The East Carolinian, June 21, 2006

Volume 81 Number 74
WEDNESDAY June 21, 2006
Professor receives National Science grant
Biologist to study
ECU biologist Jason Bond studies the taxonomy and systematics of millipedes like the one shown above.
Gates moves to full
time philanthropy
Professor Jason Bond, a biolo-
gist at ECU, has been busy making
progress with three grants he
recently received from the National
Science Foundation. Bond has been
using the grants to aid his study of a
diverse array of different species of
millipedes from around the world.
The grant, dubbed the Partner-
ship for Enhancing Expertise in
Taxonomy, or PEET, allows Bond to
recruit graduate and undergradu-
ate students in updating or editing
information about millipedes.
"The idea is that there are a lot
of very understudied taxonomic
S groups, millipedesbeingoneof them,
where most of the expertise is either
dying off or retiring said Bond.
"The idea is that the National
Science Foundation is trying to
8 infuse some money into these areas
to essentially train undergraduates
A new software architect
emerges at Microsoft
Bill Gates will begin
devoting his time to his philan-
thropic endeavors aimed at rid-
ding the third world of infectious
diseases. Gates will begin to phase
himself out of Microsoft's day-to-
day operations, while Microsoft
newcomer, Ray Ozzie, founder
of Groove Software, a company
that makes business collaboration
software, will succeed Gates as
chief technology officer. Micro-
soft bought Groove in 2005 pri-
marily to secure Ozzie's services.
Ozzie is renowned for his inno-
vation in the software world.
"We wanted the technology but
also we had wanted to work with
Ray for 20 years said Steve Ballmer
of the Groove acquisition.
Analysts hope that Ozzie can
restore Microsoft's reputation for
innovation. Microsoft still clings to
its virtual monopoly on operating
systems and office applications for
most of its profits.
The lack of innovation seem-
ingly came to a head when Micro-
soft shocked the business world by
delaying launch of its new operat-
ing system Vista. While Microsoft
remains ambitious, as the Vista
launch was widely believed to have
been delayed because its features
were felt to be more ambitious
than Microsoft had innovation to
Analysts believe that Ozzie will
be good for the job.
"It will be a very good thing
to have Ozzie in this role. He is a
very methodical person who sees
Bill Gates will step aside to let Ray Ozzie take the lead at Microsoft.
both the whole picture of a project
clearly and also understands how
to manage it efficiently said Tim
Bajarin of Creative Strategies.
Ozzie will have big shoes to fill
as the Microsoft visionary. Micro-
soft will have to continue moving
toward web-based applications
and away from software packages.
Though Ozzie is about the same age
as Gates it is widely felt that he can
bring a new focus while instilling
more discipline.
Bill Gates is the world's richest
man. There were hundreds of men
who were in Silicon Valley and
see GATES page 3
and graduate students in systematic
and taxonomy
According to the story in the
faculty and staff newspaper, Pieces
of Eight, Bond shares the grant with
Dr. Petra Sterwald. Sterwald works
at the Field Museum of Natural His-
tory in Chicago.
Bond is currently working with
two graduate students on the stud-
ies. The program is also intended to
encourage undergraduate students
to take part.
Bond points out that not only
taxonomy is being studied in
regards to the millipedes but sys-
tematics. He and his colleagues look
at the evolutionary relationships of
different millipede groups.
Bond and those involved
recently received some publicity
in his work with the rediscovery
of the millipede that has the most
legs. The species hadn't been seen
or collected since 1920. Discovered
in California, Bond is keeping the
exact location a secret so as not to
see MILLIPEDES page 3
SGA tackles
new funding
Document will be more
The main focus of the general
assembly SGA meeting on Monday
was setting deadlines for revising
the funding manual.
The discussion was lead by con-
gresswoman Nadia Payne, who sug-
gested a date and issues to review in
the manual.
SGA discussed making June 30
the deadline to complete the first
draft of the new funding manual.
According to Payne, the main
purpose of revising the funding
manual is to make the language of
the document easier to understand
see SGA page 3
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2006 ECULoessin
Summer Theatre
Individual ticket sales began June 1.
Please see to purchase
tickets or call 1-800-ECU-ARTS Summer
season tickets are available now.
"Guys and Dolls"
June 27-July 1
A Musical Fable of Broadway and
based on a story and characters of
Damon Runyon, this funny and romantic
comedy-considered by many to be the
perfect musical comedy-soars with
the spirit of Broadway as it introduces
us to a cast of vivid characters who
have become legends in the canon.
Everything works out in the end, thanks
to the machinations of Abe Burrows
and Jo Sweriing's hilarious, fast-paced
book and Frank Loesser's bright,
brassy, immortal score, which takes
us from the heart of Times Square to
the cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even
into the sewers of New York City.
The Fantasticks"
July 11-15
The original production opened on May
3,1960 at the Sullivan Street Playhouse
in New York's Greenwich Village
where it's still playing after 15,000
performances making The Fantasticks
is the longest-running musical in the
world! At the heart of its breathtaking
poetry and subtle sophistication is a
purity and simplicity that results in a
timeless fable of love that manages
to be nostalgic and universal at
the same time. With its minimal
costumes, small band and virtually
non-existent set, The Fantasticks
is an intimate show that engages
the audience's imagination and
showcases a strong ensemble cast.
footloose: the musical"
July 25-29
One of the most explosive movie
musicals in recent memory now bursts
onto the live stage. When Ren and
his mother move from Chicago to a
small farming town, Ren is prepared
for the inevitable adjustment period
at his new high school. What he isn't
prepared for are the rigorous local
laws, including a ban on dancing. The
ban is the brainchild of a preacher
determined to exercise the control
over the town youth that he cannot
command in his own home To the
rockin' rhythm of its Oscar-nominated
top 40 score (the soundtrack album
reached number one on the Billboard
charts and has sold over 15 million
copies!) to which new, dynamic
songs have been added, Footloose
celebrates the wisdom of listening to
young people, guiding them with a
warm heart and an open mind.
North Korea preps new ballistic missiles
U.S. government increases
missile defense funding
The world's attention is on Iran.
Iran has announced its nuclear
aspirations while simultaneously
stating that it has peaceful electric-
ity-generated intentions.
North Korea has been as defiant
as Iran about nuclear tests and mis-
sile development, but has been quiet
about it. Talks involving the United
States, North and South Korea,
China, Russia and Japan showed just
how strong North Korean resolve is
on the issue. The fact that sanctions
have been put on North Korea by
the United States because of coun-
terfeiting issues and the fact that
Bush named North Korea as part of
the "Axis of Evil" in a State of the
Union Address has not made North
Korea more cooperative.
