Virginia Dare Shores, North Carolina



A Thin Wisp of
Sea Foam Fringing the Tawny Sands


Copyright 1927



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IN the year of our Lord 1587, Sir Walter Raleigh, intending to persevere in the planting of his country of Virginia, prepared a new colony of one hundred and fifty men to be sent thither, under the charge of John White, whom he appointed Governor, and also appointed under him twelve Assistants, unto whom he gave a charter.

Our fleet being in number three sails, namely the Admiral, a ship of one hundred and twenty tons, a fly boat, and a pinnace, departed the six and twentieth day of April from Portsmouth. The eighth of May, we weighed anchor at Plymouth. The two and twentieth of July we arrived safe at Hatorask. The 18th of August, Eleanor, daughter of the Governor and wife to Ananias Dare, one of the Assistants, was delivered of a daughter in Roanoak, and the same was christened there the Sunday following, and because this child was the first Christian born in Virginia, she was named “Virginia.”

This extract is from a report made by John White to Sir Walter Raleigh in 1588.

Taken from the contemporaneous writings of Richard Hakluyt, a lecturer

on Geography at Oxford, who began about the year 1580 to

devote himself to a study of America, collecting all

manuscript accounts of voyages to that then

unknown country.


Colonial Era map of Coastal North Carolina]

Rare reprint of original

map made by Gov.

John White of





This site, the finest on the entire Atlantic Seaboard, has been selected for a development worthy of the endowment granted to it by Nature. No other location in the entire East combines its advantages of climate, ocean and bay frontage, which runs for over seventy-five miles of water way. It is the land of plenty, flowers and every variety of vegetation can be grown in abundance, its waters teem with the finest of sparkling sea food, its bathing beaches are unexcelled, the land is all high and dry, it is the ideal location for golf courses, the adjoining woodlands and fields are nature's own best expression for bridle paths, upland hunting, and every variety of recreation.

Winters are tempered with warm breezes from the Gulf Stream, the adjacent sound waters eliminate the frosts, the summers are cooled by fresh northerly winds from the mountains and the ocean. Virginia Dare Shores are easily and pleasantly accessible, its environment colorful, and to this place will come men and women of refinement and culture to whom the natural beauty, traditional and artistic background will make its strong appeal.

Consecrated as the shrine of the ages, it was in the waters that wash the beaches of Virginia Dare Shores, that Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Richard Grenville, and Sir Francis Drake concentrated their efforts to effect the first colonization on American land. It was here that Amadas, Barlow, John White and other luminaries of history saw freedom and glory in the new found country, where Virginia Dare came to be the first born white child on American soil and where Manteo, chief of the Croatans, later Lord of Roanoke holds the distinction of being the first savage hereabouts to be baptised into the Christian faith.

Through these self same waters, Blackbeard plied his piratical trade, it was here that the nucleus of American Independence was born and centuries later, on the very land, a part and parcel of Virginia Dare Shores, the Wright Brothers electrified the civilized world by being the first to fly in heavier than air machines. Kill Devil Hills, the scene of that momentous activity has been segregated from the holdings of the Virginia Dare Shores and donated by the founders of this development to the United States Government for the purpose of erecting a national park and monument to the Wrights and their astounding achievement. The 69th Congress has passed bills to memoralize this historical accomplishment and plans are now under way for the completion of the project.

God, nature and man have contributed their all to make of this the greatest beachland homesite on the North American continent.


Drawing of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse]


The Seas That Wash
The Shores of America's Greatest Wonderland


DARE COUNTY boasts the most matchless history of any county in the Union, for here has taken place more events of extreme consequence to mankind, than have transpired in any other region. The first English settlers, the Lost Colony, the first celebration of a Christian sacrament in the territory of the original United States, the discovery of tobacco and Irish potatoes, the birth of the first white child, of English parents on American soil, are events to which this section lays claim. But of equal importance in the history of the world are the more recent facts that here took place, the first airplane flight of man and the perfection of wireless telegraphy. History so made, was made on land and water that give Virginia Dare Shores not only a historical and sentimental value but also one that can be measured in the commodities of the world.

