The East Carolinian, September 20, 2006

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SuDoKuPage A9
Facebook and MySpace Web sites can bring
unwanted friend requests into your home
la Anr
U Up. Sea dor
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Potential stalkers are
using these sites
Stalking is an issue that may
become a big problem with the
increase of students registering for
Web sites, such as MySpace and
Facebook, everyday.
According to Peter Romary,
director of student legal services,
North Carolina law defines stalk-
ing by three main factors.
The first factor is intentionally
following, being in the presence of
or harassing another individual by
phone calls, fax, e-mail or gifts on
more than one occasion.
The second important factor
is making that person fear for
their life or for a family member's
or close associate's life by making
them fear death, bodily injury or
more harassment.
Causing another individual
severe emotional distress is the
third factor that defines stalking
by N.C law.
About 13 percent of female col-
lege students have been victims of
stalking and about 42.5 percent of
the reported cases were committed
by boyfriends or ,eJ$-boyfriends,
according to Romary.
The remainder of the per-
centages Wjggeople that
you would lit! IIRI'IJ! ll) rnet't on
Web sites such as Facebook or
Classmates attempt about
SJ4.5 percent of stalking instances
and 10.3 percent are by acquain-
The relationships formed on
these types of Web sites could
end up deadly if you don't limit
the amount of information you
give others.
According to Romary, Taylor
Belli, a student at Virginia Com-
monwealth University, was mur-
dered her freshman year by some-
one she met on MySpace.
When Robbie Johnson, ECU
elementary education major, was
asked whether or not he felt stalk-
ing was a big problem at ECU, he
responded yes.
Johnson said that his reason
for saying yes was because of the
use of Web sites like Facebook and
Johnson also said that he feels
that the risk of stalking is greater
for females than males, and that
one of his female friends was
stalked by someone that she met
on MySpace.
Even after admitting that he
knew someone wljo was stalked
by the information that was listed
on one of these Web sites, Johnson
said that he has a user account for
both sites.
"This is the main way, and
sometimes the only way, that 1
keep in contact w-tli my friends
see STALKINfl page A3
OU) !
East Carolina '07
Sex: Interested In: Birthday Hometown Political ViewsMale Women May 25, 1984 Raleigh. NC Liberal
? Mini-Food Displaying 10 stories.
i My Mail
:i WWW MfHM New Friend Requests!
eafce,Friend requeata
sentpost bulletin
ECU professor
reaches out to high
school students
Stiller gives a tour to D.H. Conley students and parents recently at ECU.
John Stiller works with
high school students in
After meeting while walking
their dogs, John Stiller, a biology
professor at ECU, and Kathy Powell, a
high school science teacher, decided to
work togetl ler to bring college biology
to high school students in Greenville.
The program, which began
in 2004, came out of a grant
that Stiller received from the
National Science Foundation.
Stiller received a career investiga-
tor award, from which he was given
live years of support to develop an
integrated teaching and research pro-
gram. From this grant, Stiller devel-
oped an undergraduate course that
allowed his students to have a more
hands on, research based approach to
learning molecular biology.
Unlike most college science classes,
this course did not just teach students
how to use techniques and tools.
Instead it taught them to plan a proj-
ect, develop a real research question
and come up with an answer at the end.
"The biggest problem biology is
facing today is that techniques are
getting to be so driven by technology"
said Stiller. "So many people come
into class really excited about the
technology, but not thinking alxjut
how to apply it to the world around
them. We tend to reinforce that in our
teaching with canned labs and work-
books that produce predetermined
results. What is not lieing conveyed is
that science is a process of discovery
After seeing how successful the
hands on approach was with under-
graduates, Stiller decided to use this
technique at the high school level.
He teamed up with Karen Powell
to use this method on her advanced
placement students at D.H. oConley
High School in Greenville.
The program begun during the
spring semester, after the students
had been introduced to DNA and
molecular biology. This way they
had a basic understanding of the way
molecular biology works, the key
terms and the structure of DNA.
Using equipment brought in from
die labs at ECU, diestudentsdid genetic
typing on bacteria growing in their
every day environment 'Hie students
grew bacteria, determined die DNA of
die bacteria ami then entered the DNA
of their bacteria into die computer to be
compared with die national database.
"Basically the students went from
square one of isolating an organism,
to the method of getting a gene, ana-
lyzing the gene, getting a sequence,
analyzing the sequence and deter-
mining what they could infer from
their findings Stiller said.
By starting at square one, the
students are involved in all areas
of the experiment and are therefore
The iPod is now a mainstay on almost every college campus due to the ease with which information is transferred.
Podcasts integrate into college
life and blogs in a major way
see TEACHING page A2
(MCT) Since their introduc-
tion in '2001, iPods have become so
ubiquitous that it's rare to go a day
without spotting someone sport-
ing the trademark white earphones
in the gym, on a city bus or walk-
ing down the sidewalk.
Podcasts made for the digi-
tal media players have become
increasingly popular and diverse
also, even becoming commonplace
on college campuses across the
country as a way for professors
to broadcast lessons outside of a
classroom. But now students, who
are usually on the audience end of
a podcast, are turning the tables
and using the medium as a way to
have their voices heard.
Dennis R. Miller, director of
public relations at Pennsylvania's
Mansfield University, decided
last year that the best way to give
prospective students and incoming
freshmen an uncensored look at
college life was to create a pod-
cast for them using the voices of
real students in a show he called
"Freshmen Secrets Revealed"
"I just got the sense that this
i 1
new medium was just taking off
like crazy after the iPod was the
number one Christmas gift last
year Miller said. "The beauty of it
is that it captures students in their
own words, and you can listen to
it without being limited by time or
any other type of constraint
Eden Hartwell, a sophomore at
Mansfield, was one of the students
who spoke about her early college
experiences on Miller's podcast. She
grew to enjoy the production aspects
of creating the show and moved on
to helping edit and mix the podcast.
"The production became sort
of a hobby, and I've gotten good
feedback about the project Hart-
well said. "I think it's a success and
a good way to be heard. I'd like to
continue doing it
"A lot of existing studio applica-
tions were modeled after programs
made for professional musicians
said Michael Levy, co-founder of
Equicast Media, the company that
developed WildVoice. "This is
designed to be easier to use than
those, for a more casual user who
wants to have some fun
Many amateur podcasts take
the form of audio blogs, where
students can air their thoughts on
current events, art, culture or per-
sonal experiences. WildVoice also
allows students to use podcasting
as a form of social networking,
where users can choose to make
their podcasts available to the
general public, or to a specified
group of friends and "fans They
can also create their own profiles
and organize favorite podcasters
and types of content into personal-
ized "channels
Pluggd ( is
another recently launched site
that allows users to browse pod-
casts, share opinions and create
Web sites around their favorites,
although it does not allow mem-
bers to post their own podcasts.
Community sites that combine
social networking and blogs with
the new technology of podcast-
ing provide amateur podcasters
with a new type of hybrid hosting
site, according to WildVoice user
Jimmy Daulton, a sophomore at
the State University of New York
Stony Brook who goes by the
handle "Jinibolito

Campus & Community
The East Carolinian is dedicated
to accuracy and will correct errors
printed in the newspaper.
A caption for the article "The gas
is greener that ran on Sep. 14
Incorrectly stated that Student
Transit buses had converted to
gasohol. Gasohol is being used
in campus operations vehicles
and equipment, but Student
Transit buses are not running
on biodiesel.
A continuing rise in diesel prices
coupled with other factors has
made a conversion to biodiesel
too costly. With Student Transit
buses burning about 120,000
gallons of fuel per year, the
increase in cost would amount
to about $30,000 per year,
according to Scott Alford,
transit adviser for the Student
Transit Authority.
To report a correction,
send an e-mail to
Crime Beat
Larceny of a bicycle was reported
on Sept. 9. It occurred just east
of Umstead Residence Hall and
is under further investigation.
Jarvis Hall submitted a report of
breaking, entering and larceny
on Sept. 4. It is currently under
further investigation.
On Sept. 5, Mendenhall
Student Center and the Student
Recreation Center reported
damage to the property. It is
under further investigation.
On Sept. 8, a provisional DWI,
DWI, speeding, three counts
possession and manufacturing,
and fraudulent identification
were reported to have occurred
on 10th and Anderson Streets.
This case has recently been
closed and cleared by arrest.
Sub lot PVA was subject to
possession of a weapon on
educational property on Sept. 9.
It has been closed and cleared
by arrest.
