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Volume 81 Number 59
March 23, 2006
SGA senate working toward reducing
the price of textbooks for students
Three scholarships
given to students in the
The SGA senate is working to
make textbooks more affordable
for students by coming up with a
number of alternatives to buying
new textbooks.
Matt Wagoner, executive cabi-
net member of the campus affairs
of the senate, has been very
involved in the process and said
that working on the book buyback
system is a platform goal of theirs.
Two of the key factors in text-
book cost are faculty textbook
adoption forms and student
reservation forms.
The adoption forms are to
be filled out by faculty about
mid-way through the semester
to let the bookstore know which
books are in high demand for the
upcoming semester and allows
them to buy the books back from
the students.
The bookstores can also find
books at cheaper prices than new
books by other alternatives such
as wholesale book markets if they 1
are given enough time to do so.
The deadline for faculty to $
turn in adoption textbook forms
is Friday, March 24. Three scholar- a
ships will be awarded as an incen-
tive to the first three departments
with the highest percentage of
completion of the forms.
Who receives the scholarship
within each department is solely
at the departments' discretion.
Nationwide, only about half
of the professors submit their text-
book adoption forms in on time.
Faculty should keep a few
things in mind when considering
which books to include on the
adoption forms.
Wagoner said it's a good idea
for the professor to consider
which items they are most likely
Left: Matt Wagoner weighs the pros and cons of buying textbooks. Above: Textbooks and their pricetags. Below: A breakdown of where a student's textbook dollars go.
to use if the book comes in a
bundle, if a new edition is abso-
lutely needed and to compare
costs of the books.
The second thing the senate is
trying to improve is the textbook
reservation form for students.
The senate is trying to come
up with new ways to get these
forms distributed to students
besides just going to the book
store to pick a copy and they
are also trying to find ways to
encourage use of the forms to
more upperclassmen.
According to Wagoner, the
bookstore reported that about 1,600
freshmen use the forms as opposed
to about 300 upperclassmen.
One of the possible things
that SGA may have is an aware-
ness campaign for faculty and
students to promote the knowl-
edge about theses forms, accord-
ing to Wagoner.
submit the textbook reservation
forms is August 1. This is impera-
tive in having first priority of the
used books.
One of the options that has
been suggested is initiating a
textbook rental system. There
are about three universities in
the UNC system that have this
option, but they are phasing out
of it, according to Wagoner.
A textbook rental system is
departments require you to keep
a textbook for a minimum of
three years.
Along with the senate, the Par-
ents Council, textbook resolution
committee, faculty and staff are
involved in improving the cost of
textbooks at the university.
ECU is a role model for 15
other schools under the UNC
system in finding ways to prevent
high textbook costs under the
The deadline for students to unlikely to work because some Board of Governors.
The Board of Governors, as
well as ECU, is putting up a Web
site to monitor or document
the cost of textbook in hopes of
reducing prices.
Again, faculty members are
reminded that the adoption
forms are due March 24 and stu-
dents must turn in reservation
forms by August 1.
This writer may be contacted at
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
Student running for N.C. House of
Representatives, N.C. General Assembly
Jones makes N.C. history
The research is being funded by an $8,000 grant by the NCTM. CLAIRE MURPHY
ECU alumna, professor
conduct research in

