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Volume 81 Number49 WEDNESDAY February 8, 2006
Earning your degree online
Small differences from
being an on-campus
Earning a degree online is
becoming more popular and
has only minor differences from
being an on-campus student.
Jeffery Alejandro, a visiting
instructor for the continuing
studies department, admitted
that online courses are very
similar to face-to-face classes and
his students have to meet many
of the same requirements and
assignment deadlines.
When asked what the differ-
ences are between getting a degree
online and physically attending a
university, Alejandro responded,
"There are none except you don't
have to go to a classroom
"The work is very much simi-
lar. The amount of time you have
to put in is similar, the only dif-
ference is online, you have to be
a little bit more organized and
dedicated to the process
Instead of communicating
with students, professors use
methods such as e-mail, virtual
chats, streaming videos for lec-
tures and discussion boards. A
majority of these things are done
on Blackboard.
Alejandro said some of his
students still prefer to visit him
during his office hours to talk
about course work. These methods
are more effective for students who
need to talk to their professor right
away and who feel more comfort-
able talking with their professor in
person, rather than on a discussion
board or by sending messages,
according to Alejandro.
looks to
Students who strive toward an online degree handle the same workload, but can "go to school" anytime, anywhere - even In pajamas.
There are some advantages to
taking classes online for younger
undergraduate students, graduate
students and older people who
would like to pursue getting their
degree for the first time.
"Online degrees allow people
who normally wouldn't be able
to get their education because
they live too far away from the
campus, they have other obli-
gations to the home such as
children, spouses, elderly family
members that they care for, to get
their degree Alejandro said.
"They may work night shifts
and sleep during the day or
may work the day shift. Online
degrees allow them to fit their
education into their schedule
Online classes offer many of
the same classes that are available
on campus. A total of 10 program
options are available for an
undergraduate degree, 11 for dis-
tance education and 29 for adult
learners. They range from getting
a bachelor of science in nursing
to learning how to become a Web
site developer.
One of the big differences
between for getting a degree
online versus attending face-to-
face classes is the cost. When you
decide to be an on-campus stu-
dent, you have to pay more fees
than you would off campus.
On-campus students have to
pay tuition, an educationtech-
nology fee, a health services fee,
university fee, housing and a
meal plan. Online students only
have to pay for tuition and a
technology fee.
Alejandro said there is a dif-
ference in prices within UNC
system universities.
"It could cost almost three
times more to get the degree face-
to face. I feel online degrees from
regionally accredited institutions
are wonderful, but I'm a little
leery of for profit institutions
that are solely online and don't
have the proper accreditation
Alejandro said.
If students are considering
attending classes online, they
should be careful and be positive
that the school they choose is
well accredited.
This writer can be contacted at
news@theeastcarolinian. com.
The ECU Alumni Associa-
tion is offering multiple scholar-
ships to deserving students for
the 2006 - 2007 year, as well as '
nominations for the Robert H.
Wright Award.
The Robert H. Wright Alumni
Leadership Award is an award
that is to be presented to seniors
during annual commencement
exercises. This award is intended
to recognize students' academic
achievement. Services range from
not only the university but to the
community as well. Leadership
qualities, both potential and
exhibited, are examined as well.
In addition to these qualities,
students should have an overall
academic average of at least 3.5
through the first semester of the
graduation year. Nominations are
acceptable for students who have
made extreme accomplishments,
yet may be slightly under the 3.5
GPA mark. Nominations require
one letter of recommendation
from the academic unit.
There are also 12 Alumni
Scholarships available. These
scholarships are for deserving
full-time undergraduate stu-
"Our committee, which is
see ALUMNI page A2
Wrightsville restaurant reaches Unions are drivjng
settlement with HIV-positive cook U.S. automakers
out of profitability
A former cook at a Wrightsville
Beach restaurant will receive an
undisclosed amount of money
because he was fired after the
restaurant learned he had HIV, an
advocacy group said Monday.
The attorney for the restau-
rant's owners said they could
not get clearance from the local
health department to employ
Aron Pelela, 31, as a prep chef.
The restaurant admitted no
liability in the settlement, its
attorney said.
Pelela was fired in October
2005 from The Causeway Cafe,
Lambda Legal said in a news
release. Attorney Joyce L. Davis of
Raleigh, with the help of Lambda
Legal, then sued the restaurant
under the Americans with Dis-
abilities Act.
Pelela has found another job
and will not return to work at the
restaurant, Davis said.
In addition to the monetary
settlement, the restaurant will
ensure it doesn't discriminate
others with HI V and conduct train-
ing sessions about how the disease
is transmitted, Lambda Legal said.
"There is no risk of transmis-
sion of HIV through the prepa-
ration of food, yet myths about
transmission are clearly running
rampant said Greg Nevins,
senior staff attorney in Lambda
Legal's Southern Regional Office
in Atlanta. "We are happy to
see the owners of this restau-
rant instituting a policy based
on the facts and training their
employees on the truth about
HIV transmission
Attorney Andrew Hanley of
Wilmington, who represented
the restaurant, said the owners
thought they had a strong defense
because a local health ordinance
prohibits someone with a conta-
gious disease from working in the
food industry.
The department "refused to
give us a statement that it was
not a violation to employ Mr.
Pelela Hanley said in a phone
The restaurant could not
afford to fight Lambda Legal in
federal court, he said.
"It's just one of those issues
when if you're a mom-and-pop
business, it's hard to fight these
national interest groups he said.
The settlement was reached at
the end of January, Hanley said.
Lambda Legal is a national
organization that works for the
civil rights of lesbians, gay men,
bisexuals, transgender people
and those with HIV.
Motor companies deal
with UAW
Raising money in Wright Place
From left to right, Naona Wood, Amber Anthony and Yolanda Mitchell raise money tor Alpha Kappa Alpha's fundraiser in Wright
Place Tuesday afternoon. Candy grams, chocolate and teddy bears are part of their Valentine's Day sale.
General Motors, the largest
automaker in the U.S. and the
world, has announced that it
will cut its annual dividend of
$2 to $1 per share. The CEO does
not know when GM will return
to profitability. Ford Motors has
announced that it will cut 30,000
North American jobs. Why are the
largest U.S. automakers struggling
and having to downsize so much?
The answer is because of the
costs stipulated by labot unions.
A labor union is an organi-
zation of employees who band
together in order to negotiate
with the company they work for
in order to secure higher wages
and better working conditions.
Labor unions then collect dues
from the employees who are a
member. If the company does
not meet the union's demands,
there may be strike.
Labor unions are bad for
corporate earnings, stock prices
and non-union workers. Non-
union workers often cannot get
certain jobs because of union
influence. Usually, unions are
good only for union workers,
but only for a short period of
time as the heavy costs of labor
unions usually cause layoffs
and, in some cases, bankruptcy,
thereby causing union workers
to lose their jobs.
The labor union that deals
with U.S. automakers is called
United Auto Workers. UAW
President Ron Gettelfinger said
in a statement back in Novem-
ber, "Today's action by General
Motors is not only extremely
disappointing, unfair and unfor-
tunate; it is devastating to many
thousands of workers, their
families and their communities.
While GM's continuing decline
in market share is not the fault
of workers or our communi-
ties, it is these groups that will
suffer because of the actions
announced today. For the work-
ers, their families and the thou-
sands of other people who work
in the small businesses that
supply these facilities, hope is
diminished, the future is unclear
and communities are less stable.
We have said consistently that
General Motors cannot shrink
itself to prosperity. In fact,
shrinking General Motors only
exacerbates its problems
While it is true that workers
and families will lose their jobs
because of GM's moves, which
are necessary to survive against
the onslaught of foreign auto-
makers that do not have to deal
with unions, it is not the fault of
the families. It is the fault of the
unions. As of the second quarter
of 2003, a UAW-represented
an unskilled assembler earned
$25.63 per hour. A typical
UAW-represented skilled-trades
worker earns $29.75 per hour.
These are very high wage rates
for blue-collar work. Younger
employees now earn about half
of that and because they are
paid less, have much more job
GM, which currently employs
111,000 U.S. workers, suffers an
annual cost disadvantage in
North America - $5 billion for
health costs and wages that are
union-stipulated. Harley Shai-
ken, a professor specializing on
labor and the global economy
at UC Berkeley, makes the point
very clear.
"Take healthcare costs. U.S.
automakers on average spend
more than $1,200 a vehicle on
them - more than is spent on
steel. Their competitors aver-
age about $450 a car made in
their U.S. plants. The differ-
ence reflects a much younger
workforce. If Ford had Honda's
healthcare costs, it would have
turned a profit in the U.S. last
year, rather than losing $1.6
billion. Outside the U.S auto-
makers can rely on national
health insurance, not collective
bargaining, to cover their share
of employee health benefits,
dampening costs considerably
This writer can be contacted at
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RACHEL KING News Editor ZACK HILL Assistant News Editor
WEDNESDAY February 8, 2006
Contra Dance
The ECU Folk and Country
Dancers are sponsoring a contra
dance Saturday, Feb. 12 at the
Willis Building, located at First and
Reade Streets. Potluck supper
begins at 6 p.m concert at 7
p.m beginner's lesson at 7:30
p.m. and contra dance from 8
- 10:30 p.m. Live, old-time and
Celtic music will be provided by
a string band. Admission is $3 for
students, $5 for FASG members
and $8 for the public. For more
information, call 752-7350.
This is a smoke- and alcohol-free
Romary Workshop
The Women's Studies Program
is sponsoring a workshop
entitled "Conflict Resolution: The
Essential Skill of Leaders in Life,
the Classroom, the Board Room
and the International Halls of
Power" Wednesday, Feb. 8. The
workshop will start at 5:30 p.m. in
Bate 1031. For more information,
e-mail Cheryl Dudasik-Wiggs at
Vagina Monologues
The Vagina Monologues will run
from Feb. 10 -12 at 8 p.m. in Wright
Auditorium. Proceeds will go to
the Family Violence Program, Inc.
of Pitt County. Co-sponsors are
the Women's Studies Program
and VOICE. For ticket information,
call 1-800-ECU-ARTS. Tickets will
also be sold outside the Wright
Race the week of performances.
Elite Pirates
Applications are now being
accepted for induction into this
premiere recognition program
designed to honor the top student
leaders at ECU. Only 11 student
leaders will be selected for this
honor based on their academics,
leadership and community service.