The Ledonia Wright and
Cultural Center had a report of
an intoxicated and disruptive
person who resisted and
delayed arrest, and obstructed
an officer. It has now been
closed and cleared by arrest.
Compiled by Claire Murphy,
Assistant News Editor.
Get involved!
American Red Cross Changes
ALL Fall 2006 Blood Drive
Please go to ecu.eduvolunteer
blood-drives.cfm for new dates
and times!
Special Volunteer Programs
Help the Volunteer and Service
- Learning Center recruit
volunteers and plan special
events and national service
initiatives. Serve 300 hours and
receive a $1,000 educational
award. For more information,
Humane Society Dog Wash
Sat Sept. 23. Fluff and Puff
- Humane Society Fundraiser
8 a.m. to 2 p.m Gold's
Gym , Greenville. Fifteen
volunteers needed to assist
with registration, dog washing,
trimming nails, brushing dogs
and a doggy art booth. Contact:
Vicky Luttrell, luttrellvecu.
edu, 737-1351
Volunteer at on-campus Events!
Fri Sept. 29 - Volunteer
Friday 3 to 5 p.m Mendenhall
Construct andor paint
birdhouses to be sold to raise
money for the ECU chapter of
Habitat for Humanity. Sign-up
online at ecu.eduvolunteer
Sat Sept. 30, Family Fun
Fling from 9 a.m. to noon at
the Student Recreation Center
Volunteers are needed to set
upbreak down and assist in
running the event Contact: David
ALS Walk 7:30 a.m. to noon,
Greenville Town Commons
Fifteen to twenty volunteers
needed to assist with set up
clean up, registration and along
the walk route. To sign up for
this event call or e-mail Shawn
Moore, 328-2735 or mooresh
2Owed 2lThu 22Fri 23sat 24sun 25wion 26lue
Third Annual Health
Majors Fair
Wright Plaza
10:30 a.m.
Get A Clue!
Mendenhall Brickyard
1 - 4 p.m.
(Check in is at 12
Performance by All
2:30 p.m.
Pirate Underground,
Student Activities Fund
Office Workshop
"How Do I Travel Using
Student Fee Dollars?"
Mendenhall, room 212
3 p.m.
Learn to Drive: The
art of taking direc-
tions and then finding
your way
Ask questions of an
ECU English professor
on how to write a great
Bate 2015
4 p.m.
Hispanic Film Series:
Balseros (Cuban Rafters)
English subtitles. May
include adult content.
Discussions to follow
each film
Bate 2011
5:30 p.m.
Freeboot Friday
Performing this week:
The Dick Knight
Express (Rhythm and
5 - 8 p.m.
Corner of Sixth and
Evans Streets
Contra Dance
Sponsored by Folk
Arts Society of
Greenville, ECU Folk
6 Country Dancers
7:30 p.m. lesson
8 - 10:30 p.m. dance
Willis Building, First &
Reade Streets
Pirate Club Weekend
7 p.m.
Dowdy-Ficklen Sta-
Women's Volleyball
Williams Arena at
Minges Coliseum
1 p.m.
Sexual Assault
Awareness Week begins
Take Back the Night
6:30 p.m.
College Hill
Featured Event:
Fast & Easy Cooking
Demo for your Room or
Student Recreational
Center classroom
5:30-6:30 p.m.
Self Defense Class for
Student Recreational
Center Room 239
7 - 9 p.m.
Self Defense Class for
Mendenhall Great
Room 2
7 - 9 p.m.
Health Majors Resource Fair
The Academic Enrichment Center is sponsoring the Second Annual Health
Majors Resource Fair in Wright Plaza (raindate: Sept. 27). This event is
geared toward freshmen and sophomores who are still choosing a major
or re-considering their current major. Various academic departments
and advising centers will be represented, as will health-related student
Organizations. http:www.ecu educs-ecucalendar.c!m?a5&e 1015
GOP House candidates to end long
primary with special election
(AP) While most General
Assembly candidates are starting
to look toward the November elec-
tions, Stephen LaRoque and Willie
Ray Starling are still wrapped up
in a seven month primary battle
that should end with a special elec-
tion Tuesday.
The State Board of Elections
last month ordered a new elec-
tion in their 10th House District
after some voting irregularities
and some possible problems with
at least one new voting machine
during the May 2 primary election.
Starling, a retired federal
government worker from Wayne
County who lost to LaRoque
in 2004, was also campaigning
Monday, knocking on doors, even
at homes where LaRoque signs
are erected.
"I'm an eternal optimist Star-
ling said. "My message is getting
across to people
The winner won't have much
time to rest. Democrat Van Brax-
ton, a Kinston city councilman, is
continued from Al
more interested in the results and the
reasons why they got those results.
Stiller believes that with this learn-
ing styie the students will realize
that science is not just about learning
techniques. Instead, they will see it
is about learning how to apply these
methods to their everyday life. "As the
students get to see more results, they
get to see the practical output of what
they have been doing in the lab and
the more excited they get Stiller said.
"When they find something
they didn't expect they start to ask
questions. They ask, well why is this
organism in my school? Where did it
come from? How did it get here?' That
is when the real learning and the real
understanding of biology happens
Stiller believes it is beneficial for
the students to learn these things
at the high school level. In order for
students to want to study biology in
college, they have to be stimulated
and interested in high school.
"Krom these experiments students
are left puzzling, thinking and research-
ing questions that they had never
tlKxight to ask in the first place, and that
is what makes good science. That is what
excites people into becoming research-
ers and scientists Stiller said.
This program has had a great
response from the students who have
been involved in it. According to
e-mails that Stiller and Powell have
received, past students have said that
this high school class helped them
immensely in college Most students
from the 2004 class didrrtrealize how
much they had actually learned from
the hands-on experience until they
got to college. These students found
they were more knowledgeable and
more able to understand their science
classes than their classmates.
"Some of my students have gone
on to college and majored in bio-
logical science, one in biotechnol-
ogy Powell said. "I have another
student, now a senior, that is enrolled
in our honors medical program.
She will be conducting research at
the hospital that requires her to do
the techniques that she has already
learned through this partnership
Stiller plans to continue this
program in the future. He hopes
to expand this program to all high
schools in Pitt County and eventually
to all high schools in North Carolina.
This writer can be contacted at
waiting for a challenger in what is
considered a swing district in the
closely divided House.
Starling edged LaRoque 913-
902 in May, but LaRoque pre-
sented nearly 20 affidavits from
voters who cast ballots that didn't
list a primary race or who weren't
asked whether they wanted to vote
in a partisan race.
"I call it gutter politics he
said. "All they care about is what-
ever it takes to win
Braxton, who was out Monday
putting up his own yard signs, said
he's a little worried that whomever
he ends up facing wil 1 get a lot of free
publicity out of the special election.
Still, he said: "I think a lot of
the name recognition they're get-
ting is negative
Where you live can affect how long
you live
(AP) Asian-American
women living in Bergen County,
N.J lead the nation in longev-
ity, typically reaching their 91st
birthdays. Worst off are American
Indian men in swaths of South
Dakota, who die around age 58,
three decades sooner.
Where you live, combined with
race and income, plays a huge role
in the nation's health disparities, dif-
ferences so stark that a report issued
Monday contends it's as if there are
eight separate Americas instead of one.
North Carolina ranked 40th
among the states with an aver-
age life expectancy of 75.8 years.
Hawaii led the nation with an aver-
age life expectancy of 80.
Health disparities are widely
considered an issue of minorities
and the poor being unable to find
or afford good medical care. Mur-
ray's county-by-county compari-
son of life expectancy shows the
problem is far more complex, and
that geography plays a crucial role.
Consider: The longest-living
whites weren't the relatively
wealthy, which Murray calls
"Middle America They're edged
out by low-income residents of
the rural Northern Plains states,
where the men tend to reach age
;6 and the women 88.
Top Waffle Eater Breaks His Own
(AP) A California man
ate 23 waffles in 10 minutes to
break his own world record at
the 2006 Waffle House World
Waffle-Eating Championships in
Joey Chestnut's gluttonous feat
broke his record of 18.5 waffles
set at last year's competition, the
Waffle House restaurant chain
said in a release.
The 22-year-old San Jose, Cal-
ifornia, college student is ranked
second in the world by the Inter-
national Federation of Competitive
Eating, behind Takeru "the Tsu-
nami" Kobayashi of Nagano, Japan,
the Los Angeles Times reported.
The Waffle House said Chest-
nut faced a strong challenge from
Sonya Thomas, a iOO pound Vir-
ginia woman who holds 27 world
titles. She ate 21 waffles, while
Chip Simpson rising rookie on
the eating circuit, consumed 18.
