The East Carolinian, July 12, 2006

Volume 81 Number 76
July 12,2006
College Hill suites set to debut
New dorm to house over
400 students
College Hill and Campus
Living are primed to open up the
new College Hill Suites for busi-
ness in the coming weeks.
The five-story building will
offer students some added perks
from the traditional dorms at
ECU. Designed for returning stu-
dents, the dorm is intended for
those who enjoy the closely-knit
community that is dorm life.
Campus Living is not trying
to phase out incoming freshmen.
Instead, they feel that these stu-
dents should live in the traditional
dorm setting, where there is a
: large number of people to meet
9 in a closer setting.
dents are able to go door to door,
In many residence halls, stu-
This August, the
The new suites
brand new suite-style residence hall on College Hill, pictured above, will be open to students,
will have features that most dorms do not, including a kitchen and private bathrooms.
a meeting their neighbors instead of
J having such an enclosed space like
the suites will be. Each suite will
see SUITES page 2
New nursing building nears completion
Building will allow for
more enrollment
A new building often symbol-
izes a new and better future. The
same can be said for the new,
high-tech nursing building, which
should be ready for classes this
fall at ECU.
The Brody School of Medicine
is a top of the line medical school
and is considered one of the best
academic medical centers in
North Carolina.
The Brody Medical Sciences
Building was built next to Pitt
County Memorial Hospital in
1982, yet the nursing school,
which represents an important
aspect of medical learning, was
built quite a distance from the
medical science building.
The new nursing facility is
on the west campus area, in close
proximity to the Brody School of
Medicine and the Allied Health
Sciences School.
This proximity will allow
much more interdisciplinary
teaching, research and service.
This new nursing building
covers 84,000 square feet and is
connected to the School of Allied
Health Sciences and Health Sci-
ences Library buildings through
upper level walkways.
The buildings are separate at
the ground level, and open into
courtyard areas.
The new nursing building will
house meeting spaces to encour-
age studentfaculty interaction, as
well as high-tech clinical learning
labs, which are equipped to pro-
vide simulation learning across an
array of patient populations and
clinical problems.
These nine clinical labs will
create more space, allowing for
more people to enroll into the
nursing program, unlike the pre-
vious location for the school of
nursing, which had only one lab
The building features nine clinical labseight more than the older one.
and was not equipped for simula-
tion learning.
The difference in the number
of students that can be enrolled
per year and the advance tech-
nology used in the new building
will allow the nursing school to
become more efficient and suc-
cessful than ever.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Sheerer joins
of Student Life
Dr. Marilyn Sheerer
comes from Education to
Student Life
Marilyn Sheerer has been
appointed as the Interim Vice
Chancellor of Student Life. She has
a Master's degree from Syracuse in
student personnel profiling, which
she feels helped to fuel her interest
in students' lives outside of the
"I'm leaving the academic side
and going to the student side. I
feel that an ECU student's college
experience has a lot to do with what
happens outside of the classroom
so it has always been an interest of
mine she said.
Dr. Sheerer began her profes-
sional career as a high school
English teacher after graduating
from Bloomsburg State College in
Pennsylvania. She then went on
c to get her master's degree. She has
: served as a faculty member at four
j institutions of higher education; as
3 a department chair at two; as the
Dean of the College of Education
S at ECU; and as the Interim Vice
Chancellor for University Advance-
ment at ECU.
Dr. Sheerer has been with ECU
for 10 years, so she is familiar
with the campus and admin-
istration. She was appointed
to her current position July 1
see SHEERER page 3
INSIDE I News: 2 I Classifieds: 14 I Opinion: 5 I Features: 6 I Sports: 10


JULY 12, 2006
2006 ECULoessIn
Summer Theatre
Individual ticket sales began June 1.
Please see to purchase
tickets or call 1-800-ECU-ARTS.
Summer season tickets are available
The Fantasticks"
July 11-15
The original production opened on May
3,1960 at the Sullivan Street Playhouse
in New York's Greenwich Village
where it's still playing after 15,000
performances making The Fantasticks
is the longest-running musical in the
world! At the heart of its breathtaking
poetry and subtle sophistication is a
purity and simplicity that results in a
timeless fable of love that manages
to be nostalgic and universal at the
same time. With its minimal costumes,
small band and virtually non-existent
set, The Fantasticks is an intimate
show that engages the audience's
imagination and showcases a strong
ensemble cast.
footloose: The Musical"
July 25-29,2006
One of the most explosive movie
musicals in recent memory now bursts
onto the live stage. When Ren and
his mother move from Chicago to a
small farming town, Ren is prepared
for the inevitable adjustment period
at his new high school. What he isn't
prepared for are the rigorous local
laws, including a ban on dancing. The
ban is the brainchild of a preacher
determined to exercise the control
over the town youth that he cannot
command in his own home. When the
reverend's rebellious daughter sets her
cap for Ren, her roughneck boy friend
tries to sabotage Ren's reputation, with
many of the locals eager to believe the
worst about the new kid. To the rockin'
rhythm of its Oscar-nominated top 40
score (the soundtrack album reached
number one on the Billboard charts
and has sold over 15 million copies!)
to which new, dynamic songs have
been added, Footloose celebrates the
wisdom of listening to young people,
guiding them with a warm heart and
an open mind.
Chick-fil-A offers combo
Chtck-fil-A is honoring all cows with the
2nd Annual Cow Appreciation day on
July 14 Patrons can get a free combo
if they dress up like a cow from head
to toe on this date only Applies to most
Chick-fil-A locations Check with your
local Chick-fil-A before Friday, July 14.
Women undergo mercury testing
Contaminated fish a
cause for concern
Twenty women from the
Greenville area were tested for
mercury contamination at the
Greenville Town Commons last
Mercury contamination is a big
concern for women in North Caro-
lina because the exposure can lead to
health complications with unborn
fetuses and breast-fed infants.
According to Melinda Pierson,
SELC communications manager,
women of chlldbearing age whose
bodies are contaminated with
mercury pass the mercury on to
their unborn fetuses.
The mercury that is passed
on to the fetus is a neuro-toxin,
which controls the way the brain
develops. The toxin can cause
mental retardation, lower IQs,
cognitive delays and slow motor
Men can also suffer compli-
cations if contaminated such as
having tingling in their fingertips,
decreased motor skills and cardio-
vascular problems.
These symptoms are normally
seen in men with high levels of
mercury in their system, according
to Pierson.
The exposure to mercury
stems from individuals eating
mercury contaminated fish.
Mercury is transmitted into
fish by power plants that pro-
duce large amounts of pollut-
ants that contribute to mercury.
About 70 percent of mercury
deposits in local waters are emit-
ted by local coal-burning power
plants. People that fish in these
waters are likely to catch fish with
mercury in them.
The state has issued adviso-
ries to warn people of mercury
contamination in certain fish.