"The Elite Pirates" selected will
receive a university plaque,
induction into "The Elite Pirates"
Student Hall of Fame, a $150
leadership honorarium and
receive recognition with other
campuscommunity leaders
during ECU Founder's Week.
Applications are available in 207
Mendenhall Student Center. The
deadline to submit applications
is Friday, Feb. 10 at 4:30 p.m.
Interviews will be conducted Feb.
20 - 24. The Induction Program will
take place March 29 at 2:30 p.m.
in MSC Hendrix Theatre. Founder's
Week is March 27-31. For more
information, contact the Office of
the Assistant Vice Chancellor for
Student Experiences at 328-4702.
Criminal Justice
Application Deadline
Students interested in applying for
admission to the undergraduate
criminal justice program
need to submit applications by
Wednesday, Feb. 15. Applications
are available outside of
Rivers 105. For more
information call 328-4695.
Take My Picture
Joyner Library is looking for
students who are interested
in volunteering as models for
photos to be used in library
publications and other
materials. Interested individuals
should contact Bill Bunting at
As you know, undergraduate
research is not only a
priority for the Office of the
University Honors Program, ECU
Scholars and Undergraduate
Research, but also an extremely
important experience for
students, particularly those
wishing to continue to graduate
or professional schools. It's
not too early to begin thinking
about projects you may wish
to pursue with the assistance
of an Undergraduate Research
and Creative Activities Grant.
This grant can help you pay for
supplies or materials, project
expenses and even a stipend for
yourself. All you need is an original
project, a faculty mentor and the
application form
Applications are open to all
interested undergraduates
pursuing an independent
research or inquiry-based
learning project.
Applications and guidelines are
available through the Honors
Program Home Page at
honors, click on "Undergraduate
Research Application deadline
is Feb. 15. Mark your calendars
and open your minds.
News Briefs
Abandoned Infant found In Nash
County pickup's bed
NASHVILLE, NC. (AP) - A newly bom
infant was abandoned'Monday in the
bed of a farm worker's pickup truck,
leading Nash County investigators to
search for the mother.
The boy was four to six hours old
and was found wrapped in a teal
blanket and a white towel, Sheriff Dick
Jenkins said. He was taken to Nash
General Hospital where he was in
stable condition, Nash Health Care
Systems spokeswoman Dawn Wilson
said. The boy was suffering from
frostbite on his fingers and toes.
Officers were checking clinics and
hospitals for the mother who would
need medical attention, Jenkins said.
Raul Vasquez, 31, said he saw the
baby moving when he went to his
truck for a break from his job at
Dale Bone Farms about 10 a.m. He
had been at work since 7 a.m but
investigators said it was unclear when
the child was placed there.
North Carolina's Safe Surrender law
allows a mother who does not want
her newborn baby to leave the child
with a responsible adult, such as a
law officer or hospital worker, without
penalty. The law requires the baby
be unharmed and be younger than
seven days old.
"Something like this is entirely
different Jenkins said. "They
abandoned the baby here at the
warehouse. If they'd taken it to the fire
department, according to the law that
would've been OK
Retired Landls couple besieged
by Inexplicable harassment
LANDIS, NC. (AP) - A retired husband
and wife who have lived in their
neighborhood for almost 32 years
have become the target of harassment
that took a life-threatening turn when
someone sneaked into their home
and set fire to curtains, police say.
Since June, Thomas and Doris
Davidson have been besieged by
vandalism and arson that neither they
nor law enforcement can explain.
"I have no idea why they're targeting
the Davidsons Police Chief Charles
Childers said. They're elderly people,
real good people, It don't make sense
why people keep doing what they're
doing to them
The trouble began on June 26 when
the Davidsons, who are white, found
a small white cross about 18 inches
tall stuck in the ground at the edge of
their front yard. The letters "KKK" and
a heart were drawn on it
A few weeks later, as the couple
was sleeping, one or more people
broke into the house, defecated on
a rug and set fire to the curtains in a
sunroom. Thomas Davidson awoke
to the smell of smoke at 4 a.m. and
called for help.
Most recently, someone used a
slingshot to shoot a metal ball through
a sunroom window.
The State Bureau of Investigation
has joined local authorities in the
Childers said other neighbors and
a local church have reported minor
thefts but nothing that compares to
what's happening to the Davidsons.
Authorities believe juveniles are
involved but have made no arrests.
The couple Thomas is 70 and Doris is
66 moved to their home in 1974 after
he retired from a career in the Navy
and Air Force.
Mechanical problems force
Fossett to scrub take-off plan
In bid to break flight distance
- Mechanical problems Tuesday
prevented Steve Fossett from taking
off on his quest to break a 20year-old
record for the longest flight.
His crew didn't immediately say what
the mechanical problems involved or
when Fossett might try again. Earlier in
the morning, there had been concerns
about the wind blowing across the
runway at Kennedy Space Center.
Fossett plans to eventually barrel
down the three-mile runway in a
spindly experimental airplane on a
venture filled with perils, including the
combustible danger of taking off with
18,000 gallons of fuel in a light-weight
experimental plane, as well as sleep
deprivation and the unpredictability
of the weather.
He hopes to fly 27,012 miles, breaking
a record that has held for two
There is a risk in the takeoff. There
is a risk during the flight of running
out of fuel or other mechanical failure
in an experimental aircraft Fossett
said Monday at a news conference
accompanied by Richard Branson,
whose company, Virgin Atlantic, is
sponsoring the flight.
"I'm not confident of success because
of what I'm trying to do we calculate
that I will be able to complete the flight
and have a success, but it will be very
close Fossett said.
Frying at an altitude of 45,000 feet,
Fossett's 80-hour journey would take
him from the Kennedy Space Center
eastward around the world once.
Then somewhere over Georgia, he
will decide whether he has enough
fuel to cross the Atlantic a second
time and head for a landing outside
"You never know with these things
when you're trying something new
what can happen Branson said.
This is all experimental
More high school seniors took
and passed Advanced Placement
tests last year
WASHINGTON (AP) - The percentage
of public high school seniors passing
at least one Advanced Placement test
increased in nearly every state last
year, but racial gaps remained, the
College Board reported Tuesday.
More students took AP exams, more
students passed them, and average
scores were steady from 2004 to
In the nation's public schools, 14.1
percent of the class of 2005 passed
at least one AP test, up from 13.2
percent a year before. In 2000,
10.2 percent of high school seniors
passed a test.
The number of students passing at
Former WSSU students testify
in classmate's murder trial
The murder trial of a former
Winston-Salem State University
student was delayed Tuesday
after the judge agreed that the
defendant should have a psycho-
logical evaluation.
Judge William Wood agreed
with a defense motion that
Jeremy Dushane Murrell should
have a competency evalua-
tion, which will be conducted
His trial on charges result-
ing from the death of Lawrence
Matthew Harding, 19, in August
2003 will resume Thursday if
he's found competent. Murrell
could face a death sentence if
On Monday, former class-
mates testified that a newspaper
article convinced them that
Murrell was serious when he told
them about a violent robbery.
The three former WSSU stu-
dents said Monday that a story
published in October 2003 con-
tained details of a robbery,
kidnapping and homicide that
sounded familiar. That's when
they began to believe the story
they had heard, they said.
Detectives in Richmond,
Va found Harding's remains
in the trunk of his car eight
days after he was shot, pros-
ecutor Jennifer Martin said
in her opening statement. He
had been robbed and shot.
The former students, Mangus
Daniels, Bennie Cameron and
Stacy Whitson, testified that Mur-
rell's tough talk just seemed to be
part of his personality. So Dan-
iels ignored Murrell when Mur-
rell told him details of the crime.
But when he read about a
homicide a few months later,
he called police and Harding's
Kevin Mauney, one of Mur-
rell's attorneys, said in his open-
ing statement that Murrell's
rough childhood included a
mother who suffered from
schizophrenia and who eventu-
ally was committed for treat-
ment. His father receives psy-
chiatric treatment because of
injuries he sustained in two
accidents, Mauney said.
"He didn't have much of a
center or a family foundation
we'd like to have Mauney
least one test increased by nearly
120,000 from 2000 to 2005. But black
students continued to take the exams
at lower rates than white students,
and their overall scores remained a
level behind whites last year.
The Advanced Placement Program,
which the College Board oversees,
offers college level courses in 20
subjects. The most popular subjects
are U.S. History, English and
About 610,000 of the roughly 2.7
million members of the class of
2005 took a total of 1.5 million AP
tests. About 380,000 of the students
passed at least one test.
Beijing rejects Pentagon
description of China as potential
military rival
BEIJING (AP) - China said Tuesday
it has formally complained to
Washington over a Pentagon report
that calls China a potential military
threat, and the foreign ministry
accused the United States of trying
to mislead public opinion.
The report, released Friday, expressed
concerns about Beijing's rising
military spending to project power
beyond China's borders.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman
Kong Quan said the report made
"groundless accusations regarding
the normal national defense
development in China, interferes
with China's domestic affairs and
plays up the theory of the Chinese
military threat, thereby misleading
public opinion
China's official military budget
for 2005 was $30.7 billion, based
on current exchange rates, after
a decade of double-digit annual
increases. But foreign analysts say
the true spending is several times
that. A Pentagon report last year put
the figure at between $50 billion
and $70 billion, which it said was the
world's third-highest military budget.
"Of the major and emerging powers,
China has the greatest potential to
compete militarily with the United
States and field disruptive military
technologies that could over
time offset traditional U.S. military
advantages absent U.S. counter
strategies the latest Pentagon
report said.
By comparison, President Bush in
his budget proposal this week said
America's military budget in 2007
should be $439.3 billion, a 6.9 percent
increase over 2006 for the Pentagon.
That figure does not include the costs
of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Olmert says he wants to hold on
to major Jewish settlement blocs
JERUSALEM (AP) - Acting Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert said in an
interview to be aired Tuesday that
he intends to hold on to all of Israel's
major settlement blocs and smaller
ones on the border with Jordan.
It was the clearest indication yet of
how Israel plans to draw its final
borders, defining the central issue for
Olmert's Kadima Party as it heads into
March 28 elections that polls indicate
it will win handily. Olmert's interview
with Channel 2 TV was scheduled for
airing Tuesday night, but highlights
were broadcast on Army Radio,
Separately, Defense Minister Shaul
Mofaz was quoted Tuesday as saying
Israel would establish its final borders
with or without a negotiated deal
within the next two years.
