The East Carolinian, December 7, 2006

, 2006
The Great Smokey
Mountain Railroad has
teamed with Warner
Brothers to put on a
Polar Express here in
North Carolina. Read
John Bosco's back
with another top 10
list, see if your favorite
album made the
cutPage A6
The Lady Pirates
stayed out of UNC
Wilmington's just
long enough to inch
out a five-point win
Wednesday at Minges
Coliseum. Read the
sports section for a
game recap and box
Volleyball was the
most attended
women's sport during
the fall semester,
but was 36,728 fans
behind the football
team. Benjamin Lloyd
compares ECU's
women's sports to
men's sportsPage A9
5 2 79 3 84 6 1
6 3 12 5 47 9 8
9 8 41 6 73 5 2
1 4 3 8 7 98 2 9 5 4 66 7 5 2 1 3
2 6 57 1 38 4 9
3 1 2 7 5 8 4 9 66 7 5 4 9 2 3 8 19 8 4 1 3 6 5 2 7
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Project HEART ships out goods for the holidays
ECU students and Boys and Girls Club members help Americorps' Project HEART collect school supplies.
North Carolina Arts Council
awards $123,176 in four counties
Members and
volunteers package
school supplies
This holiday season Project
HEART members and volunteers
give back in a big way. Members
have been collecting school sup-
plies and donations since their ini-
tial service project in mid-October.
During the last week of October,
Project HEART members and
volunteers set up booths and col-
lection tables in various areas of
the campus to collect money and
school materials. The members
also hosted two Spaghetti Dinner
Fundraisers, at College Hill Suites
and the Ledonia Wright Cultural
Center, all in an effort to raise
money to ship to the school as well.
The project was so successful that
they decided to extend their school
supply collection efforts through
the end of November.
"Our goal was to collect
enough school supplies to provide
holiday treats for every child in the
school said the director of Project
The Orleans Parrish Schools
was contacted in order to designate
a school. The Parrish chose James
Johnston Elementary school, one of
the many schools that were greatly
impacted by Hurricane Katrina
Members and volunteers alongside
the kids from Eire Tower. Ayden.
South Greenville and Farmvillc
Boys and Girls Club, made Christ-
mas cards and stuffed bags with
holiday goodies and school supplies
to be mailed to the each classroom at
James Johnston Elementary School
In addition. Project HEART sent
a $.500 check to the school to be
used to purchase uniforms for
those children who needed them
Project HEART, also known
as High Expectations for At-Risk
Teens, is an AnieriCnrps tutoring
program housed in ECU'S college
of Education, and works to help
at-risk students in eastern North
see HEART page A2
Pitt County receives
The North Carolina Arts Coun-
cil will make an investment of
$ 126,176 in grants lor art programs
and projects in Beaufort, Greene,
Martin and Pitt counties during
These funds will be distributed
throughout various community
organizations, public schools and
county programs.
The Arts Council uses art
programs to develop more produc-
tive and creative citizens. They
also encourage excellence in arts
programming services, to promote
diversity, access and education of the
arts to the citizens ofNorth Carolina.
Mary Regan, executive director
of the North Carolina Arts Coun-
cil, states, "We estimate that last
year, more than 13 million people
participated in projects funded
by the Arts Council including
children's programs, arts exhibi-
tions, performances and projects
at senior centers. We are grateful
to the General Assembly for their
funding support
The Arts Council has three
primary program areas of focus:
Community, participation and art-
ists and organizations.
The Arts Council values the
importance of the arts in the eco-
nomic development of communities.
They help assist and implement
projects that improve local arts
They also promote the advan-
tages of participating in arts.
They believe that it is a valuable
component to the well being of citi-
zens and helps arts organizations
build civic commitment.
Finally, they provide service to
cultural organizations by helping to
build audiences and programming.
They also help with connecting
local artists with professional
Across the state, $6,589,660
was distributed through 390 grants
to 281 grantees.
"The grants were used to help
local organizations finance pro-
grams said Jessica Orr, commu-
nication manager for the North
Carolina Arts Council.
"The North Carolina Arts
Council gives the funds to a local arts
council, then the local arts council
decides which local organizations
will receive funding Orr said.
The North Carolina Arts
Council is a division of the North
Carolina Department of Cultural
Resources. They serve as an eco-
nomic catalyst, they use state
funding to invest into local com-
munities and offer assistance to
local artists and organizations.
The Arts Council uses funding
to build up the arts, and the arts are
used to improve our communities.
This writer can be contacted at
ECU Police Department to undergo
assessment for national accreditation
CALEA to perform
on-site assessment
throughout December
In an effort to achieve national
recognition through the Com-
mission on Accreditation for Law
Enforcement Agencies, the ECU
Police Department is gearing up
to undergo an on-site assessment
throughout this month.
The on-site assessment, which
is one of the final steps in the
process for accreditation, will
provide assessors of the cre-
dentialing authority, the infor-
mation they need to make the
decision to accredit the police
Accreditations are based on
an agency's ability to comply with
approximately 450 different stan-
dards in four basic areas: Policy
and procedures, administration,
operations and support services.
"These standards are like the
best business practices said Maj.
Frank Knight. "These standards
are nationally recognized stan-
dards, procedures, equipment, that
a police department should have.
They come in to make sure that we
are meeting the nationally recog-
nized best police practices
According to the police depart-
ment's Accreditation Manager, Lt
Curtis Hayes, CALEA sends three
on-site assessors not affiliated
with the ECU community in any
way who review accreditation
files the department is obligated
to maintain, perform an agency
tour which allows them to walk
through the facility to ensure it
meets accreditation standards
and conduct a panel interview
session in which selected police
department personnel meet with
the assessors individually.
The cover of Explorations, N.Cs first undergraduate research journal.
First undergraduate
research journal in
state debuts at ECU
Officers T.L. Biggs and M.R. Perkins
In 2003 the police department
made the decision to seek accredi-
tation in order to obtain a greater
sense of professionalism and to
do so by following guidelines that
are nationally recognized and
accepted. Not only does CALEA
deal with law enforcement agen-
cies on campuses throughout the
country, but it is also the accredi-
tation authority to municipal,
state and federal law enforcement
"We wanted to be able to
provide the best law enforcement
services to the campus community
and we felt like meeting these high
standards was the best thing we
could do to achieve that goal
said Hayes.
An additional step in the on-
site assessment process is a public
information session which allows
assessors to gain feedback about
the police department from people
within the campus community,
the Greenville community or
anyone interested in offering their
opinions about the departments'
"There is a public forum
Monday, Dec. 11 at 4 p.m. which
of the ECU police department.
gives the public a chance to make
any comments they wish to about
the agency's ability to comply
with accreditation standards
said Hayes.
In addition to the informa-
tion session which will be held
on Monday, Dec. 11, the public
is encouraged to offer their com-
ments through telephone by call-
ing 252-737-1580 that same day
between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Written comments may also
be sent to CALEA at Commis-
sion on Accreditation for Law
Enforcement Agencies Inc 10302
Eaton Place, Suite 100, Fairfax, VA
According to Knight, the final
decision of the four-year process
should be announced in March of
next year.
Both Knight and 1 layes stressed
that if the department does receive
accreditation it will not be the
pinnacle of their improvement;
the department recognizes their
services will always be a work in
This writer can be contacted-at
Students from across
the state encouraged
to submit
ECU is now home to the
state's first publication of under-
graduate research conducted by
students across the state.
Explorations: The Journal
of Undergraduate Research and
Creative Activities for the State of
North Carolina offers undergradu-
ates at any North Carolina college
or university the opportunity to
be published in a peer-reviewed
"I'm really proud of the stu-
dents and what they were able
to do. Years ago, undergrads
never did research but the qual-
ity of the research they're now
doing "is excellent said Dr.
Michael Bassman, ECU associate
vice chancellor and Explorations
One hundred and fifty submis-
sions from across the state were
received for the inaugural issue
of the publication. Once received,
entries were sent, without names,
by discipline editors to three
reviewers. The articles were then
judged by faculty and advanced
students, according to Bassman.
"The journal runs the gamut
of all disciplines; we want to show
that our students are pursuing
studies and research in all areas,
which includes creative activity
said Bassman. "Students from
all over N.C. were encouraged to
submit their research. We were
very satisfied and we received
very good feedback
Explorations contain ll arti-
cles in the categories ol art and
design, mathematics, creative
writing, natural sciences, human-
ities and social sciences Of the 11
articles published, four were writ-
ten by ECU students Students
from UNC Greensboro, INC
Chapel Hill, UNC Asbeville,
UNC Charlotte and N.C State
University were also featured.
"It's an honor Tto be pub-
lished said senior FCC Eng-
lish major Ellen Brake "It's a
new experience for me. and not
something most people are able
to do as an undergraduate
Brake's piece Soeioai upuncture
in Practice: I New Look at Leslie
Marmon Silka's "Gardens in tin'
Dunes was written after a .semes-
ter long study of literature.
The inaugural issue of Explo-
rations is available both in print
and online due to funding from
private donations raised by
George Barthalmus, director
of the office of undergraduate
research at N.C. Stale, according
to the press release
Future issues of Explorations
will only be available online
Students are encouraged to
visit Joyner Library to pick up
one of the 750 available copies
The publication, as "ell as infor-
mation on how to submit resean h
for next year's journal is ailable
online at explorationsjournal.
Rachel King also contributed
to this article
This writer can be contacted at