Junior political science major
Thomas Kyle Jones is running for
Representative for district five
in the House of Representatives
in the N.C. General Assembly.
He is a Republican inspired
by President Ronald Reagan
rather than President Bush.
Jones will be turning the
required age of 21 in Octo-
ber before Election Day.
Jones said he finds him-
self a qualified candidate for
the position because "as a tax-
paying, law-abiding citizen of
North Carolina, it is my respon-
sibility to hold our elected
officials accountable for their
actions, just like everyone else
District five covers Bertie,
Gates, Hertford and Kyle Jones'
home county of Perquimans.
Jones feels that the current
representative of district five,
Howard Hunter, Jr among
others, is over-taxing N.C. citi-
zens to make up for over-spend-
ing in Raleigh. This is not fair
according to Kyle Jones, who
really seems to know what he's
doing going for this position.
"Personally, I believe that my
tax dollars could be spent much
more wisely, and 1 intend to hold
my representative accountable for
his decisions to raise taxes and
other decisions in the General
Assembly that don't represent
a majority of his constituency
by running against him as the
Republican candidate said Jones.
Kyle Jones experienced much
stress after buying his first piece
of real estate at the age of 19,
while working pressing hours
to maintain it. Since then, he
has been curious about where
his tax money is actually going.
When asked what his plans
were to do with this opportunity,
Jones said, "to let Representa-
tive Hunter know that there's
a crowd of his constituency out
there that is very dissatisfied with
what he's doing. Running for the
N.C. House at such a young age
will also assist me in getting my
name out to the public for future
instances that I might seek higher
elective office and gaining an
experience that few have the priv-
ilege of having under their belt
The main issue Jones is run-
ning on is the "Taxpayers Bill of
Rights" saying that, "If we were
to enact the Taxpayers Bill of
Rights, our government would
have to abide by this basic for-
mula for every new budget: New
Government Spending (for that
year), population increase (per-
cent) plus inflation (percent)
Jones is the youngest person
to run for a state office in N.C.
history. He is a serious can-
didate and would appreciate
the support of fellow students.
This writer can be reached at
Wal-Mart expansion and health care costs
Grant awarded to alumni
to continue research
ECU alumna Renea Baker
was awarded an $8,000 grant to
continue research studies on the
approach taken by high school
Advanced Placement statistics
students to solve mathematical
probability questions versus
middle school statistics students.
The grant was awarded by
the National Council of Teach-
ers of Mathematics (NCTM) and
the Edward G. Begle Fund. This
organization gives grants to full-
time teachers of grades K-l 2 who
teach mathematics.
Baker is collaborating with
Robin Rider, assistant professor of
mathematics, on research studies
Rider initiated while earning her
master's degree. Rider's research
consists of very similar topics, in
which Rider acts as a mentor and
Baker acts as an observer accord-
ing to Rider.
Rider's research looks at the
way a college level AP statistics
student determines the fairness
in a situation where probability
is involved, the reasoning they
used to determine this and the
distribution of probability in that
These things are compared
to the decisions a middle school
student would make in the same
situation without the classical
and procedural training that a
college level student has in prob-
ability and statistics.
"This research looks at how
students estimate theoretical
probability from taking empirical
trails through computer simula-
tions said Rider.
An example of this research
would be comparing the out-
come of the decision that each
level student would have when
see RESEARCH page A3
The world's largest
retailer is the'Colossus'
of the business world
Sam Walton died in 1992 of
cancer. If you take the sum of the
net worth's of Sam Walton's heirs
and compare them to the likes
of Bill Gates and Warren Buf-
fett, the two richest men in the
world, then you would find that
Walton, if he were alive, would
dwarf both Gates and Buffett
in terms of personal net worth.
Wal-Mart was started in
1962 by Walton after success-
ful stints with U.S. Army Intel-
ligence and Benjamin Franklin
department stores. Walton ran
the stores so well that his was
the top store in his six-state
region. By using the profits from
this venture, he opened the
predecessor to Wal-Mart that
was known as Walton's 5&10.
Wal-Mart, the world's largest
retailer, is a colossus of the busi-
ness world. In 2005 Wal-Mart had
$312 billion in revenue, 80 per-
cent of which was earned in the
U.S. With plans to open 20 new
stores in the China during 2006,
Wal-Mart will be on its way to
having an equal number of stores
in China as it does in the U.S.
Wal-Mart currently has 3,700
stores in the United States and
56 in China. It is expected that in
the next 20 years, Wal-Mart will
have achieved its goal in China.
How does Wal-Mart do so
well? Wal-Mart does well namely
by having a large number of items
at low prices, thereby creating
countless synergies and econo-
mies of scale among its millions
of products which lower the over-
all inventory cost in its stores,
also by having low labor costs and
benefits, much to the chagrin of
employees too destitute to afford
proper medical coverage. The
lack of medical benefits is seen
by some as having an adverse
affect on taxpayers as many of
Wal-Mart's 1.3 million employees
are low income people who have
no hope of covering themselves
or their children, thereby put-
ting a huge strain on Medicaid.
Medical costs are soaring
much higher than general infla-
tion and most companies are
struggling to contain these
costs. Wal-Mart's health care
bill, which has compounded
annually over the last four years,
is not $1.5 billion. A lot of debate
is going on about whether the
employer or the government
should cover low-income people.
While Wal-Mart is not alone
in trying to contain these costs
while appeasing critics, two
goals which seem to be mutually-
exclusive, it does have a higher
proportion of uncovered employ-
ees. The nation's labor force as a
whole has one-third of its mem-
bers uncovered; one-half of Wal-
Mart's employees are uncovered.
The disparity between Wal-
Mart's and the nation's work force
may be due to the type of work
involved. Retail jobs like cashier
do not pay really well anywhere
and as such are in low demand by
more educated people. The good
thing is that Wal-Mart provides
jobs for these people who other-
wise might not have jobs at all.
The thought of how much of a
strain that would place upon the
nation's social systems dwarfs the
strain being put upon Medicaid.
So it is unfair to blame Wal-
Mart for the social problems
in the U.S. when other factors
such as the total national health
expenditures, that increased by
7.7 percent in 2003 which is four
times the rate of inflation in 2003,
and Wall Street expectations.
It should be noted how Wall
Street reacted to Costco Whole-
sale, a direct competitor that is
see BUSINESS page A5
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RACHEL KING News Editor CLAIRE MURPHY Assistant News Editor
THURSDAY March 23, 2006
Yearbook Photos for
Yearbook photos for all upcoming
graduates will be held Thursday.
May 23 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and
Friday, May 24 from 9 a.m. -1 p.m.
at Ledonia Wright Cultural Center.
Business attire or cap & gown
is encouraged, but not required.
This is the first Buccaneer to be
published in 16 years. For more
information on the yearbook, visit or contact
Ryan Snyder at 328-9246.
Lecture: Thomas
Harriot Voyages of
Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m. at
Hendrix Auditorium, Mendenhall
Student Center.
Robert Fox, a history of science
professor at Oxford University, will
inaugurate ECU'S new "Thomas
Harriot Voyages of Discovery"
Lecture Series. Contact Denise
Miller, Harriot College, at 328-
6249 or e-mail
for more information.
ECU Youth Arts
Festival 2006
Saturday, April 1 on ECU campus
mall from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
ECU'S Youth Arts Festival will
feature more than 100 visual and
performing artists who will share
their creative talents with area
Children will have the opportunity
to create art and visit with artists.
Featured visual artists will come
from surrounding states, North
Carolina and from ECU'S School
of Art and Design.
Contact Dindy Reich at or 328-5749. or
Richard Tichich at tichichr@ecu.
edu or 328-5481.
Night of the Rising
Saturday, April 1 at 6:30 p.m. in
Greenville Convention Center.
A fundraising event featuring
cocktails, dinner and performances
benefiting the School of Theatre
and Dance Scholarship Fund.
Tickets are $60 per person
with a cash bar. Tickets may
be purchased at the School of
Theatre and Dance Box Office,
by calling 328829 or online at
Ticket Required.
Contra Dance
The ECU Follk and Country
Dancers are sponsoring a contra
dance Friday, March 24, at the
Wilis Building on First and Reade
Streets downtown. Beginners
lesson at 7:30 p.m. and the contra
dance will be from 8 -10:30 p.m.
Live, old time and Celtic music
will be provided by a string band.
Students $3, FASG members $5,
public $8. Come and enjoy this
smoke and alcohol free event. For
more information, contact Michael
Cotter at 752-8854.
In our article, 'Give to the troops
published March 2, we incorrectly
identified the sponsoring
organization as Gamma Beta
Chi. The organization is Gamma
Beta Phi. We regret the error.
Crime beat
Claire Murphy
Assistant News Editor
A case of assault by pointing a
gun and communicating threats
was reported on March 9. The
assault occurred by the Howell
Science Building. The case has
been closed by arrest.
Larceny was reported at Minges
Coliseum. It is under further
A DWI that happened on March
13 was reported and has been
cleared by arrest.
A misdemeanor larceny at the
Athletic Ticket Office was reported
March 14 and is under further
Warrant Service at ECU Police
Department has been closed and
cleared by arrest.
A case of DWI, Simple Possession
of Marijuana, Open Container
in Vehicle and Aid and Abet
Underage Possession of Alcohol
was reported March 16 and has
been closed by arrest.
Disorderly conduct In Joyner
Library was reported March 17 and
is under further investigation.
Damage to property in White Hall
was reported March 19. The case
is under further investigation.
News Briefs
Three charged with murder of
North Carolina worker In Pa.
(AP) - A North Carolina construction
worker was kicked to death
in a central Pennsylvania motel
room by a co-worker and two
barroom acquaintances who
stole the victim's money and
beer, a prosecutor said Tuesday.
The body of Doug Stenke, 55, of
Concord, N.C was found Sunday
morning in a room at the Huntingdon
Motor Inn in Smithfield Township,
about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh.
His body was discovered about nine
hours after police in a neighboring
borough arrested Stenke's co-worker,
Joseph Causey, 19, fordrunken driving,
said Robert Stewart III, the district
attorney in Huntingdon County, Pa.
Causey acknowledged his role in
the robbery and killing, Stewart
said. He also implicated the couple,
Rebecca Matthews, 23, and Michael
John Paul Macias, 24, both of whom
are from Huntingdon. All three gave
statements to police, Stewart said.
Stenfte and Causey worked for
Southern Interiors Plus of Lexington,
N.C and were doing interior
construction work on a new Fashion
Bug store near Huntingdon, Pa.
Authorities couldn't Immediately
confirm Causey's hometown, Stewart
A woman who answered the phone
at Southern Interiors Plus referred
questions to the owner, who didn't
immediately return a call for comment
Causey was arrested while he was
driving the wrong way on a one-way
street in Stenke's van. He had Stenke's
wallet, identification and check card
and had blood between his knuckles,
Stewart said.
Donors testify about contributions
to Black's campaign
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - A used car
salesman denied Tuesday that he
contributed to the campaign of House
Speaker Jim Black, despite a $1,000
money order bearing his name
that ended up in the campaign's
Thomas Crowley of Rockingham
testified before the State Board
of Elections as it probes possible
campaign finance violations tied to
the video poker industry. The board
is expected to review evidence that
people within the video poker industry
made anonymous contributions, used
cashier checks to make donations or
gave corporate money.
Crowley said his car lot sits across
from a convenience store once
owned by Leon Johnson. Crowley
said Johnson approached him In
2002 and asked him to sign a petition
to keep video poker machines legal in
North Carolina. Crowley said he never
gave Johnson money for a campaign
Johnson no longer runs the store
and at least three people who know
him testified Tuesday they don't know
where he lives.
Barbara Gathings of Hamlet said
she played video poker at Johnson's
store, spending an average of $20 to
$25 a month on the game
"It's just one of these things that I've
done and I've regretted it ever since
Gathings said.
Going back to 2001, Black, D-
Mecklenburg, is the state's largest
recipient of donations from the
video poker industry, according to
Democracy North Carolina. Black
is unaware of receiving any illegal
contributions from industry members,
his lawyer has said.
Nagln says New Orleans has
better levees, plans for upcoming
hurricane season
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - New Orleans
is better prepared for the upcoming
hurricane season because of stronger
floodwalls and better evacuation
plans since Hurricane Katrina, Mayor
Ray Nagin said In an interview
"We should be able to sustain another
Katrina the mayor said.
"If a Category 5 hits us, probably the
city will be gone and the levees will
still be standing. The work they're
doing is just incredible Nagin said of
the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Residents who note the city survived
the worst of the Aug. 29 storm but
then was swamped when floodwalls
broke, inundating 80 percent of the
city with brackish water, have heavily
criticized the Corps, which designed
and built the city's levees. Many have
expressed fear about the condition
of the levees as the June 1 start of
hurricane season approaches.
The mayor said he believes the city
can be mostly restored in the next
five years.
New Orleans officials estimate
about 189,000 of the city's roughly
455,000 pre-storm residents have
returned, and Nagin said he expects
a significant jump in population after
the end of the school year, when
many families with children enrolled
in schools elsewhere can return
without disrupting their education.
The worst-case scenario is the state
creates an incredible bureaucracy
to issue this money, everything gets
bogged down and bottle-necked
and lots of people get frustrated
and we kind of limp along at half the
population we had he said.
On Monday, Nagin endorsed
a proposal that would allow all
residents to rebuild homes in
neighborhoods shattered by the
hurricanes. An advisory commission
had recommended flooded
neighborhoods be replaced with
parks and that the city go slow in
rebuilding low-lying areas.
Academy hearing for cadet facing
sex assault charges ends with
defense calling no witnesses
NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) - A
hearing to determine whether a U.S.
Coast Guard Academy football player
should be court-martialed on sexual
assault charges ended Tuesday with
the defense declining to call any
Coast Guard Cadet Webster M. Smith,
22, has been accused by seven
female cadets of misconduct ranging
from improper touching to rape
between May and November 2005.
Five of those cadets testified In secret
at the Article 32 hearing, the military
equivalent of a grand jury.
The defense declined to call any
witnesses Tuesday, leaving the
case in the hands of Cmdr. Steven
Anderson, who will report to the
superintendent of the academy, Rear
Adm. James C. Van Sice. Van Sice
must decide within a week whether
to court-martial Smith.
"He said, 'Oh please, you wanted it
she testified. That's when she said,
There is no way in hell I would have
wanted to have sex with you last night,
even if I was sober
Another witness, Coast Guard
cadet Jere Cherni, testified that the
alleged victim became pregnant and
underwent an operation that she felt
was immoral. After objections from
Smith's attorneys, Cherni was not
Europe still beckons students,
but many are drawn elsewhere
(KRT) Jessica Serrano,
a student at the University of
Miami, is no stranger to travel.
Last summer she backpacked
through Europe; in 2004, she
studied in New Zealand and
Australia. This year, she's going
to Southeast Asia, a new destina-
tion that she feels would benefit
most from her tourist dollars,
especially areas damaged by the
2004 tsunami.
She isn't the only student
you'll see roaming the world.
In any foreign country this
summer, you're guaranteed to
see at least a handful of U.S.
students. An easy way to identify
them: They'll be carrying maps,
English-something dictionaries
and seam-split backpacks over-
flowing with souvenirs and dirty
For decades, college students
have ventured out of the United
States for a summer of backpack-
ing. Some travel because they
seek insight into an unfamiliar
culture, others are eager to cel-
ebrate summer, graduation or
final months of freedom.
"It's my last chance said DA
Epstein, a senior at Nova South-
eastern University. He plans to
spend the summer before gradu-
ate school in Europe, flying into
London and visiting friends in
"The overall trend for col-
lege-age students is Europe
said Sarah-Jane Wilton, com-
munications coordinator at STA
Travel, a discount student travel
company. Though students tend
to gravitate toward traditional
European favorites like Britain,
Italy and France, travel experts
say young people also like to go
to places that have been in the
public eye.
"We saw a huge increase in
Athens trips after the summer
2004 Olympics in Athens said
Jaimee Shield, a marketing spe-
cialist at Contiki, a California-
based travel tour company spe-
cializing in all-inclusive adven-
ture packages for 18-to-35-year-
olds. "We are now seeing a hike
in our Italian trips because of
the Olympics
Athletic and other special
events tend to attract college
students who long to participate
as viewers or fans.
Nicolette Imam, a Trinidad
native studying at Florida Inter-
national University, plans to
attend the World Cup in Ger-
many this summer. "It's very
exciting because Trinidad quali-
fied for the first time this year
she said.
Fernando Anzoategui, an FIU
student, plans to visit France this
summer in hopes of seeing the
Tour de France.
While special events like the
World Cup or the Tour de France
are the highlight of the summer
for some, others purposefully
veer away from locales saturated
with media hype.
"We just want to surf said
Vannia Giacoman, an FIU stu-
dent planning a one-week trip
with friends to Hawaii.
Though tours around the
United States and Hawaii are
among Contiki's offerings, the
company's most popular trip
this summer is Western Europe:
Italy, France, London, Germany
and Austria.
"For my college graduation
present, I'm asking my parents
for a Contiki trip to Europe said
Agustina Prigoshin, an FIU stu-
dent. "I'd like to visit several places
while I'm on that side of the world
Prigoshin likes the fact that
Contiki trips are all-inclusive,
and she won't have to worry
about unexpected costs.
Prlscilla Caceres took Italian
language classes at FIU to prepare
for a high school trip she will
chaperon to Tuscany and Prague.
"I'm infatuated with Italian cul-
ture Caceres said.
There also seems to be increas-
ing interest in travel to more
exotic location in the Far East
and South America. STA Travel
has booked more trips to Machu
Picchu and Ecuador this summer
than in the past, Wilton said.
With more students craving
unusual vacation locales, tour
companies like Contiki try to
cater to these demands, adding
new trip options. "People want
to travel further east. We have a
new trip to Croatia, by popular
demand, and our new trip from
Berlin to Budapest, also going
to Prague and Vienna, is very
An FIU study-abroad film pro-
gram to the Czech Republic is on
see EUROPE page A3
permitted to specify the operation.
Under cross-examination, Strizki
acknowledged that she did not know
what happened while Smith and her
friend were alone, or the details of
their sexual history. Friends said the
two had had an on-again, off-again
sexual relationship.
A Pentagon task force found that
hostile attitudes and inappropriate
treatment of women also persisted
at the U.S. Military Academy at West
Point and at the Naval Academy.
100 gunmen storm Iraqi jail, kill
police and free fellow Insurgents
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - About 100
masked gunmen stormed a prison
near the Iranian border Tuesday,
cutting phone wires, freeing all the
inmates and leaving behind a scene
of devastation and carnage, 20 dead
policemen, bumed-out cars and a
smoldering jailhouse.
At least 10 attackers were killed in
the dawn assault on the Muqdadiyah
lockup on the eastern fringe of the
Sunni Triangle, police said. The raid
showed the mostly Sunni militants
can still assemble a large force,
capable of operating in the region
virtually at will, even though U.S.
and Iraqi military officials said last
year that the area was no longer an
insurgent stronghold.
In all, 33 prisoners were freed,
including 18 insurgents who were
detained Sunday during raids by
security forces in the nearby villages
of Sansal and Arab, police said. It
was the capture of those insurgents
that apparently prompted Tuesday's
attack. The 15 other inmates were
a mix of suspected insurgents and
common criminals.
In an Internet posting Tuesday night,
the military wing of the Mujaheddin
Shura Council, a militant Sunni
Muslim insurgent group, purportedly
claimed it carried out the operation.
The posting said the group killed "40
policemen, liberated 33 prisoners
and captured weapons
Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, ranking
Democrat on the Senate Armed
Services Committee, said: "April
is fine, but it is necessary that this
commitment be kept in order for
there to be continued support for
the presence of American troops
in Iraq
However, President Bush said
Tuesday that the decision about
when to withdraw all U.S. troops from
Iraq will fall to future presidents and
Iraqi leaders, suggesting that U.S.
involvement will continue at least
through 2008.
Clinical trial drug caused monkey
glands to swell before disastrous
human test In Britain
LONDON (AP) - The experimental
drug that caused convulsions and
organ failure in the first humans it
was tested on only left monkeys with
swollen glands, and there was nothing
to predict the disastrous effects on
people, the drug company's chief
scientist said Tuesday.
The medical study on six previously
healthy men has raised fresh
questions over safety and whether
volunteers have enough information
to weigh the risks. Two men remained
in a coma Tuesday and four others
were seriously ill, but improving after
participating in the trial last week.
"It felt like we stepped into some sort
of horror film Raste Khan, one of
two men who were given placebos
in the trial of TGN1412, a drug to treat
leukemia and other ailments, told The
Associated Press.
David Glover, former chief medical
officer at biotech company Cambridge
Antibody Technology, said testing
drugs like TGN1412 must go on
despite the tragedy.
"We need to understand the issues we
face and look at creative solutions
he said.
Most Phase 1 trials, in which the drug is
tested on humans for the first time, are
conducted in industrialized nations.
About 350 tests are authorized in
Britain each year.
Complicated health regulations
and the need for sophisticated
infrastructure usually prevent such
trials from being carried out in
developing nations. Phase 2 and 3
trials, in which the drug is tested on
patients in need of treatment, take
place in poor countries.
The procedure for selecting healthy
volunteers for Phase 1 trials has
caused controversy in Britain.
Others say that without offering
financial incentives it would be
extremely difficult to get subjects to
participate in Phase 1 tests.
"It's a fine line. How do we attract
people to do something for which
there is not much reward?" Derbyshire
Report news students need to know tec
Accepting applications for STAFF WRITERS
Learn investigative reporting skills
Must have at least a ZO GPA j"
WEVE MOVEDII Apply at our NEW office located uptovffi at llw Sell Help Building - 100F E. 3rd St
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Original Beach Part
8pm - Midnight
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Tuesday- Country Fried Chicken
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Sunday- Fried Shrimp Plate
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Saturday - $3 Lits ft $2.50 Import of the Day
Sunday - $2.75 Pints Guinness, Bass,
Newcastle, Black and Tan
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for a chance to win:
t $500 cash
A trip to the 2006 mtvU Woodie
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I A brand new 2007 Ford Fusion!
college student
purchase program
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY Open to legal residents ol the US 18 and older
who are currently enrolled (or have graduated after 5104) Infrom a nationally
accredited collegeuniversity, junior college, community college or trade school
RESTRICTED BY LAW Entries lor the Grand PrIe Sweepstakes must lie
received by 11:50 pm (EST) on 10106 and entries tor the Monthly
Sweepstakes drawings must be received by 11 59 pm (EST) on the 27th day
ot each calendar month during the Sweepstakes Penod Subject to the Oltlclal
Rules. Visit YourTlcket2Drtve com.
n6S63rCn from page A1
determining whether or not
they are rolling a trick dice or
a fair dice and figuring out the
probability of one number over
the other.
Rider used previous infor-
mation acquired from middle
school students and applied it to
research she started when work-
ing on her master's.
Rider taught AP statistics
at D.H. Conley High School in
Greenville and Baker replaced her
position in 2001 when Rider left
to pursue her master's degree.
When Rider began her
research, she used Baker's AP
statistics class to do her research.
Baker became more involved in
the research as it progressed and
the two decided to collaborate
on the studies.
The research has revealed
that the AP students who have
more training in the subject
have greater troubles with not
realizing when to apply the
principles they have learned and
when to just use their common
sense reasoning, according to
Baker will receive her grant
money and begin research work
in May 2006. Her research will
compare the outcome of the
same situatiorts that Rider is
researching of Rider's probability
and data class and Baker's AP
statistics class.
This will be follow-up
research involving the same
teachers, same classes, same
problems and same questions.
The difference is the amount of
training the students now have
and the way the teachers present
the subject after their research
Rider said that one of the
main purposes of this research is
to "teach students to use statis-
tics and not just do statistics
Rider and Baker presented
their finding at the North Ameri-
can Chapter of the International
Group of Psychology of Math-
ematics Education conference in
Roanoke, Va.
The two are attempting to
distribute their research findings
in other ways as well. They have
submitted a research proposal
to NCTM for a conference that
will be held in Atlanta in April
Baker also has submitted a
proposal to the Psychology of
Math Education for a conference
that will be held in October. This
will be information presented by
Baker alone.
Rider and Baker are also
attempting to publish articles
in the Mathematic Teacher which
will present their ideas to change
the curriculum of AP statistics
and Mathematical Thinking and
Mathematical Thinking and
Learning asked them to submit
a manuscript to them because
of the lack of research done in
this area.
The publication and distribu-
tion of their research will be used
to encourage more teachers to do
research as well.
This writer may be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Cd something to say? Send us your Pirate Rants!
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Bottle Open Daiiy For TastingWine Shop