According to Pierson, the number
of contaminated fish is growing
The largest fish advisory was
recently released by the state and
included 22 species of fish that are
unsafe for children and pregnant
The advisory includes fish that
are commonly caught, including
may cause serious health concerns.
largemouth bass, canned white
tuna, South Atlantic grouper, king
mackerel and Spanish mackerel.
According to Pierson, in the
past, the common rule of thumb
was that fish that are more likely to
be contaminated with mercury were
larger fish because their skin tissue
could absorb the mercury better.
This mercury is now being
see MERCURY page 3
from page 1
Driving with cell phone as bad as driving drunk, study says.
Cell phones cause
problems on the road
(KRT) Drivers who talk on
cell phones may be just as danger-
ous as those who drink.
That's the sobering conclusion
of a study published Thursday by
University of Utah researchers who
monitored 40 meaand women on
a driving simulator.
And drivers using hands-free
phones were no better than those
with the hand held variety, con-
firming previous studies.
The findings, published in the
journal Human Factors, represent
see DRIVING page 4
be akin to an apartment.
When they return the
following year, they will have the
opportunity to live in the new
dorm with an established com-
munity of friends that they met
the previous year in the other
"It gives you a lot more com-
munity ties, but after that first
year, when people are really
settled into the institution, and
have their support network of
g friends and all that, we feel that
8 it's a more appropriate time
for students to get that addi-
tional privacy they'd like said
Aaron Lucier, associate director
of Campus Living.
"We're very excited. When
you work on projects like this,
where really, the design and the
construction has been going on
from phase one to this, in terms
of looking at the building and
designing this phase and talking
with architects, it's really been a
four to five year process
According to Lucier, the dor-
mitory will be ready to live in
around July 24.
The building is unique in
many ways. The dorm expands
on the idea of a suite style of
living that can be seen in Scott
and Belk dorms, but does it
in a way that truly realizes
what a suite should be like.
Two student rooms branch off
of a kitchenette and a living room
area with a sofa.
Each student room has a pri-
vate bathroom, while the kitch-
enettes will each have a full size
refrigerator and microwave.
Each floor will have a kitchen
that is bigger than the kitchenette
in the rooms, for students who
have need of a stove or want to
make larger meals.
"The spaces do not really
feel like a residence hall, some
of them feel like a loft apart-
ment that you would see in
an urban area said Lucier.
Built to house 488 students,
the massive dorm cost approxi-
mately $32 million.
The building has been in design
and construction for five years.
Students can take comfort in
having access to two elevators
when dealing with the hassle of
moving in and out. There is even a
waiting list to live there this year.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.

. Professionally managed
by Pickering and Company
Apartment Features
Fully-Equipped Kitchens
U, dtohvnwtw mlcroww, refrigerator & dispaMl)
Private Bedrooms & Private Baths
All Utilities Included Except
Phone Service
mamo teettlclly mmmnoMTtoO. apt)
(SlOSmo atadrioNy alowanoa 3txL apt)
Full-SIze Washer And Dryer
Included In Unit
Extended and basic cable included
Internet included
Individual 10 & 12 Month Leases
Flexible Payment Options
Community Amenities
Gathering Room With Large
Rat Screen Televisions
Game Room With Billiards,
Air Hockey & Fbosball
ComputerMedia Center
Fitness Center
- Swimming Pool & Hot Tub
Beach Volleyball
- Minutes From Campus
On ECU Bus Route
rates as
2230 NE Greenville Boulevard
MerCUry from page 2
found in smaller fish that the
public is more likely to catch while
fishing and then eat.
Unlike mercury found in ther-
mometers, this type of mercury will
stay in a contaminated person's
system for a long period of time.
There is no kind of known
treatment to rid the mercury from
your body once exposed to it.
The state is currently work-
ing on a proposal to control and
restrict mercury, which should be
ready in the fall.
According to Pierson, the pro-
posal's terms didn't pose a strong
enough effect on controlling
The Sierra Club has made
an effort to encourage them to
enforce stricter measures to control
mercury contamination.
The state also required power
plants to reduce the amount of
pollutants that contribute to smut
and ozone in the N.C. Clean Smoke
Stacks Act a few years ago. They
weren't required to reduce mercury,
but, in some cases, mercury was also
decreased with the ozone and smut.
Current actions taken by the
state include advisories to the
public, however the decision to
eat certain types of fish is left up
to the public.
The Greenville Sierra Club
wants the public to be more
socially aware of how to avoid
mercury contamination.
According to Pierson, she still
has trouble identifying which
fish are safe because it's hard to
remember all the fish that are on
the advisory.
The advisory covers just North
Carolina. The trouble with decid-
ing if the fish is safe emerges when
you know which fish is on the advi-
sory but you realize that it came
from a different state or country.
Most people don't have
common knowledge about if there
are large amounts of mercury pres-
ent in waters outside of their state.
The Greenville Sierra Club and
the University of North Carolina
at Asheville have found through
various studies that approximately
one in five women in North Caro-
lina have high levels of mercury
in their body.
To get the advisory list and to
find out more about the dangers
of mercury contamination, visit
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
ShBGrBr from page 1
by Chancellor Steve Ballard.
During her tenure as Dean of
Education, the College of Educa-
tion received two national awards
for excellence in teacher educa-
tion, increased enrollment by 40
percent, built the largest distance
education program among schools
and colleges of education in the
UNC System and increased grant
resources by 40 percent, among
other accomplishments.
Her emphasis has been on
the establishment of meaningful
relationships, both internally and
externally among units on campus
and with community colleges,
public schools, community agen-
cies and other institutions of higher
Her biography also states that
she reflects a strong belief in
continuous improvement as an
important leadership strategy. Her
research and publication interests
are in the areas of leadership,
change in higher education and
student success.
Dr. Sheerer has great interest in
changing the way Student Life is run.
"I want to take a careful look at
realigning the positions so that our
staff members can give the students
the greatest chance for success. Stu-
dent success is why we are all here
and that's what we want to see. I am
going to integrate the 'co-curricular
activities' part of student's lives. I
want to bring things together for
them so that they can see the whole
picture of the educational process
here at ECU. A lot of that has to do
with the alignment of jobs in the
Student Life Division. We need to
be strategic in our plans for a Stu-
dent Life Division that runs more
smoothly she said.
Certainly her colleagues are
excited about working for her as well.
"She will do a great job with
this and I am looking forward to
working with her and being a part
of the positive changes that she will
bring said Amy Waters, assistant
vice chancellor of Student Life.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Report news students need to know. tec
Accepting applications for STAFF WRITERS
Learn Investigative reporting skills
Must have at least a 2.0 GM
WEVE MOVED Apply al our NEW office located uptown at the Self Help Building - 100F E. 3rd St

SGA looks to complete
second summer goal
Revisions to the funding
SGA has been working vigor-
ously to finish their second goal
for the summer: revising the fund-
ing manual.
The summer legislative branch
has put in a lot of time and effort
to make changes to the document
so that funding can be allotted
to student organizations more
The first draft of the emer-
gency funding manual has been
Further recommendations
for the manual will be made at a
meeting tomorrow night.
