The East Carolinian, March 1, 2006
Volume 81 Number 53 WEDNESDAY
March 1, 2006
Students and employers gathered at a very crowded Mlnges Coliseum Wednesday to discuss futures, job opportunities and Internships.
Career Center hosts Business Career Fair
Students should come
prepared to do business
The Career Center hosted the
2006 Business Career Fair last
Companies from all over
convened at Minges Coliseum to
present students with informa-
tion regarding possible employ-
ment. The companies present
took up nearly the whole second
floor of the coliseum.
Planning the Career Fair
requires quite a bit of time and
"We have a database of
employers said Suzanne Martin,
Assistant Vice Chancellor for
Academic Affairs.
"We start in the summer and
send out invitations to employ-
ers giving them dates for the fall
career fairs and the spring career
Businesses have also
approached the Career
Center for the chance to pres-
ent themselves at the fair.
One special feature of the
fair this year involved mock
job interviews with compa-
nies. The feature is intended
to give students the opportu-
nity to experience the atmo-
sphere of a live job interview.
"We had 700 mock inter-
view slots available and 500
students registered Marvin said.
Also available was the cre-
ation of a resume CD. The CD
was then handed out to employ-
ers for their viewing. Resumes
can also be, posted online.
Heather Engle, finan-
cial manager for Wells Fargo,
a full service consumer
lender, was present at the fair.
"We're looking to promote for
entry level positions in all of our
offices across the state of North
Carolina said Engle.
"ECU has one of the better
career fairs
An ECU alumna herself, Engle
went on to say how many gradu-
ates fill the entry-level positions
completing successful work.
"We have some firms that
come every year said Ginger
Johnson, marketing graduate
assistant for the Career Center.
"And it's getting larger and
larger every year
This is the first year that the
fair has been held in Minges
"I think that it is important
for students to think about get-
ting some experience prior to
looking for a job Martin said.
Whether it be an intern-
ship or some other method,
she believes it is necessary and
the job fair can help students
learn about opportunities.
Martin emphasized the
importance of having a mock
interview before going to a job
fair. She feels that the mock inter-
view will help students better
express their thoughts and gain
an idea of what interviews are like.
"It's definitely a great oppor-
tunity to meet employers said
Brian Comings, senior industrial
distribution major.
"All these huge colleges just
give you a degree and send you
on your way, so it really takes care
of you to get to know all these
employers here
Students interested in gather-
ing more information on their
intended careers or want to know
when the next career fair will be
can log onto ecu.edue3careers.
The writer con be reached at
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
Job-hunting ideas for new graduates
Despite a chronic case of seniori-
tis, you turned in that 100-page
term paper, presented the group
project for which nobody pulled
his weight, and completed final
exams. Now after surviving the
never-ending commencement
activities with your family, it's
time to kick back and take advan-
tage of some of your newfound
freedom. Right?
The grim reality is that you're
no longer on the Mom and
Dad gravy train. The rules have
changed and it's time to fend
for you, and that doesn't mean
waiting tables at your neighbor-
hood cafe or serving drinks at
your college stomping ground.
You're actually expected to put
your shiny, new, freshly minted
degree to work.
Fortunately, CareerBuiider.
com found there's good news
for the class of 2005. Sixty-two
percent of hiring managers plan
to recruit recent college graduates
this year and one-in-four say they
will be increasing starting salaries
over those offered in 2004.
"It's a different job market
today with more promising pros-
pects for college graduates says
Matt Ferguson, CEO of Career-
"Educated labor is in demand
and 18 percent of hiring manag-
ers say they plan to hire a greater
number of recent college graduates
this year than they did in 2004
In terms of compensation.
28 percent of hiring managers
expect to increase the starting
salaries for recent college gradu-
ates this year, and only 6 percent
plan to decrease them. Fifty-
nine percent of hiring managers
expect to offer less than $30,000,
and 26 percent will offer $30,000
to $39,000. An additional 10
percent will offer $40,000 to
$49,000 while 6 percent will offer
$50,000 or more.
With promising job oppor-
tunities, favorable salaries and
plenty of free time, new grads
should have no reason not to look
for that first job. Here are the top
things hiring managers look for
when sizing up a candidate:
"Twenty-eight percent of
hiring managers say the can-
didate's ability to relate their
experience to the job at hand is
the most important factor in the
hiring decision Ferguson says.
"Unfortunately, college grad-
uates often underestimate the
experience they have through
internships, part-time jobs and
extracurricular activities. In fact,
63 percent of hiring managers say
they view volunteer activities as
relevant experience
While interviews can be
nerve-wracking, employers are
looking for candidates who show
grace under pressure at all times.
Come in prepared to discuss how
your qualifications can specifi-
cally contribute to the success of
the company and always be
respectful of the interviewer's
time and position. And remember
to dress professionally and check
your bad habits at the door.
Just because you look good
on paper doesn't mean you're a
shoe-in for the job. Employers
want to make sure you'll be a
good fit within the company and
your new co-workers. Be yourself,
but mind your it's - never insult,
interrupt or irritate the inter-
viewer. Offering up a blank stare
when the interviewer asks why
you are the right fit for the job
will not go over well.
In the education section of
your resume, include the univer-
sity you received your degree from,
your major, minor and degree
earned. If relevant to the job,
include courses taken and com-
pleted projects. With grade point
average, it can be tricky. Include
it if the job requires it or it is high
(2.5 or higher), but if it doesn't
require it, then it's your call.
Employees who are passion-
ate about their jobs tend to be
more productive workers. The
answer to, "Why do you want to
work here?" should always focus
on the strengths of the company
and the challenge of the position,
not the perks. A "take or leave it"
attitude about the job will leave
the employer feeling the same
about you.
survey, "College Hiring 2005
was conducted from Feb. 24 to
March 3, 2005. Methodology
used to collect survey responses
totaling more than 600 hiring
managers for this study involved
selecting a random sample
of comScore Networks panel
Greetings Fellow Students,
My name is Thomas Doyle and I am the Student Union
President. First, I would like to thank you for supporting us by
attending our events throughout this year. We are excited to serve
you, the students. As a way of extending our gratitude to you,
tonight we are having a Casino night in the Pirate Underground.
We will be giving away some great prizes, there will be free food
and you are guaranteed to have a great time! Casino Night is
also our way of inviting each and every one of you to come out
and learn more about the Student Union. What better way to
get people involved than to give them free food and a chance to
win big at the casino? We want you to become
a part of our organization.
Our mission in the Student Union is to
provide diverse, quality programs that edu-
cate, as well as entertain, the community of
ECU. We provide events for all students, from
Bingo in Destination 360 to the free movies
in Hendrlx Theatre each week. Not only
can you participate at the events, you can
also become a volunteer and gain experience
behind the scenes as a committee member. Volunteering can lead
to becoming a chair of one of the seven committees, a member
of the executive board, or perhaps one day being President of the
Student Union. By joining the Student Union you will be able
to gain valuable knowledge applicable in the real world. Every
major is welcome and valuable!
To give you an idea of just some of the types of events Student
Union is responsible for and to give you the chance to have a
well-deserved break from classes and homework, I'm including
some of Student Union's upcoming events. Please come out, have
fun and get busy with the Student Union!
Be sure to mark your calendars because these are just some
of the upcoming events!
Tonight from 6 - 9 p.m. in the Pirate Underground we will
have a Casino Night. Great prizes like an iPod Shuffle, a digital
camera, a portable DVD player and cool ECU memorabilia are
available for you to win! There will also be free Bowling and Bil-
liards, along with some tasty free food. Come out and meet the
Student Union Program Board and learn what Student Union
is all about.
Also, tonight at 9 p.m. in Destination 360 there will be a
Casino Bingo. Come out to play for a chance to win big. Spon-
sored by the Student Union Spectrum Committee.
Starting March 6, the Visual Arts committee will be accepting
entries for the annual art competition, Illumnia. All students are
invited to submitl
Tuesday, March 21 at 7 p.m. in the Pirate Underground Steven
Kellogg and the Sixers will be playing for your listening enjoyment!
Sponsored by the Student Union Popular Entertainment Committee.
Friday, March 31 there will be a sneak preview of Pucked at 7
p.m. in Hendrix Theatre!
Sponsored by the Student Union Films Committee.
Wednesday, April 12 there will be a sneak preview of Ameri-
can Dreamz at 7 p.m. in Hendrix Theatre. Sponsored by Student
Union Films Committee.
Thursday, April 20 is Barefoot on the Mall! Our annual all day
event that will Include nationally known bands and will feature
a carnival-like atmosphere.
This is just a brief calendar of events. For a full list of our
vents you can go to our Web site.
We are always seeking new volunteers. Volunteer as much
or as little time as you can manage. What is important is your
involvement. Where else can you help decide on some of the
major events that come to campus than being on a Student
Union Committee?
So come and be a part of something bigger!
Get busy with the Student Union!
Thomas Doyle
Student Union President
236 Mendenhall Student Center
Greenville, NC 27858
Campus safety is
Keeping your resume out of the "no" pile ;mPrtf Jt0 a"students
( The
last time you applied for a job
and didn't get an interview, was
your resumS tossed on the "no"
pile after someone skimmed it
for only a few seconds, or did the
employer read it carefully and
you just missed making the cut?
Seventy recruiters met
recently at the University of
Calgary's Haskayne School of
Business to discuss what can
make or break a resume. The
recruiters represented a variety of
industries including oil and gas,
tourism, technology and finan-
cial services, and some of what
they revealed may surprise you.
An employer may review
100 or more resumes in an hour,
spending only 20-30 seconds on
each one.
"Recognize that most employ-
ers are using the resume to screen
you out rather than to select you
in says Derek Chapman, Ph.D
professor of industrial organiza-
tion and psychology at the Has-
kayne School of Business.
"If you don't catch my eye,
you're out one recruiter said.
That doesn't mean you should
use bright pink paper or multi-
colored lettering, but several
recruiters said they don't mind
applicants including a photo.
Creative photos (such as the shot
an applicant included of herself
in a snow suit with snowmen on
either side and a caption saying
"I'm the one in the middle")
might help land the interview.
However, Chapman cautions
against including a photo. "A
photo can be used to screen you
out on the basis of your sex, age,
national or ethnic origin, etc. If
someone hires you for your good
looks, are you sure you want to
work for that supervisor?"
A better way to catch an
employer's eye is to include
names of well-known compa-
nies you have worked for. As
one recruiter explained, if you
previously worked for a repu-
table company, it enhances your
application "because they have
some standards Employers
are likely to assume you will
be a good employee because
you successfully passed that
company's hiring process and
were well-trained. If you haven't
been employed by any large
companies, consider doing an
internship or volunteer work for
a well-known organization.
Surprisingly, "name drop-
ping" only works when mention-
ing companies. The recruiters
said they are turned off when an
applicant writes in a cover letter
that they were referred by some-
one such as a company executive.
The employers said if someone
really thinks you are a good appli-
cant that person should deliver
the resume to the recruiter or
phone on your behalf.
While employers want resu-
mes that are error-free, making a
mistake such as addressing your
cover letter to the wrong com-
pany won't necessarily disqualify
you from the job. Of course, it
depends on the employer. For
some recruiters, that kind of
mistake is inexcusable. However,
many others will allow one or
two mistakes - even stapling
the second page upside down
- as long as you have the right
To minimize mistakes, proof-
read your resume. Your spell-
checker doesn't know you meant
to say "manager" instead of
see JOBS page A2
Defend yourself, ask
questions later
When attending school away
from home, It is easy for students
to remember we are taking care
of ourselves by ourselves. Luckily,
the statistics for campus related
crimes, especially hate crimes,
have not been high in recent
years. Nearly none have been
ECU provides many links on
their Web site to access reports,
statistics and safety tips. It
informs students on the impor-
tance of keeping dormitory and
apartment doors locked as well as
other safety precautions.
