The East Carolinian, November 2, 2006

Skip Holtz and the
Pirates hope to
avenge last season's
30-20 loss to UCF by
extending their lead
in the East Division
of Conference USA.
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goalkeeper Amber
Campbell received
two national honors
after allowing one goal
last weekend. Find
out which accolades
she was honored
Pico vs. Island Trees
will be performing at
Red Rooster. For more
information about the
band and how they
got their start, turn to
Page B4
Kelly Wheeler's senior
exhibition is on display
at the Greenville
Museum of Art. Learn
more about this
talented artist and her
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SuDoKuPage A7
ECU community participates
in GuluWalk of Greenville
Greenville citizens, as well as students, got together to participate in the GuluWalk Greenville on Saturday, which
Donations exceed over T.h.e childre" of "r,h-
ern Uganda carry on their
$3,500 to help children
in Africa
Members of the ECU and
the Greenville community
participated in the GuluWalk
Greenville on Saturday morning.
GuluWalk Greenville is walk
that was organized by recent
ECU graduate Neil Klinedinst to
raise money for children who are
in danger of being abducted by
the Lord's Resistance Army in
normal activities during the day
but flee for shelter at night to
avoid being abducted by
the LRA, being raped, being
vk,i,l 'e d or being forced
to kill others.
Over 200 participants were
registered to participate in
the walk by 10 a.m. The walk
and donations were voluntary,
according to Klinedinst.
The walk started at the
Town Commons on First
Street and concluded at the
Mendenhall Student Center brick-
Speakers for the event
included Senator Tony Moore,
Pastor George Okudi, 2003 Afri-
can male musician of the year
and Jamie Omundi.
"Having Okudi as a speaker
was especially effective because
he has been personally affected
by the LRA in his past
said Klinedinst.
Moore talked about respon-
sibility and service, and
Omundi talked about the work her
mother does with the orphanages in
northern Uganda.
Omundi explained how
thrilled she was toseepeoplethatwere
so far away helping to bring hope
to northern Uganda, according
to Klinedinst.
was organized to raise funds for the troubled children in areas of Africa.
The motto of the GuluWalk to participate and the amount of
Greenville was, "Are you a reason
for hope in Northern Uganda?"
Many individuals attempted to
be hope for the children in Uganda
by giving donations.
Klinedinst saidthatthey have
counted over $3,500 in dona-
tions and they are still receiving
notification that people would like
to donate.
The GuluWalk may become
an annual event; another is
already in the works for next year
with the plans of more music and
committee members, according
to Klinedinst.
Klinedinst seemed pleased at
the turnout of people who wanted
money raised.
"1 am proud of the indi-
viduals who participated as we
became a larger voice for these
children. They need, and deserve
people to stand ip for them and
it was great to see the ECU
community do just that Klin-
edinst said.
If you would like to make a
contribution to the cause or learn
more information about the situ-
ation, contact Neil Klinedinst at, or visit or
This writer can be contact at
Office of the Dean of
Students reemerges at ECU
Dean of Students Lynn Roeder's office is located in the Student Health Services Building, on central campus.
Program will help
students solve
numerous problems
Dr. Lynn Roeder has been
appointed to the Office of the Dean
of Students.
The Office of the Dean of Stu-
dents is a program that did exist
on the ECU campus many years
ago. As this campus grows and a
greater variety of students attend
ECU it is vital for the university to
do everything they can to ensure a
valuable college experience.
The Office of the Dean of
Students is an organization that
embodies numerous programs
such as students rights and respon-
sibilities, victim advocate services,
parent services, and off-campus
and community living services.
Before being appointed Dean
of Students, Roeder served as
ECU's Associate Vice Chancellor
for Counseling, Student Health
and Student Development.
She was also the Director of
the Center for Counseling and
Student Development.
According to Dr. Marilyn
Sheerer, interim vice chancellor
in the division of Student Life, the
purpose of this program is so that
students know where to go to find
help when they have a problem.
"It is a one stop shop for stu-
dents said Sheerer.
"The program will communi-
cate with students and parents, it
will let faculty know that they are
an available resource willing and
ready to assist the student body
says Sheerer.
All though many students
look forward to college when they
see DEAN page A2
Democrats and
Republicans election
fast approaching
The General Election for Pitt
Counties officials is right around
the corner. With seats open in the
U.S. Congress District 01, for the
democratic ticket of, G.K. Butter-
field; U.S. Congress District 03
Craig Weber for the democratic
ticket and Walter B. Jones for the
republican ticket. For the N.C.
State House and Senate Districts
Clark Jenkins, John Kerr, Todd
Siebels, Arthur Williams, Hood
Richardson, Edith D. Warren,
Marian N. McLawhorn and Tony
P. Moore are just a few of the
candidates running office in this
mid-term election. Outside of
North Carolina, who will have
re-elections for 2008 and 2010 for
state senate, the race for Senate
and House Representatives con-
tinues, with the possibility for
either party to take precedence
over the floor. There are many
see ELECTION page A2
Voters will have the opportunity to choose from many diverse candidates
for a variety of offices when they venture out to the polls this year.
General elections
to be held Nov. 7

