Movie Theater open Christmas

Movie Theater open Christmas
Woman at the ticket counter waits for customers at the movie theater. Date from negative sleeve.
December 20, 1958
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18cm x 13cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Sharon Vaughn May 09 2013

I, too recall seeing Amityville Horror the night before the theater burned . . . just like the house in the movie. Yes, that was 1979, and the Quad opened at Carolina East Center Dec. 1980.

Elli Hyman Jan 14 2013

I was there that night when the usher came running down the isle, and told everybody to evacuate the bldg, and as soon as we got out the roof fell in.

Martha West Jul 26 2011

The lady in the picture is Mable Riddick. My father Woody Corbett was employed by the Pitt Theater from a young man for about 30 years. My uncle, Red Corbett was employed with the State Theater. I remember going to work with my dad as a young child. The State had stage shows and that was so exciting when the Cowboys would come to town.

JOHN GOFF Feb 06 2011

Burned and closed in 1979. The last movie I saw there was the original Amityville Horror. This was just before the opening of the Plitt theaters next to Carolina East Mall.

Jackie Arnold Jul 12 2009

Building was decoreated in ornate art deco design, including curved stairs to the balcony area.  Burned during 1960's (?) of early 1970's (?).  Tickets used tio cost 10 cebts for a child and 25 cents for an adult. Popcorn and drinks were 10 cents and there was a diverse selection on penney candies.

Beth Winstead Feb 06 2009

This was the Pitt Theater on Evans Street.  The building is no longer there.  It was beside Ridgeway Opticians.

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