The East Carolinian, February 5, 2004

Volume 79 Number 113
February 5, 2004
ECU researchers file lawsuit against company
SpeechEasy creators designed a device to help stuttering.
Anti-stuttering device
copyright in question
ECU researchers Andrew
Stuart, Ph.D, and Joseph Kalin-
owski, I'h.D, filed a copyright
infringement lawsuit against
Janus Development (iroup,
Inc. claiming the company sold
their copyrighted "SpeechEasy"
device without permission
g or payment.
� Stuart and Kalinowski spent
S more than 12 years getting their
anti-stuttering device to a
marketable point.
The team's research
eventually led to a patent,
and in accordance with ECU
policy, was assigned to the
The two researchers put the
anti-stuttering device on the
market in 2001 after ECU
granted a license to Janus.
Stuart and Kalinowski
were concerned that those
marketing the device weren't
properly trained, so the research-
ers helped Janus train the
individuals that would be fit-
ting the device.
Stuart said they later found
Janus was providing workshops
all over the U.S. using the
researchers' material, but the
company had taken out all
reference to them.
Stuart said between May and
July of 2003, the two parties tried
to negotiate the issue of copy-
right but could not come to an
agreement; therefore they were
forced to file a complaint in
the U.S. District Court against
"It came to what we felt was
a violation of copyright and
our intellectual property said
"It is unfortunate that
we are left in this situation.
These people IJanus Devel-
opment (iroup, Inc. have
taken the fruits of our labor
and been rewarded quite
handsomely. Someone must be
held accountable
Don I'arrott, chairman of
the Janus board of directors
and mayor of Greenville,
said attorneys were han-
dling the situation and he
had been advised not to
discuss the matter.
This writer can be contacted at
Balancing school work with extracurricular activities
The walkway between Joyner Library and Joyner East is a stage for many student performances such as unicycling.
North Carolina Republican primary approaches
Seven candidates
to fight for Gov.
Easley's post
pip. ��. A went
5J ir jv'iru"nK a�ainst
�� ��- Sk m rary districting
by the North Carolina Supreme
Court may push back the date
of the Republican primary,
but candidates have already
begun campaigning.
So far, seven Republi-
can hopefuls entered bids
to run against Democratic
incumbent Governor Mike
Easley. Mere's a quick synopsis
of the current contenders:
- State Sen. Patrick Bal-
lantine is the current Senate
Republican leader and a practic-
i ng attorney. He endorses tax cuts,
modernized Medicare and
support for community colleges
and universities.
- Dan Barrett is touted as
a political outsider for the
people, with a background in
local government as county
commissioner and experience as
a hospital official. Mis focus is
running the state government
more efficiently to redirect
finances to essential services,
such as affordable health care.
- Bill Cobey is chairman
of the Republican Party and
see ELECTION page A9
ft Election
visit tor links to each
Republican candidate's Web site and
Information about how to be a cam-
paign volunteer.
Gov. Easley's Web site Is www.govemor.
Laupus library receives $370,000 in rare books
Ruth Moskop looks through a rare book.
Black History Awareness
Collection dates back
to 15th century
The William E. I.aupus Health
Sciences Library is now the proud
owner of rare books and journals
appraised at almost $370,000.
Dr. Karel B. Absolon, a pio-
neer in the medical field who
has published more than 500
articles and 20 books, donated
the history of medicine col-
lection to the library as a gift.
The collection is made up of
almost 2,300 books, journals and
prints in US boxes. Dr. Dorothy
Spencer, director of I.aupus
library, said the collection is
extensive and dates back to the
15th century.
The books were given to
I.aupus Library officially in 2001,
but arrival was delayed because of
space issues at the library.
Many of the newer books
are still boxed in banker's boxes
while the older and more rare
books and folios (larger books)
are being held in controlled envi-
ronments. The library's interim
plan is to shelve the books tem-
porarily until the new library is
complete in 2006.
The collection will be housed
in what used to be a conference
room, but the room will be
redecorated to accentuate the
age of the books.
The current table and chairs
will be replaced with a table
from the 17th century and two
side chairs believed to be from
the 18th century.
Because of the frailty of the
books, they were each placed
see BOOKS page A2
Atkins attacks:
options at every
dining location
Tenika Smith, junior chemistry and mathematics
major, eats an Atkins-friendly diet on campus.
Dieters find foods to fit their needs
ECU students and faculty arc jumping on the
Atkins diet bandwagon to lose weight fast.
As the trend continues, people hear more
success stories supporting the plan.
"I met a guy the other day who started it for
his New Year's resolution and has already lost
21 pounds said Dan Scheaffer, junior business
management major.
Many students and faculty started the diet and
have turned to university dining services for food
options on campus.
Associate Food Service Director Scott Lamond
said F.CU first introduced lowcarb products about
a year ago.
"We started on campus at the juice bar in the
Rec Center said Lamond.
"We were getting a lot of new requests. Not
power bars and protein bars, but actually low
carb bars
Since the bars sold well, they moved to other
retail stores on campus. Now they can be found,
along with low carb shakes, in places such as the
The Spot, The Galley and Wright Place.
Bill Kazda, location manager for Wright Place,
said they received bars and shakes a short time ago,
but faculty and students requested nuts, so they
stocked almonds and cashews.
"We try to offer enough of a variety of stuff
to have available for Atkins, vegetarian or any
other diet said Kazda.
Nutrition Director Robin High said the dining
halls and retail stores on campus have always
had low carb choices, even before Atkins became
"For those who have chosen to try the low
carb diets, we always offer tuna salads, chicken
salads, lean meats of your choice at our deli
area, hamburgers and other meat entrees said
Specific low carbohydrate meals are hard to
find on campus, but as vendors begin to offer
more options to the dining services, students may
start to see more of a variety.
Lamond said when ECU first started provid-
ing Atkins-friendly bars and shakes, the choices
were limited, but new products are introduced all
the time.
"With low carbs, there was a very small variety
at first, but it's getting a lot better every week
Lamond said.
Dining Services won't have any promotions
see ATKINS page A10
throughout February
April 9, 1816 The African Methodist Episcopal Church was organized, becoming the first black denomination in
-� thcl.S
Aug. 21-22, 1831 Nat Turner slmt revolt occurred in Virginia
Partly Cloudy READING
High ot 48
Visit to
view updates about the Carte Bructa
kidnapping case
page A2
Students on campuses across the US
can now rate their professors leaching
and grading online
page A5
The Grammy Awards will air this
Sunday, check out Die nominees and
their categories.
SpOltS page A8
Marquette has been Invited to om the Big
East Conference However, they haven't
decided whether theyll accept the offer.
Don't forget to attend the
discussion on HtV and ACS on
Monday at 6 pm In Ledonla
Wright Cultural Center.

