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19, 2006
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Midnight Madness
at ECU is one of the
most popular ways to
spend your Halloween
night. Find out about
all of the events that
will be offered this
yearPage A4
No one ever thinks
about who is
underneath that
PeeDee costume.
Meet the men under
the maskPage A4
James Pinkney and
the Pirates celebrated
Homecoming in style
by routing SMU 38-
21. Pinkney threw
for a career-high 391
yards and Brandon
Simmons ran for two
1-yard scores. Read
our game recap to
find out what you
missedPage A6
Freshman Abby Bools
finished sixth as the
women's golf team
hosted the Lady
Pirate Invitational.
Read the tournament
recap to see how the
defending conference
champions finished as
a teamPage A7
6 3 47 5 19 2 8
9 2 74 8 31 6 5
5 1 82 6 97 4 3
2 5 9 4 8 33 7 8 9 1 66 1 4 5 7 2
7 6 15 2 48 3 9
8 4 26 9 73 5 1 4 9 6 2 8 7
1 7 5 3,9,?.8 3 2 1 4 5
Test your skills at
SuDoKuPage A8
ECU celebrates Homecoming
Students participated in the homecoming parade on Fifth Street Saturday morning with decorated floats.
Keri Brockett and Chris Welch were crowned Homecoming King
and Queen during Saturday's halftime show. Below, a majorette
makes a show of school spirit, also during half time.
Pirates win the West
The outcome of homecom-
ing competitions and events
included major victories by vari-
ous student organizations and also
another big win for Pirate football.
Homecoming activities started
on Wednesday, Oct. 18 and con-
cluded on Saturday, Oct. 21.
A banner competition and a skit
contest were held in Hendrix The-
ater on Wednesday. PRSSA won
the banner competition and SGA
took the win for the skit contest.
The bottom of College Hill
was the site for Thursday's home-
coming activities which included
a can food drive and a pep rally.
Amy Dozier, homecoming com-
mittee co-chair said, "Over 8,000
cans were collected all together
and donated to the Salvation
Army but ECU Ambassadors col-
lected the largest amount of cans
The pep rally had a riding
bull and barbeque available to the
students and entertainment from
the cheerleaders and dance team
according to Dozier.
The top three skits from
the skit contest were performed
by SGA, N.C. Teaching Fel-
lows and ECU Ambassadors.
Friday included four different
events that took place in four dif-
ferent locations. Students had the
option of participating in Volun-
teer Friday at Mendenhall Student
Center brickyard or Freeboot
Friday in Evans Street parking
lot, viewing the lawn competition
or attending the annual NPHC
step show in Wright Auditorium.
Homecoming events started
early on Saturday morning with
the homecoming parade on Fifth
Street at 9:45 a.m. All organiza-
tions that wanted to participate in
the parade decorated a float that
incorporated the central homecom-
ing theme of "How the Pirates Won
the West according to Dozier.
The mayor and all the students
that were in the homecoming
court also were a part of the parade
that extended down Fifth Street.
The Pirate football play-
see HOMECOMING page A2
Bowles, Lancaster promote
educational partnerships
SGA President M. Cole Jones addresses the SGA Congress on Monday.
Possibility of student
fee increase exists
ramores US
rxjlOSuQe knf
Forum and meeting set
to be held in November
The main focus of the SGA
congress meeting on Monday
was to discuss the proposal of an
increase in student fees.
Congressmen were encour-
aged to attend the preliminary
forum to get familiar with the
terms of the proposed increase.
A meeting has been set follow-
ing the forum so that congressmen
and the student body will have the
opportunity to voice their opinions
on the increase in student fees.
The forum will be on Nov. 2
at 5:30 p.m. in Hendrix Theater
and the meeting will be held on
November 13.
The attendance of both the
congressmen and the student body
were stressed at the meeting on
Monday by members of SGA.
Keri Brockett, SGA secretary
said, "It is important that student
know that they are allowed to sit
in on the forum and the meeting
to give their opinions even though
they will not be allowed to vote
The meeting was kept brief on
Monday and just addressed the
student fees and any announce-
ments from congressmen that
represent various student orga-
One of the events that is cur-
rently going on this week that
was mentioned at the meeting by
congressmen, Regina Twine, was
"Hate Out Week
Twine explained that "Hate
Out Week" is an event that is spon-
sored by the Ledonia Wright Cul-
tural Center and involves various
activities throughout the week.
The main focus of this event
is representation of diminishing
prejudice and discrimination by
building a wall created by the
students with racial slurs and dis-
criminatory statements and break-
ing it down according to Twine.
Twine said, "Students can par-
ticipate by coming by Mendenhall
brickyard where the wall will be
built and writing one of these hate
For more information about
SGA students can visit
sga or call 328-4742.
This writer may be contacted at
Community colleges,
universities work
The leaders of the North Caroli-
na's public higher education institu-
tions met Oct. 23 to discuss partner-
ships between community colleges
and state universities here at ECU.
Erskine Bowles, president of
the University of North Carolina
System, and H. Martin Lan-
caster, president of the North
Carolina Community College
System were among those who
participated in the leadership
forum, "Connecting Commu-
nity Colleges and the Four-Year
Institutions of North Carolina
A discussion between Bowles
and Lancaster about partnerships
between university and commu-
nity college systems occurred at
10 a.m. and was located in the
Hendrix Theater at Mendenhall
Student Center.
According to Richard Eakin,
former ECU chancellor and pro-
fessor of educational leadership,
the forum was sponsored by the
ECU chapter of Phi Kappa Phi
as a part of their commitment
to the improvement of higher
education in North Carolina.
"The leadership forum brings
together leaders from all sectors
of higher education in North
Carolina to address the impor-
tant need to build collaborative
bridges between two and four
year institutions said Eakin.
The day long forum began
at 9 a.m. at Mendenhall Student
Center and included remarks and
participation from ECU Chancel-
lor Steve Ballard and chancellors
from UNC Wilmington, Elizabeth
City State University, Appalachian
State, and N.C. State University;
and college presidents from Pitt
Community College, Caldwell
Community College and Techni-
cal Institute, Craven Community
College, Edgecombe Community
College and Central Piedmont
Community College.
Chancellor of Elizabeth City
State University, Willie Gilchrist,
was the moderator for the discus-
sion between Bowles and Lan-
caster between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.
He said, "I'm going to make more
contact with community college
presidents to better the success of
this collaboration. There are more
high school students needing to go
to college but need to start at the
community college level. We need
to provide a service to motivate
those individuals to continue their
education. A quality education is
important to those in North Caro-
lina; this is seen through the rise
in enrollment of both community
college and four year universities
throughout the state
Gilchrist expressed his opinion
of Erskine Bowles' goals by stat-
see BOWLES page A2
Speaker illustrates effective
means of communication
Relates forms of
communication among
leaders and student
Guest speaker Alex Davis,
assistant director for organiza-
tional development of the Student
Activities Center, spoke about
effective forms of communication
at the Mendenhall Student Center
last Tuesday.
Davis filled in for an intended
speaker from the School of Com-
munication and presented a Pow-
erPoint presentation outlining
means of effective communication
and how they are utilized between
leaders and members of student
Davis spoke about how effec-
tive communication is essential
in his own position as he deals
frequently with student organi-
zations, such as SGA, and their
He outlined his presentation
emphasizing the five components
of effective communication: Atti-
tude, body language, eye contact,
effective questioning and silence.
Davis began by defining the term
attitude and how its meaning dif-
fers among cultures.
He elaborated upon this by
giving the example that at ECU,
where there is such a diverse uni-
versity population, it is important
to remember that attitudes, which
are based upon beliefs and assump-
tions, may be perceived differently
by different cultures.
Thus, it is important for stu-
dents and especially leaders of
student organizations to maintain
a positive attitude and an under-
standing of how to manage cross-
cultural communication.
He also referred to a study,
which proved that positive people
are generally healthier than those
who are not, adding to the benefits
of a positive attitude.
Davis then went into how
managing one's body language
and maintaining eye contact is
significant in producing effective
see SPEAKER page A2


Campus & Community
United Nations Day Today
Department of Political
Science and the Model
UN Club presents a panel
discussion titled "Chal-
lenges to Nonproliferation.
