The East Carolinian, September 1, 2004

volume 80 Number 2
WEDNESDAY September 1, 2004
Brody creates
new fellowship
Cate Edwards discusses her father's accomplishments and contributions to North Carolina and his plans for the future
Kerry rally comes to campus
Candidates' daughters
inspire young voters
A Democrat rally
featuring John Kerry's daughters,
his stepson and John Edwards'
daughter was held in Hendrix
Theater last night.
The event, sponsored by
ECU's College Democrat chapter
catered ECU students, faculty
and Greenville residents. North
Carolina House Representatives
were also present along with
Andy Foreman, chairman of the
Democratic Party, and other Pitt
County officials.
Each speaker discussed a
different topic of interest to
college students around the
country in hopes of persuading a
few young voters.
Cate Edwards spoke on her
father's behalf and reminded
students of her father's past
efforts to make North
Carolina heard.
"He knows North Carolina
and he shares your values said
"He fought for people across
the state who didn't have anyone
fighting for them
Andre Heinz, Kerry's stepson
said Kerry and Edwards' plan will
give students $4,000 tax credit
each year for four years of college
He said some students
could receive four years of
college paid by the federal
government in return for two
years of community service if
Kerry is elected.
"To me, it sounds like a pretty
good start said Heinz.
Vanessa Kerry said her father
has a strong plan to create 10
million new jobs and a stronger
Alexandra Kerry also
addressed the issue and said
North Carolina has lost
approximately 162,000 jobs in
the past two years.
"We've never seen as
many job losses since Hoover
said Alexandra.
Alexandra also addressed
her father's current battle in
trying to defend his military
past. She said it is really hard for
her because she knows the truth
and it feels disgusting that
the credibility of any veteran
can be contended.
Alexandra said she feels her
father is right for the job because
he is incredibly compassionate
and he considers all the aspects
of every situation before making
a decision.
"He understands the needs
of Americans he understands
how to build the economy
Alexandra said.
She said because he is a
veteran, her father is aware of the
sacrifice of war.
Other issues Alexandra said
Kerry is looking to improve are
issues with the UN. She said her
father wants to make sure the UN
is respected and wants to invite
countries back for discussion.
Concerning the issue
see KERRY page A3
Number of diabetes
specialists expected
to increase in state
A fellowship was recently cre-
ated at the ECU Brody School of
Medicine in an effort to address
the problem of the shortage of
diabetes specialists in North
Dr. Robert Tanenberg devel-
oped the fellowship in hope to
provide an increase of quality
treatment for people in North
Carolina with diabetes and to
prevent future cases.
In 2002, 600,000 people in
North Carolina were reported to
have diabetes, a massive number
that outweighs the 38 qualified
B diabetes providers around the
I state. Tanenberg's idea is to train
incoming doctors to the fellow-
. ship at ECU for a year and then
e send them to train the other doc-
tors around the state.
The two fellows chosen for
this year's fellowship will begin
training within the next couple
of weeks. These fellows include
Dr. Aimar Mack and Dr. Paradeep
Sharma - both have studied
medicine at ECU.
With this fellowship, Tanen-
berg said his goal is to start
making a dent in diabetes in
North Carolina. He said 95 per-
cent of diabetics go to their
family doctor, who In most cases
is not trained to help severe cases
of diabetes. Another factor in
the lack of treatment is financial
restraints. One strip used for
insulin testing is 75 cents. When
a diabetic has to do this four
times a day, they are spending
$3 a day, adding up over a year
to nearly $1,100.
Patient education is another
important step in the process,
Tanenberg said. Diabetics need to
know what to eat and other ways
to prevent complications. Equip-
ping Mack and Sharma with the
training and skills needed to
prevent the disease, Tanenberg
said he plans to extend that
Diabetes Info
There will be a walk to raise
money for diabetes in October
at the Pitt County Fairgrounds
along with a bowl-a-thon to help
raise money to enable people
to buy diabetes supplies such
as Insulin and strips. According
to Karen Warren, there will be a
diabetes screening in the spring
for anyone who Is Interested In
getting tested.
reach beyond to other people
and fight against this disease
as he has done so passionately
for 28 years. Tanenberg said he
anticipates that starting this fel-
lowship will also serve as a model
to other schools around the state
to think out of the box and focus
more attention on prevention of
Karen Warren, director of
wellness education at the Student
Health Center, said there are
two type of diabetes - type one
and type two. Type one, which
occurs at birth, results when the
pancreas quits working and is
unable to produce insulin. Type
two, which occurs mostly in
adulthood, begins because the
pancreas produces insulin but
there is resistance from the body
to the insulin.
Warren said the symptoms of
diabetes include frequent urina-
tion, excessive thirst, fatigue,
numbness in the feet, having
sores on feet that do not heal,
unexplained weight loss, always
being hungry and blurred vision.
Diabetes can be hereditary, but
can also be a result of lifestyle
habits including smoking and,
more importantly, obesity.
Tanenberg said because of
the westernized way of living,
such as eating unhealthy and not
getting enough exercise, diabetes
is more prevalent in the United
States than in countries where
there is not a surplus of food and
see DIABETES page A2
ECU increases price in Pepsi products
Students, faculty
show mixed emotions
The price of 20 ounce Pepsi
products across ECU went up
Wednesday, Aug. 18, with the most
expensive drinks coming from loca-
tion convenient vending machines.
The price has been constant
for almost four years and the
increase is due to changes within
the economy and a rise in manu-
facturer costs, said Allison Met-
calf, Aramark marketing program
manager of ECU.
"The purpose of the increase in
price was to cover the increase in
the cost from the manufacturer. It
was in no way increased to increase
our profit said Metcalf.
The 22 ounce fountain drinks
in all campus dining locations
will remain at 99 cents and the
20 ounce bottles will undergo a
ten cent increase to $1.09. Vend-
ing machines that distribute 20
ounce bottles had prices increase
to $1.25.
Metcalf said discussions
began with members of campus
dining the last year in regards to
making this increase in price. At
that point, campus dining began
researching its competitors, such
as convenient stores, to check and
compare their prices for these
products. This is a practice that is
completed every time a change is
made in the price of any item sold
by ECU to ensure that students
are not overcharged.
Some students believe the
price increase might be due to
ECU wanting to take money
unnecessarily from its students
and employees. This rumor may
have been the result of ECU not
informing its students of the
price change when it was made.
Feelings on the price change,
among students and staff, are
mixed. While some are angry or
baffled, others don't see the big
problem with it.
"When I was in college,
campus machines, snack bars and
cafeterias were the least expensive
place to buy everything. Now
they are the most expensive said
Karen Vail-Smith, lecturer in the
department of health education
and promotion.
James Bynum, sophomore
English major and resident of
Fletcher Hall, did not share the
opinions of Vall-Smlth.
"I think it's just a little incon-
venient, and if people don't like
it, then they can walk an extra
30 seconds and get Pepsi from
somewhere else said Bynum.
With the increase in price,
students and staff are still given
the opportunity to choose how
much they spend on their 20
ounce Pepsi while on campus.
Everything is relatively close,
making both dining locations
and vending machines conve-
nient. When customers use their
meal plan or Pirate bucks, taxes
are not charged, leaving the price
at $1.09.
This writer can be contacted at
20 oz. Pepsi Prices
Across Greenville
West End Dining Hall is still under further construction.
Dining hall scheduled
for spring opening
Campus dining locations: $1.09
Campus vending machines: $1.25
Trade Mart $1.29
Wal-Mart $1.08
Food Uon: $1.09
ECU Professor receives grant, conducts study
Study focuses on
capillary growths
Tim Gavin, assistant profes-
sor of exercise and sport science
and physiology, received a two-
year grant of $132,000 from the
American Heart Association to
conduct a study attempting to
discover why aging lowers the
capacity of skeletal muscle to
adapt to stress.
"We're trying to look at cap-
illary response to exercise train-
ing. Skeletal muscle and cardiac
muscle have a lot of similarities.
There are fundamental differ-
ences, but we know that VEGF
Vascular Endothelial Growth
Factor is important for making
new capillaries said Gavin.
Gavin's study will include
32 healthy people divided into
two groups of 16 men and 16
women. Each group will consist
of eight young adults and eight
older adults who will exercise
four times a week, with a muscle
biopsy from the thigh taken
before they begin the exercising,
after their first week of exercise
and at the end of the eight-week
"When we see blockage of
see GAVIN page A3 Participants in Gavin's study undergo regular exercise.
Students show positive
reactions to addition
The West End Dining Hall,
still under construction, will pro-
vide students with food options
different from typical cafeteria
style eateries and is scheduled for
opening in the spring semester.
Gina Shoemaker, project
manager, said the dining hall will
offer students with a whole new
variety of food than the current
major dining halls as well as a
whole new kind of atmosphere.
The kitchen is much smaller and
the majority of the food is cooked
in the serving area, Shoemaker
The main sections of the
dining hall will Include a Mon-
golian grill, similar to the Mon-
golian barbecue on Greenville
Blvd a Chinese food section, a
deli and a salad bar.
"It's a lot more modern than
a typical cafeteria said Shoe-
f- West End
w Dining Hall
The dining hall is scheduled to be
completed near the end of October
and be open for student use by
the spring semester of 2005.
While some students thought
the dining hall was scheduled
to be open in the fall semester,
Shoemaker said the scheduled
opening time has always been In
the Spring.
"It's going to be a different
kind of food than Todd. Todd
is your typical cafeteria kind of
As part of the new addition,
the dining hall building will
also offer a convenience store
available for students and a new
plaza is being built right outside
the building Shoemaker said.
The new plaza will have colored
concrete, grass, trees and a clock
which was donated by the class
see WEST END page A3
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NICK HENNE News Editor KATIE KOKINDA Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY September 1, 2004
Schedule Changes
Today is the last day for schedule
changes (add only).
Membership Meeting
The Women of Excellence
Membership meeting will be
held tonight from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
in Mendenhall Student Center.
This meeting is an open meeting
for anyone Interested In joining
Women of Excellence.
Meet the Greeks
The National Pan-Hellenic Council
is having a Meet the Greeks
session this evening at 8 p.m. in the
Great Rooms in Mendenhall. This
session will allow people who
may be interested in joining
a NPHC organization to meet
current members and answer any
questions they may have.
Free Screening of
'I, Robot'
E-bay Is presenting a free welcome
back screening of the movie
, Robot at the Hendrix Theater on
Sept. 2 at 7 p.m. This screening
will allow students to save up
to 45 percent off the list prices
on their text books and make
students eligible to win a variety
of prizes. Tickets for this event
are available at the Central Ticket
Office at no charge.
Leadership Deadline
The deadline for enrollment in the
emerging leadership program and
the advanced leadership program
for freshmen is Friday, Sept. 3.
Apply in 109 Mendenhall.
Labor Day
There will be no class on Monday,
Sept. 6 due to Labor Day holiday.
Fraternity Rush
fraternity Rush will be Tuesday,
Sept. 7 until Friday, Sept. 10. ECU
busses will provide any person
interested in joining a fraternity
transportation to each fraternity's
rush location on Tuesday and
Wednesday. Busses will stay at all
of the 17 locations for 20 minutes.
On Thursday and Friday, students
are free to go to whatever fraternity
they like. Fraternities will provide
transport for these dates. Rush
begins at 7 p.m. each night.
Graduation Deadline
The last day for students to apply
for graduation is Wednesday,
Sept. 8.
Get a Clue
Get a Clue, a student organizational
fair, will be on Wednesday, Sept.
15 from 10:30 a.m. -1 p.m. in the
Wright Place. Various student
organizations and activities are
taking place at this event enabling
students to learn more about
activities going on and become
more involved.
Music Festival
The Brentano String Quartet will
come to campus for their second
appearance in the Four Seasons
Chamber Music Festival on Friday,
Sept. 24 in the A.J. Fletcher Recital
Film Series
The Travel-Adventure Film &
Theme Dinner Series opens at
Hendrix Theater on the main floor
of Mendenhall Student Center,
with Bavaria and the Black Forest
by Fran Reidelberger on Sunday.
Oct. 3 at 3 p.m.
'HAIR' Production
The American Tribal Live-Rock
Musical HAIR will be on the
main-stage at McGinnis Theatre
from Sept. 30 - Oct. 5. Parental
guidance suggested due to
profanity, drug references and
the potential for on-stage nudity.
For ticket prices, call the box office
at 328-6829.
News Briefs
Search for Navy's first
submarine continues
RALEIGH, NC (AP) - The search for
the Navy's first submarine off the
North Carolina coast will continue
even though the first sweep was
shortened by bad weather.