Political affairs reporter Nissim Mishal
said it was the first time any Israeli
leader gave such specific details
on what Israel would keep. Mishal
said Olmert specified he intended to
hold on to the three major West Bank
settlement blocs Ariel, Gush Etzion
and Maaleh Adumim in addition to
the Jordan Valley.
He also said Olmert hinted of further
unilateral withdrawals like the one
Israel carried out this summer from the
Gaza Strip, now that Hamas militants
have won Palestinian elections anrj
are set to take power.
In recent appearances, Olmert
has said that while Israel prefers
a negotiated final peace deal with
the Palestinians, that was not the
only option.
TEC readers vary in size
A squirrel enjoys a copy of TEC that was left beside Bate Monday morning
Alumni frompageAi Four U.S. presidents Join 10,000 at Coretta Scott King's funeral
made up of alumni who have
been on the alumni board of
directors, selects the crop said
Paul J. Clifford, Associate Vice
Chancellor for Alumni Rela-
"What the committee looks
at is, obviously, excellence in
the classroom, but it's not just
that, it's also students who
display leadership capability
on campus and around
the community
Last year there were 133 appli-
cants for the scholarship. All
of the scholarships were worth
$1,000 each. The average GPA
of the applicants was 3.54, while
the GPA of the actual recipients
was 3.71.
The money for all of the
scholarships awarded comes from
donations made by alumni who
"want to see students achieve big
things Clifford said.
All applications coupled
with recommendations are
to be received no later than
5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.
Recipients will be announced
later in the spring
semester. For more informa-
tion on this scholarship, visit
This writer can be contacted at
news&theeastcarolinian. com.
L1THON1A, Ga. (AP) When
Martin Luther Kingjr. was assas-
sinated in 1968, President Lyndon
Johnson didn't attend his funeral.
But at services for Coretta
Scott King, four U.S. presidents
took turns Tuesday saluting
"the first lady of the civil rights
movement" for her efforts over
40 years to realize her husband's
dream of racial equality.
They joined 10,000 other
mourners - including numer-
ous members of Congress and
many gray-haired veterans of
the struggle for civil rights - to
say goodbye to King's widow,
who died Jan. 30 at age 78 after
battling ovarian cancer and the
effects of a stroke.
More than three dozen speak-
ers addressed the immense crowd
that filled the New Birth Mission-
ary Baptist Church - a modern,
arena-style megachurch in a
suburban Atlanta county that
was once a stronghold of the Ku
Klux Klan but today has one of
the most affluent black popula-
tions in the country.
President Bush ordered flags
flown at half-staff across the
country and saluted Coretta Scott
King as "a woman who worked to
make our nation whole
"Coretta Scott King not only
secured her husband's legacy,
she built her own Bush told the
crowd. "Having loved a leader, she
became a leader, and when she
spoke, Americans listened closely
Former President Clinton
urged mourners to follow in her
footsteps, honor her husband's
sacrifice and help the couple's
children fulfill their parents'
legacy. Former President Bush said
the "world is a kinder and gentler
place because of Coretta Scott
King President Carter praised
the Kings for their ability to "wage
a fierce struggle for freedom and
justice and to do it peacefully
The funeral at times turned
political, with some speakers
decrying the war in Iraq, the
Bush administration's eavesdrop-
ping program, and the sluggish
response to Hurricane Katrina in
mostly black New Orleans.
The Rev. Joseph Lowery, who
co-founded the Southern Chris-
tian Leadership Conference with
Martin Luther King Jr drew a
roaring standing ovation when he
said: "For war, billions more, but
no more for the poor" - a takeoff
on a line from a Stevie Wonder
song. The comment drew head
shakes from Bush and his father as
they sat behind the pulpit.
The lavish service stood
in sharp contrast to the 1968
funeral for King's husband. Presi-
Bush speaks during Coretta Scott King's funeral ceremony Tuesday.
dent Lyndon B. Johnson did not
attend those services, which were
held in the much smaller and
older Ebenezer Church in Atlanta,
where King had preached.
Coretta Scott King's body
was to be placed in a crypt near
her husband's tomb at the King
Center, which she built to pro-
mote his memory. The crypt is
inscribed with a passage from
First Corinthians: "And now abide
Faith, Hope, Love, These Three;
but the greatest of these is Love
Over the past several days,
more than 160,000 mourners
waited in long lines to pay their
respects and file past King's
open casket during viewings at
churches and the Georgia Capi-
tol, where King became the first
woman and the first black person
to'lie in honor.
"She made many great sacri-
fices said Sean Washington, 38,
who drove from Tampa, Fla with
his wife and children from a dis-
ability center to attend the funeral.
"To be in her presence once more
is something that 1 would defi-
nitely cherish, no matter what
Stevie Wonder and Michael
Bolton sang, giving soaring, gospel-
infused performances. At least 14
U.S. senators attended, along with
members of the House.

Page A3 252.328.9238
WEDNESDAY February 8, 2006
My Random Column
Roommate revenge!
Nothing intriguing has happened to me in the
past week that I wish to inform or rant about;
therefore, I will again resort to one of the books
my sister bought me. This one is titled The
Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want.
It covers topics of work, dating and living
arrangements. So today, I thought it would be
humorous to include a section of ways to get
back at your roommate. Whether it is in the
dorms or off campus, first semester is over and
with the spring in full effect, we are all ready to
have a break from our roommates.
Here is a handy list of tactics to get even (or
start a war) with your roommate.
Replace your roommate's powdered deter-
gent with powdered bleach.
Fill out a change-of-address form and send
hisher mail to Bolivia.
If your roommate borrows your car, call the
police, report that your car has been stolen
and give the cops your roommate's physical
Record over ail of hisher favorite videos with
"Larry King Live
Use a razor blade to cut out the last 10 pages
of the novel heshe is reading.
Replace creme rinse with Nair.
Call AA, Overeaters Anonymous, Planned
Parenthood, the Forum and the Church of
Scientology to request that information be sent
to your roommate's work address.
Fill hisher Listerine with bourbon.
All information from chart was taken directly from
The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want by
Cameron Turtle.
Our Staff
Jennifer L Hobbs
Editor in Chief
Rachel King Zack Hill
News Editor Asst. News Editor
Carolyn Scandura
Features Editor
Tony Zoppo
Sports Editor
Sarah Bell
Head Copy Editor
Herb Sneed
Photo Editor
Alexander Marciniak
Web Editor
Edward McKim
Production Manager
Newsroom 252.328.9238
Fax 252.328.9143
Kristin Murnane
Asst. Features Editor
Brandon Hughes
Asst. Sports Editor
April Barnes
Asst. Copy Editor
Rachael Loiter
Asst. Photo Editor
Dustin Jones
Asst. Web Editor
Serving ECU since 1925, TEC prints 9,000 copies every
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the regular
academic year and 5,000 on Wednesdays during the
summer "Our View" is the opinion of the editorial board
and is written by editorial board members. TEC welcomes
letters to the editor which are limited to 250 words (which
may be edited for decency or brevity). We reserve the
right to edit or reject letters and all letters must be signed
and include a telephone number Letters may be sent
via e-mail to or to The East
Carolinian, SelfHelp Building, Greenville, NC 27858-
4353. Call 252-328-9238 for more information. One
copy of TEC Is free, each additional copy is $1.
Pirate Rant
uiuau doncortno com
Opinion Columnist
What are all these Pirate Rants About Pirate Rants
Student expression, or
anonymous cruelty?
I've always felt like people
should feel free to express them-
selves, as long as they kept it to
some degree of tastefulness. This
is especially true when it comes
to a public media like TEC. I
think it is great that students
have the chance to express them-
selves through Pirate Rants and
most recently through Campus
Confessions, but for the longest
time I've felt like people have
been using these as a means to be
mean andor disgusting without
fear of being recognized.
Some of you may be thinking
that this comes as a response to
recent criticism about my column.
Honestly, it isn't. I am, for lack of a
better term, a public figure. At least
my writing is open to the public,
and therefore, open to criticism. So
feel free to criticize but, you know,
feel free to say nice things too.
This is something that has
been bugging me for a long time,
and more recently was an issue
raised during one of the classes
I'm taking this semester. Pirate
Rants have included nice things
about services and people who
work on campus and general
complaints about dining hall
food, school policies and writers
for TEC (especially Tony McKee,
who I have to say I miss). How-
ever, there have been some Pirate
Rants, and recently, Campus Con-
fessions that remind me of things
I've read on public bathroom
walls or something I'd overhear
in my high school cafeteria.
These things all seem to start
off in the same way - "To the
person who or "I am a" such
and such or "I didn't mean to
have sex with etc. For the most
part, these sound like things
people are too afraid to admit or
say to people's faces; yet, they feel
comfortable enough to say them
when they can't be found out.
Sometimes Pirate Rants can
even be downright nasty and
make me question the sanity of
the people here in Greenville,
especially the ones I've read
about people "accidentally"
having sex and then trying to
cover it up. Obviously the person
who had the "accident" wasn't
too upset about it if they're (1)
willing to joketalk about it in
a public media and (2) not will-
ing to do anything to regain the
trust of the person they hurt.
Also, aside from being completely
plastered, there's no reason I
can see for someone who truly
cares about their significant
other having trouble keeping
their pants on. I'm sorry, it is
just something that doesn't
seem to be all that difficult to
me. Why am I single, again?
The most annoying rants
have to be these anonymous
complaints to other people. First
of all, how do you even know
that the person you're talking
about will even know that you're
talking about them? Second of
all, these sound like the kind of
things that are heard when two
people aren't talking to each
other and are in the same room,
"Would you please tell him, that
I'm not talking to him? Would
you tell him to hand me that?"
You know that kind of thing.
Third, and this comes from my
own personal experience, when
you have a problem that haunts
you to no end, nothing will
change unless you say something
to the person who caused it.
That's not to say that you need
to be mean or angry when you
say it, but if you are angry to
the point of yelling, it might
be better to talk with friends or
peers about what to do. Then
again, if Pirate Rants help you to
deal with your feelings, maybe
it's not such a bad thing. Just
don't be afraid to take action.
Hiding behind anonymity and
letting the problem continue
doesn't solve anything.
