The East Carolinian, May 24, 2006

Volume 81 Number 71
May 24, 2006
Clement Hall fire
intentionally set
ECU Police say ill will
sparked Clement Hall fire
The ECU Police Department
held a press conference last week
to discuss the investigation into
the Clement Hall fire that took
place March 29, and the arrest of
the student allegedly responsible
for starting it.
Latasha Ann Isler, 18, was
arrested on May 16 after investi-
gators determined that the Clem-
ent Hall fire was not an accident.
Greenville police held a press
conference at the Blount House on
Wednesday to address questions
about the investigation.
Assistant Police Chief Tommy
Evans was on hand to provide state-
ments and answer questions.
"The fire was arson, it was
intentional and it was not acciden-
tal Evans said.
While he did not go into spe-
cific details about what the moti-
vation behind setting the fire was.
Evans did say that, "There was
see ARSON page 3 Authorities say a student started the fire in Clement Hall on purpose.
ECU receives $491,000
grant from Johnson &
ECU was awarded a $491,000
grant to research new cures for
diabetes by Johnson & Johnson at
a March 21 press conference.
ECU faculty members are using
the grant to research the effects gas-
tric-bypass surgery on patients with
diabetes. Gastric-bypass surgery is
an operation that reduces the size
of the stomach.
The research directly looks
at insulin sensitivity and glucose
metabolism during a two-year clini-
cal study.
"Insulin is a hormone secreted
from the pancreas that increases
sugar transport to muscle and fat
leading to increase fuel or diet stor-
age Dr. Edward Seidel, professor of
physiology, said.
"Glucose is used to drive
metabolism but when glucose
usage becomes compromised it
leads to high blood glucose levels
and diabetes
According to Seidel, there are
two different kinds of diabetes,
type one and type two. Type one
is juvenile onset diabetes and type
two is adult onset diabetes.
Stuart Hager, 13, test drives an interactive video game at ECU'S activity
promotion lab under the supervision of David Kemble.
ECU researchers observe
video game effects
Interactive video games
being studied
Grant to fund diabetes research
Dr. Pories and Chancellor Ballard
speak after the press conference.
The leading cause of type two
diabetes is obesity, which is directly
related to the production of insulin.
Treatment known to help cure
diabetes right now is insulin injec-
see GRANT page 3
ECU's exercise and sport man-
agement program is currently con-
ducting experiments with interac-
tive video games and children.
The study, which is still in prog-
ress, has observed children play-
ing a variety of interactive video
games such as "Gran Turismo 4
"Moto Racer" and "Dance Dance
According to Matt Mahar, ECU
exercise scientist, researchers have
monitored a variety of the children's
reactions to the games such as heart
rate variability and arousal.
"The purpose for the study, or
underlying premise is that children
are less active than they used to be
said Mahar.
Mahar cited the absence of
video games when he was younger
and how outdoor activity was
encouraged, such as climbing trees
or riding bikes.
"Now, with the traditional
video games, they're very exciting,
kids can sit real still actually and
move their fingers and thumbs
said Mahar.
Mahar feels that there is per-
haps a link between childhood
obesity in America and the non-
interactive video games that are
being produced.
The study takes a deeper look at
games produced by companies that
are actually trying to get kids out
of their chairs and interact with the
game through physical activity.
"Dance Dance Revolution"
features a dance pad which hooks
up to the machine. Players then
"dance" on the pad, which is a
series of left, right, up and down
arrows. When the arrow on the
screen is illuminated players in
turn step on that arrow. The speed
increases making for some rather
aerobic dance sessions.
"A third game we're using is
a boxing game, where there is an
eye-toy, or camera on the televi-
sion, that films the participant,
and the participant appears on the
screen boxing the character on the
screen said Mahar
"The things we're looking at are
energy expenditure, if the kids are
burning more calories said Mahar,
"We expect certainly that they're
going to expend a lot more calories
during the interactive games than
see GAMES page 2
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Announcements: Games
from page 1
2006 ECULoessin
Summer Theatre
Individual ticket sales begin June 1.
Please see to purchase
tickets or call 1 -800-EGU-ARTS. Summer
season tickets are available now.
Guys and Dolls'
June 27 - July 1, A Musical Fable of
Broadway and based on a story and
characters of Damon Runyon, this funny
and romantic comedy-considered by
many to be the perfect musical comedy
- soars with the spirit of Broadway.
Abe Burrows and Jo Swerting's hilarious,
fast-paced book and Frank Loesser's
bright, brassy, immortal score takes us
from the heart of Times Square to the
cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even into
the sewers of New York City.
The Fantasticks'
July 11-15, The original production
opened on May 3,1960 at the Sullivan
Street Playhouse in New York's
Greenwich Village where it's still playing
after 15,000 performances making
77e Fantasticks is the longest-running
musical in the world! It's a moving
tale of young lovers who become
disillusioned, only to discover a more
mature, meaningful love is punctuated by
a bountiful series of catchy, memorable
songs. With its minimal costumes, small
band and virtually non-existent set, The
Fantasticks is an intimate show that
engages the audience's imagination
and showcases a strong ensemble cast.