The testing involved a
Taepodong-2 intercontinental bal-
listic missile with an estimated
range of 2,175 to 2,670 miles, which
is more than enough range to reach
the United States. In response to
North Korea's missile capabilities,
the U.S. government has increased
funding to building and perfecting
a missile defense system by $10 bil-
lion a year.
The original "Star Wars" system
was largely mythical as a means of
psyche warfare against the Russians
during the Cold War. A smaller,
scaled down version and thereby
more realistic version called "Son of
Star Wars" is now in effect using and
UJ f
This is an Orbview-3 satellite image provided by GeoEye showing the Taepodong missile launch complex in
North Korea, called Musudan-ri.
undergoing further development.
According to U.S. intelligence,
North Korea also boasts the world's
fourth best army.
Technically, the Korean War
never ended as there is but a cease-
fire in place between the communist
North and the Democratic South.
There is a buffer area between the
two states called the demilitarized
Sean McCormack of the State
Department warned North Korea
on Friday saying, "We will take nec-
essary preparatory steps to track any
potential activities and to protect
In August of 1998 North Korea
fired a ballistic missile over Japan.
While that missile was considered
rather short in terms of its range,
North Korea continues to work on
building a longer-range version and
may be close to completion.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
FDA approves cervical cancer vaccine
(KRT) With a green light
from regulators, Merck & Co. Inc.
has begun deploying 1,500 freshly
trained salespeople and unleashing
a huge marketing campaign around
a delicate topic: cancer and sex.
The Food and Drug Adminis-
tration approved Merck's cervical
cancer vaccine Gardasil yesterday,
inaugurating a vaccine market
potentially worth several billion
dollars a year, with the Philadel-
phia area at its core. Gardasil will
be manufactured and marketed
from Merck's West Point complex.
GlaxoSmithKline PLC, developing
a rival vaccine Cervarix, has a U.S.
headquarters in Philadelphia. Both
vaccines ultimately could save
countless lives by helping prevent
infection from sexually-transmit-
ted strains of human papilloma-
virus, or HPV, that cause cancer,
the FDA and health experts said.
But Merck-the first to market-must
clear several legal and marketing
obstacles before the vaccines will
be widely available.
Merck's immediate challenge
is persuading federal and state
officials to recommend and pay for
widespread or mandatory vaccina-
tions, over possible objections of
sexual-abstinence and anti-vaccine
groups that prefer Pap smears as a
proven prevention. Merck market-
ers, working already for a year to
publicize HPV risks and prime the
market, also must take care not to
undermine cancer screening and
safe-sex campaigns, experts said.
All the while, Merck must watch
over its shoulder at GlaxoSmith-
Kline, which hopes to launch
Cervarix by late 2007.
Its second-to-market strategy is
to let Merck pave the regulatory road
and then slingshot past Gardasil.
"We congratulate Merck on
their launch and we hope to be
right behind them said Brian
Lortie, GlaxoSmithKline's vice
president for worldwide HPV vac-
cine development.
At stake, beyond public he HPV
can cause cancer. Surveys found
fewer than 20 percent of people
knew about the link, said Beverly
Lybrand, vice president and general
manager for Gardasil at Merck
Vaccines Division. Merck's cor-
porate "Tell Someone" campaign,
launched in April, uses paid TV
ads showing actresses, in interview
style, expressing surprise about the
cause and pledging to tell others.
Last fall, Merck funded "Make
the Connection run by the
industry-backed nonprofit Cancer
Research and Prevention Founda-
tion and celebrity charity Step Up
Women's Network. Designed by the
public-relations giant Edelman, the
campaign features publicity events,
a TV public-service announcement
and cameos by celebrities such as
Maria Shriver and Jessica Alba wear-
ing girls' beaded bracelets- designed
by Edelman-to highlight the link.
"That has been very impactful"
for girls, Lybrand said.
Neither campaign mentions
Gardasil, which Merck could not
legally promote until getting its
FDA license. Since last year, Merck
has spent at least1 million on the
campaigns without a dime in rev-
enues, including roughly $850,000
on online activities, according to
figures from its nonprofit partners
and TNS Media Intelligence, a
market research firm.

The top 10 most outrageous
excuses for tardiness on the job
( A new survey by Career- found some workers are suffering from a
lack of punctuality. One-in-ten workers-13 percent-
say they arrive late to work at least once a wsek and
24 percent say they arrive late at least once a month.
One-in-five admit to making up fake excuses to explain
their tardiness.
The survey, "Late to Work was
conducted from February 21 to March 6 of more than
2,500 workers, including 1,000 hiring managers.
"While the majority of hiring managers tend to be
lenient if employees occasionally run late, others are
much stricter in their policies said Rosemary Haefner,
vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder.
"Thirty percent of hiring managers say they don't
care if their employees come in late as long as their
work is completed on time with good quality. However,
one-in-ten hiring managers say they would consider
terminating an employee if heshe arrives late once or
twice in a given year. One-in-five say a pink slip may be
in order if an employee is late three times in a year
When asked to identify the primary cause for
coming in late, 27 percent of workers cited traffic. Ten
percent pointed to getting their kids ready for school
or day care while 11 percent said falling back asleep
was the main culprit. Other popular reasons
included forgetting something at home, feeling
sick and the inability to find house or car keys.
Not surprising, Monday is the most popularday for late
arrivals, according to 64 percent of hiring managers.
While the majority of hiring managers don't
typically question the validity of the reasons provided,
35 percent say most of the time they don't believe the
Hiring managers provided the
following top 10 examples of the
most unusual excuses employees
offered for arriving late to work:
1.1 dreamed that I was fired, so I didn't bother
to get out of bed.
2.1 had to take my cat to the dentist.
3.1 went all the way to the office and realized
I was still in my pajamas and had to go home
to change.
4. I saw that you weren't in the office, so I
went out looking for you.
5.1 couldn't find the right tie, so I had
to wait for the stores to open so I
could buy one.
6. My son tried to flush our ferret
down the toilet and I needed to tend
to the ferret.
7.1 ran over a goat.
8. I stopped for a bagel sandwich,
the store was robbed and the police
required everyone to stay for ques-
9. A bee flew in my car and attacked
me and I had to pull over.
10. I wet my pants and went home
to change.
MHIipedeS from page
cause a huge stir in the area.
The event caused such a stir
that the Associated Press and
Reuters gave coverage. According to
Time magazine's numbers section,
Bond and his team discovered a
millipede with 666 legs.
