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3 1 2 7 5 8 4 9 66 7 5 4 9 2 3 8 19 8 4 1 3 6 5 2 7
Test your skills at
Downtown dress codes,
policies allow discrimination
Students have repdrted feeling wrongfully turned away from clubs in downtown Greenville on the basis of violating clubs' dress codes or not having a valid student I.D.
Clubs deny access to
those who are going to
be 'rowdy'
At some clubs in downtown
Greenville, appearance is every-
thing. Stories abound about people
that have been denied entry into
these clubs because of their
clothes, their military identifica-
tion cards, their affiliation with a
Greek organization or even, some
say, because of their race.
The dress code of one of down-
town Greenville's clubs, The Ele-
ment, cites that anyone wearing
"excessively baggy clothing
bandanas or "any form of the 'do'
rag" will be refused entry. People
without a college identification
card and driver's license will be-
denied entry, as people wearing
baseball caps pointed to the back
or side will also not be allowed in.
They also "obtain the right to refuse
any person entrance according
to the dress code posted outside
the main entrance to the club.
"I think the challenge is that in
Greenville itself, we have a lot of
local people and visitors looking
for stuff to do said Ion Outter-
bridge, director of Greek Life.
"And some of the clubs do not
understand urban wear. It's not
thug wear, it's just style
Outterbridge says he has heard
from students that discrimination
has been a problem in the past.
In fact, two or three years ago,
Outterbridge's college fraternity,
Phi Beta Sigma, staged a march on
downtown to protest the clubs' de
fttediscrimination. He said it was
a diverse march, which included
people of various ethnicities who
felt a policy that kept people out
was wrong.
Still, Outterbridge said that
despite the need for the clubs to
change, Greek organizations and
all those having these kinds of
problems need to change their
image so that they are not targets.
"It's just educating the commu-
nity to stop stereotyping people
he said. "I mean there are plenty
of college students in a fra-
ternity or sorority who have
a 3.5 GPA
A lot of these students feel
so unwelcome at the downtown
clubs that they now go elsewhere,
to Dynasty or Club Fusion, Out-
terbridge said.
Sophomore Kate Rice, an
occupational therapy major, has
also heard about the discrimina-
tion that goes on downtown, she
has seen it in action.
"The clubs do not let a lot
of guys in sometimes she said.
"They show extreme amounts of
favoritism. For some people, they
make them show a license, and
others, a school I.D
Rice has especially seen how
the clubs often will not allow
those in with military identifica-
tion. She has experienced this first
hand. She tried to get into a club
last year with four Marines.
"Three of them the Marines
were not allowed into what was
formerly known as Cabanas she
Though Cabanas no longer
exists, several of the other clubs
College of Business
students meet with
Warren Buffett
Students travel to
Nebraska, meet world's
second richest man
On Thursday, Nov. 16,
graduate and undergraduate
students from Dr. .Sam
Tibbs' finance classes departed
Greenville for Omaha, Neb.
The students' objec-
tive was to attend a
question-and-answer session
with Warren Buffett and to
visit some of the businesses owned
by Buffett's holding company,
Berkshire Hathaway.
"He's like your grandpa,
except that he has billions of
dollars. He will answer any
question except about the stocks
he will trade says Tibbs of Buffet,
who is known for his congenial and
unpretentious candor.
Buffett met with busi-
ness students from ECU and
Mississippi State University.
He also posed for photographs
and shook hands.
Second year MBA student Molly
Maxson, who got to ride in Mr.
Buffett's car on the way to the
lunch he treated student to, said of
Buffett, "He is very generous
and genuinely interested in us
as he asked us lots of questions
pertaining to what we want to do
after we graduate
Additionally, students
from both universities visited
Weitz Mutual Funds and two
companies owned by Berkshire
Hathaway: Nebraska Furniture
Mart and Borsheim's Jewelry.
At Borsheim's Jewelry
the students listened to CEO
Susan Jacques explain about how
Borsheim's is able to com-
pete with other jewelry stores
because of low prices, very
low operating expenses
and loyal customers.
She indicated that Bor-
sheim's operating costs were
approximately half of the
industry average.
Mrs. Jacques also
spoke of the importance of doing
a job every day that one loves
doing and how that makes a big
difference in performance.
Mr. Buffett spoke on an o
array of issues such as the
trade deficit, weapons of mass
destruction and the importance
of selecting a good spouse. ,g
The students asked ques-
tions which Mr. Buffett
enthusiastically answered
saying, "I enjoy meeting college
students and being the Chairman
of Berkshire Hathaway. I can't
wait to get to the office every
morning. I enjoy answering
your questions and I have no
doubt that all of you will do
very well financially
An ECU business student stands with Warren Buffet in Nebraska.
Mr. Buffett announced in
June, that he will give away
$30.7 billion of his money to
the Gates Foundation at 5
percent annually every July
starting in 2006.
The Gates Foundation
helps to enhance healthcare
and education. Mr. Buffett also
invited the students to the
annual Berkshire Hatha-
way shareholder meetings in
Omaha, Neb.
This writer can be contacted at
that still line the downtown
streets continue this practice.
One of the bouncers, who
would give neither his name nor
that of the owner, said that his
hands were tied by the dress code
and that the club did not have
any kind of active discrimination
"If they don't meet what's on
the door placards, we don't let
them in he said.
He would say nothing other
than this, except to clarify what
kind of person clubs reserve the
right to deny entry to.
"It's just the fact that if you're
too intoxicated or being an overall
ass, we reserve the right not to
let you in
This writer can be contacted at
Phi Beta
Sigma hosts
benefit ball
Donations go to
various Pitt County
The Xi Nu chapter of Phi
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc at
ECU will sponsor their second
annual Benefit Ball: "A Night
Under the Pure White Stars
from H p.m. to 1:30 a.m. on Dec.
2 in Mendenhall Student Center
Great Rooms.
The event is to increase the
awareness of homelessness in
the Greenville community and
to attempt to make the holidays
better for the less fortunate.
Admission is free and the attire
is semi-formal.
The donations will be
given to various Pitt County
organizations, such as The
Little Willie Center, Howell
Center, Safe Haven and The
Greenville Homeless Shelter.
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity,
Inc is one of the four National
Pan-Hellenic Council fraterni-
ties represented here on ECU's
campus. NPHC is the governing
body for the nine historically
African-American fraternities
and sororities. Visit ecu.eduorg
pbs for more information on
the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity,
Inc Xi Nu Chapter at ECU.
"We are asking your
see BENEFIT page A2

Campus & Community
Fashion Show
Nov. 28 until Dec. 2
Location: Hendrix Theater
This is the second annual ben-
efit fashion show sponsored
by Aycock Residence Hall
and Residence Hall Associa-
tion. This year all monetary
donations will go to the non-
profit organization, Christ-
mas for Kids. We also will be
taking nonperishable foods
and gently worn clothing.
Other Details: Models will
be on the yard Tuesday Nov.
28 and Wednesday Nov.
29 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Come by and check us out!
Human Performance
Research Study Investigat-
ing the Effects of Endurance
Exercise on Differences in
Skeletal Muscle and Fat Cell
Metabolism Between Afri-
can-American and Caucasian
Women. Subject criteria:
Overweight and non-over-
weight women, ages 20 - 45
years, inactive exercise less
than two days a week, less
than 30 minutes a day for
at least six months. Contact:
The Human Performance
Laboratory. Procedures
include body composition
assessment, blood fat, sugar,
and insulin testing, 10 days
or eight weeks of super-
vised exercise and four or six
muscle biopsies. Benefits
include percent body fat and
free aerobic fitness assess-
ment, health benefits of
supervised training, and up to
$400 payment upon comple-
tion of the study. Call 328-
2575 for more information.
Tutor positions available
The ECU Department of
Athletics, Office of Student
Development is looking for
qualified students to fill tutor,
mentor and study hall moni-
tor positions. We hire tutors
for any subject offered in
the ECU catalog as well as
mentors to work with stu-
dent athletes on building
academic skills to aid them
in becoming more successful
students. Study hall monitors
are employed to supervise
our structured study halls.
Work hours are usually during
the evenings. Pay rate for
undergraduate students is
$7hour. For graduate stu-
dents and those possessing
a bachelor's degree, pay rate
is $10hour. To apply or for
more information, contact
Jennifer Bonner at 244C
Ward Sports Medicine Build-
ing or at
Graduate Assistantships
ECU Project HEART will
have two full-time graduate
assistant positions for Spring
2007. Responsibilities are
to assist staff in managing
the office and to assist pro-
gram coordinators in
maintaining member files.
If you are interested in this
position, please contact
our staff at 328-4357.
Yearbook student
positions available
Buccaneer Office,
Self Help Building
The Buccaneer, ECU'S official
yearbook, has several posi-
tions available for students
interested in working on this
year's centennial yearbook:
Two positions are avail-
able for graduate stu-
dents studying marketing
andor public relations.
Several positions are
also available for quali-
fied student writers.
This is a wonderful oppor-
tunity to research and write
about ECU - recapturing its
past, present and future in
the pages of the Buccaneer.
For more information or
to receive an application,
call Mary Ruth Helms at
737-1553 or e-mail her
The General Assembly of
North Carolina enacts:
Each front seat occupant
who is 16 years of age or
older and each driver of a
passenger Except as oth-
erwise provided in G.S. 20
137.1, each occupant of a
motor vehicle shall have a
seat belt properly fastened
about his or her body at all
times when the vehicle is in
forward motion on a street
or highway in this State.