'Footloose: the musical'
July 25-29
One of the most explosive movie
musicals in recent memory now bursts
onto the live stage. To the rockin' rhythm
of its Oscar-nominated top 40 score
to which new, dynamic songs have
been added, Footloose celebrates the
wisdom of listening to young people,
guiding them with a warm heart and an
open mind.
they would during the traditional
games. How many more is what we
will document
Mahar talked about how the
state of West Virginia is currently
putting "Dance Dance Revolution"
to use in middle schools as a form
of physical activity.
"We have the first generation
of kids who actually have a shorter
life expectancy than their parents,
and that's never happened before
in the United States Mahar said.
Mahar hopes to combat this
epidemic through getting to kids
with what they enjoy - video games
of the interactive nature.
Documented participants cur-
rently number 23. The kids who
participate come in for two 2-hour
sessions. During the first session,
resting energy expenditure is
measured, and the participants are
allowed practice with the games
they'll be using. At the second
session, energy expenditure and
arousal are documented during the
performance with the traditional
games and the interactive games.
For more information contact
Matt Mahar at 328-0008.
This writer can be reached at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
www.shareyourtife .or g
1-800-35 5-SHARE
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the Student Coalition for Inclusion will assist with fostering a
climate of inclusion that respects and promotes interculturalism
and cultural competence. Specialized training will be offered to
help participants acquire the various tools needed to enhance
The goals include, but are not limited to:
Fostering alignment with University objectives.
Creating a more inclusive environment.
Identifying strategic and measurable actions.
Instilling a culture of structured renewal.
Enhance cultural understanding, education and awareness.
The objectives include, but are not limited to:
Implementing a Diversity Symposium
Facilitating Diversity Forums.
Collaborating with faculty and staff on awareness and inclusion.
Conducting and presenting research that will assist with the
University diversity strategic planning process.
An application for membership on the Coalition is attached and
should be returned to the Office of Intercultural Student Affairs
by July 31, 2006.
For additional questions or information contact the Office of
Intercultural Affairs at 252-328-4350, email, or
visit 105 Ragsdale Hall.
ArSOII from page 1
some ill will or malice as far as the
intent behind it. There was some
emotional involvement between
the two roommates
Evans also said the feud had
been going on for a while.
According to an article in The
Daily Reflector, three resident advi-
sors told detectives in April that
there was a rift between Isler and
her roommate, Chiqueta Winston,
21, because of Winston's boyfriend.
One of those advisors interviewed
said that she discussed the problem
with Isler a few days before the fire
Winston was out of town when
the fire occurred.
Police arrested Isler at 1:25 p.m.
on May 16 and charged her with
first-degree arson, which is the inten-
tional act of setting a fire. She was
released by magistrate order under a
$15,000 unsecured bond. Isler could
face nine to 14 years in jail if con-
victed. Damages from the fire could
cost more than $100,000 to repair.
"This was a very, very serious
and dangerous event Evans said.
"First degree arson or any crime
is not taken lightly. This young
lady endangered the lives of a lot of
students, and she is unfortunately
now facing these charges
The police first interviewed
Isler the night of the fire, at which
time she was asked to give a writ-
ten statement. She then later vol-
untarily came in with her father
to meet investigators, who found
conflicting information between
her interviews and her written
statement. Police also believe that
Isler tried to steer the investigation
toward another woman.
The ECU police obtained a
search warrant to access electronic
media to get additional informa-
tion and leads, which included
emails and videotapes from dorm
security cameras. Footage from the
security cameras also conflicted
with Isler's statements.
"Our investigation shows her
to be the last person to walk out
of the room and the first person to
return said Evans. Isler stated that
she was the one who found the fire.
Evans described Isler as being
"non-emotional" during her inter-
views. Her statements were also
missing things and were out of
sequence with one another.
ECU Public Relations Officer
Nancy McGillicuddy was also at
the press conference and discussed
the University's position as well as
Isler's status as a student.
"We can't speak to the specifics
about the student's status at ECU
McGillicuddy said.
"In general when a student
is arrested on a criminal charge
they are placed on administrative
suspension, which means they are
no longer enrolled to take classes at
the university
The call to the fire department
came in at 2:43 p.m. on March
29 and originated in room 317 of
Clement Hall. Investigators found
no indication of flammable liquids
or accelerants. Ordinary combus-
tibles, which can include wood,
paper, cloth, rubber and some
plastics, were said to be used to start
and fuel the fire. Investigators say
that they knew that night, after the
fire had been extinguished, that
it had been intentionally set by
human hands.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Grdnt from page
tion, which is used for type one.
Type two is non-responsive to
insulin injection, according to Seidel.
Dr. Walter Pories, professor of
surgery, has found that four out of
five patients with adult onset dia-
betes didn't experience any diabetic
symptoms within days after gastric-
bypass surgery.
Findings potentially include
identifying hormones from the gas-
trointestinal system that might be
involved in the development of adult
onset diabetes, according to Seidel.
