The East Carolinian, May 31, 2006

Volume 81 Number 72
lav 31, 2006
Bridge to remain closed through summer
Road construction
continues on 14th Street
While many have been eagerly
waiting for the reopening of the
14th Street bridge near Charles
Boulevard, their wait will have
to continue until the end of the
"We're hoping the bridge will
be finished in August said Thomas
Tysinger, director of the Greenville
Public Works Department.
Construction on the bridge has
been going on for months. While
it has been frustrating for many,
it has not been without necessity.
According to Tysinger, fhe bridge
had to be replaced due to a federal
and state law, enforced by the North
Carolina Department of Transpor-
tation, which requires all bridges
in North Carolina to be inspected
every two years. The sufficiency
fSf-r- -
- - '

see BRIDGE page 3 The bridge on 14th Street, just past the intersection at Charles Boulevard, did not pass inspection and will be undergoing construction all summer.
SGA convenes for first
time during summer
SGA accessible to student
body year-round
With oil prices rising, scientists are now turning to ethanol as an alternative way to fuel vehicles.
Ethanol make gas cheaper?
Exploring alternative
fuels such as Ethanol
As oil prices continue to soar
and with no end in sight to the
surging prices, many compa-
nies are looking to ethanol as a
means of combating oil prices.
Ethanol is essentially alcohol
that is fermented from corn. Corn
is ground into a very fine powder
then mixed with water and
sugar before the yeast ferments
creating ethanol. A small amount
of gas is then added to make it
undrinkable because the resulting
mixture is about 10 alcohol,
which is about twice as power-
ful as most U.S. domestic beers.
Because corn is needed in
the process, demand for corn is
expected to rise 34 percent in the
next year. When factoring the
extra demand and the effect of
the drought in Texas and Okla-
homa, corn prices are steadily
rising. However, the new demand
should also encourage others to
grow more corn as another use
for corn has been found.
Right now the United States
see ETHANOL page 2
The SGA has decided to have
eligible congressmen meet during the
summer to serve the student body
during the summer sessions.
According to Ben Wyche, speaker
of the congress, any congressman that
has the desire to participate and is
enrolled in summer sessions is eligible.
Eligibility also depends on
whether or not the student served
as a congressman during the fall and
spring semesters.
In the past, general assembly elec-
tions were held in the fall. They are
now held in the spring and all con-
gressmen that were elected will be able
to participate in summer congress.
The purpose for having SGA
available to students .during the
summer is to be accessible to the
student body for emergency summer
issues, according to Wyche.
Three main goals have been set
for the summer by SGA. These goals
include approving annual funding
that was recommended by the appro-
priations committee in the spring,
clearly defining the funding board
and clarifying the funding manual.
According to Wyche, in the past
the funding board allowed umbrella
organizations such as the Graduate
Student Advisory Council or the four
Greek branches to ask for an amount
of money to fund the group.
After looking closer at the fund-
ing board, SGA decided that it needed
more clarity, according Wyche.
The third goal was chosen because
the funding manual has been revised
see SGA page 3
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2006 ECULoessin
Summer Theatre
Individual ticket sales begin June 1.
Please see to purchase
tickets or call 1-800-ECU-ARTS.
Summer season tickets are available
Guys and Dolls"
June 27-July 1
A Musical Fable of Broadway and
based on a story and characters
of Damon Runyon, this funny and
romantic comedy-considered by many
to be the perfect musical comedy-
soars with the spirit of Broadway
as it introduces us to a cast of vivid
characters. Everything works out in
the end, thanks to the machinations
of Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling's
hilarious, fast-paced book and Frank
Loesser's bright, brassy, immortal
score, which takes us from the heart of
Times Square to the cafes of Havana,
Cuba, and even into the sewers of
New York City.
"The Fantasticks"
July 11-15
The original production opened on
May 3, 1960 at the Sullivan Street
Playhouse in New York's Greenwich
Village where it's still playing after
15,000 performances making The
Fantasticks is the longest-running
musical in the world! At the heart of
its breathtaking poetry and subtle
sophistication is a purity and simplicity
that results in a timeless fable of
love that manages to be nostalgic
and universal at the same time. The
Fantasticks is an intimate show that
engages the audience's imagination
and showcases a strong ensemble
footloose: the musical"
July 25-29
One of the most explosive movie
musicals in recent memory now bursts
onto the live stage. When Ren and
his mother move from Chicago to a
small farming town, Ren is prepared
for the inevitable adjustment period
at his new high school. What he isn't
prepared for are the rigorous local
laws, including a ban on dancing. The
ban is the brainchild of a preacher
determined to exercise the control
over the town youth that he cannot
command in his own home.To the
rockin' rhythm of its Oscar-nominated
top 40 score (the soundtrack album
reached number one on the Billboard
charts and has sold over 15 million
copies!) to which new, dynamic
songs have been added, Footloose
celebrates the wisdom of listening to
young people, guiding them with a
warm heart and an open mind.
Enron executives Lay and Skilling found guilty
What happens now
for convicted Enron
Former Enron Chief Execu-
tive Officers Ken Lay and Jef-
frey Skilling have just been con-
victed of 29 counts of fraud,
conspiracy, and insider trading.
The trial lasted four months and
the jury deliberated for six days.
"I firmly believe I am innocent
of the charges against me, as I have
said from day one Lay said after
being informed of his conviction.
"If I were a CEO today, 1 would
say it sends a very dangerous mes-
sage. It basically makes an innocent
act criminal
The convictions carry a maxi-
mum penalty of 165 years of
imprisonment for Lay and 185
years for Skilling.
"This brings closure for
some people said former Enron
employee Chris Jones.
The actions of Lay, Skilling
and former Enron C.F.O. Andrew
Falstow, who is already serving a
prison term for his role, destroyed
$2.1 billion in stock market value
and cost 5,600 jobs at a time when
the stock and job markets were
already suspect.
"I wanted very, very badly to
believe what they were saying, very
much so said juror Wendy Vaughan.
However, it was not enough.
"To say that you didn't know
what was going on in your own
company is not the right thing
said juror Freddy Delgado.
"The ones that lost their secu-
rity or their retirement nothing that
happened today is going to bring
that back for them. They're not
going to get their retirement money
or their security back said govern-
ment prosecutor Sean Berkowitz.
