The East Carolinian, July 19, 2006

Volume 81 Number 77
19, 2006
College of Education receives grant
to aid librarian student recruitment
Community Oriented
Librarian Recruitment
Scholarship to benefit
The ECU College of Education
.was recently awarded an important
grant from the Institute of Museum
and Library Services.
According to a press release
distributed by the college itself,
the department of Library Science
and Instructional Technology was
awarded a $747,000 grant aimed at
funding the Community Oriented
Librarian Recruitment Scholarship.
The grant will be geared toward
finding a way of recruiting as many
potential school librarian students
into the program as possible by offer-
ing scholarships.
"There are a lot of studies show-
ing statistically that there's going to
be a very massive number of posi-
tions available within the next five
to 15 years said Dr. John Harer,
the graduate program director for
librarian sciences and co-director
developer of the scholarship program.
"And that's because a large
number of retirements, the librar-
More lilbrarians like Mark Sanders and Stacey Thompson will be needed for work in the next five to 15 years.
ians in all fields of librarianship are
experiencing an aging population
Harer said that the prediction is
that there is going to be a need for
between 20 and 30 thousand librar-
ians over the next fifteen years.
Currently, librarian schools
around America are only producing
about 12 to 15 thousand librarians to
fill those positions.
Harer noted how more urban
areas, such as Raleigh and Charlotte,
have dramatically increased pool of
people to recruit from as opposed
to more rural areas like Greenville.
"People want to move to those
communities where there are more
services, amenities and that sort of
thing said Harer.
see LIBRARIANS page 3
Students urged to 'Plunge into Purple'
Weecs of Welcome begin
Auoust 18
Beginning a long jour-
ney can only be done by taking
that all-important first step,
or so students have been told
since the beginning of time.
This year, those first steps can
be taken in the right direction with
help from the brand new program
set to commence Aug. 18 at ECU
and run for the next eight weeks,
'Weeks of Welcome (WOW) also
known as 'Plunge into Purple
The program will feature an
extensive array of activities, rang-
ing from performances by The
Swash Improv group, which is an
acting troupe comprised solely of
ECU students, to informal din-
ners with some of the university's
professors, where students may
openly voice any concerns or ques-
tions to the people in the know.
The purpose of WOW is to assist
new students with the tougher
aspects of such a life-changing
event as starting college, such as
learning to find their way around
campus, finding out what pro-
fessors will expect from them,
sharpening study, time manage-
ment and leadership skills, along
with what is perhaps the hardest
thing of all: meeting new people
and becoming comfortable in a
brand new environment. When
a student is away from home for
the first time, he or she may find it
difficult to adjust, after all. By par-
ticipating in all the various types
of events, students may also learn
what it truly means to be a Pirate.
WOW will begin with a leader-
ship symposium and luncheon on
Aug. 18, followed by "an evening
of social activities" at Mendenhall
Student Center, according to
The Pirate Parent newsletter.
Day two will start with a mid-
morning swim party at the Stu-
dent Recreation and Wellness
Center, next to Mendenhall, and
progress into a late-afternoon
cookout between the two build-
ings. After that, students will be
able to enjoy other assorted activi-
ties in Mendenhall until 2 a.m.
Freshmen are encouraged to
attend the events on day three, Aug.
20, as Pirate Parent promises the
day to be "one of the most impor-
tant days of all The event that is
causing such a stir is the Freshmen
Convocation in Wright Auditorium
at 3 p.m. Chancellor Ballard, among
other top officials here at the uni-
versity, will be present to officially
welcome all students to ECU.
Afterward, students can
"Explore ECU in 3-D which
has been described as a "tri-
dimensional program based on
discover, design and delivery
Around 8 p.m everyone will
have the chance to relax and
laugh with The Swash Improv
Group and a headliner comedian.
see WOW page 2
Keith LeClair loses
battle with ALS
Former ECU coach dies
Former ECU baseball coach
Keith LeClair succumbed to amyo-
trophic lateral sclerosis late Monday
morning. LeClair lost his battle
with the incurable muscular dis-
ease, which is commonly referred
as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. He
died at his home with family and
close friends at his side.
The New Hampshire native
became the second-winningest
baseball coach in school history in
five seasons at ECU. He succeeded
Gary Overton as ECU's eighth Head
Coach in the summer of 1997 and
through 2002 compiled a 212-96-1
(.688) record
He led the Pirates to four straight
NCAA Regional appearances, three
Colonial Athletic Association cham-
pionships and one Conference USA
title. His 2001 club advanced to the
NCAA Super Regionals and finished
with a No. 11 national ranking after
registering a 47-13 mark.
He continued to coach during
the 2002 season despite learning he
had the disease during the previous
summer. Throughout the season,
his health declined, causing him to
lose weight and become frail.
