The East Carolinian, January 22, 2004

Volume 79 Number 108
January 22, 2004
Discovery Channel to
feature ECU professor
Professor David Long, Ph.D examines historical research In
his office in Brewster.
Program reveals Long's
alternate theory on
Lincoln's assassination
Historian David E. Long,
associate professor in the his-
tory department, will appear
on the Discovery Channel to
discuss his views about the
events surrounding the assas-
sination of President Abraham
Long, who has done exten-
sive research on Lincoln and the
Civil War, said Lincoln was a
ruthless leader deter-
mined to end slavery and
keep the nation together.
"This is a guy who waged
war like maybe nobody else
in history and would never
consent to any kind of com-
promise short of unconditional
surrender and total return to the
Union said Long.
With a new theory of
Lincoln's assassination, and
a book to be released this
summer, Long was chosen
to be featured on Discovery
Channel's "Unsolved His-
tory The program takes
another look at controversial
history and analyzes it with
modern technology and
ffc Information
Program airs:
Feb. 4 at 9 p.m.
Feb. 5 at noon
Feb. 7 at 5 p.m.
"I'm the first historian that
is willing to come out and say
that I think the evidence is
strong enough to justify that
Lincoln probably did sanc-
tion the killing of (Confeder-
ate President Jefferson Davis
Long said.
Long's argument rests on
papers found on the body of
a killed officer close to Lincoln
in Richmond.
The papers contained plans
to assassinate Davis. Outraged
confederate soldiers organized
to assassinate Lincoln.
I .ong's theory states if Li ncoln
did plot for the assassination
of Jefferson Davis, then he
guaranteed his own assassina-
As part of the television
program, handwriting experts
will analyze the documents for
authenticity, Long said.
The presentation on
the Discovery Channel will
give students a more in depth
look on the Civil War and its
see LINCOLN page A2
Survey shows increase
in cocaine use at ECU
May's results expected
to follow trend
Bob Morphet noticed in 2001
more students were seeking help
for cocaine addiction.
Since then, the Substance
Abuse Counselor said the problem
continues to worsen each year.
"Anecdotally, cocaine use has
become more prevalent here and
nationwide said Morphet.
"Now, the research has
caught up with what's on the
According to ECU's Core
Alcohol and Drug Survey, which
is given to a sample that reflects
the university's enrollment, 8.6
percent of those surveyed in 2001
admitted to using cocaine at least
once in their lives. In 2002, that
percentage was 9.1.
ECU does not show a greater
. increase than other schools,
which Morphet said is both a
good and bad thing.
Morphet said he predicts
2()04's survey results in March to
show even more students trying
Consistent users who report
using cocaine once a month or
more than three times a week
comprise a small portion of the
university - around 2 percent.
However, this is the group that
suffers the consequences of
"Cocaine is incredibly addic-
tive. It's more psychologically
addictive than other drugs
Morphet said.
The National Institute on
Drug Abuse says when cocaine
is administered - college students
most often snort cocaine - it works
deep within the brain to produce
a build-up of the neurotransmit-
ter dopamine. Dopamine then
collects in a pleasure-producing
area, creating the user's high.
The euphoric, slightly restless
state cocaine produces is one of its
see COCAINE page A2
rt Did You Know
The short-term effects of
cocaine use are Increased
energy, decreased appetite,
mejiteljiLertriess, Increased
heart rate and blood pres-
sure, increased temperature,
constricted blood vessels
and dilated pupils.
The long-term effects of
cocaine use are addiction.
depression, cardiac problems.
higher Instance of stroke,
restlessness, paranoia and
auditory hallucinations.
Web site offers piece of home for soldiers in Iraq
Students send food,
basic necessities
Many American troops fight-
ing for our country in Iraq have
loved ones sending care pack-
ages. For others, pieces from
home come on rare occasion,
if at all.
One father and son team has
created a Web site that's mission
is to ensure these soldiers are not
The site, www.AnySoldier.US,
was started four months ago
by Sgt. Brian Horn, an Army
Infantry Soldier with the 17.1rd
Airborne Brigade in the Kirkuk
area of Iraq.
It Is designed to give Ameri-
cans the opportunity to support
troops through care packages,
namely for soldiers who do not
receive mail.
Marty Horn, retired Army
MP and Brian's father helps
maintain the site.
"You have no idea the impact
of being thousands of miles
from home in a dangerous place
where people want you dead
said Marty.
"Getting a surprise package
or note from someone you don't
Junior Janie Askew creates a care package for troops.
even know is something
Care packages should include
non-perishable food and per-
sonal hygiene items.
Marty said individuals
should also consider including
something that gives the pack-
age a more personal touch.
"I'm told soldlen open-
ing packages) is something to
watch Marty said.
"As my son Brian has
told me, he has seen several
soldiers crv
Mike Daniska, ECU gradu-
ate student in the MPA depart-
ment, heard about the site on a
newscast and thought it would
be a good way to support the
"We Mike and his fiancel
spent about $40 on both
packages said Daniska.
"We included things like soap,
shampoo, energy bars, tooth-
see IRAQ page A3
Food Items:
Breakfast-type foods and drinks
are the most needed
Instant and regular coffee
Coffee makers
Hot plates
Hot chocolate packets
Campbell's chunky soups
Canned tuna
Canned Chef Boyardee
Canned fruit
Beef Jerky
Canned nuts.
Canned chips
Cereal bars
Granola bars
Pre-sweetened powdered drinks
u'l Debbie snacks
Snack cakes
Packs of candy
Gum, trail mix
Personal Hygiene Items:
Antibacterial wipes
Small tubes of toothpaste and
Eye drops (put in a plastic bag)
Small containers of Tylenol, Motrin
Band-aids, cough lozenges, small
packs of Kleenex, shower-to-
shower powder
Rip flops
Athletes' foot creme, foot powder-
no aerosol bottles
Paper, pens, envelopes
Combs, lip balm, q-rjps, nail
Feminine hygiene products
If your package is intended for a
woman, be sure to address the
package, "Ann: Any Female
Famed author
begins Writers
Reading Series
Terry Davis shares
work, knowledge
Best-selling author Terry
Davis, who wrote "Alabama
Crimson Tide "Vision Quest'
and "If Rock and Roll Were a
Machine will visit ECU on
Monday, Jan. 26 as the semes-
ter's first speaker in the Writers
Reading Series.
His novel, "Vision Quest"
has been compared to J.D.
Salinger's "The Catcher in
the Rye The books are both
coming-of-age stories.
Resa Bizzaro, English pro-
fessor and co-director of the
Writers Reading Series, said
some may be familiar with
Davis from the movie version
of "Vision Quest"
"For students, the readingl
gives them an opportunity
to meet with a contemporary
author said Bizzaro.
Davis has a considerable
amount of practical knowledge
for young writers, Bizzaro said.
Including how to publish.
see DAVIS page A4
Poverty Awareness
throughout January
-O The poverty rale lor families with children under the age of 18 dropped from 25.3 to 21.6 percent from 1989 through 1999.
� o Since 2000. the number of Americans living in poverty has grown by 3 million.
Forecast tec required
High of 55
Vteft wwwtheeastcaroltariconi to read
more about the Minnesota man charged
with aUng H Qaeda tor over Itee years.
Several rxnstrudton projects continue
around campus, with completion
expected this year (or many.
Ifs award season TEC takes a look Into
the nominees tor the "Golden Globes
set to air mfs Sunday.
The Lady Pirates are on a winning streak
They are gong Ms toe weekend looking
tor their eighth win
page B4 The last day to apply tor May
rYi�r� graduation Is Frtdav For more
graduation Is Friday. For more
Information visit wwwecuedu

News Editor
Assistant News Editor
The last day to apply for May graduation is Friday For more information
visit www ecu educommencement
Pediatric Medicine Presentation
Loretta Kopelman, MD. will speak on "Current Guidelines and
Controversies in Pediatric Research' on Friday from 12.30 p.m. - 1:30
p.m. in 2E92 Brody
Career Readiness Workshop: Interviewing
Career Services will offer a workshop on how to have a successful
interview Tuesday, Jan 27 from 12:30 p.m. -115 p.m in 1014 Bate
Faculty Senate Meeting
The Faculty Senate will meet Tuesday. Jan 27 al 2:10 p.m in the
Mendenhall Great Room
Medical Time Management Workshop
The Brody School of Medicine will offer a time management workshop
for faculty in health science institutions Tuesday, Jan 27 from 1230 p.m
- 4:15 p.m in 2W40 Brody. Contact the Office of Academic and Faculty
Development at 744-3420 for registration.
Hormone Replacement Therapy Discussion
Phi Kappa Phi will sponsor a panel discussion on Hormone Replacement
Therapy Jan 27 at 6 p.m in the Willis Building Janice Busher, MD. and
Marcie Parker. PharmD, RPx and MBA, are scheduled tn participate
Information Technology Seminar
Phillip Emer. a senior member of the technical staff in MCNC's Advanced
Technologies Group and the chief architect of the NC Bogrid, will speak
on North Carolina's initiatives to use grid computing in research,
education and business on Wednesday. Jan. 28 from 2 pm. - 3 p.m in
221 Mendenhall
Career Readiness Workshop: Job Search
Career Services offers a workshop on searching all types of opportunities
such as part-time employment, internships and permanent positions.
Workshop will be Thursday. Jan 29 from 12 30 p.m - 1:15 p.m in 1014
1980s Lecturer
The Student Union Spectrum Committee presents 1980s rock music
lecturer Barry Drake Thursday, Jan 29 from 7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. in Hendrix
Graduate Test Prep Courses
The College of Business (Office of Professional Programs) will offer review
courses for the GMAT, GRE and SAT exams this spring
For more information or to register please call 328-6377.
GMAT courses will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Feb. 5
- March 4, from 630 p.m. � 9 p.m Cost is $195 due by Jan. 29.
GRE courses will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, Feb. 4
- March 3. from 630 pm -9 pm Cost is $195 due by Jan 28
SAT courses will be on Saturdays. Feb 21 - March 20, from 9 a.m. - noon
Cost is $125 due by Feb. 13.
Childhood Chronic Illness Presentation
Julie Baines. MD. will speak on "The Best Time of Their Uves Camping
for Children with Chronic Illness" Friday, Jan 30 from 1230 pm - 1:30
p m in 2E92 Brody
Language Arts Conference
The College of Education will sponsor the Mary Lois Staton Reading
Language Arts Conference Friday. Feb 13 from 8 a.m. - 4 pm in the
Greenville Hilton The conference will feature newspaper columnist and
author Susie Wilde, children s author Pansie Hart Flood and 25 sessions
on literacy issues Contact Susan Ranson at 328-6830 for registration
LatinoHispanic Education Conference
The College of Education and the North Carolina Center for International
Understanding hosts the first LatinoHispanic Education conference on
Thursday, Feb 26 at 8:30 am in the Greenville Hilton Contact the Division
of Continuing Studies at 1 -800-767-9111 for registration
Computer Virus
ECU Information Technology Security reports a new form of malicious
software named "Beagle" spreading quickly throughout the campus
computer network. The virus represents a threat to personal data More
details, including what actions to take, are available at the top of the "Latest
Virus Threats" list Web site at http:www.sarc com
Volunteers Needed
The Literacy Volunteers of Pitt County need individuals to tutor English as
a second language to adult immigrants Knowledge of a second language
is not necessary Sessions will be Friday, Feb 6 from 630 p m - 930 p.m
continuing to Saturday, Feb 7 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m at 504-A Dexter St
Contact Sharon Schlichting at 353-6578 for more information
Paper Person
The person featured at the top of today's paper is Amanda Barefoot,
sophmore elementary education major
News Briefs
N.C. Judges reverse ruling
on pre-need caskets
RALEIGH (AP) - North Carolina
officials again have told cemeteries
to refrain from certain sales of final
resting places.
A cemetery can't sell "pre-need"
caskets unless they are also duly
licensed by the state as a funeral
director, the state Court of Appeals
said Tuesday, reversing a lower
court ruling
Selling caskets on the installment
plan before death has been a
common practice in the mortuary
field, but anyone who does must file
paperwork with the state Board of
Mortuary Science.
The board's regulation seeks to
ensure that prepayments are placed
in trust so there's money to buy the
casket at the time of death, even if the
company has gone out of business
Former prosecutor pleads no
contest to assault, BSE
LENOIR (AP) - A former prosecutor
has been given a suspended 45-day
sentence with two years of supervised
probation in a plea agreement
stemming from an alleged assault
on a former girlfriend.
David Flaherty, former district
attorney for Burke, Caldwell and
Catawba counties, pleaded no
contest on Tuesday to charges of
breaking and entering and simple
The plea agreement relates to
charges stemming from a January
2003 incident in which Flaherty
was accused of assaulting his
ex-nanny and former girlfriend, Paula
Fay Harlfinger, at her apartment in
A third charge of resisting, obstructing
and delaying arrest was dismissed
in the agreement, said officials
with the Caldwell County Clerk of
Courts Office.