Skilling and Lay took home
approximately $375 million in
compensation and insider trading
The 2005 movie Fun with Dick
and Jane was based on a man who
lost his job in a similar situation
to Enron and the movie even men-
tions the name Enron at the end.
The movie had a solution for the
former employees who lost their
life savings and retirement in that
Dick, played by Jim Carey, tricked
the former C.E.O played by Alec
Baldwin and whom has been said
by some to resemble Jeffrey Skill-
ing, into funding the company's
bankrupt pension plan thereby
giving hope to thousands.
Would jail time or financial
restitution do more to right the
wrongs of these executives?
Enron's collapse had a signifi-
cant affect on the U.S. economy, c
It was about four months after the
911 terrorist attacks when Enron
declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
The U.S. economy was already reel-
ing from the bursting of the tech
bubble. The job market was getting
rougher and the United States was
at war with the Taliban regime in
Afghanistan. Not only did Enron
declare bankruptcy but it was
also learned that Enron's auditor
accounting firm Arthur Andersen
had obstructed justice by shredding
documents pertaining to Enron's
massive offshore holdings and sub-
The former Enron CEOs face 165-185 years in jail for their crimes.
sidiaries, which produced the losses
that Enron was forced to hide.
Arthur Andersen was once one
of the Big Five accounting firms
in the United States with 85,000
employees. Its connection with
Enron destroyed the company
and it now has 200 employees
mostly in Chicago. The massive
loss of jobs made the job market
for accountants very tough par-
ticularly for ones who graduated
in the following years. Since then
EtlianOl from page 1
produces about 4 billion gallons
of ethanol per year and in the
next seven years that amount
should double. Considering that
the United States consumed 140
billion gallons of gasoline last year,
it seems that ethanol production
must be significantly increased in
order to lessen U.S. dependence on
foreign oil and to stretch the life
of fossil fuels. Currently, U.S. cars
are running on gasoline that is 10
percent ethanol. In the Midwest
there are as stations which sell E85
which is about 85 percent ethanol.
Ethanol is renewable, burns
cleaner and can be made domesti-
cally, but it has its disadvantages,
such as transportation, because it
cannot travel via pipeline like oil
because of ethanol's tendency to
pick up impurities along the way.
Also ethanol is not quite as potent
as gasoline, which will mean less
efficient fuel economy.
There has been an argument
that the delivery of ethanol would
be less efficient because of the
amount of fossil fuels required to
deliver it. However that argument
is being refuted with Energy Sci-
entist Michael Wang saying, "The
energy used for each unit of etha-
nol produced has been reduced by
about half
Generally it takes about 50 per-
cent more fossil fuel to deliver oil
then it does ethanol. Despite the
lower transportation costs etha-
nol is actually raising prices right
now due to a high demand and
an infrastructure that is not yet
able to make sufficient quantities
of ethanol to meet such demand.
A basic knowledge of econom-
ics tells one that when supply
increases then the price should
fall if demand holds constant.
While U.S. demand for gasoline is
increasing, it is likely that ethanol
production should increase at a
faster rate.
Right now, Brazil is far ahead
of the United States in terms of
converting from a gasoline soci-
ety to an ethanol one. Brazil uses
sugarcane instead of corn to make
ethanol. Flex cars, which can run
on ethanol alone, are ever pres-
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Congress enacted legislation called
the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in
order to make corporate executives
more accountable.
In a very crafty move, Berk-
shire Hathaway Chairman Warren
Buffett, the world's second rich-
est man behind Bill Gates,
bought a lot of Enron's assets
for mere pennies on the dollar.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Coalition on Oman J Tnm Donation

BrldyG from page 1
rating of the 14th Street bridge
was not adequate enough to pass
and warranted more than simple
maintenance. It had to be
Tysinger also said that more
road work should be expected in
the next two or three years. Roads
that are to be worked on in the
future include 10th Street, where
they want to add turning lanes and
sidewalks to Portertown Road.
In the immediate future, expect
construction on Fire Tower Road
from page 1
Cyber graffiti: Gangs go online
near Memorial Drive, around Pitt
Community College and Corey
Road in the fall around September
or October.
Tysinger hopes that people will
continue to be patient with the
construction efforts.
"With inconveniences from
construction the roads become
less congested and travel will be
easier he said.
This writer can be contacted at
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several times over the years but some
of the points were still unclear and
needed further revisions, said Wyche.
"The funding manual should be
a detailed process from beginning to
end and provide a formula for SGA to
determine how much funding each
organization is allowed Wyche said.
Issues came up this year that
doesn't match the funding manual's
purpose and made it necessary to
revise it more, according to Wyche.
Although congressmen felt that
a summer SGA was needed in the
past to provide better representation
for decisions, this is the first time
that congressmen will be active in
the summer.
"Summer congress replaces the
need for executive branch to serve
as emergency legislative branch
said Wyche.
Summer congress will last from
the Monday of the first week of
summer session one to the last
Monday of the summer session two.
The congressmen will meet once
a week to work towards accomplish-
ing their three main goals. Meetings
will be held every Monday at 5:15
p.m. in Mendenhall Student Center,
room 212.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
(KRT) With a few clicks on
his laptop, Naperville, 111 Detective
Rich Wistocki is staring at a man who
appears to be smoking marijuana.
He clicks again, and there's another
picture of the 22-year-old, nearly
hidden under a large pile of what
looks like bags of marijuana leaves.
"Look at this. How stupid is
this?" Wistocki says as he prints out
the photo and saves a "screen grab"
to his computer.
"These guys put this out there,
thinking that nobody's watching.
That it's only their friends, but they
are wrong
Wistocki, who works in the
department's Internet crimes unit,
has seen hundreds of photographs
like these: Guys pointing guns,
spraying graffiti, flashing gang signs
or handfuls of money. Law enforce-
ment says it's all a part of a growing
trend of gangs pushing thug life
on the Internet. A search for gang
sites will turn up links to anti-gang
sites started by law enforcement or
anti-crime organizations. Other
sites claim to be academic, present-
ing the real story behind Chicago's
gangs. The more you click, however,
the more likely the site you enter
belongs to someone purporting to
be a gang member. And it's likely a
police officer is looking at it, too.
