The East Carolinian, March 29, 2006

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Volume 81 Number 60
Buccaneer goes to press
WEDNESDAY March 29, 2006
Guest enamel artist
is one of ECU'S own
Some inspiration for all
Richard Tichich interviewed
ECU metal design professor and
author of The Art of Enameling
Linda Darty last Thursday in
Speight Auditorium.
Darty, a Florida native, got
her master's degree at ECU in fine
arts in 1989. She was a straight-
A high school student and had
never taken an art class before
attending college at the Univer-
sity of Florida for undergraduate
Yearbook to make return
The pages of the student
yearbook, The Buccaneer, are
making a comeback in fall
2006 after well over a decade
of absence.
This past week, graduating
seniors were offered a chance
to have their photograph taken
for the yearbook at Mendenhall
and the Ledonia Wright Cul-
tural Center on campus.
The yearbook itself, subti-
tled, "A Rediscovered Treasure
seeks to provide students with
features that stretch from the
athletic side of ECU to featured
articles that list the top 10 ways
the Internet distracts college
Chancellor Steve Mallard
was on hand as the first featured
time slot at the picture taking
session at Mendenhall.
"Many of us delight in
browsing through our old year-
books to see how young we once
were and how much everyone
else has changed. 1 am delighted
that ECU alumni will have that
opportunity, and I look forward
to perusing the revived Bucca-
neer said Ballard.
"So far so good said Gen-
evia Hill, assistant director of
Student EngagementMedia, on
the success of student picture
taking last Thursday.
"I would just encourage
everyone to take part in this
rediscovered treasure Hill said.
Also featured in the year-
book will be student organi-
zations. These organizations
range from student clubs to
fraternities and sororities.
Pending a reservation, pho-
tographs for groups will be
taking place through the first
week of April.
Students who have pic-
tures that they think would
be good material for the year-
book can submit them to
The best photos will be featured
in the book.
Anyone interested in order-
ing a copy of the yearbook can
call 1-888-298-3323 or visit The cost for
the book is $40 plus $9.95 ship-
ping and handling. When they
are released in print in the fall
semester, all who have ordered
a copy will receive his or hers
by mail.
Deadline for orders is April
24 at S p.m.
Students who would like
more information on The Buc-
caneer can log on to buccaneer.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
studies, where she received her
Bachelor of Arts in ceramics and
art education.
Linda Darty went to the Uni-
versity of Florida intending to get
a degree in psychology. After her
freshman year, she studied abroad
in Florence, Italy for six months,
which changed her life. She came
back to Florida and changed her
major to art. The trip to Italy was
her first time away from home,
first time in a plane and her first
time seeing snow. While in Flor-
ence, she only had class four days
a week, which gave her time to
travel the country on her own.
"Going to school in Italy was
one of my smartest decisions
Darty said during the interview
with Tichich. She highly recom-
mends international studies.
After graduating from the
University of Florida with degrees
in ceramics and art education,
she became a high school art
teacher in Florida for two years.
She did not want the job at first;
but soon fell in love with it.
"I am a teacher first and an
artist second said Darty.
During the summers when she
was not teaching, she went to Pen-
land School of Crafts in the moun-
tains of North Carolina to work on
her art. She earned a scholarship
there, paying her $50 a week to
wash dishes. After two summers
at Penland, she was offered a job, a
house, meals, a charge card and her
own studio there. It was a difficult
decision to leave the high school
where she was teaching, but she
opted Penland's offer as the best
Darty stayed at Penland for
seven years. It was at this time
that she changed her focus to
metals and enameling.
By definition, enameling is a
usually opaque, protective or dec-
orative coating baked on metal,
glass or ceramic ware that dries to
a glossy finish. It is mainly used
in powdered form, being fired in
a kiln at about 1,500 degrees. It
is very important to follow safety
precautions. Annealing kilns
used by bead makers are also
good for enameling.
Later in life, Linda Darty
married a man who was teach-
ing in Greenville and came here
for graduate school to get her
master's in metals.
Darty taught classes at the
Greenville Museum of Art to
several groups including chil-
dren, adults, the blind and even
The prisoners were not very
motivated, so Darty inspired
them to make something for
people in worse situations. They
ended up making presents for
the children in the Burn Unit
at the hospital and were really
excited by it.
Darty said, "It's more exciting
to see a student's finished work
than it is to see my own finished
work. That is how I knew 1 was
teacher more than a maker
Most of her work is dedicated
to people in her life because
when she creates something, it
is a reflection of different times
in her life.
"When I work, 1 make it kind
of like a journal Darty said.
In the future, Linda Darty
will be traveling to Nova Scotia,
where she has the opportunity to
travel while "riding the wave of
my book she said.
Darty is a very inspiring
expert in her field and is recog-
nized as such by most people
who have had the experience of
working with her.
This writer can be reached at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
SGA candidates respond to
questions on a few key issues
Candidates met at
Mendenhall for open
The annual Student Govern-
ment Association election debate
took place this past Monday at
Mendenhall Student Center.
The debate was comprised of
a series of questions in a variety
of different formats issued to
hopeful ticket-one and -two
The format consisted of a pre-
prepared question, followed by a
random question that each can-
didate drew from an envelope.
Finally, the audience provided
anonymous questions for the
With two minutes provided
to speak about each of the
respective questions, candidates
addressed inquiries ranging from
how they seek to get students
more involved in SGA events and
actions to what type of tree they
would be and why.
The moderator, Laura Sweet,
ECU Ombudsman, began the
debate with a pre-prepared ques-
tion to the presidential candi-
dates. It asked how they plan to
address the concerns and ideas
students have.
"I think as exec members,
we do a lot of speaking and not
enough listening said ticket one
candidate, Ryan Wiggins.
He outlined plans for improv-
ing the already established SGA
Web site with a message board, as
well as hosting a monthly student
forum. The ticket also plans to
have surveys for students to make
their feelings known.
"Going up to the students
and being visible and accessible
is very, very important said M.
Cole Jones, current SGA presi-
dent, who is running for re-elec-
tion with ticket two.
He cited the creation of the
new SGA offices under his current
administration in Mendenhall
Student Center as an important
and accessible tool for students
to utilize in keeping in contact
with the happenings of student
Ticket one would also like to
see TEC and WZMB utilized more
in the affairs of SGA with a page
set aside for info as well as on-air
time that would allow students to
call in and voice opinions.
The vice-president nomi-
nees, Sara Spuller of ticket one
and Dana White of ticket two,
addressed their pending role as
head of the Shipmates Program
as well as aspects of their office
they seek to enhance. Shipmates
is a leadership program aimed at
getting freshmen involved.
"Aim at nothing and you will
hit it every time said Spuller.
She wants the application
process to be less intimidating
to students. She also wants to
better encourage new students
to take part.
If she becomes vice-president,
she would like to see the roles of
class officers expanded.
"I think that everyone is
capable of being a leader when
given a chance said White, of
ticket two.
If she becomes vice-president,
she plans to increase freshman
awareness of the Shipmates Pro-
gram, strengthen the mentors
and student relationships, and
create a positive environment
to "increase student retention
within the Shipmate Program
The next question asked why
candidates were qualified for
their respective positions, and it
was addressed to the two treasury
Charles Owens, of ticket one,
cited his experience as Co-Chair
of the Appropriations Commit-
tee for the Senate. This places
him in charge of senate finances
for funding of all organizations,
Greek and non-Greek.
He wants to work closely
with all student organizations
so that they may carry out all of
the events that they would like
to have. He feels this would be
the best way for them to increase
their numbers.
Chris Welch, of ticket two,
said, "Truly, the office of student
body treasurer should be filled by
an individual who is confident,
temperamental, one who is filled
with poise, integrity and deport-
Welch discussed the oversee-
ing of treasury funds when he
was executive treasurer for his
fraternity. He cited his success
in his position with the bestowal
of an award of excellence by his
superiors in North Carolina.
The question for the secretary
candidates consisted of asking
how the newly-elected secretary
would plan to keep students
abreast of happenings, as well as
how he or she would plan to work
with student groups and keep
the community in the know of
see DEBATE page A2
Not the typical 'fun in the sun'
spring break for 15 students
Rebuilding hurricane-
stricken homes
A total of 15 students accom-
panied North Carolina Bap-
tist Men to Gulfport, Miss
to rebuild homes that were
damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
Staff members from the Vol-
unteer and Service Learning
Center on campus and members
of Oakmont Baptist Church also
took part in the opportunity to
help the victims of the hurricane
reestablish their lives and homes.
The students who par-
ticipated in the trip represent
many different organizations,
churches and backgrounds.
Students who went on the trip
include Michaelina Antahades of
SGA, Malcolm Simpson of Cov-
enant Church, Brian Monroe of
Oakmont Baptist Church, Josh
Dearing from Habitat for Human-
ity Student Club, and Ryan Arp,
Matt Wright and Michael Wil-
liams of Chi Alpha Omega.
Amanda Brooke, Lauren
Burnette, Michelle Eure and
Leigh Wilbanks of Sigma Alpha
Omega and Sarah Riggs, Sarah
Lacobelli and Lydia Armacost
of Delta Zeta also participated
in the volunteer opportunity.
The students and staff
of the Volunteer Center and
North Carolina Baptist Men
accomplished a great deal of
work while they were there.
They fully tiled and painted a
house, partially tiled and painted
another house, fully indoor painted
an additional house and com-
pleted lawn work on two homes
with acre-large lots in a neigh-
borhood called Cherry Court.
The group traveled to
Biloxi, Miss to volunteer their
time in that area as well. They
swept and mopped Brodie
see HOMES page A2
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Page A2 252.328,6366
CLAIRE MURPHY Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY March 29, 2006
ECU English
Department graduate
Wednesday. March 29 at 7:30
Willis Building. First and Reade
Streets, ECU
Graduates of ECU'S Creative
Writing program will hold a free
Contact: Alex Albright at 328-4876
for more information.
Lecture: Thomas
Harriot Voyages of
Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m. at
Hendrix Auditorium, Mendenhall
Student Center
Robert Fox, a history of science
professor at Oxford University, will
inaugurate ECU'S new Thomas
Harriot Voyages of Discovery-
Lecture Series. Dr. Fox's lecture
will discuss the life of Sir Thomas
Harriot, for whom the Harriot
College is named. The lecture is
free and open to the public and
is part of ECU'S Founders Week
Contact Denise Miller, Harriot
College, at 328-6249.