Chestnut collected $5,000
for his win and the remaining
$2,500 in prizes was split among
Thomas and Simpson, the Waffle
House said.
Man It ,ii n Ankle Monitor for Burger
(AP) A St. Paul, Minn man
trying to outrun the alarm count-
down on his ankle monitoring
device kicked in a drive-through
window when he wasn't served
fast enough.
Randy Farrell Bailey, serving
an in-home sentence for a drunk
driving conviction, craved Burger
King and thought he could drive
the three blocks, get his food and
return home; all before the four-
minute delay on his alarm went off,
police said.
At the drive through he
demanded a burger and fries, using
foul language and acting tense,
assistant manager Danielle Weaver
told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
When she asked him to control
his language, Bailey pulled up to
the window, got out of his car and
kicked the window in, witnesses
told police. He then drove home;
all under four minutes.
He later told police he was
innocent because his ankle brace-
let confined him to 150 feet of
his home. Police later learned
about the four-minute delayrand"
charged Bailey with felony crimi-
nal destruction of property.
U.S. Cellular gets me so I can always get the score.
Flag Footbal
Games begin at 6:30 pm on Blount Fields 2, 7, and 8
Games begin at 5:30 pm on Blount Fields 2, 7, and 8
Games begin at 5:30 pm on Blount Fields 1, 2, 3, and 4
Games begin at 7:30 pm on Blount Fields 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7
Games begin at 6:00 pm on SRC Courts 3 and 4
Games begin at 8:15 pm on SRC Court 3
Games begin at 7:30 pm on SRC Courts 3 and 4
Games begin at 8:15 pm on SRC Court 4
Games begin at 6:45 pm on SRC Courts 3 and 4
s US. Cellular
We i iiun 11 it-nh
huh vote.
(252) 328 - 6387

jy:i iv.
Gone and Sac to BoCieve!
The Gables At Brownlea
2 bedroon)l bath apartoenfc with free cable
that have been apdated inside and oufl New
upgrades and a new look make this property a
great place to call horoel
Bring goar pet and move in today.
Great Deall
$500 $525
Riverwalk Homes
3 bedroom3 bath homes
offer lots of space, private
parking and washer
dryer included.
New Price!
Dockside Duplexes
3 bedroom 2.5 bath
duplexes sit on the Tar
River They offer lots of
space, private parking and
washercjryer is included!
Your pet is welcome!
New Price!
All of our units are just blocks from campus
and are on the ECU bus route! We also offer
flexible lease teems an4 24- hour emergency
maintenance service!
Come in today and view our great Gv
apartments, duplexes and homes!
Eastern Property Management
113D Brownlea Drive
Greenville, NC 27858
252-321-3281 (ECU1)
continued from Al
said Johnson.
ECU is implementing meth-
ods to remedy the problem and in
addition, legal action can he taken
if you encounter this problem.
The first step you should
take if you fear that you're being
stalked is contact the police
A warrant should he issued
against the person you suspect
is stalking you, which will give
them a Class 1A misdemeanor if
it's their first offense, according
to Romary.
Subsequent offenses will lead
to a Class F felony and a Class H
felony if they ignore a restraining
order that is filed against them.
The administration at ECU is
also takinga firm stanceof attempt-
ing to prevent stalking crimes.
"There are now moves to
update and improve protocols
which will be a multi-pronged
approach involving education,
enforcement, effectively identi-
fying resources for students and
making sure that there is effective
communication around campus
said Komary.
Compared to other universi-
ties, ECU has lower instances of
stalking, according to Romary.
"ECU, unlike some universi-
ties, has great resources to deal
with these issues but nothing can
be done if people don't report it
Romary said.
If you are a victim of stalking,
contact the police department.
If you need advice on similar or
other legal issues, you can con-
tact Romary in Student Legal
Services at 328-5183.
This writer can be contacted at
Cheating: It's in the numbers
These days, there is no limit to the number of ways one is able to cheat.
(MCT) It's the sort of case
you might expect Encyclopedia
Brown to tackle.
Two kids seem to have cheated
on Professor Harpp's final exam.
Can he prove the culprits did it
before it's too late?
But when McGill Univer-
sity professor David Harpp sus-
pected some of his students were
up to no good, he didn't hire a
boy detective for a shiny new
quarter. He did the job himself.
He devised a statistical
method to determine whether
two students were copying test
answers from each other. He found
that, on a 98 question multiple
choice test, the pair of students
had 97 answers exactly the same,
including '23 wrong answers.
Confronted with the evidence,
the students confessed.
"We had always worried that
cheating was happening, but we
had to find a way to figure out
who was doing it said Chris
McManus, a professor of psychol-
ogy and medical education at
University College London who
hunts cheaters
Caveon used several methods
to look for bad behavior. But the
most common problem it found
was classrooms or schools where
a group of students had identical
or nearly identical answer sheets,
suggesting they may have copied
from one another.
That method of detecting
cheating has a long history and,
according to researchers in the
field, does a good job of identify-
ing the right suspects. And those
researchers say Texas could do a
better job of preventing students
from cheating in the first place.
Having lots of identical correct
answers, of course, doesn't raise
red flags. If the correct answer to
Question 21 is "B you'd expect
many students to choose it. But
students who get many questions
wrong in exactly the same way,
particularly if few other class-
mates made the same mistakes,
can be a sign something is up.
The suspects had 31, 28, 25
and 17 wrong answers, respec-
tively, in common. The average
for the rest of the class: only four.
The students denied cheat-
ing at first, but three "quickly
confessed guilt when confronted
with the evidence the paper's
author wrote.
Dr. Harpp is a chemistry
professor at McGill, one of the
most prestigious universities in
Canada. He didn't know much
about cheating research in 1989,
when one of his students told
him that two peers had shared
answers on a final exam.
"I felt I was being ripped off,
which I was Dr. Harpp said.
The student worried about
being a rat. But he agreed to tell
Dr. Harpp the suspects' names
on the condition that no disci-
plinary action would be taken
based solely on his accusation.
Dr. Harpp had to find a statistical
way to detect copycats.
Gary Jules
Singer of "Mad World"
from the cult classic movie
"donnie darko"
September 21
ECU Brickyard
vh-1 called him: the only artist worthy of
being mentioned in the same sentence with paul
Simon, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and Nick
sponsored by:
ECU Student Union
Popular Entertainment Committee

Not just for Pirate Rants
A brief history
of ECU student
There has been a big uproar as of late
about privacy issues with Web sites like
Facebook and MySpace in regards to how
easily people can learn information about a
person, including information that may not
wish to be known. My only response to this
issue is a heavily emphasized and drawn
out, "DUH
I've always been hesitant to use sites like
MySpace and especially Facebook because
of how open they are to public view. Call
me crazy, but I don't want my life to be on
display for the campus and especially the 3
whole world to view. I think people fail to
understand that with the Internet the more
you wish to express yourself, the less privacy
you have.
Of course Facebook is not the first thing
ECU students have had issues with regard-
ing privacy and information.
About four years ago, OneCards had stu-
dent ID numbers on them. The problem was
that the student ID numbers are usually the
same as a student's social security number.
If you lost your OneCard back then, you had
a lot more to worry about than losing all
your Piratebucks. Thankfully though, ECU
changed this and even offered free replace-
ments for cards with numbers on them.
Most of you probably remember the fiasco
over the Higher One program when it was
first started. People were in an uproar when
they heard about all the personal infor-
mation that was given to the Higher One
financial services company by the school. It
should be known though that most of this
anger was due in part to a feeling of lack of
consent from the students.
However, I still think there are problems
with how ECU utilizes personal information.
A few weeks ago I found a fellow student's
schedule and receipt for payment just lying
on the ground. Their name, ID number and
home address were clearly on it, and a birth-
day, minus the exact year, is easily found
with a search on Piratemail. In the end, I
had more information on this individual
than I probably should have. I've even tried
to return the schedule I found to the owner,
but I have not heard back from them.
That's why 1 always blackout every sig-
nificant piece of personal information that
shows up, and can usually be found, on every
piece of mail that I get from ECU.
Of course, you can't blame ECU for how
they utilize students' personal information.
Several colleges around the country utilize
systems similar to those like Piratemail and
even use the same Higher One program to
organize the sheer number of students that
attend college. I just would like to see the
use of personal information toned down a
Instead of birthdays being used as part of
student e-mail addresses, I think just using
names and some form of specific school iden-
tification would be better. Even people with
the same name can be further identified and
specified with numbers at the end.