News Editor
Assistant News Editor
Job Fair Workshop
Career Services presents a workshop to inform students how to get
the most out of a job fair today Irom 1230 pm. -1:30 p.m. in 1003 Bale
HIVAIDS Discussion
Wellness Education and the Ledonia Wright Cultural Center will host
a Dailogue on Diversity on HIVAIDS in the African-American
community on Monday at 6 p m in LWCC
Resume Blitz
Career Services offers a Resume Blitz for students to have their resumes
critiqued Monday from 11 am -1 p.m. and Tuesday. Feb 10 from 2 p.m.
- 4 pm. Both sessions will be in Bate Lobby
Career Readiness Workshop: Interviewing
Career Services offers a workshop on how to prepare for an interview
Monday from 2:30 pm. - 330 pm. in 1012 Bate
Women In Academic Medicine Seminar
The Office of Academic and Faculty Development presents a seminar
on women in academic medicine Tuesday from 830 am - 415 p.m. at
the Ironwood Golf and Country Club. Call 744-3420 for more
Construction and Industrial Career Fair
There will be a Construction Management and Industrial Technology
Career Fair Wednesday from 10 am. - 2 pm on the first floor of the
Science and Technology Building.
Nursing and Allied Health Career Fair
There will be a Nursing and Allied Health Career Fair Thursday. Feb. 12
from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. in the Carol Belk Building.
Deans and Issues Forum
The ECU chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa will host the Deans and
Issues Forum on Thursday. Feb. 12, at 7 pm. in 244 Mendenhall Student
Center. Garrie Moore, vice chancellor lor Student Life, will moderate
open discussion on diversity, campus safety, transportation, parking,
expansion, faculty Involvement and student organizations
Science and Chemistry Career Fair
There will be a science and chemistry career fair Friday. Feb 13 Irom
10 a m - 2 p.m on the third floor of the Science and Technology
Language Arts Conference
The College of Education will sponsor the Mary Lois Staton Reading
Language Arts Conference Friday, Feb 13 from 8 am - 4 pm at the
Greenville Hilton The conference will feature newspaper columnist and
author Susie Wilde, childrens author Pansie Hart Flood and 25 sessions
on literacy issues Contact Susan Ranson at 328-6830 for registration
Book Drive
The ECU NC Teaching Fellows Program will sponsor a book drive on
Saturday, Feb 14 at Greenville Nissan and Greenville K-Mart Books and
donations will be distributed to area schools affected by Hurricane Isabel
All contributors (books or cash) will receive a chance to win a dinner
for two at one of several participating Greenville restaurants
Books may be dropped off at the book dnve or sentdelivered prior to
the Teaching Fellows office in 204 Spellman Contact Mary Beth Corbin
at 328-4126 for more information.
Negro Spiritual Presentation
The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center will sponsor "The History of the
Negro Spiritual' presented by Dorthea Taylor, soprano, and Louise Toppin.
piano, on Sunday. Feb 15 at 5 pm at Sycamore Hill Missionary Baptist
Church on Hooker Road
Criminal Justice Applications
The deadline for students to apply for admission into the criminal justice
program is Monday, Feb 16 Applications are available outside 104-B
Ragsdale Contact Virginia Parker at 328-4192 for more information
LatinoHispanic Education Conference
The College of Education and the NC Center for International
Understanding hosts the first LatinoHispanic Education Conference on
Thursday, Feb. 26 at 8:30 am at the Greenville Hilton. Contact the Division
of Continuing Studies at 1-800-767-9111 for registration
Drop Deadline Extension
The last day for undergraduate students to drop term-length courses
or withdraw Irom school without grades has been extended to
Wednesday. Feb 25 Block courses may be dropped only during the first
40 percent of their regularly scheduled class meetings
Paper Person
The person featured at the top of today's paper is Daniela Jones, sophmore
psychology major
News Briefs
More deputies quit in
missing property scandal
campus salad bar appears to have
been the source for a family of
viruses that sent about 300 UNC-
Chapel Hill students to the doctor
last month, Orange County health
officials say
Officials last week said lab specimens
tested positive for norovirus, a number
of highly contagious viruses that
cause nausea and vomiting
The Orange County Health
Department said Monday it managed
to narrow the norovirus source to
the salad bar at Lenoir Hall, the
main cafeteria at UNC-Chapel Hill
Student surveys found that those who
ate in the dining hall, particularly at the
salad bar. were more likely to be
exposed to the norovirus or get sick,
health officials said.
Officials were unable to determine
if any one particular item at the
salad bar made students sick, said
Donna King, a health department
spokeswoman They also couldn't
determine how the contamination
The health department has reviewed
"all procedures used by UNC dining
services and found no procedural
problems with sanitation and
food-handling processes said
Mother pleads guilty In
daughter's drowning death
GREENSBORO (AP) - A woman who
twice tried to kill herself has pleaded
guilty to killing her daughter whose
drowning death originally was ruled
an accident
Trianice Lynn Akins pleacoU guilty
Monday in Guilford County Superior
Court, two years to the day after her
daughter's death, to second-degree
murder In the death of 8-month-
old Milalia. She was sentenced
to between nine years and 11
years and seven months in prison,
where she will receive psychiatric
Akins confessed to holding Milalia
underwater in a bathtub.
Akins confession came after she had
walked onto Interstate 75 in Atlanta
and stepped in front of an oncoming
She survived the June 2002 incident,
fracturing her skull and a leg. In a
hospital's psychiatric unit, Akins
finally confessed her secret, saying
she heard voices telling her to kill
the baby.
Teen charged with first-degree
murder in killing of classmate in
Miami school
14-year-old boy is charged with
murder in the slaying of a classmate,
a musician and baseball player who
was found bleeding to death in a
school bathroom.
The two boys "knew each other
very well said Chief Pete Cuccaro
of the Miami-Dade Schools Police
Department. He refused to elaborate
on their relationship
Jaime Rodrigo Gough, 14. was
found early Tuesday at Southwood
Middle School, a magnet school
specializing in visual and performing
arts, authorities said.
Police would not comment on the
boy's wounds. The Miami Herald said
his throat apparently was cut.
Michael Hernandez was charged
with first-degree murder late Tuesday,
police said. There was no immediate
word on a court appearance.
Bush faces dilemmas in new
Iraq intelligence panel
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush's
decision to appoint a commission
on Iraq intelligence was intended to
take pressure off a potentially
explosive political issue. But setting
up the commission offers its own
If the commission is truly independent,
as the president has promised, it
could examine not only the work of
intelligence agencies, but also how the
administration handled intelligence.
It could make demands for access
to Bush's secret intelligence briefings,
as has the congressionally created
commission investigating the Sept.
11,2001, attacks.
But if the commission members are
seen as too close to Bush, the panel's
credibility could be questioned
Democratic leaders have already
expressed doubts that a commission
appointed entirely by the president
can be impartial
Bush may formally announce the
investigation as early as Wednesday.
The White House already has begun
defending it.
Bird flu death toll rises to
15; China sets up new flu
BANGKOK. Thailand (AP) - Asia's
human death toll from bird flu rose lo
15 Wednesday while China addressed
its broadening zone of infected poultry
with a new bird flu headquarters and
Singaporeans turned in pet chickens
for slaughter.
Health experts say the wide range
of the bird flu striking Asia's poultry
boosts chances that the virus
could mutate into a global menace
for people, but say the disease is
"nowhere close" lo being declared
a pandemic
Most human cases have been traced
directly to contact with sick birds,
and although human-to-human
transmission has not been ruled out
in the case of one Vietnamese family,
the experts say there is no sign of
a new strain that can easily Infect
many people
Serbia-Montenegro's marks
first birthday In limbo
BELGRADE. Serbia-Montenegro (AP)
- The creation of Serbia-Montenegro
was meant to stop the final dissolution
of Yugoslavia by keeping its last two
republics together But a year after
its birth, the successor state to the
Balkan federation appears a limited
There were high hopes when Serbia-
Montenegro was created Feb. 4,2003
under an EU-negotiated deal that
created a country with two nearly
sovereign republics loosely linked
by a small, central administration.
The deal aimed to defuse a strong
pro-independence movement in
Montenegro and an emerging one
in Serbia. Back then, the republics'
leaders grudgingly pledged to
rebuild joint institutions, a common
market and run defense and foreign
affairs together.
One year on. however, the republics
cooperate very little, and separatists
in both republics eagerly await 2006,
when the EU-brokered deal allows for
independence referendums.
While defense and foreign affairs are
mostly run jointly, a common market
remains an elusive goal - the republics
have failed to fully harmonize taxes
and customs rates for dozens of key
agriculture products.
from page A1
in bankers' boxes, wrapped
in white paper with the
spine down to avoid damage
on the trip from Maryland.
The collection includes books that
discuss the discovery of Anthrax,
the first heart surgery and a gnat
deal on Military medicine.
There is also one written by
I'aracelsus in 1566 In a mixture
of German and Latin and talks
about the relationship between
environmental settings and
certain diseases. I'aracelsus is
Sometimes referred to as "the
father of modern medicine
"He I'aracelsusl believed that
diseases came from elsewhere
that they were external. That was
a big deal in the 16th century
said Ruth Moskop, I'h.P, curator
of I listory Collections.
Another rare piece of the col-
lection is a large folio by Ashley
Cooper, one of the well-known
authors of medicine in the early
19th century. The book talks
about the condition of hernia
surgery, new in its time.
Spencer said what really sticks
out arc the magnificent illustra-
tions made from natural dyes in
multiple layers.
She also said details like those
in the folio are uncommon for
that era.
This writer can be contacted at

Dr. Karel B. Absolon donated
the new History of Medicine
collection to Laupus Library,
but books will not be avail-
able for student viewing until
Founders Week.
Report news students need to know, tec
Accepting applications for SWFF WRTERS ABB
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Must have at least a 20 fiPA HMi
Apply at our oftm located on the 2nd Boor ot the Student PubHcaBons Building, or cal 328-6366
You drank.
You danced.
You had sett)
e-Hiinj �
Free Pregnancy Tests
Call Carolina Pregnancy Center
lMXWJ-HEU' or 757-0003
845 Johns Hopkini IV Suite II
(arms (cum Stanton Sq.)
Mark A. Ward
Attorney at Law
Board Certified Specialist In State Criminal Law
15 Years Experience In Criminal Defense
rm � Traffic Offenses
� � ABC Violations
� Misdemeanors
� Drug Offenses
� DMV Hearings
� State & Federal Courts
l'S visa
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2 05 04
Spring Leagues now forming
Thursday Night League (max 4 person teams)
Registration Feb. 3rd at 6 p. in the Bowling Alley
League play begins Feb. 5th at 7 p.
lonWed. 9 a.m-11:30 p.m.
Thur. 9 a.m-12:30 a.m.
Fri 1 :30 a.m.
Sat 12noon-1:30 a.m.
Sat. 1 p.m-11:30 p.m.
.500 Change Games
Sunday 1-6 (plus .50t shoe rental)
Dollar Daze
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-6
(plus .50C shoe rental)
Rating professors is online trend
Reliability of Web
sites questionable
Ratings: 1,503,714
Professors: 312,452
Schools: 3,720
As ECU expands and more
professors are hired each year,
many students worry about
taking a class with an unknown
However, a few Web sites
have developed to allow students
to view other students' opinions
of professors.
Sites such as,
Rateaprof.comand I'
allow students to post ratings of
professors they've had based
on easiness, helpfulness, clar-
ity, appearance and additional
1,014 ECU professors are posted
at least once out of 1,386 total
faculty members - almost 75
percent ol the total.
Many students openly
embrace the sites as a great way
to learn about professors' teach-
ing and grading styles.
"It's a good idea because the
size of ECU prevents you from
getting to know much about pro-
fessors, especially when it comes
Students get a chance to judge their professors outside the
classroom with the anonymity the Internet provides.
to general education classes
said Joe l.ytle, sophomore clas-
sical civilization major.
Of course, participation in
these ratings is completely vol-
untary and therefore isn't in any
way a scientific survey ol student
opinion. Both students and fac-
ulty are mindful of this and warn
others to be as well.
"These sites can be helpful
to students if they want basic
information about professors,
but that's only if students
fill out their comments in an
honest and truthful way said
Dorothy Clayton, I'h.D, coordi-
nator of the Center for Faculty
" nmnients on things, such
as appearance, however, are
really unnecessary and can be a
distraction to the good such sites
could perform
Clayton said at the end
of each semester students are
given the opportunity to com-
plete the Student Opinion on
Instruction Survey in order to
give the departments feedback
on their professors and classes.
I he surveys are carefully stud-
see RATE page A10

