The East Carolinian, March 9, 2006

Volume 81 Number 57
March 9,2006
Umstead changes leave
students questioning options
'Caribbean Craze' at Mendenhall
The decision to change the living specifications for Umstead Hall was made only a few months ago.
Only certain students will be
able to call Umstead home
A few months ago, ECU
officials decided that next year
Umstead Hall would be reserved
for students involved in cer-
tain academic programs. Now,
recent and long-time residents of
Umstead Hall will have to consider
different housing options for next
year and in the years to come.
Starting in the fall, Umstead
Hall will be reserved for members
of the ECU Honor Students, ECU
Scholars, Teaching Fellows and For-
eign Exchange Student programs.
The response to this announce-
ment was not very positive among
current residents.
"I just keep getting told to
move said Matt Guzman, a
sophomore who currently lives
in Umstead Hall with his brother
Mike. The two of them lived in Slay
last year when it was a residence hall
and moved into Umstead this year.
Now, they have to move again.
"Umstead is one of the best
places to be on campus said Mike
"It's close to classes, the library
and a lot of things I needed access
to. Now wherever I move to, I'm
going to be a lot further away
"People liked this building for
its location and its accessibility
to campus said one resident of
Umstead who preferred to remain
"Now the school thinks
that by offering us a chance
to move into the new dorm,
it is an acceptable bargaining
chip in exchange for what this
Crime beat
A hit and run outside
of Building 1S9 was reported
to police Feb. 25. The case is
under further investigation.
By the east side of
Fletcher Hall, someone reported
damage to private property.
This occurred Feb. 25 and is also
under further investigation.
Larceny in Aycock
Hall was reported Feb. 24 and
is under investigation.
A misdemeanor pos-
session of marijuana in Scott
Hall was reported Feb. 27. The
case is closed and cleared by
Larceny in the Cro-
atan was reported Feb. 28 and
is under further investigation.
Breaking, entering
and larceny from a vehicle
occurred March 1 on Ninth
Street. This is also under inves-
Domestic assault on a
female occurring March 2 was
reported. The case was closed
and cleared by arrest.
In the Ward Sports
and Medicine building, some-
one reported larceny of a
wallet on March 2. This is
under further investigation.
A simple assault
charge was banned after it
occurred on the College Hill
upper bus stop March 3.
Littering, underage
possession of alcohol and false
information, as well as a sepa-
rate DWI, both on Reade Street,
were reported to police March
4. Both cases were closed and
cleared by arrest.
New graduate degree
being offered
Master's degree from
School of Communication
The School of Communica-
tion now offers a new graduate
degree with a major focus on
health communication.
It is a master's degree of art
in communication studies. The
degree was created by Dr. Chuck
Grant, assistant professor in
the School of Communication,
and Linda Kean, associate profes-
sor in the School of Communica-
Grant and Kean saw need for
a degree in this area and went
to the administration to get
permission to initiate the pro-
The process of deciding the
appropriate requirements to be
included in the degree has taken
about three years, according to
The purpose for creating this
degree was "to create a degree
that fits in with the vision of the
university, which includes educa-
tion, art, economics and health
said Grant.
"These are the main plat-
forms of the university's vision,
and we have faculty members
whose expertise are in health
To complete the degree pro-
gram, a student must complete
30 credit hours, which would
include some elective courses, or
24 credit hours of classes.
The remaining six hours
would be used to write a thesis
on research work gathered related
to the topic of health communi-
The classes being offered
for this degree are all evening
There will be no morning
classes available for this degree.
If a student desires to do so,
they could complete the entire
degree program in two regular
semesters and one summer ses-
This new degree will provide
opportunities for people inter-
ested in getting into the health
care field or for those who already
have a career in the field of health
Some jobs that this degree
would train individuals for
include pharmaceutical sales,
working for a non-profit orga-
nization such as the American
Cancer Society or working for
human resources at a hospital.
This degree could provide
others with the insight and
see DEGREE page A2
dorm was and what it offered
The decision to make Umstead
Hall into an Academic Hall has
not been made on a whim. For the
past two years, officials have been
debating which dorm would best
be suited to house the various pro-
grams. They chose Umstead Hall
because previous halls, like Jones,
were too big and did not provide
the kind of environment best
suited for a program of this kind.
"One of the goals of Campus
Living is for the diversity of stu-
dent life and to look tor oppor-
tunities to collaborate with aca-
demic affairs said Associate
Vice Chancellor Todd K. Johnson.
Assistant Vice Chancellor
and Director of the University
Honors, EC Scholars and Under-
graduate Research Programs,
see CHANGE page A2
Yesterday afternoon, students and staff alike flocked to Mendenhall Student Center where
"Caribbean Craze" put everyone in the mood for summer vacation - or at least spring break.
Above, three students model for the camera next to an informational booth for ECU Healthy
Pirates, and below, a student is having a 'wax hand' made.
National Guard students recognized Friday
Pictured from left to right are: PV2 Chuck Duggan, SFC Jimmy Smith and PV2 Lee Radford. Radford and Duggan were honored in Raleigh
Check awarded for pilot
PV2 Chuck Duggan, a soph-
omore, and PV2 Lee Radford, a
sophomore geography major,
were recognized by Major Gen-
eral Ingram at a recruitment
ceremony in Raleigh Friday.
The guard members get
recruited and are given $1,000
when they enlist, then another
$ 1,000 when they are shipped to
basic training. They also get $50
to complete a 30-minute online
course, totaling $2,050. Duggan
is responsible for recruiting Rad-
ford, who became the first in
North Carolina to be recruited
by the GI program.
"Chuck Duggan had been
talking to me about it, and then I
decided I should doit said Radford.
The Guard Recruiting Assis-
tant Program has been able to con-
tact soldiers better than recruit-
ers alone and decided to pay the
people who are already in it.
The students are already on
scholarship and get the recruit
money in addition.
Sgt. Jimmy Smith said, "The
number of recruiters has just about
doubled since 911 This shows
the progress the National Guard
has made over the last few years.
EOUhasaverystrongROTC pro-
gram that opens up a lot of oppor-
tunities for the students involved.
Individuals interested in
joining or recruiting should con-
tact the ROTC department.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
Brent-efit: Helping a friend in need
Friends devise a way to
support one of their own
A special event will be held
by ECU students joined with
the ECU chapter of PRSSA at
Dr. Unk's Thursday from 10
p.m. - 2 a.m to raise money
for Brent Carpenter, who was
seriously injured on Dec. 31.
Carpenter was doing a back
flip into a swimming pool in
Atlantic Beach when his neck
hit the pool floor. He was air-
lifted to Pitt Memorial Hospital,
where he was told he had shat-
tered his fifth vertebrae (C5).
Surgery to put the bones
back together went successfully,
but his condition continued to
worsen. While in ICU, he got sick
with pneumonia and other infec-
tions. He still cannot move from
the chest down and breathes
with the help of a respirator.
At the time of the accident,
Brent Carpenter was working
at Overtoil's.
They pro-
vide insur-
ance, which
he changed
his and his
to. Unfortu-
nately, the
insurance did
not go into
effect until
Jan. 1, which
was 23 hours
after his acci-
dent. The
(and grow-
ing) medical
bills must
be paid out
of pocket.
students do
not think of such things hap-
pening to them or to some-
one they are close to, but it
has and he needs our support.
Senior psychology major
1.1' : iVfi i n :
and friend
of Carpenter
Keri Hazelton
said, "Brent
is an amaz-
ing guy and
an active
member of
our com-
munity who
needs our
help in his
time of need
The idea
for the Brent-
efit was that
of his best
friend Brad
Wilder. The
event will
be hosted
by the tons
of friends he
has stood by
through thick
and thin. Wilder and Carpenter
grew up together and have been
close since childhood.
"Come and support the boy
who livens up the crowd, come
r ti.tu -
out and help get this place loud
said Aaron Carpenter, Brent's
brother and ECU an alumnus.
Many people who are strangers
to Brent Carpenter are very will-
ing to help in Thursday's event.
At the Brent-efit at Dr. Unk's,
there will be chances to win
T-shirts and gift certificates to
many places in town, including
the Olive Garden and Overton's.
There will be a live performance
by the band Dragon Seeks Path
and a free pizza buffet. Everyone
is hoping to raise about $3,000 at
the event.
Brent Carpenter is still in
intensive care here in Greenville,
where the fees escalate daily. He
needs the help of all who can
give it. You never know when it
could happen to you or one of
your best friends.
Friend of Brent's and senior
industrial distribution major Steven
Water said, "help support Brent as if
he were your best friend, too
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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RACHEL KING News Editor CLAIRE MURPHY Assistant News Editor
THURSDAY March 9,2006
The Black Watch
and the Band of the
Welsh Guards
Wright Auditorium at 8 p.m. on
Thursday, March 9.
Armed with bagpipes, dance
shoes and drums, the storied
Black Watch and the Band of the
Welsh Guards will present a stirring
evening of military music, pomp and
Purchase Masterpiece
Subscriptions by Sept. 28 for best
options. Masterpiece subscription
(all events): $216 for public, $198
for facultystaff, $108 for youth and
$72 for students. Purchase Crown
Subscriptions by Dec. 1 for best
options. Crown Subscription (choice
of six events): $162 for public, $150
for ECU facultystaff, $84 for youth
and $48 for ECU students. Advance
individual tickets, if available, may
be purchased beginning Dec. 2 for
$39 public, $37 ECU facultystaff,
$19 youth and $10 ECU student All
tickets at the door are $39. Group
discounts are available for groups
of 15 or more.
Contact the Central Ticket Office
at 328-4788 or1-800-ECU-ARTS.
Lecture: Lance
Maturation: Sport
Reflects Life
Brody School of Medicine
Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Thursday,
March 23.