Also, I think student ID numbers should
be different from social security numbers. It
is true that students would have to memorize
a completely new number, but I think that is
a small price to pay for identity security.
Just remember that ultimately you have
final say in how your information is used.
When preachers cross the line
They have a right to freedom of
speech, but are they effective?
What do you get when you cross three
fire and brimstone preaching ministers with
a Muslim and '20 college students? Contro-
versy at its finest.
The sounds of attempted salvation and
retribution rang across campus last Wednes-
day, grabbing the attention of passerby and
herding them in a half-circle around a group
of preachers outside of Joyner Library. How-
ever, it seemed that these men were doing a
bit more than just reciting the "word of God
I was pondering not even attending one
class just so I could observe how we as stu-
dents interpret this, but thankfully the same
guy was preaching on the exact same topic
when I got out of my class an hour later. And
it wasn't only students; I saw a few of my
teachers listening in as well.
Not being a huge reader of the Bible, I per-
sonally didn't have much to contribute. How-
ever, when one preacher in particular began
to judge a Muslim student simply based on his
belief, I began to consider the completely igno-
rant one-sided views some of these men have.
I heard this one specific preacher tell
a Muslim student that his belief "is false
The man did not even stop for one second to
consider the diverse group of people stand-
ing around him. He had his belief, he had
his "faith" as he liked to call it, and because
of this so-called faith, he judged people as
being completely wrong simply because they
did not believe the exact same thing he did.
To top it all off, he called one particular
student an "animal This student had to
be taken away by authorities for physically
pushing the preacher. And despite it being
a completely idiotic idea to attempt a fight
with a preacher, I don't know if I blame him
very much for doing it.
After sitting through an hour and a half
of this, I had to talk to someone about it. I
immediately rushed home to discuss it with
one of my roommates, who is very devout in
his Christian faith, just to see what he would
say. His response was a short, simple and
pleasantly surprising "those people are what
give Christians a bad name
From what you've already read, I'm sure
you'd find it surprising that I am a Christian
myself, who regularly attends church on Sun-
days. However, that is the truth, at least that's
how I see myself. I believe in god, I believe in
the messiah, but just because I don't believe
every single piece of information in the Holy
Bible, I am on a one-way trip to Hell accord-
ing to the preachers who judged me last week.
So where is the fine line that divides
obsession and belief? Where is the cutoff
point where faith begins to make you disre-
gard every single other option or belief in
the world? How are there even people left
in this diverse world of ours that still have
such a one-track mind? And more impor-
tantly, what do they think they're going to
possibly accomplish by preaching to college
students? We are people who are here for
the sole purpose of learning more about the
world around us, and becoming more open
to new ideas and concepts.
If anything, these preachers at least give
us a topic to argue on. But if I learned any-
thing from an hour and a half of pointless
sermons, it was that there is absolutely no
possible way to argue with a person who is
too closed-minded to see any other side but
his own.
Can someone tell me a good
time to go to the gym? I mean,
without having to fight the
anorexics for the ellipticals.
Why does every 1-A college in
North Carolina pretend to be a
football school?
Why does everyone make smooch
faces in pictures its weird.
You have no idea how annoying
it is to be sitting somewhere
quietly and all of a sudden, you
hear scuffling noises because
someone's too lazy to pick up
their feet. God gave you feet so
use them instead of dragging
them across the campus or
in the basement. And if you
simply can't do that, then
perhaps you weren't meant to
wear sandals, slippers or any
type of shoe that's heavier.
Stop unscrewing the lights in
the Jones elevator! Three need
to be on at all times.
All I know is if you don't have
a ticket for the WVU game,
you better get it quick 'cuz this
game will sell out. Nice work
Pirates. Five interceptions
deserve congratulations.
I heard that when you come
to class and the teacher is not
there a professor is allowed up
to 15 minutes to be late before
you leave and a doctor gets 30
minutes. So what do we give
graduate students?
I want those nifty e-mails
from the university saying
what is going on on-
campus that week back!
All I want
is you. Isn't it
Need advice? Want answers? Just ask Jane.
Why do professors insist on
using all this new technology,
like Eduspace and the response
pads in the classroom when
they don't even know how to
use it themselves?
Hey thanks, thanks for that
I think 90 percent of the
student body here wears
rainbows andor smokes.
Where are all the computer
nerds and such on
campus? Geeks are hot.
Tip your servers well!
To the girl on the bus yesterday
that said my boyfriend is too
cute for me, you must be
jealous because you will never
get a guy like him. Remember,
he is with me and not with
The stupid frats on campus
made it so Cars did not show
on Sunday. They always ruin
everything. They all look like
clones anyways. I still have fun
laughing at them and the game
my friends and me play!
Pirate Rants are allowing me to
not study. I love them so much!
Why does Victoria Secret have
a line named Pink when half
the stuff isn't pink in color?
To the person bashing the
why? It is FIRST DOWN -
keeps the team excited and
also involves everyone. If you
don't like it, then don't come
to the game because you are
just bringing negative feelings
and that is not helping.
Whose smart idea was it to
change the Gold bus route?
Now there is no way for us poor
souls who live on the Hill to
get there from central campus
when it's raining outside. Nice
of you to think of everyone in
your decision. Thanks a lot!
OK, so the new LAHN building
is great with the Laupus Library
and the high tech equipment.
But, you know what? It's just
too far from east campus. I
miss that sense of community!
Why aren't the Pirate Rants
online? They used to be! Bring
them back, please. I can't
always get my hands on a
paper copy of the TEC.
No, I did not like the PIRATE
ARRGGGGG one bit. Please
bring back PURPLEGOLD.
And folks, please wear purple
or gold to the games. It's a
college football game, not a
fashion show.
Stop eating so much and
complaining your pills made
you gain weight it's your
eating habits. Stop eating
everything fried six times a day
and complaining to me about
it. I'd feel sick too.
I hate what you're doing to me
too, and even though you hate
that you're doing it you're
not doing anything about it,
and I don't hate you for it
but I do realize you're not who I
thought you were. I don't even
know that person any more.
What's wrong with blackboard?
Why are ECU football fans so
stupid? I bleed purple & gold
so it's hard for me to criticize
but, you have to know when to
make noise! Here's a hint, If
our QB is under-center shut
up, when their QB is under-
center get loud. There's a
reason the offense asked us
to shut the hell up during a
couple possessions (by waiving
their arms).
The people working in the
Mendenhall computer lab need
to do their job. I was in there
trying to work on something
for school and all I could hear
was them babbling about what
color they should set for their
background on MySpace and
how they didn't like the mini
feed on Facebook. The girl
also told me not to answer
any phone calls in the lab, yet
she continued to watch video
clippings, with the sound on,
on the internet.
Wake me up when September
Going in doors and out, going
up stairs and down, use the
right side please! I am sick of
people being so lazy that they
go in the left door because it
is open, and going up the left
side of stairs because they
are idiots.
Bison are not endangered.
They are delicious. Get it right.
If a woman holds a door open
for you, or even just keeps it
open behind her instead of
slamming it in your face, maybe
you should be appreciative and
not chauvinistically refuse
to go through said door. You
don't see me scowling at all
the ladies and gentlemen on
campus who are kind enough
to open doors for me.
I love teachers who lecture for
an hour and run out of material
and yet still keep you there
for another 25 minutes just
wasting time because they can.
Dear Jane,
You know how most students can't get
jobs at ECU? Well, I just got one, but I'm
embarrassed to tell ail of my friends about
it. I'm a new employee of McDonalds, a
job I never wanted, but I have to pay my
oills somehow. I'm in a sorority here and
I'm afraid of what my sisters will think of
my low-class, unglamorous job. Should I
tell them or just try to keep it hidden?
Newly employed and newly embarrassed
Dear newly employed,
While I'm not sure how the people
around you will react, I do know one thing,
people always have been and always will
be judgmental. However, your real friends
won't care where you work. They'll realize
that you have responsibilities and that you're
going to take care of them in any way that
you can. You shouldn't feel the need to hide
where you are working either. When you
start trying to lie to the people that you care
about, things get tricky and it always ends
up coming back and haunting you in the end.
So while you don't have to stand on a chair
and announce your new job, be honest with
your friends and enjoy the new cash flow.
Sarah Bell
Editor in Chief
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News Editor
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Features Editor
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Serving ECU since 1925, the asf Carolinian prints
9,000 copies every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
during the regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednes-
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the editorial board and is written by editorial board
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Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, N.C. 27858-
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of the Fasf Carolinian is free, each additional copy is $1.