West Chicago Police Cmdr.
Bruce Malkin teaches about gangs
around the country and surfs the
Internet searching for gang sites
almost daily. He keeps a cache of
Web sites, though he discourages the
public from visiting them. He thinks
some gangs use tracking devices,
called "cookies on their sites to
track down site visitors' personal
information. (Malkin and other
officers use Internet addresses that
bounce trackers to bogus names.)
Malkin, like several of the detec-
tives interviewed, said most of what
he finds he uses to educate himself
about gangs in his area. Although a
lot of the chatter is cryptic, Malkin
said that with close monitoring
and gang know-how, police can
learn a lot. "You'd be surprised
the amount of information they'll
put out on the Web Malkin said.
Some sites detail a gang's his-
tory and boundaries and feature
pictures of graffiti with which
members have tagged their turf.
The sites honor dead gang members
with guest books and music and
vow vengeance against the killers.
Many also feature chat rooms and
bulletin boards where postings
range from favorite albums to vul-
garity-laden proclamations of gang
dominance or rival gang bashing.
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In My Opinion
Conservatism: the only
right way to government
In my last column, I offered up
my opinion on what's wrong with
America, so this week, I'll focus on
solutions rather than problems.
Small government, low taxes,
a strong national defense and
personal responsibility are all
principles of conservatism, which
is the only right way to effective
For too long, America has built
a culture of dependence- depen-
dence on the government for
welfare checks, unemployment
benefits and social security. These
aren't jobs for the government.
Small government is the right
way. I truly believe that the best
government is that which gov-
erns the least, and a government
which governs the least doesn't
provide socialistic programs for
its citizens. If people need to save
up for retirement, the government
should tax them less, allowing
them to save more. I have no
choice but to pay Social Security
on every paycheck I receive, but
that still doesn't stop me from
putting away five percent of each
paycheck into a savings account.
It's not that much now, but It
adds up. Between the paycheck I
receive for my job and the pebbles
that TEC pays me for this column
I barely make enough to pay rent,
food and loan payments, but I
get by and I save. When I retire,
I'll still accept my Social Security
check, if the program still exists
and isn't bankrupt, because I paid
the dues, but I won't depend on
it. I'll have my savings to provide
a comfortable life in my golden
years. I don't believe that everyone
is as far seeing and plans as well
as I do, but it is not the job of the
government to save and plan your
future for you.
Take a look at your next pay-
check and pay close attention to
how much is drawn for Social
Security. Couldn't you invest
that money better? While you're
at it, take a look at your year-to-
date tax totals and think about
this: Most Americans will work
until May 1 to pay the taxes that
are taken out of their paychecks
automatically. As a college student
working a part time job, nearly 15
percent of my gross income yearly
is paid in taxes, and at the end of
the year, I may get two percent
of that back. President Bush is
not the perfect conservative, I'll
be the first to admit that, but at
'least he's got half the idea. The
conservative way is low taxes and
small government, but Bush has
actually grown the government
since he took office. His tax cuts
have stimulated growth and made
our economy stronger, but because
our government has grown and
continues to grow, our national
debt continues to grow. You want
a small national debt, get a small
With a small government,
taxes would be lower than you can
even imagine. With more of your
paycheck going in your pocket,
you'd have the opportunity to save
up for retirement, pay for better
health insurance for your family
and live a much more comfort-
able life.
But there's one area of govern-
ment that we can't pinch pennies
on and that's the national defense.
A strong national defense is also
the right way to government and
that means domestic as well as
foreign policies. People always
point to Sept. 11 as a major fail-
ure of the Bush Administration,
well chew on this. The terrorists
who orchestrated the 911 attacks
entered this country as early as
1993, the first year of the Clinton
Administration. Over Clinton's
eight years leading this country, he
cut defense spending and halted a
great deal of domestic programs in
an effort to save money and sup-
port his big government agenda.
Clinton was a man of the people,
he wanted to provide health care
on a large scale, but in order to
do that he had to cut defense and
other security spending to make
an effort at it. He made it difficult
for our government institutions to
protect this country. If Clinton ran
as aggressive of a "domestic wire-
tapping" policy as Bush does, we
very well may have prevented the
Sept. 11 attacks.
For too long, we've been pam-
pered by a government who has
allowed people to think they
have absolute freedom from gov-
ernment infringement on their
lives, but it isn't so. Laws like the
PATRIOT Act aren't wrong, they're
very important for the safety of
our country.
Finally, it is the government's
job to push personal responsibil-
ity. You are responsible for your
actions. Choose not to wear a
condom and get your girlfriend
pregnant? Congratulations, you've
now have two lives that will
depend on you: a kid and a mother.
Didn't make your boyfriend wear
a condom and got pregnant? Con-
gratulations, you now have a kid,
be sure to raise him or her with a
sense of personal responsibility.
Don't say, "He got me pregnant
and I want an abortion It takes
two to tango.
This isn't the end all, be all
of conservatism, because there's
much more to this plan for govern-
ment than I was able to list here,
but it's a start. If our government
follows the idea of small govern-
ment, low taxes, strong defense
and personal responsibility for its
citizens, our government would
be more efficient and our citizens
in much better shape than they
are today.
Pirate Rants
To the ranter who has overloaded
hisherits e-mail account on One-
Stop: Check your "sent items" folder.
A copy of every e-mail that you've
ever sent resides in that folder and
takes up space. Once you delete
those and then delete them from
your deleted items folder you should
be good to go. You can thank me
publicly in an upcoming rant.
Have you ever stopped to think and
forgot to start again? 1 mean really
it's possible isn't it?
I'm tired of you looking in my
window and watching me change.
Always coming over and asking for
help with things. You know who
you are.
My landlord waits one or two weeks
into the month to cash my check
every month why is it when I
give him the check with a deposit
pending for me he cashes it right
away thus I go into the red? Call
it irony, but now I am broke.
Classes are over and he could have
said something if he'd really wanted
to. He didn't. It's time to move on.
Is it wrong that I feel like stuffing
a sock into my roommate's mouth
every time she's asleep? She snores
like my dad!
I've discovered the secret to lead-
ing a fulfilling life: just say "screw
it" before anything, then whatever
happens, happens.
Guys: if you like a girl just say so!