Researchers looking for the USS
Alligator, a Civil War-era vessel that
sank in a storm in 1863, scrapped
the last two days of the 10-day project
over the weekend due to tropical
storms Gaston and Hermlone. A 108-
foot ship operated by the Office of
Naval Research surveyed the ocean
floor about 20 miles off Ocracoke
Island for the Alligator, which sank
In fhe area during a storm as it was
being pulled south to Charleston,
Researchers from the Office of Naval
Research, the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration and ECU
surveyed miles of ocean bottom
with sonar and metal-detecting
"We got some good targets, we got a
good start said Tim Runyan, director
of ECU'S program In maritime studies.
Runyan said initial scans found two
sites worthy of further study.
We're working In water 200 feet deep
he said. "You can't just go over the
side and dive on every one The
47-foot Alligator was supposed to
submerge and send out a diver to
attach explosives to ships or harbor
obstructions. But the vessel had to
abort its first mission in Virginia rivers
because the water was too shallow
for the ship to submerge. A tow ship
cut loose the Alligator in the storm.
None of the submarine members
were aboard when it sank.
Lesser travel will
reduce gas prices
CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) - Gasoline
costs about a nickel less In North
Carolina than it did July fourth, but It's
unlikely more people will buy cheaper
fuel for Labor Day weekend travel,
AAA Carolinas said Monday.
A hurricane approaching the
southeastern U.S. should keep the
number of North Carolinians traveling
during the long weekend unchanged
from a year ago at 800,000.
A gallon of regular unleaded gas
costs an average of a little more
than $1.81 a gallon, 24 cents more
compared to Labor Day a year ago.
This year's July fourth average was
$1.86 per gallon. Wilmington has the
highest average in North Carolina at
nearly $1.87 per gallon, compared to
High Point having the least expensive
at nearly $1.78.
South Carolina's average price is
about $1.76. The national average is
about $1.87 Despite crude oil prices
above $40 per barrel for weeks, gas
prices have fallen due to Improving
Inventory and declining demand.
Air travel in North Carolina and
South Carolina should Increase by
a combined 7 percent compared to
last year, for an estimated 213,500
vacationers. It could be a sign that
vacationers are looking for sunny
destinations and planning more long
distance trips, said Sarah Henshall,
a AAA Carolinas vice president. AAA
said nationwide travel should reach
an all-time high for Labor Day with
more than 34 million Americans
taking off for the weekend.
Former New Jersey
Governor drops sexual
harassment charges
NEW YORK (AP) - A former aide to
New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey
who claims he was sexually harassed
by the governor says he won't sue,
apparently eliminating the prospect
of an embarrassing court fight
The aide, Golan Cipel, said Monday
that McGreevey's resignation
announcement was sufficient
admission of his wrongdoing and
he wished to spare New Jersey
taxpayers the financial burden of any
damages. "Despite my strong desire
to prove my case in a court of law, I
have decided not to proceed with my
suit Cipel said in a statement.
The main reason is the governor's
resignation and his admission of his
acts. It's clear to all that McGreevey
resigned because he sexually
harassed me and that a man of his
standing would not have resigned
because of sexual orientation
or having had an extramarital
affair Cipel, 35, was in seclusion
with his family in his native Israel.
He Issued the statement written
in Hebrew and released Monday
by an Israeli public relations
agency. McGreevey, 47, announced
Aug. 12 that he is gay and would
resign from office Nov. 15 because
he had an extramarital affair with a
man. The governor, who has said
the relationship was consensual,
has not named the other man with
whom he was Involved. Administration
sources identified that persons
Cipel. But Cipel, McGreevey's
former homeland security adviser,
denied he is gay and Insisted that
he had been sexually harassed and
pressured by the governor from the
time he first went to work for him. A
spokesman for the governor said
Opel's announcement came as no
surprise. The spokesman, Micah
Rasmussen, also dismissed as
"nonsense" Cipel's claim that he
would have won if a lawsuit had gone
to court. The governor made clear
that he did not want to put the people
of New Jersey at risk, he did not want
to expose the state to the threat of a
lawsuit Rasmussen said.
Taiwan eases military forces
TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) - Taiwan's
president said he made a goodwill
gesture toward rival China on
Tuesday, canceling a major live-fire
military exercise shortly after Beijing
reportedly called off massive war
games near Taiwan.
The military drills have increased
tensions between the two sides,
which split during a civil war 55 years
ago. Beijing insists Taiwan is Chinese
territory and must eventually unify or
suffer a punishing attack. In recent
weeks, China's state-run media had
reported that Chinese troops, planes
and ships were gearing up for joint
exercises on Dongshan Island off
the Chinese coast. Officials said the
drills were routine, but Chinese media
highlighted their focus on capturing
islands - a clear warning to Taiwan,
which is just 100 miles away.
But Taiwanese President Chen Shui-
bian said Tuesday that China was
canceling the Dongshan exercises,
and that he'd reciprocate by calling
off a military display called Hankuang,
or Chinese Glory.
"We've already formally agreed
that we want to cancel the live-fire
Hankuang drills set for Sept. 9 Chen
told reporters on his plane as he left
for a trip to Latin America with U.S.
stopovers In Hawaii and Seattle.
China's secretive military hasn't
formally announced that It has
dropped the Dongshan drills. The
reported cancellation left analysts
guessing why Beijing might make
such a move.
Philip Yang, a political science
professor at National Taiwan
University, doubted that Beijing was
sending Taiwan a goodwill gesture.
The cancellation "is probably due to
a domestic power struggle or military
reasons, such as lack of preparation
he said. "Instead of having a lousy
exercise, why not just cancel it?" Yang
also said Taiwan's cancellation won't
impress China. "I don't think Beijing
will buy this. They're not concerned
about exercises Yang said,
if Taiwan clearly provoked a conflict.
After arriving in Hawaii, Chen
toured Pearl Harbor and said Taiwan
and China should learn from the
United States and Japan, the
state-funded Central News Agency
Grusome footage of suspected
kidnapped men revealed
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - A
Web site linked to an Iraqi militant
group showed a video of what was
purported to be the killing of 12
Nepalese workers by militants who
had kidnapped them.
The Nepalese Foreign Ministry said
It could not confirm the report of
the hostages' deaths. The 12 had
been reported kidnapped Aug. 20.
The video showed a masked man
in desert camouflage apparently
slitting the throat of a blindfolded
man lying on the ground. The
blindfolded man moans and a shrill
wheeze is heard, then the masked
man displays the head to the camera
before resting it on the decapitated
Other footage showed a man firing
single shots from an assault rifle at
the back of the heads of 11 others.
Blood seeDS from their bodies on
to the sand. Still photos of similar
scenes were posted on other Web
sites known for militant Islamic
A statement on the Web site signed
"Ansar al-Sunna Army" vowed to
keep fighting the Americans in Iraq.
"America today has used all its
force, as well as the help of others,
to fight Islam under the so-called
war on terror, which is nothing but a
vicious crusade against Muslims the
statement said.
At the end of the four-minute video,
a man reads another statement
off-camera, vowing to fight the
Iraqi government. "We will work on
exterminating them until the last
fighter he said. "Do not sympathize
with this Impure group, they have
left their country and traveled
thousands of kilometers to work
with the crusader American forces
and to support it in its war against
Islam and holy warriors the Ansar
al-Sunna statement said.
T12 men free
In an Aug. 20 Web statement, the little
known Ansar al-Sunna Army claimed
to be holding 12 Nepalese hostages
and demanded Nepal stop sending
workers to Iraq. The same group
later claimed to have kidnapped and
beheaded an Arab-American it said
was a CIA spy, but the U.S. Embassy
in Baghdad had said it was unaware
of an American hostage.
Democrat rally held in Greenville Dlabe,es
from page A1
U.S. Senate candidate
looks to address
nation's needs
Greenville Democrats gath-
ered at ECU's Willis building
on July 31 to attend a Democrat
rally accompanied by U.S. Senate
candidate Erskine Bowles, who
presented the crowd with his
plans for helping the both North
Carolina and the United States
if elected.
Bowles, at the end of a 42-city
trip, said the large turnouts of
people have really pumped him
up in his campaign.
"You can see the excite-
ment, you can feel the enthu-
siasm. People are excited about
this race because they want
somebody to go to Washington
who can do something real
said Bowles.
Bowles said he has been to
various cities and towns through-
out North Carolina where he has
talked to various workers who
have expressed their problems
and concerns with issues.
"I think about the people I've
met and the problems they have
and all these plans we've come
up with and all these ideas we
have to make North Carolina a
better place to work and live are
all based on the stories of people
I've heard as I've traveled through
his state Bowles said.
One of the major issues
Bowles addressed at the rally
was that of foreign trade and
its impact on jobs within the
United States. Bowles and his
campaign met a couple who
worked in the textile business
for 20 years and made $63,000
per year with decent benefits.
They lost their jobs when the
plant closed down and were
unable to classify themselves
as unemployed. Bowles said the
husband was eventually able
to find work in retail making
Election Info:
The electloon Is being held on
Nov. 2
For more Information on Bowles
and his campaign, visit
$14,000 per year with no ben-
"That's why we created this
jobs plan for North Carolina
that can truly make a difference
in Pam and Dave's the couple's
lives if we're going to trade, I'm
not going to support anymore of
this one way trade. We've got to
force foreign countries to open
up their markets to U.S. goods
and services and stop illegal train
shipments that are coming in
here and costing us thousands
and thousands of jobs Bowles
Bowles said American compa-
nies today are given as much as
$67 billion dollars of tax credits
to locate their companies in for-
eign countries. Bowles said if he is
elected, he mil look to give these
companies the same amount of
money to locate their companies
in the United States.
Democrat and Greenville
resident Penny Funkhouser, who
attended the rally, said she agrees
with Bowles's plan for jobs and
"I think it's important so we
can have a standard of living that
is acceptable said Funkhouser.
Bowles said he met a man
from Greensboro, NC who could
not take his sick daughter to the
doctor because she had no health
insurance. The man ended up
eventually having to take her to
the emergency room, where the
cost was five times the amount it
would have been if they had gone
to the doctor, Bowles said.
"1 think every child in Amer-
ica ought to have health care
insurance Bowles said.
Bowles said if he is elected
into office, he will work to ensure
that children coming from these
less fortunate families are given
not only health insurance, but
also improved educational expe-
Marc Ritsema, a child psy-
chiatrist in Washington, NC
who attended the rally, supports
Bowles and said Bowles is a key
person needed on the U.S. Senate
to defeat George Bush. Ritsema
said the most important issue
he feels Bowles addressed at the
rally was health care and ensur-
ing health care for children and
people who cannot afford it with
the current health care plan. Rit-
sema also said he feels strongly
that the country is in need of a
new president who can improve
our relations with foreign coun-
tries after Bush's term, and he
feels it is necessary to elect Bowles
into the U.S. Senate to help make
this change.
Another major issue Bowles
addressed is providing senior
citizens with decent retirements
and the ability to afford prescrip-
tion drugs. With the far lower
prices of these same prescrip-
tion drugs in foreign countries,
Bowles said he does not feel we
are using the purchasing power
of the program to drive these
prices down.
"I don't think any of the ideas
are democrat or republican ideas
they are American ideas
Bowles said.
Carlos Monje, spokesman for
the campaign, said Bowles plans
on doing full-fledged work with
American colleges to improve the
overall college education. Bowles
feels college education is a key
to the economy, and he wants to
make it as accessible as possible.
Monje said Bowles would like
to encourage all college students
and young people to vote and be
active in politics.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Fellows in the program will study at the Brody School of Medicine
Untreated cases of diabetes
can lead to serious health effects.
While 80 percent of deaths
caused by diabetes are from
heart disease, other problems
include kidney disease, blind-
ness and sometimes, amputation
of limbs.
Carrie Spencer, a senior ele-
mentary education major at ECU
and a diabetic, said she has been
affected by the problem of the
shortage of diabetes specialists
in North Carolina.
"I had to see PA's all the
time instead of real doctors, and
considering that my diabetes was
pretty wild at times, this was
not working out for me said
When 1 came here
Greenville, there were not
many options
Spencer said she feels the new
fellowship at the Brody School of
Medicine will be of much help to
diabetics and people who are at
risk of getting the disease.
"1 think that with all
the new cases of diabetes,
especially In children, bring-
ing in people with specific
knowledge in the area of
diabetes is crucial to the health of
all these people Spencer said.
Spencer said prevention is
the most important aspect people
need to know about diabetes.