30thu Ifn 2 Sat 3
'Healthy PIRATES
Holiday Ornament
Wright Plaza
ECU School of Art Hol-
iday Exhibition Open:
ECU'S School of Art and
Design holds the annual
holiday exhibition sale.
Wellington B. Gray Gallery
Jenkins Fine Art
9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
ODK hosts Deans and
Issues forum
Omicron Delta Kappa's
Leaders and Issues
Forum is an open dis-
cussion about current
ECU issues and related
leadership topics. Invited
guests include: Dr.
Virginia Hardy, Brody
School of Medicine;
Dr. Al Smith, First Year
Center; and Dr. Lathan
Turne. Students, faculty
and staff are invited.
Refreshments will be
Bate 3009
5 p.m.
CoffeehouseOpen Mic
Pirate Underground
7 p.m.
Uth Annual Festival of ECU School of Art
Trees hosts "Bedtimes Holiday Exhibition
with Santa"
Greenville Convention
Greenville Boulevard
6 - 7 p.m.
ECU School of Art Holi-
day Exhibition
Wellington B. Gray
Jenkins Fine Art Center
9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
World Fest
Recognition and cele-
bration of various and
traditional holiday cel-
ebrations. Displays and
speakers will be avail-
able to illustrate the cel-
ebrations and to answer
questions. Co-sponsored
with the ECU Student
Activities office. For more
information, call 328-
Mendenhall Student
4 p.m.
Uptown Greenville
Emerge Gallery & Art
404 South Evans Street
6 p.m.
The Never
Pirate Underground
7 p.m.
Wellington B. Gray
Jenkins Fine Art
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Greenville Annual
Christmas Parade
Downtown Greenville
10 a.m.
11th Annual Festival
of Trees hosts "Story-
times with Santa"
Greenville Convention
Greenville Boulevard
3 - 4 p.m.
Housing Authority
Central Housi
Authority Office
1103 Broad St.
5:30 p.m.
Commission Meeting
Second Floor Board
Room of Bank of
America Building
201 West First St.
5:30 p.m.
Classes end. Last day
for submission of grade
replacement requests.
Last day for graduate
students to remove
incompletes given
during Fall 2005.
Community Appearance
Commission Meeting
Third Floor Conference
Room of City Hall
200 Martin Luther King,
Jr. Drive
5:30 p.m.
Russian Film Series:
"An Unfinished Piece
for the Player Piano"
Movies have English sub-
titles or dubbing.
Bate 2011
6:30 p.m.
$500 Cash in Prizes
Destination 360
9 p.m.
Featured Event:
Healthy PIRATES Holiday Ornament Sale
All day sale at Wright Plaza.
Pope urges leaders to renounce
(AP) Pope Benedict XVI
urged leaders of all religions
Tuesday to "utterly refuse" to
support any form of violence in
the name of faith, while Tur-
key's top Muslim cleric com-
plained to the pontiff of growing
"Islamophobia" in the world.
As he began his first visit to
a Muslim country - a trip that
drew extraordinary security but
few onlookers - Benedict sought
a careful balance as he extended
friendship and brotherhood to
Muslims, hoping to end the outcry
from many Muslims over his
remarks linking Islam to violence.
He expressed support for Tur-
key's efforts to join the European
Union, movingaway from opposition
he voiced when he was a cardinal.
But the German pope also
hammered away at key points
of his 18-month papacy, tell-
ing diplomats that leaders of all
religions must "utterly icfuse to
sanction recourse to violence as
a legitimate expression of faith
He avoided mention of any
specific religion, even as he decried
terrorism and the "disturbing
conflicts across the Middle East
Bush says U.S. won't withdraw
from Iraq
(AP) Under intense pressure
to change course, President Bush
on Tuesday rejected suggestions
Iraq has fallen into civil war and
vowed not to pull U.S. troops out
"until the mission is complete
On the eve of his visit to Jordan
for meetings with Iraqi Prime
Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Bush
portrayed the battles in both
Afghanistan and Iraq as central
fronts in a war "against the extrem-
ists who desire safe havens and are
willing to kill innocents any-
where to achieve their objectives
The stakes in Iraq are huge
for Bush. His war policies were
repudiated in U.S. midterm elec-
tions that handed control of Con-
gress to Democrats. A bipartisan
blue-ribbon panel is about to issue
a report proposing changes in
the administration's approach in
Iraq. And al-Maliki's government
itself sometimes seems to be at
cross purposes with Washington.
Bush set the stage for the Jordan
talks with a speech at the NATO
summit here and at an earlier news
conference in neighboring Estonia.
The president said he was flex-
ible and eager to hear al-Maliki's
ideas on how to ease the violence.
"There's one thing I'm not
going to do, I'm not going to pull
our troops off the battlefield before
the mission is complete Bush
declared in his speech. There are
about 140,000 U.S. forces in Iraq.
Questionable Judgments
(AP) Frank Williams, 48,
filed a lawsuit in Pittsburgh in
August, accusing the state Depart-
ment of Corrections of improp-
erly punishing him four years
ago when he was immediately
ordered back to prison for missing
a parole appointment. Williams
said he was not able to contest
the decision then because he
was hospitalized, unconscious,
having been shot on his way
to the appointment, and in the
intervening years, his medical
condition has worsened because of
inadequate medical care in prison.
North Face
Life is Good
Receive 10 Off with this ad
Expires December 3 1, 2006
207 E.Arlington Blvd. 252.756.1003
' Smith
Never Summer
DC Shoe
Free Cable TV
Free Water & Sewer
Sparkling Swimming pool
Professional On-Slte Management
24-hour Emergency Maintenance
Laundry Center
On ECU Bus Route
WasherDryer Connections
Spacious Floor Plans
Pets allowed with tee
'In same units

Stratford Arms
1900 S. Charles Blvd. Greenville, NC 27858
continued from Al
organization and its mem-
bers to come out and support
our cause said Marlon T.
Nolen, chapter vice president.
"Your organization can assist
our efforts by making a monetary
donation in the form of check or
cash said Nolen. "We will also
be contacting community and
campus organizations to help
with this event. We thank you in
advance for your participation
For more information con-
cerning this event, contact
Nolen at
This writer can be contacted at
1 Ti
So close to
Stadium, even we
stand up for the
National Anthem!
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Chicken Parmesan
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ast day
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the dollar menu just
doesn't cut it.
You need a job that pays. Your resume needs a job that gives you experience.
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Iraqis seek refuge in Jordan's capital
(MCT) Retired doctors
in the dapper black hats of old
Baghdad slap down dominoes in
smoky cafes. Construction"cranes
operated by Iraqi workers dot
the skyline.
And when the dancing begins
after midnight at Cafe Sultan, a
sweaty singer gives a shout-out
to Iraqi patrons, calling them by
their home towns: "Where are you,
Fallujah? Where are you, KarbalaP
Where are you, eople of Baghdad"
The answer is: Amman.
More than 600,000 Iraqis have
(led the war next door to settle here,
leaving behind their homeland's
civil war. Shiites and Sunnis mingle
easily, filling this city's downtown
streets with the guttural dialect of
Iraq, not the sounds of gunfire
When President Bush and
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-
Maliki meet here Wednesday and
Thursday, they'll do so in the midst
of a thriving community that has
everything the Bush administration
promised Iraqis before the begin-
ning of the war: a flourishing press,
building contracts, a renaissance
of civil society and a vibrant arts
Lower-income refugees strug-
gle to .get by in dreary downtown
apartments, overstaying their visas
for peaceful nights, while middle-
class Iraqis say life here is better
than at home.
"I bought a house better than
my house in Baghdad. My daughter
is in a very good school here said
Ammar Klias, a Christian business-
man sharing breakfast with a Sunni
friend at an Iraqi diner.
"Of course, I miss my country,
but what can I find in my country
now? When I look at Iraq, I cry
Both men reached for tiny cups
of ultra-sweet, dark tea made the
Iraqi way. It was a chilly day in
Iraqi men who have fled the war play dominoes together to relax.
Amman; the weather made Elias
and his friend long for a winter
breeze off the Tigris River.
"This is Baghdad now Elias
said with a rueful smile. "I've been
here three years, and I don't think
I've talked to a Jordanian. My street
is all Iraqi, my neighbors are all
Iraqi. I don't feel like I'm in Amman
A Human Rights Watch report
released ahead of Bush's visit called
on the president to help Jordan
cope with the stream of refugees
to prevent "sending them back into
mortal danger Jordan hasn't issued
a formal plea for help, but strains are
evident: Immigration officials have
stepped up enforcement against Iraqis
who've overstayed their visas, leading
Human Rights Watch to ask Jordan
to grant them refugee status.
Many Jordanians regard the
influx of refugees with wariness.
They complain of Iraqis snatching
up the good jobs, driving up hous-
ing prices, dragging war into their
stable host country. They're quick
to point out that last year Iraqi sui-
cide bombers blew up three luxury
hotels in Amman, killing at least 56
people and wounding 100 others.
Entrepreneurs, however, regard
Iraqis as a growing market that's
injected new life into Jordan's
economy. Downtown Amman is
now peppered with storefronts that
evoke Iraq, many of them copies of
shops found in Baghdad.
The green and white Iraqi
Airways office has a new facade.
Imported Iraqi dates sell for 10 times
the price at home. Phone cards are
named after Iraq's ancient Sume-
rian civilization Iraqi newspapers
and TV stations keep offices here.