Project HEART
The Children of New Orleans
still need our help. Project
HEART will continue collect-
ing school supplies through
Dec. 6. The goal is to provide
each child at James Johnson
Elementary School with a
holiday gift bag full of school
supplies. Contact the director,
Dr. Beacham at 328-1849 or
AC Leader Shanda Staten at
Dance 2007
Thursday, Feb. 1 through
Wednesday, Feb. 7 in McGin-
nis Auditorium at 8 p.m.
except Sunday at 2 p.m.
Sometimes serious, some-
times funny, sometimes lyrical
and sometimes eccentric, this
annual dance showcase has
become an immensely popular
event. Sure to have something
for dance aficionados and
newcomers alike, this is a
fast-paced and unpredictable
cornucopia of dance styles.
Visit theatre-dance.ecu.
edu for more information.
Ticket required.
Thursday, Feb. 22 through
Tuesday, Feb. 27 in McGinnis
Auditorium at 8 p.m. except
Sunday at 2 p.m.
One of the most uproariously
funny musicals in recent
years, Urinetown is a hilari-
ous tale of greed, corruption,
love and revolution in a time
when water is worth its weight
in gold. Book by: Greg Kotis,
lyrics by: Greg Kotis and
Mark Hollmann, music by:
Mark Hollmann.
Visit theatre-dance.ecu.
edu for more information.
Ticket required.
"The Tempest"
Thursday, April 12 through
Tuesday, April 17 at 8 p.m.
except Sunday at 2 p.m. in
McGinnis Auditorium.
Prospero lives on a desolate
isle with his virginal daugh-
ter, Miranda. He's in exile,
banished from his duchy by
his usurping brother and the
King of Naples. Providence
brings these enemies near;
aided by his vassal the spirit
Ariel, Prospero conjures a
tempest to wreck the Italian
ship. The king's son, think-
ing all others lost, becomes
Prospero's prisoner, falling in
love with Miranda and she with
him. Prospero's brother and
the king wander the island, as
do a drunken cook and sailor,
who conspire with Caliban,
Prospero's beastly slave, to
murder Prospero. Prospero
wants reason to triumph, Ariel
wants his freedom, Miranda
a husband; the sailors want
to dance. By William Shake-
for additional information.
Ticket required.
Tuesday, Dec. 5 through
Saturday, Dec. 10
Holiday Gift Wrap
Humane Society needs vol-
unteers wrap gifts at the mall
for donations. Shifts are avail-
able Monday through Satur-
day starting at 10 a.m and
Sunday 1 - 6 p.m. at Colonial
Mall in front of Belk. Contact
Vicki Luttrell at 353-883?
or vluttrellunitedwaypittco
Saturday, Dec. 9
Habitat for Humanity infor-
mation table and fund-
Volunteers needed to hand
out flyers and encourage
Lowes customers to donate
to Habitat at cash register.
100 percent of the donations
made will go directly to our
local Habitat Chapter. Shifts
are from 9-11 a.m 11 a.m.
- 1 p.m 1 - 3 p.m. Contact
Paulette White at 758-2947
Wednesday, Dec. 13
Special Populations
Christmas Dance
Volunteers needed to set
upclean up and assist with
dance activities. Dance will
be held at CM Epps cafeteria
from 5 - 9 p.m. Contact Deir-
trz Crandol at 329-4541 or
Campus & Community
Reading Day
CoffeehouseOpen Mic
Pirate Underground
9 p.m.
'Day of Relaxation
Mendenhall Studenf
12 - 5 p.m.
Make-up Day
Contact your profes-
sors for Friday classes
concerning the optional
hurricane make-up day
9sat USun Mon
Final Exams Begin
Men's Basketball
Campus recreation and
Wellness Basketball
Game Night
Children and adults will
have the opportunity
to experience an excit-
ing ECU Pirates bas-
ketball game together.
The event will include
interaction with Peedee
the Pirate and the ECU.
This year's game will be
against South Florida.
Cost is $5 per person.
Williams Arena and
Minges Coliseum
7 p.m.
Weekly Mass
The Newman Catholic
Student Center next to
Fletcher Recital Hall
All are welcome to
weekly Mass every
Sunday at 7 p.m.
Greenville Youth Council
There will be a Greenville
city council meeting in
the third floor confer-
ence room of City Hall
on Martin Luther King,
Jr. Dr.
6 - 8 p.m.
Greenville Utilities
At the GUC Board Room,
on 401 South Greene St.
5:30-6:30 p.m.
Want to see your event
Submit the date, time
and location online at
Featured Event:
Day of Relaxation
Mendenhall Student Center
Dr. .la
ate profe
security si
hook with
scholar S
Jihad and
The book
of jihad a
the secur
of its kind
"It is
major iss
Metropolitan areas now
taking up 'English only proposals
(AP)A Houston suburb
is contemplating a referendum
on the issue while small towns
elsewhere in Texas, Nevada
and Pennsylvania already have
ordinances cracking down
on immigrants.
But in a city of half a million
like Nashville, a proposal seen
as hostile to foreigners' faces
opposition from more than immi-
grants' rights groups. Many mem-
bers of the business community,
including the Nashville
Area Chamber of Commerce,
oppose the legislation out of
fear it will give Music City a
bad name, hurting both tourism
and investment.
7 foot 9 China native hopes
surgery will allow pursuit of NBA
(AP)Sun Ming Ming's
hands are enormous. He catches
a basketball with one hand, as a
baseball player might with a mitt.
They are hands with the skills of
a shooting guard, able to release
one made 20-foot jumper after
Sun is no guard; at nearly
7-foot-9, the Chinese immigrant
would be the tallest player in NBA
But the pituitary tumor that
led to his extraordinary size is
also threatening his life and keep-
ing him away from a career on a
professional basketball court. He
recently underwent a second sur-
gery, but it could be years before
Sun and his doctors find out if it
was a success.
So late last month, Stieber and
Tatter performed a second, knife-
less surgery on Sun called gamma
knife radiosurgery.
It involved beaming a targeted
dose of radiation through the
.skull, and it's hoped that within
one to three years the tumor will
dissolve and his hormone levels
will be normal.
"I hope I will feel much, much
better so I can play basketball,
get strong and make some team
Sun said.
"That's what I hope
continued from Al
Carolina. This program is an
ECU partnership with the North
Carolina Commission on Volun-
teerism and Community Service,
community colleges, Boys and
Girls Clubs, faith based organiza-
tions and school systems in eastern
North Carolina. From 2000-2006,
Project HEART, recruited more
than 500 tutors to serve approxi-
mately 6,000 students in elemen-
tary schools, middle schools, high
schools and after school programs,
with the bulk of its members being
ECU students.
ECU and community college
students provide nine hundred
hours of service at a school or an
after school location in a twelve-
month period. Members work
with students, grades 3-12, who
score below the state standard in
several academic subject areas, and
mentor them to improve inside and
outside the class room. AmeriCorps
members also participate in at least
three major community service
projects, one in October, one in
January and one in April. The
Katrina Relief Project is an exam-
ple of one of many service projects
completed throughout the year.
Members receive a monthly sti-
pend and at the end of their service
year are eligible for
an education award.
Former Project HEART
member Jermaine Johnson, an
AVID high school tutor at North
Pitt High School, said, "This
project helps students excel in
school and they get to see where
they'll be if they excel academi-
cally The AmeriCorps mission is
to strengthen communities. ECU
Project HEART members continue
to make a difference in communi-
ties in eastern North Carolina
with the support of it's students,
faculty and partners. For additional
information, you may contact the
Director of the Program, Dr. Betty
Beacham at
This writer can be contacted at
Your source for online coverage
of the sights and sounds of the Bowl!
V2 Price
Pitchers of Draft
Mexican Restaurant
757-1666 4390003
Open 7 Days for Lunch, Dinner, & Fiestas!
-r iu
Nightly Dinner Specials $6.95
Monday- Chicken Parmesan
Tuesday- Country Fried Chicken
Wednesday- Spaghetti ft Meatballs
Thursday- Greek or Caesar Salad Chix
Friday- Fish a Chips
Saturday- Meat or 5 Cheese Lasagna
Sunday- Fried Shrimp Plate
758-2774 Take out
301 South Jarvis Street
H12 Delicious Combos $5.69 each
Daily Drink Specials
Monday - $1.75 Domestic bottles
Tuesday - $2.25 Imports
Wednesday - $1.25 Mug Bud Lt $4.50 Pitchers
Thursday - $2.50 House Hi-Balls $3 Wine
Friday - $2.50 Import of the Day
Saturday - $3 Lits ft $2.50 Import of the Day
Sunday - $2.75 Pints Guinness, Bass,
Stella Artois, Black and Tan

! at
, much

Professor writes book on jihad, first of its kind
Explains issues with
jihad and security
of nations
Dr. Jalil Koshandel, associ-
ate professor and director of
security studies, recently wrote a
book with fellow Middle Kastern
scholar Sharon Chadha called
Jihad anil International Security.
The book focuses on the nature
of jihad and how it relates to
the security of nations and is,
according to the author, the first
of its kind.
"It is about two different
major issues. The first is the
identity of jihad in Islam and
how it has been used as a war
strategy by a group of believers
called 'jihadists said Roshan-
del. "The second focus is how
jihad is being waged and who is
fighting jihad
He went on to explain exactly
what jihad meant in Islam. He
said that there were actually
two different jihads: The more
important or greater jihad, and
the smaller or lesser jihad.
The greater jihad is a "strug-
gle within your own self, own
spirit, in order to purify self from
doing evil things he said. This
greater jihad, he added, directly
contradicts what the terrorists
are doing.
The lesser jihad is to defend
the territory of Islam from
unbelievers or infidels. Roshan-
del, along with several other
Muslim scholars, have argued
that this lesser jihad is an issue of
the past. He said that there are a
couple of conditions that need to
be met for the lesser jihad to be
undertaken and that those con-
ditions were nearly impossible
to meet in today's society. The
lesser jihad needs a just leader,
such as a prophet. It is impossi-
ble, he said, to prove that one is a
prophet unless there is some kind
of divine intervention.
Roshandel also argues with
the use of the Arabic word
that translates in English to
"jhd" or "jihad" for the kind of
armed conflict the terrorists
are using it for. "The word for
waging war' is a different verb
from jihad Roshandel said.
The book puts forth a convinc-
ing argument that, "the jihad that
is being waged by groups of jihad-
ists is in fact a religious concept
taken away from its origin and used
as a war strategy Roshandel said.
Internationally, jihad did not
become a problem until 199(,
when terrorists started bombing
Western embassies in Africa, and
especially after 911.
"The United States has not
had any serious plan to confront
this movement he said. "Per-
haps they underestimated it
Interestingly, the book is writ-
ten in non-scholarly language.
This means that students and
government agencies will be able
to use the book to understand
more about this movement that
v djMk 3 bdrm 2.5 bath Duplex j Washer & dryer Included PARK YOUR Covered parking liA- r r a in On ECU buss route BOAT BEHINP P OK with deposit yOUR HOUSEf

J p0.

3 bdrm 2.5 bath House j Washer & dryer included 1 Covered parking CR AT LOC ATI O N On ECU buss route Wl iwn I 7 blocks from campus A KJ D S 1 Z E '
2 bdrm I bath Apt
Washer & dryer hookups
Free cable
On ECU buss route . - -
5 blocks from campus RENOVATED AND
Pets OK with deposit y p p AT C Q
All of our
properties are on
the ECU bus route
and offer 24 hour
emergency maintence.
Professionally Managed
By Eastern Property
Management, LLC
1 1 3D
Tired of dorm life?
Sick of sharing a bathroom?
Need a little room to breathe?
Qjame Lxpvtknce the Jfkiil 4 "She Qhwsi"
Formerly River Polnte Village
SunChase at East Carolina provides:
Private bathrooms ECU Shuttle Service ft
Full sized washerPirate Express
dryer 247 Fitness center
Large balcony 247 Business center
Fully furnished apts. Sparkling pool & patio area
Huge kitchens Full basketball court
Spacious study i Sand volleyball court
computer area with i Tanning beds
built In shelving In each Clubhouse wkitchen
bedroom Game room
High speed Internet Planned resident events
2201 NE Greenville Blvd.
Pet Friendly!
is garnering more and more
attention for itself on the
world stage.
"Both for its overview and its
practicalityi this hook will stand
apart from others. It deserves
a wide readership, not just in
government circles, but for all
those concerned to understand
how the war on terror is to be
fought and won wrote Bruce
Lawrence, a professor of Islamic
Studies at Duke University in a
review of the book.
Perhaps most importantly,
this hook clarifies the differ-
ence between what a Muslim
thinks of jihad and how the
terrorists have twisted it.
"Because I was born and
raised in a Muslim family, my
personal take on jihad was dif-
ferent than what I saw,especially
within the last 30 years Law-
rence said. He wanted to show
how different his conception of
jihad was from what the jihadists
were doing.
Koshandel i ame In I-1 I' in
August, according to a press
release. He is originally from
Iran and is internationally edu-
cated. He is an expert in weap-
ons of mass destruction, Middle
Eastern security, jihad and inter-
national security. Next semes-
ter, he is teaching an under-
graduate class, National Policy
Security, as well as a graduate
level class called Changing
Nature of National Security.
This writer can be contacted at
cKpir Connection
)r, Greenville (Near Sonic on Greenville Blvdj
You drank.
You danced.
You had sex
Free Pregnancy Tests
Carolina Pregnancy Center
Greenville (252) 757-0003
Washington location: (252) 946-8040
24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-395-HELP
1115 Forbes Street - 3BR, IBA House $900
2nd Street Duplex - 2BR, IBA $400
Brownlea Drive Duplex - 2BR, I BA $500-$525
Cannon Court - 2BR, 1.5BA $475
Cotanche Street - IBR $375-$395
Cypress Gardens - 2BR $485-$5IO
EastgateCollege Park - IBR $365-$4IO
2BR $445-$470
Forest Acres - IBR. IBA $345
GladiolusJasmine - I BR $375 2BR $435
Park Village - I BR $345 2BR $4IO-$425
Peony Gardens - 2BR, I.5BA $410
Verdan Street Duplex - 2BR, I BA $460
Wainright Property Management
3481 -A South Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27834