By LeClair standards, thequad
struggled to a sixth seed in the C-
USA tournament held at Grainger
Stadium in Kinston, N.C. With
see LECLAIR page 9
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2006 ECULoessin
Summer Theatre
Individual ticket sales began June 1.
Please see to purchase
tickets orcall 1-800-ECU-ARTS. Summer
season tickets are available now.
footloose: The Musical"
July 25-29,2006
One of the most explosive movie
musicals in recent memory now bursts
onto the live stage. When Ren and
his mother move from Chicago to a
small farming town, Ren is prepared
for the inevitable adjustment period
at his new high school. What he isn't
prepared for are the rigorous local
laws, including a ban on dancing. The
ban is the brainchild of a preacher
determined to exercise the control
over the town youth that he cannot
command in his own home. When the
reverend's rebellious daughtersets her
cap for Ren, her roughneck boy friend
tries to sabotage Ren's reputation, with
many of the locals eager to believe the
worst about the new kid. To the rockin'
rhythm of its Oscar-nominated top 40
score (the soundtrack album reached
number one on the Billboard charts
and has sold over 15 million copies!)
to which new, dynamic songs have
been added, Footloose celebrates the
wisdom of listening to young people,
guiding them with a warm heart and
an open mind.
SGA recruiting Cabinet
The SGA is actively recruiting new
cabinet members for their Executive
Cabinet for 2006-2007 school year.
Applications can be picked up in the
SGA office in Suite 101, Mendenhall
Student Center. The deadline to
apply is Aug. 31 by 5 p.m. For more
information, contact the SGA at 328-
Graduate Assistantships
The College of Education is looking
for a graduate student to work with the
Interim Dean, Administrative Assistant
and office assistant in the Dean's
Office for the fall and spring semesters.
This is a full time, 20 hour per week
position. Includes general office duties
and research For more information,
call 328-4260 or come by Speight 154
and fill out an application.
The East Carolina Alumni Association
is looking for a Communications and
Marketing graduate assistant. The
position will be available starting in
the summer of 2006 Responsibilities
include: updating, maintaining and
responding to requests associated
with the alumni online community,
assisting with promotion of alumni
programs through print and media
and Web site maintenance
Everyone is invited to celebrate at the Krispy Kreme on 10th and Charles St.
Krispy Kreme turns 69
Festivities to include a
doughnut station, balloon
animals and free samples
Krispy Kreme celebrates its
69th anniversary today, starting
at 9 a.m. Festivities will include a
doughnut station and frozen blend
samplings. DARE (Drug Abuse
Resistance Education) will be hand-
ing free ID cards and information
to children about resisting drug
usage from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m from
July 1921.
Balloon animals with Cherry
the Clown and a T-shirt design
contest will be also be available.
The winners will be announced at
11 a.m. 'Hot Light Saturday' will
be held on July 22. Hot Original
Glazed doughnuts will be available
for extended hours.
"DARE has never been involved
before Joe Rivett of Faulkner
Advertising Associates said.
"We hope that it will turn out
positive and maybe help some chil-
dren in the future as well
"We are excited about our
opening anniversary events going
on at the store. I think we have
two great programs for children
to enjoy and have fun with said
Glenn Parrish, manager of the
Greenville Krispy Kreme.
"D.A.R.E. America has been
around for over two decades and we
are very enthusiastic about having
them at Krispy Kreme to educate
children and parents on safety
issues said Amanda Tilley, mar-
keting manager of Krispy Kreme.
Krispy Kreme (NYSE: KKD),
headquartered in Winston-Salem,
N.C has recently opened operations
in Japan and has authorized opera-
tions in the Philippines. As of close in
the stock market on Monday, July 17,
the stock price was $7.37 per share.
All Krispy Kreme's U.S. markets have
been committed, as far as franchis-
ing opportunities are concerned.
Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
WOW from page 1
On Monday, Aug. 21, WOW
will host ECU Idol, a program that
looks to provide "stiff competition"
to American Idol, and on Tuesday,
things will really heat up with
the annual Pirate Palooza party
outside of Mendenhall Student
Center all in the same week.
The next seven weeks will com-
prise of additional workshops, so if
students happen to miss something
they really wanted toattend, chances
are, they'll be able to catch it.
Healthy lifestyles, career plan-
ning and introductions to all the
various programs on and around
campus will all be topics of discus-
sion at these workshops as well.
On three different Fridays,
students that have a desire to do
volunteer work can learn about the
benefits and advantages of assist-
ing those in need right outside
their new front doors at a special
project called "From Houses to
Homes sponsored by Habitat for
These are just some of the innu-
merable events taking place in the
first eight weeks for school. From
diversity to culture, from friends to
faculty, from confused to inspired,
ECU'S WOW Program seeks to
teach each new Pirate exactly what
the university can do for him or
her and the future, as well as how
to properly walk the plank.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian, com.