ECU'S Japan Center East
hosts Wellness Japan
Today at 5:30 p.m.
ECU'S School of
Nursing, Room 1102, Allied
Health Sciences Building
Acupuncture, Reiki and
other alternative health
topics are the focus of a sem-
inar and workshop offered
by ECU'S Japan Center East.
The cost of the program is
$12 for the general public,
$10 for senior citizens and
$7 for students. Registra-
tion begins at 5:15 p.m.
Visit ecu.edujapancen-
tereast or contact Chikako
Massey masseyc@ecu.
edu or 252-737-1352
for more information.
Teacher Cadet Day
Tuesday, Nov. 7 in
Mendenhall Student
Center room 244 from
10:45 until 11:15 a.m.
The North Carolina Teacher
Cadet Program is an
innovative yearlong
or semester block
activity based curriculum
for high school juniors
and seniors. The course
is designed to promote a
better understanding and
create interest in those
students who are
considering teach-
ing as a profession.
Crime Stoppers Reward
The Pitt-Greenville Crime
Stoppers are offering a
reward for information lead-
ing to the arrest and convic-
tion of individual(s) who
have set a series of trash
can fires at ECU. Two trash
can fires were set in the Bate
Building in July 2006. Trash
can fires were set at the
Joyner Library Annex and
Brewster B, C and D Wings
in October. Anyone having
information about
these crimes should
contact the Pitt-Greenville
CrimeStoppers at
758-7777, or Lt. Mike
Jordan, ECU Police,
737-1519, or go to the
ECU Web site, Adminis-
tration, Index, Police,
Crime Reporting.
Leadershape Institute
The ECU LeaderShape
Institute will take place
during Spring Break, 2007
at the Caraway Conference
Center in Asheboro, N.C.
There is no cost to attend
the Institute, however you
must be selected through
an application and interview
process to become a partic-
ipant. All transportation to
and from the Institute will be
provided along with meals
and lodging. You must be
available and are expected
to stay for the entire length
of the institute. If you have
any additional questions
please feel free to contact or
call the Office of Campus
Involvement at 328-1682.
Volunteer opportunities
Saturday, Nov. 4
Eastern Pines BBQ Dinner
Eastern Pines Fire Station
11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Volunteers are needed to
assist with distributing din-
ners, general assistance
and clean-up. Shifts avail-
able. Peak times between
11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Contact Branch Martin at
Flatlander's Fling Climbing
SRC Climbing Wall
2 - 8 p.m.
Volunteers needed to set-
upbreak down and assist
in running the event.
Contact David Gaskins at
Humane Society's Black
Dog Day
Sam's Club - Greenville
9 a.m. -3:30 p.m.
Twelve to 15 volunteers
needed to greet shoppers,
collect and sort donated
products, playwalk black
dogspuppies from HESC
and possibly help with adop-
Contact Chuck Brown at 714-
6015 or cqbjr@earthlink.
Thu Fri
Campus & Community
4 Sat 5 Sun
Teaching with Tech-
nology "Think-In"
Mendenhall Student
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Folkfriends Concert
Tipsy TeapotParker-
Kennybrook Books,
409 Evans Street
7 p.m.
Dwayne Perkins
Comedy Show
Mendenhall Student
Center Multipurpose
8 p.m.
ECU English Reading:
Down in the Flood
Luke Whisnant, ECU
creative writing profes-
sor, will read from his
short story collection,
"Down in the Flood"
(Iris Press, 2006).
Bate 1031
8 p.m.
ECU'S Brewster Lec-
ture in History
Science and Technol-
ogy Building, Room
8 p.m.
REBEL Exhibition
Emerge Gallery, Evans
6 - 9 p.m.
Sarin Featuring David
Condos Concert
Mendenhall Student
Center, Pirate Under-
7 p.m.
Free Films Series
PCMH Auditorium
Send us your events for
our calendar
Submit dates, times
and locations to share
with the university
community online at
Flatlander's Fling Climb-
ing Competition
Registration will be
conducted from 12:30
- 1:30 p.m. The regis-
tration fee is $10 for
ECU students and Stu-
dent Recreation Center
members and $15 for
all others.
Student Recreational
2 p.m.
World Fest 2006
Ledonia Wright Cultural
Weekly Mass
The Newman Catholic
Student Center
7 p.m.
City Council Meeting
City Council Chambers
6 p.m.
Election Day
Cultural BINGO
$500 Cash in Prizes
Destination 360
9 p.m.
Redevelopment Com-
mission Meeting
Second Floor Board
Room of Bank of Amer-
ica Building, 201 West
First Street
5:30 p.m.
The Caine Mutiny Court-
S. Rudolph Alexander
Performing Arts Series
Wright Auditorium
7:30 p.m.
Blood Drive
Sponsored by Greenville
Industrial Park
Greenville Aquatics and
Fitness Center 921
Staton Rd.
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Police Community Rela-
tions Committee
Location TBA
7 p.m.
Russian Film Series:
"The Diamond Arm"
Movies have English
subtitles or dubbing.
Everybody Welcome!
Bate 2011
6:30 p.m.
Last Conservative
with FRAIL
Mendenhall Student
Center, Pirate Under-
7 p.m.
Immunity granted for younger
boy in Carroll County child killing
(AP) A Carroll County
judge has granted immunity to
a 14-year-old boy once thought
to be the killer of 8-year-old
Amy Yates.
"Anything he says in the
grand jury room, or any evidence
we derive from his testimony
cannot be used against him in
any prosecution later on down
the road District Attorney Pete
Skandalakis said Tuesday, adding
that the immunity request was
made by the Carroll County grand
jury last week.
Skandalakis called the case
one of the most complex of his 22
year career.
"You have different laws that
apply to each one of the suspects
who, in theory, have committed the
same crime he said.
"It gets more complex every
time you turn a corner, every time
you turn a page on this Investiga-
tive process. Sometimes instead of
getting more answers, you have
more questions
Amy Yates disappeared in
April 2004 while riding her bike
to a friend's home.
Her body was found hours later
in a gully.
The two confessions and
retractions have left the resi-
dents of the west Georgia town of
Carrollton wondering whether
Yates' killer will ever be known.
Happy birthday to you, you live
in a zoo: Gorilla twins turn 1
(AP) Cooper Lund's
rendition of "Happy Birthday"
included lines about living in a
zoo and looking like a monkey,
but the birthday boy and girl
weren't insulted.
Kali and Kazi just romped
about their African rain forest
playground, chewing on fruit and
swinging from vines. The twin
western lowland gorillas' first
birthday was celebrated at Zoo
Atlanta on Tuesday, a significant
hallmark in their young lives.
About 20 percent of gorillas
don't live through their first year,
especially as a pair.
Kali and Kazi are the only
gorilla twins in the world born
in captivity to be raised solely by
their mother.
They are one of just seven sets
of gorilla twins to be born in U.S.
zoos in the last 50 years.
Four of the sets died before
their first birthday; the other three
were raised by zookeepers.
"I love them so much he
squealed with delight as the
twins rode on their mother's
back "I want to give them a
great big kiss
Zoo Atlanta is also home to
the country's newest panda cub,
born Sept. G.
The baby girl won't be shown
in public until late December or
early January.
Paraplegic Fisherman Rescued
From River
(KMTR) A paraplegic
fisherman was rescued Wednesday
after his motorized wheelchair fell
into Pittsburgh's frigid Allegheny
River, rescuers said.
Tom Lippert, 45, of Spring
Garden, Pa whose legs are para-
lyzed, was fishing along a walkway
near the city's PNC Park shortly
before 10 a.m. when he fell into
the river, which flows through
downtown Pittsburgh.
As he clung to the shorewall,
Lippert's friend John Force, 44,
called for help.
A rescue boat arrived within
minutes, The Pittsburgh Post-
Gazette reported.
Lippert was taken to a hospital
suffering from exposure.
Man Robs Bank to Go to Jail
(KMTR) An Ohio man
who couldn't find work got him-
self arrested lor bank robbery so
he could go to jail until he was
eligible to collect Social
Security benefits.
Timothy Bowers, 62, told
Common Pleas Judge Angela
White he hasn't had steady work
for almost three years and the kind
of jobs available to him pay only
minimum wage, The Columbus
Dispatch reports.
Appearing in Franklin County
Common Pleas Court in Columbus
Thursday, Bowers pleaded guilty
to walking into the Fifth Third
Bank and handing a note to the
teller announcing a robbery.
After the teller put four $20
bills and a dye pack in an envelope,
Bowers walked over to the bank
guard and surrendered.
The county prosecutor's
office argued against locking
Bowers up after a court-ordered
psychological exam concluded he
was competent.
The Dispatch report said
White said, "I'm going to give
you your birthday present as
she ordered a 3-year sentence for
Bowers, who turns 83 at the end
of the month.
Supermodel Maggie Rizer
returns to Watertown, N.Y home-
town to film AIDS documentary
(AP) Supermodel Maggie
Rizer returned to her hometown
this week to begin working on an
AIDS documentary being directed
by Alexandra Kerry, the daughter
of U.S. Sen. John Kerry.
The film, titled "Maggie and
Me is being produced by AIDS
activist Suzanne Engo, whose
father is a former ambassador to
the United Nations from the Afri-
can country of Cameroon.
Kngo founded the New York
AIDS Film Festival, which was
launched at the U.N. in 2003.
The festival is committed to the
celebration of life and the use of
film and television as tools to fight
A clip from the film will be
screened at the AIDS Film Fes-
tival in December in New York
City, where Rizer will be honored
for her work in increasing aware-
ness and support for those with the
disease, Narov said.
Rizer's father died of AIDS in
1992 at age 38.
Rizer, a 1996 Watertown High
School graduate, has appeared
on the covers of Mademoiselle,
Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Allure
Fugitive in sex slave case sur-
renders after 15 years
(AP) One of two brothers
accused of kidnapping two teen-
age prostitutes and keeping them
as sex slaves has surrendered to
authorities after 15 years as a
Police say Vance Roberts
turned himself in at the Wash-
ington County Jail after he and his
brother, Paul Jackson, skipped out
on their bail in 1991.
Roberts will go on trial next
week. 36-year-old Jackson remains
at large. Hillsboro Police say Rob-
erts, 52, won't reveal his brother's
Roberts told police he and Jack-
son searched for young prostitutes,
kidnapped them, kept them in
chains and sexually assaulted them
at a house in Hillsboro.
In 1990, a girl got away. When
police searched the house, they
found photos of other girls in
continued from Al
continued from Al
arrive it can be a very difficult
transition for them to make.
Deborah Carawan, fresh-
man elementary education major,
described her first semester of
college as "rough, but OK
Carawan thinks the new pro-
gram will be helpful for students.
A transfer student, Ashley
Healer, sophomore elementary
education major, hopes the pro-
gram will help her transition into
life at ECU.
"Dean of Students would help
me to adjust to living arrange-
ments and learning the campus,
because technically I'm a freshman
because everything is new to me
said Healer.
The Office of the Dean of Stu-
dents went into effect Nov. l. To
inform the campus of the reemer-
gence of this program an official
ECU notice was sent out, Sheerer
also met with M.Cole Jones, presi-
dent of the Student Government
Association, and has plans to meet
with the student congress.
The office of the Dean of
Students is located in the Student
Health Center.
If students needed to contact
the program with an issue they
could simply call, walk in, or send
an e-mail. The official Web site for
the program is coming soon.
This program has high hopes
for the enrichment of the student
body and hopes to make students'
college experiences the best they
can be
Dr. Lynn Roeder, the Dean, of
the Office of the Dean of .Students
can be contacted at 252-328-
This writer can be contacted at
speculations as to which party is
slated to win the majority with
the possibility of seven states that
could possibly determine the race;
Missouri, Montana, Tennessee,
Virginia, Ohio, Rhode Island and
Pennsylvania. Dr. Peter Francia,
poltical science professor, stated,
"There are a few interesting facts
about the current elections if
Harold Ford of Tennessee, who
is running opposite Bob Corker,
were to win, he would be the
first African American to win a
seat in the south since the recon-
"If the Democrats were to
win the majority, Nancy Pelosi
who is the minority leader of the
Democratic party, would be the
first woman in history to reside
as the head speaker of the house.
It is also important for students
to get out and vote. It does make
a difference said Francia.
Young voters have been
encourage to go out to the polls.
"I really hope students do
get involved and vote, and do
research said Joanna Bentz,
"It's important to know what
each group is for or against, I
have school loans I want to see a
reduction in school interest rates
so I am voting democratic
Some democrats tend to sup-
port the position on reducing
interest rates for student loans.
Most republican platforms
do not support gay marriage or
These are just general facts of
some positions that both parties
take and there are many more.
This writer can be contacted at
rl ih
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utaful Dps at Flrawrae.on.
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New guide gives colleges 'Gay Point Average'
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Report news students need to
Accepting applications tor STAFF WRITERS
Learn investigative reporting skills
Must have ai least a 2.25GW 0sl
Come Uptown and apply at our office located tn the Self Help Building Suite 160F
MCT) Forget the tradi-
tional "grade point average The
creators Off college guide geared
toward gay students have a new
ranking system for universities:
the Gay Point Average.
It's based on '20 factors,
including whether the school
has a coming-out week or if it
extends domestic partner ben-
efits to same-sex couples.
The book, "The Advocate
College Guide for LGBT Stu-
dents evaluates IOO colleges and
universities across the country
for their inclusiveness.
Though it does not rank them
against one another, each is given
a "G.P.A" of 1 through SO.
The schools were recom-
mended for inclusion by gay
students who attend them.
The reference guide, pub-
lished by Alyson Books in August
in conjunction with The Advo-
cate, an established gay-themed
newsmagazine, offers a unique
glimpse into each college with
its "outrageous factoids which
highlight noteworthy moments
in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-
gender history at each school.
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Recording to the notation
for Northwestern, the university
"has a bit of glam tor everyone.
Even the College Republicans get
a piece of the action by judging
the annual drag show
Each university profile
includes the best party locale
- that would be Gay Night at
Otto's Dance Club and Under-
ground for Northern Illinois
University's Huskies as well as
the best hangout, eating place,
dorm and religious organization
for LGBT students.
It also lists the best place to
check out the guys and ladies and
quotes from students about life
on campus.
The book includes a top 20
list, but no Illinois schools made
that ranking.
Chris Bylone, a graduate
student at Eastern Michigan Uni-
versity, which earned a "G.P.A
of 18, said he and many other gay
students select colleges based in
large part on the schools' interac-
tion with the gay community.
"They (LGBT students)
select universities based on their
inclusiveness before they look
at academic standings Bylone
"Even if it's the number one
school, if it's not safe, we won't go
there he said.
"When I was applying to
graduate schools, they had to
have an LGBT center or I was not
applying Margie Cook, director
of the LGBT resource center at
NIU, said her school's group is
particularly active.
Students spent last Wednes-
day handing out "Do Ask, Do
Tell" buttons in honor of National
Coming Out Day. The jab at the
established military policy was
meant to get students talking
about sexuality and acceptance,
Cook said.
But the campus wasn't always
so gay friendly.
Cook, who is a lesbian,
attended the school in the mid-
1980s, when many students
weren't so eager to come out
of the closet. Back then, the
campus' gaylesbian student
group wouldn't post the loca-
tions of any of its dances or other
events for fear of harassment, she
said. Instead, students had to call
Walk-In Customers Welcome
I Laval 1 Bads Only
I Greenville Blvd. (Across from Pizza Inn) 931.1147
Evons Slreel 353.5400
for information.
As for students who
were involved in the school's
lone gay advocacy group,
many shied away from using
their full names, Cook said.
"There was a real risk in
having your identity found out,
having future employers find that
information she said.
"I was not involved with the
group back then. I hadn't really
accepted my identity myself, so
the idea of going and participat-
ing in a group like that was too
far out there for me at that point
in my life. It was too scary to
contemplate what they might
Bruce Steele, The Advocate
editor at the time the guide was
published, said LGBT students
are more self-assured today than
in previous generations.
"They're not so easily intimi-
dated he said.
"They are looking for a book
like this because they are so
determined to be themselves that
they want to go to a place where
they will have a constructive and
positive experience
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355-4220 HlonSat. 5 Pill Until
The ECU Student Media Board
invites applications
for the position of
for the 2006-07 academic year.
Applications are available in the Media Board Office
(Self Help Building, 301 Evans St. Suite 205A, Greenville NC)
The deadline for submitting an application is
AT 5 P.M.
For information, call the Media Board office at 328-9236.