With more specialists In
Greenville here to help us learn
these things, Spencer said she
feels the fellowship is very impor-
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Failed, failed, failed. And then
Pass It On.

Rebel Shiite cleric calls on his fighters
to end fighting with U.S Iraqi troops
BAP-UnAn isn � . . . - ,
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) � Rebel
cleric Muqtada al-Sadr wants his
followers to end their uprising
against U.S. and Iraqi forces while
he considers forming a political
movement, senior al-Sadr offi-
cials said Monday. Al-Sadr has
backed off other commitments
in the past, but a truce would
be a major victory for interim
Prime Minister Ayad Allawi by
removing a serious insurgency
and potentially bringing many
of the Shiite cleric's followers
into the effort to build a peaceful
The announcement came
amid conflicting reports
on Iraq's vital oil exports.
Iraqi oil officials and the
governor of Basra state said
exports were shut down after a
rash of pipeline attacks. However,
world oil prices decreased as trad-
ers said other reports suggested
some oil was still flowing.
At the New York Mercantile
Exchange, October contracts for
light sweet crude fell 90 cents
a barrel to $42.28 - well below
peaks above $48 a barrel in mid-
August. Also Monday, the U.S.
military said a roadside bomb
attack on a U.S. military convoy
just outside Mosul, 225 miles
northwest of Baghdad, killed a
U.S. soldier and wounded two
making there a total of 974 U.S.
service members that have died
Since military operations began
in March 2003, according to the
U.S. Defense Department. Sheik
Ali Smeisim, a political adviser
to al-Sadr, announced the cease-
fire decision in Najaf, calling on
the cleric's Mahdi Army militia-
men to "stop firing until the
announcement of the political
program adopted by the Sad-
rist movement He also urged
U.S. and Iraqi troops to move
out of the center of Iraqi cities,
although that did not appear to
be a condition for the unilateral
When asked if the truce
would take effect immediately,
Smeisim said, "I hope so
Fiercely opposed to a continued
U.S. presence in Iraq, al-Sadr
had posed the biggest challenge
yet to Allawi's government, with
three weeks of heavy fighting
in Najaf threatening to enflame
Iraqi Shiites by endangering the
revered Imam Ali Shrine.
A peace deal mediated by
Iraq's top Shiite religious leader
ended the fighting in Najaf last
week, but clashes have continued
elsewhere. Al-Sadr's aides and
Iraqi government officials met
in Baghdad on Monday to try
to negotiate an end to violence
that has wracked the capital's
Sadr City slum.
The government has repeat-
edly called on al-Sadr to disband
the Mahdi Army and join poli-
tics His aides didn't say whether
he was considering dissolving
the militia, but for the first time
they said he was preparing to
enter politics.
"This latest initiative shows
that we want stability and secu-
rity in this country by ending
all confrontation in all parts of
Iraq said Sheik Raed al-Kha-
dami, an al-Sadr spokesman in
Baghdad. "Al-Sadr's office in
Najaf will issue a call within
the next two days to join the
political process That would
help bring legitimacy to elec-
tions scheduled for January, but
Allawi's government also still
faces a 16-month-old insurgency
among Iraq's Sunni Muslim
minority, which provided the
backbone of Saddam Hussein's
regime. In an interview Monday
with Al-Arabiya television, Iraq's
national security adviser, Mou-
waffaq al-Rubaie, reiterated that
al-Sadr must disband his militia.
"Building democracy in Iraq can
not happen while armed militias
exist in Iraq he said.
Al-Sadr visited the Imam Ali
Shrine in Najaf on Monday for
the first time since his militia
left the holy site Friday after
using it as a refuge during fight-
ing, according to the office
of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sis-
tani, Iraq's top Shiite cleric
who now holds the keys to the
Meanwhile, Iraqi oil
officials told The Associated
Press on Monday that oil
shipments had stopped com-
pletely from the south, which
account for 90 percent of Iraq's
exports. Iraq's other export
avenue, a northern pipeline to
the Turkish port of Ceyhan, also
carried no oil Monday, an oil
official in Ceyhan reported. Two
senior officials from the state-
run South Oil Co said on condi-
tion of anonymity that attacks in
the southern Rumeila oil fields
Sunday immediately shut down
the Zubayr 1 pumping station.
They said reserves in storage
tanks allowed loading of tankers
to continue for several hours, but
ran out late Sunday.
Basra Gov. Hassan al-
Rashid, when asked to confirm
whether oil exports had halted,
said: "Yes, they are stopped
Dow Jones Newswires later
quoted an unidentified port
agent in Basra as saying the
terminal was operating. The
agent reportedly said the week-
end attack struck a pipeline
not involved in pumping oil to
the terminal. But on Monday
night, an AP reporter visited
South Oil Cos headquarters
in Basra and officials said no
oil at all had been pumped
for export Monday.
Before the latest attacks,
the south was exporting about
600,000 barrels a day - a third of
the normal average of 1.8 million
barrels a day, due to other attacks
early last week.
Allawi condemned
the pipeline sabotage, saying
it was making ordinary Iraqis
"This is causing a great loss
for the Iraqi people in terms of
revenues, which could be used in
the reconstruction of the coun-
try and to pay the people and
get the economy back on track
again he said in an interview
with CNN aired Monday.
Al-Rashid said the country
was losing $70 million a day
because of attacks on oil facilities.
Smeisim, the Al-Sadr aide, also
denounced oil attacks. "This is a
threat to the country's economy, a
threat to the country's infra-
structure he said. "We ask the
brothers to please stop this
Florida billboard company sues NC's transportation chief
Florida billboard company has
sued North Carolina's transpor-
tation secretary, saying Lyndo
Tippett violated his company's
right to free speech by asking it
to limit its advertising of adult
Sunshine Outdoor of Florida
Inc. filed the lawsuit earlier this
month in U.S. District Court in
Raleigh. The suit charges that,
as secretary of the NC Depart-
ment of Transportation, Tippett
has tried to censor advertising
by adult entertainment busi-
nesses and has retaliated against
billboard companies that carry
the ads.
"I promised that I was going
to sue them, and I sued them
said Jerry Sullivan, president of
Sunshine Outdoor. "Everybody
thought I was joking, but I
His other company, Kit-Kat
Cafe Inc operates Cafe Risque,
a topless club, on Interstate
95 in Harnett County. Kit-Kat
Cafe Inc. also is a plaintiff.
Sunshine Outdoor, which uses
its billboards to advertise Cafe
Risque, has been in a run-
ning battle with Tippett since
last winter, when the transpor-
tation secretary sent a letter to
Sunshine Outdoor asking the
company not to lease billboards
to Cafe Risque.
The lawsuit charges that the
letter was a veiled threat. "While
couched in the terms of voluntary
compliance the lawsuit says,
"the letter emphasizes that the
current state administration
expects that action will be taken
against adult entertainment
advertising The lawsuit alleges
that the state has threatened to
revoke permits for at least two
billboard companies that carry
adult entertainment ads, and says
some companies will no longer
lease billboards to Cafe Risque
under a request from Tippett.
Douglas TXirner Jr a Dunn lawyer
who is representing Sullivan,
said the state is trying to restrain
Sullivan's right to free speech and
that Tippett should be ordered to
WeSt End from page A1
of 2004.
"It's a good selling point
Shoemaker said.
"I think it will help keep
students on campus eating so I
think it will help bring revenue
to campus
The new dining hall will
use the same typical meal plan
system used by all other campus
dining locations and will provide
services to everyone within ECU,
Shoemaker said. The dining hall
will also serve as a convenience
factor for students living on
Mendenhall is currently
scheduled to keep its dining area
and services unchanged for this
academic year. While there are
plans in the future to renovate
Mendenhall, the student center
is always planned to offer some
sort of dining area for students.
These services may eventually
undergo some change, but no
changes have been put into
affect for next year, Shoemaker
Kerry from page A1
of American troops in Iraq,
Alexandria said her father
feels that American troops
need to be brought home as
soon as possible, but he knows
he cannot just pull them out
Each speaker said they agreed
that no matter which party
people affiliatethemselves with,
they should vote.
"Each one of you on Nov.
2 has the ability to make the
difference Alexandra said.
Rick Kearney, chair of the
department of political science
also urged students to vote this
The total project costs
approximately $13.2 million and
Is being funded by the housing
and dining funds and student
fees, Shoemaker said.
Shoemaker said ECU's dining
administration did tours of
other university campuses and
observed different dining halls.
They noticed other campuses
that used this style dining
hall and have gotten positive
feedback. Shoemaker thinks the
new dining hall will be an asset
to ECU dining.
"Those people who didn't
want to eat at Todd because
it was such a typical dining
hall might actually eat at west
end because it will have all
the things you don't normally
see in a typical dining hall
Shoemaker said.
"And those who love Todd
will still love Todd
As far as future of ECU
dining, Shoemaker said there
are not any plans for major addi-
tions. Smaller scale changes may
occur in the upcoming future,
Shoemaker said, but nothing
major will take place.
Amy Maples, junior biol-
ogy major who is a resident of
Flemming Hall, located on
central campus, said she
plans on going to the new
dining hall once it opens In
the spring.
"I think a lot more students
will be more apt to eating at the
dining facility because it will
provide a greater variety said
Maples said she has specific
dietary needs that are not always
fulfilled at the ECU's current
dining halls.
"It will cater other's needs
Maples said.
Maples also said she feels
the plaza would serve as a
gathering place for students and
the overall project would be a
This writer can be contacted at
news�theeastcarolinian. com.
year and called the election the
most important presidential
election of my time.
Students agreed the event
was informative. Several
students said they knew
nothing about the Democratic
Party's plans for tuition and
they were surprised in hearing
the daughter's remarks.
When several Republican
attendants in the audience
showed their views in the race
for the White House they were
met with acceptance from the
"I actually appreciate the fact
that there are people from both
sides who are here participating
Alexandra said.
"We live in a democracy and
I respect that
The Kerry daughters said
they began this tour to get their
father's message out to as many
people as possible.
The next stop the rally is
making is to a college in Norfolk,
Va. where the Kerry daughters,
Edward and Heinz are scheduled
to speak next.
This writer can be contacted at
TEC is now hiring staff writers. Apply at our office located
on the 2nd floor of the Student Publications Building.
� Experience required
�Must have a 2.0 GPA
stop discriminating "based on
the message or the content of the
According to the lawsuit,
Cafe Risque depends on bill-
board advertising to draw cus-
tomers, many of whom are
tourists, businessmen and truck
drivers who travel the interstate.
The club has lost money
as a result of Tippett's actions,
said the lawsuit, which
seeks an award of unspecified
damages. Bill Jones, a spokesman
for the DOT, said the department
has not received the lawsuit.
"The attorneys have not had
a chance to review it, and we
would not be able to comment
until that happens Jones said.
uBVin from page A1
the arteries either in the leg or
in the heart you start to see an
increase in capillaries, so there is
a significant amount of similar-
ity between the two as well as
very fundamental differences
Gavin said.
While researching aged
muscle, Gavin said he and
his graduate students saw
numerous studies focusing
on a single group of elderly
individuals and their ability to
produce new capillaries. They
also found separate studies on
highly trained athletes and
how their muscles adapted and
responded to exercise, but there
were no studies conducted that
Gavin and his students found
that fit the design of his proj-
Recognizing that the
elderly portion of our popula-
tion is increasing in numbers,
this was a question that could
only increase in importance,
Gavin said. He and his graduate
students set out to tackle the
"What we always find is
that we answer a question, and
we get two out Gavin said.
Gavin said questions were
left unanswered including if
aging impacts the body's abil-
ity to make new capillaries, if
exercise plays a part in creating
new capillaries and if a protein
called VEGF plays a vital role in
the signals to create new capil-
laries. Seeing that the VEGF
occurs differently and less often
in older muscles and knowing
that the young muscle model
is what should be happening,
Gavin is looking at whether or
not exercise is causing the aged
muscle to use and produce the
protein more like the "ideal"
young muscle.
"By looking at the leg muscle,
we hope we can get some insight
into how aging may impact
what happens in the heart. To
gain some baseline information,
baseline data, at least that's what
we see as the importance of our
data Gavin said.
This write can be contacted at
Barber & Style
men's hair
styling shoppe

Style & Cut
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for a spot in next week's Clip Strip.
i Yew? coupon i
1 cfiui Be uei?e!
� Call our advertising reps at 328-2000 ,
for a spot in next week's Clip Strip. '

1 V
Page A4 252.328.6366
Our View
President George Bush said Monday that he
did not think the war on terror could be won.
