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For Further Reading

Cooper, Francis Hodges. Some Colonial History of Beaufort County North Carolina. James Sprunt Historical Publications 14.2. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina, 1916. [One of the earliest histories of the area, focusing mainly on the colonial period. Available online through the North Carolina History and Fiction Digital Library <http://www.lib.ecu.edu/ncc/historyfiction/document/com/>.]

Paschal, Jr., Herbert R. A History of Colonial Bath. Raleigh, NC: Edwards & Broughton Company, 1955. [Published by The Committee On The Two Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary of Bath, this was the standard history of the town until the recent publication of Alan D. Watson’s Bath: The First Town in North Carolina. Available online through the North Carolina History and Fiction Digital Library <http://www.lib.ecu.edu/ncc/historyfiction/document/paa/>.]

Watson, Alan D. Bath: The First Town in North Carolina. With Eva C. (Bea) Latham and Patricia M. Samford. Raleigh: North Carolina Office of Archives and History, 2005. [The most recent history of the town, including an epilogue on "The Second and Third Centuries" of Bath.]

Online Resources:

The Bath Tricentennial Celebration: 1705-2005. <http://www.historicbathnc.com/>. [The official website of the events to be held from March 8, 2005, to March 8, 2006, celebrating Bath’s 300th anniversary.]

Historic Bath. <http://www.ah.dcr.state.nc.us/sections/hs/bath/bath.htm>. [The North Carolina State Historic Sites pages on the Historic Bath site; includes history and legends of the town as well as visitor information.]

Historic Bath. <http://circanceast.beaufortccc.edu/Bath/bath.htm>. [Part of the CIRCA NC East website <http://circanceast.beaufortccc.edu/>. Features pictures of Bath as well as several unpublished reports from the Historic Sites Section of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History on the town, Edmund H. Harding, and on the surviving historic structures in Bath.]

Ormond Amphitheatre: The Bath Outdoor Drama. <http://www.ormondamphitheatre.com/>. [Home to the 2005 production of Blackbeard: Knight of the Black Flag.]

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