"It's about biodiversity, and it's
recognizing, sort of the importance
of biodiversity and the role that
millipedes play in breaking organic
material down said Bond.
"Much of the life around us
is very important in what you'd
term essential eco system services,
certainly things that contribute
directly to our health and wellbeing
as a species
Bond is also working with other
grants as well from the National Sci-
ence Foundation, focusing on dif-
ferent species of trapdoor spiders.
The grant is referred to as Revi-
sionary Syntheses in Systematics,
and Bond's discoveries are then
contributed to the NSF's Tree of
Life project which aims to name
and categorize 1.7 million animal
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
SGA from page 1
for the average ECU student. The
language that is currently in the
document is filled with phrases
and words that are familiar to the
SGA branches but not most of the
student body.
The goal for the new manual
will be to rearrange the order of
sections within the "document,
provide a clear overview and
description of topics stated and
provide more clarity, according to
Revising the document will
take a lot of effort by the SGA to
complete, but it shouldn't be as
time consuming and require as
much detail as the constitution.
Orientation is currently going
on for incoming ECU students to
learn about the many academic
and organizational opportunities
that ECU offers. The SGA is also
working on providing representa-
tion for their organization on the
orientation dates.
Kerri Brockett, executive branch
secretary, suggested that there be
representation for SGA branches at
SGA will be present at the ori-
entation times to give the incoming
students a clear description of what
exactly the branches do.
Students who are interested
in attending SGA meetings this
summer should be aware that meet-
ing times may be subject to change
in the future.
The meetings are currently held
on Mondays in Mendenhall Student
Center. Students are encouraged to
look on the www.ecu.edusga or
look for notification in The East
Carolinian for possible changes.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
lidteS from page 1
Massachusetts who had similar
opportunities to Gates. Gates pre-
vailed not because of his software
genius or the "incredible amount
of technical talent at Microsoft"
he credits for his success, but also
because of his business sensa
It remains to be seen if this move
is more about Gates getting out of
the software game or about adding
true innovation back to Microsoft.
Microsoft will only be able to rely
on Windows and Office for finite
amount of time until another
company provides a better product.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Nightly Dinner Specials $6.95
Monday- Chicken Parmesan
Tuesday- Country Fried Chicken
Wednesday- Spaghetti ft Meatballs
Thursday- Greek or Caesar Salad Chix
Friday- Fish ft Chips
Saturday- Meat or 5 Cheese Lasagna
Sunday- Fried Shrimp Plate
Daily Drink Specials
Monday - $1.75 Domestic bottles
Tuesday - $2.25 Imports
Wednesday - $1.25 Mug Bud Lt $4.50 Pitchers
Thursday - $2.50 House Hi-Balls $3 Wine
Friday - $2.50 Import of the Day
Saturday - $3 Lits ft $2.50 Import of the Day
Sunday - $2.75 Pints Guinness, Bass,
Stella Artois, Black and Tan
301 South Jarvis Street

In My Opinion
Al-Zarqawi's death overrated
One down, lots more to go
High ranking al-Qaida official
Abu Musab Al Zarqawi was killed
on June 7th in a raid by U.S. forces.
Since then, it seems that our gov-
ernment has stated that they have
done everything to confirm his
death except poke him with a stick.
Frankly, seeing his dead face on tele-
vision was enough for me.
For days the government was
performing various tests to confirm
that Zarqawi was dead. It seemed like
they wanted to make sure that he
was not mostly dead, because as we
all know mostly dead is slightly alive.
The story of his death seems
reminiscent of the fate of the Wicked
Witch of the East. Who would have
guessed that our military's firepower
was equivalent to that of a house
from Kansas falling from the sky?
The discovery of Zarqawi's death is
reminiscent another scene from the
' same movie, with American authori-
ties dancing around like the Mum h-
kins in celebration of his death.
Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little
bit. But when you consider the fact
that a U.S. army officer displayed a
picture of a dead Zarqawi in a golden
frame, you have to wonder.
The discovery of documents,
computer files, weapons and other
supplies that al-Qaida forces were
utilizing appear to be the veritable
"ruby slippers" in this situation.
Unfortunately there also appears
to be a Wicked Witch of the West
as well. U.S. military officials have
identified Abu Ayyub al-Masri, an
Egyptian, who is believed to also use
the name Abu Hamza al-Mujaher,
as Zarqawi's successor in Iraq and
presumably in operations beyond.
I'll gladly state that I think it's
great that Zarqawi is dead, and that
he got a well-deserved death. Maybe
a picture of his dead face in a gold
frame being displayed on national
television is a bit much, but then
again having his head on a pike
may not have been enough for some
(maybe even me). The problem I
really have is that I don't think that
the media and our government are
painting a true picture of the impact
that Zarqawi's death will have in our
situation in Iraq.
Zarqawi had no real history
before Iraq. He did not stand out
in the Afghan war in the 1980s like
others who accompanied Bin Laden.
If anything Al Zarqawi was keen
on linking himself with Bin Laden
because of his status in the funda-
mentalist world. In all possibility,
Bin Laden did not openly appoint
Al Zarqawi to lead al-Qaida in what
is known as "the land of two rivers
but rather Al Zarqawi volunteered
andor imposed himself into this
position. His activities and methods
were not in total harmony with Bin
Laden's tactics, who prefers to con-
centrate on fighting the "crusaders
meaning non-Muslims.
Al Zarqawi's death was indeed a
great success for the intelligence com-
munity. However, the events that led
to his death were made possible due
to the fact that Zarqawi's "inner
circle" was penetrated and that one
of the persons close to him wanted
to collect the bounty on his head.
Also Zarqawi's tactics and methods
of killing Iraqis were no longer
acceptable to other armed groups.
Al Zarqawi's fall was expected,
with the shrinking of his area of
operation and as the sympathy of
the western region's tribes decreased.
And so he died not in some grand
glorious battle in the city of Baghdad,
but in a remote town not far from
the Iranian border on the receiv-
ing end of a missile brought to him
courtesy of the red, white and blue.
Some optimists expect that
Zarqawi's death will make Iraq more
stable in less time than previously
anticipated or expected. However
based on the behavior of al-Qaida in
the past, the appearance of al-Masri,
aka al-Mujaher, and the fact that we
still can't seem to find Osama Bin
Laden, I feel that it is not a snake's
head we have cut off with Zarqawi's
death, but a hydra's head. A hydra
was a mythical, multi-headed crea-
ture that when one head was cut
off more would grow in its place.
The only way to stop them from
growing was to burn the resulting
wound. I fear we have yet to light
the torches.
Pirate Rants
Why does everyone want to be dif-
ferent but think you are crazy when
you actually are different?