NASA scientist to
speak on global
droughts and floods
Friday, March 31 at 2 p.m. in
Flanagan 349, ECU Campus
Robert Adler, a senior NASA
scientist at the Goddard Space
Flight Center in Greenbelt,
Maryland, will present "Monitoring
Global Precipitation from Climate-
scale to Floods
This seminar is being jointly
sponsored by ECU'S Coastal
Resources Management
Ph.D. program. Department of
Geography and the Center for
Natural Hazards Research. Dr.
Adler is currently project scientist
of the very successful Tropical
Rainfall Measuring Mission
For more information contact
Scott Curtis, assistant professor,
for the Department of Geography,
ECU Youth Arts
Festival 2006
Saturday, April 1 on ECU campus
mall from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
ECU'S Youth Arts Festival will
feature more than 100 visual and
performing artists who will share
their creative talents with area
Children will have the opportunity
to create art and visit with artists
who will demonstrate activities
such as wheel thrown ceramics,
traditional watercolor painting,
weaving, felting, paper-making,
printmaking, portraiture and other
visual art media. Featured visual
artists will come from surrounding
states, North Carolina and from
ECU'S School of Art and Design.
Contact Dindy Reich at or 328-5749 or
Richard Tichich at tichichr@ecu.
edu or 328-5481.
Night of the Rising
Saturday, April 1 at 6:30 p.m. in
Greenville Convention Center
A fundraising event featuring
cocktails, dinner and performances
benefiting the School of Theatre
and Dance Scholarship Fund.
Tickets are $60 per person with
a Cash Bar. Tickets may be
purchased by calling the School of
Theatre and Dance Box Office at
328-6829 or online at ECUARTS
Ticket Required.
Cultural Outreach
season schedule
Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005 until
Saturday, April 1 in various places
on ECU campus.
The S. Rudolph Alexander
Performing Arts Series, ECU'S
flagship performing arts series,
annually presents a season of
nine of the world's top orchestras,
ballet companies, jazz artists,
soloists, modern dance
ensembles, Broadway shows,
opera companies, chamber
ensembles and pop artists. The
Family Fare Series features kid-
centered cultural excursions
for the entire family. This series
features four curriculum-based
performances by the nation's
finest young-audience touring
For more information contact 328-
News Briefs
Custody fight: Mom reportedly
poses as Dad in abduction case
woman accused of abducting her
two young children from their father,
then dressing like a man so she
could assume his identity, agreed
Monday to return to Arizona where
she faces kidnapping charges,
authorities said.
Shellie White, 30, was taken into
custody Friday in Roanoke Rapids,
where police said she and a woman
lived together as the children's father
and mother. It's an accusation that
White denies, saying she has never
hidden her identity.
"I never knew I was on the run
White's arrest came more than two
years after she was charged with
custodial interference in the children's
disappearance, the U.S. Marshals
Service said. Her ex-husband, Ernest
Kames, had custody of the children at
the time and learned Friday that they
had been found.
The U.S. Marshals Service, in a news
release, said White "radically changed
her appearance to that of a man and
assumed many aliases including her
"She even went so far as to tell her
children, aged 3 and 5 at the time, that
she was their father the Marshals
Service said.
"When she was arrested, the children,
now aged 6 and 8, asked why they
were arresting their Daddy
"I just want to take my babies back
home. They need to be with their
Outrage over alleged Duke lacrosse
rape spurs early morning rally
DURHAM, N.C. (AP) - Protesters upset
with Duke University's response to
allegations that an exotic dancer was
raped and beaten by members of
the school's lacrosse team marched
Sunday to the home of the university's
provost, where they said the school
needs to do more to protect the
This is an extremely serious crime,
if it happened Provost Peter Lange
told a group of about 60 protesters
outside his home. "We don't know
the facts of what happened in the
house. We have allegations The
only people who have the means
to discover what happened in that
house are the police
Police in Durham are investigating
the March 14 assault alleged to have
occurred at a house near Duke's
East Campus. The dancer, a student
at N.C. Central University, has told
police she was hired to perform at
a small bachelor party, but instead
found herself at a party with dozens
of men where she was pulled into
a bathroom, sexually assaulted,
sodomized and beaten.
Marchers then went to the nearby
home of Lange, who after about 10
minutes emerged in a Duke T-shirt
and baseball hat to speak with the
Authorities took DNA samples last
week from 46 members of the
Duke lacrosse team, but no arrests
have been made. Police said team
members have refused to cooperate
with their investigation; players have
told school administrators the woman
was not assaulted.
One person accused Duke
of protecting the lacrosse team,
while others noted that the alleged
attackers are white men and the
victim is a black woman. In an
interview published Friday by The
News & Observer of Raleigh, the
alleged victim said her assailants
shouted racial slurs at her.
Over the weekend, Duke President
Richard Brodhead issued a statement
that "physical coercion and sexual
assault are unacceptable in any
setting and have no place at Duke"
but reiterated the school's position
that the facts of the case are in
The late Dana Reeve hosts PBS
documentary on mind and body
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Dana Reeve
would be alive only about three
more months when she taped an
introduction to the two-hour PBS
documentary The New Medicine
The widow of paralyzed "Superman"
actor Christopher Reeve was battling
lung cancer diagnosed last summer,
but was upbeat that late November
day of the taping.
"She was very hopeful at that point
that she would survive director
Muffie Meyer recalled. "She was
buying Christmas presents for her son
that day, and really had a tremendous
amount of energy. She seemed
wonderful, and very, very grounded
and strong
In her introduction to the first segment
of The New Medicine Reeve tells
viewers: "Your emotional state has
a tremendous amount to do with
sickness, health and well-being. For
years, my husband and I lived on, and
because of, hope. Hope continues
to give me the mental strength to
carry on
Because she didn't live in New York
City, she said she was practicing
tl'is mixed approach "privately at
The New Medicine though, almost
consciously avoids a New Age tone.
There are a few shots of yoga classes
and one segment in which scientists
study the brain waves of a Buddhist
monk as he meditates.
There are no magic crystals, no
"cancer diets" or trips to Mexico for
treatments outlawed in the United
States. Just a sincere effort to find
something, anything, that will lead to
a better quality of life for patients.
Boxer pleads guilty in death of
sports writer
LOS ANGELES (AP) - James Butler, a
boxer who fought under the nickname
"The Harlem Hammer pleaded
guilty to voluntary manslaughter and
arson Monday in the 2004 death of
a freelance sports writer.
Butler will be sentenced to 29 years,
four months in prison by Superior
Court Judge Michael Pastor on
April 5, according to Deputy Public
Defender Jack Keenan.
The 32-year-old fighter entered his
plea as jury selection was set to
begin in his trial for the killing of Sam
Kellerman, who was the brother of
boxing expert Max Kellerman, an
ESPN Radio show host in New York.
"I think it's a fair resolution of the
case Keenan said.
"He's always been sorry for what he
did, and in the end he thought of Sam
Kellerman as a friend
Butler faced about 34 years in
prison had he gone to trial and been
convicted of murder, Keenan said.
Kellerman's body was found in his
Hollywood apartment on Oct. 17,
2004, although authorities believe
he had been killed five days earlier.
He had been bludgeoned around the
head about 30 times while sitting at
his desktop computer, police said. A
hammer was found near Kellerman's
body, his car was missing and his
apartment was set on fire, police
Sam Kellerman was a freelance writer
who covered pro boxing. He and
Butler were friends and the boxer
had been staying at Kellerman's
apartment since late September,
police said.
Butler has a pro record of 20-5. He
is best known for sucker-punching
opponent Richard Grant in November
2001 after losing a charity bout.
Butler has been in custody since his
arrest three days after the Kellerman
Suicide bomber kills dozens at
recruiting center; Shiltes cut off
political talks
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - New violence
flared Monday in northern Iraq with
40 dead in a suicide bombing, while
Shiite leaders cut off political talks
and denounced the United States
over a weekend raid that they said
killed worshippers in a mosque.
Although the United States said no
mosque was attacked, Shiites blamed
the military for killing 22 people
Sunday. Jawad al-Maliki, a lawmaker
from the United Iraqi Alliance, said the
Shiite bloc had canceled Monday's
session of negotiations to form a new
government because of the raid.
"I will personally supervise, and we
will learn who was responsible. Those
who are behind this attack must be
brought to the justice and punished
Taiabani said.
Later, gunmen kidnapped 16
employees of an Iraqi trading
company, an Interior Ministry
official said. The men arrived at the
headquarters of the Saeed import
and export company in four civilian
cars and appeared to rifle through
papers and computers before driving
away with the employees, Lt. Col.
Falah al-Mohammadawi said.
In an audiotape broadcast Monday,
Saddam's fugitive chief deputy
purportedly called for Arab leaders to
back Iraq's Sunni-backed insurgency.
The tape, which Al-Jazeera television
said was made by Izzat Ibrahim al-
Douri, appeared to be an address to
the Arab League summit in Khartoum,
Sudan, this week.
The voice said the Sunni-led
insurgency was "the sole legitimate
representative of the Iraqi people
It was impossible to determine the
tape's authenticity.
Al-Douri had been Revolutionary
Command Council vice chairman
and a longtime Saddam confidant.
From shining shoes to fighting
for civil rights: a Chinese
campaigner's story
DAQING, China (AP) - Li Jian managed
a factory, shined shoes, and sold toys.
Now he's a civil rights campaigner.
Since last fall, the Chinese, now 41, has
been advising farmers in Dongzhou,
on the southeast coast, in their fight
to keep farmland requisitioned for a
power project.
When the villagers barricaded
themselves inside the village and
police shot at them on Dec. 6, Li
He left his home in the northern port
of Dalian and traveled 1,000 miles to
find the village still in fear more than
two weeks later. Many villagers were
under arrest, he said. By his count
three had been killed, eight injured
and 30 were missing.
After Li posted his report on the
Internet, police visited his home and
threatened to evict him.
Raised in the northern oil city of
Daqing, Li started out working for
the state petroleum company, Then,
when the government made tropical
Hainan island a laboratory for free-
market reforms, he headed there.