Finally, I want to talk about
Campus Confessions. The last
thing I want to know about
anyone involves infections below
the belt. While we're close to
the subject, I really don't want
to know people's preference
between thongs and going com-
mando. Also, does anyone feel
ashamed of playing with people's
emotions the kind that people
have when they really care about
you the kind of emotions some
people would give anything to
have someone else convey to
them? Are there really that many
mean-spirited, nasty, angry emo-
tions built up on this campus? I
guess it's good that Valentine's
Day is next week, because it
sounds like we need some love
around here.
I'm not saying that people
should stop expressing them-
selves through Pirate Rants or
Campus Confessions. In fact, I
highly encourage you to, even
if it is anger directed at me for
what I've said in this article.
At least I know you're reading
it. I just hope that those of you
who have posted and will post
in the future realize that people
are reading these things. In fact,
it is probably the most popular
thing in the paper. Anonymity
may prevent people from know-
ing it is you, but it won't stop
them from forming an opinion
about the person behind the
post. To be honest, some of
these rants and confessions have
me more concerned about the
well-being of my fellow Pirates
rather than being impressed
or laughing. Remember, there
are some things better left
unsaid, unknown and unposted
in a paper for all to read.
Letters To The Editor
Dear Editor,
To the author of "Drugs,
violence permeate hip-hop I
agree with your article in part.
The negative values portrayed
in mainstream hip-hop are not
good for any community or
culture. But to attribute the
negative stereotypes that Afri-
can Americans face solely, or
mainly, to mainstream hip-hop is
ridiculous. If that were the case,
we could attribute alcoholism
and domestic violence to country
or rock music or violence in gen-
eral to video games and movies,
which are patronized by people
of all backgrounds. An attempt
to blame the complex and convo-
luted problem African Americans
face on mainstream hip-hop, and
furthermore to say they are to
blame for the negativity in main-
stream hip-hop, is completely
inaccurate. The major record
labels, run by white Americans,
are much more to blame. They
force-feed America with a false
sense of "street-cred" and "thug
life which many African Ameri-
cans, if not the vast majority, see
right through. Sure, they buy the
records, but then again, so do a
lot of whites. Look at any white
ECU student's CD collection and
you're bound to find dozens of
mainstream "negative" hip-hop
CDs. So my question to you is
why aren't they viewed with the
same negative attitudes as Afri-
can Americans? The answer is
not simple and can't be summed
up by your grossly one-sided
view. I understand the opinion
factor of your article and this
is mine. Hip-hop is so big in
all cultures (white included)
because it appeals to some sense
of excitement and fantasy in the
human mind. The same applies
to action movies and video
games - they're an escape from
reality. Most moviegoers aren't
going to attempt a re-enactment
of scenes from the latest action
flick, same for video gamers.
It's media; it's fantasy that most
people realize is just an image
and purely enjoy for its aesthetic
value. To say that African Ameri-
cans act the way they do and do
the things they do because of
hip-hop is crazy. People emulate
celebrities across the board. Yes,
a young black male might try to
dress like 50 Cent, but he's not
going to sell crack because 50 did.
If he does sell crack, the answer
to why is more than likely not
going to be "because 50 did and
rapped about it The answer is
tied up in so many ideological
and sociological anomalies and
socioeconomic factors that have
nothing to do with mainstream
hip-hop. And I say all this not as
a white or African American but
as a Hispanic American who has
no ties or loyalties to either side
and doesn't even like hip-hop, in
case you were wondering.
Orlando Rodriguez
Dear Editor,
I'm extremely disappointed
in the lack of coverage of the
death of Mrs. Coretta Scott King.
On the eve of Black History
Month, an important American
figure passed away, but there was
no mention in TEC.
As was stated in Daniel
Brock's article, it's everyone's
history so everyone should feel
cheated by TEC. If we are all
equal Americans, then shouldn't
we ALL (not just blacks) be work-
ing toward positive images and
disproving stereotypes? One of
the first steps would be equal
news coverage in TEC.
This isn't the first time that
TEC has failed to report current
events that affected this campus
as a whole. On MLK Day, the
TEC simply published pictures
instead of looking at the overall
experiences that took place that
day. When many African Ameri-
can leaders asked TEC why it did
not publish an article, we were
asked what they were supposed
to report on. For me, this was
like a slap in the face. If people
can write an article on whether
or not jean shorts are making a
comeback or the editor's love of
cell phones, then surely you can
spare two lines for either Dr. King
or Mrs. King, two leaders who
greatly changed the world.
Maybe TEC should look at
the articles in USA Today because
their exhaustive coverage of Mrs.
King's life and death not only
brought tears to my eyes, but also
educated me on the impact she
had on the world. Step up TEC.
Thank you,
Regina Twine
Black Student Union President
To the students who keep complaining about not
having a white history month, white entertainment
television and other heritages not having a month,
get your facts right and keep your ignorance to
yourself. There is a month for both the Asian and
Latino community. Did you know that the board
members of BET, most record company owners and
the writers of black television shows are white? Now
what do you have to say?
I think you might be my straight best friend, and 1 am
in love with you too.
ECU Softball had a great season last year and is poised
to have a repeat season. Why isn't their facility get-
ting upgraded?
Thanks for informing us the day of an open mic that
it would be occurring in an hour. And since I'm
not glued to my computer checking my e-mail every
five minutes like a mouth-breathing leech, it was
especially helpful.
What about a German American history month?
Where do I start the petition?
It does not have to be 1951 for a guy to ask a girl out
to dinner and a movie. It seems to me that a girl who
likes intellectual intercourse would prefer this date to
a date at a club where you cannot hear anything or
at party where the conversation usually falls to the
lowest common denominator of intelligence because
that is considered "cool I will take a girl to dinner
and a movie any time.
Why is ECU not putting on another Mardi Gras this year?
How does a $1.99 sandwich and a bottle of water come
out to equal $4.99? Because Wright Place is charging
more then they should. They are ripping us off.
Kanye West deserves respect? Didn't Jesus say there
would be false prophets in sheep's clothing, but
inwardly they were wolves? His "blatantly truthful"
statement about Bush was ridiculous and false - and
I don't even support Bush. Kanye just needs a warm
glass of shut the heck up.
I'm from the South, and I think jean shorts are ridicu-
lous. So to the ranter who says we don't care about fash-
ion, please. We don't all go hunting or play with Magic
cards. 1991 called and they want their shorts back.
Stop calling out those poor girls with UGGs, bug-
eyed sunglasses and diaper bag purses. If they want
to walk around looking like that, they're allowed to.
Just laugh about it with your friends in private like
the rest of us.
I'm officially changing my major and going to medi-
cal school - all so that I can invent a procedure that
will surgically attach a cell phone to a person's head.
Might as well.
Hey, guy who listens to his iPod ridiculously loudly
during class. Yeah you. I hate you.
If you're going to cancel an 8 a.m or 9:30 a.m. class,
have the decency to let the class know ahead of time.
i Whoever ignorantly claimed that no other minority
groups had months set aside for them, check your facts
; beforemakingsuchaclaim. Hispanic American appre-
ciation month is Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 and Asian-Pacific
j American appreciation month is in May. So next time
you question the validity an integrity of an appreciation
month, make sure you know what you're talking about.
Physics 1250 is not that difficult really. The problems
lie with the professor and the students. Some of the
professors, while brilliant themselves, forget that they
are teaching less than brilliant novices. Some of the
students come late or not at all. Others show up early
but sit there in a stupor without asking a question,
taking notes or doing homework. Others make all the
right moves and still get a "D That's OK though. "D"
i is for Diploma. So suck it up and drive on.
Out of the thousands of students who attend ECU,
did no one have anything to say about Daniel Brock's
BHM article last week? Is it usual student apathy or
censored pirate rants?
Where have you been? There is a white entertainment
television It's called CMT!
To the Duke fan who wonders what ECU has ever won.
Take a stroll through the Ward sports medicine build-
ing sometime and have a look at all the bowl game
trophies in there. And while we're at it, when was the
last time Duke was actually even in a bowl game?
I'm ready for Spring Break!
To the person who stated that the ROTC students
dressing up everyday is overkill. News flash, it's part
of their class. They get credit for dressing that way,
and most of them are trying to proudly represent our
country. Have some pride. There are bigger things
going on in the world than what someone wears.
Girls who look malnourished because they weigh 100
pounds and have 10 percent body fat gross me out, espe-
cially when they're about to pass out from exhaustion
because they've been on the stair climber for an hour
straight. Eating disorders are not cool. Stop aspiring to
be Lindsay Lohan and have a sandwich, please.
To the person who made the comment about white
history month and white entertainment television, why
would you need that? Every month besides February is
white history month and every other channel besides
BET is devoted to white people. Am I the only person
who notices that?
I've been in school for four years and have had two
classes talkread about MarxEngle and Communism,
yet have never had a class mention Adam Smith and
Capitalism. Am I completely paranoid or is it that four
classes this semester to use the Communist Manifesto
with no contradicting supplement?
I wish the weather would decide what it wants to be!
Textbook acquisition needs reform. The price of books
rivals tuition and these books are used. And then at
the end of the semester you usually get 10 percent of
what you paid for them because a new edition has
come out that changes maybe one word per chapter.
Why is it that these criminals are allowed to operate
when gas stations come under review for price goug-
ing. What about book-gouging? Who has the number
to the state Attorney General?
Editor's Sotr: The Pirate Rant is an anonymous way- for students and staff In the
ECU community tovoke their opinions. Submissions can be submitted anonymously
online at www.theeastcaroHnianxom. or e-mailed to editorvetheeastcarollnlan.
aim. The editor reserves the right to edit opinions for content and brevity

What's Hot
Page A4 252.328.6366 CAROLYN SCANDURA Features Editor KRISTIN MURNANE Assistant Features Editor WEDNESDAY February 8, 2006
Mendenhall Movies:
North Country
Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.
Thursday at 7 p.m.
Friday at 9:30 p.m.
Saturday at 7 p.m.
Sunday at 3 p.m.
Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Thursday at 9:30 p.m.
Friday at 7 p.m.
Saturday at 9:30 p.m.
Sunday at 7 p.m.