The legislative branch expects
to complete the remaining revi-
sions to the document by next
After completing the emer-
gency funding manual, the SGA
will move on to their third and
final goal for the summer.
The last goal that the summer
branch will tackle is providing a
clear definition of what exactly a
funding board is and what respon-
sibilities and roles it has.
There are only two more meet-
ings left for the summer SGA. The
summer branch concludes their
meetings on July 24.
Despite the time restraints, the
branch seems ready to get started
on their final goal.
Students are encouraged to
come to the weekly meetings
held on Mondays in Mendenhall
Student Center, Room 14.
Readers may visit www.ecu.
edusga or call 328-4742 if they
have any questions or concerns.
This writer can be contacted at
Driving from page 2
a direct blow at a popular pastime
that is taken for granted by millions
of multitasking drivers.
At any given moment during
the day, 10 percent of drivers on
U.S. roads are gabbing away on
their wireless devices, according to a
2005 estimate by the National High-
way Traffic Safety Administration.
Bad idea, said psychologist
Frank A. Drews, one of the Utah
study's authors.
"It's kind of almost unpredictable
how they are driving Drews said.
When using cell phones, drivers
had slower reaction times and more
accidents, and they drove incon-
sistently, sometimes approaching
other cars then falling back, he said.
Cellular industry officials
acknowledge that phones can
be a distraction but said there
are ways to use them sensibly.
It is unfair to single out phones,
said John Walls, a spokesman for
CTIAThe Wireless Association,
a Washington-based trade group.
"I think there are just a
multitude of distractions that
are out there Walls said.
"And by focusing on just
one, you're creating a false sense
of security among people
In another recent study by
the Virginia Tech Transportation
Institute, other distractions, such
as applying makeup and reading,
were found to be much more risky.
In the Utah study, both cell-
phone use and alcohol caused
participants to "drive" more errati-
cally over the simulated 24-mile
course, but in different ways.
Cell-phone users were involved
in more "accidents" and they took
about 70 milliseconds longer to
react when the car on the video
screen in front of them hit the
brakesa delay during which
a car traveling 55 mpn would
cover more than 5 feet of road.
When the drivers were drunk
with a blood-alcohol content of
.08they followed other cars more
closely and they braked 23 percent
more forcefully, a potential prob-
lem for motorists behind them.
They also had twice as many
close calls as they did when sober,
defined as stopping less than 4
seconds away from a collision.
The participants were given
a mixture of vodka and orange
juice. Their level of drunken-
nessequivalent to four drinks
in an hour on an empty stom-
ach for a 170-pound manwas
verified with a breath monitor.
By one key measure,
cell-phone users were even
worse than drunk drivers.
When talking on the phone the
drivers had three accidents, but when
they were drunk they had none.
The drivers also had
no accidents when they were
sober and not using phones.
Researchers said they
were surprised that the drunk
drivers were accident-free.
They urged people not to mis-
construe the results as suggest-
ing that drunk driving is safe;
there is no question it is not.

M E lJ T
- &sm
3 bedroom 3 bath townhomes
1) 4 bedroom 2 bath flats
4 bedroom 3 bath townhomes
Individual leases & Spacious Floorplans
Fitness Center Lighted Tennis Court
Swimming Pool Clubhouse Sand Volleyball
Lighted Basketball Courts Pool Tables
Planned Social Activities Full Sue Washers
& Dryers Fully Equipped Kitchens Roomate
Matching Service Decks & Patios On Bus
Line 24 Hour Maintenance Great Location1.
1 252.321.7613
Visit our wesbite www.clubproperties.cotn
1526 S. Charles Blvd. Greenville NC 27858
Conveniently located on Charles Blvd. across from Dowdy Ficklen Stadium and Williams Arena.
Enter listing ID 7065201 at for photos, floorplans. t more!
1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments
200 G-0 Verdant Dr. Greenville, NC
IS Take Greenville Blvd to 10th St
Go West on 10th St.
Verdant Dr. will be the
first street on the right. .
On-site Management
& Maintenance
On-site Laundry Facilities
ECU SGA Bus Service
City Bus Route
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Modern Electric Appliances:
Dishwasher &
Garbage Disposal
Central Heating & Air
Wall to Wall Carpet
Spacious Rooms
Free Water, Sewer &
Basic Cable

In My Opinion
Thank you, Kim Jong-il
Today, I'd like to take the time
to say "Thank You" to Kim Jong-il,
the communist dictator of North
Korea. It is because of him that I am
able to write this column this week.
Thank you, Kim Jong-il, for
proving to us that Ronald Reagan
was right on March 23, 1983 when
he told America of our need for the
Strategic Defense Initiative, code
named "Star Wars Your deci-
sion to develop and launch seven
intercontinental ballistic missiles
has shown us once and for all that
we need a ballistic missile shield
around the United States and our
allies. While I don't always concur
with President Bush, I praise him
today for his continuance of this
Reagan-era policy of protecting
our people. I hope one day our
allies in Canada and Mexico
will join with us so that North
America is fully protected from
powers in the world that wish to
destroy us. Without the ability
to shoot ICBMs out of the sky
before they are allowed to deto-
nate over our country we would
now be vulnerable to an attack
from communist North Korea.
Without Star Wars, we would
not be able tc enter into diplo-
matic means to deal with you; we
would be forced to act militarily.
Thank you, Kim Jong-il for
showing us that America's deci-
sion to pull back from above
the 38th Parallel was a bad deci-
sion. It is because of commu-
nist dictators like you that we
should have allowed our Marines
to push forward and continue
to win in Korea and spread
democracy across the Far East.
Thank you, Kim Jong-il for
shocking our allies in Japan. Thank
you for reminding them that it is
America, that bright light upon a
hill which allows for its security.
Thank you for proving that even
duds fired from your country can
reach not only to Japan, but also
over it. Thank you for showing
that your missile tests in 1998 were
not a joke. Thank you for putting
fire under the feet of the Japanese
so that they may lead UN discus-
sions with a force even greater
than that of the United States.
Thank you, Kim Jong-il for
awakening the United Nations
to the fact that the world is not a
happy place. Hopefully it will be
because of your actions that this
"world watchdog" will finally
evolve into the worldwide security
force that our former President
Woodrow Wilson envisioned
when he designed the League of
Nations. Thank You, Kim Jong-il
for letting the United Nations
know that there are insane leaders
like you who will stop at nothing
for a morsel of power. It is my
hope and sincere desire that when
we come to the table with North
Korea to discuss your desire for a
nuclear missile program that the
United Nations will act with all
the just force they can. I hope
that they will not allow you to
use your actions, which violated
agreements already made with
your country, to create a better
bargaining space in the world. I
hope the United Nations does not
concede to your desire for a weap-
ons program and it is my desire
that you will step away from the
table with international sanctions
which will help provide for the
security of our world.