Happy Christmahaunakwanzikall!
A present of Pirate Rants
My ex-boyfriend treats me like crap and
my family and friends hate him. yet I
continue to talk to him and see him.
I'm sick of all the rants whining about
having to take classes people don't like
or actually having to do work on your
own without being spoon-fed. This isn't
high school. Get over it, stop tricking
whining and grow up already.
Herpes is hot and unique? I bet you'd
really love gonorrhea then. What an idiot.
To the guy who wrote, "If I were a girt,
I'd do me. Get over yourself!
What's the big deal? I'm white and
you're black. Get over it.
It's just not cool to talk on your cell phone
while in a bathroom stall.
What is going on with the weather?
The library should be open 24 hours
a day.
What would I do without "Greys
Anatomy Study maybe?
Is it bad that I just ate a bag of chips that
expired almost a month ago?
Is it bad that I still don't know how to fold
a newspaper?
This morning I thought of a great rant,
but now I have forgotten it that sucks.
I'm sorry to my Psyc. class for coughing
during our final today, I forgot my cough
Since when did calling someone Sir or
Ma'am become offensive?
When in Rome.
Is anyone else nol looking forward to
going home for Christmas break?
They aren't "Bratz" they're Prosti-tots.
How's this for an opinion? I almost wish
they would overturn Brown v. Board of
Education because 97 percent of the
African Americans in my high school
were disrespectful, disruptive idiots.
Did you know that the average American
gains seven pounds over the holiday
season? Better Jump on the treadmill!
I have absolutely nothing to do today
and I plan on making the most of It.
I think the traffic lights in Greenville see
me coming and decide to turn red.
Generally, conservative people have
grown disgusted with the media. I wouldn't
count on them finding a conservative
Opinion writer any time soon.
Charlie Brown should really try
I'm sick. My voice is low and scratchy,
and I sound like a little boy who's just
hit puberty.
We need snow. I fee! like plowing
someone over with a snowball right now.
I kind of like the idea of a purple robe,
even though at first I thought it was
ridiculous because the black robe just
seems more prestigious. Just as long as
it's a dark purple and not Crayola purple.
Where is "Dominic the Donkey?" I've
been waiting to hear that on the radio
since it's Christmas time but I haven't
heard it yet! It's just not Christmas
without Dominic!
I think old people who hold hands are
super cute.
Zippedee doo da zippedee aye. My oh
my what a wonderful day!
So we're all supposed to wear garish
purple robes to graduation? Scratch
that! I think wearing absolutely nothing
except my cap sounds like a better plan!
Funny how in the Dowdy Student Store
book buyback ad the kid is holding up
15 one-dollar bills. Well actually I guess
that's about right for a semester s worth
of books, just can't wait for that jackpot
If you care so much about your sorority
council then why don't you step up and
be a leader instead of a follower? Or are
you too lazy to handle all the hard work
and dedication that comes with the job?
I am telling my family not to come to
graduation because it is going to be
embarrassing to be a guy wearing a
purple dress I want to transfer schools
just so I won't have to look so fruity on
what is supposed to be the most proud
and professional day of my college
years. Purple robes are a dumb idea
I don't care if you sleep in class beside
me, but please try to keep the snoring
to a lull.
You should get a medal for each
semester completed. I assume that's
why I pay so much for my rising student
fees, for a gold medal.
The reason my mailbox is over its size limit
is because ECU keeps telling me that it is.
Is it just me, or is the Black Student
Union taking over this campus?
Amen to what Bndget Todd said!
Haha - I'm gonna teach your kids one day!
Dear Sorority Sister - Unlike the
other 95 percent of our sorority, I liked
you. Even after you went on power
trips, made rude and inappropriate
comments about other sisters, talked
crap about numerous people and acted
completely fake. I still liked you. But
then you made a snotty little comment
on one of your photos online Now,
not only do I not like you as a sister, I
don't even care for you as a person
I hate having a job where all my co-
workers and managers smoke pot.
What should I do about this?
Who ever said that I refer to myself with
the "n" word, not all "African Americans-
do just the ignorant ones.
Where are all the good-looking and
intelligent southern gentlemen of ECU?
Now that we have a Christmas
tree on campus, can we all pitch
in to get the blew up Santa, his
reindeer and possibly Frosty?
There is nothing more frustrating as a
sharp image of a fuzzy concept.
It's a shame that some apartment
complexes are more loyal to the towing
companies than they are to their
residents. I'm so glad to be moving so
that I do not have to deal with the terrible
management and can get away from the
greedy towing companies that even get
protection from the GPD. Where is the
protection for the residents who can
basically get their cars stolen "legally?"
To the people who don't study and make
good grades, bite me!
Don't add stuff to our final that we
haven't been tested over yet!
The person who thanked God for the
drunk bus is an idiot. God didn't give
you that bus, because according to Him,
being drunk is wrong.
What do you mean "where is the tree?"
Its that huge one beside Austin.
Just come out of the closet already. I think my chemistry professor is sexy.
I need Reade St. market and Destination
360 to sell bubble sheets.
Anti-conformity; everyone is doing it.
How about we try to erase the color lines
and try not referring to anyone or each
other by the color oft heir skin, but by the
character within us Identify me for who I
am and not by what you assume.
If sticking to my faith makes me a
bigot, then so be it. I'll be glad to be
known as the person who opposed
gay marriage.
If I ever become a waiter the first thing
that I will say to my customer is "you
just got served
Thank you for the letter to the editor
about the Brown v. Board of Education
article. I don't understand why it's
OK to bus someone, no matter their
race, 90 min across the county in the
name of racial equality in schools.
That makes no sense. And it's been
happening in Greenville for as long as I
can remember.
How many prescriptions do you have to
go through before you realize there's not
a pill for day-to-day mishaps?
I know the guy who made the half court
shot at the basketball game. And I wish
to inform the entire Pirate Nation that
this young man has not yet received his
$1,000 prize money. The system must
change! I'm writing to my Congressman
about this.
What a bad semester. Facebook and
Halo 2 have ruined me yet again.
I'm In love with the blonde that works in
the office at the Rsc Center!
Long distance dating is so overrated!
To the person who loves ECU. I do too!
And I wish there were more people like us!
I m in love with my roommates' girlfriend. I
secretly want to steal her away every night
My high school graduation robes were
purple - it was hideous. You can check
Facebook for proof! It was just one big
blob of purple instead of an elegant
graduating class!
Is it just me or is the ECU basketball
team full of the hottest most down to
earth people on the planet?
Has anyone played the "friends game"
on Facebook? Do it, it makes Facebook
that much more addictive!
Enough about Chuck Norris and gay
rights, we need to address a much more
important issue on campus. Like getting
good food at the dining halls!
My sorority president just got lavaliered
to a lying, cheating jerk. She couldn't
deserve him more.
It's true that every time you hear a bell,
an angel gets his wings. But what they
don't tell you is, every time you hear a
mousetrap snap, an angel gets set on Are.
My friend told me that a nice couple in
a white van picked him up and took him
home when he was drunk. I didn't have
the heart to tell him that it was Safe Ride.
I wish my roommate would vacuum my
side of the room too
Next time SGA wants to come and
disrupt dinner at West End, please play
some decent music not stuff I would
hear at Phoenix. Christmas Music would
have been nice.
Since when did Student Government
get so ghetto?
I wonder how many people aren't
coming back next year?
I hate frat boys.
Two wrongs don't make a right but
three rights make a left!
I almost got hit by a car today! I'm
going lo start wearing a metal suit while
walking to classes. Oh, and does the
word "stop" mean anything to you?
If you don t like the idea of purple
graduations robes, then either transfer
or get over it.
Leave the lights on in class it's making
me sleepy!
Whoever decorated the giant Christmas
tree down by Austin: That totally made
my day!
To the person that needs a new running
buddy I'm down, I've been looking to
replace my last one.
Quit complaining about purple
graduation gowns. Just remember, it
could be worse - they could be Big
Bird Yellow.
Society is retarded, I weep for the future.
Why does my roommate constantly turn
the AC on even when its 30 degrees
outside? I don't pay rent tolive in an icebox.
Ricky Stokes, please get rid of the black
basketball jerseys
Don't mess with another girls' boyfriend.
If you only knew what I did. I hope that
toilet water tasted good when you
brushed your teeth.
So my grade calculator told me I need
an infinity to get an A in one of my
classes. Talk about a de-motivator!
Underwear on your head is not a beanie
you drunk!
I find this sketchy.
Three out of my four teachers understood
I was really sick, it wasn't like I was
playing a joke on anyone when I had
bronchitis and fifty doctors notes. Come
on be a little more understanding please!
I'm glad I went to my 8 a.m. class today,
I saw the new ECU Christmas tree and
it made my day!
Why is it that the computer labs are
always full of people who are on
Myspace and Facebook while I need to
write a paper? I mean really, that is what
your personal computer is for Get off of
it If you don't need it and there is a line!
So is there any reason to take an exam if
I already know I'm going to fail the class?
Baby all I want for Christmas is you!
The Campus Crusade band rocks my
face off.
I am a conservative southern republican
who is an NRA advocate and supports
traditional morals and family values. I
would say go ahead and shoot me, but
if you don't support the NRA, I guess
you couldn't.
I hate ECU! I only came here because
my mom works for the university and
I got benefits. As soon as my transfer
comes back and allows me to go to a
school in my home state I am gone and
won't ever come back.
I don't think the dining hall food is that bad.
How did they get those bows up
There should be a place on campus to
nap in between classes.
I don't want to be with you, but I don't
want anyone else to be with you
When times are tough. And you think
you might scream. Just remember that it
all boils down, to the Faerie Queen. For
all the English nerds out there.
Ladybug, ladybug fly away home
No offense, but we are not having a
beer with you.
I secretly pee in the showers so girts,
keep that in mind the next time the
shower floods.
In relationships, remember: He who
cares the least wins!
My roommate is completely disgusting.
Gentlemen get your goodies tested.
Just because you walk out when I walk
in, doesn't oblige me to hold the door for
you, I thought you were an independent
Automatic simply means that you can't
repair it yourself.
All right, so who's going to be the first
to complain about the decorated tree
between Austin and Howell Science?
I'm sure it's oppressing someone
I posted about 20 rants the day before
yesterday and none of them made
into yesterday's paper. I hope they are
like Cingular rollover minutes and will
published into today's.
I have a rash from ECU toilet paper.
This is not OK.
All the cool kids stay at the library until
the sun comes up!
The moment that I looked into your eyes
you owned me.
I wish I was Tiger Woods or that he'd
at least adopt me.
Vehicles that have car alarms are so
funny. Especially when they go off as
the vehicle is being towed down the
street to the impound lot. A lot of good
it does, except draw attention!
To the really hot guy in my French class.
- thanks for making every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday worth waking
up for.
I love Pirate Rants!
Most people should just be happy that
they are graduating, period. I wouldn't
care if the gowns are purple with gold
polka dots, just as long as I get a chance
to wear one and walk across the stage
with my diploma!
Rainshower is the best air freshener
spray ever.
I don't really miss my family, but I miss
my baby kitties and my puppy doggie
when I'm at school.
Yesterday seven of my cousin's Pirate
Rants and two of mine where published,
I love how voiced my household is.
One of my classes I only go to because
of a certain someone in it with me.
The two-dollar oatmeal raisin cookies
sold on campus are delicious!
I think a happy medium for the gown
dispute would be a deep purple. That
way we could show our pride for our
school and its colors as well as wearing
a strong business color because of its
fierce dark shade.
ECU needs two reading days before
exams. That way I'd have two days to
finish my final paper. If not for Myspace
and Facebook, I'd be done by now. Sigh.
When I read the Pirate Rants I get
excited and ahead of myself and have
a hard time deferring my eyes from the
next Pirate Rant before I finish reading
the one I was on. t
Can we have a Confederate Student
You do something to me that I cant explain.
You can stop trying to get with me, it's
your roommate that I want.
How often do you have to smoke-up
before you're considered a stoner?
Who's ready for Snowshoe?
I secretly try to fart when people are
around to see if I can get away with it.
Why does this campus have so many
Pittsburgh Steelers fans? Everyone
knows they suck.
When you realize you've made a
mistake, make amends immediately. It's
easier to eat crow while it's still warm.
Musically, I'm a fan of the indie
persuasion. I rock out to bands I hope
most people have never heard of. But
ever since the pressure of finals hit me,
all I've been able to stand listening to
is bad Avril Lavigne songs. I've even
been wearing headphones in my room
so my roommates won't notice. How
The wheel is undoubtedly man's greatest
invention, but he somehow endangered
its value when he got behind it.
Things will probably turn out all right.
Vending machines will never replace
cheery waiters and waitresses unless
they learn to provide service with a
It used to be that postage stamps
portrayed a dignified view of the
country that issued them. Muted and
solemn, they bore unsmiling faces
of a nation s leaders, scientists,
and explorers. But, over the past
years, stamps have gone pop.
Your friends need your presence more
than your presents.
You must step back to make a make
greater leap.
Hunger adds the finest sauce to any dish.
Is it bad that I live in fear of getting an
e-mail from my English professor?
Most of us would rather be ruined by
praise than saved by criticism.
Is it bad that I choose going out over
studying for my finals?
The story about the guy that got shot on
his wedding night conveniently leaves
out that he was at a strip club that was
known for narcotics, guns and fights in
a horrible section of town. He ran his car
into a police car. There has to be more
to the story than they're telling.
My roommate signs her name all over
everything. She thinks she will be
famous one day but I think she's just
obsessed with herself.
Please don't wrap my presents in
newspaper you cheap bastard!
So, I was reading an article online about
the new keg law, and can honestly
say it's ridiculous. I feel like buying a
shotgun, which requires no permit,
going up to the governor that signed the
bill, shooting him and yelling out "well at
loast I can't be charged with intoxication,
we'll keep it at murder
If my roommate and his girlfriend can
disrespect me by being loud in bed I
can disrespect them by walking around
the apartment in my underwear.
Bouncy balls distract me from
They don't teach us how to parallel park
in driving school in N.C.
So after you've gone out and celebrated
that evening, is it really going to matter
the next day that you wore a purple
robe instead of a black one? You're
graduating for goodness sake get
over it!
To the guy wearing the Bayside High
shirt: You made my day. I'll be your Kelly
Kapowski if you'll be my Zack Morris.
All I want for Christmas is a real good tan!
You wouldn't be so overwhelmed with
classes and finals if you would just stop
talking to your boyfriend online every
hour of the day.
I would pay my roommate to clean up her
side of the room. It's a mess over there.
It may just be me, but has anyone
noticed that there are a lot of rants with
liberals bashing conservatives, but you
very rarely see conservatives bashing
liberals. Odd.
Will the water fountain be fixed soon? It
sure would be nice. I miss it.
X-mas lights on campus should be
purple and gold.
I miss the football season already.
Please don't hurt me! I'm the only
reason your dog is still alive!
You can make me do it, but you cannot
make me care.
March? Washington DC? Why didn't
anyone know about this beside about
20 people?
I'm in love with bigger girls;
something about hugging a girl
and not feeling like your going to
break her is such a great feeling.
You shut up.
Just because I work in a drive through
does not mean that I want to throw away
all the trash you collected out of your car
while waiting in line!
It is 30 degrees outside and you are
wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You look
like an idiot!
It sucks that housing isn't offering any
single rooms until March. Thanks for
making my life more miserable than it
already Is.
I can't wait to get outta Greenville and
go home for Christmas so I don't have to
see my roommates for a month.
I just ate and I think I feel hungry again.
Do you seriously still believe in Santa?
Subway, I'd love it if you got my order
right once in a while.
I think Uggs and leggings are so hot!
A person on the front page of TEC is I
holding a sign that says stop racism
now Urn, then why doesn't ECU hire
on merit instead of on skin color like
affirmative action dictates. "Equality by
any means necessary" should mean
that people stop asking for a free ride
and stop fighting past discrimination by
using it in the present. Equality means
that you compete for jobs on merit just
like everyone else
Exams are absolutely kicking my butt
already and they haven't even began!
Having to study this much is miserable.
All I want for Christmas is a kitten. Will
someone please get me one. Meow!
Thank you to the wonderful woman at
Java City who gave me a free cup of
coffee when I left my wallet at home.
I'll see you all in 2007! Take care friends!
Travel safely and enjoy yourtjmeathome.
Check for the
12 Days of Pirate Rants throughout the
exam period and again for a special
New Year's edition. Happy Holidays!

