The East Carolinian, February 12, 2004

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Volume 79 Number 116
February 12, 2004
Students get sex education
tich Davis
Maggie Messick, sophomore English major, reaches into an STD bucket while Sean Yanok, senior industrial distribution major,
watches the outcome. The event, held Wednesday in Wright Plaza, was part of Sexual Responsibility Week.
Hope McPhatter, graduate student, listens to
Malik, from Real World and Road Rules, talk
about STD awareness.
Booths were set up in Wright Plaza to help promote STD awareness
through pamphlets, posters, games and other activities.
Board chairman
asks for delay in
vote on tuition
RALEIGII (Al') � The decision to delay a vote
on proposed tuition increases tor the University
of North Carolina system doesn't make sense to
Jonathan Ducote, the lone student on the UNC
board of governors.
"All you're doing now is making it harder for
students and families to plan their expenses said
Ducote, who opposes the increases.
"We're setting people up for harder times
without any guarantee they'll be provided a
better education next year
Board of Governors Chairman Brad Wilson
on Tuesday sent a letter to the board's budget
committee, asking that final recommendations
on the tuition increases be tabled from Thursday
until March. The full board was scheduled to take
up the issue Friday.
Wilson said requests from university officials
for more information during a meeting last week
convinced him more time was necessary.
"Given the importance of this issue, we must
take action only after we have reviewed and con-
sidered all relevant information Wilson said in
the letter.
"I have become convinced that this would be
nearly impossible by the day after tomorrow
The budget committee was expected to discuss
proposed campus-based tuition increases for the
16-campus system for the 2004-05 academic year.
The hikes would range from 11 percent at NC State
University to 23 percent at the North Carolina
School of the Arts.
Some schools have recommended bigger
increases for out-of-state and graduate students.
Ciov. Mike Kasley over the weekend sent a
letter to Wilson asking the board to vote against
campus-based tuition increases.
Easley said raising tuition would hurt access
to higher education in the state.
Peter Hans, a board member from Raleigh,
thinks the delay is a good idea.
Hans said he wants more information from
campuses to help him determine whether fac-
ulty retention and recruitment issues are serious
enough to warrant higher tuition.
"The board needs to decide if tuition can be
raised without hindering access to higher educa-
tion he said.
"Secondly, if the board does raise tuition, will
the funds be spent to enhance the classroom?
"If the university system can demonstrate its
needs and how it will significantly improve the
students'educational experience, then we'll have
the credibility to make this decision
Ducote, a senior at NC State, said he doesn't
see the point in delaying the vote because cam-
puses that don't have valid reasons for raising
tuition won't have better reasons a month.
New look in works for Mendenhall
Many ECU students enjoyed winter activities during the ice
storm that closed school this January.
No make-up day set
for missed classes
Administration waits
on president's decision
before setting date
Students fearing a shortened
spring break can relax - your
vacation from school won't be
compromised to make up classes
missed during late January's ice
An official decision has yet
to be made regarding whether or
not a make-up day needs to be
set, but John Crammer, assistant
professor of computer science
and chair of the Faculty Senate's
Calendar Committee, said spring
break is "safe
The Calendar Committee
maintains school calendars and
schedules exams. However, UNC-
system President Molly Broad will
determine if an extra day of class
see SNOW page A2
West End Dining Hall's
opening will bring
change to campus
Construction on the future-
West F.nd Dining Hall has been
underway for more than a semes-
ter and is scheduled lor comple-
tion in September. But this new
addition begs a question: What
will be done with the space
occupied by the existing caf-
eteria in Mendenhall Student
"Currently, there are no
major long-term plans, but we
have hired a firm to study how
the space should be used said
George llarrell, Ph.D senior
associate vice chancellor for
campus operations.
"This study should take no
more than six months and will
significantly involve students
Though there are no definite
plans, ideas are under consider-
Suggestions include the
installation of a mall-type food
court in the serving area of the
current cafeteria that could
feature national chains such as
Also under discussion is
the construction of a quality
sit-down style restaurant in a
Students and faculty will soon see one of three proposed plans for the space Mendenhall cafeteria now seals
portion of the current seating
area that would be run in part
by hospitality management
students, to give them practical
experience in restaurant manage-
However, due to the cost and
time needed for construction,
this section would probably not
open until fall of 2006.
Possibly the most drastic
change proposed is the construc-
tion of a stage area with sound
and lighting equipment that
could be used for late night pro-
gramming in the style of Pirate
"We're excited about the
ideas that we are currently
studying for Mendenhall Stu-
dent Center because we think
they will provide a more enjoy-
able experience for students, as
well as meeting the demands of
a growing university said Bill
Clutter, assistant vice chancel-
lor for student life.
Even with the coming
changes, some parts of
Mendenhall will remain the
same or be slightly modified.
The Spot will continue normal
operation, although there is a
possibility of expansion.
The convenience store will
remain operational, but the hot
food service area of the Spot will
move into the food court.
No modifications are in dis-
cussion tor the non-food related
areas of MSC.
"I think the changes are a
hot idea said Aaron Holmes,
junior physical fitness and activ-
ity major.
"It'll be great to have some
better food selections on West
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Black History Awareness
throughout February
Feb. 27, 1869 C ongress adopted ihe 15th Amendment, making it illegal for the government to deny the right to vote "on account
of race, color or previous condition of servitude
The Fourteenth Amendment passed, making blacks U.S. citizens on July 28, !868.
High of 44
Visit www.theeastcarolnlarujim to read
atwift.tenTiainri Duprl stepping down from ft;
Oammy post tor pJrtitenrJ Janet Jackson
page A2
The rjMVwd now require applicants to
proving they live here.
page B1
Wl you be cetebratJng Valentine's Day
solo this year? TEC has alternative
activities for those wttti no mate
Sports wpw
ECU lost another hearftreaker against
Memphis last night The Pirates fell
Don 1 target to attend "Sex
Smarts a game stiow based
on the TV show "Street Smarts
tonight at 7:30 run In Wright

News Editor
Assistant News Editor
Sexual Responsibility Week
The ECU Health PIRATES showcase games and activities, including a raffle
drawing to win free dinners. DVDs and an MP3 player, continuing today
through Friday in Wright Plaza for Sexual Responsibility Week
Sex Smarts
Wellness Education presents "Sex Smarts. a game show based on the
TV show "Street Smarts tonight at 7:30 pm in Wright Auditorium.
Nursing and Allied Health Career Fair
There will be a Nursing and Allied Health Career Fair today from 10 am.
- 2 p.m. in the Carol Belk Building
Deans and Issues Forum
The ECU chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa will host the Deans and Issues
Forum today at 7 p.m. in 244 Mendenhall Student Center Garrie Moore,
vice chancellor for Student Life will moderate open discussion on diversity,
campus safety, transportation, parking, expansion, faculty involvement
and student organizations
Science and Chemistry Career Fair
There will be a science and chemistry career fair Friday from 10 a.m. - 2
p m. on the third floor of the Science and Technology Building
Leadership Academy Applications
The ECU Leadership Academy will accept applications until Friday.
Applications are available online at www ecu eduleadership, in the Faculty
Senate Office in the Rawl Annex on Reade Street and at the Office of the
Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences in Brady The two-hour classes will
meet on Fridays beginning Feb 27 and will focus on preparing faculty
and staff members to assume enhanced campus roles Requirements for
applicants are a bachelor's degree and three years experience at ECU
Self Defense Registration
Learn how to defend yourself in a progressive training system Registration
is Friday from 10 a.m. - 6 pm. in 240 SRC Cost is $10 for members and
$20 for non-members, and the program runs March 21 - April 31
Language Arts Conference
The College of Education will sponsor the Mary Lois Staton Reading
Language Arts Conference Friday. Feb 13 from 8 am - 4 pm at the
Greenville Hitton. The conference will feature newspaper columnist and
author Susie Wilde, children's author Pansie Harl Flood and 25 sessions
on literacy issues Contact Susan Ranson at 328-6830 for registration
Book Drive
The ECU NC Teaching Fellows Program will sponsor a book drive on
Saturday. Feb 14 at Greenville Nissan and Greenville K-Marl Books and
donations will be distnbuted to area schools affected by Hurricane Isabel.
All contributors (books or cash) will receive a chance to win a dinner for
two at one of several participating Greenville restaurants
Books may be dropped ofl at the book drive or sentdelivered to the
Teaching Fellows office in 204 Spellman Contact Mary Beth Corbin at
328-4126 for more information
Negro Spiritual Presentation
The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center will sponsor "The History of the Negro
Spiritual" presented by Dorthea Taylor soprano, and Louise Toppin, piano,
on Sunday. Feb. 15 at 5 pm at Sycamore Hill Missionary Baptist Church
on Hooker Road
Resume Blitz
Career Services offers a Resume Blitz where students resumes are
critiqued on sight, Monday, Feb 16 from noon - 2 p.m. in Bate Lobby
Interviewing Workshop
Career Services offers a workshop on interviewing Monday. Feb 16 from
2 pm -3 pm in 1012 Bate
Criminal Justice Applications
The deadline for students to apply tor admission into the criminal justice
program is Monday. Feb 16 Applications are available outside 104-B
Ragsdale Contact Virginia Parker at 328-4192 for more information
PRSSA Meeting
The Public Relations Student Society of America will meet Monday Feb
16 at 6 p m in 202 Joyner East
Drop Deadline Extension
The last day for undergraduate students to drop term-length courses or
withdraw from school without grades has been extended to Wednesday.
Feb 25 Block courses may be dropped only during the first 40 percent
of their regularly scheduled class meetings
Media Speaker
J. K Chambers, professor of linguistics at the University of Toronto will
speak on "Mass Media, Literacy and Your Language" Friday, Feb 20 at 2
pm. in 1026 Bate
Paper Person
The person pictured at the top of today s paper is Cliff Johnson, freshman
biology major
News Briefs
Report: Education, recruitment
funds key to expanding NC
RALEIGH (AP) - North Carolina must
increase funding for community
colleges and industrial recruitment
to expand the states biotechnology
work force and capitalize on a
fast-growing industry, according to a
report released Wednesday
A panel led by former Govs. Jim
Hunt and Jim Martin presented
the eight-month study and its
54 recommendations to Gov. Mike
While North Carolina is among the
top five states in the biotechnology
industry, the work force needs to
grow several times over in the next 20
years to help narrow the gap with
losses in traditional manufacturing
in the slate, the report s authors said.
More than 150 biotechnology
companies currently call North
Carolina home, creating 18,500
jobs and $3 billion in sales, the
report said.
The jobs, however, are about
equal to the number of textile and
furniture positions lost during 2003
alone, according to employment
figures. More broad layoffs could be
ahead as quotas on Chinese textile
products are set to be lifted by the
end of this year
Eight injured in Laurinburg nursing
home Are
LAURINBURG (AP) - Eight people
were injured, one critically, in a fire
Wednesday at a nursing home that
was the scene of a fatal fire eight
years ago
Scotland County deputies said 41
residents were evacuated from
Aberdeen Meadows after the fire
began in an unoccupied room about
3:20 am The fire was contained in
the one bedroom, but smoke spread
throughout the building
Eight patients were treated and
one admitted to the critical care
unit at Scotland Memorial Hospital.
said hospital spokeswoman Melisa
A fire killed eight people at the
same location March 17, 1996,
when the nursing home was called
Scotch Meadows At the time, it was
the deadliest nursing home fire in
North Carolina history
Ciarrocca said Meadow Homes,
owner of Aberdeen Meadows, found
other places for the patients and that
most were taken to another home
owned by the company.
The cause of the fire is still under
Comcast Proposes to Buy Walt
NEW YORK (AP) - In a surprise
move, cable TV giant Comcast Corp.
proposed early Wednesday to buy
Walt Disney Co, the iconic media
and entertainment powerhouse
that owns the ABC and ESPN
television networks, movie studios
and theme parks, for stock valued
at about $54 billion.
The nations biggest cable systems
operator said it would also assume
$119 billion in Disney debt
White House releases Bush's
military pay records; spokesman
says he fulfilled his duties
WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House
has provided documentary evidence
that President Bush completed his
National Guard service during the
Vietnam War. but Democrats are still
demanding prool he reported for duty
as ordered in Alabama
"The president recalls serving both
when he was in Texas and when
he was in Alabama White House
spokesman Scott McClellan said
Tuesday, holding up a 13-page
packet of military records
"We have provided you these
documents that show clearly that
the president of the United States
fulfilled his duties and that is the
reason that he was honorably
discharged from the National
The records, some being released for
the first time, didn't satisfy Democratic
National Committee Chairman Terry
McAuliffe. He argued that the payroll
and summary service records
posed more questions than they
"The fact remains that there is still
no evidence that George W. Bush
showed up for duty as ordered while
in Alabama said McAuliffe.
Aristide supporters erect
barricades, vow to attack rebels
leading uprising in Haiti
CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti (AP) - Vowing to
keep rebels from advancing to other
Haitian cities, loyalists of President
Jean-Berlrand Aristide blocked roads
with heaps of scrap metal, boulders
and trees to stem a violent uprising
that has killed at least 42
Most of the country returned to
relative calm Tuesday with Aristide
supporters looking to the battle
ahead. Opponents refuse to
participate in new elections unless
Aristide steps down.
"We're going to devour them said
Jean-Claude Joseph, 35, standing
arms crossed at a barricade with
more than a dozen others at Cap-
Haitien. the nation's second-largest
The State Department authorized
the departure of family members
and non-emergency employees of
the US Embassy even though most
of the country was unaffected by the
uprising The US government also
issued a travel warning to private
citizens, although few tourists travel
to Haiti
Racing to find radioactive material,
Chinese authorities warn thieves:
Don't open It
SHANGHAI. China (AP) - Authorities
are racing to find a canister of
potentially deadly radioactive
material stolen from a northern China
construction site and are urging
those who took the material not to
risk radiation poisoning by opening
it, officials said Wednesday.
The football-sized lead container of
cesium-137 was taken from a power
plant construction site in Pucheng, a
county in northern China's Shaanxi
province, about five days ago,
according to a county government
official, who refused to give his name
He would not provide further details.
A report in the state-run newspaper
China Daily said police believe the
canister was mistaken for scrap
metal-a material often stolen for
sale to salvage companies
Cesium-137, a highly radioactive
material, is used in soil-testing
gauges in construction and is found
in photoelectric batteries and vacuum
valves. It explodes if it comes into
contact with water, and exposure
can cause blood diseases, sterility
and birth defects.
Law creates havoc among latino groups
Many will be turned
away at DMV
It was standing room only in
the tramped waiting room of the
Department of Motor Vehicles
office in Greenville Kriday morn-
Just after the office opened at
8 a.m state workers had to close
one of their five customer waiting
lines to accommodate the people
wanting to renew or obtain a
North Carolina driver's license.
More than 225 people came
through the DMV doors Kriday,
hut countless others were turned
away because they could not be
helped before 5 p.m said DMV
ollii ials.
Not all applicants had licenses
about to expire. Instead, the
majority were Hispanic residents
who wanted a North Carolina
driver's license before the new
law takes effect, which requires
applicants to show two forms of
identification and a document
proving they live here before a
new license is issued.
"I don't even know if I have
the type of IP they're going to
be asking said 20-year-old con-
struction worker Kd l.ozano, who
was born in Mexico City but has
lived In Greenville for six years.
"I need my license to get to
work and I just wanted to make
sure things were going to be
HMfc��fie reviseSl )l V guide-
lines, people can no longer show
an expired license, valid tax iden-
tification or any identification
card issued by a foreign govern-
ment through a consulate's office
to get a state driver's license.
Last Thursday the Durham-
based Latino Community Credit
Union and Latino Community
Development Center sued state
DMV Commissioner George
Tatum in Wake County Superior
Court, saying he did not follow
proper procedures to put the new
rules in place and asked the court �
not to allow the restrictions to he
implemented. o
state DMV officiaIs responded 1
to the lawsuit by saying the id Greenville residents looking to renew their"driver's It
follow a new North Carolina law that requires two
and a document proving they live here.
see LAW page A3
cense must
forms of ID
New dates set for SGA's spring elections
Filing for executive
office begins March 1
As the nation goes to the polls
this spring to choose an opponent
for President Bush in the fall presi-
dent ial elec-
tions, ECU
students will
vote to till
several spots
in the executive branch ot the Stu-
dent Government Association.
tiling for office, which origi-
nally was set for Feb. lft will now
start on March 1 at 9 a.m. in the
SGA office in Mendenhall student
(.enter. The offices of president,
vice-president, treasurer and sec-
retary will be up for grabs.
After filing, candidates are
required to attend a compulsory
meeting held by the SC A on March
H. filing will be open until S p.m.
on March S. Flections will lx' held
on March 30 and 31.
A student must have a 2.0
GPA. and be in good standing
with the university to be eligible
as a candidate The only other limit
on candidates is they cannot he a
first semester Ireshman.
At the March H meeting, cam-
paign guidelines and regulations
are established, and the candi-
dates get a Chance to meet their
After attending the meeting.
students begin their campaigns.
Students usually form a ticket,
with candidates for each office
running together on the same
ballot. Each ticket is assigned a
letter. If they choose, students
may also run independently for
an office.
"Last year we had around
fifteen candidates, which was the
most ever said Krista Wilhelm,
executive administrative assistant
tor the SCiA.
last year's tickets ran through
1 with five tickets and two inde-
pendent candidates.
Voting is done online, and
all students can vote In the elec-
tions. Voter turnout was also at
an all-time high last year, with
In percent of the Student bod)
voting - between three and four
thousand students. Most of the
students participating in the elec-
tions were Creek.
The SGA funds more than
kid student organizations that
represent the diverse interests of
the student body.
"It's really amaing everything
they actually do for students Wil-
helm said.
The SGA president sits in on
the UNC Hoard of Trustees and
gets a vole
" I hey represent the student
voice, and they are responsible to
the students and the university
Wilhelm said.
This writer can be contacted at
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
from page A1
Is necessary.
The Committee will them
make a proposal to the fac-
ulty Senate lor approval, and
the Senate sends the approved
proposal to the chancellor for
Hroad could not be reached
for comment at the time of
Crammer said the pro-
cess of scheduling make-up
days is complicated because
ECU, unlike county schools,
does not set aside extra
holidays in case of emergen-
"It would he nice to estab-
lish guidelines so we could
have something In hand
like two reading days
before examsj said Cram-
This year, a change in
university policy called for
7.SO contact minutes per
credit hour between students
and their professors.
When Hurricane Isabel
struck Greenville last
September, the committee
debated two options to replace
the contact minutes lost in the
They chose Saturday,
Dec. 6 as a make-up day
since it affected fewer people
than moving an exam, and
they added an extra five min-
utes to TuesdayThursday
The decision to have class
on Saturday, Crammer said,
wasn't "stupendous Many
students agree.
"( lasses should he on week
days said Josh Luther, senior
communication major.
I.uther said he didn't attend
the Saturday make-up day. The
administration should not
schedule to have a make-up
day for the snowstorm, lie said,
especially one on Saturday.
Others had obligations In
fill during last semester's week-
end school day.
"My teacher didn't sched-
ule class, so I didn't have to
go said Crystal White, senior
history major.
"1 couldn't have gone
anyway�I go out ol town every
lack of enthusiasm to attend
the Saturday class was found on
hot h sides of the desk. But Seo-
dial frank II. Deena, associate
I nejish professor, said he found
a compromise,
"My students decided to
use Blackboard, and we accom-
plished much more there than
we would have in class said
Deena said he hasn't heard
from a professor that did hold
class on Saturday, but that
reduce instruction time.
"Professors generally have
this sense of responsibility�T
have material we need to
cover Whether we have days
or not, we find ways to cover
the work
Tor's writer can be contacted at