Students are encouraged to
walk with each of your keys
between your fingers. Many
students keep mace or pepper
spray with them most of the
time, especially when going out
at night. Being downtown at
night, drunk or sober, can make
you more vulnerable to being
sexually assaulted and to other
attacks as well. Alcohol does not
bring out the best in everyone,
including the inevitability of
poor judgment when you push
your tolerance.
When you are outside, mainly
at night, don't hesitate to take
advantage of Safe Ride. That is
what they are here for, making
sure you get back to where you are
going safely. Play it safe. Be care-
ful. Most of us aren't trying to die
right now, so lets stay focused and
do what we need to do to protect
each other and most of all, our-
selves. You could be saving a life.
For more information on campus
crimes, visit ecu.educs-admin
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
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from page A7
will soon disprove.
Since he wasn't offered a spot
on the Trojan roster, Jason took
up the job of team manager. His
job consists of keeping the stats,
running the clock, handing out
water bottles and other common
managerial responsibilities. He's
carried out his duties faithfully
since his freshman year.
Season after season, game
after game, minute after minute,
Jason cheered his team on to
victories and supported it after
losses. He attended every practice
and was the characterization of
dedication. He was as devoted to
the team as anyone on the roster
and Greece Athena Head Coach
Jim Johnson, recognized that.
"And he is happy to do it
Johnson said to the Messenger.
"He is such a great help and
is well-liked by everyone on the
That's why he allowed Jason
to suit up for the final home game
of the season.
There was no guarantee Jason
would even see playing time.
With the division title on the
line, Johnson wasn't about to
jeopardize his team's title shot
for the sake of letting Jason play.
However, with four minutes
remaining in the game and the
Trojans up by a considerable
lead, the coach sent McElwain
to the scorer's table to signify his
entry in to the game. Finally, his
chance had arrived.
Jason stepped foot on to the
court. The home crowd simply
erupted. It was a sight not regu-
larly seen at a high school sport-
ing event. Fans were prepared for
his entry; students held up signs
bearing his nickname "J-MAC"
and cutouts of his face were placed
on Popsicle sticks that were waved
about frantically. The referee
whistled for the game to resume.
Almost instantaneously, the
ball came to him.
Jason missed his first two
shots, a three that sailed com-
pletely off-course and a layup
that didn't cooperate. A sudden
feeling of regret overtook Coach
Johnson as he thought he'd made
a mistake and embarrassed the
young man. However, this senti-
ment would quickly disappear as
Jason received a pass and stroked
a three, all net. ,
"As soon as the first shot went
in that's when I started to get
going he said.
Like a streaking college player
hitting shots left and right, Jason
nailed three more threes con-
secutively. He took another, his
foot was on the line though, and
had to settle for a two.
Jason was on fire.
After each made shot, fans,
players and every other individ-
ual in attendance that didn't fall
in to one of the aforementioned
categories went crazy. People
were jumping out of their seats in
pure joy and pandemonium. The
little autistic boy had just nailed
five straight shots in the division
title game. It was amazing.
"It was as touching as any
moment I have ever had in sports
Johnson told the Messenger.
Jason finished with stats
players at any level would be
boastful of. In the four minutes
of playing time he saw, Jason
scored 20 points and was 6-for-10
for threes. The Trojans won the
game 79-43.
"I ended my career on the
right note said Jason. "I was
really hotter than a pistol
After the game, fans stormed
the court. His teammates and
fellow students carried Jason
off the court. Sporting a white
headband and donning the
white-on-green Trojan uniform,
he extended his arm in to the air
like a victorious superstar who
had just won the world champi-
onship. Jason fft the bill of a star.
For a short time, he wasn't
just Jason McElwain, the small
autistic boy who loved basketball
and was his high school team's
manager. He was Jason McEl-
wain, the man of the hour and
the guard with the smooth jump
shot that led his team to victory
and a division title.
Even though he'll be resum-
ing his managerial duties and
won't be suiting up for the Tro-
jans in the upcoming chance at a
sectional title, he'll still be there
in the flesh.
His amazing feat will still be
fresh in the minds of those who
witnessed it and those who heard
about it. What he accomplished
is a testament to the potential of
the human mind and body. It was
the culmination of a life of genu-
ine passion for and dedication to
a game he cherished.
I just hope that people every-
where can learn of Jason McEl-
wain. His achievement puts
life in to perspective. It's not
all about the larger-than-life
heroes and their domination of
the spotlight. It's about people
like Jason rising above what's
assumed or expected by blowing
away our societal preconceptions
of what life is really about and
showing what people are really
capable of despite those assump-
This writer can be contacted at
Cdt something to say? Send
us yowPimte Rants!
General Motors
CobaltHHR Promotion
QJorono Jiqhi
ioodi VdhyM To.niiit
re you a student with a mental illness out are ashamed of the
that comes with it?
Or does someone you care aboot have a mental illness?
Do you want tp see the stigma erased?
Tnen Please Come Join
East Carolina University's Voice On Mental illness!
We Meet the I" Thursday of Every Month 3 6: JOpm
In the Ledonia Wright Cultural Center
East Carolina University
Our next meeting is March 2nd
For more information, call Crick at (2J2) 555-5217or Olivia at (252) 75-l2$
W World's largest and longest keg party.
"T" Unlimited drift beer all week longl -T"
17403 Front leach Rd. Panama City Beach, Fl 3S413
USA Calendar
s Alloy Marketing
& Promotions
' ftntattvety Khcdukd, Call
for final Khtdult detail
Panama City Beach has been a along with Classmates USA's
Spring Break hot spot for as long as calendar model search. Spring
most Spring Breakers can remember. Breakers can expect plenty more of
The Sandpiper-Beacon Beach the same this year with bikini and
Resort has been at the forefront of wet t-shirtwet jockey shorts contests
Spring Break activities in Panama daily and nightly.
City Beach since 1990. The Sandpiper is never short on
Its popularity stems from its big-time entertainment, hosting such
"World's Largest and Longest Keg acts as Bob Marley's Wailers. Tone
Part)" and on-site resort bar, giving Loc and other major acts. Tentatively
Spring Breakers plenty to do without scheduled for this year are the Black
ever leaving the resort. DJ Big Eyed Peas performing on the beach
Donna has been playing the hottest behind the Sandpiper Beacon during
dance mixes since 1995 and the Jay Leno's show. Metro Nightclubs
Sandpiper has been host to is a Spring Break sponsor giving
other well-known DJ's including away swimwear and the Corona
DJ Skribble. The Sandpiper-Beacon Beach Volleyball Tournament is
brings the party to you - no driving, scheduled to take place behind the
just walk up to your room from the bar. Sandpiper this year. There will be
MTV's The Real World was at entertainment all day and all night at
the Sandpiper in 2005 with MJ and the hotel throughout spring break.
Robin as special guests at an Visit
AxeStuff Magazine Beach Party, to see what's on tap for Spring Break
They sponsored a model search, keg 2006 at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach
party, free beer and a swimsuit Resort in beautiful Panama City
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also brought in model searches, 800-488-8828.
Paid Advertisement
ivy 27th pajfJ&tty -You're invited to an evening
lpering, fun, and felirig good about yourself Massage;
care, skin care, and more Door prices and giveaways?
lendenhall Student Center Great Ro6m 5pfn-8pm
irch I - "How to Survive a Day At the Beach In Yoiir
Swimsuit" - Presentation to improve your body image and enjoy
yourself just as you are. HHl
Student Recreation Center Classroom 5pm - 6pm
March 2 Eating Disorder Screening r Confidential screen-
ing and referrals offered by Student Health Services
Mcndenhail Student Center room 14 2pm-4pm
online eating disorder screening at wvnv.ecu.edustudenthealth
Eating Disorder andt Body Inge: Education Centers-
Wright Place, Croat an, West End, Todd Dining Hall, Studfejit
Recreation Center. Student, Healrh Services, and 'Center for
Counseling and Student Development!
Are you ready to gain
real mrk expertdfflSf
in a college
Positions available
for Summer and Fall

.ill li'tiN:V5fi
foil iviII learn
Business to business sale techniuues
How to organize and prioritize
many more valuable work exoeriences
Pick up an application at The
East CarolinianSelf Help Building
100F Third Street (Uptown)
Recreational Services and Student He ait
Call 328-9278 for more information

Get Started. Get Ahead. Live.
Summer School 2006
Casino night
MARCH I, 2006
6 TO 9 PM
ip0d shuffle
?portable byo Player
playstation 2

SGA Presii
being moi
first writii
of making
many com
language 1
M. Cc
dent, sai
Grant h
The I
ness Trust
ECU $80,
the numt
the ages c
in impli
that will
aged smt
Childs, C
Warren ;
be the p
the lead
that the
the numl
cine and
ect are
Health E
tion and
the help

Page A9
The East Carolinian, Self Help Building Phone (252) 328-9238 Fax (252) 328-9143 WEDNESDAY March 1,2006
Brand new 2 & 3 bedroom
townhouses for rent. 1.5 to 2.5
baths. Dudley's Grant off Firetower
Rd. All appliances. WasherDryer
hook-ups $745-845 per month. Call
341-0223 for more information.
Walk to Campus! 1 block from
campus. 2 bedroom apartments
with hard wood floors and central
heatair. Washer, dryer, dishwasher,
high-speed internet, basic cable,
water fit sewer all included. Available
AprilMay 1st. Call Mike 439-0285.
Find your place for the fall semester
early and save! Early bird discount
of $50 off normal monthly rent
for preleasing. 3 units available for
8106 move-in dates and 1 for
6106. All units are 3 bedroom,
2 bath and include Washer
Dryer. They have Vaulted ceilings,
1200 sq. ft. and are beautifully
painted. Call 252-327-4433 View at
Pre-leasing forfall semester (August
move-in dates!) Houses and
duplexes of all sizes available all
within a few blocks from campus!
View at Call
252-327-4433 for an appointment.
University Court Apartments Newly
renovated 1 BR Student Apts. 5
blocks from ECU campus $365mo.
rent water included call 752-6425
Walk to Campus! 6, 5, 4, 3 & 2
bedroom houses all 1-2 blocks
from campus. Central HeatAir.
Large bedrooms. Washer, dryer,
high-speed internet, basic cable and
alarm system all included in rent.
Several units available June 1st and
August 1st. Call Mike 439-0285.
For Rent 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Brick
Duplex Central Air, Stancil Dr.
Walking Distance to ECU $540
month Pets ok w fee. Call 353-2717.
Sublease: One Bedroom Apartment.
Rent is $380. Can move-in right
away. 15 minute walk to school.
Pet friendly. Call me for more
information (352) 283-2407
Now accepting applications for
summer and fall at Captains
Quarters, University Terrace,
Tower Village, The Trellis. Call
Hearthside Rentals 355-2112 or
355-5923. Visit our website at www.
One two Brs. on-site management
maintenance Central heat air 6,9,12
month leases Water Cable included
ECU bus Wireless Internet pets
dishwasher disposals pool laundry
(252) 758-4015
Two Bedroom - One Bath - Pets ok
- Large backyard. WasherDryer
hookup - hardwood floors - Jarvis
Street $550 - monthly. Call 355-
1731 or 531-7489
Riverwalk homes! Pre-leasing for
August 2006 Rent $895 per month.