Thank you TEC for giving me some-
thing do read while I am bored on
There's this couple at work who are
'not dating Every time somebody
asks them if they are going out and
he says they're not she looks like
she's going to cry. It makes me want
to punch him in the face. He should
be a man and either pursue a rela-
tionship or stop coming around and
constantly flirting with her.
At least it is not as hot as it was last
summer in Greenville!
Why are vacations never long
enough when you want to be where
you are, but too long when you are
tired of being gone?
Fat men should not wear Speedos
and jump on trampolines!
My office has a no fraternization
policy, which is fine and under-
standable. But what makes me
really mad is how the boss lets some
people ignore it "because they're
cute I should ask for a cuteness
exemption since I'm pretty cute too.
I guess the policy is just there so
they can force unattractive people
to quit if they dare to commit the
horrible sin of 'having feelings
The food Nazis are after Starbucks
now! It seems everyone who drinks
their coffee will die someday, give
me a break.
So, it is still bad if you have a the-
saurus that was given to you as a
Christmas present with your initials
engraved on the front and used
weekly, but you still swear?
Recently I read a rant about the
SGA only caring about the SGA.
This is wrong. The SGA makes
policies that affect every student
at ECU. It governs student fees and
all campus organizations. I would
like to thank TEC for covering
the SGA. Don't be stupid people,
pay attention to what is going on,
and for God's sake get involved.
I'm really sick of people saying: "Oh,
nice trench coat, like The Matrix
Every time I wear my raincoat. It is
a different color from the coats in
the movie, and it isn't even a trench
coat. Trench coats have two sets of
buttons and a belt. Rain coats have
one set of buttons and no belt. Thank
you for you time and attention.
It is more expensive for me to join
the Rec center as an alumni than it
is for me to join other gyms in town
that actually have qualified trainers
and free classes. As if you have not
raped my wallet for the past six years,
now that I have a real job you can
really pick my pockets. Thanks ECU!
You know your summer sucks
when, in June, you start counting
down the days until fall semester
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
I have uncovered a startling
secret: Dustin Pittman is a lib-
eral sympathizer. His agenda is
cleverly disguised beneath a mask
of stalwart conservatism, but is
chalked full of undeniable liberal
Although he does not say so
directly, Dustin clearly thinks Al
Gore, not George W. Bush, should
have been our president after the
2000 election. If not, why would
he spend so much time reiterat-
ing that "America is a majority
rule society or that Bush is
president because "A majority of
Americans voted for a Republican
president" ?
Holding true to his own opin-
ions, there is no way around the
fact that Dustin thinks Al Gore
should be our president. Dustin
is also pro-choice. How do I
know? His repeated demands to
dissolve or neuter the Supreme
Court. Dustin knows Roe v. Wade
will soon be overturned by those
loathsome activist judges, and
there is no doubt in my mind
Dustin will be outraged when this
happens - after all, the majority of
Americans support Roe v. Wade.
His clear distaste of judicial activ-
ism in the face of the majority
should is certainly an inspira-
tion to pro-choice supporters
I applaud Dustin in his attempt
to support both ends of the spec-
trum equally, but I must say it is
becoming increasingly confusing.
Jackson Taylor
Senior biology major
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'Nacho Libre' released last weekend
This interesting group of
characters are lacking in
overall direction
Jack Black has the gift of tenac-
ity. His work with pal Kyle Gass in
the vaudeville scheme known as
Tenacious D, is exactly that, tena-
cious. In other words, Black has
the ability to bend an oversimpli-
fied concept well past its original
Jared Hess' Nacho Libre provides
a perfect archetype for Black's
character. While the young director
and screenwriter is blessed with the
creative adeptness to bring absurdly
mundane subject matter to life,
he lacks the speed-driven focus of
previous generations' to intertwine
it with important cinematic ele-
ments, such as character develop-
ment and plot depth.
Taking obvious cues from Wes
Anderson, at times Nacho Libre
perfectly mirrors the awkwardness
and empty glass humor of films
like Rushmore, but fails miserably
at reeling the intent into a produc-
tive result.
Bring in Black - an overweight,
comedic talent with the unrivaled
capability of appealing to intellec-
tual sets and frat boys alike. Much
like John Belushi, Black uses the
simplistic allure of fart jokes, but
does it with genius improvisation
resulting in a keyed-up gamble,
frolicking in preposterous reason.
But, just as every 'Cool Hand Luke'
has his ball-and-chain, Nacho Libre
seems to imprison Black between his
brief escapes into jesting freedom.
Despite its lack of cohesiveness,
the film is far from a checkmate
to Hess's directorial career. The
story has an amusing premise, and
Nacho's scraggy wrestling partner
Esqueleto (Hector Jimenez) is a nice
supplement to the film's pace.
His character provokes Black's
most memorable moments, includ-
ing a few brawls reminiscent of
South Park's satiric take on the infa-
mous Roddy Piper and Keith David
scuffle in They Live.
Nacho Libre exhibits a montage
of one-liners, as seen in Hess' Napo-
leon Dynamite, but they lack enthu-
siasm, although Black's Hispanic
impersonation of Antonio Banderas
is rich with parodying stereotype.
It is a ballsy approach to a PG flick,
but it flawlessly complements the
film's slapstick ambitions. Hess's
capabilities make the perfect candi-
date for a Saturday Night Live writer.
His ability to actualize characters
like Nacho and Napoleon Dynamite
would glue late-night-college-ston-
ers into a ratings vortex.
At the same time, it would allow
him a less demanding landscape to
exhibit his comedic talent. Ljce the
numerous SNL skits adapted to the
silver screen, Hess's films frequently
carry redeeming moments, but
the polished product lacks overall
This writer can be contacted at
Slop cook "Nacho" (Jack Black) with Esqueleto (Hector Jimenez) who
plays the masked "Lucha Libre" wrestler to raise money for orphans.
Party guide: Don't be guilty of a dreaded party foul
The error-proof plan for a
perfect summer party
A successful band party thrown by Kappa Sigma is shown above.
Ah, summer. Just saying the
word conjures up images of bikinis,
Coronas, long days that turn into
longer nights and more impor-
tantly, nights that turn into days.
It's plenty fun to go down-
town and see who you can find
on Cotanche, but to break up the
monotony, this is the best time to
roll with your summer crew at a
good old-fashioned house party.
There is a catch-22 with house
parties, though. You want to get
the word out and have a substantial
number of guests, but at the same
time you don't want it to get so
overblown that you wake up the
g next morning with a barely inhab-
n itable dwelling. Here is a list of
essentials for a lively and enjoyable
o festivity that people will be talking
about well into fall semester.