Other ECU faculty participat-
ing in the research include Dr.
Kenneth MacDonald, Dr. William
Chapman, Dr. John Pender, Dr.
Lynis Dohm, Dr. Ying Chang and
Dr. Hisham Barakat.
"Dr. Pories and his colleagues
are at the forefront of diabetes
research, and this support will
ensure their ability to continue
their path-breaking investigations
ECU Chancellor Steve Ballard said.
According to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, 7
percent of the United States popula-
tion has diabetes.
ECU Center for Health Services
Research and Development has
found eastern North Carolina has
a higher rate of diabetes than any
of the other counties in the state.
Bertie County has the highest dia-
betes death rate in the region with
62.8 deaths per 100,000 people
according to CHSRD.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.

In My Opinion
Looking out for the
innocent in a group of
Once again the time of longer
class sessions and Greenville heat
has begun. For some this may
be their first time in summer
school, but for others, like me, it
is a familiar journey. While the
heat combined with class work
may be a burden, know that I
will do what I can do to help you
through it. For some that may just
make this summer even worse,
while others may not even care.
While some of us have classes
and summer trips to look forward
to, others are not so fortunate.
Take the Duke University mens'
lacrosse team for example; three of
their members have a trial to look
forward to while the rest of them
have no games to play. Here's the
sad part - they were ranked in the
top 10 of their league. Now due to
a "lapse in judgment" as the team's
captains put it, their entire season
looks like it is going to be wasted.
I want to state first that 1 think
rape is one of the worst, most hei-
nous and disgusting crimes anyone
can commit. But putting the issue
of guilty or not guilty aside, just this
allegation and the events that led
to it have hurt a person that In my
view is totally innocent, the coach.
The Director of Athletics
at Duke University, Joe Alleva,
announced in early April that Mike
Pressler, then the coach of the
men's lacrosse team, had resigned.
"I believe this is in the best
interests of the program, the
department of athletics and the
university said Alleva.
Let me share with you some
facts about Mike Pressler. He spent
16 seasons at Duke, earning a
record of 153 wins and 82 losses;
that's around two wins for every
one loss during that time. He also
had three ACC championships, 10
NCAA Tournament berths and an
appearance in the 200S national
championship game. He's a three-
time ACC Coach of the Year and
the 2005 USILA National Coach
of the Year. His overall coaching
record is 229 wins and 102 losses;
again around two wins for every
one loss in his entire career.
And Duke University let him
go. I guess the D in Duke stands
for, or as Carlos Mencia would say,
"Di-di-di! Don't believe me? What
does Duke start with? Answer:
"Duh Want more proof? I've
heard rumors that Pressler resigned
due to pressure from the Duke
alumni. I'm no expert at math,
but I think the numbers speak for
themselves. If there is any truth
to these rumors about the alumni,
then I can only assume that that
means I'm better at math.
Duke University President
Richard Brodhead described the
mens' lacrosse team's behavior as
"wholly inappropriate to the values
of our athletics program and the
university So how does he punish
them? He suspends the team for
two games and lets a coach like
Pressler walk right out the door.
Again, "Duh, di-di-di
Isn't that always the case when
something bad happens to a sports
team, people blame the coach.
I guess it's crazy to blame the
guys who actually threw the wild
party, the guys who hired the exotic
dancer or the guys who may or may
not have raped her. I guess it's also
crazy to blame a loss on the players
because they were too busy getting
drunk instead of getting ready for
the game, and too lazy to put some
hustle into the game. Maybe I'm
also crazy for thinking that you
should blame the guys who show
more enthusiasm for practicing keg
Stands than practicing on the field.
1 guess when you blame the
coach only one guy ends-up get-
ting hurt, but this is one guy
who doesn't deserve it. If you
are able to go to one of the most
prestigious schools in the in the
country because once in a while
you have to chase a ball around
with a stick, catch it and throw it,
you'd be stupid to throw all of that
away. I think that's what we have
here; only it is the coach who gets
thrown out instead of the players.
Mike Pressler worked hard
to bring pride to his school, and
I think it's despicable that the
administration at Duke University
and the mens' lacrosse team allowed
this to happen. If they don't want
Pressler, I say ECU should try to
get Pressler. Then again, ECU
has had a bad habit of getting
rid of coaches. Either way I wish
Pressler all the luck in the world,
because nobody else seems to care.
We keep looking for the inno-
cent victim in this case, and to be
honest, regardless of what may or
may not have happened that night,
nobody involved in this case is com-
pletely innocent in terms of their
character. One of the three Duke
mens' lacrosse team's members has
been in trouble with the law before,
and is in even more trouble now
because of it. I think what people
want is someone to cheer for and
someone to have sympathy for, but
from what I've seen no one com-
pletely meets the requirements.
To put it bluntly, it seems like no
one is being completely honest.
Having a privilege and being
privileged does not necessarily
mean that you have privileges, at
least not the privilege to be rude to
others or to treat people like they're
beneath you. Most of the time it
seems people act out of concern
only for themselves or their par-
ticular group. At least that's one way
of looking at why we have crime,
scandals like Enron and a war on
our hands. I honestly think that if
more people stopped and thought
about how their actions might affect
others, we wouldn't have as many
problems in this world as we do.