Iran, North Korea and the
United Nations" by Dr.
Jalil Roshandel, director of
security studies, Dr. Nancy
Spalding, associate profes-
sor of political science and
Dr. J. Tucker, director of
Asian studies. From 12:15
- 1:30 p.m. in Brewster C-
302, free pizza and drinks
will be offered.
Crime Stoppers Reward
The Pitt-Greenville Crime
Stoppers are offering a
reward for information
leading to the arrest and
conviction of individual(s)
who have set a series of
trash can fires at ECU. Two
trash can fires were set in
the Bate Building in July
2006. Trash can fires were
set at the Joyner Library
Annex and Brewster B, C
and D Wings in October.
Anyone having informa-
tion about these crimes
should contact the Pitt-
Greenville CrimeStoppers
at 758-7777, or Lt. Mike
Jordan, ECU Police, 737-
1519, or go to the ECU Web
sit, Administration, Index,
Police, Crime Reporting.
Student Dietetic Associa-
tion Meeting
Mrs. Escott-Stump will
speak about the dietetic
internship today at 5:30
p.m. in the Rivers Build-
ing, room 160. This is a
great opportunity to ask the
director questions and hear
about upcoming volunteer
ECULoessin Theatre
Hedda Gabler
November 16 to 21
Employing methods that
virtually defined the modern
psychological drama, this
masterpiece reveals the
conflicts and emotions that
lie below the surface of
daily life. Was it murder
or suicide? Originally by
Henrik Ibsen, the adapta-
tion is being presented by
Christopher Hampton.
We are Hiring!
The East Carolinian is cur-
rently looking for news staff
writers, sports staff writers
and copy editors. If you
have a passion for writing
or are in basicadvanced or
other reporting classes, this
opportunity may be for you.
This is a great opportunity
for you to strengthen your
writing skills, network with
professionals and create
strong articles for your port-
folio. The East Carolinian
requires that all employees
are currently-enrolled stu-
dents with a minimum 2.25
GPA. Apply at our office in
the Self Help Building on
the corner of Third Street
and Evans Street. We are
located on the first floor.
Other Hate Week Events
Embracing Change
Multi-ethnic panel discus-
sion about cultural adjust-
ments required of interna-
tional students; especially
freshmen. This will be at
Ledonia Wright Cultural
Center at 7 p.m. today.
Jeff Johnson Speaks
BET entertainer and social
activist Jeff Johnson will
be at Hendrix Theatre at 7
p.m. on Wednesday. The
topic is on how hate affects
everyone involved.
24 Tue 25 Wed 26 Thu 27 Fri 28 Sat 29
ACHIEVE: What to write
down when
Fletcher Hall Lobby
7 p.m.
Effective Communica-
A guest speaker from
the school of commu-
nication will present on
effective forms of com-
munication pertaining to
leaders and members of
student organizations
Mendenhall, Room 15
3:30 p.m.
Wall of Oppression: The
Building and Writing on
the Wall
The Writing on the
Wall project serves as
a shared experience of
taking personal action
to confront oppressive
behavior and elements
in our society.
Ledonia Writght Cultural
12 p.m.
Cultural Awareness:
Mendenhall Brickyard
6 p.m.
ECU Ceramic Guild
Annual Mug Sale
The ECU Ceramics
Guild Mug sale is an
annual fundraiser. All
mugs are handmade
by Ceramic Guild
members. With each
mug purchase you will
receive your choice
of coffee, tea or hot
chocolate. All pro-
ceeds benefit the ECU
Ceramics Guild.
Jenkins Fine Art Build-
ing Foyer
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Effective Communica-
A guest speaker from
the school of commu-
nication will present
on effective forms of
communication per-
taining to leaders and
members of student
Mendenhall, Room 15
3 p.m.
Russian Film Series:
"A Cruel Romance"
Movies have English
subtitles or dubbing.
Bate 2011
6:30 p.m.
The Realities of Hate
Tearing Down the Wall
of Hate
Wright Plaza and MSC
Hispanic Film Series:
"lluminados por el
fuego" (Enlightened
by Fire)
Argentina, 2005, 100
min. Directed by Tristan
Bate 2011
5:30 p.m.
One Fair in Two Loca-
Minges Coliseum & New
Health Sciences Build-
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
ASO Free Movie Night
Admission is free.
Snacks are available
to purchase. Hosted by
the Anthropology Stu-
dent Organization.
Flanagan Building,
room 265
7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
Graduate and Profes-
sional School Fair
Mendenhall Multi-Pur-
pose Room
Ice Hockey
Bladez on Ice
ECU vs. Richmond
9:30 p.m.
Hate Out Week
The wall will be pulled
down by human hands
in a symbolic repre-
sentation of humanity
toppling the walls of
hate and injustice, thus
allowing passage to a
proud and bright future.
Mendenhall Room 244
and Ledonia Wright Cul-
tural Center Yard
1 p.m.
Multicultural Potluck
Please bring a dish to
share. Beverages and
table service will be
Ledonia Wright Culture
2 p.m.
Women's Soccer
Bunting Field
3 p.m.
Women's Volleyball
Williams Arena at
Minges Coliseum
7 p.m.
Men's Cross Country
C-USA Champion-
Overton's Lake Kristi
Woman's Cross Coun-
C-USA Champion-
Overton's Lake Kristi
Ice Hockey
Bladez on Ice
3:45-8 p.m.
Women's Soccer
Bunting Field
12 p.m.
Women's Volleyball
Williams Arena at
Minges Coliseum
1 p.m.
Registration For Spring
Semester 2007 Begins
Family builds 4,600 square-
foot "thank you" for hospital
(AP) They arrived three
months earlier than John and
Laura Lee Potter expected.
Four tiny babies; together,
weighing less than a mid-sized
bowling ball, were born to the
Potters in November 2000. The
quadruplets spent their first three
months fighting ofTinfection in the
neonatal intensive care unit at Pitt
County Memorial Hospital, accord-
ing to their mother, Laura Lee.
Machines helped them breathe,
and tubes delivered food until they
were well enough to go home.
"The feeling of appreciation
continued from Al
ing, "He is a visionary, a thinker
and is sincere about making a
difference for North Carolinians
He talks about being affordable
and vising tax dollars wisely. This
is going to cause more individuals
to have hopes of attending a four
year institution. This partner-
ship between four year schools
and community colleges is crucial
for higher education because we
want to make equal opportunities
available tor any eager student no
matter what their income level or
hold backs are
Bowles noted that the global
economy demands a more knowl-
edgeable and educated workforce,
and that educational systems must
work together to address that need
for North Carolinians. Both Lan-
caster and Howies cited examples
of existing community college and
UNC partnerships, particularly in
tin- fields of nursing, teacher train-
ing and biotechnology.
"In today's world, the taxpayers
of North Carolina should have a
seamless edui atimal system; some-
one should be able to move easily
from high school to community col-
lege to the university. Bowles said.
This tbrum was a playing field
for representatives of the two and
four year North Carolina colleges
to cooperate with one another
rather than work in opposition of
each other. Their main goals are to
encourage more students to con-
tinue their higher education and
not settle for anything less.
This writer can be contacted at
(for the hospital staff) never left
me, and 1 don't ever want it to leave
me Laura Lee said. "These guys
played a big part in the success of
the lives of these babies that other-
wise had a really rocky start.
Eventually, vendors and sub-
contractors began approaching the
Potters offering their wares and
work. To accommodate the rush,
they expanded the building plan
by 100 square feet.
The Potters hope their project
becomes a model for future efforts
to aid the hospital, but they're still
missing one piece.
"We need a buyer John said.
Off-base crashes a safety issue
for sailors, Marines
(AP) Frustrated Navy and
Marine Corps officials are taking
a hard line to try to reduce fatal
traffic crashes off bases.
The Navy has tallied the most
traffic fatalities in more than a
decade and the Marine Corps had
the heaviest losses in four years
during the fiscal period ending
Sept. .SO, according to the Navy
Safety Center.