The primary necessity is a
diverse guest list. Make sure to mix
it up with your back home friends
who complain constantly about the
lameness of their respective colleges
(sorry N.C. State, you simply can't
compete) with your posse of peeps
who have spent the last three years
studying the drink specials at bars
around town in lieu of their Black-
board assignments.
Also cruise your distant friends
on MySpace or Facebook that have
a distinguishable level of hotness to
bring some much needed eye-candy
to your traditional entourage. It also
creates situations for random hook-
ups and bad decisions amidst the
reduced summer population.
Adding a theme to your soiree
can also have added benefits for a
rockin' good time. There is the very
cliched but never overdone toga
theme, which some of my friends
have had great luck with. Bed sheets
and Budlight? I smell success.
Luaus are also perfect for
summer because bathing suits
and leis take out much of the
thinking about what to wear.
Those who are really ambitious can
cruise Party Makers on Arlington
Boulevard for their various assort-
ments of decorations.
It could also be fun to center a
whole party around a certain bev-
erage of choice. A Captain Morgan
party might entail everyone dress-
ing like pirates while Jose Cuervo
will pose the question, "Are you a
Mexican or a Mexican't?"
But nothing is more important
than the selection of tunes on rota-
tion at your party. Crowd favorites
like Sublime are key as well as
smooth-talking slow jams for later
on in the night. It is also vital to
play beach music favorites such as
"Carolina Girls "Cool Me Out"
and "Stagger Lee
Music can also signal the clos-
ing of a party with songs such as
"Tuesday's Gone" and "Closing
Time If you simply want people to
leave, playing Nickelback or Michael
McDonald will guarantee people to
leave faster than the United States
see PARTY page 7

Battle of the Sexes

The opposite sex is so
Since the beginning of time
it has been a battle of the sexes.
Guys love girls, from the way they
walk to the way
they talk; they just
can't seem to get
enough. They can
not live without
girls yet find it
frustrating to live
with them. Same
theory applies to
girls. They all love
guys, but despise
their rude and
sometimes obnox-
ious habits. I've
narrowed down
the habits of both
guys and girls to
see what students
at ECU find most annoying about
the opposite sex.
One thing women do that
drives men crazy is criticize other
women. Seems like many women
can not make a simple compli-
ment toward another woman, they
love to analyze everything about
Who's Fault?
Guy's faults:
leave the toilet seat up
Let dirty dishes sit in the sink for
a week
Have wandering eyes
Drive like they are in a race
Girl's faults:
Nag, Nag, Nag
Stress about their appearances
Become too emotional
Pretend to be Innocent
other girls from their weight to
what they are wearing. Only a girl
would notice another girls' purse
didn't match or that small bump
on her face.
"I went out with this girl one
time and all she did was talk about
how other girls looked. It was hard
to even get to know what she liked
because all she
talked about was
how ugly every-
one else was and
how they were
out of style said
Sean Bozeman,
junior political
science major.
Another thing
girls seem to do
quite often is to
act in a jealous
manner. Often
just mentioning
another woman's
name can make
her perk up and
listen to you. Call it want you wish,
but many girls second guess every-
thing, especially a guy. If you have
not noticed, many girls will tense up
when another girl enters the room
or becomes the topic of discussion.
see SEXES page 9
Mexican Restaurant
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3IRC ! IONS: Take Greenville Blvcl to 10th St
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Verdant Dr. will be the
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On-site Management
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On-site Laundry Facilities
ECU SGA Bus Service
City Bus Route
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Modern Electric Appliances:
Dishwasher &
Garbage Disposal
Central Heating & Air
Wall to Wall Carpet
Spacious Rooms
Free Water, Sewer &
Basic Cable
P3ny from page 5
from the World Cup.
Don't fret if people decide
to depart your party for another
shindig or for the ambience of PB's
and Levels. Party-goers are always
up for late-night and your pad will
be the most ideal. To clench your
supreme host status, pull out your
over-sized tarp and get soapy for
some late-night slip-and-slide. It is
the perfect end to a perfect party
and a great way to cool off from the
Greenville heat.
No matter what your partying
style is, the key is to mix in all of
these elements for a deliciously
good time. Even if your first party
fails, don't fret because there's
always tomorrow and the promise
of a new opportunity for making
party history.
This writer can be contacted at

Party Checklist
Keg(s): Only one Is party suicide
Jello shots: Make sure they are
ready at least 24 hours In advance
Tiki torches: They really capture
the moment
Celebrities: Maybe Ryan Nyqulst Is
Red Solo Cups: Any other color Is
NOT acceptable
Beer Pong table: If you have to ask,
then don't throw a party
Back-up beer pong balls: Make
sure these are hidden
Blue tarp and dollar store soap:
Sllp-and-slde materials
A sweet mix of CDs: What's better
than DMB followed by Jay-Z?
Plastic jar for keys: Drinking and
driving Is never cool
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DiFranco's Time to Heal'
solo live album debuts
Ani DiFranco: "Carnegie
Hall 4.6.02"
A few months ago one of
my dearest friends couldn't
stop talking about a singer she
had stumbled upon while flip-
ping through the radio. When
she mentioned her name, Ani
DiFranco I have to admit that
the only thing that I recognized
about her was just that, her name.
I was quite unfamiliar with
her sound and vowed to check out
some of her music even if I did not
quite put a deadline on that vow.
Okay, I have to admit that I did
not run out and buy her albums
right away. However, when 1 came
across her latest live album, "Carn-
egie Hall 4.6.02 I jumped at the
opportunity to tune in.
I wasn't sure what to expect
when 1 first popped this album into
my CD player, but I can tell you
that what I heard was far beyond
my expectations. This album is
drenched in emotion; jam packed
with stellar guitar rifts and topped
off with the amazing voice of
none other than DiFranco herself.
Just seven short months after
the Sept. 11 attacks in New York,
DiFranco played a packed house at
Carnegie Hall.
The raw emotional atmosphere
of that night is captured in this live
recording. Four years after this jaw
dropping performance DiFranco
released this album on April 4.
Her solo album features IS
song and spoken word choices,
along with a comical anecdote
about the inspiration behind the
song "Gratitude
Each song effortlessly pulls the
audience into a soothing state of
mind and allows you to completely
connect with the lyrics.
My favorite part of the entire
album is when DiFranco recites her
poem, "Self Evident
Self Evident brings to light
the realities that the Sept. 11
attacks awakened in all Americans.