SGA finalizes goals
More documents approved
The legislative branch of SGA
approved additional documents and
made plans to finalize their last goals
5 for the summer.
According to Ben Wyche, the
final goal of defining a funding
board will be initiated during next
e Monday's meeting.
Legislative members are cur-
rently coming up with ideas and
ways of getting this last goal accom-
plished before the conclusion of
summer congress.
The second goal, revising the
funding manual, is near its last
stages. The manual has been spilt
into two parts and been recon-
structed for better understanding.
Two documents were approved
in Monday's meeting which included
a congress motion sheet and an act
to enter the emergency funding
manual into the general statutes.
Both of these approvals were
made to produce better clarity when
dealing with funding issues.
Jon Massachi brought up the
issue for approval to the congress.
The branch also agreed to add an
author to the bill or resolution for
the motion sheet.
SGA also discussed adding the
emergency funding manual into the
general statues.
This included discussion about
getting approval status by the SGA
advisor, president and treasurer
before making a document official.
Theorganizationformally known
as GSAC will now be known as GSC
which stands for Graduate Student
Council. This was confirmed by M.
Cole Jones, student body president.
Wyche mentioned that GSC may
potentially provide funding for grad
uate students in the future but they
will continue to receive funding from
SGA until further changes are made.
One of the last issues discussed
in Monday's meeting were updating
the SGA Web site which is currently
in the process of being updated.
Jones encouraged congress
members to inform him about any
additional things they would like to
see on the Webs ite to represent SGA.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Now taking applications
for 20062007 year.
Positions are available for:
ManagingCopy Editor
Section Editors
Photo Editor
PRMarketing Rep
Volunteer photographers and writers
Call 328.9246 or stop by Self Help Center, Suite 205A
(301 S. Evans Street) for more information.

Get cash for your books.
Dowdy Student Stores BOOK BUY BACK:
June 20 - 22
Now's the time to sell back your USED books. Even if your
book isn't needed at East Carolina again, we may buy it
anyway! We're now buying books for State and Carolina
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Wll Ronald E. Dowdy
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Pnn 'PPnnlnn' h'1'
0lnny?nHln0? OOnn nnnnn
Librarians from pager
"Rural school districts in eastern
North Carolina have a much harder
job of recruiting teachers and school
"We are focusing our emphasis on
recruiting school librarians for rural
districts, especially eastern North
Carolina districts.
Despite just receiving the grant,
the College of Education has wasted
no time in getting the program rolling
with student interest already peaked.
"We just think it's a great
opportunity for the university as
well as for eastern North Carolina
to actually get very well trained
school librarians said Harer.
The grant was co-directed and
co-developed by Dr. Harer and Dr.
Larry White.
Dubbed the Laura Bush Twenty
First Century Librarian Program,
the program has outward respect
for librarianship, as the first lady
herself was a former librarian.
Based out of Washington, D.C
the grant is distributed by the Insti-
tute of Museum and Library Services,
a federal agency.
This writer can be contacted at
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In My Opinion
Green design could benefit ECU
Progressive energy
policies are key for a
growing school
ECU is a decidedly growing
school, with the third largest student
population in the University of North
Carolina system. As the university
continues to expand to accommo-
date these students, its demand for
resources will continue to grow as
well. As these demands for resources
continue to grow, the demand for
new resources will increase as well,
but these resources are not unlimited.
New solutions will be necessary for
a clean transition into the future. I
think the most obvious solution to
this problem is utilizing the prin-
ciples of green design.
Green design is, at the surface,
anything designed with a certain
amount of sustainability. Using
recycled papers (and in turn, recy-
cling used papers), using inks that
are non-toxic and able to be recycled,
and using renewable energy sources
scratch at the surface of what green
design really is. At a deeper level,
green design is the ability to make
something that can sustain itself
long term and do so in a way that
is conscious (and conscientious) of
its impact on a community or an
An essential element of green
design is the conservation of energy,
water and other resources through
the use of renewable resources and
infrastructure (like solar panels
and recycling rain water). Creating
a successful infrastructure will be
essential to the university's expan-
sion. Green design opportunities
exist at all levels of development,
from materials that are non-toxic
and renewable and sustainable
(using recycled materials and recy-
cling materials), to less complicated
designs which need to be replaced less
often and require less maintenance.
Utilizing renewable resources is
something that is very important.
The benefits of using renewable
resources could help to move our
region (and ideally, our nation) to a
higher level of civilization.
Green Design, as an idea or move-
ment isn't particularly new if you've
been around the design industry for a
while, but as of recently, it has begun
to pick up some steam. Architects
are beginning to embrace the ideas
of Green Design, and probably have
been aware of these concepts for
some time. Ultimately, it's not up to
the designer to advance the move-
ment, it's up to the client. The client
needs to be willing to pay for these
advances (which, by the way have
a way of paying themselves back in
the long run).