Timeline for student fee increase decision
Ready for cool weather?
Process that will
determine the increase
A forum will be held on
Thursday, Nov. f, in Hendrix
Theater at 5S( p.m. to allow the
student body to learn more about
the possible increase in student
fees for 2O0B-2OO7.
Present at the forum will be
Derek Pantiel, president of the
association of student govern-
ments, board of governors mem-
bers and the student president of
all Hi UNC campuses.
Also present at the forum will
be M. Cole Jones, student body
president, Chris Welch, student
body treasurer and Jon Massachi,
speaker of the congress for SGA.
The forum is completely open
to all of the student body. Mem-
bers of SGA strongly encourage
that students come to the forum to
voice their opinions and to learn
more about the reason for the
increase and the process in which
an increase is decided.
Students that would like to
speak out about the possible
increase can do so once tine is
yielded to them at the forum but
they will not be allowed to actu-
ally vote during the forum.
SGA's goal is to get the increase
at a minimum without cutting
funding for university needs.
The increase is proposed to be
8,8 percent or lower but without
the backing of the congress and
the student body, the percentage
may be higher.
Jones said, "We recognize
that in order tor this policy to be
effective, there is a need for strong
political support to increase
appropriations for the university.
If this support is not actualized,
the pressure on the chancellors to
supplement funding shortfalls
Student have numerous ways
of gathering more information
about how much money they may
have to spend in tuition and fees
next year.
In addition to the forum, M.
Cole Jones composed a letter
(which appears after this article)
to the student body that gives
his views and opinions about the
increase. That letter is published
below this article.
Jones seems to be in favor of
the increase and feels that it will
allow students and their families
to be better prepared for increases
in tuition and fees for subsequent
This plan w ill allow for stu-
dents and their families to be able
to financially plan for increases
in educational costs, and send a
clear message to lawmakers that
they must fund unmet needs of the
university system said Jones.
Jones, Welch and Stephanie
Coleman, an accountant in financial
services, have been working vig-
orously on the student fee process.
A summary of the figures,
explanations, views and outcomes
will be provided to the student
body on Tuesday, Nov. 7 in the
East Carolinian.
A proposal will also be dis-
tributed to Jones from Coleman
of the different units that are
requesting or not requesting and
increase according to Jones.
From there, the Chancellor's
Executive Council will receive the
proposal and meet on Nov. 8.
The Chancellor's Executive
Council is made up of the vice
chancellors of each division and
the athletic director, according
to Jones.
The council will compose
their final proposal to be pre-
sented to the congress at cording
to Jones.
The proposal will be pre-
sented to congress on Nov. 13, at
5 p.m. The congress will have a
chance to express their concerns
and opinions and vote on the stu-
dent fee increase.
The congress will also have a
chance to vote on Nov. 6. The rec-
ommendation that congress make
will be presented to the Board of
Trustees for a vote on Dec. 14.
The Board of Governors will also
vote on the increase sometime
within the month of March.
The amount of votes that will
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be made and the time period in
which they will be made allows
congressmen and the student
body to make a difference in
whether or not the increase will
be significantly larger than the
current fees.
Again, attendance at the forum
Dear Fellow Pirates:
and other meetings that are open
to the public are strongly encour-
aged of the student body. To find
out more about SGA visit ecu.
edusga or call 328-4742.
This writer can be contacted at
20 OFF
20 OFF
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20 OFF
Allow me first to thank you for the opportunity
to share my perspective on the Tuition and Fees
Proposal students' perspective on the proposed
tuition policy plan. After careful consideration of
the recommended tuition policy, we feel that this
plan is the best solution for historically unpredict-
able tuition and fee rate increases. This plan will
allow for students and their families to be able to
financially plan for future increases in educational
costs, ana send a clear signal to lawmakers that
they must fund the unmet needs of the university
system. This plan also keeps necessary educa-
tional cost increases to a minimum for students
and their families, while still meeting the finan-
cial needs of our university system.
We recognize that in order for this policy to
be effective, there is a need for strong political
support to increase appropriations for the univer-
sity system. If this support is not actualized, the
pressure on chancellors to supplement funding
shortfalls will result in additional requests for
tuition increase exceptions. Despite tnis chal-
lenge, I know that through great leadership
and passionate advocacy this concern will never
become a reality.
University students throughout North Caro-
lina commend us for being a model student body
as we continue to work nard, create awareness
and deliberate over this important issue. I am
indebted to have the opportunity to provide an
active voice for the Students at East Carolina
University. Again, thank you for your undeniable
commitment in fighting to keep higher education
affordable for all students across the state.
Please plan to attend the Student Fee Forum
today, Thursday, Nov. 2 at 5:30 p.m. in Hendrix
Theater as we will provide further insight and
understanding on Campus Base Tuition and
In Leadership & Service,
M. Cole Jones
SGA President
2101.5" SI 252.758.8612 MOK SA110 0 SON 1 i
You drank.
You danced.
You had se
Free Pregnancy Tests
Carolina Pregnancy Center
Greenville (252) 757-0003
Washington location: (252) 946-8040
24 Hour Hotline: 1-800-395-HELP

: :l
Community Amenities
- Tanning beds
- Game and recreational room
- Fully-equipped fitness center
- Sparkling swimming pool
- Basketball and volleyball courts
- Located on L:CU Shuttle and Pirate
Express route
Apartment Features
- Fully furnished 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms
- Large balcony w locking storage
- Full-size washer and dryer
-Built in study areas
- Private bathrooms
- High Speed Internet in each bedroom
- Pet friendly
AigAst Carolina
11 J unirrPrved surfaces (grass, dirt, etc.).