Top 5s:
Top 5 Movies
I. When a Stranger Calls
2 Big Momma's House 2
3. Nanny McPhee
4. Brokeback Mountain
5. Hoodwinked
Top 5 Pop Albums
1. II Divo
2. Josh Turner
3. Jamie Foxx
4. Mary J. Blige
5. Yellowcard
Top 5 TV Shows
1. "American Idol - Tuesday"
2. "American Idol - Wednesday"
3. "CSI"
4. "Without a Trace"
5. "CSI: Miami"
Top 5 DVD Rentals
1 Lord ot War
2 Two lor the Money
3. Transporter 2
4 Wedding Crashers
5 Hustle and Flow
The short list
Nominees in major categories for the 48th annual Grammy Awards,
which will be handed out in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 2006:
Aries - Don't procrastinate. It won't be
long before other obligations interfere
with your studies. By then, know as
much as you can.
Taurus - Collect as many goodies as
you can, while you can. Then, start to
prepare for your next project.
Gemini - The next assignment is
to make more money come in. You
know you're smart, so go ahead and
get wealthy. It's OK.
Cancer - You have some of the
answers yourself in that stack of
papers you've let pile up. Sort and
Leo - If you can't figure out what a
stubborn person is talking about, get
a friend to intervene Maybe you need
a translator.
Virgo - Conditions are unstable early,
but the bumps smooth out. Don't get
freaked and give up. Stay on course.
Ubra - Your fantasies are about to
encounter a reality check. The goal
can be accomplished, but there's a
lot of work involved.
Scorpio Don't spend all your
savings on fixing up your place. Some,
but not all. Save enough to get out of
town soon.
Sagittarius - Keep studying and
practicing You're about to make
a jump up to the next level of
understanding. What you've been
doing starts getting easy.
Capricorn - Figure out ways to
delegate more ofyourresponsibilities.
You can multiply your production and
give yourself more free time.
Aquarius - As always, love is followed
closely by more work. Don't complain,
this is the natural order of things.
Pisces - The prevailing theme for the
past few weeks was cleaning up old
messes That job should go more
smoothly now since you've had lots
of practice.
ni of the year
"we Belong Together
Mariah Carey
.peel Good inc Gor.Haz
Dreams, Green " i
-Hollaback Girl
Gwen Stefani
"Gold Digger"
Best new artist
Fall Out Boy
John Legend
fcanVeNB j
Source: National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (US.)
5" of the year
cr (Performed
Mariah Carey) and M" sea
Tablet computers have evolved since their release in the late 1990s.
Tablets: The next
step in computers
Not just a pretty face
New computers may
soon replace laptops
Tablet computers are gaining
rapid popularity as the successors
to the laptop and are much more
than day planners and organizers.
While their screens can be up to
12 inches in length, they're rarely
greater than 1 inch thick. As of
now, companies such as Compaq,
Fujitsu and Acer are producing
tablets designed for Windows XP
and capable of doing anything
a desktop computer can handle.
Some advantages tablets have
over laptops include a longer
battery life (up to nine hours),
enhanced system navigation and
bypassing hibernation modes
with Instant-On features to save
you time and battery life.
Best of all, you can write
directly on the screen and have
it transfer to text. Many personal
digital assistants (PDAs) intro-
duced this feature several years
ago, but with limited capabilities
when compared to tablets. Tab-
lets are operated using a stylus,
which is an electromagnetic
pen, and have no need for a
keyboard, although it is possible
to attach one. The pen is used
directly on the screen, replacing
both a mouse and a keyboard,
and is fairly simple to use. Voice
recognition allows you to com-
mand the computer to perform
tasks and can also be used to
dictate text.
Tablets come in two forms,
slate and convertible. The slate
form is a screen, as described
above, and has simple docking
capabilities that allow you to
connect it to printers, monitors,
keyboards and external hard
drives. Convertibles are more like
a transition between a laptop and
a tablet, utilizing a built-in key-
board that can be folded under
the tablet. It is similar to a laptop
with the screen on the opposite
side so you can still use it like a
slate tablet while it's closed.
Now for the technical speci-
fications, which are amazing.
Keep in mind that these com-
puters are about the same size of
see TABLET page A5
Fun Facts:
Got gas? 40 percent of all indigestion
remedies sold in the world are bought
by Americans.
Traces of cocaine were found on 99
percent of UK bank notes in a survey
in London in 2000.
Senegalese women spend an
average of 17.5 hours a week just
collecting water.
Mushrooms are more closely related
to humans and animals than to other
During his lifetime, Herman Melville's
Moby Dick sold only 50 copies.
According to legend, there's a
Superman in everyepisode of "Seinfeld
In older people, memory Is
best early in the morning and then
declines during the late afternoon.
Streets in Japan don't have names.
Halle Berry has proven to
be a real actress
Starlet Halle Berry is a clas-
sic beauty who has proven her
ability to perform to audiences
time and time again. Although
she has been labeled one of
People's "50 Most Beautiful
People" nine times, Berry's real
attributes exist in her acting.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio,
Berry got her first taste of the
spotlight when she won the Miss
Teen All-American Pageant in
1985. From there she progressed
to modeling, and in 1989, she
was cast for a weekly television
series called "The Living Dolls
It was during this comedic
show that her potential started to
become apparent to her directors
and fellow actors. Berry began to
be known for her on-set persis-
tence - she chose to live through
her characters and adopted their
mannerisms with or without the
cameras rolling.
In 1991 she played a crack
addict in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever.
To get into character, Berry
reportedly would not bathe for
several days before the start of
filming. Her dedication paid
off, and Berry became a more
commonly known name in the
film industry. After her first
break, Berry acted in at least
one movie every year, slowly
constructing her creditability
as an actress. She played across
actor Eddie Murphy in Boo-
merang, and it was said for that
performance that Murphy was
"evenly matched on the screen
With Introducing Dorothy Dan-
dridge, Berry was first formally
recognized for her talent. Berry
won both a Golden Globe and
an Emmy for the TV movie, and
although it wasn't extremely
popular, she got the appreci-
ation she deserved. She was
also the first African American
woman to obtain one of the
highest honors for an actress: an
Oscar. Her worthy presentation
landed her Best Actress in a Lead-
ing Bole in the highly praised
independent film Monster's Ball.
Her physical capabilities have
been proven many times in
features such as X-Men, X-Men 2,
and Catwoman. She was even cap-
tivating enough to play a Bond
girl in Die Another Day. Berry has
been injured on the set several
times. She was hit in the head
with set lights during a stunt on
Catwoman and received another
injury during a scene when
James Bond fired at an escaping
helicopter during Die Another Day.
Bruises and all, Berry contin-
ues to give her best throughout
filming. As for 2006, she has a
role in Perfect Stranger, which is
still being filmed.
While her natural good looks
may be the first thing you see, it's
obvious Berry has a lot more to
offer audiences. She has steadily
climbed her way to the top of the
acting world and has worked hard
for the recognition she receives.
Berry concludes everything
by telling the press: "While being
called beautiful is extremely flat-
tering, I would much rather be
noticed for my work as an actress
This writer can be contacted at
Well-fitting jeans are often one of the hardest articles of clothing for both men and women to buy.
Finding jeans for your body
Guide to buying for your
body type
Take the Quiz:
How well do you know Halle Berry?
Take this quiz and find out:
1. For what make-up line Is
Berry a spokesperson?
2. What character did she play In
The Flintstones In 1994?
3. Who are her favorite actresses?
1. Revlon Cosmetics
2. Sharon Stone
3. Dorothy Oandrldge, Jodie Foster
and Whoopl Goldberg
It's a hard task to find the
perfect pair of jeans, especially
if your body type isn't what the
designers of the moment are
catering to. Jeans are an essential
part of every wardrobe whether
you are male or female. A few tips
can put anyone on the path to
finding the perfect pair of jeans
- the ones you'll wear at least once
a week.
When it comes to jeans, one
can go very wrong by not know-
ing the difference between the
many styles and cuts of jeans.
There are five basic types of jeans
for women: boot cut, skinny
jeans, the classic five pocket
jean, stretch denim and wide
leg jeans. There are three basic
cuts for men: baggy, close fit and
straight cut.
All of these jeans can sit at
a certain position on the hips.
Some jeans are low-rise, super
low rise, standard or high waist.
All of the styles look different on
different people; finding the best
one for you requires knowing
your body type.
To create the illusion of a
taller figure for petite frames or
short people, straight jeans with
the standard waist cut are the
best. The slimmer leg will elon-
gate the body. People who are
short often have a difficult time
finding jeans that aren't too long.
Some stores, such as Gap, sell
"short cut" jeans that are shorter
in length with the same straight
jean style. If the jeans fit great but
are too long, they can always be
altered with the help of a tailor.
It will cost a few dollars extra, but
a great pair of jeans is priceless.
People with short legs should
avoid cropped jeans, which make
the legs look shorter.
"I hate shopping for jeans
because it's so hard to find the
right jeans for your height and
size. A size five at one store could
be a size three at another. L.E.I,
jeans seem to fit me well though
said senior exercise physiology
major Jenna Salter.
For the short-waisted person
or person with a short torso, low
rise jeans will help to lengthen
the look of the torso and even
out the upper and lower body
For taller people, boot cut
jeans, skinny jeans and straight
cut jeans are the best. Women
with slender legs can accent them
with a great pair of skinny leg
jeans. These jeans are snug all
over and taper all the way down
to the ankle. These jeans are fabu-
lous and are very hot in today's
fashion. Tall men should go for
the straight leg jean or slightly
baggy jean.
For those who are looking
to create some booty, choose a
jean with more structure in the
waist area. A high smaller pocket
with stitching detail on the back
pockets can create the illusion of
a meatier derriere.
To minimize wide hips or
a bigger bottom, avoid jeans
with no back pockets. Wider
legged jeans or a slightly flared
jean will help to balance the
top and bottom portion of the
lower half of the body. This
body type should look for good
structured jeans with some
stretch and avoid huge pock-
ets that sit right on the hip.
This writer can be contacted at
Tips for
Buying Jeans
-The perfect jean stops at the midpoint
of the foot or shoe and skims the floor
-If planning to wear the jeans mostly
with high heels 2 Inches or higher, Its
best to buy long Inseam Jeans or "long
-All good jeans have a Irttle stretch In
-When sitting, the )ean must fully cover
your bottom
-Avoid fits that bunch at the back ot
your knees or leave stretched bunches
under the bottom or the back of the

Loving them, leaving them Tai"
Breaking the ties between you and a significant other can be hard.