Edward F. Coyle, a physiologist
who has studied world renowned
cyclist Lance Armstrong, will visit
ECU and discuss how the cyclist's
physiology and optimal training
contributed to seven consecutive
wins at the Tour de France.
The lecture is free, but donation
opportunities for cancer research
will be available. Armstrong
overcame testicular cancer in
the late 1990s. All proceeds will
go to the Leo W. Jenkins Cancer
Center in Greenville. The lecture is
sponsored by the Department of
Exercise and Sport Science and
the Walker Center in the College of
Health and Human Performance,
The Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center
in the Brody School of Medicine
and the University Health Systems
of Eastern Carolina.
Night of the Rising
Saturday, April 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the
Greenville Convention Center.
A fundraising event featuring
cocktails.dinnerand performances
benefiting the School of Theatre
and Dance Scholarship Fund.
Tickets required: Tickets are
$60 per person with a Cash Bar.
Tickets may be purchased by
calling the number below, the
School of Theatre and Dance
Box Office at 328-6829 or online
ECU Youth Arts
Festival 2006
Saturday April 1 from 10 a.m. to 4
p.m. on ECU campus mall
ECU'S Youth Arts Festival will
feature more than 100 visual and
performing artists who will share
their creative talents with area
Children will have the opportunity
to create art and visit with artists
who will demonstrate activities
such as wheel thrown ceramics,
traditional watercolor painting,
weaving, felting, paper-making,
printmaking, portraiture and other
visual art media. Featured visual
artists will come from surrounding
states, North Carolina and from
ECU'S School of Art and Design.
For more information, contact
Dindy Reich at 328-5749 or
Richard Tichlch at tichichr@ecu.
edu or 328-5481.
B.J. Ward in Stand
Up Opera
Saturday, April 8 at 8 p.m. in Wright
Auditorium. Purchase Masterpiece
Subscriptions by Sept. 28 for best
options Masterpiece subscription
(all events): $216 for public, $198
for facultystaff, $108 for youth and
$72 for students. Purchase Crown
Subscriptions by Dec. 1 for best
options Crown Subscription (choice
of six events): $162 for public, $150
for facultystaff, $84 for youth
and $48 for students. Advance
individual tickets, if available, may
be purchased beginning Dec. 2
for $24 public, $22 facultystaff,
$12 youth and $10 student. All
tickets at the door are $24. Group
discounts are available for groups
of 15 or more
Contact the Central Ticket Office
at 328-4788 or 1-800-ECU-ARTS,
Islands threatened by rising
ocean levels, research says
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Rising sea
levels mean an uncertain future
for North Carolina's fragile barrier
islands, especially if the development
boom continues, a geologist told a
legislative panel Tuesday.
"Some of these islands are
going down fast Stanley
Riggs of East Carolina University
told the Legislative Commission on
Global Climate Change. "If we want
this for something beyond our present
generation we're going to have to
take care better care of it"
Members and speakers differ starkly
over whether the use of carbon-
based fuels is to blame for increasing
temperatures and If a dramatic
reduction in carbon dioxide and
other greenhouse gases will steady
Earth's climate.
Average atmospheric temperatures
rose about 1 degree Fahrenheit in the
20th century and could rise several
times that amount this century,
prompting an 18-inch rise in ocean
"I don't think for a second that we
have to abandon the barrier islands
he said. "If we want those barrier
islands, we just cant pack them
Other speakers Tuesday made
opposing arguments over whether
the state could make a difference
in stabilizing global temperatures,
perhaps by setting a pollution-
reducing goal for emissions from
burning coal, gasoline and other
fossil fuels.
Robert Jackson; a Duke University
professor and faculty director of the
Center for Global Change, disagreed.
Any small changes, whether as simple
as riding a bike to work rather than
driving, will add up if others follow.
"This is my state and this is somefthing
I care about. We need to find a
way to do this intelligently but
quickly he said. "Because global
warming is now
Jail fire lawsuit against state
agency may proceed
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - Survivors of
eight men killed in a 2002 fire at the
Mitchell County Jail may proceed
with a lawsuit accusing state workers
of failing to properly inspect the jail,
the state Court of Appeals ruled
' The state Department of Health and
Human Services had asked for a
dismissal of the lawsuit based on
the state's "public duty doctrine but
the court said that the North Carolina
Industrial Commission had properly
rejected that request.
The public duty doctrine holds that a
public entity cannot be held liable for
negligent performance of obligations
on behalf of the public. Writing for
the three-judge panel, Judge Martha
Geer gave no credence to the state's
argument that jail inspections are
protected under the doctrine because
inmates are members of the public.
"If we were to accept this facile
argument, we would effectively
eviscerate all lawsuits against
the state, Geer wrote, "since state
agencies would be able to argue
that any duty that they owed was
necessarily to a member of the public
since all residents of North Carolina
are members of the public
Judge John Tyson dissented, writing
that the public duty doctrine should
apply since the General Assembly
has never specified that the state can
be held liable in cases of negligent
'As far as we're concerned the state
has already admitted liability in this
case" when it issued the Labor
Department report in 2002, he said.
Enron CFO takes stand against
former bosses
HOUSTON (AP) - The architect of
financial schemes that helped fuel
the collapse of Enron Corp. told a jury
Tuesday that he had the blessing of
his boss, former CEO Jeffrey Skilling,
for moves that helped the energy
trading company hide losses and
inflate profits.
In some of the most dramatic
testimony in the sixth week of the
trial, former Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Fastow said Skilling told
him, "Get me as much of that juice
as you can regarding the personally
lucrative partnerships Fastow used to
manipulate Enron's finances.
Fastow appeared contrite in his
much-anticipated confrontation in a
federal courtroom with Skilling and
Enron founder Kenneth Lay, who
are on trial for fraud and conspiracy
stemming from Enron's spectacular
2001 collapse.
He fought back tears as he told
jurors that his wife, Lea, pleaded
guilty to a tax crime and finished
a yearlong prison term last July for
signing a tax return that didn't include
illegal income from business deals
unrelated to the partnerships.
Fastow, who agreed as part of his
plea deal to serve 10 years in prison,
is a key pillar of the government's
quest to prove Lay and Skilling
lied to Wall Street and to their own
employees to conceal the crumbling
finances that drove the company to
seek bankruptcy protection in 2001.
He originally pleaded not guilty but
changed the plea, he said, because
"I thought it was in the best interest
of my family not to go to trial, to take
responsibility for my actions and to try
to move forward in my life
Patriot Act headed to Bush's
desk after months of fighting
over snooping
WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress was
poised to send President Bush a
renewal of the Patriot Act Tuesday
night after months of bitter fighting,
authorizing law enforcement to keep
its anti-terror tools but with some new
curbs on government prying.
A final House vote and Bush's
signature would make 14 provisions
of the 2001 law permanent before
they expired on March 10. Two other
provisions would have expired in
four years.
"Intense congressional and public
scrutiny has not produced a single
substantiated claim that the Patriot
has been misused to violate
Americans' civil liberties House
Judiciary Committee Chairman
James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis said
Tuesday. "Opponents of the legislation
have relied upon exaggeration and
hyperbole to distort a demonstrated
record of accomplishment and
But opponents of the law say it gives
the Bush administration too much
power, even with the additions.
Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis a
chief critic, said the new protections
for Americans are so modest they
are almost meaningless. And the
bill's chief Senate author, Judiciary
Committee Chairman Arlen Specter,
R-Pa has introduced a new bill "to
provide extra protections that better
comport with my sensitivity of civil
In the House Tuesday, several
Democrats said they would protest
the way the White House has used
the act by voting 'no' on the renewal
"I rise in strong opposition to this
legislation because it offers only a
superficial reform that will have little
if any impact on safeguarding our
civil liberties said Rep. Dennis
Kucinich, D-Ohio.
The legislation also takes
aim at the distribution and use
of methamphetamine by
limiting the supply of a key ingredient
found in everyday cold and allergy
Yet another provision is designed
to strengthen port security by
imposing strict punishments on
crew members that impede or
mislead law enforcement officers
trying to board their ships.
Costa Rica's election tribunal
declares Nobel winner Arias
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) - A Nobel
Peace Prize winner who favors a
contentious free trade agreement
with the U.S. was declared the
country's president-elect on Tuesday,
more than a month after the vote that
gave him a razor-thin victory over his
closest rival.
Oscar Arias, who also served as
president from 1986 to 1990, defeated
his nearest rival in the race by little
more than 18,000 votes of the 1.6
million ballots cast, winning 664,551
votes to 646,382 for Otton Solis.
The final official vote tally was
delayed both by challenges from
Solis' campaign and the closeness
of the race, which prompted election
officials to recount all of the votes by
hand before declaring a winner.
"It is evident that the party that
obtained the most votes was the
PLN said Supreme Electoral
Tribunal President Oscar Fonseca.
"Oscar Arias Sanchez is declared
constitutionally elected
While generally very popular, Arias'
support for a free-trade agreement
with the United States cost him
some votes to Solis, an opponent of
the pact.
Arias, the National Liberation
Party, argued that the agreement
would help revitalize the country's
stagnant economy. Solis said it
would hurt farmers and should be
Solis, 51, conceded the election last
Twelve other candidates also sought
the presidency in an election that
officials said had a 64 percent turnout,
the lowest in Costa Rican history.
Arias will take office on May 8,
replacing current president Abel
Pacheco, of the Christian Social
Union party.
Children of illegal aliens find their
place In Israel, but some Israelis
fret about national Identity
TEL AVTV, Israel (AP) - Dennis Sarpong
used to live in fear that his mother,
a Ghanaian on an expired work
visa, would be deported. He would
walk her to her cleaning jobs every
morning because Israeli law bars
police from arresting parents in their
children's presence.