His statement had Democrats criticizing him for
bringing us into a war promising victory, and
then taking that promise away, as if admitting
Tuesday, Bush retracted his statement in a
speech to the national convention of the Ameri-
can Legion, saying, "We meet today in a time of
war we did not start, yet one that we will win
Since changing his statement, Bush-bashers
accused the president of being wishy-washy
and indecisive.
And so the battle continues between which
side is right, which side is honest and which
candidate will make the best president.
TEC would like to remind young and unsure
voters that a few conflicting statements aren't
enough to decide the next leader of our coun-
From now until November (and probably after),
Democrats and Republicans alike will continue
to battle over insignificant statements, Vietnam
War performances (or lack thereof) and per-
sonal stories from decades past
Instead of falling victim to the he saidshe
said battles between the two parties, take the
months left before the election to research the
candidates in what issues they stand for and
what they have previously done in political
Consider to yourself if it really matters to you
what Bush said about the war on terrorism,
or what exactly John Kerry did or didn't do in
Vietnam. Don't make such issues out to be
important simply because the media does.
Lastly, after reaching an informed conclusion
about your decision for president, share your
views with others - whether it's through a
heated political debate with the liberal down
the hall, a discussion with your conserva-
tive teacher or as a letter to the editor of this
Benjamin Franklin once said, "An investment in
knowledge always pays the best interest And
in this case the best interest will be using your
right to vote in the most informed and intelligent
way possible.
Our Staff
Nick Henne
News Editor
Robbie Derr
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Nina Coefield
Head Copy Editor
Tanesha Slstrunk
Photo Editor
Katie Koklnda
Asst News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Asst Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst Sports Editor
Rachel Landen
Special Sections Editor
Herb Sneed
Asst. Photo Editor
Opinion Coiunmist
Sharpening my bouquet of number two pencils
Year promises
change for everyone
One of my favorite movie lines has
to be from You've Got Mail. When Tom
Hanks' character waxes eloquently
about a bouquet of newly sharpened
pencils, I too want to buy school
supplies and head back to class.
Maybe I would get a brand new pencil
box to complement that bouquet,
preferably the plastic kind with my
name spelled out in puffy paint.
But then again, I'm in college
now, and those third grade thrills are
something of the past for me. Still,
I can't help but feel dizzy with
anticipation when I start to think of a
new school year.
It isn't necessarily that I'm eager
about returning to the books, the
homework, the projects or the tests. In
fact, when I put it that way, I almost
wonder how 1 could even muster up a
little excitement. Yet somehow, each
year, I get that same old feeling.
Who will I be this year? Who will
I meet? How will my life be different?
The questions swirl in my head, and I
can hardly get to sleep the night before
the big day - the biggest day in August
(besides my birthday, of course).
To me, it's bigger than New Year's. I
don't get into making resolutions that
I will probably never keep, and I don't
make it a point to discuss my workout
routine with the world. But a new year
of school that's different. Anything
could happen.
Of course, nothing usually does. Or
maybe it's when I reflect on the past
year, I don't notice the subtle changes
that have taken place. Similarly, I
think I probably take the monumental
events for granted. What am I looking
for anyway?
I don't imagine I'll win the lottery,
considering that I've never bought a
ticket. I don't expect to be discovered
by a talent agent and get my own
recording contract - anyone who's ever
heard me sing would understand.
But what I do wonder is who will
become my new friends or if I will fall
in love. I want to know if this is the
year when I decide on a future career.
I think maybe this is when I will know
who I am and who I want to be, so that I
finally stop worrying or wondering and
decide that my yearly anticipation has
been fulfilled.
After all, it's the same thing each
year. Maybe that underscores the fact
that I should have outgrown it by now,
but I think the excitement only builds
with each passing year, i
But instead of shopping for new
tennis shoes and a book bag with
matching lunch box, I'm buying
textbooks and paying rent. I'm not
10 years old anymore. Somewhere,
somehow, I grew up, and yet I still
feel the pains of growing. Fortunately,
with them come the hopes for an
exciting new year.
I've always liked happy endings,
and I keep thinking I'll stumble upon a
happily ever after. Isn't that what we're
all searching for anyway? So, whether
or not a bouquet of newly sharpened
pencils accompanies our new begin-
ning, it's here again. And I can't help
but think this year will be different.
Online Reader Response
Alexander Marclnlak Jenny Hobbs
Web Editor Production Manager
Response to column, 'In
wake of recent events,
where are the liberals?'
In my reading of a few of your
articles over the past couple of months
I have figured something out. You are
very similar to Michael Moore. While
your views may be polar opposites, the
way you present them to people are
very similar. You both seem to feel that
leaving out crucial pieces of informa-
tion in order to make your argument
appear stronger is an acceptable prac-
tice. For example, you list only the
positive developments of Afghanistan
while leaving out the frequent terror-
ist attacks from Taliban icmnants and
factional fighting that still plague the
country. That is similar to the way
Michael Moore pathetically portrayed
Iraq as a peaceful, happy nation prior
to the U.S. invasion in his piece of
fictiondocumentary "Fahrenheit
911 which, by the way, you used
your column to criticize him for doing.
In addition, the only criticism I hear
frequently from the political left about
Afghanistan is that we shouldn't have
diverted forces from that area to fight a
war in Iraq. After all, wasn't it Al-Qaeda
who attacked us and still drives us to
release code orange warnings?
Your opinion on Iraq also seemed
to leave out some key information.
You stated that 27 million people
don't live in constant fear anymore.
That country is in the middle of an
insurgency. I'm quite sure that large
amounts of those 27 million still live
in fear, just a different kind of fear. In
addition to that I have never heard
anyone from the political left lament at
Saddam not still being in power. For
the record, the common complaints on
the Iraq war tend to be for not going in
with U.N. approval, not waiting longer
so as not to stretch our forces thin by
fighting a two front battle, and for
extremely poor post war-planning.
To try to paint liberals as pro-Saddam
is every bit as deceptive as Michael
Moore trying to paint the Bush family
as more concerned with the welfare of
the Saudis than with the U.S.
Your opinion on the swift boat
veterans is also inaccurate. You claim
that John Kerry hasn't confronted
the swift boat veterans, but multiple
times he has criticized the group and
called their allegations totally untrue.
He pursued legal action because they
were slandering him and making false
accusations that have shown to have
an impact in the latest polls. In this
particular case it is extremely pathetic
because numerous veterans who served
with Kerry that night have had an
extremely terrifying and horrible war
experience trivialized for political
purposes. The group is funded by GOP
donors and its leader is an active repub-
lican. You try to paint them as this
completely unbiased voice by calling
them "democrats, independents and
republicans but their funding and
leadership are from the political right.
Why didn't you include this info in
your article so that your readers would
have a clearer understanding? Was it
because it might make your argument
Mike Harrington
In My Opinion
The food business has become increasingly gross
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9.000 copies
every Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5.000 on Wednesdays
during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which
are limited to 250 words (which may be edited for
decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or reject
letters and all letters must be signed and include a
telephone number. Letters may be sent via e-mail to or to The East Caro-
linian, Student Publications Building, Greenville, NC
27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more information.
One copy of The East Carolinian is free, each addi-
tional copy is $1.
(KRT) � Do you think American
food can get any more disgusting?
I mean, once Hellmann's has intro-
duced Bacon & Tomato Twist may-
onnaise - basically a liquid BLT you
schmear onto bread (or lettuce, if
you're doing Atkins) - it's hard to
imagine anything less wholesome and
natural unless we're talking Michael
Which we're not. Because while
everyone else is railing about pasty-
faced alleged pederasts, who rails for
the mom whose kids are demanding
Chips Ahoy-flavored chocolate pud-
ding in a tube?
Me! Your average, nauseated super-
market shopper, stunned to see there
is now a liquefied version of what
should be a solid cookie, served in a
squeeze tube that should be a bowl,
sucked directly into a mouth that, in
an ideal world, should have demanded
something a little daintier, like a plastic
Squeezable bacon. Suckable cookies.
What next? Pepsi pellets?
Those are still in test marketing.
Already on the shelves, however,
are foods almost as appealingappall-
ing (depending on your age), most the
result of adding cookie elements to
candy, candy elements to crackers or
cookiecandycrackercrunch elements
to yogurt.
Take, for instance, Nestle's Butter-
finger hot cocoa mix. Clearly, plain old
hot chocolate Just wasn't cutting it. Nor
was hot chocolate with bunny-shaped
marshmallows, another Nestle's bev-
erage. No, Nestle's marketing mavens
must have realized it was losing the
entire demographic of Americans
who want to quaff piping-hot pulver-
ized candy bars. And so now they
But in the food biz, there is no
shame. Everything old is new again,
usually by virtue of extra icing or a
dusting of sour cream n' onion fla-
If, God forbid, we are what we eat
and we eat what they're trying to sell
us, then perhaps we are as dumb as
these instructions on an Oscar Mayer
Lunchables Nachos package would sug-
gest: "Dip chips into cheese and salsa
As my Ritz Bits crackercookiecandy
SImpsonsS'mores snacktime character
might reply: "D'oh
Pirate Rant
Editor's note: The Pirate Rant is
an anonymous way for students and
staff in the ECU community to voice
their opinions. Submissions can be
sent to editor@theeastcarolinian.
com. The editor reserves the right to
edit opinions for content and brevity.
Every morning I drive
through the intersection of First
Street and Warren Street, and
every morning I get stuck behind
some idiot who doesn't know
how to maneuver through a four-
way stop. Where did you people
learn to drive?
So, if I become a Republican,
I'm supposed to think that God
hates homosexuality and loves
the death penalty?
The Video Music Awards
Sunday bid farewell to Jay-Z upon
announcing his retirement from
the rap game. That is, until next
year, when he'll announce his
When a kid like Mike Wil-
liams makes the right decision
to go back to school and do
everything in his power to keep
his amateur status and con-
tinue his education, maybe the
NCAA should consider making
an example out of him the right
way - by reinstating him.
As if spending a dollar for a
20-ounce Pepsi wasn't highway
robbery enough, the powers that
be decided to increase it another
25 cents. I can buy a two-liter
for much less than a buck and
a quarter!
A bathing suit cover-up is
exactly what the name suggests
- a piece of clothing designed
to cover up a bathing suit. If it
was meant to be a shirt worn
with jeans or worn as a dress,
then it would be called a shirt
or a dress.
It's time for USA 'bailers
everywhere to realize that play-
ing the game that is played in the
NBA today just won't cut it on
an international level. I propose
playing something called team-
oriented basketball and at least
for one or two quarters trying to
play some legitimate defense.
Think you're supporting the
war by slapping a BushCheney
bumper sticker on your high-
priced SUV? How about actually
enlisting in the armed forces?
That'll show how much you
really support it.
Constant construction, plus
rain from Gaston, equals one
ugly, muddy campus.
Ballard is insane! I love him,
he kicks some serious a Coolest
guy I have met at ECU.
Next time one of my fellow
students is raped, robbed or
assaulted, please do me a favor
- let me know what the suspect
looks like so that I can prevent
being the next victim.
The only "reality" in these TV
shows is that America is becom-
ing increasingly more shallow
and superficial, and maybe even a
little degrading to some people.
It'd be nice if everyone turned
off their TVs for a day or two and
experience life and its reality for
what it is - not the pathetic concept
the networks are trying to feed us.
So many students go through
the day shutting doors in other
people's faces, never smiling to
strangers they pass by or bump-
ing into people and saying noth-
ing. It's really sad. We live in the
South, and the South is supposed
to be famous for it's courtesy
we sure don't exemplify that.
ECU students are some of the
most disrespectful people I have
ever encountered. Last spring, we
had to have hall meetings because
students would stuff newspapers
in the toilet, and better yet, not
even flush. Even worse, a kid
on the fourth floor urinated in
the elevator of Jones Hall every
weekend when he got intoxicated
because it was "funny
More kindness and courtesy
are definitely needed on campus.
It pains me to see our fine univer-
sity tarnished by the few inept
students who cannot hold their
liquor or were raised in a barn.
�� is ludicrous to tell someone
that they are an adult, but then to
tell them that they must attend a
class, that for all intents and pur-
poses is not worth attending, like
the introductory health course,
for example.