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Thursday, February 19, 2004; 6 p.m.
Bate Building Room 1032
Weird News
Sea lion found on California road
LOS BANOS, Calif. (AP) - A sea lion
that apparently swam upriver from
the ocean into the inland canals
of central California was captured
Monday after motorists spotted it
flopping along the roadway. 100
kilometers from the sea.
The 135-kilogram animal, first
reported Monday morning, basked
in the sun on the back of a highway
patrol cruiser while officers waited for
a marine rescue team to tetch him.
The adult male was expected to be
held several days for observation
before being released into the
ocean, said Cynthia Schramm, a
spokeswoman for the Sausalito-
based Marine Mammal Center.
"We don't think anyone grabbed
him. We just think he went all the
way through the San Joaquin River,
into some canals, and probably got
out and started wandering around
Schramm said.
"Maybe he was going after fish,
and there are far fewer sea lions to
compete with in the delta
E PROGRAM Dream it. Do it. Disney.
EOE � Drawing Creativity from Diversity � � Disney
Man who shipped himself
- A man who shipped himself in
an airline cargo crate from New
York to Dallas because he was
homesick and
didn't want to pay for a plane ticket
was fined $1,500 Wednesday and
placed on probation for a year.
Charles D McKinley was also
sentenced to four months under
house arrest
McKinley, a 25-year-old
shipping clerk at a New York
warehouse, pleaded guilty in
November to stowing away on a
cargo jet and could have gotten a
year in prison and a $100,000 fine He
had no comment Wednesday.
The fine was far more than what it
would have cost to fly first-class
US. Magistrate Charles Bleil said
McKinley committed a crime
that was "wrong and stupid
but his intent was to save money, not
breach airline security
Norwegian paper convicted
of pimping
OSLO, Norway (AP) - A Norwegian
newspaper has been convicted of
pimping and ordered to pay fines
by an Oslo court Wednesday for
publishing advertisements from
Prostitution is legal in Norway,
while profiting from prostitution by
others is illegal The weekly tabloid
SoendagSoendag. which means
Sunday Sunday, routinely publishes
advertisements which the Oslo
district court found clearly offer
sexual services for pay.
The court ordered the newspaper
to pay a 30.000 kroner ($4,285 US)
fine and surrender 300,00 kroner
($42,850 US) in revenues from the
In its nine-page ruling, the court
said even though some advertising
texts were ambiguous, such as
"Gentlemen visitors wanted. You
won't regret it pictures of scantily
clad women that accompanied
most of them left no doubt about
from page A2
restrictions are designed to
reduce the number of illegal
immigrants who get licenses
or obtain them with false docu-
ments through "Operation:
Stop Fraud
Judge Don Stephens ruled
Friday that the state can limit
the types of identification it
will accept from people apply-
ing for driver's licenses and the
new regulations began Monday
Feb. 2.
Greenville resident Sandra
Crisp agreed with the udge's
decision. She approves of tighter
immigration laws and said
requiring more documentation
is a step in the right direction.
"When we allow illegals to
determine our laws, we're lost
said Crisp.
"These illegal aliens have
become a rapacious, aggressive
population and they're jostling
other citizens out of the line.
They may have a card from
Mexico, but we don't know who
they are from Adam's house
The OMV says the changes
are designed to reduce the
number of illegal immigrants
who get licenses and to make
tracking down fake documents
Unacceptable forms of iden-
tification will include expired
licenses, individual tax identi-
fication numbers and licenses
and other Identification cards
issued by the Mexican govern-
ment - including the popular
malricula consular, an identity
card issued by the government
through its consulates.
Approved identification will
include valid licenses from other
state or Canada, Social Security
cards, valid immigration papers
and state vehicle registration
or title certificates,
Patrick Tapia is executive
director of F.l Centra Commu-
nity Center, a nonprofit organi-
zation that helps an estimated
100 Latino residents each week
obtain basic community ser-
vices and acts as an advocate lor
the well being of the Latino
LI Centra was one of the
organizations the Latino Com-
munity Development Center
tiled their lawsuit on behalf
of this week, and Tapia said he
was disappointed to hear the
new rides will be used.
"As a leader of my organiza-
tion, I would like to understand
what the state is trying to accom-
plish here said Tapia.
"II we're concerned about the
security of the country, is this
the right way to go about it?"
The changes have created
long lines at DMV offices,
like the scene in Greenville
Friday, as people tried to beat
the deadline.
Sharon Sheet! moved to
Greenville from Florida and
was not able to get a driver's
license Friday because her Social
Security card had been lami-
The 52-year-old risk manage-
ment coordinator was puzzled
about the need for the DMV
"This just looks to me like
we're doing something that
doesn't make much sense said
Sheet i.
"T hese people must have-
some sort of legal status, other-
wise they wouldn't need to get a
driver's license. I just find it all
a little astounding
This writer can be contacted at
east Carolina, university
?ra2� TO8B. 20�
t��Dmo. �WORK?
QSDjQWG.� G(? �MM?8
Students need only present a valid ECU OneCard to enter Mardl
Cras. Students may bring a guest(high school or older), but must
obtain a guest pass prior to the event with a limit of 1 guest pass
per student. Cueit passes will be available February 12 19 at the
Central Ticket Office In MSC and the Meal Plan Office In Todd
Dining Hall from 9am-5pm. Passes will also be available at the
Student Recreation Center, February 12-19 from 9am 10pm
Partners In Campus L if e
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Our View
No matter
what you
choose to
do Saturday,
just remem-
ber that
Day is what
you choose to
make it.
Common complaints about Valentine's Day are
that the holiday has gotten "too commercial" or
that it secludes singles.
However, the real problem with the holiday
doesn't lie in the sappy romance of typical
greeting-card holidays - the problem with
Valentine's Day is that it causes people to be
downright uncreative.
Every year, couples make plans for ridicu-
lously expensive dinners, only to be added to
the cost of a dozen roses or a box of gourmet
chocolates. Not only are these gifts trivial and
redundant, they are completely unnecessary.
Attempting to express your love to someone
through such contrived gifts not only shows
a lack of originality but also a lack of consid-
Before you rush to the hearts' and teddy bears'
aisle at Wal-Mart this Valentine's Day, take a
minute to examine what is so special about
your relationship with your significant other.
Use this information to give a meaningful gift
or plan a special date - something different
than the norm.
Quit wasting your money trying to outdo the
monetary value of your boyfriend or girlfriend's
gift. Since when did feelings of love become
expressed in dollars and cents? Love comes
from the heart and can only be expressed from
the heart - not the wallet.
Singles are also guilty of committing the Val-
entine's Day crime of unoriginality. Every year,
singles across the nation sit around and mope
simply because they happen to be lacking in
the romance department.
Despite what Hallmark says, Valentine's Day
doesn't have to be a holiday dedicated only to
the love of your life. Instead of the usual whining,
share the day with your friends and family - if
they happen to be unavailable, be greedy and
do something nice for yourself.
No matter what you choose to do Saturday,
just remember that Valentine's Day is what
you choose to make it. And if you happen to
be alone on this particular day, there are 364
other days in the year for you to freely declare
your love to someone.
The purpose of TEC's opinion pages is to invoke
conversation in ECU'S community. To respond to an
opinion on this page, please send your letter, with your contact
information for verification, to
vse'LL coMe back
Advertisi ng252.328.2000
Serving ECU since 1925,The Easf Carolinian prints 9,000 copies every
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the regular academic year
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ion of the editorial board and is written by editorial board members.
The East Carolinian welcomes letters to the editor which are limited to
250 words (which may be edited for decency or brevity). We reserve the
right to edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed and Include
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Greenville, NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more information.
One copy of The East Carolinian is free, each additional copy is SI.
Letters to the Editor In My Opinion
Dear Editor,
I am an alumni, class of 83.
While on campus yesterday, I
picked up the paper and read the
"opinion" page.
It was interesting.
However I was offended by
the comments made concerning
the Iraq war.
Don't misunderstand. I'm
not offended by the exercise of
free speech, but rather by the
lack of thought that went into
the piece.
The whole thing sounded
like a blurb from an a.m. "talk
radio" show.
Over 500 American men and
women have died. The number is
growing. Over $120 billion have
been spent.
The number is growing. The
entire region has been destabi-
lized. The number of people
who hate America is growing.
We are not safer.
You boys and girls do not
serve in the military. You don't
have to kill other human beings
or risk being killed yourself.
You get to go to college on
your parents dime. Use the time
Understand what it means
to be lied to by the government
and why it is so dangerous. A
free press is a powerful tool.
Use it wisely.
Peter Susi
ECU Alumnus, '83
Dear Editor,
Rarely have I seen an article
so full of propaganda, mis-
conceptions, falsehoods and a
lack of understanding of basic
government function.
Mr. Bream states that "Because
of Christian conservatives in the
state legislature" there has been
no referendum on the lottery yet
and that the people should be
given a chance to vote. There are
three glaring errors here.
One, the lottery is opposed in
the legislature by Christian liber-
als non-Christian conservatives
and liberals, as well as a broad
coalition of people, Christian
and non-Christian, conservative,
liberal, independent, undecided,
whatever, outside the legislature.
Pulling out the old whipping
boy "Christian conservative" is
a tired ploy that has no basis in
reality here.
Dear Editor,
I am writing you to express my
disgust at the front page of your
Feb. 3rd issue entitled, "I lonoring
African-American History
I am deeply offfended that
you obviously believe that the
way to honor African-American's
history is with caricatures.
In my view it sends a clear
message that we really don't honor
it at all. Caricatures arc reserved
for portraying a message of light-
heartedness, humor or things you
want to make fun of.
I challenge you to give me
example of when it is used any
other way.
As an African-American,
I don't find my history to be a
matter of light-hearted humor,
especially not in America.
I really think the artwork is
great, but not suited for honor-
ing the history of a people.
After seeing the front page,
this was the first time i didn't
even want to read the paper.
However, I did look through
the paper to see if I had judged
prematurely. I don't believe I
have. Your caricature of Jay-Z
even seemed appropriate.
As the editor, 1 wished that
you would have not allowed this
to happened.
David llolloway
ECU Student
"When kids hit one year old, it's like hanging
out with a miniature drunk. You have to hold
onto them. They bump into things. They
laugh, cry, urinate and vomit
Johnny Depp, Actor
Be romantic year-round
Two, the North Carolina
Constitution does not allow
referendums. This is a fact of
life as well as law.
Three, the people of this
state have made it perfectly clear
that they want a lottery.
What is standing in the
way is not some shadowy
block of "Christian conserva-
tives but the current crowd of
elected politicians in Raleigh,
democrat and republican, who
do not have the backbone to
vote as the people are telling
them to.
So, instead of advocating
nothing less than rewriting the
State Constitution as Mr. Bream
desires, elect politicians that will
do what the people want.
Anthony McKee
ECU Student
As many of you that there
may be that disagree with
me, Valentine's Day should
not really be recognized as
some special kind of romance
holiday. It's flat out silly and
pointless. A good man tells his
woman how much he loves her
every day of the week � and
more than just once a day.
I know it's hard for most
men to be creative when treat-
ing their ladies, but the prob-
lem that lies within most guys
is that they never listen.
If you know your lady, what
makes her happy and things she
appreciates most, it's not hard
to surprise her and make her
feel like a queen. Not to men-
tion that all women are hard
wired to love flowers � c'mon
ladies, you can't argue that.
Feb. 14 shouldn't have to be
a special day where couples tell
one another how much they're
in love, it should be known and
said by both everyday.
And since the main point
of V-Day is to surprise your
loved one, and females seem to
have very little problem doing
that for men (that or we're
just really simple creatures),
here's a few tips for you 'fellas
out there.
Tell her you love her as
often as you breathe. There
should rarely be a moment
when she doubts how you
Call her unexpectedly, no
matter where she is, unless
she'll get in trouble if you call
her at work. Even then, risk it
every so often to sneak In a
quick, "1 love you and I miss
you It'll make a potential sour
day for her shoot through the
Always, always bring her
roses whenever the chance
presents itself. Especially if it's
the end of a long day or you
have a chance to leave them
in her car when she gets out
of work.
When she walks through
the door with a smile on her
face like the one she'll most
definitely have on, it'll put you
and her in the best mood you
could ask for.
Candlelight dinners. Either
completely surprise her or make
sure she has time one night for
"something" without telling
her what.
Cook a good meal, prefer-
ably pasta and salad (easy and
tasty if cooked right) and when
she gets back from work, don't
let her see anything.
Have a hot bubble bath wait-
ing for her and let her relax until
you're done cooking.
Put something debonair on,
get the dinner out on the table
with maybe a red tablecloth,
flowers, candlelight and relax-
ing music.
Make the night all hers in
every way you can think of. It
doesn't take a night in February
to do that, you should want to
do that for her more than once
a year.
Now of course, she will
appreciate these things with
everything she's got, if you
two truly have something, she
will respond in ways that will
definitely be more than enough
When she wears that beauti-
ful smile and shows how excited
she is along with a huge kiss,
that's enough in return.
All in all folks, guy or gal,
you can tell your loved one how
much you care for them and
love them everyday without it
being called Valentine's day.
Do so more often. Appreciate
the ones you love. If anything
matters in life, it's the feelings
shared between two people who
love each other. Those feelings
last much longer than just one
In My Opinion
Washington should hear this WHO
(KRT) � Imagine the good
advice your grandmother might
give you about how to stay trim
and fit: Cut way back on extra
sugar, don't overdo it on fats,
One could hardly argue with
such sage recommendations. But
the Bush administration is.
In a stance that has caused
an international flap, the White
House - via the U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services
- is opposing common-sense
international dietary guidelines
proposed by the World Health
The strictly voluntary guide-
lines aim to confront a worldwide
"globosity" epidemic blamed for
millions of deaths.
Infection, war and starvation
used to claim most human lives.
But now, says the WHO, non-
communicable diseases related to
lifestyle are the grimmest reapers
- accounting for almost 60 ercent
of the world's 56.5 million deaths
In 2001.
The WHO largely blames
"malnutrition, both of deficiency
and excess In other words, people
are getting sicker even as they eat
more - especially if it's food high in
calories and low in nutrition.
Smart conclusion.
But the Bush administration
has found myriad ways to criticize,
wrongly, both the proposed new
global strategy and the research
underpinning it.
There's no proof, said the
Department of I lealth and I luman
Services in a letter to the WHO,
that high-fat, high-sugar foods
are linked to obesity and chronic
ailments such as heart disease.
There's also no proof, it said, that
childhood obesity is influenced by
TV marketing.
Imagine your grandmother
rolling her eyes at those state-
The Bush administration
wants the WHO to say more about
"personal responsibility" when it
comes to nutrition choices.
Fine. Everyone can, to be sure,
choose a salad instead of a burger.
But who should bear "personal
responsibility" for ad campaigns
that push sweets and junk food
- food marketers or children who
succumb to the ads?