ElirOpe from page A2
Luis Valle's agenda this summer.
The curriculum includes attend-
ing the Karlovy Film Festival in
Prague in June and July.
"I'm interested in film and it's
a country I've always wanted to
visit Valle said. "The people and
culture are very sophisticated. It's
enriching to see other places
STA Travel has also expanded
its choices by offering organized
volunteer and language pro-
grams. Its volunteer program in
Honduras, where travelers do con-
servation work and build homes,
expanded in the past couple years.
"People are looking for more
fulfilling travel experiences like
volunteering Wilton said.
Serrano plans to keep travel-
ing whenever she can.
"I'm addicted to traveling
she said. "I'm young and my life
is so flexible right now. 1 won't
be able to get up and travel when
I'm older
Even travel hassles are worth
it, she said. Two years ago, while
en route from Fiji to Australia,
her bag was lost.
"I had the most incredible
time anyway she said. "There
are so many people and cultures
to see and learn about, it taught
me that material things aren't
You drank.
You danced.
You had r
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Page A4 252.328.9238
THURSDAY March 23,2006
Our View
It's crunch time, ECU
Now that Spring Break is over, it is time to focus
on school again. As of today, Thursday, March 23,
there are only 24 class days left until the end of
spring semester. There is not much time yet to pull
those grades up, whether It be from a F to a D or
from a B to an A.
With the semester winding away to practi-
cally nothing, there are a few things that all ECU
students should be doing to be sure they go out
with a bang this April.
1. If you are not already doing so, start using
a planner. This will help you to break down the rest
of the semester day by day, allowing you to see
what commitments you have each day. Another
advantage of using a planner is that you can
coordinate all of your obligations - school, work
and social - on a monthly calendar and prioritize
what needs to be done when.
2. Try making yourself a daily schedule. Make
one for each day of the week, including everything
from personal grooming to time for your favorite TV
shows. Though it will take you a little while to map
out each day, Saturdays and Sundays included,
it will give you a better idea of what time you are
wasting.and what you are not spending enough
time on. If nothing else, it may show you that your
two-hour block of time for "Desperate Housewives"
and "Grey's Anatomy" is feasible.
3. Sit down and analyze what you have been
doing thus far in all of your classes. Average your
grades and figure out if your performance is up to
par. What kind of studying have you been doing that
works? What definitely did not work? Does the profes-
sor have any success advice? Make a study plan for
each class and stick to it This hellish routine is only
for another 24 days; you can tough it out
4. School is important, but don't forget about
your friends and family. These are the people in
your life who are always there when you need them
and now Is not the time to break those bonds. You
may be really stressed out when exams roll around
and in need of some support.
5. Spending all that time studying and meet-
ing social obligations can take a toll on everyone's
body. Take a little time to give your body some
attention. This does not mean go to the tanning bed,
but it does mean planning some time for personal i
pampering, taking a walk or going to the gym. Our !
bodies are amazing things, but they cannot function
to the best of their abilities if you abuse them.
So there it is, the list of things you should be
doing to be sure you are successful this semester.
Realistically, if you can achieve three out of five of
these objectives, vou should do OK - never settle
for mediocre. It's crunch time ECU, make these j
last 24 days count
Report: COVS&VXTWies HMZ MOftg 0A0I6S7WAM llggflAiS vo
Pirate Ran!
Opinion Columnist
Can you hear me, Mr Disney? I have some advice
Your beloved columnist
contacts a beloved
This week I wanted to do some-
thing a bit different with my column.
Last week I spent spring break at
beautiful Disney World. While it
wasn't the first time for me, this
particular visit elicited so many
thoughts and observations about
the park that I wished I could
bring them to the attention to Mr.
Walt Disney himself. Unfortu-
nately, Mr. Disney passed away
in 1966 and it would seemingly
be impossible - for anybody else.
You see, there are millions of
beliefs of what heaven is like. Per-
sonally, I see heaven as a beautiful
cloud city (not unlike Care-a-lot).
However, instead of flying around
in cloud cars, those lucky residents
spend most of their time reading
(and admiring) my weekly columns.
If you think I'm kidding, you seri-
ously have no idea what a megalo-
maniac I truly am.
Mr. Disney, the following letter
is directed to you; however, I think
that simple Earth-dwellers like my
online arch enemy "Big Al" could
find enjoyment in reading it as well.
Mr. Disney,
I could have spent this year's
spring break a thousand different
ways - drunk in Key West, drunk
in Cancun, drunk in my apart-
ment - but I decided to spend mine
at Disney World drunk.
Why Disney World? Forget
the fact that it was pretty much
free for me to go. And forget
the fact that I avoid beaches of
Cancun and Daytona because
there isn't an FDA-approved sun
tan lotion strong enough to keep
my German-Irish bum from burn-
ing like a bad case of chlamydia.
I went to Disney World because
- even for a 23-year-old, contemp-
tuous excuse for a human being
like me - it truly is the "Happiest
Place on Earth 1 love Disney
World except for Animal King-
dom, Epcot, Downtown Disney,
Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon
and 83 percent of Disney-MGM
Studios. The rest (the Magic King-
dom) is pure entertainment gold.
The rides aren't anything to
write home about and the food,
while surprisingly good for a
theme park, is obscenely expen-
sive. It doesn't matter - Disney
World has something I haven't
found anywhere else in this coun-
try: charm. I know that was your
goal from day one, Mr. Disney, and
to that end, you have succeeded
1 feel like a child walking
around your park. Whether I'm
taking photos with your iconic
creations (and lesser ones like
Rafiki, whose line is invariably
shorter), watching the amazing
fireworks displays or ignoring
the not-so-subtle racial overtones
in the Song of the Soufi-themed
Splash Mountain, I forget about
all my deadlines, finals and my
dreaded post-graduation job hunt.
However, that's not to say
there aren't improvements to
be made, sir. My first suggestion
involves children. Frankly, there
are just too many of them. From
the 9-year-olds still riding in
strollers to the 11-year-olds still
afraid of Goofy, they're a nuisance.
New rules must be implemented.
First of all, it bothers me to
see parents carrying their sleeping
tyke to and fro. If they can't stay
awake, what's the point of being
there? They're just taking up space,
giving me one less chance to soar
on the Dumbo ride. All children
incapable of standing on their own
should be ushered out of Disney
- much like Michael Eisner was.
Aside from the "standing" rule,
how about a couple of days a week
for adults only - adults 18 to 55,
that is (old people are just as slow).
Speaking of obstruction, there's
another disturbing problem I've
found and it involves America's
growing problem: the obesity "epi-
demic I know the American gov-
ernment now classifies it as a disease,
but I have little sympathy person-
ally. When I see a large man riding
around in a cart only to get up and
walk to the men's room (or more
likely, a hot dog stand) without a
problem, I begin to think that it's far
too easy to get one of those scooters
(which may or may not allow them
to cut in line I've seen that it
does. People with true disabilities
are exempt from the "walking rule"
While I'm making room in the
park, Mr. Disney, I have another
suggestion that most people won't
like too much. Disney World has
done an amazing job of encourag-
ing and promoting diversity and
attracting money - I mean visi-
tors - from around the globe. But
as a bona fide American genius,
it must make your blood boil to
look down from cloud heaven
and see large families draped in
red, Canadian flag-infested (and
matching) outfits.
It doesn't take tacky red-and-
white clothing for me to spot a
Canadian. The Canadian is the
wide-eyed, goofy-grinned spec-
tator complete with an awkward
personality and uncanny ability
to stop on a dime - and hold
up hundreds of people behind
them - to take a photo of Mickey
having his photo taken with
someone else's young child.
If Canadians were eliminated
from Disney, or at least diverted
away from the Magic Kingdom
(let 'em rot at Epcot), it would
be better for everyone involved.
Mr. Disney, I know you are no
longer with us. However, if my
calculations concerning heaven
are correct, you can influence all
mortals to do your bidding. Should
the young, the old, the obese and,
most importantly, the Canadians
be restricted access from your
Magic Kingdom, it would be so
awesome. While you're at it, how
about a day - once a week - when
only those of German or Irish
or German-Irish with opinion
columns named Gary can enter. I
hate crowds.
Sincerely (not really, unless
you're completely dense and
don't understand what a farce is)
Gary McCabe
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor In Chief
Rachel King Claire Murphy
News Editor Asst News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Sarah Bell
Head Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Photo Editor
Alexander Marciniak
Web Editor
Kristin Murnane
Asst Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst Sports Editor
April Barnes
Asst Copy Editor
Rachael Lotter
Asst Photo Editor
Dustin Jones
Asst. Web Editor
Edward McKIm
Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies every
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the regular
academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during the
summer. "Our View" is the opinion of the editorial board
and is written by editorial board members. TEC welcomes
letters to the editor which are limited to 250 words (which
may be edited (or decency or brevity). We reserve the
right to edit or reject letters and aH letters must be signed
and include a telephone number. Letters may be sent
via e-mail to editor or to The East
Carolinian, SeltHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 tor more information. One
copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.
In My Opinion
(KRT) Did you know that
it's a federal crime to listen to
your music on the wrong brand
of portable music player?
It's true. At least, it is if you buy
your music online. Take Apple's
iTunes Music Store, which recently
sold its billionth song. Apple talks
a lot about the convenience and
affordability of its music, but they
don't mention its darker side:
it's only compatible with Apple
products. MP3 players from other
companies aren't supported.
In a free market, that wouldn't
be so bad. Manufacturers of com-
peting MP3 players, such as Sony,
Creative and Samsung, could
provide software to automatically
convert the music to a compatible
format. But that would be illegal,
thanks to a little-known law called
the Digital Millenium Copyright
Act, which Congress passed in
The DMCA was billed as an
anti-piracy measure. It prohibits
anyone from "circumventing" a
copy protection scheme such as
that used to scramble songs from
the iTunes store, or from creating
software to do so. It was hoped
that those restrictions would pre-
vent hackers from unscrambling
music or movies and uploading
them to the Internet.
But that's not how things have
worked out in the real world. After
nearly a decade on the books, it's
hard to find any evidence that the
DMCA has reduced piracy. More
and more content is being released
In copy-protected formats, but as
every college student knows, the
latest movies and songs are still
widely available on peer-to-peer
file sharing networks. Even worse,
new copy-protection formats are
routinely hacked within weeks of
release, and hacking tools are read-
ily available from offshore Web
sites. "Copy protection" hasn't
done much to prevent copying.
Most computer scientists think
that's not going to change. Indeed,
Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said as
much. In a remarkably candid
Rolling Stone interview shortly
after the launch of the iTunes
Music Store, he said that "we have
Ph.Ds here, that know the stuff
cold, and we don't believe it's pos-
sible to protect digital content
He pointed out that as soon as
someone finds a flaw - and every
copy protection scheme has them
- she can unscramble the file and
upload it to the Internet. Once that
happens, all the copy protection
technology in the world won't do a
thing to stop its further spread.
But if Jobs knows that copy
protection technologies don't stop
piracy, why does Apple use them?
One reason is that the recording
industry, whose executives lack
computer science degrees, has
insisted on it. But another reason
may be that it allows Apple to lock
its customers Into using its prod-
ucts. Under the DMCA, software to
convert your copy-protected music
library to a different format is ille-
gal. That means that if a customer
wants to switch to a non-Apple
device, he will need to re-purchase
all of his music in the new format.
If his library is large, that could
cost hundreds of dollars.
Such compatibility problems
aren't limited to Apple products.
Customers who buy music from
Yahoo's online store-which uses
Microsoft's copy-protection soft-
ware-have the opposite problem:
they cannot listen to their music
on an iPod. Ironically, Microsoft
has adopted the slogan "Plays for
Sure" for its format, despite the fact
that it's not compatible with the
world's most popular MP3 player.
Nor is the problem limited
to music. Video technologies are
an even bigger mess. Google sells
videos in a format that is incom-
patible with virtually all por-
table video devices on the market.
Videos purchased from the iTunes
store-like songs-only work with
Apple products. Perhaps worst of
all, there is no legal way for DVD
owners to watch their movies on
portable devices like the IPod. It's
legal to "rip" your CDs so you can
listen to them on your iPod, but
doing the same thing with your
DVDs is against the law.
Congress may have intended
to target copyright infringers,
but in practice the DMCA mostly
harms paying customers by pre-
venting them from playing legally
acquired content on the device of
their choice. The Constitution says
that the purpose of intellectual
property is to "promote the prog-
ress of science and the useful arts
When a copyright law begins to
interfere with peoples' freedom to
enjoy the content they have legally
purchased, Congress needs to give
it another look.
To the person who chewedpeeled off their fingernails
I and left them at the computer in BATE 3001: thanks.
I It didn't disgust me at all.
Not everyone who subleases their apartment is doing so
as a result of poor planning. I, for one, found a job in a
different area when I graduated in December and had
to relocate. Tell me, would you want to live 400 miles
away from your apartment and still get stuck with the
bill? I think not!
Why don't they just fire Johnson for eating cereal at
work all the time? Seriously, I really hate that com-
I want to thank the football player who gave me his shirt
and carried me back to my room from downtown the
Wednesday night before spring break. That was prob-
ably the nicest thing any stranger has ever done. There
need to be more nice guys like you around.
Do the new Doublemint Twins commercials creep
anyone else out besides me?
Your book bag does not need its own seat on the bus.
To the person who thinks we are spoiled brats who
have mommy and daddy pay for college: at least my
parents were smart enough to create a college fund for
me so that I won't be paying off student loans for the
rest of my life.
Why is it that the nursing school makes your GPA to be
so important? The nursing field is more about personal
experience and people skills than how much info you
can cram in your head in college. By the way they are
doing things now, there are some not-so-charming"
people getting into the program.
I do not think Fifth street should be renamed, and I am
an African American.
I had to stay in town to work my shifts in addition to
picking up my coworker's shift so she could go and do
whatever she did at the tourist trap she visited. I had
no break so she could go lay on her back for a week.
You suck!
Marriage is legalized prostitution. Think about it, so
many females today demand that their significant
other pay for most, if not all of their meals, be 'treated
like princesses and be given huge engagement rings
before they say yes.
If I can pay taxes here, I should get in-state tuition
Prejudice or to pre-judge. To the person the other day
talking about the prejudiced comments in the rants,
do you not judge the person next to you by how they
are dressed, their hygiene or perhaps what they drive?
Hmm, didn't think so. Maybe you should be the first
to sign up for a tolerance class.
The squirrels on campus are planning something. I
can feel it!
I'm so glad I went over my utilities bill, but they don't
tell until five months later.
I know quite a few students get bored when their Eng-
lish class goes to the library, but our professor planned
this out for a reason.
I know you guys want to act hard when you're around
your boys, but when your girlfriend comes to talk to
you, don't ignore her or treat her like a guy. She is
your girl for a reason. That just makes us think of how
inconsiderate guys really are. Can a girl get a hug or a
kiss goodbye? 1 know all boys are guilty of it; in not
that hard. Would you rather see her getting that from
another guy?
Midnight snacks are awesome.
How much do you think a small yogurt at the Wright
Place should cost? Surely $1.16 is too much!
Three years ago I paid $360 at Pirates Cove and never
ever in three years went over on electricity or anything,
but oh woah as soon as they make it convenient for us
(checking my status online like I care) I all of a sudden
go over my electricity by $13.95. Because that makes
sense right? Paying more rent and spending a majority
of last semester on campus in the Rivers building equals
going over on my bill.
Uh yea, the "luxury SUV" is spelled Tahoe not the
same spelling as Taho, the wireless internet connec-
tion. I'm going to go ahead and generalize and group
you with a lot of other people and go out on a limb by
guessing you came here because you didn't get into
UNC or Duke because your SAT English score wasn't
good enough. Ha ha, loser.
Why is it that one of the Greene hall RAs has a bulletin
board up for Women's History Month and yet only
posted information about black women? On excuse
me, African American women. What about Scottish,
Hispanic, Chinese, etc? They are women too. If you
want to dedicate months to certain races or genders,
be fair and celebrate them all.
Are the elevators in Clement ever going to get fixed? I
have been taking the stairs to the seventh floor for the
past two weeks! Although I must say, the stair climbing
Is getting me into peak physical condition.
Keeping Fifth street "as is" is logical, not racist.
I'm confused. During the winter it was 80 degrees, but
now it's spring and it's in the 50s outside. Did the two
seasons switch and no one thought to include me?
I think it is so rude when the students in my class pack
up before the professor is done lecturing. I mean, where
do you have to go in such a hurry that two minutes will
make that much of a difference anyway?
The girl sitting next to me in class yawns without cover-
ing her mouth. I mean, I really don't want to smell her
breath, much less see her tonsils.
You are not supposed to be as tan in the winter as you
are in the summer. You just look stupid and not natural
plus, give your skin a break already!
I hate how the government is so paranoid about ste-
reotyping when looking for terrorists. It's a simple fact
that all of them have been Muslims of Middle-Eastern
descent. Deal with it.
Why can't Microsoft make enough Xbox 360s? Stop
sending them to Japan and Europe and let your home
country get first bat!
If you don't like ECU, then transfer or drop out. But no
one cares to hear you complain about how miserable
you are. Here is a quarter, call someone who cares!
I don't care if your jeans cost $45 or $245. They still
make you look deformed. Money isn't going to buy you
a body so don't share with me, or the other ones in the
house, how much you spent!
Editor's Note: The Pirate Rant Is an anonymous way for students and staff tn the
B Viimnmnltytuwiketheiroptnlans Sutniiimscanheiirmlttedanorrymously
online at or e-mailed to edrtonPtheeastcarotinlan.
com. The editor reserves the right to edit opinions for content and brevity.