Now 16-year-old Sarpong is among
150 Israeli-born children of foreign
workers who recently were granted
Israeli residency. His new status also
shields his mother from deportation
and he can sleep an extra hour before
heading to school. But some Israelis
are uneasy that what the government
insists is a one-time gesture will
become a threat to the identity of the
Jewish state.
The issue reveals conflicting impulses
that go to the core of Israel's self-image.
A state founded as a haven for Jews
worries that its Jewish character
is being diluted by a growing Arab
minority, lately augmented by up
to 300,000 migrants from Africa
and Asia. Schooled in the virtues
of Jewish self-reliance, it has seen
the foreigners become dominant in
whole sectors of its economy, chiefly
construction and care for the elderly.
The court has ruled that those
children and their families can stay
here until the end of this month, when
it is to issue a final decision.
"We don't see any difference between
someone who came here at the age
of 2 and is now 15, and someone
who was bom here and is now 15
said Yoav Loeff of the civil rights
"The aim is to save these children
from cultural expulsion. The children
are not responsible for the way
their parents came here and the
country that let them stay so long
Change from page A1
Michael F. Bassman, stated the
criteria students will have to
meet in order to be allowed to
live in Umstead and participate
in the ECU Passport program.
"Entering freshmen, Honors
Students and ECU Scholars must
live in the dorm, excluding any
extraordinary circumstances.
Students with a 3.3 GPA will
be welcome into the Honors
Program, and they will need to
maintain a 3.3 GPA to remain in
it. They will also have to attend
a certain number of events
These recent changes are due,
in part, to a national trend of creat-
ing academic halls, the purpose of
which is to provide students with
unique academic opportunities.
The goal is to provide stu-
dents with an opportunity to
do things like meet students
from abroad, promote diversity
awareness and appreciation and
encourage students to partici-
pate in study abroad programs.
For Bassman, the goal is
also to try to remove the "party
school" reputation that ECU seems
to have in favor of a more aca-
demic reputation. For example,
ECU has been selected to pro-
duce North Carolina's first state-
wide journal for undergraduates
engaged in research and creative
scholarly endeavors. Johnson fears
things like these will go unnoticed
by the public and potential students.
While the addition of the
newest resident hall was not ini-
tially part of the equation when
making, the decision, Mr. Johnson
said that it has been a benefit
in getting the changes started.
This is mainly due to the fact
that it gives residents of Umstead
Hall a place to go if they are
not allowed back into Umstead.
When the official decision was
announced, Umstead residents
were sent a letter stating that they
would be given top priority for
rooms in the new residence hall.
"Any student who needs to
be relocated always has first pri-
ority, depending on availability
and privilege of choice, for place-
ment on campus Johnson said.
Both Johson and Bassman
agree that putting current resi-
dents out of Umstead is not a
pleasant task, but also feel that
it was necessary in the interest
of the school and all students.
"We are studying the feasi-
bility of building more halls
Johnson added.
"The style of which would be
suiteapartment style. We are also
planning on demolishing older
halls like Belk
Plans are also in the works to
create more academic halls, more
academic programs and more aca-
demic floors in current residence
halls. Johnson specifically stated
that a plan is waiting to be offi-
cially passed for renovating Scott
Hall with a budget of $10 million
starting in the summer of 2007.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
uBQTBB from page A1
experience needed to get to the
next level in their current health
care profession.
"The degree targets people
already in the health care indus-
try who want to increase their
education so they can get pro-
moted Grant said.
The degree program is look-
ing to take about 20-25 stu-
dents. There are also graduate
assistantships available in this
The deadline for applying
for this degree program is March
The application date is flex-
ible if something occurs that
postpones the application get-
ting in on time, but the depart-
ment would like to get most of
their applicants' information by
the middle of April.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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Parking at your front door.
Extra large brick patio made for grilling.
Huge clubhouse with pool table and game table.
24- Hour fitness center and computer lab.
Sparkling pool and sundeck.
Beach volleyball court.
Close to campus.
Private bus service.
University Suites of ECU
Open House Daily
Refreshments Provided
"Welcome to the Suite Life"
Our patios were made for
grilling. Our patios were
made for you!
Located on the corner of Arlington Blvd. and Evans Street Behind the Amoco Gas Station.
Student Union Events
Open Mic
Wednesday, March 8th @ 7pm
In Mendenhall's Pirate Underground
Free Food.
Henna Hand Art
March 20th
In Mendenhall's Cynthia Lounge @ 3-5pm
Diversity Week
March 20th-25th
Questions? Call 328-4715
Visit www.ecu.edustudentunion
Hffy Sfty &uk
Thurs March 23rd @ 7pm
Fri March 24th @ 9:30pm
Sat March 25th @ 7pm & Midnight
Sun March 26th @ 3pm
Thurs March 23rd @ 9:30pm
Fri March 24th @ 7pm & Midnight
Sat March 25th @ 9:30pm
Sun March 26th @ 7pm

PageA4 252.328.9238
THURSDAY March 9, 2006

Our View
Oscar's make for
a forgettable night
Another Oscar ceremony has come and
gone, and even though the awards were
handed out just a few days ago, many
people are already starting to forget that the
event even happened. This year's Academy
Awards, though sprinkled with upsets (i.e.
Crash taking the top movie honor over Broke-
back Mountain), was simply a bore.
Jon Stewart didn't show the humor and
sarcasm that he is so infamously known
for on Comedy Central. He summed it up
best when he said "Tonight is the night we
celebrate excellence in film, with me, the
fourth male lead in Death to Smoochy His
jokes seemed forced and unnatural, and the
plethora of gay cowboy jokes really got old
a few months ago.
Whatever happened to the exciting and fun
years with hosts like Whoppi Goldberg, Billy
Crystal and Chris Rock? This is ABC, the
channel that brings us soft-core porn like
"Desperate Housewives they could have at
least allowed Stewart to crank out his batch
of political jokes. Although, to his credit, the
joke regarding Bjork and Vice President Dick
Cheney was hilarious.
And another thing, what was going on with
ABC broadcasting the ceremony's most
random awards? Honestly, who really cares
about the Best Sound Editing or Achievement
in Sound Mixing? Is there even a difference?
(I know all of the media production majors
will now be sending in nasty letters regarding
this.) Is this really what prime time television
wants? I think not.
We at TEC appreciate good entertainment on

television, and this year's Academy Awards
did not provide that. Instead of being a pessi-
mist, I will offer solutions and ways to improve
next year's Oscars. I'd like to see an award
fdr Best Wardrobe Malfunction. I'm sure that
the little kilts that Brad Pitt wore in Troy had
to have been blown around by the wind,
Which could stir up as much excitement on
set, if not more so, than the Janet Jackson
fiasco did with our entire country. I'd like for
itlo be required of each actor to sing his or
her acceptance speech. Anyone else have
any ideas? We'd love to hear them.
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Rachel King Claire Murphy
News Editor Asst. News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Sarah Bell
Head Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Photo Editor
Alexander Marclnlak
Web Editor
Kristin Murnane
Asst Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst. Sports Editor
April Barnes
Asst. Copy Editor
Rachael Lotter
Asst Photo Editor
Dustin Jones
Asst Web Editor
Edward McKIm
Production Manager
Saving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies every
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the regular
academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during the
summer. "Our view" is the opinion of the editorial board
and is written by editorial beard members. TEC welcomes
letters to the editor which are limited to 250 words (which
may be edited for decency or brevity), we reserve the
right to edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed
and include a telephone number. Letters may be sent
via e-mail to edrtcr theeastearoliniancorn or to The East
Carolinian, SeffHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One
cdpy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.
Opinion Columnist
Brokeback Mountain' rich in sour grapes
'Crash'labeled Best
Picture, voters labeled
It's 11:20 Sunday evening.
While I should be studying for my
Spanish mid-term the next day,
I'm sitting on my couch instead,
watching the 78th annual Acad-
emy Awards. Up until that point,
the show had been a complete bore
- only made tolerable by the sheer
brilliance of host Jon Stewart,
who brought levity to the pomp-
ous production and masterfully
skewered Hollywood and Holly-
wood types. The tepid response
from the audience was obviously
more of a reflection of Holly-
wood's inability to take a joke,
not Stewart's ability to tell one.
With one award left and the
show running much later than
the 11 p.m. end time, a sigh of
relief came over me as the final
presenter of the night, Jack Nich-
olson, took the stage to hand out
the biggest - and obvious - award
of the night, Best Picture. "Great
I thought, "Brokeback can get its
award and I can get in another
few hours of studying Then
Nicholson dropped a bombshell.
"And the award for Best Pic-
ture goes to Crash I couldn't
believe it. Not that I particularly
liked Brokeback Mountain, but
over the course of the past three
months leading up to the show,
Brokeback had gathered so much
momentum and so much support
throughout the film industry that
I thought its crowning as the year's
Best Picture was but a formality.
If you believed the hype sur-
rounding the film, you might
think that it was the only film of
worth the entire year. That obvi-
ously wasn't the case as the cast
and crew of Crash stood on the
stage hoisting the Holy Grail of
film, not Brokeback director Ang
Lee and actors Heath Ledger, Jake
Gyllenhaal and Michelle Wil-
liams. "Eh, that's interesting I
said to myself as I turned off the
TV and turned my attention to
the Spanish present subjunctive
verb form.
But while I was memorizing
the Spanish word for "jungle"
(which I forgot when taking the
test, unfortunately), newspaper
writers across the nation were
fuming. The next morning,
Ken Turan of the Los Angeles
Times ran a piece stating, "So for
people who were discomfited by
Brokeback Mountain but wanted
to be able to look themselves
in the mirror and feel like they
were good, productive liberals,
Crash provided the perfect safe
Turan's piece made it seem
like the only reason the Acad-
emy Awards exist is to further a
social cause, not decide the best
performances and films of the
year. There was no mention of
the possibility that some of the
voters chose Crash because they
felt it was the better film. Sifting
through the vast library of lib-
eral blogs, the message was even
stronger, Brokeback lost because
the voters are nothing but a
bunch of homophobes.