The ultimate opinion machine
Letter From The Editor Guilty "lebrities
Just one more day of classes (should you be
observing the makeup day) and a few finals until
we're done - with this semester at least. The
inevitable craziness of the holidays, however, will
be a welcome relief after balancing a hectic school
schedule with work and life in general.
This fall has been a whirlwind, and although
I'm looking forward to kicking back for a few days
and letting my mom cook for me, I can't help but
wish I had a little more time.
Despite my best intentions at the start of the
semester to attend every class (I'm paying for them,
after all) and to get involved with as much as possi-
ble, life always gets more complicated than expected.
Week after week, new challenges arise that
can obscure our original goals, consume the time
previously budgeted for other activities and make
us lose sight of our priorities. Life can require so
much focus on the little details of getting things
done that we forget to step back, look at the big
picture, and reflect on our choices.
As students and young adults, we are a force to
be reckoned with. The old adage "there's strength
in numbers" rings especially true when those
numbers make up a young, passionate and creative
generation committed to its dreams.
Our generation has the ability to utilize new
technologies that previous generations could only
dream of. We can communicate faster and in more
ways than ever before, yet we seem to continu-
ously choose to use these tools for trivial purposes
instead of causes that matter.
Students freak out when
adds a newsfeed, yet many choose to ignore
the AIDS pandemic, the war in Iraq, geno-
cide in Darfur, and instances of police bru-
tality, poverty and illiteracy closer to home.
Everyone seems to have a MySpace page, filled
with paragraphs of pointless information about
music preferences and favorite television shows
updated constantly; personal blogs that must take
hours to keep up with - hours that could be spent
doing something productive to help others.
Our generation has the power to make an enor-
mous impact on current events and issues if we only
choose to voice our opinions and work for change.
This holiday season, think about the causes that
are important to you and what you can do to help.
Choose to make a difference and give your time and
energy to something greater than yourself.
Have a safe and happy holiday.
Sarah Bell
Everyday something happens in the world of the rich
and famous that intrigues us. Bennifer broke up! OMG.
Tonikat got married and are fighting on their honey-
moon! Did you see how skinny Britney Spears is after
she has had two babies? Paris Milton has a new sex tape!
There are television programs, even television net-
works devoted to the life and times of celebrities. The E!
Channel researches individual celebrities' lives and form
an hour-long program about every little detail, called
True Hollywood Story. VI11 produces "Fabulous lite
of which chronicles the possessions of each celebrity.
For instance, how Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie spend
thousands of dollars on their teeny-tiny dogs.
"Celebrity Fit Clubfile Surreal LifeHie Simple
Life" and "Fear Factor; Celebrity Edition" are all exam-
ples of our extreme desire to grasp a look into the lives
of these worshipped people. What is the big deal Yes,
celebrities get fat, they play stupid on television for atten-
tion, and they do gross things to be back in the spotlight.
Why do we leech onto their lives and hunt the
Internet for the latest gossip concerning Tom Cruise's
obsession with Scientology or the picture of the girl that
Adam Brody slept with?
It is a way to escape our own personal drama.
Celebrity drama and problems always appear to be
more important and more drastic than our own.
Psychologists call this specific thing projection. We
convert our anger and sad feelings of our own prob-
lems onto the tilings that occur in the celebrities' lives.
For most people it is a guilty pleasure to find out dirt
on celebrities. People magazine publishes pictures of our
favorite actors and musicians out doing all the "normal"
tilings that regular people do. For instance, like grabbing
a$MX) purse at a local store. Right. Weenvy their freedom.
They base unlimited money supplies. They receive
free clothing and accessories from famous designers! In
our mind, we can act and sing better than celebrities.
This is another reason we follow them, we get the chance
to make fun of them. "That movie she did was horrible
"Did you see how much fat she has on her thighs now
"He totally needs to shave that, it's disgusting
"South Park" and "Family Guy both of these two
television shows constantly mock the actions of the
"famous ones For example, "South Park" produced an
episode with R. Kelly singing his infamous "In the Closet"
to Tom Cruise, who was sitting in the closet, to tell him
to come out! "Family Guy" consistently chooses a celeb-
rity of the week to taunt with the main characters' antics
It is obvious that it is part of our culture to look up
to those with more money anil more power than us. It
is our guilty pleasure to fantasize about being these
people and being famous. But, there is no need for entire
magazines and television networks to be dedicated to
the somewhat mundane then dramatic lives of the rich
and famous.
Right-wingers address
AIDS in typical fashion
Financial greed and religious beliefs
fuel Bush's emergency plan
We are an entire generation into the AIDS
pandemic; we have seen the horrible toll on human
life AIDS has taken on the world and the stunning
advances in research that have been made over the
past few years. Seen as a death sentence in years past,
we now have the medicine and treatments available to
combat the illness and to help fight the spread of HIV.
The problem is that U.S. policy makers are not uti-
lizing these advances. AIDS policy should consist of a
i ritiial balance of medicinal treatment for the infected and
education about how to stop the spread of HI V. Currently,
the U.S. policy, called Presidents Emergency Plan tor
AIDS Relief, is a despicable prioritization of pharmaceu-
tical industry profits and irresponsible prevention pro-
grams mandateil to promote "abstinence only" education.
After another three million AIDS deaths this year,
the Bush Administration is lookingout for their buddies
in the pharmaceutical industry rather than ensuring peo-
ples access to medicine. Patents permitting drug compa-
nies based in the U.S. and Europe, dominate the market,
which prevents countries in Asia, Africa and Latin
America tiom providing people with cheaper, generic
drugs. With an estimated 9.5 percent of people with
AIDS living in those regions of the world it is essential
tor them to be able to obtain AIDS medicines at a reason-
able price. The current policy in the U.S enacted by Bill
Clinton, is to bargain with pharmaceutical companies
fiir reduced prices and donations for ailing countries.
Depending on the charity of mega-corporations
is obviously not the way to combat the worst epidemic
in recorded history. Medicine should be excluded from
WTO patent rules like food and water, so that poor
countries can supply them to their people In '2001, the
U.S. agreed to do this in Doha trade talks, but the Bush
administration has yet to make good on that promise.
Worse than not providing medicine to those already
Infected, the Bush administration may actually increase
the spread of HIV by irresponsibly advocating "absti-
nence only" education rather than condom use. One third
of all U.S. AIDS funding goes towards abstinence only
education even though there is absolutely no scientific
evidence that proves that moralizing about abstinence
can prevent future spread of HIV Research that has been
done on the issue showed that in Ugai ida, it took only two
years for the HIV rates to double after U.S. missionar-
iespolicymakers effectively shifted the countries AIDS
prevention program from condom use to abstinence.
Even after these studies were conducted, the Bush
administration continues to favor right-wing Christian
organizations to disburse federal AIDS funding rather
than scientific ones. Take Herbert Lusk for example,
he is an outspoken anti-gay, anti-contraceptives pastor
from Pennsylvania with absolutely no AIDSHIV
experience or knowledge who was appointed to the
Presidential Advisory Council on HIVAIDS in March.
Or the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, who was
awarded a IS million dollar grant after they removed
the information that used to be included in students'
books about condom use.
Christian fundamentalists and the organiza-
tions they represent fail to see the differences in our
culture and the cultures of those most affected by
the AIDS epidemic. How can abstinence only educa-
tion help the hundreds of thousands of women who
are raped every year? How can abstinence help the
millions of sex workers in Ethiopia and all over the
world? Abstaining for sex until marriage is great,
but what if your spouse already has AIDS? Rather
than the fundamentalist wet dream of eliminating
premarital sex, AIDS policies must be founded on
what is proven to be effective: Education, cheap access
to condoms and medication within a structure that
promotes responsible and educated sexual behavior.
The Bush administration must stop its ideological
conquest on the world and do what is right, help those in
need, not just those who make campaign contributions.
Rachel King
News Editor
Sarah Campbell
Features Editor
Eric Gilmore
Sports Editor
Sarah Hackney
Head Copy Editor
Sarah Bell
Editor in Chief
Claire Murphy
Asst. News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Asst. Features Editor
Greg Katski
Asst. Sports Editor
Zach Sirkin
Photo Editor
Rachael Lotter Jamie Crouthamel
Multimedia Web Editor Production Manager
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copies every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the
regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during
the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of the editorial board
and is written by editorial board members. The East Carolin-
ian welcomes letters to the editor which are limited to 250
words (which may be edited for decency or brevity). We
reserve the right to edit or reject letters and all letters must
be signed and include a telephone number. Letters may be
sent via e-mail to or to the East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, N.C. 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One copy
of the East Carolinian is free, each additional copy is $1.
The ECU 1 Card Office is moving to G-521 Old Cafeteria Complex
on TUESDAY, DEC. 12th. The 1 Card Office will be closed that day.
Please visit us in our new location beginning
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 13th when we will open at 12 noon.
We will also have a NEW PHONE NUMBER
effective with the move:
phone 328-2673
fax 328-0631
Regular Hours: Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 5 pm I Friday: 10 am - 3 pm
Visit our web site lor spoclal hours ovor the holidays and In January)
The new office is on the-
ground floor.
Enter through door near
the south-east parking lot.
Major at ECU:
Family and
Community Service
Listening to music &
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1H15-L) Sb Gretjriv.ilie Blvd Greenville NC i78?4
My Name
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Division of UJUL
210 E. 5th St
SUN 1-5
Top of the Line
Limousine and Transportation Service, Inc.
Direct shTJTTfe service to Raleigh ,
Durham Intl Airport.
Private Car and Shared Ride -
Convenient Pick up locations on
the ECU Campus.
Phone 1.800.371.0165 www.topofthelinelimo.tom
Also open in Raleigh. Cary. Chapel
Hill Durham Greensboro & Winston
In business since 1988'
3160-D Evans Road
Lynncroft Shopping Center
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Computers Made Simple