More and more humans and
animals are dying each year due
to pollution. It's an inevitable fact
that the more pollution we create,
the more consequences we will
suffer. One way to limit pollution
here at the university would be to
upgrade our motor fleet, which ECU
has begun to do. Limiting green-
house gasses and pollutants preserves
the environment around ECU that
are being poisoned constantly by
careless people who feel it's easier
to stick with the status quo than to
make a legitimate change.
Some people would say ECU has
begun to embrace this movement. I
can agree they have taken steps in
the right direction, like using ethanol
fuels and beginning to build more
energy efficient buildings. I think
there is a lot of work left. My vision
of the ECU of tomorrow contains
autonomous structures, vehicles that
are using hybrid technologies and
systems that sustain and renew them-
selves. The university needs to utilize
natural and renewable resources,
build structures that respect nature
and use vehicles that do not pollute
our river and wetlands. ECU could
only stand to benefit from these
environmentally friendly technolo-
gies and practices.
The green design movement has
been lightly handled to say the least
at the government level. I mean,
when you got something that's
working, why change? .Not exactly.
What we have is working, but a new,
sustainable and equitable system
would work much better in this
changing world. ECU needs to accept
that sustainable infrastructures are
the key to a successful future for the
Quick action will always be pref-
erable to bureaucracy; however, the
state has a penchant for bureaucracy.
So that means now is the time to
get the ball rolling on a new, green
university infrastructure. The costs
might be magnificent at first, but the
savings in the long run will be inargu-
ably greater. The moral and environ-
mental benefits will always be greater
than the financial ones, but the
financial ones will be huge as well.
Lets look at some realities of
energy prices: oil prices are near-
ing $80 a barrel. Wars are being
fought over oil interests; traditional
industries and resources are just not
worth the prices (environmental,
financial, physical and political)
that we are paying and they are too
substantial to ignore. Electric lighting
is expensive and relatively unneces-
sary if you design around it and
use sunlight as your main source of
energy. Water could be recycled, and
rainwater could be collected and re-
used instead of city water. All these
things are not only possible they are
Alternative sources of energy and
environmentally conscious design
are at the roots of tomorrow's tech-
nology. If tomorrow really does "start
here" at ECU, we need to upgrade our
industrial practices and step into the
forefront of environmentally con-
scious development.
Our Staff
Newsroom 252.328.9238
Fax 252.328.9143
Advertising 252.328.9245
Sarah Bell
Editor in Chief
Rachel King
News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Eric Gilmore
Sports Editor
Pirate Rants
I know no one understands it, but
I have been so bored this summer
I want school to start again.
I love that I get as many DVDs
mailed to me as I can possibly watch
for one set amount every month.
Don't you hate flaky opinion writers?
Why is it that you can only be
someone's hero if you find what
he or she needs in a 15 hour time
range? I mean I have tried to find
it, but give me a little more time
next time please!
Greenville needs to build a bubble
over the whole city to control the
temperature. Wouldn't it be nice if it
weren't so hot and humid all summer?
Why are certain parking lots
chained so that no one can park
there? If I've paid for a parking
pass for that particular lot then I
want to park there! The true axis
of evil is not N. Korea and Iran, it's
the ECU parking gurus and the
tow truck companies! I hate you!
Thank you, I feel somewhat better
now. Not really.
Does anyone find it ridiculous that
networks send their best anchors
to war zones?
Where is Suri Cruise? I am begin-
ning to think she doesn't really exist.
I shower every other day and shave
maybe once a week or so. Or is it
the other way around? Hard to say,
it's been a while. Is that a problem
you think? Oh yeah, sometimes I
forget to brush my teeth. I do, how-
ever, use deodorant. Sometimes.
Wanna be roomies?
Yeah, so I understand the purpose of
cleaning the bathrooms daily but I
don't understand why you have to
close our particular bathroom every
afternoon for four hours straight. I
would understand this better if you
actually cleaned the showers every
day or did something that actually
took a long time to do. So please,
clean the bathrooms in Cotten but
please don't close ours off all after-
noon because the other bathroom is
way dirtier and nastier than ours. Oh
yeah, please clean the showers more
often too. Thanks!
I got a digital camera as a present
and you would think that I would
have nice group shots because you
can retake pictures if they aren't
good. But no, most of my pictures
still have closed eyes or goofy
looks, what gives?
Come here with an open mind.
Attend class regularly. Read and study.
Do well. Commit yourselves to suc-
cess. Or go home. No sense in wast-
ing your time and ours. Good luck.
I really hope that future columns
by Dustin B. Pittman will not be
littered with sentences ending in
prepositions. Have you taken Eng-
lish 1100? It is really annoying.
I work in the dining hall and it's a
pain to clean up. Why can't you
just clean up after yourself.
