The East Carolinian, March 10, 2004

Volume 79 Number 127
March 10, 2004
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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards dropped out of the race after John Kerry won nine
Baer not all talk:
Election promises
delivered to ECU
Ticket As letter-writing,
campus involvement
agenda accomplished
out of 10 states voting in the Super Tuesday primary.
Democrats prefer Edwards
for Kerry's vice president
Democratic voters had their say,
John F.dwards would be the choice
as John Kerry's running mate,
1 jl , according
elet.i;t?r! ,0 a poii
�afi released
JHmJJ� Monday.
Edwards, the North Carolina
senator who dropped out of the
presidential race last week, was
the choice of M) percent of voters
who are Democrats or lean Dem-
ocratic, according toa CNN-USA
Today-Gallup poll.
Almost a dozen prominent
Democrats were mentioned
by poll respondents, but
they drew support in the low
single digits.
In a matchup of the presi-
dential candidates, Kerry and
President Bush were about
even, Kerry at 47 percent and
Bush at 45 percent with inde-
pendent candidate Ralph Nader
at 5 percent among registered
voters. Kerry was slightly ahead
50-45 percent when only he and
Bush were included in the ques-
In a three-way matchup
among likely voters in the Gallup
poll, Kerry had 50 percent, Bush
44 percent and Nader 2 percent.
A n A BC - Washington Post pol I
out Monday found that almost
six in 10, 57 percent, believe it's
time for a new direction in the
nation's leadership.
The survey also found when
people were asked whether Bush
or Kerry would do a better job
with the campaign against ter-
rorism, Bush held more than a
20-point lead�57 percent to
36 percent.
In the ABC-Post poll, Kerry
led Bush among registered voters
by 53 percent to 44 percent, and
had a slight edge in a three way
race, 48 percent to 44 percent, to
3 percent for Nader.
The Gallup poll of 1,005
adults, including 892 registered
voters, was conducted March
5-7 and has a margin of sam-
pling error of plus or minus 3
percentage points, 4 percent-
age points for results with
registered voters.
The ABC-Post poll of 936
registered voters was taken March
4-7 and has a margin of sampling
error of 3 percentage points.
Student Body President Ian
Baer not only fulfilled each
promise he
made last year,
but also fought
for the students
over every issue.
During the debates in
March 2003, SGA presidential
candidates were asked about
tuition and how they would
resolve issues surrounding it.
Baer said the executive
branch has limited power
in tuition, but Ticket A had
the idea of starting a letter
writing campaign to ensure
the students' voices were heard.
Baer and the UNC Asso-
ciation of Student Governments
took action when the
UNC-system proposed an
increase in tuition, includ-
ing a three-year, $900
increase at ECU.
Baer, the SGA and ASG
gathered stories students wrote
explaining how a tuition increase
would affect them.
Baer said these were
heart-breaking stories that
told of parents and students
having trouble getting by
financially, and a tuition
increase would keep them from
going to college.
Baer continues working
with SGA to keep his promise
of reasonable tuition until
March 19, the day the Board of
Governors makes its decision.
During his campaign, Baer
said he wanted to improve
student life. Since he came
into office, SGA has supported
programs such as "What's Up
Wednesday which answers
students' concerns with action.
"What's Up Wednesday"
Is maintained by the SGA
Student Welfare Committee.
It establishes a booth at
Wright Place every week where
students can voice opin-
ions and concerns on issues
around campus.
Baer said "What's Up
Open forum in early
April will question
administrative decision
management students protest
future absence from program
Students in the hospitality
management program are orga-
nizing an open forum with the
chair of the hospitality manage-
ment department and other
administrative officials to seek
more information on why one
of their professor's contracts is
not being renewed.
Jim Dishaw, lecturer in the
hospitality management depart-
ment, has been with ECU for
eight years and has received mul-
tiple awards. However, Dishaw is
not a tenured professor, and his
contract is not being renewed
after this semester.
The students who are orga-
nizing the forum held a meet-
ing to write a letter to William
Forsythe, chairof the hospitality
management department, other
university administrators and
students within the department
to inform them of the forum.
When contacted, Forsythe said
the matter was a personnel issue
and neither he nor the dean
could legally comment on it.
The students who attended
the meeting agreed Dishaw
has done an outstanding job
in teaching and guiding them
in their careers. They said the
department would suffer if his
contract were not renewed.
"I feel sorry for everybody
else that will never have the
chance to have Dishaw teach
them at least one class said
Rickie Moore, senior hospitality
management major.
Moore said Dishaw has many
connections with businesses in
the outside world and has put
extra effort into getting students
jobs and internships.
"Half of these students may
never have the opportunity that
Megan Brewer, senior hospitality management major, wears a
T-shirt she and a group of students created to support Dishaw.
all of us had to interview for jobs
or internships Moore said.
Moore said Dishaw arranged
five to six interviews for him
through his business world con-
nections, and they will likely be
lost if Dishaw leaves.
"There is no doubt Dishaw
has the ability to network
above and beyond said Scott
Finicum, senior hospitality
management major.
John Noonan, senior hospi-
tality management major, said
he definitely agrees the depart-
ment will suffer without Dishaw
because of Dishaw's ability to
connect with his students and
make them strive to succeed in
see PROTEST page A3
What do you want
SGA officers to do
for you?
Wednesdays" has not been
as effective as they hoped.
To improve on this idea, he
plans for an SGA Web site
in early April. The site will
provide an opportunity for
students to voice their opin-
ions online and see what
SGA is doing.
Bylaws and other government
documents will be available.
Students will be able
to contact SGA through
the site and get weekly updates
on state and local issues, accord-
ing to Baer.
The site is a part of his
plan to increase services for
"We're trying to concen-
trate on being more effective
said Baer.
Baer said many students
are not aware of services
SGA has provided for years.
These include free consulta-
tion from an attorney and a
loan service for students who
need financial help.
Baer said listening to
students has been the main
priority for him and the rest
of SGA, and he thinks the
SGA improved in his year as
"I am very happy about
this year and what SGA has
done for the students
Baer said.
This writer can be contacted at
"Help improve safety around
campus and dorms
"They need better places to eat
and good quality of food"
"More effective parking and
better quality in the freshman
parking lot"
"Parking should go back to
resembling last year, and
they need to work on the out-
of-state tuition"
Gunfire, rape occur
near area nightclub
Wilson man arrested
for terrorizing Club
Dynasty parking lot
A man was arrested early
Sunday morning for open-
ing fire on a group of people
gathered outside Club Dynasty.
An 18-year-old woman also
reported being raped in the
same parking lot.
Cpl. Shari Williams of
the Greenville Police Depart-
ment said police were already
on the scene for crowd con-
trol after Club Dynasty had
"All of a sudden they heard
gunfire from ail directions
said Williams.
There were reportedly no
injuries, police said.
The man arrested,
Larry Parker Jr 19,
was taken into custody by
Greenville police after he
was seen shooting randomly
out of the window of his
white Cadillac.
Police ordered sev-
eral passengers out of
the car, but only Parker
was apprehended.
"A high point .308 semiau-
tomatic handgun was recovered
from the car Williams said.
Shell casings from sev-
eral guns were found at
the scene as well, Williams
said. Several spent shell cas-
ings were recovered from the
parking lot.
Police said the
casings came from a .22-
caliber gun and a 9 mm. Police
said they don't know how
many shots had been fired.
Parker was charged for
see SHOOT page A3
Nutrition Awareness
throughout March
Chocolate cravings are caused by the body's lack of magnesium. They arc the only way the body can let a person know
� of the deficiency.
Freezing causes a 40 percent loss of nutritional value in foods.
Forecast tec required Online
snowers READING
High of 50
more about Sen. John Kerry sweeping
tour Southern primaries Tuesday.
SturJes Indicate a new pffi available In
one to two years wW help patents stop
smoking and lose weight
Features page as
Even though TV show favorites toe "Sex
and the City" are off the air, tanscan
reminisce with DVDs.
SpOltS pageA8
Thefootbal team tries out new offensive
linemen and quarterbacks for the
upcoming season.
Dont forget The Ceramics
Guild will sell hand-made
bowls today from 10
am. - 6 pm In the Jenkins
Fine Arts Foyer.