Thank you, Kim Jong-il, for
awakening Russia to the fact that
even they with their former might
are no longer secure in their own
region. Thank you for bringing
them back to the realization that
America won the Cold War and
it is through our guidance and
leadership that the world will
remain secure. I hope your actions
will bring Russia to the table with
the same resolute determination
that America brings. I hope your
actions will help Russia, as well as
other nations of the world come to
the table with the desire to sanc-
tion your country for their actions.
Thank you, Kim Jong-il for
showing America where China
really stands. For many years our
country has "danced" with China
in the hopes that one day it will
fully open to American products
Chinese markets serving over one
billion people. For too long we
have made efforts to put our hand
in the Chinese cookie jar, while
sometimes overlooking the fact
that China still is a communist
country. We must act with the
best interest of the world in mind,
not the best interest of American
pocketbooks. Hopefully, we can
awaken China to the realization
that North Korea is not a country
they should be standing up for or
using their Security Council veto
for. Hopefully, they will join with
the other countries of the world in
issuing sanctions against North
Korea so that we may show the
other dictators of the world that it
is not okay to violate the rules of
the international community.
Thank you, Kim Jong-il for
showing us that Americans were
right in their outrage at North Korea
starting up their nuclear reactor.
While you claimed that it was in
a desire to provide energy to your
people, we can now understand
and fully see the true intent of that
nuclear program. Hopefully we will
not continue to turn a blind eye to it.
Finally, Kim Jong-il, I hope that
you will never have the ability or
the desire to show any being of the
world the true power of modern
nuclear weapons, and I hope that
you will never be allowed to.
Pirate Rants
What the heck happened to Cafe
Caribe? I know they were hurting
for business but give me a break!
One day, I'm going to become rich
and famous when I invent a device
that allows me to punch people in
the face over the internet.
I never thought I would say this,
but I miss Greenville.
I like summer sessions so much
better. The semester is shorter so
you knock out credits hours like
crazy. Also, the campus is much
quieter, much less congested.
Come fall, we'll have 20,000
people milling about, talking
on cell phones, oblivious to the
world around them.
To the individual who finds it
funny to take computer power
cables at Joyner Library: We found
your stash and will begin the
process of beating you with these
cables when we catch you.
Does anyone else cringe when
their mother says, "Honey we
are having the relatives over for a
BBQ, you can make it right?"
Why do they sell you a phone and
then upgrade their stock, but you
can't find parts for the one you
have. I mean just because I got a
phone a year ago and can't upgrade
for another year doesn't mean
that I may not need to still find
a charger at the networks store.
On the go breakfast food that
comes in a little package Who-
ever created Pop-tarts should get
a Nobel Peace Prize.
I don't get to see my friends over
the summer because they spend
247 with their boyfriends. I
mean girls, is it really that hard to
hang out without your boyfriend
with the girls once in a while?
Why does University Unions have
a policy on inter-office dating?
I mean we are in college aren't
we supposed to be meeting our
further spouses? Or can we meet
them and just not date them?
My boss called to check in on me
while I am on vacation. She said
that the office is quiet when I'm
not there. Does this mean that
everyone thinks I am loud and
Ok, so I understand why there
have to be two lights: one at the
bottom of the Hill and the other
to let the buses out. But why is it
that when one turns green the
other one is red? It takes like 20
minutes to get through that tenth
of a mile stretch. Can someone
rework the timers, please!
I hate taking summer school
classes online while I am at home.
I already have so much to do, and
now I have to keep up with an
online class? Bad move on my part!
Is anyone else ready for lil jon to
just go away?
If it isn't video games, it is reading
Pirate Rants When will you pay
attention to me for a change?
Summer sucks now that it doesn't
mean time off from school, or
beach days or seeing old friends
because I'm stuck in Greenville!
Seriously, what difference does it
make? I'll be 21 in a month.
Attendance policies are absolutely
ridiculous. If 1 pay for a class and
decide to not go to it every day, but
still manage to get my work in on
time and take my examsquizzes,
and do well on them to boot - then
I should be able to without penalty!
What happens if there is a car in
the left hand lane and a police
officer in the right am I sup-
posed to hit the officer?

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Aries: You'll need the others to help you
achieve the goals you've set for yourself.
Get their agreement first. Dont assume
they already know what you want.
Taurus: The money's steady, but you
could sure find uses for more of it.
For the next several months, extra
thriftjness is the best bet. If you have
kids, put them to work.
Gemini: You can't do everything all by
yourself, not that you would want to. It's
always nicer to have somebody else
along, with a good sense of humor.
Make the invitation.
Cancer: Don't get out on the little
branches where money's concerned.
Don't believe everything other people
tell you, either. Trust and verify.
Leo: Once you have a plan, the whole
endeavor will proceed more quickly.
Have that be your primary objective
now. Don't go on until you have it.
Virgo: The harder you work, the closer
you'll get to making a dream come true.
It might be somebody else's dream,
though. This is fine, if it pays the bills.
Libra: Make time for a long conversation
with a person you care about. You'll
learn something that makes you fall
in love together even more
Scorpio: You need a few new things
around the house, but don't get crazy.
Find a great deal on one thing so you
can afford retail on another.
Sagittarius: You're hot on the trail of
a technical breakthrough. This could
make your life much easier. There is
a slight learning curve, so find a quiet
place to study and read the manual.
Capricorn: Your cheerful attitude is
greatly appreciated. In this situation,
your sense of humor is giving you a
business advantage.
Aquarius: You're providing inspiration.
Others are busily trying to figure out
how to build what you envision This
is a good thing
Pisces: Important people are watching
to see what you're going to do next.
Keeping your promises is the key to
your amazing success.
Dew Avrs Chbt
Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow, runs from oncoming danger.
Why theaters were sold
out all weekend
It Is time to venture into the
world of pirates and mythologi-
cal fantasy given to us by the new
movie, Pirates of the Caribbean:
Dead Man's Chest. This is the
second creation in the Pirates of
the Caribbean series brought to
us by Disney.
The movie stars the same
main players from the first
movie: Johnny Depp, Orlando
Bloom and the ever lovely Keira
Oddly enough, these actors
have great chemistry with one
another which translates pretty
well to the story unfolding on
This movie is the story of
Davy Jones and his army of sea-
phantoms to whom Jack owes
some sort of unpaid debt.
Always in trouble, Jack also
has to overcome the Kraken beast
which the power of the Dead
Man's Chest commands. The
mythological character of the
Kraken is basically a giant angry
squid capable of taking down
entire ships at one time.
As usual, pirates on the hunt
for their booty are bound to run
into some trouble, which is a fate
no different than that for these
pirate characters.
Johnny Depp is great as Cap-
tain Jack Sparrow or should 1 say,
he Is great doing an impression
of a famous guitarist from the
Rolling Stones. His acting alone
seems to be the highlight of the
humor and the movie for me.
Not to be completely outdone
Keira Knightley is as beautiful as
ever and pulls off the sexuality
of her character in this movie
quite well.