Household chores demand your
attention. This is not simply an
annoyance. It s an opportunity
for you to consider your options,
in a familiar setting.
Do the reading. Don't wait
around for your friends to bail
you out. You're more likely to
come up with the right answer
than they are
Figure out a way to make your
job take up less of your time,
without taking a cut in pay. Get
your boss to help.
You're working overtime but
you're good at the job and
it's satisfying. If you're not,
change jobs. At this time of
year, everyone needs your
Gather up the goodies and
stash them away in a safe
place. You'll find you already
have almost everything you
New pressures develop as
you put your plans into action.
Hurry and get everything ready,
down to the tiniest detail.
You're very imaginative now,
regarding your job. You'll come
up with innovations that can
save a lot of money. Write them
You're gathering respect and
confidence as well as the
money. This is more valid, of
course, if you're doing business.
If you're not, you should be.
Travel conditions are good for
this weekend, so get packed
and prepared. Make your lists
now and check everything
twice, you won't have time
You could be holding on to
something more valuable than
you realize. Better get a new
appraisal before you offer to
Finish up early - you'll want to
get started on the celebration.
So many friends, so little time.
You'll have to pace yourself.
Although all the problems have
not yet been solved, folks are
in a better humor, generally
speaking. You certainly are,
and that's a good place to
Drink Recipes:
Spiced Cider
1 quart apple cider
2 cinnamon sticks
Zest of 1 lemon
1 cup dark rum, optional
Thinly sliced apples for
Cinnamon sticks for garnish
Pour apple cider into a large
saucepan. Add cinnamon
sticks and lemon zest. Bring to
a boil. Reduce heat and simmer
for 15 minutes. Remove from
heat and strain. Add dark rum.
Serve warm into coffee mugs
and garnish with an apple slice
and a cinnamon stick.
Sparkling Punch
2 cans cranberry juice
1 liter bottle sparkling wine
2 liter bottles Lemon-lime
Combine all the ingredients in a
punch bowl. You can add an ice
ring with cranberries in it.
Arts & Entertainment
Fans have plenty of bowl travel options
Your guide to getting
to the game
The Pirates are invading Bir-
mingham for the
Bowl and they'll need a strong fan
presence in the stands.
The howl has already sold
between 12,000 and 14,000 tick-
ets within the Birmingham com-
munity, according to Mark Mead-
ows, the bowl's executive director.
Bowls are required by til NCAA
to average '25,000 fans over a
three-year period, and each team
is allotted a minimum of 10,000
Although the
Bowl takes places just before the
holidays on Dec. 23, ticket sales
are an important factor in the
selection of teams for future bowl
ECU took approximately
12,000 fans to its last bowl appear-
ance in Mobile in 2001, while
South Florida brought 5,000 fans
to the Meineke Car Care Bowl in
Charlotte last year.
To ensure students who want
to attend the game have the
opportunity, the Department of
Student Experiences is sponsor-
ing a bus trip to Birmingham,
leaving from Mendenhall Friday,
Dec. 21 at 11:50 p.m. and return-
ing immediately after the game
on Saturday. Space is limited to
the first flo students who turn
in applications, which must be
accompanied by a completed uni-
versity code of conduct form.
"I'm extremely excited about
this great opportunity for students
to show their Pirate Pride it's
going to be a fun time watching
all of Birmingham turn purple
said Ken Robol, director of stu-
dent media and trip chaperone.
The cost of the university-
sponsored trip ranges from100-
200 and includes transporta-
tion to and from the bowl, hotel
accommodations for one night
at the Courtyard by Marriott
Birmingham and one bowl game
"We heard a lot of students
wanted to go fto the bowl but
couldn't afford it. We saw there
were a lot of travel packages but
they were expensive, especially
around the holidays said Corey
King, associate vice chancellor for
student engagement.
Other travel packages, avail-
able through the Pirate Club,
range from $295 to $595 and up,
depending on the mode of trans-
portation and number of people.
Pirate fans can choose to travel to
the bowl and back in a same-day
charter flight from Kinston, or
arrive by coach or car on Dec. 21
and stay for two nights at either
the Amerisuites Riverchase or the
Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham.
The packages include transpor-
tation to and from the stadium
on Saturday, but tickets must be
purchased separately.
Pirates who prefer to travel
independently can make the
approximately 10-hour, G30-mile
trip via U.S. 264-W to 1-95 S,
pick up 1-20 W in South Carolina
and follow 1-20 W through Geor-
gia into Birmingham. The route
passes through several major
cities including Columbia, S.C
Atlanta and Augusta, Ga. and
offers plenty of interesting stops
along the way, should seasoned
road-trippers want to explore
beyond the interstate.
Once in Birmingham, hotels
abound. South Florida's team
will shack up at the Sheraton
downtown while ECU'S team
will be at the Wynfrey Hotel in
Hoover and the Hilton Perimeter
Park. So far. the cheapest lodging
to be found is at the Sun Suites
of Birmingham (4.K miles from
Legion Field), with rooms start-
ing at $49.49. The Days Inn Bir-
mingham, however, is the closest
to Legion Field (.8 miles) and has
rooms starting at $71.99.
Closer to home, Pirate fans
can join in a pre-bowl pep rally
on Saturday during halftime at
the men's basketball game. Ironi-
cally, the basketball team will
face South Florida at 7 p.m.
The bowl
game w ill air on ESPN 2 at many
local restaurants and bars in
Greenville, and the East Carolin-
ian will provide coverage of the
game and it's festivities online at starting
Dec. 20.
This writer can be contacted at
Directions from
Greenville to
Birmingham, Al.
Take U.S64 W to 1-95 S
Follow 1-95 S through South
Carolina, merge onto 1-20 W
toward Columbia, S.C.
Continue on 1-20 W through
Georgia and into Birmingham
Estimated Time: 10 hours
Estimated Distance: 540 miles
Nicknamed the "Magic City Birmingham is Alabama's largest city with a population of almost one million
The city offers range of attractions, including the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Birmingham Zoo, Sloss blast
Furnaces National Historic Landmark and the Southern Museum of Flight.
Birmingham is the birthplace of Condoleezza Rice, President George W. Bush's national security director; Court-
ney Cox Arquette, star of "Friends Bart Starr, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback; Paul "Bear" Bryant, Alabama's
legendary football coach; and Nell Carter, gospel singer.
Catch a ride on the Polar Express
Just in
time for
Music year in review
I was surprised this past week
when a few people I knew, and a
few I didn't, had plenty to say to
DM about my last week's 10 albums
to listen to.
I've never really had so much
feedback on a list, but some argued
that those 1() album picks were just
too obvious.
Others criticized, claiming that
there wasn't enough unheard stuff
on the list - everyone knows who
Dylan and the Beatles are.
One student said there should
have been more Springsteen
on the list!
Well, you can't please everyone,
so I've come back for another top 10
list-this time, I'll narrow the field
a little bit, and focus on my favorite
10 albums from this year.
1. Horn Again In The USA by
Loose Fur: Asa huge Wilco fan, I'm
sort of impartial to Jeff Tweedy s
songwriting and really anything
he does. "Hey Chicken" and "The
Ruling Class" are easily two of the
best-written songs this year
2. Bitter Tea by The Fiery Fur-
naces: After interviewing Matt
Friedberger about this album
and his solo albums (also released
this year), I decided I needed to
hear this album. A huge, very
different step beyond Hehearsing
My Choir, Hitter Tea is an amazing
rapture of brilliant melodies and
great lyrics.
3. And The liattle Begun by
HX Bandits: No one else today
pushes music quite like the RX
Bandits They take ska and punk
and make it sound Mars Volta-
esque, except a hundred times less
forced and with far better, socially
focused lyrics.
4. Modern Timesby Bob Dylan:
Look, I love Bob Dylan. Regardless
of the controversy surrounding
the copywriting and song cred-
its on this album, Dylan proved
he's got what it takes to both
write and perform songs. And he's
still the man.
5. Meds by Placebo: Singer
A North Pole adventure
is brought to N.C.
Christmas caroling, plays and
viewing Christmas light displays
are some of the many activities
that families do together during
the holiday season. It seems as
though year after year, the holi-
days are filled with many of the
same old activities and traditions.
This Christmas why not shake
things up a bit?
The Great Smoky Moun-
tains Railroad has teamed up
with Warner Brothers Consumer
Products to produce the ultimate
Christmas experience: A real life
Polar Express.
For those of you who have been
living in a hole the last few years
and don't really know what the
Polar Express is, now is your time
to be enlightened.
The Polar Express, starring
none other than the amazing Tom
Hanks, was released in theaters
Nov. 10, 2004. The movie, which
was based on the book by chil-
dren's writer Chris Van Allsburg,
told a story of a boy who, after
doubting Santa's existence, takes
a train ride to the North Pole on
Christmas Eve.
The book quickly became a holi-
day must-read and has sold over six
million copies. The Great Smoky
Mountains Railroad recognized
how popular the story had become
and decided to make their own real
life version of the Polar Express.
GSMR has been running the
event all through November and
will continue through Decem-
ber as Christmas approaches.
Depending on how much you
want to spend on this exciting
adventure, there are two trains
to choose from: The Polar
Express or The Polar Express
Dining Train.
The Polar Express train
departs in Bryson City and takes
passengers on a magical jour-
ney through the quiet wilder-
ness. As the anticipation on
getting to the "North Pole" rises,
guests will take part in listening
and reading the classic Polar
Express story, all while drinking
hot chocolate and eating yummy
Christmas cookies.
see POLAR page A7
The Polar Express is brought to life in the animated classic voiced by Tom Hanks.
'The Fountain' overflows with creativity
see WZMB page A8
The most innovative
film of 2006
This year has been a phenom-
enal year for movies. It seems as
if an explosion of creativity sud-
denly erupted from the minds of
the movie gods and landed upon
the screenwriters. The pinnacle
of this creative mountain is found
in The Fountain.
The film is perhaps the most
creative film of the decade, rivaled
in the 1990s only by Pulp Fic-
tion and The Nightmare Before
Christmas. Directed by acclaimed
director Darren Aronofsky, who
previously put his creative genius
to work in Reauiemfor a Dream.
The film follows three time-
lines. One, set in the 1400s, follows
Spanish conquistador Tomas on
his quest to find the Tree of Life in
the middle of Central America.
The other takes place in pres-
ent time and follows Tommy, who
is trying to find a Fountain of -
Youth like cure-all that will save 5
his wife Izzy.
The last timeline, and unfortu-
nately the most confusing, is set in
2500 where supposedly Tommy is
the last surviving human floating
on a piece of Earth inside a bubble
heading toward what is presum-
ably God.
In each timeline, Tommy has
a love named Isabella. The first
timeline deals with the beau-
Actor Hugh Jackman offers a phenomenal performance in The Fountain.
tiful Spanish Queen Isabella,
the second with Tommy's ill
wife Izzy and the last with Izzy's
ghost. Each Tommy is on a quest to
find eternal life and the salvation
of their love.
The film beautifully expresses
the desire of every man to life
forever. It reminds the viewer of
just how fragile life is. 1 like to
call The Fountain a filmmaker's
movie because it is an example
of modern art instead of the use-
less drivel most directors come
out with today.
This is the type of film that
filmmakers aspire to make when
they go to film school and pick
up a camera for the first time.
It inspires a thousand different
thoughts, during and after one
watches it. I even found myself
questioning my entire existence
while stuffing my face with Milk
The film stars Hugh Jackman,
Rachel Weisz and Ellen Burstyn.
Jackman has grown exponentially
as an actor since I first gained
notice of him in X-Men.
He expresses so much emotion
that the viewer finds it hard to
believe they are watching a film
in the first place, rather than a
well-placed secret camera follpw-
ing this man's every move.
This year was filled with
so many great leading male
performances, but so far I have
never been so sure of someone's
Oscar nomination as I was
with Jackman's.
Weisz is stunning as Queen
Isabella and as convincing as a
brain tumor patient; however
I believe that she was miscast.
Weisz has consistently been a
great actress in all of her films,
but the script did not do any of this
justice. Her character is underused
and underdeveloped. I hate to
admit it but it seems as if she only
got the part because her husband
is the director.
Burstyn is another underused
character. The actress, who won
an Oscar for her brilliance in her
role as the terrified mother in
The Exorcist, plays Tommy's boss
see FOUNTAIN page A8