One of Amman's hottest new
nightspots is Tigris, an elegant bar
w ith a three-page wine list and an
Iraqi fblkloric ensemble. Foreign
diplomats schmoozed with Iraqi
and Jordanian officials at the gala
grand opening last year. Asaad
Mohammed, the Basra, Iraq-born
manager, laughed as he recalled how
some nonIraqi guests thought
"Tigris" was an animal.
He smiled as the guitar notes
drifted across the restaurant and
took him back to the country he
has left behind.
"When you hear these songs,
you remember the life you used to
lead, the good old days Moham-
med said "Practically, we've started
new lives here, with shops and
restaurants and companies. But if
you talk about feelings, 99 percent
of me is still in Iraq
Jt. i
' kJ
University Frame Shop
And Art Gallery
520 S. Cotanche St.
Greenville, NC 27858
(Park at Evans Street Entrance, located above U.B.E.)
Join Us December 1st from 6pm-9pm
For Uptown Greenville's Holiday Artwalk
Also enjoy the evening with Dr. Steve Cerutti, Professor
Classics at East Carolina University, and (he author of
When Greek Goats Sing Sad Songs

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Counting down
Nine hours down, 21 to go
This week the newsroom has been abuzz discussing
how long one should wait before they sleep with some-
one else, as prompted by Wednesday's "Just Ask Jane"
question. And, it's safe to say that I'm in full agreement
with Jane and I don't think, under any circumstance,
that one should plan to have sex on the first date, even
though I know it happens.
OK, so I think most people can agree - no sex on
the first meeting or date. That's simple enough. But,
when is the right time to hit the sheets? There's no
right or wrong answer hereYes, there are moral and
religious issues that come up for many people, and that's
completely respectable, but what about for those people
who don't have those kinds of holdbacks?
Here in the East Carolinian we've come across the
idea of waiting 30 hours before getting down and dirty.
So you might think we're crazy, equating a number
with how long you should wait before taking it to the
next level, but let's just ponder the idea for the fun of it.
Here goes: You have to spend 30 hours with
someone before sleeping with them. It can be any-
thing from going to dinner, the movies or even th.
mall. As long as it's "getting to know you time"
instead of "getting up close and personal" time.
And, the idea makes sense - if you're actually look-
ing to enter into a meaningful relationship with the
other person that is. Jumping the gun too early can make
things awkward or change the relationship into some-
thing physical, leaving behind its emotional potential.
This way, you give suitable time to building the relation-
ship up to something more before moving on.
Now onto the idea of SO hours. It can be a bit more
than you're used to, if you're not one to think before
acting. If you think about the average date lasting around
three hours, you'd have to go on 10 dates before getting
busy. Considering most people don't go on dates back to
back, that could take the better part of a month before
you'd be sleeping with the other person. Quite the devia-
tion from the norm for many ECU students, I'm sure.
But really, what could it hurt? Spending more
time with someone, that is. Absolutely nothing.
So, instead of rushing into bed, consider spending at
least 30 hours with the other person. And, if that doesn't
seem right to you, at least take the time to create some
sort of standard. For something that has the potential
to be such a big deal between two people, don't let your
hormones get the best of you and take away from it.
And for our girl - we hope you enjoy the final 21
hours. It should all be worth it in the end.
Book buyback time
is traumatizing
Are you ready for the pain?
As the end of the semester approaches, one indelibly
ponders: How much can I sell my books for? Well my
friends, if you are like me, you want to get the most out
of your books that you aren't going to need anymore.
So, you are thinking that you spent $500 on books,
maybe you can get about 200 bucks back for those bad boys,
or maybe even more? Wrong. Think again kids; it's time
to learn a lesson on being taken for what you are worth.
As students at a university, you would think we might
get a break from the rising costs of schooling. Rising
tuition, book costs, parking permits, library dues, gas
prices, food prices, student fees, rent and overall cost of
living has made being a student harder than it should be.
Honestly, what is next? Taxing students for walk-
ing across campus? Or perhaps just charging people
to use the bathrooms in the buildings? I know, a per
word service charge for reading books, signs, maps or
newspapers from the creators of the materials.
What I'm really getting at is how the book manu-
facturers take students hostage by our wallets knowing
we have to get these books. Rising costs include very
little, if any real new material in these books.
I have seen many books that are completely new.
These books are mainly in the realm of the technology
sector. Therefore, I am mainly concerning my scorn
toward inactive topics and areas.
As an example of this, let us try to look at say, West-
ern Civilization. Well, there are no new examples of how
to do a problem in math. There are not any relevant dis-
coveries happening everyday as in computer technology.
There may be new discoveries of artifacts, but noth-
ing that would suggest a world-changing find such as
the knowledge that the Romans knew the answer to the
question of why we are here. So, what else is there?
There are new diagrams and a few new lines about
how the origins of bubble gum and hair braids started
with some previously unknown culture in Antarctica. I
really just feel that the people who make the books are
just trying to make too much money.
Even having said that, our school and teachers are
requiring "new" books to be used every semester. Why can't
there be any kind of relief to end the crafty wielding of our
money? There is only one reason: Money is everything.
There is no money in keeping a seemingly good
book in bookstores to be sold at used book prices. It is
just like how there is no money in curing disease, there
is only money in treating aliments.
For heaven's sake, we as a race of human beings are
talking about sending people to Mars. Now I under-
stand that book selling is only near the level of physics
required to send a metal bubble through space to another
neighboring planet, but why is it so hard to understand?
I just want to point out Web sites such as eBay and as alternatives. These Web sites and many
others offer books that are searchable by all sorts of fields.
The drawback is the wait for delivery, but since we sign
up for classes well beforehand, we can plan accordingly.
Even alternative bookstores are starting to pop up
around Greenville and might provide another cheaper
alternative to overpriced campus stores. I imagine that
the bookstores might have something to do with this
overcharge, but I wouldn't accuse our bookstores of
such a travesty.
I do hope some other people are as upset now, at
book-selling time, as I am about the ridiculous prices that
we pay for our education. The price for higher learning
shouldn't begetting higher for students across the nation.
If enough people look to alternatives across the
board for their books, maybe we can make a dent notice-
able to the book-selling economy. Perhaps people could
also check the library for their books. Sometimes they
have just what you need if you pay student fees.
General Education harder than the
courses throughout your major? Good
luck with that glorious Communication
I know we've already tried it once and
things didn't quite work out. But now
that we're like best friends and hang out
a lot. I think I'm falling for you againl
Where are all the Christmas lights
around here?
If the robes change from the nice black
to purple, I'm skipping my graduation.
The term is African American not
"black freaking idiotl
Researching and writing a six-page
paper in two nights? Kill me now.
We understand that racism will never
be over, so why do you continue to
remind us.
The thought of having to possibly wear
a purple robe for graduation makes
me want to transfer to another school
immediately, oh yeah, and puke. Black
robes are classic and astute. If they
change to purple before I graduate, you
will never see me walk across that stage.
I'm so glad Jane said no to sleeping
with someone you've just met. At least
someone around ECU still has good
Just graduate and if you still want to
stay here, go to graduate school.
If you're happy and you know it clap
you hands.
Why men are evil - because they only
want sluts.
Red is red, right is right, green is green,
black people used to be slaves, women
used to not have rights. Do you think
history justifies anything? And by the
way, in ancient Rome, gay sex was
encouraged among troops to build
closeness. So, pick up a history book
everyone once in awhile.
All joking aside - where can I find a
counselor! I think I'm depressed. It's
only the first semester and I hate it
here! It seems like I'm always crying!
If you love her, let her go, right? If she
comes back, I'll make a respectable
woman of her.
Did anyone else And Wednesday's
Sudoku impossible?
I never planned on loving you.
Only a best friend will procrastinate
and take pictures in the library with you.
I wish I was skinny just for one day. I
diet, workout and eat right, but I'm still
bigger! You would have no idea how it
feels to go to a club and all your girls are
getting the looks. I get so depressed!
Boys are cheats and liars, they're such
a big disgrace.
I have never gone to bed with an ugly
woman, but I sure have woken up next
to a few.
We need a statue of Jack Sparrow in
front of Wright Auditorium!
I bleed purple and scab gold!
Can we stop with the Chuck Norris
rants please? They are old already.
For three years, I have been trying to
get in-state tuition and every year if am
denied. The letter I get back always
says that the school can't tell me why I
was rejected. What's up with that?
I just want to get married, have a family
and be successful!
My parents spend $15,000 a year on
my tuition and ECU can't afford to have
any free parking on campus?
I should have never slept with him. He
doesn't even talk to me!
Don't get me wrong, I love music. I just
don't like it when it keeps me up until
all hours of the morning while horrible
singing joins it.
What is up with this weather? It's
going to be December, and its over
75 degrees this week? I want some
cold weather!
Maybe if you would stop saying the
Opinion articles were boring, maybe
you could understand that they are
issues important to the writers. That's
why it is an Opinion.
"To all the girls at ECU who dip, wear
cowboy hats and drive trucks Go
back to N.C. State where you belong.
Is It wrong that every time I read the
Rants I want to get In an argument with
nearly every person who sent one?
I am sorry I didn't recognize you on
campus. It's not my fault that you have
huge sunglasses covering your face,
even when the sun wasn't out.
I hope we get free pizza from Papa
John's if we go to this bowl game!
Anyone want to get in on a three
on three basketball game on the
Chancellor's court. I don't think that
goal has ever been used.