your music
play for sure?
Nancy and David Auffarth both sport shades at the beach; Nancy's cost $20 and David's $90, but offer the same UV protection.
Price not as important as level of protection
(KRT) For Nancy and
David Auffarth, reasons for
choosing sunglasses couldn't
be more different than their
One wears high-end shades.
The other, cheapies.
One goes for durability. The
other a cool look.
But never during their occa-
sional sunglass "hunt" has the
issue of safety and protection
from the sun come up, "because
Nancy said, "my $20 knockoffs
offer me plenty of protection
There was a time eye experts
would have scoffed at such a
claim and insisted that David
Auffarth's $90 Pacific Traders
were far safer than his wife's
knockoffs. But all kidding aside,
many experts say, Nancy Auf-
farth is probably right.
"Most high-end sunglasses
have glass lenses, which are
pretty much guaranteed to have
100 percent protection from
UV rays said Kenny Moscot, a
licensed optician and president
of the respected New York eye
shop Sol Moscot Opticians.
"And most cheaper ones have
plastic lenses. As they're made,
the plastic only provides about
60 percent protection.
But what they do is dye the
plastic shades darker, bringing
the protection level up to 100
percent. So it is true that they
are safer today
That fact is nice to know, the
Auffarths said, but they insist
that toughness and appearance
were their main criteria.
"I guess I really wasn't think-
ing medical reasons said David
Auffarth, while the New York
couple was on vacation in Florida.
"1 have a better pair, but 1 got
these because of the way they
flex. They take wear and tear
better with spring activity in the
As Auffarth, a restaurateur
in the Big Apple, demonstrated
by bending his sunglasses back-
ward like double-jointed fingers,
his better half, a former actress,
tollefy. View
(252) 931-0790
909 College View Dr.
Greenville, NC 27856
2 bedroom apartments
Stove & Refrigerator
Central Air & Heat
WasherDryer Hookup
Large Closets
Sheltered Bus Stop
No Pets
Great location
On ECU Bus Line
All Ground FloorApts.
Well Maintained Grounds
On-Site Management
On-Site Maintenance
Move in specials
Enter Listing ID 7062075 at for photos, floorplans & morel
99 !
i 5E CARlBi
Attention ECU Students
Want to be a part of the
$1.6 Billion energy drink industry?
Promote and Sell EnergyFizz!
"Get Your Fizz On" and put your profits
into maximum overdrive.
Contact us about our EnergyFizz
Biz Program.
Read more about EnergFizzat
Go Pirates!
shook her head and tapped her
shades with a smart nod and
"These were $20 Nancy
Auffarth said. "Absolute run-of-
the-mill knockoffs, but I love
'em. Unlike David, I don't beat
my glasses up. But if you lose
glasses frequently like I do, cheap
is the way to go. 1 admit 1 had Ray
Bans for 20 years, but ever since I
went cheap, 1 haven't gone back.
And I've been fine
Peter Luc Sevigny is young,
and because of that "1 am not
worried about my eyes. They
are good the 21-year-old Mon-
treal native said during a South
Beach, Fla volleyball game. "1
do have expensive glasses. But I
get them for the different styles.
That's all
Indeed, Sevigny was sporting
$150 Dragon brand surfer-style
"What can I tell you? They
do look good Sevigny said with
a laugh, adding that his backup
pair cost just $9.99.
Moscot cautioned that some
glasses manufacturers have lulled
some frugal buyers into a false
sense of security by suggesting
that anything dark is safe.
"Yes, the less expensive sun-
glasses can provide better pro-
tection today, and many do.
But there is such a thing as too
cheap Moscot said.
"At some point, those glasses
on the absolute cheapest end of
the spectrum are nothing more
than dark plastic in a frame. And
that's no protection at all.
"You can go less expensive if
you want these days, but don't
overdo it Moscot said. "Think
about it. How exactly do you
know the cheaper glasses in the
drug store are providing adequate
protection? Because they have a
sticker on them?"
Bootlegged name-brand
clothing, music, and other popu-
lar wares should be proof enough
that not every product label is
a truthful guarantee, Moscot
(KRT) Did you know that
it's a federal crime to listen
to your music on the wrong
brand of portable music player?
It's true. At least, it is if you
buy your music online. Take
Apple's iTunes Music Store,
which recently sold its billionth
song. Apple talks a lot about the
convenience and affordability
of its music, but they don't
mention its darker side: it's only
compatible with Apple prod-
ucts. MP3 players from other
companies aren't supported.
In a free market, that
wouldn't be so bad. Manufac-
turers of competing MP3 play-
ers, such as Sony, Creative and
Samsung, could provide software
to automatically convert the
music to a compatible format.
But that would be ille-
gal, thanks to a little-known
law called the Digital Mille-
nium Copyright Act, which
Congress passed in 1998.
The DMCA was billed as an
anti-piracy measure. It prohibits
anyone from "circumventing" a
copy protection scheme such as
that used to scramble songs from
the iTunes store, or from creating
software to do so. It was hoped
that those restrictions would
prevent hackers from unscram-
bling music or movies and
uploading them to the Internet.
But that's not how things
have worked out in the real
world. After nearly a decade
on the books, it's hard to find
any evidence that the DMCA
has reduced piracy. More and
more content is being released
in copy-protected formats, but
as every college student knows,
the latest movies and songs
are still widely available on
peer-to-peer file sharing net-
works. Even worse, new copy-
protection formats are routinely
hacked within weeks of release,
and hacking tools are readily
available from offshore Web
sites. "Copy protection" hasn't
done much to prevent copying.
Most computer scientists
think that's not going to change.
Indeed, Apple CEO Steve Jobs
has said as much. In a remark-
ably candid Rolling Stone inter-
view shortly after the launch
of the iTunes Music Store,
he said that "we have Ph.Ds
here, that know the stuff cold,
and we don't believe it's pos-
sible to protect digital content
He pointed out that as soon
as someone finds a flaw - and
every copy protection scheme
has them - she can unscramble
the file and upload it to the
Internet. Once that happens,
all the copy protection tech-
nology in the world won't do a
thing to stop its further spread.
But if Jobs knows that copy
protection technologies don't
stop piracy, why does Apple
use them? One reason is that
the recording industry, whose
executives lack computer science
degrees, has insisted on it. But
another reason may be that it
allows Apple to lock its customers
into using its products. Under the
DMCA, software to convert your
copy-protected music library to
a different format is illegal. That
means that if a customer wants
to switch to a non-Apple device,
he will need to re-purchase all of
his music in the new format.
BliSineSS from page A1
currently beating Sam's Club
in sales growth, when it made
its health care more equitable.
Wall Street cried bloody murder.
If Wall Street is unhappy then
it will rate Wal-Mart's stock
lower than it should be. Inves-
tors will see this lower rating
and be less inclined to buy it.
If investors are not buying the
stock then it will be difficult for
Wal-Mart to convince an invest-
ment banker to underwrite new
shares to finance the growth.
Wal-Mart and other U.S. com-
panies cannot afford to upset
Wall Street and hope to do well.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Mark A. Ward
Attorney at Law
Board Certified Specialist in State Criminal Law
RRR,i 'R'nWiRiRj
Traffic Offenses
Drug Offenses
State & Federal Courts
252.752.7529 Visit our website at
I.L ( 1
3 Your headquarters for NCAA College Hoops I
Action & March Madness Action
M Texas Hold'em Tournament Every Thursday! E
Uptown Greenville 114 E. 5th St.
758-9191 Call for carry outdelivery
Open 11 AM-2 AM dally
75 wing special for $38.99!
1 BCESi Delivery
aJ 553 MB 756-5527
W W 1W W W 1W 'f " iW I l',,
Buy one, get the second
Entire Selection
"Catalog" Dresses and
"Catalog" Pants - Ladies &Men
Division ill U.BE
210 E. 5th St. 758-8612 MON SAT 10 b
College Students
Real Problems DWIDUI ?Underage Drinking 'Paraphernalia ?Possession ChargeReal Solutions DWI Assessment ?adhtsf.ncare di:s ?Court Ordered Assessments
For "real solutions" to your "real problems PORT Criminal Justice Programs 114 East 3rd Street Greenville, NC 252-752-2431 State Licensed Facility

Come into Jackson Hewitt Tax Service with your current university ID badge and
get federal & state tax preparation & electronic filing for only $50!
310-C East Arlington Blvd Greenville
3109 East 10th St Greenville
490 Cherry Run Center, Washington
and products GoM Guarantee anclnr ItsDi lu
; and . utrenl university ID bodge at limo of lax prepamitoi
, ' r Most offices ere independently
coupon coor PRwno
- " smuifr