Nags Head with its romantic legends, Kill Devil Hills, from which the Wright Brothers made their flight, and the very stones which Sir Walter Raleigh used as ballast on his ships are all on the property shore lines of this development.

Virginia Dare Shores presents a continuous front to the Atlantic Ocean, the longest coastline of any development in America. Three miles in width, with the sea on the one side and sparkling inland waters on the other. Salt tinged breezes, a wealth of sunshine, have long wafted their magic spell over this enchanted playground and sung their songs of encouraged indolence and contentment.

Virginia Dare Shores have been created as a meeting place for those who wish to live and play, to rest, to grow vigorous in mind and body, to broaden friendships and social activities and to work a general good in a community of fellowship. Virginia Dare Shores contributes to the refinement of a social and recreational life. It is North Carolinian in type and color but destined for all the world. Its location is within a few miles of ninety per cent of our national wealth, population and social life. It is where the climate the year round meets the spirit of its foundation.

Intellectual pursuits and the physical upbuilding of the body play a large part in our strong civilization. Strong bodies of a race go further to establish a civilization than any other factor in our daily life. All of these advantages are the elements that go to make Virginia Dare Shores what it is today and what it is destined to be in the future. The spirit that makes this development what it is, is no different than the force that carries the influence of Americanism to the four corners of the earth; Virginia Dare Shores is a conception of what ought to be and, is. The world is coming here to play and live in the fullness of its joyous out of doors, the same sub-tropical moon, the same Gulf Stream breezes still make glorious the land which Sir Walter Raleigh, centuries before sought as the far end of his rainbow and found it, for you and me.

Virginia Dare Shores are situated in Dare County, North Carolina, on Kitty Hawk Bay on the one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, fifty-nine miles south of Norfolk. This tract of land forms a section of a vast stretch of the great Carolina beach front where the climate is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than any other coastal area in the East. It is located within a few hours of the largest cities of the north.

From Norfolk, transportation is had either by de Lux coach or auto to Point Harbor over typically splendid Carolinian highways, or by train, coach or auto to Elizabeth City and thence by motor coach, steamer or yacht to Point Harbor. At this later place autos may be transported by ferry to the property and our own motor boats and the spacious cruiser, “Virginia Dare” starting from our own dock is available.

The following will indicate time and distance by steamer from Northern points to Norfolk.

Boston533 Miles39 hoursBaltimore187 Miles12 hours
New York328 Miles18 hoursWashington195 Miles12 hours


—Perfumed Bowers Lead to Homes Hospitable

AMERICA has just but recently discovered a potential empire of pleasure and health, and the last frontier of beachland in the country. The backbone of this realm which curves through the most easterly section of North Carolina in Dare County, known until only recently to comparatively few outside of its boundaries, is not an over night creation. Its development is owing to no magic wave, save that of hard work applied to a wealth of natural resources parrelled by few regions in the world.

For several years men of vision have been rearing the structure and shaping the tide of travel that the advantages of climate and topography will bring Dare County into its proper heritage. Their hopes have been realized in the development of Virginia Dare Shores, one of the outstanding achievements of the country. Three cardinal virtues were necessary for the creation of this playland for the masses: resources, power and faith. The greatest of these is faith. It was an abiding faith in the destiny of Dare County that spurred these men to the greatest of successes.