Former ECU professor charged
with killing wife,
attempting cover-up
former professor at ECU pleaded not
guilty Tuesday to a charge that he
murdered his wife when he pulled
her from her car and smashed her
head into garage floor of their million-
dollar home.
Jonathan Nyce then tried to make her
death look like an accident by putting
her body In their SUV and sending
it over a snowy embankment into a
creek, authorities said.
Investigators are looking into whether
Nyce lashed out at his wife, Michelle,
because he believed she was having
an extramarital affair
"That's one of the scenarios along with
others that we are investigating0 said
Police Chief Michael Chlpowsky.
The warrant issued for Nyce's arrest
said he pulled his wife forcefully from
a Toyota Land Cruiser on Thursday
night and threw her face forward to
the ground. Nyce told police her head
hit the ground so hard it made 'a thud
that made me sick"
Fire at elderly care center kills
three, Injures at least 12
MARYVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Firefighters
struggled in bitter cold to put out a fire
that killed three people at a retirement
home and injured at least 12 others.
The cause of the Tuesday night blaze
at Home Away from Home Inc. had
not been determined, Blount County
Sheriff Jim Berrong said.
The facility is a tor-profit center that
offers assisted and unassisted living
with a maximum resident occupancy
of 20.
One of the residents died after being
trapped in the building, sheriff's
spokeswoman Marian O'Briant
said early Wednesday. Some of
the injured were treated for smoke
inhalation and burns, and one victim
suffered a hip fracture Three were
in critical condition at Vanderbill
University Medical Center Wednesday
Pakistan has sent nuclear
investigative teams to
Libya, Iran
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP)
- Pakistan's questioning of some of
its top nuclear scientists came after
the country sent its own investigative
teams to Iran and Libya in recent
months, a senior Pakistani official
told The Associated Press.
The official would not give details
about the exact timing of the trips
or say what was discovered, but the
disclosure indicates the seriousness
with which the government is taking
allegations of nuclear proliferation.
"Yes, we sent our own
teams to Iran and Libya and
the debriefings began after
that said the official, speaking
on condition of anonymity
He said the interrogations sprung
from information learned on the trips,
as well as evidence handed to
Pakistan by the International Atomic
Energy Agency.
Pakistan is under U.S.
pressure to curb the spread of
technology that can be used to
produce atomic weapons. The
government denies it authorized the
sale of any such technology but says
scientists may have done so acting
on their own.
Straw Urges U.N. on Iraq
Election Dispute
DAVOS, Switzerland (AP)-British
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw urged
the United Nations to return to Iraq to
help resolve a dispute over elections
as global power brokers opened an
annual meeting in this snowy Alpine
resort Wednesday.
Construction completion dates set Lincoln
from page A1
Additional projects
include Harrington,
Allied Health, dorms
Old and new construction
projects are underway around
campus at the beginning of the
spring semester.
Flanagan Building
The Flanagan Building, which
is entirely gutted at this point, is
scheduled for completion in late
"It llanagan was an obsolete
chemistry building it is being
reprogrammed said George Har-
rell, senior associate vice chan-
cellor of campus operations and
adjunct associate professor.
The building will receive new
labs, offices and classrooms and
will cost the university $13.8
After the renovations in Fla-
nagan are complete, most offices
in the Old Cafeteria Complex
will move in. The offices will be
housed in Flanagan temporarily
until renovations at theOldCaf-
Construction crews work on Rivers Building addition.
eteria Complex are completed.
Rivers Building
The addition to Rivers will
be done by early summer of this
year and will cost almost J12
Harrington Field
Construction crews will also
be moving away from central
campus to Harrington Field in
late spring.
While baseball games will
remain at home and construction
will begin on the outer perlm-
see DINING page A3
New dining hall will be
complete October 2004.
significance in our history,
Long said.
"Students will be educated
on who this president was and
what this event in American
history meant Long said.
Gerry Prokopowlcz, assis-
tant professor of history, said
Long is an eminent scholar
of Abraham Lincoln and stu-
dents will benefit from seel
the program.
"I think it brings histor
alive when you can see the
people who are writing it,
and they are real people, not
someone you know only from
a back of the book photo, but
someone you can see walking
around on campus said Pro-
Piokopowicz said history
is a set of arguments and
people too easily believe the
reading of one historian.
"There are basic facts that
you start from, but the inter-
pretations of those facts are
always debatable Prokopo-
wicz said.
This writer can be contacted at
from page A1
appeals to college students, Mor-
phet said. Being able to stay awake
and party all night is difficult to
refuse, especially if a solution to
sleep is available.
"I've heard cocaine called 'the
rich man's drug said Seth Van
Patten, junior cultural anthropol-
ogy major.
"It seems like ECU has more
rich kids now. hat wealth gives
them the opportunity to get their
hands on it
Hut a one-night stand with
cocaine is risky.
"It's very difficult to experi-
ment with cocaine without
becoming addicted said Mary
Louise Antieau, director of
student conflict resolution.
"There's never as good a high
as the first time, so why try to
replicate it? Sometimes, when
college students are exposed to
cocaine in social settings, they
think it's cool to experiment with
it, but they don't understand the
addictive power of the drug
Antieau said cocaine at ECU
comes from two different sources:
drug dealers who target students
and students who bring their
habits with them from home and
connect with area dealers.
The trend of increased
regular cocaine use is "worrisome"
to Antieau for safety reasons.
"With any illicit drug, you
don't know how it was made,
under what conditions and what
the purity of the dose is Antieau
For cocaine use, possession
and intent to sell, ECU'S policy is
strict: in addition to state penal-
ties, possession of a Schedule II
drug like cocaine brings a sus-
pension for at least one semester.
Upon recnrollmcnt, a student
must provide a clean urine sample
within 30 days.
Individuals charged with
possession with intent to sell or
traffic are expel led from the entire
Sgt. Curtis Hayes of the ECU
Police Department said arrests for
cocaine violations rose from two
to seven from 2002 - 2003.
Hayes said his department has
been pursuing drug violations
more aggressively.
"Our officers have had more
training In detection of drug
related crimes Hayes said.
Violence related to drug use and
sales is also a concern, since the
drug increases aggressiveness.
The rise of cocaine use
among college students mir-
rors that of ecstasy, which
grew in popularity until 1997.
Use of ecstasy decreased after the
media changed the college-aged
perception of the drug by airing
programs on its negative conse-
Morphet said while marijuana
and alcohol use stay consistent
among college students, harder
drugs tend to experience periods
of "ebb and flow
Though numerous academic-
reports show an individual has
a higher likelihood to try cocaine
if they use marijuana andor
alcohol, no correlation between
the drugs was seen in the research
at ECU.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeas tcarolinian. com.
It's time to exercise something
other than your mind.
finally, a place to work out that tin a snutl student
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Weird News
Students sue over kissing video
SHANGHAI (AP) � A Shang-
hainese couple has sued their
former high school over images
of them kissing in a video on
"irregular behaviour saying
they were mocked by other stu-
dents because of it, a newspaper
reported Tuesday.
Wei Gang and his girl-
friend, who wasn't named, have
demanded the equivalent of
about $800 Cdn in compensa-
tion for mental anguish and
a public apology from Fuxing
high school, where they gradu-
ated last year, the Shanghai
Daily reported. The couple were
taunted and insulted after the
school video showing their kiss
was shown to other students on
April 7, the report quoted Wei as
saying, "Some students in lower
grades would point at us outside
our classroom said Wei.
The paper quoted the couple's
lawyer, Si Weijiang, as saying the
video infringed on the couple's
right to privacy.
Goofy state slogan nixed
20,000 or so sayings submitted
for consideration as Pennsyl-
vania's official tourism slogan,
some were easily eliminated, like
"Pennsylvania: We're old. We're
cranky. Heal with it
But 18 entries are still in the
running to be picked as one of
the five finalists by the Penn-
sylvania Tourism Office in early
2004. After that happens, the
public can vote for the winner
on the tourism office's website
Flagpole, jail cells and commodes
tor sale at courthouse auction
I.IU.INGTON (AP) � Every-
thing was for sale at the old
llarnett County courthouse,
including the jail cells, flagpole
and commodes.
Cheryl Wtnegardner bought
two cells, thinking they might
be good pens for some of her
hogs. Her husband wasn't as
"He said, 'You ain't going
to buy a jail cell " said Win-
egardner, who lives outside Lil-
"Well, I got two. Pretty-
Winegardner paid $66 for
the primitive steel cells, cov-
ered in peeling gray paint and
the scratching of countless
inmates. She said her husband
would use a cutting torch to get
them out of the building.
from page A2
4 & 5 Night Packages
Afttr rabata, bated on quad occupancy
DrifUCnfiUT UfYTTI plus USlnfl departure laiai taw
DtALnrKUfll HUltLwirhRT Air � Transfers
Acapulco. Cancan, Mazaflan ' U V V J y I I J V I
t south Padre island, tx
Great Location �
NOW Leasing: Pick from six different floor plans. Live alone or share a
unit with a friend in your own furnished condominium at Ringgold Towers.
Located Next to ECU Recreation Center
Corner of 7th and Cotanche Street
635 Cotanche Street No. 900
Greenville, NC 27858
Office Hours: Mon-Frl 9am-5pm
eters. Once the home season
closes for the Pirates, expan-
sion of the stadium will begin.
The Harrington Field project,
which will cost around $7
million, is set to be completed
with the start of the next baseball
To accommodate construction
workers, this season's home games
will end early this year and will
have a delayed start next year.
Harrell said the new stadium
will give ECU the opportunity to
host tournaments.
West End Dining Hall
One of the projects with the
most noticeable changes to date
is the West End Dining Hall.
The new dining hall, which
should be complete by October
of this year, will replace the
smaller, primary dining facility
in Mendenhall.
Once the13.5 million dining
hall is complete, it will have a beau-
tifully designed structure of glass
and tiers.
Allied Health and Nursing
Health Sciences Library
The two-year construction
plan for the Allied Health and
the Nursing and Health Sci-
ences Library is set to begin on
Friday after the groundbreak-
ing during Founders Week.
The $46 million building will
be 280,000 square feet, which
is slightly larger than the Sci-
ence and Technology Build-
ing that opened last semester.
"The main academic campus
needs to expand by build-
ing a new building for nursing
and allied health, that allows us
to move these colleges off
the main academic campus
and reuse those buildings for
expansion said Harrell.
College Hill Suites
Another project in the works for
ECU is a new residence hall that
will be located on College Hill.
College Hill Suites will be
beside Todd Dining Hall and
will help contain the growth of
ECU'S population.
This writer can be contacted at
news�theeas tcarolinian. com.
Mad cow disease is a public health concern for many countries.
Japan blocks U.S. beef
from page M
$5.00 OFF
w Student ID
$35 lounge & Labret
$30 Navel & Eyebrow
Garry's Accepts:
Downtown Greenville
429 Evans Street
Original Location
4685 Hwy-13
M-F 1-9pm � Sat 12-10pm
paste and Pop Tarts
Daniska also took Mar-
ty's advice and included a
note in each package and both he
and his fiance are anxious
to see if someone will write
"To be honest, I feel indebted
,tp .these, troops and I thinX
that we owe it to them to help
Daniska said.
Care packages should not
be sent through registered
or insured mail. Regular or
Priority service is recommended.
Items should be put in an easy
to handle box under 10 pounds
and wrapped tightly with tape
not string.
"ISoldiers) are the only
ones between us and the
loss of all the freedoms we
know Marty said.
"We may be against this
particular war or not, no matter.
These soldiers pay the price
for us
This writer can be contacted at
TOKYO (AP) � The Japanese
government has ordered meat
wholesalers not to sell more
than 800 tons of American
T-bone steaks and other beef
products considered at risk of
carrying mad cow disease, health
officials said Wednesday.
The order, issued Tuesday,
affects 862 tons of already-
imported beef considered
to be the riskiest in cows
infected with bovine spongi-
form encephalopathy - steaks,
soup stocks and other products
made of bone parts, calf brains
and other parts.
The ministry also ordered
supermarkets and restaurants
not to sell American beef
products containing cow
backbones. Officials say cow
backbones and their extracts
could contain proteins called
prions that are linked to the
brain-wasting illness.
T-bone steaks were included
because they are cut from the
area where a cow's vertebrae
meet its ribs - a point that can
contain spinal tissue and is
considered risky.
Mad cow disease is a public
health concern because scientists
believe humans who eat brain
or spinal matter from an infected
cow can develop a variant known
as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
The incurable disease caused
at least 143 deaths in Britain
during a 1980s outbreak there.