The Navy and Marine Corps
have established several programs
to help reduce wrecks.
Before holiday weekends,
Strike Fighter Squadron 106 at
Oceana Naval Air Station in Vir-
ginia Beach considers everyone
who received a recent traffic cita-
tion to be a potential fatality and
orders them to pre-pack belong-
ings to be sent to next of kin.
Sailors on the Norfolk-based
cruiser USS Normandy receive
cards from a local cab company for
free rides to the base. Sailors also
get phone-tree cards so sailors can
contact someone, from the ship's
captain on down, if they are too
drunk or sleepy to drive or if they
have car trouble.
Lavish Urinals on the Way Out
(KMTR) Urinals shaped
like women's mouths are reported
on their way out at the lavish
restroom near the Vienna national
The urinals feature thick, lip-
sticked lips, a set of teeth and a
bright red tongue.
Neuhold Gerhard, owner of the
company that operates the toilets,
said he would remove the urinals
within two weeks after being
urged to do so, the Sun said.
Marianne Lackner, media
spokeswoman for the Vienna
Department of Women's Affairs
called them "tasteless, misogynis-
tic and offensive
continued from Al
continued from Al
He presented a chart that out-
lined the way in which messages
are conveyed among people.
This chart showed that body
language accounts for .10 percent
of the perceived message while
tone accounts for 40 percent and
words a mere 10 percent, therefore
illustrating that it is crucial for
one to be aware of how their entire
body is conveying a message.
Davis said that it is important
to ask questions that generate
responses that make the one being
questioned further explain what
they are saying.
He explained that when com-
municating, it is important to
choose open-ended questions and
questions that coach another into
their answers.
Davis also advised audience
members to "pretend ignorance
or to act as if they have no knowl-
edge of the topic at hand to allow
another to engage in a topic deeply.
In concluding his speech,
Davis spoke about silence and how
it is a great conversation skill.
I e talked about engaging one's
senses and empathizing with the
needs of others through silence.
He noted the importance of
avoiding barriers and stereotypes.
Nursing students in the audi-
ence then commented that it is
sometimes challenging to avoid
stereotyping and how the need
for effective communication is so
great in the medical field.
Davis agreed and emphasized
that while the components of effec-
tive communication may seem like
common sense they can often be
forgotten and thus it is essential to
practice them in order to sustain a
level of effective communication.
Presentations similar to this
occur two to four times a month in
the Mendenhall Student Center.
According to Davis, they are
expecting guest speakers from the
school of communication to pres-
ent towards the end of this month.
Students interested in attend-
ing can visit the East Carolinian's
online calendar and access times
and locations for presentations, or
consult the calendar above.
This writer can be contacted at
ers added another victory to
their record by defeating SMU
in the 3 p.m. game that was
held at Dowdy-Ficklen stadium.
The homecoming king
and queen were announced
during half time of the football
game. Chris Welch won king
and Keri Brockett won queen.
Both hold executive positions
but actually were representing
one of the other organizations
they are involved in. Welch rep-
resented SGA as treasurer and
Sigma Alpha F.psilon. Brockett
represented Campus Girl Scouts.
She is also the secretary of SGA.
Brockett, ecstatic about the
win, looks forward to repre-
senting the university as she
holds the title for 2006.
"There were so many great
candidates on the court who
deserved the title. It's such a
great feeling to know that you're
thought of so highly by your
peers and administration and
seen as a great role model. I look
forward to representing KCU as
an advocate on campus and in
the community said Brockett.
Other candidates for the title
of queen were Dana White, Vir-
ginia Thompson, Erica Reid and
Kinsey Batts. Candidates for king
were Kevin Berryman, De'Laria
Woodruff, Larry Cummings
Jr. and Kyle Durrell Johnson.
Welch seemed pleased that
he won but seemed more thrilled
by the turnout of student and
community support of
KCU for homecoming.
"Homecoming was a great
experience and a great win for
the Pirates. I thank all of the
students and faculty for their
involvement and hard work
and making 2006 homecoming
a great success said Welch.
Other wins include the ECU
Ambassadors getting first place
for the ECU Spirit Cup. The cheer-
leaders and N.C. Teaching Fellows
followed behind the Ambassadors.
This writer can be contacted at
Community Amenities
Tanning beds
Game and recreational room
Fully-equipped fitness center .
Sparkling swimming pool
Basketball and volleyball courts
located on KCU Shuttle and Pirate
l.xpress route
Apartment Features
- Fully furnished 2,3, and 4 bedrooms
- Large balcony w locking storage
- Full-size washer and dryer
-Built in study areas
- Private bathrooms
- High Speed Internet in each bedroom
- Pet friendly
m a Carolina!
I Cotttm on Ogin
& lM Donon M
Who says you have to
live like a'student?
2201 NE Greenville Blvd.
Greenville, NC 27858

Don't judge
Hey, hey, hey E-C you look so
good to me hey hey hey.
The ins and outs of
our Web site
I am thrilled at the interest everyone has taken in
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Need advice? Want answers? Just ask Jane.
Dear Jane,
Over the break, I heard my parents talking about
getting a divorce, but wanting to wait until I finish
the spring semester so that it doesn't affect my grades
or me. What they don't know is that I've thought that
they were going to get one for a long time now, and
I'm OK with it. How do I let them know that it's OK
to not worry about me and do what's right for them
without interfering? Help!
The Family Glue
Dear Family Glue,
This is a rough situation to be in, but it's very
admirable of your parents to put you first. It's not often
that couples put the kids' needs before their own. Usu-
ally, divorces blow up in your face and cause emotional
distress for years to come.
If you believe the family change will not affect
your grades, try openly telling them something like, "1
overheard your conversation about a potential divorce
and I would like to talk about it Make sure you let
them know that it was certainly not your intention
to overhear their conversation, but since you did, you
wanted to address it because it has obviously been on
your mind. There are many different ways to approach
the topic, but you don't want to say anything like, "I
think you two should go on and get divorced already
(not that you ever would). You want to remain as neu-
tral as possible, but honest. If a divorce is what they
want and it's something you can deal with without it
causing a gargantuan disruption in your entire life,
then, first of all, kudos to you and, secondly, they
should know that so that they can make an informed
decision on their own. Good luck!
Opinion WritersWantep!j
! don't let your
opinions go unheard
Consider writing for i
The East Carolinian,
where all of campus will i
hear your voice every week.
Call us at 328-9238
or email
The Homecoming Court was
part of a vast conspiracy.
You are in the front row of a
football game. Sit down!
Take some initiative. There is no
law that says girls can't initiate
conversation with a guy. Take a
chance instead of waiting for him
to ask you.
Mommy school. That's how.
There need to be more Pirate
Rants. Maybe like two full
pages. I get so sad when I finish
reading them Its like when all
the food is gone.
I am so bored of most of my
friends. They're complete tool
bags and not even in a funny way.
My roommate farts and sprays
air freshener. When did that
become socially acceptable,
especially for a girl?
All my friends are transferring to
other schools next year. Will you
be my friend?
All I eat is fast food. Literally.
That's all I've eaten for four
years. Everyday I have at least
one meal from a fast food
restaurant and I'm healthy. So
that movie Super Size Me was
just a pack of lies.
The Rec Center should be open
24 hours a day. I wake up at like
3 a.m. sometimes just aching for
a workout.
I have a feeling my roommate
is trying to kill me. Yesterday he
asked me how much an axe costs.
Skinny jeans do not look good
on everyone. And by everyone,
I mean you. We may be friends,
but come on, that's just hideous.
Lose the tights and miniskirt
look, too. It's just not working out.
Don't you hate that feeling that
someone's watching you, and
when you look up, you meet
their gaze, and then you both
look away? Awkward social
moment number one thousand
something, brought to you by
across-the-room glances.
To the technicians in the
Mendenhall Computer Lab, if
talking on our cell phones is
disruptive to others' working,
don't you think that your loud
obnoxious conversations are too?
Don't worry about a thing, every
little things gonna be all right.
Religion is something left
over from the infancy of our
intelligence; it will fade away as
we adopt reason and science as
our guidelines.