Three Bedrooms, three baths, on
ECU bus route. Call CP Management
714-2199 or 756-8690
The Buccaneer is back! The ECU
yearbook has returned so make sure
to reserve your copy. Order online at
www.yearbookupdatesecu or call
1-888-298-3323 Hurry! Deadline
to order is 5pm 4-24-06
Need a Pet Sitter For Spring Break?
Make Reservations Now! References
"Before giving, I
always look for the
Humane Seal
Star of NBC's hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of
Approval guarantees that a health
charity funds vital
patient services or
life-saving medical
research, but never
animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington, D.C.
www. HumaneSeal. org
202-686-2210, ext. 335
It's Back!
WZMB will be hosting another Speed Dating round!
March 9, 2006
Great Room 1
To sign up call 328.4751 or just stop by the station in the
basement of Mendenhall.
Refreshments will be served!
ECU Plastic
Richard Zeri, MD
Call 252-744-5291
to schedule your
confidential consultation.
Available. Call 412-2445 Only $12
A Day.
help wan-Fed"
Wanted: Student to help three
kids ages 14, 13, and 9 with
homework. Must have CPA of
3.4 or better and be strong
In math and science. Must be
non-smoker, flexible hours,
transportation, available to
work afternoons, nights, and
some weekends. Call 252-917-
6787 for Interview.
Bartenders wanted! Up to $250
day. No experience necessary.
Training provided. Call (800) 965-
6520. ext. 202
Women Needed For Exercise Study
We are looking for sedentary,
overweight women to participate
in a research study. Compensation
up to $100. For more info e-mail
Emily at
Campus Towers in Greenville, NC
seeks a general manager or leasing
manager to provide leadership in the
development and implementations
of a comprehensive marketing
and leasing program with the
goal of 100 occupancy. Campus
Towers is a new student housing
facility serving the students of East
Carolina University. Candidates
with experience in student housing
preferred. Bachelor's degree, self-
motivation, strong computer,
interpersonal communication skills,
and an energetic and positive sales
approach required. To apply, please
send resume to nheard@campusadv.
com; fax to 512-472-0982; or call
Tiara Too Jewelry Colonial Mall Part-
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Awesome NC Mountain Summer
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com 828-884-6834
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Time (11a-2p) M-F and weekend
availability required. 2-way radios
allow you to be anywhere in
Greenville when not on a delivery.
Reliable transportation a must.
Call 551-3279 between 2-5 only.
Sorry Greenville residents and year
around dorm residents only.
ECU Recreational Services is seeking
motivated counselors for its Summer
Camps. This six-week program offers
competitive wages for 35-40 hours
per week. Contact Mark Parker at
328-1565 or
The Greenville Greens, an affiliate of
the NC Green Party, meets monthly
on the first Thursday of each month.
Nextmeeting is Thursday, March 2,
at 7pm, Sheppard Memorial Library,
Room B. A true progressive voice
in NC politics! Contact us at ncgp. Spring
BreakGrad Week 1-800-645-3618
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$100 Per Person fit Up!
Recognition for
& Service
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FdUX P3S from page A5
tunately, it was a slow journey
with many bumps in the road.
Men stayed fairly true to
the stand by of jeans and a
T-shirt, taking a brief stop in
Crazy Town where they thought
displaying half of their under-
wear was a good decision.
Ladies continued the bad
hair trend by incorporating their
scrunchie into their coiffe of choice.
Adding salt to the wound was
placing more than one scrunchie
into a ponytail, especially if the
colors clashed or it had a strange
design on it.
With the release of the movie
Clueless in 1995, dressing like a
child became the choice for many
in the mid-1990s. Suddenly
baby-doll dresses paired with
white-laced leggings and chunky
platforms were everywhere. Also
added into this trend was the use
of crushed velvet and velour. The
1960s and 1970s seemed to be
back and no one was safe.
As the millennium drew to a
close, a scary fashion statement
was initiated for girls. Cotton knits
with a camouflage print began
to prevail among the 12-18 set.
At the same time, zebra and
leopard print reappeared. While
this wasn't a blatant attack
on good fashion, mixing the
two or wearing an excessive
amount at one time could lead
to anything but "jungle love
The only serious crime of
fashion that has really domi-
nated the beginning of this
century are those infernal Ugg
boots. Ironically,,
the free encyclopedia, reports
that the word "ug" in Australia is
actually short for the word "ugly
While no one is arguing that they
assuredly are good for keeping
feet and calves are warm, its pair-
ing with a certain other fashion
staple, the mini-skirt, just plain
does not make sense.
If it is cold enough to be wear-
ing boots, how can it be warm
enough for a mini-skirt?
Also keep in mind that some
trends never seem to go away. It
is absolutely absurd when people
take symbolic items such as
? & Walker from page A5
10 Discount to
ALL Students j A
1525 S. Evans St, Greenville, NC T
MonSaL 9:30-6:00 Sun. IO0-400
Special Home Game Hours: Friday 8am-9pm A
Saturday 7am-10pm
Sunday 9:30am-4:30pm flU
Pnn Shirn Jflckm Swcarshin
1 ka sim
Dok Awtturk-t and mih. much motrl
I AWW I'll.lh'Mlltt . i i'II
ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft
one and only Reese Witherspoon.
Walker appealed to the teen
audience by appearing in movies
such as She's All That and Var-
sity Blues. He was anxiously
awaiting his "big break and
he finally received it in 2001
with The Fast and the Furious.
Another hit film for
Walker in 2001 was loy Ride,
which received good reviews from
the critics and from fans. Just two
years later, he was set to star in the
film S.W.A.T, but ended up leav-
ing the project and was replaced
by Colin Farrell. In 2002, he was
chosen by People Magazine as one
of the world's "50 Most Beautiful
Within the past month,
Walker has starred in two films.
First was Running Scared, which
is an action thriller, and Eight
Below, a family-friendly Disney
movie set in Antarctica. In its first
four days of release, Eight Below
grossed more than $24 million.
With charts such as these, I think
we can all count on him being
around for a while.
This writer can be contacted at
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Calling ALL
Student Leaders!
Interested in becoming a part of
Student Government for 2006-2007?
Election Applications are now being
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President, Vice President,
Treasurer, Secretary
and members of Congress
Applications will be available
March 6-7 from 8am to 5pm
SGA Office - 255 Mendenhall
Applications are due March 7th
"Before giving, I always look
for the Humane Seal
E, Star of NBC's hit show ER
The Humane Charity Seal of Approval
guarantees that a health charity funds
vital patient services or life-saving
medical research, but never animal experiments.
Council on Humane Giving
Washington, DC. 202-686-2210, ext. 335
Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong
wrist bands or sporting an arm
band to raise awareness for free-
ing Tibet and turn them into a
flash-in-the-pan style.
Lastly, know your body type
and consider it when selecting
a wardrobe. There is nothing
more unattractive than back-
fat, and it should be outlawed.
It is exciting to see what
direction fashion will take next.
So often items from the past are
revamped and repackaged into
the next best thing. If this is true,
then jorts may very well be on
the way back in.
This writer can be contacted at
Trendjf from pageA5
pair of leather loafers take it
from Italian men. Loafers go well
with any outfit and add style and
sophistication instantly. Going
hand and hand with that is a
pair of Air Force Ones. They are
practical and can be worn year
round. The fitted hat will never
go out of style. It's sexy and an
expression of a guy's personality.
A fitted hat can add pizzazz to
any outfit. Every guy should also
have a well-tailored blazer. Blaz-
ers can be worn with anything
from a suit to a pair of jeans and
are sophisticated.
There are many fashion trends
at the moment, but I choose to
follow only those I know will be
around for a while. That's the
best way to go, especially when
spending money to keep up with
what's hot can potentially ruin
your credit.
This writer can be contacted at
I'm a Student and a Plasma Donor
Names: Jennifer
Majors: Nursing
Hobbies: Swimming & going to the beach
Why do I donate Plasma?
Extra spending money for the beach.
Earn up to $170mo. donating plasma in a friendly place.
DCI Biologicals of Greenville 252-757-0171
2727 E.lOth Street Down the Street from ECU
showtmes are boo pm
APRIL tern
Enter a drawing for a free Gold Pass for
ECU Recreational Services!
You must be an ECU student to be win.
(SID) For
in a week, EC
double-digit ru
dominated the!
at Clark-LeClair
afternoon. ECU
first, one in the
fourth and nine
put the Blue De
Jake Smith,
Confrence US
Week on Mond
performance la
ued his torrid
in runners wit
six RBI in ECU'
Smith finished
with two runs
and a grand sla
Four other
two hits as EC
with 12 as a ti
finished 2-for-3
career-best four
Harrison Eldridj
for-3 with two I
Stephen Batts
two RBI and a n
Henderson wei
double, a horn
two runs score
hitter in the ei
also tripled in ,
pinch-hit appej
two of ECU's ni
Brody Tayh
first win since
tossing five shut
first start of the
left-hander gavi
while walking
out six. Mike I
and Michael H
throw the final
Duke start
fered the loss,
runs, six earnec
three walks in
Jimmy Saris, Joi
and Durfee cc
nine earned ru
13 innings.
The Pirates
time to get all
Devils, scoring
bottom of the fii
to right-cente:
from second f
before Batts' Rt
scored Smith t
The Pirates'
3-0 in the third'
in Mattox for tl
the first three
RBI grounder t(
ECU took ;
five runs in th
fourth. The sco:
a Drew Schiebt
brought home f
third, pushing
Four batters lat
and the bases lc
nected on his tl
season with a s
Duke added
of the sixth and
cutting the Pin
ECU blew
in the eighth
runs. In the in
collected one
pitch, two sing
two triples and
career homer.
ECU will I
this weekend
Stadium, Marc!
All-Conference r
and diving Chai
ECU set nil
and 22 student
conference acci
Conference US
Diving Women'
and Men's Inviti
Rebecca Perry qi
varsity record tirr
established varsi
(50.83) and 200
also helped set v
400-medley, 40(
relays to earn all
in each relay e
Yasinsac earni
honors in four reli
varsity record in t
teamed with Gi
McCanless and
to establish a n
the 200-medley. I
each earned all-
in five events. N
the top three in th
as did Lubenau I
NCAA B' mark ai
of 47.96. Senior
also recorded a
the 50-free as c
and 200-free. S(
and junior Kate
conference recoi
as did junior M.

Page A7 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPfO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY March I 2006
Smith's six
RBI, homer
carry ECU
(SID) For the second time
in a week, ECU beat Duke by
double-digit runs as the Pirates
dominated the Blue Devils, 17-4,
at Clark-LeClair Stadium Tuesday
afternoon. ECU scored two in the
first, one in the third, five in the
fourth and nine in the eighth to
put the Blue Devils away.
Jake Smith, who was named
Confrence USA Hitter of the
Week on Monday for his 10 RBI
performance last week, contin-
ued his torrid pace of driving
in runners with a career-high
six RBI in ECU's 13-run victory.
Smith finished the day 2-for-4
with two runs scored, a double
and a grand slam.
Four other Pirates collected
two hits as ECU (8-3) finished
with 12 as a team. Jay Mattox
finished 2-for-3 with an RBI and a
career-best four runs scored while
Harrison Eldfidge also finished 2-
for-3 with two RBI and two runs.