These new drinking laws suck.
Am I the only one not offering my
hymen up on a platter?
It's not alcoholism until you're out of
Teaching Fellows - I'm tired of being
told that because I'm white, I'm
prejudiced. This latest speaker taught
us nothing new. Can we please have
a speaker one year that doesn't talk
about "diversity in terms of color?
I can dream about you, if I can't hold
you tonight.
Considering how much Papa John's
pizza I eat, I should get free VIP tickets
to the bowl game!
I would buy a book of Pirate Rants.
I am nice, attractive, smart and
ambitious, yet I cannot seem to make
any real friends. What gives?
I tried those stretches that the
newspaper said would help me sleep
and I pulled a muscle.
When you are nice to everyone, it
unfortunately seems that people dislike
you more.
Maybe your best friend isn't happy
about your relationship because
you're yet another of those people who
somehow forgot that your girlfriend
isn't the only person in the world.
When I laugh, I pee a little.
The graduation robes this May should
be purple! We are making changes to
our street signs and such, but if we are
unwilling to wear our color with pride
what is the point of making all the other
When I go to China King Buffet I stick
chicken wings in my pocket.
Listen here everybody what are we
going to do about these new drinking
Outer space exists because it's afraid to
be on the same planet with Chuck Norris.
Once the Bob leaves "The Price Is
Right" I don't know what I'll do with
my morning.
I have hundreds of dirty thoughts about
you when we're studying in that little
room at the library.
"Fashion" says that you shouldn't wear
black with navy. One of my honor
chords is navy, and it "clashes with my
black robe. Last time I checked I am
wearing my honor chords to represent
my efforts in college, not to accessorize
my outfit. Support pirate pride
especially during its 100th birthday!
I finally figured out why it bums when I
pee. Now I can sleep easy at night.
I get so tired of students always calling
their parents to get them out of trouble.
You claim to be such an adult but then
you still yell when you need your butt
Middle School called and it wants its
pink Jansport with the key chains back.
To the police officers who prey on
broke as it is college kids and give them
seat belt tickets and speeding tickets
on their way to class, try going to the
west side of Greenville and do some
real police work that could actually
make a difference.
You don't have to tell me I'm amazing,
I already know.
Need advice? Want answers? Just ask Jane.
Dear Jane,
I've found the love of my life and I'm getting to
the point where I want to ask her to marry me. The
problem is that I have herpes and I don't know how
to tell her. We've not slept together yet and I really
don't want to turn her away from me for something
that 1 can't do anything about. I know herpes isn't
sexy, but I really do love this girl.
Ill-fated and in love
Dear In Love,
I'll admit, yours is a difficult question to answer.
Since you have decided you've met the love of your
life, and you're thinking about marriage, I'm guess-
ing it's safe to assume you've been in this relationship
for a while. You've (hopefully) learned to trust this
Sarah Bell
Editor in Chief
person, and vice versa, but what you need to tell her
about your sexual health is going to make her ques-
tion that trust. Although she will be relieved that you
are being forthcoming with her now, she will wonder
why you put off telling her for this long, especially
something that will affect her life too.
Before you even broach the subject with Miss
Marriage Material, I'd recommend talking to your
doctor first. Your physician will be able to advise you
about what specific precautions you and your girl
need to take to make sure you both stay healthy, and
having the information fresh in your mind will help
you answer your girlfriend's inevitable questions.
As far as starting that conversation goes,
be brave and explain everything as much as she
needs. Be forewarned - she may freak out. No
matter how she reacts, she may need some time
to fully trust you again, but she'll be glad you
told her. Undoubtedly, facing facts together will
make your relationship stronger in the long run.
Rachel King
News Editor
Sarah Campbell
Features Editor
Eric Gilmore
Sports Editor
Sarah Hackney
Head Copy Editor
Rachael Lotter
Multimedia Web Editor
Claire Murphy
Asst. News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Asst. Features Editor
Greg Katski
Asst. Sports Editor
Zach Sirkin
Photo Editor
Jamie Crouthamel
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, the East Carolinian prints
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during the regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednes-
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of the East Carolinian is free, each additional copy is $1.
If I could be a
freshman again
Freshmen need to value time, experiences
As I sit and compile my portfolio and tweak the
resume, I can't help but wish that I could go back to that
muggy August afternoon nearly seven semesters ago.
I was a skinny kid dripping sweat in un-air condi-
tioned Tyler Hall, arguing with my overbearing dad.
Stacking the microwave on top of the fridge really was
"rational I had no idea how to connect buses to get to
the Allied Health Science Building or where Rawl was.
Heck even, Cabana's was a foreign term.
Simplyput,I was clueless. Andl'ddoanythingto go back.
Now, I'm dealing with apartment leases, cable bills
and preparing to be "cut off Internships don't fit with
class schedules while still trying to maintain lasting
friendships. There just isn't enough time.
As an 18-year-old, Father Time didn't matter. It was
normal to stay up talking to roommates or watching point-
less movies until 3:30 a.m. with an early morning class
looming. I actually worried about the grade on my Eng-
lish 1000 essay and how it would affect my overall GPA.
The daily activities involved setting up a slip-n-slide
in the third floor of Aycock with a couple of high school
friends or passing around the community hamster (I
still contend it was a gerbil) that lived in the bottom
drawer of the desk.
Sprinting down the bottom of College Hill in the
freezing cold trying to catch the commuter bus that
would hop me a ride to Joyner was a morning ritual.
Strolling home at 2 a.m. after the graveyard shift at
WZMB was tolerable.
Life's major stressors included worrying about get-
ting caught smuggling beer and getting girls past the
resident advisor after hours. That public breakup that
your friends had and their constant drama was a big
deal. Now, planning for graduation and a career make
the old stressors seem trivial and oh so, refreshing.
I'd do anything to get back to the day when some-
one with their single beds pushed together made them
automatically cool. That day when road trips were
easily accessible and a spur of the moment midnight
trip to Raleigh was feasible. Instead of grocery shop-
ping and cooking three food groups, the dining hall
was a few paces and a to-go plate away. It was great.
Adjusting to a new town with thousands of new class-
mates and love interests going through the same experi-
ence. It won't happen again. The carefree attitude, the hang-
overs and teenage metabolism were a perfect mix of stories.
Ahh, those were the times.
Freshmen, realize the opportunities you have. Take
it from an old guy, who at least I feel that way, that this
year is the time of your life. Live it that way.
Democrats must rise
to the challenge
The Iraq war has been going on for three years'
under the invasion plans of the UK and the US. Now
with those three years going with no hope of an exit or
a solution, the Neo-Con rhetoric of "stay the course" is
losing its foothold in the American public and the war
is becoming an everyday apathy.
The next task on the American people's mind is a
solution to the Iraq war. Unfortunately, most people
cannot accept the fact that there will be no solution and
this puts much pressure on the newly elected Democrats.
Many arguments about the recent elections and solutions
for Iraq need to review certain facts that shed a morbid
light on the situation.
I have been reading some interesting comments
in the East Carolinian such as that the Democrat's
first act in Congress was to increase spending by
$58 billion and that the Democrats are gloating. I
would like to keep hearing about what the Demo-
crats are doing in office right now especially since
the newly elected officials have yet to take office.
So now, it has come time for the Democrats. The Iraq
the Democrats are coming into is worse than when it
was part of the so-called "Axis of Evil With no secure
national defense system, the country has become a safe
haven for discriminatory terrorists, such as for the, now
dead, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, whose mission was to
slaughter Shia Muslims.
The problems of Iraq are rooted in an ideology,
which we do not understand in our culture. Our pres-
ence in Iraq just simply means we are another enemy
of the various terrorist organizations that are there.
If we were to leave Iraq in a year, the organizations
that want control will fight under their banner of
ideology and kill those who they deem worthy. If we
stay and try to "fix" our mistake, the organizations,
which want control will fight under their banner
of ideology and kill those who they deem worthy.
When America was involved in Vietnam, it realized
that it had put itself into a situation it couldn't win in
the end. Our solution back then was to pull out and wipe
our hands clean. The outcome was the communist north
taking power and around 1,000,000 civilian deaths. If
history can teach us anything it is that we need to perfect
our faulty military and political strategies before we have
to fix yet another mess.
So America is left having to fund the Iraq war, includ-
ing things such as Iraq police uniforms, Iraqi guns and our
own military. Is it so odd then for the Democrats to want
to raise the spending? The war is a drain on our society
but we are stuck in it and have to repair it best we can.
Beyond giving out guns to "protect" themselves,
a new solution of dividing Iraq into specific cultural
boundaries is just as asinine. The Middle East already
owes its countries idiotic boundaries to the West. This
caused a maze of problems, which we are still dealing
with today. Yet, our best solution so far is to divide it up
again? Due to racism in the US, should we divide into a
Mexican territory, a Black territory and so on? This is
simply not a realistic long-term solution.
Then what are some solutions? Well I believe that
we are left with something that will scar the country for
decades to come just as Vietnam did. The newly elected
Congress along with the president will try to jade the
American people with apparent solutions. What every-
one needs to understand and accept is that no matter
what the government and military come up with, it is
simply a band-aid on a broken leg.
With the mess left by Bush and the mighty Neo-Cons,
the American people must now rest their hopes in the
Democrats and the hope that one day America can uphold
its reputation again as the greatest country in the world.

; Arts & Entertainment
Being patient and planning
carefully pays off, as you'll
soon discover. You can move
even more quickly now. Put
on a great performance.