It is not the intention of the creators of this wondrous development to industrialize their vast project. They do not sense the necessity for commercial undertakings on the beaches or the soundlands. There will never be factories to pollute the bathing, nor shrill whistles to mar the quiet of eventide. Virginia Dare Shores is a homeland for the seeker of rest, for the lover of beauty, for those who enjoy pastimes that encompass the entire range of healthful recreation and invigorating amusements. Forty miles of ocean front and thirty-five miles of bay waters all dedicated to the purpose for which nature intended them. A romantic beauty to be kept in all its purity for the benefit of mankind. Great stretches of glistening sands, the music of never ceasing roaring roll of the surf, open spaces snuggled between woodland dells, reposeful ponds and silvery inland waterways, giant oaks, swaying sycamores, sentinel pines and verdant fields, fluttering bird life rich in colorful plumage, ocean and bays teeming with every luscious species of the finny tribes, myriads of wild fowl, and the uplands generously supplied with big and small game. This is the paradise and so it will be maintained that all may enjoy its blessings.

Full confidence is placed in projects backed by men of big business who have firmly established themselves as executives and men of vision. Such men represent America and its dominating genius for results in the eyes of the business world. The originators of the idea which gave life to the Carolina Development Company and its sponsored Virginia Dare Shores, are men of unusual experience in realty and other commercial undertakings. They have unbounded energy, unquestioned integrity and bring to this development all their store of wonderful business acumen and vitality for the creation of the most worthwhile home building undertaking and creation of values ever conceived in North Carolina.

The awakening of Dare County today touches every phase of its existence. Industry, transportation, history, education, commerce, recreation all now are words of potent meaning in this region. The largest county in the state, it has features that no other section of America can claim. Not more than ten years ago, the citizens of Dare County would have been laughed at, who would have predicted for 1927, the things that are under way in Dare County today. In less than a year land has multiplied from five to ten times in value. Thirty thousand acres of its coast lands have changed title.

The holdings of the Carolina Development Company, which sponsors Virginia Dare Shores, consists largely of beach tracts between the Currituck County line and Cape Hatteras, with both ocean and sound frontage. The new hotel now being built faces Kitty Hawk Bay, near the place where the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane. Collington Island, primed with romance, is just across the bay from the hotel and amusement centers of Virginia Dare Shores. This will be reserved for those who care most for upland scenes. It contains over one thousand acres, with creeks, and hills covered with forests and is surrounded by the waters of Albemarle Sound.


Summer Noons Lay Drowsy on the Beach

NATION wide attention has been attracted to North Carolina by its energy in building highways, over six thousand miles of them. Improved roads have increased motor travel, all of which tends to stimulate business in general. The Virginia Dare Trail is planned to be one of the very best in the country. It will open up territory and increase values to an amazing degree. It will bring into close contact, points that have been more or less isolated and the beach section of North Carolina will be immediately made easily accessible to residents of the state and to the many thousands of tourists that annually visit this section.

In its straightway course this Trail will follow the route of an Indian Trail older by centuries than the tragic romance of the Raleigh settlements and the disappearance of the Lost Colony and Little Virginia Dare. Indians from the interior according to tradition, followed the trail to its end, where Currituck Sound converges with the broader expanse of the Albemarle Sound. There they met fellow Aborigines who brought fish and oysters in canoes and traded grain and other products of the uplands.

Virginia Dare Trail will run through Elizabeth City to Currituck Sound and thence on to Point Harbor. Its beginning will be at historic old Edenton. Here one may see the old Cupola House, the bronze Tea Pot marking the spot where the indignation meeting was held by the early Colonial Dames which afterward resulted in the famed Edenton Tea Party, which preceeded that of Boston, and in the Courthouse, may be seen the Masonic chair originally used by George Washington when Master of the Alexandria Lodge and which was brought to Edenton to escape capture by the British during the revolutionary war. Here also is St. Pauls Church, known as the Westminister Abbey of the State by reason of the number of illustrious men buried there. Then on to Hertford where can be seen the oldest


Trees Whispering Eternal Things


Photo of trees]

IN determining the proper protective restrictions to govern the development of Virginia Dare Shores, the sole idea has been to preserve the beauties, that Nature has so generously lavished on this wonderful property and to so guard the handicraft of man's work that the very things that make for comfort, convenience and the dreamy influence of ocean-side and bay waters may be combined with the elements that make for permanent beauty and everlasting pleasure.

