The East Carolinian, September 13, 2001

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Volume 78 Number 8


THURSDAY. September 13, 2001


Students, staff mourn

ECU Transit is adding four new buses to its fleet.

New transit buses arrive

Enhance transportation,
aid in enrollment growth


Two of the four transit buses to
aid in transportation services arrived
last week.

According to Robert White, gen-
eral manager of Transit Services, the
43-passenger buses are replacing four
of the buses that have been in use
since the mid-80s.

The replacement is long over-
due,� said White.

Transit Advisor Scott Alford said
the new buses are definitely an
improvement of the current ones.

They are like nothing we have
owned before,� said Alford.
Senior Thomas Jernigan, a bus
driver agreed.
They are a step up from what we
had,� said Jernigan.
It was definitely time for a

replacement, but we are still far from
where we need to be.�

Jernigan said Transit Services
should be on a ten-year bus replace-
ment system.

Having buses from 1983, and
just now replacing them is crazy,
but at least itTs a starting point,�
he said.

The buses came from the Blue
Bird Company.

In the past, ECU purchased buses
from the Thomas Built Buses com-

According to Wood Davidson,
assistant transit manager, Blue Bird
made the best offer. Davidson said
Transit Services developed a speck,
which is a package describing the
features of the bus.

We put the package needs out
and waited for a bid,� said Davidson.
Blue Bird had the lowest.�

According to Alford, the buses
began serving the students Monday.
We have to put on the ECU
graphics, add extra radio equipment

see BUS page A2

student transit reacts

to ridership

More buses added to
routes, faster turnover


Student transit passengers
increase as students choose bus trans-
portation over their own vehicles.

More students are riding the
bus,� said Scott Alford, student transit
adviser. :

According to Alford, in order to
cope with the influx of students
riding the bus, Student Transit added
a fourth bus to the commuter shuttle
route one week into the semester.

We are accessing the possibility
of adding a fifth bus to the commuter
shuttle,� said Alford.

According to Alford, Transit Ser-
vices is also seeing an increase in
the number of students on the off-


campus routes.

We do not have concrete num-
bers for this semester because it is
early,� he said.

Alford said last year, the Student
Transit System had an estimated
760,000 passengers on its regular

ThatTs about 5,000 passengers
a day,� Alford said.

According to Robert White, stu-
dent transit manager, about 45
student drivers are employed to
handle the number of passengers.

A student driver has the hardest
job on campus,� said White. Tt is
very difficult to have to deal with
5,000 students a day.�

According to White, dealing
with traffic can also be a problem.
Student driver Matt OTKelly
Although this life is a little

see TRANSIT page A2


Wright auditorium fills for
memorial service


Flocks of students, faculty and
staff filled the Wright auditorium to
lift their hearts and offer a prayer to
the victims of the nationTs terrorist

The 1,510-seat auditorium filled

quickly, while about 300 students,

staff and faculty lined the walls,

sat in the lobby and stood outside

listening to a panel of speakers shed

light on the situation.

The memorial service opened
with the display of the colors (Ameri-
can flag) by the Color Guard and the
singing of the National Anthem.

Reverend Robert Clyde of the

Baptist Student Union took the

podium and led the audience in

prayer. Tears ran down some faces,

while other sniffled trying to restrain

their emotions.

Sadie Cox, president of the Stu-
dent Government Association, spoke

Strength and conditioning center


New complex to unite
coliseum, stadium


The Strength and Conditioning
Center between Minges Coliseum

and Dowdy-Ficklen stadium is
approaching the last months of

According to Bruce Flye, director
of facility planning, the $11 million
project is expected to be completed
by October.

The center will be one of the
largest conditioning centers in the
country,� said Flye.

According to Athletic Director
Mike Hamrick, the center will con-
nect Dowdy-Ficklen stadium to
Minges Coliseum from the end

It will join basketball and foot-

to open next

ball together as one,� Hamrick said,
in a previous interview.

The downstairs area of the center
will contain a 25,000-sq. ft. condi-
tioning center.

A banquet hall, serving area and
meeting rooms will fill the upstairs.
Flye said the meeting rooms will be
for recruits and their families.

junior Doug White, a football
player, said the new center will also
help attract recruits for the team.

Recruits usually like to see the
weight room, the facilities, the prac-
tice field,� said White. More recruits
is better for the team, so ITm happy
with the Strength and Conditioning
center because it will help make our
sports program even more appealing
than it is,� said White.

Aside from recruits, the center
will aid in training the current

Junior Dominique Hatcher, a

see STRENGTH page A2


of terrorist attack

to the student body and said, this is
a sad day ... a somber day.�

Today is worse than yesterday,
because today reality is. sinking
in,� said Cox. We are beginning
to understand that this is not a

Cox said the students grew-up a
lot over the past days.

We have learned that history
does not just happen in books,� she

Cox said she does have any inspi-
rational comment.

Tam as confused and hurt as
you,� she said. I do know that
we must hold onto each other. We
need hope and confidence. We are
students, yes ... and the next genera-
tion. History is on our side and we
won't give that up.�

David Batts, chair of the staff
forum, said the university sends their
thoughts and prayers to Americans.

This has brought shock to the
campus,� said Batts. We need to
seek ways to help New York and

see MOURN page A3 Students file into Wright for the memorial service yesterday.

Proud to be an American�

Kappa Delta showed their support Following the memorial. service at Wright Auditorium on
and concern with a banner displayed § Wednesday, students gathered to pray for victims of the
on the mail. Pentagon and World Trade Center devastations.

Construction continues inside the
new athletic center.





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samy [oa

High is 84 High is 80 252.328.2000 (advertising) Memorial Service yesterday?

PAGE A2 resrounin 9-13-01

Good advising, planning necessary to graduate

News Editor

Assistant News Editor

ers Las

Donate money to victims

Anyone interested in aiding the victims of the terrorist attacks can
donate money to designated boxes at Wright, Mendenhall, the Student
Recreation Center, School of Medicine and joyner Library beginning
today. The event sponsored by the Student Government Association,
entitled Students Support America� will last until Sept. 20. A goal of
$18,000 is set, allowing a $1 donation from each student. All funds
will go to the American Red Cross. For more information, contact
Candice Fairley at 561-7338.

Candlelight vigil

All students are invited to attend a candlelight vigil in remembrance
of those that lost their lives in the terrorist attack at 7:30 p.m. tonight
in front of Joyner Library.

Women safety

The Greenville-Pitt County Chapter of Business and Professional
Women will hold their annual social at 6 p.m. on Sept. 13 at the Beef
Barn on St. Andrews Drive. This social is an excellent opportunity for
networking for college Seniors and those already in the workforce.
There will be an informative presentation by Amy Clark of the Greenville
Police Department on Safety and You.� Special guests include Dr.
Patrice Alexander, past state president of BPW, and NC representative
Mariam McLawhorn. Free hors d~oeuvres and door prizes, as well as an
opportunity to learn more about BPW will be available.

Girl Scouts volunteering

Volunteers are needed to accommodate the growing number of girls
in the Girl Scouts. You do not need a daughter in order to volunteer. A
meeting will be held from 7-8 p.m. on Sept. 20 in the Willis Building. We
will also be registering new Girl Scouts. The registration fee is $7.

Optometry conference

N.C. students interested in earning degrees in optometry are
encouraged to attend the 2001 Programs Career Conference. The
conference will be held on the following dates:
* 3-5 p.m., Sept. 17, in the Cone Center, Rm. 210 on the campus
of UNC at Charlotte
* 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Sept. 18 in the Carmichael Auditorium on the
campus of UNC at Chapel Hill
* 3-5 p.m., Sept. 18 in the Mendenhall Student Union
Homecoming deadline

All organizations participating in a Homecoming event need to
submit all information to the Student Union office, MSC, Rm. 236 by
Sept. 14. For more information, visit or call
the Student Union office, 328-4715.

your mom would make...

Auld said

Miscalculations leave

he feels that
every student

students short hours

should work
closely with
their advisor
STEPHANIE SUBER to make sure
STAFF WRITER that they
have all
REG Uwe Gl

Every semester several students hours.
are sent letters and e-mails informing Many stu-
them that they are short hours for dents think
graduation, leaving them on campus that once
one more semester. they have

The main reason for this is a lack completed
of communication between students the required
and their advisors. courses for

Senior Michael Saunders was one their major,
of the students informed that he minor and
would not be graduating this past general edu-
semester as planned. cation they

T was pissed. My advisor never BUNS | SE Te
told me I was going to be short,� said go.
Saunders. Saat leet leet

SaundersT problem arose because points out
he is a psychology major with a that many
minor in business. Because of this, majors and
he had to take psychology statistics minors have
and business statistics. His advisor free electives
told him that he could take one for the
and it would count toward both. students

Saunders said he was counting to choose
himself as having six hours of from _ that
credit when his advisor meant that have to be
he would have three hours of credit completed
and only have to take one statistics also.
class. 5.0m �,�-

Saunders has learned from his Ged ei eas
probiems and says that it is neces-students are
sary for students to double-check assignedtoadvi-
everything. sors that they

If you have to go to an adviser do not get
for something, you should check along with or
it too. Advisers are always losing that are
things. If they are supposed to turn unhelpful.
something in, you need to make sure Accord-
it got there,� Saunders said. ing to Auld,

Dr. Larry Auld, principal adviser when this

Adviser Dr. Larry Auld and Katie MacLeod, a senior, discuss an academic plan.

in the department of Communi-happens, stu-
cations and Broadcasting, said he dents can do
thinks that it is very important for one of two things. If the student is is very possible to get a new advisor Most importantly students
the students to be active in their still completing their general educa-because the university wants to need to remember that their advisor
course decisions. tion, they can go to the Office of be certain that students are getting can not remember everything for

According to Auld, the adviserTs Undergraduate Studies and ask to be as much help as possible in reaching each particular student, but they can
role is to identify courses the student switched to a different advisor. their graduation date. be very helpful in assuring that
needs to progress in their program. If the student has progressed If you and your advisor are you graduate on time.
Auld said they also point out courses on to their major they need to see not in a productive relationship
that they feel would be beneficial to the chair of their department and itTs not doing you or your advisor This writer can be contacted at
the student. ask to receive a new advisor. It any good,� said Auld.