'2, 2006
It's not about being right
I like chicken, I like liver, Meow Mix
Meow Mix please deliver.
Subjective racism
A critique from another viewpoint
Because it's such a complex issue, 1 tend to dislike
writing about race. Nevertheless, recently, I read an
opinion article by Stacy Dail about racism that I felt
compelled to respond to. Dail maintained that while
some racism takes the form of whites discriminating
against blacks, what happens more is blacks discrimi-
nating against whites.
She writes that while she's, "seen racism against
blacks to be true a few times she sees much more of the
reverse. She goes on to give several examples of her own
harsh brushes with racism - from being rudely chastised
for hugging her grandmother and not hugging a black
coworker, to watching a black classmate publicly scold a
white classmate for allegedly not wanting to sit next to
him and his black friends. While Dail is correct to point
out that blacks can be racist and that whites face racism,
she fails to address major flaws in her argument.
Is it any wonder that a white person might doubt
the existence and frequency of racism against minorities
and only "notice" racism that whites endure? I'm sure
that any person of color would probably tell you a very
different story about the regularity of racism against
minorities. The writer claimed that she was only "stat-
ing what she has observed This brings up the idea
that our individual experiences are not reality. Reality
is subjective and based on the individual. The reality
of racism is quite different for a black person than for
a white person. Thus, it's impossible to analyze racism
without recognizing that it's different for everybody.
I'm not saying racism against whites doesn't exist.
However, comparing the racism whites endure to the
racism blacks endure is insensitive and just reeks of
white social privilege. A rude black classmate scolds
a white girl and that's harsh racism? No one is beaten
by police officers because they are white. No one
is dragged behind a truck because they are white.
The article makes no distinction between degrees of
racism. While the events the author describes reflect a
type of racism, she fails to note that it's different and less
institutionalized that racism against blacks. White people
obviously face discrimination - but implying they face it
more than blacks, is inaccurate and diminishes the seri-
ousness of institutionalized racism faced by minorities.
The article went on to mention a recent episode of
"House" wherein a black patient was apprehensive about
taking his medicine because he feared the doctors were
testing it on blacks. The writer seems to dismiss this
as paranoia, but maybe if she knew that blacks were
the unknowing subjects of medical testing she would
understand. Medical staff sometimes purposefully
infected unknowing blacks with diseases to perform
laboratory tests. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
being the largest reported incident. North Carolina
was one of the states leading the forced sterilization of
poor black women, a racist practice that endured until
the late 1970s. Given this history, the patient's fears are
more reasonable than the writer gives him credit for.
The article goes on to say that slavery is over and
"it's time to let go of the past Not an easy task when
countless blacks still face actual racism everyday. The
articles quotes the show "House writing that black
people "don't know the difference between racism and
everyone gets screwed According to the article's logic,
the thousands of disenfranchised blacks who were
denied their constitution-given right to vote in Florida
during the 2000 election should have just thought
to themselves, "well I guess everyone's bound to get
screwed over sooner or later, so let's just get over it
The article also maintains that its wrong that ECU
has a Black Student Union from which black students
benefit because this divides the races. Perhaps this is a
case of the writer simply not doing enough research.
Anyone of any race can and has joined to Black Student
Union since it's founding. The BSU performs numerous
service efforts, which benefit society as a whole. The
article asks why, since blacks "get their own student
union, should there not be one for the white students,
the Asians, Hispanics and any other race ECU has
Actually, that's exactly what already happens.
ECU boasts several different student organizations
for different cultural and racial groups. We have B-Glad
for gays, lesbians and their allies, the Arab Student
Union, the Asian Student Association, SALSA (Stu-
dent Association for Latino-Spanish Affairs) and East
Carolina Native American Organization. We have all
of these groups because, as any minority will probably
confirm, sometimes, larger blanket organizations like
the "normal Student Union as the author puts it, fail
to recognize the individual needs of individual groups.
Take another look at all the things these groups have
accomplished and tell them there is "no need for it
My biggest problem with this essay is more abstract.
The notion that someone needs to enlighten minorities of
the realities of racism is patronizing. I resent the thought
of someone taking on the task of telling black people what
their problems are, especially if they're not truly cogni-
zant of the nature of those problems in the first place.
Need advice? Want answers? Just ask Jane.
Dear Jane,
My roommate is suffering from depression and 1
have no idea how to help him. In brief, he has had a very
rough year romantically, financially and scholastically I
also strongly believe he suffers from some form of social
anxiety disorder. I have worried about him for a while,
but the symptoms fluctuate in severity, and when he
has a good week or two, it is easy to believe things will
get better. Recently, he told me he was depressed, and
jokingly scolded me for not noticing. He has also made
a few joking references to suicide. At first I just thought
he was a bum; he would sleep upwards of 14 hours a day
and seemed to only get up in order to eat and watch TV.
My own selfish annoyance at his behavior initially took
precedent over any concern, and still does to a large
degree today (it is hard to feel bad for someone who
is always too busy eating junk food and watching old
sitcoms to even clean up their own piles of filth). Due to
my personal nature, any advice I may offer comes off as
harsh or condescending (he has told me so in fact). With
all this in mind, what is the best way I can help?
Disgusted with Depression
Dear Disgusted with Depression,
We recognize the seriousness of your question
and have chosen to answer it online (theeastcarolin- as we have run out of room on this page.
Please stop ignoring me. For
all you know, I could be like
Peter Parker!
Hope springs are eternal,
except in the case of the Wright
My lab instructor punched out
Clay Aiken in middle school!
Was it really needed to have
ALE come to the Manor on
Halloween? Why must the
Manor always ruin a good time?
Did anyone see the two guys
with the Hooters calendar
girls downtown last Thursday
night? I see them all the time
downtown. How did they get to
do that?
This just in: ECU has a very
good football team and half of
the student body doesn't know
care. Thank you Skip Holtz!
Can we please clear something
up? Bush did not lie to lead us
into the war in Iraq. There is a
difference in being wrong (and
he might not have been) and
lying. Also, if you think that Iraq
posed no threat, then I've got
some ocean front property in
Arizona I'd be more than willing
to sell you.
Why doesn't ECU do anything
for seniors? We don't have
senior T-shirts, senior week or
any kind of senior activities
What's up with that?
To that beautiful redhead that
I was talking to at the bus
stop. I'm kicking myself for not
asking your name.
I had a dream last night I threw a
slushy on one of my old sorority
sisters. She has a head shaped
like a pumpkin. Man, I'm so glad
I quit that cult. Best night of
sleep I've gotten in a long time.
My grandpa kissing another
man? That's gross. Dave
Navarro kissing another man?
I hate to quote the useless slut,
but that's hot.
Why does the club hockey
team get more press than
any other team besides the
football team? How about doing
some actual reporting on other
teams. I know for a fact that
the ECU Men and Women's
Ultimate Frisbee teams are
hosting a tournament at ECU
the first weekend in December,
that would be a good start.
I think that the paper should
have a section strictly for
recipes that you can make
in the dorms. I love making
appetizers, and I've run out of
ideas. I have some good ones!
But my God, it's so beautiful
when the boy smiles.
I cannot wait until the next
season of "Project Runway I
miss it already!
Halloween in Greenville is
priceless. I'm glad I was a part
of the craziness last night.
I wish there where more
insomniacs for me to talk on
AIM at 6 a.m.
This is a public service
announcement to all those girls
with played out weaves and
wigs Please go throw those
out. You're an embarrassment
to yourself.
To the people writing racist
comments in the Pirate Rants.
Your comments are ignorant.
Maybe you should attend a
BSU or NAACP meeting and
see that we do not just get
together and hate on white
people. Furthermore, there
are other minority-based
organizations on campus such
as SALSA, Arab Student Union,
Asian Student Association and
East Carolina Native American
Association. Make sure you do
your research next time you try
to single out BSU.
Where is the rest of this moose?
I've noticed the purple visitors
parking signs around campus,
I've also noticed they have no
gold. Is this the definition of
'half-assing" it?
Where are you Waldo? You
were so cute on Halloween!
I wish college professors were
evaluated like high school
teachers are. Maybe if the
majority of ECU professors
were qualified, ECU wouldn't
have such a bad reputation for
To the ranter that said "maybe
you are losing your blackness
now dumb do you sound. Last
time I checked there was not a
scale of "blackness
Is anyone else addicted to Dove
Chocolates? I just can't get
enough of the sweet messages
wrapped in blue foil.
ECU and Holland should build
a better track and field complex
before making upgrades to
the stadium. I'm a senior track
runner and we've never had
any home track meets in my
four years here. We have no
seating and our track needs
to be re-surfaced. Most high
schools have a better track
and field complex then what
we have.
How long has it been on that
fountain? Three years and
change? God invented water
in less time than that. All we're
asking for is a frickin fountain
that works, OK? I mean, remind
me what we pay you people
Stop asking me for my notes -1
am not giving them to you, no
matter how many times you beg!
ECU football is back. Thanks
Is it normal that I rather play
the Sims2 seven hours straight
rather than go to my two 50
minute classes?
I made my 9 a.m. class the
morning after Halloween! Yes!
Sometimes I just want to write
another rant, just to piss you off.
Get a life, they're anonymous so
stop assuming you know who
it is and blaming people. Oh,
and I hope it was about you!
What the heck happened to you?
You're one of my best friends,
but you can really disappoint.
I miss elementary school.
Those were the days
Thank you ECU Transit for
running buses on Halloween
and keep a lot of drunk drivers
off the road!
I think its gross that my
roommate goes to her classes
in the morning without
Yes, I would run the length of
campus naked for a million
I am so signing up for a singles
room next year.
Anakin and Padme so should
have won the couples costume
contest at Midnight Madness.
Yes, it is a problem that you
are turned off by girls who are
going into careers like teaching.
If you haven't noticed, teaching
is one of the most important
jobs that exist so I'd give try
to give it more credit.
I hate that I have a test on
Friday that I know I'm going
to fail. I'm trying to decide if
I am even going to attempt to
study. I might just sit on the
couch all day and watch Tim
blow up some stuff on "Home
John Mayer, I just want to do him.
To the guy that said that he only
wears sweats to class because
he is always late, I'm always
late and I look real fly every
morning. I be ballin
I've discovered the only way
to get reading done for my
next class is to do it during
the class before. How mean
is it for my professor to call on
me knowing I'm occupied with
another assignment? Thanks
for the embarrassment.
Love me for who I am, not my
bra size!
I play guys because I like the chase.
I make A's on my tests and
that's the only reason you want
to be my friend!
Online gambling is awesome
-don't judge me.
You asked where your soul mate
wasyou dumped her last week.
Graduation is just around the
corner and I can hardly wait to
get outa here!
Why are so many girls bragging
on here about sleeping with
other girl's boyfriends? I was
brought up to believe that
it's not a good thing to be a
relationship-wrecking whore.
You're like prostitutes who don't
even get paid.
Why do I have to get sick when
I have so much work to do in all
of my classes?
Sarah Bell
Editor in Chief
Rachel King
News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Eric Gilmore
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Sarah Hackney
Head Copy Editor
Rachael Letter
Multimedia Web Editor
Claire Murphy
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Greg Katski
Asst. Sports Editor
Zach Sirkin
Photo Editor
Jennifer Hobbs
Production Manager
Newsroom 252.328.9238
Fax 252.328.9143
Advertising 252.328.9245
Serving ECU since 1925, the East Carolinian prints
9,000 copies every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
during the regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednes-
days during the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of
the editorial board and is written by editorial board
members. The East Carolinian welcomes letters to the
editor which are limited to 250 words (which may be
edited for decency or brevity). We reserve the right to
edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed and
include a telephone number. Letters may be sent via
e-mail to or to the East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, N.C. 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One copy
of the Easf Carolinian is free, each additional copy is $1.
Not everyone is Christian
I am a student here at ECU, I am also one of a minor-
ity. I am one of those people who do not practice any
religion. Why? Well that is my choice and it is personal.
Now when I say it is personal, I mean just that
because I am a United States citizen and one of my most
basic rights is that it does not matter what my religion,
or lack thereof, is. What is my point? We are supposed
to be attending a secular public school and yet this is
not practiced.
If it is my choice at the university and in this country
not to practice any religion, then why so much pressure
from Christian organizations on campus? They have
even perfected ways into getting people to go to their
meetings. Many pamphlets are handed out on campus
promising free food or pool but what they forget to
mention is that it is Christian, except for the tiny print
on the bottom.
One great technique was at Purple Haze. A stand set-
up said, "Free Pepsi for answering two questions I pro-
ceeded to go up the counter and was asked "Do you believe
you are going to heaven?" and "What is your personal
relationship with Jesus and the bible?" And even though
I answered rudely, the chap actually gave me the soda.
And of course, there is my favorite organization on
campus: Campus Crusade for Christ. "Crusade?" 1 said
the first I ever heard of them, "Crusade against what?"
Well I don't know and I am scared to ask. How can there
be a group called Crusade at a public university in the 21st
century in a secular and, supposedly, reasonable coun-
try? I mean you cannot even defend'such a title. Crusade
really just means one thing is most human beings minds.
Now, it could be stated that it isn't the university but
simply Christianity's normal actions as a whole or even
just the student population. Well I would buy that if it
weren't for a personal incident in which the administra-
tion obviously held a religious biased.
Last year a friend of mine, we will call him
Oppressed, and I were sitting on the porch of one of
the dorms. It so happened that on that day those little
green Gideon's Bibles had been passed out. In order to
be funny and defiant, Oppressed set the bible on fire in
his hand. It was daring and it lasted too long but the
point was out and the shock was well deserved.
Later that night Oppressed almost had to fight an
apparent Christian, and the situation led to his actions
having to be put into a report. It was assumed that
someone would call us for the details of what happened,
the aforementioned opponent would have been written
up and nothing else. A month or so later, Oppressed
discovers that he will be kicked out of campus living,
which meant he could not live on campus anywhere. He
has one option, which is to write an appeal. He-wrote
and they didn't respond until about two or three weeks
before Christmas break, which was when he had to be
out by. It took them a while and they responded with a
resounding rejection to his appeal.
The reason? He was placing the entire dorm at risk
by fire. When 1 think about it again it seems reasonable
to say that paper can set concrete on fire, but of course
to actually become so enlightened I would have to hold
the Bible in very high esteem.
This is a public school and a free country. Everyone
has the same rights no matter your religion. If this
country is said to be founded on Christian principles, I
still do not care, since written in the first amendment
of the Bill of Rights no religion should ever have to be
pressed on me or offend my rights as an American.
Rebels with a cause
We've all been there. We've all felt that need, that
desire to be just a little different from everyone else.
Perhaps your little rebellion from society came during
your early teens when your mother wouldn't let you go
see an 11:30 showing of Scream with your best friends.
You felt that rush of freedom when you unobtrusively
opened the front door and snuck out, defying the law
that kept you down.
Or perhaps some of you still think you're rebelling
from society. Your spiked hair, long chains, baggy pants
and independent attitude are all you need in life. You
walk about campus as if the world owes you so much,
yet you drive home every weekend in your brand new
Mustang convertible. You only listen to underground
bands, because people who listen to mainstream bands
like Green Day and Blink 188 are simply "posers" to you.
You don't care what the teacher in your world history
class has to say at all because you already know more
than he does. This world just isn't good enough for you,
and because of that, you will attempt to isolate yourself
from the stereotypical society of pop culture.
Take a look around you, folks. If maybe once you
would open your eyes to the world, you would see that
there are thousands upon thousands of other people at
our school who think and act just like you. Go ahead,
look up some profiles and tell me how
many people besides you are writing suicidal poems and
posting them on their blogs.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems
that many people have become that which they were
rebelling against for so many years. They are, in
fact, the mainstream society of today whose thoughts
and feelings of independent isolationism are shared
by millions of young people around the country.
So, move over punks, and make way lor a new gen-
eration of rebellious individuals. They are few and far
between, but they are out there. They are the people
who take time out of their day to help an old man cross
the street, or give a little encouragement to someone
suffering from the stress of an upcoming exam. Some
of them are religious, but it's not necessarily a require-
ment for this particular rebellion. They don't wear
all black and they don't put five bottles of gel in their
hair just so they can stand out or make a statement.
These new rebels have a strange ability to put others
over themselves in specific situations. They listen to
music they like, instead of refusing to listen to something
simply because it's popular. On weekends, they might
even get up before one in the afternoon and volunteer
at the local soup kitchen or help landscape the yard of
a halfway house.
I'm proud to know just a few of these new rebels.
They are people I now consider my best friends because
they have changed the way I thought of the world and
in turn, made me a better person. They are rebels with
a cause, and a desire to actually reach out and befriend
others. I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but if to start
truly rebelling against the norm, it is going to require
cleaning up your act.