Japan's move covers prod-
ucts imported from the United
States between Jan. 1, 2003,
and Dec. 24, 2003, when Tokyo
banned all American beef
imports in response to the dis-
covery in Washington state of the
first confirmed U.S. case of mad
cow disease. That cow was
imported from Canada.
American officials have not
detected a second case of the
disease, but have yet to track
down all the cattle from the
infected cow's herd. The U.S.
government, however, insists
that American beef products are
safe and is urging Japan to lift
its ban.

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Our View
One thing's
for sure - if
Kerry gets the
nod, he can
tell President
Bush what it
feels like to
suit up in a
military uni-
form when it
counts and
not just look
good on TV.
Digging Dean
Generation Dean
Something funny happened on the way to New
Hampshire. John Kerry rose from the middle of
the pack to the front of it. The New Hampshire
Primaries will be a second chance to see what
the public thinks about the race.
What looked like a sure thing for Howard
Dean only a month ago has been turned on
its side.
Republicans did their best to downplay what
happened in Iowa this Monday, but they've
got to be surprised and a little confused about
the events that led to the assumption of John
Kerry back to the Democratic party's primary
Kerry stole the spotlight from firebrand Howard
Dean, whose penchant for straight talk earned
him many supporters. As it turns out, his
straightforward style may have turned off
mainstream voters, at least in Iowa.
In one night, John Kerry went from
being an "also ran" to being the man
everybody was talking about. One
conservative publication ran a story on Dean
saying. "Please nominate this man" Apparently
that's what the administration expected to deal
It would be hard to paint Kerry as a liberal
antimilitary candidate. Kerry doesn't have a
penchant for saying things that get people riled
up and excited, but then again, he doesn't say
anything that makes people angry.
Kerry can be coached into being a more inter-
esting speaker, and at least the voters don't see
him as too arrogant or dull by the voters.
To say that one candidate has an advantage
because of one primary would be more than
jumping to a conclusion.
Things may swing toward Wesley Clark, who
declined to run in Iowa or even John Edwards,
who finished second in Iowa
One thing's for sure - if Kerry gets the nod, he
can tell President Bush what it feels like to suit
up in a military uniform when it counts and not
just look good on TV.
The purpose of TEC's opinion pages is to invoke
conversation in ECU'S community. To respond to an
opinion on this page, please send your letter, with your contact
information for verification, to
(KRT)�Behold! A new gen-
eration of Democrats! Such was
the case in 1992 when Bill Clin-
ton went to the White House.
A ill if Howard Dean has his
way next year, the Democratic
Tarty will enter a new phase of
the New Democrats of the
Clinton Bra were obsessed with
all-around liberalism disguised
as pure public opinion-con-
sciousness. Howard Dean is a
radical social liberal who totes
hhnsell as a mild fiscal conser-
vative, making him an attrac-
tive package for young people
in search ot something more
solid than an Arkansas accent,
a stai ned dress and a West Wing
full of pollsters.
When I met Dr. Dean in
Detroit just prior to a Demo-
cratic debate a few months back,
he seemed to have a hidden
charm behind his customarily
grave expressions. I happened
to have humped into the former
Vermont governor while walk-
ing to a protest of the Demo-
cratic candidates, and I took
advantage of the circumstances
to procure his signature. I will
affirm from this experience that
Dean exudes a certain presence
that some, particularly young
people, might call presidential.
I hat isn't to say that a Dean
presidency would be a good
thing. He has the capacity, and
t he potential, to do great damage
to the American experiment.
But Dr. Dean is doing almost
everything correctly when it
comes to political tactics, and
young leftists are catching on.
Dean's campaign bills his
young supporters as "Genera-
tion Dean Generation Dean
is a well-organized network
because the Dean Campaign
has recognized perhaps better
than any other campaign In
history the potentials of next
generation technology. The
Dean campaign has a classy
Web site that gets almost as
many hits as,
it uses for neigh-
bors to organize local campaign
eflorts, and supporters spend
time blogging at hundreds
of pro-Dean websites. Dean's
youthful campaign focus has
largely resulted in the creation
of a tightly-knit community of
young leftists and nearly 1,000
unofficial pro-Dean neighbor-
hood, campus, and special inter-
est booster clubs.
As one Dean staffer told
The New York Times in refer-
ence to Dean's exploitation of
the Internet, "It's like church,
the central place where people
go to get inspired
For young left-leaning
Americans, the Dean campaign
is inspirational. Unlike Bush's
conventionally grueling effort
to recruit young people through
College Republicans chapters
on college campuses to join
the "GOP Team Leader" e-mail
list and go to an occasional on-
campus meeting, Generation
Dean offers bold opportunities
for young people to be creative,
use their skills and ideas inno-
vatively, take a lead and impact
the future.
Fortunately, Generation
Dean doesn't own a monopoly
on the politics of this genera-
tion. As surely as the current
generation is divided along
moral and cultural lines, it
is divided politically. Gen-
eration Dean must coexist with
Generation 911 those who
understand that in changing
times, America must cling to
traditional values and main-
tain our position as leader of
the free world a generation
represented, though ineptly at
times, by President Bush.
Generation Dean is a small
minority among young people.
But unlike many other young
people today, Generation Dean
is filled with idealists who
are motivated to change the
And that's what makes
Generation Dean dangerous.
They're young, and they'll be
spending the next half-cen-
tury advocating with passion an
America where moral duties and
national honor are outmoded
relics of antiquity. Howard
Dean's new manifesto entitled
"Bill of Rights for a New Genera-
tion of Americans" is symbolic
of a prevalent attitude on the
left, and of a growing attitude
among the next generation,
that rights can be created and
disposed of at will.
Thank (iod that among the
actual rights we still enjoy is the
right to vote against Howard
Dean in 2004.
(KRT)�One Fourth of July in
Vermont, shortly after my father
was diagnosed with cancer, a
surprise visitor showed up at my
family's back door. As the visitor
entered our kitchen he i ntroduced
himself with a friendly, "Hello, I'm
Howard Dean
As it turned out, former Gov.
Dean and my father were already
casually acquainted, and when he
heard of my father's illness earlier
that day, the concerned governor, a
doctor, decided to make a friendly
house call.
While a surprise drop-in from
the future Democratic presiden-
tial front-runner may seem like
an extraordinary encounter,
such visits weren't so unusual in
Vermont. When you're the gov-
ernor of such a small state, these
personal connections with regular
folks are common.
Of all the major contenders
in the Democratic primary race,
Howard Dean is easily the most
closely connected to ordinary
people. As a practicing physician
right up to the very moment he
took office as governor, he spent
an entire career honing the fine
art of personal connection.
His immense popularity in
a state where face-to-face, door-
to-door politics is practiced, was
due in no small part to his easy
A natural extension of Dean's
connection to everyday Ameri-
cans is his being in touch with
the younger crowd. With a strong
youth-targeted message, Dean
consciously invokes the memory of
John F. Kennedy in his determina-
tion to get young people involved
in politics.
Often described as socially
liberal and fiscally conservative,
Howard Dean seems a perfect
match for America's young voters,
who In recent years have tended
to describe themselves the same
He has given a prominent voice
to the concerns of young people by
assertively addressing issues impor-
tant to them, ranging from equal
rights to the environment.
Passionate about education, he
has proposed progressive policies
including the "College Commit-
ment" plan, which would guaran-
tee up to $10,000 annually through
loans and grants to any student
seeking a college education.
His plan to expand Medicaid
and the State Children's Health
Insurance Program promises
access to quality health care for
anyone up to the age of 25.
Through early opposition to
the war in Iraq, he has galvanized
an entire anti-war movement with
a solid core of young activists.
Young people are typically
viewed as the most apathetic
group when it comes to politics,
but many experts believe that the
swing vote In the 2004 election
will be that of young voters.
Nearly 60 percent of young
voters say they will definitely vote
in the next election while another
27 percent say maybe they will,
according to a study conducted by
the Harvard Institute of Politics.
In 2000, a mere 36 percent of
18- to 24-year-olds voted in the
presidential election.
This dramatic increase in
possible voters can be attributed
largely to Dean's campaign.
The youth-based branch of
the Dean campaign, known as
"Generation Dean reports that
one-quarter of financial contri-
butions to the campaign have
come from 18- to 30-year-olds.
With 700 youth-based groups
nationally. Dean boasts the largest
youth-driven grassroots campaign
of any presidential contender in
recent memory.
While most of Dean's Demo-
cratic opponents have done little
to inspire young voters from inside
the Beltway, President Bush seems
to have forgotten us altogether.
As was demonstrated in the
2002 midterm elections, Republi-
cans have traditionally benefited
from low voter turnout. For this
reason, there Is little motivation
on their part to mobilize the
young vote.
With so much at stake in
November 2004, Dean's ability to
inspire young voters is crucial not
only to his campaign, but to the
future of the nation. More than
any other candidate, he under-
stands that winning this country
back means winning back the
trust of young Americans.
With our own future in our
hands, young Americans need to
rally behind a candidate who has
always stood up for them.
Dean best sums up his belief
in the value of the young Ameri-
can voter in the words of his sig-
nature campaign rally sign-off:
"You have the power
In My Opinion
Are high-carb diets responsible for obesity problem?
Renowned chef lulla Chikb once
said she would rather have one
spoonful ot a dish made with real
cream, cheese and butter than a
whole plateful of a concoction
made with skim milk, low-fat
cheese and margarine.
I ler statement also captures the
theory behind the famous Atkins
Diet, freeing dieters to enjoy foods
that contain fats as long as they are
high In protein and low in carbo-
hydrates, that means dieters can
enjoy steak or lamb chops, but
they must avoid bread, muffins,
potatoes and sugary desserts If
they want to lose weight.
Julia captured the key principle
ot the diet, recognizing that when
people are satiated, they eat less. A
slice of a rib roast, served with a
side of cauliflower in a cheddar
sauce, makes a delicious meal
that's also less likely to send you
back to the refrigerator.
But instead of giving our-
selves permission to eat Julia's
meal, we dive into a gargantuan
plate of pasta, thinking that
we're eating right because it's
low in faf. There must be some
reason that our nation, which
is obsessed with low-fat foods,
is getting fatter and fatter, with
one in five obese. Are we being
fed low-fat lies?
Atkins argued that pasta
and other carbohydrates set off
a chain reaction of cravings
that result in excess calorie
Here's why: Carbohydrates
contain sugars in various forms.
Sugar is digested Into glucose to
turn the food into fuel, which
is quickly released into the
bloodstream to be either burned
or stored. Glucose in the blood-
stream triggers the production
of insulin, whose basic job is to
store fat.
A high-carbohydrate, high-
sugar meal triggers a rush of
Insulin, but once the glucose
is burned or stored, the blood-
sugar level plummets, and we're
suddenly hungry again�for
more carbohydrates. We over-eat
because our blood sugar is jump-
ing up and down. Today, the aver-
age American gets one-third of his
calories from sugar and even more
from other carbohydrates.
Protein and fat don't trigger
the insulin rush. The cravings are
dissipated, and we don't need to
eat as much.
It only takes a look at sitcoms
from before the '70s to see what
we have done to ourselves. Jackie
Gleason and Fred Mertz (from "I
Love Lucy") were notably obese,
but virtually all of the other actors
are thin. And they knew nothing
of low-fat, skim foods.
Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution
has sold more than 10 million
copies, so clearly it is touching a
nerve. Several recent studies also
have shown that test subjects on
the diet lost 13 pounds compared
to 4 pounds for those on a low-
fat diet.

from page A1
author said Bizzaro.
Davis has a considerable
amount of practical knowl-
edge for young writers, Bizzaro
said, including how to publish,
market and deal with agents.
Davis is the first speaker
of the semester for the Writers
Reading Series, with authors
Theresa Williams and F.thelbert
Miller scheduled to participate
in coming months.
His first lecture will begin
at 3 p.m. in Mendenhall, Great
Room 1 and 2.
His second lecture will begin
at 7 p.m. in the Greenville
Museum of Art at 802 Evans
St. Davis will be available after
his lectures and readings for
book signing. The event is free
and open to the public.
The Writers Reading Series
is presented by the Depart-
ment of English and is partially
supported by the Northarolina
Arts Council.
This writer can be contacted at
Record industry files Uohn Doe'
suits against music downloaders
Ohio close to passing gay marriage ban
� After seven years of debate,
lawmakers moved closer
Wednesday to pass-
ing a law that would
bar Ohio from recognizing
same-sex marriages and keep
some state employees from get-
ting benefits for their domestic-
A Senate commitee
approved the measure Wednes-
day morning, and it was likely
to go before the full Senate as
early as Wednesday afternoon.
I fa version that passed the I louse
last month is not amended, the
legislation would go to Gov.
Bob Taft, who has indicated he
supports it.
The bill, considered one
of the most far-reaching in
the nation, puts into law that
same-sex marriages would be
"against the strong public policy
of the state
That language
is necessary because of a 1934
U.S. Supreme Court ruling that
requires states to recognize
marriages from other states in
most circumstances.