Hey! Keep your eyes on your own
Ew don't be "that guy" who sticks
his head out of his car window
and takes a double look when I am
walking on the sidewalk.
I don't care if you're blow drying or
vacuuming over there, but please
stop doing it at 1:30 a.m
I hate when I am outside all day
and even with two different times
of putting on sunscreen, I get sun-
burned. Why is it so hard to find
sunscreen that work well?
I am having beach-withdrawal. I
need to go back A.S.A.P
How did we live when we only had
house phones to talk to each other?
Alexander Marciniak
Web Editor
Zach Sirkin
Photo Editor
Edward McKim
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the regular academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during
the summer. "Our View" is the opinion of the editorial board and is written by editorial board members. TEC welcomes letters to the editor which are limited to 250
words (which may be edited for decency or brevity). We reserve the right to edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed and include a telephone number. Let-
ters may be sent via e-mail to or to The East Carolinian, Self Help Building, Greenville, NC 27858-4353. Call 252-328-6366 for more
information. One copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.

. .
. -
Summer comedy 'You, Me and Dupree'
Last weekend's apparent
box-office success
I was sophomoric enough to
believe Owen Wilson blunt-slid
that handrail in the old Yeah Right!
skate video. To pile on more embar-
rassment, I was bummed out all day
after the extra features unveiled the
true assailant.
That might be slightly embel-
lished, but it holds some truth.
Wilson has a weird, stranded puppy
appeal that hypnotizes you into
hoping for his success. But the
Russo brothers' bid to swill Wilson's
attribute into two hours of gold
seems crafted more along the lines
of Criss Angel than P.T. Barnum.
The film follows Carl Peterson
(Matt Dillon) through discrepant
relationships between his newly-
wed wife, Molly (Kate Hudson), her
dad (Michael Douglas) and Dupree
(Wilson). Instead of developing
these bonds beyond a periphel
glimpse, the film quickly puts all
eyes on Dupree.
When the Russo brother's
piloted the Arrested Development
series, they won critical acclaim
for juggling dysfunctional rela-
tionships into a whimsy melee.
The show focused on a handful of
quirky characters, but was able to
interconnect and draw humor from
their clashes.
You, Me and Dupree attempts the
same brand of situational comedy,
but swaps wit for predictable pos-
ture. After Dupree forgets to tell his
boss he took some days off to attend
Peterson's wedding, he gets fired
and moves in with the Petersons.
His mishaps become too much to
handle and he is eventually given
the boot. When the Petersons' find
out he has nowhere to go (again
- the stranded puppy appeal),
they bring him back in, where he
changes and eventually saves their
relationship. Substitute Wilson for
Brandon Frazier and we have Encino
Man II.
It's cliche to say that Hollywood
is running out of ideas, but like a
drunken shoplifter, You, Me and
Dupree steals a scene straight from
the pro shop of Happy Gilmore. It
switches Sandler's paranoid dream
of Shooter and his girl for one
Permanent guest Dupree relaxes with newlyweds Molly and Cart in the summer comedy You, Me and Dupree.
of Dupree and Molly. It's smart
to throw in some scenes of the
proclaimed "band-aid" wearing a
skimpy swimsuit, but at least do it
with some principle.
Ironically, the Russo broth-
ers fail at the technique that put
them on the map. Then again,
Arrested Development's run dis-
jointed quicker than Dillon's nine-
iron in Drugstore Cowboy. And from
the looks of it, You, Me and Dupree
is going to be a summer hit. In the
words of Barnum, "There's a sucker
born every minute
This writer can be contacted at
Be careful out there gentlemen
Clues your girl is
searching for her future
Remember the 1960s and 1970s
when women started demanding
equal pay for work and wanted to
get out of the home? Well you can
kiss those days good-bye because
more girls in college are out for a
degree you can't walk across the
stage for. It is, of course, the highly g
coveted M.R.S. degree.
If you know what to look for, "
it is easy to see the hints drop-
ping from these seekers of life-
long pampering. When cruising
around Facebook, and admit it
you do, if a girl belongs to groups
such as "Future Trophy Wives of
America" and "All I want to be is
a Country Club Mom" then you
may be in a bit of a pickle.
If said girl belongs to a soror-
ity, then her odds jump 62 percent
at wanting to play "wifey If she
is a member of a service sorority,
the odds decrease slightly.
It is moreover safe to surmise
Can you spot some characteristics of a trophy wife in the woman above?
that any lady who only dons pastels
and owns a Lily Pulitzer golf bag is
not planning on actually getting
an education while in college. They
know that the true accomplishment
of school is to graduate with a steady
beau who holds a degree in finance
and owns prime beach real estate.
These girls are not to be taken
lightly. Stay around too long and
you could find your trust fund
spent on a three-carat princess cut
diamond set in platinum. She also
probably has a wish list at every
fine jewelry store south of the
Mason-Dixon line.