Trie East Carolinian, Self Help Building
Phone (252) 328-9238 Fax (252) 328-9143
For sublease: May-July 1
bedroomown bathroom In
University Suites. Own Floor,
Huge Closetl No furniture
needed. Free Tanning! 400
month all Inclusive. Call 919
Walk to Campus! 6, 5, 4, & 3
bedroom houses all 1-2 blocks
from campus. Central HeatAir.
Large bedrooms. Washer, dryer,
high-speed internet, basic cable and
alarm system all included in rent.
Several units available June 1st and
August 1st. Call Mike 439-0285.
817 Washington St. 4 Bedrooms 4
Baths House Near Rec Center. Newly
renovated available now $850 mth.
Call 341-0114
For Rent: Very nice 4 br, 2.5 bath
house with 2 zone, central heatair;
off street parking; close proximity to
ECU campus. Completely renovated.
25 rent discount for prompt pay.
Call 752-1000, ask for MurreJl.
Pre leasing for fall semester
(August move-In dates!)
Houses and duplexes of all
sizes available all within a
few blocks from campus!
View at carollnahomesecu.
com Call 252-327 4433 for an
Sublease: One Bedroom Apartment.
Rent is $380. Can move-in right
away. 15 minute walk to school.
Pet friendly. Call me for more
information (352) 283-2407
Walk to Campus! 1 block from
campus. 2 bedroom apartments
with hard wood floors and central
heatair. Washer, dryer, dishwasher,
high-speed internet, basic cable,
water & sewer all included. Available
May 1st. Call Mike 439-0285.
2 BD 2 Bath Wvndham Circle
Duplex Available June 1 and Aug
1 $625.00 month 321-4802 NewJy
decorated Cathedral Ceiljngs
Nice Landjord Great Price!
Subleaser needed for 2 bedroom
apartment in Wyndham Court
until July! Move in anytime. Pet
deposit paid and Washerdryer
included! Current tenant is willing
to pay $50 towards the rent each
montn! For more information call:
Duplex 2 Bdrm 1 Bath $400-450 3
Bdrm 4 Bdrm 5 Bdrm Houses $750-
$1250 call 252-361-2138
One two Brs. on-site management
maintenance Central heat air 6,9,12
month leases Water Cable included
ECU bus Wireless Internet pets
dishwasher disposals pool laundry
(252) 758-4015
Room For Rent. First Month Free!
Pirates Cove Phase II - Fully Furnished
- WD Available Now Contact Nicole
919-452-3849 - NLH0320@mail. $387month utilities
Great 3BD 2 full bath house on
Harding St. 2 blocks from campus.
Huge Sunroom, 9ft ceilings, huge
bedrooms, priv backyard, fireplace,
screened porch. Very nice. $1100.
Call 678.953.1389 and leave
Beat This, No parking fees, No
parking hassle, Walk to class,
downtown or to the rec. center,
2bed 1.5 bath duplex available
now, short term lease accepted.
Buccaneer Village call 561 -7368 531 -
9011 Pinnacle Property Mgt.
Walk to Campus from this 3BR,
1 Bath house with 2-car garage
at 1701 East 4th Street. Includes
WasherDryer & Lawn service.
Available July 1st. $950month.
Serious applicants only. Call (252)
3 bedroom, 1-12 bath duplex near
ECU. $597month. 752-6276.
Find your place for the fall
semester early and save! Early
bird discount of S SO off normal
monthly rent for preleaslng.
3 units available for 8106
move-in dates and 1 for 6106.
All units are 3 bedroom, 2 bath
and Include WasherDryer.
They have Vaulted ceilings,
1200 sq. ft. and are beautifully
painted. Call 252 327 4433
View at carollnahomesecu.
Brand new 2 & 3 bedroom
townhouses for rent. 1.5 to 2.5
baths. Dudley's Grant off Firetower
Rd. All appliances. WasherDryer
hook-ups $745-845 per month. Call
341-0223 for more information.
Now accepting applications for
summer and fall at Captains
Quarters, University Terrace,
Tower Village, The Trellis. Call
Hearthside Rentals 355-2112 or
355-5923. Visit our website at www.
Two Bedroom - One Bath - Pets ok
- Large backyard. WasherDryer
hookup - hardwood floors - jarvis
Street $550 - monthly. Call 355-
1731 or 531-7489
Walk to ECU, Preleaslng For
May, June, July, August, All
size homes, view details at
or call 321 4712
Male roommate needed - immediate
occupancy for sublease through
June 30. Eastgate duplex-private
bedroom, bath. $33.50month
plus half utilities, cable. 756-5932-
leave message.
House for Sale Walk to Campus
4BR Furnished, new appliances,
fenced vard, Clean, Hardwood
Berber, fresh paint, skylights, Large
bedrooms, $129,900 Brand New
Everything: 252.258.9957
The Buccaneer is back! The ECU
yearbook has returned so make sure
to reserve your copy. Order online at
www.yearbookupdatesecu or call
1-888-298-3323 Hurry! Deadline
to order is 5pm 4-24-06
Responsible babysitter needed for
one toddler. Flexible hours 15-20
hrsweek including summer. Must
have car and validDL, cell phone,
and references. Call 252-258-8416.
Leave message.
Lifeguard needed: Summer guards
wanted for local community
pool. Great Pay! Will Pay for
CPR recertification. Please call
Tiffany @ 336-407-8059 or email
Local Home Improvement Company
looking for setf-motivated, reliable,
part-time help. 30hrs week Light
construction, mowing, cleaning,
Call Walker Co 355-8111
Campus Towers in Greenville, NC
seeks a general manager or leasing
manager to provide leadership in the
development and implementations
of a comprehensive marketing
and leasinq program with the
goal of 100 occupancy. Campus
Towers is a new student housing
facility serving the students of East
Carolina University. Candidates
with experience in student housing
preferred. Bachelor's degree, self
motivation, strong computer,
interpersonal communication skills,
and an energetic and positive sales
approach required. To apply, please
send resume to nheard@campusadv.
com; fax to 512-472-0982; or call
Work hard, Play hard, change lives!
Girls resident camp looking for
counselors, lifeguards, wranglers,
boating staff, crafts, Unit Leaders,
Business Manager, and Health
Supervisor. $2O0-$3O0week! June
3-August 13th, Free Housing! (336)
861 -11 98 or Keyauwee@northstate.
net for an on-
line application.
Swim instructors and lifeguard
needed at Raynez. Experience
requested. Job from June-August
hours 9-7 Resume 3205 Raynez
Drive Greenville 27858 or call 916-
Get paid for buying things
He lor soi
I OH' Will) .I IV 1.1
Operations and Supply Chain
College of Business
Department of Decision Sciences
Bate 3410 - 252328-6893
Career info:
Job postings: core.ecu.edudsciwestdjoblistingsjobbanb.mht
2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath Townhomes
1212 Red Banks Rd. Greenville, NC
On-site Management
& Maintenance
On-site Laundry Facilities
Resident & Visitor Parking
Adjacent to ECU Bus Stop
Playground Area
Basketballs VoUeyball Courts
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Modem Electric Appliances:
Dishwasher &
Garbage Disposal
Central Heating & Air
Free Water, Sewer &
Basic Cable
Cemented Patios
Servant's Heart Christian Gifts
- Website upkeep using Microsoft
Frontpage, Adobe III. 7 Photoshop 5
on a PC. Review www.servantsheart.
com. Nothing fancy just need some
help updating. 321-2451.
Live this summer at the Beach
and work with Telescope Pictures
Sunrays Studio in Ocean City,
MDVirginia Beach. VA. Earn up
to $10,000. Housing is Available.
For more information visit our
website and Apply On-Line or call
1.724.322.1858. E.O.E
EpochEast, North American
distributor for AirEpoch wireless
networking equipment is currently
looking to fill a position for Chief
Engineer for its Greenville NC
facility. Duties include manufacturer
liaison, customer relationssales,
and phone-based troubleshooting
and support. Qualified applicants
will have excellent written and oral
communication skills, ability to
manage time effectively between
multiple projects, excellent
customer service history, and a
degree in Industrial Distribution
or Computer Networking or
equivalent experience. Experience
with wireless networking equipment
and installation heavily favored.
Interested parties should contact
Frederick Bunch, Patrick Burke, or
William Smith at 252-756-8324 or
by email at
Restaurant Manager needed
at Professor O'CooTs night and
weekend hours. Part and Full time
position. No Phone calls Apply in
person 605 Greenville Blvd.
Student oriented community in
Greenville, NC looking for individual
with sparkling personality to fill
leasing consultant position. Please
call (252) 321 -7613 and ask for Emily
or Tom EOE
Autism Society of NC needs Camp
Counselors for summer residential
camp serving children and adults
with autism. Located 30 minutes
southwest of Raleigh, Internship
credit possible. Needed May 28-
August 11. Apply online (www. or contact
Molly Simons @ (919) 542-1033 or
Bartenders wanted! Up to $250
day. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520. ext. 202
Local IT solutions company is in
search of Windows server admin
for it's business division. May count
towards your internship requirement.
Paid internshipposition, potential
40kyr after graduation. Must be
experienced in Windows server
administration. Ideal applicants
will have experience with 200x
Server and SBS, Contact Computer
Techs, Inc @ 888.508.TECH (8324)
for details, or see our flier at the
College of Computer Science and
Technology bulletin board.
Greenville Recreation & Parks
Department is recruiting part-time
youth baseball coaches for the
spring t-ball program. Applicants
must possess a good knowledge of
baseball skills and have the ability
and patience to work with youth.
Hours vary from 3:30 pm to 8:00
pm, Monday - Friday with some
weekend coaching. Flexible hours
according to class schedules. This
program will run from April 24-mid
June. Salaries start at .$6.50 per
hour. Apply at the City of Greenville,
Human Resources Department,
201 Martin L. King Dr. Phone 329-
4492. For more information, please
contact the Athletic Office at 329-
4550, Monday through Friday, 10
am until 7 pm.
Mgrs. and Lifegrds at Pools and
Beaches in Greenville, Atlantic
Beach, and Wilson. Call Bob 714-
Mobile waitstaff wanted for
Restaurant Runners. Part-time
positions 100-150week. Perfect
lor college student Some Lunch
Time (1Ta-2p) M-F and weekend
availability required. 2-way radios
allow you to be anywnere in
Greenville when not on a delivery.
Reliable transportation a must.
Call 551-3279 between 2-5 only.
Sorry Greenville residents and year
around dorm residents only. Leave
message if necessary.
CCT Wholesale, leading vendor
of networking and data cables
and equipment is currently
seeking a qualified candidate to
fill the position of SalesShipping
Coordinator for their Greenville NC
facility. Duties will include sales and
marketing, customer relations and
shipping management. Qualified
applicants will be energetic and
outgoing, possess excellent written
and oral communication, ability
to quickly learn new products.
Advertising or graphic design a
plus for designing new ads for
online wholesale division. Interested
parties should contact Frederick
Bunch, Patrick Burke, or William
Smith at 252-756-8324 or by email
Lifeguards and swim instructors
needed for outdoor pool June 1-
August 20. Candidates must be
certified in Lifeguarding, AED, First
Aid and CPRPR. $7.50 per hour.
Apply at or
call Jessica at 329-4043 for more
Lifeguards wanted in North Myrtle
Beach, SC "Will Train no experience
Computer Techs Inc. has an
immediate opening for a qualified
installation technician in Greenville,
NC. Responsibilities will include air
travel 2-3 times a month for one to
two days duration, as well as local
installation of low voltage data
and voice lines, phone systems,
and related equipment. Qualified
applicants will have the ability to
work well under time constraints,
be able to cope with unforeseen
situations, and function without
direct supervision. Position requires
work in confined spaces and at
heights or 20 feet. Background
in computer networking a plus.
Interested parties should contact
Frederick Bunch, Patrick Burke, or
William Smith at 252-756-8324 or
by email at team@computer-techs.
Kappa Delta Blood Drive at KD
House 1100 E. 10th St. March 24
from 12 to 3 pm Snacks will be
OTHER Spring
BreakGrad Week 1-800-645-3618
We Have What You're Looking For!
$100 Per Persons Up!
Consolidate Your Student Loan. New
regulations from Congress mean in-
school consolidation is going away
July 1, 2006. Consolidating is free
and will save you thousands. Rates
as low as 3.45. Call Toll Free
1-866-416-6333 Or log on www.
Get In State Tuition Rates! join the
NC National Guard and qualify for In
State Tuition Rates Plus Receive State
& Federal Tuition Assistance (Pays
100 for most people) & Great
Pay along with many other financial
benefits. For more information
contact SFC Jimmy Smith (252)
916-9073 Email: jimmy.smith@us.
Attn All Vegetarians: New Veggie
Wrap: Black Beans, Rice, Lettuce,
Tomato, Cheese (or Not), Sauteed
Mushrooms, Onions, and Peppers.
Now Available at Cafe Caribe.
w ! Tl

PO Box 873 108 Brownlea Drive Suite A t Greenville, NC 27835-087J
phone (252) 758-1921 Ext. 60 (ax (252) 757-7722
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat By Appotntrnent Only

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Let Your Voice
Be Heard
March 28th
March 29th
Vote For SGA Executive
9am to 5pm each day!
You can vote ANYWHERE
just log on to Onestop
Cast your vote in Wright Plaza

3200-F Moseley Or. or 113 D Wyndham Circle Greenv.lU N
Professionally Managed By Hastern Property Management, ULC