r� v -r t

News Editor
Assistant News Editor
In the Tuesday. March 9 edition of The East Carolinian, it was mistakenly
implied in the article tilled, "Handgun found in Tyler Hall bathroom that
ECU police left their guns in the bathroom on occasion ECU Police Chief
Robert Stroud said he knew of a situation at another department where
an officer may have forgotten his gun. but this never happened at the
ECU Police Department
Co-ops and Internships Workshop
The Office of Career Development will offer a workshop on Co-ops and
internships today from noon -1 p.m. in 1013 Bate.
Ceramics Sale
The ECU Ceramics Guild will sell students and faculty's hand-made,
dishwasher safe bowls today from 10 am. - 6 p.m. in the Jenkins Fine Arts
Foyer Prices range from $6 - $12 and proceeds benefit Guild students
traveling to a ceramics conference during Spring Break
Faculty Adviser Workshop
The Academic Advising and Support Center offers a workshop Thursday
at 330 p m in B102 Brewster for faculty advising undergraduate students
Contact Marty Selby at 328-4294 for more information.
Spring Break
Spring Break begins Sunday, March 14 and classes resume Monday,
March 22
Fall and Summer Advising
The beginning of summer and fall 2004 semester advising is Monday,
March 22.
Mac Users Group
The Mac Users Groups will meet Tuesday. March 23 at 7 p.m in Havey
Hall of the Murphy Center The meeting will focus on Garage Band, the
new music-creating software from Apple
Habitat for Humanity Run
The Home Run 5K Road Race and One Mile Fun Run to benefit Pitt County
Habitat for Humanity is Saturday, March 27 from 7 am - noon at the City
Hotel and Bistro Participants can register the day of the race beginning
at 7 am. or in advance at www. habitathomerun com Volunteers are also
needed. Call 758-2947 for more information
Special Olympics
Volunteers are needed to act as ambassadors Thursday, March 18 and
Friday. March 19 for the State Special Olympics Basketball Tournament
Ambassadors will check in athelets and families and hand out room
keys to hotels, while staying both nights in a hotel for free Contact Cheryl
Yarrell at 413-1600 extension 1823 for more information Volunteers are still
needed for other Special Olympics activities Contact Alice at 830-4216
or 830-4217 for more information.
Cash for Cats
Volunteers are needed to collect donations to provide medical care for
cats Saturday, March 27 from 8 am. - 2 pm at local Food Lions Contact
Greg Smith at 717-6339 for more information
Summer and Fall Registration
Registration lor summer and fall 2004 semester begins Monday.
March 29
Stroke Clinic
Volunteers are needed to perform various tasks, including registration,
health assessment, cholesterol and glucose labs, blood pressure and
counseling at five community stroke clinics Contact Terry Congleton al
847-0162 for more information
Ghana Summer Study Abroad
An opportunity to study abroad in Ghana and receive class credit is
offered May 20 - June 9 Contact Seodial F H Deena al 328-6683 for
more information
Community Service Scholarship
The Kiwanis Club of Greater Greenville is accepting applications for a
$500 community service scholarship Applicants should be Pitt County
residents, female, have a minimum GPA of 2 5 and are or will be attending
Pitt County Community College or ECU The application deadline is April
16 Contact Shelly Townsend at 341 -0363 for more information
ECU Child of Faculty Scholarship
Current or accepied ECU students who are children of aclive or
retired faculty qualify for the $1,600 ECU Retired Faculty Association
Undergraduate Scholarship Applicants must have a projected or actual
collegiate GPA of 30 and be pursuing their first undergraduate degree
Applications are due by April 9. Contact Vicky Morris al 328-9573 for
more information
Paper Person
The student at the top of today's paper is Rorik Koster, sophomore
information technology major.
News Briefs
RTP marketing plan alms for
100,000 new jobs
RALEIGH (AP) - A plan to revamp
the marketing of Research Triangle
Park could create 100.000 new jobs
in a 13-county region over five years,
organizers said Monday.
The plan builds on the high-tech
foundation of RTP and seeks to
incorporate universities and other
organizations in stemming job
losses and giving the state an edge
in recruiting emerging industries,
particularly in the biotechnology
'Each of those 13 counties will have
more people working tomorrow
than today said Charles Hayes,
president and chief executive
officer of the Research Triangle
Regional Partnership, one of North
Carolina's seven regional economic
development groups.
Since its creation in the 1950s. RTP
is credited with boosting wages,
education levels and quality of life
in the Raleigh-Durham-ChaDel Hill
region. In 1950, Triangle residents
averaged about seven years of
educational attainment; by 2000,
that average was 14 years.
Legislative panel hears about NC
license online renewal
RALEIGH (AP) - North Carolina
motorists would be able to renew
their driver's licenses online under
draft legislation presented to a
legislative committee Monday
The Division of Motor Vehicles is
backing the Internet renewal idea,
which is already in use in at least 13
other states, as a way lo reduce lines
at DMV offices, while boosting worker
If approved by the Legislature, online
renewal could mean some drivers
could go as long as 13 years without
visiting a DMV office.
DMV generated more than 2.33
million original, duplicate or renewal
licenses in 2003. about 33,000 more
than the year before
"This would get some people out of
our offices said Wayne Hurder, the
head of DMVs driver licensing section.
Those with complicated situations
could receive more attention at DMV
outlets. Hurder said.
Conviction clouds Martha
Stewart's future
NEW YORK (AP) - Martha Stewart's
felony conviction rattled through her
rapidly eroding business empire as
shares of her namesake company
continued to fall, Viacom canceled
her syndicated television show and
she quit the board of cosmetic giant
But the big question that remained
was the future of the domestic diva's
bread-and-butter job as a leader
within the company that bears her
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia's
board gathered Monday to discuss
Stewart's future, according to a source
close to the company who spoke on
condition of anonymity. Company
officials declined to comment; it was
unclear late Monday whether the
board took any action.
Stewart stepped down from her roles
as chairman and chief executive after
being indicted in June but remains as
a board member and chief creative
officer With her conviction, the
government will likely press lo have
Stewart removed from the board
John Allen Muhammad was sentenced to death, regardless of
letters allegedly written by his accomplice exonerating him.
D.C. sniper slapped
with death penalty
� A judge rejected John Allen
Muhammad Insistence of inno-
cence and sentenced him to death
Tuesday, saying his actions in the
Washington-area sniper shoot-
ings were "so I lie (hey were
almost beyond comprehension
Circuit Judge LeRoy F. Miliette
Jr. also turned aside a pica from
Muhammad's lawyers to spare
their client's life. He ordered
that Muhammad he executed on
Oct. 14, but that dale likely will be
postponed to allow appeals
Muhammad, 4.1, was con-
victed of capital murder on Nov.
17 and a jury recommended
he be sentenced to death tor the
Oct. 9, 2002, murder of Dean
Harold Meyers at a gas station
near Manassas. His teenage
accomplice, Itoyd Malvo, is to
he formally scntcm ed Wedl lesday
lo life in prison.
Muhammad denied any
Involvement in the killings
Tuesday, telling the udge, "Don't
make a tool ot the Constitution
of the United States ol America
"Just like I said al the begin-
ning. I had nothing to do with
this, and I'll say again, I had
nothing to do With this Muham-
mad said.
Hut Millelle said the jury's
sentence was supported h)' law
and that "these offenses are
so vile that they were almost
beyond comprehension
Larry Meyers, older brother
of the victim, testilied Tuesday
that "Dean meant so much to
each and every one of us. I'd
prefer to remember the good
Defense lawyer I'eler Greens-
pun said Muhammad is not inher-
ently evil.
"I've represented a lot of bad
guys Greenspun said.
"I've represented guys that
you look them in the eye and see
evil. I've spent a lot ol time with
John Allen Muhammad and that's
not him
Defense lawyers had filed a
motion Monday arguing that life
in prison was the more appropri-
ate sentence to eliminate the
disparity between Muhammad's
punishment and that of Malvo,
Malvo, who was tried sepa-
rately in Chesapeake, was given
life in prison by the jury in the
Oct. 14, 2002, slaying of FBI ana-
lyst Linda Franklin, 47, outside a
Falls Church, Va Home Depot
Circuit Judge Jane Marum
Roush has no leeway Wednesday
to alter Malvo's sentence. In Vir-
ginia, judges can accept a jury's
sentence recommendation or
reduce it, but cannot increase it.
Earlier Tuesday, Mil let te
had rejected a defense request
for a new trial for Muhammad.
Defense attorneys based their
motion on letters that Malvo,
wrote to another inmate in the
Farifax County jail.
Defense lawyers said they
were unaware of the letters before
trial and said they show Malvo
acted and thought independently
and was not under the sway of
Prosecutors said the letters
added nothing to the case, and
Millctte agreed.
Muhammad's lawyers have
raised several issues that will
I i kelv be pri mary points of appeal.
First, they argue that under Vir-
ginia law only the triggerman in a
shooting death can be eligible lor
tin death penalty. The six-week
trial never conclusively deter-
mined who was the triggerman
in the killings, and much of the
evidence suggests Malvo was the
But Millette sided with pros-
ecutors who argued that the
triggerman issue is irrelevant,
and that Virginia law allows a
death penalty In cases in which
a defendant can be shown to be
"the instigator and moving spirit"
of a killing.
Mother takes home daughter
thought killed
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Luzaida Cuevas
knew immediately when she saw a
6-year-old girl at a birthday party
that she had found the daughter she
thought had died in a fire after being
kidnapped as a newborn
Cuevas, 31, and the child she named
Delimar Vera were officially reunited
Monday afternoon at state family
services offices in Burlington County,
N.J the mother's attorney, Alexander
Murphy Jr. said in a statement. The
family planned a "small, private
gathering of friends and family" to
celebrate, he said
"Luz is taking a very private approach
to this Murphy said Monday, before
the reunion took place "It's been
exhausting for her and for everyone,
and she just wants to be able to focus
completely oh her daughter"
Cuevas quickly ushered her daughter
through a back door into her Northeast
Philadelphia home as night fell The
girl, dressed in a blue hooded jacket
and pink pants, giggled but did not
Greek premier-elect takes
personal responsibility for
Olympic readiness
ATHENS. Greece (AP) - Greece's
new prime minister took personal
control Tuesday of Athens' troubled
preparations fortheSummerOlym pics,
naming himself the government point
man on the games.
Announcing his new cabinet, Costas
Caramanlis said he would lead the
culture ministry, which is in charge
of building and renovating numerous
venues for the games - including a
much-delayed project to build a roof
over the Olympic Stadium.
His decision reflected the extreme
urgency about finishing preparations
before the Aug 13-29 games.
Authorities have struggled to
overcome years of delays and other
problems in preparations for the
Athens organizers would not
comment on the move.
U.S. Marines say they killed driver
of speeding vehicle; second
fatality by peacekeepers
Marines shot and killed the driver
of a vehicle speeding toward a
military checkpoint, a spokesman told
The Associated Press on Tuesday,
the second reported fatality at the
hands of the peacekeepers.
A passenger in the car also was
wounded in the Monday night
shooting, said the spokesman,
Sgt. Timothy Edwards, in a
telephone interview.
"When you see a vehicle approaching
at high speed it is seen as a
threat, so the Marines opened fire-
Edwards said "The driver was killed.
A second man was injured and
turned over to the Haitian police
Marines said they shot and killed
a gunman who fired at them
during a demonstration Sunday in
which seven people died, including
a foreign journalist, and more
than 30 were wounded.
Also Tuesday, militants demanding
the return of ousted President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide threw
rocks and set barricades of
tires ablaze, blocking a main
road in the capital and threatening
renewed turmoil as officials
gathered to pick a new prime
Student caught
with marijuana,
Scent tips police to
search dorm room
A male student on the
seventh floor of Fletcher Hall
was recently arrested for having
20.S grams of marijuana and
other drug paraphernalia.
The student was arrested
and charged with a felony of
possession with intent to sell
and deliver a controlled sub-
stance and a misdemeanor of
possession of drug parapher-
Administrative Capt. J.P.
Smith of the ECU Police Depart-
ment said the arrest, which
occurred Feb. 29, was triggered
after the police responded
to a report of a marijuana-
type smell coming from one
of the rooms in Fletcher.
Once the police received
consent to search the
room, they found several drug-
related objects, some of which
they said were openly
A-niwe. nni .ii
More than $700 was found.
Police said this was evidence
the student had experience
in selling marijuana and the
intentions to sell again.
Other items found included
glass pipes, tubes, rolling
paper, measuring spoons,
baggies, film canisters and
marijuana seeds.
If you are using a controlled
substance or if you allow it
to be used in your room,
you run the risk of both criminal
charges and university disciplin-
ary action, saiO Smith.
Police said the student could
face other charges that are
currently pending due to
another unidentified control
substance also found. The
substance was sent away for
further investigation.
Thii writer can be contacted at
news@theea$ tcarolinian. com.
White House says Bush
will answer all questions
of Sept. 11 investigators
President Bush will privately
answer all questions raised by a
federal commission investigating
the Sept. 11 attacks, the White
House said Tuesday, apparently
dropping a one-hour limit
on the president's testimony.
The shift came on the heels
of accusations by presumed
Democratic presidential nomi-
nee John Kerry that Bush was
"stonewalling" investigations
of the terrorist attacks and
U.S. intelligence failures.
"It appears he doesn't
want to let the facts get in
the way of his campaign
presidential spokesman Scott
McClellan said of Kerry.
It was the administration's
second change of heart about
the commission. Bush origi-
nally had opposed the panel's
request for a two-month exten-
sion of its work but he eventually
"This administration has
provided unprecedented coop-
eration to the 9-11 commission
McClellan said.
"It provided access to every
single bit ol information that
they have requested
The 10-member commis-
sion sought interviews with
Bush and Vice President Dick
Cheney about what the admin-
istration knew before the
attacks, potentially a sensitive
subject in an election year.
Bush had agreed to meet
privately for an hour with the
chairman and vice chairman
of the commission, but said
it was unnecessary for him to
testify publicly. Cheney also
has said he would meet with
some commissioners.
McClellan indicated the
one-hour limit had been
"He's going to answer all
the quest ions they want to raise
lie said repeatedly, without
raising the time restriction.
Commission members are
seeking public testimony from
Bush's national security adviser,
Condolceza Rice, who has
refused to appear on the advice
of White House lawyers. Rice
has testified in private before
the commission and, McClel-
lan said, "only five members
showed up
In previous hearings, the
commission has highlighted
government missteps before
the 2001 attacks, including
miscommunications about al-
Qaida operatives dating back to
the mid-1990s and hijackers who
were allowed to enter the United
States repeatedly despite lack-
ing proper visa documentation.
Up to now, however, the
panel has not assigned blame
beyond midlevel officials in
federal agencies.

Study suggests youths have effortless
access to alcohol company Web sites
ST. LOUIS (AP) - Alcohol
company Web sites are offering a
"cyber playground" lor underage
youths despite promises from the
companies to limit their access,
according to a study released
The study by the Center on
Alcohol Marketing and Youth at
(ieorgetown University estimated
that alcohol company Web sites
received nearly 700,000 visits
by underage people from July
through December. Many
played video games and down-
loaded music, e-mail gadgets and
icons�all the while immersed in
the marketing of beer and liquor,
center director Jim O'Mara said.
"These alcohol Web sites area
virtual cyber playground with no
adult supervision O'llara said.
"If a liquor store were this
ineffective in policing underage
visits, the community would be
up in arms
Frank Coleman of the
Distilled Spirits Council in
Washington called the study a
publicity stunt aimed at gen-
erating fund raising. He said
the Federal Trade Commis-
sion has "reviewed our ads
and said they were directed to
adults, that our Web content is
directed to adults and that 99.9
percent of them had age verifi-
cation in place, in addition to
having responsible drinking
messages throughout
For the study, the Internet
audience-measuring service
comScore Media Metrfx used
its panel of U.S. residents as a
statistical sampling of Internet
users. The study was not a survey
but instead monitored actual
Internet usage, O'llara said.
The study showed that about
13 percent of all visitors to
55 alcohol company Web sites
were under the legal drinking
age of 21. The most popular
sites among young people
involving distilled spirits, beer
" ill
�� � � 4m m � .