The men whose foresight made possible the high ideals predicting the entire plan and scope of the Carolina Development Co., which sponsors Virginia Dare Shores, know that the experience of the finest seaside districts prove beyond question the necessity for, and the advantage of, such protective restrictions as will promote and safe guard the attractiveness and desirability of the neighborhood. They have studied the restrictions prevailing in the most beautiful and successful developments in other parts of the country and how they have stood the test of time.

From the very inception of the idea, from which came Virginia Dare Shores, and throughout its entire planning, the objective has been to make certain that it can never be spoiled. Fine homes—the modest dove cot, or elegant mansion may be built without fear of a thoughtless or unsympathetic neighbor erecting something so unattractive or inappropriate as to be ruinous to the other's investment. As to the shape, size or cost of permanent homesite, there are no restrictions, other than the fact that all plans and specifications must be approved by the architectural committee of the company. This will in no way interfere with the personal desires, taste or inclination of the builder, we merely wish to assist him in obtaining the most artistically designed, best planned and most wholesomely constructed house possible for the amount invested. It is with this thought in mind, that


A Pleasing Earth Under a Sky Blue Crypt of Soothing Air

the sponsors of the Virginia Dare Shores have taken counsel with the most expert and most prominent architects and building engineers of the country who have carefully studied the situation, the relation of the home to its site, its exposure and environment in grounds and its possible nieghbors. The natural coloration of water and sky, harmony of design in the mass, and the texture of materials to be used,—these are some of the helpful things that we offer as the result of a most serious and fruitful study. We realize as must you, the necessity of not having the natural environment and beauty ruined, for we all appreciate the fact that one ungainly building may ruin the value of many and there is no insurance against this, except the insurance of foresight as expressed in our solicitude to frame the building restrictions along the lines suggested.

We ask that no one surrenders to the architect, nor do we penalize the modest pocket book. To the contrary it is our desire to have the owner of his lots give the best expression to his tastes, his habits, his dreams, for these are the elements that will visualize the home of hopes and the hope of homes realized. After your plans have been approved there is no restriction as to the choice of architects or contractors. Our own committee is prepared to submit to you a wide selection of splendid designs, our contractors are prepared to erect your home efficiently and economically under the personal supervision of our own officers.

We insist that Virginia Dare Shores must be constructed along lines different from any other coastal development. There is no other stretch of land anywhere on this or any other coast where such preeminent splendor prevails, where ocean and bayside are so lavishly spread for one's enjoyment, where the bloom of happy surroundings is so perennial and where the treasure house of wonders is so filled with health, happiness and prosperity. A perfect setting for a perfect home; perfecton that will be enduring as the quality of its environment; this is the only objective of restriction, therein each and every one benefits,


A Supreme Sensation of Intangible Solitude


Where Dawn Comes Up Smiling and Nature Sings Atune

deed in North Carolina, transferring property from an Indian Chief named Kilcocanen to the Durants and along the banks of the Perquimans River is the spot where Fox, one of the first missionaries, preached to the early settlers and the Indians. The purchase of land by George Durant was made some years before William Penn settled Pennsylvania. Then on to Elizabeth City, a thriving and prosperous place with a trading population of over seventy-five thousand. Elizabeth City teems with historic romance. The town charter was granted in 1793. Hundreds of Northern Sportsmen visit this section every year to hunt wild fowl and big game which abounds in the adjacent territory. Its average temperture is sixty degrees. It has many industries, six banks, and a public school system which ranks with the best in the State, an exceptionally fine public utilities service, many recreational features, a country club and golf course and a new half million dollar hotel, it is on the main line of the Norfolk Southern Railway, has motor coach, and water service to Norfolk and splendid connections with coastwise and ocean lines, daily boat service to Roanoke Island and Virginia Dare Shores.