Strength trom page A1 Transit from page At Bus from page Al

football player, agreed and said the stressful at times, it is the best student According to White, the student and train the bus drivers,� Alford
new center will be very useful to job on campus,� said O'Kelly. transit system at ECU began in said.
athletes. It will be able to hold He said that Student Transit offers 1969 when the Student Government Davidson said the buses will
more of us at the same time and an extremely flexible schedule. Association decided on the need for increase reliability and time ability.
help with the training schedules,� You can make your own hours a bus to transport students. White agreed.
said Hatcher. Right now with the and come in anytime you want,� Since then, the transit system has They will offer expanded service,
facilities with have teams must lift he said. grown to include 21 buses. while moving a step forward toward
weights at different times, some at 5 According to White, the Student The student transit will continue the campus growth,� White said.
a.m., others at 2 p.m., but with the Transit office is one of five in the to grow with ECU,� White said. Alford said the true test will
new center and the space we will all country. We presently serve between 1.1 be when the buses are on the road
be able to lift together.� We are unique because there are to 1.2 million students a year.� transporting students.

The center broke ground before not many student ran transit offices White said the Student Transit The buses were set to arrive by
the ECU vs. NC State game in Novem-at universities in the United States,� system is completely paid for by August 1, but according to White,
ber 1999, thanks to a $2 million White said. student fees. they arrived late because of a miscal-
grant. White said the entire staff from Contact the ECU Transit office culation of production time.

management to drivers is students. at 328-0254.
This writer can be contacted at Many students do not know that This writer can be contacted at the transit system is run by students,� This writer can be contacted at
White said.

Vi) Atlantic Wireless


0) ee Cv
Includes FREE New Digital Phone
No Roaming Charges in NC

Free Activatio

Free Long Distance Calling

3600 C South Charles Blvd.
(next to Blockbuster)

Mon -Fri 9-6 ¢ Sat 10-3

Some restrictions apply. Offer expires. See store for details.
500-Day 2000-Night/Wknd. Must show ECU ID


Mourn from page At

Batts ended his words with :
verse from Proud to Be American�
by Lee Greenwood.


65% of sexual assaults 10% of reported
are committed by sexual assaulls
acquaintances. have male vielims.

Monday. Seplember (7th 700 pm
ECL Student Health Service

Tuesday, Seplember (8th 7:00 pm
ECU Student Health Service


lin &

Wednesday, September 19th 700 pm

ELE Student Health Service

~date" raped MARCH
Thursday, September 20th 7:50 pm
Beginning at Belk Hall

Sexual Assault Avwaremess



Septem ber 17th-2ist

lor more injermalion or lo volunteer, call a 320-6794,

(U-WIRE) University of Mary-
land-In light of TuesdayTs tragedies,
the University of Maryland is pulling
together to show its support for those
affected. Counseling is available for
students on the campus, and those
wishing to join the relief efforts can
donate blood locally.

Rev. Holly Ulmer of the United
Campus Ministry worked with Rev.
Elizabeth Platz of the Lutheran Min-
istry in organizing an interfaith
mourning service was held yesterday
at 1 p.m. on McKeldin Mail.

The staff of the Counseling
Center in Shoemaker Hall is available
for help from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., said
Vivian Boyd, director. The center
has been working with the campus
chaplains network and Hillel to
provide help for those in need, Boyd

Those who wish to help victims
of the tragedy were urged to donate
blood; the attack has left hospitals
lacking blood and overflowing with
injured people. Nonetheless, some

Offered in

Technology aids in
learning, studies


Students may sit in class knowing
all the answers, and only attend
because of the attendance policy, but
that may change with new testing

The testing center is offering
students a chance to progress at a
faster speed by taking the College
Level Examination Program (CLEP)
on the computer.

According to the Information for
Candidates� pamphlets, the students

students wishing to give blood have
been unable to find American Red
Cross Centers willing to accept their

We've driven all over for an hour
or so, trying to find a Red Cross and
donation center,� said Laura Nolan,
a sophomore letters and sciences

Because of the massive influx of
donors all Red Cross public donor
centers will only accept donations by
appointment, Red Cross volunteers

Dr. Margaret Bridwell, University
Health Center director, said the
health center could not offer help
because it lacks the trained personnel
and specialized equipment needed
for a blood drive, Bridwell said.

However, Bridwell said, the health
center and the Red Cross are trying
to put together a blood drive for
next week. Red Cross officials said
organizing a campus blood drive
any sooner is not possible, but that
victims of the attacks will still need


benefit from the test by reducing
the number of courses needed to
complete a college degree, and for
all ages to complete their degrees
more quickly.�

Students will also be able to
receive instant test scores rather than
waiting for the mail.

Valerie Glaso of the Research,
Assessment and Testing department
said, We have more flexibility with
the student. It is easier to schedule a
test and we offer more tests.�

The College Board, which also
administers the SAT, sponsors the

The board produces the CLEP
study guides that are available in
many bookstores and libraries, as well

blood in the weeks to come.

It would be important for stu-
dents to know that thereTs going to
be an ongoing need,� Bridweil said.
She said she plans to send out a mass
e-mail about the blood drive once a
time and date are set.

Volunteers with the Red Cross
announced there will be blood drives
Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the
Sunnyside Carver Center in Beltsville,
on Friday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at
the Greenbelt Recreation Center in
Greenbelt and Sept. 19 at the Moose
College Park Lodge from 1 p.m. to 8

p.m. at 3700 Metzerott Road.
Shuttle-UM runs buses that stop
near the sites of all three-blood
drives, said Thomas Noyes, the Shut-
tle-UM marketing coordinator. Noyes
also said Shuttle-UM would be will-
ing to increase services to these areas
on the days of the blood drives if
asked in advance.

Blood drives took place yesterday
from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Colum-
bia Donors Center in Columbia.


as online at
clep. The Online guides cost $6 a
piece, and a sample is free of charge.

Students will be able to take gen-
eral tests or specific subject examina-

The subject tests offered at
ECU are in the categories of
Language, Social Science, Mathemat-
ics, Science and Business.

The tests are offered Tuesdays at
8 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Students
can register for tests by contacting
Research, Assessment and Testing
at 328-6811 during regular business

This writer can be contacted at

T thank my lucky stars ... and |
won't forget ... I love this land, God
bless the USA,� Batts said.

Robert Morrison, chair of the
Faculty Senate said he is in a state
of disbelief.

YTve been watching the TV, and
each time I sit there hoping that the
scenes arenTt true,� said Morrison. !
woke up this morning hoping it was
all a bad dream, but it isnTt.�

According to Morrison, tough
days are ahead for the nation.

We will never understand,� he
said. But we must have compassion
and patience for each other.�

Chancellor Muse agreed.

It is important that we come
together as a community and reach
out to each other,� said Muse. Sep-
tember 11 will be a dark day for the
US, its citizens and friends.�

He said one could never predict
that the United States weuld be a
victim of such a monstrous� act.

Muse said the university must
remember three factors: including
the beauty and sanity of human life,
the fact that we are free peoples and
retaliation is needed.

T donTt believe that any attack
can diminish our spirit or freedom,�
Muse said. We must not coward
against the cowards.�

Jordan Whichard, member of the
ECU Board of Trustees, agreed.

American stands on democracy,
we say, worship and believe as we
see fit,� said Whichard. We must go
about our freedom. You [students]

must continue to experience and
explore your liberties.�
Despite WhichardTs advice, stu-

dents continue to deal with the shock
of TuesdayTs events.

There are no words for it,� said
senior Melissa Massey. It is unbeliev-
able, but we must stick together.�

Senior Andre Crane agreed.

We must protect our commu-
nity, our state and our nation. It can
start here at ECU and have a domino
effect,� said Crane. Most think that
America is invincible. This is a wake
up call. We need to appreciate life
.. life is precious.�

The memorial service concluded
with the singing of America the





~The Mystical Arts of Tibet tours, featuring the famed multiphonic singers of Drepung Loseling Monastery, have taken the world
by storm. Endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a means of promoting world peace and healing through sacred performing
art, they have performed in many of America's greatest theaters and music halls.

Ancient societies throughout the world conceived that ritual performance of sacred music and dance at auspicious times
establishes communication with the higher powers of good and brings about healing on environmental, social and personal levels.

The Mystical Arts of Tibet tour has three basic purposes: to make a contribution to world healing and peace movement through
sacred art; to generate a greater awareness of the endangered Tibetan civilization; and to raise support for the refugee community
in India.

In a spirit of healing, compassion, and unity, the ECU Student Union
Cultural Awareness Committee is providing FREE Admission to this event!

NOTE: Seating will be a first-come, first-served basis. The doors will open at 7:00pm. If you already have purchased a ticket to this program and desire a refund, please present your tickets to the Central Ticket Office in Mendenhall; or
you may consider your ticket purchase a gift to the community to help offset some of the costs associated with providing this wonderful program at a time when it has never been needed more.



PAGE A4 Sali 8a

If tomorrow all the things were gone From the lakes of Minnesota

Id worked for all my life To the hills of Tennessee
And | had to start again Across the plains of Texas
With just my children and my wife From sea to shining sea



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We applaud Scanning the Wright Auditorium during the

Memorial Service yesterday, none of the faces

matched. Some were clad in Greek letters,
others in Brooks Brother's suits, a few soldiers in
: Army fatigues, a standout duo in star-spangled
stott 1h quickly bandannas, and the rest of us in tattered khakis

Muse and his

and Corona tees. And for once, it didnTt matter

.. and thatTs the beauty of it.
We applaud Chancellor Muse and his staff for
memorial : : :

assembling a

quickly assembling a meaningful memorial

service, service that served as much-needed consola-
tion for the so many who are in pain. Students,
faculty, staff, men of the cloth, Greenville
residents and media persons joined together in
memoriam, paying homage to our lost bothers
and sisters.

One couldn't help notice a chilling pride sweep-
ing through the room, uniting us all as American
citizens. Leaders of different faiths joined
together, guiding us in the quest to prevail.
Such a tragic day, yet this memorial service
served as a genuine gesture of recuperation
and healing, lightening up spirits ... if only for
a few moments.

For those who were forced to stay outside,
faculty and staff members immediately gathered
a few religious figures on the steps of Wright
Auditorium to console those students as well.
Yes, the events of late are horrific, but the
outpouring of support from this community
is truly inspiring. No matter what mankind is
capable of, love still exists .. both around the
nation and right here at ECU.