s! '
Under aged youths can't physically visit liquor stores, but they can peruse companies'
selections on the Internet, where they are subject to marketing directed at adults.
and so-called "malternatives
generally sweet-tasting alco-
hol products. Bacardi's site��received
about 59 percent of its visits from
underage persons, according to
the study.
The two sites receiving the
most total hits from under-
age users were both affiliated
with St. Louis-based beer
giant Anheuser-Busch Cos.
Inc.� and Both
received more than 90,000
estimated visits during the six-
month study period.
Parental controls on comput-
ers block some, but not all sites,
O'llara said. The study found
that while six of eight paren-
tal-control programs studied
blocked access to the Bud Light
site, only one kept underage users
away from Bacardi's.
The sites themselves gener-
ally require age verification,
though there is no way to verify
the truthfulness of the user.
The study found that games
were featured on 10 of 15 beer
Web sites, seven of 19 sites for
distilled spirits and four of 12 for
so-called "malternatives"�bev-
erages that are malt-based like
beer but flavored to taste like
"There are a lot of features
that appear to be in conflict
with the industry's own market-
ing and advertising codes, where
they shouldn't be using toys and
games O'llara said.
Eric Shepard, executive editor
of Beer Marketer's Insight maga-
zine, said many 20-somethings
play video games, too.
"I don't know how you keep
people off a Web site Shepard
"What do you do? Take a
credit card?"
Anheuser-Busch did not
return telephone calls Monday
seeking comment.
Bacardi USA spokeswoman
Pat Neal had not seen the report
but said the company was
"highly suspect of the science
behind it
"We are responsible market-
ers and we do not target underage
consumers Neal said.
New pill could help patients to quit
smoking, slim down simultaneously
from page A1
new pill in the final stages of
testing shows promise in attack-
ing two of humanity's biggest
killers by helping people quit
smoking and lose weight at the
same time.
As government officials in
Washington launched a cam-
paign against obesity Tuesday,
doctors at a medical conference
here described the new drug as
provocative and perhaps ideal for
some people.
The drug, which could be
available in a year or two, works
by an entirely new approach�by
blocking the same primeval cir-
cuitry in the brain that gives
pot-smokers the munchies.
The development could
offer a well-timed one-two
punch against Americans' grav-
est health concerns. Smoking is
the country's top killer, account-
ing for 435,000 deaths in 2000.
The combination of poor diet,
obesity and physical inactivity
are right behind, with 400,000
Doctors who heard data on
the new pill said that while better
living habits should still be the
foundation of good health, a new
pill could be an important boost
for those who cannot accomplish
it through willpower alone.
The dual-action pill could be available in one or two years.
"We tell people to diet and
exercise, and that advice doesn't
seem to be very effective said
Dr. Raymond (iibbons of the
Mayo Clinic, who called the
latest results "very provoca-
Two reports on the drug,
called rimonabant, were released
In New Orleans at a meeting of
the American College of Cardiol-
ogy. The research was financed
by the drug's developer, the
French firm Sanofi-Synthelabo,
which plans to seek U.S. approval
to sell it under the brand Acorn-
plia after more studies are fin-
ished next year.
One study found the drug
helped people drop 20 pounds
in a year, while the other con-
cluded it doubles smokers' suc-
cess at quitting, at least in the
short run.
Doctors said the drug is likely
to be marketed both for dieting
and smoking cessation, but it is
likely to be especially appealing
to people beset by both prob-
discharging a firearm within
the city limits and "going
armed to the terror of the
people" - meaning he alleg-
edly fired at random without
targeting anyone in par-
ticular, with intent to
frighten. A person wouldn't
even have to fire a the gun to be
charged with the law, accordingto
"A person would be
acting in a way to cause fear
Williams said.
Parker was placed In the Pitt
County Detention Center on
S 1,000 bond and released
with a court date set for
May 12.
The rape reported shortly
before Parker opened fire
occurred in the Club Dynasty
parking lot. According to
police, the 18-year-old woman
said she had gone to lie down
in a friend's car. The woman
reported waking up with
a man on top of her, and police
say her father removed her
from the car.
"She had missing cloth-
ing and blood on her legs
Williams said.
Police are currently ques-
tioning a security employee
of Club Dynasty. The woman
reported that her attacker was a
36-year-old acquaintance.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
from page A1
their careers.
"He's just irreplaceable, he's
got the experience and personal-
ity that no one else can match
said Noonan.
ECU alumna Jennifer Kosiak,
who graduated with a degree in
hospitality management in
2001, works as a food and bev-
erage manager at I lyatt Regency
Orlando International Airport.
Kosiak said she was first
interviewed by the Hyatt Cor-
poration at ECU under Dishaw's
"I am currently a depart-
ment head at the Hyatt Regency
Orlando International Airport, a
position that I would not have
achieved without Mr. Dishaw's
teaching and guidance said
"1 believe what has set my col-
lege experience apart Irom other
people in my field is the support
of my dedicated professors, and
real world preparation
Kosiak said Dishaw cared
greatly about the success of
his students and made many
arrangements for company
representatives to visit ECU to
interview them.
Many of the alumni are still
in touch with Dishaw and return
to ECU to talk to his classes,
Kosiak said.
Megan Brewer, senior hos-
pitality management major,
is leading the committee of
Students into organizing the
"If he's not here our depart-
ment will sutfer along with the
university because it will reflect
on our major and students that
come out of this program said
"There are a lot of pet iple who
feel very strongly about this deci-
sion and don't really understand
it. The forum is just to answer
some questions
Dishaw, who has received
more than 100 e-mails from his
students, said he finds everything
He said he is appreciative of
the students who are acting on
his behalf, hut he said he has no
part in their actions.
"I have not told them to do
anything or not to do anything
said Dishaw.
"There's a lot of letters that
made mecry 1 had no idea they
felt about me the way they do
Dishaw said he thinks his
contract is not being renewed
because of work related reasons.
He said he feels it may be
because of his age, health issues,
relationships with other people in
North Carolina and his opinion-
ated personality.
"I'm a big, distinguished pro-
fessor of teaching. I have been
most outstanding faculty, I've
been most outstanding adviser,
I've been outstanding adviser to
IIMA, my student evaluations arc-
good I've gotten scholarships
for my students, I've helped to
raise money for this school, I've
done my job Dishaw said.
Dishaw said he has had
to miss workdays but his days
missed were due to health con-
Former Chair of the Hospi-
tality Management Department
Dori Finley, who is a professor
in the department, said ECU
does not have any kind of policy
for faculty members who take
"extended health leaves
Finley said ECU is the first
university she has worked at that
does not have such a policy.
Finley said Dishaw was a
good worker under her term as
the department chair.

Contact Info
KeepOlshawc" Is an
e-mall address kept by Megan
Brewer where students can
send comments.
"Our hospitality management
association grew, the activities
the hospitality management
association would do expanded
said Finley.
"They students became
very active in professional travel,
active in fund raising, very active
in service projects, and that was
solely at his direction
Rick Donnellyassistant hospi-
tality management professor who
started working at ECU in August
of 2003, said he cannot see how a
professor with this much student
support and awards will not have
his contract renewed.
"It our future is uncertain.
That's the message I get said
This writer can be contacted at
VtryDeUriout- Alwtwr Trun
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Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday during the regular academic year
and 5.000 on Wednesdays during the summer. "Our View" is the opin-
ion of the editorial board and is written by editorial board members
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250 words (which may be edited for decency or brevity) We reserve the
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Carolinian com or to The East Carolinian, Student Publications Building,
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One copy of The East Carolinian is free, each additional copy is $1.
Our View
Based on
these figures,
it's clear who
is picking our
president -
people with a
lack of inter-
est in the
issues that
face young
On a walk through campus, you can hear
students talk about many subjects: last night's
party, the test they stayed up all night studying
for or problems with roommates. However, one
subject students are hardly ever heard talking
about is voting - a subject that should be a
concern for students across the nation.
Since 1972. when the voting age was dropped
to 18, young people have been increasingly
disinterested in casting a ballot for president.
Turnout hit an all-time low in 2000, when an
estimated 42 percent of voters aged 18-24 went
to the polls. That same year. 70 percent of indi-
viduals age 25 and older turned out to vote.
Based on these figures, it's clear who is picking
our president - people with a lack of interest in
the issues that face young adults.
A common argument for apathetic voters is
that our votes don't matter. According to the
SmackDown Your Vote Campaign, in 1776, one
vote made the United States' official language
English instead of German.
In 1868, one vote saved President Andrew John-
son from impeachment. In 1876, one vote in the
Electoral College gave Rutherford B. Hayes the
title of President of the United States. In 1960,
Richard Nixon lost the presidential election to
John F. Kennedy by a margin of less than one
vote per precinct.
And in the 2000 presidential election in Florida,
a state with more than 16 million people, the
difference in votes was 537.
Students have amazing access to gaining
political knowledge. On-campus clubs like
College Democrats and College Republicans
offer political lectures and events to help
students register to vote. As U.S. Citizens, it
is our civic duty to take advantage of these
Instead of tuning in to the latest reality hijinx or
sitcom, take time out to watch the presidential
primaries. Talk with other students and share
your political knowledge. But most importantly,
register and get up and go vote on Election
Your future depends on it.
The purpose of TEC's opinion pages is to invoke
conversation in ECU'S community. To respond to an
opinion on this page, please send your letter, with your contact
information for verification, to
Gibson sticks to Gospels
Modem knowledge,
logic proves brutality
truly severe
Before the general public even
got a chance to see Mel Gibson's
The Passion of The 7im, people
were criticizing the film and
Gibson himself.
They said it was too violent
and anti-Semitic. Some said the
intensity of the beatings were
not recorded in the Gospels, so
Gibson must have exaggerated
the scenes, using them for shock-
value or to sell tickets.
I will he the first to admit that
I haven't seen documentation in
the Bible describing the thrash-
ing In detail, and I haven't found
anyone who can show me a pas- -
Sage that does.
However, there is historical
and medical documentation that
proses it happened. During this
time period, Jews had to ask for
Roman riders' permission to exe-
cute anyone. Pilate happened to
be ruling at the time they wanted
to kill Jesus.
According to an article in the
lournal of tin American Medical
ssot itititw. it was Roman custom
to flog the people they would
execute unless the person was
a woman, a Roman soldier or a
I he purpose ol these beat-
ings was to weaken the person
to collapsing near death before
I he whips were made with
leather of variable lengths, some-
times braided. Iron balls or sharp
pieces of sheep bones could be tied
at Intervals Some researchers say
they used glass as well.
The article also says that inju-
ries trom these beatings caused
in.issue amounts of blood loss and
could send a person into shock.
The torture Christ received
later is found in the Gospels.
The soldiers mocked llim for
claiming to he a king and gave
Hun .i crown ol thorns, a robe
and a scepter. The thorns tore
into His scalp and when they
pulled the robe off. it opened
wounds, causing them to bleed
The wounds opened again
when He was laving on the c loss
and when lie was raised lie was
. ill open every time lie inhaled
against the wood.
Christ died only three to six
hours alter lie was placed on the
cross, according to documenta-
tion. I his short period of time
was extremely unusual for cruci-
lixions. Even Pilate was shocked.
I herciore. the doctors in
this article conclude that Jesus'
death mas base been acceler-
ated clue to exhaustion and
State ot shock that resulted Iron)
severe beatings and blood loss.
rtiey also SB tills proses Gibson's
portrayal ol lesus1 last hours was
In an article in iIn- Wall Street
Journal by Peggy Noonan, she
reports I'ope John Paul II saying,
"It is as it was in response to the
movie. When the one man on
I.irlli who probably knows more
about the Gospels than anyone
else says Gibson is accurate,
shouldn't we believe him?
loes anyone honestly believe
Gibson wouldn't do this research
himself before making such a con-
troversial film?
lor those who think the vio-
lence was too much: Why? This
is not a slasher movie containing
violence for the sole purpose of
As a devout Catholic for the
past 12 years, Gibson wanted the
viewer to completely understand
what Christ went through. He
did, after all, do it for us.
If you do believe Christ was
the Son of God, you need to sit
down and watch everything
that happened to that man for
no other reason than He did it
for us.
As for being anti-Semitic, I
do sec the issue. Jews are seen
in a negative light. However,
no Jewish priest was ever shown
nearly as ignorant as the Roman
soldiers who whipped Jesus.
The only reason Gibson por-
trayed Jews with hatred towards
lesus is because the Gospels say
they did. die Jewish people
thought he was a heretic.
I read a reader's response in
luesday's paper on this same
subject. The reader said that a
nun spit on him because he was
a Jew.
That story is a horrible
example of how some people
take ignorance too far. Pirst of
all, no Jew today was alive when
it happened. Secondly, I'm sure
they don't condemn such bru-
Still, some people are what
they are, and nothing will
change them. There are some
self-proclaimed Christians who
tend to forget the whole "love
thy neighbor" thing that is so
prominent in the religion.
Anyone who uses the movie
as an excuse to persecute the
Jewish community doesn't
deserve to be acknowledged.
With all that said, Gibson's
movie portrays what the Gos-
pels have preached for years,
and nothing less. I don't think
he could have made the tilm
any other way and still have the
lasting effect on everyone who
sees it.
the only things he added
were various evil characters
throughout the movie to
enhance the religious aspect of
the story. He also added a scene
where Jesus invented the modern
dinner table including chairs,
that wasn't in the Gospels
either, but no one is upset about
it Besides, he was a c arpenter. It
could have happened.
I just don't understand how
people could gel so mad. Are they
really upset about the violence,
or the story ol Jesus in general?
Gibson knew people would
get mad at the subject matter
In his movie, he includes the
scene where lesus said, "If they
persec ute me, they will persecute
Gibson still nase everything
he had, including his reputation,
became he knew pcote needed
to see it.
So, before you get into an
iiproai and swear Gibson should
never work in Hollywood again,
look into the subject and his
lie just wanted people to
really understand.
Mel Gibson cashes in
'Passion of The Christ'
is laced with violence
and anti-Semitism
I have, of course, heard all of
the talk about the ultra-violent,
traditionalist film, The Passion
of The Christ, but generally it is
frowned upon to write about a
movie without first seeing it for
oneself. So, on Friday, I paid my
JS and stood at the back of an
immense line to see what all the
fuss was about.
The Passion has been billed
as a direct Scriptural adaptation
of the final hours of Jesus of Naza-
reth, and as I am a person lacking
any real religious affiliation, I
compared the Gospels of Matthew,
Mark, l.uke and John to The terrm
and looked for differences.
Needless to say, realistically
adapting a 2,000-year-old text to
the modern visual medium of film
is no small task, and for Gibson to
pull it off he dipped liberally into
his no doubt bottomless bag of
cinematic imagination and filled
in the blank sections of Scripture
on the subject with his personal
religious views on the death of
First of all, nowhere in the
tour Gospels does Satan appear
before Jesus, but in The Passion
he appears several times, walking
amid a crowd of angry Jews and
tempting the Messiah.
Gibson portrays Judas, the
man who betrayed Jesus to the
authorities, as having been driven
to suicide by hellish visions and
demonic tormentors in the form
of smalljewish children. But while
the Gospels do mention Judas'
suicide by hanging, never once do
they describe Judas as having been
driven to his death by Jews - and
Jewish children, no less.
Regardless of what Pat Robert-
son and the rest of the Christian
right in this country say, when I
watched this movie, I could not
help but notice Gibson's thinly
veiled undercurrent of anti-Semi-
Jews are the villains through-
out the picture. Jewish mobs egg
on Jesus' executioners as he is lead
through the streets ol Jerusalem
to his crucifixion, and the Jewish
high priests call for Christ's death
even when the Roman governor
is advocating mercy. The Jewish
people were the locus ol Gibson's
proverbial finger-pointing from
leginning to end.
And now, ladies and gentle-
men, for the crux issue of the
film: Violence. I have probably
seen hundreds of movies in my life
and The Passion is by far the most
graphic in its depictions of torture
and human suffering.
Jesus is subjected to whip-
pings and heatings the likes
of which have probably never
before been Rimed in the history
of cinema, and more than
once I was inclined to leave the
theater in disgust and physical
Clearly, Gibson isa man of con-
viction. Many have said that they
admire the Hollywood icon for his
courage and bravery in producing
a film about Jesus,
They marvel at the determi-
nation Gibson showed try sinking
S.H) million of his own money into
the project. Personally, I could not
disagree more.
first and foremost, Gibson is a
business man. You can be certain
of the fact that his movie would
cater to over 80 percent of the
American public who consider
themselves Christian was not lost
on Gibson or the studio distribut-
ing his film. He has said in inter-
views that he produced The Passion
as a labor of love and a testament to
his deeply heldatholic faith, and
he hoped that it would cause a reli-
gious awakening in this country,
bringing ever more of the faithful
to his savior, Jesus Christ.
It seems to me that if this were
true and money had no bearing on
Gibson's decision, that he would
have donated all of the profits,
above and beyond his initial invest-
ment or course, to some type of
worthwhile Christian charity-the
Christian Coalition, perhaps.
After seeing this movie and
the disgusting manner in which
Gibson uses the suffering of a
man who died for his political
and religious beliefs to draw in
his audience and captivate them
with brutality, I am inclined to
boycott the man for the rest of
his career.
Instead of the message - the
ideals of love and brotherhood
that Christ espoused - Gibson
centers the film on the physical
suffering and agony which Christ
was made to endure at the hands
of the Romans.
The scourging of Christ, which
appears in only three of the four
Gospels (l.uke doesn't mention it
once) and never for more than
two lines, was adapted from those
humble beginnings by Gibson
into an 11-minute torture scene in
which Jesus is literally flayed head
to toe by two Roman soldiers.
Close up shots of flesh being
torn from bone and deep skin lac-
erations are, to me, nothing more
than the gratuitous violence used
in cheesy horror movies as a weak
tool to further involve the audi-
ence in the lackluster story.
The degree of violence in the
movie - most of which is described
nowhere in Scripture - Is clearly a
fie tional portrayal of questionable
source material by a man bent on
spreading his narrow-minded
religiosity to as many people as
Granted, these are the ram-
blings of an atheist. I am not
convinced of Christ's divin-
ity or the absolute truth of the
Bible, so perhaps the real mes-
sage in Gibson's movie is lost
on me, but I can tell you
this - Whether the Bible is
true or not, whether Jesus
died for all the sins of man-
kind or was simply another
victim of Roman political
crucifixion, Gibson should be
ashamed for his unabashed anti-
Semitism and heavy-handed cin-
ematic use of violence.
Watching a person be
viciously tortured then executed
is not entertainment, and for
those people willing to overlook
it simply because of the religious
message, you have my deepest
I don't know if the Bible is
true, and I don't know a darn
thing about the nature of God,
but I know this much: Gibson's
graphic depiction of the death of
the Christian messiah offers little
insight into either.
- Actre
today tl
- This i
- Toda
-On It
- On I
The Stt
The Sc
Band. J
Duo as
A. J. Re
the mu!
The EC
is free.