Throughout the entire album
DiFranco uses her opinions to
add color to the riveting accounts
of her life as well as the lives of
Her lyrics are poignant and
honest, and while you may not
agree with her point of view you
will definitely appreciate her music.
DiFranco's latest studio album,
"Reprieve hits stores August 8.
The recording of this 12-track
album began in New Orleans, but
was finished in Buffalo due to the
catastrophe that Katrina caused.
The album consists of both
song and spoken word selections.
Log on to righteousbabes.
com for more a biography of
DiFranco as well as more
information about her albums,
billboard charts and upcoming
This writer can be contacted at
Report news students need to knoWj, toe
Accepting applications for STAFFWRITERS
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Student Stores
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Filling summer days
06XGS from page 6
Ways to embrace
Summer is officially here so
now is the time everyone will be
searching for the perfect way to
spend his or her free time without
breaking the bank. Summertime
offers many different activities
from sunset picnics to a trip to
the beach.
If you are a lover of the out-
doors, summer is the perfect
season to take advantage of warm
days and cool nights. Grab your
pals and head to a local pool for
an afternoon of fun in the sun.
Turn off your cell phone and leave
your stress at home. It's not only
a great way to cool off, but also to
enjoy an uninterrupted afternoon
of conversation.
If you are looking for some
old-school fun in the sun, try run-
ning through the sprinklers with
your closest group of friends. This
was fun while you were young and
it can be just as much fun now,
especially if you don't mind your
water bill being a little on the
high side.
Spending all day in the sun
can work up quite an appetite.
With the temperatures cooling
down in the evening, a picnic
under the stars will offer excite-
ment along with relaxation. Pack
some sandwiches and a blanket,
and head to a local park for a
magical evening. Greenville's Elm
Street Park offers a picnic shelter
containing tables, but be sure to
plan ahead because the park closes
at nightfall.
Tennis is a popular sport to
enjoy during the summer. It is a
great sport to learn because there
are opportunities to play at all dif-
ferent ages and skill levels. After
learning all of the rules, tennis
can be played at a leisurely pace,
or you can choose to spice it up
with a bit of competition. Elm
Street Park offers public tennis
courts where you can practice
and compete.
If you prefer watching sports
rather than participating in them,
baseball is a great American
pastime that can be enjoyed on
many different levels. Local teams
have night games, but if you are
looking for a higher level of skill,
look no further than the Kinston
Indians. This minor league team
can be found playing home games
in Kinston, N.C. at Grainger
Stadium, right off Highway 11. A
schedule of events can be found
If the pool is just not sponta-
neous enough for you, try taking
a road trip to one of your favorite
beaches. North Carolina is cer-
tainly not lacking in great places
to visit on your day of adventure.
You can enjoy a day of fun in the
sun with minimal expense. Some
of the more popular beaches this
summer are Emerald Isle, Wrights-
ville Beach, Carolina Beach and
Atlantic Beach.
While you are there, you can
try your hand at surfing, body
boarding, skim boarding or even
sand castle building. A stroll along
the beach as the sun sets is great
for romantics, while a seashell
search is ideal for friends and
For thrill seekers, the beach
may not provide all the adrena-
line pumping action you're look-
ing for. An amusement or water
park may be more your speed.
For close to $40 a day you can
spend the entire day riding roller
coasters, barreling down enor-
mous slides or watching shows.
One down side to the parks, how-
ever, is they can be pricey when
taking into account the price of
food and souvenirs.
Summer is the season of con-
certs. Hearing live music is one
of the most exhilarating things
to do. You can see your favorite
bands or artists perform as they
tour the country stopping at
various locations along the way.
To find out who's coming to a
town near you visit ticketmaster.
com. If you don't mind the short
drive to Raleigh, you can look at
the schedule for Alltel Pavilion
online at and
check out their incredible list of
performers for this summer.
Do you have a passion for art?
If so a local art museum or gal-
lery may be the perfect venue to
explore. Local venues include the
Greenville Museum of Art as well
as Emerge Art Gallery. Both have
rotating exhibits and are open
to the public free of charge. You
can view painting, photographs,
drawings, sculptures and more.
Summer has arrived which
means the days are longer and the
possibilities are endless. Make the
most of your summer by spending
your days enjoying everything
life has to offer. Don't let summer
pass you by, school will be starting
back before you know it.
This writer can be contacted at
features@theeastcarolinian. com.
When guys do something annoying, they can be subject to this yelling.
"Girls like to act jealous, when
I really do not think they are. They
come up with random stuff to
believe and then I end up not even
knowing what's going on. If I did not
like the girl I was with, then I would
not be with her said James Tsui,
sophomore criminal justice major.
If you have given her reason
to doubt you in the past, then you
should only be so lucky for her to
give you another chance, but if not,
then you should not have to pay the
price for her feeling insecure.
In the battle of the sexes it has
always been about who wears the
"pants" in the relationship. The
main thing girls use as a manipula-
tive way to get what they want is sex.
In many cases women use sex
to gain superiority over men, this
has been going on for ages and
will continue until men come up
with something better.
And while many believe this to
be a dirty tactic, girls should really
leave the basic human needs out of
the picture when trying to get what
they want. Agree?
Now it's time for the girls to
get their wild screams and protests
into the open about guys. What
is the deal with selective hearing?
It is like guys have a filter in their
brain and only hear the parts of the
stories that include food or sex. I
know girls can talk your ear off, but
paying attention is half of the battle.
Men seem to have the ability
to pick and choose what they hear,
so hear this next time your girl is
talking and you are not paying
attention just take that as a "no sex
for you" ticket.
Guys - they burp, fart and spit
all things most girls can not stand.
But just think - if a girl walked
around spitting everywhere, burp-
ing out loud and leaving silent, but
deadly gas trails, guys would defi-
nitely not find that attractive.
They would be completely
grossed out and more than likely
never talk to that girl again. But
as soon as a guy does any of these
things, it becomes funny?
"My ex-boyfriend thought
burping loud was a talent and pass-
ing gas was just all too hilarious.
Since I could not break those bad
habits I had to break the relation-
ship said Cat Stallings, junior
English major.
Although guys have selective
hearing, they are not as careful as
to what they talk about. The one
thing that can get to a girl more
than just about anything else is
for a guy to sit there and chat away
about one of his ex-girlfriends.
Whether it is just a first date or if
you have been in a relationship
for a while, I can not name one
girl who wants to hear about an
old flame.
It makes them feel like they
are being compared to your old
girlfriend or that you are trying to
drop a few hints she has some of
the same traits your ex did. And
if that is the case, your girlfriend
will think that you are going to
end things soon just like you did
with the girl before her.
"I can not stand for a guy to talk
away our dinner date about his ex.