Orlando Bloom is just gar-
bage in my opinion. Seriously
though, he seems to be in the
cast just to attract females to
the theater, a role which Johnny
Depp does sufficiently. It is cool
to look confused all the time but
I think his village misses their
idiot very much.
There are some great moments
of comedy to lend a hand in this
movie although it seems that
they are far too spaced apart for
my liking.
This movie has some great
fight scenes and is scripted quite
well. It does seem that the movie
lacked some direction and forgot
to explain a few vital elements,
but was overall very well done.
Overall, I would commend
both the graphics and acting in
this sequel. Both seemed to be
honed by true professionals while
integrating flawlessly for a great
movie. This is an extremely enter-
taining sequel which I am sure all
are happy to have seen it.
I would recommend anyone
to go see this movie as a great
way to escape into fantasy land
$d pity ixmvor
eoweGfy for ths Jrfs
The Devil Wears Prada'
is a good way to spend a
Sunday afternoon
Peoplg always say it aftr theyt
see a movie like this: the book was
better than the movie. Keeping that
in mind, I refrained from reading
The Devil Wears Prada before going
to see it on the screen. I did not
want to have any expectations and
frankly, I just wanted to be thor-
oughly entertained on a Sunday
Having stated that, I have
no idea what the differences are
between the book and the movie,
and will therefore stay away from
that in my review.
Guys be warned, this really isn't
the movie for you (unless you have
a secret obsession with couture
fashion). This is the ultimate chick
flick full of love triangles, catty co-
workers and the boss from hell.
Based on what I have read, The
Devil Wears Prada is based on author
Lauren Weisberger's experience
as Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna
Wintour's assistant.
Andy Sachs, played by Anne
Hathaway (Brokeback Mountain, The
Princess Diaries) is a recent gradu-
ate from Northwestern who with a
journalism degree in tow, is ready to
take on the world. Of course, being
in New York, no one cares and she
instead lands the job as Miranda
see PRADA page 8
see PIRATES page 9 Meryl Streep as the vicious Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada.

Following proper protocol for concert attendance
y co-
it ha
i she
Keep off the grass and
the lawn area too
Concerts are neither the time nor the place to act like fools and possibly
ruin the show for everyone else like the students pictured above.
Spreadnecks. Deadheads.
Wayne-iacs. The musical acts that
possess a cult following know how
to keep their fans happy- they go
on tour every year.
As early as April, bands such as
Widespread Panic, the Dave Mat-
thews Band and Jimmy Buffett begin
their magical trek across the United
States delighting their fans with the
songs that made them so beloved
and teasing them with new ones.
There is so much anticipation
and excitement involved with the
purchase of tickets and the impend-
ing road trip associated with a
show. Packing up the SUV and
plotting the best way to get booze
into the amphitheater are just some
of the things to get accomplished
on the old to-do list.
The day of the show arrives,
and you're stoked to see the band
that has helped define your life.
You stake out your seat on the
lawn and you prepare for the great-
est three hours of your life. Then
all of a sudden, the most annoying
people on earth drop a blanket
down right beside you.
Who are these people? They are
definitely not true fans because if
they were, they would not be talk-
ing on their cell phones.
"Never call someone during a
concert and try to play the song for
them said notable WZMB radio
personality Jimmy Goose. "They
are not going to be able to hear it
anyway, and you're just distracting
the people around you
Furthermore, don't be "that
guy" that comes to a concert either
in a previous tour shirt or in the
current one. No one cares how
many shows that you've been to.
Wearing the shirt solidifies your
state as useless.
Another stereotype to stay away
from is the significant other that
has been dragged to the show. Pick
up your skirt and pretend to have a
good time because your girlfriend
will thank you later.
When attending a concert that
has a substantial fan base, take heed
to follow the rules of the herd. You
are in their world, and they can
spot a poser from a mile away. Do
not, I repeat DO NOT, sing along
to the songs that receive radio air
play. Most fans did not pay $50 to
hear your drunken renditions of
"Margaritaville" where you leave
out the lost verse and don't scream
"salt" incessantly.
I am proposing that the lawn
section be designated into multiple
sections. Dead center is reserved for
the real fans. These are the people
that know every song, every inside
joke and cheer manically at every-
thing the lead singer says.
The top right corner belongs
to the drunk idiots who only go
to shows to say that they went to a
show. I say they can all sway into
each other and throw punches until
they all self-destruct.
On the left side of the lawn is
where those of the more herbal per-
suasion should reside. They should
be close enough to the hard-core
fans so that they can enjoy their
natural refreshments. Remember,
not spreading the wealth is the
worst act one can commit at a show.
Many wise people have sang the
immortal words, "One good thing
about music when it hits you're
feeling no pain No pain indeed,
unless a hippie tramples your feet.
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11 I J

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PrdQd from page 6
Priestly's assistant. She is told it is
the job "a million girls would die
for" because Priestly is the editor-
in-chief of Runway magazine, the
Mecca of all things fashion.
In the beginning Andy could
care less about working at Runway.
She dresses like a disheveled Gap
advertisement and endures com-
ments about her hair and being
(gasp!) a size six.
She has her close friends, a pre-
tentious lot who are slaving away at
their menial jobs and dreaming of
their Imminent success. Her boy-
friend Nate (played by Entourage's
Adrian Grenier) is working toward
landing a successful chef position
and loves her just the way she is.
She encounters Christian
Thompson (Simon Baker) a free-
lance writer who circulates effort-
lessly in this world and provides a
possible love triangle. There is also
Nigel (the fabulous Stanley Tucci)
who as Runway's fashion director
helps Andy into her transformation
as a savvy sophisticate.
As the movie progresses, it
becomes more about Andy's trans-
formation and induction into the
elite fashion world than about the
hassles of her tiber-demanding boss.
The Devil Wears Prada illus-
trates the sacrifices one must be
willing to take to advance and
the loss of the soul that results. As
Andy becomes better at her job,
she begins to drift from her friends
and into a world that is completely
obsessed with the surface of things.
It is a very well-done movie and
much of the credit goes to Meryl
Streep. Her performance as an icy
dictator keeps the whole movie
rolling and her brief moments of
vulnerability makes it impossible
to completely hate her.
As a female, I enjoyed this
movie immensely and had no feel-
ings of guilt spending my money
on a movie ticket. The clothes are
enough to make tomboys like me
drool and entertain the notion of
moving to New York and working
in fashion.
I did have one problem with
the movie. Throughout the movie
Andy is mocked for being a size six
and told that it was "the new 14
For much of the movie, she simply
shrugs it off, but as the movie nears
its end, she comments to Nigel
about becoming a size four.
I guess even the most self-con-
fident person is not safe from the
weight monster.
Grade: B
This writer can be contacted at
Is this summer love or lust?
E o o o
Couples like this never can tell.