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skills and have the ability and patience
to work with youth. Applicants must
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Hours are from 3:30 pm to 9 pm,
Monday-Friday with some weekend
coaching. Flexible hours according
to class schedules. This program
will run from March 8 to mid May.
Salary start at $6.25 per hour. Apply
at the City of Greenville, Human
Resources Department, 201 Martin
L. King Dr. For more information,
please contact the Athletic Office at
329-4550, Monday through Friday,
10 am until 7 pm.
Christian Nursery workers needed.
Sunday 9:15am-12:15pm. More
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26 Raw minerals
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30 Workout wear
32 Seniors' gip.
33 Drinking spots
36 "Bom in the "
37 Lush
38 Charleson or
39 Swindlers
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42 Grangers
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46 Tax grp.
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48 Spasm
49" Justice for Al"
50 Plain-woven
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61 Military training
62 Grub
63 Profit's opposite
1 Guinness of'Star
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1? 3A �'i i1It 1011 12 1
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The Card PostReport 444. Wuv Inn-
An evolution of Democracy (where
every voice counts) an evolution of
Philosophy (where every action counts
& an Evolution of Love (where every
love counts) integral to each other
are evolving out of Wayne Co. NC. The
new word to address the Evolution of
Love is 'Wuv 1st published here
tk Goldsboro News Argues Valentine's
Week of '99 The following is the 5th
part of a story utilizing the word:
Report 433 Charm InnOlivia's V-Day
in the Land of Wuv (part 5). "Olivvvia"
wisped Mosey tell the lil' ones of
The Day.time began to be measured
as BP & AP To which Olivia wisped
back that all could hear "The Day
we 'n 10 milyun surgeonsoldiers
laid down our arms at the border
of the Cradle of Civilization &
arm'narmwithlovedones proceeded
to Bagdad tobuildthefinestbabyhos
pital. . in the Universe?" "Yup" they all
cried with Mosey poke'n Olivia in the
ribs. Olivia's smile poked right back.
One tell'n "she'd rutha hear Mosey's
version The Evolution TKD
P.S. The following is OVLW's theme
song- 'Godeeva' (in honor of
Godiva's great great great great great
granddaughter)- Go in the name of
Wuv & heal those ach'nhearts. Go in
the name of Wuv & heal those broken
hearts We've thought it over.
P.S.S. The word 'surgeonsoldier'
evolves out of a school of 'martial arts
where one must master the 'healing
arts' first before advancing.
Retro and Vinlaeo ('loihin
Currently hiring bus drivers
Extremely flexible work hours. Apply at
www.transteuedu. Questions? contact
any Transit Manager at 328-4724.

ol poor maintenance response
�oi unreturned phone calls
� oi note) neighbors
? ofcrawl) friiicr
? oi hiyh uniii) bills
?of ECU parking hussies
?of ungrateful landlords
� of unanswered questions
� of high rend
� ofgrump) personnel
? of unfulfilled promises
? of units thai were noi cleaned
of walls thai were never painted
�oi appliances thai don't work
Wyndham Court &
Eastgate Village Apts.
3200 F Mowlev Dr.
561-RENT or 531-9011
M ww. pi nil Hi It-prop 11
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S0N6SA2EITE "Autue
JuST what I SAiD'All
UttnfS Ml HAffER
MAtfE &
f ACf I AH
by Sprengelmeyer& Davis

nr wris rHLOBLM fHU
njflf ajgojo. :i.imccd.tcniiitd.Ixwcm m jixIik-m written tM.trawii v
sac3 JfimMbA. owjrtono

Offering Apartments &
Houses, Plus Duplex
Communities Convenient
To ECU, Pitt Community
College �r The Medical
Ilradfonl (reek
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Country dub Living Without The Price.
On Bradford Creek dolt c ourse.
Approximately 1,350 Sq.ft.
Covered Parking.
Fully Equipped Kitchens.
Washer & Dryer.
Pett OK Wrd Deposit.