The only time I see my RA is
when it's past 2 a.m. She's too
busy even for her job.
If there are any girl gamers at
ECU, please stop hiding
Peanut butter and jelly time
I have spent the last two hours
writing Pirate Rants. Publish one.
Broke Back Petey should be our
permanent mascot take that
Terry Holland.
Are you ever worried about going
straight to the Pirate Rants as soon
as you get the paper, because
someone may judge you?
They should really Paint it Purple
by painting our field purple.
You ask how moms know
everything? Because they've
been through it all before.
I decided to pledge a sorority to
find sisterhood, lifelong friends,
close bonds and memories that
would last forever. Instead, I
found bitterness, selfish-pride,
arguments and hatred. What's
so Greek about that?
Is anyone else's adviser a
complete idiot?
I have a new theory: A girl's
skank potential is directly tied to
the size of her sunglasses.
Can anyone explain to me why
an ID is required to get into the
Austin computer lab? I could
flash a Starbucks gift certificate
and get into the place.
It has become obvious that our
football conference is completely
Anyone who feels that it's OK to
stand in the middle of a walkway
between classes to have a
meaningless conversation is
an idiot.
You're annoying. Please stop
touching me.
You see these shackles, baby?
I'm your slave
Figure it's not too early to talk
about this, but who is ready
to see the Tar Heels win a
National Championship this
year? Go Heels!
My boss sends
motivation e-mails
hate my boss.
me daily
Too bad I
Does anyone else feel like they
don't sleep any other time but
during the weekend?
Racquet ball is only fun if you
make big bruises on someone!
The bus schedule says you
stop at the bottom of the hill. I
specifically asked the driver to
stop at the bottom of the hill.
Did he stop at the bottom of
the hill? No! Thanks a lot for
not following the schedule and
blatantly ignoring me.
Girls, if I go out of my way to
smile at you, you better smile
back unless you're at least a 10.
Since there is a Black Student
Union, I think there should be a
Student Union for every other
race. Hispanic, Indian, White,
Asian, Multiracial.
Nobody in the entire world drives
better when they're drunk, it's
just that their perception is
all messed up and so they
deceive themselves. That's why
I punched you in the face and
took your keys. You drive worse
than you fight, which means I
probably saved someone's life
by preventing you from getting
behind the wheel drunk.
I've been at ECU so long that I
rememberwhen Wright Fountain
still worked.
To the person that turned in my
ECU Onecard, thank you so
much! You not only brightened
my day and restored my faith in
humanity, but you also saved me
15 bucks! Let me buy you a drink
sometime, to return the favor.
Hey ladies, if a guy smiles at
you and tries to spark any sort
of conversation with you, he
probably likes you. At least give
him the common courtesy to talk
to him and give him a chance. You
never know, you might actually
like him if you give him a chance.
Whenever anyone says "Where
you at?" or ends any sentence
with a preposition, I cringe.
Does nobody care about correct
grammar now?
I used to like Dane Cook but now
I've lost all respect for him.
Where are my eggs?
NASCAR is not a sport, just
because its fast and entertaining
and dangerous doesn't make it
a sport.
The reason ECU games aren't
televised is because Holland
signed a deal with CSTV, which
hardly anyone gets or cares
about. Unless the game is on
ESPN, ESPN2, or local WITN-
7 then you won't see any ECU
games on TV.
Quit reading the sex book!
Look, I'm sorry I'm the one
getting married and not you.
I don't talk about my wedding
plans to rub it in your face
but then again I'm not getting
married because it was my
life's goal, my goal is to get a
degree, that's why I'm here. I'm
getting married because I just
happened to find the love of my
life, not because I was searching
for him like you are. You'll never
find it if you keep looking for it, so
stop crying every time I mention
my wedding and just be happy
for me.
Quit blowing up my cell phone!
I really don't want to go out of
town, I've got too much stuff to do!
You said you were going to
make me banana pancakes.
I wish I could just pay my teachers
off to get the grades that I want
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Serving ECU since 1925, the East Carolinian prints
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Considering safe sex
Whose responsibility is it?
OK, so you've been successful enough to treat the girl
of your dreams to a pleasant movie date. She agrees to come
back to your dorm, apartment, what have you, to "hang out
And after you've made that inevitable first move she still
hasn't resisted. Pretty soon both of you are laying down
playing tonsil croquet and as soon as you think you're at
the point of no return, she decides to ask a simple question.
"Do you have a condom?"
Those five simple words instantly kill the mood,
because obviously you haven't thought ahead. Or perhaps
you just figured she was on the pill and you didn't need one.
Don't worry buddy, it happens to the best of us.
Here's part two of this stereotypical story. You shake
your head, signaling to her that you don't have protection, but
continue to push onward -oh no, you can't give up now that
you've come this far. She begins to push away, and all hope
of ever getting with this particular girl vanishes, because
by now you are so mad that she hasn't thought ahead and
protected herself After all, the girl is the one who has the
baby; shouldn't it be her responsibility to keep herself safe?
This sounds like the terribly written soap opera we've
all watched on stations like Telemundo when there's noth-
ing else on, but unfortunately, it is the sad truth on many
occasions. Sex is one of the most enjoyable activities we can
experience, but it also has some of the most severe conse-
quences, especially at our age. Many years ago, abstinence
was the only way to prevent STDs and pregnancy, but
thankfully, and 1 can't stress that enough, we have a variety
of options that make it almost impossible to transfer diseases
or become pregnant from one promiscuous night.
So, whose responsibility really is it? There is one
option in particular that is almost ten-times easier
and twenty-times cheaper than any other, but there is
only one flaw to it - it gives the responsibility to men.
That option is, of course, the condom. You can buy
them 1 i for1 at the Student Health Center, and it should
last you for a while unless you're one of these people who
know every name of every STD alphabetically because you
hove had all of them.
They're cheap, easy to use, and you can even buy them in
different flavors! So, why am I still hearing all of these com-
plaints from guys about girls who aren't "prepared" for sex?
Don't tell me you're too afraid to go buy them. Do you
honestly think the cashier is going to laugh in your face
and make some crack about how you're never going to get
laid anyway so why bother? Come to think of it, that would
have made a good scene in the movie Clerks.
No, I seriously doubt it's because you're afraid. That
fear should have gone away years ago along with the fear of
blowing your nose in public. Honestly guys, when you really
think about it, the condom is the absolute easiest method
of birth control we have. They don't require a prescription,
putting one on is about as easy as toasting a Poptart, and
even if you only have a dollar to your name, just go next
door and ask the guy living beside you for one.
So, take the responsibility for once and be the man in your
relationship, even if that relationship only lasts a night. Play it
safe and wrap it up, so next time you find yourself in a sticky
five-word situation, you can confidently say, "Why yes I do
American Apparel
If one of my more porcine instructors decided to take
hold of his wrinkled Chinos and pull them down to his
ankles, I'd be more than a little unsettled. I'd prefer to take
his instruction while not staring at the fleshy dimples of
his pale inner thighs. That's just me.
Similarly, if employees of American Apparel wish
to do their jobs while not eyeing their boss' bulge as he
saunters around the workplace in tight cotton briefs, they
shouldn't be made to.
Dov Charney, American Apparel CEO, might disagree.
I'm a big fan of Charney s clothing. His vintage track
jacket is my best friend. 1 admire his rejection of sweat-
shop-manufactured garments and his quest to bring
affordable yet stylish attire to the masses. I've tried to
f(cus on the positive - to remind myself that Charney is
doing a respectable thing.
With all of the socially corrosive clothing stores in
America, why not laud American Apparel's mission to
brave the Wal-Marts of the worldIt would be a lot easier
to do so if Charney didn't insist on parading his abrasive
sexual inclinations on every media outlet that will have him.
This includes his masturbating in front of Claudine Ko,
a reporter from Jane magazine during a 2004 interview.
Despite recent sexual harassment suits from former
employees, Charney appears to be somewhat proud of his
risque endeavors. During interviews he laughs about walk-
ing around the sewing studio in his underwear and his use
of sexually explicit language during conference calls with
retailers. The pictures on the online catalogue look like
soft-core pornography, in which girls in thongs are slung
provocatively over couches to sell cotton shirts.