Pirate Rants
I really hate how all of TEC's copy
editors either graduated or went
home for the summer. We desper-
ately need more copy editors, so
instead of sending in Pirate Rants
about the errors you found, why
not come apply for a job?
My neighbors are such loud obnox-
ious people. I wish they would
grow up and stop acting like
self-important jerks with an over
developed sense of entitlement. I
can't wait until they move!
Charles Boulevard is paved. Anyone
think the city could have done
that after graduation? With no
or few-students running back
and forth it seems the traffic flow
would have been minimal. Had the
work continued through May, no
big deal, summer school atten-
dance would mean less traffic.
Greenville, in my opinion, is
just one big, urban sprawl of a
ghetto, ran by political morons
and policed by incompetents.
Pirate Rant should have a daily
weeklybi-weekly rant e-mail sent
to students who sign up for it I
miss it during the summer.
Continue to rave on. Just keep it
down will you, I'm trying to sleep!
Even though summer time causes
people to act wild you are a nice
guy and I think you should know
that 1. She still calls her ex and
hangs up on him just to hear his
voice. 2. She is still in love with
him. 3. She is dating not only you
but several other people Yes, this
is what happens when you live in a
dorm room cell, you learn way too
much about another person. Can't
wait for off campus living!
Does anyone else notice that all of
their friends are getting married? I
mean it is like a trend that everyone
is jumping on right now. Maybe that
is why the divorce rate is so high.
Now that it's the summer parking
is awesome around campus!
It is the end of May already, where
did the month go?
Why do we have such a weird limit
on our school e-mail account? I
mean I have deleted every e-mail
in every folder and it still says I
am over my limit, what is left for
me to do?
The summer is supposed to be a
break, so why don't I get a break
from my family too?
For God's sake and everyone else
for that matter, get a room, even if
it's just the restroom inside Chris-
tenbury. Thank you.
I am very happy to report that the
Croatan found out that we college
students absolutely love daytime
soaps. It's all that is ever on in there
and I can't speak for everyone, but
I do think it's safe to say that we
would rather watch MTV U. Seeing
as how there is a big yellow sign
informing us that is what we are
watching anyway
To my neighbor: I am so glad that
you chose to move out on Monday
night. You didn't have to scream
and yell with your friends the
whole time, though. Oh, wait
yes, you did.
OK. Seriously. Where do they make
all those giant art sculptures that
are all over campus! I'm an art
major and I've NEVER seen one of
those things being built! They just
show up magically on the lawn
somehow! This is a mystery that
must be investigated!
I've been sitting on my bed for the
last two hours, just thinking, and
I feel like I've accomplished more
doing this than anything I've done
this whole semester.
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The Da Vinci Code decoded
Rating the blockbuster
Tom Hanks plays the lead role.
Well ladies and gents it is
time for me to take a step into the
unknown as I attempt to review
the current installment of what is
chapping everyone's built-in seat.
Brought to you this week is The Da
Vinci Code.
Starring Tom Hanks, Audrey
Tautou and Ian McKellen amongst
others, this drama flick has a great
plot and plot delivery in the simple
fact that this is something people
actually believe and follow.
The cast, plus the simple fact
that this movie has already man-
aged to ruffle the proVerbial feath-
ers of the religiously inclined,
made me want to see what every-
thing was all about. It is a movie
: based on theories. This movie was
not necessarily based on facts, but
the views and opinions of those
As we have all learned, such
works are called fiction my friends,
and it can be quite fun. So to the
ECU student spouting off about
religious dogma, paradigms and
ramifications to which it may
harm people for questioning such
matters: sit down, be quiet and
let everyone else enjoy the movie
around you.
The notion of finding other
ways to explain the unexplained is
what this movie is about. Finding
the true Holy Grail and meaning
behind titles is left up to interpreta-
tion. The movie does a great job of
giving the average person the his-
tory of The Da Vinci Code, which
seems to be pretty important to the
movie plot.
I like the symbolism through-
out the movie; after all, The Da
Vinci Code is all about interpret-
ing what is in his work and in our
environment. This is quite a fast
paced movie after the initial 20
minutes of screen time. I'm sure
people will find this movie very
entertaining and full of twists and
turns as I did.
OK, so if you haven't seen the
movie yet but plan to I will not give
away the secret to the code. I can,
however, mention some points
of interest. Tom Hanks looks old
but still gets the hot foreign and
bilingual lady to like him. Doc Oc
from Spiderman 2 is a bad religious
person who dictates the next crazy
religious fanatic. The poet from
A Knights Tale is a bad boy who
needs a painful garter belt and
apparently some punishment.
I recommend people go see this
movie; it may just get you to think
about everything we have been
taught to believe since birth. I give
it an A for the way it presented a
sensitive subject matter to main-
stream audiences.
