Ownership map of proposed Cherry Point Marine Aviation Base, Craven Co., N.C.

Ownership map of proposed Cherry Point Marine Aviation Base, Craven Co., N.C.
Digital reconstruction of a June 1941 ownership map of lands taken by the United States government for the proposed Cherry Point Marine Aviation Base at Cherry Point, North Carolina. The map shows the Neuse River, roads, creeks, branches and a number of cemeteries. It also includes a table listing landowner names, number of acres taken and a numerical key from the map showing where each owner's land is located. Captions from map: "This map is a true, accurate and complete digital reconstruction by Joshua Ryan Paulan, from overlapping portions of the original. Project for the Edward Barnes Ellis, Jr. Collection. Summer 2005." and "Lands originally surveyed and mapped by the U. S. Forest Service, Public Works Drawing No. 2063. June 1941. Not to scale."
April 05, 2006
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79cm x 59cm
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East Carolina Manuscript Collection
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