Pirate Buzz
Do an excellent job and
not because you should.
Do it because you love it when
you're better than everyone
else. This is not a bad thing, by
the way.
Relax and enjoy the next part
of your plan. You're busy,
but it's a good feeling. You know
you're finally accomplishing a
goal you've had for a long time.
Get everyone mobilized and
inspired, and you'll make
a huge difference. It might be
hard, but it's not impossible now.
It could even be fun.
You're very smart and quite
agile too. Move quickly,
but don't be hasty. Take charge,
but don't try to do it all at once.
You're making good money,
but resist the urge to blow it
all on sporting equipment.
Your best investment now
has something to do with real
It's slightly terrifying, at first, to
realize you're the one who should
tell the others what to do. Without
you, they don't have a clue.
There are quite a few unfinished
tasks littering up your space.
If you can get even one of them
done, you'll feel so good about
yourself. And you'll have more
It's difficult to fit so many
requests for your time
into your schedule. You may have
to put some of these folks off
until later, but not your family.
You can be honest and still
be successful. The one
doesn't cancel the other. The
thing is, you're not the only
one who knows you can be
Make wonderful plans, but
don't be upset if you can't
begin quite yet. Listen to
all the considerations first,
and save yourself a lot of
You're a person who values
good construction. This applies
to every area of your life.
Put in the extra time now,
to make sure you put things
together right.
It's a delicate operation, so
don't let yourself get nervous.
Provide assistance to somebody
who's better at this sort of thing
than you are.
Drink Recipes:
1 orange, sliced thin
1 lemon, sliced thin
2 tablespoons superfine
granulated sugar, or to taste
1 bottle chilled dry red wine
12 cup cognac
14 cup orange liqueur, such as
Grand Marnier or Cointreau
2 tablespoons orange juice
1 cup chilled seltzer or club soda
Ice cubes
In a bowl, muddle the orange
and lemon slices with the sugar
with a wooden spoon. Add
the red wine, cognac, orange
liqueur, and orange juice.
Stir until sugar is dissolved.
Transfer to a punch bowl,
chill until ready to serve and
then stir in seltzer and add ice
Please drink responsibly'
Wank You For Smoking
Wednesday 920 at 7 p.m.
Thursday 921 at 9:30 p.m.
Friday 922 at 7 p.m.
Saturday 923 at 9:30 p.m.
Sunday 924 at 7 p.m.
X-Men: The Last Stand
Wednesday 920 at 9:30 p.m.
Thursday 921 at 7 p.m.
Friday 922 at 9:30 p.m.
Saturday 923 at 7 p.m.
Sunday 924 at 9:30 p.m.
Tailgating like a true Pirate
Pirate Fans getting into the spirit before Saturday's victory over Memphis.
The perfect way to get
your "game face on"
Cheers to the pirates and
their victory over Memphis. It
looked bleak at the end of the
first half, but the boys regrouped
and sent the Tigers home with
their tail between their legs.
With all of the excitement
and joy of the Pirates' victory,
does your home game experi-
ence feel a little empty? It could
be that a crucial part of the day
scored only sub par on the fun
scale causing the rest of the day
to plateau.
I am, of course, talking
about tailgating, something
that should be revered as an
institution here at ECU. Tail-
gating brings together stu-
dents, alumni and fans that
normally would not congregate
together except for their great
love of their team.
The art to tailgating
involves more than just a lounge
chair and a beer. There are
several dynamics needed to
assemble a tailgate that you
and your friends will be talking
about well into your nursing
home years.
As a 14 year veteran to
attending and tailgating at KCU
home games, I have learned that
there are three core elements to
a top-notch tailgate. The first
is location, location, location.
Depending on your rowdiness
level, different areas around
Dowdy-Ficklen attract different
kinds of people. The Krisbee
golf field next to the baseball
stadium and the field at Eppes
Middle School are by far the
places where the most action is.
These are the places where most
students stake their claim and
come bearing beer pong tables,
huge cookers for pigs and all the
classic rock you can stomach.
Now many of you might skip
the second ingredient of tailgat-
ing to make room for the third.
No judgment here, but believe
me when I tell you that there is
nothing like a full belly before
a football game.
The best vittles to tailgate
with vary from tailgater to
tailgater, but you can never go
wrong with Bojangles, Park-
ers or KFC. Some of the more
established tailgaters will bring
their grill, and it is always pos-
sible to challenge them to a beer
pong game thus defeating them
for their hamburgers.
Food and a good spot are
important, but nothing beats
drinking during the day with-
out judgment. Beer is always
in fashion but it's necessary to
gauge the game time with the
proper alcoholic beverage. If the
game is at noon, then mimosas
and Bloody Marys should be
on the menu. For a later game.
Maker's Mark and ginger ale
tastes delicious with the biting
air of an October afternoon.
As for the classic tailgater,
there are several types. There
is the guy (or girl) that gets to
the field four hours before the
game and never leaves his truck
bed. They listen to the game on
the ladio never making it into
the stadium. Another breed is
the tailgate floater who hits as
many different spots as they
can, stealing respectable tail-
gaters' beer and chicken legs.
There is also the family
who has had the same tailgate
spot for 15 years and will prob-
ably have it for 20 more. They
tailgate with the finest food
and beverages and stay for the
entire game. They also enjoy
post tailgating while waiting
for the traffic to clear.
With the upcoming months
bringing Saturdays full of
football, make sure to enjoy the
sacred art of tailgating.
Stay tuned to the Sports
section for more information
about Pirate Football and other
opportunities to cheer your
Fighting Pirates to victory.
This writer can be contacted at
Do not write on 'The Wall'
Couples go crazy
about comments
SENIOR WRITER and Myspace.
com are two Web sites that most
college students recognize and use
on a daily basis. You are able to
post comments and leave messages
on other profiles and learn a great
deal about someone else based on
their interests, favorites, photos,
clubs and other personal informa-
tion. You are also able to display
your "status which lets people see
if you are in a relationship or not,
and this is where things go from
fun and entertaining to crazy and
I have actually heard couples
fight over the fact that the other
person displayed an incorrect
status or did not display one at
all If you have found yourself in
this situation you .should really ask
yourself, "Is this argument even
worth my time?" That has got to
be absolutely ridiculous.
Another big issue that couples
find themselves dealing with is
the photos posted on these Web
sites. If they are "tagged others
can click and see who is in the
"I saw a girl who I thought I
was dating in a picture on Face-
book with many other guys look-
ing like she was having a little
too much fun. I would have never
thought she was that way until I
saw the rest of the pictures that
were tagged to her name. I con-
fronted her about it and she acted
like it was no big deal and said I
was overreacting. I did not talk to
Walking down the boardwalk in downtown Wilmington can be a great escape.
Project Road Trip:
Checking on your significant other and their Internet activity can be problematic.
her anymore because 1 could not
get I hose images out of my head
confessed Daniel Everhart, a soph-
omore criminal justice major.
These Web sites have really
grown and are talked about every-
day among Friends, classmates and
peers. The very First day Facebook
changed its layout, people were
already talking about how much
they disliked it. In my 10 a.m.
class, people were already asking
me if 1 had seen what Facebook
looked like now So whatever is
posted, your circle of friends are
bound to see it, which also hap-
pens to include your boyfriend or
see WALL page A6
Downtown reference guide
A quick guide for
Cotanche Street and
I want to begin this article
w ith a disclaimer: I know there are
people at ECU who are scholasti-
cally Focused and see drinking as
a moronic and distasteful pastime.
Can we please agree to disagree and
refrain from judging each other?
When school has got you feeling
blue and the prospect of doing one
more peer review has you falling
into hysterics, blow off some steam
and join others who (eel the same
Downtown is calling and there
is a place for enjoyment every
night of the week. For returning
students, you may notice a few
changes. Over the summer Cafe
Caribe shut its doors and Sunday
night salsa lessons were lost for-
ever. Fear not, because surely a new
hotspot will arrive soon.
Also occurring over the
summer was the transformation
of The Cavern into The Phoenix.
It is still the place to catch The
Chairmen of the Board (actually
Friday, Sept. 82) anil to gyrate to
rap and hip-hop.
Happening less recently, but
still unbeknownst to some, is the re-
opening ofScores under new own-
ership They showcase more live
bands and cater to an older crowd.
For anyone that has been living
under a rock (or a mountain of
textbooks), the beloved Cabanas
has become Rumors. This too is
Under new ownership and they
oiler a wide array of drink specials
and good music to dance to.