Weird News
Man takes a software approach
to naming his son - version 2.0
HOLLAND Mich (AP) - Tacking Jr
or II onto a boy's name is too common,
a new father decided, so the
self-described engineering geek
took a software approach to naming
his newborn son
Jon Blake Cusack talked his wife.
Jamie, into naming their son Jon
Blake Cusack 20
Version 2.0 was born Tuesday
at Holland Community Hospital,
and the proud parents took him
home Friday
"I wanted to find something different
to name him besides Jon Blake
Cusack. who is self-employed
with Westshore Design and Cusack
Music, told the Holland Sentinel
He said he had the idea for a
few months, and spent the better
part of that time persuading his
wife lo go along
There's nothing fishy about the
tale of Dory
EAGAN, Minn (AP) -Teacher Linda
Krienke said a fire broke out
on a desktop in her classroom
around 1 am Saturday, causing
enough smoke to set off
the alarm at Trinity Lone Oak
Lutheran School. But when
firefighters arrived, they found
only glowing embers on the desk
The heat had caused a fish bowl
on the desk to explode, and the
water put out the fire, Krienke
said One of the firefighters spotted
the fish, Dory, alive on the floor
and hollered for a glass of water
"She's a Beta, so they're used
to breathing air said Krienke They're
a Chinese fish and if they re in
China they just live in puddles If
one dries up. they flop to the next
Camel roams Sweden road
during snowstorm
STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - It
look some convincing before police
would respond lo reports of a camel
on a southern Sweden road in the
middle of a snowstorm.
"We were somewhat doubtful
at first said police spokesman
Sten-Ove Fransson in Skoevde,
162 miles south of Stockholm,
of Friday's incident "But then
more people called, so we were
finally convinced that there really
was a camel gone astray on
the road"
Before police arrived, friends of
the camels owner came and led it
back to a stable, where it has been
kept while awaiting a home in a
new bam.
Owner Anneli Arvidsson said in
a telephone interview that the
22-year-old Siberian camel. Emat,
might have wandered off because
of the absence of his usual
companion, a horse
"On Friday, the horse had been
taken inside the stable and the
camel was left alone in the pasture,
which probably made him feel
lonely she said
"Go before you go
MINNEAPOLIS !AP) - That's the
slogan under consideration for a new
campaign in Minneapolis to combat
public urination.
The bar businesc is thriving in the
city's Warehouse Distnct. and many
patrons are apparently leaving with
a full bladder
The Downtown Minneapolis
Neighborhood Association plans to
spend $10,000 in an effort to convince
patrons lo use the bar restrooms
before they call it a night.
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Our View
And he's right
- 'It's time"
for students
to don their
purple and
gold and sup-
port our bas-
ketball team
every minute
of every play
at every
We're proud of the ECU men's team lor the effort
they continue to display on the court every play
of every game.
Regardless of the score of the game, the
talent level of the team we're playing against
and whether or not there are a lot of fans in
attendance, the guys nlay with a tremendous
amount of heart and pride.
In a college-hoop crazy state, ECU has to
compete against the other major schools to
get good players.
Kudos to Head Coach Bill Herrion for getting
the most out of his players every game and for
always having a solid game plan that usually
gives us a chance to win.
Regardless of our winloss record, we're certain
we have the right man at the helm.
ECU made a tremendous jump from the Colo-
nial Athletic Association into one of the toughest
basketball conferences in the nation.
We respect that our team has been competi-
tive in games, especially at Minges Coliseum,
and makes every basketball game an exciting
What's indeed sad is the lack of fans at home
basketball games. At a school of 22,000 stt
dents, we only average about 5,000 fans per
The only time games sell out or are even
remotely full is when students flock to the
games to see the other teams play.
As Pirates, we should support all of our sports
teams - not just football. What's even more
embarrassing is the complete lack of atte
dance at women's basketball games - ai ��
they're the best sports story ECU has seen
this year.
While we know that ECU is not the caliber of
basketball school as Carolina, Duke or Wake
Forest, our players deserve admiration for what
they do night in and night out.
As Herrion said earlier this year, "It's time
And he's right - "It's time" for students to don
their purple and gold and support our basket-
ball team every minute of every play at every
The purpose of TEC'S opinion pages is to invoke
conversation in ECU'S community. To respond to an
opinion on this page, please send your letter, with your contact
information for verification, to
Tjgfog fey
In My Opinion
ECU officials should consider
students safety, well-being
Administration decides hmmh
to hold classes despite
ice, snow
I'm disappointed in the
administration at ECU, and that's
to say I hi' least.
After Sunday's snowstorm
mixed with Ice thai left roads
completely covered, ECU officials
planned Sunday night to resume
classes at 11 a.m. Monday morn-
Wow, was I surprised, espe-
cially since i Ireeni ille Boulevard
was coated with an inch of ice.
All other area roads - especially
Fifth Street - win- yjlid .sheets
of fee.
Only alter checking the
Web site Monday morning at
7:50a.m. did I, along with many
other students, see that officials
had finally given in and closed
ECU for the day.
Mow could they even expect
to hold classes on Monday?
The solid Ice covering the roads
wasn't going to magically disap-
pear overnight, forecasters pre-
dicted temperatures well below
freezing, along with more snow
and Ice,
The dec ision to close ECU
should have been made on
Sunday, instead of Monday
( ommuters and other stu-
dents who had traveled out of
town for the weekend were forced
back to ECU in very hazard-
ous conditions on Sunday to
'attend' class Monday, only to
find out on Monday morning
it was closed.
first hand, 1 saw four people
fall down on campus which
wasn't surprising since several
walkway areas around campus
had little to no salt or sand.
In the administration's
defense, some areas were well-
coatcd, but these were mostly
areas surrounding the Which-
ard complex, which happens
to he administrative offices. I
strongly douht this was coin-
ECU's official alert Weh
site asked students to use
caution when on campus To
the administration: a word of
thanks for your "overwhelm-
ing" concern about the safety
of ECU'S faculty, staff and stu-
dents. A word of caution-along
with common sense, should
he passed along to officials
making decisions that subject
us to those conditions faced
last Tuesday.
In My Opinion
Janet's got nothing on Budweiser
Oops! Did I say "genital"? I
mean) general! Hey - it was a
completely unscripted, unfore-
seen vocabulary malfunction.
Don't sh the l C n me!
But now that we are talking
about body pans, how 'bout that
Super Bowl?
Janet's peekaboob may be
getting all the attention (and
how do you think her other boob
(eels?), but actually it was just
one brief entry in the eve-
ning's gala salute to Sexual
Shaken, shattered and shaved
- that's howbs served up all-
Vmerli an manhood on Sunday.
And mini) ol the credit must
go to Budweiser, which seems
mi ;1( -handedly lo have invented
the new marketing strategy
"Buy our beer and something
terrible will happen to your
In one ad. tor instance, Man
No. I has Ins dog fetch a Bud
light, then asi ! bis friend, "What
can your dog do?" Whereupon
Man No. 2's dog chomps Into
Man No. I's privates, causing
him to relinquish his beer and,
presumably, any hopes ol having
Makes me scared to get any-
where near a Bud, arid I don't even
have a you-know -what.
Working thai emasculation
magic for all it's worth, another
Bud ad leal in eseclric the Enter-
tainer sauntering Into what looks
like a massage parlor only to learn,
too late, he is In tor a bikini wax.
Oohl Painful and girly. Two
As for the ad where the car-
riage horse pulling a romantic
couple cuts more cheese than
Kraft, what can I say?
Sure, it reinforces the
crucial pass-some-gaspop-a-
Bud connection, but it deliv-
ered no real crippling sexual
consequences. How did CBS let
it slip in?
Perhaps next year the horse
can mistake part of the man for
a carrot.
fortunately, the ad in which
a monkey puts the moves on a
major babe makes up for any
dip in Bud's deviancy level
by suggesting that a guy who
leaves his girlfriend on the
couch may face serious compe-
tition from a primate. Message:
Drink Bud - lose out to a
These ads were interspersed
with about a million more for
ED drugs (not to be confused
with LED drugs, which make
your penis light up). One even
warned viewers to call the
doctor if their erection lasted
more than lour hours.
And then, of course, there
was the halftime show, which
featured so much bumping
and grabbing, most men were
left wondering, "Am I the
only one without a four-hour
It's enough to make a
guy grab a beer. Or a Levltra.
Or never mind.
In My Opinion
Fixing the Patriot Act
It is ironic that the USA Patriot
Act, enacted just sis weeks after
the terrorist attacks ol Sept. II,
2001, contains some provisions
that seem to abridge certain con-
stitutional rights.
These flaws either were
ignored or trivialized when the
measure was enacted, and the
need to correct them remains
a matter of great importance.
Instead, as he said In his Slate ol
the Union address, President Bush
wants Congress to renew the at i as
is rather than permit several ol its
provisions to "sunset" at the end
of next year.
There's no good reason to
make a decision on sunsets quite
yet; Congress would do better
to reassess the act in an open
debate sometime in early 2005.
Meantime, several of the flaws
contained in the original mea-
sure do deserve the prompt atten-
tion of Congress, beginning with
the House Judiciary Committee
and its chairman, Kcp. F. James
Sensenbrenner jr K-U'is,
A worthy reform bill called
the Security and Freedom
Ensured Act would rein in the
federal government's Immense
power under the Patriot Act but
wouldn't undermine the effec-
tiveness of law enforcement. The
SAFE hill has united activists on
the political left and right: Sena
tors such asRuSS Fcingold, l)-Wis
Edward Kennedy, D-Mass John
Sununu, R-N.ll and Larry Craig,
K-Idaho and organizations such
as the American Conservative
Union and the American Civil
liberties Union.
Perhaps the most odious
feature of the USA Patriot Act is
Section 215. It allows the FBI to
order any person or organization
to surrender "any tangible thing"
- including library, medical and
financial records - so long as the
agency certified that the order was
part of an investigation against
terrorism or secret intelligence
activities. The FBI is not required
to supply any reason for believing
t hat the target ol the investigation
is a criminal.
The SAFE bill would not repeal
Section 21S, but it would require
the government to show "specific
and articulable facts giving reason
to believe" that the target of the
search is a suspected terrorist or
a spy.
The change 'woW-iTm
cripple the fight against terror-
ism; instead, it would require
the FBI to focus its attention on
criminal suspects, not law-abid-
ing citizens.
The SAFE bill does not chal-
lenge these changes. Rather,
it addresses blatant flaws that
resulted from thehastydraftingof
the Patriot Act and that probably
would have been deleted had the
measure been fully scrutinized
by Congress. Now, more than
two years later, it's long past time
to repair this law.
"If you listen to all my records, you know I
always take time out to give thanks.
In this business you're always going to have
to engage in a lot of things you might not
want to, but it never takes away from my
spirituality. No matter what happens, that will
always be there
Missy Elliot

'Penates ftove
let�et in
4 Be
17(1 OIL
r 'Wall
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Sunday 12am 5p.m.

2 05 04
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coaching. Flexible hours according
to class schedules. This program
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Salary start at $6.25 per hour. Apply
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� oi r maintenance response
�oi unreiurncd phone call
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� o high utility hills
� of ECU parking havsles
� oi ungrateful landlords
� oi unanswered questions
� of high rents
�oi grump) personnel
� of uniuiiillui promises
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35 First president of
the Sierra Club
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59 North American
marsh bird
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64 Bom in Nancy
"Wow, that's pretty sad. I heard he was
typecast after all those commercials
Now he's Pop 'N' Not-So Fresh
c,ef To
"THE -
?xc Vou UP
�ZrJ 0 mi0.
sWW sw 11 i4w l jW I I In i
T'fl REAui
To rHB 1AJ.L
C-VA 5ooJ,
PAMM.Vou LooKiAjq