Stephen Batts hit 2-for-4 with
two RBI and a run while Brandon
Henderson went 2-for-2 with a
double, a homer, three RBI and
two runs scored all as a pinch-
hitter in the eighth. Chris Buss
also tripled in an eighth-inning
pinch-hit appearance, driving in
two of ECU's nine eighth inning
Brody Taylor picked up his
first win since the 2004 season,
tossing five shutout innings in his
first start of the year. The senior
left-hander gave up just four hits
while walking two and striking
out six. Mike Flye, Josh Dowdy
and Michael Hill combined to
throw the final four innings.
Duke starter Jim Perry suf-
fered the loss, allowing seven
runs, six earned, on five hits and
three walks in 3 23 innings.
Jimmy Saris, Jonathan Anderson
and Durfee combine to allow
nine earned runs in the final 4
13 innings.
The Pirates didn't waste any
time to get ahead of the Blue
Devils, scoring two runs in the
bottom of the first. Smith's double
to right-center scored Mattox
from second for the first run
before Batts' RBI single to center
scored Smith two batters later.
The Pirates' lead increased to
3-0 in the third when Smith drove
in Mattox for the second time in
the first three innings with an
RBI grounder to second.
ECU took an 8-0 lead with
five runs in the bottom of the
fourth. The scoring started when
a Drew Schieber sac fly to right
brought home Ryan Tousley from
third, pushing the lead to 4-0.
Four batters later with two outs
and the bases loaded, Smith con-
nected on his third homer of the
season with a shot to left.
Duke added two runs in each
of the sixth and seventh innings,
cutting the Pirate lead to 8-4.
ECU blew the game open
in the eighth with nine more
runs. In the inning, the Pirates
collected one walk, one hit-by-
pitch, two singles, two doubles,
two triples and Henderson's first-
career homer.
ECU will host Stony Brook
this weekend at Clark-LeClair
Stadium, March 3-5.
Sports Briefs
Not enough being done for ALS
Coach LeClair looks on at Harrington Stadium during his days with the Pirates.
More money needs to be
raised to battle ALS
Chicago has its version of
"23 But in eastern North Car-
olina and to Pirate fans, the
number "23" means something
totally different. The number
is associated with the jersey
of former ECU baseball coach
Keith LeClair, who fights for
every breath while coping with
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
(ALS). Over the past five years,
his name and jersey signify an
unwavering will to live and an
unbreakable spirit.
Over the weekend, ECU
hosted the third annual Keith
LeClair Classic at their recently
renovated stadium, which also
bears his name. The round robin
format put Greenville in the
national spotlight with excellent
teams and even better baseball. It
showcased ECU's most successful
sport and one of LeClair's deep-
rooted passions.
But the real purpose behind
the tournament was to raise
money and awareness for ALS
According to officials, attendees
contributed almost $3,000 to the
Jim "Catfish" Hunter Chapter of
the ALS Association. The Second
annual Pirate Armada, a group of
ECU fans from Charlotte to the
stadium donated approximately
$1,800 of the total.
For an extraordinary man
who jump started ECU's baseball
program and has influenced
countless lives, a shade under
$3,000 for a tournament bearing
his name just isn't sufficient. It's
a start, but for him and similar
victims with mounting medical
bills, it's not enough.
According to officials, more
money would probably have been
raised had the weather cooperated.
However, no thundercloud or cool
temperature should have deterred
potential donations. The man is
worth his weight in gold consid-
ering the amount of players' and
fans' lives that he's influenced.
Can't we as a university and
region do more? Shouldn't we be
doing more? ALS is the perfect
cause for the entire eastern North
Carolina region to unite for a
single fund raising event. Approx-
imately 700 North Carolina
residents suffer from the motor
neuron disease that weakens the
brain's ability to control muscle
movement causing atrophy.
The LeClair family endorses
the Greenville-based Down East
ALS support group headed by
Linda or Lewis Forrest. The
Down East group works closely
with the Jim "Catfish" Hunter
Chapter, whose main fundrais-
ing event is the Walk to D'Feet
ALS. The chapter, founded in
memory of the former profes-
sional pitcher, sponsors walks in
both North and South Carolina.
The September 2005 walk held
in Greenville raised $43,337,
severely missing the $70,000
goal. However, a group called K's
for Keith contributed $6,205 in
honor of LeClair.
We can do better. Consider
that Carolina Panther defensive
end Mike Rucker has raised
over $115,000 in his "Sack ALS"
fundraiser during the past two
seasons. Rucker and his corpo-
rate sponsor make a financial
pledge benefiting the PinStripes
Fund for the ALS Center at Caro-
Twenty-two ECU athletes earn
All-Conference honors at swimming
and diving Championships
ECU set nine varsity records
and 22 student-athletes earned all-
conference accolades at the 2006
Conference USA Swimming and
Diving Women's Championships
and Men's Invitational. Sophomore
Rebecca Perry qualified for the NCAA
Championships in the 50-free with a
varsity record time of 22.88. She also
established varsity records in the 100
(50.83) and 200-free (1:49.10). She
also helped set varsity records in the
400-medley, 400-free and 800-free
relays to earn all-conference honors
in each relay event. Junior Bryan
Yasinsac earned all-conference
honors in four relay events and set the
varsity record in the 50-free. Yasinsac
teamed with Greg Neville, Charlie
McCanless and Christoph Lubenau
to establish a new varsity mark in
the 200-medley. Lubenau and Neville
each earned all-conference honors
in five events. Neville placed among
the top three in the 100 and 200-back
as did Lubenau In the 100-fly with an
NCAA 'B' mark and varsity record time
of 47.96. Senior Adrienne Williams
also recorded an NCAA 'B' time in
the 50-free as did Perry in the 100
and 200-free. Senior Holly Williams
and junior Kate Gordon merited all-
conference recognition in the 200-fly
as did junior Matt Doriohue in the
McElwain's improbable night started with two bad misses, but he finished "hot as a pistol
McElwain overcomes the odds
with breathtaking performance
Autistic player drops 20
points in four minutes
Monday morning, I woke
up around eight with the inten-
tion of doing a little research
for today's article before going
to class. Like 1 do most morn-
ings, I fired up my trusty iBook
and logged in to my Piratemail
account to check the day's e-mail,
followed by some mindless Web
browsing. Before commencing
my research, I decided to click
around on a few Web sites I fre-
quent since there was no rush for
me to begin my work.
My original intention, as my
editor Tony Zoppo knows, was to
write about the World Baseball
Classic, which starts in a couple
of days (March 3, to be exact).
As interesting as the world's
first-ever international baseball
tournament is to me, I discovered
a captivating and uplifting story
that I instantly knew I had to
share with all of you.
A Web site that I'm sure many
of you are fans of, Collegehumor.
com, was the highly improbable
place where I found a vide cover-
ing the amazing stbry of a young
man named Jason McElwain.
It isn't often a tale like this
comes along, one of almost fairy
tale-like circumstances. The fact
is Jason is autistic. For those of
you unfamiliar with autism, it
is, according to The American
Heritage Dictionary, a psychiatric
disorder of childhood character-
ized by marked deficits in com-
munication and social interac-
tion, preoccupation with fantasy,
language impairment and abnor-
mal behavior, such as repetitive
acts and excessive attachment to
certain objects.
Typically, people tend to
simply associate autism with
intellectual impairment.
But this story isn't really about
Jason being autistic, although in
some sense it is. And it isn't about
me attempting to influence you
to feel bad or sympathetic for
him due to his condition. Rather,
it is about a brave and compe-
tent young man accomplishing
something many of us dream of
and, in all probability, will never
"The thing about Jason is he
isn't afraid of anything said his
father, David McElwain, to the
Daily Messenger of Canandaigua.
"He doesn't care what people
think about him. He is his own
Jason is a 17-year-old senior
at Greece Athena High School
in Greece, N.Y a suburb outside
Rochester. Due to his autism,
Jason did not begin to speak until
he reached the age of five. Expec-
tantly, he had trouble with social
skills, but as he got older, he
made many friends and acquired
a love for basketball. It is his
favorite sport and passion in life.
"I just love it, it's one of the
greatest sports in the world said
Jason during a phone interview
with the Associated Press Thursday.
Standing 5-foot-6-inches tall,
Jason doesn't necessarily corre-
spond to the conventional stature
of a basketball player. One would
also be quick to assume that his
autism would prohibit him from
playing, an assumption this story
see MCELWAIN page A8
linas Medical Center in Char-
Just last year, the PinStripes
Fund, with backing from
celebrities such as ESPN analyst Jay
Bilas, former Panther quarterback
Steve Beuerlein, current UNC-
system president Erskine Bowles
and Rucker, raised $320,000.
The PinStripes Fund was
co-founded by the late Edwin
Holt, who succumbed to ALS
in 2004. His Golfing for Gehrig
golf tournament is coupled with
a black tie gala held over one
weekend. Like the Jimmy V. foun-
dation is to Raleigh, the PinStripes
Fund aligns Charlotte's best phi-
lanthropists for a similar cause.
What if eastern North Caro-
lina united their resources for
ALS? Certainly, many non-profit
organizations are in need of
support, but this debilitating dis-
ease desperately needs financial
backing. Think of the promi-
nent families that live east of
Interstate 95. If the Pirate Club
members can generate almost
$100,000 during a span of two
hours with their yearly auction,
why can't ALS organizations
generate similar numbers with-
out targeting just ECU fans?
The region has enough fire-
power to make it happen. Athletic
director Terry Holland ran in the
ECU 10k Road Race last year ben-
efiting ALS so he would be a sure-
thing. What about including Dave
Mirra and the X Games athletes
that call Greenville home? How
about involving award-winning
author Nicholas Sparks, who resides
in New Bern? Throw in Clinton
native and Super Bowl champion
Willie Parker with past ECU players
and a foundation could easily be set.
Though LeClair's players have
graduated, his lessons continue to
mold young people every day. I've
never spoken to Coach LeClair,
as he's affectionately known
throughout the community. But
the number "23" is louder than
any voice.
Whether it's a baseball tour-
nament or an innocent lemonade
stand, LeClair and his causes
deserve our financial support.
Just think, next year it might be
too late.
This writer can be contacted at
ECU Softball splits
weekend games
Lady Pirates fall short in
Cougar Classic final
After losing their last two
games against Michigan State
and Ohio, the ECU Softball
team was looking to get back
on track last weekend as they
traveled to.Charleston, S.C. to
take part in the C of C Cougar
The Lady Pirates opened
the Cougar Classic last Friday
against Marshall. Senior Alison
Monce led ECU in scoring with
a three-run blast over the left
field fence in the bottom of the
second inning in the game.
The Lady Pirates finished
the game with two more runs as
Marshall responded with only
one run in the final inning,
as ECU rolled on to a 5-1 win,
ending their losing streak.
Senior Stephanie Hayes
received credit for the Lady
Pirates' win as she allowed only
five hits and one run in her
season opener.
There was a huge pitch-
ing duel in the Lady Pirates'
second game of the weekend
against Akron. Junior Keli Har-
rell pitched for ECU, striking
out 13 batters and allowing
only two hits. Akron pitcher,
Megan MacKenzie was equally
impressive for her team as she
struck out nine and allowed
only three hits on the day.
Unfortunately for the Lady
Pirates, Akron was able to score
the only run of the game in
the bottom of the sixth inning
as Sara Ziles hit a RBI double
to score Amy Pedro from first.
Harrell's record fell to 4-3 on
the season in the team's 1-0
In the next game of the
Cougar Classic the Lady Pirates
faced Dayton in another close
game. The only score of the
game came in the bottom of
the fifth when freshman Sarah
Bibee drove in Monce on a
two-out single. Monce had
previously reached second base
after being walked and then
advancing to the next base on a
throwing error by Dayton.