His activities and the occasional
visits from police sometimes produce
friction between him and his wife. They
live chiefly off her earnings, though he
said last year he received "some
money" from overseas democracy
"All rights have to be struggled for.
They're not heaven-bestowed Li
"China's got a long road ahead
H0IT16S from page A1
Road Baptist Church in Biloxi.
The group worked daily from
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. through the
week of March 12 - 17. They
left on Saturday, March 11 and
returned on Saturday, March 18.
According to Jessica Gagne,
student engagement specialist of
the Volunteer Center, some of the
neighborhoods in the hurricane
stricken areas haven't received
much reconstruction help.
"Most of the stuff looked
exactly the same as it did
on our first trip down there,
which was a few months after
the hurricane happened said
Michaelina Antahades, sopho-
more public relations major.
Antahades, who planned
to make it an SGA incentive,
heavily planned the trip. After
expressing interest to Gagne
about the trip, she sent out an
e-mail to all SGA members to
see who would be interested.
Out of the SGA members,
about 10 people showed interest.
According to Gagne, the center
initially thought that only eight
people would be allowed to attend.
From that point, those
people informed others
about the opportunity and
the list of participants grew.
A few participants, such
as Brian Monroe, heard
about the trip through their
church. Monroe is a member
of Oakmont Baptist Church.
The students had to pay a
small fee of $30 to attend, which
included the gas cost as well as
money for snacks. North Caro-
lina Baptist Men group spon-
sored the rest of the trip costs.
The males stayed at the
National Guard Amory and
the females used the Pass Road
Baptist Church for housing
during the stay in Gulfport.
This was a great opportu-
nity for students who wanted
to visit the hurricane stricken
areas to help out but didn't
have the resources to do so.
"I thought it was really cool
when three guys from Duke
University just spontaneously
went down there to help out. I
wanted tobut 1 didn't have the
resources to do so said Monroe.
The ECU group that partici-
pated in helping a community in
need is one of the many college
groups who take part in these
types of things during spring break.
These trips are known as Alterna-
tive Spring Break Trips (ASB).
If you are interested in vol-
unteering your time to the com-
munity, contact the Volunteer
and Service-Learning Center
at 110 Christenbury Gym in
person or by phone at 328-2735.
You may also reach the
center at ecu.eduvolunteer.
This writer may be contacted at
The better driver?
(KRT)Do you know what
she's thinking over there in the
shotgun seat while you're doing
battle on the expressways? Well,
for one thing, she may well be
thinking she could do a better
job of driving than you are.
A survey conducted for the
Chrysler Group found that
about 25 percent of women
think they are better drivers
than their significant others.
Those women probably are
the ones who practically run
you off the road by scream-
ing, "Oh, my God in traf-
fic, causing you to empty your
bladder while wildly looking
for whatever road obstacle you
thought she saw and you didn't.
Almost 50 percent of women
say they are equally as skilled at
driving as their significant others.
Sixty-eight percent of the
men thought they are better driv-
ers than their significant others.
DeDSlB from page A1
student government actions.
Sarah Riggs, of ticket one,
cited her experience as Director
of Public Relations for Student
Government this past year and
her efforts at keeping students
informed of new events and
Riggs has plans to bring back
an older way of keeping students
informed called, "What's-Up-
Wednesdays It consists of a table
that is set up in Wright Plaza.
Here, students can speak with
SGA representatives about ques-
tions and concerns.
"The new SGA offices are a
wonderful tool to lending stu-
dents up front accessibility to stu-
dent government said Riggs.
She says she will maintain
active record files, as well an
archive file, so that students with
any inquiries will have access to
Ticket two candidate Keri
Brockett said, "I think this is one
of the great opportunities that
student government has been
able to establish
Brockett feels strongly about
being in the public eye in getting
students involved with govern-
ment happenings, saying, "We
need to be seen, and we need to
be acceptable
One way she wants to do this
is to have "Talk-It-Tuesday" to
collaborate with "Taco Tuesday
With this, she hopes to have a
student representative provide
information to students while
they eat and allow for open dis-
cussion as well.
She cited the progress that her
ticket presidential running mate,
Jones, has made with the creation
of the SGA Web site, among other
things. She wants to add even
more to that.
Brockett would also like to
see mass emails sent out that
highlight happenings with SGA,
but doesn't seek to overburden
students with too much informa-
tion. The highlights will link to
more information.
The decision ultimately goes
to the students, who will have the
rest of Wednesday to vote, from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by logging onto
their OneStop account and click-
ing the voting tab at the bottom
of the screen.
As for which tree each of the
presidential candidates would
liken himself to, both candidates
selected the Oak tree, noting its
great strength.
This writer can be reached at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Jazz Performance
Professor Michael Dermody's video magazine class shoots the performance portions of
"Between the Notes: A Student's Manifesto" at The Cavern on Monday, March 27. "Between
the Notes" is a documentary about the ECU Jazz Ensemble Scurvy Dog that follows four
Page A3
It does I
this weeke
April Fools
We are
is making
Papers, test
in the com
more limite
of campus
a close am
busy. The
and pushei
asking for r
to easily hi
So -as y
this weekei
summer. Ji
we will be
an exhaust
allusion to It
a new year
Either w
weekend. Ji
as of now, n
It's just enc
in that day
and movinc
we are finis
Good li
have heard
- J. Hot
Our St
Rachel Kin
News Editor
Carolyn Sc
Features Editc
Tony Zoppi
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Sarah Bell
Head Copy Ed
Herb Sneei
Photo Editor
Web Editor
Serving ECU sir
Tuesday, Wedne
academic year
summer "Our Vi
and is written by i
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may be edited
right to edit or rej
and include a ti
via e-mail to editi
Carolinian, Self
4353. Call 252
copy of 7EC i

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JENNIFER L HOBBS Editor in Chief
March 29,2006
My Random Column
Is spring here?
It does look like it is going to be warm
this weekend, but is that just another
April Fools joke?
We are so close to the end that it
is making everything fly by even faster.
Papers, tests, quizzes and reports all due
in the coming weeks, and time is now
more limited then ever.
All-nighters and caffeine are the talk
of campus as the semester draws to
a close and becomes more and more
busy. The teachers who have waited
and pushed assignments back are not
asking for more than students are able
to easily handle with all of their other
So as you enjoy the warm weather
this weekend, remember it is a taste of
summer. Just a hint of the time when
we will be free from the excruciating
responsibilities of 15 hours of class and
an exhausting job. Maybe is it just an
allusion to life after college for some and
a new year closer to real life for others.
Either way, it is going to be a beautiful
weekend. Just a small chance of rain but
as of now, nothing major on the forecast.
It's just enough to torture us to believe
in that day when we will soon be done
and moving on from these classes that
we are finishing.
Good luck this week; from what I
have heard, it is a tough one for most!
- J. Hobbs
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Rachel King Claire Murphy
News Editor Asst News Editor
Carolyn Scandura Kristin Murnane
Features Editor Asst. Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
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Rachael Letter
Asst. Photo Editor
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Alexander Marclniak Dustln Jones
Web Editor Asst. Web Editor
Edward McKim
Production Manager
Newsroom 252.328.9238
Fax 252.328.9143
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Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies every
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the regular
academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during the
summer. "Our View" is the opinion of the editorial board
and is written by editorial board members TEC welcomes
letters to the editor which are limited to 250 words (which
may be edited for decency or brevity). We reserve the
right to edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed
and include a telephone number. Letters may be sent
via e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more Information. One
copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.
Pirate Rant
Opinion Columnist
If they care about you, then they won't cheat on you
Girl Trouble
I've had an interesting week.
Some might say I've gotten more in
touch with my feminine side, but
I honestly feel more like I've had
to play the role of a big brother.
To begin with, I was assigned
to do a story for the paper about
two girls who felt they had been
unjustly charged by an apart-
ment complex. While I can't go
into great detail about the situa-
tion what, I can say is these two
young women, sisters actually,
have become very untrusting of
people. They had even been the
viotims of robbery and a fire.
When they moved into their new
apartment, they installed several
locks and even an alarm system
because they still felt unsafe.
On the night of the same day
that I interviewed the sisters, I
went to see the movie V for Ven-
detta with some friends of mine.
When I got back to the dorm,
after having a lengthy discus-
sion on the issues the movie
discussed with a friend of mine,
I found a young lady crying her
heart out in front of one of the
dorm rooms. When I asked her
what was wrong, she said her
boyfriend was cheating on her
pretty much as we spoke.
I almost walked away, but I
could not just leave her there to
cry and suffer. I took her outside
to get her away from the door.
She said she would drive home,
but in my experience driving
and crying don't mix very well.
I honestly thought that if she
had left in that state, she might
have been in an accident. I asked
her if she had someone she could
call, so she called her roommate,
told her what happened, and she
said that she would arrive in a
few minutes.
I took the upset young woman
to the dorm's lobby to wait inside
for her roommate. She could not
understand why he would cheat
on her. So I asked her, "Have you
ever cheated on him?" "No
she said. "Then you're the better
person I said.
Now my memory is not the
greatest in the world, but I think
what I told her was something like:
"Judging by the way you're
acting I can see that you really
care about this guy, that you're
a very trusting, loving, good
person. You can't let this guy or
people like him get to you. Take
it from me, there's a shortage of
people like you in this world.
Don't let him change you
There were times before and
after I said this that I tried to
take her boyfriend's cell phone
away so I could throw it in the
trash or the river. Why? Because
guys like that make me sick, and,
just like I'm starting to feel about
President Bush, I'm tired of them
representing me.
When I told a few of my
friends about it, the reply was
pretty much the same:
"That's not right. No one
deserves to be treated like that
Again, I wonder why most of
us, including me, are still single.
As far as I'm concerned, this
guy didn't care about what hap-
pened or could have happened
to this young woman. This
makes him a disgusting excuse
for a person in my eyes. I feel
it is always my responsibility as
a man no, as a person to
look out for and protect others
when they can't do it themselves.
While I do feel good about help-
ing the young woman, I just hope
that she dropped that guy like
spiking a football.
Unfortunately, this situation
is a common occurrence here on
campus and in our society. I've
heard stories about the same situa-
tion several times over the years, but
this is one of the few if only times
I've actually been able to do some-
thing about it. Maybe I saved the
image of men in this young wom-
an's eyes, or maybe I didn't. Either
way, I would still do what I did.