The question that
everyone asks
Everyone can agree that love
is a wonderful and necessary feel-
ing, but since it can not be seen,
weighed or measured, no one can
really explain what it truly means
to be "in love Couples everywhere
tell each other, "I love you but
do they really know what they are
Love is a warm feeling that you
have for someone who you can
trust, talk to, turn to for support
and share common interests with.
Love does not care what someone
looks like, how much money one
has or what kind of car they drive.
Love should be unconf ined, sincere
and unselfish. If your partner can
be a part of your whole life, then
that is an indication of love. The
two of you should not have to hide
things or be deceitful towards each
"I know that I love my girl-
friend because I have never been so
open and free to express myself like
I am with her. She makes me feel
comfortable and even if I have had
a bad day, just seeing her makes me
smile said James Daniel, sopho-
more criminal justice major.
True love is more a sense of
friendship and respect. When
you do not find yourself trying to
impress your partner, instead only
wanting their happiness and well
being, then you know it is love.
Putting your partner ahead of
yourself is the first step to express-
ing those feelings. Real love looks
past the imperfections and learns
to accept as well as appreciate
the little things. A deep respect
for another's individuality helps
create a bond between two people,
which cannot be changed. If you
love someone you want to know
what they hate, love, think and
believe. When love is in play faults
and weaknesses of the other person
are recognized and accepted. You
always want what is best for the
person you love; you know their
dreams and do nothing but show
support and encouragement to help
them achieve these things.
Many of these feelings can
come from a sense of infatuation
as well. How do you know if you
are infatuated with someone or
really love them? Infatuation is
like a form of madness, you are
consumed by your thoughts and
nothing else seems to matter. Your
life suddenly becomes wrapped
around another person and it is
hard to be without him or her.
Infatuation focuses primarily on
how the other person makes you
feel and what they can do for you.
I believe lust is mainly a physical
attraction that most people mis-
see LOVE page 9
Tat TOver Eststcs
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Fully Equipped Kitchens
?Water, Sewer& Cable
?Wireless Internet
?Tanning Bed
?Laundry Facility
?Swimming Pool & Sand Volleyball
?24 Hour Maintenance
pit- speco.
Managed by Aimco x.J?
1725 East First Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 752-4225

Waterloo's new release
What to expect
Hey Libertines! Didn't Mick
warn you not
to look back
into the
sun? Guess
he was too
busy sign-
ing Combat
Rock posters
for your fans,
It's sad
these two
cannot pull
it together.
While Pete
busy nod-
ding off into
the Interzone, Carl Barat has finally
made due of those early Julian Casa-
blancas comparisons.
Waterloo to Anywhere isn't hor-
rible. Dub it on top of Down In
Albion and we might have some-
thing. Call in Mick Jones to do the
cut and paste work and release it
as Albion to Anywhere. I'm sure the
limeys would love it.
Wishful thinking, but both
these solo endeavors lack the crafti-
ness that separated The Libertines
from The Strokes. Songs like "What
a Waster" worked not because they
were catchy, but autobiographical.
bles proved
absence of
DPT songs
like "Bang
Bang You're
Barat lacks
the life
to write
has shut,
leaving these two bodies wander-
ing aimlessly behind the curtains
of stardom. But then again, how
many memorable ensembles have
produced more than two albums
you can fall back onto with such
This writer can be contacted at
LOVG from page 8
take for love. When two people
are infatuated with each other it is
a dream-like feeling of happiness
and bliss, but as soon as one person
crosses the line the disagreement
could get ugly.
"I dated this guy for about six
months and then out of the blue he
tells me that he loves me. I do not
feel like that was love, I just think
it was two people having a good
time and a wonderful physical con-
nection said Katherine Stewart,
junior English major.
Many of us are still too young to
fully understand the true meaning
of love. It is definitely an experi-
ence everyone should have and
fully appreciate. It is very difficult
to open yourself up and let your
emotions run wild or to throw your
heart out on the line for someone
else to take care of.
Making yourself vulnerable is
always a scary feeling, many fear
rejection or the fact that one day
the relationship may end and they
are left with their heart in a million
pieces. Once you find someone who
you can trust, who you can talk
to and know they will always be
there then that is the first signs of
someone who could possibly sweep
you off your feet.
Over time infatuation could
turn into love, but many people
split before they ever find out. Just
be careful who you trust and try
not to get hurt, but also keep other
peoples' feeling in mind. They are
probably just as nervous about a
new relationship or taking things to
"the next level" if they are already
in a relationship, so just remember
to live, love and laugh.
This writer can be contacted at
PirStGS from page 6
for a few hours.
I give the movie a grade of an
A- only because of the way it ended
so quickly. I do understand that
it was planned that way to leave
room for the third movie, Pirates of
the Caribbean: At World's End but, it
just seemed to move too quickly at
the end. We will all wait anxiously
for the third movie scheduled for
Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
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and convenient to campus?
We have a place for everyone!
College Town Row Gladiolus Gardens
Cannon Court Cotanche Street Forest Acres
Jasmine Gardens Park Village
Peony Gardens Woodcliff
Wainright Property Management, LLC
3481-A South Evans Street
Greenville, NC 28734
(252) 756-6209

Football players show progress in
second Strongman Competition
Junior tight end Jay
Sonnhalter wins
Blackbeard's Challenge
Defensive tackle Jay Ross' arms
went numb, completely gassed
while his teammates cheered and
egged him on. Ross found enough
strength to hobble towards his
predetermined goal.
The mammoth-sized Ross
had Just finished the Farmers'
Walk, one of 10 events during
the second annual Strongman
Competition at the Cliff Moore
Practice Facility Monday in the
grueling summer heat.
The Farmers' Walk isn't as easy
as it sounds. The event consisted
of hauling 400 pounds, (a petty
200 pounds per arm) the length
of a football field. As Ross, who
won one of the two heats, figured
out, the first 50 yards are easy for
300-plus pound linemen. It's the
next 50 and especially the last 10
yards that are so taxing.
To get rid of individualistic
tendencies, Mike Golden, head
strength and conditioning coach,
separated the squad into 10 teams
that featured 11 players apiece.
Like last year, prominent seniors
"Sitting out two years,
you're thinking a lot
I'm going out there
trying to help. As
long as I can go out
here and do what I
know I can dof I'll be
were designated to be in charge of
selecting the best team member
for specifics event.
However, unlike last year,
the results were far from similar.
A year ago, players were littering
the ground, sunken over from
dead exhaustion. On Monday,
players endured the challenges
with relative ease.
"Last year when we were doing
the sled push, people were falling
out, about to die, couldn't finish
said cornerback Kasey Ross.
"We're in a lot better shape
and we look better than last year
Only four players threw up,
which was a marked improve-
ment over the multiple players
that suffered last summer. Despite
the puking, the times overall were
better. With a year under Golden's
leadership, the events showed
"We were looking pictures
of our guys from the Strongman
last year compared to this year
Golden said.