ECU School of Art and Design
stokes the fires of tradition
cKpir Connection 107 tasibrook Dr. Greenville (Nen Sonic on Greenville Blvd.)
Relaxers Do Bee Wraps n
HJlifl Uiflss
Student Specials Tues-Fri onlY ' , (?ouffi itrcotmentrss .
ilaones 329-1210 . 4ma2m
On Halloween night, participants kept busy by filling special molds of different sizes and shapes with molten iron. Afterward, the reshaped iron could
then be cast into different shapes, including artistic sculptures for the annual iron pour, held each year by the ECU School of Art and Design.
Colon Cancer.
Get the test.
Get the polyp.
Get the cure.
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to the r

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A College Girl Named Joe
by Aaron Warner

October 30
November 8
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ECU's Inside Source
Score of the SMU-UAB
football game played Tuesday
night; SMU's win ensured
that ECU will maintain first
place in the East Division of
Conference USA; the Pirates
will be assured of a conference
championship berth if they win
their last three conference games
Combined records of Rice,
Marshall, UCF and N.C. State,
the last four opponents that
ECU plays in the regular season
National rank of senior wide
receiver Aundrae Allison in
receptions per game; Allison's
six catches per game ties
him with Earl Bennett of
Vanderbilt and Shannon
Woods of Texas Tech
National rank of quarterback
James Pinkney in total
offensive yards per game;
Pinkney averages 267.5 yards
a game, while quarterback Colt
Brennan of Hawaii leads the
nation with 391 yards
UCF wide receiver Mike
Walker's national rank in
receptions per game (7.5);
Walker is tied with Rice's
Jarrett Dillard and Chris
Williams of New Mexico St
Walker had seven catches for
110 yards and two touchdowns
against the Pirates last season
Two round total shot by senior
Anthony Reale for the men's
golf team; Reale finished second
at the Seascape Invitational
despite having never finishing
higher than fifth place in a
collegiate tournament
They said it
"We've done this dance before
to come in and take a program
over and build it up. You do it
brick-by-brick. You do it the
right way with fundamentals.
We've been pointing at a game
when we could win one on
defense, a low scoring game
because that brings a lot of
emotion and excitement. You
always feel like you have a
chance to win on Saturdays.
That's our job and we're con-
fident, but we're not satisfied.
We've got a long way to go and
there's danger on the horizon
Greg Hudson, ICU defensive
"This is a one game season.
When this season's over, we'll
look back and evaluate what
we've done, but to this point
we're a 4-4 football team. We
have not done anything special.
We can finish 4-8 or 8-4. All
we want to do right now is to
be 5-4 when this week's over.
Steve Shankweiler, ECU
offensive coordinator
"UCF has played some very
good football teams in Florida
and Pittsburgh. They've made
a couple of mistakes, but obvi-
ously this team proved a year
ago that they have talent. They
return almost everybody
They return a huge nucleus
off last year's team. They've
proven their good enough
to line up and beat anybody.
Skip Holtz, ECU Head Coach
Pirates clash with
Golden Knights
SEPT. 9 VS. USF SEPT. 18 VS. USF StPT.26 VS. SOUTHERN MISSL, 42-0 L, 24-17 L, 19-14
OCT. 21 VS. RICEW, 40-29
OCT. 21 AT HOUSTONW, 51-31
NOV. 4 VS. ECU 4:00 PM
I.Win the turnover battle:
UCF has struggled with turnovers this season. The Golden
Knights are 99th in turnover margin, nationally, with a
minus six and have 11 giveaways in their last three games
- all losses to Pittsburgh, Rice and Houston.
2.Mike Walker:
The Knights need to find their talented receiver and get the
ball in his hands as much as possible. Walker leads the team
and is fourth in the nation with 60 receptions. He torched
the Pirates for 110 yards and two touchdowns last season.
This year, Walker four of the team's 10 touchdown receptions
and over 43 percent of its receiving yards.
3.Pressure Pinkney:
ECU'S James Pinkney has been sacked less than every
quarterback in C-USA, with the exception of Tulsa's Paul
Smith. UCF's defense ranks 10 in the conference in sacks.
The Knights need to improve on that number to help out
a secondary giving up over 250 yards through the air per
game.Pinkney, Aundrae Allison and company.
Pirates look for third
straight win at UCF
Putting together back-to-back wins
for the first time this season, the ECU
football team will try to remain atop
Conference USA's East Division as it
travels to Central Florida on Saturday.
The Pirates (4-4,3-2 C-USA) will
take on a UCF team that has lost its
last three games by an average score
of 48-22. ECU head coach Skip Holtz
said the Golden Knights (2-6, 1-3 C-
USA) are a dangerous team, despite
their record.
"Their offense has been very
explosive said Holtz. "Central Florida
came out here and beat us 30-20
(last year). They also returned just
about everybody on the team from
a year ago. Our football team has
great respect for Central Florida and
understands the type of athletes that
they are playing with and the program
that they have. We just have to stay
focused on our task at hand right now
A season ago, the Golden
Knights spoiled ECU's homecom-
ing with their 30-20 win en route to
a berth in the C-USA Championship
game. While Holtz said spoiling
UCF's homecoming this season
as the incoming foe is not some-
thing he puts a lot
of thought
into, it is on the conscience of the
players. Junior receiver Phillip
Henry said it adds some "extra
"Any time you go up against
a team on the road, you gotta do
something to get yourself moti-
vated Henry said. "They came
here and spoiled it for us last year
and we felt like we could've won.
This year, we hope that it can be
a different story
The Knights are led again, on
offense, by quarterback Steven Mof-
fett and all-conference candidates
Mike Walker and Kevin Smith.
Smith is no Silent Bob on the
field, as the super sophomore has
rushed 791 yards and six scores in
seven games and is averaging five
yards per carry.
"They're gonna pound it at you and
they're gonna play-action pass you
Holtz said of the UCF offense. "That's
what they do. They get your safeties
involved and reduce the game to a one-
on-one game out on the perimeter,
and that's where they're very good
Walker is a big reason the
Golden Knights are good on the
The 6-2 senior lit up ECU last
year with a 110-yard, two-touch-
down performance and Walker is
putting up impressive numbers
again this season. The Orlando
native has 60 catches for 766 yards!
He has triple the catches and yard-
age of Javid James, who is second
on the team in receptions,
"He's got great size and
SEPT. 2AT NAVYL, 28-23
SEPT. 9AT UABL, 17-12
OCT. 7 OCT. 14 OCT. 21 OCT. 26VS. VIRGINIA VS. TULSA VS. SMU AT SOUTHERN MISSW, 30-21 L, 31-10 W, 38-21 W, 20-17 (0T)
1. Win the turnover battle:
ECU turned the ball over six times in the 30-20 loss to UCF
last year. The Pirates nearly had turnovers cost them against
Southern Miss last week. The Pirates need to do a better job
of ball security against a team with 11 giveaways in its last
three games.
2. Run the ball:
UCF is allowing over 178 yards on the ground, good for 10th in
Conference USA and 104th nationally. The Pirates have man-
aged a combined 138 rushing yards in their last two games,
with an average of 1.9 yards per carry. ECU must get better
productivity out of the rushing game to keep the ball away
from the UCF offense.
3.Cover the kick:
Southern Miss did a good job in returns a week ago in estab-
lishing field position. The Pirates need to do a better job of
covering punts and kicks.
"I think East Carolina has really improved since
a year ago. They're a much bettor football
team. They're throwing the ball extremely
well, 260 yards a game. Their quarterback
hit 31-of-40 for almost 400 yards last week
against SMU. They're very multiple on offense;
a lot of formations and some skilled athletes
"I think it's a lot more of a rivalry for us than it
is for them. They've beat us 84-17 in the last
two years. When you're winning, those aren't
really rivalry games. Rivalries are the people
who've been beating you. I know Southern
Miss has a lot of success and it's no surprise
why coach Bower has been so successful It's
going to be a heck of a challenge for our team
to have to play a really good Southern Miss
team, but to have to play them on the road