That leads me to believe that he is
not over her and that he constantly
thinks about her. I wish that guys
would keep stuff like that to their
self, unless they are asked about
it said Alina Panchuk, sophomore
political science major.
There you go guys, no matter
how hard you try to open up
about your past feelings and other
experiences that you believe a girl wants
to know, they change their mind.
Just think of another way to get
her to understand you and know
that you have a different side, but
talking about your past relation-
ships is just not the way to go.
The battle of the sexes is end-
less. Girls will continue to be aliens
to guys and guys will always strug-
gle to decode women. Just remem-
ber that habits are just the charac-
teristics of another and should not
always be quickly judged.
Just because someone does
things you do not like, does not
mean they cannot be talked out or
at least compromised.
This writer can be contacted at
"Before giving, I always look
for the Humane Seal
E, Star of NBC's hit show ER
The Humane Charity'Seal of Approval
guarantees that a health charity funds
vital patient services or life-saving
medical research, but never animal experiments.
Council On Humane Giving
Washington. D.C. 202-686-2210, ext. 335

Hurricanes take Stanley
Thrillecl fans
celebrate in
wake of Cup by storm in Game 7
Stanley Cup Finals create
mayhem outside RBC
Hurricanes aren't supposed
to make people downright giddy.
But In the immediate aftermath of
the Carolina Hurricanes' dramatic
Game 7 win to capture the Stanley
Cup Finals Monday night, the Tri-
angle couldn't help Itself.
Trust me, I was there. And all
of the rest of the Caniacs wouldn't
have traded a minute of it In the
wake of North Carolina's first-ever
professional sports title, a car was
destroyed and a band rock-h-rolled
redneck hockey style just outside of
the RBC Center.
Cars honked jingles and
fists were pumped as high as the
new Progress Energy building in
downtown Raleigh. Crowd surfers
were tossed around and strangers
exchanged high-fives as if they
were best friends.
Grown burly men were buying
championship T-shirts and kissl
makeshift Stantey Cups. A
Itok andTOtf a pb&
sulating the championshty a
of -whatever It tt&wATeei
were kissing. It was a feeling of pure
Jubilation that only champions
get to achieve and passionate fans
starve for.
That was just outside. Captain
Rod Brind'Amour hoisted the
prized trophy in an extremely
emotional moment after so many
years of it eluding him. Defense-
see MAYHEM page 11
ECU students Logan Johnson, left, and Brandon Biddix, right, celebrate outside the RBC Center.
(AP) Rod Brind'Amour cried.
Bret Hedican jumped for joy. Even
Doug Weight bad shoulder and
all lifted hockey's most revered
trophy above his head. It tilted
slightly to his right, but he held on.
No way the Hurricanes were
going to let this one slip away.
Cam Ward made sure of that.
The rookie goalie stopped nearly
everything that came his way, fin-
ishing off a brilliant playoffs with
a rock-solid performance in Game
7. The Hurricanes skated away with
their first Stanley Cup title, beating
Edmonton 3-1 in the winner-take-
all finale Monday night.
Ward, only 22, won the Conn
Smythe Trophy as most valuable
player of the postseason.
"Goaltending wins you cham-
pionships, make no mistake about
it said Brind'Amour, the 35-year-
old captain, his eyes still red after
'Canes 3
Oilers 1
he left the ice.
"I got to raise the cup because
of that kid
Brind'Amour wasn't the only
member of the 30-something club
who finally broke through.
There was Hedican, 35, who lost
in his first two trips to the finals.
And Weight, 35, who finally made it
for the first time in his 15th season.
And Whitney, 34, who didn't reach
the finals until Year 14. And the
most patient one of all, 37-year-old
Glen Wesley, who had played in the
eighth-most regular-season games
(1,311) in NHL history without
winning a championship.
All of them will be getting their
names on the cup.
"That was probably the great-
est feeling of my life coach Peter
Laviolette said. "To watch those
guys hold the cup over their head
that is what I will remember
A couple of defensemen, Aaron
Ward and Frantisek Kaberle, staked
Carolina to a 2-0 lead through two
periods. Justin Williams finished
off the Oilers, scoring an empty-
net goal with 1:01 remaining after
Edmonton playoff star Fernando
Pisani broke up Cam Ward's shut-
out early in the third.
Oilers defenseman Chris
Pronger, a stalwart throughout the
postseason, gave up the puck in
see HURRICANES page 12
victory, calls
for ultimate
(AP) The Carolina Hurricanes
gathered with their fans Tuesday to
relish the team's first NHL cham-
pionship, the first major pro title
in state history, and above all the
Stanley Cup the 114-year-old silver
chalice that signaled to all hockey
Has a home in North Carolina.
"Nine years in the making.
It's about time said an impatient
Adrian lonescu, 19, of Cary.
In the team's second trip to the
Stanley Cup finals since the former
Hartford Whalers moved south
in 1997, the Hurricanes beat the
Edmonton Oilers in seven games,
unleashing Tuesday's parade of
pickup trucks carting players
through a cheering crowd of Cani-
acs at the RBC Center.
Assistant captain Glen Wesley
held the silver Stanley Cup aloft as
children in his truck pitched foam
pucks into the crowd like they were
medallions tossed from a Mardi
Gras float.
Other fans waited to hear their
hometown heroes trumpet victory
on stage, where a band warmed up
a crowd at the end of a 90-degree
day. Long lines formed for beer and
smoothies, while better prepared
o fans brought coolers and kicked
back under the few shady spots.
$ "They call it a nontraditional
hockey market, but there's all those
people out there screaming in the
heat said defenseman Aaron
Ward. "So maybe by the standards
of temperature we're not a hockey
market, but we've got some enthu-
siasm out there
Bill Murphy, 44, of Raleigh,
wore his red Hurricanes sweater and
took pride in the life-size replica of
the Cup he spent hours building
out of cardboard, tape and alumi-
num foil. He said he engineered
the model using specifications he
found on the Internet, attaching it
to the trunk of his Honda Accord
two days ago.
A New York transplant and
an Islanders fan his entire life, he
wanted his son 8-year-old Brendan
to experience his adopted city's
"There's so much history in
that Cup Murphy said. "Some
people think it's just a trophy, but
it's a way of life for hockey fans

2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Townhomes
1212 Red Banks Rd. Greenville, NC
On-site Management
& Maintenance
On-site Laundry Facilities
Resident & Visitor Parking
Adjacentto ECU Bus Stop
Playground Area
Basketball & Volleyball Ccxjrts
Outdoor Swimming Pool
1 Modem Electric Appliances:
Dishwasher &
Garbage Disposal
Central Heating & Air
Free Water, Sewer &
Basic Cable
Cemented Patios
Mayhem from page 10
man Glen Wesley did the same after
18 faithful seasons.