Live, learn, then move on
When you are dating some-
one, the last thing you think
about is not being together any-
more. Some live for the moment
and enjoy what life gives them,
while others get very deep in
relationships and begin making
"future plans Getting close to
someone is always risky, but it is
knowing that you have a life out-
side of your significant other that
makes the end a little better.
Most of the time, both people
can feel that things aren't how
they use to be; you both get
aggravated with one another,
events become stressful and the
little amount of time you spend
together usually ends with fight-
ing. You stop meeting each other
randbmly throughout the day
(just for a few minutes), people
start noticing that you just aren't
happy anymore and you do not
feel like you are fulfilling your
goals in life. These are a few
items some people tend to ignore
just to remain in their comfort
zone. When such signs occur, it
is important to notice them and
to remain true to your feelings.
Trying to hold on to what you
have has proven to be bad in the
long run. It's up to one of you to
call it quits - but what do you say?
What if you can't keep yourself
together? How do you talk to the
other person face-to-face?
Whatever the reasons are
- going different directions in
life, you've met another person,
you can't get along or any other
circumstances that are causing
the break-up - they should be
thought out. If you care about the
person, you should show some
respect and meet them some-
where. Choose a neutral location,
which will make it much easier.
Be sure the two of you will be
alone and people won't be inter-
rupting. Being sure of what the
problems are will help you talk
through everything.
The "talk" will probably not
come as a surprise to the other
person unless you have cheated
and they don't know yet.
Being open and honest is the
best way to go. It's not easy for
some people to talk about their
feelings, but this is a time to get
over that and deal with your
life. You can't control how you
feel, so honesty won't get you in
trouble - it just might hurt more.
Although the truth hurts, time
will heal.
"I was dating a guy for about
five months. Our schedules
began clashing, and the small
amount of time we were able to
spend together consisted of awk-
wardness. We both knew it was
time to move on. Whenever we
see each other, we still talk and
get along said Stephanie Mar-
shall, freshman business major.
It's not easy to still be friends
with someone you once dated,
but it is possible. If neither of
you cheated or went through
some kind of life-altering change,
then it is very possible. Seeing
each other at first will be tense,
uneasy and obviously awkward.
You are now "just friends" with
someone you've kissed, created a
bond with, made mutual friends
with and maybe even slept with.
Only time will break the tension.
It is better to have loved and lost
than to have never loved at all,
right? This is a timeless question
that many ask themselves when
dealing with break-ups.
All of this sounds simple,
but it's much easier said than
done. Say the circumstances
are different - only one person
wants the relationship to end
and the other thinks things are
going well. Again, start with the
same basis of honesty, but stay
sincere and tolerant as long as
possible. If you are past getting
over them, remember ending
things is new to the other person
and they probably still have feel-
ings for you. Everyone deserves
some sort of explanation, and
the person you are breaking up
with will more than likely feel
the same way.
"My girlfriend of a few months
told me that she just didn't feel
the same about me anymore. I
had no idea she was doubting us,
but at least she told me instead
of wasting my time said Jon
Luoni, freshman criminal justice
There's always that rare case
that your now "ex" will not leave
you alone. They keep checking up
on you, asking people about you,
calling, showing up where you
are and leaving you numerous
voice mails even though you've
yet to return their call. You know
exactly what I'm talking about,
and hopefully not everyone has
encountered someone like this,
but I'm sure you've heard about
others who have. They can't
accept the fact that it's over. This
is why "clingy" people are a red
flag in the beginning. Good luck
if you find yourself there.
As unpredictable and random
as life may get sometimes, remem-
ber that your feelings really
matter and try not to stress over
how the other person reacts. It
takes two to make a relationship,
but only one to end it. Even if
you get sad, mad or frustrated
with your "ex it's always mind
over matter. Keep in mind that
we are all still young adults who
are becoming independent and it
does matters how you feel.
This writer can be contacted at
your laptop's screen with all the
hardware magically compacted
inside of it and typically weigh
around 3 pounds (laptops weigh
four at the least). With processors
that reach up to 2.3 gigahertz
and disk capacities reaching 100
gigabytes, tablets are leaving
laptops in the dust and are only
in the beginning of their run in
the marketplace. High resolution
screens make reading from the
screen much easier than on most
of today's laptops.
Since tablet PCs are so com-
pact, you'll have to pay a lot more
for the same features that you
could find on a laptop, but that's
how it goes with new technolo-
gies. Tablets are most suitable for
people on the go and are great
for situations where you have to
take notes. Students would find
them useful because they can
write notes, have them trans-
ferred to text and use a search
function to review them later.
Tablets are far less cumbersome
and conspicuous than laptops,
which makes them great to use
in class. Laptops are still devel-
oping, so if you're shopping for
a new portable computer, make
sure you get what best fits your
situation, but keep in mind that
tablets are not going to be a pass-
ing trend.
This writer can be contacted at
ME ray

Most Common
Reasons for a
Communication problems
Met someone else
Different needswants
Schooljob responsibilities
Got drunk and cheated

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tin: size of a laptop monitor to a laptop.
There are two types: slate and convertible.
They run Windows XP and perform as
well as desktop computers.
They are great for students and
Users can take handwritten notes
and convert them Instantly Into text
using a stylus.
There Is no need for a keyboard or mouse;
you can use the stylus for everything.
Can connect to external hard drives,
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American irrvor

Page A6 252.328.6366 TONY ZOPPO Sports Editor BRANDON HUGHES Assistant Sports Editor
WEDNESDAY February 8, 2006
Sports Briefs
Tim Carter named to ECU
football staff
Corey Rouse: Maturation process
Senior must be a role
model on, off the court
Tim Carter has been named
defensive staff assistant at ECU
according to an announcement
from head football coach Skip Holtz
Tuesday. Prior to his appointment at
ECU, Carter played with the Winnipeg
Blue Bombers in the Canadian
Football League during the 2003
and 2004 seasons after opening
his professional career with the New
Orleans Saints and Berlin Thunder
of NFL-Europe. Carter replaces
Marc Yellock. who accepted a full-
time defensive line position at Elon
College in January. A mid-season
signee for the Blue Bombers in 2003,
he helped lead Winnipeg to the CFL
Western Division Semifinals and
equaled a club rookie record with
seven pass breakups while tallying
15 tackles and one interception.
He was selected as CJOB Radio's
Player-of-the-Game for his efforts
during his CFL debut against Ottawa
Aug. 12. Upon the completion of a
four-year collegiate career at Tulane,
Carter signed a free agent contract
with the New Orleans Saints and
spent most of the 2001 season on
the practice roster before being
activated for the final two games
where he recorded a stop against
the San Francisco 49ers. Carter,
whose younger brother Antonio
Carter serves as offensive program
coordinator at UTEP, earned his
bachelor's degree in social sciences
from Tulane in 2001.
Hendrick airplane crash
caused by crew error
Flight crew errors probably
caused a 2004 Hendrick Motorsports
plane crash that killed 10 people with
ties to one of NASCAR's top racing
families, the National Transportation
Safety Board said Tuesday. The crew
improperly read instruments and
missed a landing approach to Blue
Ridge Airport in Martinsville, Va
the NTSB said in a report synopsis
e-mailed to the Associated Press.
The Beech King Air 200 crashed
into fog-shrouded Bull Mountain
in the foothills of the Appalachians
on Oct. 24, 2004. The crash killed
the son, brother and two nieces of
Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick
Hendrick NTSB investigators said
that the crew did not follow proper
procedure in executing its approach
to the airport and their actions
following the missed approach.
NTSB spokesman Terry Williams
said because the plane did not have
a cockpit voice recorder, it was "very
difficult to tell what all was going
on in the aircraft Williams said
there was no indication of faulty
instruments. The final NTSB report
will not be published for another
three to four weeks Hendrick did
not join the flight from Concord, N.C
to a race at Martinsville Speedway
because he wasn't feeling well.
Forsberg surfers setback In
Peter Forsberg's return to the
Philadelphia Flyers' lineup is on hold
and the Swedish center's status
for the Winter Olympics remains
uncertain. Forsberg, the Flyers'
leading scorer, left practice early
on Tuesday because of tightness
in his injured left groin. The former
National Hockey League most
valuable player award winner was
hoping to play against the New
York Islanders on Wednesday
after missing the last five games
and seven of the previous nine.
Forsberg is still hoping to lead
Sweden in the Olympics at Turin
He has missed 13 games because
of nagging groin injuries in his first
season with Philadelphia. Flyers
chairman Ed Snider said last week
he'd rather see his franchise player
sit out the Olympics to be healthy for
the playoffs Struggling Philadelphia
has won just four of its last 14
games after an 11-game unbeaten
run including nine victories, and
trails the New York Rangers by one
point for first place in the Atlantic
Division. Forsberg has 15 goals
and 47 assists for 62 points in 42
games for the Flyers. He signed a
two-year, $11.5 million contract with
Philadelphia after leading Colorado
to two Stanley Cup championships
during his nine years with the
Corey Rouse's right arm dons
a tattoo of a basketball encircled
with the phrase "hold my own
The picture serves as the senior's
constant reminder to rule the
paint and secure rebounds. But
the accompanying phrase is what
has helped Rouse develop both as
a player and person.
While Rouse isn't swapping
sweat with ogre-sized centers
across the league, he can be
seen literally holding his own
in the form of his three-year-old
daughter. Recently while walking
toward his truck following yet
another home conference defeat
in what is his final hurrah, Rouse
tucked his daughter gently inside
his lanky arms amid coos from
his impressionable girl.
"She's like a split image of
me when I was younger said
23-year-old Rouse.
"That's what my mom says.
She acts the same way sometimes.
She'll give the same little faces
that I used to make, like to get her
way or get what she wants
Making similar faces as
daughter Zamiaya is six-year-old
half-brother, Joseph, who also
hinges in Rouse's every action
and reaction.
"He tries to imitate most of
the stuff that I do Rouse said.
"Even though he's not as tall
as 1 am, he tries to do stuff like
I do. He loves to come down to
IGreenville and hang out with
us on the weekends
Corey's mother Monica
agrees. "He serves as a role model
for those two. And the whole, I
think, community
But Rouse admits that early
into his college career, he wasn't
mature enough - especially on
the court - to be considered any-
where near role model worthy.
"I used to complain a lot
Rouse said.