The Trail thence to Point Harbor is one of fine scenery and interesting views. From Point Harbor, the Virginia Dare Trail will cross on a bridge to be erected, and traversing the Virginia Dare Shores property the Trail will continue to a further point south, where it will connect by bridge to Roanoke Island, whereon is the quaint and superlatively interesting village of Manteo and the monument erected to the memory of Virginia Dare.

Both measures for the building of these bridges were passed during the 1927 session of the North Carolina Legislature and work is already proceeding for their construction. The completion of these bridges will permit an unbroken auto route from any point in the United States direct to the property of the Virginia Dare Shores.


Where Oaks and Cypress Frame Subtropical Waters

FOR many years, the entire South was at a standstill. Conditions following the Civil War were so appalling that people were forced to flee from the South seeking employment or opportunity elsewhere which could not be found in their own country. Shortly after the rebellion, when the nation wisely realized that the way to pay the national debt and to create national wealth was to build railroads across the Continent connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific, vast grants of land were given by Congress as a bonus for the building of such roads. European and American bankers united in the construction of these lines and the moneyed forces of the East and Continental Countries combined in developing emigration to settle the lands of the West, and in flooding the South with glowing pictures of the charms of the Western country, helping to add to the drain already upon the South.

Under these conditions, Southern States had no possible opportunity for development comparable to that which was going on in the West, and for the success of which the South contributed its generous quota of settlers.

The South had been drained of its population, drained of its wealth, drained of its live stock, shorn of its man power, burdened with an enormous indebtedness and left without means for restoring its business activities.

The great triumph of the Prairie States lay in the production of men and women of the most extraordinary power to supply sustained and intelligent effort. They prospered. The South called for its own and the willingness of those Carolinians to return home to face the

task before them demanded strength of character and mentality.

The minds of these sturdy people were practical. They had pioneered in the West, they came back to North Carolina to meet a pioneering problem of their own. Schooled in hardships they gave no thought to pleasure, nor did they have the means to enjoy the advantages that nature had so lavishly spread on the Eastern Shore of North Carolina. Agriculture meant food and clothing, and blessed with an unsurpassable climate, their efforts were rewarded. Came then the introduction of mechanical transportation and good roads—over six thousand miles of concrete, are ribboned through the lands of North Carolina—.


Photo of people at the beach]

The first development projects began with the Western Section, its flat lands and superb mountains. Nation wide attention began to be focused on North Carolina, home seekers came by the thousands, the development of the Coastal frontage of Dare County followed in natural sequence. North Carolina offers the most diversified area for amusement and health of any State in the Union—if it's mountains with superlative beauty and sparkling trout streams, or an ocean front with 75 miles of waterway—the finest bathing, hunting and fishing in the world—to repeat—IN THE WORLD, then North Carolina in general and Dare County in particular makes its strident appeal to the home seeker, for pleasure and profit.


Photo of people on water boardwalk]

During the past decade, the general trend of realty developments have hypnotized the public into paying high prices for seashore properties.

The masses by virtue of these exhorbitant valuations have been excluded from owning a homesite on the Atlantic Ocean.

In Virginia Dare Shores, may be had a holding that will be in keeping with the most modest of incomes. The property itself, all high and dry—has no costly engineering problems to meet, the policy of the owners has cut to a minimum all overhead charges—and the lots are priced honestly and modestly to conform with the ideals that sponsor the creation and consummation of this project.

The Carolina Development Co., owning and controlling seventy-five miles of North Carolinian ocean and bay frontage, sponsors Virginia Dare Shores, it is one of the finest tracts in the entire holding. In this development the Company offers at extremely moderate prices and on easy terms a tract that is ready for immediate occupancy. The property is restricted but dwellings may be, and are now being erected in accordance with any acceptable type of domestic architecture, forever protected against the intrusion of disagreeable surroundings.

Virginia Dare Shores offers sanctuary—at pioneering prices—to those who love salt water, unspoiled nature, and who wish at the same time to enjoy city conveniences and the society of pleasant and desirable neighbors.