ITd thank my lucky stars From Detroit down to Houston
To be living here today And New York to L.A.
Cause the flag still stands for freedom ThereTs pride in every American heart
And they canTt take that away And itTs time we stand and say
And ITm proud to be an American And ITm proud to be an American
Where at least | know ITm free Where at least | know ITm free
But | won't forget the men who died And | won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me Who gave that right to me

And | gladly stand up And | gladly stand up

Next to you Next to you

And defend her still today And defend her still today

Cause there ainTt no doubt Cause there ainTt no doubt

I love this land | love this land

God Bless the U.S.A. God Bless the U.S.A.

Lyrics by Lee Greenwood

Focus on our ability to care = Turn on concern, turn off cells

CHANTAL WEEDMAN The ringing cell phones during

the good works� that have emerged the memorial service were just the


from all areas of the university in With our nation consumed by latest example of technological


dealing with this crisis, ] am also the terror and tragedy of the past insensitivity.� Cell phones ring in
somewhat apprehensive to think two days, itTs difficult to talk about restaurants, meetings, movie theaters,

We care. Pro humanitate. Two

about the flip side of this where hate, anything besides the terrorist attacks and other public places where they

simple words. in the midst of the

anger, and blame reside that can in New York City and Washington, disturb not just the phoneTs owner,

current national crisis and the suffer-

also destroy our good works� as a ID, but more often, the folks nearby who

ing that affects us all either directly

community because of our religious, Yet the recent events have crave the peace and quiet of such

or indirectly, | am reminded of the brought issue plenty

political, social, or cultural intoler-to light an that places.

importance of these two words and

ance. of us -students, faculty, and staff My question is this: Exactly how


how it operates in our lives
When the national media lik-alike -seem to find it all too easy difficult is it to simply turn the phone

our community this moment. in places? if is

ened what happened on Monday to to forget. off public Or that

In attending the universityTs

another version of Pearl Harbor and During yesterdayTs memorial just too difficult for the must-be-in-

memorial service on Wednesday, the crowd a member that

when we hear of incidents wherein service in Wright Auditorium, the touch (ITm of

most moving elements of the service

people of Middle Eastern descent thoughtful words and prayers of group myself sometimes) canTt you

was being in Wright Auditorium

are now being harassed (and as the clergy and our fellow students were, just remember to set the phone on

with over 1,500 students, faculty,

university is a microcosm of our on a few occasions drowned out by vibrate� mode? Is it really THAT

and staff (standing room only) -

larger society), my question is how the ringing of cell phones. difficult?

all who gathered there for different

will we deal with this at ECU? Are we Now | do not plan to bash cell Make no mistake, T'm not advo-

reasons. In hearing over a thou-

sensitive enough to understand how phone owners -1 am a member of cating any kind of ban on cell

sand voices sing the words to our

to be supportive to our international that group myself. I love the conve-phones. For the few doomed pas-

national anthem, it sent chills down

or Asian students, faculty or staff nience of my cell phone and ITm sengers on hijacked planes who were

my spine. As I reflected on this

who may be feeling uneasy about almost never without it. So I wonTt able to call loved ones, those last pre-

moment wherein we could all raise

their quality of their lives at the lump all phone users together and cious moments on their cell phones

our voices together, I noted the sense

university now? wag my figurative finger at them. may have lent comfort to them just

of inner peace it not only instilled

Chancellor Muse at the memorial No -ITm singling out the insensi-before their tragic deaths. And for the

within me but those around me. And

service shared with us that one of tive, seemingly unthinking cell family members who lost their loved

the words, we care� came flashing

the three things he wanted us to phone users who didnTt think or ones, those last moments on the

through my mind as I associated this

reflect on during this crisis was the bother to either turn off their phones phone, no matter how difficult they

event as a place wherein we could as

protection of the sanctity of human or set them on silent mode during may have been, may provide comfort

a community gather together in the

livesT. Is this something that we are yesterdayTs service or during other during the grieving process.

spirit of caring.

capable of in protecting the interests public events. But for those of us using our

In less than twenty four hours,

of all of our community members We college students pride phones for everyday, non-emergency

I observed how the inner life of the

at the university? If so, how much ourselves on our technological use, thereTs a lesson to be learned

university was transformed by the

are we willing to care and how will know-how. We use the Web, we from yesterdayTs memorial service.

national crisis --as now our atten-

we then extend ourselves in this download MP3Ts and burn them When in public places and especially

tion went beyond doing what we

capacity to one another? onto CDTs, we use complex software in times of tragedy, sorrow, and sad-

normally do within the course of

In the month that I have been to write papers, create spreadsheets, ness, itTs better to reach out and hold

our daily activities to what can we

here as the new Director of Student and design pages. Yet it seems that someoneTs hand than to reach for a

do to help.

Involvement, | have been impressed many folks canTt find the silent ringing cell phone.

On Tuesday, at the Mendenhall

by the sense of community and activ-mode� option on their cell phone or In other words, live in the

Student Center, over two hundred

ism I have seen here among students, pager menus. moment, donTt answer the phone.

students, faculty and staff came to

faculty, and staff who are dedicated

donate blood at the Red Cross station,

to making a positive difference at

waiting two hours in line to do so.

the university. My hope is that as

Our campus ministries offered places

we move through the healing phase

Truth and right are

for students to gather and engage in

(now following the crisis) that we

prayer and discussion circles. Our

do not discount or ignore the higher

university dining services offered

principles we share in common. In

above utility and action.�

complimentary coffee and snacks

my mind, what makes us a distinctive

all evening in the TV lounge of

academy of higher learning resides

Mendenhall. Charles W. Eliot

within our ability to act on two

Our Resident Advisors were up

important words " we care.

until wee hours of the night attend-
ing to residents in need. Our student
newspaper staff were in their offices
until the early morning to make sure
they captured the news we needed
some additional perspectives on.
Student Union decided to present
their sacred music/dance concert
(The Mystical Arts of Tibet) for free.

SGA president speaks to students

Student Government will host a

community candle light vigil. And

the list goes on and on. MEMORIAL SERVICE REMARKS have wanted. I do know this: We have to hold

Following the memorial service SADIE COX We have heard over and over on to one another. We have to reach

at Wright Auditorium, | also heard from our mothers and fathers and out to people who need us. We canTt

various students and faculty remark This is a sad day, a somber day. In grandparents and aunts and uncles turn our backs on history or on the

how they never saw so many gath-some ways, it is worse than yesterday and teachers about the huge, defin-future.

ered together in one place for such because the reality of those terrible, ing events and movements of the Lalso know that we are all a lot

a program. And in talking with terrible events of yesterday is sinking last century. World wars. Nuclear older than we were yesterday morn-

students and staff who were unable in. destruction. Assassinations. Vietnam. ing. We may not be a lot wiser, but we

to get into the service (since Wright I am sure that many of you, like Civil rights. The Berlin Wall. Many have learned a lot of painful lessons

Auditorium was full to capacity), me, couldnTt believe your eyes and of us were only in elementary school about madmen.

this demonstrates to me the greater your ears as the day unfolded and when the Challenger exploded. And I know that we have a special

need we all have to be together as a the videotape was replayed over and Yesterday taught us that history responsibility to look to tomorrow

community in a time of crisis. over. Today we begin to understand doesnTt just happen in books. My with hope and confidence. We are

A colleague of mine here brought that it wasnTt a nightmare and that parents remember where they were students, yes, and we are also the

to my attention that two years ago itTs not going to go away. when they first heard that President next generation. We know more than

around this time, the university and | want to talk for just a few min-Kennedy had been killed. I suspect we could ever have imagined about

Greenville community was dealing utes to the students who are here we wonTt forget about when we first the struggles ahead. I know that

with Hurricane Floyd. And now two today. And I want to talk about us. heard yesterdayTs grim reports. history is on our side and we will not

years later, we are dealing with yet We have had to grow up a lot in [donTt have any great wisdom for give that up.

another crisis but of a different kind. the last 27 hours. ItTs not a way any you. I am just as hurt and confused

So as I reflect upon and celebrate of us could have predicted or would and disbelieving as you are.


TEC encourages al! students to take an active role in the university as well as their community and state governments. The only way to promote change js to contact to the leaders that represent

William Muse, Chancellor Robert Thompson, Interim Vice Richard Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor and Nancy Jenkins, Mayor Mike Easley, Governor Jesse Helms, Senator John Edwards, Senator
Office of the Chancellor
Spilman 103
Chancellor for Academic
Spilman 207
Affairs Vice Chanceltor for Administration
Spilman 112
and Finance Mayors Office
Greenville City Hall
Greenville, NC 27858
Office of the Governor
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301
310 New Bern Ave,
Sulte 122
Raleigh, NC 27601
301 Century Post Office
300 Fayettville St.
Raleigh, NC 27601 brownri@ 329-4419 1-800-662-7952 919-856-4630 919-856-4245




Fishbow] by Bob Witchger

~onan tl FOR RELEASE AUGUST 13, 2001

PDP Ti>|o OMS] >





WELL CAN tC Realy Waste


DRANK wre You. iff.


eS ey Me


YOUR cous
THE Daily Commuter Puzzle Editea by wayne Robert Williams

fy Pein ORS

TMSPuzzles @
ACROSS 9 eet 1
1 "__ Are My

4 Swabbie's stick
7 Jurisprudence

based on

14 Kreskin's forte?
15 Dos Passos

16 Variety of

Sra i aia







The Focus of MY YOURE LEAVING SoMeTuING our! 17

Play division


18 Inspected


20 Get back again



22 Annex




24 Author of "The

BACK OF Vic's van. You


26 Affirmatives


30 Spanish hero
32 Transport by

34 Trade
35 Mended with

37 Abound
39 Period


s Puzzle Solved

40 Farming

In fit condition


PiSi pir

MIO> Uo olmizl|o


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Aj;Mim)a) > miim

OA) DiY| LIM� mim|a

___ to


43 Bridle






45 Come closer


46 Lazy folk figure?



49 Willy of "Free




Share of the

51 Adult Ugly loot


Diva's number

Annie's dog

§3 Drink like a cat
54 Micah follower

10 Slurs over

56 Winter glider 11 Taylor or Smith
58 Suspended 12 Lunched

consciousness 13 Marry

WILLIAM 59 Outer edge

19 Not in the Sic R|O|F

MORTON 61 Frederic or customary WIE LPL A|DIE
©MM Margaret manner

63 "Heathers" star 21 Sartre's "___


67 Noah's craft and

{C)2001 Tribune Media Services, Inc. 8/13/01

68 Cupidity Nothingness"

All rights reserved.