Page A5
Thursday, Sep
I, Robot: Show
Advance Tick
at Mendenhall
valid ID
Mendenhall St
Gray Gallery oi
Wednesday, S
Sept. 2
7:15 a.m. -1 a. i
More Informati
Top 5078:
I.Now That
Music 16
2. Ashlee Simp
3. Prince: Musi
4.213: The Har
5. Usher: Confc
Top 5 Books:
1. The Da Vinci
2. The Five Pe
3. Skinny Dip
4. The Rule of f
5. Lost City
Top 5 Movies:
1. Exorcist: The
2. Without a Pa
3. Princess Dlai
4. Alien vs. Prec
5. Open Water
Top 5 Televlsloi
1. Summer Olyr
2. Summer Olyr
3. Summer Olyr
4. Summer Olyr
5. Summer Olyr
Weekly H

It's not a great
it's a good time
the strange ex
had In the pai
could have ar
those are quite
Luckily, you
whatever you ni
at hand. You r
enough to sha
who's doing w
give away even
If you can do i
something of v
lot, you could
who never asks
would be a go
also a good inv
You don't have
you know or u
supplies. Kee
reserve, just ir
it later.
You could be i
intricate gadget
get yourself wa
that enticing tei
A person who's
could use a littii
the rules, howe
could take mor
to give.
Continue to p
complete the
working on. D
fact, it'll be betti
A conflict of int�
or you could ac
two engageme
time. Better che
There may not
available as yoi
a project you're
conserve what
Postpone an ex
you've done a 111
Something you
in abundance
You're at a platei
wise, where yc
while. Don't wo
more transforrr
what you've acl
You have a hi
in that you're i
the Spirit. Thi
ability to come

L 252.328.6366 ROBBIE DERR Features Editor CAROLYN SCANDURA Assistam Features I dltor WEDNESDAY September 1, 2004
Mendenhall Student Center
Hendrtx Theatre Movie:
Thursday, Sept. 2 ONLY
I, Robot: Showing at 7 p.m.
Advance Tickets Only, Available
at Mendenhall Ticket Office with
valid ID
Mendenhall Student Center
Gray Gallery of the Civil War and
Wednesday, Sept. 1 - Thursday
Sept. 2
7:15 a.m. -1 a.m. daily
More Information at 328-6336
TEC'S Top 5's
Top 5 CD's:
I.Now That's What I Call
Music 16
2. Ashlee Simpson:
3. Prince: Muslcology
4.213: The Hard Way
5. Usher: Confessions
Top 5 Books:
1. The Da Vinci Code
2. The Five People You Meet In
3. Skinny Dip
4. The Rule of Four
5. Lost City
Top 5 Movies:
1. Exorcist: The Beginning
2. Without a Paddle
3. Princess Diaries 2: Royal
4. Allen vs. Predator
5. Open Water
Top 5 Television Shows:
1. Summer Olympics- NBC
2. Summer Olympics- NBC
3. Summer Olympics- NBC
4. Summer Olympics- NBC
5. Summer Olympics- NBC
Weekly Horoscopes
It's not a great time to travel, but
It's a good time to think about all
the strange experiences you've
had In the past few days. You
could have an epiphany, and
those are quite fabulous.
Luckily, you have plenty of
whatever you need, and it's close
at hand. You might even have
enough to share with someone
who's doing without. But don't
give away everything.
If you can do without a little of
something of which you have a
lot, you could benefit a person
who never asks for anything. This
would be a good deed, which is
also a good investment.
You don't have to tell everything
you know or use up all of your
supplies. Keep something in
reserve, just in case you need
it later.
You could be easily dazzled by
intricate gadgets and gages and
get yourself way Into debt. Resist
that enticing temptation.
A person who's a little wobbly now
could use a little support. Enforce
the rules, however, or this person
could take more than you've got
to give.
Continue to push yourself to
complete the project you're
working on. Don't overdo it. In
fact, it'll be better it you edit.
A conflict of Interests could arise,
or you could accidentally accept
two engagements tor the same
time. Better check your schedule
There may not be quite as much
available as you thought to finish
a project you're working on. Better
conserve what you've got.
Postpone an expedition until after
you've done a little more planning.
Something you thought you had
in abundance turns out to be
You're at a plateau, enlightenment-
wise, where you can stay tor a
while. Don't worry about making
more transformations. Polish up
what you've achieved.
You have a hidden advantage
in that you're directly linked to
the Spirit. This gives you the
ability to come up with amazing
Witherspoon executes
film with class, style
A classic novel created by
William Thackeray was written
in 1847. "Vanity lair: A Novel
without a Hero" portrays the
struggle of a woman lorn down
by war, poverty and other social
disadvantages and her journey
to make a better life for herself.
1820s England, during the Napo-
leonic wars.
Some could be timid about
seeing a movie made for a time
period that was so long ago,
but the time period has little
impact on the plot, "he core of
this movie focuses on the same
struggles our generation faces
today. It's a movie about pulling
oneself out of so many disadvan-
tages, so main obstac les. to find
a life that would be better, not
only for oneself, but for one's
erspoon, Romola Garai, Tony
Maudsley, Jonathon It I ivs Meyers,
James Purefoy, Jim Broadbent,
Gabriel Hvrne, Hob lloskinsaiul
Reese Witherspoon)
Romola Garai) are poor orphan
girls, who become aware their
only way to acquire a favorable
social status is to marry a man
who possesses it.
After several failed plans,
Amelia marries a man who,
shortly after, dies in the Battle
of Waterloo. After the ileat 11 ol
her husband, tier father-in-law
disowns her, leaving .Amelia and
her newborn baby to live in dire
poverty. Becky becomes a gov-
erness In the Crawley Family's
home, and soon falls in love with
their opulent son, Rawdon ("raw-
ley (played by James I'ureloy).
They are soon married, but
when Rawdon's sister learns
of the marriage, lie is quickly
thrown out of the family leav-
ing both Rawdon and Becky
with nothing. Becky becomes
pregnant soon alter Rawdon
units the marriage. The girls
have to decide what to do witli
themselves and how to provide
for their infant children.
In this book and in the
movie there are many paral-
(lone witli the Wind. In fat t,
many would speculate Hie
writer of Gone with the Wind,
Margaret Mitchell, gleaned
most of tier plot from the
story line of Vanity Fair. I lie
comparisons are shocking to
say the least.
A war takes awav men
' hi '
characters are very vain
and want attention, in the
end, the lead girls are left
with nothing and if that
wasn't enough, both lead-
love. The comparisons continue
your $7!
because ol its empowering mes-
sage, that no matter your circum-
stance you can always attempt
to make life better said Natalie
pades, executes the character,
Becky, well. She brings innocence
ami whim mixed with stern
and brash behavior to this film.
Romola Garai was east perfe tly
for her role, making it so dis-
tinct and completely set apart-
from the rest of the cast. Rhys
Meyers brings compassion and
�( reader, Shaina Nixon said,
Dobbin, who
licably loves
expressed through these women
makes this film intriguing
While there were only girls
who commented on the movie,
guys should rest assure thai
the movie, while feminine at
times, will appeal to them as
Because this movie focuses
on a girl trying to make her
could not have worked so well to
create a truly remarkable film
I he characters in this film make
the storv come alive and real to
does not mean
erall this film is one that could
appreciated by many dlffer-
: kinds of people, with many
being torn by war and trying to
find true love.
The movie was well executed
in cast, thought, plot, scenery
and costumes. Its artistic views
and somewhat feminine appeal
movie "good
I Ipon speaking to several stu-
dents who read TEC, anticipation
for the movie seems to be high
and the national media review
seems to share the same amount
of enthusiasm
"I would like to seetbis film
film should be seen to be under-
stood and appreciated.
I be film may not be your
average movie, but it is a film
that once appreciated, is sure to
become an instant favorite!
This writer can be contacted at
Rock the Vote
Tour gets Wylde
Wylde Bunch comes to ECU
What happens when you take blends
of hip-hop, rock, rap and pop music and
fuse them together? You get a Wylde Bunch of
unique songs that reaches out to a variety of
The 14-member band, Wylde Bunch has joined
the line-up for the Sept. 7 stop at ECU on the Rock
the Vote tour.
What started out as just playing around
and jamming for your
friends and family,
the Wylde Bunch has
snowballed into play-
ing around and jam-
ming for crowds of
thousands of people.
The group's debut
album, Wylde Times at
Washington High, just
released on Colum-
bia RecordsRED, is a
big change from the
records they used to
sell out of the trunks of their cars.
Being from South Centra! Los Angeles,
this group of high school friends were notori-
ous for their antics and energy, hence the name,
Wylde Bunch. The friends played in the school
marching and jazz bands and played together as
a real band whenever they could. The group is
a family affair as well. The guitar player, Pops,
is Dame's father. Dame, one of the four MC's in
the group also plays along side his two broth-
ers, keyboardist, Daniel and back-up singer, Byg
Sexy, as well as cousin, Tazzo, also one of the
groups' MC's.
It wasn't until after graduation when
everybody was together that they recorded a
"backyard, cheesy demo as Dame said, that
began circulating around the neighborhood. It
became an instant hit at parties and the group
grew from there.
They have since performed with the artists
like N.E.R.D, O.A.R and The Roots on The Sprite
Liquid Mix Tour and even served back-up to
Bow Wow on the Pepsi Smash tour. The group
of friends were also the winners of the "Best
Local Talent" award at the first ever Steve Harvey
Hoodie Awards.
The group has found an infectious sound,
unique to the listeners because music has never
been made like this before. With the single "Last
Day of School" off Wylde Times at Washington High,
making it onto the new EA sports game Madden
2005, the album is sure to make their already broad
audience even larger.
Other songs on the album include songs like
"Our Lyfe a rap song over hot guitar sounds. With
a vintage sound that resembles the likes of Earth,
Wind and Fire, "Byg Shot" is another favorite on
the album.
These are just a few, but every song on
Wylde Times at Washington High packs in so
much energy and spirit that the listener feels
like they are at a live show. If you enjoy
laughing and goofing off with your friends,
you will definitely enjoy the vibe you get from
this group.
When talking about his band, Dame said, "We
just brought our feelings and that's how it came
out. If you get to spend time with us and be around
us, for the most part, we're real positive people who
like to have fun
So their positive message in their music comes
naturally to them. Live life, have fun and be
happy are all values that they keep close. So all
that feeling and energy goes into their music all
the time.
"If you take the adrenaline of 14 people, bottle
it up, shake it up and let it explode, that's what
our shows are like every time Dame
"The band is amazing. They bring a great
show with them especially with all 14 members
giving their all said Denise Carberry, PFA Media
The shows are free to the public and will be
held all over the country leading up to this year's
election. It is definitely not something you want
to miss.
"I really want people to give the record a
chance, and give us a chance to make them love
us Dame said.
This writer can be contacted at
Former ECU student to appear on 9th season of 'Survivor'
'Survivor: Vanuatu
- Islands of Fire'
promises new thrills
Recent graduate of ECU, Julie
Berry, will be appearing on the
ninth season of "Survivor Julie
graduated from ECU in Decem-
ber of 2003.
The season premiere will air
Thursday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. on
"Survivor" is one of the hot-
test reality shows out right now
with ratings grossing 20 million
every episode.
The ninth season is titled
"Survivor: Vanuatu This "Sur-
vivor" is different from the rest
in the way that there will be
18 competitors instead of the
usual 16.
Vanuatu is a group of 83
islands located in the South
Pacific near "The Ring of Fire"
which is an area of high volcanic
The 18 players will compete
for a chance to win the mil-
lion dollar prize. The players'
ages range for 21 to 59 and the
producer of the reality hit, Mark
Burnett, set up the two tribes
based on gender.
CBS estimates at least 50 mil-
lion viewers will tune in to watch
the battle of the sexes.
The identities of the new
castaways were revealed Tuesday
Aug. 17 on "The Early Show
The women's team color is yellow
(Yasur) and the men's team color
is red (Lopevi).
Berry is 23 years old and was
born in Lewiston, Maine. In
December 2003, she was accepted
into the Peace Corps where she
would travel and work with
young people at risk.
Due to the secrecy of the
show, Berry is unable to comment
about "Survivor: Vanuatu-Islands
of Fire" until the episode airs
when she is voted off or until the
final episode.
On the official "Survivor-
Vanuatu" Web site pre-clip, Julie
describes herself as some what of
a Tomboy.
"I'm down to get dirty and
rough and do any physical chal-
lenge out there said Berry.
Berry worked as a Pitt County
mentor to school children and
completed her internship at
Growing Up FIT!
Growing Up FIT! is a program
that helps children recognize
the importance of nutrition and
physical activity.
Berry has previously worked
as a behavioral interventionist for
other adopted children having
emotional issues.