Frankly, I think some guys
don't realize just how lucky they
are or how good they have it.
They have somebody who cares
about them beyond just being
friends, and yet they don't seem
to care who they hurt if some-
thing "better" comes along.
It is because of guys like the
one from this weekend that 1
have trouble talking to women,
mostly because I feel that they
make assumptions about me
that coincide with guys like
that. Then again, sometimes I
see women go after guys and not
make those assumptions only to
get hurt in the end. The excuse is
always the same, too. "It was an
accident Accidents can be pre-
vented; it just takes a little effort,
such as keeping your pants on.
All I can say at this point is
that if someone cheats on you,
then that person obviously didn't
care enough about you to begin
with. If they do want you to take
them back, wait until they beg
for it. Then remember this: Trust
is easily lost, and must be "earned
back with time. That's why I think
it is better to try and never loose it.
In My Opinion
(KRT) The speed at which
virtually all the major players in
the new economy have entered
the video-on-demand market
begs a simple question: Will U.S.
consumers pay for something a
savvy competitor probably will
offer for free? The answer should
be obvious.
Some of the country's'top
business minds obviously are
convinced that providing on-
demand television and video
programming to America's on-
the-run society is a potential
gold mine. You almost need an
official scorekeeper to keep track
of what's in play.
Apple is teaming up with ABC
and NBC Universal to offer prime
time, late night and classic TV
shows, online, on demand, for
$1.99 per pop through its online
iTunes store. NBC is offering
on-demand programming via
DirectTV. The selling point here:
the cost is only 99 cents per show,
and there are no commercials.
Google will offer current
CBS television shows, classic TV
shows, movies, NBA basketball
games and other content, which
consumers can download to
a computer or portable video
player. Prices will range from
$1.99 to $3.95.
CBS itself plans to sell pro-
grams through Comcast, but
initially only in markets where
they own TV stations. The shows
will include commercials, but
will cost just 99 cents.
Starz Entertainment Group
is offering a $9.95 monthly
subscription service allowing
consumers to download movies
to their television sets, computers
or hand-held devices. The list of
providers grows almost daily.
On-demand programming
is not entirely new. What is
new is some of the technology.
Consumers already pay for the
movies they want, when they
want them, from retailers like
Blockbuster, through the mail,
from their cable providers, and
when they're in hotel rooms.
Our analysis indicates that when
movies can be downloaded in
digital form, they probably can
be sold for $4 to $6 less than
DVDs currently cost, while still
enabling the movie studios to
earn the same profit. While this
may hurt Blockbuster and other
retailers, it will provide consum-
ers with a new option.
Television is different. We
are accustomed to spending
our money to view first-run
films in movie theaters or to
purchase newly released DVDs.
For more than half a century,
however, advertising supported
TV programming has come to
us free-of-charge. It is unclear
how many consumers will pay
for something they've always
gotten for free.
Moreover, the opportunity
to make this model work is clos-
ing. An alternative already is in
the market and gaining momen-
tum: personal video recorders
Consumers can get on-
demand access to all TV pro-
gramming through PVRs, such as
TiVo, or with devices that cable
operators and satellite providers
sell and install. PVRs already are
in more than 9 percent of all U.S.
households and are growing at
approximately 32 percent per
year. If most of the consumers
Apple, Google and the broadcast
networks are targeting already
can capture and play back all of
the programs they want, with no
added charges, why would they
pay additional money for a more
limited selection?
All this begs the question of
why the networks have chosen
the Apple model when they
could be pursuing an approach
that would protect their bottom
line and that of their studio
collaborators, as well as provide
more consumer choice than even
If the networks were to make
all original content available
on-demand, for free, through
cable operators (utilizing existing
"Video on Demand" technol-
ogy) there would be something
for everyone. By streaming the
programming on-demand they
could include advertising that
consumers couldn't skip. By
making the programming avail-
able only during the season in
which it is aired, they could
maintain studio syndication
Such on-demand services,
similar to those offered to cable
subscribers by HBO, CineMax,
and Showtime, would be free to
the consumer and would have
more content, better features,
and be available to more homes
Television programming is
not the same as music or film.
The challenge for the televi-
sion networks is to look beyond
Apple and Google, embrace their
own roots, and work with the
cable industry to create a free
to the consumer, advertising
supported, on-demand model.
This would meet both consumer
needs and have the potential to
produce significant profits.
M. Cole Jones is a good guy and he has been around
all year long. It's not his fault that he's so busy doing
stuff for his current position.
Are all freshmen doing as poorly as me in their
classes? I hope so. I blame Scott Hall.
Facebook is awesome if only because it reminds
people when your birthday is so you feel really special
when a million people wish you happy birthday. I
know I've been one to trash it on occasion because it
has been the instrument of my procrastination, but
maybe it's not so bad. Thanks Facebook!
ECU makes a deal with an online music company,
and suddenly there's "editorials" (two in a row!) on
how Apple and iTunes are more evil than Hitler.
Why not just print an eight page Microsoft ad and
get it over with?
To the ignorant individual who doesn't want ECU
to allow anymore students from Maryland and New
Jersey, you're doing an excellent job of representing
"southern hospitality I must say. And in case you
haven't noticed, our university wouldn't be what it is
without all of this out of state tuition rolling it. Maybe
you need to appreciate the northerners.
To the person who wrote the rant the other day about
people hating ECU: I am transferring, but that still
does not change the fact that I have to stay here
until the end of the semester and that I hate every
day of It.
To clarify the current situation: We are, in fact, in a
rap video for Clusters Cereal.
Can we get some real bars and clubs downtown?
If anyone saw the '95 Isuzu Rodeo run the red light
by the mall Friday the 24th around 12:10 p.m please
email He's trying to
screw me over with my insurance company now! I
need your help!
What's the deal with the Austin Building? Why is it
so hot in the room? They invented AC for a reason.
And the professors ask why we can't focus.
London is known for its big red Double Decker buses,
New York for the old boxy-looking yellow taxis,
Rome for its Vespa Motor Scooters and Greenville
is known for its tow trucks.
My two-hour class could be just one hour if my
teacher didn't ramble on about his girlfriends and
random experiences that no one cares about!
Mr. Weather please make up your mind!
For the CDFR class girl who had the courage to tell
the "talkers" to shut it up: Way to go! I'm so sick of
people who come to class and talk talk talk. Take it
nome please or at least outside the class!
Pull your pants up. You look like an idiot. By the way,
I prefer paper over plastic. I may hire you based off
your resume. Yeah, right.
Is it really that necessary to instant message me while
we are on the phone together?
There needs to be a trash can at the bridge at the
bottom of college hill or I will continuously throw
my empty cans In the bushes.
To the guy who found my Onecard after I lost it,
tracked me down, and made sure to get it to me
- thank you. It's things like that, that completely
renew my faith in people in general.
How about you get your own apartment and quit
staying at ours?
I congratulate thee, ECU, for selling a bottle of (tap)
water to us for $1.17 when the retail price (found
online) is only 58 cents and a case is $4.98. You've
outsmarted us all.
My friend is bragging in her away message that six of
her rants are being published in the next TEC. Seri-
ously, who cares? And seriously, who does that?
If you're trying to get rid of Greek life, you're doing a
great job. It's pretty horrible that the person who is
supposed to be 100 percent on our side is our worst
Thanks to the DJ who played my favorite Eminem
song for me even though it was 80s night. It made
my night!
Is it wrong that I don't always just want to hang out
with one person 247? I mean, I have a life and other
friends beyond you. Why is that so hard for you to
Rule of thumb: You are not supposed to run any sort
of a rant about anything relating to the SGA elec-
tion. (Especially one that attacks one of the running
candidates). Oh and your coverage of our meetings
this year has sucked.
Am I the only one who doesn't care about Fifth
Street being changed to Martin Luther King Blvd.?
They could change it to Whitepeoplesuck Ave. and
it wouldn't stop me from driving on it!
I never said that some future teachers didn't drink
responsibly. A lot of us don't drink at all. I am talk-
ing about the ones that say they stayed out until 3
a.m. and they BS all of their work at the very last
minute. Teaching is a job in which we are molding
and shaping young minds, and I think that if you are
going to have a job working with children, you need
to genuinely care about them.
Here's my vote for SGA elections. 1 vote we take down
the tacky banners hanging from the trees in the mall.
I absolutely, positively cannot stand and truly hate TEC.
If you are in a car with a key in the ignition, you
are supposed to have a seat belt on. Drivers Ed 101.
I learned that when I was 15. Get over it and quit
complaining about something that is your fault!
M. Cole Jones Higher One
Ryan Wiggins isn't any better
I love how I am not one of those tanning bed addicts
and never really go out in the sun at all, and yet I'm
the one being cut on for stupid skin cancer. Does
that make sense to you? Be warned tanning addicts.
It hurts like hell!
It costs 50 cents to call someone who cares. You only
gave me 25 cents. Cheapskate!
Maybe if TEC posted your picture beside your rant
you would think twice before making ignorant
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant is an anonymous way for students and staff in the
ECU communitytovoketbeiropinions. Submissions can be submitted anonymously
online at, or e-mailed to editonwtheeastaMnUnkm.
com. The editor reserves the right to edit opinions for content and brevity.

Page A4 252.328.6366 CAROIYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor
WEDNESDAY March 29, 2006
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
1 V for Vendetta
2. Failure to Launch
3 The Shaggy Dog
4. She's the Man
5 The Hills Have Eyes
Top 5 Pop Albums
1 Various Artists
2. James Blunt
3 E-40
4. Ne-Yo
5 Juvenille
Top 5 TV Shows
1 "American Idol"
2. "American Idol"
3. "Grey's Anatomy"
4. "CSI: Miami"
5. "The Unit"
Top 5 Books
1. The 5th Horseman
2. The Da Vinci Code
3. Cell
4. Trie Templar Legacy
5 The Last Templar
New DVDs This Week
1. King Kong
2. Memoirs of a Geisha
3. Get Rich or Die Try in'
4. Stay
5. Silver
Coming Soon
1 Basic Instinct 2
2 Ice Age: The Meltdown
4 Slither
5. Drawing Restraint 9
Aries - You're itchy to begin and you
should be. Your instincts are honed
and keen. The door that rarely opens
is open now. Don't hesitate.