Harrell picked up the win
after relieving starting pitcher
Brently Bridgeforth in the
fourth inning.
In the final game of the
weekend ECU faced classic
host, the College of Charles-
ton. The Lady Pirates found
themselves down early in the
game as C of C jumped out
early with a 3-0 lead. ECU was
able to respond with two runs
in the bottom of the second but
C of C plated two more runs
of their own in the sixth and
seventh inning. Despite being
down by three in the bottom
of the final inning, ECU did
not give up as they were able to
score two more runs as senior
Ashley Quick scored Monce on
a single and sophomore Erin
St. Ledger scored later in the
inning. Unfortunately, the late
charge was not enough to give
the Lady Pirates the victory as
the team fell short 5-4.
The loss puts the ECU soft-
ball team at 10-4 on the season.
All of the Lady Pirates' four
losses have been by a single
This weekend the Lady
Pirates return home to host the
Hampton Inn Express Pirate
Clash. The team is set to play
Delaware, Liberty, Binghamton
and Fairfield.
The games will serve as a
way for the team to boost their
record as well as gain momen-
tum as they face in-state rival
North Carolina next Wednes-
day followed by conference
Play against Delaware will
start at 9:30 a.m. Friday at the
ECU softball field.
This writer can be contacted at

Page A5 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor
WEDNESDAY March 1. 2006
Mendenhall Movies:
Coming March 8, watch the Oscar's
at Mendenhall. The event starts at 7
p.m. with a live Oscar broadcast. Food
will be provided.
'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang'
Thursday at 9:30 p.m.
Friday at 7 p.m. and midnight
Saturday at 9:30 p.m.
'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'
Thursday at 7 p.m.
Friday at 9:30 p.m.
Saturday at 7 p.m. and midnight
Sunday at 3 p.m.
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
1. Eight Below
2. The Pink Panther
3. Date Movie
4. Curious George
5. Firewall
Top 5 Pop Albums
1. Jahiem
2. Jack Johnson
3. Barry Manilow
4. Mary J. Blige
5. Andrea Bocelli
Top 5 TV Shows
1. "American Idol"
2. "American Idol"
3. "Grey's Anatomy"
4. "Desperate Housewives"
5. "Olympic Winter Games"
Top 5 BooKs
1. Cell
2. The Da Vinci Code
3. The Last Templar
4. Sea Change
5. Memory in Death
New DVDs on sale this week
1. Walk the Line
2. Yours, Mine & Ours
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. A History of Violence
5. Prime
Wake up and smell the fashion
Timeless fashion do's
Fashion is one of my per-
sonal favorite pastimes. My bank
account balance can prove it. 1
can't help myself, I love keep-
ing up with what's hot and
what's most definitely not in the
fashion world. Some of the hottest
television shows like "What Not
To Wear" and "Project Runway"
are dedicated to fashion and
keep the general population
informed about what the next
big trends will be.
There are a few things in my
book that will never go out of
style when it comes to fashion
do's. For women, the pencil skirt,
gold accessories, jersey material
shirts, wide belts and a killer
pair of stilettos will never go
out of style. For men, polo shirts,
leather loafers, a pair of Air Force
Ones, fitted hats and a tailor-cus-
tomized blazer are timeless pieces
for a wardrobe.
Even though fashion changes,
these pieces seem to always
remain the same with subtle
changes throughout fash-
ion history. The pencil skirt
has been popular for decades.
The basic black pencil skirt can
be worked with almost anything.
It's sexy yet classy. The spin on
the pencil skirt today is the col-
ored pencil skirt. Choosing bold
colors like purple or navy blue
add spice to the most popular
skirt in history.
Gold is everywhere. Gold
earrings, gold bracelets, gold
purses and gold shoes are posted
m every fashion magazine and
being seen on every runway.
Gold has been popular for only
about a year and a half, but its
craze is spreading like wildfire.
Gold is a neutral color, which
makes it easy to incorporate into
a colorful wardrobe.
Jersey material shirts are very
comfortable and drape well over
the body. The great thing about
jersey is that is doesn't wrinkle.
You can find a jersey shirt balled
up in the back of your closet and
wear it to the club without iron-
ing or throwing it into the dryer.
It's convenient and flattering.
Wide belts are a girl's best
friend when it comes to high
fashion. A wide belt makes any
ensemble look instantly more
stunning. It draws attention to
the waist and bust. Another must
for drawing attention is that pair
of stilettos every woman should
own. They make your legs look
great and are the ultimate symbol
Model Heidi Klum and fashion designer Michael Kors attend the 'Project Runway' fashion show.
of a woman with fashion sense.
Men have it easy when it
comes to fashion, because what's
hot doesn't change too drastically
from one year to the next. One
staple in men's fashion is the polo
shirt. These colored shirts show
that a guy can be fun but serious
too. They come in many different
colors, but all that matters is the
collar. Confident fashion forward
guys choose to pop them and
some guys don't. It doesn't really
matter, but the polo is definitely
in for guy's fashion.
Every man should have a
see TRENDY page A6
All-OVer fashion faUX pas Walker - Too hot to handle
Aries - For a very independent person
like yourself, it may seem strange to
have others taking care of you. Relax
and enjoy it.
Taurus - Let your friends give you a
push in the right direction. Don't wait,
ask for help. They'll be glad to do it.
Gemini - You'll fully understand the
reason you've played by the rules
- and soon. If you've cheated, even
just a little, that will be noticeable, too.
Confess, all ends well.
Cancer - If you can go now, that
would be grand. Odds are in your
favor. Also, begin new projects and
send your short story to the publisher.
Leo - The more debt you pay off, the
more the bank is willing and eager
to loan. Stay ahead of the curve by
staying within your means.
Virgo - It's OK to let your partner
call the shots for a little while. Relax,
and let somebody else do the
serious thinking.
Libra - It's important to remember
the advice from a wise elder. You can
increase your productivity and your
income dramatically now.
Scorpio - You are loved, there's no
doubt about that, in direct proportion
to the love you spread around. Enjoy,
because now it's everywhere.
Sagittarius - Sell high, buy low. That's
your motto now, no matter what it is.
This could mean your time as well as
your money.
Capricorn - You could merrily bury
your head in the books for a while. Let
the machine answer the phone and
catch up on your reading.
Aquarius - You could make a fortune
now, or lose one. It's up to you. Listen
to a Capricorn who only wins when
you do.
Pisces - Although you're kind, you're
also very strong in your opinions,
especially now. Let other people
know exactly where you stand.
Feb. 26 - March 3 is Eating Disorder
Body Image Awareness Week. For
more information visit
My Hero Reaching for the Stars! will
be performed at Wright Auditorium,
Saturday, March 4 at 2 p.m. For
tickets and more information call the
Central Ticket Office at 328-4788,
toll free at 1-800-ECU-ARTS or visit
Anyone who would wear this ensemble needs some good advice.
The worst fashion trends
that we love to hate
Fashion is a fickle thing. One
moment, you're perusing the
latest issue of Vogue or Cosmo-
politan swearing that you'd never
be caught dead wearing what-
ever trend they are promoting.
Then before you can say haute
couture three times fast (try it),
it is everywhere and suddenly
the latest craze doesn't seem so
silly anymore.
In the grand scheme of life,
fads always fade and we all find
ourselves sorting through past
candid portraits and wonder,
"what were we thinking when we
donned that get-up?"
The truly heinous ones will
stay burrowed in our memories
often surfacing and resulting in
a good chuckle at the stupidity
of past fashion crimes.
Poor taste has been around
as long as good taste - keeping a
natural balance in human nature.
Here is a list of fashion horrors
that terrifyingly enough could
once again become all the rage.
The 1970s were not kind to
the male species. While girls were
going more natural and enjoy-
ing the beauty and practicality
of wedge heels, the leisure suit
appeared on the scene in all of
its polyester glory. Even worse
than its tight-fitting design and
the preference of awkward loafers
as its companion were the colors.
Tangerine is hardly a good palette
choice and adding a paisley ascot
does not equal fashion domina-
tion. Luckily, the 1980s brought
back the time-tested and always
classy preppy genre.
Ladies didn't survive the
1970s unscathed. The emergence
of blue eyeshadow in excessive
use has plagued them for some
time. Less is more definitely
applies to this situation.
Moving on to the 1980s when
"anything goes" was an expres-
sion that designers took to heart.
Day-glo colors, the neon rainbow
of yellow, sherbert orange and
lime green appeared in an explo-
sion of socks, shoelaces, head-
bands, nail polish and T-shirts.
For a quick jolt, watch Wham's
powerful video "Wake Me Up
Before You Go Go Neither man
nor woman was safe from this
color eruption. Any child of the
1980s could probably dig up a
neon artifact or seven.
Also in the 1980s, the ever-
changing Madonna decided
pointy bras would be a good
statement to make. Lucky for all
of us, now she simply prefers to
pretend she is British.
Women were very confused
with what a smart fashion move
was in the 1980s. Shoulder
pads, stirrup pants and teased
hair (affectionately referred
to as "Jersey hair") created a
top-heavy look that made them
look like they couldn't decide
between football practice and
ballet lessons.
The 1990s arrived and every-
one thought we would be safe
from poor attire selections. Unfor-
see FAUX PAS page A6
The inside scoop on
Hollywood's leading stud
What girl can help but swoon
at blue-eyes, a body sculpted to
perfection and blonde hair that
always looks manageable and
never out of place. Guess who i
am talking about? Paul Walker, of
course. He is in magazines every-
where, all over the television and
coming up in the movie theaters.
Walker's name became
famous after he co-starred with
Vin Diesel in The Fast and the
Furious in 2001. This was a big
turning point; he soon began
interacting with a new group
of fans and gained a whole new
population of groupies. In 2002,
Walker and Diesel took home
the MTV movie award for Best
On-Screen Duo.
This was his mark as a full
blown star in Hollywood. Girls
everywhere fanatlcized about
him while guys wanted his cars
and smooth skills with the ladies.
"I remember when The Fast
and the Furious came out. My
girlfriends and I waited in line
way before the movie started
just to get a ticket. It was defi-
nitely worth it back then, and
the name Brian O'Connor was
all we could think about said
Catherine Smith, sophomore
English major.
Before Walker hit fame, he
started out as a child actor
model. His mother was a model,
and with her inside connections
to the entertainment industry,
she helped his chances. He
appeared in many commercials,
including one for Pampers baby
diapers, which will surely come
back to embarrass him sooner
or later.
He continued modeling
through the late 1980s. With
the encouragement of his
parents who wanted him to
make some money to go to col-
lege, he began making appear-
ances in low-budget movies such
as Monster in the Closet (1987).
For him, acting had served
its purpose; he was able to
attend community college and
dreamed of becoming a marine
biologist. Walker continued
acting on the side and could be
seen in the hit 1993 soap opera
'The Young and the Restless
One year later, he appeared in
yet another low-budget film
Tammy and the T-Rex.
His first widely released film
was Meet the Deedles in 1998.
Later the same year, he landed a
role in Pleasantville, in which he
was able to star with Hollywood's
see WALKER page A6
You're better than this One night stands overrated
Sometimes, someone just
has to speak the truth
We're in college now. This
typically means no bedtime, very
little parental control and much
more interaction with the oppo-
site sex. Some people have a little
trouble adjusting to this. In fact, I
think a lot of people would agree
that drunken nights downtown
can lead to a lot more than you
bargained fox.