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26271 282930
FEB. 10 @ 5

British intelligence experts had doubts about Iraq
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LONDON (AP) � Inter-
rupted by shouts and heckles,
Prime Minister Tony Blair
on Wednesday defended his
decision to launch an inquiry
into prewar intelligence on Iraq
but not to examine whether the
war was justified.
"That is a question for the
government first, then for
parliament and finally for the
people to decide. There will
carry on being a debate about
whether the war was justified
or not. That is democracy.
We don't need a committee to
tell us that
Blair spoke at the opening
of a parliamentary debate on
the reasons for war in Iraq and
the conclusions of an investiga-
tion by Lord Hutton into the
death of a government weapons
Shouts from anti-war
demonstrators in the public
gallery drowned out the prime
minister five times during his
statement, forcing the speaker to
clear the gallery and adjourn the
proceedings for 10 minutes.
"Murderer shouted one
protester. "Whitewash yelled
"I somehow teel we're not
being entirely persuasive in
certain quarters Blair quipped
after one of the interrup-
tions, drawing a laugh from
Before the break, Blair
defended Hutton's report,
which cleared his government
of allegations that it "sexed
up" an intelligence dossier to
justify war and mistreated
adviser David Kelly before his
July suicide.
Hutton found that the British
Broadcasting Corp. had wrongly
reporteil that Blair's office
overrode objections from intel-
ligence officials to claim that
Iraq could deploy biological
and chemical weapons within
45 minutes, and that the
BBC reporter was also wrong in
saying I he govern merit "probably
knew" that claim was wrong.
"Not a single shred of
evidence was presented to
his inquiry that would have
justified an alternative finding
Blair said.
The prime minister had to
ask one lawmaker to repeat a
Prime Minister Tony Blair's decisions are under criticism.
question about the report after
the hecklers drowned him out.
Hutton's report has been
met with skepticism by some
Britons and many of Blair's
political opponents, who have
derided it as a "whitewash" that
was too easy on the government
and too harsh on the BBC.
Pressing that theme, sev-
eral protesters splashed white
paint on the gates of Down-
ing Street, home to the prime
minister's official residence.
Police said five people were
from page A1
serves in the local govern-
ment since the 1980s. He urges
the government to better hind
schools and opposes illegal
- Timothy Cook is a research
scientist who focuses on
agriculture, textile and high-
tech job industries, reduced
taxes and ensured payment of
child support.
- Candidate George Little
has been involved in Republican
politics since the 1970s,
including serving in the
governor's Cabinet as secre-
tary of Natural and Economic-
Resources and Vice Chair-
man of the N.C Board of
Economic Development,
little is against restrictions on
businesses and supports
community colleges as a
way to improve the state's
- Fern Shubert is vying to
be North (arolina's first woman
governor. She served in the
N.C House of Representa-
tives working on education
committees, and is a CPA.
Shubert endorses DMV
reform for tighter control on
illegal immigration and state
employee pension funds, and she
is against unnecessary portfolio
requirements in schools.
- Former mavorol Charlotte,
Richard V'inroot, lost to Easley
in the 2000 election for
governor. I le proposes tax-free
manufacturing, emphasizes
charter education and higher sal-
aries for teachers and is against a
North Carolina lottery.
A January survey by
McLaughlin and Associates
shows V'inroot the leading
choice among voters in the
upcoming Republican primary.
According to the Associated
Press, the Republican primary
is scheduled for May 9, but
could be delayed if a district-
ing plan is not approved by
the deadline for candidates
to enter the election. Patrick
Ballantine, Bill Cobey and
Ferrell Blount are among those
working to block the new
North Carolinians elect
a governor every four years.
Until 1992, a governor could
serve only one term, hut an
amendment to the state
constitution increased that limit
to two.
Volunteers are always
needed for each candidate's
campaign and campus politi-
cal groups offer chances for
students to become involved.
This writer can be contacted at
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Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9anv5pm
Get caught reading.
;R I TMI'Arf rb�"n,an
t O'Cools
Let the Dowdy Student Store help you stay warm this winter!
Full Contact Tes
Every Tuesday
355-2946 Open 7 Days a Week at 11:00 A.M.
605 Greenville filvd � Behind Logan's Poadhouse
lent Stf refc
Wright Building - 328 - 6731
Mon. - Thunw: 7:30 am - 7 pm
Fri 7:30 am - 3 pm � Sat 11 am - 3 pm
Brown & Brown
�Speeding Tickets
�Driving While Impaired
Under Age Possession
�Possession of DrugsParaphenalia
�Drinking in Public
�Felonies and Misdemeanors
Free Consultation
3493c south Evans St. Phone 752-0952 752-0753
Bedford Commons, Grecnviiie
10:00am - 9:00pm
y Thrv Friday
B MOam - 9:00pm

Ratings for Spanish-language
station high in North Carolina
RALEIGH, NC(AP) � forget
ABC, NBC and CBS. Hie big
ratings winner these days in
the heart of North Carolina is
WUVl -TV, .1 six-month-old
Spanish-language station.
The channel, owned and
operated by l.os Angeles-based
Univision, posted prime-time
ratings during November's
sweeps period that rivaled and
even outdistanced some Eng-
lish-language network affiliates
among adult men.
North Carolina' Hispanic
population grew more than
fivefold in the 1990s - the
highest rate of any state in the
nation - and Hispanic leader)
say the latest ratings prove the
tremendous buying power m tin-
"(Advertiser have a ripe
opportunity here s.iiil lose Isasi,
president of Que Pasa ("What's
Happening "), which owns Span-
ish-language radio stations in the
Research I riangle and Piedmont
Iriad areas.
"We've spent close to hall
a million dollars in the past
tour years doing qualitative and
quantitative research to under
stand our market, and there
are billions of dollars in buying
power out there Billions isasi
Fayetteville-based WUV i
strong numbers are partly attrib-
utable to a lack of viewer choice.
It is the only Spanish-language
television station in the state,
while dozens ol network affiliates
and cable channels fragment the
English-language lewershlp.
Hut thei also reflect the
growing influence ol the state's
burgeoning Hispanic popula-
In Miami, where llispanics
make up more than 40 percent of
the local TV market and several
Spanish-language stations are on
the air, the relemundo affiliate's
local newscast is the highest-
rated news show - period.
" llie local news here beats
out even the local NBC news
said I llane Sous.i, a spokeswoman
for Miami-based lelemundo.
"it's the number one-rated news
slum. English 01 Spanish
Telenuindol ommuntcations
Croup Inc. trails only Univision
among Spanish-language pro-
grammers in the United States.
I he broadcaster was acquired in
2002 by NBC, but has not yet set
up shop in North Carolina.
Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida!
II�� �' I ill" 'in '�
World s Longest Keg Pnrty
live Band f. DJ � Wit r shirt
II.imI Body '� Vinin ContCStl
, l.rl 1 (.nil Briuli Ih.iiM'I" � V l�"i (HiMi.1,1 Si
�,�li l.i Mm I Ytail lentils � l�ry � I' � ���'
H�r i.olMinnl Mm lull � Vi,lli-yli�M � lUIWI "i I' "�v'
? Book Eahiv Worn D Famous
800.488.8828 �
from page A1
� 1
for Atkins any time soon. The
reason is the diet is not well bal-
anced. High and 1 amond advo-
cate a diet with variety, balance
and moderation, like the All
Foods Fit program.
"When we do our menu plan-
ning, we back our own program
we do design our menus where
every day, every meal period,
there are healthy options avail-
able l.amond said.
The AFF items include foods
that are low in calories, fat and
sodium and have been taste-
tested by students.
High said diets like Atkins
sometimes leave the dieter
deprived of certain things their
body needs.
"Sometimes with the Atkins
diet, or any low carbohydrate
diet, there may be factors
involved such as vitamins and
minerals and liber that may be
restricted in that type of diet
High said
High also warns that quick
weight loss may be due to the
body using water reserves, and
that once the person returns to
normal eating habits, the weight
will return as well.
Campus Dining Services are
always looking tor new ideas and
listen to every request.
I amond said many students
have requested healthier items
including soymilk. For the past
two years, soymilk has been used
in the froen yogurt at dining
halls, and is now available upon
Dining services will intro-
duce a Nutrition Nook where all
health food will be organized
into one section in the retail
shops lor those on Atkins, there
will be more choices including
truit cups with yogurt made from
soymilk available.
To eat healthier on campus,
you should look lor the All-
sticker, hut avoid starches if fol-
lowing a low carbohydrate diet.
This writer can be contacted at
Low Carb
Low Carbohydrate options at
campus retail stores
Grams ol Carbohydrates per
Ultimate Low Carb 2 - 3 grams
Advant Edge Carb Control
Shake - 2 grams
Advant Edge Carb Control
Nutrition Bar Blueberry - 4
grams. Chocolate Chip- 3
Cashews - 8 grams
Almonds - 7 grams
?. ��-
� rk.

Saving you cashor Spring Break, that's what we're for.
from page A3
led by department beads and the
professors themselves
Clayton said by honestly and
thoughtfully filling out tbeSOIS.
students could make a positive
difference in their education.
Some schools, such as
Kansas State University,
are alarmed at negative
comments and overloads
As many students all try to get
the same professor, the uni-
Verslty look a more proactive
approach to these problems by
banning professor-rating sites
all together
The sites themselves, how-
ever, have not experienced
restriction or lack of use.
This writer can he reached at
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
Unlimited Incoming Calls
� 1000 Local Anytime Minutes for just S39.95mo
� Includes Nationwide Long Distance
� Free Roadside Assistance for 1 month
AsV about
7pm Nights & Weekends
US. Cellular
' I mxm tree trial avastvw to new Ro��teea��w�
out Often may expat it you cltanga your catng pun Free
only Fast montn in S? 95 a mom tnercitter Must call to cancel Otner restncMns apply Aiume promotion anriaUe on plant $40 and iwfier wrtri ayeai customs aarnx agw
incoming cans apply only lo calls received Mute witrnn your local caning area. Roaming cnaraes. tees, surcharges and taxes nun apply, tndudmg a Federal and Oitiei Regulatory i ee 0
to an early termmjtion let Activation fee n S30 See Hap In details Knifed time oner 02004 US Cetuhr Corporation
WHOM I Homer a iMponaMfctaJtajia.