This writer can be contacted at
Cell phone carriers go head-to-head
A quick comparison of
features and plans
If you are one of the eight
remaining people on earth that
still does not have a mobile phone,
it might be in your best interest
to keep reading. Those sporting
a "Zack Morris-esque" telephone
might also want to take heed of
the new developments in person-
to-person communication.
I set out on a journey to find out
which provider really did have the
best overall cellular coverage and
packages. My hope is to provide
answers for the social butterflies
that cannot live without making
at least 20 calls a day.
Financially, the best bet for a
calling plan at $40 monthly goes
to U.S. Cellular. With their local
plan, the subscriber receives 1,100
anytime minutes and includes the
perks of voice mail, call waiting,
caller id and text messages for
10 cents a pop. The only setback
comes when calling people outside
of the local area. There is a charge
of 30 cents per minute that is
even applied when you sign up for
expanded local calling.
Cingular and Verizon both offer
450 anytime minutes for $39.99
monthly with unlimited mobile-
to-mobile minutes. Cingular cus-
tomers are allowed 5,000 night
and weekend minutes and Verizon
offers unlimited night and weekend
minutes. Neither charges for roam-
ing or long-distance.
Alltel does a little bit better with
500 minutes for $39.99 a month
and offers unlimited nights and
weekends and mobile-to-mobile
calling. Sprint-Nextel offers only
400 anytime minutes but their free
nights and weekends begin at 7 p.m.
They also have no roaming charges
and offer free long distance.
Calling plans are irrelevant if
the networks are no good. Every
provider claims to have the best
network and by looking at national
maps, they all look about the same.
For tljose who would rather gnaw
on their own foot than not be able
to text message in the Brewster
building, Sprint-Nextel consultant
Nathan Wood said he "nearly
always has service in Brewster
"I was once in the basement of
Christenbury Gym with my Black-
berry and I had service said Wood.
"My girlfriend even gets service
by the river with her Sprint-Nextel
The actual reliability of a net-
work is a relative crap shoot. A person
can listen or read testimonials all
day long but it's their own personal
experience that will really vali-
date the claims of the companies.
The thing to keep in mind is
whether or not you will ever need
to talk to people who live in places
like Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin
Islands. If it is something you don't
want to agonize over then choos-
ing Cingular's all-over network
practically eliminates the possibil-
ity of roaming charges. Verizon
also offers a plan like this, as does
Sprint-Nextel. U.S. Cellular and
Alltel allow for people to choose
whether or not they want just local
coverage or an extended network.
While it does offer the appeal of a
more customized plan, it is easy for
confusion to set in.
U.S. Cellular offers local calling
with more minutes for less money
but in a smaller calling area. You can
upgrade to a regional plan or ulti-
mately a national plan. The regional
plan is needed if you plan to talk to
anyone in the Greensboro area
because it is not in the local plan.
If you want to save a bit of
money when connecting with a
new cellular phone plan it is ben-
eficial to have an expired plan so a
deactivation charge from a previous
plan will not be acquired. These
can be fairly costly; for example
Cingular charges $175 to get out of
your contract. Also, take advantage
of promotions such as free phones
and holiday specials. It probably
will not be long before companies
start running Arbor Day specials
Summer is
heating up
that will waive the activation fee if
you agree to plant a tree.
Along with promotions are the
special features that are only avail-
able with certain companies. Alltel
has just introduced "My Circle" that
allows users to choose 10 numbers
regardless of which cellular carrier
they use and the calls are free. This
service is only free on plans that
cost $59.99 or mofe but who you
call can be changed lif any-time.
Sprint-Nextel is famous for their
walkie-talkie Nextel phones. By
November, Sprint will introduce its
first walkie-talkie phone. They also
sell exclusively the Samsung Blade,
rated one of the top five phones of
the year, with a design similar to the
Motorola Razr. Cingular subscribers
are the only ones able to purchase
the Razr in black and also can take
advantage of the Rollover service.
This allows for unused minutes to
carry over to the next month and
it builds up the number of anytime
minutes that can be used.
For the media savvy and tech-
nology loving phone user, Verizon
offers services such as "ringback"
tones, which play a song for the
caller to hear before the phone is
answered. They created a package
for $6.95 that includes "ringback"
tones along with unlimited text,
picture and video messaging.
see CELL PHONE page 7
A summer couple on the beach.
And not just weather
Summer school has begun, the
weather is trying to stay warm, local
pools are beginning to get crowded
and even though the first official
day of summer has yet to come,
people are definitely not waiting for
it. Bikinis and board shorts, suntan
lines (or no suntan lines) and many
good friends remind most people of
summer time.
This more relaxed time of year
opens yet another door to meet new
people and find that fun person who
enjoys the same summer activities as
you do. Whether you love hanging
out by the pool, having cookouts,
going to the beach or going to con-
certs it's great to have your friends
there. But, it's more interesting to
have a small love interestthere too.
It's a wonderful feeling to know
someone is thinking about you
throughout their day. It's always nice
to receive a text or phone call just to
make sure you are having a good day.
It lets the other person know they are
on your mind but at the same time
don't want to invade all their space.