Ohio may be only the
second stale, besides Nebraska,
that would prohibit benefits for
stateemployees'unmarried part-
ners, said lawyer Michael Adams
of Lambda Legal Defense.
The Legislature has struggled
with the issue since then-Rep.
Jay Hot linger introduced a bill
in the House seven years ago.
Similar bills have been
introduced in each legisla-
tive session since then, but
former Senate President Richard
Finan, a Republican, blocked its
passage. He said state law already
took care of the matter.
After Finan left the Senate
in 2003 because of term limits,
Republican Rep. Bill Seitz
sponsored the current bill
and told the committee that a
ruling in Massachusetts that
declared the state's gay mar-
riage ban unconstitutional
could affect Ohio.
"My concern is the cost
of the courts rewriting statutes in
ways we did not intend Seitz
told the committee.
Although the bill would
prohibit unmarried partners of
state employees from receiving
benefits received by married
partners, it would allow excep-
tions, including employees who
gain such rights in negotiating
under collective bargaining,
he said. It would not apply
to local governments or private
Adams, of Lambda Legal
Defense, said the legislation
is not needed and places bur-
dens on the partners of gays
that are not found in other
states that have banned same-
sex marriages.
"There is no evidence that
any couples besides man-
woman couples are trying to
get married. It seems to be
unnecessary Adams said.
Seitz denied that the bill
targets gays and lesbians.
recording industry on Wednes-
day sued 532 computer users it
said were illegally distributing
songs over the Internet, the first
lawsuits since a federal appeals
court blocked the use of special
copyright subpoenas to identify
those being targeted.
The action represents the
largest number of lawsuits filed
at one time since the trade group
for the largest music labels, the
Recording Industry Association
of America, launched its con-
troversial legal campaign last
summer to cripple Internet
music piracy.
Citing Internet addresses,
music lawyers filed the newest
cases against "John Doe" defen-
dants and expected to work
through the courts to learn their
names and where they live.
The recording association
said each person was illegally
distributing an average of more
than 800 songs online. F.ach
defendant faces potential civil
penalties or settlements that
could cost them thousands of
The resumed legal campaign
was intended to discourage
music fans emboldened by last
month's U.S. appeals decision,
which dramatically increased the
cost and effort to track computer
users swapping songs online and
sue them
The RIAA is continuing to crack down on music downloaders.
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Comfortable 1&2 Bedroom, 1 Bath Units
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Each Unit has a Patio or Balcony � WasherDryer Connections � Mini Blinds
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jit y�B Pets Allowed with Fee � Energy Efficient
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tjOUtfl Apartment Community
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Pitt Property Management '108 FJrcwnleaSuileA-Greenvie,NC 27858
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WJ s
3193-A East 10th St
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$100 Paid w v r � g:30-5:30 MonFri 10-5 Sat

Bush says there are 'troubled
times' in parts of the country
President Bush, drawing from
his State of the Union speech,
said Wednesday that America's
economy is strong but "there
are still troubled times" in some
parts of the country. Demo-
crats said Bush's election-year
address underscored how paltry
his achievements have been.
The morning after he
addressed a national television
audience and a joint session of
Congress, Bush flew to Toledo,
Ohio to begin a two day swing
that also will take him to Arizona
and New Mexico to highlight his
job training and counterterror-
ism proposals.
Ohio has been hard hit by
manufacturing job losses and
its unemployment rate has
jumped from .i.9 percent to S.7
percent since Bush took office.
"I here's no doubt that things
are getting better the presi-
dent said. 'Some people could
conceivably be are being left
behind" because they lack the
skills to cope with changing
technology, he said.
But overall, he said, "this
economy is strong I fully
recognize that in Ohio there are
still troubled times He also said
that after two wars, "We're now
marching toward peace
Bush spoke at Owens
Community College to high-
light his S250 million proposal
for new job-training grants
channeled through community
Democratic presidential can-
didate John Kerry, campaigning
in New Hampshire, said Bush
failed to deliver on a promise to
create 250,000 jobs last month
when only 1,000 new jobs were
recorded. "Americans should be
able to trust that what the presi-
dent tells them is true he said.
"After four years in office,
this president still doesn't under-
stand what's happening in living
rooms across this country Kerry
said after watching the State of
the Union speech
Bush began a two-day,
three-state swing in Ohio, with
its 20 electoral votes a linchpin
of Bush's 2000 victory but one
he won by only 3.5 percentage
points. Wednesday marked his
14th trip to the state.
Later Wednesday, he was
heading to Arizona, with
10 electoral votes, which he
also won narrowly in 2000.
Thursday, he was off to New
Mexico, which went to Democrat
Al Gore in 2000 by 366 votes.
Bush's aides maintained their
usual insistence they were not
worried about re-election.
Biotech insects could fight disease
� Some high-tech insect
experiments soon may be
flitting out of the laboratory:
Mosquitoes genetically modified
to eliminate malaria. Silk-
worms engineered to produce
bulletproof vests. Bollworm
moths designed to self-destruct
before they can wipe out cotton
Genetically engineered
insects hold the promise of
benefiting millions, eradicat-
ing diseases and plagues that
cause famine in the developing
But despite such good
intentions, many scientists
are alarmed that few safeguards
exist to keep unintended
consequences from harming
humans or the environment.
Fast-producing insects
anchor food chains around the
globe. Yet the impact that geneti-
cally engineered bugs could have
on ecosystems is only now being
explored, even as researchers
push to release biotech insect
experiments into the wild.
Such questions could be
vitally important, particularly
since many researchers are
engineering insects designed
to change the genetic makeup
of their very species.
Unlike with biotech crops
or livestock, which are at least
designed to be controlled, the
goal of much of this insect
research is to Introduce geneti-
cally engineered traits into
natural insect populations
for example, rendering tsetse
flies incapable of carrying deadly
sleeping sickness, a disease that
afflicts millions in Africa.
No biotech insect experiment
has been conducted outside a
laboratory yet, but a few projects
are getting close a prospect that
prompted the Pew Initiative on
Food and Biotechnology, in
a report being released Thursday,
to call on the federal government
to adopt strict regulations.
"Usually, biotechnology
seems to move more quickly
than the regulations said
Michael Fernandez, Pew's
science director. "But in this case,
we have the time
No U.S. law specifically
addresses biotech bugs. The U.S.
Department of Agriculture's
written policy on engineered
insects asserts regulatory author-
ity only over "plant pests
requiring that any outdoor exper-
iment get prior federal approval.
Bob Rose, a USDA scientist,
said federal agencies can and
probably will assert authority
over many of these projects with
some creative categorizing. For
instance, Rose said the USDA
has authority to regulate insects
that cause disease in animals.
Mosquitoes are livestock pests
and Rose said genetically engi-
neered malaria fighters could be
brought under USDA's authority
in that way.
3 Bedroom And 3 Bath House
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Pets OK With Deposit. ?.
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Washer h: Dryer Hookups.
Central Air Heat.
On ECU Bus Route.
Pets OK With Deposit.
I wwvv.flHeP'5mymanagemer
3200-F Most Icy Drive � Greenville, NC
tonally managed by Pinnacle Property Management
�rjfF m mm nun m
i ill imMm ami iii
Coming soon to theatres everywhere

11�.�!(�����. 1-22-04
Features Editor
Assistant Features Editor
Did You Know?
- Singer Steve Perry (1949). actress Diane Lane (1963) and DJ Jazzy Jeff
Townes (1965) all call today their birthday.
- Today is Answer Your Cats Question Day and Celebration of Life Day
- On this day in 1973, the Supreme Court legalized most abortions in the
landmark case of Roe vs. Wade
- On this day in 1964, the world's largest cheese (15,723 kg) was
manufactured in Wisconsin.
The Student Union Films Committee presents Lost In Translation tonight
at 9:30 p.m Friday at 7 p.m. and midnight. Saturday at 9:30 p.m. and
Sunday at 7 p.m. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is showing tonight at 7
p.m Friday at 9:30 p.m Saturday at 7 p.m. and midnight and Sunday at
3 p.m Movies are free with ECU ID. For more information call 328-4700.
Polar Bear 2004
Partners in Campus Life present Polar Bear 2004 today from 7 p.m. - 9
p.m. at the SRC Outdoor Pool This annual ECU tradition is a cool way
to "splash" into the New Year For those who are courageous enough to
venture into the "Polar Bear" plunge bring your ECU ID to register for the
event. And for those who just want to watch, you're welcome to come
join in the fun too. The event features free refreshments and prizes.
Contra Dance
The ECU Folk & Country Dancers are sponsoring a Contra Dance
on Saturday, Jan. 24 from 7:30 p m. -10:30 p.m. in the Willis Building.
Admission for students is $3. For more information visit http:
Pirate Underground Concert
The Student Union Popular Entertainment Committee presents music by
Squeezetoy on Saturday, Jan 24 from 9 p.m. -11 p.m in the Mendenhall
Pirate Underground. This event is free.
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Winners from
around the globe
A look at the nominees
for the 2004 Golden
Globe Awards Show
Ahhhh, the Golden Globes
- for those in the entertain-
ment industry, this award
show is the greatest indicator of
what's to come for Hollywood's
Every year, the Hollywood
Foreign Press honors those in
both film and television and
generally sets the precedent for
who will - and won't - be nomi-
nated come Oscar time. Below
is a breakdown of some of the
nominees and an analysis of who
should win, who shouldn't win,
and who ultimately, will win.
Best Picture (Drama)
Nominees: iold Mountain,
�! The Lord of the Rints: The
Return of the King, Master and
l.ommander: The Far Side of
�y. . the World, Mystic River and
River. Clint Kastwood's
� dark, tragic tale of the
b loss of innocence amongst
JjPtliuv adolescents and the
harrowing future destiny that
awaits them is flat-out the
most well-acted, best written,
most important film of the
Who Shouldn't Win: Cold
Mountain. This is the type of film
that screams, "awards, awards,
awards - which wouldn't be
a problem if it were a worthy
Who Will Win: Much like
last year, there is no powerhouse
favorite expected to sweep
the ceremony this year, making
each category winner harder
to predict. All of the nominees
(except for maybe Seabiscuit)
have a pretty good chance at
taking home the top prize, but
expect a tight race between Cold
Mountain and Lord of the Rings
with Lord of the Rings winning It
in a close one.
Best Picture (Comedy)
Nominees: liend It Like Heck-
ham, Hijf Fish, Finding Nemo, Lost
in Danslation and Love Actually.
Who Should Win: This is
an odd one. Lost in Translation
is easily the best film of the
group, but if Lost in Translation
is a comedy, then Pirates of the
Caribbean was a scary, horror
film. Much is the same with Big
Fish, which did have laughs, but
is ultimately a tearjerker hiding
behind a smile. The best film of
tile category: Lost in Translation.
The funniest film of the category:
Finding Nemo.
Who Shouldn't Win: Bend
It Like Keckham. It you find a
coming-of-age story regarding
a young Indian soccer player's
unconvincing struggle with
"the ways of love" while also
enduring pointless cross-culture
gags from the friends and family
around her, the funniest film
of the year you're a comic
Who Will Win: lost in Trans-
lation by default.
Best Actor (Drama)
Nominees: Russell Crowe,
Tom Cruise, Ben Kingsley, Jude
Law and Sean Penn.
Who Should Win: Sean
Penn for his devastating,
brilliant performance as
Jimmy, the grief-stricken lather
who seeks vengeance for the
murderers of his daughter in
Mystic River.
Who Shouldn't Win: Tom
Cruise for The Last Samurai.
Critics were mixed with his
performance and based on the
recent poor box office results
audiences were as well.
Who Will Win: After three
see GLOBE page B3
And The Nominees Are
Best Picture (Drama)
Cold Mountain
The Lord of the Rings: The
Return of the King
Master and Commander:
The Far Side of the World
Mystic River
Best Picture (Comedy)
Bend It Like Beckham
Big Fish
Finding Nemo
Lost in Translation
Love Actually
RusseCrowe Master
and Commander)
Tom Cruise(ThechtfSamurai)
Ben Kingsley (House of Shed and Fog)
Jude Law Cold Mountmq)
Sean Penn (Mystic Rivt
Best Actress IMMy)
Jamie Lee Curttoffeay Friday)
Scarlett Jojrtlnsson (Lost in
DianeiflSaton (Something's Gotta
Dttne Lane (Under the Tuscan Sun)
Helen Mirren (Calendar Girls)
Michael Chtjdwfrhe Sheild")
Anthony LapaplfaTWithout A Trace")
WljfffiPeterson ("CSI")
MadjrfBheen ("The West Wing")
sr Sutherland ("24")
i (Comedy)
Bonnie HunPRUfe With Bonnie")
Reba McEfflhaj'Reba)
Debra Messing ("wfc&Grace")
Sarah Jessica Parker CHec and
the City")
Betty Schram ("Monk")
Alicia Sllverstone ("Miss Match")
Best Television Show lOramal
"Six Feet Under'
"The West Wing"
Best Television Show (Comedy)
"Arrested Development"
"The Office"
"Sex in the City"
"Will & Grace"
Quick Picks: Film Review Quick Pick: Album Review
'Big Fish'
reels in
With the
usual flourish of
Tim Burton, Big
Fish presents the
life of Kdward
Bloom and the
stories he shared with his son
throughout the years. In the
true fashion of southern story-
tellers, Albert linney portrays a
man who has lived a full life and
shares his stories one more time
with his somewhat dubious son,
Will (Crudup).