Virginia Dare Shores, is part of a tract that runs into a retail valuation of many millions of dollars. The entire resources of the parent company are behind this development which is being created with the greatest care, energy and artistic vision that the residents may enjoy a pleasant sense of privacy, great and unspoiled beauty, an opportunity for canoeing, sailing, bathing, and every other land and water sport.

Overnight from New York, Washington, Baltimore or Philadelphia by boat, a half a day by motor from other principal points, two hours from Norfolk by bus and then a short delightful ride on our own steamers brings you to Virginia Dare Shores. A year round resort climate . . . Bathing, fishing, swimming, surf riding—Shooting . . . . golf and polo—tennis . . . . atheletics . . . . the sun of the temperate zone . . . . waters charmed by the Gulf Stream . . . . cool nights . . . . smooth hard roads. There, here and there, is everything, everywhere for the pleasure of travellers, sojourners, home seekers, for playmakers, for workers, for idlers.

The large sale of lots within the past few months indicates the early absorption of the remainder of Virginia Dare Shores—Oceana Section—and emphasizes the necessity for prompt action by those who expect to make their home here. A stabilized development at pioneering prices.


Panoramic photo of water's edge]


At the End of Such an Avenue as This May Be Found a
Conception of Supreme Happiness


GREAT wars, large migrations, geographical discoveries, the sweep of religions, the adoption of new inventions, the ups and downs of empires, and the rise of free states all have to do with the mile-stones that mark epochs or periods. It is with such economic problems that we have to do when considering Dare County, North Carolina, in general and Virginia Dare Shores in particular, from the realty investment standpoint.

Any investment presupposes a profit. Profits are made only when the investment is sound, soundness implies a background of stability and for this we turn to history. Historians find it convenient to deal with the experiences of man and his works, by hard and fast divisions of time. Epochs and periods are seldom sharply separated by divisions of time, but are rather blended together as Springtime merges into Summer. The history of any locality can not understandingly be regarded apart from its relationships to other places and to things in general. The investor is wise who learns to interpret all things present and local through the guidance of the historical past and of human experience at large.

It is southern men that started the material upbuilding of Dare County, North Carolina. Now the people of the North, West and East, are beginning to pour into North Carolina. Men and money are coming into this section of Dare County in an almost endless stream. In Dare County is visualized the Promised Land, for here are natural resources capable of developing a degree of wealth as yet unrealized on this continent. Throughout the State there is general activity, in Dare County there is a stir and stimulation in the very air, rampant, regnant optimism thrills the pulse, as the development of Virginia Dare Shores, more colossal than any beach front undertaking ever before ventured, has assumed definite shape. A new civilization—social and economic—is being created and consummated on the most practical, substantial and conservative lines possible.

Virginia Dare Shores with its bounteous coastal advantages is the last great section of its kind in the North Temperate zone. It's the one and only place left for pioneering, without pioneering hardships.

Naturally the gambler-minded man will come with expectation of making easy money, but luck will and must give way to the men of thrift, prudence and industry, who will invest genuine effort and capital, accept gradual profits and grow up with our community. There is no corresponding region on the habitable globe which has so many advantages, all easily available by natural or artificial communication. Investment here is sound and at this period the investor comes in to an up-to-date county with the best of climate, the most healthful ocean and bay frontage all at a pioneering price for stabilized and ever increasing benefit and volume returns on the investment.

THERE is no mystery attached to the working out of a subdivision nor the manner in which determination of values are reached. Granted first, the prime essential of desirability is location, one that has all the natural advantages for the purpose intended and with transportation facilities that will permit the week-ender or the permanent dweller to keep close in touch with affairs of importance, then the balance hinges on phases easily described.