Personally, 1 don't find it
difficult not to hook up with
random people; I just don't have
the desire to do it. Sure, I am in a
relationship with someone whom
I care a lot about, but I know that
even if I was single, I have enough
self-respect not to get trashed and
sacrifice myself both emotionally
and physically.
You all know the type. When
going downtown or to parties,
it's easy to pick out "that girl
She's stumbling around from
person to person, slurring her
speech and trying haphazardly
to dance her sexy dance. Before
you know it, she's leeched herself
onto a confused but grateful guy
and everyone in the room knows
exactly what's going to happen
later. Part of me feels sorry for her,
but a bigger part of me wants to
scream at her.
We're not just talking sex
either, because I know some girls
who convince themselves that if
they're only making out, it's not
the same thing. Regardless of
what random sexual task you're
completing, there is no explain-
ing it. Some girls claim they were
too drunk to remember making
such a bad decision.
My answer to that is, "Maybe
you shouldn't drink so much that
you aren't aware of what you're
I feel the same about being
the girl on the side; there is no
valid reason for making yourself
someone's sloppy seconds
everyone deserves more than
that. There's a guy out there
who's willing to devote all his
time and energy solely to you.
Now, I know this is college.
I know that some of you are
reading this and think-
ing: "Relax, this is what we're
supposed to do But I have a
really hard time believing that.
There's no doubt that college is a
time for trying new things and is
a chance to find yourself.
On the other hand, if you're
constantly finding yourself in a
stranger's bed, I think you may
have come to school for the wrong
reasons. If the only time you feel
good about yourself is when
you're being used by someone
else, you need to reassess your
emotional condition.
I'm not leaving the guys who
use these girls out; they're also
to blame for these unhealthy
situations. No matter how
attractive you think you are
(or how drunk you know a girl
is), you've got no right to use a
girl for some late-night action.
But ladies, if you know
you're too good for this kind
of treatment, you won't fall
for those kind of guys. In
fact you'll find that if you set higher
expectations for yourself, you'll
attract guys who are willing to
come up to that level to meet you.
I recommend just being
friends with a few great guys.
Guys just have a much simpler
view of things and their sar-
castic, joking personalities can
be extremely refreshing when
you're hanging around girls all
the time. Plus, they won't hesi-
tate to tell you which guy seems
great but is actually a jerk.
So we're young who doesn't
want to go out, have an amaz-
ing time with friends and make
some lasting memories? Just
keep in mind that along with
those memories, you don't want
to be carrying around a dozen
mistakes. You can still have the
time of your life without allow-
ing yourself to be treated like a
So go out with the girls, have
a blast, dance as hard as you want
but know that you're better than
a one-night stand.
This writer can be contacted at

Page A4 252.328.9238
JENNIFER L HOBBS Editor in Chief
WEDNESDAY March 1,2006
My Random Column
10 Days and
I am so ready for Spring Break, I am
making myself crazy. I don't have any
big plans. Spending some time at home
with my dad and in Charlotte with my
godson and best friend is the extent of
my travels. It is a much-needed break
from Greenville, though.
With that said, where did the first two
months of this year go? It seems like just
yesterday we were starting classes, and
now we are taking midterms. Those two
and a half months people use to work
out and get a tan before Spring Break
shows its face are essentially gone.
Sooner than later exams and summer
break will be here.
Does anyone else feel like they are
being cheated out of time? Like hours
of the day are stolen without return to a
mystery place where they will never be
seen again? Sometimes minutes, other
times days - time is just gone, never to be
retrieved in the world. Strange thought.
I was advising a friend that you have to
look out for yourself and your own well-
being because you are the only one who
always will. The only person always there
for you is yourself. You have to make your-
self happy, not just content with what you
are doing. If you are not happy, change
the situation. There is always another
option. Learn what you can so you can
grow as a person. It is the only way you
will know what you like and don't. Try new
things and try things that scare you. You
will be a stronger person in the end.
You can never get time back so spend
it how you want to, make yourself happy
and live life to the fullest. You don't get
another chance at life, so enjoy what
you have.
Pirate Rant
Opinion Columnist
Slow down and let things out
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Rachel King Claire Murphy
News Editor Asst. News Editor
Carolyn Scandura Kristin Murnane
Features Editor Asst Features Editor
Rantings and Ravings
Have you ever felt like the
soundtrack for your life is stuck on
the Benny Hill chase music? Have
you ever felt that your life is moving
, at the speed of a montage? Well
that's how it's been for me as of late.
I've got to tell you, I'm drained.
I've been looking at apart-
ments, doing class work, writing,
dealing with student organiza-
tion registration, getting things
together for the student organiza-
tion, shopping around for desktop
computers, getting a suit for a
mock trial in one of my classes
and wrecking my brain trying to
figure out what to write about this
week. I still have to talk to my advi-
sor. I haven't even been able to do
laundry. The funny thing is that
it's piling up and I'm running out
of clothes. What are the odds?
I know this may not seem like
a lot to some, but I am just men-
tally stressed and exhausted. It's
times like this that I wish I could
just make time stand still for an
hour or two. Heck, at this point,
I kind of wish I was back in high
school, and I hated high school.
So join me in ranting about
things that have driven me crazy
over the past few days, and hopefully
next week will be more inspiring.
Crazy North Carolina
weather: After living here nearly
all my life, I've grown accustomed
to bizarre and unusual weather.
Lately, however, this has been
just a little too much. Over the
past few weeks the temperatures
have gone from 30, to 40, to 50,
to 60, to 70 and it could even
reach 80. Is Mother Nature high?
I honestly think that if this keeps
up, I'm either going to get sick or
I'm going to explode. I can just
picture it, too. I'll be standing
in line at West End dining hall,
next thing you know boom!
Actually it might sound more like
a water-balloon when it bursts,
only much louder.
Cisco Clean Access Agent:
One day, about an hour before
one of my classes, I thought I
would check my e-mail. So I
turned on my computer and then
that log-in window appeared. I
put in my info, my password
it took 45 minutes to download
updates, restart my computer and
log-in again just to check my e-
mail. I had no new messages.
Squirrels: I cannot confirm
any rumors, theories or connec-
tions to any actual events, but I
know the campus squirrels are up
to something.
Campus Drop Of is Nearly
every day, there are cars backed
up along the street that goes
through the middle of campus
by the Science and Technology
Building, the Bate Building and
Wright Auditorium. Don't people
realize that the pedestrian traffic
just makes the road traffic even
worse? I mean, would it kill you
to take the bus?
Tweens: It's not that particu-
lar age group that I have the prob-
lem with, it's that word. "Tween
Just saying it leaves a bad taste in
my mouth. It sounds more like
something a two-year-old would
say, and not something an eight
to 12 year old would say. To me it
could even be the name of some
kind of horrible virus. I can just
imagine it: "Tween-virus ravages
the country side. Hundreds are
dead and thousands are dying
with no hope of a cure to the hor-
rible disease in sight I've only
talked to a few kids within the
"tween" age range, and none of
them seemed to like the word. If
not for me, then for the sake of the
children somebody please come
up with a better word to replace it.
1 don't care where you
at: I can't stand hearing that
annoying sound, which I can
only describe as an electronic fart
that I hear whenever someone
uses that "walkie-talkie" feature
on their cell phones. It's bad
Letters To The Editor
Tony Zoppo Sports EditorBrandon Hughes Asst Sports Editor
Sarah Bell Head Copy EditorApril Barnes Asst. Copy Editor
Herb Sneed Photo EditorRachael Loner Asst Photo Editor
Alexander Marciniak Oustin Jones Web Editor Asst Web Editor
Edward McKim Production Manager
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies every
Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday during the regular
academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during the
summer. "Our View" is the opinion of the editorial board
and is written by editorial board members, 7EC welcomes
letters to the editor which are limited to 250 words (which
may be edited for decency or brevity). We reserve the
right to edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed
and include a telephone number. Letters may be sent
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Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One
copy of TEC is free, each additional copy is $1.
Dear Editor,
Has anyone else seen or read
about what is going on with the
Confederate Soldier statue on the
courthouse grounds in down-
town Greenville? If not, let me go
ahead and sum it up for you. The
local NAACP leaders want to take
down the memorial, calling it a
"relic representing slavery and
hatred I can't understand why
people continue to look at this
issue like this. It leads me to draw
two conclusions on the issue.
Number one, the people who
are in favor of bringing down
this monument are extremely
uneducated on our nation's Civil
War and slavery. They are a part
of the group that read in their
schoolbooks that the Civil War
was fought solely over the issue
of slavery, when in fact it was not.
This letter is not solely about the
Civil War and slavery; therefore,
I will not go into that. However,
I would like to point out that
a majority of the Confederate
soldiers who so bravely defended
their state did not own slaves.
Many of them couldn't even
afford slaves. May I also point
out that there are even some
accounts of up to 50,000 black
soldiers fighting in the Civil War.
Watch out, this might get some
of you on the Confederate side.
Yes people, this is true. Black
Confederates fighting against
slavery? Now that doesn't make
much sense now does it. This just
goes to show that the Civil War
was about more than slavery.
Therefore, argument number
one really has no credibility
Number two, the people who
are in favor of bringing down the
monument love to see their name
and the name of their organiza-
tion in the news. This is the case
that I believe is the truth. Why
is the local NAACP worrying
about a stupid statue when they
walk out of their own front door
on MLK and take a look around
at the current problems in west
Greenville? We all know about
the crime problems in this town,
and let's put it this way, it's not
the students of ECU committing
these crimes upon our colleagues.
There are many problems in the
city of Greenville, and I think
it's absolutely ridiculous that
city leaders and leaders from the
enough when I hear it around
campus, but I sometimes hear it
in class. I nearly get as sick hear-
ing that sound as I do when I hear
"tween You'd think that with
the ability to do different ring
tones, they could make different
sound options for that feature.
Midterms: I think that says
it all.
Unrecognized greatness:
To me, Morgan Freeman has not
been recognized as much as I
feel he deserves for his acting
ability and general greatness as a
human being. No offense Denzel
Washington, but in my opinion
Freeman should have been the
first African American to win the
Oscar for Best Actor years ago.
The man has constantly shown
himself to be a great speaker and
actor. He's been in some great
films like Driving Miss Daisy, Lean
On Me, The Shawshank Redemp-
tion the man was even on The
Electric Company. He played God
in Bruce Almighty Freeman even
narrated March of the Penguins for
crying out loud! Give the man
his dues! At least throw him a
surprise party!
Flavor Flav reality TV:
Why are women throwing them-
selves and generally doing what-
ever they can to be with Flavor
FlavFlavor FlavFlavor Flav
Flavor FlavFlavor Flav! I know
I'm not with it, down, dope,
whatever the term is now, but I
just can't wrap my head around
this. I think I passed out trying
to make sense of this and woke
up two days later.
Dick Cheney: OK, he shot
somebody. Yes it's funny, but a
little too easy for my taste. OK,
one joke. What does Dick Cheney
like to hunt for? Duck!
Phew! That feels better. I
hope I've given you all some-
thing to discuss or think about.
Now, I'm going to lie down. That
Flavor Flav thing is starting to
make my head hurt again.
NAACP are involved an attempt
to tear down a statue that has
been standing for nearly 100
years. These "leaders of the com-
munity" need to stop looking in
the mirror and take a look out
their front door because this
city has major issues and a statue
downtown is not one of them.
Basically, my point is it's a
statue. There is no Confederate
flag flying on the courthouse.
There are really no signs of hatred
and racism, other than the fact
that it's a Confederate statue.
Correct the real problems in this
town, specifically west Greenville,
and then worry about statues
and such. The NAACP stands for
the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People.