I "� Mff caroi Mum
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Features Editor
Assistant Features Editor
Did You Know?
- Actress Sharon Stone (1958) and singer Edie Brickell (1966) both call
today their birthday
- This month is National Prepare Your Home to be Sold Month.
- Today is Learn What Your Name Means Day.
- On this day in 1862. the United Sates issued the first paper currency
- On this day in 1876. Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever
telephone call.
The Student Union will not be showing any films this week.
Music Performance
The School of Music presents The Music of Debussy, Scriabin and
Rachmaninoff by pianist Henry Doskey at 8 p.m. today in the A. J. Fletcher
Recital Hall. This event is free.
The Return
The Student Union presents a performance by the London Beatles Cover
Band. The Return, at 8 p.m. today In Hendrix Theatre. This event is free.
Paragon Ragtime Orchestra
The S. Rudolph Performing Arts Series presents a performance by the
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Four Seasons Concert
The New Music Festival at ECU presents a Four Seasons Concert including
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Founder's Day Music
The ECU Jazz Ensemble will perform for Founder's Day at 5 p.m. on
Wednesday, March 24 at the GreenvilleToyota Ampitheatre This event
is free.
Top Fives
Top five albums
1. Norah Jones. Feels Like Home
2. Kanye West, The College Dropout
3. Young Gunz, Tough Luv
4 Evanescence, Fallen
5. Kenny Chesney. When the Sun Goes Down
Top five singles
1. "With You Jessica Simpson
2. "Toxic Britney Spears
3. The Way You Move OutKast featuring
Sleepy Brown
4. "My Immortal Evanescence
5. "Numb Linkin Park
Top five movies
K '
1 Passon of The Christ
2 Starsky & Hutch
3 Hidalgo
4 50 firsf Dates
5. Twisted
Top five DVDs
1 Runaway Jury
2. Intolerable Cruelty
3. Lost in Translation
4. Radio
5. Dickie Roberts; Former Child Star
Top five TV shows
1. "Academy Awards" (ABC)
2. "Countdown to Oscars 2004" (ABC)
3. "CSI" (CBS)
4. "American Idol" - Tuesday (FOX)
5 "Friends" (NBC)
Top five books
1. The South Beach Diet, Arthur Agatson Rodale
2. The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown
3. Angels 4 Demons, Dan Brown
4. The Last Juror, John Grisham
5 The Guardian. Nicholas Sparks
Relive favorite TV
series on DVD sets
Cancelled shows are
gone, but not forgotten
Is there anything worse than
finding out your favorite TV show
is going off the air? Luckily, fans
don't have to worry about leav-
ing their favorite shows behind,
thanks to DVD box sets.
With this technology, audi-
ences can relive episodes of
their favorite shows every day.
They're also convenient for fans
who missed a couple of episodes
during the regular season.
Some of the more popular
shows released on DVD are those
that continually draw high rat-
gs, like "Friends
Sex and the City" is one
flly-rated show that has expe-
enced high numbers in DVD
les. This is due not only to the
ct that it is a popular show, but
so because many people who
don't have premium cable never
had a chance to catch it on its-
first run.
"My friends gave me season
four of 'Sex and the City' and it
has been the best present ever. I
can watch episodes I wasn't able
to sec during the regular season
because 1 didn't have cable said
Erica I'elthaus, junior communi-
cation major.
Sometimes television series'
are cancelled or complete after
only a few seasons, leaving fans
wondering what ever happened
to their favorite characters. "My
So-called life "Thj: Simple
f) Top Ten TV Series on DVD
1. "Chapelle's Show"
2. "Futurama"
3. "Stargate SG-1"
4. "Friends"
5. "Butty the Vampire Slayer"
6. "Sex and the City
7. "Angel"
8. "The Sopranos"
9. "Queer as Folk"
10. "Family Guy"
M MM, hcta t v rHJ� i'
Lifc" and "The Family Guy" are
all short-lived shows that have
experienced great success on
iiDVD box sets.
Many students purchase their
'favorite shows on DVD simply
because they can't get enough.
ften times, viewers can relate
he events that happen to char-
icters on TV to their own lives,
Inch help them cope with
everyday troubles.
"I don't know what 1 would
do if 'Huffy the Vampire Slayer'
went off the air. I really enjoy
the show said Brandy Albrai lit.
a junior business major.
Vlthough "Sex and theCity"j
and "Friends" arc the most popu-
lar DVD sets to buy, others are
snatched up almost as soon as
thev are put on the shelves.
"The X-Files "Star Trek.
The Next Generation" and
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" are all
big hits in the DVD category.
"Angel" and "Playmakers"
arc also recent DVD hits due
ij&to unexpected cancellations.
The most popular comical
BDVDs are "Southpark "The
impsons" and "Saturday Night
Vive Each DVD set includes the
entire season. Some DVDs have
bonus lootage that includes out-
takes and commentary for several
Most DVD box sets range
mom $50 - $60, which is a small
price to pay for a fan who wants
lo enjoy their favorite shows time
jafter lime.
This writer can be contacted at
liar JJVDs invade dorms, apartments
Students pick'their all-
time favorite movies
They're everywhere stacks
and stacks of movies, VIIS or
(YD, all around the floors of
orm rooms and apartment rom-
ilexes adjacent to ECU. Topping
ie list with going downtown or
tting the Rec Center, spending
movie night with friends is one
the most common forms of
entertainment students enjoy.
TEC asked various ECU stu-
dents to list their top five favorite
movies. Despite thousands and
thousands of films to choose
from, TEC was able to calculate
a list, along with offering five
perhaps lesser-known selections
that students might enjoy check-
ing out as well.
Student Pick; Scarfaee. A clas-
sic 19H.t gangster film starring
Al fact no as the now-legendary
Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee
who makes his claim as a cocaine
kingpin in the seedy underworld
of sunny Miami.
Also check out: Bftondock
Stiints. A cool, explosive alterna-
tive to the now-redundant "Tar-
rcntino copycat" movies of the
late 1990s, this small-time caper
involving two Irish brothers who
wreak havoc on those menacing
the Boston streets they occupy is
a must for any fan ol both gang-
ster and crime-thriller lilms.
Student Pick: Animal House.
The stepping-stone of all "frat-
party comedy-lesls" Ibis Infa-
mous Ivan Keitman classic stars
lim Matheson, Kevin Bacon,
Karen Allen, loin Mulct and the
unforgettable John Beiushi as
students resenting the status-
quo of the university - always
causing trouble and partying all
the way.
Also Check Out: 014 School.
Yes, based on the recent box office
success of the movie, there is no
doubt that quite a few students
have seen this 2003 comedy
hit starring l.uke Wilson, Vince
Vaughn and the always reliable
Will lerrell Honestly, though,
there has been no other movie
that rivals the hilarity and bril-
liance ol Animal House like Todd
Phillip's OW School. It's only a
matter ol time before Old School
enjoys the classic status Animal
House enjoys today.
Student Pick: Office Space.
A film that'tanked at the box
office yet became a monster hit
on video, Mike Judge's biting
satire on the mundane boredom
c il everyday office life has become
twith the help of constant
repeated showings on Cornells
Central) a college kid's favorite.
"What would you do with a mil-
lion dollars?" yeecaaah, that
would be teeeeerrific the "O-
face Need we say more?
Also Check Out: BBC's The
Office. A unknown critical favor-
ite last year and the recent winner
of three Golden Globe Awards,
this British comedy concerning
similar office "nightmares" is a
worthy find reminiscent of the
genius found in Office Spine.
see DVDS page A6
New ads sell with attitude, innovative approaches
Quiznos commercial
newest hot topic on 7V
These days, commercials are
a part of pop culture as much
as your typical music, movies
and television shows, from the
ubiquitous phrase, "Can you
hear me now?" to our favorite
promotional geckos, ducks and
frogs, TV ads continue lo gel
wilder and more funny, attract-
ing our attention.
The most recent commer-
cial phenomenon has to be the
Quiznos Subs creatures that have
us all asking, "What will they
use to advertise next?" In
case you've missed these com-
mercial spots, you can go to to see the "spong-
monkeys" for yourself. The
creatures are obviously Photo-
Shopped, with a possible pygmy
monkey base, bulging misshapen
eyes and large mouths that
sing "We love the subs
Though it may be a bold
ad campaign, the Quiznos' ad
has become the hot topic of
the pop world as people discuss
either how genius or ridiculous
the commercials are.
The Quiznos creatures come
from the mind ol llrilish Chan-
nel four's Joel Veltch, who lirst
used them In a clip that can
be found at
After receiving the clip via e-
mail from a Friend, ,n employee
in their ad linn decided it would
be perfect for a new campaign.
Since then, Quiznos and pop
culture enthusiasts have been
bombarded with letters and e-
mails about the spongmonkeys
and Why Quiznos WOUld use
such a unique approach lo
advertising. The growing sub
chain is not able to spend as
much money on advertising
as other brands, so their loiu-
mercials have to he "dramatic"
and create a bu - so called
"water-cooler" talk thai raises
awareness and gels people
Obviously, the campaign
is working, as seen from the
positive and negative response
to the spongmonkeys. It will
be Interesting to see where
Quiznos goes from here and
whether the singing creatures
will lose their moment in
the spotlight
Another popular series of
commercials is the Citibank
identity theft campaign, where
we see various bank members
The idea for the Quiznos commercial came from this online
cartoon of "spongmonkeys" singing about the moon.
voiced user by their supposed
thieves. I be humor comes
In the facial expressions and
environments of the customers
while they take on the voice of
the perpetrator. Entertaining?
yes, and quite i realise In the
situations the) show for identity
"I think the identity theft
commercials are hilarious. They
choose the funriiest pairs lor
the commercials, usually the
most opposite types of people,
and it's so funny to hear
what thev say and the facial
expressions that go along with
I hem said Katie Mac Anally.
senior history education major.
Another great campaign
that has gotten a lot of atten-
tion is the Geico car insurance
ads with their famous phrase,
"I've got good news. I just saved
a ton of money by switching
to Geico Though their cute
gecko had been successful
before with tiny cars and talk-
ing Chihuahuas, this new set
is funny and disguises many
of the commercials with
court shows, soap operas and
rap auditions.
Nextel has capitalized on
their walkie-talkie phones
see ADS page A7