Taurus - You're under more pressure
in some ways. In others, the pressure
is easing. You know what to do. All
you have to do is to do it.
Gemini - You're anxious to get going,
but don't dash off all by yourself. You
don't want to outrun your friends and
Cancer - A stern taskmaster needs
you to accomplish big objectives.
Don't be hurt by a sharp tone of voice.
Focus on solving the problem.
Leo - Do you have any money left
after buying the basics? If so, go
ahead and play with it. Your luck's
much better now.
Virgo - Resources are more abundant
than expected. Make the change that
everybody can live with happily. I
Libra - An absolutely brilliant
performance by somebody else wins
applause. Join in; don't be jealous.
Scorpio - You're entering another
very busy two-day phase. Clear
everything else off your schedule.
Focus on work until Friday.
Sagittarius - Giving affection is a
surefire way to get affection back.
Don't want to make a commitment?
Ridiculous. Don't even worry about it.
Capricorn - Dig around in your
own garage, closets, attic and
or basement. You don't have to
leave home to find the perfect thing
- you've got it, somewhere.
Aquarius - You're on the right track
now Do the research yourself. This is
not a project you can delegate.
Pisces - Continue to stick to your
schedule. Follow the rules and the
routine Gather up the rewards for
your efforts, which will be abundant.
Fun Facts:
It is a common practice in
southern India for a man to marry his
elder sister's daughter.
February 1865 is the only month in
recorded history to not have a full moon.
Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua is the
only fresh water lake in the world that
has sharks.
Seaweed can grow up to 12 inches
per day!
All humans are 99.9 percent
genetically identical and 98.4 percent
of human genes are the same as the
genes of a chimpanzee.
There are 92 known cases of nuclear
bombs lost at sea.
The sloth (a mammal) moves so
slowly that green algae can grow
undisturbed on its fur.
Swim into fabulous swimwear
The best bathing suits
in fashion
The weather is changing and it's the perfect time to
start the hunt for the perfect bathing suit for the summer
heat. It can be a hassle finding a bathing suit
l that fits just right and has the perfect
f A. style, color and coverage. The prices of
J I swimsuits can range from minimal
to pocket-breaking, and this makes
2 it even harder to find the one ideal
k ttk lor
m Ik rhere many different
JU styles of swimsuits - the
W one-piece, the bikini and
the tankini. It may have
a hint of old school to it
when it comes to style, but
the one piece bathing suit
is making a major come-
back. The newer styles are
racier and sexier with side
cut outs, plunging v-neck
lines, extravagant designs and
the use of metals and buckles to add flare.
A one-piece is good for those who don't want
to show too much but still want to look smoking hot.
Many one pieces come in control fabrics that help reduce
common swimsuit bulging. One-pieces are also very com-
fortable and less likely to float away on a belly flop or a
session of jumping ocean waves.
Bikinis are versatile and come in many different
shapes, colors and sizes. The bikini is essentially a two
piece bathing suit with a top and a bottom. The main
types of tops for bikinis are triangle, halter and the tube
top. Triangle tops are the most popular and work well
with women who have small- to
medium-sized busts. They can be
padded or unpadded. The halter
provides more structure for women
with a larger chest. The tube top is I
something different when it comes
to bikini tops.
The tops can either be tied with
strings or a clip. The different types of bottoms for biki-
nis are Brazilian, hipster, side tie, the hot short and the
boy short. Each of these bottoms has a different amount
of coverage. One gets the most stylish coverage from
the boy short. These boy shorts look like men's
underwear, but are more tailored to a woman's
bottom and hips. These boy shorts are the
newest fashion bottoms when it comes to
bikinis. The look is a little tougher, yet still
subtly sexy.
Guys have it made when it comes to
swimming trunks. Trunks come in all
shapes and sizes from shorter to cargo
lengths. For guys with a little more
gusto, there's also the infamous
Speedo. Most trunks for guys are
relatively inexpensive and come with
drawstrings to reduce those float away
trunk moments.
Tankinis are the new craze in swim-
suits. A tankini comes with the same bot-
toms as a bikini but the top is made more like
a tank top shirt. It covers most of the stomach
leaving a sliver of belly before the bottoms. Tankinis can
cover as much as the entire stomach or up to the mid-
stomach area. For women who want the bikini look but
still need a little something for coverage, a cover-up is a
great accessory. A cover-up is a piece of sheer material one
can wrap around the waist.
For Tnore affordable trunks and swimsuits, Old Navy
is a perfect place for a college budget and has an abun-
dance of different styles and fabrics. For high
fashion, Victoria's Secret online has more than
400 different styles of swimsuits and allows
customers to buy a different size bottom from
a top. This is a major plus from in-store buying.
Target has a fabulous line of affordable, fashion-
forward swimsuits by designer Isaac Mizrahi. For
exclusive designer swimsuits, Nordstrom has a great
selection, as does eBay.
"To make sure you don't run into someone with the
same swimsuit and to get a designer suit that is unique,
eBay is definitely a great place to look said senior apparel
merchandising major Simone Baptiste.
This writer con be contacted at

Where to go for
great swimwear
But it's my life
Living in a man's world:
switching roies
1 must admit, this spring break
was the best ever. My friends and I
left our worries in Greenville and
went to the beach for a week. We
stayed in a big house right on the
beach and partied harder than
ever before. I don't think I had
one drink that was non-alcoholic
the whole time we were there.
Open the refrigerator and you
could find cases and cases, gallons
of liquor and all the other neces-
sary party supplies.
The house slept about IS
people, so with only 11 there,
we had more than enough space.
Jordan and I spent much time
together, as well as partying hard
with everyone else. We couldn't
have asked for better weather; it
was perfect for lying out. Drink-
ing by the fire we made on the
beach and lounging In the hot tub
were definitely my favorite things.
Needless to say, I was extremely
relaxed and worry-free.
The day before we left, Jordan
and I sat on the beach and talked for
hours. He admitted to me that he was
falling for me and could see us being
together for a long time. His openness
really scared me and the pressure 1 felt
to say it all back was unbelievable. 1
had to be honest; I could not make
myself say something that I really did
not feel. I explained to him that even
though I like him and really enjoy
hanging out with him, 1 was not ready
to take on another relationship. His
eyes dropped and his voice lowered.
I tried to explain everything and he
said he understood, but I could tell
he was not content with my response.
Later that night, 1 could not
clear my mind. 1 was not looking
for anything beyond platonic, so I
decided to do what the typical guy
would do just end everything. I
did not want to hurt him by leading
him on, so I figured just getting out
would be easy. We left the beach on
Thursday, going our separate ways.
We talked right before we both left
and I could see how upset he was, but
I still agree that I did the right thing.
1 know that I can't go around
hurting others just because I can't let
my guard down and open back up to
another quite yet. Why does it seem
that guys can date girls without being
committed, but girls can't? Girls are
usually the clingy ones who just can't
let things go and the ones who want
more than the guy. I'm switching roles
for once.
I want to be on the other side of
the spectrum. I want to play the care-
free, I'll call you in a few days role. I'm
not doing this only for myself, but for
every girl who has been screwed over
by a guy. Watch out Greenville, I'm on
a mission to see things and act from a
guy's perspective. I want to play the
field, explore my options and enjoy
the single life.
I'm quite aware that there are good
guys out there who do not deserve
to meet me at this point in my life,
but also keep in mind that there are
many more guys who live up to all the
stereotypical traits. I know I can't kill
the double standard, but I will experi-
ence their lifestyle and just see where
it takes me.
This writer can be contacted at
Celebrity Profile: Vin Diesel
Not just an actor
Vin Diesel is most well-
known for his portrayal of
action heroes in movies such
as The Fast and the Furious, The
Chronicles ofRiddkk and XXX;
however, behind his tough
guy mystique lies a man whose
talent reaches beyond the
depths of acting.
New York born and raised,
Diesel literally broke into his
first acting gig. At the age of
seven after breaking into the
Jane Street Theatre with the
intention to vandalize it with
some friends, he ran into the
woman who offered him his first
acting role.
His debut play was at the
Theatre of New City in the play
The Dinosaur Door. Through-
out his childhood, he contin-
ued acting in local theatres. In
high school, Diesel ventured
into the off-Broadway scene.
Diesel attended Hunter Col-
lege in New York, where he
intended to major in theatre, but
chose a more realistic major of
English so that he could Improve
his writing skills. To pay the bills,
he worked as a bouncer at some
of Manhattan's most popular
nightclubs; however, his true pas-
sion remained rooted in acting.
After three years of college,
Diesel dropped out in order to
go to Los Angeles hoping that
immersing himself in theatre
would help him make his own
film. However, he failed to find
work as an actor and had to take a
telemarketing job to cover his debt.
Later Diesel returned home
to New York discouraged and
disappointed, but his mother
encouraged him to follow his
dreams. He soon penned several
screenplays and turned them
into films in which he both
directed and acted.
Diesel was finally noticed
by the film industry when his
short film Multi-Facial debuted
at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival.
Multi-Facial was based on his
experiences growing up and his
perception of multiculturalism
and identity.
Two years later, in 1997, his
first full-length feature, Strays,
took the stage at the Sundance
Film Festival. Diesel wrote, co-
produced, directed and starred
in Strays, which was based on the
premise of male friendship.
Although Strays was the more
successful of the two films, it
was Multi-Facial which won him
the approval of Steven Spielberg
and landed him in his first role
in a major motion picture as an
ill-fated private in Saving Private
Diesel went on to voice the
title character in the children's
film The Iron Giant before break-
ing into the stereotypical action
hero roles that he is most closely
linked to today.
After his first starring
role as a convict turned sur-
vivor in Pitch Black, Diesel
finally solidified himself as a
see DIESEL page A5

The green leafy herb looks somewhat like ground basil or mint.
Herbal high: Salvia?