Campbell, ECU women's soccer earn accolades
Sophomore goalkeeper Amber Campbell was selected to the Soccer Buzz Elite Team of the Week.
(SID) ECU goalkeeper
Amber Campbell has been named
along with Nick Cardenas (San
Diego State) as the NSCAA
National Players of the Week for
Nov. 1. This is the first time an
ECU player has won this presti-
gious award. In addition to being
named to the NSCAA, Campbell
was named to the Soccer Buzz
Elite Team of the Week, an award
given to the best players in the
nation for that week.
Over the last week Camp-
bell held UTEP and Colorado
College scoreless during 1(9
minutes of play. The dominant
play helped ECU claim two wins
and boost its seeding going into
the Conference USA tourna-
ment On Friday, she tied the
single-season school record with
her seventh shutout by record-
ing a 2-0 victory over UTEP.
ECU sophomore defender
Nicole Moore was the first Pirate
to be named to the Soccer Buzz
Team of the Week for her play
S during the week of Aug. 28.
During that time, Campbell was
in the midst three consecutive
shutouts against in-state oppo-
Campbell's excellent season
has moved her up in the ECU
goalkeeping record books. Camp-
bell has recorded seven shutouts
to tie her for first place for a
single season. Her career goals
against average is currently
1.225 which is good for first place
all-time In addition, her current
0.67 goals against average for
the season beats the previous
mark of 1.10 set in'8003. Camp-
bell has played all but 65:06
in goal for ECU this season.
Several members of the ECU
women's soccer team have earned
recognition on both the C-USA
All-Conference Teams and the
C-USA All-Academic Team.
Junior defender Kat Norris
was named first team all-confer-
ence while sophomore Campbell
was a C-USA second team selec-
tion. This is the second straight
postseason honor for Norris,
as she was named second-team
all-conference last season. Mid-
fielder Sarah Kirkley represents
the Pirates as a member of the
C-USA All-Freshman squad.
Norris is a mainstay on the
ECU defense. She has started
all IK games this season and has
recorded two assists.
Kirkley is a spark in the Lady
Pirate midfield. As a freshman,
she currently ranks first on the
team in assists (10) and second
in points (1).
Moore, an exercise physiol-
ogy major, was named to the C-
USA All-Academic Team. Along
with Erin Johnson of Marshall,
Moore is the only member of
the team that boasts a perfect
4.0 GPA.
The all-academic team con-
sists of 11 student-athletes that
have earned a S.S cumulative
grade point average or better and
are a starter or key reserve on the
women's soccer team. Six Lady
Pirates received honorable men-
tion recognition in Jami Dicker-
son, Blair Heffner, Rachel Hills,
Madison Keller, Patty Pierce and
Mary Puckett.
The 'East Carolinian' staff predictions
West Virginia at Louisville
Tulsa at Houston
Tulane at Marshall
Hue at UTEP
Southern Miss at Memphis
Georgia Tech at N.C. State
Boston College at Wake Forest
Virginia Tech at Miami (FL)
I.Sl' ;it Tennessee
Sports Editor
Overall: 4'J-ls
Last week: 8-2
Southern Miss
N.C. State
Wake Forest
Media Advisor
Last week: 6-4
Georgia Tech
Boston College
Overall: 40-20
Last week: 10-0
Southern Miss
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest
Virginia Tech
Photo Editor
Overall: 28-32
Last week: 5-5
Southern Miss
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest
Sports Writer
Overall: 35-25
Last week: 8-2
Southern Miss
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest
Classified Ad
Overall: 35-25
Last week: 7-3
West Virginia
Southern Miss
N.C. State
Boston College
Virginia Tech
Sports Writer
Overall: 36-24
Last week: 8-2
Southern Miss
Georgia Tech
Boston College
Sports Writer
Overall: 43-17
Last week: KJ
Southern Miss
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest
Virginia Tec
Ad Representative
Overall: 40-20
Last week: 7-3
Southern Miss
Georgia Tech
Boston College
Virginia Tech
ECU Campus Recreation
& Wellness
5:30 PM-9:00 PM
Get double Jam points for dropping $125 or more into your Pirate
Bucks account before November 9, 2006. The more you deposit,
the more points you get for clothes, electronics, sporting goods,
gift cards, USB accessories, and more.
i i
Wtt youVe rurmir5 cm emf-ty, y
A- Starve
ft. tAoot of-C your -(Viends
C. Rake m double Ja fp'm-ts
jr points can get you at

continued from Bl
speed Holtz said about Walker.
"He is their go-to guy. I know
both Steven Moffett and Kyle
Israel very well and they are
very talented young men that
throw the ball very well. They
execute their offense extremely
well. It is definitely something
that we are going to get attacked
with. We are really going to have
to challenge our secondary and
we're going to have to be really
smart with our decisions. They
have been very successful with
it with a great receiver and two
very good quarterbacks
Walker and the UCF aerial
attack will contend with an ECU
secondary that is second on the
conference in interceptions with
10, including Travis Williams'
game-clinching pick in overtime
last week at Southern Miss.
"A lot of the credit for our
defense goes to Greg Hudson, Rick
Smith, Rock Roggeman and Donnie
Thompson Holtz said. "Those
are four great football coaches and
they've done an unbelievable job
with this football team
ECU linebacker Danny Muh-
wezi said he knew before the
season began that the defense,
now ranked second in C-USA in
pass defense and total defense,
would be good.
"Honestly, and I'm dead seri-
ous, the way these coaches have
us focused, it was kind of like we
knew something that fans and
other people and other teams
didn't know said Muhwezi,
whose 22nd birthday was Hal-
loween. "The way we were being
coached and how we looked on
film compared to other teams, I
knew from the beginning that we
were gonna be good
While the defense has been
steadily improving each week,
the offense continues its incon-
sistency. The Pirates have scored
35, 10, 31, 10, 38 and 20 points
in their last six games, going
4-2 in those contests. While the
offense did not look great against
Southern Miss, Holtz said they
did what he wanted them do.
"That was not a stat game
Holtz said of the 20-17 overtime
win over the Golden Eagles. "I
thought, for what we asked the
offense to do, I thought they did
a pretty good job. I called a very
conservative attack, but when
we needed a drive, they came
To bolster the running game,
Holtz is auditioning some bigger
defensive players this week for
the goal line and short-yardage
packages. To add depth on the
offensive line, the Pirates also
lifted the redshirt off of fresh-
man guard Sean Allen, who saw
significant playing time at against
Southern Miss.
ECU's offense ranks fifth in the
conference, right behind UCF. The
Golden Knights are averaging over
370 yards per game, but are dead
last in points per game, thanks to a
minus six turnover margin.
Junior receiver Steven Rogers
said he is confident the defense
will do its part in stopping Walker,
Smith and the rest of the Knights
while the ECU offense gets to face
a defense surrendering 429 yards
per game. Only Rice's defense is
worse in C-USA.
"Our defense is playing real
good and I have confidence that
when they go on the field, they'll
either get the ball back for us or
hold them to a stop Rogers said.
"Our offense should be able to pro-
duce points. If the offense executes
and puts up points, we should
come out with a victory
Henry, who is second on the
Pirates with 24 catches, knows
ECU should be able to score often
against a UCF defense allowing
33 points per game.
"We think we can put up
good points against them Henry
said. "They got good guys at the
safeties and a good all-American
corner, so it's going to be a good
challenge for us, but I think if we
go out and do what we do best, we
shouldn't have any problems
This writer can be contacted at
Men's golf, Reale
finish second at
Seascape Collegiate
(SID) Senior Anthony
Reale fired a 36-hole total of
135, five-under par, to finish
in second place at the Sea-
scape Invitational hosted by Old
Reale shot six-under through
the first 18 holes before card-
ing a one-over par on the final
18 holes to finish one stroke
behind individual medalist
Kyle Spahr of Campbell. Spahr
won the 22 man field by fol-
lowing a four-under par 66
with a round of 68 on Tuesday.
As a team, the Pirates recorded
a two-round total of 560 to
finish in second place, four
strokes behind team champion
Campbell. The Camels won the
20 team team title, shooting a
two-day score of 556, beating
out the top five including the
Pirates, Winthrop, ODU and
ECU senior Robin Smith,
sophomore Andre Thorsen and
freshman Tripp Brizendine each
recorded a top 20 finish. Smith
finished tied for 14th with a
two-over par 142 (67-75), while
Thorsen (72-71) and Brizen-
dine (71-72) tied for 17th with a
three-over par 143.
The Pirates' second place
finish was their highest of the
season, which concluded the
fall season on a high note. The
spring season begins Feb. 26 in
Hilton Head, S.C.
The ECU Media Board
welcomes applications for
(A student living off campus and not a member of a fraternity or sorority.)
The board is seeking M-time students interested in
serving as the day student representative on the Media
Board, the 11-person board which governs the media at
ECU, WZMB, The Rebel, The East Carolinian, and
Expressions, Web Media and The Buccaneer.
The day representative is one of nine students on the board and is
expected to attend a late afternoon meeting monthly.
For information, contact:
ECU Media Board Office
205A Self Help Building
301 S.Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858
Fun Contact TMm Trivia
Evary Tuesday @ 8:30
Fating & Drinking
355-2946 Open 7 Days a Week at 11:00 A.M.
605 Greenville Blvd NEXT TO BIG LOTS
Student Fees It's Your Money
Want to know more about your Campus Tuition and Fees?
Are you concerned about your Student Fee Dollars?
Do you want to influence where your money is going?
Then come voice Your opinion at the
Hendrix Theatre
Thursday November 2nd
5:30pm - 7:00pm
For more information about the forum please contact:
252-328-4SGA or