Beatle Mania comes to ECU
The Return to perform
at Hendrix Theatre
For the young and old.
The Return provides a good
source of entertainment.
This Beatles tribute band
brings audiences the nostalgia
of the 1960s and the songs
that most people know by
"I just love the Beatles said
Elaine Worthington, administra-
tive assistant.
"My sister Deborah and I sing
karaoke at the beach to Beatles
songs a lot
The Return plays a multitude
of Beatles songs, including a lot
of their big hits. Some of the
songs on their play list include
"A Hard Day? Night "Can't Buy
Me Love "Eight Days a Week
and "She Loves You
They also play "Michelle
"Love Me Do "Help "I Saw
Her Standing There "Yellow
Submarine "I Want to Hold
Your Hand" and "Ticket to Ride
They have many songs listed that
they play, but the band also takes
"They even look like them
it is very cool said Amanda Trail,
Student Union Popular Entertain-
ment Committee chair.
"I have seen them perform
before, and it makes you think
you are at a Beatles concert. It is
the next best thing
The Return sports bowl
The Return, a Beatles tribute band, performs tonight.
haircuts and black suits. Their
authentic look even goes down
to the equipment they use. The
Return uses the same type of
guitars and amps used back in
the 1960s.
"It is a lot of fun. I'm going
to dress up I960s-likesaid Kerri
Anderson, secretary for the Popu-
lar Entertainment Committee.
The band is made up of
Richard Stelling as John Lennon,
Shane Landers as Paul McCart-
ney, Michael Fulop as George
Harrison and Jason Cobble as
Ringo Starr.
Originally, the band's inten-
tion was not to be a Beatles trib-
ute hand.
The original lour members all
started out in various bands that
played their own music.
About once a month, the
group would get together and
play Beatles music.
"F.ventually, some friends
of ours were having an album
release party and asked us to
open for them Fulop said.
"We got some black suits from
a thrift store, combed our hair
down and tried our best at por-
trayingthe individual member of
the Beatles
The group and the crowd
had such a good time thai they
did it again and covered Beatles
music about once a month until
they decided to make it a full-
time job.
see RETURN page A7
from page A5
Student Pick: Fight Club.
David Fincher's schizophrenic
look at the capitalistic down-
fall of the neo-future offers
exciting visuals, intelligent
dialogue and two dynamic per-
formances from Edward Norton
and Brad Pitt.
Also Check Out: The dame.
Unlike Fight Club, Seven or Vank
Room, this 1997 thriller from
David Fincher failed to capture
mass success at the box office.
Just as dark, ust as haunting
and worthy of a second look
(like most of Fincher's films), The
dame is an impressive counter-
point to the mad-genius vision of
this always engaging director.
Student Pick: The Shawshank
Redemption. Much like Office
Space, this 1994 prison drama
starring Morgan Freeman and
Tint Robbins was greeted with
great critical acclaim upon its
release, yet failed to find an
audience at the box office. With
time, however, The Shawshank
Redemption has become one of
the most successful releases in
home video history, selling mil-
lions of copies and becoming a
cable-viewing staple on both the
TBS and TNT networks.
Also Check Out: SHng Blade.
A moving tale about a simple-
minded man who forms a close
friendship with the family who
takes him in after being released
Irimi a mental hospital, Sling
Hlailc has similar themes and alti-
tudes presented in The Shawshank
Redemption. A lovely story of both
heart and compassion, Sling Made
deals with the necessity of hope,
peace and understanding among
complicated characters in a com-
plicated world.
This writer can be contacted at
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Professional School
Orientation Program
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Affairs, University of North Carolina, Office of the President
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Science and Technology Building - Room SZ3093:0O-5:OO PM
Topics slated for discussion:
Why Graduate or Professional School
Admissions RequirementsProcedures
Required Entrance Examinations
Writing the Personal StatementEssay
FellowshipAssistant ship Opportunities
SpoaMrrd by Tkt (.radaalr School al I jm Carolina I'anrnity For additional information, pica call (252) .12 It-Mil 2 or
�top by Keoaa 1.11 Kagvialc Individual with dHabtlitii v requeuing accommodations under Ike Americans with Disabilities
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To start off, I have to say that I am now a George I luff fan. He Is
a true performer and he really shined in last night's performance of
"Lean on Me However, some weren't so great. The only thing that
Matthew Metzger's version of "When I See You Smile" was missing
was four other corny boy band members, matching outfits and a
deal with Jive Records. Jon Peter Lewis' vocals were his best ever,
but if he wants to advance in the competition, he needs to lose the
crazy motions. This week, I predict George Huff, Jon Peter Lewis,
Suy Vulaca and Jennifer Hudson will advance. Go George!
Katie Webber did no justice to Whitney Houston's "So Emo-
tional but like Simon said, she'll get the entire male vote - I'd
certainly give her mine. George Huff got into "Lean on Me" with
such energy and passion, he's a lock for the finals. Suy Vulaca
commanded "I Will Survive and we'll also see her in the finals.
Although Jennifer Hudson doesn't look like an "Idol she surely
sings like one. The screw-up of the night was Jon Peter Lewis - his
terrible performance was an insult to the King's "A Little Less Con-
versation" and to himself.
I began watching last night's competition thinking it was simply
going to be the best of the worst � since it was filled with all the
contestants that didn't move forward In weeks 1-4. But, I was proven
wrong, as most contestants brought a level of talent to the show that
they were previously lacking. Now, for my picks, and I must say this
is hard because America has surprised me with their choices on more
than one occasion. But, going solely on talent, my wildcard picks would
be George I luff, Suzy Vulaca, Jon Peter Lewis and Jennifer Hudson.
Names in the News
F Number of accurate predictions
(KRT)-A tour bus transporting
smoldering country singer Randy
Travis crashed
u n d a y
Ibfternoon in the
Ipocono town of
Lakeville, Pa
causing nary an
Travis, his wife,
Elizabeth, and
driver Jeff Davis were the only people
in the 45-foot customized bus, which
careened into a driveway and then
went into a ditch on Slate Road 590.
Two trucks pulled the bus out and
Travis went on to do a show at a
Caesars resort
"We want to thank all the folks who
helped us out Travis said "When we
planned to release our new single,
Raise Him Up, this week, this was
not what we had in mind"
So what's new with O.J. Simpson? The
former football hero is being sued in
a Miami civil court lor $20,000 amid
claims that he used pirating devices
to pilfer satellite TV broadcasts
at his Miami home. DirecTV says
Simpson used two "bootloaders" to
decrypt its signals. The devices were
removed by the feds from Simpson's
house during a search way back in
December 2001. Simpson attorney
Yale Galanler could not be reached
for comment by Fox
Bad news (or "Sex and the City"
fans: The show's
producer, Michael
Patrick King, who
wrapped up the
series with a final
show Feb 22. told
an audience at the
US. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen,
Colo. that they'd be wasting their time
waiting to see Carrie (Sarah Jessica
Parker) and her gal pals frolic on the
silver screen in a film adaptation of
HBO's comedy of the mannerless.
"Nothing we did in the series was
altered to save something for the
movie King said. "This is exactly
the way we wanted to end the series.
We're proud of what we did
King's sound bite comes amid
tabloid rumors that the show's two
alpha gals are the real cause for the
nonmovie It all depends on what you
want to believe. Either Kim Cattrall
loathes Parker because of the way
she was treated by the series star,
or both actors have derailed the
big-screen project by demanding a
reported $14.4 million plus royalties
to star in it.
Jerry Seinfeld guards his privacy.
So much so that we here at
"Newsmakers" had no clue the
comedian had any kids Well, he
does. Two of 'em. And his son, Julian
Kal Seinfeld, who just celebrated his
first birthday, had a bit of an accident
this weekend. No biggie: The baby tell
and had to be hospitalized overnight
Saturday. But it meant Jerry had to
cancel his show in Spartanburg, S.C
that night to rush home to be with the
family. His rep says Julian is "at home
and is doing very well
Rejoice, "LOTR" fans! New Line
Cinema announced Monday that it
will release The Lord of the Rings:
The Return of the King" on DVD and
VHS May 25, three months quicker
than the home-video versions of the
first two films.
But around Christmas, you'll need to
make yet another trip to the store:
That's when the extended version
of the (lick will come out The three
extended versions will make the
trilogy more than 11 hours long.
Guess vice doesn't pay after all.
"Miami Vice that is. City National
Bank in California claims the show's
big blond hairdo, Don Johnson, owes
it $1 million, and has filed a suit to
force the once Euro-suave actor to
sell property he has in Aspen. Colo
The bank said Johnson had not
made payments on a loan he took
out in October 2002.
Johnson's rep said the star was
refinancing the loan.
Proving once
again that it's
way too easy
to make a
mountain out
of a molehill,
we'd like to
report that
some schizophrenics are upset
at J.C. Chasez. Reason? The
pseudo-sultry N Sync-er's debut
solo CD is titled "Schizophrenic" and
features a pic of the pretty boy in a
straitjackel Schizophrenia sufferer
Bill MacPhee tells's
The Scoop, "This sort of thing
can lead to further stigmatization
and stereotyping of schizophrenia
Meanwhile, Chasez is beating a
hasty retreat, telling the New York
Daily News, via his rep, "I apologize
to anyone I may have offended with
the title and cover of my album. I
took artistic license" No one seems
to have paid attention to the suffering
incurred by reviewers, some of whom
have branded the album sub par.
from page A5
from page A6
Safe by
using the signature "Done"
sound with the phones
during weddings and business
meetings. Likewise, Verizon
has continued with "Gan you
Shear me now?" ads and Alltel
with their "dropped calls"
commercial where phones
fall to the ground whenever
a call is dropped. Humorous
in the approach, they also
create known phrases and
images that allow their ads
to be more successful.
Golden Corral has been
running more ads lately pro-
moting their popular buffet and
special weekly items. Their
latest commercial is designed
to draw in dog owners, but
everyone seems to enjoy the
little boy pushing on the dog's
stomach and unlocking the car
through the keyless remote.
"I think that commercial
is so funny because it reminds
me of when my dog was a puppy
and would try to eat everything
said Linda Rusnak, senior
accounting major.
One of the newer Internet
ads is the Travelocity "roam-
ing gnome" that reads aloud
his letters to his owner. This is
an idea that has been around
for a while and is a humorous
practical joke that was even seen
as a subplot in the200 foreign
film Amelk
Travelocity is now using it to
promote their travel Web site and
the gnome, who actually origi�
nated in Durham according to
his link on Travelocity, has been
sent around the globe.
"The roaming gnome is a
cute idea and I like how he has
a British accent. It just seems to
make the whole commercial fun-
nier said Ashley Presar, senior
biology major.
This writer can be contacted at
The current band members
have been playing together for
only a year.
Over the years, there have
been various changes in the
"I feel like the four of us have
accomplished more in one year
than in all the years preceding
Fu lop said.
They have played all
over the United States,
but Fulop cites playing
in London and Liverpool
as their greatest accomplish-
They were also able to record
in the legendary Abbey Road
Each band member started
playing music at a very young
age. Most came from musical
"We have been involved
in music one way or another
since our earliest memories
Fulop said.
Fulop, who is a fan
of new and old music,
believes students should listen
to the Beatles because most of
today's artists cite them as one
of their Influences.
This writer can be contacted at
Event Info
The Return
Today at 8 pm
Hendrix Theatre
This event is free.
For more informa-
tion about the band, visit,
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Division of UBE
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le cemblnefl writ! m otter cmiims I�plres Sinirdin Mtrtk II. 2M4
� �������I ET
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You Will:
Check out our website for more
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Housing Available
�� i �

Spring football practice
sports getting into full swing
Sports Editor
Assistant Sports Editor
The ACC vs. Pirates Challenge Needs Volunteers
The ACC versus ECU challenge is seeking volunteers to work with the cancer
benefit game held April 23 The meeting will be held in Mendenhall in Room
247 on Thursday, March 11 at 830 p.m. The barn-storming basketball game
feafures ACC seniors facing off against a team made up of ECU seniors The
game will benefit the Jimmy V foundation, which researches cancer Tickets
for the event will go on sale after Spring Break through the ECU ticket office
Self Defense Fitness Class
Self Defense fitness classes will be held March 24 - April 14 from
8 pm - 9 pm The program offers students a chance to learn self-defense
techniques in a progressive training system that allows them lo avoid
confrontation and defend themselves as the situation dictates The program
will also cover basic personal protection theories as well as some of the more
recent philosophies on self-defense
NCAA Basketball Tourney "Pick-em"
Do you think you know who is going to win this year's NCAA tournament'? The
Intramural Department challenges you to pick the teams Entry forms may be
picked up on March 22 at 10 am in SRC 128
Quick Start CanoeKayak
The adventure program is organizing a trip of canoeing and kayaking to
the Cape Fear River Interested parties must register by March 26. A pre-trip
meeting is scheduled for March 31.
Sea Kayaking
The Adventure program will be going to Bear Island for a day of fun sea
kayaking Those who want to participate must register by March 26. A pre-trip
meeting is scheduled for March 31.
For more information on any of these programs, call 328-6387.
Sports Briefs
Student-athletes promote reading at local schools
"As long as you can read, you'll never be lonely or bored" These were some
of the words of wisdom baseball's Brian Cavanaugh had for area school
children as he and other members of ECU'S "Athletes for Education" Speaker's
Bureau helped celebrate Dr Seuss 100th birthday on March 2 As part of the
National Education Association's Read Across America celebration, which
centers around the famed authors birthday, ECU student-athletes spent
the first week in March stressing the importance of reading to area school
children In addition to promoting reading, student-athletes relayed through
their own experiences the keys to academic success Many of the athletes
also had the opportunity to read their favorite Dr Seuss book to the elementary
children The "Athletes for Education" Speakers Bureau program was created
by the Student Development Office in the ECU Department of Athletics to
promote the importance of education through the positive role models of
athletes Last year, the program reached over 2.000 local school children in
the Greenville area
C-USA announces next year's tourney sites
The sites for the 2005 Kelly Tires Conference USA Men's Basketball Tournament
and the 2005 C-USA Womens Basketball Tournament were announced by
Commissioner Britton Banowsky Tuesday Memphis will serve as the host city
for the men's tournament, while Charlotte will be the location of the women's
tournament. Both tournaments will be 12-team. four-day events. The men's
tournament will be held at the brand � new FedEx Forum in downtown Memphis
from March 9-12, while the womens tournament will take place from March
3-6 at Dale Halton Arena on Charlottes campus. This will be the third time
that the city of Memphis has played host to the C-USA Mens Tournament
The league's inaugural event in 1996 and the 2000 Tournament were both
played at The Pyramid on the riverfront in Memphis This will be the first time
that Charlotte has played host to the C-USA Women s Tournament
AP Basketball Top 25
Team (pts.)RecordPvs
1 Saint Joseph's (67)27-02
2 Stanford (2)26-11
3 GonzagaO)26-24
4 Mississippi St.25-25
5 Duke (2)25-43
6 Pittsburgh27-36
7 Oklahoma St24-38
8 Kentucky23-49
9 Connecticut24-67
10 Wisconsin21-617
11 Texas21-610
12 Illinois22-518
13 Cincinnati21-613
14 Georgia Tech22-819
15 Wake Forest19-811
16 North Carolina18-914
17 NC Slate19-816
18 Kansas20-721
19 Syracuse21-624
20 Providence20-712
21 Arizona19-822
22 Utah St25-223
23 Memphis21-620
24 S Illinois25415
25 Air Force22-5
The Pirates will break in many new offensive linemen and try out three new quarterbacks.
Thompson optimistic
for upcoming season
Head Coach John Thomp-
son and the Pirates began spring
practice last week in anticipation
of the upcoming season. Practice
featured 48 returning lettermen,
including 15 starters from 2003.
"1 feel us getting better and
better every day. Today (Monday)
seemed to be our best practice so
far said Thompson.
"We got four real good days
of practice last week and we need
to get four good days this week.
Our guys seem to have a little
more enthusiasm and a little
more hunger each day and are
getting better
Thompson hopes to improve
on his first year as a college Head
Coach, a season in which the
Pirates were just 1-11. Thomp-
son believes understanding the
players better has been key, and
the players understanding the
coaching staff has made his
second season at the helm begin
According to Thompson,
the focus has been getting
better, playing harder and being
accountable every day.
Several veteran players are
getting some action at different
positions. Senior Tutu Moye has
seen some plays at linebacker
see PRACTICE page A10
ECU looks to stay hot in Cincinnati
Pirates face Louisville
in C-USA tournament
Forget Christmas, March is
the best time ol year. College
basketball is shown all day, every
day, and, this March should go
down as one of the best ever.
Many conference tourna-
ments, including the Confer-
ence-USA tournament, should
have some surprises. ECU could
be a team to do just that. The
Pirates won lour ol their last live
with the only loss coming at Mar-
quette and that late run earned
them a spot inincinnati for the
tournament .is the No. n seed.
I he game will be tonight
at 7 p.ra .nul televised locally
on WIl'N. Their opponent
will be Kirk Pitino's Louisville
Cardinals, who hold the No.
6 seed. I he winner of that
game v i 11 play third seeded
Ibis game has some his-
tory behind it. ECU'S first ever
conference win came three sears
ago against I ouisville in Minges.
Hie last two years' home games
with Louisville have been tele-
vised nationally, bringing sold-
out crowds lo boo the Cardinals
and have the chance to get on
lit has a great chance of
winning this ballgame. Earlier in
the vear, l. 1! lost to I ouisville in
Minges by only Hi points and the
Pirates were dearly not reads tor
that game.
the absence oi Gabriel
Mikulas, who was injured
a day earlier in prai tii e,
The Pirates sail into the C-USA tournament with momentum.
was a huge obstacle lor the Pirates
lo hurdle as the game approached.
KCt) was obviously not prepared
to play without him, and the
offense did not click.
Also, Frank Robinson has
improved dramatically. He did
not score in the game, barely
esen played tor that matter.
Now, he starts as the two-guard.
I his allows Coach Mill Herrlon to
sub Helton Rivers in and out and
gisi-s him the opportunity to do
what he does best-shoot thelhree.
If there is any momen-
tum heading into this game,
it goes the way of ECU.
Louisville, picked to win the con-
ference and at one point probably
the best team in the country after
knocking two number one tea ins,
had an incredibly disappointing
year, finishing sixth in C-USA.
The Cardinals started 16-1
with their lone loss coming in
the season opener, but then went
on to lose six out of their next
seven, all in conference play.
Thei r season ended last week with
a heartbreaking loss to Marquette,
The keys to this game are very
simple. On defense, F.CU must
shut down the second and third
scorers in Louisville's offense.
The Pirates have tradition-
ally done a good job of negat-
ing other teams' leading scor-
ers, but had trouble with their
opponents second
and third options.
The previous game
with Louisville was no
different - PranslCO Garcia
was held to 11 points, but
it was Taquan Dean and
Larry O'Bannon who combined
for 32 points that hurt the Pirates.
The key for offense is to get the
ball in the hands of Mike Cook or
Derrick Wiley.
If they can't get a good look,
they need to dump the ball down
to Moussa Sadiane, who has
stepped up lately and played the
best ball of his career.
Winning this tournament has
to be the goal of the team, but it
will not come easy. Assuming
that all higher seeds win, F.CU
would have to beat Louisville,
Cincinnati, Memphis and
DePaul - four of the best teams
in the C-USA and teams that
F.CU lost to in the regular
The Pirates need to at least beat
Louisville - a win would guaran-
tee at worst a .500 season, which
is needed to make the NIT.
Prediction? ECU 66, Louis-
ville 60.
This writer can be contacted at
ECU softball set for Cougar Classic
Others receiving votes Michigan St 70. Charlotte 48. DePaul 42, Louisville 41
Boston College 36. Washington 36. Selon Hall 34, W. Michigan 31. Nevada I
20, ETSU 10, Texas Tech 10, Florida 6. Dayton 5 Manhattan 4. South Carolina f
3. Boise St 2. UTEP 2. Alabama 1, BYU 1. Marquette 1. Oklahoma 1, Pacific 1. f
Princeton 1,Va Commonwealth 1
ECU is looking to sweep another tournament
Lady Pirates look to
extend winning streak
The softball team will travel
to Charleston, SC to take part
in the Cougar Classic after a
great weekend at home sweep-
ing the Pirate Clash. I he
Lady Pirates are currently
17-5-1 and are looking toextend
their six-game winning streak
this weekend.
ECU will play Bowling
Green, Savannah State, UAB
(in a non-conference game) and
the College of Charleston. ECU
will then be seeded into a single
elimination tournament on
Head Coach Tracey Kee
heads into the tournament this
weekend aware of the challenge
that awaits her team.
"TheCharleston Tournament
is filled with quality opponents
said Kee.
"We know that anyone can
win any given day
As a team, ECU is batting
a respectable .278 this season.
Junior Kate Manuse leads the
team, batting a .385 with 65 at
bats and two homeruns. Junior
Andiey Acosta is not too far
behind Manuse, batting .375
but with only 27 at bats.
Performance at the plate
is not the only thing the
l.ady Pirates have excelled in
this season. The team has been
pitching just as well as it has been
hitting. Overall, ECU'S pitchers
have an astonishing combined
ERA of 1.87. Freshman pitcher
Keli llarrell is 5-0 and leads the
team with 46 strikeouts in as
many innings.
A sweep of the Cougar Classic
by the Lady Pirates would not
only boost their record to a
possible 23-5-1, it would also
give the softball team strong
momentum heading into their
conference games against UAB
next week.
The Pirates will open play
this Friday with an 11 a.m. game
against Bowling (ireen.
This writer can be contacted at
sports�theeastcarolinian. com.