River walk
3 Bedroom And 3 Bath House
Kitchen Appliances
Washer ft Dryer.
( entral Air Heat.
( in ored Parking.
No I'ets Allowed.
Eastgate Village
2 Bedroom And 1 Bath Apartment.
Fully Equipped Kitchens.
Washer & Dryer Hookups.
Central AJr & Heat.
On KCU Bus Route.
24 Hour Emergency Maintenance.
IVts OK With Deposit.
Wymlham Court
2 Bedroom And I Bath Apartment.
5 Blocks From ECU.
Energy Efficient.
Kitchen Appliances.
Washer & Dryer Hookups.
Central Alr& Heat.
On ECU Bus Route.
Pets OK With Deposit.
561-RENT www.pinnack'
3200-F Moseley Drive � Greenville, NC
Professionally manafted by Pinnacle Property Management
TEC is now hiring staff writers. Apply at our office located
on the '2nd floor of the Student Publications Building.
Experience required
Must have a 2.0 GPA
� Individual I .eases
� Roommate Matching Service
� Volleyball, Basketball &� Tennis Courts
� Sparkling Pool
� Clubhouse with I itness (enter
& Pool Tables
� Washer Dryer & Microwave
in Each Vpartment
1526 S. Charles Boulevard
Greenville, NC 27858
Office Hours: M-F 9-6 Sat. 11-3 Sun. 1-5
-4 BR 2 or 3 BA
Landowner protests for
apartments on floodplain
Carroll files rezoning
petition with Greenville
City Council members
landowner Phillip Car-
roll has requested to build
apartments in a known Greenville
lloodplain with hopes of offering
the growing number of ECU stu-
dents a place to live.
His pianschallenge the Green-
ville City Council's Comprchen-
sive I'lan and I and Use Plan Map
passed In March 2000. The orders
deny any landowner access to
build home dwellings in the 100
year and 500 year floodplains.
the plan was put into place
after I lurricanc Floyd caused mas-
sive damage in 1999. If Carroll's
bid succeeds, he can build an esti-
mated 4S5 apartments for almost
1,550 residents.
In September. Carroll submit-
ted a proposal to build the apart-
ments in the Tit River floodplain
off of Highway 264 Bypass on
Whichard Road.
Phillip Dixon Sr the attor-
ney hired by Carroll, said Carroll
asked the Council to agree to a
small modilication in the newly
:4opted plan so he could build.
Dixon said there is only a 1.3
foot difference between an apart-
ment flooding or not, and even
then not much would happen.
The Comprehensive Plan does
not allow residential buildings
that fail to meet certain require-
The City Council will make a decision on the apartments
Phillip Carroll wants to build at their regular meeting Thursday
ments in the floodplain area to
avoid any possible disasters in
the future.
If approved by the City Coun-
cil on Thursday, the apartments
would lie next to land purchased
by the university to build a recre-
ation complex.
According to Dixon, this
would be the best location for
apartments. Two major thorough-
fares that do not see half as much
traffic as they should based on
traffic volume estimates around
the proposed complex.
The planning and rezon-
ing commission is a group that
hears requests and gives recom-
mendations to the City Council.
When the planning and rezon-
ing commission met on Jan. 20,
they voted 7-1 against Carroll's
rezoning request. Dixon said the
Council is focusing on one pos-
sible disaster, when many could
"There is a greater likelihood
that your apartment will catch
fire than flood said Dixon.
According to Harry Hamilton,
chief city planner, almost half of
the land owned by Carroll is
out of the county's jurisdiction,
which makes the vote more dif-
ficult. Due to partial jurisdiction,
Carroll has not yet submitted a
development plan to the Council
and is not required to.
Carroll was unavailable for
comment on this story.
The Greenville City Council is
scheduled to meet on Feb. 12 to
discuss the rezoning petition.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Bush's military record in question
White House releases
payroll documents
Under increasing pressure
from the news media, the White
House released military payroll
. records
e!eijiiro,n ,resi-
SL 4 m dent Bush's
f 02,1 time in the
�� W W � National
Guard as
proof that Bush fulfilled his
military duties.
In recent weeks, Bush's
military service has come
under intense scrutiny from
both the national media
and the Democratic presiden-
tial candidates
Au ordlng to an Associ-
ated Press article, the docu-
ments produced by the White
I louse press office proved Bush
�.vas awarded service points
ami paid for the dates in
question, yet suspicion
abounds., an anti-
Bust Web site, said both
the commander of the Ala-
bama National Guard unit
where Bush was assigned,and
General William Turnipseed,
and his then administra-
tive officer, Kenneth Lott,
said Bush never showed up for
In a May 1973 official
Air Force proficiency report,
Bush's supervising pilots
wrote, "I.t.Bush has not been
observed at this unit during
the period of the report" (i.e
through April 30, 1972).
These statements have
been directly contradicted by
both the President and mem-
bers of his staff.
In an interview earlier
this week, Bush told "Meet
the Press" Tim Russert he had
"fulfilled his duties" but would
not further comment.
John Deitle, a senior politi-
cal science major at ECU and
a Veteran said he served in
the U.S. Marine Corps for 25
years and saw action in Leba-
non, Panama and Southwest
"There's a lot of talk about
military service for presi-
dents, but 1 think It's a non-
issue said Deitle.
"The reason being, if it is
a non-issue, then Bill Clin-
ton was never qualified to
be president I don't think
events which took place 30
years ago have any bearing on
the effectiveness of the current
Thomas Eamon Ph.D
professor of political science,
warned against the seriousness
of the accusations.
"The issue is potentially
serious for the Bush adminis-
tration, though I think it's too
early to tell said Earmon.
"There are too many con-
flicting statements, but it could
potentially be very serious
President Bush received an
honorable discharge from the
Air National Guard in May
This writer can be contacted at
news�theeastcarolinian. com.
We're Makin' Love
Our Theme of the Day! Ole!
Valentines Day! Friday, Feb. 14th '
Shrimp, Chicken, & Beef cooked with onions and
bell peppers sizzlin' on a HOT skillet!
MMMMM! You're gonna love it! Served with warm
tortillas, homemade guacamole, pico dc gallo, beans
AND a Homemade Fried Ice Cream to share!
Gulp of Mexico! $6.95
Our Famous 46oz. Lime Margarita big enough
to share! Made with our Special Love Potion,
Beside Pitt Community College
AND Downtown Greenville


Features Editor
Assistant Features Editor
Valentine's Day Movie Picks
e Up To
What are your
Valentine's Day plans?
50 First Dates (2004)
Starring: Adam Sandier
and Drew Barrymore
What better way to spend a date
than watching someone go on
50 of them? Adam Sandier plays
a man who is smitten with Lucy
(Barrymore). Their love seems
perfect - that is, until he
discovers Lucy has no short-
term memory A great movie pick
because it incorporates laughter
with love. Other great love-stories in theaters now: Along Came Polly
(2004). Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (2004) and Cold Mountain (2003).
A Walk to Remember (2002)
Starring: Mandy Moore
and Shane West
Celebrate a day full of love with
a movie chock full of emotion.
Landon (West) is a troublemaker
who meets Jamie (Moore) when
he is forced to do community
service. The two fall in love - a
love that overcomes all the odds
against them Other timeless love stories: When Harry Met Sally (1989),
Sleepless in Seattle (1993), Jerry Maguire (1996) and Ever Alter (1998).
Say Anything (1989)
Starring: John Cusack
and lone Skye
Relive the anxiousness and
nervousness of teenage
infatuation with this classic tale
of first love Lloyd (Cusack) is a
regular guy who dares to call
the beautiful class brain Diane
(lone Skye) after high-school
graduation. Diane accepts and the two begin to fall for each other, much
to the dismay of Diane's father Other teen-romance classics: Sixteen
Candles (1984), Pretty in Pink (1986). 10 Things I Hate About You (1999),
She's All That (1999) and Down fo You (2000).
Sour Cinema: Movies Whom All ThaSappy Romance
Kill BIN Vol. 1(2003) Rating:
Starring: Uma Thunman, Lucy Liu
and Vivica A. Fox
Thurman plays a character
known as the Bride, a pregnant
assassin who is shot by her boss
on her wedding day, leaving her
and the wedding guests for
dead The Bride survives and
after being in a coma for five
years, awakes to seek revenge
on her boss. Other romance-free revenge flicks: Heathers (1989), Waiting
to Exhale (1995). First Wives Club (1995) and Diabolique (1996)
Rating: J J J
Monster's Ball (2001)
Starring: Halle Berry and
Billy Bob Thorton
Although this movie isn't entirely
free of romance, it makes the
list simply for the heavy sex
scene between Thorton and
Berry - something that single
guys everywhere can enjoy
while sitting at home alone
on Valentine's Day. Thorton plays a racist prison guard who is forced to
reexamlne his views when he begins to date an African American woman
(Berry). Other "skinematic" picks: Last Tango in Paris (1972). Showgirls
(1995), Bound (1996), Wild Things (1997) and Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Thelma & Louise (1991)
Starring: Susan Sarandon
and Geena Davis
Alone on Valentine s Day? You're
never alone as long as you
have friends, and that's what
this movie aims to prove After
deciding to run away from their
ordinary lives, Thelma (Davis)
and Lousie (Sarandon) find
themselves running from the cops toward Mexico. Only their friendship
can save them. Other friendship-friendly flicks: Fried Green Tomatoes
(1991), Soys on the Side (1995). Now & Then (1995), Divine Secrets of the
Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002) and The Banger Sisters (2002)
Glgll (2003)
Starring: Jennifer Lopez
and Ben Affleck
Not interested in feeling sappy this
Valentine's? This movie will make
you sick. A hitman (Affleck) (alls in
love with the lesbian (Lopez) who
is sent to oversee his abduction
job. The plot is so bad that it's
guaranteed to make you forget
about romance altogether Other spew-worthy films: Spice World (1997),
Glitter (2001 and Crossroads (2002).
"Being that I am single - holla!
- I'll probably chill with some single
friends. Maybe go out to eat and
catch a movie Happy Valentine's
According to the old familiar
adage, "The way to a man's heart
is through his stomach
Perhaps then, a Valentine's
Day dinner is the essential
romantic holiday experience.
And this weekend dining out is
sure to be the popular solution
for many hungry couples in
Whether you're celebrating
yet another Valentine's Day with
your significant other or bravely
venturing out on a hopeful first
date this Saturday night, you
should face no shortage in res-
taurant options.
Many Greenville eateries will
offer dinner specials on Saturday
and throughout the weekend.
Restaurateurs plan to do what
they can to make the occasion
a memorable one, as well as a
relaxing and stress-free time for
dining duos.
Mesh Cafe has a package
meal available for couples who
make Saturday dinner reser-
vations. Packages include an
appetizer, two dinner entrees,
a shared dessert and a bottle of
Although the holiday package
price has not yet been set, expect
to spend between $50 and $75
on dinner for two at Mesh this
For an elegant finish, as well
as a way to work off that three-
course meal, Mesh will present
a deejay to provide tunes for a
night of dancing.
City Hotel & Bistro plans a
similar evening of dinner and
dancing. Dinner reservations
are being accepted, and tickets for
the after-dinner dance party may
also be purchased for couples.
As an extra romantic
touch, each table will feature
chocolate-covered strawberries
and a rose.
The Plum Tree Bistro
in Arlington Village is another
upscale dining choice for Valen-
tine's weekend.
Reserved spots are quickly
filling up, but if you don't beat
the rush and make plans early,
you can still enjoy a holiday
meal at the Plum Tree. Their
special Valentine's menu will
actually be available for the
entire weekend.
Another dining option
that's new to the city of Green-
ville is The Daily Grind.
"If I had to choose some
place for Valentine's Day, 1 would
love to go to The Daily Grind
and eat said Erica
Cousen, senior political
science major.
"They have great service and
are very friendly. Also, it's smaller
than the big chain places, so it's
much more of a quiet and inti-
mate setting
However, Greenville does
contain many chain restaurants
appropriate for a fun and roman-
tic evening.
"My boyfriend is taking me
to Outback Steakhouse said
Dorothy Glick, freshman music
education major.
"We have been together
10 months, so this is our first
Valentine's Day together
Red Lobster, Chili's and
Applebee's are other great date
choices. They offer varied menus
at reasonable prices.
Although the atmosphere
at one of these may not be
fpDining Details
Mesh Cafe
1011 Red Banks Road Suite A
Appetizer, two dinners, shared des-
sert, bottle of champagne
Approximately S50 to $75 dinner
followed by dancing
City Hotel & Bistro
203 Southwest Greenville
Blvd. - 355-8300
Six entree choices ranging In price
from $14 to $28
Chocolate-covered strawberries and
a rose dinner followed by dancing
at $20 per couple
Chico's Mexican Restaurant -
521 Cotanche St. - 757-1666
Shrimp, chicken and beef fajltas
shared fried Ice cream $19.99
Gulp of Mexico margarlta lor $6.95
Carolina Pizza & Pasta Works
2422 Stantonsburg Road - 757-7756
Dinner and wine for two
Plum Tree Bistro at Arlington
731 Red Banks Road -
353-0088 Full special menu
available all weekend
quite as chic as one of Green-
ville's finest, the scene Is still
special enough for Valentine's
Day. Think Disney's Lady and
the Tramp and that famous spa-
ghetti-slurping scene. Ragazzi's,
Chico's, Greenville's down-
town Mexican establishment,
see DINNER page B4
"I plan to spend it with my friends
and sorority sisters, Zeta Phi Beta
Inc. - do dinner and a movie
"My boyfriend deploys Friday So
my sisters. Gamma Chi Epsilon.
are going out for a nice dinner then
. watching cheesy romantic movies
while drinking champagne
"Probably cruise around in my old
van with a broken fail light and
look for potential 'dates"
Valentine's Day History
Celebrating more than
1,500 years of love
We celebrate Valentine's Day
with those close to us year after
year. We revel in theexcitementof
sharing special times filled with
love and gifts with significant
others, close friends and crushes.
But do we really know why this
holiday is dedicated to lovers?
"I don't know the history of
Valentine's Day, but I do know
that it's a day to show those
you love how much you care
about them said l.eanne Teal,
sophomore accounting major.
Valentine's Day is named
after the Roman holy priesl, St.
Valentine. Its stories date back
to about 270 A.D. No one knows
exactly how Valentine's origi-
nated, but there are a few theories
that hold strong. The version that
holds best when investigating
the origin of Valentine's begins
during the Roman Empire.
During the third i entury, the
Romans practiced a pagan cele-
bration that commemorated the
rite of passage of young men. The
festival in which this took place
featured a matchmaking lottery
where the young men would
draw names of young ladies out
of a jar. The pairs were expected
to spend the next year together
as companions. After the year
had passed, many of the pairs
had fallen in love and married.
At the same time, the
unpopular Emperor Claudius
(Claudius the Cruel) began
building his army. He said that
single men made better fighters
than married men. He found that
the married men didn't want to
leave their loved ones and fami-
lies. In order to fix this problem,
Claudius cancelled all marriages
and banned all engagements.
Defying the Emperor, Saint
Valentine and his friend Saint
Marius defied Claudius and
secretly performed marriages
for people. Eventually Claudius
discovered their actions and St.
Valentine was sentenced to be
stoned, clubbed and beheaded.
While St. Valentine was in
prison, he fell deeply in love with
his jail keeper's blind daughter.
Supposedly, through the power
of his prayers and the miracle
of love, the girl gained back
her sight just before his execu-
tion. Before he was executed, he
gave his love a note in which he
signed "From your Valentine "
- the same phrase we use today
in greeting cards and love notes.
St. Valentine was executed
on Feb. 14 around 270 A.D. In
496 A.D Pope Gelasius set aside
Feb. 14 as Valentine's Day in order
to praise his sacrifices for love.
Some people say the mean-
ing of Valentine's Day has been
blinded by all the commercial-
ism that the holiday receives.
Yet others say commercialism
reminds peopie of the meaning
of Valentine's Day.
"In my opinion, Valentine's
see HISTORY page B2
IFast Facts
Commercial Valentine's Day cards
were Introduced In the 1800s
Valentine's Day Is the second
largest card-selling holiday
An excess of 1 billion cards are
sent each year on Valentine's Day
Hallmark has over 1330 different
cards specifically for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is celebrated In
trie United States. Canada, Mexico,
the United Kingdom, France and
Women buy 85 percent of val-
Over 50 million roses are given
on Valentine's Day each year
Married on Valentine's Day
Sharon Stone, Prince, Roseanne,
Jerry Garcia, Meg Ryan. Dennis
Quald and Elton John
Bom on Valentine's Day Hugh
Downs, Florence Henderson, Greg-
ory Hlnes and Drew Bledsoe
Dinner with friends is a good way to spend Valentine's Day.
Celebrate single
awareness day
Alternative ideas for
singles on Valentine's
For those who don't have a
significant other, Saturday can
leave you without plans for the
day of hearts, candy and flow-
But people find other ways
to celebrate, or not celebrate,
this Hallmark holiday.
There are many things single
guys and gals can do to have fun
on Valentine's Day even though
they do not have a sweetie to
share It with.
"I am having an anti-Valen-
tine's Day party it is not nec-
essarily for singles only but just
against the holiday in general
said Brittany Bodart, senior psy-
chology major.
Bodart also went on to say
that one of the rules of coming
to her party is that wearing any-
thing red is not allowed.
Several local restaurants and
clubs will have opportunities for
entertainment for more than just
Ham's will have live music
start i ng at 10p.m. Besides hav i ng
a couples package, Mesh Cafe will
have a their usual Saturday night
deejay playing for everyone.
Peasants will host the band
Mac & Cheese starting at 11
Jennifer Fermin, junior
Child Development and
Family Relations major, said
last year she and group of her
female friends got together and
watched chick flicks.
"The Today Show" on NBC
recently aired a segment with
In Style magazine correspon-
dent Charla Krupp about an
alternative way to celebrate this
Think Pink. Krupp suggests
having an all girl soiree where
pink is everywhere as the main
decorating accent color.
This party should be planned
for 12 women. Krupp suggests
holding the party at about
6 p.m. in case some have a sig-
nificant other.
To decorate the table lay small
mirrors as a runner and lay pink
candles, vases of pink roses or
any other pretty trinkets that
are lying around.
To go all out tor the table
decorations, In Style suggests
see SINGLES page 83