These girls make wonderful
first wives. They will keep your
houses immaculate by learning
the best way to handle the hired
help and sire perfect children who
will carry on your distinguishable
name. They are always first to com-
pliment you and will never think
for herself.
see WIFE page 7
Last minute fitness plan
Getting fit before school
starts can be done
Let me be the first to admit that
this summer I had planned to get into
shape, but with a hectic work sched-
ule it seems that I barely had time
to brush my teeth, much less work
out and plan healthy meals. How-
ever, with a month of summer left
before school starts back, I still have
time to devote to my fitness goals.
The first step to becoming
healthier is attempting to eat
healthier. It's always tempting to
stop by Krispy Kreme when the
"Hot Now" sign is lit up, but eating
sweets will not satisfy your hunger
and in the long run you will end
up gaining weight. When you are
craving a snack try some fruit or
grab one of my favorites, the new
"100 Calorie Packs
Many people believe that skip-
ping out on breakfast will help
them lose weight, but the truth is
quite the contrary. When you skip
out on breakfast your body will
need more food by the time you eat
lunch. So, rather than overeating at
lunch, grab a light breakfast such as
a bagel or toast with fruit to get your
metabolism going for the day.
When it comes to eating healthy
the rules are pretty simple, follow
your food guide pyramid. Eating
more grains, fruits and vegetables
will fill you up for a longer period of
time. As always, remember to that
portion control is key when eating
meats and sweets.
As far as working out, pretty
much anything goes. You can go
for a run around your neighbor-
hood, ride your bike to class, take
the stairs rather than the elevator
or park at the end of the parking lot
when you go shopping. No matter
how you get it, exercise is a key
ingredient to getting fit.
If you enjoy more structured
workouts, heading over to the Stu-
dent Recreation Center may be more
your speed. The SRC offers tons
of workout equipment, an indoor
track, indoor and outdoor pools and
a climbing wall. At the SRC you can
use the equipment to time your exer-
cises and plan a regular routine.
If you prefer to keep your work-
outs in your home you may want
to buy a DVD to follow, workouts
include dancing, Tae Bo, yoga,
see FITNESS page 6

FltflBSS from page 5
Male or female, personal appearance can measure self-esteem.
pilates and many more. These
videos are usually geared toward
your entire body rather than just
one area and progress from begin-
ner to advanced levels.
No matter how you choose to
get fit this summer, remember to
stick with it. Once you have a plan,
don't give up. The pounds aren't
going to melt away instantly and
getting in shape is hard work, but
in the end you will be a healthier,
happier you, which will make it
all worthwhile. Not to mention
all of the looks you will be getting
while you strut your stuff through
the Wright Place on August 23.
This writer can be contacted at
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a boss
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2nd and 4th donations
'not donated in over 6 months.
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1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments
200 G-0 Verdant Dr. Greenville, NC
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Go West on 10th St.
Verdant Dr. will be the
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On-site Management
& Maintenance
On-site Laundry Facilities
ECU SGA Bus Service
City Bus Route
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Modern Electric Appliances:
Dishwasher &
Garbage Disposal
Central Heating & Air
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x gii1.
bommniwgg I
- mgm
i apartments
3 bedroom 3 bath townhomes
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4 bedroom 3 bath townhomes
Individual leases & Spacious Floorplans
Fitness Center Lighted Tennis Court
Swimming Pool Clubhouse Sand Volleyball
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Planned Social Activities Full Sie Washers
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Line 24 Hour Maintenance Great Location1
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: listiK ID 7065201 at foi photos floorplans, t more!
Wlf 6 from page 5
So if you make contact with a
pretty girl drinking a vodka-pine-
apple with big pearl studs in her
ears, follow these simple steps to
extract yourself should she get a
fervent grip on your wallet.
First, inform her that you own
a Tag watch. If she stares blankly
at you, then you are in the clear. If
she asks you why you don't own a
Rolex, run fast.
If you start discussing common
interests and the topic of golf is
broached, deny having any knowl-
edge of the Masters or who Phil
Mickelson is. Golf has always been
a sport synonymous with money
and feigning ignorance will make
you seem "common" in her eyes.
Despite how much time these
girls take in making sure they have
the perfect appearance for catch-
ing a man, do not be fooled into
thinking they have heads full of
bubbles. These ladies know exactly
what they are doing and make no
qualms about their quest for a life
full of tennis and having their share
of cabana boys.
This writer can be contacted at
Mark A. Ward
Attorney at Law
Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law
Traffic Offenses
Drug Offenses
State & Federal Courts
252.752.7529 Visit our website at
You drank.
You danced.