Not a party drug and no
longer a secret
Salvia Divinorum is one drug
of the next generation. Young
people, especially high school
students, are experimenting with
this drug that has always been
around, but not really exploited
until recently. This soft-leaved
green plant is native to Southern
Mexico and contains Salvinorin,
a powerful psychoactive chemi-
cal. Traditionally, this herb has
been used for healing, but in
the early 1990s, it became very
popular in the underground
psychedelic culture. Today, many
refer to Salvia Divinorum as
just Salvia, but slang terms are
"Mary's Herb "The Female" or
Salvia is most commonly
smoked or chewed, and the effects
occur immediately. Within 20 to
45 seconds, you can feel the first
effects; the peak comes within
one to two minutes, and the
plateau lasts anywhere from five
to 10 minutes. The after effects
are no longer than 15 to 20
The intense effects it pro-
vides leave such an impression
on people that in a 2004 study,
54.4 percent of people who tried
Salvia said they would definitely
do it again. Many have reported
to feel connected with a larger
"whole with a sense of profound
understanding as well as the
feeling that they were flying,
floating, twisting or turning after
using this legal herb.
Some people have experi-
enced multiple realities, visual
alterations, loss of physical coor-
dination and uncontrollable
laughter. Many try it because it
is legal, easy to access, not habit
forming, has a brief duration,
seldom leaves one with side-
effects and apparently cannot
lead to an overdose. Just as
with everything else, there are
some negative side effects. Most
people who have tried Salvia
have reported to experience
intense experiences with fear,
terror and panic, as well as exces-
sive perspiration. This potent
herb affects everyone a little
differently depending on their
see SALVIA page A5
h I

"Before giving, I always look
for the Humane Seal
, Star of NBCs hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of Approval
guarantees that a health charity funds
vital patient services or life-saving
medical research, but never animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington, D.C. 202-686-2210, ext. 335
Have a great Spring Preak
and when you get back, cheek us out at
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3 Full Bath
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ECU Plastic
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www. ecu. eduecuphysicians
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networking for smart people.
Visit to learn more.
Golden Key International Honour Society
Recognition for Success. Keys to the future.
S8IVI3 from page A4
body chemistry, age, gender and
physical health.
"As long as one is in a comfort-
able place with trusted friends,
the intense high of Salvia seems
harmless. Although Salvia can
give the illusion of pain or heavy
pressure on the muscles, it is a
unique and fun substance that 1
would try again said Cyane Jones,
sophomore communication major.
Many people claim that noise
distractions will interfere with the
experience. When using Salvia,
watching television is annoying,
along with the sound of the radio,
but being with a few people in a
quiet or natural place is wonderful.
People are quick to judge this
legal drug just because it is some-
times marketed as a "legal can-
nabis substitute but the effects
that are produced by Salvia are
not generally perceived as those
created by marijuana.
Sore throat and lung irritation
have been reported after smoking
Salvia, but it is not considered to be
physically addicting or likely to cause
psychological dependence. There
appears not to be a tolerance level
for Salvia, so an experience can be
extended by simply smoking more.
It is recommended that one
does not operate heavy machin-
ery or drive while experiencing
Salvia. It's best to have someone
with you, in case you try to stand
up and move around because
coordination will be off and you
are likely to fall, so lying on the
floor is the safest place to be when
using Salvia. Whether you choose
to try it or not, remember to use
it in a safe, responsible matter in
a private place, and always keep
in mind that all drugs, legal or
otherwise, can be harmful to your
body and everything should be
used in moderation.
This writer can be contacted at

Fast Facts
Salvia Is legal In every state, except
for Louisiana.
The visionary effects are best
perceived by closing your eyes.
It seems that you cannot take a
fatal overdose.
Creates a distinct feeling of being In
a different world.
Salvia can be ordered online.
from page A4
Hollywood hero when he
played a car thief and street
racer in the hit The Fast and the
Since The Fast and the Furi-
ous, Diesel has played the hero
in the action adventures XXX, A
Man Apart and The Chronicles of
Riddkk. The Chronicles ofRiddkk
was a follow up to his previous
film Pitch Black with a budget of
$100 million.
He has also ventured into
a comedic role while playing a
Navy SEAL who protects a family
in Disney's The Pacifier. The $100
million box office success of The
Pacifie.r gave Diesel more fame
and bridged the generation gap
of his audience.
Diesel is currently starring
in Find Me Guilty, about the lon-
gest Mafia trial in U.S. history.
He is also starring in Hitman, a
movie adaptation of the popular
gaming series based on the dead-
liest assassin alive, which is due
out in theaters on June 15.
Diesel plans to continue writ-
ing and directing movies, but in
the meantime he is enjoying his
acting success by continuing to
take roles that are challenging
both physically and mentally.
Look for his new movie Find
Me Guilty in theaters now.
This writer can be contacted at
1 1st Personel
This former club bouncer muscled his way into stardom by
becoming the next tough guy-action heroaiirB
Vital statistics Did you know? im. -
Born: July 18, 1967, Real name: Mark Vincent o1
New York Cityt Stage struck: Discovered acting 4
Parents: Mother, anJ through his stepdad; started at age 5 TO
astrologer; stepfather, Night shift: Bouncer at high-end j
theater director, teacher Manhattan clubs; his bouncer nickname J
(never knew his became his stage name i
biological father) Do-it-yourself movie: Wrote, financed, yj
Siblings: His twin,I directed, starred in two short films; Steven 1 J
Paul, a film editor Spielberg saw one at 1995 Cannes Film t
two sistersI Festival; gave Diesel part 1
Education: Anglo-t in "Saving Private Ryan" a
American InternationalJ Multicultural: Takes pride in his mixed H
School; studied Englisf; roots, but makes a point of not identifying J J
at Hunter College,I his ethnicity; his production company is W
dropped out after named One Racej
three years Youth appeal: Almost two-thirds of the A i ! audience for "XXX" was under 25A
Source: Time magazine, E! Online, Yahoo com. KRT Photo Service ;f
Graphic: Tim Goheen, Judy TreDie 2002 KRT -M
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School of Music Concerts
World-class virtuosity
Celebrate Founders Week
Guest artist Nadedja Vlaeva, pi
Tuesriay, March 2ft, 8KX) p.m tickrta at thr dooi
ECU Guitar Ensemble
Wednesday, March 29, 8:00 p.m free
Premiere Performances
Saturday, April I 8:00 p.m free
Meridian Residency Brass Concert,
featuring the Meridian Arts Ensemble
Iw'mIjv April 4, 8:00 p.m frf-r
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Thurtday. April 6. 8:0(1 p.m fire
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Symphonic & Concert Bands
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Jazz Jam Session (IAJE)
Thurtday, April 20, 100 p.m Grrmvillr Hilton, frrr
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Combined Choirs
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Guest guitarist Isaac Bustos
Tuesday, April 25, 8KHI p.m tickets at thr door
Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival
Exciting Season Finalr featuring works by Rolrrt Schumann
and Gahrirl Faurr, Friday, April 28, 8:00 pm.
Brody Auditorium, tickru at 252-328-4788
Venue Unless noted, concerts held at A. J.
Fletcher Recital Hall on Tenth St. at College Hill
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East Carolina University FOUNDERS WEEK 2006
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Voyages of Discovery
Thomas Harriot: Renaissance Scientist
presented by Robert Fox
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and Fellow ofLinacre College
Thursday, March 30, 2006
7:30 PM
Hendrix Theatre at Mendenhall Student Center
East Carolina University
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"When the people of our land awake to a full realization
of what our schools mean to us as a people,
then the profession of teaching will no longer
be looked upon as simply a means of livelihood,
but as the guardian of American life and
the shaper of American destiny.
In this profession should be drawn the purest,
the noblest, and the best of American talent.
It stands in our land second to no profession
(Robert H.Wright, 1909)
Congratulations and
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Page A8 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY March 29, 2006
Sports Briefs
N.C. Indoor football team
cancels season
(AP) - The Carolina Ghostriders
indoor football team will not finish
its inaugural season because of
financial problems, the team owner
said. Robert W Boyd said he had tried
unsuccessfully to sell the team to the
American Indoor Football League before
deciding to shut down operations. The
Ghostriders are 0-4 this season, with an
average attendance of about 1,270 at
its two home games in Asheville. Earlier
this month, Boyd accused the team's
former general manager, David Dlx, in
a criminal complaint of embezzling at
least $2,000 from him and then leaving
behind unpaid bills. Ghostriders coach
Jim Terry said the league may create a
traveling team to play the Ghostriders'
remaining games.
Fan found guilty In 2004
The man accused of sparking
the brawl between players and fans
at The Palace of Auburn Hills in 2004
was convicted of assault Monday for
punching Ron Artest. John Green was
acquitted, however, of throwing a cup at
Artest - who was playing for the Pacers
at the time - before the forward charged
into the stands and began fighting with
Detroit Pistons fans. Green was the last
person with a case pending after the
brawl, one of the worst in U.S. sports
history. He faces up to 93 days in
jail and a $500 fine. Sentencing was
scheduled for May 1. The 41-year-old
contractor chewed gum and showed g
no emotion as the verdicts were read. "
Green and his attorney, Shawn Patrick
Smith, said afterward that they would
appeal on grounds that Artest was not
present for the trial.
Sampson, Indiana working to
complete deal
(AP) - Oklahoma coach
Kelvin Sampson and Indiana were
completing contract details Tuesday
that would make him the Hoosiers'
next basketball coach, a person close
to the negotiations told The Associated
Press. Sampson's hiring would give the
Hoosiers a widely respected coach
and proven recruiter. He has been
successful in two major conferences -
the Pac-10 and Big 12, once served as
president of the National Association ot
Basketball Coaches and has coached
on five national teams. In 12 seasons
with the Sooners, Sampson went 279-
109 and led the Sooners to 12 straight
postseason appearances, including
their first Final Four trip in more than a
decade. His career record is 455-257
Sampson is one of six coaches with
20 or more wins each of the past nine
seasons. The others are Arizona's Lute
Olson (15), Kentucky's Tubby Smith (13),
Duke's Mike Krzyzewski (10), Syracuse's
Jim Boeheim (9) and Connecticut's Jim
Calhoun (9). But Sampson is also
leaving behind a program that is under
investigation. The NCAA is looking into
more than 550 impermissible phone
calls to recruits by Sampson and his
assistant coaches. Oklahoma officials
are scheduled to appear before an
NCAA panel in Utah on April 21.