If she doesn't like you back, she'll
still be flattered and won't think
any differently of you. If she does,
then there ya go!
Why do people insist on my swear-
ing as much as they do? I have
no need for it. Just because you're
emotionally constipated and unable
to express yourself through words
doesn't mean I have to be, thank
you very much.
How long of a look constitutes a
"meaningful gaze"?
Who else misses the Walgreen's
commercials about the "place called
Perfect"? They need to get those
Is it wrong to compare my room-
mate to Malibu Barbie?
Why is the post office so frickin'
far away from every residence hall
on campus?!
As a girl, I've never understood the
need for thongs. I've honestly never
felt the desire to have a wedgie all
The hundreds and hundreds of dol-
lars spent, the constant exposure
to bad music, the insurmount-
able levels of stress, the countless
sleepless nights; 1 love being an
art major.
I'm sending in a Pirate Rant because
I'm emotionally not ready to face
the day yet.
Who else feels old when they see TV
shows about "comeback stars" and
you remember those people when
they made it big the first time?
Can we bring "the bomb" back?
What about "fly"?
TEC doesn't print enough Pirate
1 don't know what it is about Taco
Bell, but is has the best food at 1
I love summer break cause I missed
my mommy.
I'm addicted to the strawberry
yogurt smoothies at the REC.
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Big & Rich: Free pairs
of tickets to readers
Read carefully country
music fans
Well ladies and gents, I have to
dubious honor of trying to effectively
herald the arrival of one of the biggest
country music attractions around, Big
& Rich. Their lyricsong title, "Save
a horse, ride a cowboy is a big indi-
cation that their upcoming show is
sure to please.
Anyone who can have that
much fun writing music which
transfers into a musical sound like
Big & Rich has got to put on
one great live show. Oh, did
I mention that Big & Rich
will be playing on June
3 to an undoubtedly
stoked crowd at the
Carolina Cross
roads? Did I also
forget to men-
tion that TEC
is giving away
two free tick-
ets to eight
lucky people?
Oops, sorry
about that.
Troy, the
world's only
6-foot, 5-inch
black rapping
cowboy, will
join Big & Rich at
their June 3 show
in Roanoke Rapids,
N.C. Proceeds from this
event, which is the first in
a series of "Carolina Crossroads
and Randy Parton Presents" con-
certs, will benefit the Children's
Miracle Network.
This may be a shock to
many but I do like the country
sound and most of the time, the
message behind what these types
of artists are talking about. I
truly admire the band and their
unique and unconventional
approach to their song writing and
musical exploration.
Don't be fooled, however, by
the outward appearance of these
guys as carefree vagabonds, instead
open your mind to something new
before labeling.
Sure these guys have anthem
songs like "Save a horse, ride a
cowboy" and "Coming to your
City which are seemingly insou-
ciant in nature and overall design,
but they also have a song called
"8th of November This is a heart-
felt homage to a remarkable man
who actually gave "Big Kenny
his top hat.
Honestly, I really dig the song,
which is a graceful adaptation of
words that could only be expressed
in one's own artistic creation and
cautiously tempered by that one's
soul. You don't hear too often
people praising or giving thanks to
anyone in their music, not unless it
involves heartache or sorrow.
Okay, enough of my opinion,
so how does this contest work?
Students, faculty and staff who
would like to enter to win tickets
should log on to theeeastcarolinian.
com and click on Features on the
right side of the Web site, click on
this article and use the link at the
bottom to go to the contest page,
www.tec.ecu.edubigandrich. Fill
in your name, ECU e-mail and the
keyword "Big & Rich Eight win-
ners will be randomly selected from
the entries. The contest ends at
midnight on Thursday, June 1 and
all of the winners will be notified
Friday, June 2 either by phone or e-
mail depending on their preference.
Gates at Carolina Crossroads
will open at 1:30 p.m. on Sat-
urday, June 3 with acts such as
Jason Aldean, Danielle Peck and
Southern Draw performing before
Cowboy Troy and Big & Rich start at
8 p.m. Winners can pick up their
free tickets at The East Carolin-
ian office, located at the corner
of Evans and Third Street in
the Self Help Building, suite 100 F,
anytime before 7 p.m. on Friday.
Carolina Crossroads is located
off of 1-95 at exit 171 in Roanoke
Rapids, N.C. From Greenville,
take US-13NC-11 North
to US-64 West, merge
onto US-64 W via the
ramp on the left.
Take US-64 W to I-
95 North toward
Take 1-95 N to
Exit 171 (NC-
125) toward
Rapids. Turn
Right onto
NC-125 .
Turn Left
onto Wallace
Fork Road
and follow
the signs
for Carolina
This show
promises to be
extremely enter-
vv taining for many
japr and euphoric for some.
I'm outwardly excited to be
attending this event and par-
ticularly look forward to going to
my first country music concert.
If you are not fortunate
enough to win free tickets
through TEC, you may be able
to purchase any remaining tick-
ets for $35, $40 and $50 from, or by calling
Keep reading TEC for more give-
aways throughout the summer as we
continue our quest to entertain and
inform the ECU students, faculty
and staff.
This writer can be contacted at
Do they live here or not? With a successful "pool hopper you never know.
Sun burnt bandits
Inside the scheming of
summer's most notorious
con artists
Nothing is more refreshing
than lying by the pool enjoying a
crisp cold Zima and listening to the
sweet sounds of Sugar Ray during a
Greenville summer.
While others slave away at
their $7.00 per hour jobs or stress
out over the grueling pressures of
summer school, there stands alone
a rare breed that spends their time
hunting for the ultimate cement
oasis. Armed with stolen hotel
towels and Styrofoam coolers, they
saunter in aloof and unassuming.
They are pool crashers.
Pool crashers take on different
forms. The most noticeable is the
pack of girls who flood into their
destination of choice and steal all
of the chairs from the residents,
forcing them onto the hard ground
with little more than a towel.
Always with their big sunglasses in
tow, their shades serve the purpose
of not only creating an image of an
insect with a girl's body, but also
masking the true identity of these
renegades. Normally these girls are
those who have just finished their
first year of school and do not real-
ize that the SRC pool is only open
to summer school students.
Another species of pool crash-
ers are the good ol' boys who know
that they are going to graduate in
seven years and have no need for
summer school, let alone a job.