Arts & Entertainment
Page B1 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor
THURSDAY March 23, 2006
Mexican Chicken Soup
2 tablespoons canola oil
1 medium onion, chopped
1 medium rib celery, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 teaspoon ground cumin
6 cups chicken broth, low-sodium
14 cup canned green chiles
1 (15 12-ounce) can posole,
drained or frozen com kernels
4 canned whole peeled tomatoes,
roughly chopped
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 cup cooked skinless shredded
chicken breast (about 4 ounces)
14 cup chopped cilantro leaves
Juice of 1 lime
Kosher salt and freshly ground
black pepper
-Heat the oil in a medium saucepan
over medium heat. Add the onion,
celery, garlic, chili powder and cumin,
and cook until the onion softens,
about five minutes. Add the chicken
broth, bring to a boil, reduce the heat
slightly, and simmer, uncovered, for 10
minutes. Add the green chiles, posole,
tomatoes and oregano and cook for
another five minutes.
Pull the saucepan from the heat and
stir in the chicken, cilantro leaves and
lime juice. Season, to taste, with salt
and pepper. Serve hot.
Chocolate Angel Food Cake
23 cup cake flour
13 cup cocoa powder
12 teaspoon salt
12 egg whites
12 cup sugar substitute for baking
(recommended: Splenda)
1 12 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 pint fresh strawberries, cleaned,
hulled, and quartered
1 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt
1 tablespoon honey
8 mint sprigs, for garnish
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Sift the cake flour, cocoa powder, and.
salt together; set aside. In a clean
bowl of an electric mixer, beat the
egg whites at medium-high speed
until foamy. Once foamy, add the
sugar substitute, a little at a time, and
continue beating on medium-high
speed until the egg whites start to
form soft peaks. When they have
formed soft peaks, fold in the vanilla
extract. Remove bowl from mixer and
remove beater or whisk attachment.
Gently fold the flour mixture into the
egg white mixture, two tablespoons
at a time, until well blended.
Gently scoop batter Into a 10-inch
tube pan (angel food cake pan). Bake
for 35 minutes or until firm to the
touch. Remove from oven, invert and
let cool upside down in pan.
While cake is cooling, in a small bowl,
combine the strawberries, yogurt, and
honey until well combined. Refrigerate
until ready to serve. Once cake is cool,
remove from pan and slice into eight
wedges. Divide strawberry mixture
evenly among the eight wedges.
Garnish each wedge with a mint sprig.
Key Lime Martini
3 tablespoons Liquor 43
1 tablespoon lemon-flavored vodka
2 tablespoons Key lime juice
2 tablespoons heavy cream
In a cocktail shaker filled with ice,
combine Liquor 43, vodka, Key
lime juice and cream. Cover, shake
vigorously and strain into a chilled
martini glass.
Local Concerts:
Nickelback and Trapt will be
performing at the Charlotte Bobcats
Arena in Charlotte on Thursday,
March 23.
Circa Survive, Saves the Day and
Moneen will be performing at the
House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
on Saturday, March 25.
R. Kelly will be performing at the
Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh on
Tuesday, March 28.
Ben Folds will be performing at the
Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh on
Thursday, March 30.
Martina McBride will be at the RBC
Center in Raleigh on Sunday, April 2.
Kid Rock will be at the RBC Center in
Raleigh on Friday, April 7.
Ghostface Killah and M1 of Dead Prez
will be performing at Cat's Cradle in
Carrboro on Friday, April 7.
Michael Buble will be performing at
Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh on
Wednesday, April 12.
'V for Vendetta' will set you free
Fun Facts:
Nachos are the food most craved by
Until 1857, any foreign coins made of
precious metal were legal tender in
the United States.
Sheep can recognize other sheep
from pictures!
Freedom forever and an
When The Matrix debuted in
theaters in 1999, it was a smash
hit. It was a powerful success,
the fifth best movie of the year.
It grossed more money than Big
Daddy, The Blair Witch Project and
1999 Best Picture Oscar winner
American Beauty to name a few. In
addition to giving Keanu Reeves
a role that will undoubtedly stick
with him for the rest of his life
(no one will want to remember
his Bill and Ted series, 1 promise
you), the movie gave young
moviegoers food for thought and
challenged them to think outside
the box.
A movie that can alter a
person's thought pattern in
such a way has succeeded in
ways that can't be measured
with box office numbers. Well,
maybe it can when you think
about the fact that the sequel,
The Matrix Reloaded had the best
opening weekend of 2003 (the
same year that Lord of the Rings:
Return of the King came out). For
this reason, Andy and Larry
Wachowski (collectively known
as the Wachowski Brothers)
became icons.
Other than sequels and spin-
offs of The Matrix, the Wachows-
kis have not done much. As a
matter of fact, the next major
movie they have a hand in just
hit theaters. V for Vendetta is
another Wachowski Brothers
product. They did not direct,
but they wrote the script for this
movie that stars Hugo Weav-
ing and Natalie Portman. After
watching, this reviewer has one
stark conclusion: whatever the
Wachowski Brothers have to
say about the world, you should
Vendetta is everything you
want in a movie and then some.
It is another movie that will
shove your mind outside the
box and then ask you to take a
look around. Without a lot of
fight scenes, it is action, suspense,
thrills and chaos all wrapped up
in a neat little symbol.
The movie puts you in the
middle of a futuristic England
ruled by a government that
overprotects the people and
imposes a curfew. It simultane-
ously introduces you to Evey, a
beautiful English woman (played
by Portman) and V, an imposing,
mysterious gentleman in a mask
(played by Weaving). Once they
meet each other, the movie pro-
ceeds like dominos falling. V's
goal is to take down the totalitar-
Natalie Portman stars as Evey with Hugo Weaving as "V in V for Vendetta, currently in theaters.
ian government one building at
a time in the name of freedom,
and as you would surmise, a few
people might object to it.
The Wachowski Brothers
have an amazing gift for writ-
ing stories that weave you into
them and have you diving and
darting along with each plot
development. Throughout the
movie, you'll see things that
reveal a little more at a time
and throw in some details that
you're a little unsure of. By the
end of the movie, you've watched
them all come together to form
an exquisite picture that blows
you away.
The acting is very convinc-
ing, and a few roles stand out.
For one, Weaving speaks his
dialogue with a conviction and
a smooth style that makes you
eat up every word as if you've
never heard such words ever
before. Honestly, Weaving could
read the directions on a can of
Campbell's soup and you might
see VENDETTA page B2
Rocking Greenville, Southern style
Band members posing together when not rocking for the crowd.
Victor Hudson Band
delivers good music
The University of Virginia
had the Dave Matthews Band.
University of South Carolina
had Hootie and the Blowfish.
East Carolina has the Victor
Hudson Band?
There are plenty of cover
bands who have graced the doors
of the fine establishments of
downtown Greenville. I'm sure
we can all attest to catching at
least some of an 80z Enuff or a
Who's Bad show. Yet there's some-
thing about the Victor Hudson
Band that keeps you coming
back ready for one more song.
If you have been lucky enough
to catch their shows at Pantana
Bob's (and Corrigan's before
that), then you will know that
the Victor Hudson Band delivers
a performance so full of energy
and southern-fried classic rock
and country music even Yankees
tap their feet in appreciation.
This lively quintet also likes
to change it up with unique 1980s
pop covers, notably "Tainted
Love" and The Cure's "I'll Melt
With You as well as crowd-pleas-
ers such as "Brown-Eyed Girl"
and "Margaritaville
Hudson, a good ole boy and
truly talented musician, has been
performing for 15 years. The
band formed five years ago and
after many variations, is now
finally on solid footing with
an ensemble all dedicated to
taking the band more seriously.
"Thesearethebestmusicians (the
band has ever had said Hudson.
"We don't have to worry
about egos and we all respect
one another
The respect the members
have for each other radiates
through the music.
"Everybody has an input in
each other's part said drummer
Steve O'Grady.
The maturity of the band
allows them to deliver construc-
tive criticism, which has worked
thus far. As a result, each mem-
ber's personality shines through
creating the unique sound of the
Victor Hudson Band.
The band has strong con-
0 victions in what each other's
5 sound really is. Guitarist Don
1 Griffies noted Hudson's dia-
f lect as what really sets him
J apart, saying, "In the first line
of 'Jessie's Girl he pronounces
the word 'friend 'free-ond
Fused with Griffies' own
1980s glam-rock guitar sound
along with O'Grady's clean
marching band style drum-
ming, the flawless bass of
Stephen Pachuta and guitar-
ist Ronny Kirkman's straight
rock playing, the band super-
sedes the label of just another
Saturday night cover band.
That-said, expect a show full of
songs you know by heart and a few
slow ones to steal a moment with
your chosen date for the night.
Also, fans will be able to par-
ticipate in the legendary "team
drink the band's beverage break
that promises "the more you
drink, the better we sound
Make sure not to request
"Freebird" as you will be rewarded
with a polite, but nonetheless
free bird (or a fistful of birds
see HUDSON page B2
All different guitars are an essential part of all Nashville music types.
Music city: Nashville, Tennessee
More than just the country
capital of the country
While most people might
associate Nashville solely with
country music, there's a chunk
of rock, blues, R&B and even
hip-hop history that has passed
through the city.
However, it's true that Nash-
ville is best known for country
music. Dubbed "Music City, USA"
by radio announcer David Cobb,
Nashville lives up to its reputa-
tion. During the 1950s, the music
industry centered around the
city, and the recording district
became known as Music Row.
Interestingly enough, though,
the establishment of Nashville
as the country capital is due to
a rock legend. When Elvis Pre-
sley signed to RCA, RCA chose
Nashville as the location for their
Southeast branch.
But as rock became more
popular, country sales dropped
and needed a makeover. With
the drop came Chet Atkins' and
Owen Bradley's transformations
of the country sound to vocal
choruses and mellow strings
(commonly referred to as the
"Nashville Sound").
Some of the hottest coun-
try acts have lived in Nash-
ville and include modern
country musicians like Faith
Hill, Alan Jackson and Shania
Twain. Some of the legends
include Emmylou Harris, Dolly
Parton, Hank Williams, Waylon
Jennings and Willie Nelson.
While it's easy to see Nash-
ville as a crucial part of country
music history, a lot of times it is
failed to be seen as an important
jump start for many musicians
with diverse backgrounds.
Many people don't know
about Jimi Hendrix's roots in
Nashville, but that's where his
story really got started. Hendrix
and bandmate Billy Cox moved
to Nashville, where they played
see NASHVILLE page B3
WZMB: Heavy rotation Yeah Yeah Yeans' 'Show Your Bones'
Modern music: Just a giant
fad headed for doom?"
When you think of fads,
your mind probably focuses in
on that perfect image of a mem-
orable fashion flop like, well,
almost all fashion of the 1980s
(though today it might seem
that what's old is new again).
Maybe it's something edible
i you're thinking about - like
Tab, you know, that diet cola
drink from the same era filled
with fashion flops (which for
whatever reason is making a
return as a fruity energy drink
- but no jokes here, Tab remains
my favorite soda of all time
and I pray nightly that they
don't cut production on it).
Maybe it's even something
as ridiculous as the pet rock
(got to love those hippies).
But knowing that this
column is about music, I'd guess
you're starting to wonder, once
again, what on earth I'm get-
ting at. Well, regardless of what
your mental image of a fad is,
I'd say that it's probably the rare
case that someone immediately
classifies music as a huge fad.
But isn't it just as true that
music, like fashion, comes and
goes in time and that only the
best music stays (or at least the
best music of the time lives on)?
Of course it is. Music is
constantly changing, and
specifically, the face of popu-
lar music is ever changing.
Today's predominantly pop-
ular genre is probably hip-hop,
but 40 years ago that wasn't the
case; in the 1960s it was rock
bands like the Beatles (argue
that they were teen heartthrobs
all you want -1 will fight to the
death that the Beatles are one
of the greatest, most inventive
see WZMB page 83
Band members pose together.
Showing a different side
than usual
Many fans of the Yeah Yeah
Yeahs will be disappointed in
Show Your Bones, their new album
due out March 28. If you loved
the squeaks and squeals that
Karen O made on 2003's Fever to
Tell, don't bother with this one;
there are far fewer of those. On
the other hand, fans who appre-
ciate the growth and progression
that a band must make in order to
maintain any sort of credibility
in the music world, pick it up;
you'll love it. Don't get me wrong,
though, this is still the Yeah Yeah
Yeahs we're talking about.
Karen still lets some orgasmic
wails escape her sultry larynx,
but this time around you can tell
that she's really developed her
vocal style and is coming into
her own as a singer.
Nick Zinner's thousand
pound guitar tone is replaced
with a thinner, more produced
sound, but he makes up for it by
layering several tracks of guitar as
well as keyboards on top of each
other, and he even busts out an
acoustic guitar for songs such as
"Sweets" and "Gold Lion the first
single from the album. Actually,
almost every song has an acoustic
guitar on it, but don't let that
throw you off.
You can get your dance rock
fix from "Deja Vu" and "Honey
Bear which will be great to
hear at a live show and are sure
to get your blood flowing, and
the acoustic guitar is inevitably
drowned out halfway through
the songs. What a lot of people
don't know about the band is
that Nick and Karen actually
started out as a folk duo, and the
band's DVD Tell Me What Rock-
ers To Swallow (2004) gave fans
a preview of "Cheated Hearts
one of the more typical songs on
the album.
Most people that won't like
this album are the ones that
expect every band to stay the
same and want more of the past.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs weren't
afraid to explore different song
writing styles and arrangements
on this one, which earns them
incredible respect in my book,
but even the band isn't sure of
how to describe the new album.
"Show Your Bones is what hap-
pens when you put your finger in
a light socket said singer Karen
O in a press interview.
"Maybe there is some of that
electric current flowing through
the tracks of our album, illumi-
nating us from the inside out for
you to laugh at and cry to or fry
to. Or not
All in all, the album is excel-
lent. It bleeds art-rock and they
for sure have not sold out in
any way. They're doing what
they should be doing, which is
growing and caring about their
music, but alas, there are no
scorchers like "Tick" and "Date
With the Night" from the previ-
ous album.
Show Your Bones shows that
the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are going
to be around much longer
than most people expected and
are incredibly talented song
This writer can be contacted at