That's a subtle way of breaking the ice,
for any of those interested in summer
dating. It would be nice if you could
have a platonic relationship with
someone who you cared about, but did
not want to date. Who says you can't
go to dinner, hang out, go to parties
together, watch movies and chill all
summer without being "involved"
with someone?
Alina Panchuk, sophomore
political science major says, "I like
it even when my friends send me
messages during the day, because
I am glad to know they are think-
see SUMMER page 6

Slimmer from page 5
ing about me and making sure I'm
staying out of trouble
Summer commonly brings
trouble to relationships, how-
ever. If you met at school the
two of you will more than likely
have to go back to your home
towns, and the distance could be a
problem. Some couples choose to
stay in town, maybe work or attend
summer school.
There are hot guys and giris at
the pools during the summer, party-
ing and carrying on so it's kind of
hard not to meet some new people.
Little clothing, cold drinks, tons
of parties and really cool people
can lead to jealousy, tension and
serious problems in a relationship.
The singles dating game can be a
complicated process, but it's also very
fun and exciting to meet someone
new, get to know them, pursue some-
thing or just decide to be friends.
Summer is a great time to explore
the dating world and possibly learn
a little something about your own
needs wants and desires. If you are
finally getting a break from school
then you should focus on doing
things that truly make you happy.
This writer can be contacted at
Mark A. Ward
Attorney at Law
Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law
Traffic Offenses
Drug Offenses
State & Federal Courts
252.752.7529 Visit our website at
Have a pet, need free watersewer,
and convenient to campus?
We have a place for everyone!
Cannon Court
Cotanche Street
Forest Acres
Jasmine Gardens
ypress Gladiolus
Gardens Gardens
Park Village
Peony Gardens
Wainright Property Management, LLC
3481 -A South Evans Street
Greenville, NC 28734
(252) 756-6209
FOR FALL 2006!
3 Bedroom
3 Full Bath
WaterSewer Included Close to Campus
On ECU Bus Route Sony, No pets allowed
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ECU Campus Dining offers 9 different meal plans
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r Choose between a semester or weekly meal allowance
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Campus Dining
Cell phOne from page 5
Unfortunately for U.S. Cellular,
they have no really desired features
that differ from any other service.
They do offer free nights beginning
at 7 p.m. and have a walkie-talkie
service called Speed Talk.
Phones are becoming more
than just calling devices and can
be used to take pictures or listen to
music. The base price is roughly $50
and can run as much as $500. This
price is reduced when you sign a
two-year service agreement or send
in the mail-in rebates.
With so many similarities
between all of the different phone
companies, a big deciding factor is
customer service. Verizon hands-
down has the best with their greet-
ings of welcome to everyone that
walks into the store and the way
that the sales associates come on
the floor to help the customer.
The employees at Sprint-Nextel
are very easy to talk to and upbeat.
Unfortunately, because of their
recent merger, answering simple
questions is a very difficult process.
It would be best to hold out until all
of the kinks are worked out and the
networks are fully combined.
Alltel also has a pleasant staff
and are able to knowledgeably
answer any questions I had. The
general atmosphere of the entire
store is very welcoming and people
are helped promptly.
Cingular and U.S. Cellular close
at 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. respectively,
which makes it somewhat difficult
to get there if you have to work long
hours. The Cingular person was
very helpful and even suggested
that buying a phone on eBay or at
Wal-Mart was better than buying
it at the store.
My experience at U.S. Cellular
was by far the worst. The people
are not eager to assist and the man
who did help me had about as much
enthusiasm and appeal as a pair of
wet socks. He gave a summary of
the plans and practically pushed
me out of the door.
With all different aspects
weighed and measured, it seems to
me that the best carrier to go with is
Verizon. Although they just opened
in Greenville on April 1, they have
the best staff, the biggest selection
of phones and features and a wide
choice of calling plans.
Finding the right plan can make
you feel like you have literally been
put through the ringer. Hopefully
this will make it a little easier to
choose the right plan for you.
This writer can be contacted at
Best of Chris Isaak
Music with a twist
After spending three semesters
of my life here at ECU and taking
various music appreciation classes,
I have to say that my musical taste
has evolved. Now I crave music
from all walks of life, rather than
just the popular music that is
played on the radio.
When I got the opportunity to
listen to Chris Isaak's latest album,
Best of Chris Isaak, I jumped at the
chance to experience something
new. His name sounded familiar,
but other than that, I knew virtually
nothing about him or his music.
Shortly after popping his new
album into my CD player, I was
transported to a simpler era, one
where music was made for listening.
His sultry, sensual voice reminded
me of music greats like Frank Sina-
tra, while his laid back style rivaled
that of Michael Buble.
The instrumentation used
throughout the album provides a
unique sound, which keeps your
foot tapping and the pulse racing
the entire time. Isaak used a variety
of genres, including blues, jazz,
country and rock to weave an intri-
cate web of sound.
I enjoyed the entire album,
but there were a few songs that
were stuck in my head long after
I stopped listening. One of these
songs is "Wicked Game which
opens with a musical landscape sim-
ilar to that of a western theme song.