Pay back favors and debts
you owe, and get rid of stuff
you've outgrown. You're
getting into shape, in more
ways than one, and it looks
good on you.
In a situation like this, you
need a leader who has the
strength and courage to
be bold, and the support
structure to be right. Help
provide the facts needed.
It's a tough job but that's
why it pays so well. Don't
take any chances. Before
you say you'll do it, get a very
comfortable contract.
You're lucky now in love and
games, and whatever else
you try. Don't be an idiot
about it. Try stuff that pays
off well if you win.
If you already have a home,
fix it up. If you don't, start
seriously saving. Real estate
can help finance the lifestyle
you're going to acquire.
You're very enthusiastic but
don't be impetuous. Your
odds of success are good
now, if you don't trip over
your own feet.
There's plenty of work, and
the more you can do of
it, the more money you'll
rake in. Move quickly, and
You're lucky now, and you'll
soon discover a new truth
about yourself. With that in
mind, what are you willing
to risk?
You're a very busy person,
so you don't have time to
fuss over others very much.
If you're feeling low, it's a
good tonic. Get somebody
a funny card.
Cut through the fluff and get
to the substantial part of the
information. This isn't easy
but it's important. You don't
want all that trash in your
head. Edit out the spin.
Use money to make money.
You can figure out how.
Sure, work is required,
but you're in the mood for
that. Knock 'em dead. Break
a leg.
Top 5:
Top 5 Movies:
1. Happy Feet
2. Casino Royale
3. Deju Vu
4. Deck the Halls
5. Borat
Top 5 Albums:
l.The Game: Doctors
2. Akon: Konvicted
3. Various Artists: Now 23
4. JoshGroban:lw3(e
5. "Hannah Montana"
Historic ballet comes to eastern North Carolina
Nutcracker ballet
performance at Wright
In regards to the upcoming
holiday season, I feel it is safe to
say that the majority of you have
at least heard of The Nutcracker,
regardless of whether you're ballet
fans. For the few of you already
scratching your heads, I feel
it is important that I take the time
to fill you in.
For over 100 years now, The
Nutcrackerballet has been attract-
ing audiences everywhere. This
popular production was first pre-
sented at the Mayinsky Theatre in
St. Petersburg, Russia, on Dec. 17
1892. Renowned choreographer
Marius Petipa commissioned the
famous Russian composer Peter
Tchaikovsky to compose a ballet
score based on Alexandre Dumas'
adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffman's
tale, "The Nutcracker and the
Mouse King Unfortunately, the
first production was a failure;
neither critics nor the audience
found it alluring.
Luckily, this initial disap-
pointment didn't impede future
productions. In 1944, The
San Francisco Ballet Company
obtained the honor of being the
first company to perform The
Nutcracker in the United States.
William Christensen directed this
momentous production.
Over the next several years,
The Nutcracker underwent sev-
eral changes to which George
Balanchine is credited. His work
is said to have brought new life
to The Nutcracker. This enhanced
production was first created for
the New York City Ballet.
Today, Balanchine's work has
become a sort of institution in
holiday tradition. The majority
of productions done today are still
rooted in the version created by
George Balanchine.
So now that I have everyone
on the same page, I can share
some good news. Clara, Herr
Drosselmeyer, Mouse King, the
Nutcracker Prince and the beau-
tiful Sugar Plum Fairy will all be
taking the stage this December
on the campus of ECU. Tchai-
kovsky's classic ballet will be
brought to life in three perfor-
mances that will each benefit the
children of eastern North Carolina.
The Dance Arts Theatre of
Greenville will be joining profes-
sional dancers from the Carolina
Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Jof-
frey Ballet and young members of
the community with the Eastern
Symphony Orchestra for this
spectacular production. The group
will be under the direction of Jorge
Richter. Artistic Director of Dance
Arts Theatre, Sherryl Tipton, has
coordinated the event.
Audiences will be able to
The Nutcracker Ballet will be performed right here on campus in a few short weeks.
enjoy a magical journey to a
place where toy soldiers come to
life and the Sugar Plum Fairy
welcomes a young girl to the land
of candy and sweets.
Since 2001, Dance Arts The-
atre has raised thousands of dol-
lars for University Health Systems
of Eastern Carolina's Hospital.
For the sixth straight year, pro-
ceeds will go directly to The
'Stranger than Fiction'
produces disappointing results
Don't waste your $7.50
The movie Stranger than Fiction is a feature film
starring Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin
Hoffman, Queen Latifah and Emma Thompson.
While being very star heavy, this movie lacks any
true direction apart from the obvious and has a ter-
rible plot.
Another terrible thing about the movie isthewaythat
it drags on. This film seems to last an eternity due to its
subdued undertones of humor beneath a heavy storyline.
Stating that the plot and movie are terrible is an
understatement. However, the actors involved do act
their parts well. That is the only thing saving this one
from being a box office refund candidate.
Ferrell is finally stepping away from the just plain
stupid comedies that kept us all laughing in the past
into a more dramatic performance, which he manages
to pull off.
Do not be fooled by the really good commercials
and trailers for this movie. They make the movie out
to be what it isn't - entertaining. The entire point of
the approximately two-hour movie can be summed
up in a few sentences.
Will Ferrell is a lonely, tired, detached man with a
severe case of OCD who works for the I.R.S. His life is
dictated by psychobabble from writer Thompson who
is facing a mental block, a serious smoking addiction
and an acute form of paranoia.
His life is meaningless until he meets and falls
in love with rebellious, opinionated and visually
repulsive Gyllenhaal. But his character is too slow to
know it until the eccentric, intelligent and insightful
professor Hoffman lets him into the know.
The one thing that could have saved the movie
was the ending. The original ending would have
been death at the end of this story, but instead an
alternate ending is formulated to bring a conclusion
to the movie.
Happy endings are great and all, but even in the
movie, the ending to the story is discussed. To be a
great and poetic ending, Ferrell needed to die. I was
hoping this was the case just so the movie would
end soon.
Even in reality, if he would have died, the story
Dustin Hoffman offers Will Ferrell some advice in
Stranger than Fiction.
would have been much better than the alternate
ending which leaves the ending of the story a bit flac-
cid. The overall concept of the movie's plot is great,
but the execution of it was flawed.
Overall, this movie gets a D for its waste of a
great idea, terrible plot development and horrible
utilization of characters.
This writer can be contacted at
Penguins provide a toe-tapping good time
Happy Feet will leave you with a smile on your face and a tune in your head
'Happy Feet'
sure to please
If you are in the mood for
some light-hearted fun as a
distraction to sooth your stress
from impending final exams then
the perfect solution may be just
a short drive away. The release
of the new movie Happy Feet
has people everywhere tapping
their toes to the infectious music
and people left in amazement
after various dance sequences
performed by none other than
penguins themselves.
Often animated features are
primary voiced by nameless C-
list stars, but not Happy Feet. For
those of you who want to see a
movie with an all-star cast look
no further. The likes of Elijah
Wood, Nicole Kidman, Huge
Jackman, Robin Williams and
Brittany Murphy all lend their
voices to bring to life these preco-
cious penguins.
The premise behind the movie
is that when baby penguin Mumble
is born he instantly takes to tap
dancing, which doesn't sit well
with the other penguins consid-
ering that fact that penguins are
bred to sing not dance. In fact, it
seems evident that he is the first
tap dancing penguin. After he
begins his education his teacher
insists that he can sing. He argues
otherwise, and believe me you'll
take his side on this debate. This
poor penguin can't carry a tune to
save his life. However, being able
to sing is essential to him find-
ing his "heartsong" and in turn
finding his mate. Throughout
the movie Mumble struggles to
find a way to fit in, but in the end
standing out may be the main
source of his redemption.
Children's Miracle Network to
benefit programs and services for
the Children's Hospital and the
29 counties the hospital serves.
For those of you interested in
attending this exciting event,
performances are set for Satur-
day, Dec. 9 and Sunday, Dec. 10
at Wright Auditorium here on
campus. Ticket prices are $24
for students, $28 for adults and
groups of 20 or more can benefit
from group rates. Please call ECU
Central Ticket Office at 328-
4788 or 1-800-ECU-ARTS. If you
plan to attend, be sure to get your
tickets soon because both matinee
and evening performances tend to
sell out quickly.
This writer can be contacted at
Something old,
something new
10 albums you
should hear
While it's still too early in the year to go into my
picks for the top 10 albums of 2006, as we're getting
in gear for the holiday season that's fast approaching,
I thought it'd be timely for some sort of a list.
And what better than a list of 10 albums everyone
should at least, in my opinion, be exposed to and give
a good listen to?
I'm not claiming that these are the greatest albums
of all time (though, true, many of them may rank
high on that list, too). They're just, in no particular
order, 10 albums that I've learned to love, and albums
that I'd want to tell my friends about if they've never
heard them.
1. The White Album-The Beatles: While most
people say Revolver is The Beatles album that started
their experimentation with sound and opened up
what they'd develop on later albums, in my opinion, it
doesn't matter. This album is two discs worth of raw
experimental, psychedelic songs that hit hard.
2. Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan: This is my
personal favorite Dylan album because every single
song is my "favorite Dylan song" at some point. If
you've never heard any of his stuff and are trying to
jump into the thick of Dylan, this has it all; love songs,
word play, mind-bending harmonica riffs, etc.
3. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen: From the
first track to the last, Springsteen delivers it all on this
album. He develops elaborate musical arrangements
and showcases his insane lyrical delivery on songs like
"Thunder Road "Born to Run" and "Backstreets
4. Grace - Jeff Buckley: The only full-length
album Buckley lived to see made, Grace show-
cases the young musician's vocal ability and what
could have been.
5. Murmur - R.E.M: Just listen to this album
and remember that it was made 16 years ago. Way
ahead of their time, R.E.M. paved the way for tons of
today's indie music.
6. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness- The
Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream is a great
album, but this one is two discs of Corgan's genius.
It's that simple.
7. A Ghost is Born - Wilco: If you don't know
who Jeff Tweedy is, it's about time you learned. Argu-
ably one of the best songwriters of our time, Tweedy's
Grammy-winning A Ghost is Born lives up to the hype,
lyrically and musically.
8. Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth: This
album is definition of post-punk, art-rock and fans of
almost every kind of rock music can find something
see FEET page A6
see WZMB page A6

Movie picks
k Outstanding
Worthy effort
T So-so
A bomb

j :O :Q : O

-- ,
W !!!
Casino Royale
Deck the Halls
Deja Vu
-1 i
The Fountain
f i. if
Happy Feet
Tenacious D
g &
t i i
i t t
t : Co" : CO
? m
2006 MCT
continued from A6
to love in this album - from the
intricate guitar work toThurston
Moore and Kim Gordon's great
vocal performance.
9. Kid A- Radiohead: Elec-
tronic, artistic, profound and
really, really good. Every album
Radiohead kicks it up a notch and
front man Thorn Yorke prove
lure thai he's mi clearly Me man.
10. Pink Moon - Nick
Drake: Drake's final album,
and widely considered his
masterpiece is stripped down to
its bare essentials: A guitar and
his voice. Even more impressive
about the peaceful, crisp and
creative sound on this album
is that it only took him two
nights to record.
Whether you're downloading
OT buying these albums, don't you
think it's about time you started
listening to them? Remember to
tune in to the WZMB for a daily
dose of great music from artists
past and present.
This writer can be contacted at
continued from A6
This movie is not only a
heartwarming tale of a penguin;
it is also packed with tons of
laughs. There was hardly a time
throughout the movie when a
smile wasn't on my face. Wil-
liams kept the laughs coming
with his portrayal of two pen-
guins, Ramon and Lovelace.
Despite the lighthearted
nature of this film, there were
some real environmental issues I
incorporated into the plot. The
fact that fisherman are catch-
ing many of the fish that pen-
guins depend on for survival was
brought to the forefront. Also,
the issues of global warming
found a way to creep in.
Another great part about
this movie is the stellar music
throughout its entirety. Kidman
and l.i. belted out Prince's
"Kiss while Murphy gave a
phenomenal rendition of (Queen's
Somebody to Love The
music throughout Happy Feel
made me not only want to sing
along, but jump to my feet
and bust a move.
I expect that this movie will
still be playing in homes for
years to come and will become
a classic among children and
adults alike. I recommend Happy
Feel for anyone who is looking
for a carefree way to spend an
afternoon enjoying a movie with
a great plot that is jam packed
with comedic relief.
Just don't forget to grab your
dancing shoes on the way out of
the house, you may need them to
dance your way home.
Movie Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
For morn information about trwi
mporUtnoB of arts education, plewae oonl
www AmerioanaForTheArU.orfr
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College Retention Rates and Success Strategies
Would you like an opportunity to meet with university leaders?
Then, The Deans & Issues Forum is for you!
The Forum is an open discussion with key University officials and
administrators on current ECU issues and related leadership topics.
Meet with:
Dr. Virginia Hardy, Brody School of Medicine
Dr. Al Smith, First Year Center
Dr. Lathan Turner, Intercultural Student Affairs
Dr. Jim Westmoreland, College of Business
Students, faculty and staff are invited. Refreshments will be served.
ECU is your community. We hope you will take this opportunity to
participate. Thank you for your support.
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SO, 2006
ECU's Inside Source
ty to
Miles between Dowdy-Fick-
len Stadium and Legion Field
in Birmingham, Ala. via the
road according to mapquest.
Average home attendance
through three games for the
men's basketball team; the
men are undefeated at home
after wins over Morgan St
Limestone and N.C. Central;
ECU ranks fifth in Confer-
ence USA behind Memphis,
UTEP, Tulsa and UAB
Major statistical categories
that point guard Darrell
Jenkins ranks in the top 10 of
C-USA; the junior is 10th in
scoring average (14.8), first
in assists (7.4), fifth in three
pointers per game (2.2), fifth
in assist-to-turnover ratio
(2.64) and eight in minutes
played (32.2)
All-time record for the wom-
en's basketball team in the
Lady Pirate Invitational, the
Lady Pirates won the cham-
pionship in 2002 and 2005;
this year will mark the fifth
annual when North Dakota
St, F'airfield and Florida St.
all travel to Greenville
Conference ranking of the
women's basketball team in
offensive rebounds; the Lady
Pirates have grabbed a league
leading 113 offensive boards
in six games to average 18.8
per contest
Free throw percentage
through six games for sopho-
more combo guard Jessica
Slack; the sharpshooter has
made 15-of-16 attempts and
her percentage trails only
Jami Montagino of Tulane
Pitchers that signed early
national letters-of-intent
to play baseball; Rigoberto
Lugo of Puerto Rico Baseball
Academy in Gurabo, Puerto
Rico is one of 11 players
inked and the first ever ECU
commit from the country;
Lugo is a right-handed
pitcher known for his hard
breaking ball; he has been
They said it
"I haven't heard from anybody
and nobody on my staff has
come to me to let me know that
I should be expecting a phone
call. Right now, we're trying to
build this program and I believe
we were brought here to do a job
and we're in the midst of doing
that right now. I think it's an
honor when you're name is being
brought around in the internet
chat rooms because it means that
they think you're doing a quality
job here, but that doesn't always
equate to jobs
-Skip Holtz, ECU head coach
Jenkins leads the
Pirates in scoring
and assists from
the point guard
position. He cannot
afford another
five-point outing,
however, like he
had in the loss to
Richmond when he
got into foul trouble
Blair has been a
monster on the
boards for the
Pirates and, while
knocking around
with Liberty's
6-11 junior center,
Russell Monroe,
Blair has to hold his
The 6-9 freshman
has become ECU'S
Sultan of Swat. The
lanky freshman
from Fayetteville
averages four blocks
per game and needs
a similar outing
against a smaller
Liberty team.
It seems every game,
ihe Kinston native
comes up with a
momentum changing
play for the Pirates.
While averaging
just eight points
per game, Ingram
manages to score at
the most opportune
ECU is 1-1 on the
road this year and
Captain's leadership
is a reason why the
Pirates have played
well this young
season. In ECU'S
other trip to Virginia
this year, Captain led
the team in scoring,
and he will need
another big effort
and he must help
keep the younger
players focused for
their third road game
of the season.
Pirates vritt att tt i
uicli hfjMfe wA Jihn Hitft l
Liberty has saw as. Man.
half of its win w MX. I
heating up m ttw
ket Blair:
NOV. 11VS. MORGAN ST.W, 86-67
NOV. 14AT. RICHMOND L, 71-67C0T)
NOV. 18AT UNCGW, 72-64
AN. 27VS, UAB7:00PM
rs to try toroaj
74.6 87.5
132-293 126-260
Men's basketball hits the
road to take on Liberty
Pirates looking for
second road win
The 4-1 ECU basketball team
will head to Lynchburg, Va. Saturday
evening to take on the Liberty Flames.
Both teams are riding a three-
game win streak. ECU has won
three straight since an overtime loss
at Richmond. Since then, the Pirates
have won at UNC Greensboro and
have home wins over Division II
foes Limestone and North Carolina
Liberty's schedule is not much
better. After a season-opening 74-48
loss at Oklahoma, the Flames have
home wins over Cincinnati Christian,
Houghton and Southern Virginia.
Liberty has scored more than
100 points in two of those wins and
has three players averaging double
digits in scoring, including senior
guard Larry Blair.
Blair averaged nearly 23 points
a game last season, and is right
at the clip this year through four
games. Blair ranks seventh all-
time on the Big South scoring
list and is third in school history.
Anthony Smith, a 6-4 sopho-
more from Piano, Tex is averaging
13 points per game while 6-foot-8
junior forward Alex McLean scores
nearly 18 points per game and leads
the team with 10 rebounds for every
The Pirates have two players
that are solid double-digit scor-
ers in guards Darrell Jenkins and
Courtney Captain. Jenkins, a 5-11
junior transfer, is averaging 15
points to lead the team and the
point guard also averages seven
assists per game. Captain, who led
the Pirates in scoring at Richmond
and against N.C. Central, is averag-
ing just over 13 points per contest.
ECU hasn't lost to Liberty in
five meetings, including an 80-50
drubbing of the Flames the last time
"The best thing about
this team is we only have
one senior so the
future is bright for
these young guys
the two teams met in 1998. If the
Pirates want to continue that streak,
they will have to keep McLean
from pounding the glass. That
responsibility falls on the shoulders
of ECU's big freshmen trio of Gabe
Blair, John Fields and Justin Ramsey.
The (i-fbot-8 Blair had a season-
high 15 rebounds in the loss to Rich-
mond and leads the team with eight
rebounds per game. Ramsey has
13 rebounds in 46 minutes of play
this season and Fields has ripped
off 18 from the glass while averag-
ing almost 10 points per game.