Jack Mathews of the New York
Daily News wrote on Monday that
Crash "simply bought the grand
prize by outspending everyone else
in a four million campaign Even
director Ang Lee seemed bitter
about Brokeback's loss, saying back-
stage after the event, "They the
Academy didn't vote for it, I don't
know why. I'm just glad the audi-
ence embraced it. It was a surprise
not winning, quite frankly
It seems like sour grapes
to me. Now Lee is stating that
Brokeback is still a winner because
they're "doing the best at the
box office of all the five movies
By that logic, while beating the
other four films in the running
for Best Picture, Brokeback is still
overshadowed in terms of box
office numbers by King Kong,
Walk the Line, The Chronicles of
Narnia and Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
The Brokeback supporters are
up in arms because the film was
edged out of a Best Picture win,
but what is there to complain
about? These supporters seem to
think that Brokeback deserved to
win purely because of its taboo
subject matter and the message
it tried to convey. Granted, it was
a powerful film, but the name of
the award isn't Best Message.
To be honest, I was disap-
pointed with Brokeback Mountain.
I felt that aside from the per-
formance from Gyllenhaal, the
acting was weak and the "aging"
of the characters throughout
the film was so jarring and
unconvincing that I found it
difficult to suspend disbelief and
seriously follow the film. As far
as the story is concerned, I felt
the film fell flat after the initial
encounter between Jack and
Ennis and that the writers could
have done a much better job
of developing their characters.
My assessment of the film has
nothing to do with the fact that
it was a film about gay cowboys.
My assessment has to do with
the film itself, despite the fact
that these Brokeback supporters
believe that it isn't possible to
find flaws in the film without
being a homophobe. Maybe there
were a lot of voters with a similar
evaluation of the film. Maybe
Crash was the better film.
One word that I'm tired of
hearing in regard to this year's
Academy Awards is "snubbed as
in "Brokeback was snubbed by the
Academy Snubbed? It still won
three awards and was up for a
grand total of eight. How can it be
snubbed? That's an utter misuse
of the word. A correct use would
be, "Paul was snubbed twice
when he was not nominated
for Best Actor for his roles in
American Splendor and Sideways
I applaud that fact that Crash
won - despite the fact that I didn't
love it. I'm glad that the Academy
didn't succumb to the pressure
of furthering a social cause by
voting for an above-average film.
The fervent Brokeback support-
ers seem to think that winning
would have meant something
- like homophobia would have
ceased to exist had the film been
deemed the best film of the year.
At the end of the day, the Acad-
emy Awards is just an award show
- nothing more, nothing less.
Letters To The
Dear Editor,
I've never read such hogwash
in all my life. Not one "fact" that
Rev. Hall stated can be substanti-
ated. A great majority of knowl-
edgeable historians acknowledge
that the Civil War was not about
slavery. How ridiculous Rev.
Hall's assertions are.
Dr. Ken Simpson
Milledgeville, Georgia
The letter from Rev. Ozie
Hall regarding the Greenville
monument to the North Carolina
patriots who died during the
War Between the States relies
upon many unfounded ideas,
inventions and notions. We
cannot understand our history
unless we rely upon facts.
A cursory review of American
history shows that the British col-
onies in North America seceded
from England in 1776 with
nearly all new states maintain-
ing the African slavery inherited
from the mother country. And,
no Confederate flag ever flew
over an Atlantic slaver - but Brit-
ish, French, Spanish, Portuguese,
Dutch and U.S. flags did.
He should know from his
research that Southern abolition-
ist Sarah Grimke stated in 1837
that "slavery was the cornerstone
of the American republic" long
before Alexander Stephens made
his remark. We know, too, that
Lincoln held black people as
inferior and desired a coloniza-
tion program to deport them
from the United States. This was
a very common view from that
period of our history.
The Constitution of the
American Confederacy was a
vast improvement on the U.S.
version with an outright ban
on the slave trade, and I sense
that the country and constitution
that Rev. Hall has an issue with
is the United States. And if Hall
wishes to speak of treason, he
could start researching the many
black soldiers who fought with
Virginia's Lord Dunmore against
North Carolina and our indepen-
dence from the British.
Let's be honest, it is racist for
a person or group to pursue a in-
tellectual genocide of an ethnic
group history as Hall wishes to
do. This cultural genocide has its
origins with the Stalin revolution
of the 1920s, as the commu-
nists destroyed monuments and
books and then rewrote history
in order to glorify the new regime
and forced "culture This is
America and we do not subscribe
to this sort of cultural genocide
each time a different political
party gains power.
I am confident that should we
honor North Carolina's patriots
in places other than the Pitt
County Courthouse as Hall
suggests, he would have a prob-
lem with the new location as
well, and his next targets would
be George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson and Patrick Henry.
I strongly encourage Rev. Hall
to honor the heroes, culture and
history of his own people, while
respecting the heritage and his-
tory of others. This is what diver-
sity means. We must also learn
to put history in perspective and
realize that we cannot change it,
nor should we too harshly judge
those who came before us, lest we
be judged ourselves.
Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
Dear Editor,
To respond to Rev. Hall's
strange letter I can do no better
than quote Alexander Pope.
"A little learning is a danger-
ous thing. - Drink deep, or taste
not the Pierian spring
Thank you,
Gail Jarvis
Aiken, S.C.
Pirate Rant
To the person ranting about the drunken education
majors: I totally agree because these are the same
girls who constantly complain about how hard theii
(easy) professor is and how they hope they don't fall
the (also easy) class.
First, Second, Third, Fourth, Martin Luther King Jr.
Blvd Sixth, Seventh, Eighth what sense does that
One great thing about going Greek is the amazing
family that you are brought into. I love my big and
my grand big! Muah!
If we can't all agree on change, shouldn't we just keep
things the way they are? Keep Fifth Street as Fifth Street.
With all due respect, Rev. Ozie Lee Hall, Jr the Civil
War was not about slavery. Please, get your facts
straight before speaking out on the subject. Even
Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying, "If I could
save the Union without freeing any slave I would do
it So please, don't tell me the Civil War was about
I really love how people have been mean about not
changing Fifth to MLK. Yay, I love racism.
So you say we should take down the statue of the
Confederate soldier downtown because "the South
lost the war?" Then I guess you'd like to take down
the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C too? Or
is that still OK?
C'mon, Java City. It should not take you 15 minutes to
figure out how to make one of your cold drinks hot
and did you really need the manager to tell you how?
College Vixen: Is it really as easy as Olive Garden and
some shots?
To the guy at the Rec Center the other day who let
me go ahead of him at the water fountain, thank you
so much! It's nice to know there are still gentlemen
at ECU!
Dear College Vixen, you are obviously ashamed of
your loose morals or you would put your name on
your article. I feel for your ex-boyfriend, he is much
better off without someone like you. P.S. Would you
like to go to Olive Garden sometime?
I hate my roommate. I don't know what to do about
it, and I want to kick her out of my house. She eats my
food, does laundry almost three times daily, smokes
cigarettes with the door to our house wide open giving
our house an ever so lovely smell, doesn't change the
toilet paper roll when it runs out, watches TV while
myself and others are trying to work on homework
and complains about cleaning when nobody asked
her to do it in the first place!
No matter what you say, I still love you. - God
To the person who complained about my "heart" state-
ment, just because no one "hearts" you doesn't mean I
need to be shot. You should be shot for being so grumpy!
Go ahead, name Fifth Street Martin Luther King Blvd.
Then I think we should name 10th St. James Earl Ray
Blvd. Deal or no deal?
I will admit, I was part of the group that put up the
God posters. Guess what, my duty as a Christian and
child of God is to spread His message to everyone. I
am not here to judge you, but to love you just as He
does. Did God authorize those posters? Well, if you
read your Bible, it talks about spreading His message,
and that was our way of doing it.
My roommate likes to dance to Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby
Got Back It's freakish-like. Some of the kids on the
second floor of Tyler need to go lose weight. There
are also some kids on the floor that need to change
clothes more than once a week and take a shower at
least once a week. The whole hall reeks. Can't wait
until April when I'm out of here!
Someone please help me stop smoking, my teeth look
like candy-corns.
UNC didn't beat Duke, Duke lost. I was there, North
Carolina didn't play a great game; Duke played a bad
one, so shut up, UNC fans.
Waaaa I have to memorize rock names. Dude, you're
the one who signed up for geology. If you are just
trying to get your science lab credits, go take physics
of the universe with all the other dorks who are afraid
to deal with science.
Hockey is the absolute best sport ever and the amaz-
ing Carolina Hurricanes are number one in the entire
NHL! Bring the Stanley Cup home 'Canes!
Dear nursing professor, we took our test in February;
it's now the second week of March. It's about time to
have those graded by now. Please hurry up and do
that because I don't have time to go talk to the dean
about your lack of initiative.
I thought TEC was about not portraying ECU as a drug
school, but I recall a Pirate Rant stating a student starts
their day with an eight ball.
I just wanted to say that I thought the article on Greek
life yesterday was total crap. I was in a sorority and
quit because it was nothing but drinking and hook-
ing up with fraternity guys. It wasn't just the sorority
that I was in that did that, but almost all of the other
sororities on campus, too.
Mmm, the biscuits at the Wright Place rock my socks!
Why is it just because you are a gay male, you can't give
blood? That is stupid. It's not like the blood won't get
checked. That's three lives that could have been saved.