In this film, it's hard to tell
which stories are real, which
stories are enhanced and which
stories are completely fabricated.
These "tall tales" eventually
drive apart the lather and ion,
but after a few years his father's
impending death brings the two
back together and gives Will the
opportunity to figure out who his
lather really is.
With the help of his mother,
Sandra (I.ange) and wife, Jose-
phine ((:otillard), Will discovers
the truth about his father's past
and learns to appreciate the sto-
ries tor what they are. Together,
they create his lather's last story
and recognize the importance ol
his past - no matter how unbe-
lievable it may seem.
The true characters in this
film are found woven Into these
fascinating stories, interacting
with Iwan McGregor as the
younger Kdward. Danny Devito
appears as a worker in the circus
where Bloom first spots young
Film Info
Film: Big Fish
Cast: Albert Finney. Billy
Crudup, Jessica Lange, Ewan
McGregor, Danny Devito, and
Alison Lohman
Release Date: Jan. 9,2004
Sandra (l.ohman).
Other familiar faces show up
such as Steve Busceini, who plays
the famed poet Norther Winslow,
and Matthew McGrory shows off
some cinematic magic as Karl, a
giant who comes to their small
Much in the likeness of For-
rest dump, Hig Fish follows the
young man's life from childhood
encounters with the town witch,
Ihrough Vietnam and then on his
adventures as a traveling sales-
man. The common tie, however,
is the notorious fish that can
never be caught and the man's
love for water. Although the
stories may seem disjointed and
the movie jumps back and forth
from flashbacks to the present,
see FILM page B2
Phantom Planet
returns with new band
member, new sound
To the excitement of indie-
alt rock fans everywhere, Phan-
tom planet is back. On their
latest effort, the band - who is
more likely known for their pop
rock hits like "Somebody's Baby"
from the Not Another Teen Movie
Soundtrack and "California the
theme song for the much-hyped
show "The O.C - proves they
are rockers at last.
Phantom Planet's first two
efforts, Phantom Planet Is Missing
and The (luest, were decidedly
albums filled with well-written
pop songs with a harder, rock
edge. Their new CD, the self-
titled Phantom Planet, promises
to shatter all expectations placed
on the band and proves that this
band knows no musical limits.
At first, listeners may wonder
if they're hearing a more garage-
type sounding band like The
Strokes. The muffled singing,
loud instruments and the under-
produced sound make this an
obvious comparison. However,
unlike Strokes' Julian Casablan-
cas, Phantom Planet's Alex Gre-
cnwald can actually sing, making
it possible to understand every
contrived, yet somehow catchy,
The first single off t he album,
"Big Brat does no justice to the
rest of the CD. Being one of the
hardest hitting songs oft the
album, it has the potential to
scare away fans so much that they
don't even pick up the album.
It's not until the listener gets
�m IfltygpFBX
fektii� �"I
) Album Info
Album: Phantom Planet
Artist: Phantom Planet
Release Date: Jan. 6,2004
to the fourth track, the softer but
fun "1st Things 1st that the
skillful song writing and musi-
cal genius returns. It's almost .is
if the album should start here and
then develop into the "Strokes-
like" sound of other cuts like
"The Happy Knding" and "Badd
Overall, the record takes some
getting used to - this is not the
Phantom Planet of old. Die-hard
fans of the previous albums will
initially dislike the band's new
direction, but it's important to
understand that not even the
band is the same as it was on
the first two albums. Before
production of the album, found-
ing member Jason Schwartman
(you may remember him from
the movie Rushmore) decided to
leave the band. Phantom Planet
was forced to reexamine itself
and the result is an album lull
of edgier rock songs with more
emphasis on guitar and drums
see ALBUM page B2

1 -22-04
Cinema Scene
Free with a student ID
The Texas Chalnsaw Massacre
- stamng Jessica Biel. Jonathan
Tucker and Eric Balfour A retelling
of the 1973 event based on
five Texas teenagers who were
stranded at a slaughterhouse
where they are hunted down and
killed by a deranged killer named
Leatherface Rated: R
Showing today at 7 p.m Friday at
9:30 p.m Saturday at 7 p.m. and
midnight and Sunday at 3 p.m.
from page B1
from page B1
Lost In Translation - starring Bill
Murray and Scartlett Johansson
A middle-aged, washed-up
actor travels to Tokyo to film a
commercial and meets a woman
with whom he shares are wild,
unpredictable weekend Rated: R
Showing today at 9:30 p.m Friday
at 7 p.m. and midnight, Saturday at
9:30 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m.
Along Came R:lly
Along Came Polly - starring Ben
Stiller. Jennifer Anislon and Phillip
Seymour Hoffman A newly wedded
husband (Stiller) is cheated on by
J his wife during' (heirHoneymoon '
Soon after, he becomes involved
in another relationship with a
free-spirited woman named Polly
(Aniston) Rated: PG-13
Big Fish - starring Ewan McGregor.
Albert Finney and Billy Crudup
Edward Bloom (Rnney) loves to
tell stories about himself as
a young man (McGregor), and
although his stones charm most
are often tall tales, and they
dont impress his estranged son
(Crudup) When father and son are
reunited, the son must learn how to
separate fact from fiction to
save their relationship Rated: PG-
Calendar Girls - starnng Annette
Crosby, Phillip Glenister and Celia
Imne The true slory of 11 women
aged 45-60 who posed nude for
a calendar for the Women's Institute
to raise funds for cancer research
Rated: PG-13
The Butterfly Effect - starring
Ashton Kutcher. Amy Smart and
Melora Walters A young man wilh
a dark and troubled past discovers
that he has the ability to travel back
in time and occupy his childhood
body He scon finds that with even
trip back in time, it alters his future,
leading him to keep traveling back
to repair the damage, resulting in
disaster Rated: R.
Chasing Liberty - starring Mandy
Moore, Matthew Goode and Jeremy
Piven While on a diplomatic trip
to Europe with her parents, Anna
Foster (Moore) secures a night
away from her parents, but when
her lather decides to change his
mind, Foster takes matters into her
own hands Rated: PG-13
Cheaper By the Dozen - starring
Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt and Tom
Welling Story ol a family with 12
children moving to Chicago and
their often humorous adjustments
to big city life Rated: PG.
Cold Mountain - starring Jude
Law. Nicole Kidman and Rene
Zellwgertory ol the long journey
home of a wounded Civil War
soldier, who returns home to North
Carolina to be reunited with his wife.
Rated R
Lord of the Rings: Return ol the
King - starring Elijah Wood, Sean
Asten and Ian McKellan This is
the completion of what has been
dubbed "the greatest trilogy of our
generation" Rated: PG-13
Mona Lisa Smile - starring Julia
Roberts. Kirslen Dunst and Julia
Stiles A woman graduate of UCLA
in 1953 is hired to teach art at
Wellesley College and inspires
her students to leap above the
expectations of female conformity
of the times Rated: PG-13.
Something's Gotta Give - starring
Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton and
Keanu Reeves Harry (Nicholson)
is an older man with a libido much
younger than his years However,
while courting his newest girlfriend
he falls in love with her mother
(Keaton) Rated: PG-13.
Paycheck - starring Ben Affleck,
Uma Thurman and Aaron Eckhart.
An electrical engineer who has
been working on a top-secret
project awakens one day and finds
that the government has erased
his memory ol the assignment A
battle with the bureacracy to collect
his paycheck then ensues Rated:
My Baby's Daddy - starring Eddie
Griffith. Anthony Anderson and
Method Man. Three bachelors from
the hood endure the trials and
tribulations of brotherhood and
pregnancy when their girlfriends
become pregnant at the same time
Rated: PG-13.
Teacher's Pet - voices of Nathan
Lane, Shaun Fleming and Kelsey
Grammar. Spot realizes that a
scientist has the potential to let him
realize his dream of becoming a
young boy Rated: PG.
Torque - starring Ice Cube
and Martin Henderson. Veteran
motorcycte racer Cary Ford
(Henderson) is framed for the
murder of the gang's leader and it is
up to his gang, the Machine to help
him elude the FBI. Rated: PG-13.
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
- starring Kate Bosworth, Josh
Ouhamel and Topher Grace A
small-town girl from West Virginia
wins a contest to meet her big
screen idol Tad Hamilton Rated:
Burton brings it all together with
an ending that is emotional and
Based on the lxxk by Daniel
Wallace, this movie captures the
essence of southern storytelling
and creates vivid moments that
inspire the imagination. The
scene where "time stops the
field of daffodils, the idyllic town
of Spectre and the thunderstorm
that left a red Buick in a tree are
all beautifully created on screen
in a way that entertains and
pleases the eye.
Some viewers may find that
the movie drags or is difficult
to get into, hut those with an
open mind and creative spirit
will appreciate Burton's cin-
ematic art. It is not an action-
packed film, but it is created in
a way that tells a man's life story
and portrays loveable, realistic
Already recognized for these
qualities, Big Fish is up for four
Golden Globe awards this week,
including Best Picture, Best Sup-
porting Actor for Albert Finney,
Best Score and Best Original
The Bottom Line: With
great acting, awesome visual
effects, and a heart-felt story, Big
Fish is a great but atypical movie.
Don't go if you can't appreciate
complex storylines or a little
imagination, but if you're open
to a unique movie experience Mix
Fish is sure to make a splash.
This writer can be contacted at
and less emphasis on lyrics and
The reformed Phantom Planet
is on the path to reinventing
themselves - but they still have
some work and compromising to
do before they can achieve chart-
topping status.
The Bottom Line: Fans
of the band's first two albums,
or even just "The O.C theme
song, will no doubt be disap-
pointed with this album. How-
ever, true fans of the band and
the Southern California sound
will definitely appreciate this
album as an indicator of a new
direction and hopefully, many
more albums to come.
This writer can be contacted at
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1 22-04
w page B1
on lyrics and
lantom Planet
i reinventing
hey still have
promising to
achieve chart-
Line: Fans
two albums,
O.C theme
ibt be (Iisap
album. How
:he band and
fornia sound
predate this
jtor of a new
iefully, many
contacted at
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I Across from Stunton Squarvl
previous nods, expect Sean
Penn to finally win one for his
unforgettable turn in Mystic
Best Actress (Comedy)
Nominees: Jamie Lee Curtis,
Scarlett Johansson, Diane
Keaton, Diane Lane and Helen
Who Should Win: Diane
Keaton. The last time Keaton
received such critical acclaim
for a film performance was
1977's Annie Hall - and that
won her an Oscar. Her delicate,
witty performance in Something's
Gotta Gtve is worth a trip to the
Who Shouldn't Win: Jamie
Lee Curtis. Trying to understand
her nomination for Freaky Friday
is like trying to understand the
reason for wisdom teeth
painfully it exists and you are
not sure why.
Who Will Win: Johansson
is also nominated in the lead
actressdrama category, which
- based on history - actually
limits her chances at winning.
Expect Keaton to take the top
prize, but Jamie Lee Curtis could
pull an upset.
Best Television Show
Nominees: "24 "CSI
"NipTuck "Six Feet Under"
and "The West Wing
Who Should Win: "24" is
the one show of the group that
actually deserves a Best Televi-
sion Show nomination and
consistently builds upon a great
Who Shouldn't Win: The
'Citizen Kane of prime-time
melodrama "NipTuck" was
heavily bashed by television
critics when it premiered on FX
earlier this year, however, high
ratings surprisingly secured it a
Who Will Win: Based on
the Golden Cilobe norm expect
"CSI" and "The West Wing"
to duke it out with "24" acting
as a strong dark horse contender.
If "NipTuck" wins, then pre-
dicting the winner in every
other category becomes a
toss-up. Best Bet: "The West
Best Television Show
Nominees: "Arrested Devel-
opment "Monk "The Office
"Sex in the City" and "Will fc
Who Should Win: "Monk
Tony Shaloub's nervous, obses-
sive, yet hilarious detective
is the funniest thing on televi-
sion, and though his sole per-
formance has been rewarded,
it's time for this hysterical
masterwork to be honored as a
Who Shouldn't Win: "Sex
in the City It's surprising that
both "Sex in the City"
and "Friends" are enjoying
their final TV run, and yet,
"Sex in the City" gets a nomi-
nation and "Friends" gets the
shaft. Another unusual twist
(that's not so surprising)
is that "Sex in the City" went
from "funny" to "hype"
after its first season, and "Friends"
can still generate laughs.