How the heck is debating over
a statue advancing your people
when three blocks away, you have
one of the worst gang problems in
the state of North Carolina? Get
your act together and let's clean
up this city!
Matthew Joyce
Industrial Distribution major
BusinessPolitical Science minor
TEC, please proofread your paper before
sending it out. There are always mistakes
that can be fixed by actually reading your
So far, I have eaten six boxes of Girl Scout
RAs are not robots. We eat, sleep and
breathe like the rest of you. So please for-
give us for not hearing that one single loud
screamstompblast of music past quiet
hours at the same time you hear it. You
are in a building of 400 people, you can't
expect it to be completely silent at night.
To the person who complained about the
ECU Police Department spending too
much time worrying about illegally parked
cars, before you rant about something,
make sure your rant correctly. You're right
that ECU Police do have better things to
do than writing tickets, that's why they
don't. Take your problem up with the
Parking and Transportation Office, not
the police.
It is extremely sad to see that people only
donate their time and money to "popular"
tragic events at the current time. People!
Even though Hurricane Katrina happened
months ago, these people still need our
help! There are still bodies lying dead in
the streets, and still families without per-
manent housing. Don't forget!
Using a letter opener is simple yet satisfying.
I'm all for women's equality. Pay for your
part of the date and stand up on the bus!
The professor is trying to teach the class
how to work word problems conceptually,
and you, Miss Thang in the front of the
class, openly complain that it's a waste of
time. Not only do you tell the professor
this, but you continue to argue with him
for the next 15 minutes, wasting our time.
Good job being hypocritical and annoying
at the same time.
Beer makes the front page? It wastes your
money, makes you fat and causes hundreds
of thousands of drinkers to kill other inno-
cent people each year when the idiots get
behind the wheel. Those who really do
idolize Max will be the ones living in a
trailer wondering why their jobs are out-
sourced to harder working folks in other
To the girl who took the White Hall Com-
puter Lab Scissors on Tuesday, please bring
them back. I said, "Yes, you can borrow my
scissors as long as you bring them back
Guess I won't be doing that again!
To the person who said they like the bis-
cuits in Wright Place, have you seen their
Sanitation Score? A "B" food sanitation
problems! Take EHST 2110.
To my roommate who constantly talks
about quitting ECU and going to culinary
school, I wish you'd do it already. You're
constant whining about how awful life is
here is really getting old.
To the study room couple in library, no we
can't see you with the windows blocked,
but we can hear you, and while I may be
accepting of alternative lifestyles, it is very
hard to study while overhearing your ver-
sion of Brokeback Joyner.
The people committing the crimes are
preying upon drunken college students
walking home from downtown. If you
are worried about getting shot downtown,
then don't go downtown. Would a mouse
crawl down a snake hole? I think not!
For the love of God, for the last time, ECU
Police do not handle parking violations
except handicap, fire lanes and if the
vehicles obstruct the roadway.
You don't deserve to be treated like a
princess when even your roommate calls
you a slut.
Nice guys are out there. Lots of times we
are just harder to find.
He doesn't come over when he say's he
will. He's never at his house when you go
over or even attempt to be there (when he
knows you're coming). He told you he has
a girlfriend and a baby on the way. You
still think you have a chance? One word
describes you sweetheart, denial!
Theme songs with your iPod - on your way
to class: Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise"
Walking through building to classroom-
James Bond theme. Leaving class: Bee
Gee's "Staying Alive
? U an anonymous way fo, students and staff In the
-VunnltybethetrotMons.Submisslonuanbe submi tted anonym sly
,m " 'J " W K llt opinions for content and brevity.
Top 5s:

Page A2 252.328.6366
RACHEL KING News Editor CLAIRE MURPHY Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY March 1, 2006
Cultural Outreach
season schedule
Now through Saturday, April 1.
The S. Rudolph Alexander
Performing Arts Series, ECU'S
flagship performing arts series,
annually presents a season of
nine of the world's top orchestras,
ballet companies, jazz artists,
soloists, modern dance
ensembles, Broadway shows,
opera companies, chamber
ensembles and pop artists. The
Family Fare Series features kid-
centered cultural excursions
for the entire family. This series
features four curriculum-based
performances by the nation's
finest young-audience touring
For more information, contact:
252-328-4788 or 1-800-ECU-
2006 Majors Fair
Wednesday, March 1 from 10:30
a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on first floor
Bate. Take another step toward
your career decision. There are
more t han 100 majors at ECU.
Attend the fair to learn more about
them. This program is sponsored
by the Academic Enrichment
Center, the Academic Advising
and Support Center, the Career
Center, Campus Living and the
Office of Student Experiences.
For ticket information, contact the
Academic Enrichment Center at
328-2645 or visit Brewster B-103.
Storybook Theatre,
My HeroReachlng
for the Stars!
Saturday, March 4 at 2 p.m. in
Wright Auditorium
Back by popular demand!
Following their successful
debut at Wright Auditorium last
year, ECU'S Storybook Theatre
returns with stories about
ordinary youngsters who make
extraordinary contributions to the
world. Purchase subscriptions by
Oct. 8 for best options. Family Pass
(four tickets to each show) $96,
Public Subscription (one adult
ticket to each show) $30, ECU
facultystaff Subscription (one
adult ticket to each show), $25,
ECU StudentYouth Subscription
(one studentyouth ticket to each
show): $20. Advance individual
tickets, if available, may be
purchased and cost $9 public,
$8 ECU facultystaff, $6 ECU
studentsyouth. All tickets at the
door are $9.
Tickets are required. For more
information, contact the Central
Ticket Office, 252-328-4788, 1-
800-ECU-ARTS or
Bachelor of
Science degree
in Rehabilitation
March 15 is the application
deadline for person's interested
in pursuing a Bachelor of Science
degree in Rehabilitation Services.
Applications can be obtained
on line at ecu.edurehb or from
the Department of Rehabilitation
Studies, 312 Belk Building. If you
have questions regarding the
degree, please contact Dr. Martha
Chapin at 328-4424.
PRSSA teams up
with MAC Cosmetics
ECU'S Public Relations Student
Society of America is bringing
MAC Cosmetics to Wright Plaza
on March 2 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
The Wright display is part of the
PRSSA-sponsored campaign to
help promote MAC'S Culturebloom
Makeover Event March 4 at
Belk's MAC counter in Colonial
Mall of Greenville. Students can
schedule appointments and
browse the limited addition spring
line at the PRSSA table outside
of Wright Plaza. Students can
begin scheduling appointments
now by calling the MAC counter
at 758-7540.
Japan Center East
hosts "Trip to Japan"
On March 1, Japan Center East
is holding a free presentation,
"Experience Japan from 5:30
- 7:30 p.m. at the Willis Building.
The event will include a slide
presentation on Japan and
information on an economy trip
to Japan being offered in 2006.
For more information or to reserve
a seat, contact Chikako Massey
at 737-1352.
SC state symbol
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - It's official:
Sweetgrass baskets are now
South Carolina's state Lowcountry
And it appears boiled peanuts could
soon become the official state snack
something South Carolinians might
enjoy along with the official state
hospitality beverage, Carolina-grown
In a time where lawmakers more
commonly hear from pushy lobbyists
or disgruntled public interest groups,
they increasingly are approached by
students suggesting additions to an
ever-growing list of state symbols.
Gov. Mark Sanford signed the
sweetgrass basket bill last week
after a third-grade class from Belle
Hall Elementary School in Mount
Pleasant asked legislators to approve
the designation last year.
The children even made a
presentation about why the woven
baskets, originally made by slaves on
coastal plantations, are important to
the state's heritage.
Jeanne DeCamilla's class got the
idea after studying state symbols
and learning ideas for the last three
symbols also came from third-
"I'm not a boiled peanut fanatic or an
expert said Stanford, a Clover native
who graduated in December. "I just
enjoy them
He contacted state Rep. Gary Simrill,
R-Rock Hill, and last week the boiled
peanut bill easily passed the House
and went on to the Senate.
Now South Carolina is poised to have
its own state snack just as Texas
has chips and salsa and Illinois has
"The only thing that may stand in our
way is the pork rind lobby Simrill
Sherrili not running
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Rep. Wilma
Sherrili, a Republican budget-
writer often at odds with the GOP
establishment and a champion of
sweeping domestic violence law
changes, said Monday she wont run
for a seventh term.
Sherrili, R-Buncombe, was diagnosed
last week with breast cancer, but she
said in an interview the illness wasn't
the reason for her decision.
"I'm just really thankful that we got
it said Sherrili, 66. "I don't think It's
a death sentence. I'm not through
working for these people up here
Rather, after being Division of Motor
Vehicles commissioner from 1985 to
1991, she has grown tired of traveling
between Asheville and Raleigh, she
JOOS from page A1
Another surprise is that about
one-third of the recruiters at the
session said they do not read
cover letters. To make sure your
important information doesn't
get overlooked, it should be in
your resume.
Here are some additional tips
to help you make the "yes" pile:
Have a conventional e-mail
address. Your name is fine; or are not.
Tailor your resume to each
job you apply for. Make sure it
shows you have the skills the
employer is seeking for that par-
ticular position.
Use lots of white space and
bullet points to help information
stand out.
Include interests that are
relevant to the job. If you are
applying for a job in agriculture,
for example, show that you have
rural roots.
If you are submitting an
electronic resume use a standard
format such as Word to ensure it
can be opened.
Don't disclose irrelevant
personal information. ("I don't
want to know you are five-six,
and weigh 195 pounds" one
employer said.)
State your accomplishments
rather than just your responsi-
bilities. "For example, simply
stating: 'Managed a budget of
$200,000 annually for training
and development' Is not nearly
as powerful as 'Reduced training
and development costs by 20
percent while maintaining the
quality and quantity of training
provided to employees Chap-
man says.
"Placing positive informa-
tion at the very beginning and
again at the very end of the
resume helps keep the employer's
attention and capitalizes on
the psychological principles of
memory to work in your favor
Chapman says.
"Remember, most employers
are only skimming your resume
at first to make a preliminary
decision. Make sure they can find
your information easily
Sherrili, who was first elected to the
House in 1994, initially promised her
family she would serve in the General
Assembly for only 10 years, but she
still ran for re-election in 2004 in the
Republican-leaning district.
Allies of Morgan, who was elected the
No. 2 House leader for the 2005-06
session, have gotten top committee
and leadership assignments, but also
been criticized for bills that raised
taxes. The state GOP sent a letter last
year to Sherlll's financial supporters
attacking her for her support of a bill
that extended a sales tax increase.
"I made a very sincere, conscientious
decision. I've decided to support
Speaker Morgan and he never let me
down Sherrili said.
In 2004, Sherrili helped push through
legislation that toughened penalties
for strangulations, which authorities
say occur often during domestic
violence incidents. The law also
created a fund to help pay for victims'
legal services.
Despite her illness, she said she
intends to complete her two-year term
and be in her seat when the General
Assembly reconvenes May 9. She
also said she will continue for now to
lead a House committee examining
eminent domain issues.
"I'm not through she said.
