Helicopter and its Navy crew

Helicopter and its Navy crew
Crew loading a piece of equipment onto a flatbed trailer next to a Navy helicopter. Date from negative sleeve.
February 17, 1966 - February 21, 1966
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Don Riley Nov 23 2009

The crew is NOT loading a piece of equipment aboard the trailer. They are using an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) to power the Sikorsky SH3 Navy Helicopter so it can start engines. It appears the copter has landed away from a Navy base and Army personnel brought a APU so the copter could return to it's base. The A/C is #57 which means it is probably from HS-7 which had been sea based on USS Randolph CVS-15. This squadron was decommissioned in May 1966 and then the Randolph was decommissioned and scrapped. That appears the Navy pilot in front to supervise the A/C start. I was in HS-7 through Dec. 1965.  Don Riley veteran AT1 US Navy - longhair@carolina.rr.com

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