Happy Holidays!
From the staff at The East Carolinian. See you next year!
continued from A6
North Face
Life is Good
Receive 10 Off with this ad
Expires December 31,2006
207 E.Arlington Blvd. 252.756.1003
Never Summer
DC Shoe
Once the passengers arrive
at the North Pole, Santa him-
self, as well as his reindeer of
course, will get on the train and
greet each child with his or her
own sleigh bell.
After visiting with Santa,
the train will return to Bryson
City. Since everyone will he
in the Christmas spirit after
visiting the real Santa Claus, pas-
sengers will take part in singing
Christmas carols on the w ay home.
Yes, the Polar Express train
does sound exciting, hut if you
want to step your trip up a little
more, the Polar Kxpress Dining
train is for you.
Passengers experience the
same story as the regular Polar
Kxpress train, except this train
departs from Dillsboroand guests
will enjoy a three-course meal in
refurbished dining cars from rail-
roads all over the nation.
Hazelnut pumpkin bisque,
brown sugar spiral baked ham,
green bean casserole and famous
desserts are some of the items
that grace the adult menu. More
typical things, such as chicken
fingers, macaroni and cheese, and
Jello, are the foods that the kids
will get to enjoy.
As on the Polar Kxpress train,
hot chocolate and cookies will be
served, and the trip will conclude
with a visit from Santa and Christ-
mas carols on the way home.
It is encouraged to make
reservations since space is
limited. Tickets for the Polar
Kxpress are $'2i) per adult and
$17 per child. Tickets for the
Polar Express Dining Train
run $60 for adults, $32.50 per
child and $10 for babies two
and under.
Although the train runs most
days in December, to be safe
and sure that the train is run-
ning the day you are traveling,
call 800-872-4681 and let the
adventure begin!
This writer can be contacted at
Free Cable TV24-hour Emergency( .
Free Water S SewerMaintenance
Alrlmba Wireless AvailableOn ECU Bus Route
Sparkling Swimming poolWasherDryer Connections
Professional On-Slte ManagementSpacious Floor Plans
Laundry Center'In some units
Stratford Arms
Steam Bar & Cajun Cafe
Lalssez le boo temps Rouler!
1900 S. Charl

Crab Legs
per pound
Steamed Shrimp
per pound
Crab Cakes or Stuffed
Flounder $13.99
$1.50 Bud Lite Select
Draft wl Student ID
Buy One Peck
Get 12 LB Shrimp
eenvilie, NC 27858
So close to
Stadium, even we
stand up for the
et CASH for
your books.
NOW through DECEMBER 15
Buyback hours for Dowdy Student Stores:
Wright Place, Wright Building:
Monday - Thursday: 8 am - 7 pm
Friday: 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 11 am - 3 pm
Speight & Mendenhall Bus Stops, College
Hill Drive Buyback Trailer Hours:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
(closed Saturdays & Sundays)
Ronald E. Dowdy
Student Stores
Wrisht Buildins 252-328-6731 1-877-499-TEXT
Your roommate
got drunk and
peed in your
laundry basket.
You can afford to live alone,

continued from A6
Brian Molko brought his lyri-
cal A-game on this album,
and the result is a musically
accessible album with lyrics that
border the poetic.
6 Tou In Reverse by Built to
Spill: After a five-year record-
ing hiatus, Doug Martsch and
company is back and just as good
as ever. This album is as good,
if not better, than Keep It Like a
Secret, what some consider their
finest work.
7. The Eraser by Thorn
Yorke: Yeah, he's in Radiohead,
and yeah, he's amazing. Sitting
around listening to The Eraser,
I wonder how Yorke managed to
do the impossible with his vocals
time and again. His knack for
impossible melodies and
off-beats is brilliant.
8. Magic Potion by The Black
Keys: While I really couldn't get
into Wolfmother's faux- Osbourne
style throwback rock, the Black
Keys sound impressive for a duo.
Recorded in the group's basement,
the album really got me into what
they are doing.
9. Tou Do The Company Proud
by Belles of Skin City: Insane
both musically and lyrically, this
album is by far the most original
sounding release of the year, and
the band manages to step way
outside the box.
10. Will Write Tou Love Let-
ters If Tou Tell Me To by The Km v
Corps: Though only an EP, this
self-released gem is a pure ava-
lanche of indie melodies galore.
Lyrically, some tracks miss, but
every song hits right on musically,
and the EP does its job - it makes
you excited for future releases.
Be sure to look out for my next
list, the biggest disappointments
of 2006 coming soon to The
East Carolinian. Remember to stay
tuned to the WZMB for a variety
of music sure to please any music
This writer can be contacted at
continued from A6
in the pharmaceutical lab he is
desperately trying to find a cure
in. Despite only having very few
lines Burttyn brings them across
with stunning emotion.
Overall, the movie is carried
by Jackman who is in every scene
of the movie and carries it like
Atlas carrying the Karth on his
shoulders. The Fountain raises the
question: Is originality synony-
mous with brilliance In this case,
the answer is most definitely yes.
The Fountain's originality is
the catalyst in making the film a
permanent classic. Aronofsky is
quickly making a name for him-
self as this generation's Stanley
Kubrick and hopefully our many
expectations w ill not be in vain.
Head to your local theatre
over the holiday break to behold
a new classic.
Movie Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
pu lse@theeastcarol i
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Buy & So College Textbooks

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urn an additional 7 savin6s
252.353.BEAT (2328)

7, 2006
ECU's Inside Source
3 Men and women's sports don't match up
Consecutive games that ECU
has lost to USF in the three-
game series; the Pirates were
defeated at Dowdy-Ficklen
Stadium twice (2002 and
2003) and once in Tampa,
Fla. (2004) before USF
joined the Big East from
Conference USA
ECU's all-time record at
Legion Field; the Pirates lost
17-12 to UAB this season;
the Blazers sent ECU their
second loss in a 36-17 upset
in 1999 and derailed ECU
36-29 in 2002; Alabama,
who used to play Auburn at
Legion Field beat ECU 23-22
on Oct. 17, 1998
Minimum amount of money
that it would cost a student
to travel to the Papajohns.
com Bowl and stay at hotel
(Courtyard by Marriott-
Birmingham, Ala.) for one
night with three friends; the
55-passenger bus will depart
from Mendenhall on Dec. 21
at 11:50 p.m. scheduling to
arrive midday Dec. 22; after
the game the bus will leave
immediately and is scheduled
to arrive back in Greenville
on Christmas Eve
Approximate number ot tick-
ets donated to the Student
Pirate Club by alumni unable
to attend; an e-mail was sent
Dec. 1 to seniors, who have
been SPC members for the
past four years; in order to
receive tickets, students must
contact a Pirate Club official
with priority now open to all
students; the tickets will be
distributed on a first-come
first-serve basis and pick-up
will be on Dec. 12 at 10 a.m.
at the Minges Ticket Office
Payout of the
Bowl, which is the lowest
of all 31 bowls; the money
is allocated to Conference
USA and then dispersed
equally to all 12 teams; the
New Orleans Bowl gives out
$325,000 while the Liberty
Bowl hands out $1.7 million;
the five BCS bowls give out
$17 million each
Difference in average points
in favor of USF (22.9) over
ECU (22.8); the Bulls scored
275 points while ECU scored
273 points; USF is ranked
tied for No. 67 nationally
while the Pirates are 69th
Games since FXU has had
two 100-yard rushers in a
single game; Vonta Leach
had a career-high 111 yards
and Marvin Townes tallied
107 yards in a 38-37 double
overtime loss to USF on
Nov. 8, 2003; Leach's 1-yard
touchdown with 21 seconds
to play forced overtime;
coincidentally then-redshirt
freshman quarterback James
Pinkney began his consecu-
tive starting streak on the
same day
Football scholarships alone almost
equal women's totals
5 A LBAI 6 I
LF 6.0
TOTALS 85.44
Minges Coliseum's 8,000-seat capacity is usu-
ally half-full for a men's basketball game.
No, seriously.
The men's basketball team is averag-
ing 4,269 fans per game through three
contests against relative unknowns.
Through the same number of
games, only 3,983 total fans
have come to see the women's
basketball team.
The men were picked last in
the conference, while the women enjoyed their best
season since last year and were picked seventh in
Conference USA. The men have just four returnees
with 10 new faces while the women return nine
letter winners, including C-USA's Co-Freshman of
the Year in Jasmine Young.
Yet fans remain interested in the men's team and
ignore the women. What gives? Why is there is such a
large separation between male and female sports?
tg Perhaps it has to do with the fact that most men feel that
' m j women put in as much effort as men, but arejust not as capable
at physical activities.
"For a select few, women are able to play near the same level as
the men said an ECU male athlete, who chose to remain unidentified. "But
for the most part, women are not as skilled. This comes mainly from physical
limitations, not a lack of hard work or dedication
All male athletes do not share this sentiment and over the years, more men have
come to realize that women are just as capable and are sometimes even better at sports
than men.
The controversial introduction of Title IX happened in 1972. The law adopted by President Nixon
which clearly states, "no person in the U.S. shall, on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, or
denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving
federal aid
How is it that women's sports still don't get the same recognition as male sports?
"Right now female professional sports are not what the public wants to watch said an ECU female athlete, who
wanted to keep her name and sport anonymous. "Male sports get more money and attention because people want
to see them play. Of course I wish they would want to see females play just as much, but this isn't reality
Another female Pirate felt the same way.
"Sports are still highly male dominated, and this, is largely because society tells females that being a strong athlete isn't feminine or attrac-
tive she said. "Attention and money go to sports that sell tickets
The football team generates revenue for the athletic budget, which in turn helps the
Olympic sports. Money does have a lot to do with the separation of male and female sports.
The more money a team receives is proportional to the equipment offered. Better facilities
and equipment relate to what levels of athletes are recruited.
However, the football team averaged 37,168 fans over six games, while the leading
women's draw was volleyball with a paltry 440 person average despite a six-game home
winning streak.
"1 would definitely say that men's and women's sports are equally as competitive the
female athlete said. "However, as you move down the ranks, from top-50 ranked, from D-I
to D-1I, etc the men's and women's programs begin to grow farther and farther apart in
competitive nature. The men's programs are still rather competitive, whereas the women's
teams get less competitive. This has to do with the number of women playing
Ninety-nine grant-in-aids for the women's sports ECU fields are allowed by the NCAA
maximum. ECU handed out 85.44 scholarships for eight women's sports for the 2006-2007
school year. In just football, 85 grants-in-aid are awarded.
According to the Rosie Thompson, ECU's compliance officer, the athletic department
supports 86.3 percent of the NCAA maximum for women's sports and 95.5 percent of the
"I don't think gender should be used to determine funding, but it is typically the men's
sports that bring in revenue said an anonymous male athlete.
But will society change? Women were embraced athletically 50 years ago the way they
are currently. More than ever, males and females are starting to get a chance to compete
with each other.
"I have played intramural indoor soccer that was co-ed. I had no problem sharing the
floor with a woman and would gladly do it again said an ECU male athlete. "I think if
women are willing and they have the ability, they should be encouraged to try and compete
with men
Even the men are starting to see the progress that women have made.
"As more women emerge as competitive in the male dominated arena, more people will
begin to give more attention to women's sports, which they rightly deserve said another
ECU male athlete.
Title IX was meant to combat the discrepancy between male and female sports. But 34
years later, even Minges Coliseum continually shows the differences.
-AID AWARDED FOR 2006-2007
This writer can be contacted at
Late free throws ice win over UNC Wilmington
Nicole Days grabbed 11 rebounds and breaks away from a UNCW defender.
Win gives Lady Pirates
four of last five against
Sea hawks
After a lackluster performance
on Sunday against Florida State to
snap a two-game winning streak, the
Lady Pirates welcomed former Colo-
nial Athletic Association rival UNC
Wilmington to Minges Coliseum.
ECU (4-5) proved to be too much
for the Seahawks (4-4) even on a poor
shooting night, winning in a nail biter
57-52, after being up by as many as 13.
The win gives ECU four wins in their
last five against UNC Wilmington.
The game wasn't without drama,
however. UNCW made numerous
runs in the game. ECU led 46-34
with 16:27 left in the second half
but UNCW cut it to three by the
12:11 mark in the game. The Lady
Pirates pulled away once again,
grabbing a seven-point lead with
9:29 remaining.
A cold streak prevented the
women from scoring again until
the 2:14 mark, a span of over seven
minutes. ECU held on to make clutch
free throws down the stretch for the
fr five-point margin.
The Lady Pirates finished a
i horrid 35.6 percent (21-of-59) from
A the field. UNCW wasn't much more
inefficient, shooting 42.9 percent (18-
J of-42) from the floor.
ECU dominated in the paint
and on the fast break points in what
m- -jrJffiHJM ?! mfmmmmmmmurmt
In Its p-ii ' L of Venn vyTin 0i 1 Ji'ih 11 Kligf
Jasmine Young went 6-of-9 from the charity stripe to hold off UNCW.
turned out to be the contributing
factors. The Lady Pirates outscored
UNCW 34-18 in the paint, while
scoring outscoring the Seahawks by
14 points on the break. ECU held a
noticeable size difference down low
but were only able to out rebound
UNCW by four, 37-33.
ECU Head Coach Sharon Bald-
win-Tener thought limiting the
transition baskets and dominating
in the paint were key contributors
to the Pirates win.
"It was a pretty big factor said
Baldwin-Tener. "They push the ball
pretty well. 1 thought we did a good
job limiting their transition baskets.
That was a key for us going in and
also a key for us everyday to just
push the ball and get some layups. I
thought we shot the ball pretty well
the first half, but the second half we
didn't shoot it so well. Our post play-
ers just kind of threw it, they weren't
shooting the ball
The Lady Pirates were led by
the duo of sophomore guard Jasmine
Young and senior center Cherie
Mills, who combined for over half of
ECU's points. Young finished with
18 points, five assists, four steals
and four rebounds to go along with
only one turnover. Young was also
only 2-of-5 from 3 point range, but
hit a buzzer beating midcourt shot
to give ECU a 39-30 advantage at
Baldwin-Tener thought Young
played better after coming off one
of her worst performances Sunday
as a Pirate.
"I think she settled down a little
bit tonight Baldwin-Tener said. "I
don't think she was forcing her shot
as much. There were times when
we didn't make good decisions, but
I think her decision making was a
little bit better tonight
see WOMEN'S page A10