Who Will Win: In a
shocking upset, the little-seen
(yet critically lauded) "Arrested
Development" will capture
the Golden Globe, to the dis-
may of every "Sex in the City"
Best Actor (Drama)
Nominees: Michael Chik-
lis, Anthony l.apaglia, William
Peterson, Martin Sheen and
Kiefer Sutherland.
Who Should Win: Michael
Chiklis for "The Shield
It's still baffling to watch
the tough, streetwise - and
amazingly fit - Chiklis on
FX's "The Shield when not
too long ago he was the goofy,
flabby police commissioner
on ABC's "The Commish
The excellent improvements
he has made physically
equal the astonishing
advances he has made as an
Who Shouldn't Win: Quite
honestly, every nominee in
this category is deserving,
but the weakest of these
strong nominees would be
Peterson's turn in "CSI
Who Will Win: Odds
are. The Golden Globes will
continue their recent tradi-
tion of rotating the award-
winner between Chiklis
and Sutherland, but Martin
Sheen - whose underrated
performance in "The West
Wing" has never been recog-
nized - has a favorable chance
at snagging the prize if, per-
haps, the Hollywood Foreign
Press has grown tired of the
Best Actress (Comedy)
Nominees: Bonnie Hunt,
Reba McEntire, Debra Mess-
ing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Betty
Schram and Alicia Silverstone.
Who Should Win: Bonnie
Hunt. Like "Home Improve-
ment's" Patricia Richardson
or "Everybody Love's Raymond's"
Patricia Heaton, Hunt some-
how elevates the "typical TV
mom" persona to new heights,
finding just the right note
for every little detail in her
performance. It looks so easy
to do, because Hunt does it so
Who Shouldn't Win: Alicia
Silverstone's annoying "Clue-
less knock-off" performance
Reba McEntire's dreadful hill-
billy housewife Debra Mess-
ing's worn-out turn on "Will
fir Grace" hmnimm, tough
Who Will Win: Alicia Sil-
verstone. She hasn't had a hit
since her "glory days" with 1995's
Clueless. After a disappointing
film career, she will be awarded
a Golden Globe for her first
venture into prime-time televi-
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Sports Editor
Assistant Sports Editor
1 22 04
Pirates looking for first C-USA victory
Sports Briefs
Rockets Griffin convicted
Former Houston Rockets forward Eddie Griffin was convicted of
marijuana possession Harris County Criminal Court-at-law Judge Larry
Standley said he would sentence Griffin on Feb 13 Standley convicted
Griffin of the misdemeanor after a daylong bench trial Griffin, who
signed with the New Jersey Nets following his release from the Rockets,
also is scheduled next month to answer a felony charge of aggravated
assault with a deadly weapon based on an alleged fight with a woman
in October. Griffin was arrested in April on the marijuana charge.
American soccer players going overseas
American forwards Brian McBride and Clint Mathis are headed to
Europe. McBride signed with Fulham of England's Premier League, which
obtained him from Major League Soccer for a transfer fee of more than
$1 million Mathis. whose MLS contract had expired, agreed to a deal
with Hannover 96 of the German Bundesliga McBride, a seven-time MLS
All-Star and the career scoring leader of the Columbus Crew with 50
goals, also had been sought by Blackburn He played on loan for Everton
of the Premier League a year ago and scored four goals in eight games
Banned long Jumper to return to action
Long jumper Maurren Higa Maggi's two-year ban was overturned by
a court that said she might have failed a drug test because doctors
applied a pharmaceutical cream after she was cut during a hair removal
process Maggi tested positive in June after winning the Brazil Grand
Prix The Superior Sports Tribunal delivered the verdict Monday night.
If track and field's world governing body, the IAAF, upholds the court
ruling, Maggi will be able to compete for Brazil at the Athens Olympics in
Adams takes back title as Titans team president
Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams did not renew Jeff Diamond's
contract as team president Tuesday to take the job back for himself
Diamond was hired in July 1999 as the only person other than Adams to
hold the title of president in the franchises history The Titans went 56-24
in that stretch with one AFC championship and also reached the playoffs
four of those five seasons But Adams, who turned 81 on Jan. 3. said
in a statement that he needs to be more directly involved in managing
the team and the company that oversees The Coliseum, Tennessee's
home stadium The Titans finished this season 12-4 but lost to the New
England Patriots 17-14 in the divisional round of the playoffs The Titans
are approximately $16 million over the salary cap for the 2004 season
and face some tough decisions on players such as defensive end Jevon
Kearse, running back Eddie George and offensive tackles Brad Hopkins
and Fred Miller
Eagles name Mornhinweg assistant head coach
Former Detroit Lions head coach Marty Mornhinweg was promoted
Tuesday to assistant head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.The 41 -year-
old Mornhinweg served as a senior assistant this season with the Eagles
after spending two years as head coach of the Lions. Mornhinweg was San
Francisco's offensive coordinator from 1997-2000, and was on the staff with
Retd as an offensive assistant in Green Bay from 1995-1996 The Eagles
also gave special teams coach John Harbaugh a three-year extension
Harbaugh has been Philadelphias special teams coach since 1998
CSU star ignoring NCAA
Two-sport star Jeremy Bloom intends to play football next fall and
accept skiing endorsements in defiance of the NCAA Bloom said
his decision Monday is intended to force the NCAA's hand, requiring
the organization to either change its position or prevent him from
playing football The NCAA has ruled that Bloom cannot accept skiing
endorsements and also play football Bloom maintains such money
is necessary to fund his freestyle ski career For the last two seasons,
Bloom has been a wide receiver and kick returner at the University
of Colorado while also competing in moguls skiing on ihe World Cup
circuit - at his own expense
NBA pulls sweatshirts from Myanmar
The NBA removed sweatshirts imported from Myanmar from its store in
Manhattan after a labor rights group accused the league of violating a
federal law against selling goods made in the country The sweatshirts
bearing the "I Love This Game' slogan, selling for $60. were removed
from the NBA Store on Tuesday after a protest was lodged by the
National Labor Committee, an anti-sweatshop organization funded in
part by labor unions The groups director, Charles Kernaghan. said he
was shocked to see the merchandise from Myanmar. formerly called
Burma President Bush signed the Burmese Freedom and Democracy
Act in July, banning imports from the country, which has a poor human
rights record, including the jailing of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San
Suu Kyi, who is currently under house arrest NBA licensees must sign a
code of conduct that requires factories "meet NBA standards regarding
working conditions league spokesman Matt Bourne said. Kernaghan
said workers in Myanmar are paid as little as 7 cents an hour, and they
risk imprisonment if they question factory conditions
Ankle still bothering James
LeBron James participated in a shootaround Wednesday despite a
sprained right ankle, but coach Paul Silas said the Cleveland Cavaliers
rookie isnt ready to play James, who sat out Tuesdays win over Seattle,
was favoring his right ankle Wednesday Cleveland's leading scorer has
not run on the ankle since injuring it in a game at Utah on Jan 17 James
was not available for comment Before Tuesday s game. James said he
was going to be cautious with the injury and not come back until it was
100 percent James rolled his ankle when he stepped on the foot of Utah
forward Andrei Kirilenko late in regulation but the Cavs won in overtime
without him and Zydrunas llgauskas. who was ejected for fighting
Orosco retires 25 years after reaching majors
Jesse Orosco decided to retire, telling the Arizona Diamondbacks on
Wednesday that he is ending a career that began in 1978 with the New
York Mets Orosco, who turns 47 on April 21, holds the maior league
record of 1,252 pitching appearances - all but four in relief He agreed
in November to a minor league contract with Arizona that called for an
$800,000 salary if he was added to the 40-man roster Orosco was 87-
80 with 144 saves and a carter ERA of 316 with nine teams He went 2-2
with two saves and a 768 ERA in 65 games
ECU travels to
Saint Louis
Coming off another close
conference loss to Houston this
past weekend, the ECU men's bas-
ketball team travels to St. Louis
on Saturday searching for their
first league win. A win, Coach
Hill llerrion adds, that will not
be easy.
"They ate very well coached
basketball team and really disci-
� They run a very good motion
offense and they also lead the
league in team defense said
"It is just always a tough place-
to play
Trie Billikens (10-S, 3-1) have
won six out of their last seven and
have been in ballgamcs late with
some of the nation's premiere
programs. Their most impres-
sive loss came at the hands of
the Arizona Wildcats 68-67.
Preparation for St. Louis and
the rest of the Pirate schedule
takes on a totally different
meaning since the loss of senior
forward Gabriel Mikulas.
"Without Cane, the one thing
we miss is a post game inside
Herrion said.
"So we kind of now are
spreading the floor a little bit,
trying to get quicker and shoot a
little more from the perimeter
Down the stretch of the
Houston game, the Pirates missed
some costly free throws, the spe-
cialty of the Argentine.
"We really missed Cabe the
last 6-7 minutes of the Houston
game because we could have
went inside and maybe have got
a bucket or got fouled and made
free throws llerrion said.
Although his team has suf-
fered some heartbreakers in 2
league play so far, Coach 1 lerrion
believes that better things are in g
store as the season progresses. �
"1 have been pleased with �
how we have played in 3 out of
4 league games. We just have
to whether the storm and (here
are games in February that
we can win
The Pirates season started off with a lot of promise. Due to injuries and losses both at home
and one the road the early momentum has evaporated. The Pirates hope to turn it round.
Lady Pirates striving for eighth straight win
Women to take on
Charlotte Sunday
The women's basketball
team will take on instate rival
and conference foe Charlotte
this Sunday.
The ECU women (13-4,
4-0) are looking to build on their
current seven game winning
streak including a two straight
road conference wins. Charlotte
(11-6, 4-0) is tied with ECU and
number 17 ranked OePaul among
the conference standings. All
teams sit at 4-0 with number
25 ranked Houston trailing by a
single game.
Courtney Willis is the linch-
pin of the l.ady Pirate offense
nearly averaging a double-double
at 17.8 points per game and 9.8
rebounds. Ihe senior forward
center has recorded ten double-
doubles on the season. Jennifer
Jackson has also helped contrib-
ute scoring as she is averaging
13.5 and has scored in double
ligurcs in all but three games.
The l.ady Pirates are also
winning the battle of the
boards. The l.ady Pirates have
out-rebounded I heir opponents
by a combined total (it 143
through 17 games. Ihe women
are averaging 8.4 more rebounds
than their opponents despite
often being undersized.
Coach Sharon Baldwin-
Tener has seen the emergence
of two freshman guards, Keisha
Anthony and lamckia Powell.
Anthony posted a lareer high of
20 piiiiits
this past weekend in a
game against Tulane. Antlmm
lias come on strong during
conference play averaging 14.8

The Lady Pirates are on a seven game winning streak.
points in her last four games
despite coming off
the bench. The freshman
guard helped to ignite runs
against UAH and Tulane and
helped to seal off a win at home
against South Florida.
Tamekia Powell has been
starting at point guard since
conference play started. The
freshman guard has quietly
led the team and helped their
turnover trend to go in a
downward spiral as the Lady
Pirates are only averaging 19.7
per contest. Baldwin-Tener has
confidence in Powell.
ECU has rotated in many
guards this year. Alisha Bishop
and Keshia Anthony are
All Lady Pirates home games will
be broadcast by your campus
radio station WZMB 91.3.
averaging 6.9 and 6.7 points
respectively. The depth of
the guard position has been
something new for ECU.
"Last year we only rotated
six players, this year we have
much more depth said
Charlotte will be no easy task
for the over achieving Pirates.
The 49ers resume boasts wins
over the exact same conference
teams that ECU has beaten.
The majority of the Charlotte
schedule was against Colonial
Athletic teams. The Lady 49ers
went 2-3 against the ex-confer-
ence of the l.ady Pirates. The
Lady 49ers finished first in the
conference last year under third
year head coach Katie Meier. The
team finished 12-2 in conference
and will look to make a return
trip to the NCAA tournament.
Charlotte returns four starters
from that squad including star
guard Peaches Harris. She will
most likely be matched up with
Viola Cooper who has done well
in stopping explosive scorers.
The instate rivalry is always
important to recruiting and
bragging rights. The-rivalry will
most likely be discontinued when
Charlotte moves to the Atlantic
10 conference in 2005-2006. The
Lady 49ers would love to take the
24th meeting between the two
North Carolina teams. Charlotte
holds a decisive advantage post-
ing an 18-6 series lead. Seahawks
would like to take the 43rd game
see LADY PIRATES page B5
Pirate swimmers host last home meet this season
Men, women to
face UMBC
The ECU nien and women's
swim team will square off with
the University of Maryland Bal-
timore Country this Saturday at
Minges Pool. Ihe meet will mark
the Pirates last home matchup
this season.