They normally all inhabit the same
dwelling or at least the same block.
Each day they pile into whomever's
SUV has the most gas and arrive at
the pool blaring ACDC and smok-
ing Marlboro lights.
Sunbathers looking for a relax-
ing Tuesday after a hard morning of
class will not achieve a zen-like state
with these boys running around.
However, being so harmless and
clearly looking to have fun, it is
only the truly salty individual that
will attempt to have them removed
from the premises.
There is a dark breed of pool
crashers that one should avoid at
all costs unless you have Brit-
ney Spears taste in men. These
are the dirty old men that have
been known to wreak havoc on
the residents of Riverpointe. One
such tenant was brave enough to
tell her story.
"They walk in with their reced-
ing hair lines and camouflage
coolers said dance major Lauren
Pegram. "I just want to walk up
to them and ask 'what is your day
job?' and 'why are you hitting on
Most pools are strict enough to
not allow any bum off the street to
come into their pools. These types
of crashers are really more likely
to be encountered only if one fre-
quents hotel pools.
The typical crashers are actually
the average ECU students who live
in houses or apartment complexes
without pools and are merely seek-
see BANDITS page 7

Fit in some reading
Reading by the pool can be a great way to get'in some relaxation.
you are

Make good use of your
time by the pool
Temperatures are on the rise,
which means you'll want to spend
plenty of time cooling down in
the water. Whether you are head
ing to an area pool
or a more exotic
locale such as
the beach, you'll
need some read-
ing material to
douse your bore-
dom while you
catch some rays.
The obvious
choice for read-
ing material is, of
course, novel. I
suggest actually
reading those
books you bought
years ago, but never
got around to read-
ing or checking
out the best-seller
If you're
still lost, visit, 'here you can read
a synopsis, excerpts and reviews
before purchasing. You can also
utilize a search engine to find
lists of popular classic novels
or a listing of novels by your
favorite writer.
If you are looking for a bit of
light reading, your best bet is skim-
ming a magazine or newspaper
for interesting articles. Both will
give you a chance to catch up on
celebrity gossip, political issues
and economic concerns, as well as
Women's Reads:
Men's Reeds:
"Men's Health"
"Sports Illustrated"
Be sure to pick up "TEC" every
Wednesday all summer long to stay
up to date on campus news and
activities. Aren't taking summer
classes? Visit our Web site at instead.
endless other topics that you never
knew interested you.
Weekly magazines such as People,
Life & Style and In Touch are the per-
fect way to keep up with everything
going on in Hollywood, and at
around $1.59 an issue you'll never
be behind on your gossip again.
Monthly magazines such as
Glamour, Sell'and Cosmopolitan offer
women an over-
view of impor-
tant health issues,
beauty tips and
tips for living a
better life. Men
can turn to Men's
Health for ways
to stay in shape,
Sports Illustrated
for the latest hap-
penings in the
world of athletics
or GQ for tips on
personal style.
Studying may
be the last thing
you feel like doing
this summer, but
doing it poolside
makes it seem all
the more bearable.
Break out your
books and head to the pool for an
afternoon of tanning and reading.
Before you know it you'll be done
with your assigned reading and
acing your classes
No matter what your pick read-
ing material is the perfect compli-
ment to your summer festivities. By
the end of the summer you should
be all caught up on whatever type of
reading you've been craving.
This writer can be contacted at
FOR FALL 2006!
3 Bedroom
3 Full Bath
WaterSewer Included Close to Campus
On ECU Bus Route Sorry, No pets allowed
Reserve Yours Today!

2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Townhomes
1212 Red Banks Rd. Greenville, NC
On-site Management
. & Maintenance
On-site Laundry Facilities
- Resident & Visitor Parking
Adjacent to ECU Bus Stop
Playground Area
Basketball & Volleyball Courts
' Outdoor Swimming Pool
Modem Electric Appliances:
Dishwasher &
Garbage Disposal
Central Heating & Air
Free Water, Sewer &
Basic Cable
1 Cemented Patios
BandttS from page 5
ing liquid exhilaration.
I was lucky to spend some time
in the trenches with some of the
most successful crashers. There
names have been changed to pro-
tect their anonymity. "Bobby a
long time ECU student and crasher,
gave me some excellent advice for
a victorious crash.
"Make sure to know which
pools require passes said "Bobby
"and always make sure to have
copies of them lying around
Greenville native "Peter" also
advises making friends with the
property manager.
"I lived at Pirate's Cove for a
while and always got along really
well with the lady in the office.
Even when I moved out I'd still
come by the pool and she would
come and say hey but never ask
me to leave
The main thing to remember
about crashing pools is inevitably
you will get caught. Keep your
cool and do not make a scene.
There is always a new complex
opening somewhere and that is
a new chance to soak up the sun
for free.
The key is to act like you live
there and to never park too close
to the pool- it is more believable
to look like you are walking from
your building.
The most important thing and
the golden rule to live by is never
leave a fellow crasher behind.
This writer can be contacted by
"Before giving, I always look
for the Humane Seal
NOAH WYLE, Star of NBCs hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of Approval
guarantees that a health charity funds
vital patient services or life-saving
medical research, but never animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington. D.C 202-686-2210. ext 335
, ma i
On-campus conveniences
Apartment amenities
wmm mpaV iLocated in tne neart or new uuinury rauime ECU's campus, the new Campus Towers offers Campus Towers offers all the conveniences of JLgi today's students the on-campus living with 'A perfect blend of location, the upscale amenities of style & convenience. apartment life. 1 With a cutting-edge Forget the early morning 1 computer ab, a game commute. Sleep late and 1 room, TV lounges and walk or bike to class.
Welcome to tin1 i New0 m
(amjHEKM Come visit the new Campus Towers today! iKWM (252) 752-2865 jJSHH 635 Cotanche Street ' Greenville, NC 27858

5-31 -Of
The Justus League'
coming to Greenville
Located off of Fifth Street, Red Rooster is where Justus League will play.
A show you definitely will
not want to miss
Wipe off your Nike SB Dunks,
bleach a white tee and prepare to
get loose. Cesar Comanche, the
founding father of NC hip-hop
aficionados The Justus League,
will be snatching the mic at the
Red Rooster on June 2. Backing
the artist will be local rhyme
slayers, Supastition and the
Artistic Anarchists.