Isaak's bluesy rendition of "I
want you to want me" took me
back to one of my favorite movies,
10 Things I Hate About You. Isaak
offers a new spin on this old favor-
ite by playing with the tempo and
Overall the entire album offers
music lovers of all genres some-
thing unique by incorporating an
assortment of musical styles. Best of
Chris Isaak is one of the few albums
that I can listen to from start to
finish, time and time again.
For more information about
Chris Isaak's albums, tour dates or
biographical information visit his
Web site at
Album Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at

Sports Briefs
Josh King transfers to Eckerd
Former ECU shooting guard Josh
King transferred to Eckerd College,
according to the school's Web site.
King decided to transfer after ECU Head
Coach Ricky Stokes alerted King that
his scholarship would not be renewed.
The five-foot, 10-inch, 170-pound
guard had offers from smaller schools
coming out of high school, but chose
ECU for the opportunity to play. King
averaged 1.7 points and appeared
in 17 games as a sophomore.
King will play for Tom Ryan
in St. Petersburg, Fla. The Tritons
play in the Sunshine State
Conference Basketball Tournament.
Eckerd went 21-8 last season.
King led Trinity High School to
the 3A State Championship in 2004
and was the North Carolina Player of
the Year as a senior. He touts the N.C.
record for career three-pointers, single
season three-points and most threes
made in a game. He is third on the
career points list for N.C. high schools.
Turco hired as defensive line
coach at Newberry College
Pirates face Tulane in opening round
ECU looks to make case
for eighth straight NCAA
tournament bid
Former ECU graduate assistant
football coach Kevin Turco was hired
by Newberry College to be an assistant
with the defensive line, according to an
announcement from the team's Web site.
Turco followed Skip Holtz from
South Carolina and spent two years
as an offensive staff assistant at ECU.
Turco, a former Marine, graduated
from Western New England in 1998
with a bachelor's degree in history,
and completed the requirements for
a master's degree in education from
the University of Saint Mary in 2003. He
was a quarterback and played special
teams for Western New England for
the 1994 and 1995 seasons, prior
to his enlistment with the Marines.
He started his coaching career
at Western New England College. He
was the defensive line coach at the
University of St. Mary (Kansas) and St.
Peter's College (N.J.). He also coached
at Westfield (Mass.) High School.
ECU will try to earn their eighth
consecutive NCAA tournament bid
by winning the 2006 Conference
USA baseball tournament, hosted
by top-ranked Rice University in
Houston, Texas. The Pirates open
up the double-elimination tourna-
ment against Tulane at 10 a.m.
The Pirates (32-24, 10-14) have
dropped four straight games, includ-
ing being swept by Memphis in the
series finale. According to early
projections, ECU's NCAA at-large
chances have vanished. In order to
continue the NCAA regional streak
that dates back to 1998, ECU will
have to win the tournament for the
first time since it was in Kinston
in 2002.
ECU, the No. 6 seed, faces
defending co-champion Tulane,
winners of 17 of their last 19 games.
Tulane (39-17) took two of three
games from ECU in a weekend
series April 28-30.
ECU dropped a crushing loss
in game one of the series when
Kevin Rhodes and Chris Powell
combined to give up five runs in
the top of the ninth inning to lose
9-5. Senior Brody Taylor, who was
named a second-team All-Confer-
ence player on Tuesday, pitched an
eight-hit complete game to earn a
dominant 13-3 win in game two.
Brody Taylor, senior pitcher, will start on the mound as ECU tries to conquer the 2006 C-USA tournament.
In game three, Tulane junior first
baseman Mark Hamilton belted a
three-run home run off of Dustin
Sasser to take a 6-4 win.
Billy Godwin will rely on senior
catcher Jake Smith (.351), who has
16 doubles, 12 home runs and 63
RBIs. Senior first baseman Adam
Witter has 14 home runs with 42
Harrison Eldridge ranks second
on the team in batting (.343) and
stolen bases (11) while freshman
Brandon Henderson has a slugging
percentage of .524. Dale Mollen-
hauer has tallied career highs in
runs and home runs. Junior Ryan
Tousley currently has a 15-game
hitting streak and needs one to tie
a team season-high.
Mark Hamilton leads Tulane
offensively and was announced C-
USA Player of the Year. Hamilton
started all 56 games for the Green
Wave, leading the team in home
runs (17) and RBI (61). He is bat-
ting .332 with .a team-best .644
slugging percentage and a .461
on-base percentage. Hamilton has
a team-high in multiple-RBI games
with 16 and has recorded multiple
hits 21 times.
Tulane redshirt freshman
Warren McFadden is batting .391,
while sophomore right-hander Sean
Morgan is 8-4 with a 3.32 ERA and
116 strikeouts as the top starter
see BASEBALL page 9
Hurricanes not worried about road playoff games
(AP) Two wins in Buffalo this
season should give the Carolina
Hurricanes plenty of confidence
going into Game 3 of the Eastern
Conference finals, but coach Peter
Laviolette says now isn't the time
for his team to put its fate in history.