Arts & Entertainment
You're In a better position
financially than you may realize.
You don't have to work harder;
use what you already have.
You know you've done well when
the people you've taught know
how to take care of you. Let them
do that a little while longer.
There's a saint who got to heaven
by doing little things very well.
She's watching over you now,
willing to lend a hand.
Quality time is not a few moments
grabbed from a busy day; it's a
day grabbed from a busy life, and
savored with those you love.
You don't have to pay for
everything. Let the rest of the
family pitch in. You're the Captain
of the team; you're not the Sugar
Daddy or Momma.
You can solve the puzzle, so go
ahead and do it. Don't be put
off by a person who has more
opinion than intelligence.
Finally, you can afford to get that
item that makes your life easy.
Do the homework so you don't
spend too much for a product
that doesn't work.
Don't go public with your
plans until you've discussed
them further. You and a loved
one can get past a seemingly
insurmountable problem. Or find
a way around it.
You may have felt overwhelmed,
thinking you have to do it all. You
can't do it all, that's obvious. Stop
worrying and start recruiting.
The more information you
gather, the stronger you become.
Something that used to give you
the creeps will soon be pretty
much ho-hum.
ynce you're naturally a
fectionist, continue to do
i(fr job until you're satisfied,
en you are, you can bet the
fcrs will be, too. It's a good
Continue to formulate your
rj&Tis, but don't broadcast
tfm yet. Only discuss your
ntions with people who
help manifest them.
Local Concerts:
Tfle Bridge will be performing
at the Red Rooster on Friday,
li. 3.
Sjgizzatorium will play host to Ad
fera Per Aspera on Wednesday.

i&C. Facts:
Tlft University of North Carolina
(Sjipel Hill is the oldest State
Jmversity in the United States.
IJC1903 the Wright Brothers
rijiie the first successful
rjwtered flight by man at Kill
Divil Hill near Kitty Hawk.
Tie Wright Memorial at Kitty
Hawks now commemorates their
High Point is known as the
Furniture Capital of the World.
Know as "Fish Town" in the
early 1700's when Blackbeard
ffequented the coast, "Beaufort
Town" was established as a
seaport with the right to collect
customs, in 1722.
The Outer Banks of North
Carolina hosts some of the
most beautiful beaches in the
Whitewater Falls in Transylvania
County is the highest waterfall in
tfie eastern United States.
(Jape Hatteras is the largest
lighthouse ever to be moved due
to erosion problems.
The University of North
Carolina's mascot, the Tarheel, is
a nickname for North Carolinians
that supposedly came from the
days when NC produced a lot of
tar, and someone saw a set of
footprints made by someone who
hjj stepped in the tar.
Cprles Karault was born and
red in Wilmington.
Band Spotlight: Pico vs. Island Trees
Listen and become
Many bands come and go
through downtown Greenville's
clubs, but not many make an
impression and leave their audi-
ence begging for them to come
Pico vs. Island Trees is an
exception to this not-so-good
trend, and will be gracing the Red
Rooster with their unforgettable
music on Nov. 16 at 9 p.m.
The band is about to start its
mini-tour throughout North Caro-
lina and South Carolina, and will
be headlining at clubs in Charles-
ton, Atlantic Beach, Wilmington
and their hometown of Raleigh.
After a rough start, the band
is finally back in action and cur-
rently recording their album that
has gotten the attention of many
major record labels.
This isn't a surprise, given that
the band is working with Grammy
Award winning producers David
Kershenbaum and Greg Collins,
who have worked with big bands
U2 and Matchbox 20, as well as
Gwen Stefani.
The band first started when
members Jeremy and Bryan
decided that they wanted to play
in their middle school talent show.
see PICO page B5
By popular demand, Pico vs. Island Trees will be performing at The Red Rooster Nov. 16 at 9 p.m.
It is 'Open
Season' for all
Rising up against the
hunters everywhere
On Sept. 29, the movie Open
Season roared into theaters across
the nation. Characters include the
famous voices of Martin Lawrence,
Debra Messing and everyone's
favorite boy toy, Ashton Kutcher.
Obviously everyone recognizes
Lawrence from "Martin Messing
as Grace from "Will and Grace but
you may also know people such as
Jon Farveau, Gary Sinise and Patrick
Warburton form Swingers, Apollo IS
and "Family Guy respectively.
What you should know about
this 99 minute film is that it is much
more of the same animal versus
man story that we have seen repeat-
edly the past few years. While this
movie does sport some very funny
moments, it seems as though I have
seen it before.
This movie is very entertaining
initially and seems to have problems
with stereotyping characters into
roles, but I do find that this movie is
too bland and maybe a bit too clever
for any children to be watching it.
I do like the light-hearted
approach of some of the characters
such as McSquizzy, a Scottish squir-
rel with a problem of controlling his
temper when it conies to his trees.
Not to mention Elliot a uni-horned
see OPEN SEASON page B5
Art student holds senior exhibition
Wheeler to showcase art during
senior show at Greenville
Museum of Art
For most ECU students, having a solo exhibition
at the local museum seems like a dream, but for senior
Kelly Wheeler, that dream is now a reality.
Wheeler will host her Senior Exhibition at the
Greenville Museum of Art, which will showcase the
work she has accomplished within the last five years
while working with ECU's School of Art and Design.
Wheeler's show, t it led " Rehearing an Identity is com-
posed of ceramic and mixed media artwork, and focuses
on illustrating her life and all that she has overcome.
As a child, she was diagnosed with leukemia,
leaving her challenged by many obstacles that most
children could never imagine facing.
"When I was diagnosed with cancer, I couldn't
really do anything physical, so one of my teachers
brought me a pack of markers she said. "My interest
in art kept growing, and I started painting too. My
work in this show is about my life experiences and
characterizes who I have become as an individual
Although this show is her largest yet, Wheeler
isn't a stranger to the world of art exhibitions. Ever
since 2002, she has participated in the School of Art
and Design's undergraduate show, and her work was
showcased in a show at the Emerge Gallery last year.
While getting ready for her exhibition, Wheeler is
also busy pursuing her master's degree in art therapy.
After graduation she hopes to work at a hospital with
children who have been diagnosed with cancer.
Wheeler admits that it can sometimes be overwhelm-
ing working on a solo show while still being a full-time
student trying to earn her degree. However, she under-
stands that all her hard work is worth it and has some
advice for students new to ECU's School of Art and Design.
"Work as hard as you can and stay focused on
what you want to say and how you want to say it. Take
every bit of advice and insight that your professors
and colleagues hold, and be grateful for what you are
given and achieve Wheeler says.
Wheeler's solo exhibition opened Oct. 31 and will
show through Nov. 7 at the Greenville Museum of Art
located on Evans Street across from Ham's. All ECU
students are encouraged to come out and see what all
the artists have accomplished.
This writer can be contacted at
pu lse@t heeastcarol i
Robert Randolph
and the family band
It's all in the family
Colorblind'is the newest release
from Robert Randolph and it is
critically acclaimed everywhere for
good reason. This band possesses
a blend of carefully crafted music
featuring elements of funk, soul,
classic rock and psychedelic rock.
Major influences can be heard
from Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs to
the soul sounds of Stevie Wonder.
Furthermore, Sly Stone obvi-
ously has influenced these guys in
many ways.
Speaking of other influences on
this band, there is a wealth of musi-
cal collaborations presented on
this album including Leela James,
Dave Matthews and Eric Clapton.
Clapton has been a big influ-
ence upon the band since first
touring with them a few years
back, Clapton has recorded an
incredible solo effort in the song
"Jesus Is Just Alright You may
recognize this song as it used to
be performed by the Byrds and
namely, Eric Clapton himself.
The album explodes upon
the scene with its first track
titled, "Ain't Nothing Wrong
With That Booming drums and
infectious lyrics accompany the
sing-along, which is sure to fire
up any crowd.
The song people would cur-
rently recognize would be "Thrill
of It which is currently playing
on countless radio stations and
music channels nationwide.
The talent of the band as musi-
cians is very clear and evident in
the way they play their music.
Their following has been built
see RANDOLPH page B5
Ryan Adams produces new Willie Nelson album
'Songbird' continues
2006's folk-rock
Maybe I'm the first to notice
it, and I doubt I am, but it seems
like there's something a little more
than coincidental in this year's
releases from Neil Young, Bob
Dylan and now, Willie Nelson.
While I doubt it's just for the
money, it does look like these folk
artists are finally getting more
credit as living legends, and "sell-
ing out" at the same time.
Just look at Dylan's recent
iPod campaign, his agreement
with major coffee chain Starbucks
to release Live at the Gaslight 1962
exclusively for 18 months and his
huge Martin Scorsese documen-
tary No Direction Home.
But at least the music isn't
turning into complete crap.
Anyway, this is about Nelson's
album, not Dylan's bad old-age deci-
sions (and regardless, for now, he can
still out-perform anyone half his age).
It seems like Nelson may have
nude one of his ow n old-age decisions
by heading in to the studio with North
Carolina-born musician Ryan Adams
as his producer on Songbird.
After listening to the album, it's
obvious that Adams had a huge say
on the songs and their arrangements.
Rather than having Nelson's
traditional band back him, Adams
has substituted them in favor of his
own backing band, The Cardinals.
It's this decision that incites
criticism of Adams' production
skills and value to the record as a
forward thinking sound for Nelson.
Songbird is the convergence of
two sounds, Adams' aggressive,
electric alt-country sound and
Nelson's more traditional country
and folk influences.
While tneopening track "Rainy Day
Blues" (easily the album's best track) sets up
a hopeful, bluesy sound for Nelson's raspy,
sprawling vocals, the rest of tile album is
about as predktabk' as tin flip of a coin.
The album's second track,
"Songbird ruins the brilliant
overtones set up by "Rainy Day
Blues" and dowses the album with
an opening arrangement that
sounds like it should be a tune off
of Adams' 2001 release Gold.
And that's not the only track
on Songbird that sounds like it
should be off a Ryan Adams album.
Nelson's cover of Leonard Cohen's
"Hallelujah" is a good track, but it
suffers from a heavy case of overpro-
duction - too many layers, too much
going on, and the choir is an unneces-
sary, cheap shot at Nelson's solid vocal
performance on the track.
And anyway, Jeff Buckley did a
far better stripped-down, bare bones
version that would have been great to
hear Nelson and his guitar give a try.
see WILLIE page B5