Editor's NoteThe Pirate Rant Is an anonymous way for students and staffinthe
online at, or e-mailed to edttormheeastcarollnlan.
com. The editor reserves the right (o edit opinions for content and brevity

9, 2006
Get Started. Get Ahead. Live.
Summer School 2006
Expressions Magazine.
ECU'S student minority
publication, wants to publish
your thoughts on music. Our
focus is on cultural diversity
and non-mainstream
interests, and we accept
work in all genres.
Deadline: March 20
Phone: 328.9247


East Carolina University's judicial system is one of only
16 in the nation that is completely student run. The
Judicial Board is the judicial branch of SGA that is
composed completely of students who hear cases relating
to any and all violations of the ECU Student Code of
Conduct. The board then decides if the accused student
is responsible or not responsible for the violation and
applies appropriate sanctions to any students found
responsible. The Judicial Board is a great way to get
involved with issues that affect YOU every day. If you
would like to get involved in an organization that truly
makes a difference on campus, apply today for a position
on ECU's Judicial Board!
MARCH 17,2006
Applications Available:
Information desk in Mendenhall
Mendenhall 210, 259 and 261
Applicants should:
Have minimum 2.5 GPAoverall
Be in good standing with the University
Have good decision making skills
Be committed to a fair and just judicial

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Arts & Entertainment
Page B1 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor
THURSDAY March 9, 2006
Salmon and
Watercress Salad
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 cups pumpernickel bread, diced
into 12-inch cubes
34 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more
for seasoning
14 teaspoon freshly cracked white
1 teaspoon minced shallots
14 teaspoon minced garlic
12 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 12 teaspoons honey
2 tablespoons chopped capers
with their liquid
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed
lemon juice .
1 tablespoon champagne vinegar
1 teaspoon chopped fresh dill
2 teaspoons chopped fresh parsley
14 teaspoon freshly cracked black
pepper, plus more for seasoning
12 cup extra-virgin olive oil
12 slices thinly sliced Irish smoked
salmon (about 8 ounces)
1 pound watercress, stemmed,
washed and spun dry
12 cup thinly sliced red onion
2 hard-cooked eggs
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Heat a 10-Inch saute pan over
medium-high heat, and add the
butter and olive oil to the pan.
Once the butter is melted, add the
pumpernickel cubes to the pan and
toss to coat with the butter and oil.
Season with 12 teaspoon of salt
and white pepper. Continue to cook
and toss the bread until all the butter
and oil have been absorbed. Place
the pan in the oven and continue to
cook, tossing occasionally, until the
bread is crisp, about 10 to 12 minutes.
Remove the bread from the oven and
allow to cool before using.
Make the vinaigrette by combining
the shallots, garlic, mustard, honey,
capers, lemon juice, champagne
vinegar, dill and parsley in a non-
reactive mixing bowl. Whisk to
combine. Season with the remaining
14 teaspoon of salt and 14 teaspoon
of the black pepper. While whisking,
add the extra-virgin olive oil in a thin,
steady stream until the vinaigrette
is well combined and partially
emulsified. Set the vinaigrette aside
while you prepare the salad.
On four large chilled entree plates,
place three slices of the salmon in
a triangular pattern along the edges
of the plates. In a large non-reactive
bowl, place the watercress and the
red onion. Season lightly with salt
and fresh cracked black pepper. Toss
the salad to mix the watercress and
onion, and add about 12 cup of the
vinaigrette to the salad. Toss lightly
to combine. Divide the salad among
the 4 plates, and divide the croutons
among the plates. Garnish the salad
with the chopped eggs and serve.
Shepherd's Pie
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups chopped onions
Freshly ground pepper
2 pounds roasted lamb loin or leg:
medium rare
3 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon tomato paste
14 cup dry red wine
2 12 cups veal stock reduction
12 teaspoon dried thyme
12 cup sweet corn, cooked
12 cup sweet peas, cooked
12 cup small diced carrots, cooked
1 recipe mashed potatoes
2 tablespoons butter, cubed
Chopped parsley, for garnish
In a large saute pan over medium
heat, add the oil. When the oil is hot,
add the onions. Season with salt and
pepper. Saute for two minutes. Finely
chop the lamb. Add the lamb to the
onions and saute for one minute. Dust
the lamb with the flour and cook two
minutes, stirring constantly. Stir in
the tomato paste and cook for 30
seconds. Stir in the red wine and
the veal reduction. Bring the liquid
to a boil. Stir in the thyme, corn, peas
and carrots. Season with salt and
pepper. Reduce the heat to medium
low and simmer for 10 minutes. Pour
the mixture into a deep 9-inch oval
dish. Place spoonfuls of the potatoes
over the meat mixture. Dot the top of
the potatoes with butter. Place in the
oven and cook for about 30 minutes
or until the potatoes are golden. Place
a baking sheet under the dish.
Spring Break Tips:
Don't forget sunscreen and ChapStick.
Some places don't take credit or debit
cards; be sure to get some cash.
Always go places in groups; it is
much safer that way.
Don't forget batteries for your digital
Make a list of things you need to pack
so you don't forget anything.
Be prepared for all kinds of weather
and social situations.
Don't forget to have some safe fun!
Alpha Female: Ultraviolet in theaters
Kicks butt and looks
good doing it
One concept that some
people always have trouble with
in a movie or any theatrical
performance is suspension of
disbelief. Some moviegoers have
no problem at all embracing the
concept that you have to accept
everything you see as "real" to
enjoy it. You don't have to start
championing the acceptability or
reality of a concept, just accept
that it could be happening in
front of you on the screen or the
stage. For example, if you spend
the entirety of The Matrix ques-
tioning if Neo can really dodge
bullets, the effect of the movie
will be lost on you.
Suspension of disbelief is a
tricky proposition in some cases,
but your viewing experience is
much better when you can actu-
ally disregard reality. This is one
of the reasons that you will either
love or hate Ultraviolet.
The movie stars Milla Jovov-
ich as a tough chick in a futuris-
tic society where a war is being
waged between humans and an
"infected" subculture of people.
These people are faster, smarter
and stronger, but apparently
they're dying out. In the middle
of this war, Jovovich's charac-
ter, Violet, intercepts a package
that is supposed to contain a
super-weapon. This weapon ends
up being a small boy, and the
fight is on.
Suspension of disbelief is
a prerequisite for viewing this
movie. Some scenes will pit
Violet against many, many more
people and you'll have to accept
that you're seeing her simulta-
neously kick all of their butts.
You'll also have to swallow some
gravity defiance and other
general amazements.
The movie appeals to a very
particular type of viewer. For
those who can't stomach over-
done computer generated anima-
tion, this movie will be a prob-
lem. It's not exactly a movie that
mainstream America will drool
to see, but certain people will
drool for Jovovich because she is
definitely in shape for this movie.
This is not the kind of movie you
go to for great acting.
The film will appeal to people
who love gaming and comics.
After all, it's got a girl who kicks
butt, lots of action and techno
music. For viewers who like those
things, this movie will be refresh-
ing. It is near-epic in the scale
of fights and actions. The final
fight is a flurry of sword-fighting
and the kind of music you would
expect from an epic battle.
Ultraviolet makes some inter-
esting choices. For example, there
Closing ceremonies of the 2006 Olympics were not all that popular.
Fans supporting
American teams
or 'American Idol'?
Reality shows out-rate
the Olympics
The highly anticipated Olym-
pic Games aired in February. The
almost-forgotten winter Olym-
pics struggled to capture viewer's
attention. In Europe, television
show ratings were dominated
by the viewing of the Olympics;
nine out of 10 sports viewers
turned on the games. With
the competitions being held in
Torino, Italy, there was a strong
Italian following of the events.
However, here in America, it
seems that the Olympics weren't
quite as popular. Although 1 occa-
sionally watched an addicting
curling match, which still baffles
me, I admit that my attention
was probably on every TV show
except the Olympics.
Ever since "The Real World
"Survivor" and other popular
reality shows were introduced to
Americans, it seems our attention
has been drawn to the never-
ending drama that comes with
real experiences. One hot reality
show in particular has proven to
be a rival of the winter games.
As the competition of "Ameri-
can Idol" begins to get more and
more interesting, their ratings
have begun to climb. During
the "American Idol" time slot,
Americans switched their chan-
nels from the once-exciting
events of the Olympics to a show
of off-key singers struggling
through songs.
Perhaps the selection of
sports offered during the winter
season was the cause of its defeat.
There were approximately seven
main sports in the winter games
- some of the more recognized
being the luge, ice hockey, ice
and speed skating, bobsledding
and curling. On the other hand,
the summer games have 29 dif-
ferent competitions.
Still, a bigger part of me
believes that if Simon Cowell's
comments weren't so harsh and
the "American Idol" singers' reac-
tions weren't so fun to watch,
there would have been a much
greater following of the Olym-
pics. Maybe for the majority of
television viewers, the Olympics
didn't hold that same heroic
athlete-like standard.
It used to be general knowl-
edge to know which Olympic ath-
lete was which, and viewers were
more prone to have a favorite
athlete to cheer for. Now it seems
the champion of Americans'
hearts is the winner of "Survivor"
or "American Idol
Regardless of the reason, the
winter Olympics have come and
gone with much less enthusiasm
than usual. Maybe along with
the passing of the winter games
came the passing of America's
high regard for the competition.
Currently, our culture seems to
be more drawn to Brangelina,
Nick and Jessica's current status
and other drama-filled situa-
tions like reality shows. All we
can do now is look forward to
future Olympic Games and
try and keep the American
morale and support high. And
to you dedicated audiences who
watched every Olympic event,
keep your spirits up and try and
recruit some new viewers for the
2008 Summer Olympic Games
in Beijing.