Julie is described by her
former co-worker and friend,
Amanda Mathias, as being a free
"Julie is extremely adventur-
ous and fearless and it didn't
surprise any of us when we found
out she had done 'Survivor said
Julie plans to continue her
education and receive a master's
degree in counseling.
She is single and living in
Gorham, Maine. Recently Julie
was reunited with her biologi-
cal sister and says it was the
most important experience in
her life.
"1 think Julie is going to
make a great Survivor contestant
because of her determination and
lack of fear - nothing scares this
girl said Mathias.
"Survivor-Vanuatu" will be
the ultimate challenge of the
sexes and is sure to be bigger and
better than the previous shows.
On Berry's pre-clip she says
she will use any strategy neces-
sary to win.
"I'll try my damndest to do
whatever I have to do and I hope
that's good enough, so we'll see
said Berry.
"Survivor: Vanuatu" will be
an intense, unpredictable, crazy
ride for us all to watch and we
have one of our own to root for.
Be sure to tune in and see
if our fellow Pirate makes it as
a castaway and better yet if she
can take home that million dollar
prize. ,
This writer can be contacted at

Video Music Awards tamer than past, but still a frenzied scene
(KRT) � There was no
Madonna-Britney Spears kiss,
no partially-clad Howard Stern
coming down from the rafters
and certainly no wardrobe mal-
The MTV Awards show
Sunday featured typical frenetic
energy and sexy style and a few
musical surprises, but it was
mostly a kinder, gentler version
of past shows.
Usher showed as much skin
as anybody, preening in front
of the camera bare chested as
simulated raindrops fell on his
chiseled body during the open-
ing performance of "Burn And
the sometimes raunchy come-
dian Dave Chappelle even kept it
relatively clean - despite teasing
that he wouldn't.
"It's the biggest mistake you
made since Janet Jackson at the
Super Bowl he jokingly warned,
alluding to the MTV-produced
Super Bowl halftime flesh show
that created a fire storm earlier
this year.
There may have been plenty
of sex appeal on show in Miami
- cleavage was the main fashion
trend for women, cool colors for
men - but little shock appeal on
MTV was ready, though,
using a several-second tape delay
for the first time. The audio delay,
used for years, was in heavy use
during the hip-hop medley,
which featured Lil Jon, Petey
Pablo and Fat Joe.
The change of scenery for
the awards, typically held in
New York or Los Angeles, helped
raise the decadence level at the
celebrity-soaked affair, held at
the downtown American Airlines
OutKast's vivid "Hey Ya
- perhaps best described as the
old "Ed Sullivan" show on acid
- won four awards, including
video of the year. Jay-Z's "99
Problems the most nominated
video with six, also won four.
That gritty black-and-white video
depicts the singer's own killing
as a metaphor for his much-bal-
lyhooed retirement.
"I felt like I was trying to push
the envelope Jay-Z, dressed In
a dapper white suit and hat, said
as he accepted an award - called
a moonman after the channel's
logo - for best rap video.
, �
"That was my punishment
and this is my reward
Usher won his first moon-
man as he took best male video
for "Yeah
"This is my first time coming
up here - let me take my time
with this said a beaming Usher.
"I'm so damned happy right now
I don't wanna leave
As usual, the awards were an
afterthought to explosive perfor-
mances and surprise cameos.
Alicia Keys gave a dramatic,
soulful spin of her hit "If I Ain't
Got You and was buoyed by
Stevie Wonder on harmonica.
Moments later, she joined
Wonder and Lenny Kravltz as
they sang a classic Wonder hit,
"Higher Ground
Keys also appeared on stage to
honor the late Ray Charles, who
died in June.
The daughters of Democratic
presidential candidate John Kerry
and President Bush made an
appearance - the Bush daughters
on videotape - to urge people to
vote. Even the Rev. Al Sharpton
made an appearance connected
to voting - not for the election,
though, but for the Viewer's
Choice Award.
Acclaimed rap newcomer
Kanye West staged a dramatic
version of "Jesus Walks then
instead of using a Chaka Khan
sample for his hit "Through the
Wire brought the R6rB veteran
on stage to sing the real thing.
In a strange stunt, Flam-
ing Lips singer Wayne Coyne
appeared on stage enclosed in
a big plastic ball pushed by fans
on the arena floor. But perhaps
the most surreal and bizarre
performance came from the
Polyphonic Spree, the twenty-
something member rock choir
that performed in multicolored,
choir like robes They looked
like members of a lost cult from
the 1970s.
There also was an appear-
ance by uber-twins Mary Kate
and Ashley Olsen. Mary Kate,
who recently was treated for an
eating disorder, alluded to her
ordeal before introducing Jessica
"Thank you to everyone - you
have been very supportive for
the last couple of months said
Mary Kate.
It was one of the few sub-
dued moments during the lavish
Usher and Simpson arrived on
the red carpet not by car, but by
luxury yacht. Simpson, glamor-
ously attired in a white dress with
a silver bodice, arrived with hus-
band and "Newlyweds" co-star,
Nick Lachey, in a 68-foot boat.
The biggest entrance of
course, came from P. Diddy.
Dressed in a white suit and with
a Mohawk haircut, he arrived in a
towering yacht along with Ma$e,
Naomi Campbell and Bruce
The scene outside the arena
was frenzied before the show. Per-
formers such as Ashlee Simpson
and Jadakiss rocked an energetic
crowd while stars walked the red
carpet, showing off their fashions
- or lack thereof. Lil' Kim looked
anything but, as she almost
busted out of the skimpy top of
her flowing dress.
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Who wins?
One lucky person will win $25,000 toward the first year
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Where Is the drawing?
The winner will be selected on January 12, 2005 and will be
notified by mailemail immediately following the drawing.
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d Bruce
he arena
how. Per-
d the red
n looked
y top of
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with any single
tanning session
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Qn fOft Street Across From "Kfriftas"
Mext To 77e Campus Stone
Qm 7tort k mm
www, thesunshinefactory. cam
SaveAnd Enjoy A
Those "all inclusive"
$475-375 per monthperson
3 or 4 bedrooms
Roommate matchingjust like
dorms life
Computer room on site
Fitness center
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Your ticket to making it big in Hollywood
TV Soap Operas hold
writing contest
Proctor & Gamble Produc-
tions peek into the creative
minds of students by holding
their third writing contest. The
contest asks college students to
write a long-term story line for
one of the production company's
soap operas, "Guiding Light" or
"As the World Turns The con-
test is a way of giving students an
idea of what it's like to write for
this style genre, and also possible
job opportunities after school.
"Though most new writers are
hired to write dialogue, we hope
to find college students with the
instincts and talent to be story-
tellers of the future said Mary
Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, executive
in charge of production for Proc-
tor Sr Gamble Productions.
The contest is designed for
students enrolled in a writing
class during the fall semester of
2004. Students interested must
request an application by Oct.
1 and return the application by
Nov. 12. Two winners, one for
each show, will be selected by
Nov. 17. The winners will then
be given a trip to New York to
meet the writers, producers and
executives of the show.
"It's exciting to see a com-
Proctor and Gamble give students the chance to test their skills.
pany give students such a great
opportunity said Jamie Faust,
sophomore nursing major.
This excitement can be seen
in many soap opera lovers, as well
as in non-fans.
"I don't necessarily watch
soaps a lot, but it's cool to know
that college students are contrib-
uting to entertainment said
Matt Toler, junior electronics and
computer networking major.
Entries will be judged upon
creativity, conflict, story plot,
romance and audience appeal.
A good entry includes these
characteristics and goes beyond
the normal story using creativity
to stand out from other submis-
sions. Entries must also include
characters from one of the shows
in a long-term story format. A
long-term story is the actual story
line over a period of time, usually
months or years.
"The best soap opera stories
are usually romantic focusing
on a female protagonist pursu-
ing her dreams and goals while
overcoming huge obstacles
Dwyer-Dobbin said.
Interested students should
send a postcard with name,
address, phone number and
e-mail address to Amy Milten-
berger, Proctor & Gamble Pro-
ductions, 825 Eighth Ave 35th
Floor, New York, NY 10019 or call
This writer can be contacted at
Box office bonanza shows movie biz booming
(KRT) � So did you know
that three of the 10 top-gross-
ing movies of all time were
released this year? Yet another
was released late last year and
made the bulk of its fortune in
2004? That 11 of the Top 20
have been released in the past
five years?
Don't feel so bad - it's not
common knowledge. But the
summer of 2004 is headed toward
being the biggest money maker
in history.
By Labor Day, analysts say,
the domestic box office should
surpass $4 billion, which tops the
previous record-holding summer
of 2002.
The biggest movie that
summer was Spider-Man - the
biggest release this summer has
been Spider-Man 2, which has
earned more than $360 million
and, last week, remained in the
Top 10 after eight weeks in the-
aters. (Shrek 2, which opened in
the middle of May, has earned
more than $435 million, making
it third biggest of all time.)
No fewer than eight movies
released this summer - plus
three others released in early
or mid-May - have passed the
magic $100 million mark,
which remains the blockbuster
bell to ring, even in an age in
which movies like Spider-Man
2 cost $250 million to produce
and market.
Ancillary sales of DVDs - a
market that continues to have
runaway growth - often double
a film's earning power. Many
movies, especially comedies and
thrillers, now earn more from
DVD sales and rentals than they
do in theaters.
There is no end to theories as
to why the motion picture indus-
try has enjoyed such a dramatic
comeback in the past 20 years.
Although it is true that fewer
North Americans attend movies
than they did in the 1950s,
when average admission was less
than $2, it is also true that until
nearly every U.S. home had a
television (something that didn't
occur until the 1960s), movies
had been America's primary
entertainment outlet for two
Today, movies compete for
attention and dollars not only
with network television, but also
with cable, more sports fran-
chises, the home video market,
personal computers and video
Yes, there are more movie
screens than ever, and movies
are marketed more aggres-
sively - and more innovative,
considering the church group
groundswell that has made Mel
Gibson's The Passion of the Christ
the eighth biggest of all time
with $370 million. But, there is
also a growing feeling that there
is a more central reason for the
movie boom:
" I think we're making movies
people want to see said Sam
Before Raimi was tapped to
direct Spider-Man and its sequel,
his most successful film at the
box-office had been the baseball
drama For Love of the Game, which
took in $35 million during its
run. With an estimated budget
of $50 million, it was considered
a failure.
The last eight months - stretch-
ing back to December's The Lord
of the Rings: The Return of the King
(seventh of all time) - prove
Raimi's point.
FALL R0SH 2004
7fidundaaly tmunie, but toqetker couwlete.
University Terrace
3 Bedroom 3 Bath Condominiums
Monthly Rent : $875 Security Deposit : $500
2 Bedroom Option Available
Please Call For Details
�Kitchen appliances w
dishwasher and disposal
�Full size laundry room
with hookups
�Internet capability in
each bedroom
�On ECU Bus route
�5 blocks from ECU
� 1230 Sq. Feet
�Energy efficient
�Central Heat & Air
�Sorry, No pets allowed
MbfTiMMnCKUx r� Mi?!

Cinema Scene
Alien vs. Predator- Sanaa Lathan,
Raoul Bova, Lance Henriksen.
The showdown between the monster
franchises takes place on present
day Earth. The movie is a ritual battle
where young Predators face-off
against Aliens as a right of passage
into manhood. PG -13
Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid-
Matthew Marsden, Eugene Byrd,
Morris Chestnut. Scientists search
the jungles of Borneo for an elusive
Orchid that may be the modem-day
fountain of youth. Unfortunately,
the flowers longevity powers have
already been discovered by a pack
of giant anacondas! PG-13
Collateral- Tom Cruise, Jamie Fbxx,
Mark Ruffalo. A cab driver learns
that his current fare Is a hit man
that wants him to drive around from
mark to mark until the last witness to
a crime is dead. The cabbie finally
figures out the truth and he must
prevent the assassin from killing his
last witness. R
nonOipnlTaiuiDoniton J
By 6th grade, an alarming nurter
of girls lose interest in math,
science i technology. Hhuh means
they mon't qualify for most future
jobs. That's �hy parents have to
keep their interest alive,
in every wy me can.
It's her fulure.Do Ihe math
OGlri Scouts.
Exorcist- The Beginning- Stellan
Skarsgrd, James D'Arcy, Izabella
Scorupco. The film traces the
story of Father Lankester Merrin
(Stellan Skarsgard) back to his first
encounter with the Devil in post-WWII
Africa. R
Hero- Assassins are determined
to murder the tyrannical king.