WOMEN'S continued from A9
Mills didn't start for the first
time this season after violating a
team policy. The decision didn't seem
to hurt Mills game as she finished
with IS points and seven rebounds.
Nicole Days, a junior forward
backed Mills up in the post, totaling
11 rebounds, including seven off the
offensive glass. Days finished with
four points, three steals and three
assists to complement her 11 boards.
After the game, Baldwin- Tener
didn't think her team played excep-
tionally well, but was happy just to
collect a win.
"I really thought that in the first
half we played very well Baldwin-
Tener said. "I thought we played
together well. I thought we took
good shots and shot a good percent-
age. In the second half, we jumped
on them a little bit and I thought we
were playing well. Then I think we
relaxed a little bit and also they hit a
bucket or two, and we played, maybe
panicked. We were playing maybe a
little bit nervous, playing not to lose
instead of playing to win
Baldwin-Tener didn't question
her team's heart.
"These players want to win
really badly, and it shows out there
in some of the hustle plays we made
at the end of the game Baldwin-
Tener said. "They definitely want
to win, but you have to cool down
when there are 10 minutes left. The
next play is not going to win or lose
the game. We just have to settle
down and play better
ECU returns to action on Sat-
urday taking on the N.C. State (7-2)
at Reynolds Coliseum.
This writer can be contacted at
ECU (4-5)
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Game preview
Seniors' rocky ride
look into the future
Henry seeks redemption
ECU's keys to the game

Pirates to battle Bulls, and history
F A ft
1st: iii
vr7 v - .idi
Skip Hottz will lead ECU to Birmingham, Ala. looking for his first career bowl win in the Bowl. Bowl
will be third Alabama
bowl for ECU
The ECU football team will
be taking on more than just
the South Florida Bulls in the Bowl on Dec.
23. The Pirates will be taking
on history, and not a good one.
Making their first bowl appear-
ance since 2001, ECU will be facing
an opponent it has never beaten in
a state it has never won. Including
their 17-12 loss at UAB earlier this
season, the Pirates are 0-8 all-time
in the state of Alabama and are
winless in three meetings with
the Bulls.
Junior offensive linemen
Josh Coffman said that his-
tory is not something the
team will be thinking about.
"Those are just stats said
Coffman. "Stats don't really mean
a whole lot with the current team
we have now. Maybe in the past we
haven't had success against South
Florida or in Alabama, but you
can't think about that going into a
game. We just have to go out there
and play like we have and try to
get the "W
The eight losses include two '
previous bowl games, both in
Mobile, against TCU and Marshall.
The Pirates lost, 28-14, against
LaDainian Tomlinson's Horned
Frogs in the 1999 Mobile Bowl and
nobody can forget ECU's last bowl
appearance - a second-half collapse
and a 64-61 double-overtime loss
to Marshall in 2001
The bowl appearance for the
2006 Pirates will be the first in the
careers for all of the ECU players
and senior safety Pierre Parker said
ending the Alabama skid with a win
takes top priority.
This is my first bowl game and
I just want to end it with a bang
said Parker. A win would be great
and we're gonna do everything we
can do to win
To win, the Pirates (7-5, 5-3
Conference USA) will have to
stop a balanced offense led by
Freshman quarterback Matt Grothe is 12,h in the nation in total offense.
redshirt freshman quarterback
Matt Grothe that is ranked 41st
in the nation and a solid defense
that ranks 24th nationally. USF
(8-4, 4-3 Big East) won at then-
No. 7 West Virginia, 24-19, to end
its regular season, but linebacker
Pierre Bell said the Bulls are just
the next team on the schedule.
"It's nothing we haven't seen
before said the sophomore from
West Craven High School. "We
had our opportunities against West
Virginia, but we just didn't capital-
ize on them
Grothe is the USF offense. He
leads the team in rushing and total
offense, and has accounted for 23
touchdowns. The Lakeland, Fla.
native has rushed for nearly 800
yards and passed for 2,500 more.
"He's a good quarterback, but if
you get pressure on him and make
him do what he doesn't wanna
do, then he might do something
stupid said ECU safety Jamar
Flournoy. "We have to contain
him and slow him down. We have
to keep him inside the pocket and
put pressure on him and make him
throw where he doesn't want to
throw. We'll probably blitz some
more so that he won't have time to
pick us out
Grothe has thrown 14 inter-
ceptions to go along with his 14
touchdown passes.
While Grothe will be making
his first bowl appearance in his
freshman year, ECU senior quar-
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Matching Program

Final game for seniors caps
roller-coaster careers
song with the student section after ECU'S 33-20 win over Marshall.
10a ra.Ibrook Orlw, Qriwnvlllr. NC 27MB
Go Pirates
Beat South Florida
Good Luck on December 23rd in
the Papa Johns Bowl
From ECU Physical Therapy
Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic
Specializing in Sports and Running injuries
as well as clinical gait analysis.
C on fact Kevin Youngs, MPT with any questions.
Location: ECU Physician building on Flretower Road
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Phone: 744-1122
James Pinkney's first career
start at ECU on Nov. 8, 2003 was
against South Florida. On Dec. 23,
2006. Pinkney will make the final
start of his ECU career against
those same South Florida Bulls in
the Bowl.
For Pinkney, coming full-circle
and finishing his career against the
same team with which he began it
is almost a surreal feeling, and he
knows it will be an emotional day.
"I'm sure there arc going to be
a lot of emotions that day being my
last game for ECU said Pinkney.
"It'll be like Senior Day, but then
at least we knew we had a couple of
more games left. This one, this is it
The loss in 2003 was one of
11 for the Pirates as they suffered
through a dismal first season under
Head Coach John Thompson, and
the loss to USF was even more
excruciating as ECU lost by a point
in double overtime on a blocked
extra point.
Thompson's second, and final,
season at ECU was not much better
as the Pirates went 2-9 and finished
with an embarrassing 52-14 loss to
N.C. State.
"It was difficult because we didn't
win, and it didn't seem like anybody
cared said senior safety Jamar
Flournoy of the Thompson years.
"I'm a winner and just going out to
practice for no reason was like there
was no purpose. It was frustrating
being around that environment
The 2005 season brought prom-
ise to the once-proud ECU program
and a new attitude with new Head
Coach Skip Holtz. Holtz had the
pedigree of coaching, following in
his legendary father's footsteps, and
his name alone restored confidence
to the players and fans.
Pinkney turned in the second-
best passing season in school his-
tory and the Pirates fell one game
shy of bowl eligibility by turning in
a 5-6 season. With all that was good
with the ECU program, one player
who was left out of the celebrations
was Flournoy.
Holtz suspended the former
linebacker for a violation of team
rules, a move that got the attention
of Flournoy and the other ECU
players. Flournoy said it was hard
for him to practice with his team-
mates, but then not be able to play
in the games.
"It was hard, but as the year
went on, it got easier because I was
practicing and was just trying to
get better in practice Flournoy
said. "Watching my teammates go
out there and play and knowing that
next year was going to be better, so
it was hard, but it did get easier.
"I broke a team rule and Coach
Holtz, it was his first year here,
and he wanted to make an example
out of me he said. "He got a lot of
respect for that from me because I
didn't think he'd do something like
that. After that I was like, 'This
guy's for real Everybody saw that
and you haven't heard anything
about a player getting in trouble at
East Carolina
Flournoy isn't the only senior
who was forced to spend time away
from the program.
During his sophomore season,
Pinkney had to sit out of spring
practice because he was academi-
cally ineligible. He came back in
the fall after working as a bus boy
at Logan's Roadhouse and ended up
winning the startingjob. Not blam-
ing anybody but himself, Pinkney
praised the current staff for what
they do to ensure the players keep
academics first.
"I made a mistake said the
6-3 senior from Delray Beach, Fla.
"It was me not passing or going to
class. I had to get through that and
these coaches have been on us. They
think more aboutjust football. They
have class checks and they stay on
top of things
Both Pinkney and Flournoy
were recognized as all-conference
selections and Pinkney will be play-
ing in the Ail-American Classic on
Jan. 15 in Las Vegas.
"It really hasn't even hit me
see SENIORS page B5
The Career
See you at the BOWL!
To make an appointment with your personal
career coach, call 252.328.6050