Houston's Insurance claim on
Bagwell Is denied
An insurance claim filed by the
Houston Astros to recoup more than $15
million owed to injured first baseman
Jeff Bagwell has been denied. The
National League champions filed the
claim in January to recoup about $15.6
million of the $17 million Bagwell is
guaranteed this season in the final year
of his contract, arguing he is too hurt
to play because of a chronically injured
right shoulder The 37-year-old Bagwell
will begin the season on the disabled
list and acknowledged Saturday he
might never play again. But Ty Buthod, .
a partner for the Houston law firm
Baker Botts and an outside attorney
for Connecticut General Ufe Insurance
Company, said Monday that the Astros
were told a few weeks ago that their
claim would be denied. Buthod also
noted that Bagwell's position in the
contract was listed as "professional
baseball player-non-pitcher The
Astros, however, are not giving up.
Wayne Fisher, an attorney for the team,
said he would give the insurance
company two weeks to reconsider
Fisher said Dr. James Andrews in
Birmingham, Ala deemed on Jan. 12
that Bagwell was "totally disabled to
play baseball Bagwell, perhaps the
best hitter and most popular player in
franchise history, missed 115 games
last season following shoulder surgery
but returned in time to play for Houston
in the postseason. He was limited to
duty as a pinch hitter and designated
hitter in the Wortd Series against the
Chicago White Sox. He went 1-for-8 in
the Series with an RBI. Bagwell then
began the spring in a contentious
dispute with the club while he tried
to prove he could still play. He started
several spring games at first base,
but had to leave early in two of those
because of soreness in his shoulder.
He hit 519 with two RBI, but never had
to make a tough throw. Bagwell said
Saturday he will start the season on
the 15-day disabled list and consult
with a doctor to see if it would be
beneficial to remove bone spurs from
his shoulder.
Papa Lou promises Gameday in Greenville
Linebackers coach Thomas "Rock" Roggeman runs drills during spring practice with the Pirates last week. ECU will have their second scrimmage Friday, March 31.
Bucs spend bulk of time
working on ground attack
Legendary football coach Lou
Holtz addressed his son's foot-
ball team following a bruising
140-minute practice session on
Monday afternoon. The moti-
vational giant inspired ECU'S
players with his distinctive lisp
and a trademark message.
"This football team is like a
tree said the former Notre Dame
head coach turned ESPN analyst.
"You're either growing or
you're dying
The elder Holtz continued by
praising the team's strong 2005
showing against West Virginia,
saying that W VU Head Coach Rich
Rodriguez personally told him
the Pirates were his toughest test.
With the pipe he smoked
through much of practice tucked
in his pocket, he continued by
promising that if the team contin-
ues to grow and wins its first five
games, then he'll influence ESPN
Gameday to visit Greenville.
Prior to Lou, Srs speech, Skip
Holtz stressed accountability
from his players both individu-
ally and as a collective unit. The
younger Holtz laughed at his
father's influence from observing
a single practice considering he's
been preaching the same message.
"You can keep on saying
something and saying something
as a parent, and all of a sudden
somebody at school or a guy
that plays in the NFL or (ECU
quarterback) James Pinkney says
something to my son, and it's
like, 'Dad, did you hear what he
said?' It's like, yeah, you've been
hearing that every day for the last
12 years said Skip Holtz.
What Skip has been reiterat-
ing throughout spring is that the
Pirates need to get more physical.
The message was delivered in the
form of full pads just three days
after the first official intra-squad
"We're a long way away from
being a team Skip Holtz said.
"We're a little farther away
than I wanted to be, so we came out
and had a very physical practice
The second-year coach
praised many of the veterans,
but remains concerned with play-
ers who aren't giving maximum
efforts. The first depth chart will
be made public on Wednesday
afternoon. Immediately follow-
ing the release, the Pirates will
practice in shorts to prepare for
the second scrimmage on Friday.
Chris Johnson will miss the
rest of spring practice with a
neck injury. Dominique Lindsay
and Brandon Fractious have
alternated at the starting running
back slot in Johnson's absence.
Redshirt freshman Jeremy
Chambliss' shoulder was nicked
up during Friday's scrimmage.
Chambliss a big surprise from
the scout team, injury isn't too
severe. However, it could require
him to miss valuable practice time.
Sophomore linebacker Jarrett
Wiggins suffered an ankle injury
earlier in camp and was seen on
campus with crutches.
Position battles
Center - Fred Hicks vs. Thomas
Middle linebacker - Fred
Wilson vs. Durwin Lamb
Cornerback - Travis Williams
vs. Stacy Walls
Safety - Kyle Chase vs. Jamar
This writer can be contacted at
2006 NFL
Draft: The
Ohio State's A.J. Hawk
top linebacker in draft
George Mason celebrates their first Final Four appearance in school history after their 86-84 overtime win over Connecticut.
11 reasons to love the 2006 NCAA Tournament
Not a single No. 1 seed
makes it to Indianapolis
Don't deny it - you're abso-
lutely loving this year's NCAA
tournament. Sure, maybe you
lost some cash on your bracket,
but who didn't? Out of the three
million-plus brackets submit-
ted to's Tournament
Challenge, only four picked a
Final Four that includes Florida,
George Mason, LSU and UCLA.
And for once, the Final Four
consists of teams I'm glad to see
there. Whichever team wins, I'll
be happy knowing J.J. Redick is
shedding a tear thinking of what
could have been.
But I digress. I'm going to give
you 11 reasons as to why the '06
tourney is one for the ages. If
you're curious, by the way, the
"11" derives from the seeding
of the greatest Cinderfella ever,
George Mason, and its improb-
able run to the Final Four.
1. No number 1 seeds
Without a single No. 1 seed in
the Final Four, Dick Vitale is now
having a brain aneurism. This
phenomenon can only be attrib-
uted to the strong mid-major
and at-large schools that were
hungry to knock off a team like
Duke or UConn. Maybe these big-
name programs went home early
because they underestimated
their opponents. Maybe these
improbable teams are just that
good. Or maybe it was the selec-
tion committee under-seeding
these teams that were supposed
to lose? This is the first time since
1980 that no No. 1 seed was in
the Final Four.
2. The multitude of
Take a look at these names
- George Mason (obviously),
Northwestern State, Bradley,
Wichita State, Montana, Wiscon-
sin-Milwaukee, not to mention
the lesser upsets in between.
The stories that will remain long
after this tournament ends will
entertain people for a quite some
time. Jermaine Wallace's fade
away three at the buzzer sent
Iowa home and Northwestern
State to the next round; Kansas
struggled against Bradley all day,
same with Nevada's effort versus
Montana; Wisconsin-Milwau-
kee and Wichita State, for those
who knew, were predicted to
do well in the tournament, but
their namesakes said otherwise.
Regardless, they all upset a few
good teams and busted a lot of
3. The repercussions of
certain losses
It's possible, if not likely, that
college basketball fans are going
to get anothendose of Adam Mor-
rison, the Gonzaga star forward
who, in all likelihood, would go
in the top 10 of the 2006 NBA
Draft. After the Zags heartbreak-
ing loss at the hands of UCLA,
"The 'Stache" is probably going
to make another run for the title
and a college degree as well. In
general, though, teams that lost
will surely be reevaluating their
approach to taking on these mid-
major schools since the name
on their jerseys won't guarantee
4. The "changing of the
I know it's a bit premature
to say, but I think the NCAA is
approaching a new era of sorts;
by that, 1 mean the teams we once
expected to do well and win year
in and year out, no matter what,
are going to have to expect a
tough game, every game. Obvi-
ously, there will be bad teams
- that's a given. But now that
high school kids are seeing these
small, almost unknown schools
beat the giants of the NCAA, they
may be more inclined to play for
them, leading to better teams all
around, which leads to
5. The effect on recruiting
Recruiting, in my opinion, is
going to become more difficult for
coaches, especially after what's
been going on the past few weeks.
Like I said above, high school
kids are watching mid-majors
win big games, and we all know
how superficial these kids are.
They've got to go to best school,
the one that's winning, the one
that did well in the tournament,
the one that will give them play-
ing time. Well, now that more
small schools are on the map and
will most likely be on national
television more often, it's safe
see NCAA page A9
A.J. Hawk flirted with the
idea of entering the NFL draft
following his junior year. The
Ohio State linebacker stuck
around for his senior season
and the decision should pay off
nicely for Hawk, who is regarded
as the top senior defensive
prospect in next month's NFL
Draft. Hawk leads a class that is
considered to be the best since
2000, when Lavar Arrington,
Brian Urlacher and Julian Pete-
son were selected.
Hawk led the Buckeyes in
tackles for the second straight
year in 2005 and was a first-team
All-America selection. At 6 feet 1
inch and 240 pounds, he has the
ideal size for an NFL middle line-
backer and his field vision was
nearly unparalleled. The 2005 Big
Ten Defensive Player of the Year
was tops among linebackers with
9.5 sacks and 16.5 tackles for a
loss. He could make a run at being
the fifth linebacker in the last six
years to win Defensive Rookie of
the Year. Seattle's Lofa Tatupu
won the award last season.
Including Hawk, the Big Ten
has four of the top 10 linebacker
prospects. Iowa's Chad Green-
way, Abdul Hodge and Hawk's
teammate in Columbus, Bobby
Carpenter, are all locks to be day
one draft picks. These four, along
with Florida State's Ernie Sims
and Alabama's Demeco Ryans, all
have a chance at being selected
in the first round. Hawk is a near
lock as a top 10 pick, with the
Packers, 49ers and Bills all show-
ing interest.
Greenway has drawn com-
parisons to Chicago's Urlacher,
even though he plays outside
linebacker. At 6 feet 4 inches and
see HAWK page A9

'Big Baby' and LSU Tigers are
wise beyond their years
KRT - The big guy known
as "Big Baby" has the broadest
shoulders and strongest arms
among Louisiana State's bas-
ketball players, but Glen Davis
discovered a new use for his
muscles and a new definition of
teammate when thousands of
Gulf Coast refugees converged
on Baton Rouge, La in August
after Hurricane Katrina battered
their lives.
As the players morphed into
MASH unit volunteers, Davis
became a human IV tree. Doc-
tors pumped medicine into the
injured while hanging bags of
intravenous fluids on Davis'
arms. One of those patients died
in front of the 20-year-old, who
cried as hard as he had since
earning his nickname a decade
earlier on .the football field.
