Carolinian, Nags Head, North Carolina

Carolinian, Nags Head, North Carolina
Postcard showing The Carolinian hotel. Date approximated.
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13cm x 8cm
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Curt Teich & Co., Chicago, Ill.
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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Billy Oct 05 2022

I was born and raised on mainland Dare I remember a young lady who's dad managed the motel in the mid late 70s her name was Darlene I think but I don't remember the family name does anybody

James Maloney Sep 11 2022

I operated the John Yancey for 3 years and lived at the Olde London Inn with Bare Foot Joe Blackwell and his wife Estelle. I spent many a night at the Carolinian and knew the owner Dr Martin (dentist) well. Many good memories. Now that it's gone I wish I had taken pictures. Shout out to Lori!

Erika Aug 28 2021

Back in the 80s I used to work as a bartender at the Comedy Club in the lower part of the hotel. Does anyone remember if MTV came to the Carolinian? They may have done a bikini contest or best body on the beach contest. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

Duke Ladd Apr 19 2021

Great memories at the Carolinian!! I played there summer Saturday nights in the ballroom in the mid 70s with the Woody Pittman Orchestra, a 7 piece society band out of Ahoskie. I was in music school at ECU in Greenville at the time. I played with a lot of great musicians and met many people from all over there. It was a legendary place with knotty pine paneling and lots of Carolina character!!

cecil robbins Jul 18 2016

So many memories of the Carolinian. Never stayed there-we always had a house for the summer. But enjoyed many a lobster in they dining room. I was privileged to have dinner with both Sen. M.K. Fearing, and Gov. Luther Hodges there. The 70's were the very best!

Tim Nov 15 2015

I worked there in the summer of 84' or 85'. I waited tables with a Frenchman, name?, I also cooked breakfast one morning a week with chef Bobby and his lovable henchman, Steve. A doctor owned the hotel, name?, nice man and family. I remember the comedy club and seeing Johnny Sportcoat and the Casuals and raving with them until the last encore was played. A friend managed the movie theater just down the street, Mel Gibson and Tina Turner, Thunderdome played all summer and Tears for Fears was on the FM every time the radio was on. We left for parts West when hurricane name?, came on shore. Lived almost across the street, just a little south in a rented place we called the Orange Peel. One of our roommates was Viginia governor John Warners daughter. And I briefly dated a beautiful classical dancer from NYC, Kim. Wow! what memories. Miss you Kim, miss you Nags Head, miss you Carolinian.

Layne Aug 19 2015

I did a little research about the Carolinian's location. Tourism books from the 1990s list the hotel's address as N.C. 12, between Milepost 10 and 10 1/2. More specifically, it was on S. Virginia Dare Trail (NC Highway 12) in the oceanfront block between East Driftwood Street and East Gallery Row.

Jane Maischoss Walker Feb 21 2015

As a child, my family and a few others returned to the Carolinian each summer. From about 1967 to 1980, we visited the beautiful hotel. Some of my fondest memories from childhood include the Carolinian. Our parents started their own body surfing club, we remember watermelon on the beach at 4:00 each day, and our waitress every year was a sweet lady named Pokey. Anyone remember her? We stopped going in the early 80's due to the deteriorating of the beautiful hotel- but our memories remain cherished.

Carol Sermons Samuelson Jun 03 2014

My Dad and his sisters built and ran the Carolinian until the mid 70'S. As a girl of 14, I remember Tommy, Eddie and a great group of waiters from that time. Did you live in the Ponderosa(the room off to the side of the hotel, where many a watermelon was spiked!! Oh what great memories of the Anchor Club, Ida's kitchen, James, Allen, Max( the dishwasher) Hattie, Poci and many more! Sure do miss seeing it when I am at Nags Head!!

renee Oct 10 2012

We also went to the Comedy Club several times over the summers we spent in Corolla/Duck.  My entire family loved Papygayos......sad that it is no longer.  

Tommy Nov 25 2011

I worked at the Carolinian in the summer of 1971 as a waiter. I have a very vague memory of an Eddie, maybe mentioned in this thread, driving some huge clunker of a car. I was a waiter up until a big storm came into town in late August. Then headed off to Georgia Tech. Anybody else from the summer of 1971 waiter crew?

Susan Aug 06 2011

My now husband and stayed at the Carolinian around 1987. It was looking weathered and worn, but it's original grandeur was still evident. My now deceased uncle made a reference to a president staying there for the opening of The Lost Colony play. I think the story went about an unguarded touring car and a boy crawling into the car, pretending he was the president. Is anyone familiar with that story?Are there more images of the hotel?

lz Feb 26 2011

Just saw a forensic files on tv.....there was a murder there, right on the beach in the late 90's!

Rueben Jan 11 2011

I worked at Carolinian in summer of 1967, before going off to college. I remember Larry and Eddie and a pretty little girl named June. We worked in the kitchen and we couldnt get along but it was one of the best times of my life. Hi June !

Vicky Jul 09 2010

We used to always go the comedy club in the Carolinian. They had some great comics and it was always a great time. So sorry to see both the Carolinian and Papagayos gone, best spots in Nags Head. Guess that is why I stick to Hatteras Island now.

Jim Jul 08 2010

*Man, what memories! I worked there in the 1969,70, & 71 waiting tables. The Carolinian was the place to stay back in those days, and I was fortunate work with some great people. James & Allen were the chefs, along with Larry. Larry's brother, Eddie, was a terrific waiter. A college kid working at the beach in the summer(s) of love....didn't get much better than that!

Sherry Hylton Apr 18 2010

As a child I visited the Carolinian with my parents for many years...then worked there as a waitress in 1973. It was beautiful, vintage, and gracious.In 1998 I went back to Nags Head with my children and stopped by the Carolinian...the lack of care & maintenance had destroyed this once lovely hotel. It broke my heart to see it and it breaks it again knowing it's gone forever.



Denny K Sep 13 2009

Stayed here several times during its last 10 years...loved it. The first time I was there was around was well taken care of at that point and the Comedy Club in the lower level was what probably helped keep it going. Even in its last years I still enjoyed the place and preferred the little annexes off the main hotel. Very sad that it's gone.

Steve May 20 2009

The Carolinian was a hot spot in Nags Head up until the late 80s/early 90s when started deteriorating from lack of maintenace. it was demolished in 2001. It was a beautiful hotel in it's day (50s and 60s), but became a little seedy near the end. Poor management and maintenance ultimately led to it's demise. It was sad for many Nags Head lovers to see it go away.

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