continued from B2
terback James Pinkney will also be
making his first bowl appearance.
The game will be Pinkney's 38th
consecutive start at ECU and the
Delray Beach, Fla. native will be
facing the same team that he began
his streak against.
The responsibility of protect-
ing Pinkney against a team averag-
ing 2r) sacks per game will fall on
an offensive line that is expected to
get senior tackle Eric Graham back
from a knee injury. Coffman, who
is from Palmetto, Fla is looking
forward to the challenge.
"One of my first starts was
against them also Coffman said.
"I always enjoyed playing against
them being from that area. It's
going to be fun playing against
them on Dec. 23
Considering where the ECU
program was just two yearj ago,
finishing a 2-9 season and win-
ning just seven games in a three-
year span, head coach Skip Holtz
has turned the program around
as the Pirates won seven games
this season for the first time since
2000 and have a chance for an
eighth win.
it's a big accomplishment for
us Coflman said, it was one of our
preseason goals. Obviously none of
the guys currently on this team have
been to a bowl game, so it's good
to be able to do something new
and accomplish some of our goals
Bell said getting to a bowl
game isn't enough.
"We're happy to get to the bowl
game, but we can't be content with
just that, and what we've done this
season said Bell. "We want to get
that ring on our fingers
The ECU turnaround under
Holtz led by the defense, which has
gotten better each week, has gotten
national attention. Schools with
coaching vacancies like Cincinnati
and N.C. State have been rumored
to be interested in luring Holtz
away from Greenville. ECU defen-
sive coordinator Greg Hudson did
interview from the head coach-
ing job at Cincinnati before the
Bearcats named Brian Kelly as
their new head coach.
"When Coach Hudson came
here, he brought a great defense to
the university, and a great scheme
said Parker, who added that the
national attention is good for
the program. "This program has
turned into one with a defensive
mentality and big ups to Greg
Hudson and the coaching staff for
what they've been able to do
The Bulls have the nation's
26th-ranked pass defense and are
? 1st against stopping the run while
ECU was able to run for 124 yards
against an N.C. State defense with
similar numbers in the regular
season finale. The difference is
that USF's offense is much more
balanced than N.C. State's and the
Pirates know they'll have their
hands full.
"South Florida is a great
team Parker said. "The only
thing we can do is just come
out and give them our best shot
and they'll give us their best
shot and may the best man win
This writer can be contacted at
South Florida's Josh Julmiste (91) and Jerome Murphy (3) celebrate
with fans after their 24-19 upset of West Virginia to finish the season.
Waiting for redemption
hair designs
WOLFF tannins beds
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Phillip Henry is looking to atone for his fumble at the 2-yard line at UAB.
Fumble at UAB still
haunts former walk-on
Phillip Henry still remembers
his last trip to Legion Field in
Birmingham. It's a memory that's
hard to tbrget.
Having a career day and the
opportunity to be a hero, Henry
instead became an immediate
scapegoat to some fans. Others
felt empathic toward the junior
who fumbled the ball away as he
was going in for a game-winning
touchdown against UAB on Sept. 9.
Down 17-12 with a minute
remaining, Henry caught a third-
down pass from James Pinkney and
sprinted 50 yards toward the end
zone. Just lx-ftre he reached pay dirt,
Henry had the ball stripped from
behind by safety Chris Felder. UAB
recovered the ball for a touchhack and
ran out the ckxk to win the game.
The loss hit Henry hard
as he blamed himself, but
said his teammates would
not let him take the blame.
"My teammates have helped me
to overcome that Henry said. "It
really hasn't been a big thing. I feel
like I got the monkey offiny back
when 1 scored against Marshall,
but that was a big game and it came
back to bite us in the end. I'm just
happy to go back there because I felt
like I did pretty good the last time
we were there
Henry finished that game with
six catches for 133 yards. This time
around, Henry and his ECU team-
mates won't be facing UAB, but a
I'M defense ranked 24th in the
nation and 1111 against the pass.
The H-4 Bulls finished their
season with an upset road win
of then No. 7 West Virginia and
I lenry knows the challenges they'll
present when ECU faces USE on
I tec. 23 in the Bowl.
"They've got a good defense
the former walk-on said. "I hope
we can be put in good situations
where we can make plays and help
this team win
Turning adversity into success
is not anything new to Henry.
Although he got some inter-
est from former ECU coach
Steve Logan's recruiting staff,
Henry ended up attending
Shaw University in Raleigh as
a freshman out of Northeastern
High School in Elizabeth City.
Henry never saw the field during
his freshman year at Shaw, 3 Divi-
sion II ministry school and member
of the CIAA, but knew he could
compete on a Division I level. He
made up h is mind to transfer to ECU
and try out for the football team.
"I knew I was gonna come to
ECU and try out for the team and
knew that I had a good chance of
making it the 22-year-old junior
said. "I've been playing football all
my life and I just needed a chance for
somebody to look at me and I got it.
"1 came to a Carolina game
versus ECU and (ECU) was a
couple of big plays away from win-
ning and I said I can come out here
and play for this team. I felt like I
was just as good as anybody else
and that it was a good opportunity
for me, so I took it
Henry said the program's lack
of success in the two years under
John Thompson did not factor into
his decision to come to what he
called his "dream school
"I really didn't know their
overall record Henry said. "I just
wanted a chance to piay at a Divi-
sion I level where my talents could
be seen. I knew that the team was
struggling at the time, but I wasn't
involved in the organization, so
I really didn't know all that was
going on. I just wanted to go some-
where close to home
Henry wrestled with the idea
see REDEMPTION page B5
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The East

;R 7, 2006
:he season.
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continued from B4
of going to UNC, where his step-
brother Jacques Lewis went, but felt
like ECU was the better fit.
"I'm so happy to be a part of
this team Henry said. "This is the
best team I've ever been a part of a
group of guys that are a team with
just one goal at the end of the day
Before he could transfer to ECU,
he needed to take some summer
classes at Elizabeth City State to
get enough credits because not all
of his classes at Shaw would transfer
over to ECU.
"When I pray, I ask God to help
me to continue to work hard and do
good in school Henry said. "My
mom told me that you can get what-
ever you want, just continue to work
at it. At first, I went to Shaw and it
didn't look like I'd be coming here,
but I always had it in my mind that I
would have a chance to go to another
school and I just happened to land
here and I'm thankful for that
While being part of ECU's
turnaround under Skip Holtz has
been a "life-changing" experience
for Henry, he still has respect for his
former teammates at Shaw.
"Some of the best guys I've
played against to this day have come
from that school Henry said. "The
year after I left, they won the CIA A
championship, so they got some
things going on there, too
With Aundrae Allison most
likely bound for the NFL, Henry
knows he may be the team's big-play
receiver next year and will be looked
to as a leader on offense.
"I've learned a lot from Aundrae,
and I'm going to continue to watch
what he does Henry said. "I'm
gonna miss the seniors when they
leave, but I know it's going to be my
time to step up and I m going to have
to continue to work hard this off-
season to get better and help build
this program up to an even higher
level than it is now
While not the biggest or fastest
receiver in Division I football, the fa-
foot, 180-pound Henry said he looks
up to smaller NFL receivers likeCar-
olina's Steve Smith or Washington's
Antwaan Randle El who have found
success despite their lack of size.
"It doesn't really matter how
big you are Henry said. "As long
as you know how to play this game
and have it in your heart that you're
gonna go out and work hard to help
your team win. I know those players
in the NFL have that in their mind
and play with a lot of heart.
"When you're a little guy and
you make a big play, it creates a lot of
extra excitement with the team and
the players because they look at you
like, I can't believe he's doing that
Making those plays to redeem
himself for his costly September
mistake is something Henry admit-
ted he'll be thinking about when he
steps onto the field, but knows he has
to block out that memory and make
a new and hopefully good one.
"It's going to be in the back of
my mind to make sure I keep the ball
wrapped up tight and I won't fumble
it Henry said. "I'm gonna play hard
and just go from there. The only
thing I want to think about is help-
ing this team to win. I don't want
to go down there and just play in a
bowl game, and I know this team
feels the same way. When you get
out there, you're not thinking about
anything else
This writer can be contacted at
continued from B5
Brian Rimph can't believe that ECU lost 38-37 to USF on a blocked
extra-point on Nov. 8, 2003 during John Thompson's first season.
yet because we still have to finish
the season said Pinkney. "That'll
hit me after the season and after
everything's over
Pinkney and Flournoy were
just two of nine Pirates recognized
by the media and coaches as all-
conference selections. Seniors Eric
Graham, Aundrae Allison and Ryan
Dougherty were all second-team
selections by Conference USA
coaches while Dougherty and junior
kick returner Chris Johnson were
first-team selections by the media.
Flournoy was a third-team all-
conference selection by the media,
and he said the selection was an
unexpected honor.
"Things like that mean a lot to
me because I only played safety for
one year Flournoy said. "Those
other coaches had me at linebacker.
Last year when (Holtz) came in,
they moved me to safety. But, with
my first year I was kind of rusty at
first, but I'm just real happy to be
third team
Should he be fortunate enough to
get an interception in his final game
against the Bulls, Flournoy said that
would make the bowl experience
even more memorable for the fa-foot,
210 pound senior from Valley, Ala.
Pierre Parker, who was a second-
team all-conference selection at free
safety by the media, said the recog-
nition is a reward for the work the
team has put in.
"This senior class is filled with
a lot of talent and we just kept
working hard to get this program
turned back in the right direction
the senior from Wilson said. "I think
we've done that
The personal achievements
of the senior class are easy to see.
Pinkney will finish his career as
the school's second all-time leading
passer with over 8,000 yards. His
start against USF will be his 38th
consecutive start, second all-time
in school history. Dougherty will
end his career as Conference USA's
all-time leading punter. Allison has
set team receiving records in his two
years at ECU after transferring in
from Georgia Military Academy.
For the seniors, going through
what Holtzcalled "the lean years" was
difficult, which is why finishing their
careers in a bowl game is so special.
"Having the opportunity to
play in a bowl game is exciting and
having the opportunity to win a ring
is exciting, too said Flournoy, who
is second on the team in tackles. "For
this program and the opportunity to
get a ring is just exciting. We want
this senior class to be known as the
one that got this program turned
around by winning a bowl game
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarol in ian .com.
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& X g &
m Take those
&. Bulls by the horoJ!
Good luck

Extra practices give Pirates glimpse of the future
Bowl preparations set
to begin Friday
While the ECU seniors had
last weekend off, the rest of the
team practiced last weekend with-
out yet knowing their bowl oppo-
nent. Head Coach Skip Holtz used
that time to get a look at some
younger players to catch a glimpse
of the future.
Now that the opponent for the Bowl at Legion
Field in Birmingham, Ala. on Dec.
23 is known, the Pirates are eager
to get back to game preparations
for the USF Bulls.
"I'm looking forward to prac-
tice this Friday said senior safety
Jamar Flournoy. "We've been out
for two weeks, had these last two
weeks off. Coming back, knowing
that we've got another game to
play because usually at this time,
we're just going home, but we're
preparing to play another game
and that's exciting
While playing in a bowl for
the first time since 2001 and for
the first time in the careers of the
ECU players is exhilarating, they
know that they can't get caught up
in the hype.
"Once you get oui there, it's
just another game said senior
safety Pierre Parker. "Of course,
until the game, people will say
how big this game is, but it is just
a football game. Once our jitters
are gone and after the kickoff, it's
just a football game
ECU receiver Phillip Henry
said the coaching staff does a good
job of keeping them focused.
"Our coaches help us do that
and just treat these practices
like spring practice said Henry.
"There's a lot of excitement around
this campus, and we're glad to be
a part of it, but it's one of those
things where you can't think about
the big picture and just going 1-0
like we've been doing all year"
Another distraction the team
has had to deal with is the atten-
tion some ECU coaches are get-
ting from other programs. Holtz
has been rumored to be sought
by several schools, including N.C.
State and defensive coordinator
Greg Hudson interviewed for the
head-coaching position at Cincin-
nati before the school hired former
Central Michigan head coach
Brian Kelly.
"We got some coaches that are
highly wanted Flournoy said. "A
lot of people see how Coach Holtz
turned around this program, and
that brings a lot of attention to
the program. We're starting to
earn respect in this program
Flournoy, who is one of just
two Alabama natives on the team,
said the interest in Hudson is a
compliment to the program and to
the defense that Hudson designed
along with defensive backs coach
Rick Smith.
"It's a team thing Flournoy
said. "Defense wins games, but
the offense does their thing and
we play our role
Junior linebacker Danny Muh-
wezi said he was impressed with
how the younger quarterbacks
looked in last weekend's practice
without the seniors, especially
freshman Dwayne Harris. Harris
was red-shirted this year and ran
the scout team offense while 6-4,
250-pound freshman Rob Kass was
James Pinkney's backup quarter-
back this season.
The Pirates have been running
and lifting all week, but will return
to a somewhat normal practice
routine Friday. The entire team
will practice Friday, Saturday and
Sunday before taking time off to
concentrate on final exams and
resume the practice schedule on
Dec. 15 before leaving for Birming-
ham on Dec. 19.
This writer can be contacted at
Rob Kass will get an early spring practice with the extra bowl practices.
1. No Grothe spurt:
USF freshman quarterback Matt Grothe is
12th in the country in total offense and
leads the Bulls in rushing and passing.
He has accounted for 23 touchdowns this
season, so the Pirates cannot allow him
to make big plays.
2. Eliminate turnovers:
The Pirates must play mistake-free ball
without being too conservative in order
to beat a balanced USF team. The Bulls
are good on offense and defense, so the
Pirates cannot give USF extra posses-
sions and must capitalize on their own
opportunities. If ECU does not turn the
ball over, it should win the turnover battle
because the Bulls were next-to-last in
turnover margin in the Big East and 85th
nationally at minus-5.
3. Field position:
The Pirates cannot give USF a short
field. Following the 21-16 win over N.C.
State, ECU Head Coach Skip Holtz said
the punting unit was the difference in
the game. Senior punter Ryan Dougherty
was able to flip the field on the Wolf pack
and force them into long-drive situations.
The special teams unit will need a similar
outing against USF. The Bulls were last in
the Big East in net punting yards.

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