"It's not even close. This team
has come so far
Golden, who organized the
event with his support staff, also
served as the main judge. The ten
events included the sled pull, log
press, wooden sled push, 800-
yard relay, trapbar weight hold,
tire flip and a gauntlet known as
Blackbeard's Challenge.
During Blackbeard's Chal-
lenge, a player must carry and
balance a weight set on his shoul-
ders, crab walk, flip a tire three
times, do an agility drill, push
a wooden sled, roll for 10 yards
and then finish it with a dead
100-yard sprint.
"You've got to be a man to
take that on, " Golden said.
"You can't be OK at this and
that. You've got to be good at
everything. When you hit that
100-yard sprint at the end, you've
UFC the next WWE?
Tito Ortiz celebrates his light heavyweight win over Ken Shamrock.
see STRONGMAN page 12
(AP) Shortly after a group of
investors bought the nearly bank-
rupt Ultimate Fighting Champion-
ship in 2001, the company put on
a pay-per-view bout.
But the fight ran over its allot-
ted time. Angry viewers didn't get
to see the conclusion.
"It was a very bad start UFC
President Dana White acknowl-
edged. "It took us a long time to
UFC has since found its legs
and it's making money. The pri-
vately held Las Vegas-based com-
pany has been slowly bolstering
its brand, forging a successful
relationship with cable network
Spike TV and reshaping attitudes
about the violent sport.
More importantly to the
bottom line, UFC has begun to
attract impressive audiences with
each of its pay-per-view fights,
appealing to young men who
yearn for a good slugfest in the
absence of a strong heavyweight
boxing card.
"This thing isn't going any-
where White said. "This is the
new combat sport
UFC is mixture of martial arts,
boxing and wrestling. The best
fighters have mastered elements of
all three sports. The combat takes
place over three rounds (champi-
onships are five) inside the UFC's
caged ring, named "The Octagon"
with judges scoring the bout.
But this is not Wrestlemania.
The punches and kicks are real.
The fighters are dead serious.
The top ones train year-round
to give the boisterous crowds a
bone-crushing good time. The
atmosphere at the fights rivals
boxing matches. It's a sport, albeit
a bloody one.
"You have to be able to wrestle,
strike and do submission UFC
lightweight champion Chuck Lid-
dell said. "You have to be good at
all three or you won't last long.
The fighters have evolved
Already sanctioned in more
than 20 states, UFC has ambitions
as big as the casinos in which its
fighters duke it out.
The organization wants to
legalize the sport nationwide,
see UFC page 11

UFC from page A10
including New York, one of the
biggest and most lucrative fight
markets, and take its show to
European arenas starting with a
London office slated to open in
The UFC surprised the boxing
world, hiring Marc Ratner, long-
time executive director of the
Nevada Athletic Commission, and
John Mulkey, a former managing
director at Wachovia Securities
and Bear Stearns Co.
Ratner, who began in
May, serves as vice president
of Zuffa LLC, UFC's parent
company, while Mulkey was
named chief financial officer.
Ratner brings credibility to the
UFC, which has been trying to
prove it's a safe and serious sport
and one worthy of coverage.
Brazilian Royce Gracie, a Jiu-
jitsu master, helped start UFC in
1993. Back then, the no-holds
barred UFC was brutal, with fight-
ers using all sorts of now-banned
practices like head butting.
Fights were held in small
venues such as Indian casinos
and backwater towns. Liddell said
his first UFC fight was held about
eight years ago in Louisiana in
front of a couple thousand folks.
Liddell, a slugger with a devastat-
ing right hand, couldn't remember
the town.
"Somewhere in the middle
of nowhere said Liddell, who's
nicknamed "The Iceman
Ratner recalled watching CNN
in the 1990's while Ken Shamrock,
one of the UFC's biggest stars,
debated the organization's biggest
detractor, Sen. John McCain of
Arizona. After the show, Ratner
remembered thinking Nevada
would never allow the sport.
But it was Ratner, ironically,
who helped thrust the UFC into
the mainstream when he decided
the sport had to be regulated while
he was with the NAC. The commis-
sion approved the sport in 2001.
Out went bloody head butts
and other vicious blows that could
cause serious harm. In came a
skilled and conditioned fighter.
"The biggest miscon-
ception that I've seen is that
some people still think it's
anything goes and there are
no rules Ratner said. "These
guys are tremendous athletes
Still, the UFC struggled. The
deep pockets of Lorenzo and
Frank Fertitta, who bought the
UFC for $2 million along with
White, allowed the company to
stay afloat.
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White said UFC almost folded
in 2003. But its fortunes began
to change with a reality show on
Spike TV called "Ultimate Fighter"
that has given UFC its biggest
stage, averaging 2.2 million view-
ers in its third season.
"Spike was a perfect fit for us
White said. "We know who we are
going after
The UFC's emergence as the
premier mixed martial arts sport
in the country and the show's
popularity have made Liddell and
other UFC stars wealthy.
That first fight in 1998 earned
him $1,000. Now Liddell makes
more than a1 million a year from
UFC bouts and lucrative sponsor-
ships. And he doesn't fight in
podunk towns. His last fight was in
Las Vegas in front of 12,000 people.
"I can't complain the 36-
year-old Liddell said. "The TV
show has helped us grow
For Spike, the series brought
in serious advertising dollars tar-
geting men between the ages of
18 and 34, the network's prized
demographic. Burger King, the
U.S. Army and Taco Bell are
among the advertisers.
Kevin Kay, Spike's general
manager, said "Ultimate Fighter"
was the network's highest-rated
program and biggest revenue
But like Ratner, Kay worried
whether UFC would repel advertis-
ing instead of attracting it, given
its violent image.
"There was a lot of con-
sternation he said. "Is it
gonna work? Are advertisers
going to run away from it?"
The reality show, along with
other UFC programming, has
allowed the UFC to create and
market its stars, the fighters who
will ultimately decide the compa-
ny's fortunes. Crowd pleasers such
as Chris Leben and Forrest Griffin
have become big draws.
"We've given them a huge televi-
sion platform, and we helped them in
their pay-per-view fights Kay said.
Company executives wouldn't
disclose what kind of audience
their pay-per-view fights are gen-
erating but they did say recent
numbers are at least comparable
to World Wrestling Entertainment
Inc. According to filings with the
Securities and Exchange Commis-
sion, the WWE had four events
that averaged 482,000 pay-per-
view buys in the fourth financial
quarter of 2006.
However, UFC's cable ratings
lag well behind the WWE broad-
casts on USA Network.
White thinks the UFC could
generate a million buys one day
very soon. Saturday's rematch
between Tito Ortiz and Sham-
rock, bitter rivals who starred in
the latest "Ultimate Fighter was
expected to tally more than a half
million buys the Mandalay Bay
hotel-casino in Las Vegas.
For the second time, Ortiz beat
The fight sold out, with ring-
side seats fetching $750. About
12,400 people attended and tickets
generated a $3.5 million gate,
a far cry from Zuffa's first UFC
fight in Atlantic City that drew
less than 5,000 people, and a
$217,150 gate.