UMBC is the second ol lour
very tough opponents on LCD's
schedule this spring before the
Pirates make their way to Hous-
ton, Texas for the Conference
USA tournament. The UMBC
men have amassed seven wins
with just one loss so far this
season while the women are
undefeated at 8-0. Both teams
are fresh off convincing victo-
ries against William and Mary
and George Washington.
I he men defeated William
and Mary by a count of 136-92
while the women won 138-100.
Ihe men claimed victory over
CiW by a score of 135-90 while
the women posted a 131-102
mark. I he men placed first indi-
vidually in all 13 events. Carlos
Canepa and Jakub Sroczynski
see SWIMMERS page 85 The Pirates will close out their home schedule this weekend.

)oth at home
i it round.
ome games will
our campus
m 91.3.
id 6.7 points
lie depth of
Ion has been
r ECU.
� only rotated
year we have
lepth said
be no easy task
eving Pirates,
e boasts wins
me conference
i has beaten,
the Charlotte
dnst Colonial
he Lady 49ers
the ex-confer-
Pirates. The
ed first in the
ar under third
atie Meier. The
! in conference
make a return
I tournament.
four starters
including star
irris. She will
tched up with
has done well
iive scorers,
'airy Is always
cruiting and
he-rivalry will
o the Atlantic
DOS-2006. The
ove to take the
ween the two
ims. Charlotte
ivantage post-
ead. Seahawks
the 43rd game
iTES page 85
ils weekend.
-22 04
Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida!
X Jtt
January 28th and 29th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
For a ride or more information, call 758-5304
950 East 10th Street
Maniacs show up in large numbers
School spirit
strengthens home
court advantage
Biliville, North Carolina.
Can't find it on a map can you?
But we as students all know where
Hillville is. Confused?
Biliville is the name given
to the "campsite" around the
ticket office where memhers
of the group known as the
Minges Maniacs hung out,
exchanged stories and ate
pizza for the chance to be first
in line for student tickets to last
week's basketball game with
Louisville that was shown on
The festivities started around
8 p.m. and Minges Maniacs
president Jonathon Medlord
set up his blue tent beside the
ticket window and brought his
big purple sign that read 'Till I -
"We're trying to stir up aware-
ness about the Minges Maniacs
said Medford.
"We want people to see where
ECU basketball is heading
Soon, other Maniacs joined
him. Two area TV stations were
in attendance, one did their
entire sports report in front of
the screaming fans.
Head Coach Bill llerrion
delivered the students pizza and
talked about the game with Lou-
isville and answered some ques-
tions the students had.
ECU fell to Louisville last Thursday in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.
llerrion thanked the students
for their support and talked bas-
ketball for over 20 minutes with
the campuses biggest fans.
"We can beat anyone in this
buildingsaid llerrion. "Thereis
no question the Maniacs help us,
and we need the help
The Maniacs showed up
Thursday night ready to see some
basketball and heckle everyone
not in purple in gold.
Rick I'itino entered Minges
welcomed by a sea of boos,
which obviously distracted him
as he tripped over the cheerlead-
ers' mat.
I'd like to say that ECU won,
but that was not the case. The
Maniacs heckled the Cardinals,
especially their star and preseason
Conference USA player of the year
Francisco Garcia,
Clutch free throws by Lou-
isville lead them to a 10-point
The Pirates, spurred on by the
fans, played well against the heav-
ily favored Cardinals The Cardi-
nals have been killing teams left
and right.
let's not forget that the Cardi-
nals have beaten not one, but two
number one teams this year.
Despite the loss, the Maniacs
were there, and Louisville felt
their effect. Garcia was held to a
season low 12 points and eventu-
ally fouled out.
The home court advantage
was felt, and thanks to the Mani-
acs, ECU basketball is going in the
right direction.
This writer can be contacted at
won two events each; Canepa
taking the 500 and 1000 free-
style and Sroczynski coming out
on top in the 200 freestyle and
200 backstroke.
The women finished first
individually in eight of their 13
events with Jessica Prosen leading
the way in the 1000 freestyle and
200 butterfly.
ECU is hungry to avenge
from page B4
their losses at Virginia Tech
this past weekend and hopes to
notch their first win of the spring
semester. The Hokies defeated the
Pirates 148-88 on the men's side
while the Lady Pirates fell in
151-86 defeat. Despite the loss,
Head Coach Rick Kobe thought
the team swam well.
"We competed very hard and
had some real solid swims said
ECU head coach Rick Kobe.
"Virginia Tech is a strong
team, probably the toughest team
on our schedule. We're going to
rally the troops and get ready for
our home meet Saturday
Both the men and women
fell to 5-2 on the year with the
loss. The meet against UMBC will
begin at 1 p.m. at Minges Pool
on Saturday.
Lady Pirates
between the two teams. The
Lady Pirates hold a 25-17 record
over UNCW and have taken two
The Lady Pirates enjoy
playing at home posting an
8-1 record at Williams Arena
from page B4
at Minges Coliseum. The Lady
Pirates are averaging 810 fans
per game and expect that
figure to skyrocket due to the
success of the program. Baldwin-
Tener believes the crowd makes
a large difference for her Lady
"It's always nice to play dn
your home court in front of your
fans Baldwin-Tener said.
This writer con be contacted at
sports@theeastcaolinian. com
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�22 04
Track and field gears up for Virginia Tech Invitational
I he Pirate track and field
teams head up to Va. Friday to
compete in the Virginia Tech
Invitational. The meet marks the
beginning of the indoor season
for the men and the third such
competition for the women.
Ihe Lady Pirates are
coming off a very successful
meet last Friday and Saturday
held in Chapel Hill. Tammie
Mentel broke her own school
record by recording a successful
pole vault of 11-11.7$, besting
her 11-6 vault accomplished in
December. Other exceptional
performances were turned in by
Colleen McGinn, who finished
fourth in the high jump; Jessica
Collins, who placed sixth in the
3000 meters, and the distance
medley relay team which fin-
ished third.
The Tar Heel Fast Times
Indoor Invitational was
composed of 16 teams from
up and down the eastern
seaboard including Duke, UNC,
and N.C. State.
Pirates picked fifth in preseason
Conference-USA baseball poll
ECU has been picked to finish
fifth in the 2004 Conference
USA Preseason Baseball Coaches
Poll and junior outfielder Darryl
I awhorn has been named the
Preseason C-USA Player of the
Year, released Tuesday by the
league office.
1 awhorn led ECU to its fifth
consecutive NCAA appearance
last season while pacing the
team in batting (.332), doubles
(IS), home runs (14) and RBI
(49), and is the lone Pirate on the
preseason team. F.CU finished
fifth in the 2003 regular season
and represented the conference
in the NCAA Tournament at the
Atlanta Regional.
(Dming off of its sixth con-
secutive NCAA appearance and
armed with 17 returning letter-
men, lulane has been selected
as the preseason favorite in
the 2004 C-USA baseball poll,
chosen by the league's 12 head
coaches, l.awhorn, who has hit
33 home runs in his first two col-
legiate seasons, is the Preseason
C-USA Player of the Year. Clay-
ton Jerome of TCU, who was
named C-USA Pitcher of the Year
last season, was selected to repeat
that honor this spring.
Defending regular season
and tournament champion
Southern Miss was chosen to
finish second. After setting a
C-USA record for conference
wins (23) and a school record
for overall victories (47), the
Golden F.agles welcome back 17
I louston, coming off its third
trip to the NCAA Super Region-
al in the last four years, was
picked to finish third during the
upcoming campaign. USF was
picked to finish fourth, while
F.ast Carolina was tabbed fifth.
TCU was chosen sixth,
Louisville seventh and Charlotte
eighth in the poll. TCU welcomes
new head coachjim Schlossnaglc,
a former Tulane assistant who led
UNLV to the NCAA Tournament
last year in just his second season
in the desert. Rounding out the
preseason poll are Cincinnati,
Memphis, I All and Saint Louis.

1. Tulane 17)
2. Southern Miss (3)
3. Houston 12)
4. USF
5. ECU
6. TCU
7. Louisville
8. Charlotte
9. Cincinnati
10. Memphis
11. UAB
12. Saint Louis

All-Conference Team
P J.R. CrowelSo.Tulane
P Clayton JeromeSr.TCU
P Garrett MockJr.Houston
RP Austin TubbSr.Southern Miss
C Devln IvanyJr.USF
IF Jed BalsleyJr.USF
IF Jarrett HotfpaulrJr.Southern Miss
IF Myron LeslieSr.USF
IF Tommy ManzellaJr.Tulane
OF Brian BogusevlcSo.Tulane
OF Mark JurlchSr.Louisville
OF Darryl LawhornJr.ECU
OH Brad WlllcuttJr.Southern Miss
Darryl Lawhorn, ECU Uunlor, OutflelrJerl
Clayton Jerome, TCU (Senior, Righthander!
Area Pirate baseball fans get
chance to meet, greet team
I i I baseball fans will
gel their tirst chance to meet
the 2004 Pirates up close and
personal on Saturday, Jan. 24,
as ECU hosts its fourth annual
"Meet the Pirates" function.
Scheduled to start at 4 p.m.
at Ihe Murphy Center's Harvey
Banquet Hall, "Meet the Pirates"
offers fans a chance to get
autographs and photos of the
ECU baseball team and
second-year head coach
Randy Mazey as well as enjoy
a casual dinner, catered by
Outback Steakhouse, with
the Pirate coaches and players.
A limited number of tickets
are available at $7 per person
($3 for children 12 and under)
and advance reservations are
The women head into
Friday's meet with a couple of
events under their collective
belt, which should prove to
be an advantage. The men,
however, will compete for the
first time this indoor season,
something that head coach
Bill Carson is not sure if his
team is ready for.
"We came back from
Christmas break out of shape
said Carson.
"Right now we need a lot of
training and fitness
Even though the men's squad
may not be in mid-season form
just yet, Carson still expects
his team to perform well in
some events.
"I expect to do well in the 4
x 400 meter relay, the 400 meter,
and the 200 meter races Carson
The team currently has some
eligibility Issues that coach
Carson hopes to have sorted out
by Friday so that his men can be
at full strength.
This writer can be contacted at
sports&theeastcarolinian. com.
Doctors try to trace disease that
killed Berkeley basketball player
BF.RKFI.F.Y,Calif.�Tin dis-
ease that killed University of
California Berkeley basketball
player Alisa Lewis on Monday
probably is not a risk to those
who had contact with her, but
university health officials who
don't know where or how she
was exposed, aren't taking any
As a precautionary mea-
sure, the antibiotic Cipro has
been given to her boyfriend,
teammates, coaches, room-
mates, family even players on
the Stanford squad, which Cal
played Friday.
"She didn't play, but she
shook hands with them after
the game said Dr. Peter Diet-
rich, medical director of Uni-
versity Health Services.
"It seemed like the pru-
dent thing to do
That players may have teen
sweaty after the game contrib-
uted to the decision.
Lewis, a 20-ycar-old reserve
forward, felt fine during the
game. But over the weekend
she experienced the sudden
onset of what Dietrich called
"classic symptoms of bacterial
meningitis" headache, skin
rash, high fever, stiff neck and
Her boyfriend took her
to Kaiser Medical Center in
Oakland, Calif early Monday
morning. She died a few hours
About five percent of the
general population carries the
bacterium without showing
symptoms and will never get
sick, said infectious diseases
expert Dr. Arthur Reingold,
chairman of epidemiology at
University of California Berke-
ley's School of Public Health.
But the carriers can spread it
to others, usually by sneezing,
coughing, kissing, or sharing
cups and eating utensils.
Both doctors said the
public has little to fear. "This
bacterium can't last outside the
body longer than two minutes
Reingold said. "It doesn't get
spread by casual contact.
"Only a tiny fraction of
those who are exposed ever
get sick he said. "Most of us
are have antibodies that protect
us. But if you're that rare indi-
vidual who doesn't have those
antibodies, as this young lady
apparently didn't, you're defi-
nitely at risk
Dietrich said he wished
"we had a test to determine
who has the antibodies and
who doesn't, but we don't
Dietrich. "There's so much we
don't know about why some
people who are exposed get
sick and others don't
"Unfortunately, 10 percent
of meningitis cases are fatal
even under the best of circum-
stances Reingold said. "The
disease progresses so rapidly,
by the time the doctor can start
treatment it's already done its
University health officials
arc tracing Lewis' recent con-
tacts to determine how she-
caught the disease and whom
she might have exposed. But at
this early stage they're operat-
ing largely on guesswork. Diet-
rich cautioned that they may
never know for sure.