Keep your eyes peeled for the
line-Up of bands at Ked Rooster
Even if you aren't familiar with
their sound, go anyway and sup-
port local, live music.
For techno music and beyond.
Still Lite and occasionally Aqua
are the spots to be. 519 is still not
for the young of heart, but rather
the seasoned drinker with stories
to tell.
The Other Place should also be
a spot on your travels if for no other
reason but the incomparable DJ
Charlie Mac. Not only can he sing
a mean beach music tune, but he'll
normally play anything you want.
For the financially challenged,
the best night to go out is Tuesday.
Start your night at Boli's with their
famous mug night. For either $1 or
$2, your mug will be tilled with the
finest ales. There is also always
live music to sing along with
Pantana Bob's has $5 all you
can drink of their draft beer,
also on Tuesdays. This normally
attracts a large crowd so make sure
to get their early for a bar stool
Hidden in in alley across from
Buffalo Wild Wings is Levels.
They oiler $8 vodka drinks and
$8 pitchers of Bud Light. This bar
is sometimes quieter than Boli's or
P.Bs and is a great place to begin
the night.
Each night in downtown
Greenville is a different opportu-
nity to have fun for under $10, but
it is up to you to find the treasure.
Also guys, remember that most
liars require a collared shirt so
make sure to look sharp in order
to get in.
Enjoy downtown, fellow stu-
dents, and always remember to
never drink and drive and wait
untiryou're '2
This writer can be contacted at
A guide to a quick and
fun weekend escape
Now that the semester is well
under way and classes are lull
throttle, we find ourselves once
again swallowed in the stress of
endless reading, deadlines, tests,
etc. As a result, merely one month
into the semester, we also find
ourselves in need of a vacation.
Fall is just around the corner
and Wilmington may seem
like a strange choice for such a
getaway, but the city has much
more to offer than the beach.
The beach draws in an inter-
esting mix of people from all
backgrounds, which makes the
city rich in character and vari-
ety that can't always be found
elsewhere As for things to do
around town, there's everything
from bargain hunting in the
downtown shops to spooky late
night ghost tours. There's cer-
tainly something for everyone in
Wilmington, which happens to
be a convenient two hours from
ECU, thus making for an easy
weekend escape.
As it is cooling down and tall
is fast approaching. Wilmingto-
nians must find other things to
fill their days with, other than
lounging on the beach. My per-
sonal favorite pastime is shop-
ping, and in Wilmington, there
is lots of it to be done. There's
the Westfield Mall, which is sig-
nificantly bigger than our own
Colonial. Wilmington's mall is
home to more than 150 stores
including Forever 81, Charlotte
Kusse, Journeys and Abercrom-
bie & Fitch, just to name a few.
If the mall is not your thing
and you're more into boutiques
and bargain hunting, then head
to dow mow n Wilmington where
the streets are lined with many
stores that have something for
everyone. There's the Old City
Market with several artisan
shops where you can find hand-
crafted treasures for your room
or, if you're like me, you can at
least stock up on unusual can-
dies such as chocolate covered
sunflower seeds and whistle lol-
lipops (everybody needs to expe-
rience the whistle lollipop).
There are also several bou-
tiques along the river. Island
Passage and Blackbeard's Bryde
are my favorites and they have
a great selection of clothing for
girls and guys alike 1 recom-
mend scoping out the sale racks
at these stores as they do carry
designer labels.
There's also Return Passage
located just down the street
where you can find marked-
down designer clothes Think
Bugged Wearhouse, but for
designer goods.
There are. of course, other
things to do around the city
apart from shopping. During
the day you can take a variety of
tours, walking downtown tours,
dining and sightseeing water
tours and murder mystery boat
tours. We took a walking ghost
tour and saw the city from an
entirely different perspective. A
guide takes you from location to
spooky location telling you the
historical tales of battles and
brawls that went on there.
After all that shopping
and sightseeing, you will have
worked up an appetite and, luck-
ily for you, Wilmington has an
abundance of great restaurants.
Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn
is located on Oleander Drive
and it not only has a fun dining
atmosphere, but they make one
of the tastiest burritos around.
There's the Tree Hugger bur-
see ROAD TRIP page A6

Alcohol Alternatives ROAD TRIP
There's much more to
downtown than bars
When someone asks you in
jre downtown the first tiling
that comes to mind is drinking.
Dim ntc n Greenv ille lias been a
party symbol for as long as many
ran remember, but for all who are
nut of legal drinking age, keep in
iniml that dow Mown offers much
more than just alcohol
Within the past couple ol
years, downtown Greenville
has really grown. They have
more little shops, such as Links,
Catalog Connection, The
Charmed Peacock and Moxie
It you arc more interested ill
relaxing with a good hunk
and .some friends, you could
walk down to The Tipsy Teapot,
where they otter a variety of
nood reads, delicious coffee and t
comforting environment With
an art gallery across the street,
it is easy to get your dose ot art,
beauty and creati ity
Looking for incense, tapes-
tries, cute hand tees, candles,
handmade- jewelry and other
random, hut unique things ' Be
sure to stop by Hippie City and
Expressions. They both otter a
wide variety of things, many of
which you have seen before and
others that arc just one of a kind,
random and beautiful,
Getting hungry after all the
shopping, reading and brows-
ing? Within walking distance
you arc sure to find something to
fill your belly. Craving Mexican
food? Then you have your choice
of Rio Grande or Chicos, Both
places otter last service and food
so good you are sure to go hack.
For all you Italian lovers out there,
be sure to visit The Upper Crust,
Alfredo's or Boli's, all of which
otter a v ariety of pizzas, subs and
other favorites
Boli's also otters much more
than iist food. Some- nights they
have- live- hands that perform and
they also have the most popular
spin ts attraction with all their
televisions. The location definitely
makes Boli's a favorite downtown
hangout spot
For those in the mood for
comfort food, just step into Cub-
bies They otter some of the lust
hamburgers and hot dogs in
Pitt County Do not forget to
chase it all dow n w ith some fresh
squeezed lemonade or orangeade.
both personal favorites
Buffalo Wild Wings cannot be
overlooked when going dow mow n
All sports lans gather there to
watch their teams go head to head
on their numerous telcv isions, both
big and small, and toe how down on
the- best wings in tow n They have
great specials on their wings, which
is wonderful tor college students
and also have a regular triv ia night
that anyone can play at absolutely
no cost. It is not hard to go in tor a
meal and end up staying just to play
trivia while watching sports with
your friends
The Keel Rooster has become
very popular, especially tor those-
wliei are into live- bands. Most
weekends they have local favorite
hands as well as new bands that
are just trying to make- a name
tor themselves The cover is not
too bad and the- fun you will have
there is worth a try Happy s anil
Scores are the two places to go
when you want to relax, listen to
music and shoot some- pool. It is
simple to pass the time with e lies
and a nice group of friends.
So there you have it Plenty
of things to do downtown that do
not require alcohol. Sonic of you
may still be- Is vv hile other are just
so close to SI that it hurts, but
remember that getting caught is
not tun at all. Wherever you go.
lust remember that you are repre-
senting KCV and do it w ith pride
because you are- a pirate.
This writer can be contacted at
continued trom A5
rito tor the- vegetarian crowd or
you could try The Bacon Double
Cheeseburgerito if you're carnivo-
rous like me. If you aren't in the
mood for burritos then you could
always check out the historical
Trolley Stop Hot Dog stand by
the beach It's only open from 11
a.m. - f p.m but they serve the
"best hot dog on the beach so
its worth trying out.
There are also several places
in Wilmington to go tor a fine
dining experience The Oceanic
is located, unexpectedly, on the
ocean, which makes it a romantic-
date- spot. While this restaurant
in.iv be- significantly ritzier than
tin- hot dog stand, the prices are
not completely unreasonable for
the average college student
If you want to stick around
the clow ntow n area, Elijah's is the
place to go, It's located right on
the river among all the shops and
vendors so it's hard to miss
They're know n teir their tasty
shrimp and fish selections so if
seafood isn't appealing to you
then I wouldn't recommend it.
There are- many other restaurants
in all price ranges along the river
and ocean for you to choose from.
One thing's tor certain,you won't
tie going home hungry.
So there you have it. a guide
in a getaway from Greenville. It
you stay on course and don't get
Mile iracked, you can make it to
Wilmington in just under two
hours which leaves the entire day
to scope out the city and enjoy the
beach atmosphere.