Comanche founded the North
Cakalaka's crew of rap bandits with
producer 9,h Wonder in the early
90s. The rest is history. The League
has spread like a virus, invading
the hip-hop genome with groups
like A.W.A.Y. Team and critically
acclaimed Little Brother (who
slayed the 2005 set at ECU's Bare-
foot on the Mall.) The 9 Wonder
has gone on to become one of
the most beseeched producers in
hip-hop, laying numerous tracks
for the likes of Jay-Z and backpack
rapper Murs.
While Comanche has not
achieved the commercial success
of his fellow crew, he continues
to release albums rooted in the
essence of rap's classic era. Combin-
ing the intellect of De La Soul with
the no nonsense attitude of Gang
Starr, he brings an aura that's not
to be reckoned with. Comanche
even received praise from legendary
producer DJ Premier on his last LP.
Premier summed up the ordeal with
one simple statement, "Finally beats
and rhymes on a record without all
that phony rappin sh
Supastition will be opening for
the NC hip-hop staple, but don't
sleep on his lesser-known style.
The MC recently dropped a track
with flow master Royce the 5'9,
who went toe-to-toe with Eminem
on a few of those classic freestyles
laid back in the 90s. Hailing from
the same Greenville slums as Petey
Pablo, Supastition grinds Pablo's
lyrics into gibberish that sound
more remedial than his washed-
up name.
Verbal darts like "I'm unbeliev-
able like porn stars getting date
raped This rap game has a lot of
fakes, a lot of liars You couldn't
shoot outside if you were Damon
Stoudamire spit with the poi-
gnancy of nonpareils like Big L.
The night also draws in the
local Artistic Anarchists. Craft-
ing style from early Queensbridge
records, the Anarchists' anthem, "I
love the 80s" pays homage to the
grittiness of Cormega's The Real-
ness. Other tracks throw in traces
of pre Lll' Jon crunk, before all the
lavish diamond-crusted goblets,
back when groups like Memphis
champs Three 6 Mafia were crafting
the bounce.
Supastition's track, "Hate My
Face" inquires, "Will I live up to the
hype is what cats is asking Who
knows? Check out the Red Rooster
on June 2 and decide for yourself.
This writer can be contacted at



Third Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
First Floor
OVER 1.500
Get MORE for your MONEY.
Enjoy your own PRIVATE FLOOR.
Are you tired of living in a cramped room
with no space?
Are you tired of sharing a bathroom and
having no privacy?
Are you tired of spending all of your
money and still not being happy?
University Suites of ECU is the
solution to all of your problems HI
live the "Suite Life" at
University Suites of ECU!
2200 University Suites Drive
Apply Now
(restrictions apply, see office for details)
Located on the comer of Arlington Blvd. and Evans Street
Behind the Amoco Gas Station.

Guy Whimper stands poised as a rookie in Giants' mini-camp.
Living the dream
Three former Pirates
prepare for NFL training
Guy Whimper sat on his couch,
baby girl in hand and waited for
his named to be called. When
his name was finally announced,
Whimper's world would take a
severe turn north.
Whimper was
drafted in the fourth
round of this year's NFL
draft by the New York
Giants with the 129
overall pick. Whimper
said he was a little dis-
appointed about not
being drafted on the
first day, but his agent,
Ethan Lock, told him
to be ready early on
day two of the draft.
"My agent called
me and said we didn't
go where we planned
on going and he told
me to be ready Sunday morning and
he was right Whimper said.
Whimper had been getting
calls from a few teams, but when
the second day began, he had a
notion the Giants would be his
new team.
"I had a feeling I was gonna
go to New York anyway because it
was the last visit I took before draft
and it went well Whimper said.
"Atlanta had called me. They said
they were going to try to get me in
fifth round, but the Giants called
30 minutes after that. I'm glad I'm
going to New York
Whimper, a 6-5,
305-pound offensive
tackle, is excited about
the opportunity to
block for Tiki Barber
and Eli Manning.
"I actually got
a chance to talk to
Eli when I went up
there Whimper said.
"It's going to be a fun
At least Whimper
will see a familiar face
when camp starts.
Former ECU player
Da mane Ducket t will
square off against
Whimper in Giants practices.
see WHIMPER page 12
Baker signs on with Steelers
Zach Baker hopes to earn a roster spot for the Pittsburg Steelers .
Zach Baker's football journey
has been anything but predictable.
The former JUCO transfer now has
a temporary home, one of which he
wants to solidify.
Baker felt he had a "5050 shot"
at being drafted. It didn't happen,
but he is embracing his oppor-
tunity with the Steelers, one of
several teams that showed an inter-
est in the 6-2, 212-pound Baker.
"I was hoping to get drafted, but
that didn't happen Baker said. "I
was a little disappointed, but I feel
like I am in the best situation for me
right now. I'm going to a great team
That's easy to say, consider-
ing the Steelers are the reigning
Super Bowl Champions. The Steel-
ers called Baker during 7,h round
of draft and told him that they
weren't going to take a safety with
their last pick, but were interested
in signing him. They worked out
the terms over the phone and then
Pittsburgh mailed the two-year
contract to Baker for him to sign
and return, which he gladly did.
Although he had a few NFL suitors,
in the end Baker chose the Steel-
ers because he felt it was his best
opportunity to make a team.
"They have the biggest
need at that position Baker said.
"They only have three safeties on
the roster. It seemed like they'd be
the best fit
Born near San Francisco and
raised in Arizona, Baker was a
49ers fan growing up, but his team
loyalties have now changed.
"I'm a Steelers man now Baker
said. "My focus right now is on
staying in shape and on the Steelers
100 percent
Moore tries to answer critics
Chris Moore has been proving
himself throughout his entire foot-
ball career. After going undrafted,
Moore prides himself, once again,
in silencing the doubters.
The Havelock native, whose
agent told him not to watch the
draft, said he was disappointed to
not be drafted and found out about
his new team on his way home
from church. He said his agent
worked out a three-year deal with
the Saints and his focus now is to
just make the team.
"I got a lot to prove Moore
said of himself, Whimper and
Baker. "It hurt me to see other
players get drafted, but every-
thing happens for a reason. New a
Orleans was the only team that if
see MOORE page 11
Chris Moore will need to use the same determination he had at
ECU to earn a roster spot with the New Orleans Saints.