This writer can be contacted at
will be lots of shooting, slashing
and awkward landings, but one
thing you won't see a lot of is
bloodshed. It's to the point where
you will see a decisive slash on
someone and they'll just fall, no
blood at all. A tad unrealistic for
sure, but the body count of this
movie is so high that even if they
all bleed minimally, this movie
would have been R-rated.
One note about the acting in
this movie - William Fichtner
has done a lot of small parts in
last couple of years. He's worked
on Armageddon, Crash, Mr. and
Mrs. Smith, The Longest Yard, Pearl
Harbor and Black Hawk Down
(that's the short list). He's done
mostly small parts, but has some
ability and he could be a major
player down the road. His perfor-
mance in this movie, while major,
isn't particularly involved.
Jovovich is carving out a
niche for herself as a butt-kicking
alpha female, whether that's what
she wants or not. The movie is an
overall decent experience, but
you've got to check your beliefs
at the door, because otherwise,
you'll spend most of the movie
questioning it and you won't be
able to enjoy the experience. If
you're a fan of gaming and comic
books, you'll enjoy this movie. It
won't be The Matrix, but it has a
quality that is lacking in movies
see VIOLET page B2 Milla Jovovich is the alpha female Violet in the film Ultraviolet.
New York: Hip-hop breaks out
A new genre of American
music is born
New York, N.Y has influ-
enced every kind of American
music because of the rich diver-
sity of the people who live there.
The beginnings of jazz, rock
and hip-hop all have strong
ties to New York because of the
support the city provided to
musicians. Different venues in
different parts of town catered to
different genres such as CBGB's
in Manhattan for rock, the Blue
Note Jazz club and The Apollo
Theatre in Harlem for hip-hop.
Hip-hop emerged from New
York's Bronx area in the 1970s and
changed popular music forever.
The advent of an emcee (MC) and
deejay (DJ) combination allowed
for interactive and personal
shows. The MC, as we know it
today, is the rapper at the fore-
front of a group, but they started
out as entertainers in the early
hip-hop world. They would intro-
duce DJs, recite comedy, poetry
and prose in the early days and
eventually set their unaccompa-
nied work to music creating rap.
Hip-hop and rap evolved
from this and this is the reason
why hip-hop is so personal. MCs
would relate to the audience,
which, in the beginnings of hip-
hop, consisted of the lower class
NYC is the home of many American traditions, including Hip-Hop.
African Americans that lived in
the projects of the Bronx. Natu-
rally, crime and gangs were the
topics of early hip-hop, but it was
also used to uplift and inspire
people, to make life better and
give troubled youth an outlet
for their dissatisfaction with the
system that was holding them
down. Also for this reason, hip-
hop was not easily accepted by
the traditional, mainstream and
conservative music world.
The issues involved with
hip-hop were too hard hitting,
vulgar and real, and were con-
sidered by many people as too
extreme to be considered popular.
Many people also made the huge
understatement that hip-hop
and rap were not "real" forms
of music, which is a completely
backward assumption. Hip-hop
is a pure expression of humanity,
making it a definite form of art
and a musical expression as well.
The first DJs received criticism
because just by remixing existing
records, they weren't composing
their own music, but it was all
the first Bronx DJs had to work
with. By sampling small parts of
songs, DJs could lay down con-
stant beats for MCs to rap over,
much in the same way Jamaicans
practiced traditional "toasting
which involved talking or chant-
ing over rhythms.
see HIP-HOP page B2
Reviewing yesteryear in music
win 1P8IHBp

Get out those old CDs and enjoy past classics.
Ska and punk edition
I was going through my album collection the
other day and I decided to revive some of the CDs
1 listened to when I was a wee teenage lad. These
were mainly ska and punk albums, but not all of
them were the same. So I thought to myself, "maybe
others would like to know about some cool albums
from this genre made around the mid 1990s
Operation Ivy's Energy is one of my favorite
albums ever. This album is a collection of primar-
ily everything the band ever recorded. Highlighted
by "Sound System "Warning" and "Knowledge
this album was a skapunk masterpiece at the time
of its creation. After this band broke up, a few of
the members went on to become what we know as
modern day Rancid.
Another band that is pretty good from this
genre is NOFX. This band, out of L.A is one of
the most influential bands in their realm of music.
In any of their albums, one will find political
messages and humor. These guys really had a lot
to say, and they found music to be their platform
of choice. So check these guys out if you are a fan
of this type of music, even if you are politically
apathetic or challenged.
Propaghandi is another punk band, oddly
enough, that doesn't care too much for ska music
and isn't afraid to speak its mind about America and
our politics. These guys are from Canada and have
quite a bit to say about their southern neighbor and
what our government likes to do. All of which is
fine and dandy because they know Canada is the
Euro Disney parking lot. Well, if they didn't know,
they might now.
Anti-flag is another band similar in their
approach of wanting to express discomfort with the
way things are going, but in a different way. These
guys are actually from the States and, despite the
name, are quite pro-America. These guys are just
anti-government, so there is a difference in the
way their message comes off. Their punk music has
always been good, no matter what they say. Notice
the running theme with good punk.
On a pure ska note, Hepcat is one of my personal
favorites. This blend of island music meets the soul
of L.A. ska and leaves me wanting to dance with a
lady to the sweet sounds of relaxation. Don't look
for the leering political message in this; it's all
about the music.
Following this theme, albeit with a soft politi-
cal message, the Toasters' Dub 56 is a great addi-
tion to any ska fanatic's collection. These guys are
also from L.A but they have a more upbeat and
less angry tone about their songs. It is never morfr
apparent than in their song "Mona They also have
the big band sound to them, so if that's your thing,
listen to them and enjoy.
A band similar to the Toasters are The Pietasters,
who are worth praise and a bit of your listening
time. The D.C.Maryland-based band is quite the
entertaining group to see live. Their infectious
"Maggie Mae" is an ode to their favorite beer-bring-
see PUNK page B2

from page B1
from page B1
lately: you'll get exactly what you
think you're getting when you
pay for a ticket.
Grade: B
This writer can be contacted at
ing maiden. It's an awesome song
and the performers definitely do
it justice.
Others to check out include
Buck O'Nine, Mephiskapheles,
Less Than Jake, The Dead Kenne-
dys, The Slackers, Skankin' Pickle,
MU330 and Rancid. Such a great
and diverse music selection, so
little time. Enjoy it people and
keep rockin' out.
This writer can be contacted at
features@theeastcarollhian. com.
Report news students need to know.
Accepting applications for STAFF WRITERS
- Learn investigative reporting skills
Must have at least a 2.0 GPA
WE'VE MOVEDII Apply at our NEW office located uptown at the Self Help Building
100F E. 3rd St
Hlp-l)0P from page B1
The first rap hit was "Rapper's
Delight" by New York natives
Sugar Hill Gang. This got hip-
hop and rap rolling into the
mainstream media. The devel-
opment of gangster rap led to
turmoil in the media due to the
illegal and misogynistic activi-
ties glorified in the lyrics, but
this only gave rap more attention.
Hip-hop is still a very young
genre, and it has taken 20 years
for it to be accepted culturally,
which is only an indication that
people shouldn't fear change, but
should be more open minded
when it comes to new forms of
musical expression.
This writer can be contacted at
features@theeas tcarolinian. com.
Movies with Heroes shows valiant effort
Call Today
to Reserve Your

'Nothing Here is Perfect' is almost too
ironic of an album title
After five years of touring and attempting to
find a following by releasing independent records,
Movies with Heroes will launch the CI Records
produced Nothing Here is Perfect on March 28 for
the masses.
The Lancaster, Pa quintet revolves around Jeff
Royer (vocals, keyboards and programming) and
Keith Wilson (vocals and guitar). Jeremy Bentley
plays drums accompanied by Patrick Kirchner
and Chiemena Ukazim on guitar. The band likens
themselves to bands such as The Killers, Death Cab
for Cutie and The Cure.
As a huge supporter of The Killers and DCFC
even before they experienced mainstream suc-
cess and as a huge admirer of The Cure, Movies
with Heroes are quite confused on what their
sound really is.
The band's MySpace page describes their music
as a "working man's Foo Fighters or Coldplay with
a doctorate For a band that solidified in 2000,
that is quite a bold statement for musicians who
really haven't had time to make a definitive sound.
Instead, they are taking the signature sounds of
other bands in the emopunkindie rock genre to
try to set them apart.
Nothing Here is Perfect is an astute choice for the
album title. Mixed by Ed Rose, who has also done
albums for The Get Up Kids and Reggie and the Full
Effect, a lot of energy and enthusiasm has definitely
gone into making the album.
The 10-track release, just 240 seconds shy of 40
minutes, begins with alien-conjuring sounds in the
opening track, aptly named "Wake Up It follows
with probably the most catchy of their tracks, "Ink
which has the best shot for rotation if not on MTV,
at least on Fuse.
1 Definitely press the next button when arriving
on track four, "Nothing Here, the channeling of
I all things The Killers creates a painful three minutes
with an irritating repetition of "it's nothing" too
many times to count or enjoy.
Upon first listen of Nothing Here is Perfect, it is
neither surprising nor exciting until arriving on the
seventh song. The formulaic album prepares you
for more "emo screamo" blended with punk when
all of a sudden, a soft side emerges. "The Wave" is
a song of great beauty that swirls Royer's voice with
a chorus of voices and guitar.
It is this curve ball and shift into more pen-
sive and heartfelt songs that will keep listeners
from stopping after the fourth song, which can
happen so often. The vocal shift from the feel of
Dashboard Confessional to Weezer is a very wel-
coming change.
For those who enjoy supporting new artists
in this ever-broadening genre of emopunkindie
rock, Nothing Here is Perfect is an album worth look-
ing into. While there is nothing really separating
them from other established bands, they are young,
dumb and full of an enthusiastic desire to share
their music with everyone.