. t iVS � " '
2 12
Quick Picks: Album Review
Kanye drops most
anticipated album
Chicago stand up, your hoy
tutj truly arrived. Kanye West,
super-producer turned rapper
released his debut album under
Roc-A-Fella Records.
West first hit the scene .is .1
producer that was guaranteed to
gtVC any rapper a hit. Known lor
his soulful classic KteB samples,
he has developed and molded his
own style that is recognizable to
an) hip-hop head.
Contrary to popular belief,
it isn't an easy task to make
the transition from producer to
rapper and still be taken seriously
isee P-Iiddy and Timhaland).
Not only do we take West seri-
ously but his style, persona, beats
and witty lyrics make us look to
him to guide us into the neu
generation of hip hop.
The fourth track on the
album All Falls Down features
.1 sample by R&B living legend
l.auryn Mill. West spits, "You
think they want me up in this
damn club? I still got to show
ID to get up in Sam's Club He
reminds us that even though he's
on television morethan the Presi-
dent and has hits on the radio In
still does discount shopping just
like the rest of us.
However, there are times
throughout the album in which
he rhymes alxiut whips, jewels,
and women, hut in these days of
capitalist rap the listener can't
really blame him, and in fact he
does it in style.
There are limes in the album
where it seems a bit compro-
mised to be more commercial.
Guest appearances by l.udacris
and Twista made the cut for
the album to move units, but
arc not really needed. West can
Hand alone on all of the tracks
and after a second listen the
listener yearns lor him unac-
Stand out tracks on the
album include "Get 'Em High"
featuring everyone's new favor-
ite rapper TalibKwell. lay joins
West on "Never Let Vie Down
an inspirational track on not
letting anything slow you up or
hold you DM k
Wests underlying humor
comes In full force on the cut
"New Workout Plan A step by
step guideline for all ladies to
get into shape by rapping "get
them sit ups right and tuck your
tummy like this Cruel, but
funny nonetheless, he goes on
saying "No more mocha lattrs
sou gotta do I'ilates you golt.i
pop this tape inbefore you go
back dating Additional tracks
like "Spaceship "Jesus Walks"
and "Two Words" bring this
album together for a specific
Album Info
Title: 'College Dropout
Artist Kanye West
Release Date: Feb. 10,2004
sound and a common message
ol youthfulness and conscious-
ness that no other rapper before
him has done. It seems that peri-
odically throughout the album
there was too much ol a reach
to be commercially accepted
and at times that tends to be a
let down.
The Bottom Line: West
delivers a rare, solid album but
tails short of the expectations of
being a bip-hopclassic, which, in
his defense, is nearly impossible
to reach.
This writer can be contacted at
from page B1
I .iv is based on commercialism
- without it we couldn't express
our true feelings, lor example,
I want to give my girlfriend
something special, and without
commercialism to help me oui
then I don't know what I would
give her said las lorhewning,
Sophomore broadcast journalism
this Saturday many people
will celebrate this holiday ol
love. When vim are sharing this
day with that special someone,
remember the real reason we
celebrate Valentine's Day.
It's not just for the pretty
flowers or chocolates. It's to
recognize the selfless acts of
love that were committed many
years ago and to continue to act
on these accounts every Valen-
tine's Day.
"Even though I don't have
a significant other to celebrate
with, I still have my friends. I
was once told that you don't
need a lover on Valentine's Day.
just love. So I'm going to make
this Valentine's just as special
as any other said Kristen
carpenter, sophomore publii
relations major.
This writer may be contacted at
Move with ease
Watch for our 2004 Housing Guide
inserted in the Tuesday, February
17th Edition of The East Carolinian.
The Housing Guide will include apart-
ment listings, information on leases,
choosing a roommate, decorating tips
and living expenses.
'xnoclf, 'jf'cfffrf
All Apartments are within walking distance from ECU campus, enersy efficient, pets welcome
Spacious Secluded Two Bedroom UnitsOne Bath
Free Water & Sewer � Central Heat & Air
Insulated Windows & Doors � Dishwasher � Ceiling Fan
CAT5 Phone Lines � Refrigerator � Stove � Mini Blinds
Deadbolt Locks � Bike Racks � 1st Floor Patio
2nd Floor Balcony � Pfe-Wired for Surround Sound
Pre-Wired for Security
Pitt Property Management � 108 Brownlea Dr, Suite A � Greenville, NC 27858 � 252.758.1921 ext. 30
Pets accepted with
non-refundable fee.
Unit Sizes:
2 bedroom 1 12 bath townhouse
approx. 1050 square feet
3 bedroom 1 12 bath townhouse
approx. 1350 square feet
3 bedroom 112 townhouse
Individual bedroom lease
Swimming Pool � Fitness Equipment � Tennis Courts
� Private Patios � Walk-in Closets � WasherDryer
Connections � On-site Management
24 hour Emergency Maintenance � Dishwasher �
Self-Cleaning Oven � Frost Free Refrigerator � Central
HeatAir Conditioning � B-Ball Court
Billiards Table � Ceiling Fans � 24 hour On-Site Laundry
Facilities � Clubhouse � FREE Broadband High Speed
Wireless Internet � Basic Cable, Water & Sewer
Additional Security Lighting & Exterior Doors Have
Deadbolts � ECU Bus Service Available
�Convenient to several shopping plazas,restaurants and

3193-A Kast tolnSt.
Greenville, NC 27858
Owner & Operator over 30 Years
Shoe Repair At Its Very Best
Low Coat High Quality
Shoes, Cowl
ocs, Rockpo
OPEN MonFri.
7:30 AM- 6:00 PM,
9:00 AM- 1:00 PM
252-752-0277 �1806 E 1st St.� Located 4 blocks from ECU campus �
www shareyouriife org
1-800- 355-SHARE
'Mfon on 0?V 1 Tfc� Oonatinr