You had
Free Pregnancy Tests
Call Carolina Pregnancy Center
Greenville location: (252) 757-0003
845 Johns Hopkins Drive, Suite B
MmiFri. tt:30am4:30pni
Washington location: (252) 946-8040
24 hour hotline: I-800-395-HELP
l S.
e of

Coach LeClair leaves lasting legacy at ECU
LeClair survived by wife,
two children
Even in death, Keith LeClair's
legacy will live on.
A stadium bears his name. Hall
of fames don his plaques. A round
robin tournament provides a stage
for big time college baseball.
The stadium is a brick-by-brick
metaphor of the foundation he
built at the helm of ECU's baseball
team. Both the ECU and Western
Carolina University Hall of Fames
display the hard work and passion
he put in as both a player and coach.
Like his teams, the tournament puts
Greenville in the national spotlight.
At the end, it didn't matter. Nei-
ther did LeClair's body, which slowly
failed him over the five years that he
was inflicted with amyotrophic lat-
eral sclerosis, better known as ALS
or Lou Gehrig's disease.
What did matter were his faith,
his mind and his family. Three
things, a trinity if you will, that
. never failed him.
"The experience of the disease
caused him to go a bit deeper in his
faith and to look inward and think
about what's important in life said
Oakmont Baptist Pastor Greg Rogers.
"He decided that family and
faith was number one and every-
thing else would come second
LeClair had been unable to
communicate since his eyes dete-
riorated in October from using his
laser eye technology. Even his wife
Lynn, who is described as a "saint"
by Rogers, lost the ability to speak
with her husband.
"Most people are
defined by what
they do in terms
of wins, honors,
Keith is defined by
the way he lived his
"It all comes back to faith said
Joseph Hastings, a former ECU player
who is one of six college assistant
coaches that played under LeClair.
"They took the situation and
used it as an opportunity to reach
out to people.
On Father's Day, there was
LeClair sitting in his power chair
worshiping at the Oakmont Baptist
Church watching his only daughter,
Audrey, sing a musical solo.
"He didn't have to say anything
to be an inspirational type of figure
for people Rogers said.
"His presence in our worship
service was something that touched
people deep within their hearts
Still, LeClair kept fighting. And
through his five-year battle, he
got to treasure moments with his
children as they grew. Little things,
like baseball games and Sunday
afternoons were experiences he pre-
served as sand piled in his hourglass.
"These last five years have been
a real gift for Keith in respect to
his children because he was able to
watch them grow Rogers said.
He got to watch the dedication
of the stadium that bears his name.
He helped to raise money for ECU
athletics and ALS awareness. He
wrote devotionals to family and
friends. Through it all, LeClair was
happy and at peace.
"Most people are defined by
what they do in terms of wins,
honors, accomplishments and
things like that WCU head coach
Todd Raleigh said, a former team-
mate and assistant coach.
"Keith is defined by the way he
lived his life. He put his family and
religion first and did everything else
after that the right way
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Keith LeClair, 40, conducted practice before being stricken with ALS.
Mark Wharton settles in as new Pirate Club Director
Wharton returns for
"dream job'
So often we hear of former play-
ers returning to their alma mater
to coach. Mark Wharton graduated
from ECU in 1993 and has returned
to Greenville as the new Executive
Director of the Pirate Club. Whar-
ton, who assumed his new duties
July 17, didn't play sports at ECU,
but his mark on campus was there
even when he wasn't and his return
is something special.
"It's amazing being back - how
many of the same faces and a lot
of phone calls congratulating and
saying hello Wharton said.
"It's kinda weird. Not a lot has
changed. I left here in 2000 and I told
" everyone that my dream job would
be back in this capacity. I thought it
would come down the road when I
was 55 or something, but it's more of
an honor and privilege now
Wharton obtained his bachelor's
degree in leisure studies with a con-
centration in community and com-
mercial recreation from ECU in 1993
before adding a master's in human
ecology with an emphasis in sport
management from the University of
Tennessee in 1995.
This is Wharton's second stint
with the Pirate Club. In 1996, he
returned to Greenville as the Club's
assistant director - a position he
held for four years. During that time,
Wharton led a campaign to revamp
the athletic department's facilities.
He was responsible for the develop-
ment of 17 Pirate Club chapters in
North Carolina, South Carolina and
Georgia. In addition to identifying
members for annual campaigns, he
qualified individuals and businesses
for ECU'S "Kick-off To Victory"
campaign to raise $10.5 million for
the construction of the Pirates' new
strength and conditioning building,
later named the Murphy Center.
Wharton also played an active role
directing othe Young Graduate Cam-
paign and Student Pirate Club while
coordinating parking and seating
assignments for games.
"We are fortunate to have some-
one of Mark's capability who also
brings a wealth of experience to
this job Pirate Club President John
Hudson said in May.
"He developed his foundation at
ECU and will bring a passion back to
the Pirate Club
Wharton's most recent posi-
tion was associate director of
athletics for development at the
University of Nevada-Las Vegas
for the past two years, where he
headed all development and fund-
raising activities for the Rebels'
intercollegiate athletics program.
