Thomas Sayre: The Answer Is Within

Title: Thomas Sayre: The Answer Is Within
Producer/Director: Cheyney Hales
CMX Editor: Joe DeLuca
North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
University of North Carolina Center for Public Television

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I wasn't a kid that drew and made little figures when, when I was a kid, I was interested in making things and I never thought of it as art

I'm not the kind of artist that forever can be locked up in a studio, entertaining, my own struggles, I'm more interested in, in, involving other people in process and also in, in the experience of art itself. We're not in control of our lives anyway, we don't determine when we die. So the kinds of art I make, admit that and to say, Hey, this is inherently collaborative, when there's going to be chaos back here. And that, as needed, the peace can be removed. The learning it is no big deal. The mountain is no big deal

across the edge here, but this part right around here would always be in shadow. But of course, when the sun rises over here, it's over here, you you may get some angles. So what does wash a little light on the back part here?

I think it's, it's more artists draw attention to the truth that we all know and share, and maybe make objects or totems that that act as a rallying point for for all of us to say, this is true.

This is peaceful, which is the first tilt slab piece that we did. You got to start somewhere. And this is where it started out piers Rutherford County in the middle of nowhere. It's not out in the public because we didn't know if it would work. It, it could have the panels could have not come off the pile that could have broke, we in fact did drop one which crossed a small tower of scaffolding. And thank God no one was was nearby. But here, here's where we, this is the laboratory. Here's where we worked out the the kinks of the technique, which then we did in front of the museum, with our Kanem and we'll do the spring if the School of Science and Mathematics. Well, given the panel the way I work is it'd be really small scale which is a scale design for that's taken all the sheer I'd rather do two or three projects a year and, and put up with a lot of administrations that I don't particularly enjoy. Then be quote free to be alone and in my studio and do one project every three years. Classroom used to be how big C look there too.

I guess it's art, it's gonna be some kind of monument I'm not sure exactly what it is my understanding is gonna be a sundial.

When this fails, it probably cost more money and and could fail to the point of even hurting somebody. But it's the same risk is that it's that human leap that that says well it's worth a shot. And if you can't take the leap, you won't get there.

Thomas Sayre: The Answer Is Within
Sculptor Thomas Sayre discusses his work and his views on the role of the artist against a backdrop of construction for a sculpture project funded by the North Carolina Art-in-state Buildings Project. - 1985
18.8cm x 10.2cm
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NB237.S29 A35x 1985
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