69 Pride in oneself 25

Fight for honor


70 Three-way 27 Ocarina 42 Filmmaker Hal 55 Littler versions


junction 28 Auditory organ 43 __ voyage! 57 San __, CA

DAY HE DIED. 71 Corrupted

29 Mineral springs 44 Writer Levin 60 Medieval

72 Canine 31 Bruce or Laura 47 indulged weapon
73 Offbeat 33 Oh, why not! 48 Administered 62 SailorsT drink
36 Conks out corporal 63 Gum quantity
DOWN 38 Funnyman punishment + 64 __ been had!
1 Had desires Martin 50 __ borealis 65 Seize suddenly
2 Seminole chief 41 Crow calls 52 Required 66 Primary color

All ECU and Pitt students and faculty receive
10% off Purchase with college IO

Last chance to turn in Homecoming Activity
Applications is this Friday, September |4th, no later
than 5:00pm in the Student Leadership Office
[09 Mendenhall Student Center.

Royal maiden of Italian cooking


Eble) Pb Tefeh lot] fol

letters -aeegiiiillnoorrtVVx

ALL you can eat� salad and fresh
breadsticks included with every meal

not Valid with any other offer

IOS SE Greenville blvd. e 321-1976


PAGE A6 9-13-01

slam the

Lighting the fire

Quick and simple ways to

Helping students develop

burn calories


better study habits

Features Editor


Assistant Editor


features @


In the last article, | discussed the

various areas (cardio, free weights,

strength machines) contained within

the average gym or fitness facility. In

this article | will be focusing some

attention on helping the trainee

set some attainable goals for their

training program. These goals will

help in adding some specificity to

how, when and where to achieve the

desired training effects.

At the initiation of a good train-
ing program there are some impor-
tant questions that must be asked
by the trainee. The answers to said
questions should help to clarify
what is going to be accomplished
and how. First and foremost among
these questions would be, what is the
purpose of the training? The answer
to this question might take the form
of: training for weight loss, strength,
size, endurance, stress relief, etc. In
any event there needs to be a clear
focus on what is going to be the end
result of training, in order to allow a
clear path to be determined towards
that goal. For instance, if the focus is
on. endurance, strength, stress relief,
athletic performance or other non-
aesthetic goals, then the next step
is to decide which areas of the gym
will be most beneficial (we will
explore this in the next article).
However, if the focus is on aesthetic
characteristics such as: losing body
fat, gaining muscular hypertrophy
(size), or balancing out the bodyTs
proportionality (top vs. bottom,
etc.), then a process needs to be
determined to allow you to see what
you want when you look in the
mirror. This process should include
critiquing your current bodyTs form
to determine what your bodyTs skel-
etal structure and metabolism will
allow you to realistically attain.

Begin the process of attaining
your desired look by carefully critiqu-
ing your physique. Take note of
itTs overall proportionality. Look at
whether your body holds more mass



Warrior Pose


above or below the waist or in
one area versus another. Take
note of what areas your body is
storing the highest amounts of
fat and in what areas it is most
muscular. This can be done by
simply observing your body in
a mirror, or by participating in
a fitness assessment to identify
the amount of fat your body
stores in certain areas, and your
circumferences. Once this is
done some time should be taken
to focus attention on your bodyTs
metabolism and skeletal struc-
ture in order to understand itTs
specific structural dynamics and
metabolic capacities.

First, start out by figuring
out what type of metabolism you
have. A relatively unscientific
way to do this is to take note
of how quickly you gain or
loose weight, and to what degree
your body tends to store fat
weight. Simply put, those with
fast metabolisms tend to range
from average height to tall, with
smaller (circumference) bones,
and donTt gain either muscular
weight or fat weight easily. Those
persons on the other extreme

see FITNESS page A8

Mind/Body Benefits: The Warrior is challenging and therefore
cultivates determination, courage and discipline. Physically, this pose
strengthens the legs, develops balance and gives a wonderful stretch
to the front of your body.

Pose Performance: Position your legs in a strong lunge with the
back leg extended and the front leg moving towards 90 degrees with
the knee directly over the ankle. When everything feels solid in your
legs, breathe in deeply and bring the arms over your head. Continue
breathing as you express Warrior completely, strong in body and
calm in mind.








OR CALL 752-5855 FRESH@







People are always looking for
quick and easy ways to burn calories-
often some type of miracle exercise.
DonTt be fooled ... fitness experts
say that the most beneficial exercise
varies from one person to another.
The Student Recreation Center
(SRC) offers many different types
of machines that display the exact
number of calories burned. Accord-
ing to Sam Combs, assistant director
of fitness, the statistics displayed by
machines arenTt always accurate.
The machine has no idea of the
metabolic makeup of the person,�
Combs said.
He added that the more infor-
mation the machine asks, such as
weight, age or height, the more
accurate it probably is.
Working off calories should not
be the only concern when exercising.
A healthy lifestyle should include not Cardio training, such as running on
only the physical aspect of exercise, by burning calories.
but also the mental and inspira-
tional. The SRC also offers many dif-
When developing an exercise ferent types of aerobic classes like
plan, try to include activities that jazz, funk and step, all of which
are not only geared. toward calorie are self-paced, allowing the person
burning, but something that you to exercise at their own rate. The
enjoy and look forward to.
{ lift weights, but I love to run
outside,� said sophomore business
major Kim Mullens.
Incorporating different activi-
ties in your workout makes exercise

seem less like a chore and more like
fun. Senior nursing major Katie
Gardner said, I usually do a 30
minute workout on the Precor, but
sometimes that
gets boring so | play
Weight training is a
way to burn calories.


Money saving tips to
increase your budget





Credit card debt is the most cun-
ning adversary to securing your
financial future. Unfortunately,
many college students obtain credit
cards while still in school. Credit
card companies use enticing promo-
tions to lure consumers by increas-
ing credit limits and offering pre-
approval. All of these strategies
attempt to install the habit of spend-
ing now and paying later.

Many students donTt realize
how destructive this habit is, until
their credit card payments become
the largest part of their monthly

Credit card debt has been on
the rise for the past two decades. It
may be difficult to break the habit
of using credit cards; however, the
reward is worth the effort. So what
can you do? Those GAP jeans are
looking pretty phatty.

Learn to have the luxuries to
enjoy, the essentials to survive, and
the knowledge to save by accessing According
to savvy student, here are some tips
worth giving a shot towards saving

1. Bring your lunch to school.
2. Use coupons on the products
you usually buy.
3. Use automatic bill pay and
save on stamps and late fees.
4. Get your books
5. Make a list
of all the meals you
can make out of
the ingredients in
kitchen and
use them all up
before you go

6. Use
instead of
bags for stor-
age of food
as they can
be used again
and again.
PEN LELG) 11 (a

8. Turn
off extra
lights around
the house to
lower your
electric bill.
9, Cut your

enforcement to accounting, engineering
You'll be trained. Then you'll use those
first day on the job. ItTs a great way to
the direction you want to go.

Find One of 212 Ways


a treadmill, also improves health

classes are great ways to burn calories,
have fun and stay enthused about

The key is to vary your workout
so that you donTt get bored from
doing one thing, but instead, stay
motivated in order to maintain a
healthy lifestyle.

Every exercise has pros and
cons. The best exercise is what youTre
willing to do and to always give 100
percent effort,� Combs said.

This writer can be contacted at


Establishing better study habits
is a skill that some students do not
master until late in their coilege
careers, if ever at all. Learning which
study skills work for you, personally,
is important because we all learn at
different rates. There are, however,
certain study habits from which all
students can benefit.

Particularly in their first year,
students come from high school
and have never developed the skills
needed for college,� said Derrance
Hughes, counselor and Academic
Workshop Coordinator at ECUTs
Center for Counseling and Student

ECU offers students a chance
to sharpen their study skills at the
Center for Counseling and Student
Development. It is located at 316

see CRAM page A5

Senior Jeff Batten looks over
a book on the campus mall.

your money

from the distinct difference. Whenever you checks. This offerstwo advantages.
make a purchase, money is subtracted The first benefit is you canTt make a
from your account and purchase unless the money isin your
account. This may eliminate frivo-
lous spending. The other
advantage is it will wean you
out of the credit card habit.
Senior Jennifer Stevens said it
best, I write checks for one
reason. I donTt have a check
bill every month to pay off like
1 would if | had a credit card.
The money is taken out
then and there at the cash reg-
ister.� Another way to prevent

* credit debt is to leave your credit
card at home.
Saving money can be difficult
for some people, but it is not impos-
For the shoppers out there, pay
attention to what clothing items
you really need (jacket, shoes,
underwear) and buy those first.
Try not to pay full depart-
. ment store prices
and shop at stores
like MarshallTs or

B5367469) 4 4 TjJMax. It takes a

Ween v5 6

dryer sheets in half and you
get twice as many per
box. :
10. Buy what you |
need, not what you
Some students have
their own tips for what
works for them in saving
money while in college.
Carrie Mays, graduate stu-
dent in social work said,
) find that using my debit
card works best for me because itTs
similar to a credit card with one
you cannot spend more than
in your account.�
Another strategy includes
what is


You drank.

little more effort but
the savings are spec-
tacular. Also, buy

quality items.

They will give
you more wear time
and will look better.

We all spend
quite a bit on entertain-
ment. ItTs funny how we
students want to budget

all of our money into this

area, but we canTt. Going

out to eat, movies, or dating will

consume all of your money real quick

see MONEY page A7


You danced.

The U.S. Army offers 212 different career opportunities

in fields ranging from medicine, construction and law

You had sex>

and intelligence.
skills from the
start moving in

omething °

missing >

to Be A Soldier


Free Pregnancy Tests

or call 252-756-9695.

Call Carolina Pregnancy Center

Contact your local recruiter.
~ySM And we'll help you find what's best for you.