A mysterious, nameless man
appears at the king's palace claiming
to have already dispatched the
three most legendary killers. The
king entreats him to describe In
detail how he overcame each of
them. PG-13
Open Water -Daniel Travis, Saul
Stein, Blanchard Ryan. Based on
true events, the movie follows couple,
Daniel and Susan, on an island
holiday. The couple boards a local
dive boat for an underwater tour of the
reef. The couple is accidentally left
behind. Alone and miles from land,
the couple is adrift in shark-Infested
waters. R
Suspect Zero- Aaron Eckhart, Ben
Kingsley, Carrie-Anne Moss. FBI
Agent Thomas Mackelway gets called
In to investigate a strange murder.
When the trail leads him to the suspect,
he realizes he has been drawn Into
a psychological labyrinth that turns
what is expected upside down. R
Super Babies- Baby Geniuses 2 - Jon
Voight, Scott Baio, Vanessa Angel.
The baby geniuses find themselves
at the center of a nefarious scheme
led by powerful media mogul Bill
Biscane. They must stop Biscane
from using his state-of-the-art satellite
system to control the minds of the
world's population. PG
The Bourne Supremacy - Matt
Damon, Franka Potente, Karl Urban.
Damon returns as Jason Bourne, an
amnesiac haunted by his past as a
deadly government operative. Bourne,
hidden with his girlfriend, is found by
an assassin. Bourne must figure out
why he's been framed for two recent
murders. PG-13
The Manchurian Candidate - Denzel
Washington, Liev Schreiber, Meryl
Streep. Captain Bennett Marco is a
Gulf War veteran who was captured,
with his platoon, brainwashed and
released. Years later, one of his
soldiers has become a budding
politician and he must reach the
presidential candidate before the
enemy. R
The Princess Diaries 2:
The Royal Engagement -
Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews,
Hector Elizondo. As The Princess
Diaries left off, Mia is going to
Genovia to be princess. But as
soon as she arrives, she finds she
must assume the role of
queen immediately. Genovlan law
states she must be married before
being crowned! G
The Village - Joaquin Phoenix,
Sigourney Weaver, Adrien Brody.
Set in Pennsylvania during 1897,
the film revolves around a close-
knit community that lives with the
frightening knowledge that a mythical
race of creatures resides in the
woods around them. PG-13
Vanity Fair - Growing up poor In
London, Becky Sharp (Reese
Witherspoon) defies her poverty
stricken background and ascends
the social ladder alongside her best
friend, Amelia. PG-13
Wicker Park - A man (Josh Hartnett)
is caught in an obsessive search
for a woman he fell deeply in
love with - a woman who then
vanished without a trace. Two
years after her disappearance,

he catches a fleeting glimpse OI
her In a local bar and begins e
twisting search to find her anc
discover what really happened. PG-13
Comes to theatres Sept 3
Without A Paddle - Matthew
Lillard, Seth Green, Dax Shepard
The story of three
lifelong friends who fine
themselves on a canoe trip ir
search of a $200,000 treasure
Many obstacles await them, including
a dangerous river and more thar
a few whacked-out mountain men
YU-GI-OH - Dan Green, Eric Stuart,
Scottie Ray. Based on the trading
card and television series
phenomenon, Story of Yugi
a boy captivated by the care
game sweeping the nation: Due
Monsters! But there's more to the
game than meets the eye, for H
contains ancient mystical energies
that can change the course
of history. PG
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uWtji 9 S 55 ujrjkji. � rMpnrHj. tar M Mm tan O2004 u S CHjtM CuiuMrji '

Page B1 252.328.6366 TONY Z0PP0 Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Features Editor
WEDNESDAY September 1, 2004
Sports Briefs
Barkley under
Former NBA star Charles Barkley
is under Investigation for Indecent
assault, police said Monday.
A woman reported she was
assaulted by Barkley at the
nightclub 32 Degrees, Cpl. Jim
Pauley said. Police received the
report at 1:20 a.m. ET Friday,
Pauley said. The Investigation
Is being conducted by the
department's Special Victims Unit
and police did not release any
details of the allegation. Attempts
by the Associated Press to reach
Barkley, now a basketball analyst
or his agent were unsuccessful
Monday night Barkley was a nine-
time Ail-Star and the league's MVP
in 1993. He has been an analyst
with cable network TNT since his
retirement In 2000. No charges
have been filed.
Cubs manager
gets 1,000th win
Dusty Baker had plenty of praise
for Greg Maddux after a significant
win for each of them moved the
Chicago Cubs Into the NL wild-
card lead. Maddux threw seven
shutout innings for his 302nd
career win, and Baker got his
1,000th victory as a manager
in Chicago's 5-2 win over the
Montreal Expos on Monday night
Maddux (13-8), who became the
22nd pitcher In major league
history to reach 300 wins on Aug.
7, scattered five hits, struck out two
and walked none. He also went 2-
for-3, including an RBI single on a
grounder which caromed off Paul
Bako as he stood on third base.
LaTroy Hawkins got one out for
his 20th save In 26 opportunities
to close out Baker's milestone
win. He's 1,000-848 in 12 seasons
with the Cubs and San Francisco
This Date In Sports
1112 - Smokey Joe Wood of the
Boston Red Sox, on his way to
a 34-win season, beats Walter
Johnson of the Senators 1-0 In a
specially arranged pitching duel
at Boston. The victory Is Wood's
16th straight.
1123 - The United States wins
its fourth consecutive Davis Cup
by beating Australia four matches
to one.
1146 - Patty Berg wins the
U.S. Women's Open golf title by
beating Betty Jameson in the
final round.
1171 - George Foreman knocks
out Jose Roman at 2 p.m. of the
first round In Tokyo to retain the
heavyweight title.
Mil - Tom Seaver strikes out
Manny Sanguillen in the seventh
inning to become the first pitcher
ever to strike out 200 or more
batters in eight consecutive
seasons. Seaver records 10
strikeouts in the Mets' 3-0 triumph
over Pittsburgh.
MM - Willie Totten of Mississippi
Valley State passes for a Division
l-AA-record 536 yards and nine
touchdowns in a 86-0 rout
of Kentucky State. Jerry Rice
catches 17 passes for 294 yards
along with five touchdowns and
breaks his own Division l-AA
record for receiving yards.
INI - Chris Evert becomes the
first 100-match winner in 108 years
of U.S. tennis championships.
Evert, playing her final U.S. Open,
beat Patricia Tarabini 6-2,6-4.
UN - Kenya's Daniel Komen
lowers the world record in the
3,000 meters by more than four
seconds in the Rieti Grand Prix II.
Komen finishes in seven minutes,
20.67 seconds, breaking the mark
of 7:25.11 set by Noureddine
Morceli in 1994.
1MB - Mark McGwire breaks
Hack Wilson's 68-year-old
National teague record for home
runs in a season, hitting his
56th and 57th in the St. Louis
Cardinals' victory over the Florida
2001 - Iowa's Aaron Graving
ties an NCAA record by scoring
touchdowns on three consecutive
carries in a 51-0 victory over Kent
-Courtesy of Associated Press
'National Committee
Against Athletes'
shows true colors
Picture this: A governing
body of athletics forces its hun-
dreds of thousands of athletes to
strictly adhere to rules of ama-
teurism while the system itself
makes billions of dollars per year
off these athletes' talent.
Mike Williams and Jeremy
Bloom can picture it. In fact, they
have a grip on it so well that 1 doubt
Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice presi-
dent for membership services,
would see it if it bit him in the a.
Williams was recently denied
reinstatement to the NCAA for
violation of amateurism bylaws
when he dropped his classes at
USC last spring to enter the April
NFL Draft. Bloom was equally
denied the right to both accept
endorsement money to fund his
way toward the Winter Olympics
and still play football for the
University of Colorado.
Both cases carried extraordi-
nary circumstances.
Williams entered the draft
via Maurice Clarett. Clarett
challenged the NFL eligibility
rule that, in order to play profes-
sional ball, an athlete must be
three years graduated from high
school. The courts ruled in favor
of the former Ohio State tailback
and Williams decided to ride
Clarett's coattails into profes-
sionalism, against the advice of
certain USC officials that the
ruling had a chance of being
Five days before the draft,
the second U.S. Circuit Court of
Appeals decided to uphold the
NFL's age standard and Williams
was left with only one thing to do
- attempt to reinstate himself as
an amateur in the NCAA. Every-
one knows the story from there.
At first glance, it seems a
just decision. Add in a few facts
beneath the raw surface of the
issue and it's plain to see this was
a grave Injustice.
The USC standout receiver
did more than grab an applica-
tion, fill it out and put his John
Hancock on it.
NCAA Bylaw 12 states, in
essence, that an athlete may
not accept payment of any kind
for hisher athletic abilities or
performance. It also states than
an athlete cannot enter into
agreement with an agent, sign
professional contracts, etc. Wil-
liams did everything he had to
in order to become an amateur
again. He severed ties with agent
Mike Azzarelli and paid back all
monies and benefits received
in his time away from the uni-
Williams also enrolled (and
passed) in six credit hours worth
of courses this past summer
before his designated sport
started in the fall (a new rule
instituted last year).
Now it was all in the NCAA's
hands to make a case-sensitive
decision with concern to extraor-
dinary circumstances.
However, once again, the sole
governing body of college athlet-
ics lacked the decency and fore-
sight that so many wish they had.
The minute Williams had to leave
the decision in NCAA hands, he
had a snowball's chance in hell
to be reinstated.
Speaking of snow, let's take a
gander at Mr. Bloom's case.
Jeremy Bloom is, or perhaps
more correctly was, a junior
receiver and kick returner spe-
cialist for Colorado. He is also
a world-class freestyle skier and
wants to take his talent to the
2006 Olympics. This past Janu-
ary, Bloom announced he could
no longer properly fund his
training for the upcoming winter
games without accepting some
type of endorsements. He stated
he would begin accepting said
endorsements and renewed what
has been a two-year struggle with
the NCAA. There was optimism
that this time Bloom may get his
chance to both accept the money
and play football. However, the
NCAA wanted more information
on what Bloom did when he won
$45,000 in prize money more
than a year and a half ago. Turns
out, he gave it to charity.
What a terrible, self-centered
thing to do.
After weeks of dragging it
out, the NCAA denied Bloom
his request to play football if
he was going to accept funding
for his Olympic training. Early
last week they officially ended
his college football career as the
appeal was also struck down.
Sure, why shouldn't they? It's not
see NCAA page B3
- IIIMHHIftN9tltflfi)1 63IHS � �' is permissible for an individual
(p �tuden�lete or student-athletes) to participate on Olympic or national
teams that are competing for prize money or are being compensated by the governing body
to pTrtldpate in a speciffc event, provided the student-athlete does not accept pnze money
or any other compensation (other than actual and necessary expense
Twelve things you should know about college football 2004
(KRT) � Oklahoma's Jason
White has a chance at a second
Heisman, but he's not even the
top candidate in his league.
There's a Steve Spurrier back in
the college ranks and the Big Ten
will be looking at things more
closely than any other league.
That's just a sampling of the
annual course load's 50 things to
know about college football.
1. Once again, adjustments
were made to the BCS formula.
Under the new system, the Asso-
ciated Press, coaches and com-
puter polls have equal weight in
determining who plays in the
BCS championship game (Orange
Bowl, Jan. 4). Last year, when
Southern Cal and LSU split the
championship, computer polls
were worth 75 percent.
"This will be easier to under-
stand, much more accurate and
will serve us better said Pac-10
Commissioner Tom Hansen.
"Will we get into trouble
again? Probably
2. The Atlantic Coast Confer-
ence puts even more weight on its
terrific rivalry with now confer-
ence-mate Florida State. The same
can be said for Virginia Tech's
annual meeting with Virginia.
"The game's already an elec-
tric atmosphere said Virginia
stud defensive end Chris Canty.
"You already don't like them.
When you're in the locker room,
you're ready to knock their heads
off and then you've got a little
conference win on the line,
maybe a conference champion-
ship on the line
3. Micheal Spurlock has the
pleasure of following Eli Man-
ning as the Ole Miss quarterback.
Spurlock's talents in the option
have caused the Rebels to adjust
the offense.
4. While Maurice Clarett
preps in Texas for another shot
at the NFL draft instead of his
junior season, Ohio State will
lean on its defense and a popular
yet untested quarterback named
Justin Zwick.
5. Colorado has had a tumul-
tuous off-season, including some
nine allegations of sexual assault
involving players or recruits.
"We know we're under the
microscope said Buffaloes quar-
terback Joel Klatt.