3 10 04
Winner to prevail in C-USA tourney
injury requires no surgery
(KRT) � The large tattoo on
Quemont Greer's right bleep is an
illustration of a basketball player
holding up a ball. It is surrounded
by the words, "Pear No Evil" and
"Kill or Be Killed
That may well be the motto
of DePaul's upcoming week at the
Conference USA tournament in
Greer's frontcourt partner, 6-
foot-9-inch center Andre Brown,
likes the sound of that attitude.
"I think that's a great theme
said Brown.
The Blue lemons (19-8) won
12 of their last 14 games to finish
in a remarkable five-way tie for
first place in the regular season.
They swept No. 13 Cincinnati at
home and South llorida on the
road last week. DePaul, Memphis,
Cincinnati, Alabama-Birming-
ham and Charlotte all finished
12-4 for t he unprecedented mass
"That's crazy Brown said.
Better yet, the Blue Demons
won the league tiebreakers to
learn a first-round bye and the
No. 1 seed in the 12-team tour-
Inament beginning Wednesday at
lU.S. Bank Arena.
Although nothing is guar-
anteed, the feeling is that the
strong finish solidified DePaul's
position with the NCAA selection
committee, too.
The achievement isa bit stun-
ning for a team that never spent
a minute in first place until the
regular season ended.
The late run was akin to a
horse making a strong stretch
run to nip the competition at
the wire.
"We started to click at the
right time said junior guard
Drake Diener.
"It was a real exciting feeling.
None of us had ever been a cham-
pion on the college level
The seeding means DePaul
does not start play until
2:30 p.m. Thursday, against the
winner of a first-round game
between Marquette (17-10),
the Demons' chief league rival.
and Texas Christian (11-16).
DePaul split with Marquette
this season and defeated Texas
" There's a lot of intrigue
said DePaul coach Dave Leitao,
of possibly facing Marquette a
third time.
"We look forward to it
DePaul, which is only two
years removed from a 9-19
record and in only its second
year under leitao, accomplished
its run with a well-balanced
Brown averages 14.2 points
and 9.6 rebounds per game,
although he missed nine games
with a knee injury.
Forward Delonte Holland
averages 16.S points, Greer 12.6
and Diener 12.2.
Diener was named C-USA
player of the week for the second
time Monday, and Brown and
Holland were named second-
team All-C-USA.
"As far as I'm concerned,
they're one of the top 20 teams
in the country said Louisville
coach Rick Pitino.
Voters in the national polls
have not made such a statement,
but the players believe perception
is changing.
Greer said the Blue Demons
felt like underdogs before, but
no more.
"We're glad to be in first
place and get some respect said

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2004 C-USA
Round by round
IMHMiy, Mirrh 10 IFInl MlMI
i5iuiic-c�.ii� lum lEsma i��
161 loKMI!�llll ECtl WITH 7pm
171 SmoiiH � UOI So Mm IESPHPIikI 9.30pm
Tkntti. am H lOunvfluisi
LH�'t�B 1411KB Its Plusl Ipm
MARTCUvs lllDcPam lESPKPlusI 3:30pm
LOU ECUk 131 Cincnuo IESPN Plusl 7 pm
SLUUSMBl7IMtmpNs IESPN Plusl 9:30 pm
FtKly, ��( I? HulUlHI
StmllWNol IESPW 4 30pm
Simlltal Ho t IESPN Plusl 7pm
SKurlli MKCt 13
Championship Gam� IC8SI 1141pm.
TAMPA, FU.(AP)-Gary Shef-
field tan play with a torn lia-
mrnl in his right thumhand will
be hack in the New York Yankees'
lineup for spring training games
later this week.
The outfielder, who reinjured
the thumb last weekend, was
examined Tuesday In New York
hy hand specialist Or. Melvin
"(iary Sheffield obviously
is one tough cookie Yankees
general manager Brian ('ash-
man said.
"Me played through it before
without a problem, apparently
Sheffield, who was to return
to Tampa on Tuesday, originally
hurt the thumh last July while
playing for the Atlanta Braves,
but he never had an MM exam
and the torn ligament went
lie hit .327 after the injurv
with 17 homers and "2 RHIs in
69 games.
lie aggravated the injury
Saturday when trying to get to
a fly hall by Toronto's Orlando
Hudson that landed for a triple.
The Yankees initially thought
it was just a bruise, hut the team
worried after an MRI exam and
X-ray revealed the tear.
"We're not out of the woods
on this, don't get me wrong
(ashman said.
"But today's news was cer-
tainly more encouraging, after
the hand specialist in New
York saw him, than yesterday's
Sheffield was at Columbia-
Presbyterian Medical Center at
6:30 a.m. for the exam.
An operation to repair a
torn thumh ligament typically
requires two to three months of
recovery time.
"You treat the patient and
not the injury (ashman said.
"We're going to see how he
comes through it over the next
two weeks
Last year, shortstop Derek
Jeter tore a ligament in his left
thumh during the AL cham-
pionship series opener against
Boston. He kept on playing,
taking inimhing medication for
the remainder of the Red Sox
series, and the thumh healed on
its own. Rosenwasser examined
Jeter in November.
"Si ime guys say operate, other
guys say rehabilitate. I stayed
with the rehahilitate guy Jeter
Sheffield is among nine
Yankees 35 or older and that
doesn't include pitcher Orlando
Hernandez, who reached a pre-
lim i nary agreement on a contract
last weekend and took a physical
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C-USA announces All-Conference team
Three underclassmen, one
junior and one senior com-
prise the 2004 All-Conference
USA first learn, which
features Memphis freshman
forward Sean Ranks, Charlotte
sophomore forward Curtis
Withers. Louisville sophomore
lorward Krancisco Garcia,
Marquette unkI guard Travis
Diener and Memphis senior
guard Antonio Burks.
Diener was � second team
selection last season and Burks
was named to the third team
while the other three players
are earning all-league accolades
lor the lust time. I he awards are
voted on by the league's coaches
and media
Banks hurst on the-l s.
scene this season, leading the
league's freshmen in scoring
(18.0) and In rebounding (6.9),
while also ranking among
the league's leaders in three-
point field goal percentage
(.392) and blocked shots (27).
He has scored 20 or more
points 12 times, including
each of the last six outings. He
scored a career high 29 points
against C harlotte on Jan. 17
and nearly matched that at
Cincinnati on Saturday, net-
ting 28. The 6-8 Banks is the
only player in Memphis bas-
ketball history to hit at least
six three-pointers In a game
on four different occaiions.
Over his last six games, Banks
is averaging 25.S points per
After earning a spot on last
season's All-freshman team.
Withers has blossomed as a
sophomore. He has posted a
league-high IS double-dou-
bles, including eight in league
play. Withers has scored in
double figures and pulled down
at least seven rebounds, in all
but two games, lor the year,
he is averaging 16.6 points
(fourth In-USA) and 9.5
boards (second in the league).
Additionally, he is shooting .498
trom the floor, third-best in C-
USA among plavers with 10 or
more shots per game.
Crarcia leads the Cardinals
and ranks in the Top 10 of
C-USA In scoring (IS.8, 4th in
C-USA), assists (4.9, third
in C-USA) and steals
(46, fourth in-USA).
lie has reached double figures
in 19 of the 25 games that he
has played in this season and
also set a school record
with 15 assists against
Murray State on Ian. s. A first
team NABC District 7 selec-
tion. Garcia is a finalist tor
the Wooden Award, which is
given to the nation's top col-
lege player.
Diener is one of only two
players in Division I cur-
rently averaging 18.0 points
and 6.0 or more assists.
His 7( three-point held goals
this season are a new Mar-
quette record for a junior
and he is just the seventh
player in school history to score
1,000 points and dish out 400
assists in a career. He leads
( (ISA In scoring (18.5), ranks
third in three-point field
goals made (7f) and second in
free throw percentage (.884).
Diener has also been named
.is one of 20 finalists for the
Wooden Award.
The Tigers floor general,
Burks joins Diener as the only
two players on this year's
all-conference team that were
on last year's squad. He ranks
fifth in C-USA in scoring (16.5)
and three-point field goal per-
centage (.4.12), is second in
assists (5.3) while leading the
league In steals (2.5). Burks
enters the C-USA Tournament
needing just seven points for
1,000 in his career. When he
reaches the 1,000-point plateau,
he will become only the fourth
player in the storied history of
Memphis basketball to have
1,000 points, 450 assists and 170
steals. Burks is one of the final-
ist for the Bob Cousy Award, an
accolade given to the nation's
top point guard.
The C-USA second team
includes DePaul senior forward
center Andre Brown, Saint Louis
junior guard Reggie Bryant,
Southern Miss senior forward
Charles Gatnes, Del'aul senior
forward Delonte Holland and
( iih tiiii.iti junior forward Jason
C-USA's third team is com-
prised of Cincinnati senior
guard Tony Bobbin, UAB senior
guard Mo linley, USI junior
forward Terrence Leather, TCU
junior guard Corey Santee and
Louisville senior forward Luke
Ni ne of t he 15 a 11 - con f erence
picks were forwards, including
three first-team members and
four on the second team.
Eleven teams had at
least one player named to
one of the all-league teams
Cincinnati, Del'aul, Louisville
and Memphis each produced
two selections.

2003-04 C-USA MEN'S
Sean Banks Memphis, F. 6-8.210. Fr, Oradell. N.J. Bergen Catholic!
Antonio Burks Memphis, G, 6-0,200. Sr. Memphis. Term. IHIwassee College)
Travis Olener Marquette. G. 6-0,165. Jr Fond du Lac, WIs. IGoodrichl
Francisco Garcia Louisville. F. 6-7,185, So Bronx. N.Y. IWInchendonl
Curtis Withers UNC-C. F. 6-8,230, So Charlotte, N.C (West Charlottel
St. Bonaventure will participate in the A-10 tournament.
Bonnies still coping
Andre Brown DePaul. FC. 6-9,245. Sr Chicago. III. (Leo)
Reggie Bryant Saint Louis. G. 6-2.185, Jr Baltimore, Md. ICalvert Hall
Charles Galnes Southern Miss. F. 6-7.220. Sr Houston. Texas (Southwest Missouri St I
Delonte Holland DePaul. F. 6-7,220. Sr. Greenbelt, Md. IVincennes Univ.)
Jason Maxiell Cincinnati. F 6-7.240, Jr Carrollton. Texas (Newman Smlthl
Tony Bobblt Cincinnati, G. 6-4,185, Sr. Daytona Beach. Fla. (Southern Idaho)
Mo Finley UAB. G. 5-11.174. Sr, Lafayette. Ala. (LaFayette)
Terrence Leather USF. F. 6-9.221. Jr Tampa, Fla. IRoblnsonl
Corey Santee TCU. G. 6-2.193. Jr Flint. Mich. (Maine Central)
Luke Whitehead Louisville. F. 6-6,220. Sr San Francisco. Calif (Oak Hill Academy)
OI.F.AN, N.Y (KRT) � While
the aftershocks of last season's
scandal at St. Bonaventure are
likely to be felt for some time,
the suspense is finally over. Two
weeks ago, the NCAA placed the
Bonnies on three years of proba-
tion for "lack of institutional
Although the NCAA primar-
ily faulted fired school President
Robert Wickenheiser for the
violations, the punishment will
be borne by St. Bonaventure's
current and future student-ath-
On top of numerous pen-
alties already self-imposed
by the university including
giving up two scholarships
for the current season, one for
next season and reducing the
number of paid visits the
program can offer recruits
from 12 to 10 the
NCAA added the probation and
has prohibited the Bonnies from
scheduling any exempted games
next season.
The penalties were hardly a
surprise, coach Anthony Solo-
mon said.
"We will continue to be up
front and forthright with all
recruits, as we have been from
Day One
"We have said all along that
we would accept the NCAA's
ruling, and we do said recently
appointed athletic director Ron
"We will not (appeal). We
are in agreement with all of the
NCAA's rulings.
We have had our day in court,
so to speak, and believe the pro-
cess was fair and just
Solomon said there was relief
in knowing what the program
would have to hurdle to put the
scandal in the past.
"This is another major step in
terms of putting closure to this
Solomon said.
Closure has not been all bad.
Last week, the presidents of St.
Bonaventure's fellow Atlantic
10 institutions voted to allow
the Bonnies to participate in the
conference tournament.
They'll play Xavier on
Wednesday in Dayton with the
winner to meet undefeated St.
Joseph's in the second round.
from page A8
after playing tight end the past
two seasons. Juniors l.oren.a
Picket! and Jason Render have
also had a role reversal. Picket!
has been running drills at full-
back alter playing linebacker and
defensive end his first two years
at ECU and Pender is practicing
at defensive end alter two years
as a fullback.
I hompson also has the
luxury ol three talented quar-
terbacks at his disposal. Senior
Desmond Robinson returns
along with sophomore James
I'inknev. I lorida transfer I'at-
ruk Dosh joins the fray in the
friendly wide-open competition
to determine who will start under
tenter tor the Pirates.
"Any ol those three guys tan
lake it (starting job) over, it's up
to them. All three ol them have
gotten better, but we just have to
protect the ball Thompson said.
"We've thrown the ball good,
we in si have to catch it a little
lutter. We had a tew drops out
there toda)
Robinson completed 66.2
percent of Ins passing attempts
in 2003, throwing for 1,262
ant with three touchdowns
�inil 11 Interceptions. Pinkney
saw action In eight games as
.i freshman, throwing for 422
ards with two tout hilowns and
two picks. Dosh was inactive last
season alter transferring from the
University ol Florida. Dosh was
lirsi team all-State in Virginia as
,i high school senior where he
amassed Hi4K i.irccr vards.
1(1 Will alSO have one ol
TEC is now hiring staff writers. Apply at our office located
ton the 2nd floor of the Student Publications Building.
1 Experience required
'Must have a 2.0 GPA
Ul Will,a
ECU hopes to have a more e
the most talented backfields in
((inference USA with Marvin
Townes and Art Brown. Brown
rushed for over 1,000 yards in
2002 before being sidelined all
of last season with a knee injury.
In his absence, lownes tallied
1,128 yards and eight rushing
touchdowns, giving I hompson a
dynamic tandem at running back.
"Our guys are hungry. Last
Thursday, we probably had the
most exciting scrimmage that
we've had here in a while
Thompson said.
" i here are some spots thai arc
ragged losav that we can put 22
gins out there al one time and
to say that we can win at all 22
positions, that's not happening.
There is always one guy missing
lure, one guy missing there, hut
the enthusiasm, the work ethic
and the competitiveness has
been good
Spring practice for the Pirates
runs through April 1, with the
annual Spring Game scheduled
loi Saturday, March 27 at 1 p.m.
iii Dowdy-1 ii klen stadium.
I he Pirates vsill open their
2004 season on Sept. 4 at West
This writer can be contacted at
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� Full size laundry room
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�Internet capability in
each bedroom
� On ECU Bus route
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�Energy efficient
� Central Heat & AC
�Sorry, No pets allowed.
i: A s. 1 I .Udl.lN U N 1 V I R s 1 T Y
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16 Artis
17 Slarr
18 Reqi
19 Prec
20 Chuc
22 Brea
24 Pub
26 One days
27 Dout
31 Rom
35 Dull,
36 Shut
38 Gree
39 Regr
40 Irritat
42 DC.
43 Guidi
45 Bill o
46 Citru-
47 Move
49 Beef
51 UCU
53 Sootj
54 Smal
58 Comj
62 Unde
63 Raise
65 Fall g
66 Gree
67 Cozy
68 Mars
69 Hard
70 Adva
71 Chatt
1 Nitty-
2 Aware
3 Eleva
4 Aban
5 Rubb