The biggest thing Fields brings
to the table for the Pirates is his
natural shot-blocking ability. With
his 6-foot-9 frame, long arms and
instincts, Fields has blocked 20 shots
through five games and has nearly
triple the amount of blocked shots
that Liberty has as a team.
"I came here to rebound and
play defense said Fields follow-
ing the win over NCCU. "I feel
like I am maturing as a player
offensively. Now I feel like I'm
adding a scoring threat to my game
The game will be a litmus test
for both teams, who have played
fairly easy schedules apart from their
one loss. Liberty is coming off a 7-23
campaign in Randy Dunton's fifth
season as head coach. ECU went 8-
20 a year ago, but both teams have a
lot of new inexperienced players that
should continue to get better.
"The best thing about this team
is we only have one senior so the
future is bright for these young guys
said ECU head coach Ricky Stokes.
The game is ECU's last out-
of-state game of the year as the
Pirates will play six straight games
in North Carolina, including three
home games versus South Florida,
Winthrop and Chowan. The in-
state road games will be at UNC
Wilmington on Tuesday, NC. State
and Wake Forest. Tip-offfor Satur-
day's Liberty game is set for 7 p.m.
This writer can be contacted at

ECU Baseball team inks 11 recruits in early signing period
(SID) Eight high school
seniors, two junior college players
and a pitcher from Puerto Rico
have signed early national letters-
of-intent to play baseball at ECU
in 2008, Head Coach Billy Godwin
announced recently.
"I am real excited about the
talent that we have pulled together
for this recruiting class said
Godwin. "Each of these players has
the ability to step in and compete
at the highest level and help us
reach our goal of getting to the
College World Series in Omaha
The junior college transfers
inked are Derrick Conatser, Rigo-
berto Lugo and Daniel Holder.
Conatser (RHP, 6-1, 180) will
transfer from Tallahassee Commu-
nity College in Tallahassee, Fla
where he posted a 7-2 record with
one save as a freshman. Conatser fin-
ished his freshman campaign with a
2.92 ERA, which ranked among the
top-SO in Florida JUCO baseball. .
Holder (RHP, 6-3,215) is trans-
ferring from Lurleen Wallace State
College where he had a 43-18 overall
record and a third place finish in the
2006 Region XXII tournament as
a freshman. Holder compiled a 7-3
record, struck out 64, walked 20 and
posted a 1.82 ERA en route to earn-
ing Region XXII All-Tournament
honors for the Saints.
Cameron Freeman, Matt Han-
cock, Dustin Harrington, Matt
Laney, Seth Maness, Brad Mincey,
Sthil Sowers and Trent Whitehead
are the eight high school players that
have signed.
Whitehead (OF, 6-0, 165) plays
for near-by Washington H igh School
in Washington, N.C. He earned
All-Conference and Team MVP
honors as a sophomore and
junior. Whitehead is rated by
Impact Baseball as one of
the top-20 players in N.C.
Mincey (RHP, 6-0,175), another
product of Eastern North Carolina,
plays for New Hanover High School
in Wilmington, N.C. Mincey com-
piled an 11-6 record in two years on
the mound. During his junior season
Mincey struck out 92 batters in 73
innings, while only walking 11.
Laney (LH P, 6-4,240) is a three-
time letter winner at LC Bird High
School in Chesterfield, Va. Laney
tossed four complete games in seven
Steelers' Cowher has no
interest in N.C. State job
(AP) Bill Cowher is not
interested in coaching alma
mater N.C. State, even though
the Super Bowl-winning Pitts-
burgh Steelers coach has only
one season left on his contract.
Cowher, a former N.C. State
linebacker, has seen his name men-
tioned prominently in speculation
since Wolfpack coach Chuck Amato
was fired last weekend.
Asked if he had any interest in
going back to his former school,
Cowher said, "No
"I've been getting a lot
of contacts about it; I've heard
about it Cowher said Wednes-
day. "But I've got a job here
Cowher and his family bought
a luxury home in Raleigh, N.C,
less than a year ago, adding to
the rumors he might be ready to
leave Pittsburgh. Cowher's wife
and youngest daughter are living
in Raleigh this season, while his
other two daughters are attending
Princeton University.
"I'm very flattered to hear some
of the things that have been coming
out, but I'm not a candidate Cowher
said. "I have a job here and my focus
really is on this job right here, so you
can take me off the list
Cowher did not suggest any
possible replacements for Amato,
who had a 49-37 record while lead-
ing N.C. State to five bowl games in
seven seasons.
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starts in his junior season, finish-
ing with a .) record on the way
to second-team all-district. He was
selected hy Major League Baseball to
'pitch in the East Coast Professional
Showcase in the summer of 2006.
Hancock (C Corner INF OF,
6-2, 210) is a versatile player from
Xavier High School in Middletown,
Conn. In two seasons Hancock has
collected 11 homeruns and posted a
.397 batting average.
"Matt is a strong power hitting
catcher third baseman that we saw
at one of our camps that jumped out
right away said Godwin.
Freeman (INF, 6-1, 170) helped
Cape Fear High School in Fayette-
ville, N.C. compile a 82-18 record
over the past two seasons, which
included the Two-Rivers Confer-
ence championship in 2006. H
earned first-team all-conference
accolades as a junior after posting
a .380 batting average and leading
the conference in hits (33).
Harrington (INF RHP, 5-10,
175) is a five-tool player from Alexan-
der Central High School in Taylors-
ville, N.C. As a junior he hit batted
an astounding .489 with 1 home
run, 14 doubles and 13 stolen bases.
Maness (RHP, 5-11, 168) was
named Mid-Southeastern Con-
ference Player-of-the-Year and
to the first-team all-state as a
sophomore As a junior he posted
a 1.44 ERA with 127 strikeouts
and six walks in 87 23 innings.
Sowers (RHP, 6-2, 155) has
helped North Lenoir High School
in LaGrange, N.C. to back-to-back
state championships. Sower went
13-0 with a 0.75 ERA as a junior. He
picked up team MVP honors as well
as Conference Player-of-the-Year,
MVP of the State Championship
and all-state honors.
Godwin also signed Lugo
as the first ever commit from the
Puerto Rico Baseball Academy.
"We are excited about the sign- S
ing Rigoberto Lugo said Godwin, ig1
"He is a power throwing right-
handed pitcher with a hard, late ,
breaking ball that has also been 1
clocked at 92 mph i
The Pirates, who begin spring
practice on Jan. 10, 2007, will host $
Liberty in the season opener on g
Feb. 9 at Lewis Field inside Clark-
LeClair Stadium at 3 p.m.
Trent Whitehead signs a letter of intent at Washington High School.
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Conference USA announces postseason awards
Offer Available Exclusively at:
1915-DSE Greenville Blvd. Greenville, NC 27834
See store lor details. Limited time offer. 2006 U.S. Cellular
(SID) The league office
announced its 2006 Media Players
of the Year, Coach of the Year and
Freshmen of the Year Wednesday,
as selected by a panel of media
members in each conference city.
Houston senior quarterback
Kevin Kolb was named Offensive
Player of the Year. He has com-
pleted 68.2 percent (247-of-362)
of his passes for 3,165 yards and
25 touchdowns with just three
interceptions. His yardage total
is second in Conference USA and
his TD total ranks third, while his
interception is the second-lowest
of any Division I-A player. Kolb
has started all 48 games of his
collegiate career, more than any
I-A quarterback and is C-USA's
all-time leader in total offense with
13,109 yards.
Defensive honors went to Mar-
shall sophomore defensive end
Albert McClellan. A first team All-
Conference USA selection, McClel-
lan leads C-USA in sacks with 11.5,
in tackles for loss with 19 and ranks
second in forced fumbles with four.
He has been credited with 77 total
tackles and turned in his top per-
formance of the season in a loss at
ECU on Nov. 11 when he registered
nine tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss,
3.5 sacks and forced two fumbles.
The Special Teams Player of
the Year award went to UTEP
senior punt returnerkicker
returner Johnnie Lee Higgins.
He has returned two punts for
touchdowns, tied for second-most
in a season in C-USA history. As
a kick returner, Higgins averaged
15.3 yards on 18 returns. He earned
first team All-Conference honors as
a wide receiver and punt returner.
Redshirt freshman QB Justin .
Willis of SMU was named the
league's Freshman of the Year. He
re-wrote the Mustangs single-
season passing records during his
first year on the Hilltop, setting a
new school record for touchdown
passes with a league-high-tying
26. For the year, he completed 182-
of-270 for 2,047 yards and just six
interceptions, ranking 10th in the
nation in passing efficiency.
Rice's first-year head coach
Todd Graham was named the C-
USA Coach of the Year. The former
Tulsa defensive coordinator led his
team to the largest improvement in
Division I-A this season.
Graham took over the reigns
of the Rice football program on
Jan. 1 and less than one year
later transformed a team that
finished 1-10 last season into a
squad that will play in the school's'
first bowl game in 45 years. On
Dec. 22, the Owls will play in
the R&L Carriers New Orleans
Bowl, ending the second-longest
bowl drought in college football.
Rice will enter its bowl game
on a six-game winning streak, the
longest in C-USA. After open-
ing the season at 0-4 and dealing
with the tragic death of freshman
defensive back Dale Lloyd on Sept.
24, the Owls posted an emotional
48-14 victory at Army on Sept. 30.
Following a loss at Tulane on Oct.
7, Rice has not lost a football game,
including posting three victories on
its final offensive play.