Price per lot is reached after a thorough consideration of the net purchase price of the entire holdings and the value of the land in its undeveloped state. Enters then the amount of expenditure necessary to render this the most ideal homesite in the country. Areas must be set aside for public parks, boulevards, and avenues, these for the common good and to be reserved in perpetuity for the community as a whole. Then too must come the reservations of beaches, the allotment of space for piers, the establishment of such places of amusement and recreation that will fit harmoniously into the general scheme of things that has for its foundation the idealism of the men who conceived the project, a shrine of pleasure and restful contentment, a place for the man, the woman and the child.

To make the price of these lots one that would meet the pocket book of the most modest income, is the objective to be served. Prices elsewhere for coastal property are so high, that possession is impossible except for the excessively rich, Virginia Dare Shores is for the masses, the attainment of ownership in this valuable tract is within the grasp of the masses. Two hundred dollars is the minimum price and when these are sold, the next section comes at an increase ranging from three hundred dollars to a thousand per lot. It is at the higher schedule that most of the property will be sold.


Photo of man riding horse through woods]


Drawing of ducks in flight]

HUNTING, fishing, golf, tennis, sailing, bathing and motor boating and the joyous sweep of curving beaches; these are some of the recreations of Virginia Dare Shores, these are some of the things that go with an ideal spot to enjoy to the fullest, America's most ideal climate and most potential playground.

The wide expanse of enchanting waters. On the one side the frolicksome Atlantic in its merriest mood, on the other, the sounds, Roanoke, Currituck, Albemarle and Pamlico and Kitty Hawk Bay, send a thrill to those who cherish the feel of a moist halyard, to hear the spank of a wind flapped sail, or the roaring clack-clack of a speedster boat on its thrilling aquatic open way. The placid lakes with their verdant banks, over hung with lofty pines, and moss festooned live oaks, present an enchanting panorama, for the canoeist, the oarsman or family and kiddies on pleasure bent.

Trails through sheltered vistas of leafy sleepy trees, sloping hills or the broad hardened sands of racy beaches, lend peculiar and piquant charm for the equestrian. When Nature cast her spell over Virginia Dare Shores, she left nothing undone in providing an Utopia for red blooded men and women who love this paradise of the great out-of-doors.

For the angler, there is every species of fish known to ocean waters and in plenty, the lakes and ponds abound in bass. Ducks and geese and other wild fowl are to be had here as nowhere else in the entire country. Hunting clubs dot the shores and little islands. For the man of moderate means who prefers to provide the means of his own pleasure, the opportunities are unlimited.


Photo of duck hunters in a blind]


Carolinians are of the undiluted American pioneer stock which subdued the wilderness, and helped win the independence of the nation, established self government and to this day has maintained the original purity of their blood lines. They are people that intrigue your immediate respect and make one covet their friendship.

Dare County inhabitants, stand unique in their love of home, their chivalrous respect for women, their courage, their delicate sense of honor, and their constancy which can abide by an opinion or purpose or an interest in their community, through adversity or prosperity, through the years and through the generations. These Carolinians, your neighbors, are enjoying material prosperity but are not forgetting that a man's life consists not of the things he possesses. To cherish friendships, to practice hospitality, to prize one's honor and the honor of a family name as something as priceless, to find some leisure for the graces of life, to enjoy the bounteous gift of outdoor recreation in nature's finest playground and to cherish always that love of home, these are the characteristics of the Carolinian, these are the back bone of their traditions.


These are your neighbors.


Photo of sailboats]


“Nature is but a name for an effect, whose cause is God.”



Administrative Offices

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Branch Offices Everywhere

Exclusive Sales Agents for the Carolina Development Company


Virginia Dare Shores

The Most Beautiful Coastal Playground

On the American Continent


The Glory of Rosy Cheeks

Virginia Dare Shores, North Carolina
Virginia Dare Shores, North Carolina. Elizabeth City, N.C. : Carolina Development Co. : Printed by Press of the Independent, c1927. [24] p. (2 folded) : ill. ; 28 cm. Real estate brochure for a Dare County, North Carolina residential property development.
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