Manuscript leaf from a late gothic antiphonal

Manuscript leaf from a late gothic antiphonal
This item is a single leaf from an antiphonal book. Antiphonals were used during Christian mass service as a chant and response by a select group of the congregation. The size of the leaf and text is due to the need for the item to be read by multiple people at the same time. The chants and mass service depicted on this leaf comes from the feast of Trinity Sunday, celebrated on the first Sunday following Pentecost in the Western Christian liturgical calendar. Based on the letter forms used in the handwriting, it is likely from the late Gothic period. The ornamental initials are Spanish in style. The black-brown letters were written using an iron gall ink. The rubricated, or red, letters were done using a vermilion pigment. Three edges of the page were also treated using vermilion. The large initial 'B' on the recto was decorated using vermilion, verdigris for the green, and an unidentified organic-based yellow pigment. The pigments were identified using X-ray fluorescence by Joyner Library conservation staff with the assistance of conservators at the Queen Anne's Revenge Conservation Lab.
51cm x 80cm
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