"It really touched me as far as
my purpose in life to see a patient
sitting there and everything they
went through Davis said. "So it
really changed my life and gave
me a purpose to strive for
As if striving to win 20 games,
excel in the Southeastern Confer-
ence and advance to the NCAA
tournament weren't enough.
The Tigers (27-8) are the
youngest team headed to the
Final Four in Indianapolis, with
seven freshmen and only one
senior. Most of the players were
born in 1986, the last year LSU
reached the Final Four.
Many fans believe the Tigers
are precociously playing beyond
their years, but they were tough-
ened more by their preseason
observation of the storm ordeal
than the on-court schedule.
"That was one of the times
that the team began to really
pull together, because we
realized that at any point that
could have been our campus
that was hit freshman for-
ward Tyrus Thomas said. "We
helped out, and a couple of
us shared tears. It was an eye-
opening experience for us
Katrina devastated New
Orleans but spared Baton Rouge,
the state capital and home of
the state university. Players had
friends and family members
who suffered but were not seri-
ously harmed. Still, they took
the storm's assault personally,
perhaps more so since many of
the players are local.
Davis, Thomas, freshman
Garrett Temple, sophomore
David Fleshman and junior
Darnell Lazare are from Baton
Rouge. Freshman Tasmin Mitch-
ell is from Denham Springs, 10
miles away, and senior Darrel
Mitchell is from St. Martlnville,
45 miles away.
Some have known one
another since they were tod-
dlers, attended elementary
school together or began play-
ing together on AAU teams at 13.
Several share apartments now. t
"The care and concern that
these guys have for one another
because of how long they have
known each other and each
other's families and their back-
grounds, I think all of that makes
a difference LSU coach John
Brady said.
Davis said he and Thomas are
like kin, "brothers of a different
mother And there are occa-
sions, Brady said, when they act
like competitive siblings.
"If I put Glen Davis and
Tyrus Thomas on an oppos-
ing team, as close as they
are, it becomes like two
brothers in a fistfight Brady
said. "Our practice goes straight
to meltdown mode
After LSU beat Duke, Brady
said Gov. Kathleen Blanco tele-
phoned him to say what an
"enormous amount of pride
there has been for our team and
state. Louisiana needed a positive
image, and we're helping on that
in our little way
The Tigers might help a
little more with a win or two in
Davis cuts down his piece of the net after LSU's win over Texas.
NCAA from page A8
to say that the ACC, Big 10, Pac
10, Big East, SEC, Big XII, etc.
had better watch out - the Mis-
souri Valley, Colonial, and A-10
conferences are coming fast and
they're hungry.
6. It sharpens our bracket
Now that essentially all of our
brackets are worth about as much
as a Billy Ripken rookie card, we
can use the valuable tool of hind-
sight to better our 2007 brackets.
Looking back, I, for example,
picked UConn, Texas, Ohio State,
and UCLA (still alive thank-
fully) to go to the Final Four.
Respectively, that is a number
one seed and three number twos.
Looking back on the seeds that
comprised the Final Fours of
the past decade, my guesses for
this year's bracket turned out to
suck, frankly (actually, my one
correct pick, UCLA, was positive
considering two-thirds of the
more than three million ESPN,
com submissions got the Final
Four completely wrong). Most
Final Fours have, at most, two
number ones and are peppered
with seeds other than twos and
threes. A lesson for the future
- diversify.
7. Mid majors earn more
Getting in the "Big Dance"
is a great experience and oppor-
tunity in its own right; winning
a game (or more) in it is a whole
other story. According to Michi-
gan State sports information
director John Lewandowski, the
Spartans took home $1.2 million
for their 2001 Final Four appear-
ance. For a school like MSU,
one which has an endowment
of $1,325 billion, that figure is
chump change. But for George
Mason ($135 million), Montana
($8 million), or say East Caro-
lina ($70 million), that money
is quite valuable. Bottom line:
small schools are going to start
pulling in the big money with
these huge tournament wins,
leading to better recruits and
better programs.
8. The great games
"Impressive" doesn't do this
tournament justice; "amazing"
suits it much better. Down by
17 with less than nine minutes
left, 14-seeded Northwestern
State stormed back to cut Iowa's
lead to two. Then Jermaine Wil-
liams connected on a fade away
three-pointer with 0.5 seconds
remaining for the win over
the third-seeded Hawkeys. The
double-overtime thriller between
Boston College and Pacific was
one for the ages. Tennessee and
Winthrop put on a show. The
lead changed numerous times;
however, Chris Lofton's 19-foot
jumper from the corner with 0.4
seconds remaining sealed the
win for the Vols. Texas' stun-
ning win over West Virginia,
which saw Kevin Pittsnogle hit
a three with seconds left to take
the lead, only for Kenton Paulino
to hit a buzzer-beating three to
send the Longhorns to the next
round. I know I'm forgetting
some (the UConn and George
Mason game), but it's clear that
2006 had more thrills packed
into a single tourney than any
other in recent memory.
9. Much-needed NCAA
The NCAA needed a jolt
- something that would, as the
title says, shakeup the status quo.
Like previously stated, there are
zero No. 1 seeds in the Final Four
and that, as a result, opens the
door to so many new possibilities
for the coming seasons. Future
schedules will be scrutinized
much more than in the past
because early season match-ups
with these "Cinderella" teams
that once were pushovers are
now big games. Keep in mind,
most big-name schools fre-
quently lose star players early to
the NBA. That fact makes them
more vulnerable since they're
using young, inexperienced
players that haven't yet been
under the huge pressure of the
tourney. Enter the mid-majors,
teams that commonly see their
players stay all four years and
graduate and are not expected
to win, which results in less pres-
sure on their player's shoulders.
These teams with experienced
and seasoned seniors and juniors
have an upper hand on the big-
name schools we once assumed
to win. Expect an even more
competitive NCAA and more
10. Next season
Next season should be a treat.
So many new stories will arise,
and 1 foresee much of the drama
from this year to carry over to
next season. For example, Duke,
Boston College, Villanova and
Memphis, teams that were sup-
posed to do great, did just that;
however, they couldn't last until
the end. How will they fare next
season after losing their inte-
gral players? Teams that were
rebuilding but surprised this
season, like Ohio State (expect-
ing 18-year-old, 7-footer Greg
Oden, widely considered to be
the best high school basketball
player in the United States) and
UNC (Tyler Hansborough will
be back after his astounding
freshman campaign), should be
great, if not the best in the NCAA
because of returning players and
incoming future stars. Then, of
course, there are the stories that
will materialize as the coming
months progress.
11. George Mason
Before this year, George
Mason had never won an NCAA
tournament game; they are the
lowest seed (since the 1986 64-
team expansion) to reach the
Final Four since No. 11 LSU in
1986; only 1,853 entries on ESPN,
com picked the Patriots to reach
the Final Four, which is a mere
.0006 of the three million-plus
total entries. George Mason beat
No. 6 MSU, No. 2 UNC, No. 7
Wichita State and No. 1 UConn
on its way to the Final Four. They
are the first true "outsider" to
crash the Final Four since Penn
and Indiana State both got there
in 1979. They are the ultimate
underdog and I'll tell you this
much - I'm rooting for "Mason
the team that on Sunday pulled
off the greatest upset in NCAA
history and could possibly accom-
plish one of the greatest team-
efforts in the history of sport.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
HdWK from page A8
235 pounds, he could be a perfect
fit as an outside backer in a 3-4
defense like Baltimore's.
Hodge might be the best
athlete in the linebacker crop.
The Iowa middle man has been
a playmaker for the Hawkeyes
for the last four years. He led the
Hawkeye defense to the Big Ten
title in 2004 and had another
solid season in 2005 with a con-
ference-high 158 tackles. Hodge
also recorded 11 tackles for a loss,
three forced fumbles, two fumble
recoveries and a sack.
A bit overshadowed by Hawk,
Carpenter still stood out enough
with eight sacks to make him
This coupon good lor
a first-round prospect, with the
Giants at 25 or the Steelers at
32 possible homes. At 6 feet 3
inches and 235 pounds and a
40-time around 4.7, Carpenter
possesses all the tools teams are
looking for at outside linebacker.
While Greenway, Hodge and
Carpenter are day one locks,
Florida State's Sims should be the
second linebacker taken off the
board. He leads a strong ACC class
of linebackers, which includes
Maryland's D'Qwell Jackson,
Georgia Tech's Gerris Wilkinson,
Virginia's Kai Parham, N.C. State's
Oliver Hoyte and Stephen Tulloch
and Florida State's A.J. Nicholson,
who hails from Winston-Salem.
Maryland's William Kershaw,
from Raeford, N.C, is another
ACC prospect.
Although Jackson and Tulloch
were 1-2 in the ACC in tackles, it's
Sims' potential, athleticism and
ability to play behind the line that
has him rated so high. The Eagles,
who need an outside linebacker,
seem to be a strong option for Sims
with the 14th overall pick.
East Carolina's Chris Moore
led Conference USA in tackles
in 2004 and in tackles for a loss
in 2005 with 15, but it's UTEP's
Thomas Howard who is receiving
the NFL draft hype. Howard has
the prototypical NFL size for a
linebacker at 6 feet 3 inches and
240 pounds. Howard's 40-time of
4.42 impressed scouts at the com-
bine and his instincts made him a
great sideline-to-sideline player for
the Miners. ECU'S Richard Koonce
will probably not get drafted, but
should be signed post-draft and
brought into a camp.
This is the second part in
a series of draft previews. Next
week, I will preview the defensive
backs. The NFL Draft is April 28-29
in New York City.
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
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. how quickly your goods fly off .
your shelves with a coupon in
I the Clip Strip! Call 328-2000. I

I Your Coupon '
could be here! ,
Call our advertising reps at 328-9243
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how quickly your goods fly off
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I the Clip Strip! Call 328-2000. I

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ing For!
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1 (252)
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Summer School 2006 cs-acad summer

Let Your Voice
Be Heard
March 28th
March 29th
Vote For SGA Executive
9am to 5pm each dav!
You can vote ANYWHERE
just log on to Onestop
Cast your vote in Wright Plaza

The East Carolinian, March 29, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
March 29, 2006
Original Format
3cm x 2cm
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University Archives
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