Come by The East Carolinian office
on the second floor of the Student Publications Building
(above the cashiers office)
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Students (w valid ID) $2 for 25 words or fewer
Non-students $4 for 25 words or fewer
5t per word over 25
All classified ads must be prepaid.
Thursday at 4 p.m. for the next Tuesday's paper
Friday at 4 p.m. for the next Wednesday's paper
Monday at 4 p.m. for the next Thursday's paper
1,2 and 3 bedrooms. All units close
to ECU. Cypress Gardens, jasmine
Gardens, Peony Gardens, Gladiolus
Garden, Wesley Commons North,
Park Village, Cotanche Street, Beech
Street Villas and Woodcliff. Water and
sewer included with some units. Pets
allowed in some units with fee. For
more information contact Wainright
Property Management 756-6209.
3 BR, 3 Bath, IK, kitchen, laundry,
patio, central heatair, plenty
of parking, 6 yrs. old, like new.
University Terrace, Brownlea Drive.
Call 252-240-1889.
Melbourne Park end 1 br available
for rent. Cathedral ceiling, balcony
with view. Very quiet neighborhood
on Wimbledon Drive. No deposit
required, March rent paid. (252)717-
1 Spring Break Vacationsl
Cancun, Jamaica Acapulco,
Bahamas, & Florida. Best parties,
Best Hotels, Best Prices! Group
Discounts, Organizers Travel
Free! Space is limited! Book Now
& Save! 1-800-234-7007. www.e
Full Time students stop wasting
your Time and Talent on PT jobs
with bad Hrs. & Pay! II LOOKI! For
1 weekend a month the National
Guard wants you to go to college,
FREE TUITION! Learn a job skill Ci
stay a student! FT Students get
over $800MO in Education
Benefits St PAY for more info call
252-916-9073 or visit www.l-
Early Birds gel bait homes,
block toECU, 1,2,1,4 bedrooms
all appliances, central heatat,
m or call 321-4712.
pinebrook apt. 758-4015- 1&2 BR
apts, dishwasher, GD, central air
fit heat, pool, ECU bus line, 9 or 12
month leases. Pets allowed. Rent
includes water, sewer, & cable.
Duplex for rent: 112A Stancil Drive,
4 blocks from ECU. 3 BR1 BA, WD
hookup, yard maintenance taken
care of, central heatAC. $600
in. in , available August 1st.
Pinebrook Apt. 758-4015- 1 St 2
BR apts, dishwasher, GD, central
air Si heat, pool, ECU bus line, 9 or
12 month leases. Pets allowed. Rent
includes water, sewer, St cable.
5 bedroom House 12 block
from campus and 2 blocks from
downtown, $1500.00. 403 S. jarvis
St. Available May 1st. Sign a lease
now for May to secure your house
for next year. 252-341-8331
Now Preleasing for Fall Semester-
1,2 and 3 bedroom duplexes St
townhouses. College Towne Row,
Verdant Street, Cannon Court,
Cedar Court, Lewis Street and 2nd
Street. All units close to ECU. Pets
allowed in some units with fee. For
more information contact Wainright
Property Management 756-6209.
1 Spring Break Vacations! Cancun,
Jamaica, Acapulco, Bahamas, St
Florida. Best Parties, Best Hotels, Best
Prices! Group Discounts, Organizers
Travel Free! Space is limited! Book
Now St Save! 1-800-234-7007.
Quit paying rent! 2 bedroom duplex
for sale in Dockside. 2 bedroom
and 2 bathroom, washerdryer
connections, live in one side and
rent out the other, J1280mon.
rental income, asking $140,000 call
Above BW-3. Apartments for rent. 2
and 3 bedroom. Available June, July,
and August. Call 252-725-5458 or
Tired of living in the dorms? Come
live the life on Pirate's Cove. Rent is
$360 a month, fully furnished, and
NO bills. Interested? Contact Noah
at (757)853-3732.
Duplex for rent. 3 bedroom 2.5 bath.
Newer unit with large rooms, lots of
storage, and professional location.
$820month. Call 919-349-3468
Now Preleasing For Fall Semester-
2 Responsible female roommates
needed to share 3 bedroom 1 bath
house 2 blocks from ECU. $300 plus
13 utilities. Call 916-5668
Private bedroombath share
kitchen, laundry room, living room.
Patio, shed outside. Furnished or
unfurnished bedroom. $330mo.
Plus 13 utilities. CALL 757-497-
Tired of sharing a room and want
to walk to campus? Male roommate
needed! Available August. Bedroom
with house privileges, free parking,
walk to campus. Contact Newman
Center, 953 East 10th St. - 757-
tiRP UJflllTED
Make money taking Online Surveys.
Earn J10-S125 for surveys. Earn
$25-$250 for Focus Groups. Visit
Inbound call Center Agents
Needed. Must type 30 wpm,
excellent verbal skills required.
Hiring for 2nd shift St weekends,
15-30 hoursweek. Fax resume to
353-7125 to apply.
Seeking qualified female
babysitter for an 11 and 6-year-old
girls. Assist with homework from 2:
30pm until 5:30pm and have own
transportations. If interested call
714-7515 or 717-7828 and leave a
Bartender Trainees needed $250 a
day potential, local positions 1-800-
293-3985 ext. 306
Are you looking for the experience
of a lifetime? Horizon Camps consists
of 3 outstanding co-ed summer
camps located in NY, PA, and WV.
We are seeking amazing staff to
work with incredible kids. Contact or 1-
Come join us for the March 13
contra dance! Live, old-time and
Celtic music by a string band.
Potluck dinner, 6:00 pm; concert
7:00 pm; lesson 7:30 pm; dance:
8 pm- 10:30 pm. Band: Bogue
Sounds; Caller: Marsha Harris.
No experience needed; we'll teach
you as we go alongl Come alone
or bring a friend! $3 (students) $5
(FASG members) $8 (general). Co-
sponsors: ECU Folk and Country
Dancers (752-7350) and Folk Arts
Society of Greenville (795-4980).
An alcohol and smoke-free event.
countrydancers Location:
Willis Bldg 1st St Reade sts
� ot poor maintenance response
� of unrelumed phone calls
�of noisy neighbors
� of crawly critters
� of high utility bills
� of ECU parking hassles
� nf ungrateful landlords
� of unanswered questions
� of high rents
� of grumpy personnel
�of unlullilktl promises
� of units that were not cleaned
� of walls were never painted
� of appliances that don't work
Wyndham Court &
Eastgate Village Apts.
3200 !� Mosclcy Dr.
1561-RENT or 531-9011
Currently hiring bis drivers
ExtremeJy flexibte work hours. Appty at
wwwiransitecuedu Questions? contact
any Transit Manager a! 328-4724.
When you're
cruising the
pull off on
our new exit
Failed, failed, failed. And then.
Pass It On.
CAPTAIN RlBMAK - Craptacular
by Sprengelmeyer & Davis
1 Blunder
5 Snug retreat
9 Off target
14 Toward the
center of
15 Nabisco favorite
16 Artist Picasso
17 Slammer or
18 Requirement
19 Preceding in
20 Chucks
22 Breakfast menu
24 Pub servings
26 One of these
27 Double-breasted
woolen coat
31 Roman salad?
35 Dull, persistent
36 Shut with force
38 Greek island
39 Regret with
40 Irritable
42 D.C. wheeler-
43 Guide
45 Bill of fare
46 Citrus fruit
47 Moved in a
49 Beef entree
51 UCLA word
53 Sooty matter
54 Small waterfalls
58 Complete
62 Undersea
menace of
63 Raise
65 Fall garden?
66 Greek letter
67 Cozy
68 Marsh grass
69 Harden
70 Advantage
71 Chatters
1:341 21681 23101112IS
17� 25
20282922 � 30323334
24� 3
35� 443638 � 5046
5153 64
B 2003 Tribune Media Services. Inc.
All right reserved.
Aware of
Elevalor man
6 Before,
7 Ooze
8 Fusses
9 Near
10 Sailor
11 Footnote wd.
12 Trudge along
13 Tender
21 Wallachor
23 Fierce mythical
25 Capital of
27 Swamp
28 Sharp
29 Shout of
30 Show indecision
32 Tint of old
33 Very small
34 Rent again
37 Skimpy skirts
40 Before birth
41 Dip
3HiLN3� sd0V0sV0
�nWs� a1NnaaaMB
3A11nN3i'l �id331B
JIJuolmV1! � 1H0V
� n00sis3iV
44 Send to school
46 State gambling
48 Performed
50 Operate
52 Song part
54 Cows' chews
55 Assist a criminal
56 One-and-only
57 Transmit
59 Concept
60 Powerful stink
61 Conclusions
64 Sept. preceder

East Carolina University Campus Living
Good Times, Good Food,
and Great Friends!
Thousands of students have
residence halls for next year,
to get in on the deal.
Everything's Included
Cable TV, high-speed Internet, daily newspapers,
and local phone service are all included. So are heat,
electricity, trash pickup, and water-all things you
usually pay for separately off campus.
Stay Out of the Kitchen
With a meal plan from Campus Dining, there's no
cooking to do or dishes to wash, and you'll save
money because you don't pay sales tax on your meal
plan purchases.
Sleep Later
You don't have to commute to campus, and you're
right there for classes, concerts, ball games, and plays.
reserved their space in the
and there's still time for you
' u � m chance-
op �� th �topecue
Return to Campus Living Second Chance Sign-Up, March 22-26
UP 04118
� �

The East Carolinian, March 10, 2004
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
March 10, 2004
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3cm x 2cm
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