kmn �tte tepp
The National Leadership Honor Society
Is Proud to Sponsor the Annual
Deans and Issues Forum
Guest Moderator, Dr. garrie Moore, Vice Chancellor for Student Life
February 12,2004
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Mendenhall Student Center, Room 244
All students, faculty, and staff
are welcome to attend!
Make Your Voice Heard On Topics Such As:
Diversity Campus Safety
Parking Transportation
University Expansion and Construction
Faculty Involvement in Student Orginizations
lease contact the Student Leadership
Development Office at 328-4796 for more
To learn more about ODK visit us online at http:www.ecu.eduorgodk
)ne Bath
Heat & Air
ieiling Fan
Aini Blinds
:loor Patio
rid Sound
r Security
U 30 Years
Very Best
0 PM,
Wrestling has come back to
ECU. Be a part of the action!
Contact us at 412-2146
It feels good, but it may also
be good for you, doctors say
(KRT)�The mood is set
- candles, body oils, music.
Gradually, your heart rate
increases. The neural cells in
your brain begin releasing
endorphins - those feel-good
chemicals that give you a sense
of euphoria as potent as a shot
of morphine.
What you AREN'T likely
thinking are the health benefits
of the act you're about to be
engaged in. Doctors, psycholo-
gists and sex therapists say yeah,
it feels good, but it may also be
good for you.
Take note:
-Sex increases the blood flow
and circulation throughout the
body and may help reduce the
risk of heart attack.
-It is a mental health tonic
and stress reducer.
-Thirty minutes of sex burns
on average 150 calories.
"You're burning calories
and it beats the heck out of jog-
ging said Kva Ritvo, associate
professor of psychiatry at the
University of Miami and head
of the Department of Psychiatry
at Mount Sinai Medical Center in
Miami Beach. "Clearly the longer
you're doing it, the more calories
you're burning
Added Miami family practi-
tioner Dr. Fleur Sack, "Exercise
is good and sex is exercise and if
you're doing it at least three times
a week you'll be healthier.
Though there's a mountain
of research on how often Ameri-
cans have sex and how much we
enjoy it -or don't - there is scarce
information on its physical and
health benefits. One reason may
be a lack of study subjects. Imag-
ine having your heart rate moni-
tored or blood pressure checked
before, during and after inter-
course? A real turn-off, right?
One study conducted a
decade ago by Or. David Weeks
at Scotland's Royal Edinburgh
Hospital did look at 3,500 men
between the ages of 18 and 102
(yes, 102!). The survey concluded
that men having orgasms three
or more times a week had a reduc-
tion in heart disease and lived
longer than those who didn't.
During sex both men and
women release a hormone
called oxytocin, Ritvo said, the
same hormone stimulated when
women nurse babies.
"The oxytocin can also lower
blood pressure and reduce inci-
dence of breast cancer in women
who haven't nursed Ritvo said.
"It makes you feel great and
makes you want to stay home
and care for your infant. That is
probably one of the reasons you
feel good in sex and relaxed
Men release testosterone,
important for strengthen-
ing bones and muscles and
male's immune function, she
Men also can take comfort in
this: The more sex you have, the
less your chances of developing
prostatitis - an enlargement of
the prostate due to fluid buildup.
More frequent ejaculation may
help relieve that buildup, accord-
ing to Sack, president-elect of the
Florida Academy of Family Physi-
cians, a group representing 3,500
family physicians.
She also cited t he research on
heart rates. "When you're having
sex with your spouse or some-
one in a long-term relationship,
your heart rate goes up to about
120 beats per minute (from the
normal of 70) she said, noting
ttiat 120 beats per minute is a
healthy range for cardiovascular
fitness, but those whose rate goes
higher increase their risk of heart
attack. "If you're having extra-
marital sex, it goes up to about
180 beats per minute
The incidence of heart attack
during sex for men having affairs
is higher than for those in com-
mitted relationships, she said:
"The risk of being caught is high
and it's more exciting
Of course, doctors cautioned
against sex outside of a commit-
ted relationship and urged safe
sex to avoid contracting HIV
AIDS and other sexually trans-
mitted diseases. They also advised
against unwanted pregnancies.
But if you follow these cave-
ats, you can have fun and boost
your health. "It can improve
sleep said Amy Demner, a
Coral Springs licensed clinical
psychologist. "It can also help to
reduce worry and anxiety. When
your mind is focused on pleasure
and sexy things, anxious thoughts
will tend to not be present
Those endorphins that are
released in the brain also act
like a booster-shot for the body's
immune system.
Nothing beats stress - that
silent menace that many believe
contributes to ulcers, migraines
and other disorders - like a good
round of sex, experts say.
"One of the mental health
benefits is being able to have
complete trust in another human
being said Gary Neuman, a
Miami Beach marriage counselor
and author of "Kmotional Infidel-
ity: How to affair-proof your mar-
riage and other secrets to a great
relationship "We are very anx-
ious about losing control, but if we
allow ourselves to lose our sense of
control with another person, it's a
mental health benefit
from page B1
affixing pink silk flowers to
ribbons in order to make pretty
feminine napkin holders.
Not only Is the table deco-
rated in pink but the guests can
also drink pink.
Krupp has a recipe for
a Valentine's Day martini,
or Valentini, that includes
Currant vodka, champagne
and raspberry schnapps
with a martini glass rimmed in
For the non-alcoholic route,
you can mix sparkling water
with a splash of cranberry juice
and lime. suggests ways
for single guys to spend their
Valentine's Day.
One idea is to just have a
guy's night out and go shoot
some pool, or host a party and
invite unattached friends and
those whose dates are unavail-
For guys not in the party
mood, just order take out, rent
a movie and veg out.
Treat a friend or co-worker to
dinner by showing appreciation
for all they have done or just
hang out with a favorite female
"I don't have a significant
other. I just want one thing for
Valentine's Day - sleep said
sophomore jazz studies major,
Matt Roehrich.
This writer can be contacted at
WZMS is for lovers
is sponsoring
two special
Valentine's Day
contests with lots
of prizes and
Worst Pick-Up Line Contest
Thursday 1-2 p.m.
Wright Place Dining Area
Worst Love Poem Contest
Thursday 7-8 p.m.
Mendenhall Dining Area
Anyone can participate.
Bring a poem or pick-up line
or take a chance at being
picked as a judge. Either way,
you don't want to miss this
because love is in the air!

Cinema Scene
Student Union Rims
Free with a student ID
I I. pll 111!
Elephant - starring Alex Frost, Eric
Deulin and John Robinson Covers the
time frame of a single day in the high
school of a sleepy Oregon town
Before the end, two students will
massacre their fellow students and
teachers in a shooting similar to the
events that occurred at Columbine
High School Rated: R
Carmlke 12
21 Grams - starring Benicio
Del Torro and Sean Penn. The
complex interconnected story drug
addict and mother, a terminally ill
mathematics professor, Paul (Penn).
and a spiritual ex-convict. Jack (Del
Toro) that intersects tragically and
redemptively following a car accident
Rated: R
Along Came Polly - starring
Ben Stiller, Jennifer Anniston
and Phillip Seymour Hoffman A
newly wedded husband (Stiller) is
cheated on by his wife during their
Honeymoon Soon after he becomes
involved in another relationship with
a free-spirited woman named Polly
(Anniston) Rated: PG-13
from page B1
offers mother casual land
ethnic) choice Make reserva-
tions now to rrii I iosl.i lajitas
foi i wo, which Include beef,
chk km and shrimp. Dlnnei also
includes .i complementary fried
ice trcjin
lop it all otf with a Gulp ol
Mexico, a 4( dunce lime mar-
Harila made with Chico's own
spei ial love potion - also known
as tequila.
Hut it dining out isn't your
Idea of a qualnti romantic eve-
ning, staying In on a Saturday
night isn't too had.
' I lie best place to eat in
Greenville i at home said Kol)
Wall, senior education major.
home-cooked meal
prepared with tare and lose
is the end ol all romantic
Of course, whether you
enjoy dinner at home or out
on the town, share it with
your Valentine. After all,
that's what this Saturday is all
This writer can be contacted at
Barbershop 2 - starring Ice
Cube. Cedric the Entertainer and
Queen Latifah. Sequel to this
fall's runaway hit - spend another
day with the crew of Calvins
barbershop in the South Side of
Chicago Rated: R
The Butterfly Effect - starring
Ashton Kutcher. Amy Smart and
Melora Walters A young man
with a dark and troubled
past discovers that he has the
ability to travel back in time and
occupy his childhood body. He
soon finds that with every trip back
in lime, it alters his future, leading
him to keep traveling back to
repair the damage, with disastrous
results Rated: R
sees his golden opportunities in a
house that is being sold back
for taxes The house was wrongfully
taken tram its owner, who vows to get
it back at any cost Rated: R
The Matrix Revolutions - starring
Keanu Reeves. Laurence Fishburne
and Carrie-Anne Moss Neo
fights to free the human race
from the machines A few thousand
humans who have managed
to escape cyberimprisonment
join his fight for freedom Rated: R.
Catch That Kid - starring Kristen
Stewart, Corbin Bleu and Max
Theiriot A youngster who, with
the help of two friends, robs
the state-of-the-art bank
where her mother works to
acquire the cash needed for a
costly operation to save her ailing
father Rated: PG.
Cheaper By the Dozen
- starring Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt
and Tom Welling Story of a family
of 12 children's move to Chicago
and their often humorous
adjustments to big city life Rated:
Cold Mountain - starring Jude Law.
Nicole Kidman and Rene Zellweger
Story of the long journey homy
of a wounded Civil War soldier
who returns home to North
Carolina to be reunited with his wife
Rated; R.
50 First Dates - starring Adam
Sandier and Drew Barrymore
A veterinarian in Hawaii falls in
love with a girl who has short-term
memory loss and must repeatedly
get her to fall in love with him so
she'll remember their relationship
Rated PG-13
The House of Sand and Fog
- starring Jennifer Connelly
and Ben Kingsley. A man who
struggles to make ends meet
Miracle starring Kurl
Russell. Patricia Clarkson and
Noah Emmerich The amazing
story of the 1980 U S Olympic
hockey team, which stunned the
heavily favored Soviet squad in the
semifinals to advance to the
game, inspiring
question: "Do
in miracles?'
the famous
you believe
Rated: PG
The Perfect Score - starring
Scarlett Johanson. Chris Evans and
Darius Miles. Five desperate hinh
school students who break into the
Princeton Testing Center in order to
steal the answers to the SAT Rated
Welcome to Mooseport - starring
Ray Romano. Gene Hackmnn
and Fred Savage A two-term
president moves to a small New
England town to retire and write
his memoirs, but instead becomes
involved in a tough race for mayor
with the local hardware store
owner (Romano) Rated: PG-
13. Special sneak preview at
7:00 p.m Sunday.
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
- starring Kale Bosworth, Josh
Duhamel and Topher Grace. A
small-town girl from West
Virginia wins a contest to
meet her big screen idol Tad
Hamilton Rated: PG-13.
You Got Served starring
Marques Houston, Omarion.
J-Boog and Fizz The social
subculture of street dancing
is explored through a
pair of friends, David (
Omarion) and Elgin (Houston),
who want to open their own hip-
hop dance and recording studio,
but in order to do that, they must
first win a street dance competition
against another group of street
dancers to prove that they
have talent Rated: PG-13,
H lack vv o o J ' s
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you don't want to miss!
Thursday, February, 12th @ 7:30 pm
Wright Auditorium. The first 200
people in the door will receive a
"safer sex" survival kit!
Hosted by the ECU Healthy PIRATES.
Call 328-6794 for more information

2 12 04
Baseball: Destination Omaha
nming Pools
Wafer Slide
12 people
For It!
Sports Editor
Assistant Sports Editor
Sports Briefs