(w M sates
205 04
Features Editor
Assistant Features Editor
Did You Know?
- Actress Jennifer Jason Lee (1958) and actor Christopher Guesl (1948)
both call today their birthday
- Today is Weatherman s Day.
- This month is International Expect Success Month
- On this day in 1981, the largest Jell-0 ever made (9,246 gallons ol
watermelon-flavor) was displayed in Brisbane.
The Student Union Films Committee presents In America today at 9:30
p.m Friday at 7 p.m and midnight, Saturday at 9:30 p.m. and Sunday
at 7 p.m Love Actually is showing today at 7 p.m Friday at 9:30 p.m
Saturday at 7 p.m. and midnight and Sunday at 3 p.m All movies are
free with a student ID and are located in the Hendrix Theatre For more
information call 328-4700
Percussion Ensemble
The School of Music presents a Percussion Ensemble directed by
Jonathan Wacker today at 8 p.m. in the A. J. Fletcher Recital Hall. This
event is free
African Storyteller
Shindana Cooper, an African Storyteller, will give a presentation on
Friday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m in the MSC Great Room.
Jazz Concert
The School of Music presents the ECU Jazz Ensemble A and the ECU
Wind Ensemble in Concert directed by Carroll V Dashiell Jr and Scott
Carter on Friday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m in Wright Auditorium This event is free
Hip-Hop Festival
The Student Union presents The Five Elements (Hip-Hop Festival)
featuring a DJ, emcee, Drop Heavy and graffiti art on Saturday, Feb 7
from 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. in the Pirate Underground.
Band Concert
The School of Music presents an All-District Band Concert directed by
Scott Carter on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. in the Wright Auditorium. This
event is free.
Percussion Performance
The School of Music presents the ECU Percussion Players directed by
John Neal on Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. in the A J. Fletcher Recital Hall.
This event is free.
Greenville LIVE:
A.J. McMurphy's
1914 Timbury Drive
Saturday, Feb. 7,9 p.m.
Victor Hudson
Chefs 505
505 Red Banks Road
Wednesday. Feb 11,7:30 pm
ECU jazz faculty and students
Christy's Euro Pub
301 S Jarvis St 758-2774
Tuesday, Feb. 10,10 p.m.
Open mic night
City Hotel and Bistro
203 S.W. Greenville Blvd.
Wednesday, Feb 11.7 p.m
Coastline Band
122 E. Fifth St. 758-3114
Friday. Feb. 6,10 p.m.
Live music
Saturday, Feb 7.10 p.m.
Live music
Courtyard Tavern
703 S.E. Greenville Blvd.
Sunday Feb 8,7 p.m
Two Fingers
El Ranchito
315 E 10th St
Thursday. Feb. 5,7 p.m.
Mariachi Band
701 Evans St. 830-2739
Thursday, Feb. 5.10 pm
Saturday. Feb 7.10p.m.
Live music
Sunday, Feb. 8,10 p.m.
Open mic night
Mesh Cafe
1011-A Red Banks Road
Thursday, Feb 5.9 p.m.
The Johnny Dollar Band
Friday, Feb 6.9 p.m
Saturday. Feb. 7. 9 p.m
110 E. Fourth St.
Thursday, Feb. 5, 9 p.m.
The Kickass
Friday, Feb. 6,9 p.m.
Blue Dogs
Saturday. Feb. 7.9 p.m
Player's Choice
Community Square,
Memorial Drive
Thursday. Feb. 5,10 p.m.
Saturday. Feb 7,10 p.m.
Live Music
Players Retreat
1631 Pactolus Road
Thursday, Feb. 5,7 p.m.
Saturday, Feb 7.9 p.m.
Live Music
Professor O'Cools
605 Greenville Blvd.
Saturday. Feb 7, 9:30 p.m.
Wimple's Steam Bar
206 Main St Winterville
Friday, Feb 6,7:30 p.m.
Live Music
Saturday Feb 7,7:30 p.m
Live Music
nd the Grainif,
At - uces t�
Rockers, rappers
dominate nominations
the awards race is on, and
those in the music industry are
eagerly awaiting their award show
counterpart - the 46th Annual
Grammy Awards, which airs live
on CBS, Sunday. Feb. N at 8 p.m.
Each year, Grammy Awards
are awarded to winners who
make up more than 1(14 dif-
ferent categories and 520 total
Album of the Vear
Nominees: Outkast
- SpeakerboxxxThe Love Below,
Missy Elliott - Under Construc-
tion, Evanescence- Fatten, lustin
Timberlake- Justified, The white
Stripes - Elephant
Who Should Win: Outkast.
In an era where very few musi-
cal acts (he it rock, rap, country,
etc. are creating music that
transcends the times and influ-
ences the musical aspirations
of a generation, Outkast joins
the likes of Radiohead and the
Strokes as being one of the few
luture "hall-ot-fame" bands to
make an indelible musical mark
on the 21st century.
SpeakerboxxxThe Love Below
is a remarkable album - not just
tor it's daring artistic leaps and
original presentation - but it
excels even higher with songs
and arrangements that push
the boundaries of not just nip-
hop but also the music world in
Who Shouldn't Win: Quite
honestly, every nominee in this
category is deserving (yes, that
includes Justin Ttmberlakc's
Justified, whk b is the closest any
artist has ever gotten in reaching
the creative brilliance of Michael
Jackson's classic 1979 Off The
Wall album).
Who Will Win: Unless your
Lauryn Hill - be it solo or with
The Fugees - the Grammy Awards
rarely honor raphip-hop acts
outside ol tlieir respective cat-
egories. However, look for this
year's ceremony to be "the year
of the Outkast" as Andre 3000
and BigBoi walkaway winners of
the Album of the Year award.
Record of the Vear
Nominees: Beyoncc- "Crazy
in Love Black Eyed Peas
- "Where Is the Love Coldplay
- "Clocks Eminem - "Lose Your-
self Outkast - "Hey Yal"
Who Should Win: Outkast
(again). If James Brown were
scribbling down lyrics while
listening to Pink Floyd during
his daily walk across the moon,
he'd still fall a few steps short
of matching the mad-genius of
Outkast's "Hey Ya
Who Shouldn't Win: The
Black Eyed Peas' "Where Is the
Love Sadly, radio, MTV, and
Grammy voters waited until the
Black Eyed Peas made a "soft"
song - that falls way short of what
these guys are capable of - to get
the long-awaited attention they
truly deserve.
Who Will Win: "Crazy in Love"
and "Hey Ya will duke it out for
the coveted award. Unless Outkast
begins to sweep the awards cer-
emony early on, expect Beyonce's
ever-catchy dance-smash narrowly
edging out Outkast's party-jam of
the century.
Song of the Vear
Nominees: Eminem - "Lose
Yourself Christina Aguilera
- "Beautiful Avril Lavigne
- "I'm With You Luther Van-
dross- "Dance With My Father
Warren Zevon - "Keep Me In
Your Heart"
Who Should Win: Warren
Zevon. With both extraordinary
grace and patience, the late
singersongwriter recorded one
of the most beautiful, introspec-
tive songs of the year all while
staring cancer dead-in-the-eye.
Who Shouldn't Win: Avril
l.avigne's "I'm With You" is
respectable, Eminem's "Lose
Yourself" (though overrated) is
worthy, and Lutherwell, there
will never be a day where a Luther
Vandross song doesn't hit the mark,
see GRAMMY page A7
Exploring five elements of hip-hop
Event to feature many
aspects of culture
It's hard to pinpoint the
exact date it all started. Some
say it started with the commer-
cial success of the Sugar Hill
dang record "Rappers Delight
Othenl say hip-hop truly arrived
with "The Message a cultural
wake up call to life in the hood
by Grandmaster flash and the
Furious five. One thing is for
sure, hip-hop all started in the
"Boogie Down" Bronx and it
has grown into a billion dollar
industry today.
But what is the true essence
ot the hip-hop culture? You can
witness the origin and essence ol
the genre first hand without the
glitz and glamour on Feb. 7.
the live Elements Hip-Hop
festival is on Saturday, Feb. 7 from
'� p.m. - 11 p.m. in Mendenball
Student Center. This festival will
be an appreciation of the true
roots of the hip-hop culture
incorporating the live elements
of hip-hop: B-boying, DJs, graf-
fiti art, emceeing and knowledge
The event will feature campus
b-boy group, Drop Heavy. There
will also be b-boy crews from as
far west asalilomia and as far
north as New York City to take
part in the festivities. For those
unfamiliar with what exactly a
b-boy is, think ot a club where
people meet up and break-dance.
The backbone of the whole
genre is the DJ. The DJ, in actu-
ality. Is quite different from what
you may know DJs as now. A true
Hip Hop DJ is more of a "turnta-
1)1 ist" who specia I i es in creat i ng
break-beats, mixing, scratching
and cutting records. The verb
"rapping" was started by DJs at
house parties when they would
rap over break-beats about what
makes them the best DJ.
Graffiti art, the written word
of Hip Hop, is another element
that will be explored at the fes-
tival. Graffiti is the ability of an
artist to draft pictures expressing
themselves through painting.
Manygrafliti murals take days to
complete and are works of art.
Emceeing is the spoken word
ol hip-hop, providing messages
to the listeners. A lot of times
the realities of African American
culture are told to the listener to
give them a better understanding
ot where the emcee "is coming
from The emcee keeps us up to
date on the current slang, fash-
ions and trends in the hip-hop
culture. Some purists say that
commercialism has deteriorated
the genre to some extent, how-
ever, it is undeniable thai it has
helped the genre grow to what we
know it today.
the final element of hip-hop
is knowledge. The knowledge of
the entire culture of hip-hop is
important to those young and
old. It is necessary to know the
history and the essential ele-
Drop Heavy, an on-campus b-boy club, will attend the event.
merits of where and how this art
form came about. The good and
the bad. the real and the lake; we
must all base this understanding
so this culture will never die.
Hip-hop has brought so many
people together from all facets
of life, races, countries, colors
and creed under one universal
umbrella. Show your support
and give thanks to the music,
art and dance that we all love
so much.
This writer con be contacted at
Event Info
The Five Elements
Hip-Hop Festival
Saturday, Feb. 7
from 9 p.m, -11 p.m.
Pirate Underground
Free lor students