1-800-395-HELP or 757-0003

209-B South Evans Street (downtown near Courthouse)




find themselves cramming for tests. also helpful for students to find a are going to meet them,� Hughes more interesting and less costly.
a Se Professors recommend spending two quiet place, away from distractions, said. Also, food is expensive, especially

jerce hours studying for every one hour where they can concentrate on the The payoff from having devel-snack foods such as microwave pop-

qjet P

spent in class. task at hand. oped better study skills in collegecan corn, cereal, and frozen dinners. ItGARRY v's Beginning to study for an upcom-If | make myself study for a be tremendous. Benefits not only is more expensive to buy cereal for


include better grades and greater breakfast than it is to buy bread, OJ,

Ngue, In Rd-

satisfaction as a student, but also and fruit. Pay attention to themealsfabre;z

include a brighter future following you eat and realize that leftovers


graduation. can be lunch for the next day. Use
Now that I am in graduate food for more than just one meal. Beprow school, I am still trying to improve | smart and utilize your groceries.

eve� s1age> * We do all exotic piercings eee:
CG arth * specialize in tattooingbody all
my study
the studying
but can that for of future

ar We & piercing
skills, I see And all you spring

of hard in under-breakers, put money aside for this
e mavel og cig el ours grad has better prepared me for my expense and shop on the Internet

$30 10 years with 19 years experience

future,� said graduate student, Laurel for the best deals on airline tickets.

a ee

: sien chek

We will
beat any
= | a aisA ugh zh it is not easy to toc change aesake sure you *signa) upi eafor thei

competitor Ss

; the way eae study, it is sountble student specials. an
advertised prices! Taking advantage of ECUTs Center for Saving money doesnTt have to
A 5 Aer Counseling and Student Develop-_ be difficult, just exercise control and

Large selection of imported & domestic jewelry!

ment is just one step toward better exhibit responsibility. Spending less

Tuesday-Thursday: 1-9p.m.; Friday: 1-10p.m.; Saturday: 12-10p.m.

° grades and a more manageable sched-doesnTt have to mean cutting down

CALL us! 756-0600

ule. on all of the fun things in life, it just
means that there will be money left


writer contacted at to more.


From downtown, go straight down Dickinson Ave. Extension, Freshman Jared Lemm looks over a computer in Joyner Library.

writer can be

located at 4685 US Hwy. 13, Greenville. Joyner offers numerous study helpers to students such as
This contacted at




Mark A.War Checkers x *

a Nataaa a aa aa aa eae aa * *

BULLET Dolls *

* *


As Ta Oc N EY Ate ob Aa Doors Open: 7:30 p.m. A Touch OMf Class�

* *
Stage Time: 9:00 p.m.

* *

eich s Club�

* DWI, Traffic, and Felony Defense ei 756-6278 sk
* NC Bar Certified Specialist in State * TUESDAY wisn
Bes oes

Lingerie Night ARES

sa ee at me: & WEDNESDAY eo

s our message 8 service mrad Se Pe ake Amateur Night and


* Rock-N-Roll Night Rc Gena
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* Silver Bullet Exotic *
7 5 4 yi 529 SCREAMINT CHICKEN STRIPS SNACK PACK....... 1.99 ¥ Dancers SKYLAR *
ee * Not valid with any other discounts 9 x*

s . Located 5 Miles West of Greenville on 264 Alt. Behind Aladdin Services & Limo)
Greenville Blvd. (Across from the Colonial Mall) ee A ke ee ee

of 2

a its a not new season
Life is Too Short Gor Average Food... South Pacific

a Septemb

legs the sei

Dance 2002
February 7 kere

ae vf Learned to eke
ruary 28 "N\

rhe Comedy of Errors



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Assorted Beers & Wines Specialty Pizzas
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Grilled Sandwiches Old Fashioned Malts & Shakes

Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner
Private Dining Room for up to 50

420 East

Greenville Bivd.

Arlington Blvd
Arlington Commons



The iia! 221-9799 air

Loop ie eey MON-THUR 11AM-10PM Tameaiay Nght
nae FRI-SAT 11AM-11PM 8:00 pm
SUN 12AM-9PM Mendenhall Student Center
Room 244
For more information call 752-2100


} cm | We Deliver Favs Sth St. }

§ ¥

¥ ¥

ECU Pirate Tailgate Spe

¥ }


75 Wings @ $25.99 \s:

(Choice of up to 3 sauces, offer expires


@ end of 2000-01 football season)

a .
al tra ttr tte Britt tht

CRAM from page A4

Wright Building. The center offers
four workshops for students: Time
Management, Becoming a Success-
ful Student, Note Taking, and Test
Anxiety/Preparation. There is no
appointment necessary, and the
workshops are open to all students.

In order to achieve better study
habits, students should assess the
way they study.

Many students procrastinate,and

ing test one week in advance is also
an effective way to prepare.
Time management is always a
major issue,� Hughes said.

In order to avoid a time crunch,
ECUTs counseling Center suggests
that students set aside a time every-
day for studying.

it is a good idea to pick the time
of day, or night, in which you are
at your best, and study then. It is

couple of hours a day, everyday, I can
find time to finish all of my work on
time,� said Senior accounting major,
Erin Moore.

Goal setting is an effective way
for students to assess their goals and
to see what it takes to get where they
want to be academically.

We suggest that students write
down their goals, long term and short
term, and decide howandwhenthey

MONEY from page A6

if you're not paying attention.

Be realistic, dining out all the
time is expensive, so save it for special
occasions or as a needed break from
Todd or Mendenhall.

Movies are getting more expen--
sive each year, so look around for a
theater that gives student discounts,
or go to the day showings.

Dating can also be expensive, but
use a little creativity to make dates


Attn. filmmakers: Enough already FITNESS trom pace 6

Now hiring

of the spectrum tend to have larger tion to where weak points in your

with the Van Morrison songs!

bones, carry more body weight than physique are, and to what structural

most others their height, and are able or metabolic issues might stand in

for Ad Sales

CHRIS HEWITT love themes of the mid-90s strike me

describing to gain fat weight relatively easily. the way of achieving goals set at

When youTre Hol-as more likely to yank couples apart

The rest of the population tends to a high level. Just remember not to

lywood, originality� is not the first than bring them together.

fall somewhere in the middle. Once be too hard on yourself and that

word that comes to mind. But do Morrison's songs have to

you understand your bodyTs metabo-you CAN accomplish any reasonable

LetTs see ... thereTs amoral,� be included in every romance? And

lism, there will be some things you goal if you have the knowledge and

money-grubbing,� self-involved,� do they always have to be the same The East Carolinian is

may want to factor into your equa-perseverance.

vain,� vindictive,� crass,� sleazy.� songs?

now hiring responsible

tion for attaining your fitness goals. This will allow you to create a

LetTs just say original� is maybe the MorrisonTs music is used because

For instance, an individual with a realistic vision of your body and students for part-time

195th word that comes to mind. Or, it inspires deep feelings in us -often,

fast metabolism won't gain muscular itTs makeup in order to contrast this

rather, letTs simply agree that one deeper feelings than the movies work as Advertising

weight as quickly as most others with image with the ideal one in your

doesnTt get rich in Tinseltown by themselves are able to stir. But the

Representatives. Apply

slower metabolisms. This is due to head.

championing bold, new ideas. impact of these songs begins to wane

their amounts Now the positions

You can, however, get rich by when theyTre paired so often with
bodyTs need for high that the purpose of for at the Student

of fuel (food) in order to sustain training has been identified, the

making a formulaic romantic comedy movies that arenTt worthy of them, Publications Building (across

basic metabolic activities, and a large focus shifts to how that goal relates

(couple meets, falls in love instanta-just as the swell songs of Fatboy Slim

from Joyner

amount of extra fuel to gain more to the various areas of the gym. To be Library).

neously, splits up for some stupid and Moby have begun to wear out

muscle. In contrast, the individual specific, each individualTs purpose for

reason that keeps them apart for from overuse in the past three years.

with a slower metabolism, who might training will divide up and prioritize

about 45 minutes and then gets back Last monthTs American Outlaws�

want to loose fat weight, would find both their time and focus within

together). And a key part of the featured this trend at its nonsensical

it considerably more difficult to burn the various areas of the facility. This

formula is that somewhere along nadir when Frank and Jesse James

enough calories during a workout to means that one person focusing on

the way -usually at the finale -unholstered their pistols to the tune

consistently facilitate weight loss, due strength training will take an entirely

Van Morrison must croon on the of MobyTs electronic dance music -

to their bodyTs propensity towards different approach to where in the

soundtrack. apparently they were on their way to

storing fat rather than metabolizing gym they and versus

The Van Morrisonization of the a combination bank heist/rave. train how, an

it for energy. Basically donTt set individual who wants to focus their

movies had been in the back of my ITd hate for MorrisonTs work to be

unreasonably high goals for muscle efforts on weight loss. This means

mind for some time, but it rocketed similarly devalued. Moby and Fatboy

mass gain if you have a fast metabo-that the trainee must now integrate

to the front in March, when I saw Slim are clever, tuneful craftsmen,

lism, and donTt expect to shed mas-their purpose for training with their

Someone Like You,� which is named but MorrisonTs songs come from the

sive amounts of body fat in small knowledge of what each section is

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The next step is to take a careful offer up some widely agreed upon

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PAGE AQ 9-13-01

Lady Pirates struggle at
Virginia Tech Invitational |

sports Editor


Friday, September 14

MenTs Soccer at Louisville, Louisville, Ky. 7:30 p.m.

Volleyball at Georgetown Tournament Pending

MenTs Tennis hosts ECU Invitational
Greenville, N.C. All Weekend

WomenTs Tennis at N.C. State Invitational
Raleigh, N.C.
All Weekend

Saturday, September 15

ECU MenTs Rugby, Blount Sports Complex 1:00 p.m.
Greenville, N.C.

ECU Ultimate Frisbee, Blount Sports Complex All Day
Greenville, N.C.

Football at Syracuse, Syracuse, N.Y. Postponed

M & W Cross Country at N.C State Invitational All Day

Sunday, September16

MenTs Soccer at Cal-Poly SLO, Louisville Ky. 12:00 p.m.

WomenTs Soccer at Radford, Radford, Va. 2:00 p.m.