Governors GOP dismay
WASHINGTON (AP) - Republican
governors are openly worrying that
the Bush administration's latest
stumbles - from the natural disaster
of Hurricane Katrina to those of its
own making on prescription drugs
and ports security - are taking an
election-year toll on the party back
The GOP governors reluctantly
acknowledge that the series of
gaffes threatens to undermine public
confidence in President Bush's ability
to provide security, which has long
been his greatest strength among
"You've got solid conservatives
coming up speaking like they haven't
before, it's likely that something's
going on at the grass roots said
Republican Mark Sanford of South
Carolina. "Whether it's temporary or
not remains to be seen
The unease was clear in interviews
with more than a dozen governors
over the weekend, including nearly
half of the Republicans attending
the winter meeting of the National
Governors Association. The annual
conference was taking place in a
capital enthralled by the political
firestorm over government plans to
approve takeover of operations at
some terminals at six U.S. ports by a
FtowiM Up: Landscaping wKh watw-
rvtatnlns plants halps protect
your home from wildfire. Find orbar
useful tips at Flrawlae.orR.
m m m Hi
Qx' v" inil-
company owned by the United Arab
Emirates government.
Republican Haley Barbour of
Mississippi said midterm elections
for second-term presidents are
historically disastrous for parties in
power, a fact that has Republican
governors skittish about November.
"Anybody with a brain in their heads
knows that 06 historically could be a
weak year for Republicans said the
former chairman of the Republican
National Committee. "It has less to do
with the weakness of the president
For Republican Mitch Daniels
of Indiana, who served in the
administration as budget director and
left to run for governor, the stumbles
are undeniable but must be seen in
context. There's a lot of lousy luck
involved he said. "I'm not saying the
White House hasn't had better days,
but I'm probably not nearly so hard
on them as most
His return to a Washington weathering
a barrage of criticism reminded him
of the benefits of leaving. "I'm proud
to have been associated with this
administration. But second terms are
tough. I think they've caught some
bad breaks. I'm not yearning to be
more than a tourist here
New Orleans reinventing
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Thousands of
New Orleans public school teachers
lost their jobs in the wake of Hurricane
Katrina. And many will likely not be
The school system is expected to be
much smaller, with far fewer students
and buildings.
The Orleans Parish school board
recently reaffirmed its decision
to fire about 7,500 school district
employees. The group had agreed
to take that step in December, but a
lawsuit delayed that action.
A judge ruled in February that the
district didn't adequately notify its
workers of the firings by posting
the information on a Web site.
Media accounts also reported the
dismissals. Many teachers have
complained they had no access to
computers after they were forced to
flee the city and ended up in shelters
and motels.
The district will now have to mail
written notices to all workers at their
last known addresses.
Some teachers have returned to the
20 New Orleans public schools that
have reopened In recent months.
All but four are charter schools,
not covered by the teachers' union
About 185 teachers are at public
schools that are not charters,
according to Alvarez & Marsal, the
turnaround firm hired to help the
The mosl dangerouf
Don't Get
left Behind ,
Book Today! S
Also Amilable: CAHCUH
About 250 other teachers most from
the old New Orleans system are at
five schools that are part of the newly
organized Algiers Charter Schools
And an unspecified number of
teachers also returned to classrooms
in 11 other charter schools in the
Vatican embryo ethics
VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict
XVI said Monday that embryos
developed for in vitro fertilization
deserve the same right to life as
fetuses, children and adults and that
right extends to embryos even before
they are transferred into a woman's
The Vatican has long held that
human life begins at conception,
but Benedict's comments were
significant because he specified
that even an embryo in its earliest
stages when it is just a few cells
is just as much a human life as an
older being.
The pope made the comments
during an audience with members
of the Pontifical Academy for Life,
who opened a Vatican-sponsored
conference Monday on the ethics
surrounding the handling of embryos
before they are implanted during in
vitro procedures.
The Vatican opposes in vitro
procedures because embryos
created in a laboratory are often
discarded, whereas others are frozen
and still others are created solely for
experimentation or to create stem
Saddam trial
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Saddam
Hussein's Iraqi lawyers will attend
this week's trial session, a month
after they walked out in protest and
accused the chief judge of being
biased against their client, one of the
lawyers said Monday.
Khamis al-Obeidi said only the eight
Iraqi attorneys will be at Tuesday's
session; he said five foreigners
defending the ex-president and
members of his former regime could
not come to Iraq due to days of curfew
and violence. "They will attend the
following sessions al-Obeidi said.
However, in Switzerland, two foreign
members of Saddam's defense team
said they were unsure when they
might be allowed to see the deposed
leader. They accused the court of
blocking access to their client.
Saddam's chief lawyer, Khalil al-
Dulaimi, met with Saddam on Sunday
the first time he had seen him in
weeks, al-Obeidi said, and found
him "in good health and high morale
as usual
The defense team asked to postpone
Tuesday's court session because
of sectarian violence that left more
than 200 people dead following the
bombing of a Shiite shrine last week.
Al-Obeidi said any delay would be
announced at the beginning of
Tuesday's session.
Saddam and seven co-defendants
have been on trial since Oct. 19
in the killing of nearly 150 people
from the town of Dujail after a 1982
assassination attempt against
Saddam there. They face death by
hanging if convicted.
Chief prosecutor Jaafar al-Moussawi
said Tuesday's session will include
reading the testimony of six witnesses
and presenting more documentary
On Wednesday, the court said the
lawyers would be allowed back
to defend their clients, reversing a
decision made after they walked out
of the trial Jan. 29, accusing chief
Judge Raouf Abdel-Rahman of bias
against Saddam.
Asked why they decided to return
even though Abdel-Rahman is still
in his post, al-Obeldi said that the
lawyers have filed an official request
concerning the judge.
"We are not against the judge as a
person. He is an Iraqi citizen and we
respect all Iraqis al-Obeidi said. "Our
problem is with the judge's behavior.
Things will change when he changes
his behavior
The trial has been repeatedly
disrupted. The first chief judge
stepped down last month amid
charges of political interference
and accusations that he failed to
control the proceedings. Two defense
attorneys have been assassinated.
Since taking over, Abdel-Rahman
has worked to bring order to the
courtroom, requiring defendants to
ask permission before speaking and
sometimes instructing guards to force
a defendant to remain silent.
Al-Obeidi said Sunday that Saddam
and some of his co-defendants had
ended a hunger strike they started
two days before the last trial session
Feb. 14.
The court has heard 26 prosecution
witnesses, mostly recounting their
imprisonment and torture at the
intelligence service headquarters
in Baghdad, Abu Ghraib prison and
a desert detention camp near the
Saudi border.
None linked Saddam directly to their
ordeal, but some witnesses identified
his half brother Barzan Ibrahim, who
also is on trial, as having personally
taken part in their torture. Another
defendant, former Vice President
Taha Yassin Ramadan, was linked
by witnesses to the destruction of
Dujail's orchards and farm fields.
Attention ECU Students
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Contact us about our EnergyFizz
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1 800 648-4849
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Go Pirates!
2:00 p.m Wright Auditorium
Clara Barton, Chief Joseph, Harriet Tubmaii, Cesar Chavez,ndGeorge
Washington Carver were ordinary youngsters who grew up to make'
extraordinary contributions to the world. What spurred them and others
like them to believe that they could make a difference? Music, action
humor, and audience participation reveal their stories and more in ari4
inspiring production that encourages young audiences to hold onto their 1
hopes, trust in their dreams, and reach for the stars.
dvance single tickets $9
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university of north Carolina Wilmington
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Session I May 19 - June 20
Session II June 27 - July 28
For more information,
call 910.962.3243 or 910.962.3876 or 800.589.2829
or visit our web site www.uncw.edusummsch
UNCW is an equal opportunityaffirmative action institution.
iPod nano (2GB)
to our DiningStyles survey
tell us how Dining Services meets
your needs and enter to
an iPod' nano or an iTunes' gift card
$50 iTunes gift card $25 iTunes gift card
At DePaul, queer studies finds a niche
Professor Gary P. Cestaro teaches a class called, "Introduction to LGBTQ Studies" (Lesbian
Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer), at DePaul University in Chicago, III. in February.
(KRT) College student Eric
Oliver sits in the classroom's front
row, ready to learn about Italian
poet Dante and Catholic theo-
logian St. Thomas Aquinas and
their views on morality and sin.
But this isn't a religion, phi-
losophy or literature class. It's
an introductory course in queer
studies, and for the next 90 min-
utes, Oliver and his classmates
study the history of same-sex
desire, the biology of gender
identity and government reac-
tions to homosexual behavior
dating to the 14th century.
It's no longer remarkable that
the subjects are taught, but on
this day, it's notable where the
discussion is taking place. The
classroom is on the campus of
DePaul University, the country's
largest Catholic university and,
it is believed, the first Catholic
school to offer an undergraduate
minor in queer studies. The minor
became available in January.
"I can see how it may seem
like a big step said Gary Cestaro,
director of Lesbian, Gay, Bisex-
ual, Transgender, Queer Studies,
the official name of the minor.
Other Catholic schools,
including Georgetown Univer-
sity and Santa Clara University
in California, offer courses in
the subject, but they fall under
Women and Gender Studies pro-
grams. The University of Notre
Dame offers a course on sex and
sexuality in U.S. history that
includes discussion on homo-
sexuality and gay liberation.
Several non-religious col-
leges offer degrees in the sub-
ject, including the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
which allows students to focus on
queer studies within the gender
and women's studies department.
"Institutions of higher learn-
ing, Catholic or not, are about
open investigation and free
inquiry. DePaul particularly has
a strong identity that involves
commitment to social justice
and to the urban community.
At least from that perspec-
tive, LGBT studies make a lot
of sense here Cestaro said.
The new program, which
began this semester, comes
as religiously affiliated uni-
versities are grappling with
potential conflicts between con-
temporary issues and religious
values. The Rev. John Jenkins,
president of the University of
Notre Dame, recently limited
the campus' Queer Film Festi-
val and The Vagina Monologues
show, requiring the festival to
change its name and banning
fundraising for the performance.
Jenkins, who wants the Cath-
olic viewpoint represented in dis-
cussions of morality, has requested
faculty and student input before
deciding whether the shows
should continue in future years.
Nicholas Lund-Molfese,
who works with the higher
education agency at the Arch-
diocese of Chicago, said the
archdiocese isn't necessar-
ily opposed to the program.
"I don't have any allergic
reaction per se to the subject
matter. There are ways it could
be treated good and ways it could
be treated bad, which is true of
any course that deals with his-
tory or sociology he said. "Are
there ways of doing this that
would be according to Catholic
teaching? Yes. Are there ways of
doing this that would be opposed
to Catholic teaching? Yes
Karl Maurer, spokesman for
Catholic Citizens of Illinois,
said he planned to send a letter
to DePaul's president, denounc-
ing a program that he contends
"validates people in a sinful life-
style Catholicism teaches that
homosexual activity is immoral.
"I am very disappointed
that anti-Catholic propaganda
would be given such a high level
of attention by DePaul said
Maurer, a DePaul graduate. "Keep
in mind this is a university that
calls itself the largest Catholic
school in the country. This is
about truth in advertising
The study of the gay com-
munity, commonly known as
LGBTQ Studies, has increasingly
become part of university cur-
riculums during the past decade.
DePaul has offered several classes
through different departments
in the past few years, so packag-
ing them together to create a
minor made sense, Cestaro said.
Students will learn how gay
issues are addressed in the fields
of history, literature, religion,
political science and psychology.
Tell us what you think.
Enter to win an iPod nano
or iTunes gift card!
When: Now!
Connect here: www.ecu.edudining
Majors Fair
March 1
10:30-1:30 PM
1st Floor, Bate Building
Take another Step towards your career
decision. There are over 120 majors at ECU.
Attend the fair to learn more about them.
March is Majors Month!
If you are undecided or reconsidering your majorset a goal to
select a major this March.

The East Carolinian, March 1, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
March 01, 2006
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