This isn't a new trend (think Calvin Klein ads of the
1990s or the sexy Abercrombie & Fitch ads of today), but
in light of the intense sexual atmosphere Charney happily
promotes in the workplace, it seems to go a little deeper.
Charney insists that because his empire is built upon
generating a statement on creativity and sexual openness,
he should be able to run it accordingly. However, the folks
at Gap manufacture shirts just fine, and somehow, all the
CEOs manage to do so while clothed.
Charney obviously thinks about women's bodies. I
can see it in the flawless fit of my American Apparel track
jacket when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
Nevertheless, I can't help wondering how he feels about
women in the real world. Can a man who brags about
sleeping with female employees, covers his workplace with
pictures of naked women, and pleasures himself in front
of a female journalist really be promoting healthy state-
ments and attitudes about sex? Should he even be taking
on such a task? Personally, I think he ought to just stick
to what he's good at - making track jackets.
It Charney were working as a writer for some racy
sitcom, I could understand. Sitcoms are often about sex,
consequently, sexually explicit chatter is to be expected.
This was actually the basis of the rejection of a sexual
harassment allegation by a writer for the show "Friends
on the grounds that the sexual nature of the show com-
bined with the creative environment made the use of
sexual banter on the set inevitable.
But, Charney manufactures cotton shirts. He isn't
producing some artistic statement on sexuality and cul-
ture - they're just shirts. He should be able to make them
while wearing pants.

Campus Scene
Whenever you find yourself
money ahead, your first and
strongest inclination is to buy
all the stuff you've been wanting
for years. Don't do that this time,
OK? Save up for a rainy day.
Once you decide what you
want to accomplish, the rest is
relatively easy. You won't care
if you run into resistance; you'll
plow right on over.
Necessity is the mother of
invention, as you may remember.
So don't panic. You're about to
think of something that will solve
the problem.
Don't be afraid of things that
seem too good to be true. You
can get used to having more of
that in your life.
Consult the family about what
they want, and how to proceed.
Some of their suggestions are
silly but some will work quite
You're on the right trail, but not
everything you try produces
results. Don't give up, and file
your claim just as soon as you
know where to dig.
Great riches can be yours, so
let it happen. Do a good job
and you'll be well rewarded for
your efforts.
What would you do to benefit the
most people, if you could? Make
a list, and get started.
Life's not fair, but what does that
have to do with the price of tea?
If you're behind schedule, it's
your own fault, so don't complain
about it.
The team you've put together is
a money-making machine. Don't
give them everything - make
them go out and earn it. They'll
love you for it later.
You're calm, even though you're
venturing out beyond reality as
other people know it. In other
words, you're in the groove.
You become more creative as
you take on more responsibility.
Does that seem strange? It's
perfectly natural.
Campus Events:
Tuesday, Oct. 24
ACHIEVE: What to write down
and when
Fletcher Hall Lobby
-Effective Communication
Mendenhall Room 15at3:30p.m.
Wednesday, Oct. 25
Effective Communication
Mendenhall Room 15 at 3 p.m.
Russian Film Series
"A Cruel Romance-
Bate 2011 at 6:30 p.m.
Thursday, Oct. 26
Annual Fall Career Fair
One Fair in Two Locations
Minges Coliseum &
New Health Sciences Building
10 a.m2 p.m.
Hispanic Film Series
"Enlightened by Fire"
Bate 2011 at 5:30 p.m.
Peaceful Warrior
Wednesday 1025 at 7 p.m.
Thursday 1026 at 9.30 p.m.
Friday 1027 at 7 p.m.
Saturday 1028 at 9:30 p.m.
Sunday 1029 at 7 p.m.
The Descent
Wednesday 1025 at 9:30 p.m.
Thursday 1026 at 7 p.m.
Friday 1027 at 9:30 p.m.
Saturday 1028 at 7 p.m.
Sunday 1029 at 9:30 p.m.
as Halloween alternative
An alternative to the
downtown Halloween
For those who are looking for
a safe way to have fun this Hallow-
een, ECU has a great alternative to
the typical festivities in the form
of Midnight Madness. Every year
Mendenhall Student Center hosts
the event to provide a safe place
where students can still have a
good time, dress up and OD on
candy. The SRC will house some
of the activities as well.
From 9 p.m. until 1 a.m there
will be a variety of ghoulish things
for students to participate in. You
don't want to miss Dale K. the
hypnotist in Hendrix Theatre
from 9 to 11 p.m. Be prepared to
be surprised at the things he can
talk you or your friends into doing.
During this same time slot, Fear
Factor will also be taking place in
tht multipurpose room.
Throughout the night around
random Mendenhall locales, you
can catch fortune tellers, trick or
treating, haunted halls, Polaroid
pictures with spooky cardboard
cutouts, free billiards and bowling,
and the ever popular Bingo. Basi-
cally anything Halloween related
you could imagine can be found in
Mendenhall on the 31st.
One of the main highlights of
any Midnight Madness at ECU is
the free food, so don't forget about
the Midnight Breakfast at Destina-
tion 360 from 11 p.m. until 12:30
a.m. Free food and beverages will
also be available throughout the
night in the SRC as well as the
opportunity to shake your tail
feather on the dance floor.
Don't forget to head to Hen-
drix from 12 to 12:45 a.m. so you
can vote for the best costume of
the evening. Or, if you'd rather, a
dance contest will take place in the
SRC at 12:30 a.m but if you plan
to participate, registration starts
at 10 p.m. Don't worry, I won't be
subjecting anyone to the torture
of my dancing antics. Halloween
is scary enough as it is.
Students must present their
ECU OneCard and must accom-
pany their guest (if you have one)
to enter the event. Free guest tick-
ets will be available at Mendenhall
Student Center, Student Rec-
reation Center or Todd Dining
Hall with an ECU ID beginning
Monday, Oct. 23 untilp.m. on
Tuesday, Oct. 31. One guest ticket
per ECU ID. After 12:30 a.m
there will be no admittance to
the event. Lines will be a little
longer this year because they are
utilizing metal detectors to ensure
So head on over to Mendenhall
and the SRC this Halloween to
paarrrgghty the pirate way.
This writer can be contacted at
pulse@theeastcarol i nian .com.
A spooky introduction
to healthy living
11 a 1 loween is qu ick ly approach-
ing, and as a result, our very own
campus is hard at work to put us
into the spirit, a healthy spirit
that is. One particular event that
has been planned for students is
Haunted Health sponsored by
ECU Campus Recreation and
Wellness and Healthy Pirates.
On Wednesday, Oct. 25 from
5:30-8 p.m students may attend
this second annual event designed
to promote health and safety
awareness. Haunted Health will
be conducted in the Social Room
of Mendenhall Student Center. A
variety of topics to be discussed
include sexual assault, nutrition,
campus safety, alcohol, drugs and
general Halloween safety.
What's best about Haunted
Health is that it's free for all
ECU students, faculty and staff.
Food will be provided as well
as several chances to win door
prizes. Participants will have
the opportunity to take part in
both educational and interactive
On the off chance that the
offer of free food and fun isn't
enough to make you want to come,
you will also have the opportunity
to find out what ECU's Campus
Recreation and Wellness is about.
Overall, this group is committed
to imparting a sense of responsi-
ble citizenship, providing relevant
student leadership experiences,
enhancing individual potential
and fostering a lifelong commit-
ment to learn skills associated
with physical, social, emotional
and mental well-being.
Be sure to come out on
Wednesday to see what's hap-
pening at Haunted Health, you
wouldn't want to be the only
ghoul left out.
This writer can be contacted at
Play Alice to be
performed at ECU
A dav in the life: Pee Dee
A song, story and dance
adapted from the
famous book
The S. Rudolph Alexander
Performing Arts series of ECU's
College of Fine Arts and Com-
munication has been bringing
incredible family-oriented pro-
fessional performances to ECU
since their creation. Once again,
they have gone above and beyond
expectations and are hosting the
performance of world-renowned
actress and comedian Whoopi
Goldberg's children's book, Alice.