2 Ob 04
Quick Picks: Album Review
Cure's B-Side box gets
grade A from true fans
With a prolific career span
Ding over 25 years, I helire
certainly produced a huge cata-
log of albums and pop hits, not
to mention rarities and B-Sides
Frontman Robert Smith, tin-
only member ot the group who
has been around the whole time,
reviewed more than 4,00(1 tapes
to procure urn the Dots: B-Sldes
H.irities. l�7X-2t)0l (Tht 11
turn Years).
Smith's signature sloppy,
red lipstick and mail-sc ientisl
hair may scare away the average
listener, but fans know that
there's more to The Cur than
the lead singer's gothic fashion
The Cure is one ol the bed
ever Brit-I'op bands, mostly
known tor their ethereal lyrics
and wind-swept melodies.
Join the l)ot features 71
chronologically arranged obscu-
rities, revealing that some of I he
Cure's best work was hidden on
the backs of hit singles
At a cost of around J55,
which isn't bad by box set
standards, loin the I toCJ is a most ly
satisfying journey through four
disks and over four hours ol
music. Unfortunately, fans of
quick and painless modern pop
hits will find it a long, strange
Disk One begins with "10 IS
Saturday Night probably the
most well known of The Cure's
B-Sides, and continues through
21 Iraiks of what Smith calls
"trilles and oddities" from tin-
band's early das.
I he highlight of Disk
luo is the ultra-rare, ultra-
beautiful "To the Sky pres iousK
released only on a 1989 fiction
Records sampler. I lie threelire
versions ol I he Doors "Hello, I
Love You" In-come monoto-
Disk I hree is the strongest ol
the set. featuring IS songs from
the 1992-I996era. Vmongthem
are mm le songs like "Burn" Irom
Thei mi and "Dredd Song" From
the Imixe I'letU soundtrack, and
covers ol Mini Hendrix's "Purple
Haze" (one very good live ver-
sion, one not so good studio ver-
sion) and Das id Bowie's 'Young
I he fourth disk sutlers Irom
tar too much techno remising.
However, i (a ei ol i tope he
Modes "World In My Eyes"
quickly redeems It, and the disk
ends with an Interesting Earl
Slick drum and bass remix ol
" I'he lores!
A 76-page booklet, filled
with insightful anecdotes,
track-by-track commentary and
never before seen photos, rounds
uii tins antholog) I ven with
its boring moments, this collec-
tion is far better than most ol its
overproduced i ounterparts.
"When I was growing up,
there were two types ol artists
Smith told Rolling Stow
" I he ones that cared enough
to put something good on the B-
I hen I here were the ones
that put a icwer on the ll-Side.
or slapped something together
that was filler. Even at a
Artist: The Cure
Title: Join the Dots: B-Sides
& Rarities, 1978-2001
(The Fiction Years)
Release Date: Jan. 27,2004
young age we saw through
that cynicism
The Bottom Line: Only
line music losers are entertained
h box Sets, B-sidesand rarities. If
you're a fan of The Cure, thiscol-
lei tion is the remedy for today's
ailing pop charts.
This writer can be contacted at
3101 E. 10th St. � Greenville, NC
Located in Rivergate Shopping Center
(Across from Hastings Ford)
Ladies Night
Coyote Ugly Contest
Cash Prize
$1.50 Domestics
FREE Pool for Ladies
DJ@ 10pm
College Night
12 Price Pitchers
$2 Imports
$2 Pool with College ID
Karaoke @10pm
Quick Picks: Film Review
(KRT) � Rarely do you
encounter a movie without a
shred of originality. YouGotServed
is such a cinematic vacuum.
Welcome to the world of
competitive dancing. Teen
poster hoys Omari Grandberry
(also known as Omarion) and
Marques "Batman" Houston ot
the KMi singing groups B2K and
IMX, respectively, star as David
and Elgin, the leaders of a street
dance troupe. They take on all
comers in an oversied boxing
ring in a warehouse owned l
neighborhood sage Mr. Had
(Steve Harvey).
This entirely derivative film
swipes pieces from a raft ol
movies, Including BreaktnKrush
Groove, DrumUnt and S Mile.
I he plot - and there really
Isn't enough resolves around
a rili between the dancers that
occurs when Das id starts paving
too much attention to Elgin's
little sister I iyah (Jennifer free-
man). Will the guys patch up
their differences In time lor the
hig dance contest Huh'
rheothei fill out the
i asl. M I V personalities I .1 I ,1
and w.ule Robson havecameot.
Hut the aitmg is laughably had
and you can see every plot twist
1 niDing
The real stars of the film,
choreographers Dave Scott and
Shane Sparks, are never seen.
But they arranged the fantastic
dance routines that are 1 he only-
reason to huy a ticket to You dot
The dam e-ol Is in hide a
curiously high percentage ol
break-dancing moves, as the
crews execute a variety ol eve
- and limb-popping head spins
and freeze poses. That tits in
with the oddly retro mood ol
the film.
Apparently You Got Served
was as painful to make as it is to
watch. B2K broke up shortly after.
1 Except for Special occasions. Emerald City is a private club for members and invited guests.
Join ow tern!
The East Carolinian is now hiring
No experience needed -
we will TRAIN you
- Learn professional-writing skills -
necessary in any field
Boost your resume - set yourself
apart for the competition
Develop networking skills -
make strong contacts for your future
For more information, or to apply come by
our office located on the second floor of
the Student Publications Building (above
the cashiers office), or call 328-6366.
The East Carolinian is hiring
for the following positions:
Staff Writers
Copy Editors
Layout Designer
9PM TO 11 I'M
www. ecu.edustudeiit u n in n
conceilyeeks ��� hot run i I.( om
8 PI

2 05 04
2 Ob 04
Myrtle Beach, SC
Students Welcome
Oceanfront Resorts
Homework or
from page A5
Features indoor outdoor swim-
ming pools, lazy river, hot tubs,
poolside eabana bar and much
Call or visit us on the web at
so thai leave's Ihristlna guileras
pitiful, unconvincing "Beautiful"
as being the sole mishap ol the
Who Will Win: With
Eminem being the only nomi-
nee of the group to also have
his song nominated In the
Record of the Veai category,
"Lose Yourself is your besl bei
for Song of tin' Year, however,
Zevon's recent passing could
Influence voters otherwise.
Best New Artist
Nominees: Evanescence,
50 Cent, Fountains oi Way or.
Heather lleadley, Sean Paul
Who Should Win: 50
Cent. In one year, SO Cent
has had the type ol sun ess
that some artists spend decades
trying to achieve.
If this category awards the
artists that (iranimy voters feel
have the besl shot at a long, juc-
i essful career, they need look no
further than SO Cent.
Who Shouldn't Win:
Fountains of Wayne. Not
because these alt-rockers from
New York lack talent or ability,
hut because they are far from
being deemed "new .mists
Every hit as permanent
as the road construction In
Greenville, Grammy voters
always seem to categorize "new
artists" bj what's "new" to
I ountalns of Wayne has
been around lor nearly a
decade now. but a brief venture
inside the mainstream top 40
with "Stacy's Mom" appar-
ently taught the eye of Grammy
Who Will Win: In any
other year, 50 Cent would
gladly accept the Best
New Artist Grammy
Award, however, this just
happens to be "the year
of the Outkasts" and (jramim
voters will have patted
themselves on the back too many
limes for awarding Oulkast to
also include "other" notable rap
hip-hop artists.
Ileadley's a long shot, and
Sean Paul should he happy he
actually received a nomina-
tion in the first place. Best Bet:
This writer can be contacted at
Cinema Scene
Student Union Rims
Free with a student ID.
Love Actually - starring Hugh
Grant, Keira Knightley, Liam
Neeson and Colin Firth The story
of 10 couples and their romantic,
hilarious adventures in London.
Rated: R.
In America - starring Samantha
Morton. Paddy Considine and
Sarah Bolger An aspiring Irish actor
moves his wife and two young
daughters lo New York to pursue
his dreams There, his children
also develop a friendship with
an intense artist who lives in the
apartment nexl door Rated: PG-13.
Carmike 12
Along Came Polly - starring Ben
Stiller, Jennifer Aniston and Phillip
Seymour Hoffman. A newly wedded
husband (Stiller) is cheated on by
his wife during their Honeymoon
Soon after, he becomes involved
in another relationship with a
free-spirited woman named Polly
(Aniston). Rated: PG-13.
Barbershop 2 - starring Ice Cube.
Cedric the Entertainer and Queen
Latifah Sequel to this fall's runaway
hit - spend another day with the
crew of Calvin's barbershop in the
South Side of Chicago. Rated: R
The Big Bounce - starring Owen
Wilson Morgan Freeman and
Charlie Sheen. A mysterious drifter
gets mixed up with a dangerous
young woman and a powerful local
businessman, neither of whom he
can trust. Rated: PG-13
The Butterfly Effect - starring
Ashton Kutcher. Amy Smart and
Melora Walters. A young man with
a dark and troubled past discovers
that he has the ability to travel back
in time and occupy his childhood
body. He soon finds that with every
trip back in time, it alters his future,
leading him tc keep traveling
back to repair the damage, with
disastrous results Rated: R
Catch That Kid - starnng Kristen
Stewart. Corbin Bleu and Max
Theiriot. A youngster who, with the
help of two friends, robs the state-
of the-art bank where her mother
works to acquire the cash needed
for a costly operation to save her
ailing father Rated: PG.
Cheaper By the Dozen - starring
Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt and
Tom Welling. Story of a family of 12
children's move to Chicago and
their often humorous adjustments
to big city life Rated: PG.
Cold Mountain - starring Jude Law.
Nicole Kidman and Rene Zellweger.
Story of the long journey home of
a wounded Civil War soldier who
journeys home to North Carolina to
be reunited with his wife. Rated: R.
Miracle - starring Kurt Russell.
Patricia Clarkson and Noah
Emmerich. The amazing story of
the 1980 U. S Olympic hockey
team, which stunned the heavily
favored Soviet squad in the
semifinals to advance to the
championship game, inspiring the
famous question: "Do you believe
in miracles?" Rated: PG.
My Baby's Daddy - starring Eddie
Griffith. Anthony Anderson and
Method Man Three bachelors
from Ihe hood endure the trials of
brotherhood and pregnancy when
their girlfriends become pregnant at
the same time Rated: PG-13.
The Perfect Score - starring
Scarlett Johanson, Chris Evans
and Darius Miles Five desperate
high school students break into the
Princeton Testing Center in order to
steal the answers to the SAT. Rated:
Torque - starring Ice Cube
and Martin Henderson. Veteran
motorcycle racer Cary Ford
(Henderson) is framed for the
murder of the gang's leader and
it is up to his gang, the Machine,
to help him elude the FBI Rated:
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
- starring Kate Bosworth. Josh
Duhamel and Topher Grace. A
small-town girl from West Virginia
wins a contest to meet her big
screen idol Tad Hamilton. Rated:
You Got Served - starring Marques
Houston, Omarion, J-Boog and
Fizz The social subculture of street
dancing is explored through a
pair of friends, David (Omarion)
and Elgin (Houston), who want to
open their own hip-hop dance and
recording studio, but in order to
do that, they must first win a street
dance competition against
another group of street dancers to
prove that they have talent.
Rated: PG-13.
CALL 252-328-4788