"But now I've just learned
to accept the fact that you can't
complain now. You've just got
to play
Like Moussa.Badiane last
season, Rouse is the lone survi-
vor amid a graveyard of trans-
fers among his recruiting class.
During his first two seasons,
the 195-pounder was frustrated,
worn down from the mental
strain of his former coach. But
unlike many players who bolted,
Rouse finally adhered to Bill
Herrion's teaching.
"He saw that I could do more,
like at times I could do a lot and
then others times I wouldn't play
up to my potential Rouse said of
Herrion, who resigned last season.
"He saw stuff in me where I
didn't really see it. I thought I
was pushing myself as hard as
I could, but I was really short-
changing myself
Rouse's behavior boiled over
during the Kinston product's
sophomore season. Herrion sus-
pended Rouse for what he termed
"a mistake I shouldn't have
made Rouse was excluded from
all team activities for two weeks,
which was released as a violation
of team policy.
"It made me realize that all
of this can come to an end if you
don't straighten up. It made me a
better player and work harder. And
it made me realize that I needed to
grow up more. Playing basketball
wasn't like a game; it was more
like a job
Rouse's basketball matura-
tion process paralleled that of
his personal life. An admitted
momma's boy, Rouse was forced a
right of passage while his mother
served in the National Guard on
an extended military stay in Iraq.
"When my mom was gone, that
was one of the toughest parts of my
life because she's all I depended
on Rouse said about his constant
worry about whether his mother
was OK.
"It was hard because I couldn't
talk to her like I wanted to. 1 was
just praying every night that my
mom was OK
But Rouse endured. And his
newfound maturity has led to
increased results inside the paint.
The communication major touts
a career-high 14.2 points per
game average, up 3.6 from his
junior year, including a 35-point
outburst against N.C. A&T.
As the premier player on a thin-
deep frontcourt, Rouse is some-
times forced to match up with the
opponents' center, often giving up
as much as 60 pounds. Despite con-
stantly being out matched, Rouse is
eighth nationally and first in Con-
ference USA in rebounding with
10.8 per contest.
"I hope people see me as
a great player at the time I played
Rouse said about his Pirate legacy.
"Just that I always tried to
get after it. I may have not done
the right thing all the time, I
just hope that people see that
I gave it my all when I had
my chance
Outside of the box score,
Rouse has his own legacy already
formed in his daughter and
half-brother. Though he doesn't
get to spend time with either as
much as he wishes, Rouse has
promised full devotion once the
season is completed. But for now,
Rouse's full effort remains on
raising the standards of Pirate
basketball with six games left in
the regular season.
"He always calls and I tell
him, boy you just got to shake
it off and bounce back Monica
said of the team's struggles.
"When you've done your
best, there's nothing else you can
do. Just got to look up, ya'll can't
look down
Despite the losses, Rouse
knows that two youngsters are
constantly looking up at the
6-foot-8-inch giant. And after
four years of molding at ECU,
fans have come to agree with his
biased mother. 3
"They've got a pretty
decent path in somebody they o
can look up to quipped Monica
This writer can be contacted at '
sports@theeastcarolinian. com.
Corey Rouse has just six games left in his ECU career.
Title game marred by blown calls
talian policemen stand on the stage where medals will be presented
to winning athletes during the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics.
Turin welcomes the
world for Olympics
(KRT) First things first.
For English speakers worldwide,
a group that does not apparently
include the National Broadcast-
ing Company, the name of the
city is Turin.
Doesn't sound as nice, doesn't
roll off the tongue as melliflu-
ously as Torino, however, so it has
been relegated to the back pantry
of the shiny Olympic kitchen
that will be bubbling onto your
television screen for most of the
next three weeks.
This is fitting, because there
are always two Olympics the one
you see on TV and the one that
takes place off-camera, where the
spectators, athletes and media
hordes scuttle about desperately
trying to find the right bus, the
rare, informed volunteer and the
true meaning of all the fuss.
When the Olympics were in
Rome, there was no need to call
the city Roma.
Rome is Rome and doesn't
need any prettying up. Turin,
though. That's another story.
If you think it was silly for
the NFL to hold the Super Bowl
in Detroit, think how silly it was
for the International Olympic
Committee to award the Winter
Games to Italy's version of the
rusting industrial giant.
Turin is home to Fiat, the auto-
motive company that defined the
city and, now in decline, has left
it looking for a new definition.
Someone thought the Olym-
pics would help remake Turin's
image and perhaps point it in the
direction of becoming a tourist
When you're competing
against Florence, Venice, Milan
and Rome, that's a tough lineup
to break into, but the politicians
pulled off landing the Games
and are hopeful that people
will notice the pleasant Baroque
architecture and sweeping plazas
and not focus so much on the
oppressive pollution, choking
traffic and ubiquitous piles of
dog poop that seem to mark every
street and sidewalk.
Welcome to the Olympics.
Watch your step.
Located in the northwestern
corner of Italy, Turin is the larg-
est city (population: 900,000) to
ever host the Winter Games. It is
at the foot of the Alps, although
you can't usually see them. The
Alps, by the way, have very big
feet. Sestriere, the site of most
of the mountain events, is more
than 60 miles away from Turin
and organizers are worried that
transportation for fans will be
a problem. That may become a
blessing, however, since there is
a shortage of rooms in Sestriere
and if people can get there they
might well be stranded in the
see TURIN page A7
Holmgren and the Seahawks were defeated by the Steelers, in part, by themselves and by officiating.
Officiating was downright
embarrassing for NFL
"We knew it was going to be
tough going up against the Steel-
ers. I didn't know we were going
to have to play the guys in the
striped shirts as well
Touche, coach Holmgren.
Those comments were from
Seahawks' Head Coach Mike
Holmgren to all the Seattle fans
who showed up to welcome the
team back at Qwest Field Monday
afternoon. If the National Foot-
ball League fines him for these
comments, as they tend to do
with coaches who criticize offi-
ciating, they are taking money
out of his pocket for expressing
not opinion, but fact. Seattle had
more than one opponent on the
field Sunday night, and they were
wearing black as well, accompa-
nied by white rather than gold.
And I am not saying this was
intentional on the officials' part.
No, I am not a conspiracy theo-
rist nor do I have some warped
idea that this crew was showing
favoritism toward the Steelers
or had some grudge against the
I am also not deluded enough
to say the Seahawks didn't con-
tinually become their own worst
enemy time and time again.
Seattle wide receivers played as
if they had Vaseline smeared all
over their gloves; they wouldn't
have beeji able to catch a Matt
Hasselbeck pass during the game
had the football grown teeth and
forcibly attached itself to them.
But the fact of the matter is
the zebras made a plethora of
mistakes during the title game.
Not to mention that every blown
call Sunday night went against
Seattle and these calls came at
critical points - momentum
shifting points - of the game. It
almost made you wish for a make
up call of two to even things out.
Never in my life have I seen a
game of that magnitude offici-
ated so poorly and unevenly.
The performance from these
guys was simply disgraceful.
Yes, I know, referees are
human just like everyone else.
Yes, they make mistakes. But
these mistakes were ludicrous.
1 can almost forgive the pass
interference call on Darrell Jack-
son that took away an early
Seattle touchdown. It was a
questionable and exceedingly
soft call, and it took points away
from the Seahawks, which is one
of two of the worst mental blows
to a team during the course of a
game. However, I have seen worse
calls before, even the fact that
this was the Super Bowl doesn't
change that.
However, the next call abso-
lutely stupefies me. It gives me a
headache just thinking of how
an official could possibly get this
call wrong - the Roethlisberger
Not only did the crew get this
one wrong the first time around,
they had a second shot at it and
still blew the call.
I'm at a complete loss. What
happened? Did Bill Leavy go tem-
porarily blind? What exactly was
he watching in the play booth?
Last week's "American Idol"? The
new commercial?
He sure wasn't watching the
game; it would be all but impos-
sible to uphold the touchdown
if he actually saw the replay.
Roethlisberger was clearly down
and did not break the plane of the
goal line. This is the other worst
mental blow for a team - your
opponent receiving points via
ineptitude on the officials' part
Those two calls changed the
entire fabric of the game.
But the fiasco didn't stop there.
see OFFICIALS page A7

1 of a
Gretzky's wife, Coyotes
assistant, NHL players cited
in nationwide gambling ring
(AP) Wayne Gretzky's wife
and about a half-dozen NHL
players placed bets - but not
on hockey - with a nationwide
sports gambling ring financed
by Phoenix Coyotes assistant
coach Rick Tocchet, authorities
said Tuesday.
Gretzky, hockey's greatest
player, is in his first season
coaching the Coyotes and is a
part-owner of the team.
Actress-wife Janet Jones was
among those implicated, two
law enforcement officials told
The Associated Press, speaking
on condition of anonymity
because no bettors have been
publicly identified.
State police Col. Rick Fuentes
said an investigation into the New
Jersey-based ring discovered the
processing of more than 1,000
wagers, exceeding $1.7 million,
on professional and college sports,
mostly football and basketball.
The developments came at
a sensitive time for the NHL,
which is trying to win back fans
after a season-long lockout and
just days before many of its best
players will showcase their talent
at the Turin Olympics.
Tocchet was served with a
criminal complaint Monday and
was expected to travel from his
Arizona home to answer charges
of promoting gambling, money
laundering and conspiracy, Fuen-
tes said.
"It's not a hockey-related
issue, it's a football thing. And
at this time I can't comment any
further Tocchet said after the
Coyotes practiced Tuesday.
Gretzky said Tocchet would be
on the bench for Tuesday night's
home game against Chicago, and
it would be "business as usual
"Everyone in the world is
innocent until proven guilty
Gretzky said. "He's a great guy
and a good friend. He's just going
through a tough time right now,
obviously, and we've got to let
it run its course. It's a situation
that's obviously a concern for the
organization at this point
Gretzky did not comment
about his wife and did not return
a call from the AP.
Tocchet acknowledged that a
New Jersey state trooper arrested
in connection with the gam-
bling ring case is his friend.
Tocchet said he would cooper-
ate with the investigation but
didn't answer when asked if
he'd surrender to authorities.
"We understand that Mr.
Tocchet's conduct in no way
involved betting on hockey
NHL deputy commissioner Bill
Daly said. "And, while betting on
football or other sports may be the
pervasive issue, it in no way justi-
fies poor judgment or otherwise
alleged inappropriate conduct
Authorities said Tocchet
and state police Trooper James
Harney were partners in the
operation, with the ex-NHL for-
ward providing the financing.