"We are thrilled to welcome Mark
back to the Pirate family said Terry
Holland, ECU athletic director.
"His experience, institutional
knowledge and vision will serve our
fund-raising efforts very well for
years to come
Wharton served as the Associ-
ate Athletics Director for External
Affairs at UNC-Asheville from 2003
to 2004. Prior to that, he spent three
years at James Madison University
as Director of the Duke Club. The
37-year-old father of two began his
professional career while a student at
ECU, earning an appointment as the
Kinston Indians' Director of Regional
Marketing in January of 1991.
"Mark is a Pirate and therefore
understands the mission and vision
for ECU as a university and as an ath-
letic department Holland said.
"He is a good fit yet also has an
extensive and varied background
in fundraising at different types of
institutions in different parts of the
country. Mark's experience here in
the Pirate Club in the late 90s, at
James Madison, UNC-Asheville and
UNLV provide him with the ideal
foundation for leading the Pirate
Club into a new era. He respects and
understands the great job the Pirate
Club has done for ECU Athletics over
these many years and he brings new
ideas and proven concepts that can
help us be even more competitive
over the next decade
Wharton has the future on his
mind, to reward the long-time support-
ers of the Pirates while continuing to
emphasize growth of the Pirate Club.
"We've got to grow our base and
for those long-time supporters, we've
got to move them up the ladder
Wharton said.
"We have to continue our facility
improvements and build our endow-
ment. Ten years ago, they were talk-
ing about having $10 million, now
we're pushing for $20 million. We
can't settle with where we are
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.


- c. p HaOK- "tots-
r&r fa,
rewards are sweet.
LGuldir from page 1
NCAA regional berth at stake,
LeClair watched his team defeat
Houston 4-0 from a van located
along the foul line to capture his
only C-USA tournament crown.
After making the final out, the
team doused his vehicle in cel-
ebration. The act, done spontane-
ously, was a symbol of the respect
mutual respect between he and
his players.
He was inducted into the ECU
athletic hall of fame in 2002 and
was honored as the first recipient
of the C-USA Student-Athlete Advi-
sory Committee's (SAAC) Coaches
Choice Award. In addition, the
C-USA Baseball Coach of the Year
Award is named in his honor.
He won the American Baseball
Coaches Association's East Region
Coach-of-the-Year award in both
1999 and 2001. During his col-
legiate baseball career as a player,
assistant coach and head coach at
Western Carolina and ECU, LeClair
was a part of 13 NCAA Tournament
teams and earned five conference
coach-of-the-year awards.
LeClair played at WCU under
current Clemson head coach Jack
Leggett. LeClair was an All-South-
ern Conference selection in 1988
while earning SoCon Tournament
MVP honors the same season. The
former walk-on also established
Catamount records for hits and
total bases in a season. He was
inducted into the WCU athletic
hall of fame in 2002 and his jersey
was recently retired.
LeClair signed a minor league
contract with the Atlanta Braves
after finishing his collegiate career.
After a spring training stint with
the San Francisco Giants in 1989,
he was offered a student assistant
coaching position at WCU. At
WCU, he had a 229-135-2 (.628)
record while winning four South-
ern Conference championships
and advancing to NCAA regional '
play four times.
The funeral service will be held
on Friday, July 21 at 2 p.m. at Oak-
mont Baptist Church in Greenville.
The family will receive friends on
Thursday evening between 5 and
8 p.m. at S.G. Wilkerson and Sons
Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers,
the family has requested that dona-
tions be made to the ALS Founda-
tion, SPORTworks Ministry and The
Pirate Club.
LeClair is survived by his wife,
Lynn, two children, Audrey and
J.D and his father and mother,
Andy and Doris LeClair, of Wal-
pole, NH.
This writer can be contacted at
sports&theeastcarolinian. com.
On-campus conveniences
Apartment amenities
Located in the heart of
ECU's campus, the new
Campus Towers offers
today's students the
perfect blend of location,
style & convenience.
With a cutting-edge
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room, TV lounges and
new laundry facilities,
Campus Towers offers
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commute. Sleep late and
walk or bike to class.
lite lies!
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i S.
e of

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Garage, 5 mins from campus in
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lease. Call for application: 336-816
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Dr. Central air. washerdryer included,
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month. First month student discount.
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-zq i
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t S.

t itudetititiuvj
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2 bed - 2 bath $425 per month
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mountain mudd coffee bar texas hold em tables pool furniture
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fully furnised cable with HBO high speed internet full size washer and dryer
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sand volleyball courts' two full court basketball
cxMeqepankuueb. com
3305 East 10th Street Greenville, NC 27858 I 752.9995
, ; i( rtiWmWBMm&'Wwtivi

The East Carolinian, July 19, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
July 19, 2006
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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