2 05 04
Pirates to host Charlotte 49ers
Sports Editor
Assistant Sports Editor
Pirate baseball set for intra-squad games
The ECU baseball team will make It a full weekend of Pirate Athletics
beginning Friday afternoon at 3 p m ECU will play three intrasquad games
this weekend in conjunction with a full slate of Pirate basketball The
Diamond Pirates will begin play Saturday afternoon at 11 am - two hours
before the Lady Pirate basketball team takes on Marquette ECU will wrap
up intrasquad play Sunday at 2 p.m. ECU returns 15 lettermen including
2004 Conference USA Preseason Player of the Year Darryl Lawhorn ECU
opens up its season in two weeks when the Pirates host UNC Asheville
on Feb 13 in the first game of a 12-game homestand
Sports Briefs
Patriots celebrate win with fans
The New England Patriots held high their second Super Bowl trophy in three
seasons before a raucous downtown crowd, celebrating a championship
that was as thrilling as the first one Before a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd
in City Hall Plaza, Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady stood with team owner
Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick and dozens of teammates amid a hail of
red. white and blue confetti Brady and Kraft hoisted the twin Super Bowl
trophies as they led a parade to City Hall before hundreds of thousands
of fans Kraft and Belichick praised the players work ethic that led to a
season-ending streak of 15 straight wins and Sunday's 32-29 victory over
the Carolina Panthers.
Marino quits new job
Dan Marino resigned as senior vice president of the Miami Dolphins, only
three weeks after accepting a )Ob that brought him back to the team he
quarterbacked for 17 seasons As recently as Sunday, Marino denied reports
saying he was having second thoughts about assuming control of the
Dolphins football operations But at 245 pm, he made an unannounced
visit to owner Wayne Huizenga's office and quit, spurning attempts the
owner made to change his mind Huizenga said the Dolphins will begin
searching for a new executive with an extensive football background to
join Miami's management team and oversee football operations It has not
been determined if that person would have the same title Marino was given
in his short stint as an executive
Gibbs forming staff
Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs will have two assistant head
coaches, plus separate offensive and defensive coordinators, when he
returns to the sidelines after an 11 -year retirement Nearly all of the names
have been public knowledge for weeks, but some of the titles were surprises
when the Redskins announced Gibbs veteran-laden staff Former Buffalo
coach Gregg Williams was listed as "assistant head coach defense while
Greg Blache is defensive coordinator and defensive line coach Blache
spent the last five seasons as Chicago's defensive coordinator.
De La Hoya to fight again
Oscar De La Hoya said he will return to the ring June 5 for the first time since
losing his 154 pound title to Shane Mosley last September in Las Vegas In
a statement released by his promotion company. Golden Boy Promotions.
De La Hoya said he has not decided on an opponent yet for the fight
NHL All-Star Shuffle
Bnan Rafalski will replace fellow New Jersey Devils defenseman Scott
Stevens on the Eastern Conference All-Star team Voted in by fans as
a starter. Stevens has missed the past 12 games due to a concussion,
Rafalski will make his All-Star game debut Sunday in Minnesota He was
named to the North Amencan All-Star team in 2002 but missed the game
because of a knee miury Also, the NHL named Vancouver Canucks forward
Markus Naslund and Devils defenseman Scott Niedermayer captains for
the All-Star game
USA Women's soccer wins
The United States beat Canada to win the Four Nations women's soccer
tournament a tuneup for the Athens Olympics China placed second after
rallying to tie with Sweden which finished third Canada was fourth in
the round-robin tournament The Americans were without Mia Hamm
and Brandi Chastain They are expected to return for Olympic qualifying
beginning Feb 25 in Costa Rica
Runners complete unorthodox race
Rudolf Reifberger and Andrea Mayr won the men's and women s divisions
in the annual race up the 86 flights of the Empire State Building Reitberger
and Mayr are friends from Julbach, Austria, and tram together for the Empire
State Building Run-Up Reitberger covered the 1.576 steps in 10 minutes,
37 seconds Mayr set the women's course record at 12:08. breaking the
previous mark of 12:19 set in 1996 by Amencan Belinda Soszyn Finishing
second and third among the men were Ran and Dan Alterman, identical
twins from Israel A total of 117 men and women from 11 countries took
part in the trek organized by New York Road Runners
Former Giants coach Fassel joins Ravens staff
Former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel joined the coaching staff of
the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday Fassel's title was not immediately
disclosed, but it is believed he will serve an advisory role and be an assistant
head coach to Brian Billick Fassel was to be introduced at an afternoon
news conference The move unites the head coaches for the 2001 Super
Bowl, when Billicks Ravens beat Fassel's Giants 34-7 Fassel was fired
following the Giants 4-12 season, which ended with an eight-game losing
streak Fassel hopes his pb with the Ravens will keep him busy until he
receives an offer to be a head coach Until that time, he will work to improve
an offense that finished last in the NFL in passing in 2003 The Ravens
expect Fassel to assist offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh and aid the
progression of the team s two young quarterbacks. Kyle Boiler and Anthony
Wnght Fassel is still under contract with the Giants, so New York will pay
the balance of the $2 7 million remaining for his final year � minus what
he will receive from the Ravens
Team hopes to build
on big conference win
I be Pirates looked dead and
tar from any chance at the Con-
ference USA tournament heading
into Tuesday night's contest with
South Florida. The Pirates came
in with an (1-7 record in the
conference and the road monkey,
which has been on their back
ever since joining C-USA.
A huge,19-point performance
trom frank Robinson, however,
led the I'irates to a 59-57 victory
over the Bulls and helped them
notch their first ever conference
road victory.
"Frank can really shoot the
hall and he's one of the hardest
workers in this program said
Head Coach Bill llcrrion on the
freshman's efforts.
Since the conference tour-
nament contains 12 teams, the
I'irates would lie the last team in
if the season were to end today.
South Florida and Tulane still
have yet to record a conference
"That's our first win, and like
A Basketball
I told our kids, right now today,
we're in the C-USA tournament
Hen inn said.
Now every ballgame becomes
that much more key in the
I'irates run for the tourney. This
weekend ECU hosts Charlotte
(13-5, 5-2) in a game that now
has serious implications on the
Pirates' chances. A win would
put the Pirates two games up on
the teams left out ol the tourna-
In their first meeting, the
49ers beat the Pirates 81-65, a
game in which the I'irates were
still sporting a healthy Gabriel
harlotte has also beaten the
likes of Syracuse, Marquette, and
Cincinnati already this season.
ECU'S main delensive focus
may be centered around perim-
eter defense due to Charlotte's
trigger happy guard Brendan
UAB and Memphis shut down
Plavich's ability to shoot the Iri-
fecta, holding him to just five
combined points in Charlotte's
only two conference defeats.
The 49ers only scored 62
points against the Blazers and "t
69 against the Tigers, way below
see PIRATE page 85
The Pirates will be looking for their second C-USA victory.
Player NameFG-FGAFT-FTAReb PtsAM
31 WILEY, Derrick4-135-71114238
33 BING. Erroyl2-56-141010038
25 BADIANE Moussa2-62-256019
05 ROBINSON. Frank7-102-3119033
34 COOK. Mike3-121-257333
01 RIVERS. Belton0-00-00005
13 MACKAY. Luke0-20-00008
55 GRINDLEY. Garth31-243017
02 GRAHAM. Brian0-00-010123
21 LEATHER, Terrence4-101-41110236
20 MORRIS, Gerrick3-66-7612038
03 SWIFT, Brian7-130-0220740
12 MOSLEY. Bradley6-171-3515740
04 BRIGMAN. Brandon0-10-070012
33 DIARRA, Konimba0-10-040111
20-48 8-14 37 57 17 200
19-53 17-30 36 59 7 200
TOTAL FG 1st Halt 9-32 28.1 2nd Half 10-21 476 Game: 358 DEADB
3-PI.FG 1st Half 2-7 28,6 2nd Half 2-6 33.3 Game: 30.8 REBS
F Throw 1st Half.5-8 625 2nd Half: 12-22 54,5 Game: 567 5
TOTAL FG 1st Half 8-21381 2nd Half, 12-27 44.4 Game: 41.7 DEADB
3 Pi. FG 1st Half: 3-1127.3 2nd Half: 6-16 37.5 Game: 33.3 REBS
F Throw 1st Halt: 2-6 33.3 2nd Half: 6-8 75.0 Game: 57.1 3
ECU women will take to the road
Lady Pirates will try to
rebound from losses
I he women's basketball team
will take on conference foe Saint
l.ouis Friday night and Memphis
two days later. The weekend will
provide winnable games for Ihe
l.ady I'irates .is thev try to grab
two conference victories on the
the women (14-6, 5-2) are
looking to rebound trom their
current two- game skid. Despite
the losses, the women are off to
their best start since the 1985-
1986 season when thev started
Ihe l.ady Pirates desperately
need to pick up a win ovei Saint
l.ouis (7-14, 1-7) after dropping
iiiln ,i lii' lor fifth place m the
conference. The Billikens have
dropped 12 of their last 13
games and are trying to claw
their way out of the Conference
USA cellar.
Memphis (15-6, 5-3) is just
a half game behind the l.ady
I'irates in the conference stand-
ings. The lady I Igers are one of
sewn conference teams to have
gained 14 or more wins (his
season. C-usa Is the only confer-
ence in the nation to boast that
accolade. C-USA has three ranked
teams in No. 15 DePaul, No. 19
If 11 and No. 23 Houston.
ECU will need a big perfor-
mance fromourtney Willis who
is averaging 18.3 points per game
and 9.4 rebounds. Ihe standout
trom layetteville, N'l! is currently
tilth in the league in scoring.
Willis has scored in double
ligures in ever) game this season
pushing her consecutive streak
to 20. With 1,220 points, the
senior forwardcenter needs just
nine points to move into eighth
�ill time on Ihe career sioring
list to pass former Pirate great
Justine Allpress.
Jennifer Jackson is
beginning to be the player that
she was last season. Xhe junior
recorded a double-double against
Marquette when she had 18
points and grabbed 12 rebounds.
However, Jackson shot just 30
percent from the field and just
four of 18 Irom behind the arc-
over the weekend.
Senior guard Alisha Bishop
notched 13 points against
DePaul and will look to con-
tinue her momentum. Freshman
guard Keisha Anthony has trailed
off the past couple ot games, but
is still averaging double figures
at 10.7 points in conference
play, tiuard Viola Cooper is lifth
in the league in turnover ratio
averaging 1.71 assists per
Saint l.ouis will be no easy
match for the struggling l.ady
Pirates. Senior forward Angie
Lewis will lead the Billikens.
Lewis leads Saint Louis in
scoring at 17.3 points per game.
Senior Kristi 1 loiloway is the only
other Bllliken averaging double
ligures at 11.1 points.
Ihe Billikens could cause
match-up problems for the
Undersized Lady Pirates.
Saint l.ouis lias seven players
listed at six feet or above. The
majority of the storing conns
Irom the paint, but the Billikens
lead the league in three-point
percentage at nearly 41 percent.
The l.ady I'irates will have
more of a challenge at the
Pyramid in Memphis. Memphis
currently has the longest win-
ning streak in the conference
al tour straight games. The lady
Tigers have lost three conference
games by a combined seven
Victoria! Crawford who is tied
lor eighth in the conference in
storing averaging 16.4 points,
will lead Memphis, lenniter
Sullivan complements Crawford
in averaging 13.1 points per
The Lady Pirates will be looking to start a new win streak
against two Conference USA foes this Friday and Sunday.
contest. Forward Raven Rodg-
ers is coming off a 13 point, 14
rebound effort in a recent win
against Southern Mississippi.
C-USA TV will televise the
match-up on Sunday after-
noon against Memphis with
Amy Prichard and Don Russell
providing the commentary. Alter
the weekend, the Lady Pirates
will gear up for a home stand
against nationally ranked 1(1!
and Houston.
This writer can be contacted at
ECU track looks to build on momentum
Teams will square off
against multiple teams
I In men's Hack team will
look to i hum out another suc-
cessful showing this weekend in
Lincoln, Neb
The men responded
well to the competition at
the Gator Inivltattonal last
weekend and hope to keep
things rolling.oach Bill
( arson will take 12 guys with
him to take on a large Meld
Senior Ricardo Bell trom
Havelock, , will be look-
ing to improve on his time
in the 8(10. He finished
seventh at the Gator Invita-
"We're hoping to improve on
Out times and get sharper said
Distance Coach Len Klepack.
The women will compete
against 15 teams this week-
end, the majority of them
hailing trom Northarolina. the
(lassie provides competition
from the ACC, SEC, Conference
USA and also some mid majors
like Appalachian State and
Davidson, learns trom the ACC
include the lai Heels, Duke and
N.C. State.Georgia will represent
the SK and South Florida will
come from (USA.
"It's still tough to tell who
will be our top performers this
Weekend as we are still going
through a training process but
we base a number of ladies
performing strong said Head
( oath Matt Munson.
Munson said
sophomore Jessica Collins is on
the verge of a major breakthrough
atter Finishing fourth this past
weekend, while junior Tammie
Mentel has not finished below
the top four this year. Munson
has also been pleased with
freshman Jessica Georglo
in throws, who has reached
a new personal best each time
out. Munson also believes
senior and school record holder
in the high ump oleen McGinn
will be the leader in C-USA aftei
this weekend,
"We have a good, young
team but we have red shirted
some kids to bring them along
and we expect to make a run
for the conference title in a lew
years Munson said.
This miter can be contacted at