Bottom Line: download Ink on iTunes and see
if 13-year-old girls will like them enough to put
them on TRL.
This writer can be contacted at
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Page B4 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
THURSDAY March 9, 2006
Voice' behind the microphone
Jeff Charles continues
passion for broadcasting
ECU sports
He's known simply as "The
Voice But Jeff Charles' most
important sense may be his eyes,
which serve as a filter between
the live event and those hopeful
fans scattered across the nation
relying on his story.
Charles is an artist who has to
paint his canvas with words. His
inflection, tone and vocabulary
have to create a mental image for
the fans unable to attend. Because
of Charles' talents, Pirate fans have
come to trust his account as an unbi-
ased viewpoint. For the younger
Pirate generation, the 53-year-old
veteran's on-air presence has been
the only "Voice of the Pirates
Getting started and Sportscen-
ter serve as a grazing pasture
for sports fans ready to con-
sume every updated analysis
and fact. But a generation ago,
the common medium was radio.
Charles remembers huddling
around his transistor in Piqua,
Ohio as a kid listening intently
to professional teams.
"We all grew up listening to
radio guys, and those guys were
our heroes especially major league
baseball guys said Charles.
Charles cited the longtime
Cleveland Cavalier play-by-play
announcer Joe Tate and ex-Chi-
cago Bear and current Purdue
broadcaster Joe McConnell as
childhood influences. Charles also
included Dom Valentino of the
defunct Cincinnati Royals, which
are now the Sacramento Kings.
As is the case with most broad-
casters, Charles learned at an
early age that visions of the play-
ing in the NBA or NFL were slim.
"You learn at an age that you
don't really have it Charles said
about his athletic career.
"I mean, I played sports in
high school. I really decided
to pursue broadcasting when
I was a junior in high school,
and when you first start in this
business, you have to do a little
bit of everything. I started hang-
ing around my hometown radio
station, doing everything from
taking out the trash to whatever
just get some experience
Charles learned more by
attending a broadcasting school
In Columbus, Ohio. Charles then
graduated from Goshen College,
located 25 miles northwest of
South Bend, Ind. While attending
Goshen, Charles worked for the
local station doing 60-70 high
school games per year.
"Well, I think it's part the
voice, but I think it's part the
knack Charles said about devel-
oping his voice for the business.
"I think you just have to have
a natural feel, ability, a natural
knack to be able to do this
The early years
Charles propelled his college
experience into calling the Uni-
versity of Illinois football games
for two years. At age 28, Charles
sent off a demo tape to WSB-AM,
a 50,000 watt Clear Channel sta-
tion in Atlanta. Six weeks later,
Charles was hired by WSB-AM
legend Elmo Ellis, who spent 42
years at the station. Fourteen
months after taking his dream
job hosting a sports talk show
heard in 38 states, Charles was
found unemployed when man-
agement cleaned house.
"At 28 you're a bit little
naive still; I felt like I'd be in
Atlanta forever or just go on
from there someplace else
Charles said about being laid off
for the first time.
"It was a wake up call to how
the corporate world works. It
was nothing that I did wrong or
did bad, I just got caught up in a
transition period
Charles quickly latched on at
Furman University in Greenville,
S.C. calling football games in 1982.
Current Furman Head Coach
Bobby Lamb was a freshman quar-
terback for Dick Sheridan, who
would later become the opposing
head coach during one of Charles'
most memorable calls. It was at
Furman where Charles developed
the "paint it purple" slogan that
he's so closely associated with.
"I think it came up on the
spur of the moment one time
Charles said. "It just came out
and I can't even remember the
first game it came out
Charles recalls using the moni-
ker during Furman's upset win 28-
23 over South Carolina, but isn't
sure it was the first time he used it.
After the 1982 season, Charles
landed a similar job at Virginia
Tech. While thoroughly enjoy-
ing his five year stint, Charles
found himself surrounded by
state politics.
"It was a great learning expe-
rience Charles said about his
play-by-play job and host of the
coaches' show. "I had never been
exposed to the politics of college
athletics. I got a real awakening
The Pirate pride
Then-ECU athletic director
Dave Hart, Jr hired Charles in
1988. Hart, Jr. had contacted
Charles in 1986, so when Hart, Jr.
came calling again in 1988, the
see CHARLES page B6
Mavericks' forward Josh Howard will run basketball camps In Wlnston-Salem this summer.
Former Wake Forest
star declines USA invite
(KRT) Josh Howard's
decision to elevate community
over country can be respected.
But it's hard to figure it
The Mavericks' forward
was given entry into an elite
Inner circle and turned it
down. Instead of spending his
summer with Kobe Bryant and
LeBron James and Dwyane
Wade, building his profile while
building a U.S. team that can
win the gold medal in the 2008
Olympics, he chose to spend
it with underprivileged kids
in his hometown of Winston-
Salem, N.C.
Howard's devotion, at the
expense of his own career, is as
affecting as it is baffling.
A lot of people don't get
Howard's decision; many of
them work for the Mavericks.
I'm not sure I get it either since
it was possible for him to be part
of U.S. team and still conduct
his basketball camps.
Howard is so comfortable
in his own skin, so oblivious
to the ramifications of his deci-
sion that any negative reaction
rolls off his back. He sought
minimal advice from anyone
in the Mavericks organization
before declining his invitation.
The lack of dialogue makes
some wonder if his upcoming
contract talks played a part in
the decision.
"I'm never worried about
how I'm viewed said Howard,
who is more concerned about
a strained hamstring that has
kept him out of the last two
"I do what I do for myself
and my family. That's going to
always come first. Then it's my
job with the Mavericks
Howard wasn't even on USA
Basketball's radar screen when
the process got under way. But
the more the Mavericks won,
the more it became clear that
Howard was the second most
important player on the team
behind Dirk Nowitzki.
Howard learned Feb. 11 that
he would probably be invited to
tryout. The paperwork came a
little more than two weeks later.
Once he saw the schedule, he
thought to himself, "this ain't
no good
The July training camp
was no problem. The problem
came in the final two weekends
of August when Howard had
committed to run his basket-
ball camps. That overlapped
with the World Championship,
which will be played in Japan
from Aug. 19 to Sept. 3.
There is no assurance
Howard would have made the
final 12-man roster. That would
have cleared him to return to
Winston-Salem, yet still be a
part of the national team with
a chance to land a spot on the
Olympic roster In two years.
And there were other
options. Howard could have
moved his camps. He could
have accepted the invitation
and asked Jerry Colangelo, the
managing director who put the
team together, for permission to
miss the tournament if he made
the team.
The last option was one he
didn't explore.
"That wouldn't have been
fair Howard said.
It's ironic. Howard cited
the traits Colangelo looked for
in putting together this group,
a sense of commitment and a
strong belief in the importance
of team, as reasons to decline
his invitation.
But it's hard to escape the
nagging suspicion that more
is at work here. Did Howard's
pride at not being considered
see DECLINE pace S5
Game of Shadows" to
be released March 27
Barry Bonds works out during training camp for the San Francisco Giants amid steroid rumors.
'KRT) A new book accuses
Barry bonds of using a sophisti-
cated doping regimen to trans-
form his body into a home-run-
hitting machine, providing a new
level of detail to the mounting
allegations that the Giants slug-
ger used performance-enhancing
Excerpts from Game of Shad-
ows, written by two San Francisco
Chronicle reporters, portray
Bonds as a jealous star willing to
turn his body into a chemistry
experiment in his quest for base-
ball greatness.
But the writers also indict
everyone associated with base-
ball, from Giants management to
baseball officials to sport jour-
nalists and even fans, for defend-
ing Bonds and ignoring the truth:
That Bonds' late-career power
surge, which has put him on the
cusp of baseball's most cherished
record, was drug-fueled.
Many of the charges con-
tained in the book, set for release
March 27, are not new. Bonds
previously had told a grand jury
that he unknowingly used two
designer steroids, "the cream"
and "the clear provided by the
now-infamous BALCO Labora-
But the book adds fresh infor-
mation about what he alleg-
edly took and summarizes the
long-running drama in a way
that packs a devastating wallop,
much like a Bonds home run.
Most significantly, it states with-
out equivocation that Bonds
was completely aware, despite
repeated denials, that he was
using a wide assortment of illegal
performance-enhancers, includ-
ing bodybuilders' favorite steroid,
stanozolol, which was injected
into his buttocks.
It alleges that jealousy over
the attention Mark McGwire
received during his successful
assault on Roger Maris' single-
season home run record in 1998
is the reason Bonds turned to
chemicals. The book, according
to an excerpt to be published
in this week's Sports Illustrated,
claims Bonds then began using
drugs for at least five years to get
the spotlight back on him.
Bonds eclipsed McGwire's
mark with 73 homers in 2001
and now stands at the doorstep
of baseball's ultimate mark. His
708 career home runs trail only
Babe Ruth (714) and Hank Aaron
At the Giants' spring train-
ing camp in Scottsdale, Ariz
Bonds told reporters Tuesday he
had just learned about the book
and wouldn't be reading It or the
magazine excerpt.
"I won't even look at It
Bonds said. "There's no reason
The authors, Mark Fainaru-
Wada and Lance Williams, say
the book is the result of more
than 200 interviews as well as
court documents, affidavits filed
by investigators and records that
were seized from BALCO founder
Victor Conte and personal trainer
Greg Anderson. Much of the
information has been reported
before in the Chronicle, Mercury
News and other media. But never
have there been such damn-
ing and detailed accusations of
Bonds' drug use.