"Only a few times in a man's
life do you get the opportunity
to be under the microscope and
respond. We look forward to the
6. Nebraska is running the
West Coast offense under former
Raiders coach Bill Callahan.
(Yes, Husker fans, It's legal to
pass on first down.) Callahan
is trying to change an offense
that ranked 114th in passing and
74th in scoring.
7. Lions quarterback Zack
Mills needs 380 yards to become
Penn State's all-time passing
yardage leader. Who currently
(and temporarily) holds the
record? Answer to come.
8. If you're looking for a Heis-
man dark horse, Hawaii quarter-
back Timmy Chang needs 2,218
yards to break Ty Detmer's career
mark. The Rainbows, however,
are only on national TV twice:
Oct. 29 at Boise State (ESPN2) and
Nov. 12 at Fresno State (ESPN).
9. Mouse Davis, the father
of the run-and-shoot offense
(the football equivalent of the
Hula-Hoop fad) is with Chang
in Hawaii, directing the special
teams under June Jones. Davis
also assisted Jones in the NFL.
10. One candidate for most
underrated running back in the
land is Syracuse's Walter Reyes.
The pressure's on coach Paul
Pasqualoni, though, after going
10-14 over the last two years.
12. Oregon State has the
pleasure of playing two defend-
ing champions this season. The
Beavers open at LSU on Saturday
and play host to Southern Cal
on Nov. 6. In 1992, the year
following the last split national
champions, Arizona played them
both. It lost to Miami, 8-7, but
upset Washington, 16-3.
OU has the talent to be the top dog in the NCAA again.

An explosion - disc golf's short history
Game is one of fastest
growing sports today
There may not be a sport
that has grown more in the last
thirty years than disc golf. Three
decades ago, there were no disc
golf courses to be found - now
there is a course in 23 countries
and at least one in every state.
Disc golf is played much like
normal golf, with a few key dif-
ferences. Instead of hitting a ball
into a hole, the goal is to throw
a disc, a specially designed ver-
sion of a Frisbee, into an elevated
target supported by metal chains
or what is called the basket. Each
hole has a designated teeing area
' and an individual basket for that
hole. Akin to a normal golf hole,
a disc is thrown as many times
as necessary to reach the basket.
The hole is completed when the
disc comes to rest in the chains,
or in the base of the basket. The
goal is to finish each hole in as
few throws as possible with the
lowest score winning. Unless
otherwise noted, each hole is
a par three and score is kept in
proportion to par.
"Steady" Ed Headrick invented
the sport in 1975. Headrick is
also the inventor of the modern
Frisbee (the name Frisbee was
patented by Whammo, Headrick
called his invention a flying disc
and sold the naming rights to
Whammo) and the targets that
are used in play. He also put the
first course in the ground at Oak
Grove Park in Pasadena, Califor-
nia also in 1975.
Within eight years, disc golf
had spread across the country. It
made its way to North Carolina
in 1983 to Horizons Park in Win-
ston Salem, and to Kentwood Park
in Raleigh. The popularity of the
sport, especially among college
students, was one of the biggest
proponents to the sport's expan-
sion. Disc golf made its way to
ECU in 1988 when student Todd
"Pygmy Man" Markov persuaded
the university to put a course in.
The course is now located beside
the baseball field.
The course here at ECU has
aided many current players on
their way to success in the sport.
In fact, some actually make a
living playing.
No ECU disc golfer has made
it bigger than Larry Leonard, cur-
rently ranked 21st in the world
Leonard, who makes a living as a
professional disc golfer, used the
ECU course when he was a stu-
dent in the late 1980s to practice
and perfect his game.
"I played the course two times
a day, every day said Leonard.
"I learned different things by
trying different shots
Contact info
For more Information regarding
the ECU open, contact the club
To make his living, Leon-
ard plays in Professional Disc
Golf Association sanctioned
tournaments on weekends. The
PDGA offers six levels of compe-
tition for professionals and ama-
teurs with 26 different divisions
that are broken down by skill
level, age and sex. The disc
golf world meets every year
for the world championships,
which take place somewhere in
the USA. This year's competi-
tion took place in Des Moines,
Iowa where a record number of
917 participants made their way
to Iowa for a chance to claim a
world title.
The PDGA will make its
way to ECU on Sept. 18 - 19
for a tour event. The tournament
will begin both days at 10 a.m
with spectators wel-
come at no charge.
Leonard, along with Brian
Shweberger, also ranked 21st in
the world, and Walter "Snoop"
Haney, ranked 10th in the world,
are among the expected 90 ath-
letes scheduled to compete.
The writer can be reached at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Quarterback race ends in Tye for TCU
(KRT) � TCU quarterback
Tye Gunn has overcome two
injury-plagued seasons, several
surgeries and the pain of having
to watch his team chase Bowl
Championship Series dreams
without him.
Now, he's overcome a quar-
terback competition.
TCU coach Gary Patter-
son announced Monday that
Gunn has won the starting
quarterback job over Brandon
Hassell and will be the starter
when the Horned Frogs open
the season Thursday against
Patterson said the decision
was extremely tough, but Gunn's
ability to manage the game and
his performance this preseason
earned him the starting nod.
"It's not that Brandon hasn't
done a good job this preseason,
but we had to make a decision
said Patterson.
"Tye does a great job of man-
aging the game. He doesn't throw
interceptions, and he doesn't
put us in plays that are bad ones.
He was that way as a redshirt
freshman, and the guy is 8-0 as
a starter
Patterson met with the two
quarterbacks Sunday afternoon
and told them of his decision.
Hassell, who is 7-2 as starter,
said he wasn't upset with the
choice, and he felt like Gunn
had gained an advantage over the
course of the camp.
"I felt in the back of my
head that Tye was a little ahead,
and I needed to catch up said
"I'm not upset about the
situation. I've seen how he's
worked through the injuries
and how hard he's worked this
summer to get back. He's done
everything he's had to do for it,
and there's no one I would rather
have playing in front of me than
Tye Gunn
Gunn, who has missed 13
career games because of injury,
has shown his old form since
recovering from several injuries.
He missed the end of the 2002
season with a knee injury and
missed eight games last season
because of a separated shoulder
and groin injury.
The Horned Frogs have
averaged 32.1 points per game
with Gunn as the starter.
He has seven touchdown passes
and five Interceptions in those
"After all the injuries, I
don't think people really know
how frustrating that was said
"I mean one injury is bad,
two injuries is worse and three is
unreal. It kept getting worse and
worse. I've really worked hard,
and it's kind of a payoff to start.
But I can't relax and not go hard
in practice because I know for a
fact (Brandon) will start in front
of me if I do that
Patterson maintained
both quarterbacks will play
this season, and Gunn said
he hasn't been told he will
be the starter throughout the
Hassell is expected to play in
the third or fourth series against
Both quarterbacks said they
weren't interested in playing
a two-quarterback system, but
offensive coordinator Mike
Schultz said Hassell certainly
gives TCU a viable second
"We feel like Brandon has
the ability to come off the
sideline and be productive like he
did last season said Schultz.
"This was a very tough deci-
sion, but Brandon will get a
chance to play
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like there Is some Olympic exception in
their bylaws right?
Take a look at figure two. It reads, "It
is permissible for an individual (prospec-
tive student-athlete or student-athletes) to
participate on Olympic or national teams
that are competing for prize money or are
being compensated by the governing body
to participate in a specific event, provided
the student-athlete does not accept prize
money or any other compensation (other
than actual and necessary expenses)
That excerpt is known as Bylaw - Exception - Olympic and
National Teams. Bloom needs endorse-
mentprize money for training - I'd say
that is a "necessary expense And while
it is somewhat clear the compensation
cannot be endorsements or prize money,
1 think the NCAA could have made an
exception here considering they have a 99
percent match to their own bylaw.
Not to mention the NCAA states every
athlete who files for reinstatement is
reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Therefore,
certain exceptions can be made with con-
cern to circumstances within each indi-
vidual case before the outcome is decided.
Have Mike Williams and Jeremy
Bloom not been subject to extenuating
and extraordinary circumstances?
On one end, you have a kid who is so
physically ready for the NFL there isn't a
cornerback in the nation who can stop
him on any given day. He togk his game
to the NFL because of a decision made
by the courts and had every right to do
exactly what he did before the ruling was
reversed. Even then, he handled every-
thing maturely and set his affairs in order
as if he had never renounced his amateur-
ism, or dropped out of school.
On the other end you have another
amazing athlete who is not only an Impact
player at one of the nation's top football
schools but also a 2002 Olympic skier
and freestyle mogul champion. Now he
wants to take his ability to the Olympics
in Torino but can't fund his way there
by himself.
And where these players are denied,
other much less worthy players are given
iateur Status
privilege. Miami Hurricanes recruit Willie
Williams has been to jail 12 times and if
it weren't for a knee injury this past week,
he'd be playing linebacker for the 'Canes
this Saturday.
Chris Weinke was accepting money
from a minor league baseball team while
he was "leading" the Florida State Semi-
noles to the National Championship. Tim
Dwight received a $1.4 million signing
bonus from Atlanta in 1998, yet because
his football eligibility was complete, he
was allowed to run track for Iowa.
The Fat Cats up in Indianapolis see one
thing and one thing only - dollar signs.
There is no institution more hypocriti-
cal than the NCAA. It sits back and says
that under ho circumstances is an athlete
allowed to accept endorsements or prize
money earned via their athletic ability.
Doing so would forfeit their status as an
amateur, thus making them ineligible for
any further NCAA competition. And yet, in
their very own holy grail of a constitution,
they have certain exceptions that would
allow acceptance of some of these monies.
But as far as the governing body itself
hell, they can make all the money
they want off these athletes. You name it
and a big-time university has it - apparel
contracts, TV contracts, athletic bever-
age contracts, soft-drink contracts, etc
and the NCAA gets a sizeable piece of the
endorsement pie.
Schools like USC and Colorado don't
make these deals because their campus is
scenic or their chemistry program is top
in the country. They make these deals
because athletes like Williams and Bloom
do things with a football In their hands
that ordinary people can barely do in
their dreams.
And now, these two athletes, under very
uncommon circumstances, want to make
more of themselves and are flatly denied
by a business that relishes in its make-
up-the-rules-as-we-go style of governing.
Somebody, please wake me when the
nightmare ends.
This writer can be contacted at
Pete Caroll on NCAA's Decision:
"We knew all along from the tone that we got from the highest level, that he
(Williams) would be denied. Thier tenor was that he didn't deserve this opportunity.
I could tell from the very beginning how hard they were going to make this, but to
take it all the way to one hour before we leave? I couldn't be more disappointed.
It's very cold and insensitive for them to deny him this opportunity
An individual loses amateur status and thus shall not be eligible for intercolle-
itc competition in a particular sport if the individual:
, Uses his or her athletics skill (directly or indirectly) for pay in any form in that sport; (Revved:
42502 effective 81102)
(b) Accepts a promise of pay even if such pay is to be received following completion of intercollegiate atb,
letics participation; .
,e, Signs a contract or commitment of any ktnd to play professional athletics, regardless of tts legal
enforceability or any consideration received;
permitted by NCAA rules and regulations;
athletes entering a collegiate institution on or after 8111 OS)
(g) Enters into an agreement with an agentAAdoptetiSIO
Never, never, never give up.
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Page B4
WEDNESDAY September 1, 2004
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32�. 333447P
505152� 5815556
� 2004 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All right reserved.080104
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8 Affirmative
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�i d 3
dri h'er
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September 1, 2004
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I v
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Greenville Recreation & Parks
Department is recruiting part-
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Coaches must possess a good
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These positions will begin in
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Active Handicapped Male needs
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College student needed to take
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education major, preferred. Must
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References & interview required.
Call lean �353-5044.
Pitt County Community Schools
and Recreation is currently looking
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Days, times, and pay vary
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Part time PHP programming
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Administrative Assistant- surgical
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The East Carolinian is now hiring
fields I
forms i
ogy stud
a several
which in
plant lit
ect this
the first
sets to cc
logical e:
funded I
ducted at
will allo'
actual fie
on their
gather d
the field
some of
labs, higl
and inte
at ECU 1
whole pr
large acct
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For more information, or to apply come by
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The East Carolinian is hiring
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Staff Writers
Copy Editors
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ing proj
43 studi
fit the e
eastern I
in the st
brand m
new faci
by peopl
a certaii
said Pau
of the d
for the n
late in E(
The cun
class of
initial gi
and tecl
gram ge
in their
ferent rr

The East Carolinian, September 1, 2004
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
September 01, 2004
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