"Tocchet received illegal
sports bets from wagers and fun-
neled money back to New Jersey
Fuentes said.
Tocchet, one of three associ-
ate coaches on the Coyotes' staff,
took over the head coaching
duties for 10 days in December
while Gretzky was with his
dying mother.
The 41-year-old Tocchet
played 18 years with six teams,
including three seasons with
the Coyotes from 1997-00. He is
one of only two players in NHL
history to collect 400 goals and
2,000 penalty minutes.
Tocchet was a fan favorite
during his two stints with the
Flyers (1984-92, 2000-02). Flyers
star center Peter Forsberg on
Tuesday described Tocchet as "a
good guy, a funny guy
"I think everybody is sur-
prised Forsberg said. "It's defi-
nitely not good for the sport to
hear something like that
Flyers forward Simon Gagne
played briefly with Tocchet in
Philadelphia and called him "one
of the best guys I knew
Harney, 40, was arrested
Monday and has been suspended
from the force. The eight-year
police veteran was charged in an
arrest warrant with official mis-
conduct, promoting gambling,
money laundering and con-
spiracy. Another man accused of
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taking bets is James Ulmer, 40,
who was charged with promot-
ing gambling, money laundering
and conspiracy.
Both men were free after
posting 10 percent of their bail.
Harney had $100,000 bail; Ulmer
had $50,000 bail. The two men
were expected to be arraigned in
state Superior Court in Burling-
ton County within two weeks.
Craig Mitnick, a lawyer rep-
resenting Harney, said his client
hadn't decided whether to con-
test the charges in court.
The police investigation into
the ring started in October 2005
after authorities received a tip on
Harney's sports wagering from
his Marlton home, and taking
phone calls during his patrol job
based out of the agency's Moore-
stown station, Fuentes said.
Fuentes did not disclose the
bettors' names and said charges
against more individuals were
possible. He described one of
them as a "movie celebrity
The gambling ring had a con-
nection with organized crime in
Philadelphia and southern New
Jersey, Fuentes said.
Starting Monday night,
authorities seized property from
Harney and Ulmer. State police
seized $27,000 in currency,
"voluminous" amounts of sports
betting information and bank
accounts worth hundreds of
thousands of dollars, Fuentes said.
A search of Harney's house
recovered more than $250,000
worth of Rolex watches and nine
plasma-screen televisions, includ-
ing two from his bathroom.
In 1,144 NHL regular-season
games, Tocchet had 440 goals,
512 assists and 2,972 penalty
minutes with Philadelphia, Pitts-
burgh, Los Angeles, Boston,
Washington and Phoenix. Toc-
chet won a Stanley Cup with
the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1992
and appeared in the Stanley
Clip finals with Philadelphia in
1987. He appeared in four NHL
All-Star Games: 1989,1990,1991
and 1993.
The NHL veteran was also
hired by the Colorado Avalanche
as an assistant coach in 2003.
Apolo Anton Ohno from Seattle leans into a turn during the Elite Men's time trials at the U.S. National
Short Track Speedskating Championships on Feb. 26, 2004.
Ohno's goal: "I want to
grab some medals"
(KRT) America got its first
long look at short-track speeds-
kating during the 2002 Winter
What fans here saw was a
sport with a roller-derby flavor.
There were crashes and con-
troversies. The strategies were
inscrutable and so were the rules.
Even the competitors, as
exemplified by the soulful-eyed,
soul-patched American super-
star Apolo Ohno, seemed a little
more exotic than the average
Olympic athlete.
Viewers and spectators
quickly took a shine to the con-
trolled mayhem of short-track
and to the charismatic Ohno,
who won a controversial gold
and a silver medal at Salt Lake
City and became an iconic
winter-sports figure.
Four years later, Ohno and
short-track will be back at the
2006 Turin Games with a much
higher profile and a role in a
compelling controversy that
hasn't gone away in four years.
" I want to grab some medals
said Ohno, who became such a
favorite at the 2002 Olympics
that young female spectators
began donning replicas of the
wispy soul-patch he sports on
his chin.
Ohno will be a threat in all
four men's events - the indi-
vidual 500,1,000 and 1,500 and
the 5,000-meter relay. His chief
rivals figure to come from short-
track-mad South Korea, where
Ohno, the target of death threats
there, istheNo.l sporting villain.
His victory in the 1,500
meters at Salt Lake City came
about only after judges disquali-
fied (for obstruction) the South
Korean who had finished ahead
of the American.
The decision touched off a
firestorm of protest in South
Korea. Fans bombarded the U.S.
Olympic Committee with 15,000
angry e-mails. The death threats
kept Ohno away from the Asian
nation for more than three years.
When he finally competed
there last October, 100 riot
policemen met him at the airport.
So look for the sparks to fly
and the blades to flash when
Ohno and South Korea's top
skater, Ahn Hyun-Soo, compete
in Turin - as they are likely to
do in all four events.
Ahn, a three-time world cham-
pion, has been the best short-
tracker on the planet since Salt
Lake City. And he is on a mission.
"We think of Ohno
as a big rival in Korea he
said. "All the Korean people
want me to beat him
Those two will provide much
of the interest in the men's and
women's competition that oth-
erwise figures to be dominated
by the powerful South Korean
and Chinese teams.
Canada's Francois-Louis
Trembley, the 2005 world cham-
pion at the distance, will be a
threat in the 500 meters.
Allison Baver, a Sinking
Spring, Pa resident and Ohno's
current girlfriend, and Hallie
Kim, who was born in South
Korea to American citizens, head
the U.S. women.
Kim captured all three wom-
en's events at the 2005 U.S.
Short-Track Championships.
Baver, a 25-year-old former
cheerleader, will be a threat in
both the 500 and 1,500 meters.
Both, though, will have to
compete against the world's best
female short-tracker, Jin Sun-
Yu of South Korea and China's
powerful Wang Meng.
In Italy, partly because
of Ohno's growing interna-
tional appeal, short-track skat-
ing has attracted considerable
pre-Games buzz.
"I can't wait said Ohno.
"It (Italy) is so beautiful, the
people, the culture. And we all
love the food. It's going to be
from page A6
Alps in winter.
Valentino Castellani, former
mayor of Turin and now presi-
dent of the Olympic organizing
committee (TOROC), said that
Italians are traditionally "people
of the last minute" and scoffs at
the notion that the Games will
not run properly once the time
"There will be a lot of things
that don't work the first day
Castellani told the Associated
Press. "We'll study how things go
the first day. The second day will
go better. And by the end, no one
will remember that the first day
there was any problem
That's what Billy Payne and
the good ol' boys who put on
the Atlanta Olympics in 1996
thought, too, and all anyone
remembers is that the bus drivers
quit because they were forced to
stay eight to a room and bring
their own toilet paper, and that
the computer system was appar-
ently programmed by Uncle
Festus from Waycross.
Three Things to Know About
Fiat - It stands for Fabbrica
Italiana di Automobili di Torino,
not Fix It Again, Tony.
The Shroud Reputed and
disputed to be the burial cloth
of Jesus, the shroud is housed
in the city's largest cathedral. It
will be displayed again in 2025,
so don't bother waiting. Recent
carbon dating of the shroud
indicated it was made circa
the 12th century, which poked
some holes in the Sacred Relic
theory. But Shroudites say the
test was flawed and the argu-
ments never end.
Juventus - The real sporting
passion of Turin is its soccer
team, which is currently in
first place in Serie A, the Ital-
ian big league. When Juventus
travels to San Siro stadium on
Sunday to play second-place'
Inter Milan, there won't be
a whole lot of locals fight-
ing the roads to get to Sestri-
ere for the men's downhill.
On The Other Hand: The
food is great, the Piedmont
region produces two wines,
Barolo and Barbaresco, that
hold their own against the
French reds, and the Po River
valley is picturesque if you can
get to it.
Hannibal was the first
outsider to find the little vil-
lage on the river when he was
joyriding around the Alps with
his elephants around 200 B.C.
He was charmed by the setting
and the ancient Taurini tribe. He
still burned it to the ground, but
the thought was there.
Since then, Turin has built
and rebuilt, been overrun, occu-
pied and somehow survived in
the shadow of both the moun-
tains and the more legendary
Italian cities. Chances are it will
survive the Winter Olympics,
too, and may even become the
tourist magnet that the cham-
ber of commerce would like it
to be.
In Torino, after all, anything
is possible.
www.shareyourlife org
I CotMon on Opn Tiou Oonrton
this coupon oo(l lor
OfflCialS from page A6
An 18-yard completion to
Jerramy Stevens was wiped out
due to a phantom holding call
on Sean Locklear. That comple-
tion would have put Seattle on
the 1-yard line, ready to, in all
likelihood, punch it in and take
a 16-14 lead. Instead the play
was negated and then another
preposterous call followed it.
Hasselbeck threw an inter-
ception to Ike Taylor three plays
later and was then called for a
15-yard low block penalty as he
made the tackle on Taylor. Since
when can a player on the defen-
sive side of the ball make a low
block? This call didn't change
the game as some of the others
did, but it capped off the slew of
ludicrous officiating throughout
the game.
The Super Bowl isn't alone
this year in being poorly offici-
ated. Many of the playoff games
and regular season match-ups
this year were rife with ques-
tionable calls. I am not saying
officials aren't allowed to make
mistakes. Sometimes all of us do
forget these people are human.
But this is a situation that
can be made better and the NFL
needs to make strides to do so,
such as making these guys full
time and putting them through
more rigorous training in know-
ing the rulebook back to front.
It might also be good to get
some fresh blood among the
ranks, and maybe even more so,
younger blood.
The bottom line is, until
something is done to rectify the
situation, more games are going
to be influenced by the men in
black and white rather than just
This writer can be contacted at
sports@theeas tcarolinian. com.
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The East Carolinian, February 8, 2006
East Carolina's student-run campus newspaper was first published in 1923 as the East Carolina Teachers College News (1923-1925). It has been re-named as The Teco Echo (1925, 1926-1952), East Carolinian (1952-1969), Fountainhead (1969-1979), and The East Carolinian (1969, 1979-present). It includes local, state, national, and international stories with a focus on campus events.
February 08, 2006
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3cm x 2cm
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