The Kennedy Center Imagi-
nation Celebration on Tour is
presenting this stage performance
from October until May 2007.
They will be stopping at ECU on
Friday, Oct. 27 to perform for ECU
students and Greenville residents
the live performance adaptation of
this original book by one of Amer-
ica's favorite actresses. The show is
sure to be nothing short of a treat.
The story is about a young
girl named Alice who believes
being rich will give her a giant
house, fun times and lots of great
friends. When she wins a mys-
terious sweepstake there is no
time to lose to claim her prize
With her two best friends in tow,
a white rabbit who is. well, kind
of invisible, and a card-playing
nerd who has a thing for hats,
Alice heads into the topsy-turvy
neon wonderland of the big city
in a race against time in this
adaptation of Whoopi Goldberg's
children's book.
"This play is about values for
kids said director Shirley Jo Finney
in a press interview. "It's an urban
fairy tale that speaks to today
The courageous clan discov-
ers a labyrinth of adventures with
a surprise around every corner.
Along the way, they cross paths
with a multitude of colorful charac-
ters, each as unique as the city itself.
When hungry for a snack,
Alice and her friends encounter
an unconventional street food
vendor whose "delicacies" all come
on a stick. The characters protect
the lucky ticket from rich uptown
ladies who are out to steal their
The men underneath the Pee Dee the Pirate mask, Zach Enfield, Wesley Blount, Rusty Boyette and Terry Byrne.
See what these Pirates
have to say
about 'purple pride'
Pee Dee the Pirate is the epit-
ome of FCU's pride and spirit. At
football games he runs across the
field carrying the ECU banner, he
encourages spectators to stand up
and cheer for our valiant team and
he endures numerous push tips
when our team scores a touch-
down. Pee Dee is actually four
very committed students who
devote their time to being the
best-known mascot in eastern
North Carolina.
Senior MRFS major Terry
Byrne, sophomore construction
management major, Rusty Boyette,
freshman physical therapy major,
Zach Enfield and freshman Wesley
Blount are all the men behind the
Pee Dee ECU fans have grown to
love at various sporting events.
When asked about his experi-
ence as Pee Dee, Boyette said, "I
started my freshman year and
have loved every minute of it. My
license plate says PeeDeeP. My
parents both graduated from ECU
so they are excited that I'm the
mascot. I was adopted when I was
six months old. Two weeks later
my parents brought me to my first
ECU game. They used to duct tape-
see PEEOEE page A5
Whoopie Goldberg, author of Alice.
winnings. Alice evenjoins hip-hop
artists rapping for their subway
fare and meets a fortune-teller
with an interesting Crystal ball.
Director Shirley Jo Finney
is an award-winning director
and actress and has directed
on stages all over the coun-
try. She is the recipient of three
Drama-Logue Awards and
Chicago's Jefferson Award. She
has directed several episodes of
the UPN series "Moesha" and
has received an International
Black Filmmakers Award for
the short film Remember Me.
Playwright Kim Mines who
was involved in the adaptation
from children's book to play, has
been involved with the profes-
sional stage since she was a child.
She has been a performer, play-
This week in health: alcohol
see WHOOPI page A5
To drink or not to drink, you decide
As unfortunate as it may be to our academic reputa-
tion, because of its location in the middle of nowhere,
ECU has a bit of a party school reputation. Although the
title of "party school is subject to interpretation, ECU is
no stranger to alcohol like most other college campuses.
Alcohol, in moderation of course, may not be
all bad though. According to the National Insti-
tute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism moderate
drinkers have the lowest death rate compared to
heavy drinkers and those who choose not to drink.
That conclusion was hinged on scientific findings that
moderate drinkers have stable heart functions which
improve their longevity.
Although alcohol is a depressant, moderate drink-
ing can benefit the heart and circulatory system.
The key to obtaining the positive effects of alcohol is
"moderate drinking which does not always occur on
college campuses, especially around Halloween.
Excessive alcohol use increases the risk of a
number of diseases: fatty degeneration of the liver,
hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, sleeping disorders, sexual
problems, infection of the esophagus, infection of the
stomach, infection of the pancreas and premature
dementia which can vary from a reduction of memory
to Korsakoff's Syndrome. Cancer of the mouth,
throat, larynx, intestines and breasts along with
hypertension and heart problems can also occur. If
you would like more information about any of those
health conditions, visit Student Health Services or
do a quick Google search.
Alcohol also plays an important role in aggres-
sion. Forty percent of all incidents involving aggres-
sion occur while under the Influence of alcohol. ECU
students learn the negative effects of alcohol con-
sumption during their mandatory health class, but a
weekend voyage downtown will reveal drunken stu-
dents roaming the streets, stumbling in and out of the
bars and clubs and might prove more enlightening.
On a Saturday night when the football team has
won, many students are celebrating the victory by
double fisting two cups of beer, bonging beers, doing
ra i
see ALCOHOL page A5

break up
you deserve
quit smoking for our 16 day
contest & become eligible
to win fabulous prizes!
continued from A4
wright and director. Along with
the many grants and commis-
sions Mines has received for her
work, she was also a 1997 recipi-
ent of a Bush Fellowship award
for her playwriting.
Always nothing but a pleasure
to watch, in 199'i, Whoopi Gold-
berg made her debut as an author
with her first children's book.
Alice. Goldberg is equally known
for her humanitarian efforts
as she is for being an Kmmy,
Grammy, Golden Globe and a
Tony award-winning actress. She
campaigns on behalf of children,
the homeless, human rights,
education, substance abuse and
the battle against AIDS, as well
as many other causes and chari-
ties, including her position as
a Goodwill Ambassador to the
United Nations.
If you are interested in joining
Alice and her friends on a journey
bigger than their wildest dreams,
leading them to the greatest trea-
sure of all, the realization of the
importance of friendship, be sure
to purchase a ticket now.
For more information about
the ECU performance of Alice or
any of the other incredible events
sponsored by the SRAPAS Family
Fare series, please visit
This writer can be contacted at
continued from A4
For some, beer has always been a favorite alcoholic beverage in college.
not to drink, but rather how much.
Always choose a designated
driver, and keep in mind that those
"harmless underage drinking
tickets may come back to haunt you.
keg stands or playing various
drinking games. These are all
examples of irresponsible, but
real, results of excessive drinking.
Consuming alcohol, as long as
you are over 21, is legal and safe
when done in moderation. For
many, the choice is not whether or
This writer can be contacted at
continued from A4
sign up & win!
1025 - In front of the Student Store
1026 - In front of Student Health
1027 - In front of the Student Store
1030 - Student Recreation Center
In front of the Student Store
1031 - Allied Health
10 am-12 pm
11am-1 pm
llam-1 pm
12:30 pm-4 pm
11am-1 pm
3 pm - 5 pm
(2S2) 121 CM7
MKMM , itudntllfcr
my car seat to the bleachers so I
wouldn't fall off. My most memo-
rable experience was the ECU
vs. UAB game when Pee Dee
fought their mascot. I got to slay
their dragon with my sword. It
was awesome
Byrne is the senior Pee Dee.
He said, "I was my high school's
mascot so I knew I wanted to
be my college's mascot too. My
parents were surprised when
I told them because I used to
hate to dress up for Hallow-
een. I have been Pee Dee for
three years. My friends think
it's funny because you're kind of
a celebrity. Girls love it. My most
exciting moment as Pee Dee is
opening the football games, run-
ning out of the tunnel holding the
(lag. It's the energy that makes
the crowd go wild. Sometimes
people don't believe me when I tell
them I'm the mascot, but it's the
best pick up line there is
The mascot is considered a
student athlete and is a part of the
ECU cheerleading team. He is at
home and away football games,
soccer, volleyball baseball and all
home basketball games, birthday
parties, cancer walks and also
performs community service
throughout the town.
The students who become Pee
Dee have to be in great physical
shape and must truly love ECU.
"My first game I had
lost eight pounds because of
water weight Byrne said.
"It's like wearing rubber. We
have to practice our push ups
because every time the team
makes a touchdown we do the
number of push ups as our score
is. We can also only see out of the
left eye so it takes some time to
get use to
Wesley Blount was injured
as a cheerleader so he decided
that he would become Pee Dee.