from page B1
h If i -
Mark Phoenix (Willy), Ian BurfiekJ (Rngerman) and Natalie Portman (Evey).
find it compelling. He's that
good. People just haven't seen it
before because when they heard
him as Agent Smith in The Matrix,
he was the bad guy and no matter
how he spoke the words, they
hated them. He gives his revolu-
tionary iconoclast character such
charisma that you're cheering
for him throughout the entire
Portman also had an impres-
sive performance as a woman
with a united past and future.
She has given some very impres-
sive performances since bursting
onto the scene as Padme in Star
Wars Episode I, and this role only
helps reinforce that idea. You
can always tell an actor is giving
a great performance when you
feel your emotions stirred and
ignited by what happens to the
Vendetta is absolutely burst-
ing at the seams with positives.
For one, anyone with a love of
history will be thrilled by this
movie and devilishly grin when
they notice just how alike Adam
Sutler (played by John Hurt) is
to another certain gentleman
in history (1 don't think it's a
coincidence that his position was
"High Chancellor"). This movie is
a case study in revolution, free-
dom and what sort of world we
could be living in, or very well
might live in one day. That's the
beauty of this script and the way
the Wachowski Brothers wrote it
- it makes you recognize how cer-
tain things line up with the world
outside the movie theater.
There are only one or two
major fight scenes throughout
the movie, but all the Wachowski
junkies can rest assured because
they're amazing. They'll remind
you of the fighting scenes from
The Matrix that made you coo
like a baby.
The plot of the movie will
have you following along eagerly.
While you'll get it at the end,
you'll want to watch it again
just to see certain parts again to
deepen your understanding, and
that makes it golden.
It contains a lot of action;
it's not major macho guy movie
action (all shooting and slashing
and screaming) but swift, beau-
tiful and thrilling action that
makes you follow every second
and think about when you'll
come back to see it again, and
you should.
If you want to explore some-
thing else related to the movie,
research Guy Fawkes (the man
whose face is the mask of V) and
the Gunpowder Plot of 1605,
because it is true and a group did
conspire to blow up the English
Above all, watch this movie
again and again. It's another one
of those movies that will put us"
outside the box, somewhere every-
one needs to visit once in a while.
Remember: the fifth
of November on DVD.
Grade: A
This writer can be contacted at
Opening in Greensboro - August 2006
Now accepting applications for the charter class.
Web site:
for complete information and online application
Toll free: (888) ELON-LAW E-mail:
HUdSOII from page B1
according to Griffies).
The Victor Hudson Band is a
group that doesn't take themselves
too seriously and aim to be crowd
"We're just grateful for the
support Hudson said.
"We feed off the crowd and
enjoy playing whatever they
want to hear
While Greenville is the band's
home base, they are looking
to play other spots around the
state and also have an EP being
released in about six months.
There is already one original
song, written by Kirkman, and
five more to follow.
With so much motivation to
take their music to the next level 8
and put on crowd-pleasing shows, g
isn't it time that ECU embraced
the Victor Hudson Band and
claimed them as their own?
You can have your first taste
of the band when they play at
Emphases on total student development, exceptional legal
knowledge and skills, leadership and civic involvement, and
international study
Learning experiences in the area's leading law firms, federal
and state courts, businesses, government agencies and
nonprofit organizations
Home of the North Carolina Business Court, which handles
business litigation in the school's courtroom and facilities
Partner with the American Judicature Society's Institute
of Forensic Science and Public Policy, a new national
organization located near the law school
Pantana Bob's March 31 begin-
ning at 9 p.m. Get there early for
a seat at the bar and maybe an
autograph. Talented photogra-
pher Keith Muron, who captured
the band in action, provided the
photos for this story.
This writer can be contacted at
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NaStlVille from page B1 WZMB from page B1
and lived on Jefferson Street.
Jefferson Street is the traditional
heart of Nashville's black com-
munity with a huge rhythm and
blues scene.
Hendrix performed along-
side B.B. King, Little Richard
and Curtis Knight as a back-up
musician, but got most of his rec-
ognition with the Isley Brothers.
He toured the Chitlin' Circuit,
which is the southeast string
of venues that catered to black
audiences and made a reasonable
amount of money.
Even a more modern musi-
cian, Ben Folds, passed through
Nashville. Folds left Winston-
Salem, N.C. to pursue a publish-
ing deal from a publisher in
Even hip-hop is relying on
Nashville. Young Buck of the
G-Unit crew released the album
Straight Outta CaShville, which is a
reference to Nashville. The city is
growing in its importance to dirty
south hip-hop, proving it isn't all
country and rock in Nashville.
More than any one genre,
though, Nashville remains the
major hub of music production
for many artists from different
musical backgrounds.
This writer can be contacted at
bands of all time) and musical
geniuses like Jimi Hendrix and
Bob Dylan were front and center
in the popular music scene. And
I'd bet that 30 years from now, it's
not going to be the dirty south
rappers who are lauded with
fans and living in lavish homes
featured on MTV's "Cribs
Anyone remember back in
the late 1990s when a rash of boy
bands broke loose on the popu-
lar music scene? What about
teen divas like Britney Spears or
Christina Aguilera? Who's going
to admit to having those posters
on their walls when they were in
middle school?
Probably no one, and that is
precisely why popular music acts
like N SYNC are fads and not
given a lot of credit; who is going
to look back 40 years from now
and say, "Wow, the Backstreet
Boys really revolutionized the
concept of music?"
And that's what separates the
Beatles and popular musicians
from other eras from your run-
of-the-mill,modern heartthrob
boy-bands. The Beatles earned
their fame and deserved it. They
delivered album after album
after album of great music. Sgt.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
is sometimes even credited as the
first concept album.
Listen to a copy of The White
Album and then listen to a copy
of anything produced by any
modern day teen-frenzy band
and I think you'll see where I'm
going with this.
So why the change?
1 can't say I know, but I'm
sure the answer is out there. I
will say that not all popular
music is bad. Super-successful
acts like Radiohead, Beck, The
Strokes, Franz Ferdinand and the
White Stripes are all well-deserv-
ing talent. Songwriters from
past generations, such as Bruce
Springsteen and Neil Young, are
even finding success in recent
years with new releases.
Maybe indie music will have
all the luck in the future on the
popular music scene (though
I suppose it wouldn't be called
"indie" anymore).
But who knows, maybe 40
years from now it'll be the world
music scene blowing up and
taking the dark turn that rock is
known for - sex, drugs and world
music, anyone?
Be sure to tune in to WZMB
91.3 while we do our best to make
sure the "f" in fad is replaced
with an "r
This writer can be contacted at
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Eight Below (PG)wi
Failure to (PG-13)!(Tr?V w c
? Find Me Guilty (R) T j T T
Hills Have Eyes (R)Wyr
Running Scared (R)"rr
Shaggy Dbg (PG)i
?She s the Man (PG-13)I ?: f

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Get Started. Get Ahead. Live.
Summer School 2006
Page E
Tl cs-acadsummer

Page B5
THURSDAY March 23, 2006
The Round of 16 from A to Z
(KRT) A is for Aristotle,
the ancient philosopher George
Mason coach Jim Larranaga
dusted off and trotted
out after his Patri-
ots had knocked
off North Caro-
lina on Sunday.
While talk-
ing of his
team, he
all that the
old Greek once
had said,
lence is
not an
act. It's a habit
B is for Big Baby,
which is the nickname
of 6-foot-9-inch, 310-
pound LSU forward
Glen Davis.
C is for Jim Calhoun
and Connecticut, who
together are going after
their third national
title in eight years. The
Huskies are on a col-
lision course to meet
Duke in the champi-
onship game, which
would be nothing new
to them. When they
won it in 2004, they
defeated the Blue Devils
in a national semifinal.
When they won in 1999,
they defeated them in
the final.
D is for Jared Dudley,
the 6-7 Boston Col-
lege forward who
teams with 6-7
Craig Smith to
give the Eagles
one of the
inside pairs
still left in the
tourney. They
now represent
the ACC, which
prefers finesse to
fists. But they grew up
in the Big East, where
banging is a birthright.
E is for Enigma,
which could well
be the nick-
name of Connecticut sopho-
more forward Rudy Gay. He is
arguably the best pure talent in
college basketball and certainly a
top NBA draft pick whenever he
decides to leave school. But his
personality is passive, he rarely
asserts himself and he simply
has disappeared, on occasion,
from games.
F is for the Feel Good Story,
which this year could be Bradley
or George Mason or Wichita State.
But remember Memphis
guard Darius Washington Jr. on
his knees in agony after he missed
two foul shots with no time
remaining in the championship
game of last year's Conference
USA tourney? If he had made
them, the Tigers would have
defeated Louisville and would
have been in the NCAAs. With-
out them, they were doomed to
the NIT. Well, he rebounded from
that failure and so did the Tigers,
and that's a nice thing.
G is for Guards, the strength
of Villanova. The Wildcats start
four who, so far, have shot down
the adage that basketball is a big
man's game.
H is for Homegrown, which
is the case with LSU. Five of its
top six players are from Baton
Rouge or one of its suburbs and
the sixth, senior guard Darrel
Mitchell, grew up just 60 miles
away in St. Martinville.
I is for Inconsistent, which
is how Texas point guard Daniel
Gibson has played. He has scored
as many as 37 points in a game
this season. But in 11 others
he has failed to reach double
J is for Jordan Farmar, who
with Arron Affalo gives UCLA
the type of backcourt needed
for tourney success. They are
the keys for the Bruins, who
succeeded even while battling a
season-long rash of injuries.
K is for Mike Krzyzewski, the
Duke coach who is inescapable
this time of the year. He and
his Blue Devils have advanced
to the regionals for the ninth
consecutive year, which is the
longest current streak and only
four behind the aJI-time record
North Carolina set between 1981
and 1993. To put their accom-
plishment in some perspective,
the only teams still standing who
advanced to the regionals last
year are Villanova, Washington
and West Virginia.
L is for Jim Les, the Bradley
coach whose first job with the
school was ball boy. He did it
from 1972 to 1975, which is when
his older brother, Tom, was a
point guard for the Braves.
M is for Makeover, which is
what Ben Howland has given
UCLA. The Bruins were long a
quintessential West Coast team,
which means they played little
defense and were as soft as a
souffle. Under Howland, whose
previous stop was Pitt, they have
embraced defense and developed
an attitude.
N is for the NFL, which has
been scouting George Mason's
Jai Lewis. The 6-9, 295-pound
forward played defensive end
and tight end in high school and,
obviously, has the body to do
some damage on Sundays.
O is for Over, which is the
condition of Florida's streak of
failures. The Gators, entering
this tournament, had lost on the
opening weekend to lower-seeded
teams for five straight years. That
is a record of futility they now
share with Illinois (1986-90) and
Arizona (1989-93).
P is for Pops, which is how
Georgetown coach John Thomp-
son III always refers to his dad
and former Hoyas coach John
Thompson Jr.
Q is for Quarterback, which
is another position Duke point
guard Greg Paulus played in high
school. He threw 152 touchdown
passes in just 45 games, set a New
York state record with his 11,763
career passing yards and was
recruited heavily by major foot-
ball programs, whom he spurned
in favor of Krzyzewski.
R is for Brandon Roy, the
6-6 Washington guard who last
season started just four games.
Entering the tourney, he was the
best least-known player in the
country. Now, at least Illinois
fans know about him.
S is for Stats, which are
always fun to play with. How's
this one? The Missouri Valley (2
of 4) and the Colonial Athletic (1
of 2) conferences got 50 percent
of their teams through to the
regionals. That's the same per-
centage as the ACC, the PAC-10
and the Big East, and a better
percentage than the SEC (2 of
6), the Big 12 (1 of 4) and the Big
Ten (0 of 6).
T is for Mark Turgeon, the
Wichita State coach who played
under Larry Brown at Kansas, was
an assistant under Brown when
the Jayhawks won the national
title in 1988 and stayed on to
work for Roy Williams when Wil-
liams succeeded Brown. That
pedigree and the Shockers' sue-
cess mean he's going to be one
hot prospect next month when
the coaching carousel starts spin-
ning in earnest.
U is for the Usual Suspects,
which this year are Duke guard
J.J. Redick and Gonzaga forward
Adam Morrison. Vou have heard
enough about them already and
will be hearing still more so.
V is for the Verb "Pittsnogled
which was created in honor of
West Virginia's 6-11, tattoo-laden
Kevin Pittsnogle. Mountaineers
fans now can buy T-shirts and
socks and even underwear embla-
zoned with the phrase, "You've
Been Pittsnogled
W is for Williams. There is
Shelden, the Duke forward, and
Marcus, the Connecticut point
guard. If either is abducted by
aliens or sidelined by foul trou-
ble, his team is in trouble.
X is for Mr. X-Factor, who
always visits this time of year. He
shows up this March in the guise
of 7-2 Georgetown center Roy
Hibbert, who is far from a finished
product but already capable of
influencing a game. Just ask Ohio
State. He hit the Buckeyes Sunday
with 20 points, 14 rebounds and
three blocked shots. When he
produces like that, the Hoyas are
plenty tough.
Y is for Yannick Noah, the
former tennis star and 1983
French Open champion whose
son, Joakim, now stars for Flor-
ida. The boy's mom, by the way, is
Cecilia Rodhe, who was only Miss
Sweden in 1978. Nice genes, huh?
Z is for Zero, which is the
number of Big Ten teams involved
in this weekend's festivities.
Player of the Year candidate
J.J. Redick (left) will lead No. 1
seed Duke in their quest for a
Final Four appearance. Senior
Lawrence Wright (right) dunks
over Bradley head coach Jim
Les at a recent practice.
MARCH 23 - 24 MARCH 25 -26 AWUi 1 CHAMPIONSHIP AWHl 1 MARCH 2S -26 MARCH 23-24
Division I Men's Bracket
Waal Virginia
, Bradley
ing Hound Game - Marc Monmouth vs. Hampton Winner plays VHIanovan14Connecticut
in Firat RoundWashington
Washlngton, D.C. George Maeon