More Clarett controversey
A federal judge refused to suspend her ruling Maurice Clarett is eligible
to play in the NFL, and his lawyer said Wednesday the Ohio State running
back will enter the draft. US. District Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled the NFL
would not suffer irreparable harm if Clarett and other underclassmen are
allowed to participate in April's draft. Scheindlin rejected NFL arguments that
she must suspend the effect of last week's ruling in which she concluded
an NFL rule barring eligibility to Clarett and other young athletes violates
antitrust laws. Scheindlin said the NFLs concern that younger players might
over-train or resort to steroid use to better qualify for the draft "makes no
sense" in arguing for a stay since players must announce they are entering
the draft by March 1.
Crowd jeers U.S. team with chants of 'Osama
The boos nearly drowned out The Star-Spangled Banner, and a few dozen
fans chanted "Osama! Osama as the United States was eliminated by
Mexico in Olympic men's soccer qualifying A loud anti-American crowd
hollered as Mexico beat the United States 4-0 Tuesday night in the under-23
tournament, claiming a berth in the Athens Olympics. As U.S. players left
the stadium for their bus, several fans - some clutching beers - chanted
"Osama! Osama in reference to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.
Police in riot gear held back the crowd and urged people to calm down.
For Mexico, the game partly avenged a 2-0 loss to the United States in the
second round of the 2002 World Cup, a far more important tournament
involving national teams.
New development in Williams case
Former NBA star Jayson Williams killed a limousine driver while fooling with a
shotgun, then tried to cover up his role by putting the victim's fingerprints on
the weapon, a prosecutor said in opening statements Tuesday at Williams'
manslaughter trial. Williams, 35, is charged in the death of Costas "Gus"
Christofi, 55, who was killed in 2002 at Williams' 40-room mansion. Defense
lawyer Billy Martin said the shooting by Williams whom he referred to as
"a big Teddy bear" was an accident, and suggested that the retired New
Jersey Nets center would testify to that Prosecutors maintain that while
Williams did not intend to kill Christofi, he acted with reckless indifference
when he took a Browning 12-gauge shotgun from a cabinet in a bedroom
and opened it and closed it in one motion It fired and hit Christofi, who was
about 3 feet away. Anticipating the defense, Lember insisted the shooting
"wasn't any accident at all
Ryan's door open to work with Astros
Now that he's cut ties with the Texas Rangers, Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan is
free to start working again with the Houston Astros. Ryan already owns the
Round Rock Express, which is the Astros' Double-A team and is expected
to become a Triple-A team in 2005. He also is co-owner of a Corpus
Christi minor-league team, which will become the Astros' Double-A team in
2005 Astros general manager Gerry Hunsicker said Tuesday that Ryan and
Astros owner Drayton McLane Jr. have had several conversations about a
possible position with the organization. Ryan has said it was natural that if
he develops a relationship with another club that it would be Houston Ryan
ended his formal relationship with the Rangers on Monday by deciding not
to sign a new personal services contract. Ryan pitched for the Astros from
1980-88. He was 324-292 with 5,714 strikeouts and a 3.19 ERA in 27 major
league seasons with the New York Mets. California, Houston and Texas
The Angels, Astros and Rangers have all retired his jersey. He spent the
final five seasons of his career (1989-93) with the Rangers, throwing the
last two of his seven no-hitters and recording his 5,000th career strikeout
during that span
Mets sign reliever Bottallco to minor-league deal
The New York Mets signed relief pitcher Ricky Bottalico to a minor-league
contract Wednesday and asked him to spring training as a non -roster invitee
Bottalico, 34, appeared in just two games for the Arizona Diamondbacks
last season and pitched just 1 23 innings He was 1-0 with a 540 ERA,
spending most of the year with Arizona's Triple-A affiliate in Tucson. The
6-foot right-hander opened his career with Philadelphia and spent seven
seasons with the Phillies during two stints in the city He was an All Star with
the team in 1996, posting a career-best 34 saves during that season and
again in 1997. During a 10-year major-league career, Bottalico is 28-38 with
a 4.03 ERA and 114 saves over 462 relief appearances with Philadelphia,
St. Louis, Kansas City and Arizona.
Millwood avoids arbitration with $11M
Kevin Millwood agreed Tuesday to an $11 million, one-year contract with the
Philadelphia Phillies, avoiding arbitration. Millwood, who made $9.9 million
in his first season with the Phillies, had been seeking $12.5 million, while
the team had been offering $10 million. In November, the Phillies offered
the right-hander a three-year deal believed to be worth $30 million with
an option for a fourth year. Millwood's agent, Scott Boras, rejected the offer,
which the Phillies withdrew when they acquired former All-Star Eric Milton
from Minnesota in December. Millwood went 14-12 with a 401 ERA for the
Phillies last year, and pitched a no-hitter against San Francisco on April
27. He had a poor finish, going 0-3 with two no-declsions In his last five
starts, including two disappointing outings against eventual World Series
champion Florida At the time, the Phillies and Marlins were battling for the
wild-card berth. In his last start, Millwood left the field at Veterans Stadium
in a strange moment, throwing his glove and hat into the stands as many
fans booed. He said he had planned to do that all along, hoping to give
fans a souvenir in the final game at the Vet
Avalanche put Nikollshin on IR, recall McCormick
Colorado Avalanche center Andrei Nikollshin was placed on injured reserve
Wednesday because of an abdominal strain The move is retroactive to Jan.
24, meaning he can return when he feels up to it team spokesman Damon
Zier said A player must remain on injured reserve for seven days before
coming back Colorado also recalled Cody McCormick from the Hershey
Bears. He opened the season with the Avalanche, scoring two goals in
34 games before being assigned to Hershey on Jan 8. On Tuesday, the
Avalanche said All-Star defenseman Rob Blake was out indefinitely with a
hairline fracture of his left leg.
Pirates pitching,
offense both improved
It's every college baseball
player's dream. To run out onto
the field at
Rosenbla'tt Stadium in
Omaha, Nebraska in front of
22,000 fans as one of the final
eight teams in the country. The
sensation that has eluded ECU
for so long now seems closer
than ever with nearly 20 guys
returning from last year's squad
along with a mixture of some
outstanding freshmen and junior
college talent.
The Pirates return their main
offensive threat, Darryl Lawhorn,
for his junior season. Lawhorn
was tabbed as preseason player
of the year in Conference USA,
but in order for the superstar
to live up to the hype, assistant
coach Tommy Eason believes
that he will need protection in
the line-up.
"You have to surround him
with good players said Kason.
"You can't expect Darryl to
be a one man wrecking crew.
Everybody from top to bottom
has to have a good year for
Darryl to have a good year and
vice versa
With Ryan Norwood, Ryan
Jones, Jamie Paige, and others
in a high octane lineup, it will
become increasingly difficult for
teams to pitch around Lawhoin
if Norwood, Jones, and Paige are
consistently putting up good
One of the main concerns
of this year's squad is a lack of
experience on the mound. Greg
Bunn, who spent the last two
seasons closing games for the
Pirates, will become one of the
go to guys as a starter. Freshman
Ricky Brooks, who was selected in
the 2003 MI.B draft, and junior
college transfer Brody Taylor, may
emerge as key performers in the
Pirates rotation.
Preseason C-USA polls have
selected the Pirates to finish
fifth in the conference this
season, probably due to the lack
of pitching.
Despite preseason polls and
the pitching staff's lack of expe-
rience, Eason believes that these
guys will be ready for the long
"1 told our guys if they can
pitch against our team, then
they can pitch against anybody
in America Eason said.
"You know, I don't put a lot
of weight on that stuff Ipolls,
Every team in this conference
lost some key players from last
year and no one knows who
anyone else has brought in to
replace them
Tulane, which was number
one in the poll, returns all
their starters from a season ago.
According to Eason however, the
Green Wave lost players just like
everyone else.
"They lost a ton of offense,
and probably the best player in
the country last year. Those
types of players are hard to
replace Eason said.
As Eason puts a hush on pre-
season poll talk, the focus turns
to spring practice, where he feels
the squad has performed excep-
"This is probably the best
spring we've had in the last few
years Eason said.
"I think it's time to play
somebody else in a different
They will this weekend as
UNC-Asheville comes to town
for a weekend series. The Pirates
will start Brody Taylor on Friday,
Greg Bunn on Saturday, and
Ricky Brooks on Sunday. 10 to
12 different pitchers could see
mound time this weekend as all
pitchers are on a low pitch count
to begin the season.
Also, the new $450,000 score-
board that is part of phase one
of the new Harrington field set
to open next year will make its'
debut this weekend.
The weekend games will
be at 3 p.m 2 p.m. and 1 p.m.
With the season kicking off
this weekend, the question that
everyone seems to want answered
these days is, is this the season
for Omaha?
"We definitely have the talent
to go, there's no doubt about it
This writer can be contacted at
The Pirates will open up their 2004 season against UNC-
Ashville in Greenville on Friday at Harrington Field.
Pirate Radio Broadcast Schedule
Sunday. Feb. 15UNC-AshvilleGreenville
Sunday. Feb 22DelawareGreenville
Sunday. Feb. 29Ga SouthernGreenville
Sunday. March 14Charleston SouthernGreenville
Friday. March 26MemphisMemphis
Saturday. March 27MemphisMemphis
Sunday. March 28MemphisMemphis
Wednesday, March 31UNC WillmingtonWilmington
Friday. April 2CharlotteCharlotte
Saturday. April 3CharlotteCharlotte
Sunday. April 4CharlotteCharlotte
Wednesday, April 7DukeDurham
Saturday. April 10South FloridaGreenville
Sunday. April 11South FloridaGreenville
Wednesday. April 14UNC-WGreenville
Friday. April 16CincinnatiCincinnati
Saturday, April 17CincinnatiCincinnati
Sunday. April 18CincinnatiCincinnati
Wdnesday, April 21N.C. StateRaleigh
Saturday. April 24LousivilleGreenville
Sunday. April 25LousivilleGreenville
Saturday, May 1HoustonGreenville
Sunday. May 2HoustonGreenville
Wednesday, May 5DukeKinston
Wednesday, May 12N.C.StateKinston
Saturday, May 15TCUKinston
Sunday. May 16TCUKinston
Thursday, May 20So MissHattiesburg
Friday. May 21So MissHattiesburg
Saturday, May 22So MissHattiesburg
Wed-Sat, May 26-29TourneyHouston
ECU loses another heartbreaker
Pirates fall short to
streaking Memphis
The Memphis Tigers made
their first visit to Mlnges
Coliseum last night and made
it a first time to be remem-
bered. Antonio Burks dropped
25 points on the Pirates,
handing them yet another
Conference USA defeat by a score
of 79-73.
Derrick Wiley and Moussa
Badiane combined for 40
points and 22 rebounds but
ECU still couldn't muster up
quite enough to defeat the red
hot Tigers.
Badiane was dominating
inside, adding eight blocks
to his credit on Wednesday
The Memphis victory marked
their eight straight win as they
improved to 8-2 in the confer-
ence and secured themselves the
third place spot in C-USA for the
Head Coach Bill Herrion was
confident about his team's abil-
ity to win the game but stated
after the game that two key
components killed the
"I put two things on the
board after the game: shot selec-
tion and untimely bad fouls
said Herrion.
"Our margin of error in this
league is razor thin
In the loss, the Pirates out-
rebounded the Tigers and held
them under 40 percent shooting
on the night as well.
"We out-rebound them and
we hold them to 36 percent from
the floor. I say we are going to
win the game Herrion said.
Another problem for the
Pirates was freshman standout,
Mike Cook. He got himself into
early foul trouble, which limited
him to just three first half min-
utes. It proved to be a big blow to
the Pirate offense.
"We could not guard Cook
said Memphis head coach, John
Callipari "I thought East Caro-
lina played great and Billy did
an unbelievable job of having
them ready and doing what they
needed to do to beat us
"I would be surprised if they
don't hit .500 the rest of their
games going out Callipari
ECU will look ahead to UAB
this weekend and then to a three
game home stand, a vital part in
the Pirates run for the tourna-
"Now we have a six game
season and I told our kids that
we can win every game that we
play. 1 think we are good enough
to do that Herrion said. "We
have to wins some games down
the stretch to get into the tour-
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeostcarolinian. com.
The Pirates lost yet another heartbreaker in the last minutes.
Willis to lead Lady Pirates this weekend
Senior forwardcenter
having a great year
The women's basketball team
will take on nationally ranked
teams in TCU and Houston this
weekend. It will mark the last
home games for three Lady Pirate
seniors. Fifth year senior Angela
Sye, guard Alisha Bishop and
forwardcenter Courtney Willis
will leave thier legacy with the
women's basketball program.
Willis is perhaps the
most intriguing player of the
three. With 1,250 points the
Fayetteville, NC native just
moved into seventh all-time in
career scoring. She needs just 13
points to move into sixth and has
a chance to move into the top five
overall. The humble Willis docs
not care about records, "I think
these are all great honors, but the
further the team goes, it means
more than individual things
With Willis, there is
more to her than fancy
footwork, double-doubles, and
all-time records. The Communi-
cation major was named female
athlete of the year in 2000 while
in high school. The three-sport
star led her team to the state
championship. In trying to
balance everything Willis
simply said, "I had no social life,
but that's what I chose. 1 love
sports so it wasn't a big decision
for me
Regarding the state cham-
pionship, Willis remembers the $
see BASKETBALL page B7 Courtney Willis has been a go-to player for ECU this season.