Last week's ECU vs. Tulsa
game was Zach Enfield's first
game as Pee Dee.
It is considered a privilege
to be Pee Dee the Pirate because
very few students have the
opportunity. Children and adults
adore ECU's mascot because
he is a positive role model and
promotes crowd participation at
the sporting events.
Next time you see Pee Dee,
think about all of the work that
goes into his performances and
the men behind the mask who
make each and every Pee Dee
experience a great one.
This writer can be contacted at
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391 Pirates get pass-happy on Mustangs
ECU's Inside Source
Junes Pinkney's new career-
high in passing yards posted
SMU, which ranks third all-
time in ECU history behind
1 );i id (iirrard who went lor
414 yards at Memphis in 1998
and Marcus Crandell who
threw tor 392 at Syracuse
in 1995
Simmons brothers in the
backfletd during two of
the three ECU rushing
touchdowns, the elder
Brandon Simmons lined up
at tailback and ran for 1-
yard and 2-yard touchdowns
while younger brother Jason
Simmons was at fullback
after being moved over from
Consecutive Conference USA
matches that the volleyball
team has won, including a
.4-12 defeat of Rice on Friday
and a 3-1 win over Houston
on Sunday afternoon; the
wins ensured the Pirates
of back-to-back winning
seasons, which is the first
time since 1977-78
New school-record in career
block by senior Jamie Bevan
with five against Rice on
Friday night passing Tara
Venn who played from 1992-
1995; after breaking the
record against Rice, Bevan
recorded a career-high 1 1
blocks versus Houston
Score in favor ol Gold over
Purple in the men's basketball
annual intrasuad scrimmage
held Saturday afternoon;
point guard Darrell Jenkins
hit a three with under 40
seconds remaining to lift
I'm pie and also led all scorers
with a game-high 19 points,
including 5-of-8 from three-
point range
Halltime score of the
women's basketball Purple-
Gold scrimmage before
players were asked to switch
teams; senior forward Cherie
Mills led all scores with
1.1 while sophomore guard
Jessica Slack had 13
They said it
"We've broken the season up
into three stages. We have
the first two road games
where We knew we would be
young and immature and to
play some really good teams
and we came out (-2 Then
we had the five games at
home where we knew what
we had to do and how we
needed to come out of that.
We finished that stretch at
9-S and we feh like we could
have come out better there.
When you look at some of
the opponents we played like
Virginia and West Virginia
I'm happy with the way we
played with the exception
of playing Tulsa. Now you
look at four of the last five
are on the road. We need
to continue to develop and
improve if we want to win
on the road
- Skip Holtz, ECU football

Following an offensive pass interference call that negated a Kort Shankweiler touchdown on the previous play, sophomore tight end Davon Drew shows the football in the SMU end
zone on 3rd and goal. Drew's 17-yard first quarter touchdown put ECU up 14-0. Drew was one of seven Pirate receivers to haul in James Pinkney's career-high 391 yards passing.
Pinkney and Allison
share near record-
setting performances
Like James Pinkney did last
year in Dallas, the ECU senior
quarterback used his legs to beat
SMU Saturday as the Pirates
thumped the Mustangs, 38-21, on
Homecoming at Dowdy-Ficklen
Scrambling out of the pocket
to hit receivers downfield and
running for first downs to keep
drives alive, Pinkney completed
Sl-of-40 passes for 391 yards and
two scores.
"It's probably the best game
I've played since I've been here
said Pinkney, who ran for three
touchdowns last year versus the
Mustangs. "1 felt like we needed
to redeem ourselves from last
week. I probably put all of it on
my shoulders because I felt like
I played the worst I ever had
since I've been here "last week
I just felt like 1 had to come out,
execute and be focused on offense.
I felt from the get-go, from the
warm-ups, that it was gonna be
a special day"
Pinkney also ran for a score
whileleading the Pirates in rushing.
"When there was nothing
there and the pocket started
collapsing, it's time to get up
out of there Pinkney said
"I found some space today,
and good things happened
After not being able to get
the vertical passing game going
last week against Tulsa, it didn't
take the Pirates (3-4, 2-2 Con-
ference USA) long to push the
ball downfield against SMU. On
ECU's second play from scrim-
mage, Pinkney connected with
Steven Rogers for a 51 -yard gain
to the Mustangs 17.
"I had a deep route and lie just
chunked it said Rogers. "I went to
go catch it and try to get as many
yards I could after the catch
The huge gainer led to a Bran-
don Simmons one-yard punch and
the Pirates were up, 7-0.
"Anytime we got near the red
zone we wanted to stick it in
said Simmons, who got a good
lead block from his brother Jason.
Another deep catch by Rogers
set up ECU's second score. His
23-yard sideline grab led to
Pinkney hitting Davon Drew for
a 17-yard score on the next play.
"I think James Pinkney played
the best game that he has since
I've been here said ECU Head
Coach Skip Holtz. "He was very
focused on what he had to do.
James is a competitor, I think he
was embarrassed at the way we
played last week, and I thought
he played a heck of a game
SMU (4-4, 2-2 C-USA)
entered the contest as the No. 1
one-rush defense in Conference
USA. ECU could only muster 36
yards on 29 carries, with Pinkney
netting 31.
"They are the No. 1 rush-
ing defense in the league and
they're every bit as good as their
billing Holtz said of the SMU
defense. "They're what I thought.
They're a very talented defensive
football team, but we can't rely
on the passing game like that
every week
For this week, the Pirates
could as Pinkney's 391 yards
through the air ranks as the
third-best total in school history.
"They shut down the run
completely Pinkney said. "So
we had to rely on the pass-
ing game, and the passing
game came through for us
Allison, back after miss-
ing the last two games with
an ankle sprain, rebounded in
a huge way. The senior hauled
in 13 passes for 138 yards
and a score, and Holtz said he
made "all the receivers better
"Aundrae changes the way
that you have to defend us Holtz
said. "Defenses have to know
where he is on the field
Rogers, who caught three
passes for 90 yards, agreed with
his coach.
"You need to feed a guy with
that much talent as much as
you can said the junior from
Augusta, Ga. "He did what Aun-
drae can do, and that's make plays
SMU coach Phil Bennett was
equally impressed with Allison's
"He's a great player said
Bennett. "He's going to be play-
ing on Sundays. We watched tape
of liini against West Virginia and
we knew how good he was; he was
the difference in the game last
year, and maybe this year, too
Allison said he felt confident
that he could have such an impact
on the team, which was playing
without injured receivers Bobby
Good and Janiar Bryant.
"I knew I had to just run a
few routes and let the adrenaline
take the rest said Allison, whose
13 receptions are second only to
Dick Corrada's 14 versus South-
ern Illinois in 1970.
"With the way I felt Wednes-
day and Thursday, I knew coming
out here in front of the Pirate
Nation that the adrenaline would
get me through it
Despite Allison's near record-
setting day, the day belonged
to Pinkney, who said he was so
embarrassed following the 31-10
loss to Tulsa that he "didn't want
to leave the house
Not to be overshadowed was
the ECU defense. The Pirates
harassed SMU freshman quar-
terback Justin Willis the entire
game, sacking him four times.
They kept Willis in check, hold-
ing him to 224 yards passing with
three touchdowns, and limited the
Mustangs to 89 rushing yards.
"We had to prove something
in this game said senior line-
backer Fred Wilson. "Everybody
wasn't really into the game last
week, not just the fans, but it's
us also, not coming out with the
enthusiasm and passion like we
did today
After SMU tied the game at
14-14, Pinkney converted two
third downs with his legs on
ECU's final possession of the first
half, leading to a second Simmons
dive to regain the lead.
"James had a great week of
practice said Roger. "Their
defense is real similar to ours and
he feels comfortable against it
On the opening kickoff of
second half, Chris Johnson put
see FOOTBALL page A7
Women's soccer fighting for
spot in conference tournament
Pirates split games with
Tulsa, SMU on road trip
As the weather cools down,
the women's soccer season is
heating up. The Pirates won a
thrilling 1-0 double overtime
thriller over Tulsa on Friday and
tell to No. 22 ranked SMU 1-0 on
Sunday afternoon.