Next weekend, you can catch
a performance ol "I Love You,
You're Perfect, Now Change" at
Thalian Hall or check out Glass
Casket and The Keel Orchestra
Band playing at the-Soap Box. You
don't have to spend a fortune to
have- a good tune- and by the time
you leave, you'll feel like you had
a vacation from the reality that
is school.
This writer can be reached at
continued from A5
One- thing that really gets
couples tired up, especially the
girls, are- the comments that other
people post l'o girls: If another
female posts something on your
boyfriend's wait, you are obviously
going to see it and many eit you
w ill question who she is, Then you
click Oil her picture and take a look
around her profile The next step
is looking at her status, comments
and, of course, taking a quick
glimpse- at her pictures pist to
make sure your guy is not in any ol
them Alter you discover that she
is an old friend or just a classmate,
you take- a long sigh of relief and
would absolutely deny the fact that
you even saw where- anything had
been posted Ol course- you would
not let other people know that
you wire snooping around and
being scandalous.
Guys, if you see a guy lias
made a comment on your girl's
wall, you do tin- same, except
you leave a message on her wall
too, hopefully a big "I love- you
Guys are- more apt to confront a
girl about something he has seen
on her profile, even though many
would think it is the opposite
So how do you deal with all
the FacebookMyspace jealousy?
You just talk about it the very
first time it is ever brought up
and promise never to fight over
something as silly as the internet
ever again. Trust me it will save
you much time and headaches.
Good luck to everyone out
there who has dealt or does deal
with this kind of drama. Some-
times is just seems easier to take
your profile down and just not
even have-one, but it just is not fair;
everyone is entitled to their own
space, hist do what you need todo.
This writer can be contacted at
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Accepting applications for Wf WRITERS
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ECU's Inside Source
Consecutive games that West
Virginia has won over ECU,
four of which were played at
Milan Puskar Stadium
Average number of points
that West Virginia has scored
in the 17 games against ECU,
including 15 Mountaineer wins
Average number of points
that ECU has scored in the 17
games against West Virginia
West Virginia's national rank
in rushing, the Mountaineers
are averaging 348.7 yards per
game on the ground
Yards per carry by West
Virginia Heisman hopeful
Steve Slaton who has 503 yards
in three games
Kills by junior outside hitter
Mignon Dubenion against
North Carolina A&T on
Tuesday, which ties her career-
high for the fifth time
Consecutive games that
volleyball has won in three
matches over Wisconsin
Green-Bay, Grambling State
and North Carolina A&T
Women's basketball games
against 2006 post-season
participants according to the
2006-2007 schedule released
on Tuesday
They said it
"We've come a long way in a
year's time to be where we were
to be where we are now. As I
keep saying, the hill keep gets
getting steeper. It's at its steep-
est point this week. This is our
biggest challenge since we've
been here. At first it was just to
get three or four wins. Now all
of a sudden in our fourth game,
we've got to compete with a top
five team in the country. It's
going to be an unbelievable
-Skip Holtz, ECU Head Coach
"This is the biggest game I've
played in my career here. It's
going to be a great atmosphere.
It's going to be a great atmo-
sphere. It's definitely going to
help with 42,000 crazy Pirate
fans screaming to get the
momentum to keep our morale.
It's our chance to put ECU back
on the map
-Bobby Good, ECU senior wide
"We've got heart. Everybody on
this team from the scout team
to the starters to the backups,
we've got heart. The only way
to really show that we've got
-Marcus Hands, ECU sopho-
more defensive end
"There's nothing spectacular
about West Virginia. They
line up just like we do We're
excited, but we're here for one
goal. That one goal is to come
out, take this one game at a time
and play out hearts out against
West Virginia and try to come
out on top. That's all we're wor-
ried about right now
-Quentin Cotton, ECU sopho-
more linebacker
Back on the base paths
Pirate baseball team
in the middle of fall
Billy Godwin said he's better
prepared and has his plan in
place as the ECU baseball coach
prepares for his second season as
skipper of the Diamond Bucs.
"The offseason has given
me a chance to reflect said
Godwin, who was named head
coach following the resignation
of former coach Randy Mazey.
"I was kind of thrust into
the situation in October. I've
had a chance to reflect and get
my thoughts together about
how I want to approach things
and how I want to do things
in a first full season, so that's
certainly exciting for me to have
the opportunity to plan. There's
been more planning on my part
about how I want things done in
our program
Godwin's second season as
the head coach got under way last
week with the commencement of
fall practice. Godwin said he was
impressed with what he saw from
his returning players. "I think
we've got a lot accomplished in
a short period of time Godwin
said of the first week of the 13-
day fall practice schedule. "I've
been really encouraged. We've
seen some good things. The
purpose of the fall is to evaluate
so that we can take the individual
time to work on some things that
we see guys gotta work at
Many Pirates used the
summer to hone their skills play-
ing in various wood-bat summer
leagues throughout the country.
A few achieved all-star success in
their respective leagues.
Mike Flye and Jamie Ray
each were selected to play in the
Coastal Plain League All-Star
game. Flye posted an ERA under
1.00 as the closer for the Wilson
Tobs while Ray's .350 batting
average earned him a spot on
2006 summer
all-star team. Godwin said he
sees an improvement from all 12
returning Pirates who played in
the amateur leagues.
"We had some guys go
out and have great summers
Godwin said. "Jamie Ray was
one of the top U players in the
country. Dale Mollenhauer had a
great summer (in Canada). Shane
Matthews threw well in the Cape
Cod League.
"The summer is a great
time for guys to go out and we
identified things and what we
asked them to do, 'These are
some of the things we'd like to
see you do to come back and be a
better baseball player
Godwin said the summer
leagues have kept his players,
includingjunior college transfers
Trent Ashcraft, Cory Kemp and
Mark Letchworth, in shape.
"I've been really impressed
in the conditioning that our
returners have come back in
Godwin said.
The Rocky Mount native
and former head coach at
Louisburg College said he was
equally impressed with the Dia-
mond Buc hopefuls.
"There are some guys who
certainly can play college base-
ball Godwin said. "The key for a
walk-on is are they good enough
to come in right now and contrib-
ute. I was real impressed overall
with our walk-on tryouts
Aside from the JuCo transfers
and possible walk-ons, Godwin
said he has been impressed with
his first recruiting class. First
baseman Kyle Roller from Rich-
mond County has "demonstrated
tremendous power according to
The baseball team hopes to return to the NCAA Tournament.
Godwin and the coach has also
been impressed with infielder
Brock Sutton.
"We could see some of our
freshmen emerge and step in and
contribute Godwin said.
Godwin and his staff, which
includes former ECU players
Clayton McCullough and Ben
Sanderson, are trying to get back
to the NCAA tournament after
the Pirates missed out on the
postseason for the first time in
eight years in 2005.
see BASEBALL page A10
Tara Shaw determined
to instill winning legacy
' wy
Senior midfielder Tara Shaw is a big reason why the women's soccer team has jumped out to a strong start.
Shaw has scored three goals, including two against Georgia State. She has started all eight games.
Senior matures as
career winds down
When coaches recruit, they
look for size, athleticism and the
determination to never quit. As far
as size goes, on the ECU women's
soccer team they do not get much
bigger than Tara Shaw.
At 5-10, Shaw presents an
intimidating presence in the mid-
field for Rob Donnenwirth'i team.
As a senior she provides a strong
defensive presence, as well as a
scoring threat that gives oppo-
nents more than one thing to worry
about when she's around the ball.
Only one other player on the
team does she truly have to look up
to, that being Mary Puckett (5-11),
but yet in her four years at ECU,
Shaw has not only stood tall in
literal terms for this team, she has
set an example off the field as well.
Shaw came to ECU by way
of Great Valley H.S. in Malvern,
Pa. Located in eastern Pennsyl-
vania, this town of 3,200 located
in Chester County is close to the
Paoli Battlefield site. On her high
school team, Shaw was a leader.
She notched top 10 all time scor-
ing honors in her school's history
as well as being a four year letter
winner and four time first team
all-league selection. In her senior
season, Shaw helped lead her team
9 to the semi-finals of the state high
01 school soccer tournament.
After graduation, Shaw came
to ECU where the student body is
larger than the population of her
hometown. She began her colle-
giate play in the 2003-2004 year,
seeing action in eight games for
the Lady Pirates that year. Shaw
did not get long to adjust to the
college game. After sitting out
the first lew contests, she got her
first game action against ECU's
chief regional rival, the UNCW
As a sophomore, Shaw played in
16 games lor the Lady Pirates with
her first start being in the home
opener against Georgia southern.