While UFC attempts to
conquer television, hurdles remain
in getting the sport legalized
across the country. In New York,
the UFC faces a difficult battle;
Gov. George Pataki opposes the
The Fertitta brothers have
poured millions into the UFC, and
they haven't seen a return on their
investment yet.
But the Fertittas aren't known
for their bad bets. They made a for-
tune with Las Vegas-based Station
Casinos Inc a Wall Street darling.
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Strongman from page 10
got to be ready to go
Tight end Jay Sonnhalter, who
performed admirably last year,
tallied the best time. Walk-on
quarterback Wayne Hunter, an
Air Force transfer, finished a close
second. Davon Drew, Will Bland,
Pierre Parker, Fred Wilson, Jarrett
Wiggins and Daniel Muhwezi were
among the other challengers.
Sonnhalter parlayed his
individual win to bring his Oceans
Cry team to victory. Kasey Ross,
Kevin Roach, Pierre Bell, Paul
Walsh and Mark Robinson were all
prominent players in their respec-
tive events.
Jerek Hewitt and Chris John-
son impressed in the 800-yard
relay while Mark Robinson and
Dontre Brown vied for the log
press title. Pierre Bell won the
trapbar weight hold while Brett
Clay put in a strong effort during
the sandbag 300-yard shuttle.
"Golden has really done a great
job of getting us in shape and a
lot stronger Roach, a senior wide
receiver said.
"This competition was hard and
in some events we struggled, but
everyone gave it their all
The third place team, Dark
Adventure, headlined by Johnson
and Brown received a mouth guard
as their gag prize. Black Pearl, the
"I'm adjusting pretty good. As long as I get my
school work out of the way, everything else will
come in place. I'm excited about this upcoming
year. I feel like I have a good opportunity to go
out there and play as a freshman. It depends
on how hard I try and what the coaching staff
thinks. I don't think I'll redshirt this year.Jt's up to
the coaches
runner-ups earned a pair of socks.
Thomas Wingenbach, Patrick
Dosh and a surprise from walk-on
defensive back Ronald Wright
during the 800-yard relay ensured
the second-place finish.
Other surprises included several
freshmen and newcomers such as
Jay Ross and defensive end C.J.
Wilson, who both sat out last year.
Jay Ross, Wilson and Jamar Bryant
have gained all eligibility and
like the freshmen are enrolled in
summer classes.
"The freshmen competed pretty
good Golden said. "Better than I
thought they would. The older guys
brought them along. They're bring-
ing them up to our level
Still, the competition's
Mark Robinson, left, and Dontre Brown, right compete in the log press
theme was the marked
improvement from the continuous
grinding in the Murphy
Center. The weight room facil-
ity serves as the haven during
both winter and summer months.
As Golden preached several
times, games are won from effort
during the winter and summer
seasons rather than fall.
"It's come down to the seniors
having a lot of leadership, "Kasey
Ross, a potential captain said.
"It showed out here, everybody
was in shape and there was a lot of
Golden credited the
commitment of players like offen-
sive guard Josh Coffman who
went from 265 pounds to his
current weight of 301, defensive
end Scotty Robinson who is up
from 205 to 242 and defensive
end C.J. Wilson, who is hover-
ing around 270 after signing as a
freshman at 218.
"The work ethic is so
ridiculous Golden continued.
"I see the progress everyday. I
knew it was going to look like this.
Ninty-five percent of this team
right now has the whole package.
We're strong. We're fit. We're agile.
We've got everything you want in
a team right now
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Quarterback Brett Clay carries a 300-pound bag of sand.
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Tuesday - $2.25 Imports
Wednesday - $1.25 Mug Bud Lt $4.50 Pitchers
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Sunday - $2.75 Pints Guinness, Bass,
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Two international gay athletic competitions to be held this summer
(AP) If gays want to play flag
football or darts, Chicago is the
place to be. If they are looking to
see how they measure up against
the best gay handball players or
are looking for a rousing game of
bridge, Montreal is the spot.
Four years after the last Gay
Games, there will be not one but
two international gay athletic
competitions this summer. In
Chicago, the Gay Games VII will
be held July 15-22. Then, from July
29-Aug. 5, Montreal will host the
first Outgames 2006.
The two nearly simultane-
ous events are the result of a
bitter dispute, primarily over
money and control, between the
Federation of Gay Games and
organizers in Montreal, where
the Gay Games originally were
slated to be held. That dispute led
the federation to move the Gay
Games to Chicago and prompted
Montreal to stage its own games.
There long has been concern
that holding two events would
hurt both by diluting the pool
of athletes and cost them money
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because sponsors would choose
one at the expense, of the other.
But organizers of both events
say they're attracting plenty of
About 12,000 are expected
in Chicago, and the Outgames
are expecting about the same
number to participate in the
games themselves, an inter-
national conference, or both.
"There are enough gay people
in the world to have (two) events
said triathlete Hector Torres, a
radio station promotions director
in Orlando, Fla.
The Gay Games and Outgames
will include about three dozen
events. Some are exclusive to one
city or the other (sailing in Chi-
cago, table tennis in Montreal)
but runners, swimmers, basketball
players, figure skaters, bicyclists
and others will compete at both
venues. Both the Gay Games and
the Outgames are open to gay and
straight participants.
Organizers of both events
say they have enough corporate
sponsorship and other finan-
cial support to lead them to
believe they won't lose money,
as have previous Gay Games.
"We are estimating about
100,000 will participate, volunteer
and spectate in some fashion said
Kevin Boyer, an official with Chi-
cago Games Inc a not-for-profit
group putting on the Gay Games.
"The economic impact (to Chi-
cago) will be $50 to $80 million
While some athletes have told
organizers they plan to compete
in both Chicago and Montreal,
many more are picking just one.
Sometimes the choice is all about
the individual sports. But there are
other considerations, such as con-
venience, cost and even patriotism.
Mark Tewksbury, co-president
of the organization staging the
Outgames, said he suspects all
those factors contributed to the
lower turnout of American athletes
in Montreal than he thinks there
would have been if the Gay Games
weren't being held in Chicago.
"That's where we got some sig-
nificant fall off said Tewksbury,
a swimmer who won three Olym-
pic medals for Canada, including
a gold medal in the 100-meter
backstroke at the 1992 Games in
At the same time, he said,
"The international community
seems to be coming to Mon-
treal There are 109 countries
registered for the games, the
conference, or both, he said.
Triathelete Hector Torres will
compete in the Gay Games VII.
In Chicago, Boyer said com-
petitors from 61 countries have
signed up. But he acknowledged he
has heard of some athletes going
to Canada instead of Chicago
because of government policies in
the United States about issues such
as gay marriage.
"Certainly there are people
who have told us we love Chi-
cago, we love the gay community
in Chicago, but we cannot bring
ourselves to come to the United
States right now he said.
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The East Carolinian, July 12, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
July 12, 2006
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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