Duke stays ahead in TEC rankings Pirate
from page B4
The Seahawks are the Pirates' last opponents this season
ECU swimmers will
travel to Wilmington
Pirates hungry for
second straight win
The men's and women's
swimm ing and diving teams will
go to Wilmington this upcoming
Saturday, looking for their second
straight win.
After the victory over William
and Mary last weekend, both the
men and women improved on
the season - the men to 5-3 and
the women to 6-2.
UNCW will also be coming
off wins against Davidson,
William and Mary and Old
Dominion. The Seahawk men
are undefeated in the Colonial
Athletic Association (4-0) and
are 5-3 overall while the women
have posted a 4-6 record overall
and 2-2 in the CAA.
Leading (he way for the men
will be sophomore Ben Pulskamp,
who paced the men against their
CAA foes last week by winning
the 100 and 200 butterfly and
the 200 backstroke. The women
will look to Kebeka league to
swim well again as she took the
50 free and 100 butterfly in their
last contest.
The meet will be held in
Wilmington, this Saturday, Feb.
7th, at 2 p.m. It will mark the
last meet of the year for both
This writer can be contacted at
Blue Devils could be
tested at UNC tonight
I The Duke Blue Devils and
Stanford Cardinal maintained
U. their No. 1 and No. 2 rankings
for the second consecutive week.
K Both teams pulled out wins on
upset Saturday, a day that saw
eight nationally rankeil teams
Duke is clearly the best team
in the ACC and has a huge
match-up with UNC tonight,
arguably the best rivalry in col-
lege basketball. The Cardinal did
pick up one first-place vote and is
ready to claim the top spot if the
Blue Devils falter in Chapel Hill.
Stanford will have their toughest
game left on the schedule Feb. 7,
against Arizona, a team that fell
out ol the TEC Top 10 after losing
to Washington.
St. Joseph's Is on a mission
to become the first team to go
undefeated in the regular season
since 1991. The Hawks move up
into the No. 3 slot after key wins
over Temple and Villanova. Only
Dayton and Temple seem to pose
a threat to the Hawks before the
NCAA tournament.
Pittsburgh picked up their
20th win over Boston College
but the Panthers have one of
the toughest schedules remain-
ing in the Top 10 with the likes
of Connecticut, Syracuse and
Providence rapidly approaching
on the calendar.
The Mississippi State Bulldogs
keep surprising everyone as they
jumped up three spots to the No.
5 position. They are led by Law-
rence Roberts and Tim my Bowers
who are both averaging over 15
points per game.
UCONN also leaplrogs up
three slots and is ranked No.
6 this week. The Huskies abso-
lutely embarrassed No. 22 Syra-
cuse 84-56 on Monday. Center
Kmeka Okalor had All-American
numbers once again, scoring 25
points with II rebounds and four
No. 7 Louisville was perhaps
the nation's hottest team, win-
ning 16 straight before being
upset by Marquette 77-70 last
week. The loss dropped the Car-
dinals four spots but Fransisco
Garcia might be able to persuade
All-American voters with a good
performance down the stretch;
seven of their final nine games
will be nationally televised.
Conaga hangs in the Top
10 once again at No. H after easy
wins over San Diego and Santa
Clara. The Bulldogs should have
no problem winning out with
the rest of the WCC vastly over-
matched. Cionaga's only two
losses this season have been to
St. Joe's and to Stanford.
Kentucky is ranked No. 9
this week alter falling to a very
talented Vanderbilt squad on
the road. The Wildcats redeemed
themselves with a three-point
win on the road over No. 21 Flor-
ida on Tuesday, but it doesn't get
any easier for head coach Tubby
Smith, 1 he Gators will be waiting
in the regular season finale and
upstart No. 24 South Carolina
(18-3) will play Kentucky twice.
Oklahoma State cracks the
11lop 10 this week and will
round out the rankings with an
impressive 16-2 record. The Cow-
boys revenged an earlier loss to
No. 14 Texas lech and are 3-1
against ranked opponents this
season. The only real blemish
on their season was an early loss
to BY II where senior center Rafael
Araujo pounded the Cowboys for
32 points and 11 rebounds.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
IpTop Ten
Rank TeamRec.PtsLW
1Duke (5)18-11191
2Stanford (1)18-01152
3St Josephs19-01064
5Miss. St.18-1948
10Oklahoma St16-262NR
U niversity Manor
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their average of HO points per on
the season.
Another key ingredient for
the Pirates to get the win this
weekend comes with fan support
ECU'S recent rut may look bad
statistically to the fans, but the
Pirates have been in almost every
conference game this season with
a chance to win.
"I don't think we're playing
that bad, I really don't Herrion
"We're getting a great effort,
and athletically I think we match
up with teams right now
"We're a small basketball
team, but these kids play with
a lot of heart Herrion said.
"We're tough. We scrap. Don't
ever discount the effort of these
kids. I don't think I can get any
more out of these kids as far as
their effort
A tough perimeter defense,
a tough crowd, and a mentally
tough Pirate basketball team
could possibly spell win again
for ECU.
This writer can be contacted at
Bobby Knight
in hot water
with officials
Texas Tech chancellor Or. David
K. Smith lives a charmed life. For
at the end of business on Tuesday,
be hadn't lost his job. He hadn't
been suspended. Heck, he hadn't
been fined or reprimanded in any
manner whatsoever despite risk-
ing his career a day earlier at a
local grocer's salad bar.
That was when he dared
tell lied Raiders men's basket-
ball coach Bob Knight that he
thought Knight was doing an
especially good job off the court
this season managing bis legend-
ary fiery temper.
Knight took exception to what
the compliment Implied, that he
had been, in fact, some sort of
hothead during his short time
in Lubbock. After all, although
Knight played himself in the
movie "Anger Management
the film was fiction. So Knight
shouted down the chancellor,
dogging him out of the grocery,
snapping at him all the way into
the parking lot, witnesses said.
The university had a crisis on
its hands: What to do about the
After all, since Knight fell on
this campus, the chancellor, or
the president, or the Hoard of
Regents, or other administra-
tors, or the faculty haven't run
this supposed institution of
higher learning. They're AWOL.
They've abdicated their responsi-
bilities. They've been absolutely
Texas Tech has become one
of the poster schools for what's
wrong in big-time college athlet-
ics. It is the perfect example of
an academic institution that has
turned itself over to the folks in
the gymnasium.
The Big Man on Campus
in Lubbock is not in the office
ostensibly entrusted with con-
trol. Knight is the one running
things here. He's been doing it
since the moment he offi-
cially arrived here and was feted
with a welcoming party that
resembled a revival. Everybody
else associated with this school is
just genuflecting in his presence,
or staying the heck out of his way.
I le's the only one on campus with
any chutpah.
To be sure, just a few weeks
ago Knight, consented to a
nationally televised taped inter-
view on ESPN before his Red
Raiders played Iowa, coached bv
his former star Steve Alford, in
Dallas. Knight cursed repeatedly
and with great purpose through-
out the interview. The so-called
bosses at Texas Tech just got
Knight to say he wouldn't use
such language again in public. He
apologized in part by pretending
to curse some more.
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on the 2nd floor of the Student Publications Building.
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' I'M
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Marquette mum on Big East
quette University athletic direc-
tor Bill Cords confirmed Monday
that the school had the option of
leaving Conference USA for the
Big East without paying an exit
fee. but wouldn't say whether it
will do so.
According to Cords, C-USA
has offered the eight schools that
are leaving the choice of doing so
without penalty.
In exchange, they'd need
to agree to play an unspecified
number of games in both foot-
ball and basketball each season
against C-USA teams once they
join their new leagues.
Cincinnati, Del'aul, Lou-
isville and South Florida will
join Marquette in the Big East
after next season, and Charlotte
and Saint l.ouis will leave for
the Atlantic 10. Texas Christian
recently agreed to join the Moun-
tain West Conference.
"I think we've pretty much
made up our mind but I'm not
really talking about it right now
said Cords.
"There's still some stuff
going around about shares and
units and who keeps what. So
until that gets resolved 1 would
be premature in saying anything.
But I think we've got a pretty
good idea about what we want
to do
Marquette, which like Del'aul
doesn't field a football team, can
offer only non-conference bas-
ketball games in a potential deal.
Making things even r: ore diffi-
Marquette's Coach Tom Creen gives instructions to his team
during the first half of their game at the Bradley Center.
cult will be that the Big Fast is
expected to settle on either a 16-
or IH-game league schedule.
Marquette's need to play 16
home games a season to gener-
ate revenue, Coach Tom Cre.m's
desire to play more high-pro-
file opponents and the annual
rivalry game with Wisconsin
are also (actors. When it's all
said and done, the Golden Kagles
will probably be able to play only
one or two road games per year
.iaiiist non-conterence oppo-
nents once they join the Big
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Communities Convenient
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College & The Medical
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Country Club Living Without The Price.
On Bradford Creek Golf Course.
Approximately 1,350 Sq.ft.
Covered Parking.
Fully Equipped Kitchens.
Washer k Dryer.
Pets OK With Deposit.
Itiu lunik
3 Bedroom And 3 Bath House.
Kitchen Appliances.
Washer & Dryer.
Central Air fit Heat.
Covered Parking.
No Pets Allowed.
Eastgate Village
2 Bedroom And 1 Bath Apartment.
Fully Equipped Kitchens.
Washer & Dryer Hookups.
Central Air & Heat.
On ECU Bus Route.
24 Hour Emergency Maintenance.
Pets OK With Deposit.
i iitllmm Court
2 Bedroom And 1 Bath Apartment.
5 Blocks From ECU.
Energy Efficient.
Kitchen Appliances.
Washer & Dryer Hookups.
Central Air& Heat.
On ECU Bus Route.
Pets OK With Deposit.
I m . jg4 jjiial

�mk II
561 -RENT www.pinnaclcpropcrtymanagenient.coni
3200-F Mostley Drive � Greenville, NC
Professionally managed by Pinnacle Property Management

The East Carolinian, February 5, 2004
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
February 05, 2004
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