Tobacco harvest

Tobacco harvest
Men are hanging tobacco while children watch. Date from negative sleeve.
August 20, 1954
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12cm x 10cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Lavina Lockamy Jan 20 2010

There was once a picture online of "The Lockamy House" I thought that was a very good historic picture. Do you have that picture?

Pamela Lockamy Oct 25 2009

And your description says children watch....wrong according to my grandmother...the children worked to.

Pamela Lockamy Oct 25 2009

This is a picture of my grandmothers 2 sisters and 2 brothers. The boy inside the barn is named Roy Cox and his sister dorothy is beside him. my grandmothers older brother bill is the tall young man smiling and the girl in the background is either my grandmother or her sister ethel. Ethel and Bill have both died but Dorothy, Roy, and my Grandmother lillian are still living.

Entered by Admin Sep 28 2009

This is a picture of hanging tobacco. Many times, there were not enough people for the complete harvesting process. The men would work in the field, then at lunch, at the end of the day or at other times, hang the tobacco in the barn. The pile is green tobacco that the barn hands stacked while the men were in the field.

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