ECU heads to Birmingham Saturday
Pirates to face one of
C-USAs top dogs
The I'niversit) ol Alabama-
Birmingham's basketball pro-
gram has been on the rise in the
past couple of years. I he Hlaers,
II I s upcoming opponent this
Saturday, made a surprise run
to the conference title game last
year where they came up short
against Reece (lines and the
Louisville Cardinals.
Nothing has changed from
last season. UAH is contending
for the Conference- USA regular
season title, .is they are in a five-
way deadlock for first place.
How have they done it? Bal-
anced scoring from their start-
ing five and solid defense night
in .mil night out are the top two
reasons. The Blazers have not
given up more than 80 points in
a game since their early season
loss to the No. 6 Mississippi State
Bulldogs, 86-84.
In their first meeting with
the Pirates this season, the
Blazers shot the ball extremely
well from beyond the arc in the
second half and fought off a very
hostile crowd en route to a close
71-68 downing of ECU.
"You can see why they are
tough at home said UAB head
coach, Mike Anderson on F.CU's
efforts in the first meeting.
"Bill does a tremendous job
and their kids work so hard
Hard work from the Pirates
is definitely showing on the
court, but not so much in the
win column.
"I think we have proven thai
we can play with the teams in
this league said head coach for
the Pirates, Bill llerrion.
"Now, we just have to start
winning the games
The UAB loss earlier Ihis
season is just one of several
tough losses tor the Pirates in
conference play this year. Hous-
ton, DePaul and Charlotte are
games that ECU saw themselves
in good position to get the 'W
only to watch it slip through
their fingers.
The Pirates second time
around, now with UAB, will be
an even tougher task. ECU was
sporting a healthy (iabriel Miku-
las and a strong home crowd the
lirst time the two teams went
at it
Mthough winning a road
game in (USA may seem like a
monumental task at times for the
Pirates, Coach llerrion believes
that his team is showing mass
"If our kids can keep giving
the effort and playing the way
they've been playing, we're going
to win some more games down
the road llerrion said.
This writer can be contacted at
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National basketball scene heating up
March Madness
approaching rapidly
( onlereni; races are heating
up in college basketball and the
games have a renewed intensity
with the NCAA tournament
(uickly approaching. The past
week saw some great finishes to
some big games
No I Duke outlasted in-state
rival North Carolina in double-
overtime 81-81 as senior Chris
Duhon drove and his reverse-
lay-up won the game for the Blue
I Veils An unlikely hero emerged
for No. 2 Stanford over the week-
end as Nick Robinson's 35-fboto
at the buzer iced Pac-10 rival Ari-
zona and kept Stanford's perfect
run alive.
And it's not just Division I
basketball with the goose bump
inducing endings. Previously
undefeated Pleitfer fell to No.
20 Mount Olive in Division II
on a 7S-footer at the buzzer in
The 2003-2004 season has
been filled with surprises and
disappointments alike. Missis-
sippi State and Oklahoma State
have come out ol nowhere to
break into the lop 10. onneiti-
cut was the preseason favorite to
go all the way but has lost some
close games including one to
Notre Dame Tuesday night.
Duke is ranked No. I for the
seventh straight season and is
dominating the ACC while UNC,
who was expected to contend
with the Blue Devils, has looked
spectacular one night and Hat
the next.
St Joseph's and Stanford are
still undefeated but both face
an uphill battle to reach that
perfect plateau, one that hasn't
been climbed since 1991.
The teams have now found
their identity and the best play-
ers in the country have emerged,
some that have been there all
along, and some you've never
even heard of. Here are TF.C's
mid-season All-American picks
I See IKC picks below).
One of the most valuable
advantages a team can have is
that important seeding in the
NCAA tournament. As proved
in year's past, the most highly
ranked teams do not always merit
a No. 1 seeding. Rl'l rankings are
used to assist the "bracketolo-
gists" In determining who plays
who and where.
The NCAA has used the
Rating Percentage Index (RPI)
since 1981 to help in the selec-
tion of at-large teams and the
seeding of all teams for the NCAA
basketball tournament. The basic
RPI is derived from three com-
ponent factors: Div. I winning
percentage (25 percent), sched-
ule strength (SO percent); and
opponent's schedule strength
(2S percent). Games against
non-Division I opponents are
not used in calculating the RPI
(See RPI Rankings).
A Conference-USA tourna-
ment championship is the only
way for the ECU Pirates to make
it to the NCAA tournament. The
Pirates need to finish the season
strong to get an invitation to the
postseason tourney. 15 teams
are in C-USA and only the top
12 are invited. RCU is 14th with
a 1-8 conference record. They
are within striking distance of
the 12th spot, currently held by
Houston with a 2-7 mark.
This writer can be contacted at
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'� J
t?30 Wings!
until 9pm
N IN Trivia Contest
Import night
n n n 'W n '
lision .if (JJBJE�.
Valentine's Day
Stanford celebrates after their last-second win over Arizona.
TEC All-American First Team
Emeka Okafor (Connecticut)
Jameer Nelson (St Joseph's)
Andre Emmett (Texas Tech)
Ryan Gomes (Providence)
Ike Diogu (Arizona State)
TEC All-American Second Team
Luke Jackson (Oregon)
Fransisco Garcia (Louisville)
Wayne Simien (Kansas)
Ben Gordon (Connecticut)
Raymond Felton (UNC)
TEC All-American Third Team
Rashad McCants (UNC)
Julius Hodge (N C. Stale)
Devin Harris (Wisconsin)
Hakim Warrick (Syracuse)
JJ Redick(Duke)
RPI Ranking
1. Duke (.6949)
2 St. Joseph's (.6821)
3. Kentucky (.6719)
4. Connecticut (.6561)
5. Louisville (.6554)
6 Stanford (6535)
7 Miss St. (.6526)
8. Florida (6441)
9 Texas (6436)
10 Kansas(6434)
170 ECU (.4903)
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Stanford recruit recovering after
suffering stroke during celebration
PALO ALTO, Calif. (KKT) �
The night before Nick Robinson's
game-winning basket brought
Stanford fans onto the floor at
Maples Pavilion, a similar scene
played itst'lt out with tragic con-
sequences at a high school gym
in Tucson, Ariz.
Joe Kay. a Tucson I lijjh senior
headed to Stanford on a volley-
ball scholarship, suffered a stroke
and partial paralysis Friday in a
pileup when about 200 fans
stormed the court to celebrate
a victory.
Kay, 18, was tackled by an
exuberant crowd after his two-
handed slam punctuated a win
over powerful Salpointe. His
jaw was broken and he suffered
a ruptured carotid artery. Kay
remained In serious condition
Tuesday at Tucson's University
Medical Center, where he has
been hospitalized since the
Stanford men's volleyball
coach Don Shaw learned of
Kay's injuries Monday morning
while searching for a high school
result on a volleyball Web site.
Shaw phoned Kay's parents in
the hospital and said Stanford
would honor the partial schol-
arship awarded to Kay, a 6-foot-6
outside hitter.
"I just wanted the parents to
know that no matter what hap-
pens, I wanted to have something
to give to him Shaw said.
During lunch Monday, Shaw
shared the story with Stanford
basketball coach Mike Mont-
gomery, whose team stunned
Arizona, 80-77, when Robinson
hit a 32-fool shot at the buzzer.
"I hate to snap you back to
reality Shaw told Montgomery,
"but this is what happened to
one ol my recruits
Stanford's case was slightly
different because Robinson was
already was on the floor when
the crowd poured onto the court.
Still, he tried to protect himself
by raising his forearms up near
his face, to keep arms and legs
away from his face and neck.
His elbow was wedged into
someone's neck. Arms were
tangled and bodies contorted.
Teammates screamed, "get off,
get oft
"You worry Montgomery
said. "They're coming onto the
floor and there's nobody in front
of them. I worry about the oppos-
ing team. Once, we had a student
swing at one of our students. I've
had people spit in my face
Montgomery was not opti-
mistic similar situations could
be prevented.
"The way it happened was
just about as exciting as any tiling
you could imagine Montgom-
ery said. "It's so spontaneous. I
don't know what you're going to
do to correct that
Kay is a National Merit
Scholar, valedictorian, and plays
first sax in the school jaz band.
Though he was injured much of
last season, he impressed Shaw
at Stanford's volleyball camp last
"lie's just a great kid Shaw
said. "The guys really like him,
he liked our team. We're just
going to hope and pray. I'll do
everything I can, which isn't
much. But he signed a letter ot
intent, he's part of the Stanford
volleyball family
Kay remained in serious
condition Tuesday night at Uni-
versity Medical Center. His con-
dition was improving, but he was
unable to move his right arm and
had limited use of his left. Kay's
parents said he was speaking in
short sentences but much of his
Speech was garbled.
Said Shaw: "You know, Nick
Robinson probably doesn't even
know about this guy right now.
Rut those guys who were under
that pile at Maples probably had
a moment of fear there.
And if they find out about
Joe, they're going to feel very
from page B5
game as if it was yesterday, "1
have never forgotten that game
because we lost by two. 1 remem-
ber all the details
It was not easy grabbing
the standout forwardcenter
for ECU. Willis, who had offers
from nearly everyone, chose
ECU after her official visit. "ECU
kept hounding me and sending
me letters almost to the point
that it was annoying. I figured I
would check it out Willis said
regarding recruiting.
II has not been all gravy for
Willis. She has experienced two
head coaches and an interim
coach. In reference to former
coach Dee Stokes, "I shed a tear
and moved on quickly. I love that
(loach Baldwin-Tenet is here and
her strategies
Her freshman year Willis
fought a bout with mononucleo-
sis, which cut her season short.
The senior forwardcenter
is averaging 18 points per
game and 9.5 rebounds.
She is currently sixth in the
league in scoring and third in
rebounding. Willis has started
every game this year. She was
one of the main reasons why
ECU was in second place in the
conference two weekends ago at
5-0. "You can either win or lose
from here and I think we chose
the wrong path Willis said
about the current four game
losing streak.
The main cog of the Lady
Pirate program does not know
where she sees herself after
graduation. "My mom wants to
know too. We have live games
left and we'll see what happens.
I want to evaluate my options. I
want to keep playing until my
body falls apart and I have to
play on nubs. I would love to go
overseas and get the opportunity
to travel Willis said.
NO. 22 TCU (18-4, 7-2) will
be no easy match-up tor the Lady
Pirates. The Horned
Progs are tied for third in the
conference standings. Sandora
Irvin will lead TCU into the
match-up averaging 1S.4 points
per game and 11.6 rebounds. I ler
rebounding average is second
in the league. TCU also sports
Ebony Shaw who just broke the
record for games played for the
Horned Frogs. She averages 11.0
points per game. Their game
against Charlotte scheduled tor
Sunday will be televised nation-
ally on ESPN2.
The University ol Houston is
riding momentum off their triple
overtime victory over Tulane on
national television. The No. 21
ranked Cougars arc led by pre-
season conlerence player of the
year Chandi Jones. Jones scored
a career-high 39 points in the
triple overtime thriller. Jones is
averaging a conference leading
22.0 points per outing and was
named Co-CUSA Player of the
Week. Houston
(19-3, 8-1) is tied for the
conlerence lead with DePaul and
has won tour straight.
"We've lost tour in a row.
These will be deciding games to
see what our team does and how
we step up to losing. We know
what we have to do to win and
we know how we can beat teams
so all we have to do is execute
Willis said about the importance
ot these last two home games
ECU will lace No. 22 TCU on
Friday, Feb. 13. Tip-off is sched-
uled at 7 p.m.
The Lady Pirates will have
little rest before concluding the
home schedule on Sunday, Feb.
15 when they take on No. 21
Houston at 2 p.m.
This writer can be contacted at
Both games will be broadcast
on WZMB 91.3 15 minutes
prior to tip-off.
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Feat at Joe's: Tiny school becoming a big story
IKR'I'I�On Friday, six guys
and two gals played 4-on-4 at
the Saint Joseph's field 1 louse
Since this was Philadelphia, they
were setting staggered picks lor
each other.
Underneath the stands. Phil
Martelli sat in his office remem-
bering the high school game
he saw In 1999 - Chester vs.
Pennsbury - and the night he
knew Jameer Nelson would be
his point guard. I he point"
was merely a descriptive term.
Nelson, a junior at (.hester. didn't
score one.
I just sat there and said, this
kid knows how to play Martelli
said. He was playing a different
game. He was on one level and
everybody else was on another. I
was amaed - and then I started
looking around to see if there
were other coaches around.
"Jameer understood that he
was a point guard. Nowadays
people have turned that into'the
guard who scores lameer knew
exactly who he was
Practice would begin in a lew
hours, and the noontime pickup
game would stop, but the pickup
players could stay around if they
wished. Practices are open at
Saint Joe's. When the phone rings
on the coach's desk, he answers
it. When the students see him.
they tell him, hey, great game-
last night.
At Duke, Mike Kryewski's
office is on a floor where the
elevator won't go, unless you have
a special key. At most big I )ivision
I basketball foundries, the coach
is a mythic presence, more
inaccessible than
the school president.
Martelli and Nelson and Saint
Joseph's are in those clouds today
- No. 3 in the polls and winners
l I heir first 20 games. This might
or might not continue, but they
know exactly who they are.
There are only 3,750
undergraduate students. Usually,
the Hawks are trying to earn
elbow room in Philadelphia's
Big S. They aren't rich kids,
like Villanova's, and they aren't
think-tank candidates, like
I'enn's. Their campus takes up a
couple Of blocks on the south side
of City Line Avenue, the jammed
four-lane road that defines the
boundary of Philadelphia I he
Hawk, who flaps constantly
during games, often has a chip
on his wing. The adjustment this
season is not campaigning for
respect but handling a national
wave of it.
"The kids on this campus
have great passion Martelli said.
"Everything they do they do it to
the hilt. We have a weekend in
the spring called lland-in-lland,
where the students are matched
up with a disabled person
Ninety percent of our students
participate in it, and it's great
Basketball is the floodgate
for that passion, yet at Saint Joe's
they don't just wear funny wigs
and bounce up and down. They
open the hood of the game and
study all the moving parts. The
I lawks have sent seven coaches to
the NBA, including the revered
Dr. Jack Ramsay.
Martelli's Hawks were in the
I inal 16 in '97 - memorable for
Martelli's tirade at whoever put a
"Pa behind "SaintJoseph's" on
the courtside banner - and were
in the NCAAs in '01 and '03. He
also suffered three consecutive
losing seasons, and the admin-
istration never budged.
"We had a good program and
we've got four starters returning
next year Martelli said. "But
lameer was the difference-maker.
Ik's the one who has put us in
this position
Nelson plays with a slight,
all-knowing smile. He is 5-
foot-11 yet has led the Hawks
in rebounding for an entire
season. He is a master at find-
ing all the possible geometric
angLes for using screens and is
undoubtedly the nation's best at
shooting the gap between
screencr and screenee, then
doing whatever he likes.
And he doesn't go point-
less anymore. He is averaging
20.4 points and 5.2 assists,
shooting over 50 percent from
the field and over 77 percent
from the line.
"I lifted a lot of weights over
the summer Nelson said. "I
probably improved my bench-
press by about 50 pounds. That's
paid off, with all the physical
contact. The rest of it is just
natural. They didn't used to let
me play on the playgrounds in
Chester because I was so small,
but then they saw what 1 could
do. I think a lot of playing point
guard is instinct
Martelli called the Chester
coach after the Pennsbury game.
"You told me he was good, you
didn't tell me he was great
he said. He pledged to himself
that he would sign Nelson,
and he kept looking in the
stands for other coaches. They
were chasing the more famous
high school point men -
Omar Cook, Andre Barrett,
Taliek Brown.
"Martelli and I stuck with
each other Nelson said.
"Some bigger schools showed
up at the end, like Temple and
Villanova and UMass. I liked the
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atmosphere here. I'm just a
regular student who plays
basketball, no different from
anybody else
Martelli showed up for the
home visit. Nelson's mother is
a school administrator. His dad
works at the shipyards in Marcus
Hook. The two divorced and are
remarried but come together for
"There must have been 35
relatives and friends there, and
they kept bringing these vats of
food Martelli said.
They asked me where our
first game was next year. I said, at
Colorado. Pete Nelson, Jameer's
dad, gets up and says, "I'm
going! Who's going with me?'
Right then I had a pretty good
idea we were going to get
Barrett and Brown are solid
point guards at Seton Hall and
Connecticut, respectively. Cook
played one year at St. John's
and entered the NBA draft,
disastrously. He is currently on a
10-day deal with Portland.
Failed, failed, failed.
And then
Pass It On.
in rMMafiH 1111 linn mi

The East Carolinian, February 12, 2004
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
February 12, 2004
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
Local Identifier
Location of Original
University Archives
This item has been made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. Researchers are responsible for using these materials in accordance with Title 17 of the United States Code and any other applicable statutes. If you are the creator or copyright holder of this item and would like it removed, please contact us at

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