After being picked to finish in
last place in the West Division, the
Owls finished in second place with a
6-2 league ledger. Only a one-point
loss on opening day against Houston
prohibited the Owls from playing in
the C-USA Championship game.
This is the second year in a row
that the C-USA Coach of the Year
has engineered the largest regular
season turnaround in Division I-A,
as UCF's George O'Leary accom-
plished the feat last season.
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have 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses
within one block of ECU that have
been completely renovated and
real nice with new kitchens and
bathrooms. 405 S. Jarvis and 804
Johnston (next to 4th Street) Call
2BD 2Bath Wyndham Circle Duplex
Availble January 1, 2007; June 1,
2007; and August 1, 2007 $625
month 321-4802 Newly Decorated
Cathedral Ceilings Nice Landlord
Great Price! Call Fast!
House for Rent. ECU AREA. 3BR
2B Available January 2007. $600
month 6 Month lease. Central HA,
Major appliances. Call 259-0424
or 756-3947.
Awesome 2BD 1BA Apt. available
Jan. 1st. $650 month incl. water,
sewage, DSL, cable. One block
from library. Wood floors, new Dish
washer and Washer and Dryer. Call
1 BR in 3BR 2BA House $400
mo, Utilities included. All major
Appliances. No Pets. Professionals
only. Call David 252-412-5877
Nice House! 3Bdrm 2Bath.
Available Jan 1. $325Rm Walking
distance to campus, Large driveway,
Corner house. 202 Meade St. (252)
Roommate Wanted in 4 BR 2 Bath
house off of 10th Street. ECU bus
route, close to campus! Call 757-
Roommate wanted to share a
4BD4BA all inclusive apartment
for $349mo. Male or female, Close
to ECU, on ECU bus route, great
amenities. Call 752-9995.
School of Art and Design's Annual
Holiday Sale in Jenkins Fine Arts
Building today 9am-8pm, Dec.1st
9am-8pm, and Dec.2nd 9am-2pm!
Find great gifts like handmade
jewelry and so much more!
One, two Brs. on-site management Futon and Dining Table for sale.
; $10" OFF;
Any one pair of Rainbows Sandals
Kxpircs Sun. Dcc.4
I Catalog Connectionr
21(1 K. 5th St. 758-8612 MON-SAT 10-6 Sl'N 1 V
; 40 OFF:
Any one "Catalog" Item
Kxpircs Sun. Dec.4
I Catalog Connection i
5th St. 758 N6I2 M( i S VI
Hundreds of Parts in Stock
Cables & Accessories
Repairs & Upgrades

Customized PCs & Servers
Networking Supplies
Local Competitive Service
Customized Laptops
9 North Carolina Locations
18 Years in Business
Also open in: ,
Raleigh. Cary,
Durham, Chapel'HIII.
Greensboro & Winston-Salem
vm v 3160-D L . ins Road
I J Cm f Lynncroft Shopt :ng Cent
J 1, next to BEST BUY
Computers Made Simple (252) 321-1200
maintenance Central heat air 6,
9, 12 month leases Water Cable
included ECU bus Wireless Internet
pets dishwasher disposals pool
laundry (252) 758-4015
Blocks to ECU, 1, 2, or 3 Bdrm
Homes, Central HeatAC, Washer.
Dryer, Dishwasher, We mow the
yard! Available December to
January; Call 321-4712, or see at
$350 Each all inclusive 4 bedroom
Walk to campus! $350mo. each
INCLUDES Utilities, Cable, High
Speed Internet, and Phone with
Unlimited Long Distance! Washer
Dryer Included Call 258-4373
BLOCKS TO ECU Newly renovated
1, 2, 3, 4, &5 bdrm houses
available with short-term lease-
options. Includes all appliances
with washerdryer & dishwasher.
Lawn maintenance provided weekly.
Call 252-327-4433.
WALK TO campus! 1 block from the
Library. 2 bedroom apartment with
hardwood floors and central heat
air. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, high-
speed internet, basic cable, water
& sewer all included. Available
January 1st. Call Mike 439-0285.
Please call 252-531-0414 for
more information. Both in Great
Do you need a good job? The
ECU Telefund is hiring students
to contact alumni and parents for
the ECU Annual Fund. $6.25hour
plus cash bonuses. Make your own
schedule. If interested, visit our
website at www.ecu.edutelefund
and click on JOBS.
Library Page- Shelve books, help
patrons find books in Children's
Department. Monday and Tuesday
nights and every other weekend.
Complete application at Sheppard
Memorial Library Children's Library,
530 Evans Street Greenville.
Food delivery drivers wanted
for Restaurant Runners. Part-
time positions $100-300week.
Perfect for college students
Some lunchtime (llam-2pm)
Mon-Fri advantageous and weekend
availability required. 2-way radios
allow you to be anywhere in
Greenville when not on a delivery.
Reliable transportation a must. Call
252-551-3279 between 2-5pm
only. Leave message if necessary.
Sorry Greenville residents only.
Have Spring 2007 Tuition Paid In
Full. No More Student Loans. Extra
Needed: Full-time and part-time
teachers to work at a local childcare
center. Need to be working towards
a degree in Child Development,
Elementary Education or related
field. Call 756-8250 Mon-Fri.
Project Manager Assistant for
Regional Concrete Contractor
Requires field and office duties.
Experience in construction
needed Good starting pay based
on Qualifications. Call 830-5297
for information Good pay based on
Bartenders wanted! Up to $250
day. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520. ext. 202
Puzzles by Pappocom
4 9519
Walk-In Customers WeUome
Level 1 Beds Only
Grawmlk Blvd. (Acrou from Pino Inn)
931.1147 EvaruSmB 353.5400
1 Visits must be used within 7 consecutis
days. First Time Customers Only.
ID required.
Regularly Priced $49
Expires 12706
s ts3 6 9l e
9 Z I 6 i eE V V 8 99 8 6 9 Z fr
l 9 6 19 f E Z9 Z 8 i v e 6 9EM 2 6 9 8 S 1
2 8 9 L S fr e 6 ifr L I 8 e 6 9SZ6 9 I 9 Z V I 8
Got something to say?
Send us your Pirate Rants!
Arlington Place
House hunting is
Being evicted is
Remember the Rule of Three:
Greenville City Code
says no more than
three unrelated people
can live together in a
house, townhouse
apartment or condo
For more info contact Student
Neighborhood Relations at 328 2847
l ll OKI
Square o
more nil.
With hip or knee pain, even a flight
of stairs needs conquering.
With chronic hip or knee pain, everyday tasks
become epic challenges. Today, new developments
in orthopaedic medicine provide more treatment
options than ever, reducing concerns for patients
while maximizing positive outcomes. Don't let hip
or knee pain compromise your quality of life. For
more information on hip and knee conditions and
new procedures, visit or

FREE! Wlome P Only 1 m Pizza Inn) 353.5400
7 consecutive lers Only. 549 6
j T j I
at your job
Become an
AdRep at T.E.C.
One out of five adults finds themselves as the designated "caregiver" for a
loved one who can't manage alone. Recent findings reveal that this role can
be precarious - for both parties. While trying to do it all, you can become
overwhelmed and risk your own health. As this
happens, the level of care you're providing may also
suffer. Fortunately, there is help and relief out there
for both of you. Visit
and discover a world of support, answers and advice.
From the National Family Caregivers Association ana! the National Alliance for Caregiving
with the generous support of Eisai Inc.
On-campus conveniences Apartment amenities

Welcome to the x , New
c1 ?

The Best
" 'Both
Located in the heart of
ECU's campus, the new
Campus Towers offers
today's students the
perfect blend of location,
style & convenience.
With a cutting-edge
computer lab, a game
room, TV lounges and
new laundry facilities,
Campus lowers offers
all the conveniences of
on-campus living with
the upscale amenities of
apartment life.
Forget the early morning
commute. Sleep late and
walk or bike to class.
Come visit the new Campus Towers today!
(252) 752-2865
635 Cotanche Street Greenville, NC 27858

There's hidden gold in those textbooks.
A treasure just waiting for you when you sell your books
at U.B.E. You'll move quickly through any line and have
a jingle in your pocket for end of semester festivities and
holiday fun. So dig in, matey. Sell your books for cash
during the U.B.E. Buyback.
U.B.E. Uptown Greenville 516 South Cotanche St.
tft D O IWednesday & Thursday, December 6&7 9:00am to 6:00
Friday, December 8 9:00a.m. to 7:00p.m
Saturday, December 9 10:00a.m to 5:00p.m.
Sunday, December 10 closed
Monday-Friday, December 11-15 9:00a.m to 7:00pm
We're Open on Commencement Day
Do some Pirate shopping before heading out of town!
Saturday, December 16
9:00am to 6:00pm
Satin Mahogany Diploma Frame 2006 ECU Buccaneer
Pewter ECU Alumni License Plate
All Three for $147.50
Save over $30.00!
Limited quantities - Get yours today!
U.B.E. Remote Book Buyback at Alpha Phi House (Bottom of College Hill) Just jog down and trade those books for cold cash!
(A or O 0 zWednesday & Thursday, December 6 & 79:00am to 5:00p.m.
Friday, December 89:00am to 5:00p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, December 9-10NO REMOTE
Monday-Friday, December 11-159:00a.m. to 5:00pm
Uptown Greenville 516 South Cotanche Street 758-2616

The East Carolinian, November 30, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
November 30, 2006
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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