Indianapolis April 3Wichita St
Indianapolis ApriMVllanova
National Champion

Boston Cosege
Mlnneaivolis Florida


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Pet Friendly 1-1 2 Bath Great Outside Lightinc
Planned Social Events 24 Hour Maintenance
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ECU & Greenville City Bus Lines
2 Bedroom 890 Sq. Ft.
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k 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
THURSDAY March 23, 2006
Krzyzewski defends beleaguered NCSU coach
Sendek taking plenty of
heat from critics
(KRT) Add Duke's Mike
Krzyzewski to the list of coaches
rising to defend Herb Sendek
from N.C. State's restless fans.
On Saturday in Dallas, Texas
coach Rick Barnes said Sendek,
a former Barnes assistant, isn't
properly appreciated at N.C.
State, where some fans want
him fired despite five straight
NCAA tournament bids. Krzyze-
wski complimented Sendek on
Monday during a news confer-
ence scheduled to discuss Duke's
Atlanta Region semifinal meeting
with Louisiana State.
"He's really one of the terrific
coaches in our country Krzyze-
wski said. "He's a proven winner.
Packer not
It makes me appreciate what we
have at Duke with the support
we've had
Some Duke boosters were
ready to run Krzyzewski out of
town in 1983 after the Blue Devils
went a combined 21-34 in his
second and third seasons. Krzyze-
wski remains bitter with some of
those Iron Dukes boosters to this
day after three NCAA titles and
10 Final Four trips.
"There are still some (Iron
Dukes) I would never talk to
Krzyzewski said. "But I'll always
talk to my president and my
administrators, because they
didn't flinch. Hopefully (N.C.
State's) people won't flinch,
(KRT) If Bradley and
Wichita State fans expected a
teary apology from Billy Packer,
then what the CBS analyst said
Tuesday will sorely disappoint
Packer said he found it
"funny and amusing" that his
questioning of NCAA tourna-
ment selection chairman Craig
Littlepage has become such a big
issue to Missouri Valley Confer-
ence fans.
"It must be interesting to be
a lightning rod Packer said . . .
and he clearly has become one.
"Some of the other networks
have hours and hours of NCAA
selection talk and it doesn't ever
seem to be an issue. I don't think
too many people had George
Mason facing Wichita State in
this weekend's round
Jim Nantz certainly didn't.
But Packer's classy partner said
he's glad the dreamers are still
"They have given this tour-
nament a special texture Nantz
said. "(The committee) should
feel very vindicated and I'm
happy for them. I think this
is the greatest tournament we've
ever had
Nantz said his issue was with
the computers, not the commit-
tee. After he called the semifinals
and final of the Big Ten tourna-
ment, Nantz said he came away
thinking the conference wasn't
particularly strong.
"And guess which conference
was No. 1 in the RPI?" Nantz
said. "The Big Ten. And here the
Big Ten is sitting on the outside
after the first week
Packer held firm when a TV
reporter from Peoria pestered
him and asked why he had
singled out Bradley for criticism
during the selection show.
"I don't think I ever men-
tioned a team he replied.
Then Packer offered some
perspective, talking about how
during the 1978-79 season, he
said Al McGuire had to be "out
of (his) mind" for saying Indiana
State should be ranked No. 1.
The outcry was such that
NBC moved Packer off a Wichita
State-Indiana State game played
in Terre Haute, Ind because
network officials thought his life
might be in danger.
"I've been around the Valley
for a long time Packer said.
"I'm aware of the league. This is
no knock on any team. This is
an opinion that came up in that
television program, and I think
it has been blown way out of
While Nantz said he hoped
people "aren't feeling slighted or
as if there's any kind of grudge
Packer offered this response
to his critics: "It's, in a way, a
compliment and it's very comi-
cal to think that those two or
three minutes (on the selection
show) and two questions could
be such a giant issue when it's
really about the guys playing
the games
see SENDEK page B8 N.C. State coach Herb Sendek directs his team in its NCAA second round loss to Texas.
NFL commissioner will retire
NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue recently announced his intentions to retire from the league effective in July.
Tagliabue has served the
league since 1989
(KRT) The NFL already
might have been the most popu-
lar of American sports leagues
when Paul Tagliabue replaced
Pete Rozelle as commissioner
in 1989.
But the league did nothing
but extend that edge in 17 sea-
sons under Tagliabue's leader-
ship. The NFL paused to consider
that Monday after the 65-year-old
Tagliabue announced he would
retire effective in July.
"Pro football has been the
No. 1 sport in America for years,
but under Paul's leadership, the
NFL has become the dominant
sports league in the world
San Diego Chargers owner Alex
Spanos said. "His vision has
helped the league stay on the
forefront for a new generation.
The NFL's TV and media packages
are second to none. The league
has taken full advantage of new
technologies and the Internet.
The league added more fans
around the world through NFL
Europe and the American Bowl
"Bottom line: He oversaw
the greatest period of growth
in league history and was able
to maintain labor peace at the
same time, which to me was his
greatest accomplishment. Both
the owners and players as well as
the fans are enjoying the rewards
of his leadership
That seemed to be the consen-
sus, that the NFL is stronger on
most, if not all, fronts. The league
is now in 31 cities and healthy in
all of them. More than two-thirds
of the teams play in stadiums that
are new or were renovated during
Tagliabue's time.
There is harmony with the
players association. That was
something that often eluded the
NFL in the 1980s. The league suf-
fered work stoppages in 1982 and
1987, but none under Tagliabue's
"Paul's legacy has been and
will be expansion . . labor
peace, revenue growth, stadium
development, excellent com-
petition levels on the field and
see FOOTBALL page B9
'just ticked
off right
American tennis star in a
funk on the court
(KRT) Andy Roddick
answers questions the way he hits
tennis balls, smashes them head-
on, no-holds-barred, emotions
leaping off his Lacoste sleeves,
a dash of comedy whenever he
sees fit.
So, when reporters last week
fired question after question
after Roddick's fourth-round
loss in Indian Wells, Calif he
spilled his guts, admitting he is
ticked off, increasingly frustrated
with subpar results, grasping for
answers and missing his Cheetos
as he heads into the NASDAQ-
100 Open in Key Biscayne this
Roddick was anointed the
Next Great American Player even
before he won the 2003 U.S.
Open and reached No.l later that
year. But he hasn't won a Grand
Slam since, has lost to four play-
ers ranked below No. 50 in the
past two months and on Monday
dropped to No. 4 in the world.
"I'm not the captain of Team
Fun right now Roddick said in
a news conference. "I feel a little
empty. . . . I'm just ticked right
now. I'm just leveling with you
guys. I'm not happy. I'm not
going to sit here and put on my
fun face
Asked where the frustration is
coming from, Roddick snapped:
"It's coming from playing hor-
ribly. I don't know what else
you want. I mean, it's pretty
simple. It's not coming from
joy or from being thrilled with
what I was doing out there. You
know, it's just frustration. We've
all been there, except I have
people watching when I break
During his loss to 26th-ranked
Igor Andreev at Indian Wells,
Roddick sprayed 45 unforced
errors, had no winners in the
third set and was slapped with
a point penalty after breaking a
racket in the sixth game of the
final set.
"I'm irked he said. "I'm
really upset about it. You know,
it's not fun going into that locker
room afterward, again feeling
that way. It's not something I'm
accustomed to. It's not something
I want to become accustomed to.
I'm glad that it really kind of
hurts me this deep If I was OK
with it, I think we'd have more of
a problem
Watching from his seat as TV
analyst, U.S. Davis Cup captain
Patrick McEnroe said there is no
question Roddick is in a funk.
"Andy's very blunt and
honest, he doesn't sugar-coat it,
he's really struggling McEnroe
said. "His confidence is shaky
right now. This is probably the
toughest patch of his career he's
going through. I wouldn't call it
a crisis, but he has real struggles.
There is no easy answer, no magic
solution. He has to keep plugging
away. One big tournament could
turn it around for him
He suggested a factor in
Roddick's unraveling might be
because he became "too obsessed"
with trying to beat top-ranked
Roger Federer, who has a 10-1
record against Roddick, includ-
ing victories in two Wimbledon
"Andy was so concerned with
beating Federer he got away from
what he does best, and lost sight
of the fact that the rest of these
guys are not bums McEnroe
said. "They have figured out his
big serve and big forehand, and
they're not going to roll over for
him. There's too much depth
now to be worrying about one
TV analyst Mary Carillo
agreed: "Andy has to go back
to playing Andy Roddick tennis
instead of trying to figure out
how to beat Federer. He has to
remember what it felt like when
he was on top, remember that
kind of cockiness he had. Once
you start questioning the best
parts of your game, the rest of
your game slips, your serve goes
off, everything goes away
Carillo said one thing she
has noticed is Roddick doesn't
take the ball on the rise as
often as he should, prefer-
ring rather to wait and wail on
balls from behind the baseline.
see RODDICK page B8

ROddlCk from page B7
Roddick has had four coaches
over the past three years. He
parted ways with longtime coach
Tarik Benhabiles after the 2003
French Open and spent the
next year and a half under the
tutelage of Brad Gilbert. Roddick
went 121-26 and won nine titles
with Gilbert in his box, includ-
ing his first and only Grand
Slam. He finished 2003 at No.l
as a 21-year-old. But he slipped
behind Federer in 2004 and
fired Gilbert at the end of that
He worked with Dean Gold-
fine in 2005 but dismissed him
recently and is now being coached
by older brother John, who runs a
tennis academy in San Antonio.
John pulled out some old tapes
of Roddick a few weeks ago and
had his younger brother watch as
a reminder of better days.
Andy Roddick said the video
session didn't unearth anything
significant, but it was helpful.
"When you're kind of search-
ing for something, you know
you're capable of it, you've done
it a million times, you can't figure
out why it's not clicking for you
like it always has, you know
he said. "It was just nice to
see it and be like, OK, that's
what I do
Roddick said he doesn't want
to take away from his opponent's
accomplishments, but he realizes
it is weaknesses in his game that
is helping lower-ranked players
to beat him.
06nd6k from page B7
Krzyzewski acknowledged
that some N.C. State fans will
say he is sticking up for Sendek
because Duke has regularly
defeated the Wolfpack. Duke
is 23-3 against N.C. State since
Sendek became coach in 1996-
"For those people, go write
a letter and complain about me,
then Krzyzewski said. "Because
I am going to say something good
about a good guy and a really
good coach
Sendek is 191-132 in 10 sea-
sons with the Wolfpack. N.C.
State was 22-10 this season and
was eliminated from the NCAA
tournament in the second round
by Texas on Sunday.
"We had, I think, four out-
standing teams in our confer-
ence, and I think that State's
included Krzyzewski said. "State
had some problems at the end of
the year when they were hurt and
injured and whatever. I mean,
they beat (George Washington)
by (21). They were really good
Getting scheduled for the
early game in Thursday night's
regional semifinals was a relief
for Duke, which often draws late-
night tipoff times in the NCAA
tournament because it generates
high television ratings with a
national following.
No. 1 seed Duke's game against
No.4 seed Louisiana State in
Have a pet, need free watersewer,
and convenient to campus?
We have a place for everyone!
Beech Street Villas
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Forest Acres
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Park Village
Peony Gardens
College Park
Wainright Property Management, LLC
3481 -A South Evans Street
Greenville, NC 28734
(252) 756-6209
East Carolina University
Naming of Streets
in Honor of MLK
East Carolina University will hold a forum
on the naming of streets in honor of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
March 27 at 7:00 p.m.
Eppes Recreation Center
400 Nash Street, Greenville
Participants will include East Carolina geography
professors Derek Alderman and Rebecca Torres;
Greenville City Council member Rose Glover;
and ECU'S student neighborhood relations facilitator,
Michelle Lieberman.
For more information, call 252-328-0607.
kl Individuals requesting accommodation under the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) should call 252-737-1016 (voiceTTY) at least
forty-eight hours prior to the event.
Atlanta will begin at 7:10 p.m
the NCAA announced Monday.
No.2 seed Texas will play No.6
seed West Virginia at 9:40.
"Obviously you'd rather play
in the early game Krzyzewski
Duke's first-round game
against Southern last week was
scheduled for 9:40 p.m but the
George Washington-UNC Wilm-
ington game went to overtime
and pushed the tipoff back.
"It's in the second half, and
you're still on the court and
(the clock) says 12:01 Krzyze-
wski said. "Do you know where
your children are? Is there a
Krzyzewski said his TV com-
mercials with Chevrolet, filmed
at Winthrop, haven't been criti-
cized as much as his previous ads
with American Express because
the current commercials are
"I got my Tahoe today and
I'm looking forward to putting
my dogs in it and cutting wood
and being a real man Krzyze-
wski joked.
Krzyzewski's son-in-law.
Army captain Chris Spatola,
has returned from Iraq and will
attend the Atlanta Region games
with wife Jamie, Krzyzewski's
youngest daughter. "That will be
a really neat thing Krzyzewski
said. "I'm anxious to see him
Andy Roddick committed 45 unforced errors in his last match.
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Village Apartments
!2! NI- Crc
k NC: nsn (866) 317-2121
extraordinary growth of player
compensation Chiefs owner
l.aniai Hunt said. "Each of these
has been extremely important to
the viability of the sport and the
NFL's position as the best run,
most successful sports league in
the world
"I don't know about a legacy,
but over the years, we've accom-
plished a lot of things Tagliabue
said in a conference call with
NFL reporters. "Certainly, the
expansion of the league to 32
teams, the growth and the popu-
larity of the sport, the fact we
didn't have any seasons inter-
rupted by strikes or lockouts,
all of those things are very, very
"Turning around the rela-
tionship and building a strong
relationship with the NFL Players
Association would be the thing
I'm most proud of. Everyone
involved in the NFL in the 80s
saw (labor unrest) as a growing
The NFL saw some defeats
in the Tagliabue era, including
the transfer of both Los Angeles
franchises. LA remains without a
team more than 10 years later.
This year's negotiations for
an extensive bargaining agree-
ment were contentious. Though
a deal was finally done, it came
at the last hour and required
many concessions on the part of
the owners.
The NFL also still lags on
the hiring of minorities in
head-coaching positions despite
Tagliabue's policy encourag-
ing such hires. Only seven
teams have black head coaches,
including the Chiefs with Herm
Still, Tagliabue's departure is
viewed as a loss for the league,
though he will stay on past July
as a consultant.
"Paul Tagliabue can take
great pride in the stature the
National Football League holds
today among this country's pro-
fessional sports leagues Chiefs
presidentgeneral manager Carl
Peterson said. "From the first, he
was a quick read of the numer-
ous and far-reaching changes the
league has undergone and has
always brought a professionalism
to his role.
"We will miss Paul and his
leadership, although we are
pleased that he has agreed to
remain as an adviser for the next
couple of years. Obviously, his
counsel and expertise will prove
invaluable to the next commis-
sioner of the NFL
The search for a replace-
ment will begin next week at
the annual NFL meetings in
Orlando, Fla. Candidates include
NFL executive vice president
Roger Goodell and Atlanta Fal-
cons president Rich McKay.
Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice, a bona fide football fan,
has made reference to an interest
in running the league someday,
but Sean McCormack, the State
Department's assistant secretary
for public affairs, said Monday
that she is not applying for the
post at this time.
Tagliabue will assist in the
search for his successor.
"The way we'll approach it
is to have a very comprehensive
search that will identify both
internal candidates whether
it's our own offices cir those
of the teams as well as outside
candidates in other businesses
or organizations Tagliabue
said. "Weil bring a list of mul-
tiple strong candidates to the
owners to evaluate and start the
winnowing-out process
Free Cable TV24-hour Emergency
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Laundry Centerin some units
Stratford Arms
1900 S. Charles Blvd. Greenville, NC 27858
.4T i
So close to
Stadium, even we
stand up for the
National Anthem!
Diversity Vfek 2006
Leading through Diversity
ThUTSCJajT.March 23A 2006 SatLDda March 25 2006
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Presents:
Diversity Greek Night Out
"No Matter the letter, we are all Greek together'
WiKis Building 7:30pm
Religion Forum
MSC Multipurpose Room 8:30pm-9:30pm
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MSC Pirate Underground 9pm-11pm
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809 Johnston St, Greenville Rotary Building
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as viru!
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Meet the Candidates seeking Office!
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Mendenhall Social Room
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The East Carolinian, March 23, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
March 23, 2006
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