The Pirates (8-7-2, 3-3-1
Conference USA) are in seventh
place in the C-USA standings after
the weekend's western road trip.
ECU freshman forward Amy
Szilard scored the game-winning
goal in the 107th minute, putting
the ball past Tulsa goalkeeper Mer-
edith Hart Szilard's game winner
was set up lor by fellow freshman
Sarah Kirk ley She is averaging .60
goals per game, ranking her 12th
nationally and second in C-USA.
Szilard has scored the five of the
last six and seven of the Pirates'
last nine goals.
Sophomore goalkeeper Amber
Campbell tallied her second con-
secutive shutout, recording a save
from a point blank shot from Tulsa
senior Katie Ward. Not allowing
the Golden Hurricane to score-
was Campbell's sixth shutout of
the season, and is third in C-USA
in goals against average (.75) and
save percentage (.843).
"I can't believe they have only
won one game Qin C-USAj said
ECU head coach Rob Donnenwirth.
"Winning that game was very
big for us
The Pirates faced their tough-
est test of the season Sunday,
playing a Mustang team that has
only dropped one game in regular
season game since joining C-USA
in 2005. SMU out shot the Pirates
14-4, landing one shot past Camp-
bell, in the 37th minute of play,
to win 1-0. SMU forward Olivia
O'Rear netted the goal against
the Pirates, one of her two shots
on goal. SMU is first in the C-
USA standings and has already
clinched a spot in the conference
The regular season's final road
swing marked the second straight
week senior Rachel Hils has been
on the field lor the Pirates. Hils
has been injured throughout her
senior campaign, but having her
back gives the Pirates added depth
and a consistent playmaker.
"Having her back has allowed
us to do a few different things, a
few different formations Don-
nenwirth said. "We're just happy
to have her back
The Pirates will host UTEP
and Colorado College in the regu-
lar season's final weekend. The
Miners are fifth in the conference
standings while Colorado College
is in fourth. Despite the lack of
name status, Colorado College was
ranked in the top-25 before get-
ting knocked off by UTEP.
Both impending home games
will be played at Bunting Field.
The Pirates will take on UTEP
on Friday at 3 p.m. and Colorado
College on Sunday at noon. The
season finale will mark Senior Day
where Tara Shaw, Mary Puckett
and Rachel Hils will be honored.
This writer can be contacted at
Basketball players sign autographs afteVthe'Pu'rple-Gold scrimmage
Jenkins leads Gold in annual
men's basketball scrimmage
(SID) Junior college
transfer Darrell Jenkins hit a
three-pointer with under 40 sec-
onds remaining to lift the Gold
team to a 44-43 victory over the
Purple team in ECU's annual
intrasquad scrimmage here
Saturday afternoon.
"By enlarge it was a good start
said Pirate head coach Ricky Stokes.
"Guys were enthused, excited and
playing really hard. I also thought
we shot the ball fairly well
"Some of the turnovers we had
were ones of hustle plays or trying
to make things happen that are not
there, but as we continue to scrim-
mage and continue to practice
those are things we'll continue to
work on
Playing two 80-rainute halves
with a iiuining dock, the game
was tightly contested throughout
as neither side was able took take
more than a six-point advantage.
Junior Taylor Gagnon drained
a three from the top of the key to
break a 38-all tie with less than 3:30
see BASKETBALL page A7

m r

y wll Hi

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the Pirates in great position with
a Sl-yard kickoff return. That led
to a Ben Hartnian 36-yard field
goal, his first career field goal.
Hartnian won the kicking
competition in practice, beating
out struggling senior Robert Lee.
"Whoever is the better kicker
that week, we want that guy to
play said Hartnian. "Because
everybody has a role to fill and
if one guy can't get it done, the
next guy's got to get it done
Early in the fourth, and
still up, 24-14, the Pirates were
knocking on the door again.
Completing two passes to Allison
and another to Drew to move the
ball inside the red zone, Pinkney
ran it in from 10 yards out to put
the game out of reach with just
over seven minutes remaining.
"This is Pinkney s 32 start,
so this isn't his first rodeo, and
he showed that said Bennett. "If
you look at the throws he made
on the first drive, we had him on
his back and they were picture-
perfect throws
continued from A6
Allison's final catch of the
game capped the scoring as the
Pirates were able to capital-
ize on the lone SMU turnover.
Sacked by Wendell Chavis and
Van Eskridge, Willis fumbled at
his own 30. Allison hauled in a
30-yard strike from Pinkney on
the very next play.
"James did great and the line
blocked real well Allison said.
"We just played good, overall,
Freshman quarterback Rob
Kass came in late to close the
game for the Pirates, who travel
to Southern Miss next week.
Kass also played late in first
quarter for two plays including a
11-yard completion to Allison.
But the real storyline was
Pinkney's record-setting perfor-
mance and his coach knew it.
"I felt really good about the
passing game Holtz said. "We
rode that pony today
This writer can be contacted at
sportstheeastcarol i nian .com.
After missing the past two games, Aundrae Allison hauls in a 30-
yard touchdown en route to a career-high 13 catches for 138 yards.
BASKETBALL Bools claims sixth in Lady Pirate Invitational
continued from A6
remaining to put the Gold on top.
Senior Courtney Captain
and freshman Justin Ramsey
scored the next five points to
put the Purple ahead with under a
minute to play before Jenkins hit
his fifth three-pointer of the game.
Jenkins led all scorers with a
game-high 19 points, including
S-of-8 from three-point range.
"This is a big change from
junior college basketball said
Jenkins. "I know Coach Stokes
has a lot of confidence in me
and my teammates encourage
me to shoot the ball, so I have a
lot of confidence when 1 step on
the floor
Sophomore Sam Hinnant le
the Purple squad with 11 points,
while Captain and junior college
transfer Cory Farmer netted 1()
points each. Farmer was a per-
fect 2-for-2 from behind the arc,
while Hinnant drained 2-of-3
from long distance.
Freshman Greyson Sargent also
made Ixrthofhis three-point attempts.
The Purple and Gold squads
combined to shoot SB percent from
behind the arc (13-of-22) and 53
percent (25-of-47) from the floor.
ECU opens the season at
home against Morgan State on
Nov. 11 at 6 p.m following the
Pirates' home football finale
against Marshall.
The women's golf team finished 10th despite hosting the Lady Pirate Invitational at Bradford Creek.
(SID) Freshman Abby
Bools carded a one-under par 71
to claim a share of sixth place at
the Lady Pirate Invitational. The
tournament was being played at
the par-72, 6,232-yard Bradford
Creek Golf Course.
Bools, a native of Hickory,
N.C finished the 54-hole event
with a four-over par 220 (72-77-
71) and knocked down a tourna-
ment best 13 birdies. Fellow class-
mate Ana Maria Puche finished
tied for 14th after a tournament
score of 222 (71-77-74).
Laura Jansone (ETSU) and
Sara Hunt (Birmingham-South-
ern) shared the tournament title.
In the team portion, Birming-
ham-Southern (880) used a one-
over par 283 to win the team title.
The Pirates (14-19-0) fin-
ished in 10th place with a team
score of 908 (300-311-297).
ECU'sJessica Hauser(231) tied
lor 51st, while Kristen Billings and
Michelle Williams (238) tied for
73rd. Playing as individuals, Shawn
Kelley finished 100th and Melanie
Granville, who made his collegiate
debut this weekend, finished 101.
The Pirates will be back in
action next week when they travel
to Kiawah Island, S.C. to partici-
pate in the Edwin WattsPalmetto
Invitational on Get 30 and 31.
m $m
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Wall of Oppression: The Building Ac
Writing on the
l.WCC 'Yard
Tuesday. October 24th - 7 p.m.
Embracing Change
Friday. October 27th
MSCRoom 244 and LWCC Yard
Multicultural Potluck
1 W( (
2 p.m.
Wednesday, October 25th - 6 p.m.
Speaker: Jell 'Johnson
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The East Carolinian, October 24, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
October 24, 2006
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