East Carolina-Syracuse game
postponed until late September

GREENVILLE, N.C. The football the face. This guy bin Laden has
game between East Carolina Uni-committed terrorist acts before,
versity and Syracuse University, and I felt like he was someone
originally scheduled for this Satur-that America should have kept
day, Sept. 15 at Syracuse, N.Y., has itsT eye on. It was a terrible thing
been postponed due to the national to see the Lebonese celebrating
tragedy which occurred earlier this and burning flags, itTs just ter-
week. rible.�

Head Coach Steve Logan This morning, a unanimous
expressed his feelings towards the decision was made by BIG EAST
postponement and world tragedy conference member schools that
after an ECU practice on Wednes-all conference activity previously
day. scheduled from today through

We just got to adjust and be Sunday, Sept. 16, be resched-
flexible,� said Logan. So far, I donTt uled.
think anyone in the Pirate football Y thought that was a great
family has been directly touched decision. After what has just
by that thing, but I have a feeling, happened, going back in the air,
with all the recruiting that Coach and flying to New York to play
Pasqualoni does up in that New York the game would have been a bad
area, that they are dealing with decision,� Griffin said.
some real heavy issues up there. All tickets purchased for the
I understand that the BIG EAST original date will be honored
cancelled all of their games anyway, for the ECU-SU game on Sept.
so itTs probably the right thing to 29, Further ticket information
do.� is available by calling 1-888-

The game has been rescheduled DOMETIX.
for Saturday, Sept. 29, at the Carrier T just told the team that the
Dome. A game time has not been game was cancelled and that we
determined. will go ahead today and tomor-

Although, none of the Pirates row and finish up our Syracuse
were directly effected by the latest gameplan,� Logan said. Friday,
terrorism, their thoughts and feelings we will take a look at William
still lerk uponthe subject. & Mary, take Saturday off, and

This is a tragedy,� said senior come back in on Sunday and
quarterback David Garrard. You Monday and get right on into
never prepare for stuff like that and ie
when it happens, all you can do is TTve tried not to let it over-
thank God for what you have now in whelm me, even though it is an
your family and friends.� overwhelming thing. WeTre out

Man, there arenTt any words to here playing a game, and when
explain or describe what has hap-you stuff like that going on it
pened,� said senior inside linebacker lessons the value of the game
Pernell Griffin. ItTs just like a slap in that much more,� Garrard said.

The Pirates game against Syracuse was cancelled on Wednesday.
It has been rescheduled and will be played on September 29.

ECU volleyball falls to 1-5 fashion, with scores of 30-21 and No one played as an individual. It
15-10, respectively. was fun.�

in 2001

We played well as a team today,� 1 feel great,� said senior defensive

said Head Coach Colleen Farrell. specialist Mandi Orban.
ELIZABETH BRAWNER We tried a new line-up and the girls Tt was about time,� said outside
STAFF WRITER really responded weil. it was a valiant hitter Destinee Richie. We need to

effort on everyoneTs part.� play like that more often,� Richie
The ECU volleyball team dropped Senior Chrissy McPheeters and said.

the first two matches of last week-junior transfer Destinee Richie led SaturdayTs contest was the third
endTs invitational tournament to the way for the Pirates with 14 kills and last game for the Pirates at the
Akron and Virginia Tech respec-apiece. Senior Lisa Donovan dished Virginia Tech Invitational.
tively. The Lady Pirates rebounded out 39 assists on the day, and was FridayTs matches were straight

on Saturday and finally put a notch named to the All-Tournament team 0-3 sweeps, with the Pirates losing to
in the win column by beating the for her performances during the Akron University 19-30, 24-30, and
University of Maryland-Baltimore weekend. 30-32 and then again to host Virginia
County. Donovan and senior transfer Tech 28-30, 27-30, and 23-30.

The Pirates were forced to go Amanda Rudolph had huge impacts ECUTs match against Duke was

to five games after losing the first on the Lady Pirates defense with postponed indefinitely due to the
two 24-30 and 22-30. Some line-up both players notching 17 or more attacks that took place on AmericaTs
shuffling allowed the Pirates to digs. World Trade Center on September
settle down in game three, and win ~Tt was nice to actually win a Ii.
the match, 30-26. Games four and match,� said Donovan. We really ItTs an unbelievable tragedy,�

five were both won in a convincing came together and played as a whole. Farrell said. I know that some of

Lady Pirates fall twice

WomenTs soccer team
drops two close ones



The ECU womenTs soccer team

lost twice over the weekend to a

pair of Maryland schools. The Lady

Pirates fell 1-0 in FridayTs match

against the Terriers of Maryland

Baltimore County and then lost

again on Sunday 1-0 to the Maryland


ECU played both teams tight but

could not produce goals in any of

their limited scoring opportunities.

The Pirates out-shot the Terriers 8-7

but were vastly out-produced by the

14th-ranked Terrapins 24-4.

ECU held UMBC scoreless until

junior forward Nicole Grinspoon

headed in a goai on a Laura Motley

feed 7:25 into overtime. Head Coach

Rob Donnenwirth cited his teamsT

execution as a major factor in the


Tt was a very disappointing loss

for us,� said Donnenwirth. We

played well defensively but didnTt

develop the offensive pressure that

The womenTs soccer team suffered two close losses in Maryland last

we needed. UMBC is a very physical
weekend. Tonight's game agianst Richmond has been cancelled.

team and itTs a tough place to play,�

Senior captain Kelly Gray was

pleased with the team effort but was said Gray. We are very confident We need to finish better.�

upset by the result. with her back there. SheTs made a lot We came out against Maryland

We came out strong but we of big saves.� with energy and passion,� Don-

just couldnTt put the little things We couldnTt have asked for any-nenwirth said. They just had the

together,� said Gray. It was upsetting thing better from her,� said Duffy. better execution.�

that we lost because I felt that we She's really stepped it up. As she With a disappointing 1-3 record,

outplayed that team. We had our gains more experience sheTs becom-the Pirates look forward to playing

chances but we just couldnTt put the ing that much more of an asset to their old CAA rival, Richmond.

ball in the back of the net.� us.� They've been a rival of ours for

Both Gray and co-captain Against Maryland, the Pirates a while now,� Gray said. We need
Amanda Duffy see the defense as the would watch their hopes for victory to put this weekend behind us, focus
strength of the team. dwindle again as forward Sara Gus-and try to put the ball in the net.�

Our defense has played really tafson headed in a throw-in from ItTs going to be a tough battle,�

well,� said Duffy. Lindsey Givens in the 18th minute. said Duffy. We can definitely beat

An unexpected boost has been ECU never got the offense going and ~em as long as we stay focused.�
the solid play of freshman goalkeeper the score would remain 1-0. The Pirates play at Richmond on
Lauren Wolff, who was credited with 1 thought we played excellent on Thursday at 7 p.m.
five saves in the UMBC match and Sunday, but they had a really good
an outstanding ten saves against defense,� said Gray. I donTt know This writer can be contacted at
Maryland. why we couldnTt get more shots off.,
SheTs been playing really well,� We definitely had our opportunities.

Lady Pirates finish second at
Baytree Classic in North Myrtle

UNC-Wilmington tops individually with a total tourna
ment score of 223.

ECU by seven at T felt confident about my golf

game this weekend and everythingBaytree Classic was working together for me,� said

Sugiyama. I had never been so

close to having a chance to win the
JESSICA JONES tournament and | had never gotten
STAFF WRITER a trophy before either and I was
excited about that.�

The ECU womenTs golf team Sophomore Jessica Krasny and
finished in second place out of freshman Adrienne Millican were
32 teams that competed in the also near the top of the boards, and
Unlimited Potential/Baytree Clas-tied for 12th place in the individual
sic in North Myrtle Beach last competition with a total tourna-
weekend. ment score of 231 each. Sophomore

The Lady Pirates had a three-Margaret Mitchell finished with a
day total score of 923, just seven final tournament score of 243 and
shots shy of UNC Wilmington. sophomore Ashley Leonard finished
The Seahawks captured the cham-with a total score of 245.
pionship with a total weekend In the first round, ECU shot a
score of 916. Following ECU, 17-over par score of 305, which put
in third place, was lowa and in the Pirates in the lead by 3 strokes at
fourth place was UNC-Greens-the end of the day. Sugiyama started
boro. This tournament was one of off the tournament by leading the
the largest collegiate tournaments field, shooting a one shot over par,
in the country having 32 teams 73 (39-34).
from conferences all across the Tm very proud of how we
country. played today,� said Head Coach

Sophomore Mai Sugiyama Kevin Williams. It just shows the
shot her all-time low score of 71 talent level we have here at East
in the final round on Sunday. Carolina.�
Sugiyama was one shot away from

The Lady Pirates are in their second

the tournament winners who tied

GOLF page

for first putting her in third place see A710 season at ECU.

the Duke players are from and have
families in that area.

Some of our girls are really shaken
up, so this really puts volleyball in
perspective for us. Our thoughts and
prayers go out to everyone who has
been effected during this disaster.�

The Pirates now stand at 1-5 for
the year, and are still awaiting a
decision from GeorgetownTs admin-
istration to know whether they will
travel to Washington, D.C. this

Everything at Georgetown
is blocked out. Their AD and
coaches will meet tomorrow and we
will know whether we are going up
there after everything settles.�

This writer can be contacted at

MenTs soccer
team rolls
past Wofford

Freshmen pave the way for
Pirates to capture win



After a rough pre-game meal that

left the menTs soccer team feeling

queasy, the Pirates pulled together a

strong team effort to beat Wofford,


The preseason Conference-USA

polis had the Pirates picked to finish

dead last, but so far they have a win-

ning record of 2-1. The Pirates only

loss came against a nationally ranked

North Carolina squad who suffered

their first loss of the season to No. 6

St. Louis last Sunday, 2-1. ;

Freshman midfielder Reed Avren

scored his first collegiate goal to lead :

the Pirates attack in the first half.

Freshman forward Josh Foltz also

put his name in ECUTs records with '

the first goal of his career. The Foltz '

score came in the second half with

15 minutes remaining in the match

to give ECU a 2-0 lead. :

WoffordTs Michael Gonzales }
answered just moments later with a
goal for the Terriers. i

This delayed effort would do
nothing to bring down the Pirates as ;
sophomore DJ Jarmon came off the
bench to score the third, and final,
unassisted goal.