Have a pet, need free watersewer,
and convenient to campus?
We have a place for everyone!
Cedar East
Court Gate
Cannon Court
Cotanche Street
Forest Acres
Jasmine Gardens
Cypress Gladiolus
Gardens Gardens
Park Village
Peony Gardens
Wainright Property Management, LLC
3481-A South Evans Street
Greenville, NC 28734
(252) 756-6209
Sabres 2, Hurricanes 1, OT
. (AP) Briere scored a power-
play goal 4:22 into overtime and the
Sabres forced a deciding game in the
Eastern Conference final with a 2-1
win over the Carolina Hurricanes
on Tuesday night.
J.P. Dumont also scored for Buf-
falo and rookie Ryan Miller stopped
25 shots.
Bret Hedican got the Hurricanes
to overtime, scoring with 3:53 left in
Game 7 will be at Raleigh,
N.C on Thursday with the winner
advancing to play Edmonton in the
Stanley Cup final, which will open
at Buffalo or Carolina on Monday.
The Sabres scored on their first
shot on net in overtime and with
Carolina's Doug Weight off for
After failing to generate much
in the first 1:40 of the power play,
the Sabres attempted one final rush
and got a break when Carolina's
Justin Williams stumbled inside
his own blue line.
Buffalo's Derek Roy got to the
loose puck and fed Rory Fitzpatrick
at the right point, who quickly
passed across to Briere at the top of
the left circle.
Briere patiently waited for an
Hurricanes goalie Cam Ward misses the winning shot on goal.
opening before snapping a shot that
hit Cam Ward's glove and then flut-
tered in behind the goaltender for
his eighth goal of the postseason
and second in overtime.
It marked only the fifth time
the Sabres have forced a Game 7
when trailing a series 3-2. Carolina
had previously won all four Game
6's when up 3-2.
Tuesday's game also was a rever-
sal of Carolina's 4-3 overtime win
on Sunday when Cory Stillman
scored with Dumont in the penalty
box for hooking.
Dumont can now stop kicking
himself for his miscue. His goal,
converting Briere's rebound from
the slot five minutes in, ended an
eight-game scoring drought.
Miller also rebounded, playing
his best game of the series after he
had allowed 15 goals on 109 shots in
Buffalo's previous four games.
MOOre from page 10
gave me a call. I'm happy to just
have an opportunity to play in the
NFL and with a team that's on the
rise; with Reggie Bush, Drew Brees
and Deuce McAllister. That's a good
chance to prove to myself, with a
chance to hit Reggie Bush. He's an
incredible athlete, but he's human
The Giants, Saints,and Steelers
all held their first mini-camp May
13-15 and Moore was anxious to
prove himself.
"I'm ready the 2005 Confer-
ence USA first-team selection said.
"I've been like the underdog my
whole life. I put numbers up In
high school and I only got ojie
scholarship offer. I'm glad it hap-
pened this way because it makes me
hungrier to go out and prove myself
With that chip cemented on his
shoulder, Moore put up outstand-
ing numbers with the Pirates. The
6-foot, 235-pound linebacker led C-
USA in tackles in 2004 and was third
in the conference in 2005 while
leading C-USA in tackles for a loss.
Moore lands with a Saints
team that has a dire need for
linebackers. The Saints signed
free agents Scott Fujita away from
Dallas and Anthony Simmons from
Seattle in the offseason. Moore
believes those signings can help
him find a roster spot as well.
"They've been in the league
and I feel like I can learn so much
from them Moore said. "I'm
just gonna be humble and be
quiet. I'm gonna study everything
they do and try to do the same
Moore is anxious to go
to New Orleans, a city with its
team returning home in 2006
for the first time since Hurricane
Katrina, and ready to make a
difference, on and off the field.
"Folks down there, they went
through a lot of stuff Moore said.
"I don't just want to help the team
out, but the community as well
Summer School Sundays
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
401 East Fourth Street
(from Fifth Street, one block up Holly to Fourth)
We're here for you
Come and see
and find some spiritual nourishment the 4 Sundays of June at 5 p.m.
Contemplative (taize) Service with Holy Communion
For more information, call Matt Scully, Episcopal Campus Minister, at 752.3482

Adam Witter signs
contract with Giants
(SID) East Carolina senior
Adam Witter signed a free agent
contract with the San Francisco
Giants Monday evening head coach
Billy Godwin announced.
Witter led the Pirates in home
runs (14), runs scored (44) and
walks (41), while ranking second
in RBI (42), total bases (118) and
slugging percentage (.544) on his
way to second-team All-Conference
USA honors. He became the fourth
Pirate to wear the honorary No. 23
jersey, which is awarded annually to
a deserving player who best displays
the hustle, determination and desire
that made former Pirate skipper Keith
LeClair a great coach and player.
"I'm real excited to get the
opportunity to play professional
baseball said Witter. "This is
something that every ball player
dreams of doing and I look for-
ward to the new experience and
the chance to take my game to the
highest level possible.
The Chambersburg, Pa. native
finished his career with 29 home
runs, tying fellow senior Jake
Smith for 12th on ECU's all-time
charts, had 102 RBI, 159 hits and
a .285 average while helping the
Pirates to three consecutive NCAA
Regional appearances and one
Super Regional berth. During his
sophomore season he played in 28
games as ECU's top utility player
and was member of the 2004 squad
that claimed the Conference USA
regular season title, won a school
record 51 games and was ranked
nationally by Baseball America (No.
8), USA TodayESPN Coaches (No.
9), NCBWA (No. 10) and Collegiate
Baseball (No. 13).
As a fifth-year senior, Witter
was able to sign a free agent con-
tract as a catcher prior to the 2006
Major League Baseball Amateur
Draft, which will be held on June
6. He will report to Scottsdale,
Ariz the extended Spring Training
site for the Giants on Wednesday
May 31.
Whimper from page ro
Whimper said he wouldn't have it
any other way.