"We can't even determine
the definite cause of her illness
and death, not until we get the
cultures back he said. "But
we're presumptively treating it
as a case of bacterial meningi-
tis because she presented all the
classic symptoms
He said those who have
been given Cipro probably
don't need it because their
exposure was minimal: "Their
actual risk of exposure was
quite low, but we want to err
on the side of caution. When
you're not sure, it's wise to use
a worst-case scenario.
"This is definitely not cause
for a general health panic said
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cathedral ceilings, nice landlordl
3 Bedroom 1 bath house, walking
distance to ECU, pet friendly person,
275 rent plus 12 bills, J275 deposit,
for details call 341-4107.
3 BR 2 BA all appliances, fenced
backyard, large bonus room, utility
shed, three blocks behind ECU
football stadium. J900.00mo. Call
756-8137 or 412-1696.
Duplexes for rent: 2 & 3 bedrooms,
2nd Street, Lewis Street and College
Towne Row. Close to ECU. Pet
with fee at some units. For more
information contact Wainright
Property Management 756-6209.
34 BR house, walk to ECU, pets
negotiable. J750.00mo. Available
Immediately. 341-9947 or 355-
Chocowinity Indoor Flea Market.
New, used, vintage merchandise.
Furniture, tools, antiques, vintage
Nintendo games and more. Highway
33 in Chocowinity, 16 miles from
Greenville 946-7160 for info.
2 BD 2 BA Wyndham Circle Duplex.
Available NOW! Large backyard.
good parking, close to ECU, $595.00
mo fresh paint. Call 321-4802.
Room for rent: College Hills
subdivision. Nice neighborhood
near campus. Great place for a
responsible, mature renter. Contact
William at 830-1881.
Pinebrook Apt. 758-4015- 1 & 2
BR apts, dishwasher, GD, central
air h heat, pool, ECU bus line, 9 or
12 month leases. Pets allowed. Rent
includes water, sewer, & cable.
BEAUTIFUL HOUSE for rent on Elm
St. Ample parking, 4 BD, 2 bath,
hardwood floors, walking distance
to ECU. Available now, must seel
$950.00 month. 321-4802
For rent: Upscale 3 BR3 Bath Near
campus, only if you like the BEST! Call
Behind Miami Subs: 2 bedrooms, 1.5
Baths Townhouses. Newly renovated,
WD hookups, walk to ECU, includes
2 parking spaces, $S25month
Deposit. Don't miss outl Call 252-
Looking for somebody to sublease
one bedroom apartment in Eastgate
available first of Feb. lease runs until
July 31st. Please contact Barrett at
Room for rent 2 blocks from campus-
just graduated. Great house with
frontback porch, washerdryer,
heatAC. For interview call 919-
Apartments for rent: 1, 2 fit 3
bedrooms. Beech Street Villas,
Cypress Gardens, Cotanche Street,
Gladiolus, jasmine. Peony, Woodcliff,
Forest Acres, Wesley Commons, Park
Village. All units close to ECU. Water
and sewer included with some
units. For more information contact
Wainright Property Management
Room for sublease in Pirates' Cove.
Female wanted. (252) 328-3058
pinebrook apt. 75�-4015- 1&2 BR
apts, dishwasher, GD, central air
& heat, pool, ECU bus line, 9 or 12
month leases. Pets allowed. Rent
includes water, sewer, ft cable.
Dental Practice seeking reliable
hardworking individual to perform
general office duties and errands.
Fill out applications at Dr. Michels
and Gauquie 800 WH Smith Blvd.
Greenville by an. 28th.
Townhouses for rent: Cannon and
Cedar Court- 2 bedrooms, 1 12
bath. Free basic cable with some
units. Close to ECU. For more
information contact Wainright
Property Management 756-6209.
Spacious Apartment above Buffalo
Wild Wings. 2 roommates needed
only $300 a month plus utilities. For
info call (910)232-5469.
House for rent: 204 13th Street- 3 BR,
2 BA close to ECU. Short term lease
available. Small pet allowed with
fee. For more information contact
Wainright Property Management
Staying in Greenville this summer?
Two females needed to sublease two
bedrooms in Pirates Cove for May,
June, and July. Rent is $360month
and includes all utilities, private
bedroom and bathroom, two pools,
volleyball and basketball courts,
computer labs and more. Call 252-
758-9153 or 252-830-1633!
Responsible Roommate for 2 BRBA
home w indoor dog. Approx. 20
minutes from ECU. Call Paul @ 252-
Wanted (2) Roommates to share all
inclusive property. Quiet culdesac-
3 bedrooms- 2 12 baths fully
furnished- entertainment center-
Sony computer w scanner &
printer- DSL- Great Location- (1)
month deposit- (6) month lease-
Check this out! H 355-4112- Cell
341-4112- leave messagel
Med student seeks roommate to
share well maintained 3 bedroom
2 full-bath house. $375 12 bills.
4 miles from hospital, large yard,
full appliances, high speed wireless
internet. Call Pete 327-3835 or email
Roommate wanted two bedroom,
two bath, washer & dryer, huge
private backyard, great location, one
minute from campus. $300month t
utilities. Contact (252) 327-2814
printer & scanner $200. 1
queen sized water bed w heater
$150.00. Call DaveSue 355-4387
or 412-3242.
Chocowinity indoor Flea Market.
New, used, vintage merchandise.
Furniture, tools, antiques, vintage
Nintendo games and more.
Highway 33 in Chocowinity, 16
miles from Greenville 946-7160
for info.
Whirlpool Washer and Dryer $150
(price negotiable) selling ASAP
more details call 695-0474.
1 Computer w windows 98, w
accountant, cost (Tarboro, NC)
wanted by multinational textile
manufacturer with headquarters
in China to analyze production
and related costs and regularly
report to head office. Must be
fluent in Mandarin. Send resume
to Shelby Thompson, HR Director,
HG (USA) Corp dba Glenoit
Fabrics (HG) Corp. 3001 N. Main
Street, Tarboro, NC 27886 or fax
to 252-641-6019.
Full time Studentsl 11 Stop wasting
your Time and Talents on PT jobs
with bad Hrs. & Pay LOOK For
1 weekend a month the National
Guard wants you to go to college,
FREE TUITION Learn a job skill
fn stay a studentl! FT students
get over $800MO in education
benefits & PAY. For more info, call
252-752-1991 or visit www.1-
do you need a good job? The
ECU Teletund is hiring students
to contact alumni and parents
for teh ECU Annual Fund. $6.25
hour plus cash bonuses. Make
your own schedule. If interested,
visit our website at
telefund and click on JOBS.
Bartender Trainees needed $250
a day potential, local positions
1-800-293-3985 ext. 306
Full Time Studentsll I Stop wasting
your time and talents on PT jobs
with bad hrs & payl! LOOK For
1 weekend a month the National
Guard wants you to go to college,
FREE TUITION! Learn a job skill
& stay a student FT Students
get over $800mo in education
benefits & pay. For more info
CALL 252-916-9073 or visit 1-
$250 a day potential, local
positions call 1-800-293-3985
ext. 306.
Dental Practice seeking reliable
hardworking individual to
perform general office duties
and errands. Fill out application
at Dr. Michels and Gauquie, 800
WH Smith Blvd. Greenville by
Jan. 28th
Part-time Delivery help. Clean
cut, reliable. Apply in person at
Bedrooms and Sofas Plus. 606 E.
Arlington Blvd. (next to Cubbies)
No phone calls please.
CflHH PEflSOflflLS
The sisters of Alpha Delta Pi would
like to thank The Brothers of Sigma
Phi Epsilon for the great social last
We would like to thank The Brothers
of Theta Chi for a wonderful social last
Saturday. Love, The Sisters of Alpha
Delta Pi!
ADPI'S "Heart to Heart Social" Spring
Recruitment Feburary 5th,4:00-7:00@
ADPi House. Call for a ride: 758-5447.
Panama City Beach, FL Spring
Break" Book early and save $$!
World's longest Keg Party- Free bar
all week! Live band & DJ, Wet T-shirt,
Hard Body & Venus Swimwear contest.
Suites up to 12 people, 3 pools, huge
beachfront hot-tub, lazy river, water
slide, jet skis, parasail. Sandpiper-
Beacon Beach Resort. 800-488-8828
Cheap Textbooks- compares
new and used textbook prices among
several competing online bookstores.
Visit today to
find the best textbook prices.
Panama City Beach, FL "Spring
Break" World Famous Tiki Bar!
Book early and save $$$. Sandpiper
Beacon Beach Resort 800-488-8828 "The Fun
Retro and Vintage Clolhiti
dmailc Silver
We have
moved to
SOI Dickinson Ave.
Join America's 1 Stvtfent Tour Operator
Sell Trips, orri Cosh,
Call Hi roap dhcwmtt (Unr '
Come join us for the lanuary 23
contra dancel Live, old-time music
by a string band. No experience
needed; we'll teach you as we go
along! Come alone or bring a friend!
- Lesson: 7:30pm Dance: 8.00pm-10:
30pm Admission: $3 (students) $5
(FASG members) $8 (general). Co-
sponsors: ECU Folk and Country
Dancers (752-7350) and Folk Arts
Society of Greenville (795-4980).
An alcohol and smoke-free event.
ntrydancers Location Willis Bldg
1st & Reade St downtown
Give yourself Egypt & the Nile in
Summer '04. You deserve it. ECU
6 s.h. college credit, inexpensive
group rates, funding help available.
Giza and Sakkara pyramids, Sphinx,
Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Menphis,
King Tut, Abu Simbel, Alexandria.
Contact: or
Carolina Sky Sports
5 Days, Meals. Parties. Taxes
Party With Real World Celebrities!
Panama City $179
Daytona $159, Cancun $499
Ethics Award Winning Company!
� of rxxr maintenance response
� of unrclumed phone calls
� of noisv neighbors
� of crawl) eritters
� of high utility bills
� of ECU parkins: hassles
� of ungralefiil landlords
� of unanswered questions
� of high renls
� of grumpy personnel
� of unfulfilled promises
� of unils that were not cleaned
� of walls that were never painted
� of appliances ihal don'l work
Wyndham Court &
Kastgate Village Apts.
3200F Dr.
561-RENT or 531-9011
www. pinnacle property
1 Taxis
5 Of digestion
11 Paulo
14 Oodles
15 Add to the beauty
16 Cowboy's
17 "My Cousin Vhny"
Oscar winner
19 Black gold
20 Etchers
21 Capital on the
Red River
23 Vega's
24 Practice
25 Experts, briefly
29 Group of three
31 MartinWinger
35 Lofty poem
38 Province on Lake
39 More luxurious
41 Absolutely!
42 Like some tires
44" Cane"
45 Toy on a string
46 Place position
49 Thwack
53 In a vertical line
54 Perfume sprayers
59 Meat cut
60 Real go-getter
62 Had lunch
63 Reluctant
64 Fastidious
65 Ballplayer
66 Former Egyptian
67 Ms. Fitzgerald
1 Arrived
2 Dershowitz or
3 1976-80
4 Be up and about
5 Logger's tool
6 Join in
7 Proportionately
8 Allen and
45 5556575fl
� 2000 Tribune Media Services, Inc
All rights reserved
9 Stolen diamonds
10 City ol northern
11 Rock
12 Vowels
13 Eurasian
18 Actor Mineo
22 In addition
24 Spine datum
25 Stratagem
26 Clair or Coty
27 Trigger's lunch
28 Health haven
30 Tears
32 "Dr Quinn,
Woman" co-star
33 Evil spirit
34 Throw in one's
35 Neighbor of
36 Withhold
37 Therefore
40 Crafty
0A0� �aN0I
9N11V1S Id13sS1A
3a0H11V di0dVd1
(V1rJl IS0ild
dn1Nn� vHA1
0Vs3 11id1sBV0
43 Promotes
44 Family member
46 Jack of no-fat fame
47 Select few
48 To the third power
50 Of less quality
51 "Forever
52 Bond
54 Gets older
55 Billy or Frank
56 Mr. Knievel
57 Kind of estate?
58 Madrid mile.
61 Ms. Gardner
uS�i �rA i Willmn rpjrdk'
"tears of a down"
tWWtl8 �
1b Roil W TOW
AlP fflStt SOME
010 oTTA0S OttS
CAPTAIN RlBMAN �- Grocers: To Serve & Protect by John Sprengelmeyer & Rich Davis

Partners In Campos Life
We Relish Students
Free Prizes
Free Food
Free T-Shirts
The Event Starts at 7:00pm
at the SRC Outdoor Pool
"Prizes Will Only Be Awarded to ECU Students With A Valid OneCard
T-Shirts Are Only For Those Who Jump
Individuals with disabilities, requesting accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act fADAJ.
should contact the Department for Disability Support Services at T252J 328-6799 fUJ or T252J 328-0899 fTTYJ.

The East Carolinian, January 22, 2004
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
January 22, 2004
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3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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