continued from B4
continued from B4
OPEN SEASON continued from A4
upon playing in intimate arenas
and concert halls for a few years,
which has solidified them as one
of the best live musical acts to see.
On this album, though, they
tried to capture something more
than just their great live per-
formances. They tried to cap-
ture a great studio album effort
instead of playing to their already
stout live following on their
records. This is a new idea for
the band, not to mention, and a
completely new process for them
as studio recorders.
It all goes back to a conver-
sation that the band had with
Carlos Santana who advised
them to try making a studio
album that people will remember
and listen to forever. Because
Santana is a rock god, I imagine
he has some credibility.
The album is a walk through
the R&B classics of old, while
maintaining a new twist on an
already established sound. The
pedal steel is an instrument nor-
mally found in country music and
is famous for the "twang" sound
it produces that lends some com-
plexity to this album.
The complexity is further
illustrated in the many different
sounds of instruments and ele-
ments that mix to create many
of these songs. There are many
things going on in the songs that
are hard to follow, but everything
seems to flow seamlessly.
I give this album an A for
its great musical background
and intelligent song writing.
This is sure to be one of the best
albums for a long time to come
and you should check this one out
for yourself.
This writer can be reached at
After performing "Today" by
the Smashing Pumpkins, they
decided that maybe they liked the
music world.
After recruiting other band
mates, Pico vs. Island Trees
formed and spent the next two
years playing in various garages
and even at pool parties, which
was considered a big deal to them
at the time.
The boys decided to get seri-
ous and hired a manager to help
them record their first album
entitled Just Wail. Unfortunately,
this is exactly what the boys did
with their music career, and each
headed off to different colleges in
the Southeast.
As musicians starving to per-
form, the boys of Pico vs. Island
Trees became bored with school
and decided to take the leap to Los
Angeles to really concentrate on
their music careers.
Soon, the band was discovered
by producer David Kershenbaum
on XM radio's Unsigned Artists
Channel, and immediately scored
a record deal with Rebel Yell
The band has recorded 18
songs in L.A some of which
will appear on their upcoming
untitled album. While working
on the album at Conway Studios,
the hand was sure to get a little
inspiration from the fact that big
names like Maroon .0 and Chris-
tina Aguilera were recording
their albums right next door.
The release date of the album
isn't set yet, but be sure to check
them out at the Hed Rooster on
Nov. Hi at 9 p.m. for more infor-
mation, check out their Web site
at niyspace.compico.
This writer can be contacted at
Outstanding W J t f Worthy effort New ? w c o review .5 J 5 So-so tfS Sv.P?& A bomb jjcjjcfjo : cc j ;
'batch a Fire pg ; jj - ! j j j - j
'Death of a President j V ! - j 1j T
Flags of Our Fathers R j W jjjT JtM j - !
Flicka 5 JTJB jajaJTJto)- j
Marie Antoinette j j j -
The Prestige j JY j - jB ; j:? j - jr
'Running with Scissors R j 1Y Y j B j Y
'Saw III R I V j - j j - i IY ! - j - 2006 MCT
deer bent on having a great time at
the expense of everyone else and his
personal direction.
Lawrence really didn't provide
anything to this already shaky story
outside of having a weird trained
bear relationship with a park ranger.
This relationship could potentially
spark the ire of many for being a bit
"too close" and unusual.
The overall highlights of this
film are the Scottish squirrel mafia
throwing nuts, a strange wiener
dog, a hyperactive slightly brain-
damaged deer and a creepy porcu-
pine. The story really doesn't offer
anything beside this: Hunters are
had and when the animals band
together, they defeat the hunters.
Even as bad as the overplayed
story is, the funny moments are
very funny. The deer and his miss-
ing antler provide most, if not all,
of these moments. I just wish that
the humor was enough to call this
a movie worth watching.
There are some moments of adult
humor that could potentially throttle
young minds into asking the dreaded
question, "What does that mean?"
For the most part, this movie
just may not be original enough
to warrant anything more than a
video rental.
Overall, I give the movie a grade
of a "B" for its funny moments and
idatable characters. However; I
would like to emphasize that its ste-
reotypical characters and unoriginal
plot had a hand in keeping this movie
from being a good motion picture.
This writer can be reached at
continued from B4
I have no problems with
Willie Nelson or Ryan Adams
independent of each other, and, in
fact, I like them better apart.
The album has Ryan Adams
written all over it, with the only
difference being Nelson on vocals
and it doesn't work for an entire
album (an EP, now there's an idea).
Here's to hoping the critics
don't praise this album as the
second coming of Willie Nelson,
or Ryan Adams, for that matter.
Final Grade: C-
This writer can be contacted at
w Tgjgjjg Q, t jHwr ins j PflB 8AYNHAMDAK MAZEfl Dll? LARfly CHMMS
I ,
Major at ECU:
Surfing the web
Why I donate:
To buy clothes
to go clubbing in
Donate Plasma
and earn up to $170mo
Last month, we paid out $33,035 to 734
good people.
DCI Biologicals is always paying out this
kind of cash. All you do is come, sit in a
lounge chair and donate your life-saving
plasma. It's like having a part-time job
without a boss.
DCI Biologicals 2727 E. 10th St.
Special $10 Offer: New and Return donors:
Bring this ad for an extra $5 on your 2nd and 4tli donations
Come and get vour she
Coffee coup1
Full Breakfast & Lunch Menu Served Daily
Saturdays 10AM-2PM
Wireless High Speed Internet Access
Call Ahead for To Go Orders
300 Evans St. Greenville, NC
Bring ad in to receive free tea or regular coffee
with purchase of sandwich & side.
Excluding lunch special.

Do You Live in a Sardine Can?
University Suites 3-Story Apartments
WITH "1" Bedroom on EACH FLOOR
Maximum Privacy! p
EXTRA LARGE 3 Bedroom,
3 Bath Apartments
Townhome Style, No One Above
OR Below YOU!
Extra Large Patios for Grilling
Park at Your Front Door
Free Tanning, Pool, Clubhouse
2 Living Room Areas
Approximately 1500 sq. ft.
WaterSewer Included in Rent
High Speed Internet
Full-Size Washer & Dryer
Huge Walk-in Closets
ECU Transit
Located at the Corner of Arlington Blvd. and Evans Street Behind the Kangaroo Gas Station
Lease Today - Get "FREE" Rent! CALL 551-3800
John TwUmr Mus
Wed 1101 9:30PM-
Thurs11i02 7:00 PM
-WnfOS &30PM-
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.WedilOV 7:QOPM
'Tfl!Bife1f02 9:30PM
Ri 1103 7:00PM&
12AM ,
Sat 1104 3PM
Sun 1105 7:00PM
Tt 9
Cultural BinQo
Destinattorr360 HjHPM

The East Carolinian, November 2, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
November 02, 2006
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3cm x 2cm
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