She also recorded her first goal
that season against Memphis and
finished the year ranked third on
the team in shot percentage at .286.
Of the most memorable things
that happened that year, Shaw
said one of the best was "beating
Cincinnati in their own house
Going into her Junior cam-
paign Shaw was ready to make a
name for herself. She was one of
only eight Pirates to have played in
all 21 games, starting 12 of them
at the mid-field position. She tied
for fourth on the team with two
goals, but her shot percentage
dropped to .167. However, she
was one of the Lady Pirates on
the field during their conference
tournament victory over a ranked
SMU team. She said this victory
"was really special" in the fact that
earlier in the year, ECU had lost
to them on Bunting Field.
Now in her senior year, Shaw
so far this season is already tied
for second in points (nine) with
three goals and a shooting per-
centage of .333. She recorded two
see SHAW page A10
Women's volleyball routs N.C. A&T
ECU's sweep brings
winning streak to
Sloppy is not a term usually
used to describe a three-games-
to-none win, but it is exactly the
way Lady Pirates Head Coach
Chris Rushing described his
team's latest victory.
The Lady Pirates were able to
overcome lowly North Carolina
A&T in three games Tuesday
night 30-19, 30-24, 30-26.
Leading the Lady Pirates
was Mignon Dubenion with 15
kills. Dubenion also contributed
two digs on the night. Senior co-
captain setter Heidi Krug had 38
assists and 10 digs on the night,
giving her a double-double.
The Lady Pirates started slow
out of the gate before getting
things together to win the game.
Early in the game the appearance
of defensive difficulties were evi-
dent, allowing the Aggies to hang
around for the first 20 minutes.
During a timeout, Krug could be
heard shouting the same term her
coach would use at the end of the
night. Sloppy.
Game two went much the same
way with the Aggies refusing to
go down, playing the Lady Pirates
almost point-for-point until the
score was 21-20, at which point
Bushing's team was able to put
away the Aggies, winning the
game 30-24.
The final game was the clos-
est of the night with the Lady
Pirates coming out on top 30-26
to complete the sweep. Of the
Lady Pirates 35 digs, 18 came in
game three.
While happy to get the win,
Rushing and his players expressed
disappointment in their effort
after the game, clearly expect-
ing to handle A&T easier than
they did.
"We did not do basic funda-
mentals very well tonight said
Rushing. "Defensively, we weren't
getting to the right spots to dig
balls. We were dropping to our
knees when we should have been
staying on our feet, and we did not
get the ball to our setter so that we
could run a good offense
Following the game Rushing
took his team behind closed-doors
for nearly 20 minutes.
Upon exiting the locker room
Krug echoed much of what Rush-
ing had said. c
"We were all frustrated Krug
sighed. "In the first two games we -g
had 17 digs. We weren't doing the $
things that we normally do
On a positive note, Krug did a
see VOLLEYBALL page A10 Heidi Krug sets up one of her 38 assists against North Carolina A&T

Nomination Applications
are now available and being accepted for
2006-2007 Elite Pirates
We are looking for exemplary students, who have
at least 30 completed credit hours and have shown
outstanding leadership abilities inside and outside
of the classroom. Eligible students must have a 3.0
GPA at ECU and hold at least one leadership
position in an ECU student organization.
Inductions will occur during Homecoming Weekend!
Inductees will participate in an exciting
year of programs and growth opportunities
designed especially for them.
Pick up your application in MSC 207.
Applications are due no later than
Thursday, September 21, 2006.
Any questions, please email Adeea Rogers
Let Your
Be Heard.
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Si mli in (ihm i innin wu.
nesday, September 20th
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14 Signoret film,
15 Fencer's foil
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17 On the
sheltered side
18 Dray
19 Over
20 Garden plots
21 Alphabetize
23 Mid-month date
24 Pitched shelter
26 Carpentry tools
28 Apportioned
31 Struck
powerfully, old-
32 Copland or Burr
33 Old-style
37 Stretch the truth
38 Schemes
39 Meadowland
40 Interpret
43 Take care of
45 Avoid a church
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47 In the direction
50 Iditarod vehicle
51 Sharif of films
52 Financial share
54 Amount paid
58 Fads
60 Pelvis parts
61 Nothing but
62 Thorax
63 Freeway fillers
64 Perched upon
65 Precipitous
66 Flying toy
67 Schlep
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Hermit or fiddler
Formerly owned
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8 Figure out
9 Lea call
10 Satellite, e.g.
11 Dwelling
12 Wanderer
13 Attire
22 Crude crosses
25 Bard's
27 Shoshone
28 NaCI
29 Whisker
30 Subject of
31 Election
33 Sight-gag
34 Peter Fonda
title role
35 Low-fat
36 Has a
38 Trudges
41 Closest one
42 Abbr. on many
43 Italian three
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46 The magic
47 Sort of song
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50 Avoid
53 Jai
55 Not fooled by
56 Bank opening
57 Classify
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Level 1 Beds Only
Greenville Blvd. (Across from Pizza Inn)
931.1147 Evan. Street 353 5400
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"Best seeing-eye dog I've ever owned
to say?
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continued from A7
continued from A7
Billy Godwin's squad fields
ground balls in fall practice.
"The NCAA tournament is a
process Godwin said, "and the
process is that we have to go out
and recruit the kind of players
that can put us in that position.
Our coaching staff is responsible
for getting those guys to play at
the level to be able to get into the
NCAA tournament. These guys
are focused right now on playing
at the level we believe they have
to play at.
"The NCAAs, that's more
of turn-the-page January-type
goal. The fall right now is letting
guys know what our expectations
are, meeting those expectations,
exceeding them and just trying
to be a better baseball player
to help us win games in the
Godwin added that there
is "no question" that getting
back to the NCAA tourna-
ment and ultimately to Omaha
for the College World Series
is one of those expectations.
"We don't want a player to
come in here and that not be his
ultimate goal as a member of
our baseball program Godwin
said. "We talk about Omaha a lot
within our team
Starting another streak of
NCAA appearances will not be
easy as the Pirates will welcome
three teams who played in the
2006 College World Series to
Clark-LeClair Stadium. Rice,
UNC and Cal State Fullerton
will come to Greenville, among
other "heavy hitters" from the
college baseball elite.
"We've got some teams
like Michigan, Pepperdine and
North Carolina State coming
in Godwin said. "I think when
our schedule is released; it's
probably going to be one of
the most challenging schedules
that East Carolina's played. Our
philosophy on that is, if we want
to be the best, we've got to beat
the best
This writer can be contacted at
continued from A7
of those goals in the game against
Georgia State earlier this month.
With only one more goal, Shaw
will have tied her career mark of
four goals and could very easily
surpass that mark with 11 games
left in the season.
However, she is not just all
about height and leg power. Shaw
is studying criminal justice here
at ECU and has made the Athletic
Dean's list multiple times, most
recently in the spring of 2006. In
addition, she was named to the
honor roll on multiple occasions as
well as being named to the C-USA
Commissioner's Academic Honor
Roll the past two years. Looking
ahead Shaw would like to be able
to go to grad school, maybe at
ECU and continue her studies.
"I just want to be able to help
people she said when asked why she
chose criminal justice as her major.
"It gives us a chance just to
be ourselves Shaw said. She also
remarked that this will be one of
the things she misses the most
after she leaves the program this
year. Outside of the field is where
the team "really gets to know each
other she said.
Over the course of the past
few years, Shaw has went from
being a "small town girl to the
player on the field opponents do
not want to see. With 11 games
left this season, her favorite niece
and nephew cheering her on and
the Conference tournament to
look forward to, her Senior year
looks to finish with a flurry.
That flurry however is one that
the Lady Pirates will hope to see
finish with a conference champi-
onship and a few new moves on
the dance floor!
This writer can be contacted at
say that the team did do a better
job digging in the second half,
something that had been dis-
cussed between games two and
"We're happy that we won
and we did block a lot. We turned
around for 18 digs in the third
Freshman setter Hannah
Fenker summed up the evening
saying, "We have to not play
down to other people's levels. It is
a mindset that has to be changed
Of the 18 digs in game three,
v. "We should have that many digs
S every time
j As for what was said in the
g locker room, Krug explained
I "Coach told
pthat conference champi-
ons don't play like this
The Lady Pirates will next
play at Tulane on Sept. 22 to
officially kick-off what will be
the rest of the Conference-USA
This writer can be contacted at
317 W Lancaster Ave.
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or in t
out 01
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1 5
3 2
6 9
7 8
9 4
5 6

The East Carolinian, September 20, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
September 20, 2006
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