Raymond Taylor Washington, N. C.
Dr. Herbert Paschal Greenville, N. C.
Mr. Joseph Jett Norfolk, Va.
Col. C. Wingate Reed Washington, N. C.
Mrs. T. A. Brooks Washington, N. C.
Bishop Paul N. Garber Richmond, Va.
Mr. Aycock Brown Manteo, N. C.
Mrs. Stuart Gaul Charlotte, N. C.
Mrs. Emitt Winslow Hertford, N. C.
Mr. Robert A. Fowle Washington, N. C.
Mr. Ashley Futrell Washington, N. C.
Mr. Lemuel Blades, Jr. Elizabeth City, N. C.
Mr. Frank Horton Winston-Salem, N. C.
Dr. John B. Bonner Aurora, N. C.
Mrs. William McLean Washington, N. C.
Miss Nominia McCrea Asheville, N. C.
Mrs. Pratt Thomas Columbus, Mississippi
Mrs. G. W. Marsh Bath, N. C.
Mr. James S. Hill Washington, N. C.

Location: Special Collections, Joyner Library, East Carolina University
Call Number: Inglis Fletcher Papers, #21.14.c
Collection: Inglis Fletcher Papers

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