Democratic rule for good government and Mrs. Joe Person's remedy for the blood

Democratic Rule for good Government and Mrs. Joe Persons Remedy for the Blood

So Tired, So tired, Chronic Dyapepsia

For years I had been a sufferer from chronic dyspepsia, which was pronounced incurable. I was completely run down and in the summer season was not able to do anything and spend a great part of the time lying down. I could not touch meat of any kind, or any solid food whatever, as I could not digest it at all and had to live on crackers and light diet. I was very nervous, would have severe nervous spells, and could not get any natural sleep, I was so restless. I suffered all the time from chronic dysentery, which kept me weakened down. That was my condition, which I determined as a last resort to try Mrs. Person's Remedy. I had tried so many treatments and so many patent medicines without benefit, that I had no faith in anything and had almost made up my mind not to try another thing, when Mrs. Person came to my house last April and induced me to try her Remedy. I bought half a dozen bottles. Felt no relief whatever until I was on the fourth bottle, when I knew I was getting better. I became strong, got so I could sleep well and there was no necessity for me to lie down in the daytime, I took twenty two bottles before I stopped. My digestion is now perfect, and I can eat meat, vegetables and anything else I want, and as much as I want. When I commenced the RemedyI weighted 98 pounds, now I weigh 115 pounds. Dysentery perfectly cured, and it is all owing to Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy. It is everything claimed for it.

Mrs. J.Ella Wynn, Everetts, Martin Co. N.C., March 26, 1898.

Greenville, N.C.

Democratic rule for good government and Mrs. Joe Person's remedy for the blood
A creative Greenville N.C. newspaper advertisement for Mrs. Joe Person’s Remedy, consisting of a testimonial signed by Mrs. Ella Wynn, Everetts, Martin County, N.C.
March 26, 1898
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