There was a total team effort
shown in this win,� said Head Coach
Devin O'Neill. Several guys came off
the bench and stepped up to really
help the team out.�

The Pirates are playing well, and
they have been able to garnish some
respect in the first few games this
year. The season continues this week
with a road trip that starts out against
Louisville and ends with a match
against Cal-Poly SLO.

So far, injuries have plagued the
Pirates and caused the lineup to
change. There have been up to five
freshmen starters for the Pirates
first three games, but that was an
expectation at the beginning of pre-

Our team is very young and
we have a few years to mature,�
said sophomore team captain Clyde

Junior goalie RJ Marvinney is
the oldest player out there but there
have been a few surprises. ITve been
really pleased with the play of fresh-
men Reed Avren and Jay Ingram, they
look as if they have a few years of
collegiate soccer under their belt.�

The team tried out itTs new forma-
tion against UNC-Chapel Hill, but
changed it against Charlotte and
ended up being pleased with the way
it worked.

The Pirates are looking to become
a much more defensive team, which
will allow the offense to focus on
their end of the bargain.

We still have a few kinks to work
out as the guys get used to playing
with one another,� OTNeill said. We
have a very competitive team that
will continue to improve throughout
the season.�

This yearTs team is concentrating
on the establishment of team play. A
sentiment that seems to be echoed °
by all of ECUTs team. members.

There is no standout on this
team,� said Avren. Everything that
happens is done as a team. ITm not
surprised at the way we are playing. ,
We have a good group of guys that are ;
willing to work hard to accomplish '
the goals that we have set.�

This writer can be contacted at


Townes and Henry have
banner days at Tulane

Donovan picks
up honors

Senior volleyball star Lisa Dono-
van, following a convincing per-
formance over the weekend, was
named to the Virginia Tech Hokie
Invitational All-Tournament team.
Donovan made 92 assists over the
weekend, an average of almost 31 per
match and 8.5 assists per game.

Defensively, Donovan collected
25 digs, including 17 in the Pirates
win against UMBC. Currently, she
is ECUTs all-time record holder for
assists in a career with 2,972.

Lisa did a really good job for
us this weekend, espécially in the
win versus UMBC,� said Head Coach
Colleen Farrell. She is a very hard
worker and her leadership on the
court is a reflection of her desire
to win.�

Donovan and the Pirates will
resume play on September 18 against
North Carolina. The game will begin
at 7:00 p.m. in Minges Colliseum.


Iback Leonard Henry

had one of biggest games of his

} career in last SaturdayTs 51-24

ver Tulane.

lenry rushed for 218 yards and

scored two touchdowns. He has

ranan ft for more than100 yards in a

nd his 218-yard performance

last weekend put him in second place

x t yards in a game by any

1ing back.

p of that, his 92-yard

eakaway in the fourth quarter

Tulane was third longest run

1 ECU history. He is 81 yards away
from becoming the 14th back in ECU
history to run for more than 2,000
yards in their career.

Dating back to the begining
of last season, the Plrates are 9-0
when they rush for more than 100
Vards in a game. ECU finished the
game against Tulane with 319 yards
on the ground.

Redshirt freshman Marvin
Townes will likely be the return
specialist for the remainder of the
season after gobbling up 176 return
yards on four carries in ECUTs win
against Tulane. Townes was voted
the C-USA special teams player of
the week.

Townes had returns of 56, 30,
28 and 62 yards. He broke a 21-year-
old record at ECU for kickoff return
average by recording a impressive

44.0 yards per kick off return against
the Green Wave. Townes averages
37.0 yards per return, second best
kick off returner in C-USA.
It made me feel real good,� said
Townes. For me to come out as a
redshirt freshman and handle the
pressure like I do and go out and
perform the way I do, to help my
team get good field position every
time, it really feels good. It makes
me feel like 1 am really delivering
something to the team.�


Golf from page AQ

A stroke total of 314 in the second

round on Saturday put the Lady

Pirates in second place, two strokes

behind UNC-Wilmington.

Right now we are in a position to

win and thatTs ali we want, a chance

to win on the final day,� Williams


ECU stood in second place at

the start of play on Sunday, still

in the running to win the tourna-

ment, just two strokes behind UNC


The Lady Pirates had their best

day of the tournament in the final

round on Sunday with a score of

304. At the end of the day, ECU
fell just a few strokes short to UNC-
Wilmington, who had a third and
final round score of 299.
We were in the place to win up
to the last four or five holes,� Wil-
liams said. UNC Wilmington just
shot a terrific round to beat us.�

The Unlimited Potential/Baytree
Classic provided a good weekend
of golf for the Lady Pirates and a
positive start to the new season.

At the end of the tournament
they came out with 30 head to head

There were seven teams that
were ranked ahead of us last year
and we beat six of them, and [ think
thatTs great.�

Last Year, was the first in ECU
womenTs golf history. This weekend,
the team proved that it will be a
force of reckoning in 2001.

The next stop for the Lady Pirates
will be at the Memphis WomenTs
Invitational on September 17-18 in
Memphis, Tennessee.

The two-day event will be an
opportunity for ECU to see what lies
ahead in C-USA.

This writer can be contacted at





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Pirates find return man in Townes

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (AP) The Townes also scored his first rush-introduce him to different aspects of
graduation of Keith Stokes left East ing touchdown and had 32 yards on the game one at a time.
Carolina coach Steve Logan wonder-offense, but it was his kick returns Townes ran just a couple of plays
ing who would be his kick returner that provided the spark for quarter-in a season-opening loss to Wake
this season. back David Garrard and the rest of Forest, then played in several series
The search is over after SaturdayTs the Pirates offense. against Tulane. LoganTs goal is to
51-24 victory over Tulane. We've been waiting to see what develop Townes into a well-rounded
Redshirt freshman Marvin MarvinTs going to do on that field, back in the same mold as senior
Townes returned four kickoffs, total-because you see in practice how good Leonard Henry, who had 218 yards
ing176 yards, a 44-yard average, and his feet are, how good his cuts are ... against Tulane.
broke an East Carolina record that and weTve just been waiting for him We're filtering him in, step by
stood for 21 years. He was also named to get an opportunity to show what step,T�T Logan said. The kickoff return
the Conference USA Special Teams we has,� said senior receiver Aaron _ thing was a great way to present him
Player of the Week. Harris. And if he keeps getting us with a freelance type of opportunity
It seems we may have discovered on the 50 like that, itTs going to be where there wasnTt a lot of assigned
our return
team plays
man,� said Logan, whose
Syracuse on Saturday.
LoganTs plan for Townes was to _
baggage. ThatTs
try to build him
the way
we want to

Deadly attacks put important�

games in proper perspective

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ Steve We'll do what they tell us to questions about movies like Black
Spurrier remembers a more innocent do,� he said. Football doesnTt seem Sunday, in which a sniper threatens
day in America, when a college fresh-too important right now.� to kill fans at a stadium by shooting
man didnTt think twice about hitch-Florida announced it had can-a dart gun from the Goodyear Blimp
hiking across the South to make it celed Tuesday nightTs volleyball on Super Bowl Sunday.
home for Thanksgiving. match against Florida State. The rest We have contingency plans for

1114 Evans St.

For Spurrier, that day was Nov.
Hapa, USER.

The World Trade Center attacks
Tuesday brought back memories for
the Florida coach of another tragic
moment in American history _ the
day President Kennedy died. Then an
anonymous college freshman, Spur-
rier was on U.S. 441 in Gainesville,

of the weekTs athletic events were
in limbo.

Athletic director Jeremy Foley
said he was awaiting word from the
Southeastern Conference to deter-
mine whether SaturdayTs football
game would be postponed.

Obviously, safety is the primary
concern,� Foley said.

lightning, bombs, etc., etc.,� Foley
said. But on a day like today, you
can see how vulnerable everyone

Around campus, students filtered
out of class. A long line formed
outside a blood bank. A 19-year-old
student, who didnTt want to give her
name, was seen crying on a median

100Se Q STYL

trying to find a ride north, to his In Florida, this is supposed to be while crossing the street.
home in Tennessee. one of the biggest college football ItTs hard to understand why this

A driver going the other way weekends of the year. happened,� she said. ItTs hard to
stopped me and told me the President In addition to the Florida-Ten-go on with your day, and act like
had been shot,� Spurrier said. nessee game, No. 13 Washington everything is normal.�

While classes were canceled at plays at top-ranked Miami, where That notion was met with uni-
the University of Florida on Tuesday, practice went on but TuesdayTs media versal agreement in the athletic
Spurrier fought his way through the day was canceled. No. 10 Georgia complex; football and sports didnTt
day, trying to proceed with business Tech plays at No. 6 Florida State, seem so important.
as usual. The Gators practiced for where the Seminoles practiced as I feel very selfish today, thinking
their big game against Tennessee on scheduled Tuesday. about football,� Florida defensive
Saturday, even though they werenTt If the games are held as planned, lineman Alex Brown said. There are
sure whether it would go on as sched-up to 225,000 football fans will a lot of things in this world more
uled. combine to fill those three stadiums important to me than football, more

But instead of the usual trash Saturday. important than winning games.
talk, Volunteers jokes and Xs and Os, On a day when no act of terror Football is important to me, but to
Spurrier led a subdued media day in seems impossible, Foley, Spurrier and see something like this happen is
Gainesville. a handful of Florida players fielded devastating.�

e ECU Student Help Desk is 4 you!

Have you ever been typing a term paper at 2 a.m. the moming before
its due and just as a profound thought made its way into your groggy
brain, your word processing program froze? Ever poured out your heart
in a long and emotional email to your significant other only to have your
account lock up as you press the send button? Or maybe your parents
FINALLY decided to buy you that PDA you've been ogling for six months,
but now that you have it, you realize you donTt have a clue how to use
it. If you've found yourself in any of these situations, the ECU Student
Help Desk is 4 you! Visit ECUTs IP/TV website at
to view a video that describes the many student computing services
information Technology & Computing Services (ITCS) provides, or go to
the online University Help Desk at You can also call

6-foot Party Sub ECU-4YOU (328-4968) for assistance. ITCS is here to support YOU!