Among the book's most
explosive accusations:
That Bonds hit a pharmaceu-
tical grand slam, taking drugs
through injections, pills, skin
creams and drops under his
tongue. Bonds took the steroids
stanozolol (which cost sprinter
Ben Johnson his 1988 Olympic
gold medal), Deca-Durabolin,
trenbolone and testosterone de
canoate (also known as Mexican
beans and normally used in
cattle), as well as insulin, human
growth hormone and modafinil
a stimulant used to combat nar-
His personal trainer-friend
Anderson, who got many of
them from Conte, provided
them. Anderson and Conte were
sentenced to a combined seven
months of prison time in the
BALCO case.
Giants management turned a

9, 2006
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200 G-0 Verdant Dr. Greenville, NC
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Managen I
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Apartments 4 Rental Houses
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sHuvers are

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Operations and Supply Chain
College of Business
Department of Decision Sciences
Bate 3410 - 252328-6893
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Job postings: core.ecu.edudsciwestdjoblistingsjobbanb.mht
from page B4
blind eye to Bonds' suspected drug use, even after
background checks revealed that Anderson was
rumored to be a dealer and that Burlingame's World
Gym, where Bonds trained, was a place where
steroids were available. Anderson was allowed free
run of the Giants' clubhouse because management
didn't want to upset its star.
Bonds' mistress, Kimberly Bell, began saving
her voice mail messages after Bonds threatened
to kill her. Bell said steroids were to blame for his
quick temper.
Bonds cheated on his income taxes by not
reporting at least $80,000 in income from memo-
rabilia sales that he used to buy Bell a house in
The book also further tarnishes the image of
baseball and its leaders, who have been accused of
ignoring steroid use among players.
Rich Levin, a baseball spokesman, said officials,
including Commissioner Bud Selig, could not com-
ment because they haven't seen the book.
Bonds' agent, Jeff Borris, told the Associated
Press: "I've read what was reported. Barry is look-
ing forward to playing this year and the improved
health of his knee, and being as productive as he's
ever been
No comments came from Giants Manager
Felipe Alou and a team spokeswoman.
"If it's about baseball, I'll talk to you Giants
General Manager Brian Sabean told a reporter
before an exhibition game in Peoria, Ariz. "If it's
not, and I've got a feeling that it's not, I've got
nothing to say
But Bonds and steroids is what everyone else
was discussing. The book only adds to the pile
of evidence that ballplayers felt they had to use
steroids to keep up.
Even Bonds, already on his way to the Hall of
Fame, apparently felt that way.
According to the book, he was enraged by how
the public became enchanted by McGwire's feats.
He was sure McGwire used steroids.
"They're just letting him do it because he's a
white boy Bonds told Bell.
He turned to Anderson in his effort to bulk up.
Anderson, who bought some of the drugs from
AIDS patients willing to sell their medications,
helped Bonds, then 34, add 15 pounds, to a hulking
225. Anderson would inject stanozolol in Bonds'
backside, although the ballplayer later learned to
do it himself.
Bonds, though, grew too big, too fast and he
suffered through an injury-plagued season in
1999 because his body couldn't handle the added
muscle. But Bonds expanded his drug use, and his
homer total jumped to 49 in 2000.
Before his epic 2001 season, Bonds met Conte.
The chemist offered the slugger new, undetectable
drug cocktails, including "the cream" and "the
clear Of course, they didn't actually need to be
undetectable because baseball did not yet have a
serious drug-testing program.
Meanwhile, Bell said Bonds showed signs of
steroid use, including hair loss, acne and mood
swings. In 2003, as their relationship was break-
ing down, Bell alleges that when she appeared late
for a hotel rendezvous, Bonds placed his hands
around her throat, put her up against a wall and
said: "If you ever (expletive) pull some (expletive)
like that again, I'll kill you, do you understand
Later that year, the public first learned of
BALCO. On Sept. 3 agents raided Conte's office and
Anderson's home. Conte implicated 27 athletes,
including Bonds.
Tuesday was a relatively normal day for Bonds.
Before speaking briefly to reporters, he took batting
practice and made a few playful tosses to one of his
trainers, Greg Oliver.
Bonds also watched as his godfather, Giants
legend Willie Mays, taped a segment for his upcom-
ing reality television series.
loin Aiwrira'i 1 SnioW Tom Operator
Don't Get
left Behind!
Book Today!
Aho Available: CAHCUN
1 -800-648-4849
from page B4
from the start of the process
cloud his judgment? He did say
if he had known earlier, he might
have been able to switch the
dates of his camps.
Did he look at the roster,
determine he would be compet-
ing with Memphis' Shane Battier
for the same spot and figure he
wouldn't make it since Battier
played for coach Mike Krzyze-
wski at Duke?
There's another possibility
that can't be discounted. Howard
is eligible to sign a lucrative five-
year extension this off-season.
He changed agents several weeks
ago. Why risk injury in a com-
petition owner Mark Cuban
doesn't exactly embrace with a
big payday on the horizon?
"That had nothing to
do with it Howard said.
Winston-Salem had every-
thing to do with it.
"It's a blessing and a great
honor to be recognized Howard
"But I have to go home and
do the things for the kids
"Before giving, I always look
for the Humane Seal
NOAH 0YLE. Star oINBCi t show EB
The Humane Charily Seal of Approval
guarantees that a health charity funds
vital patienrservlc'eS'or life-saving
medical research, but never animal experiments.
Council on Human Giving www HumaneSeai org
Washington, D C. 202-686-2210. ext 335
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real mrk exnerie
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for Summer and Fail
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You mil learn
Business to business sale teebniuues
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many more valuable work experiences
Pick up an application at The
East CarolinianSelf Help Building
100F Third Street (Uptown)
Call 328-9278 for more information

CtiarleS from page B4
(K-vi'ar-old broadcasting veteran
felt obligated.
Nearly 18 years later, Charles
has worked with five chancel-
lors, athletic directors, football
and men's basketball coaches. A
fixture on the second floor of the
Ward Sports Medicine Building,
Charles recalls when the building
was still a field.
"The facilities have changed
so much and with that the school
has gotten bigger Charles said
about watching upgrades at every
revenue sport.
"With that have come more
challenges in a lot of ways. When
I came here in 1988, it was almost
like a small family atmosphere.
It wasn't the big business that it
is today
Charles has teamed with ECU
Hall of Famer Carlester Crumpler
in the booth since arriving in
Greenville. Charles' job involves
hosting a radio call-in coaches'
show and a television coaches'
show. He also hosts a local sports
talk radio show, which he's been
doing for two years.
Aside from his play-by-play
duty, Charles is the director of
electronic media. In 1992, he
founded the Pirate Sports Tele-
vision Network to complement
the Pirate Sports Radio Network.
Prior to a Jan. 17 announcement
that ECU has teamed with ISP
Sports, a marketing firm based in
Winston-Salem, Charles was the
lone salesman to obtain sponsors
for the broadcasts. For years, the
moment that basketball season
ended in March until footbail
started in early August, Charles
was on the road selling advertise-
ments while locking in radio and
TV stations.
"It's taken a big load off my
shoulders Charles said about
the ISP announcement.
"Instead of having one person
do everything, you have five or six
people doing what I've been doing.
Anytime you have more people
selling, it's going to be a benefit
But Charles still remains a
play-by-play voice at heart. He's
called more than 180 football
games and more than 620 men's
basketball games at ECU. Among
the most memorable was ECU'S
37-34 come-from-behind win
over N.C. State (coached by
Sheridan) in the Peach Bowl on
New Year's Day in 1992. During
the same 11-1 season, Charles
fondly remembers Jeff Blake's
two-point conversion to upset
Pittsburg 24-23 inside Dowdy-
Ficklen Stadium.
In 2000, Charles was the recip-
ient of the N.C. Sportscaster of the
Year Award, beating out names
like Woody Durham, Bob Harris,
Bill Rosinski and Steve Martin.
"I tried to share it with every-
body at ECU and eastern N.C.
because no one had ever won it
from here Charles said choosing
to deflect the limelight toward
the region.
"And I thought it was neat
that somebody finally did and
got recognition for what ECU
was doing in broadcasting
Charles' talents brought him a
job offer from the Charlotte Hor-
nets back in 1991. But untimely
circumstances kept Charles in
Greenville. In 2005 when the
Carolina Panthers decided not
to renew Rosinski's contract,
Charles immediately became a
serious candidate. However, as
the process dragged on for nearly
three months, Charles decided
not to pursue the opening. For
ECU, it reassured that Charles
will remain an ECU employee.
"I really don't know Charles
said about retiring from the
"I can definitely see myself
doing this another six or so years.
After that, I'm not really sure. I'll
know when its time. I don't see
myself doing this forever and
dying in the press box
State of the business
Recently, when both former
football coach John Thompson
and men's basketball coach Bill
Herrion resigned, they both cred-
ited Charles' professionalism.
"It's been a pleasure to work
with Jeff because he is a true
professional said Si Seymour,
who has worked as the color
analyst with Charles during
men's basketball for the past eight
"I've learned a lot just by
working with him. He's going
to be accurate in everything
he does. Throughout the years,
he's maintained his spark and
his enthusiasm and that's really
Despite criticism, Charles
sticks to what has worked for 25
years as an announcer.
"1 am objective Charles
said. "If an opposing player
dunks one, taking off from the
free throw line, I'm going to get
really excited. I appreciate great
talent. That's part of the game
With the proliferation of
technology involving both cable
and the Internet, Charles says
that radio play-by-play announc-
ers are a dying breed.
"The role, quite honestly, of the
radio play-by-play guy is less than
that it used to be Charles said
citing jobs that aren't even on-air.
"Now there are some many
names on television that we
basically have to keep reinvent-
ing ourselves. We have to keep
selling the sizzle a little bit
This writer can be contacted at
Cd something to say? Send us you Pirate Ranis!
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The East Carolinian, March 9, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
March 09, 2006
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