Rookie goaltender Cam Ward
received the prestigious Conn Smythe
trophy in recognition of being the
MVP for the playoffs. Various aged
veterans each paraded around with
the Cup, including an injured Doug
Weight who could barely hoist
the Cup due to a right arm injury.
And it all happened a short hour
from the ECU campus. For the first
time in recent memory, playoff games
were broadcast via radio throughout
the region. Despite being clad in the
normal enemy colon of red and black,
there were actually a few Pirate fans
sprinkled among the RBC masses.
In a state where so many colleges
create battle lines in state politics and
even divide households, the Canes,
like the Carolina Panthers, are a
source for all North Carolinians to
unite. As evidenced Monday night,
the Tuesday parade and throughout
the playoff run, support they did.
Nineteen-thousand plus fans
packed Game 7 and provided an
electric atmosphere while standing
throughout. A couple thousand
more watched from a Jumbotron
outside while factions were content
with tailgating with makeshift tele-
visions in the back of pickup trucks.
Countless more packed bars and
crowded around TV sets throughout
the region.
What was beautiful was that the
state rooted for the same result, one
that came to fruition when Justin
Williams scored an empty net goal to
put Carolina up 3-1 with 1:01 left.
And for us down easterners, we
have every right to be just as proud,
just as Charlotte and Asheville do
to the west. The outskirts of Raleigh
may not have that wealthy contin-
gent as those inside the beltline, but
the cheers were just as loud, from all
Many insiders, experts and any-
body in the surrounding Hartford,
Conn, area were among nay-sayers
that thought a franchise smack dab
in the middle of North Carolina
wouldn't work. Critics cited the
smallish media market and the lack
of a consistent fan base. However,
Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos
continued to pump money into the
franchise and now ten years later,
has watched the dividends paid
Say what you want, but the Canes
won the title for the entire state.
Despite the newspaper columnist jeers
of what many still perceive as May-
berry, this is now Canes country. And
frankly, that's deserves a fist pump.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
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The 'Canes, playoff beards intact, crowd around the Stanley Cup.
the Carolina zone and wound up
making a helpless dive to block Wil-
liams' gimme into the goal that had
been vacated by Jussi Markkanen In
favor of an extra skater.
The crowd of nearly 19,000,
most of them standing throughout
the game, began chanting, "We
want the cup A minute later, they
had their wish. The champions
reside on Tobacco Road territory
best known for college basketball
and NASCAR and hockey finished
off its promising return from a
season-ruining lockout (dismal TV
ratings notwithstanding).
"It was (ust surreal
Brind'Amour said, explaining his
emotions. "It just kind of came to
a head when I realized that was it.
We were going to win
Weight didn't get to play after
injuring his shoulder in Game S.
But he donned his uniform and
came out for the ceremony, taking
his turn with that treasured piece
of silverware. He even managed to
get it over his head.
Ward wasn't even Carolina's
No. 1 goalie at the beginning of
the postseason, but he got the call
when Martin Gerber struggled in
an opening round against Mon-
treal. The rookie wound up win-
ning more games in the playoffs
(IS) than he did as Gerber's backup
during the regular season (14).
And, unlike all those older
teammates, Ward didn't have to
wait very long for his first cup.
"People say it's your rookie sea-
sons and chances are that it will come
again he said. "But you just never
know. You can't predict the future.
You've got to take care of the present
Ward did just that, knocking
aside Edmonton's best chance
to tie with just under 4 minutes
remaining. First, he stopped a shot
by Raffi Torres with the left pad.
Then, when Pisani got a stick on
the rebound, the goalie blocked
that one with his skate.
Torres bent over in agony as he
rounded the net, as if he realized
that Edmonton wouldn't have a
better chance to tie It up.
The Hurricanes were born in
the old World Hockey Association
as the Boston-based New England
Whalers, and entered the NHL in
1979 playing out of Hartford. Want-
ing a new arena, the team headed
south in 1997.
The first two years in Carolina
were a dismal experience, the team
forced to play 80 miles away in
Greensboro while the coliseum in
Raleigh was being built. So few fans
turned up in the beginning that the
upper deck was curtained off.
Now, the Hurricanes are cham-
pions, capitalizing on their second
trip to the finals. Four years ago,
they were beaten in five games by
heavy favorite Detroit.
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aul Troth joins Pirate football
staff as offensive assistant
(SID) Former Pirate quar-
terback Paul Troth has rejoined
the ECU football program as
a member of the coaching
staff after accepting an offen-
sive assistant's position accord-
ing to an announcement from
head coach Skip Holtz Tuesday.
Troth was a three-year letter-
winner at ECU, beginning with his
true freshman campaign in 2001
under former head coach Steve
Logan before transferring to NCAA
Division I-AA member Liberty
prior to the 2004 season.
After experiencing limited
playing time as David Garrard's
top understudy during his rookie
year, Troth took over the start-
ing job in 2002 as a sophomore
and turned in ECU's ninth-
best single-season passing yard
total in history after complet-
ing 177-of-359 passes for 2,315
yards and 15 scores in 12 games.
During the course of the year,
he reached the 300-yard, three-
TD milestone on two occasions
- throwing for 339 yards (25-of-46)
against USF on Oct. 19 before tal-
lying 369 (22-of-33) yards at Hous-
ton on Nov. 9 - which rank 14th
and sixth, respectively, on East
Carolina's all-time single-game
passing yard list. Troth ranked
among the top 60 signal-callers
in the nation by averaging 14.8
completions per game and stood
76th in total offense with a 175.4
yards-per-game average.
After passing for 380 yards in
just six games as a reserve in 2003
under first-year head coach John
Thompson, Troth opted to close
out his collegiate career at Liberty
the following season where he
threw for 694 yards as a part-time
starter for the Flames.
A three-time all-state, all-
county and all-conference selec-
tion at Vance High School in
Charlotte, Troth compiled 6,929
passing yards and 79 scoring
strikes during his prep career,
which at the time served as
Mecklenburg County records
and ranked as the sixth-high-
est passing total in state history.
Troth, who earned a bachelor's
degree in broadcast journalism
from Liberty in 2005, is married
to the former Teresa Dodd of Cen-
treville, Va.
He replaces Kevin Turco, who
accepted a full-time defensive line
position at Newberry (S.C.) Col-
lege in May.
' : ,jr
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The East Carolinian, June 21, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
June 21, 2006
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