"The players on the ice will
decide who wins the game, not
past history Laviolette said after
Tuesday's brief skate-around at the
RBC Center.
Road games are tough for any
team, he said. Winning teams don't
care where they play.
"I think the buildings become
louder. You look at our building last
night. It's not an easy place for Buf-
falo to come in and play Laviolette
said. "In the same sense, I think
that you get through it and then,
eventually, when you get into the
game a few shifts, it's just back to
hockey. It's who executes and who
plays with a purpose
The Hurricanes and the Sabres
enter Wednesday night's game
with their best-of-seven series tied
at one game each. The Hurricanes
evened the series Monday night
with a 4-3 win by capitalizing on
the best power play in the Stanley
Cup Playoffs, converting on two of
five chances.
They will have to win at least
one of the two games in Buffalo to
regain home ice advantage.
Carolina seemed quite capable
see HOCKEY page 9 Ray Whitney celebrates one of his two goals in Monday's game

WZMB 91.3 ECU'S radio station
will be on air MAY 30
NOW accepting application for
Summer 2006
Positions open include:
Baseball from page 8
and junior closer Daniel Latham is
the conference's all-time leader in
saves (33).
ECU is set to face Morgan in the
opening round because both coaches
could bring their aces back for the
Sunday championship game. If the
Pirates win over Tulane, they would
play the MarshallHouston winner on
Thursday at 4 p.m. If the Pirates lose,
they will play Thursday at 10 a.m.
Shane Matthews (5-3,5.25 ERA)
will start on Thursday. No. 2 seed
Houston will likely throw ace Brad
Lincoln against Marshall. If ECU
advances, Dustin Sasser (5-6, 4.35)
should be ready to go on Friday.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
HOCkey from page 8
of handling the road during the
regular season. The Hurricanes won
21 games away from Raleigh, tying
a franchise record; the team was
fifth in road power plays at 18.8
percent (47 for 250) and tied for
eighth in penalty kills (83.1 per-
cent). They outscored opponents
141-133 on the road.
In the first round of the playoffs,
the Hurricanes moved past Mon-
treal by winning three games at the
Bell Centre after losing two games at
home to start the series. They split
a pair of road games in New Jersey
to return home to the RBC Center
to take that series in five games.
Defenseman Glen Wesley,
whose save of Jay McKee's third-
period one-timer Monday proved
to be crucial in the Carolina victory
against Buffalo, said getting away
from home has some upside, espe-
cially for players who may try too
hard to keep the home fans happy.
"When you go on the road,
there's no distractions. There's
better focus Wesley said. "I think,
sometimes, it hurts you at home a
little bit where you try and get too
cute and try and make the perfect
play or make the perfect pass for the
fans instead of just doing the simple
things and doing the right things
you should be doing
If that happens, the Hurricanes
could come back to Raleigh with
a chance to close out the series at
home and move on to the Stanley
Cup finals.
"We've got to find a way to get
home ice back Wesley said. "We
need to play our best game of the
series tomorrow night
& 11 UL
a ,AjS Jr mtil
IPD H m m '
On-campns conveniences
Apartment amenities
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Located in the heart of
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today's students the
perfect blend of location,
style & convenience.
With a cutting-edge
computer lab, a game
room, TV lounges and
new laundry facilities,
Campus Towers offers
all the conveniences of
on-campus living with
the upscale amenities of
apartment life.
Forget the early morning
commute. Sleep late and
walk or bike to class.
rite Best
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Bartenders wanted! Up to $250
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Training provided. Call (800) 965-
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hands-on program activities
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Internet Provider looking for part-
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Customer Response Team. Job
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line phone system, communicating
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FULL-TIME position. Internet
Provider in need of full time Systems
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maintenance of all network (99
Linux environment), hardware and
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system administration experience
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repairing hardwaresoftware
problems. Send resume' to
or fax to (252) 321-8186.
FULL-TIME Position. Internet
Provider in need of full-time
Network Installation Team Leader.
Job duties consist of scheduling
supervising installation crews to
assure timely network deployment.
Prefer candidate with project
management experience with
technical degree. Send resume' to or
fax to (252) 321-8186.
needed approximately two mid-day
hours MonThurs. Duties include
data entry and management,
receiving money, and preparing
computer generated reports,
general clerical duties. Apply in
person only at The East Carolinian,
Self Help Building, Suite 100-F (East
n!4n44 &&&&&&&&& PtPRRRRRR i
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Every Wednesday & Thursday 10 PM
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Uptown Greenville 114 E. 5th St.
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ltll-H'f IfUIAll -Wji
Summer School Sundays
3PAL 1
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
401 East Fourth Street
(from Fifth Street, one block up Holly to Fourth)
We're here for you
Come and see
and find some spiritual nourishment the 4 Sundays of June at 5 p.m.
Contemplative (Taize) Service with Holy Communion
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js Rooms
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ic Cable

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2 Bed 2 Bath $425 per month
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Limited Number Available

The East Carolinian, May 24, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
May 24, 2006
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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