"I'm glad I'm going somewhere
where I know at least one player
Whimper said. "We were friends in
college. When he found out, he sent
me a text message, saying, 'I'm going
to whoop your butt everyday
Whimper's versatility and
incredible combine workout are
what got him picked in the middle
of the draft. When he came out of
Havelock, he started at defensive
end under former ECU Head Coach
Steve Logan. Logan's successor,
John Thompson then moved him
to tight end. He kept getting bigger,
so Skip Holtz moved him inside to
right tackle and that proved to be
the right move for Whimper's blos-
soming NFL career.
"The move to tackle helped
me out a lot Whimper said. "It
showed that I was athletic and
That athleticism and versatil-
ity was on display for all 32 NFL
teams at the NFL combine, held in
Indianapolis every year. Whimper
recorded the second-fastest time in
the 40-yard dash among offensive
linemen and had one of faster times
for the three-cone drill. Had it not
been for that impressive workout,
Whimper may have gone unnoticed.
"It helped me out a lot because
the coaches really didn't have a lot
of tape at offensive tackle Whim-
per said. "I just showed them that I
can play this position and I can be
a good player. My mindset is just
making the team right now. Just
playing one year (at tackle), they'll
take that into consideration. I just
gotta learn on the run and do what
I can do to help the team
Giants General Manager Ernie
Accorsi said the Giants want to try
Whimper at left tackle, a position
he played only once in college.
"He is a little raw but he is a
great athlete Accorsi said in an
April 30 interview with
"And the reason we picked
him was strictly because we
think he can be a left tackle
because of his athletic ability
This writer can be contacted at
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610 -11 Caving Overnight to VA or West Virginia
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$675, no pets 717-9872
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THREE BEDROOM, remodeled
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Fenced yard awaits your dog. More
energy efficient than most. Brick
home on Fifth for you to share with
up to 5 of your closest friends. Wiley
Realty and Property Management
WALK TO campus: 2 or 4 or 6 or 8
or 10 people can live together one
block from Campus. Central Heat
Air. Large bedrooms. Washer, dryer,
dishwasher, high-speed internet,
basic cable, lawn care, water and
sewer all included in rent. Available
Aug. 1st. Call Mike 439-0285.
BLOCKS TO ECU; 3 bdrm, 2.5b,
central heatAC; washerdryer;
dishwasher, stove, refrigerator,
ceiling fans, blinds, fenced
yard we mow grass, call
321-4712 or view at www.
DEVERON AT Bradford Creek:
Beautiful duplex- 3 bedrooms, 2
baths. Located on the golf course.
Pets allowed. Call Wainright Prop
erty Management 756-6209.
WOW, NO parking hassles, no
parking fees, walk to class, to
the rec. center, to downtown - 2
bedroom1.5 bath duplex at 507
East 11th Street, central heatair,
kitchen appliances and full size
Colon Cancer.
Get the test.
Get the polyp.
Get the cure.
l-800-ACS-235 or
Mark A. Ward
Attorney at Law
Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law
IVaffic Offenses
Drug Offenses
State & Federal Courts
252.752.7529 Visit our website at
washerdryer. Small pets OK, only
$495.00month. 561-RENT (7369)
WALK TO ECU House for rent 3BR
2B central HA. Pet friendly. WD
hook-up. Available une 1st or July
1st. $900month rent. Call 252-
WALK TO campus! 1 block from the
Library. 2 bedroom apartment with
hardwood floors and central heat
air. Washer, dryer, dishwasher, high-
speed internet, basic cable, water &
sewer all included. Available August
1st. Call Mike 439-0285.
WALK TO campus and downtown. 2
bedroom duplex. Newly renovated,
hardwood floors, central heat &
air. $425 month. Available now!
Located 111-B Holly St. Call 412-
TWO AND three bedroom
apartments near ECU, 3rd Street,
Willow Street, Wyndham Circle. Call
HOUSE FOR rent 302 Lewis St.
3 BR, LR DR AC, WD hookups.
Garage, 5 mins from campus in
quiet neighborhood. Available
immediately. No Pets. $1,017mo.
lease. Call for application: 336-
FULL-TIME position. Internet
Provider in need of full time Systems
Administrator. )ob duties consist of
installation, troubleshooting, and
maintenance of all network (99
Linux environment), hardware and
software components. Prefer Linux
system administration experience
and experience diagnosing and
repairing hardwaresoftware
problems. Send resume' to
or fax to (252) 321-8186.
FULL-TIME Position. Internet
Provider in need of full-time
Network Installation Team Leader.
Job duties consist of scheduling
supervising installation crews to
assure timely network deployment.
Prefer candidate with project
management experience with
technical degree. Send resume' to or
fax to (252) 321-8186.
Bartenders wanted! Up to $250
day. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520. ext. 202
hands-on program activities
for girls. Part-time position. Fax
resumes: 919-734-9038 or email:
needed approximately two mid-day
hours MonThurs. Duties include
data entry and management,
receiving money, and preparing
computer generated reports,
general clerical duties. Apply in
person only at The East Carolinian,
Self Help Building, Suite 100-F (East
3rd Street). Bring resume.
CALVARY HORSE Stables 10 minutes
East of Greenville on Hwy 33.
Full boarding, riding arena, trails,
pastures. Call 758-2779.
ECU Campus Dining offers 9 different meal plans
that make your life easier.
cChoose between a semester or weekly meal allowance
ANever pay sales tax when you use your meal plan
AReceive FREE Guest Meals
AEnjoy Jam Rewards

Go to www.ecu.edudining for more info!
HI Campus Dining


from Pirate's Cove
New Rates!
$0 Security Deposit
$0 Move-in Fees
$0 Application Fees
2 Bed 2 Bath $425 per month
3 Bed 3 Bath w guest room $399 per
4 Bed 4 Bath $349 per month
Dedicated Bus Service
Fully Furnished
Cable With HBO
High Speed Internet
Full Size Washer And Dryer
Electric, Water Included
Two Pools
Renovated Fitness Center
Unlimited Tanning
Two Computer Labs
Two Game Rooms
Sand Volleyball, Tennis
Two Full Court Basketball
New Amenities
Mountain Mudd Coffee Bar
Texas Hold 'Em Tables
Pool Furniture, Plasma TV's
Flat Screen Computers
Fitness Equipment
& 72999Pirate'sCove
A m 9
3305 E. 10th St. Greenville, NC 27858
limited Number Available

The East Carolinian, May 31, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
May 31, 2006
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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