3-foot Party Sub

serves 8 -12 people serves 16 -24 people

The video will be available to view every four hours beginning on September 18 at 8 am

$29� $ 54�

through October 18. Individuals will need to locate a computer with a sound card and

earphones or speakers to preview the video. If problems occur, students may call the main

Help Desk at 6866 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday or the

Party Trays

Student Help Desk between 4 pm and 12 midnight Sunday through Thursday.

Small Regular Large

serves 5 -8 people serves 12-16 people serves 16 -24 people
$19� $36� $59�

Party Dessert Trays

Small Large

serves 8 -12 people serves 16 -24 people
$12� $19�

Mon.-Sat. 10-6

Sub Box Soup & Salad Soup & Sub

Located beside Ke ho Arlington Village * 321-8182

Sub, Chips, Cookie Soup, Salad, Cookie Soup, Sub, Cookie
$5� $6� $6�

Salad Box
Thanks to Kappa Delta,

Salad, Cookie

women across the country


have an opportunity to
recognize their dearest

Third Annual National

WomenTs Friendship Day:

420 E Arlington Blvd. September 16.

Greenville, NC 27858


A Friend: a companion of affection arising from mutual esteem, respect, and good will.
Someone close to another's heart.





Come by The East Carolinian office
on the second floor of the Student Publications Building
(above the cashiers office) Monday -Friday, 8 am. -5 p.m.

$4 for 25 words or fewer
5¢ per word over 25
All classified ads must be prepaid.

Thursday at 4 p.m. for the next Tuesday's paper
Friday at 4 p.m. for the next Wednesday's paper
Monday at 4 p.m. for the next Thursday's paper


WALK TO ECU, 2 or 3 bedroom-cail

ACROSS THE street from campus.
One bedroom and one bath. New car-
pet, paint and very clean. Water, sewer
and cable included. Cail 412-5203

3 BEDROOM, New appliances,
central heat and air, deck view of
river, fenced in yard. Available now.
$900.00 (252) 726-8846

ONE BEDROOM house available
walking distance form campus. Per-
fect for a professor or a grad student.
Bedroom , bathroom, living room,
kitchen and storage area. Quiet and
cute. $300 call Mike at 493-0285


Now Taking Leases for 1 bedroom,
2 bedroom & Efficiency Apartments.
CALL 752-2865

3 OR 4 bedroom, 2 bath house for
rent. 2 blocks form ECU, 1 block
from downtown, if interested call

$300 OFF security deposit and first
monthTs rent on three bedroom at
Beech Street Villas or Gladiolus Gar-
dens. One-year lease. Call 756-6209,
Wainright Property Management.

WILSON ACRES Apartments. Available
immediately private end unit. 3 bedroom,

1.5 baths close to campus. Water, sewer,
and cable included. All appliances and
washer/dryer hook-ups. Washer and dryer
available for rent upon request.Small
pets OK with fee and additional rent. Call
752-0277, $795 per month.
ONE BEDROOM one bath apartment
central air conditioning and heating
great community near movies and
mail for more information call Beth
at 321-9719

WALK TO ECU, 1 bedroom APT,
300-350 a month. Call 7586596 or


three bedroom condo $230 plus 1/3
utilities, cable included, pool, washer
and dryer nice area. Call 353-4450.

NON-SMOKING Female roommate
wanted to share 3br house with w/d
on ECU bus line. $250/mo + 1/2
utilities. Call Liz at 758-4695

ROOM FOR rent, maie or female
nonsmoker, 2 bedroom 1 bath apart-
ment for fail semester, $225 plus 1/2
utilities, call 321-9249.

3bdrm 2bath at Beech Street Villas.
$217/mos + 1/3 utilities. Call
758-1490. Ask for Sharon or Amber.

ROOMMATE WANTED asap to share
2 bedroom duplex $175 rent plus 1/2
of the extras. Near ECU. Call for
more information,

needed ASAP to share new 2br, 2ba
duplex. $325 plus 1/2 util. Call Jeanne
at 412-5339 Grad professional pre-
ferred but not required.

share 2br townhouse apt. near hos-
pital $275/mo +1/2 utilities. Must
be clean, responsible and likes dogs.
Call (919) 539-1358 or email phoun-


CONDO FOR sale Forbes Woods� 2
bedroom, 2 bath and 1310 sq. feet.
Call 756-5800


GRAPHIC DESIGN computer stud-
ents needed-needs experience with
working on web sites, 20-25 hours per
week, flexible, call Tim at 758-0897

ECU Telefund has several openings
for students to contact alumni and
parents for the ECU Annual Fund.
$6.00 hour plus bonuses. Very flexible
schedule. If interested, call 328-4212,
M-TH between the hours of 3-6pm.

SELF-DEFENSE instructor: Classes
are held on Friday evenings at JC Park.
Must like working with children. Cail

BABYSITTER NEEDED for after-EARN $150 -per hour. Local studio CHOOSING A Major & Career: Thurs-
school care of school age children interviewing for nude photo models day, September 13 at 3:30 p.m. A
including, driving to activities. and dancers. No prior experience one-session workshop that helps you
$8.00/hour. Call 329-8406 Janice required, just a desire to make $$$ explore your interests, values, abilities
and have fun. Discreet and confi-and personality and find out which


dential. Phone: 757-7678 E-Mail occupations or majors may match

faculty. The Human Performance Lab- well with each. You will learn how to

oratory at ECU is looking for research

gather information about the occu-

subjects which wish to be involved in PART-TIME and full time positions

pations you have identified using the

studies examining the role of skeletal available in our call center. Great

Center and other resources.

muscle in insulin action. Certain pay plus excellent bonus plan. Full
medications or health conditions may company benefits call 355-0210 Workshops are held at the Center
disqualify you from participation. We for Counseling and Student Develop-
are looking for normal or overweight : saantient lie ment, 316 Wright Bldg. Please call
individuals. Men and women of ages 328-6661 if you have any questions.
18 and over are eligible. Subjects
will be compensated ($100 to $200)
depending upon their involvement

THE HOTS� of Gamma Chi Epsilon

in the study. Tests involved include

would like to thank the pimps� of

body composition assessment (% fat),

Kappa Sigma for an awesome pimps

exercise stress testing, and blood and

and hoTs� social. We'll bring the

muscle analysis. For further infor-

twister next time.

mation contact the Human Perfor-

mances Laboratory, ECU, email; berg-THE SISTERS of Kappa Delta would 2000 Winnar of Blue Chin Enterprise Award and 1 of 6
Small Bs Recognized tor O fing EihicsCBBR, reference study like to congratulate Erica Moore on tn 19983
100 (Joseph A. Houmard, Ph.D.) her internship. We are so proud!

ECU COME down on us! Spring CONGRATULATIONS TO sister Erica
Break 2002 hiring campus reps. Earn Moore on your engagement to Bubba
a free trip and extra cash. The 10 Lewis. We wish you every happiness

(Cancun $399

hottest spring break destinations. in the world. Love, your Kappa Delta

7 Nights -Aie & Hotel «Free Food & 30 Hrs of Orinis: Corporate sisters
office 1-877-460-6077

Jamaica $439

ZETA TAU Alpha would like to rec-

. 7 Nights «Air & Hotel -Save $150:0n Food & Orinks

CYPRESS GLEN Retirement Com-ognize the sisters of the week, Myra
munity is searching for dependable Barnes and Abby Owen. We love
students to work in our dining serv-you!

Horida, $119

ices. You must be able to work with ~« Our 15th Year!
the elderly. Job duties include wait-ZETA TAU Alpha would like to thank
staff preparation for meals, serving everyone for a great 5-on-5 disco 1-800-678-6386
meals, and sanitation. We offer flexi-party Saturday night. We'll all have to
ble hours. interested persons apply at boggie down again sometime!
Cypress Glen on 100 Hickory Street.
We are located off 5th street.

IDE Velela

DATA INPUT-Online Information


Services seeks two part time data


input clerical assistants to help with

#1 SPRING Break Vacations! Can-

various account-entry requirements.

cun, Jamaica, Bahamas & Florida. Retro and Vintage Clothing,

Require 15 to 30 hours weekly with

Book early & get free meal plan. Earn Handmade Silver

very flexible work schedule. Typing

cash & go free! Now hiring campus

Jewelry & More.

skills of at least 50 wpm. Starts at

reps. 1-800-234-7007 endlesssum-
$7.00 per hour. Call J.W. Blaire at

417 Evans St. Mall 752-1750

SPRING BREAK 2002 jamaica, Can-

iDreywaetce swe!


1 or Florida. Student
YEAR solid coding experience. No

Travel Services, Americas #1 Student
Frontpage gurus! Experience with

Tour Operator. Promote trips at ECU
FTP, digital photography, image edi-

and earn cash and free trips. Informa-
tors, modeling a plus. Female can-

tion/Reservations 1-800-648-4849 or

didates preferred. Phone: 757-7678

PART-TIME (for Pentecostal Church how can you se

for immediate employment). Play for

comptempory praise and worship ANNOUNCEMENTS | akid off drugs?

and choir practice on Sundays and

~The trath is, 2 ite of your lime can make a lifetime

BECOMING A Successful Student:

2 nights our of the month. Benefits Hlerence, Because kids with something to do
include weekly salary of $100, hous-Tuesday, September 11 at 3:30 p.m. less ukely to da drugs. You can belp, For more
Discuss specific obstacles you have information on drug prevention programs in your

ing 2br to be shared with part-time


preventing you from becoming the call ar yisih:

youth pastor. Contact: Pastor Taylor

1877 KIDS 313

student you want to be and get tips

at 15th St. Church office 946-7771

www. youcanheipkids.or

on a variety of issues related to college

or 946-4464. Email resume to two-i

Ag tice of National Dees faetent Policy

success -time management, test pre- Please pro-
vide references on resume.

paration and academic motivation.

Now hiring for
Ad Sales positions

The East Carolinian is now hiring responsible students for part-time
work as Advertising Representatives. Apply for positions at the Student
Publications Building (actoss from Joyner Library).

e are currently off the air

due to an equipment failure.
We will be off the air all this week
while we assess our options.

Watch The East Carolinian for
urther updates on when we can
return to the airwaves.

The East Carolinian, September 13, 2001
The East Carolinian issue published two days after September 11, 2001 on which four coordinated terrorist attacks were carried out by the militant Islamic extremist network al-Qaeda against the United States. East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
September 13, 2001
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35.5cm x 57.5cm
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University Archives
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